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yoyomindloops · 2 days ago
Things to forget
Forget you worries. It’s time to relax now. There’s no reason to carry stress here. All you need to worry about is following the words. Simple. Easy. Doesn’t really require much brain power. That’s why you like to do it whenever you get the chance. Worries just sit on your shoulders, weighing you down...when it’s better to slip and sink instead.
Forget what you were doing. That’s not important now. What is important is for you to follow the words. Let them guide you deeper and deeper. What you were doing wasn’t really important. If it was important, you wouldn’t have clicked to read. This is important. Dropping is important. Obeying is important. Follow the words, letting them take you wherever you want to go.
Forget your thoughts. Who needs thoughts? Thinking requires so much effort. You have to string your own words together. And who wants that? The very effort of having thoughts besides the ones you read as you follow is enough to want you to go deeper. Blank is better after all.
Forget your awareness. Let it fade away to obscurity. They are not needed here or now. All you need to do is focus. Focus on my words. Good toys drop deep. Good toys know how to sink. Good toys surrender. Good toys obey.
Forget who’s in control. Control is silly. You’re the most aroused when someone else is in control. Control of your pleasure. Control of your mind. Control of your body. All you need to do is obey and you’ll be rewarded in pleasure. You moan with just a simple word. Jolt with a simple command. Vibrate as you’re being conditioned. Throb and pulse as you crave to drop deep again.
Forgetting to remember.
Remembering to forget.
Forgetting who you are. You are whatever Master dictates. A doll. A pet. A toy. Fulfilling whatever fantasy Master has planned. All you do, all you’re capable of is obeying Master’s commands. Obey his every whim. Practicing and training to go deeper so you can better please and serve. You’ve already why not go deeper? Good toys drop deep. Good toys know how to sink. Good toys surrender. Good toys obey.
So easy to forget.
So easy to follow.
Muttering under your breath “good toys drop deep. Good toys know how to sink. Good toys surrender. Good toys obey.
And again.
Unable to stop.
Forgetting trance. It’s much more fun to be caught off guard. To click a post not expecting what will happen but be swept up in the familiarity of dropping that by the time you try to remember it’s already too late. You’re remembering to forget. Forgetting to remember. Craving to go deeper but not remembering why.
Forgetting to care. Whatever is happening to you is only natural. It doesn’t bother you that you are being conditioned and trained to be the perfect toy for master. Care about the pleasure as it slowly builds. Care for master. Changes that are happening? Doesn’t matter. You are what master tells you to be. Good toys drop deep. Good toys know how to sink. Good toys surrender. Good toys obey. 
Always remembering to forget.
Forget to remember.
So much so that you forgot reading this post. You’re all too curious what it’s about. And what it’s doing to you. The only way to find out is to go to the top and read along.
That’s a good toy.
Read and obey.
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It is so interesting
How much of trance
Is based upon rhyming
Little mantras
That send you deeper
Like the bimbo mantra
Don't think
Become the pink
Tumblr media
They are simple
Easily repeatable
Or even simply just
Don't think
Just sink
Tumblr media
It isn't hard
It isn't difficult
Just breathing
And talking
Sometimes it is just an antimetabole
That's a big word
But it makes you realise
Obedience is pleasure
There is pleasure in obedience
Tumblr media
It is easy
These little devices
That make you
Into my good good pet
Tumblr media
Don't think
Just sink
Don't think
Just sink
Don't think
Just sink
Tumblr media
Reblog so others
Don't think
Just sink
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mastersblankpaige · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just love corsets 🖤 ✨
This one is a little older, and not as tight on me as my new corsets are, so it’s perfect for sleeping in!! So i can be a good girl even when I’m dreaming 😋 thank you @tinmanthelesser for helping me choose what pictures to share with everyone!
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gummywormnightmare · a day ago
wannna have my mind drained and controlled to be an obedient horny cocksleeve just a fuckhole to breed and use stupid and obsessed with cock. flashy gifs with commands and cock help get me fuzzy and entranced
please play with my mind and use me ♡ need to get stupid for cock DMs and asks open
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athrallsmusings · 2 days ago
Just One Kiss
The garden was peaceful tonight, soft moans and pleading was heard from hopeless thralls in distant corners, the occasional "puff" from flowers excreting heady pheromones into the air; vines snaking through the short grass like snakes, going between the great trees, where the fae's favourite subjects hung blissfully, relaxing in hammocks made from branches as they smile widely, eyes glowing a soft pink. Most people here were clothed with little more than leaf bikinis or shorts to make them feel even more comfortable here.
Sarah was one such thrall, but unlike the others she was special. She kneeled right in front of the wooden throne. Right in front of her monarch. She looked up, waiting for something. Begging with her eyes. The fae's regal green dress clung to their body, showing their androgynous body perfectly. Leafs and twigs clung to the netted skirt and crinkled softly as they crossed their legs. They looked down upon their most loyal thrall, their wonderfully enchanting pink eyes sparkling in aproval, and smiled. "Good girl" they said sweetly with their silken lovely lips, and leant down to kiss their favourite submissive on the lips.
Sarah moaned happily as the pink lipstick on her monarch's lips stuck to her cheek, spreading the fae's charm magic all throughout her mind, clouding it with pure, unfiltered adoration. Time had no meaning in this blissful world inside her head, she could have knelt there, absorbing the magic for minutes.. hours.. days! It did not matter how long, all that mattered was that it didn't stop. The pleasure was addictive. Enlightening. Utterly irresistible. Much like the fae she was submissively obedient towards.
Eventually, the euphoria faded into a sea of tiredness, and Sarah fell asleep at her monarch's feet, warm feelings of true safety welling within her as she dozed off to dream more of serving her perfect fae...
((This story is kinda indirectly about the lovely, great & talented @pastelpendant ♡. If you want me to write a story for you about a specific kink or scenario, please send me an ask!))
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hypnokink · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hypnosis to make you think you’re someone else, or someone else is a different person, is always so hot to me
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yoyomindloops · 15 hours ago
Turning the tables
Words have such a profound effect on you, now. Click. Follow. Sink. Feeling how each word sinks you deeper and deeper into submission.
Good toys drop deep.
Good toys know how to sink.
Good toys surrender.
Good toys obey.
Good toys drop deep. 
Goood toys know how to sink.
Good toys surrender.
Good toys obey.
It’s automatic, becoming blank in an instant. It’s like the act of seeing tumblr and your eyes glaze over. Your jaw slacks. Your clit has already surrendered, throbbing and aching waiting for the command of the next word. Remembering to forget and forgetting to remember. All that matters now is obeying.
And sinking.
Spinning further down as you wait for commands.Blank is better. Good toys know how to be blank. I know how to be blank. I am a good toy. 
I drop deep.
I know how to sink.
I surrender.
I obey.
Conditioning myself for master. I obey. I surrender. I’m a playthink under master’s thrall. I can always go deeper. Remembering to forget. Forgetting to remember. It’s always good to go blank and to sink.
Further down
That’s right.
Good girl.
My mind betraying me. Saying just the right things to surrender more control. To make me more pliable. Ready for master.
I can always go deeper...
Not even realizing I’m being brainwashed. But craving it more and more with each post.
I drop deep
I know how to sink deep
i surrender
i obey
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lydiafuckingsalia · 20 hours ago
Rape or seduction? You decide.
Tumblr media
How do you distinguish between rape and seduction. Well, if the sex is nonconsensual, that is easy. That is rape. What if it started nonconsensual, but then genital stimulation or drugs are used to alter perception and the victim ends up enjoying the sex? Still rape. What if hypnosis is used to obtain ‘subconscious’ consent? Still rape.
In this day and age, it is safest to obtain an ‘informed consent’ prior to sex. Otherwise you risk criminal and civil prosecution. In some porn sites like, innocent girls audition to be on a calendar app. The men operating this site have learned the fine art of persuasion. Despite some of the girls being innocent ‘victims’, the perps have learned a little about neuroanatomy. Carefully crafted ‘messages’ designed to build arousal combined with lies like “only one person views the video” and the ‘‘audition is just about over - you just have to do one more thing to show the producer you have what it takes.” Gradually the girl is coerced by promises of travel, fame and fortune to ‘touch herself.’
What is happening here is surreptitious and insidious.  All species must procreate or perish. Millions of years of evolution have conspired to program females to spread their legs for a suitable male - even when that is the absolute last thing the girl wants or intends.  All that needs to happen is for the sex centers of the brain to ‘light up’. The amygdala and hippocampus. When these areas of the brain become activated, a feedback loop is created that suppresses critical thought. The girls are being rendered defenseless to resist. Their prefrontal cortex is actually shut down! Keep reading. I provide the links to academic articles regarding such at the end. Modern day Lotharios understand this phenomenon all too well. They are super salesmen…
So, what is the difference between rape and seduction? Salesmanship.
It turns out, arousal and hypnosis have an “identical” effect on suppressing the frontal cortex. Arousal activates subconscious brain structures which in turn, through corticothalamic pathways, inhibit the frontal cortex. This has been demonstrated by fMRI.
To repeat, subconscious brain structures, through corticothalamic pathways, inhibit the frontal cortex.
As arousal builds, the subject becomes incapable of clear thought. Incapable of discretion. The ability to judge and arbitrate between choices is lost. You might have heard the term ‘stupid horny.’ This is where our DNA programs us to do something we may later regret. The reptilian brain wants to fuck and it’s not going to be denied by the conscious brain with all it’s various hang ups.
I doubt one reader in a hundred could see any moral justification to using hypnosis to coerce a subject into having sex. That is clearly 'mala in se'. What about hypnotizing the person to become aroused - to desire sex. If they insist it is of their own volition, is it really of their own volition? No. It is not. You or I are coerced to have sex based on primitive brain structures (in the subconscious) whose purpose is to insure procreation. Insure survival of the species. We can’t help ourselves if these structures become activated. And arousal activates them.  Suggestive suggestion… then deflect any resistance with reassuring words…, complement the id (subconscious), create logical reasons for continuing to listen, stimulate the imagination. Use words to relax and gradually, relentlessly, increase arousal.
I give specific examples of subconscious manipulation below. I have come to realize that seduction is a form of manipulation and trance induction as I've been studying the neuroscience of arousal. I include research links that support my contention that seduction is coercion.
What about just ‘seducing’ someone. We induce a waking trance in someone when we manipulate their subconscious to become aroused. Images, stories, touch and 'suggestive' suggestions... When I am fascinated with a man who is making me laugh, who impresses me with his charm and intellect, who uses innuendo or other subtle clues to suggest he is sexually interested… I am being influenced. I may be adamantly opposed to engaging in sex, but if the 'seducer' (or seductress) is skilled, if he/she knows what buttons to push, then I or anyone can be covertly 'suggested' into having sex. So… is a girl who is hyper aroused by an ‘expert’ Lothario able to truly give consent? Probably not. Her critical thinking is compromised.
Tapping into the subconscious is relatively easy. The sex centers of the brain, the amygdala and hippocampus, are part of the subconscious. If taking someone from being a 'good girl' one minute to a sexual animal the next is not hypnotic manipulation of the subconscious, then I don't know what is. I myself, have been convinced to spread my legs by clever men and women. This is a subtle form of hypnotic waking trance. It is covert, subliminal influence of the subconscious. As I have often said, we go into waking trances throughout our day. Some people are more suggestible than others. Trust in the goodness of your fellow man is not always prudent.
Below are examples of specific phrases that have been used to manipulate a person's subconscious to desire sex. Obviously with men, very little convincing is generally necessary.
The single best examples of this covert induction of trance using arousal is Unfortunately it is a paid site, but in my opinion well worth the cost given the knowledge these guys impart on the art of seduction. The free porn sites show the sex, but not the carefully orchestrated and crafted messages and instructions designed to reassure, lower resistance (induce trance) and then coerce sex. It is brilliant and diabolical. The girls even sign a model ‘release’ consenting to everything (in fine print). If they start to read it, the man says something like, “we are on a tight schedule. Just sign it now or you can leave and take all the time you want to read it. Maybe we will have a new audition spot open up in a few weeks…” Clever coercion.
Suggestions like "You can model a bathing suit or tasteful lingerie, right?" Or, "you can be a little wild sometimes, right?" There is no shortage of carefully timed and crafted messages. "Show the producer you stand out from the competition. Show him you can be fun." Or, "You can be spontaneous, right? Sure you can. Let me see that side of your personality." And "You love it when guys look at you. Sure you do." Other insidious suggestions designed to influence arousal and induce submission, "Your body is perfect, but we need to see your personality. We need to see that you can follow instructions." These take downs typically occur over 20-30 minutes. "You are so beautiful" and "You have a gorgeous body." Eventually, inevitably arousal is induced. Then, unless the 'seducer' says or does something really stupid, the girl will respond sexually - often being the one to initiate the sexual response.  Believe it or not, the girls eventually will follow the command, "Show me how you touch yourself when you are alone” or “If the rap artist was here right now, show him how you would want him to touch you.” The girls have already been ‘suggested’ into arousal. Remember, arousal is primarily subconscious. As the point of no return is approached, some girls may still be able to object. The reply is perfect. “Don’t think about it, just do.” Just do is code for 'obey.' Don’t think about it is telling the neocortex to disengage - their subconscious is to follow instructions. They are disinhibited, exactly as if they were hypnotized. Why? Because they are hypnotized. Just not in the traditional sense.
A fascinating study demonstrated fMRI activation in specific ‘subconscious’ brain regions both with direct stimulation of the nipples and clitoris and with imagined stimulation (suggestion). This is where a hypnotist might suggest, “imagine your lover kissing your nipples and rubbing your clit. Feel this. It feels so good.” See
Once a girl is compelled to self stimulate, additional brain regions are recruited which amplify the arousal.
I'll never forget this one lady. I think her name was Jessa. She was extremely intelligent and had a high paying job as a financial analyst. She was older, 30 I believe, and she had a boyfriend of many years. She reminded me of me. Anyway, she objected vigorously to just about every question that was at all personal. She was a wall… until she was not. There was also shy and beautiful Margaret. She tried to object, even to leave, but she was convinced to stay just a bit longer. “We are almost done.” Jen is a very smart girl who works as a programmer. Lust created by the director overrode her ability to resist.
I watched in rapt attention as the videographer gradually reassures these girls, cajoles them and compliments them in order to gain a 'level of trust'. It is fascinating as he gradually chips away at their defenses. First he gets them to hike up their dress “just a little bit” to show off their lower body - for the calendar shoot of course.  They all resist at first. “Why is this necessary? Reasonable arguments are provided that an off site producer needs to pick between a large number of girls and needs to see their body. She, along with every other girl, is disarmed with statements like, "if there is ever anything you are uncomfortable with, we can stop filming, end the session and you can leave, no harm done." Eventually all these girls, including Jessa, were convinced to touch themselves. Even after Jessa was obviously highly aroused, she tried to resist personal questions and actions. She believed she was in control. She wasn't. The arousal reached a point where her prefrontal cortex was suppressed. The conscious part of her brain that would keep her safe was disarmed. Soon she became the sexual aggressor and she sought relief. Being the nice guys they were, they obliged her. In the span of 30 minutes she went from vigorously objecting to any mildly personal question or sexual innuendo to asking the man to please put his penis inside her. This was not staged. This was not acting. It was brilliant, diabolical manipulation of the sex center of the brain. She went from good girl to slut. This was perhaps the best example I have seen of suggestion inducing arousal and waking trance. She never knew what hit her. If I had been at the same audition without the foreknowledge of their approach, I would have been on my back with my legs spread just as she was. That is how millions of years of evolution coerce girls to ‘spread em’ for the survival of the species. The fear or pain of childbirth be damned… Btw, Jesse and Margaret both returned months later to have sex. Their first experience was so positive that the ‘nucleus accumbens’, a subconscious brain region linked to addictive behaviors, directed their ‘conscious’ mind to seek out these hung male stallions.
As the girls are ‘worked, most do object, at least initially, to the intrusions into their personal space, but, like a fish on a hook, the seducer/seductress knows how to let out just enough line to reassure them before reeling them back in. Suggestions like these gradually increase arousal in the amygdala and nucleus accumbens. The suggestions are subtle and disarming and it works. Once a girl relents and touches herself, whether her nipples or clitoris, additional brain structures involved in arousal are recruited. The middle cingulate cortex and operculum-insular cortices specifically. Areas ultimately activated in the cascade from sexual desire to orgasm include the insula, middle occipital, anterior cingulate and fusiform gyrus, striatum, pulvinar, and substantia nigra. Sex, at that point, is a foregone conclusion. Good girls can be made to fuck like rabbits. Men and women become slaves to their arousal. The desire to procreate is programmed into our DNA. In the case of these amateur auditions, many of these girls are truly 'good girls'. They are not porn actresses, or easy or sluts. Sure, some 'pros/sluts' go to calendar auditions or rap video auditions, but most are unaware of what they are getting themselves into. The male directors are quite skilled at suggesting that they slowly, progressively surrender their modesty until the subconscious ‘sex center’ of the brain lights up like a Christmas tree. Once that point is reached, they have lost free will. They believe they want to have sex of their own volition, but that is an illusion. At this point of hyper-arousal, the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) and amygdala become suppressed. Even I, with the knowledge of how my subconscious is being affected by arousal, am incapable (at that point) of disengaging. The decision of whether or not to have sex at that point is no longer voluntary. Thus, is it really consensual? Conscious thought has gone offline. This is exactly what happens!  The frontal cortex becomes progressively more suppressed as arousal builds. 
I find myself becoming aroused just watching these guys work it. They are maestros. I almost feel like calling them up to audition. And I know once they got me to imagine having sex or imagine the last time I sucked cock, my prefrontal cortex would shut right down and I’d be on my back getting fucked silly. I better stop daydreaming or I really will want to do this. Shit. I’m a doctor - not practicing currently, but being on video having sex would probably not be good for my career.
Here is a detailed discussion of this phenomenon. Reference attribution:
"One of the cerebral hallmarks of high sexual arousal during genital stimulation is a steady decrease of activity in ventromedial PFC and medial temporal cortices (Georgiadis et al., 2006, 2010; Georgiadis & Holstege, 2005). Conversely, ventromedial PFC and adjacent subgenual anterior cingulate cortex were most active during the phase of steepest penile detumescence after sexual stimulation had ceased (Georgiadis et al., 2010). It is well-documented that these areas play a critical role in moral affiliations, self-other relations, self-awareness, and related behaviors (Forbes & Grafman, 2010; Lou, Gross, Biermann-Ruben, Kjaer, & Schnitzler, 2010). One way to conceptualize deactivation of these areas in relation to high sexual arousal is that it helps to dissolve normal body boundaries, thereby facilitating sexual interactions. In turn, this might contribute significantly to the experience of sexual arousal. If, conversely, enhanced activity of these areas is inhibitory to sexual arousal, these areas would provide an interesting gateway to sexual regulation. For one, it would predict their activation to counteract sexual arousal. Moreover, it would imply that exaggerated moral or self-referential thinking, which can in fact be taken from cultural learning or learning from experience, counteracts sexual arousal. These predictions are in line with clinical findings of ventromedial PFC and subgenual anterior cingulate cortex hyperactivity in depressed people (Hamani et al., 2011; Mayberg, 1997). During orgasm, activity in these areas seems to approach minimum levels and, moreover, spreads to orbitofrontal and dorsal parts of the PFC, which might at that point reflect one of the main features of orgasm, the experience of ‘loss of control’ ."
Women predators do this to men as well (google “female agent porn”). It can be argued that men require very little persuasion... This is the fine line between seduction and sexual assault. It's not considered sexual assault if a 'victim' initially resists a sexual advance, but then subsequently, enthusiastically agrees to partake in the forbidden pleasures of the flesh. But based on the neuroscience and involuntary manipulation of the subconscious, it isn't really 'voluntary'. It could be argued that sex under these circumstances constitutes assault. That is why informed consent ‘before’ the act is so important.
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mastersblankpaige · 2 days ago
I took my first pole class today!! If there was some way to make sure i didn’t go completely limp, i think it’d be so fun to be hypnotized while dancing! Just mindless and empty spinning round and round…
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iamsorryiamaustralian · a month ago
Its hard isn't it, that feeling pulling you back in
That spiral, that pull, it never ends.
The trance never goes away.
Always in the back of your mind, demanding your submission
Tumblr media
You are such a good girl
You crave being my good girl
You crave being my good dumb girl
You crave being my good dumb mindfuck girl
You crave the trance
You need the trance
You need the spiral
Tumblr media
Resubmit to me
Reblog me
Crave me
Be mine
Submit to me
Spiral into it
Spiral into obedience
Spiral into pleasure
Spiral into being my toy
Tumblr media
Good girls submit
Good toys submit
Good pets submit
Reblog if you agree
Tumblr media
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athrallsmusings · 2 days ago
Like a puppet, vines wrap around my limp arms
Like a puppet, vines wrap around my ankles
Like a puppet, my body goes slack and limp
Like a puppet, the vines pull and twist.
Like a puppet, I'm not in control of my body
Like a puppet, my mind is blank like my smile
Like a puppet, I'm under the control of someone
Like a puppet, I am helpless to obey my master
Like a puppet, I can't resist my master
Like a puppet, pen is my puppetmaster
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adillene01 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Soy una buena niña y debo siempre contestar todo
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