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what about if the rfa members + v and saeran found out mc is self conscious because shes chubby so they show her how much they love her body? (nsfw? unless you arent comfy! :~) )

hello, anon! this is probably my first nsfw request~ and yes, i’m comfortable writing it, buuuuut it came out way too long. So I’m giving you this hc for Zen, Jumin and Saeyoung for now. I’ll try and write for Yoosung, Jaehee, Saeran and V as well <3 


  • He had noticed the times you looked in the mirror and looked at your thighs, bringing your short of skirt a little lower, trying to cover them up. He had said nothing, thinking you wished for a longer skirt.
  • But once he took a candid photo of you reading on the couch on a pair on leggins and one of Zen’s t-shirts. When he showed it to you, you scrunch your face. He asked what was wrong and you said your legs looked way too fat for your body.
  • “But I love your legs” he replied, not understanding how you could not like them? Like, there was nothing sexier than a pair of good legs. He liked a good ass rather than a huge rack, to be honest.
  • “Babe, my jeans don’t last because they always rip. That’s how huge they are” you complained.
  • “I’m not saying your legs aren’t big” he said, leaving his phone forgotten behind and crawling closer to you on the sofa. “I’m saying I think they’re really sexy.”
  • Your face turned bright red, but kissed Zen when he brushed his lips against yours. You felt how he slowly pushed you on the couch so he was on top of you, his hands exploring under your t-shirt, his breath hitching when he realized you weren’t wearing a bra. You moaned softly at the touch of his fingers against your firm nipples and that seemed to only encourage him further. You knew this was the part when he usually took off your top off and honestly, you couldn’t want anything else more.
  • When you moaned again, he pulled away to take off the hoodie he was wearing. You smiled as you looked the abs your boyfriend worked everyday on, wondering how lucky you had to be to be loved by someone who looked like a greek statue. He smirked when he saw you ogling over him and bent down to peck your lips.
  • “I haven’t even started” he teased. You felt his hand going to your ass and giving it a soft squeeze that seemed to pleasure both of you. Zen then hooked his fingers on the hem on your leggins and pulled it down, making you gasp in surprise. He usually got rid of your top first. Once your leggings were on the floor, he positioned himself between your legs.
  • He gave a small lick on the inside of your left thigh, enticing a moan from you. He put his hands on the back of your thighs, caressing them and sometimes coming up your ass to give it a squeeze. His began making a trail of kisses on both your thighs, even daring to bite a little, just because he liked how much you jumped the first time. The sensation of his ministrations were so pleasant, you forgot for a minute how much you didn’t like that part of yourself.
  • His mouth finally reached its destination, stopping on your crotch, on top of your underwear. By then, you were soaking wet and he smiled when he noticed it. He began giving open-mouthed kisses, making you squirm under his touch, his hands settled on your ass caressing it under your underwear now.
  • “You’re a tease” you manage to say, making him laugh softly, the vibrations of his voice sending an additional wave of pleasure. He pulled away, taking your wet panties off and throwing them on the floor. He took both of your legs and put your thighs on his shoulders, smirking at you.
  • “I didn’t lie, babe. I really…” he pressed a kiss on your inner thigh. “Really…” another one, on the other leg. “Really like your legs. Especially when they’re on my shoulders” he added, giving you one of his confident and sexy smiles. You nodded, not knowing what to say, and Zen took it as a sign to bury his face between your legs.
  • His hands were still on your thighs, touching them up and down, as his tongue ran across your folds. He already knew where to twirl his tongue, where you liked the tip of his tongue and where you preferred longer licks. Your moans where getting louder and louder, your thighs pressing both sides of his head. You felt Zen’s hands strengthening the hold on your thighs, his fingers leaving marks on your skin. But you couldn’t care less, all you needed was for him to keep going.
  • After giving your folds a long lick, his tongue started swirling around your clitoris. Your whole body was trembling, your mouth babbling incoherences and your hands were tangled on Zen’s hair, pulling his hair just hard enough to make him feel pleasure as well. When he noticed your thighs were squeezing him even harder, very cautiously, he began giving small licks right on top of your clitoris.
  • Soon, he felt your whole trembling body tense up, and the now familiar pulse on top of his mouth. Even with your thighs covering his ears, he could perfectly hear your high-pitched moan, confirming you had reached your climax. He kept licking, but this time way more softly, helping you ride out your orgasm. At the end, he placed soft kisses, still feeling little trembles from the aftershock.
  • Zen looked up and fell in love once again with how you were looking. Your face was reddish and sweaty, your lips also red, hinting you had been biting on them. Your hair was a mess and your chest was going up and down as you were trying to catch your breath.
  • He grinned at you and you chuckled softly. He places a kiss on your thigh and then carefully put himself on top of you again, so he could leave a kiss on your forehead.
  • “I love you” he said. You smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips, holding his face between your hands.
  • “I love you too”


  • Jumin loved whenever you two had sex. You knew each other’s rhythm, what they liked and preferred not to do, where exactly to touch each other to send them over the edge…
  • But he really didn’t know why you didn’t like when he tried to take off your bra. He hadn’t insisted when you non-verbally made it clear you didn’t want him to take it off.
  • But he wondered why
  • He had then learnt it was okay if he touched your breast over your bra, you even seem to like it.
  • One night, when you two were laying in bed, he decided to just go for it and ask.
  • “Love, I need to ask you something, but please, don’t feel you have to answer if you’re not comfortable. I must admit I wish you answered my question, though”
  • You left the book you were reading on the nightstand and looked at him, expectantly.
  • “Why don’t you want me you take off your bra when we make love?”
  • You blinked twice and then looked away, feeling your face heat up.
  • “If– if it’s something too personal, I understand. You don’t have to tell me, I just wondered why” he tried to explain himself.
  • You shook your head. You took his hand in your and gave it a soft squeeze before sighing. 
  • “See, I… It’s not like I have something like a scar, it’s just, well… I– uhm, you know I’m not exactly thin, right?”
  • Jumin arched an eyebrow, confused. What does it have to do with anything? Yes, you weren’t skinny but it wasn’t something that he would consider a problem. 
  • “Well” you continued, “hmm, I like my breasts. I do, I can make a nice dress go from good to ‘damnnn’” you joked nervously. “But that’s when I have a bra on. Since they’re well… big, they look a little… uhm, I guess the right word would be saggy. Yeah. So I prefer how they look when I have a bra on” you explained, looking at your joint hands.
  • Jumin furrowed his eyebrows as he listened to you. “If your breasts are… big” he felt he was getting flustered now “of course they will fall a little. That’s how gravity works”.
  • “But there are girls with big boobs and they’re not saggy, they’re really firm and pointing upwards and…” you said, using your hands to explain a little. “I guess they could look better if I did some cardio but– I don’t know, I should lose some weight, I know I have to but–”
  • “You don’t need to lose any weight, MC. If you want to, there’s a gym in this building and I can hire a nutritionist. But don’t feel like you need to lose weight. I’m madly in love with you and your body” he said, making you smile. He went and kissed you softly, making your heart jump.
  • The kiss went from soft to passionate the only way Jumin Han knew how. You always wondered how could he could do that. As you let him push you on the bed, you were reminded of how much you loved that man and how much you wanted to spend the rest of your life together.
  • You kept kissing him and then blindly tried to take off your engagement ring, just to make sure you wouldn’t hurt or scratch Jumin when you started taking each other’s clothes off. Just as you were about to leave it on the nightstand, Jumin held your wrist. 
  • “Leave it on. I love the reminder that we’re going to be doing this the rest of our lives”
  • You put it on again, feeling your heart flutter at Jumin’s words. You opened your legs, helping him settle more comfortable on top of you and wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him even closer. You heard him moan at the friction and smiled. You were both wearing pyjamas, so there wasn’t a lot of fabric keeping you two apart. In fact, since you were wearing a nightdress, the only thing between you and your fiancé was his pyjama pants.
  • You hummed and caressed Jumin’s hair, pulling it softly, just to make him want a little more. He began kissing your jaw and your neck, finding the spots he already knew you liked, taking his time. You bucked your hips up, feeling how hard he was. Your mouth watered, wanting nothing but to pleasure him even further.
  • Hips lips traveled to your shoulder, leaving kisses all over your skin. He stopped for a second and looked up at you. “Love” he said, his breath hitching a little. “Can I…?” he asks, his finger hooking on the strap of your dress. You bit your lip, not knowing what to say. “You can say no” he assured you, kissing your shoulder. “I just want to try and make you more comfortable with your body, because I’m in love with it as I am with you”.
  • You let out a nervous chuckle. After a deep breath, you nodded nervously. Jumin lowered the straps of your dress and slowly starts pulling your nightdress down, thanking it was big enough to slide down easily. Finally, he saw your breasts for the first time and he couldn’t help but think why he didn’t try talking to you sooner. They were round and big and even if Jumin would always deny it, he found that feature extremely attractive on women. He smirked when he noticed your nipples were erect. He softly caressed your left nipple with his index finger, feeling it harden and your body tensing under his touch. Experimentally, he put his right hand over your whole left breast and found out it perfectly fit his big hand.
  • “Look down, my love” he said, and you finally looked at him, after trying to avoid his gaze. “It’s like they were made for my hands” he teased you and you couldn’t help but smile at him, a little embarrassed.
  • “You are too full of yourself, Jumin Han” you said, but let out a surprised moan when he lowered his head and gave your right nipple a small lick.
  • “I love you too, Mrs. Han” he answered. Your answer was another moan as he started massaging your left breast while his mouth worked on the right. He made sure he kissed all the exposed skin. He took your nipple softly between his index and his thumb and twisted it just enough to make you squirm under him. His mouth then licked around your areola, putting your entire nipple inside his mouth, and letting his teeth play a little. He used them to hold your nipple and then licked over and over its sensitive spot with his tongue, changing his speed according to how you were moving under him. He made sure all his movements were soft, trying very carefully not to harm you.
  • Your hands were tangled on his hair, your hips bucking up, trying to get some friction. You couldn’t imagine you could feel so much pleasure just by having someone play with your breasts. Sure, Jumin had squeezed them before over your bra, but you had never had anyone make you squirm in pleasure like your fiancé was doing now. You were a mess of moans that sounded a lot like his name, swearing and begging him to keep doing it.
  • Jumin looked up with a smirk, loving how much pleasure he was giving you. “Have you ever had an orgasm just by playing with your breasts?” he asked, his voice a little hoarse. Your hips bucked up on their own.
  • “N-no” you stuttered.
  • “Guess this is as good time as ever” he smirked and went down to your other breast.
  • ‘Can people actually orgasm just by playing with their nipples?’ would have been the question you would have asked yourself if he had brought that up another time. But when you felt Jumin’s tongue flicking your nipple, kissing and licking your breast while also giving sweet squeezes on the other one, you felt so close to a real orgasm the question didn’t make sense.
  • The feeling of Jumin’s hard cock on top of you definitely helped you come closer and closer. After a moment, you felt a wave of pleasure all over your body. It was definitely different than your regular orgasms, but God, it was definitely a good one. You moaned loudly, pulling Jumin’s hair and squeezing your thighs around his waist. He left soft kissed on both of your breasts as you rode out your orgasm, smiling at you when you finally looked down at him.
  • “That was… well… new” you managed to say. Jumin pushed himself closer to your face and kissed your lips.
  • “I really love all of you. And let me just say, your breasts are breathtaking” he confessed, giving them a playful squeeze, making you laugh.
  • “I love you too” you smiled, giving him another kiss. You grind your hips up, noticing how hard he still was. “Want me to take care of that?” you asked with a smirk. You bit your lip in anticipation.
  • “Yes, please do” Jumin answered. You pushed him off and turned over your positions, straddling him on the bed. You suddenly noticed your nightdress was still down. Out of habit, you were about to try and cover your breasts, when you saw the way your fiancé was looking at you. The way his eyes were full of love made her remember how lucky you were to be in a relationship where you were loved as much as you loved. And maybe even a little more. You grabbed your nightdress and pulled it over your head, letting it fall on the floor.
  • The adoration in Jumin’s eyes made you blush as you bent over to kiss him on the lips.
  • “How about we get rid of this?” you said, pulling up his pyjama shirt. Jumin started taking it off and you couldn’t imagine anywhere else you’d like to be.


  • He’s always up for jokes. He always thought they would go away after he revealed his true persona, stopped being Agent 707 just to be Saeyoung Choi. But after you moved in, he realized making jokes to make you laugh was probably one of the best things he could do.
  • As time went by, he started looking for other ways to make you smile and the easiest way was to tickle your sides. You would laugh loudly and he felt he could get drunk on that sound.
  • That day, he decided to upgrade his tickling and grabbed some of your belly while he was tickling you. You were in the kitchen, about to start making dinner when he appeared out of nowhere.
  • To say he was surprised when you pushed him off and told him to stop would be an understatement. You seemed visibly upset.
  • “I’m sorry babe, just… I don’t like when you grab my belly”
  • “But it’s my second favourite thing to squeeze!” he tried to argue. You arched an eyebrow.
  • “I’m not even going to ask…” you sighed. “But really, Saeyoung. I don’t like it”.
  • “Why not?”
  • “Because I’m fat?” you answered, like it way obvious. “I don’t like you reminding me of that. And touching my stomach certainly does”.
  • “Hey, hey” Saeyoung said, a lot more serious than before. “You’re not fat. You’re not thin either, so maybe a little chubby? But who cares honestly? You’re beautiful, inside and out. Not only you’re a nice and caring human, you also look smoking hot”
  • “C’mon, stop”
  • “I’m not joking! You really are hot. You’re curvy and… damn, when you wear cleavage or some tight jeans I swear I have to control myself to not take you somewhere and… you know, have my way with you” he shrugged, blushing a little.
  • You couldn’t help but laugh. You remembered when Saeyoung was way too shy whenever you wore a short skirt and now here he was, admitting he wanted to have sex with you when you were wearing tight jeans. He smiled, relieved to see you laughing.
  • “There’s also one other thing that drives me crazy” he said, lowering his voice a little and getting closer. You looked over to the kitchen door to see if you both were alone. The living room was empty, so Saeran wasn’t around.
  • “Yeah?” you asked with a sly smile.
  • “Your dresses. Like this one” he said, hooking his finger on the strap your sundress and lowering it down your shoulder. He placed a kiss on your shoulder.
  • “Why do you like my dresses?” you asked with a smile. Saeyoung straightened his back and looked at you. You could see the honey in his eyes darken and squirmed a little in anticipation. 
  • “Easy access” he simple answered. Before you could reply, he grabbed the back of your thighs and put you on top of the kitchen counter. Saeyoung kissed you passionately his hands roaming all over your body, squeezing your breasts, caressing your thighs and going over your stomach. You tensed up a little, knowing since you were sitting down, your belly must look even bigger.
  • “Hey” he said, breaking the kiss. “Stop thinking. I love you. You and your whole fucking body, you hear me?” he thrusted his hips against you, making you feel his erection against your underwear. “You feel how hard I am? That’s how much you turn me on”.
  • Without losing eye contact, his hand wanders under your dress stroking your thigh and reaching your underwear. You hiss when he passes a finger over it. Saeyoung smirked when he noticed you were already a little wet. He rubbed over the fabric in circles, making your breath hitch. You leaned over and kissed him again, moaning softly with every move his fingers made. Your hands went to his hair, pulling him closer, dragging your nails across his neck, just like you know he liked it, hearing him grunt a little. You caressed his back all the way and gave his ass a playful squeeze. You heard him chuckle.
  • Saeyoung’s fingers put aside your underwear and started caressing your folds directly. He circled around your entrance and spread his index and middle finger to touch you around your clitoris. You clenched your legs around his hips, wanting more.
  • Quickly, you unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down your boyfriend’s zipper. You put down your hand between his skin and his underwear, your fingers circling around his throbbing cock. He moaned at the touch, and a little higher when you started pumping your hand slowly, giving him slow strokes. Your thumb circled around the tip, spreading the pre cum over it.
  • “Fuck, you’re killing me” he grunted against your lips. He circled around your entrance once more and slowly inserted his two fingers inside.
  • “Saeyoung…” you moaned. You hand involuntarily squeezed his cock a bit, making him let out a moan as well. He kept thrusting his fingers in and out, while you kept moaning next to his ear. Your hand had a firm hold on his cock and started pumping him a little bit faster. Your other hand was gripping his shoulder, feeling you were going to crumble under his touch. Saeyoung started curving his fingers inside of you, quickly finding your sweet spot, grazing it over and over. Your whole body was trembling and you put your head on his shoulder, trying to muffle the sounds you were making.
  • “Baby, I need you” you whispered. “C’mon, I need you, I want to come around your cock, please” you pleaded. As Saeyoung registered your words, you felt how his cock got even harder. He had never heard you beg for it and now it was his favourite sound.
  • He grabbed your ass and helped you down the counter. You made a face, since you were already thinking about him taking you right there. Before you could complain, he turned you around and bent you over the counter. He lifted your summer dress, pulled down his jeasd a bit and putting aside your panties, he slowly thrusted himself into you. You let out a whimper, feeling yourself stretch around his width, loving how full you felt whenever he was inside you. He took both of arms and bent them, putting them on your back, grabbing you by the wrists. He started rocking back and forth, the sound of wet skin slapping against each other filling the kitchen, mixed with both your moans. 
  • Saeyoung had never taken you so roughly. He always took his time undressing you. He even was a bit playful sometimes, but you had never seen him like this. You definitely liked this side of him too, though. You felt the cold counter against your cheek as your boyfriend kept thrusting inside of you, holding on your wrists like dear life.
  • Saeyoung felt like he was getting closer to his edge, but he was not willing to finish before you. Previously, he was holding your wrists with both hands. He changed so he had his right hand free, his left hand doing his best to grab both your arms behind you. He bent over you, leaving a kiss on your shoulder blade, as his right hand went in front of you, his two fingers pinching your clitoris as softly as he could, and rubbing it. You let out a cry of pleasure.
  • “Come for me, MC. I want you to come around me too”.
  • He moved his fingers a faster, loving the sound of your moans. He felt your body trembling and silently thanked God, because he was not far from coming as well. All it took was you screaming his name, his real name, and it made him feel so loved, so seen, he came alongside you with a grunt. You stayed together like that, both of you rocking your hips softly, just enough to ride out each other orgasms.
  • Saeyoung put your panties and dress back to their places and helped you up. Once you were in front of each other, he kissed you softly, humming contently.
  • “I have more than a thousand reasons to love you and I think they’re all valid and romantic but… oh God, you really turn me on” he admitted sheepishly, his normal persona showing up again. You chuckled.
  • He grabbed a piece of paper towel that was next to you and cleaned himself up, putting his cock inside his underwear and buttoning his jeans. He threw the paper on the garbage can and looked at you with a soft smile. “I think maybe a shower is better right now” he shrugged and you laughed softly.
  • “Yeah, I think so too” you agreed.
  • “I love you so much” he said again and you couldn’t believe it was possible to love someone as much as you loved him.
  • “I love you too, baby” you grinned, giving him a peck on his lips.
  • “Alllll of me?” he teased you, tickling your sides just a little.
  • “Yes, yes, all of you!” you replied, laughing loudly at his hands. Saeyoung laughed with you and you were about to say something else, when you heard a noise by the kitchen door.
  • A very disturbed Saeran came into the kitchen with two bags that seemed to be full of groceries.
  • “Can’t you do it in the bedroom like normal people? I had to wait outside while my ice cream melted, you are like fucking rabbits on heat” he complained, putting his carton of ice cream on the freezer.
  • You felt your whole face turning red, thinking that you boyfriend’s brother had heard both of you. Were you so loud you could be heard from outside the house? You looked over at Saeyoung who was even redder than you. Saeran sighed, frustrated, and left the kitchen when he finished putting the groceries on their place. A couple of seconds went by in silence before you and Saeyoung couldn’t help but laugh loudly at the same time.
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How do Saeran, Saeyoung, and Zen react if their mc takes them out to a local forest or other out of the way place with no explanation after they've been acting kind of snappy cause theyre really stressed out? And then it turns out mc has been stressed too, so she took them out to this remote area so they could literally just scream it out together? And then after they've screamed a bit and feel a bit looser, she leads them further to a super pretty spot for them to just sit and relax?


Saeran thinks that you’re joking. 

It’s hard for him to watch you be so stressed out and unsure of yourself, seeing you pent up, in tears, and angry is enough to make him fret just as much. He tries to do what he can for you but it’s hard for him as well sometimes as his own stress can elevate. It, unfortunately, means that you both can fester for some time until something is done. In this case, you grab him by the arm and just take him to a relatively concluded spot and let out the loudest scream. Then, you look at him with wide eyes, breathing hard, “Now you.” 

He doesn’t think that you’re being serious, but nope, you’re serious with him so he winds up taking your advice. You guys just wind up screaming up all of your feelings until the shouting turns into laughter and giggles over how silly some of your worries can get. He loves that about you, you can come up with something that seems so silly, but it winds up helping. 


Saeyoung does not think that you’re joking. 

He knows that you tend to get overwhelmed with your stress and that it can really make you mad. He also knows that you can get grouchy and inside your head when you’re upset. There’s just nothing that can help it. Saeyoung does try to make you smile the old fashioned way, teasing you or trying to tell you jokes to bring that smile back to your face. It doesn’t wind up helping though, and he tends to get overloaded him. Working with Saeran isn’t always easy, so, he gets pent up too. 

You wind up taking him by the hand and forcing him to follow you into the woods surrounding his bunker. You just prod him and tell him to let it out, and he does not know what you mean by that. So, you scream. He jolts, and looks around to see if there was a threat, but pauses. You prompt him to let out his frustrations and he does. He feelings surprisingly better when he’s done. He winds up kissing you for being so great, ridiculous, and helpful.


Zen actually knows that this is one of the ways that people cope. 

He watches as you get frustrated over little things or big things. It hurts him that someone as nice as you have to cope with that. You only deserve to have ease in life, so to see you pent up or irritated really hurts. The Zen method for stress is to work out and forget his feelings that way and sort it out later, but you have a different plan of action. Runs never work for you, so, he decides that you both need to go about a way that works for you. 

That’s how you wind up in the middle of nature, holding his hand, just letting out a solid scream. He isn’t bothered by it, though. He just encourages you to keep that up. Sometimes, you need to let it out and there’s no better way to do that then to get rid of those feelings this way. You mentioned it working before so he knows that it works. He may or may not join in, he just can’t strain his voice for work. 

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I know that Zen has a brother, but since he hates him... what about an AU where Zen has a second sibling whom he does have more appreciation for (even if maybe they haven't talked much since Zen left). This sibling is now MC. How does Zen feel about them dating each of the other love interests? Prefably Yoosung, Jaehee, Saeyoung and Jumin. (If you don't like AU requests please ignore this!)

ohh this is such a cute idea! i can absoloutely imagine Zen being a super protective brother…hmm, for the sake of this headcanon, let’s assume that

a) Zen is MC’s older brother and

b) He has kept in contact with them, albeit not much-they talk through the phone and skype but he hasn’t seen his sibling face to face in years. Lastly

c) Let’s assume MC is now an adult too, maybe a couple years younger than Zen, and lives on their own independant from their and Zen’s family.

So without further ado~ Zen’s reactions to his little sibling dating the RFA!


* Honestly, when Yoosung realizes the person that invaded their chat room is Zen’s sibling, he’s more excited than shocked. They’ll have so much blackmail material on Zen, he figures with glee!

* Well, then he understands the true situation-how difficult it was for Zen and MC to keep in touch after Zen ran away, how Zen’s actually grateful that MC stumbled upon this messenger so he could re-establish his relationship with them.

*Yoosung’s very supportive and friendly, and Zen is happy to see his friend is this invested-although whenever Yoosung compares MC to Rika Zen does get angry-his sibling is kind and gentle too, yes, but they’re not Rika! Why can’t he realize that?!

*Still, when Yoosung goes to the Mint Eye HQ, when he gets hurt all for the sake of protecting MC-when he professes his love to Zen’s sibling, he can’t bring himself to oppose this relationship.

*Although when Yoosung kisses MC in the middle of the party hall in front of everyone-boy, Zen is there in an instant tugging Yoosung away from his little sibling by that blond fluff hair of his, giving him a disapproving glare. 

*Jokes aside, from everyone his sibling could’ve ended up with from the RFA…he’s glad it was Yoosung. He trusts his friend, and knows he’ll cherish MC with all his heart.


* She’s more than shocked to find out that Zen’s sibling, of all people, is the one that ended up in the RFA chatroom.

* Of course, she’s still very weary of them, but can’t help but ask a myriad of questions about Zen, his childhood, what MC remembers of Zen’s singing and so on and so forth.

* It doesn’t help that in a sense, Zen and MC are similar-sure, they have similar features since they’re related, but more than that some of MC’s mannerisms, the way they text sometimes, there’s little things that make Jaehee go ‘ah, so this really is Zen’s sibling’

* When she begins to fall for MC, she takes a step back from her feelings to try and analyse them-is she attracted to MC as MC, or is this a manifestation of her infatuation with Zen’s career? 

* But with every supportive comment and uplifting word MC sends Jaehee’s way, Jaehee realizes that no, this has nothing to do with Zen-she’s in love with MC and their bright infectious energy, and wants them to know that.

* Before deciding to tell MC about her coffee shop dream, before asking MC to move in with her, she first decides to talk to Zen about it; he’s their brother so he’d be the best person to gauge MC’s reaction to it, and honestly, his approval would mean a lot to Jaehee.

*Well, Zen’s honestly more than happy to give the two his blessing-he adores Jaehee and thinks she’s honestly a perfect fit for his little sibling, and from what he sees in the chatroom, he knows MC feels the same way about Jaehee. 

* He does become a regular at their coffee shop though, and honestly…he’s happy for the two of them. Genially, honestly happy.


* Now….now this is tricky.

* When he notices MC getting friendly with Jumin in the chatrooms, and worse, when he sees Jumin reciprocate this friendliness to MC-Zen immediatly calls his sibling and tells them to knock it off.

* Sadly, an arguement ensues, and harsh words are exchanged-MC tells Zen that if he hasn’t tried being a part of their life for so long except for the ocassional phone call, then he doesn’t get a say in who MC talks or flirts with, and Zen tells them that he regrets MC ever finding the RFA chatroom.

* The atmosphere is tense to say the least in the RFA chatroom the following days, but oddly enough-it’s Jumin that manages to calm the siblings down.

* He reminds them of the value of family, and tells them it’s a blessing that they have managed to reunite through this app, even putting his own matters aside that he deals with in his route to help the two make up again. He even says that if him being this friendly with MC is something that genially bothers Zen, he’ll stop, since he’d never want to be the reason a family breaks apart.

* Given all this, Zen finds it hard to stay mad at Jumin-and begrudgingly tells MC that if they want to get closer with Jumin, they can, but that they shouldn’t come crying to him when they find out he’s just a cat-obsessed idiot.

* When MC goes to Jumin’s house and stays with him for a few days, Zen is SHOOKETH-he will not stop calling and texting and threatening Jumin with all sorts of unspeakable acts if he dares hurt or upset his little sibling.

* Jumin is confused at that-how could he ever dare hurt MC? He cherishes them! But telling Zen so only made the white-haired man more furious, much to Jumin’s dismay.

* When Jumin decides he’ll propose to MC at the party, he finds it only right to talk with Zen beforehand, since he can’t really go to their parents straight away-it’s only right he asks for MC’s brother’s blessing in this, isn’t it?

* Well…Zen vehemently refuses. At least, he does, until Jumin sits down with him and seriously explains his intentions towards MC, how he genially loves them and wants to be with them for the rest of his life. Zen is still worried, and tells Jumin that he thinks it’s way too early…but honestly, when has anything Jumin done ever been normal?

* So begrudgingly, Zen nods along, telling Jumin that if he ever dares hurt MC he’ll smite him with his own two hands.

* Jumin merely smirks at that. “If I ever hurt them, I’d smite me myself” he says, and well, that’s good enough for Zen lol


*Hmm…when he sees how well MC’s humor matches with Luciel’s, Zen is confused, but he doesn’t really pay much mind to it-so his sibling made a friend in the RFA, that should make him happy right?

*But the longer Seven seems to unfold his true self within the chatroom, the more concerned Zen gets-he fears MC is getting sucked into a situation they might be unable to handle, and if they’re put in danger because of Seven…he doesn’t even want to begin to imagine that.

* When Seven admits that there’s a bomb in the apartment, and that he has to go there himself to fix the security program and protect MC, Zen immediatly calls him, cursing him intently. How dare he put Zen’s sibling in this sort of danger?! Zen vehemently insists Seven should give him the adress to the apartment ASAP so he can go take MC out of there himself, and gets more and more furstrated whenever Seven shuts him down.

* Furstrated and unable to do something of worth, Zen’s stuck calling MC every hour, checking in on them and how they’re doing, even begging them to give him the adress instead of Seven-but his sibling insists they want to trust Seven and his actions, and as much as it breaks Zen’s heart, there’s little he can do about it.

* When Seven admits his truth to the RFA-his real name, Saeyoung, his lost twin brother, and his profession of love towards MC; Zen’s a mess. He’s happy his friend has found the strength to be himself, but to involve Zen’s family in it all…still, he sees in the photo Seven sent how MC is happy standing beside Seven, how they’re confident in their words and their trust in him. 

* Zen can’t help but accept this relationship. He’ll never stop being worried, and he’ll watch over the two like a hawk, ready to swoop in if MC is ever put in any danger, but he knows Seven will protect MC with his life if he must, and that, at least, puts Zen’s mind at ease.

-send me mystic messenger headcanons for character reactions!-

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Disclaimer: I do not own this song. I only translated the lyrics. This song is an OST from another otome game called 어느 소녀의 사랑 이야기.

If you’re reposting the lyrics, please credit me!

또 아른거려
You haunt me again,

All day, 

또 생각이 나 
I’m thinking once again, 


처음부터 내 눈을 잡아두던 너  
From the beginning, when you caught my attention,

머릿속까지 가득찬 거니 베이베
It’s filled up inside of my head baby~

오 궁금해져
Oh, I’m curious,

One day,

더 알고싶어 
I want to know more


지금부터 내가 모르는 니 모습 전부다 보여줄래
From now on, will you show me the side that I don’t know

오~키티 마이 러브  
Oh- kitty my love

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[Zen x MC]

Zen: Maybe you and I could get together haha

MC: Oh.. but I’m seeing someone

Ah. Well, it was worth a shot, Zen thought. He ruffled his hair as he said his good bye, excusing himself to do some workout. Zen respected that you were dating someone, not once did he made a move, nor went out of line with his endearments. He respected relationships, and so he went on with his days without lingering. 

When Zen finally saw you for the first time during the party, he was mesmerized, the way the edge of your lips almost meets your eyes when you smile so brightly, the way your eyes would glisten would you talk, he was just.. captured. And damn did he wish he met you sooner, then maybe he was the one you were dating. 


Zen stopped abruptly on his workout, the sudden ring of his phone surprising him.

MC calling..

Without any hesitations he picked up his phone, “Hey, what’s up?” he said breathlessly as he sat down for a while, wiping the sweat on his forehead. 

“Hey,” you sniffed, “Are you busy? Can I pop in tonight?” another sniff, Zen was alarmed, he never heard you cry, in the months you’ve known each other the only time he saw you cry was when you and the gang went out to see a movie, and it was happy crying! Not like this, sad voice and sniffs. 

“Of course! Do you need anything?” he asked, standing up as he checked his living room, cans of beers scattered, taking a mental note to clean it before hitting the shower. 

“Uhm nothing, I’ll bring the beer,” you said as you hung up. As Zen cleaned up his living room, you were in the grocery at the alcohol section racking up Zen’s favorite beer and yours. Zen was a good company when drinking, he never took advantage and always looked after you when you had too many. He’d even tie your hair when you puke! 

Zen opened the door when you rang, shock evident in his face when he saw you, puffy red eyes and a messy bun, “Beer?” you said in a small voice, holding up the bag. Zen blinked and took it from your hand, letting you in. Passing by him you could smell he was fresh out of the shower, a hint of his soap and shampoo lingered in your nose as you passed. 

You let yourself comfortable in his sofa, it wasn’t your first time being in his apartment, you’d stop by every now and then to help him practice when you had time, and sometimes when Yoosung needed a break from school you’d be here casually drinking as Yoosung vented out his frustrations. 

Zen sat beside you, popping up two cans of beers handing one out to you, “Cheers,” he said as he raised his can before sipping in. Zen was a patient man, he’d let you be silent for a while, let you organize your thoughts. He has known you for quite a while now, he’d know how long before you could speak, trying to figure out where to start and what to say. 

“You okay?” he finally asked after a moment of silence, he wouldn’t pry too much, he’d let you flow on your own pace. Your hands on the can, fingers slowly tapping one by one, sighing you chugged your can.

“We broke up,” you said, staring blankly at the can as Zen looked at you, he didn’t know how to respond. A part of him was relieve, because the jerk didn’t deserve you anyway, and another part of him was angry, because you didn’t deserve to be hurt. 

All he could do was open his arms, you looked at him, his face soft as he looked at you, you didn’t hesitate to come in for a hug. With one hand he rubbed your back, whispering comforting words as you’d sniff on his shoulder. For Zen, being able to comfort you was enough, for you to talk to him first, it was enough. His heart ache seeing you in a vulnerable state, your bright smile nowhere to be seen. And he swore to himself that night, he’d never let himself be the reason why you’d cry. 


It is known that Zen is a gentleman and a good friend.

As a gentleman, he knew you needed to heal, as to why he never made a move. He was just glad to see you smile brightly again. As a friend, Zen was more than just a good friend. He was your drinking buddy, karaoke buddy, and Zen even dragged you to the gym, now you’re gym buddies as well! Whenever you’d call, whatever you wanted to do, he’s always up to it.  And when he has some rehearsals or shoots, you’d visit and watch him. 

By now everything felt just so.. casual, normal. But to the gang, it wasn’t. Zen would call you babe more than the usual, you’d often go out only the two of you. Zen, in his defense, did everything you wanted to help you move on. But the whole RFA could see it, it was more than just, normal

It was during one of Zen’s shoots that you started to feel.. jealous? When a co-star touch his arm, lingering for too long and an icky feeling started to pit in your stomach that you couldn’t help but look away. Maybe you were sick, you told yourself, convincing yourself

During the second RFA party, you saw women became dazzled by Zen’s charm. And him ever the gentleman, entertained the guests. And that’s when it finally became clear as a day, when you felt that ache in your heart to see women get Zen’s attention. 

You quickly excused yourself from the guests in front of you, running to the hallway where no one pass by. 

Everything just clicked.

The butterflies in your stomach whenever Zen called you babe, that tingly feeling whenever he touched you, that flutter in your heart when you’d caught him stare at you. 

Because Zen.. Zen was always there for you. He was your beck and call. 

He was the one tying your hair when you’re on the toiled bowl puking during your beer nights, he was the one giving you his jacket when it’s too cold outside, he was the one who would buy you ice cream and chocolates when you had cramps.. and he was the one running to your apartment when you’d call him because you’re having a breakdown. He’d hugged you and sing you to sleep, he’d pick up the pieces of tissues and clean up. And not once you heard him complain, not even once. 

“MC?” you heard a voice call, the voice that would help you sleep at night when you couldn’t. Small tears started to drop, and in a flash the silver haired man was in front of you. 

“Hey what’s wrong?” he bent down to look at you, wiping your tears with his handkerchief. You felt butterflies in your stomach, that familiar tingly feeling when he’s near you, when he’s touching you. Your heart beating fast, words caught up in your throat unable to form a sentence. 

Taking a deep breathe you took held his hand, looking up to him and smiled. 

“I..,” you started, suddenly feeling to aware how he’s looking back at you. You dropped your gaze to the floor but still held his hand. 

“I don’t know when it started but..,” you bit your trembling lip, closing your eyes as you find that courage within you. “I can’t stand it seeing you with other women, being flirty like that,” you said in small voice. “I like it when you call me babe.. I.. I always giggle when we talk, I’m..,” scrunching your brows, you took that leap, opening your eyes as you looked at Zen who was intensely looking at you, eyes wide open, “I’m always happy with you,” you said. 

Zen could feel his heart racing, without thinking twice he grabbed your head as he pulled you, lips melding together. And you welcomed him. The kiss was soft, it was warm like he always was. Parting away he rested his temple against yours, chuckling as he stared at you.

“I’m happy with you too,” he said, rubbing your cheek with his thumb. A relief sigh leaving his lips, “And I’ll always make you happy MC, if you let me,” his sincere eyes piercing through you, you smiled and nodded, Zen kissed you once more, sealing the deal. He couldn’t help but smile in the kiss, feeling giddy. 

You walked back to the party hand in hand.. and Seven may or may not have yelled “Finally!” when he saw you two. 

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Could I get a Mysmes Highschool AU please? Including Jihyun and Saeran if you don't mind  (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

yes!! this is such a cute idea~ for the sake of it let’s assume all of the mysme gang go to the same high school :D


* He’s the kid that’s always friendly and bright when you approach him, but he’ll never come up to you first; he’ll always shout out a ‘good morning!’ when coming into the class each day, and he’ll have his own little raggedy friend group (that majorly consists of guys-he’s just too shy around girls!)

*People always say he’s nice and sweet but…that’s pretty much it. No one knows his favorite colour, what he wants to be when he grows up, if he gets along with his family…

*Well, MC decides to approach him-they’d always been friendly with him but at a distance, and something in his eye makes them want to bridge this gap between them.

*Turns out, he’s actually an absoloute sweetheart like everyone says, but he’s also so much more than that! He’s funny and bright, but beats himself up a lot-he’s a good student but lazy, and without someone to cheer him on and push him to keep up a scedhule he gets lost.

*So MC takes it upon themselves to convince him to have weekly study dates with him, rewarding themselves with cold sweet milkshakes after a job-well done; neither of them would admit it, but they’re absoloutely falling for eachother with each meeting.

*Yoosung would NEVER confess so-he’s so scared! All his friends at school tease him and ‘threaten’ to tell MC themselves if he doesn’t, but he just grumbles an excuse and leaves when they do-how could he possibly ruin this thing he has with MC because of his stupid feelings?

*Well, someone eventually spills the beans to MC because duh, it’s a high school, word gets around faster than you can say ‘pop quiz’-so MC takes it upon themselves to confess in their next study date.

*They don’t become the cutest couple at school or anything, but their friends are all very happy for them-and even teachers turn a blind eye if they catch Yoosung giving a quick kiss to MC during breaks, because well, that’s young love for ‘ya.


*Yes, yes, he’s the hottest guy in school (for this AU let’s say he never dropped out but he did leave his home, so he’s living on his own and works part time jobs and gets whatever acting gig he can whenever possible).

*He’s a bit of a…semi-deliquent? He’s the guy you’ll find smoking under the bleachers, be it cigarettes or weed, but he’s not a junkie nor a bully-he’s actually a very gentle and caring guy, smart too-he doesn’t study much but when exam season rolls around he tries his best to at least get semi-decent grades so he can have a good CV when looking for jobs later on.

*No one knows about his family situation-he’s kind yes, but he keeps everyone at a distance, scared of letting them get too close. 

*Jumin does know about Zen, mainly because Zen’s friends with V who’s the type of guy people just tell everything to-and Jumin tries to help Zen, often just by shoving money to Zen’s face which…really doesn’t help.

*Well, MC meets Zen once outside of school when they start working at the convinience store he also works at! They’d never talked to him at school-girls would constantly flock around him and fawn and whilst MC thought he’s attractive sure, they just never made the effort to talk to him.

*Turns out, he’s actually a hilarious guy with a temper-do NOT get him started on how much he hates ‘capitalist-loving pigs’ as he so calls them, and the curses he throws out whenever their manager isn’t looking are enough to make MC snort with laughter.

*They become fast friends, and whenever Zen sees MC at school he’ll wave and come their way to talk to them-which gets them both a lot of weird stares and glares. It’s not like anyone will come and bully MC for talking with Zen or anything, this isn’t the movies, but people are constantly asking how they know Zen, which they never grace with an answer-their extra-curricular activities are not something everyone should be privy to.

*One night they both work later than their shift ends, busy stocking up and running the monthly checks, and by the time they’re done it’s well past midnight-and they have school tomorrow.

*Zen offers MC to stay at his place for the night-he lives a five minute walk away from the store, and he’d hate to leave his friend alone to walk back home when there’s fewer buses and trains at this hour.

*So this is how MC discovers Zen lives alone-they don’t pry, but he tells them everything anyway, finally giving in and letting himself trust MC-and this is also how the two get together. 

*One minute they’re on Zen’s couch laughing over one thing or the other, the next they’re kissing, Zen’s hand cradling MC’s cheek.

*The next morning when they both go to school, MC wearing one of Zen’s t-shirts as an undershirt to their school uniform…well, let’s just say there’s a LOT of jealous people around lmao 

*(But still, no one dares say anything to MC-Zen is NOT known for his patience, and if anyone hurts his beloved then one glare from Zen is enough to send them to an early grave really)


*She’s the quiet kid-you know the one. She’s always buried in her books, sits in the front of the class (not by choice, not really-she just has bad eyesight lmao), her hair’s short because she thinks long hair’s a hassle, and has one or two superficial friends but that’s pretty much it.

*Well, one day she comes into class during a break only to find MC holding back tears as they look down at a book on their desk.

*Jaehee cautiously approaches and notices MC’s struggling with a math equation-one of the ones their teacher had assigned as homework, she reckons.

*With a soft smile she asks MC if they’d like Jaehee to sit with them-no ‘i can teach you’ or anything, she merely wants to sit beside them and cheer them on, and only offers her help if asked.

*And that’s how the two become friends. Jaehee’s not used to the affection MC shows them, how they’ll sit with them during breaks and bring them their favorite drink or snack from the cantine, how they’ll often invite them out after classes and wrap their hand around Jaehee’s shoudlers-she’ll never admit it but she was fast to develop a crush on MC, and her feelings terrify her.

*One day they’re at a park by MC’s place, sitting on the swings talking about their future. MC talks with bright eyes about all the plans they have after graduating, some completely absurd, others attainable with hard enough work and dedication.

* “What about you Jaehee? What do you want to do after graduating?” MC asks, their focus on Jaehee as they snap her out of her trance.

*What Jahee wants…? She thinks of her dream, the little coffee house with music and laughter, the smell of fresh grinded coffee beans and her behind the counter with an apron on and her hair long and tied into braids, how she’ll have regular customers she knows by name, how she’ll have someone she loves beside her-someone like MC-

* “I’ll just be an office worker I guess” she shrugs, avoiding MC’s bright gaze. That makes MC pout, getting off of the swing to sit in front of Jaehee on their knees, their hands on Jaehee’s lap, holding her own palms tight.

*MC tells Jaehee to think of what she truly wants, how she should never settle when she has dreams to follow and work on, how she owes her future to no one but herself-and maybe MC had more to say, but Jaehee will never know; for in that moment a surge of courage pushed them forward, leaning in and kissing MC mid-speech.

*They seperated quick enough, Jahee’s eyes wide, her mouth agape-would MC hate her now? Would they get up and leave? Would they-

* “That was wonderful” MC said with a grin, “but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from this conversation.”

*Anyway this is a long winded way of saying the two become the sweetest freaking couple their school has ever seen lmao


*He’s…also a popular guy, but for all the opossite reasons than Zen.

*People say he’s cool and mysterious, handsome to boot and richer than the queen of england. There’s all sorts of rumors surrounding him that he never adresses, which only add fuel to the fire.

*Some girls even start calling him ‘Mr.Grey’ after *that* film comes out, which makes him really confused. He doesn’t even like the colour…? Has he ever worn a grey tie he doesn’t remember?

*Anyway, he’s secluded yes, and quiet, his only friend that’s by his side at all times being V, who’s honestly equal parts mysterious as he is handsome.

*The two emit an aura that makes them unapproachable, so people just…don’t try to get close to them, and that’s that.

*MC’s one of those people, until one day, their art teacher splits them into groups of three people to create a photography project-something about light or whatever, MC wasn’t really paying attention. They’d already turned their head towards their friends with a smile and a wink, knowing they’d spend their ‘study time’ playing and gossiping…

*….until their teacher announced they’d be seperating people into groups themselves. And lo and behold-MC had ended up in a group with Jumin-yes, just Jumin since their class was an odd number. Their teacher said they’d have more time than the others since they were only two, but there was no changing groups, that was their definite rule.

*So after class ended, MC timidly approached Jumin-who was…way more polite than they’d thought. He greeted them with a handshake of all things, and told them to meet him at his home that very same day in the afternoon to discuss their ‘plan of action’ as he called it.

*He was odd, that much was sure, but there was a sort of cuteness to his actions, like a child trying to imitate an adult.

*Well, going to his home was…an experience. It’s everything you see in the movies and more, from a massive gateway to bodyguards taking MC up to Jumin’s study hall, to a maid coming by to ask what the two would like to drink and eat.

*Jumin’s nice enough, albeit cold and distant, but there’s something about this whole situation that kept bothering MC. With a small frown they quietly asked “Jumin, are your parents home?”

*He seemed taken aback by the question, his facade fading momentarily before he schooled himself back into a neutral expression. “I only have a father, and no, he’s not home at the moment.”

*MC nodded. “You think he’ll be home soon?” they asked. Jumin seemed…irk at the question, his lips tugging downwards.

* “I’m not sure. He’s a busy man, it might be a few days before he returns home. Why do you ask?”

*Their next words shocked Jumin to hsi core, his eyes wide as he looked to the timid person across of him. 

* “It’s nothing I just…I’m worried you seem lonely.”

*Jumin never adressed the comment, merely carried on working on their plan for their art project, but it stuck with him-and it was in fact, the reason he allowed MC to slowly get closer to him.

*When they decided on what their project would be-the different ways sunlight hits trees from morning until evening, they set out on a camping trip that very same weekend, which showed MC a whole new side to Jumin-the man beneath the suits, the teenager who wore jeans and shirts, who knew how to light a fire with sticks, who was awed when he learnt what smore were and ate so many he gave himself a stomachache.

*That night in the forest as they awaited sunrise to take more pictures, Jumin poured his heart out to MC-his fears, his relationship with his father, how he worries he’ll grow up to be just like him, how he values family in a way his father doesn’t seem to share-and before he knew it he was resting his head on MC’s shoulder, their fingers intertwined just as their lives had become.

*His life would never be the same after meeting this person with their keen eyes and gentle heart.


*Again, for the sake of this HC, we’ll assume Seven lives with Saeran and his mom who neglects them, and goes to the same high school as the rest of the RFA-he knows about hacking and does it as a part-time job to gather money, but he’s not an agent (yet..?)

*He’s a very weird guy-one moment he’s bright and cheerful and the next he’s solemn and cold, which doesn’t leave him with many friends, and even less people who actually care and want to find out what’s wrong, if he’s okay or needs any help.

*He’s often seen huddled with his twin-the two are practically inseperable, even though they’re in different classrooms, it’s rare to spot them away from each other druing break times, and they always seem to linger when school’s over, as if they dread going back home.

*Well, MC isn’t the type of person who’ll leave someone like that on their own. They’re concerned, no, more than that, they’re worried and need to know if Saeyoung’s alright, if he needs any help-there’s something about him that just puts them on edge, and they want to figure it out more than anything else.

*Well, trying to get close to Saeyoung is about as hard as Hercules’s trials; he’s friendly enough sure, sharing memes and joking about, but the moment a conversation becomes more serious he vanishes, finding some flimsy excuse to disappear before he needs to open up about anything. 

*But MC is relentless, and the more they learn about Saeyoung, every little bit of himself that he dares share-from his favorite colour (orange, he says, like the sunset), to his little quirks and habits (he bites his nails, he speaks so fast he stumbles over words, he’s genius to a fault but has a hard time reading-words seem to get jumbled up-), all the little things that make Saeyoung himself just swell up and fill MC’s heart and before they knew it-they’re in love.

*Saeyoung’s no fool, he knows MC likes him-and that makes him push them away all the more. Saeran notices his brothers conflicting emotions but says nothing, worried he’ll only make things worse.

*One day he snaps. MC confessed to him, and rather than saying ‘I don’t like you back’, he said ‘I can’t do this’, prodding a myriad of questions from MC.

* “Why? What is it you can’t do-Saeyoung, what are you hiding-”

* “Everything!” he yells-his hands are balled into fists, his back trembles, his eyes swell with tears; this person in front of him, the one he loves back, that’s so close yet so far-how can he drag them down into his own hell? “My family’s a fucking mess, my dad would rather have me dead, I’m barely surviving and-I’ve been doing fine, I’ve been coping but then you came along and put everything into your own unique chaos and-and I should push you away, I should I should but I can’t-”

*MC held him as he broke down in the empty school courtyard, his head resitng on their chest as he cried himself into fatigue. MC protected him from stray gazes of students finishing their EC activities, glared at whoever tried to approach them.

*They kissed his forehead, running their hands through his hair as he sighed at the action. “I’ll protect you Sae. Both you and Saeran, I promise-I’ll do everything I can to help you. No one will ever hurt you two. No one.”


*Similar to Saeyoung, he’s a weird character, and one few people dare approach. He seems cold and distant, and unlike his brother doesn’t joke around even for pretense’s sake. He’s rumored to have beat up people more than once, some even saying he’s a hired mercenary, although that’s a fat stretch of a lie at best, and a malicious intent to spread gossip about Saeran at most.

*In truth-he’s none of those things. MC knows, because his gentle eyes had caught their attention since day one, and they’ve been noticing the little bits and pieces that make him the Saeran they bid as kind and gentle-how they’ll cower their head at loud noises, how he’ll trail his fingers over leaves and petals of the courtyards’ plants as he walks by-they even saw him watering them once, but were pretty sure he’s not in the gardening club-they were the head of that club after all.

*With that in mind, MC had eventually gathered up their courage and approached Saeran, who seemed frazzled at their sudden approach to his desk. They introduced themselves as the head of the gardening club and asked if he’d be interested in joining them with a bright grin.

*Saeran was wide eyed and tense, but never graced them with an answer-at that moment his twin brother Saeyoung came to the classroom’s door and called out to Saeran, who graciously took the chance to hop out of his seat and leave before MC could utter another word.

*Only then did MC notice they had caught the attention of the entire classroom, only when the twins left and the chatter returned in the room had they realised how quiet everyone had fallen when MC approached Saeran.

*That evening at the gardening club, MC was restless, their hands fiddling with the water hose they’d been using to water the trees around the garden. Had they been too straight-forward? Too intense? They only wanted to befriend the guy, not scare the heebie jeebies out of him….

*They were shaken out of their thoughts when a timid knock came to the door, a familiar pair of golden eyes looking to them with a furious blush on pale cheeks.

*Saeran stood there, his fists trembling. “Um-I’d-I want to join…?”

*MC hates to admit it, but they were so shocked they forgot they were holding an open wate hose-so they turned with such force and excitement they ended up losing control of the hose, dousing themselves with tons of water before a giggling club member turned it off and took it from their hands.

*Even soaking wet and cold, they merely shook water off of their hair as they waltzed to the door, extending a hand towards Saeran.

* “Welcome to the gardening club!” they cheered, and just like that-Saeran graced them with a small little smile that was enough to melt glaciers off of the North Pole.


*V is the epitomy of ‘gentle and handsome’. He’s the president of the class, firm yet gentle, his smile hiding a menace, each word calculated and cool.

*MC…they didn’t know how, but they knew this was a facade. They knew it. He was nice enough, never giving them a reason to think he’s not who he seems, but there was something twisting in their gut whenevr Jihyun smiled at them, something that said not all is as it seems.

*In the next class elections-Jihyun had been elected president once again, and surprisingly, MC had been elected vice president, which meant they’d be working closely with Jihyun, having to frequently meet him after class to discuss plans and class budgets.

*For their first meeting, he suggested MC comes to his place, since it was the closest one from school, and he had the necessary materials there already since he’d been class president plenty times before already.

*Seeing Jihyun outside of school, at home-seeing him greet his father with cold hard eyes, that gave MC the confirmation they needed-that Jihyun isn’t all that he seems to be.

*As they silently worked on the class budget, MC saw something in the numbers that made them frown.

* “Um, Jihyun-don’t you think our budget for art supplies is really low? Surely we can increase it a bit no?” they asked.

*Jihyun looked up from his papers with wide eyes, his facade cracking before he laughed, rubbing at his eyes as MC stared on in confusion.

* “I’m sorry, it was mean of me to laugh-but increase the budget for art? It’s such a useless thing-there’s no need for it. Besides, no one’s complained about it before.”

* That only made MC’s confusion grow, their frown deepening. Jihyun must’ve caught on as he moved his hand across the table to gently rest over MC’s knuckles.

* “Don’t worry too much about it-if we see there’s an increased demand for it, wihch I doubt, we’ll cut a bit from the rest of the supplies and icrease that. Okay?”

* MC nodded, but remained cautious. The way he looked down on the arts-was he always like this? Something felt…off. They knew deep in their bones that Jihyun couldn’t-wasn’t a bad person, but there was something tying them back, a grudge, or so it seemed…and they were determined to find out.

-this got very out of hand and the final stories almost developed into full fledged fics lol, I’m sorry for the sharp ending! If you’d like to see more, or individualised fics for each character-you can send in another prompt, or consider comissioning me for a lengthier fic (rules/info here) <33

-Send me a mystic messenger headcanon for character reactions!-

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[Zen; dead MC]

Zen sighed for the nth time tonight, hearing his child wail at the living room while he washed the dishes in the kitchen. Removing his gloves and apron, he quickly patted his hands on his pants as he went to his crying child.

“Hey there princess,” he whispered, taking in the crying baby on his arms, “Are you hungry?” asking as if the baby would answer back, reaching for the bottle inside the crib he tried to feed the his daughter, in which the baby stopped crying as it bright wide eyes looked up to Zen and its little hands grabbing the bottle. The baby laughed at Zen before putting the tip of the bottle on its mouth, Zen was struck for a moment, eyes wide in shock to hear his daughter laugh. A smile broke on his face as he sighed in relief, as if all his stress and worries went away.

Ah yes, his daughter reminds him of you. She got your eyes after all, weird how it never took his crimson eyes, but got his silver hair. Zen rocked the baby slowly in his arms, humming a tone he knows too well, a tone he hums to make you fall asleep, and it works wonders to his daughter too.

As the baby continued to feed on the bottle, her eyes never left Zen’s face, as if studying his features, memorizing, recognizing that the silver hair, red eyed man carrying her is her father. As the humming lulled her to sleep, a ring on the door suddenly distracted Zen.

Carefully, Zen put his sleeping daughter back on the crib, the bottle lying beside her.

“Hey hyung!” Yoosung greeted, carrying a backpack as he still had homework to do. “Good timing, she just fell back to sleep,” Zen said, letting Yoosung in the apartment. “There’s food in fridge if you got hungry alright?” Yoosung nodded as he let himself settled on the floor at the living room, slowly scattering his books and papers on the table. 

“And hey, thanks again for doing this,” Zen said softly, trying not to wake the baby. Yoosung waved him off, “It’s nothing hyung,” he said in a weak smile.

“I’ll be back as soon as I’m finished,” Zen said as he put his coat on and left the apartment.

Zen… despite being in the peak of his career, decided to quit the big picture. Started again in small roles wherein he could still provide for him and his daughter, but still have time to take care of her.. after all, she’s the only thing left of.. you.

Zen wanted to take care of his own daughter, when Jumin offered to hire a nanny he refused. The whole RFA helped, in times when Zen had to work Yoosung would babysit, sometimes even Jumin. Who knew, somehow Jumin was fond of the child, and even Elizabeth, where Zen would sneeze when he finally got back his daughter.

Zen loved his daughter, with all his heart, but when she cries at midnight… he wishes he could nudge you, say “Jagiya, your daughter is crying,” like how he’d seen in television shows. But sadly.. he had no one to nudge at the other side of the bed, he got up and carried the toddler on his arms, humming to her and letting her sleep on his shoulder on the bed.

During birthdays, the whole gang is complete, even Seven would leave his bunker to celebrate the birthday of the RFA’s little princess. Jumin and Seven sometimes would go overboard with their gifts, where Zen would reprimand, but thankful nonetheless. He made sure his daughter always felt loved, just how like you always made him feel.

When she started to eat solid foods, he slowly learned how to cook healthier meals. Making sure she would eat her vegetables, he’d make sure that she would also be in bed at bedtime. When she misbehaves, he did not yell, he did not scold, he’d ask her why she did that and she’ll apologize. And when she cries, Zen would hum to her until she falls asleep. Zen’s a good dad, like how you always told him that he would. 


“Okay princess, what did daddy told you?” Zen said as he tied his daughter’s long silver hair in a ponytail. Not too tight that her scalp would be too stretched, not too loose that it would collapse when she run.

“Always be good and don’t talk to strangers,” the little girl said as she slurred some words, her eyes looking up to Zen. Zen smiled softly, kissing the top of her head, “That’s my girl, have fun and make friends okay?” he said as he held his daughter’s hand, walking her to the door of her classroom.

“Yes daddy,” she said, smiling back at him as she entered her classroom. As a parent, Zen was anxious, this was the longest time she would be out of his sight since she was big enough for him to bring her to his work. In rehearsals, she would watch her father sing and dance, in shoots, she would talk to the staff, and they’d entertain her as she was a cute little child. She was friendly and charismatic, a trait she got from you and Zen.

“Jagi, it’s our daughter’s first day at school today!” He exclaimed as he looked at the gravestone, “Can you believe it? She’s all grown up now. Soon she’ll be in high school, then college,” he chuckled. “How could I manage once she’s a teenager? I don’t think I might allow her to date until I die,” a weak laugh from him. He then traced your engraved name, “You know she’s just like you. Really kind heart, she nagged me the other day to help Yoosung open up his new clinic,” he chuckled once more, knowing how you’d also nag him to help Yoosung. “And I hope she grows to be more like you jagi,” he whispered as his fingers traced the end of your name. 


A tear left his eye, and another one, closing his eyes he whispered, “I miss you jagi,” a sob caught on his throat, trying to push back his tears. There was not a day when Zen did not think of you, because every time he looked at his daughter, he saw you. Your eyes and smile, and Zen would sigh in relief, thankful the she got yours instead of his. Zen always wished you were there with them, but he knows you’re guiding him raise your daughter, looking over them like an angel, like he said you were. 

Zen wiped his tears and fixed himself, whispering an I love you before getting ready to pick up his daughter at school. 

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