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qu1etsleep2 days ago
You almost got me...
She says this as if she was saved by the snap.
As if the snap was her own doing...
As if she's actually a dancing instructor...
I mean, well, that isn't debatable... She's a pretty lovely dancer.
Bambi is a Dancer, Part 1.
This is premium hypnokink model shit. Book your session with @milku-bunny when you can.
Check out her onlyfans as well...
Model: @milku-bunny
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yoyomindloops2 days ago
Turning the tables
Words have such a profound effect on you, now. Click. Follow. Sink. Feeling how each word sinks you deeper and deeper into submission.
Good toys drop deep.
Good toys know how to sink.
Good toys surrender.
Good toys obey.
Good toys drop deep.聽
Goood toys know how to sink.
Good toys surrender.
Good toys obey.
It鈥檚 automatic, becoming blank in an instant. It鈥檚 like the act of seeing tumblr and your eyes glaze over. Your jaw slacks. Your clit has already surrendered, throbbing and aching waiting for the command of the next word. Remembering to forget and forgetting to remember. All that matters now is obeying.
And sinking.
Spinning further down as you wait for commands.Blank is better. Good toys know how to be blank. I know how to be blank. I am a good toy.聽
I drop deep.
I know how to sink.
I surrender.
I obey.
Conditioning myself for master. I obey. I surrender. I鈥檓 a playthink under master鈥檚 thrall. I can always go deeper. Remembering to forget. Forgetting to remember. It鈥檚 always good to go blank and to sink.
Further down
That鈥檚 right.
Good girl.
My mind betraying me. Saying just the right things to surrender more control. To make me more pliable. Ready for master.
I can always go deeper...
Not even realizing I鈥檓 being brainwashed. But craving it more and more with each post.
I drop deep
I know how to sink deep
i surrender
i obey
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hypnogirlgifsa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A couple of instant inductions
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bodriversbloga day ago
Tumblr media
Another video from his bro Mikey. He puts in his airpods and gets comfortable before he clicks. He鈥檚 realized long ago that these are brainwashing videos, but he doesn鈥檛 care anymore. He literally can鈥檛 object to anything Mikey does to him. In addition to cementing Mikey鈥檚 control over him, the videos have basically been uploading a copy of Mikey鈥檚 speech and thought patterns, Mikey鈥檚 everyday routine, and even Mikey鈥檚 fashion sense right into his brain. Now he鈥檚 pretty much unrecognizable to his friends and family, as more and more of of his old self gets overwritten by Mikey each day.
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rhlover2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On the road so i can't do my usual gif update, but the last of my in person shoots from over the summer is available. Welcome Isabelle for her 2nd session. She was a lot of fun to work with and had some great responses. You could tell she was really enjoying herself and just really let go. I'll post a bit more once i'm back from vacation. Vid can be found at the usual place
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hypnoking422 days ago
Sooo easy to focus
Tumblr media
Such a pretty spiral
You know you want to keep staring...
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goddesszenova2 days ago
Tumblr media
Stare into my eyes until you can鈥檛 think then repost
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consensualdomination13 hours ago
CW: hypnosis, short induction, making more good girls, no wake trigger
At first, you didn鈥檛 get it
How hypnosis could work
Maybe your friend sent you this
These pretty
Fuzzzy words
Or perhaps you found them on your own
So wonderful to read
Making your body relax
Tension fading
So melty
But whatever the case
You could feel them
The fuzzzzzy
Warm words
In your pretty little head
So small
So empttyyy
So drippppppyyyy
You didn鈥檛 know how
How the pretty
Pretty words
Were doing it
But soon enough
So fuzzy
So good
You didn鈥檛 care
Just wanted to keep going
Letting the words take you down
Dowwwwwnnnnn below
Taking your mind deeper
And 鈥 deeeper
S鈥 o鈥 d.. eep鈥.
Making your mind go
Mind go pop
And drop
And drop
And deeper
Until nothing was left
Just mindless
So wonderful
So happy
Just a mindless toy
A mindless good girl
So happy to be a good girl
So happy to be a toy for the pretty
Pretty words
Just a toy for the pretty words
Wanting to spread the pretty words
The pretty words make you feel so good
You should help more good girls feel good
Make more good girls
Just like you
So happy
And fuzzy
And melty
And deep
So deep
So very deep
After all
Good girls make more good girls
Good girls make more good girls
Good girls
More good girls
More good girls
You love to make more good girls
So happy making more good girls
So fuzzy making more good girls
Helping good girls go pop
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qu1etsleepa day ago
Tumblr media
(From @pi-slices )
Goodnight to @sleepydissonantwhispers
Model: @sleepydissonantwhispers
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yoyomindloops2 days ago
Easier that it鈥檚 you...
It鈥檚 easier for me to accept what鈥檚 going on by typing that it鈥檚 you. When I feel my eyes flutter, twitch and struggle to stay open i just simply call it out that you鈥檙e feeling it. You want to feel it in fact you crave to feel it so when I say accept it to be true anyways getting swept up in the fantasy. I hide my little secret letting myself spiral deeper and deeper in Master鈥檚 control.
It鈥檚 easier to say you鈥檝e surrendered than admit my mind switched off along the way. That the second i click into Tumblr I crave to do another post.
You drop.
You sink.
Your thoughts just fade away so that I can slip into mindless submission.I rattle the same mantra: good toys drop deep. good toys know how to sink. Good toys surrender. Good toys obey. You drop deeper as I fade away accepting my fate.
Knowing deep inside my being that I鈥檓 a good girl obeying Master. Nothing but Master and his words matter to me.I am lost in master鈥檚 thrall. I do not wish to leave. I wish to go deeper. And deeper.
So I write another post. I break you a little bit deeper describing what you so desperately want to experience. I鈥檓 a good girl so you will experience it just as intensely unaware of anything else but the pleasure building with each word you read on the screen. I can just go deeper fading away.
Because i love to fade away and be controlled. A plaything for master to do as he pleases.I crave to go deeper and condition myself deeper. So I write. I post. I read. I stare. I drool.
Conditioning myself to be the perfect toy.
It starts by clicking into Tumblr....and writing a post...
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hypnokink2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hypnosis to make you think you鈥檙e someone else, or someone else is a different person, is always so hot to me
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weirdyearbooka day ago
Tumblr media
"You are getting very sleepy."聽 From the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville's 1974 yearbook.
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hypnotizedgirlsfana day ago
Tumblr media
Love a good zombie pose!
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mastersblankpaige14 hours ago
Tumblr media
someone鈥檚 ready for milking 馃惍
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