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PairingGentaro Yumeno x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: Honestly, I do this a lot so I completely get what you mean! Whenever I watch something with a protagonist I really like I’ll start dressing like them or pick up their phrases. It’s not weird at all so don’t even worry about it. Hope you enjoy~

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  • Gentaro absolutely loves that you change up you external appearance as frequently as you do
  • he’s someone that’s very dramatic and theatrical, so the idea of you getting inspiration at different times and dressing to match that actually makes him super happy
  • he wants to support you as you try to find your own identity and what works best for you so he’s never going to put you down for any of the styles you try on
  • it’s like a fun surprise that he gets every few days whenever you show up at his apartment in all black and chains, and then the next you’re wearing a couture 
  • don’t let Ramuda find out other wise he WILL steal you from Gentaro in an attempt to get you to try on all of the clothes he’s been designing
  • Gentaro of course has his preferences for what he thinks looks best on you, but honestly, it’s your personality that he fell for
  • so as long as you’re not changing who you are fundamentally as a person, I don’t think he would mind your style changes at all
  • if you give him the chance, he might even want to try some new styles with you and just say it’s ‘cosplay for inspiration for his writing’
  • he would offer to go with you to the store and help you pick out clothing pieces that could work in multiple styles
  • and he would definitely give you accessories or clothing as presents for your birthday and holidays that would be versatile as well
  • he’ll try to match your energy, so if you’re dressed in all pastels and being very happy-go-lucky, he’s going to be just as giggly and friendly
  • but if you opt for a more serious, working-adult look, he might act more stoic and straightforward as well
  • one time he asked Ramuda to borrow some brand name clothing
  • and you almost spit up your water when he walked out in a slicked back hairstyle wearing Gucci and jewelry 
  • because yea, Gentaro is gorgeous no matter what he wears, but that was just…so good on him
  • honestly, it ends up being kind of like a game for him
  • he knows that it’s something you take seriously, but for him, he just wants to play along with you to help you find what’s best
  • and he’s more than happy to do that
  • however
  • at the end of the day, when the two of you are in bed, snuggling, he’s going to expect you to be the same person that you were when you woke up that morning
  • the clothes and the styles can change, but he loves you for who you are and I think that if you tried to change yourself, that’s where he would draw the line
  • saying that you don’t need to actually change who you are as a person because he loves you just as you are
  • right before putting a pair of cat ears on you and saying that you should dress up as a kitty for the day


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