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tbzdormslut · 2 days ago
[7:57pm] Hyunjae is a mess, squirming and moaning beneath you, embarrassed by his own needy noises. He can’t believe how much he’s enjoy it, the toy that he thought was too big was now buried deliciously inside of him, stroking his walls with every move of your hips. “You really like this, huh? You like having your cute ass fucked?” You teased, loving the way he blushed from embarrassment. You smirk, fucking the strap into him a little harder, making him gasp. “You look so cute.” You giggle, giving his thigh a soft slap before you wrap your hand around his cock. He jerks at the pleasure, a loud moan spilling from his lips. His hips buck up into your hand, his cock twitching in your hand as you fuck him and jerk him off at a steady rhythm. “Mmm, fuck, I’m-“ his words are jumbled together with moans, his breathing getting heavier by the second. “What’s that, pretty boy?” You ask sweetly, “You’re what?” He whines, looking at you so desperately, “I’m gonna, ah- fuck!” He lets out a choked moan, his body going stiff and his back arching as he cums. You can’t stop yourself from moaning at the sight of him, his release spilling messily over his stomach and your fingers. He whimpers your name, his thighs trembling as you continue to fuck into him slowly. “So cute.” You coo, leaning down to press a kiss to his eager lips, “You just love getting fucked, huh, baby?”
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fyp-theboyz · a day ago
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hwaflms · 27 days ago
❛ ⩩ making out with tbz !
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Tumblr media
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warning : suggestive content under the cut !
Tumblr media
✿ — sangyeon. his intentions are usually innocent enough, cupping your cheeks and giving you a sweet peck randomly. he lets you further the kiss, tilting your head to deepen it and sliding your arms around his neck. he strokes your hair slowly while kissing you, lips moving at a slow pace; he likes taking his time with making out.
✿ — jacob. sweet, innocent kisses. he would cup your cheek so gently and lean in, placing a tender peck on your lips, pulling back and smiling at you lovingly. you would be the one to kiss him again, and again, and again until you're pulling away breathlessly, beaming at each other.
✿ — younghoon. his first few small kisses serve to test the waters, but they soon become deeper. pecks turn into tongue, and he loves pulling away when it starts to get very heated to see the look in your eye, then crashing his lips back onto yours. you run your hands through his hair a lot, tugging on it occasionally.
✿ — hyunjae. definitely the type to give you a few, teasing pecks everywhere except your mouth, just so he can see you pout until he gives you what he wants. he'd let his hands linger over where you wanted him to touch you while making out, and wouldn't do anything until you take them in your own hands and place them where you want.
✿ — juyeon. 8/10 times, a simple kiss will turn into an entire heated make-out. he would most likely pull you on top of him because he likes being able to feel you on him. keeps one hand on the back of your head, the other hand resting on your waist, squeezing occasionally and whispering little praises in between.
✿ — kevin. lazy make-outs with kevin are a must. you could just be lying in bed together, watching a movie when kevin starts littering kisses all over your cheek/neck. soon, the movie is forgotten as all your attention is focused on kevin's lips, hand on his cheek, kissing him deeply yet slowly.
✿ — chanhee. making out with him is very playful. one of his main aims when making out with you, is getting a reaction out of you. he'll do things on purpose, just to hear a pretty sound come from you. for example, if you're making out with him, he would pull back in the middle just to hear you whine and try and reconnect your lips.
✿ — changmin. make-outs with him are usually easy-going and soft. they spring out of nowhere, one of you initiating it with a brief peck which soon becomes longer and more purposeful, changmin's arms wrapped around you tightly, hugging you into him as you kiss him deeply.
✿ — haknyeon. loves when he can kiss you against a wall, leaning down and pecking your lips sweetly before your wrap your arms around his waist and pull him closer, biting down on his bottom lip. always pulls away to gently brush some hair off your face with a loving look in his eye.
✿ — sunwoo. he loves messy kissing. runs his hands all over you, from your thighs to up and down your back. 90% of your kisses with sunwoo involve tongue, he loves swiping your bottom lip with his. he likes to control the direction of the kiss, sometimes even taking your hands and placing them around his neck, or just pulling you onto his lap.
✿ — eric. loves kissing your neck while making out. his lips would trail from yours down to your jaw, then to your neck, tongue peeking out to lick at the skin teasingly, sometimes nipping at it. soft whispers of "you're so pretty" in between kisses, small sighs when you suck hickeys onto his skin. he always giggles and buries his face in your neck afterwards.
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Morning sex with The Boyz
The Boyz Masterlist                            Group Masterlist
Not requested but wanted to write something for myself after my week
The gentle touch on your waist had shifted slightly, finding it’s way under your sleep shirt to draw shapes on the skin. Sangyeon knew you were awake, he could tell by the way your breath hitched at his actions. So it only egged him on further. 
Sangyeon’s lips found your neck and that was when you melted into his touch. Appreciating the affection so early in the morning, especially as his fingers inched down and under the edge of your underwear. “What’s gotten into you this morning?” You sighed between the kisses being placed on your neck. You could feel him smile against your skin before simply chuckling. His hand now cupping your core teasingly. 
“I missed you while I was sleeping.” You could feel his hard on poking your side as he spoke. You couldn’t help but laugh, turning around to fully face him and taking the advantage to slip your own hand into his underwear. Stroking him gently, you watched his eyes flutter shut and he let out a sigh. 
“Seems like you missed me too.” 
You watched as a soft smile pulled over his lips as you traced them. Truth be told you couldn’t help yourself, Jacob was beautiful in all ways and you loved admiring him. His eyes opened slowly, gracing you with that beautiful expression of his. 
“What are you doing?” He asked, pulling you so that you were now comfortably on top of him. “Admiring you.” You said softly, your fingers moving gently from his lips, down to his bare chest. Your body moved down slowly, kissing the exposed skin where ever you could. Down his chest and abs only to look up at him as you reached the waistband of his sweatpants. His eyes were hooded with sleep but that smile was unmissable. 
“Admiring me? I should be the one admiring you.” His voice was still very filled with sleep, even as you pulled his sweatpants down to his thighs. Jacob couldn’t take his eyes off of you, not as you took his half hard cock into your mouth and especially not as you looked back up at him. 
“Why don’t you turn around so that I can admire you at the same time?” 
Moments like this, they were rare. Moments where you both had enough energy to start the day like this. Younghoon’s face was burried in the crook of your neck and his arms were wrapped around you, hips rocking into yours gently. 
“Younghoon-” Your voice was barely a whisper, sleep still having some effect on you even in current events. He picked up his pace, moving his hand to lace his fingers with yours and pin your hands over your head. He looked at you, puppy dog eyes taking in your expression and admiring how pretty you were to him like this. 
“You look so pretty.” He whispered, hips nearly stilling completely. He wanted this morning to last because well, moments like I said before moments like this were fleeting. He leaned down and connected your lips as you pulled him even closer with your legs. 
“This is a really good morning.” 
Hyunjae had felt you straddle him as he was inbetween consciousness and sleep. But the comfortable weight of you on him was enough to make him open his eyes. However the sight he saw when he did was enough to make him open his eyes wide. 
“Isn’t it a bit too early to be seducing me like this?” He asked and you started laughing, looking down at your appearance. “It’s just your shirt.” You remarked, leaning forward to kiss him. He graciously accepted the kiss, hands coming up to grab your ass roughly. As he did so he dragged the fabric up, pulling it all the way up and off of you. You sat back up after that, allowing him to take a good look at your bare upper half. 
Hyunjae sat up too, pressing his chest to yours and kissing you way harsher than before. You took advantage of this, using his shoulders for leverage to grind down on his very fast appearing bulge. 
“Nevermind, it’s definitely not too early for this.” 
It started with you opening your eyes to see him staring at you, somehow that managed to escalate into him being seated between your legs, lips wrapped around your core. Juyeon was nothing if not a giver. 
Your fingers tangled in his hair, hoping to egg him on because fuck you didn’t want him to stop. “You woke up... energetic.” You choked out, feeling him pull away from you and kiss over your stomach and hips. “I couldn’t help myself, you look so good sleeping.” He mumbled against your skin lazily, only to continue this time with the intention of leaving marks. 
The fingers tangled in his hair tugged slightly, signaling that you wanted him to come back up to you. Juyeon slowly made his way back up, kissing where ever he could before connecting your lips and wrapping his arms around you tightly. 
“I don’t think you understand how good you look at all times.” 
Rolling around, Kevin caged you under him with a big smile. “’Morning.” He said cheerfully and you lifted your hands to cup his face. You were still kind of sleepy but seeing his bright and smiling face gave you some energy. “You’re dressed already?” You asked with a pout and he nodded, leaning forward to kiss you. 
“Don’t be dressed yet.” You mumbled inbetween kisses, feeling them deepen as his tongue dipped into your mouth. Kevin settled between your legs as you kissed, feeling you start to pull his shirt off. He pulled away to throw it on the ground. “I put all this effort into being dressed whenever you woke up.” He teased, moving to kiss over your neck. 
“Too bad.” You sighed, feeling his hand snake down and pull your underwear to the side slightly. He teased you with his fingers, taking in every little sigh and moan that escaped you. Kevin lifted his head again, kissing you a little harder than before and picking up the pace with his fingers. 
“What am I supposed to do with you? If you’re so frisky so early in the morning.” 
It was a crime to wake Chanhee up before the alarm, truly. But you had found a way that seemed to be effective and didn’t get a lecture thrown your way. (of course this was something you had discussed and he was okay with it) Your hand snaked around his waist, your face burrying into his back as you did so. 
Gently, your hand snuck under the waist band of his boxers and your wrapped your hand around his half hard cock. You could hear a choked moan, which caught you off guard as you thought he was asleep and you let out a laugh into his back. 
“Awake after all?”You asked, your tone incredibly teasing. Chanhee attempted to scoff, only to turn into a moan as your pace picked up. But the best thing he could thing to do was reach back, fingers grazing over your core through your underwear. The action left you stunted, your own hand halting as he rubbed you through the fabric.
“You have an attitude for it being so early.” 
Your fingers carded through his hair as he rested his head on your chest. Slow mornings were nice and he loved the special treatment. But he loved the warm skin of your chest more and he found himself, gently sucking marks into the bare skin. Unbuttoning your sleep shirt more to reveal more skin, he kissed over the top of your stomach. 
His nose brushed against your skin, making you giggle a bit and tug his hair slightly. “What are you doing? i thought we were cuddling?”  You asked, the tone of your voice joking as he kissed down your stomach. “Is that not what this is?” He smiled at you widely, teasingly almost. 
You shook your head with a smile and he moved his hands to pull your shirt off completely. He went to kiss your skin again only for you to stop him. “If my clothes are coming off, yours are too.” You said, pulling his shirt off of him. Changmin adored the feeling of his skin on yours, especially like this. 
“I mean, if that’s really what you want all of my clothes can come off.” 
He was absolutely obsessed with kissing all over your face, this was no exception. Not even when his hoodie was bunched up at your waist and your underwear was somewhere discarded in his room. No, no, definitely no exceptions. 
Haknyeon loved morning sex, it was lazy and gentle and he could show you just how much he loved you. “I love you like this.” He mumbled, rolling his hips lazily into yours and listening to your whimpers. He wrapped your legs around his waist and attached his lips to yours. 
“I love you so much.” You mumbled against his lips, trying to concentrate on your words but it was harder than it seemed. Feeling yourself getting close, you tightened your grip on him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. 
“I love you too, so so much.” 
Something about the simple act of laying in bed with you made Sunwoo feel some type of way. The feeling of your back side pressing into his front as you slept, it turned him on to no end. But he wasn’t good at letting you know that, well verbally at least. 
His body did a great job of notifying you of these things, especially as you were both slowly waking up. His hard on was very prominently poking your butt and you were very aware of it. Stretching out, you made sure to press against him a little harder to see his response. His hands came down, gripping your hips to hold you there before placing his lips by your ear. 
“Keep doing that, please.” He asked, bucking his hips to press against your ass harder. “You always get shy when you get horny in the morning.” You remarked, moving to grab his hand. You guided it down the front of your sleep shorts, feeling a wave of confidence because of the effect you had on him. “Next time just take initiative.” You whispered, trying to hold back a whimper as his fingers ghosted over your core. 
“Carefull what you wish for.” 
Something about you sleeping in his shirt had sparked something in him. So much so he couldn’t really help himself but pull you on top of him the second you were awake. His hands dragging over your thighs as you made out, squeezing them every now and then. 
Your hands pressed down on his chest, giving you a bit of leverage as your ground down on him. Feeling his bulge through his sweatpants as you pulled your lips away from his to get some air. “Fuck.” He muttered under his breath, feeling completely fucked out by you just kissing him and grinding on him. 
You couldnt help but laugh a bit, rolling your hips again only for him to grip your thighs harshly. The action made you fall forward once more, coming face to face with him as Eric became more stern with you. 
“If we’re gonna do this, let’s take the clothes off.” 
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bebetae · 3 months ago
WIFEY HAS ARRIVED WITH A REQUEST BECAUSE WHY NOT? LMAO. Trope: FWB Bias(s): Jueyon & Hyunjae 'Can I film us?' & 'You are taking me (us) so well." Throw in some creampies, some choking, edging, and humiliation, pleasee. Love you, babes. :*
the art of sharing | lee juyeon and lee hyunjae
Tumblr media
pairing: the boyz, FWB au, dom!juyeon x sub!reader x dom!hyunjae
genre: smut
word count: 4.2k
warnings: threesome, unprotected sex, creampies, edging, humiliation, degradation (slut, whore), multiple orgasms, swearing, oral (m and f receiving), choking
If i’m missing others please let me know!
prompts: 33 “can i film us?” & 38 “you’re taking me so well.”
Nothing in your life was boring. Not when you lived so spontaneously.
You knew sleeping around may have been looked down upon, but you didn’t care much when it was so enjoyable. The thrill of juggling boys between your fingers was addicting. You always thought that someone should stop you before you got in over your head, but maybe it was too late. Maybe it was inevitable, and the universe was only waiting for just the right moment to pounce.
The time had finally come.
“I heard Juyeon’s here,” your friend whispered to you, leaning in close so you could hear her over the booming music of the party. A typical cliche college party was where you usually made your move, often finding yourself in someone else’s bed by the end of the night. The name made your ears perk, and you smirked to yourself as you scanned the area.
The familiar head of black hair stood tall amongst the rest, and it seemed like Juyeon knew you were looking at him, his eyes snapping to yours almost instantly. His gaze was tempting, and you knew immediately what he was expecting. You saw it in his eyes.
It felt familiar heading towards the boy, something you’ve found yourself doing many times before. Juyeon was one of your favorites, and he never failed to satisfy you for the night. You were pretty sure he knew of your extensive list of fuck buddies, but he never seemed to mind. In the classified thoughts inside his own mind, he found it kind of hot, he just ignored the jealousy he felt everytime he thought about how he had to share.
“Hey beautiful,” he called, raising his cup above his head in greeting upon your arrival. He was leaning comfortably against the wall in the corner of the living room, his endearing smirk bigger than ever. His aura excited you, just like it always did.
“Juyeon,” you replied, moving to place a tender hand on his bicep. His eyebrow quirked in interest. He knew what he wanted, but you did too. There was no hesitation left in you, only need.
“Let’s go upstairs,” you offered, but Juyeon didn’t budge. You looked at him questioningly.
“I think someone else is waiting for you,” he shrugged, jutting his chin to someone behind you. You turned, your heart stopping when not too far from the two of you stood a familiar face mixed into the crowd, another trophy on your shelf.
Hyunjae was someone you had only slept with once, but he sure left his impression. You couldn’t quite get his words off your mind and his touch off your skin. You’d always wondered when you would get the opportunity with him again, but it was a shame that you felt Juyeon’s presence lingering behind you as you stared into the other boy’s eyes.
“I think,” Juyeon murmured, and you didn’t know he had come close to speak into your ear, your body jumping in surprise. “You should go greet your friend,”
You turned your head to him, confusion on your face. You were sure he could assume just who Hyunjae might be to you. Did he really want you to ditch him for another guy? The look on his face told you to comply.
“You look great tonight,” Hyunjae complimented, looking you up and down as you approached. You watched as he glanced over your shoulder, presumably at the boy you had walked away from, but you couldn’t read his expression as he addressed you again.
“I like it better now,” you spoke. You were referring to his hair, your hand running through the dark strands soothingly. The last time you had seen him, which must have been over a month ago by now, it had been an ashy blond. You didn’t think he could look any more handsome than he did that night.
“I was hoping you would,” he smiled, his hands moving down to grasp your waist. He stepped even closer, and you noticed the small crease in his eyes as he smiled down at you. Juyeon had somehow left your mind completely, something you thought was impossible.
“I’ve been thinking about you,” you admitted, your arms slinking up around his neck. He hummed contentedly.
“I’m sure you have, baby,”
Another body pressed up behind you, and your eyes widened as you realized the boy you had seemingly forgotten about was now finding the perfect moment to cut in.
“Hi Juyeon,”
“Hey, Hyunjae,”
“Wait, you two know each other?” you asked incredulously, unraveling yourself from Hyunjae and backing away from the two boys, looking between them in shock. They only looked at each other amusedly, nearly laughing outright at your confusion. What was going on?
“We’re roommates, Y/n.” Hyunjae chuckled. “You’ve only been to our place with Juyeon, right? I knew what you sounded like in bed before I made you moan for me, sweetheart,” You made a look of disgust at this new information, your hands coming up to cover your face as you got flustered.
“Aw, is our baby embarrassed?” Juyeon sneered, chasing your hands with his as he lowered them off your cheeks softly. Our?
“Don’t be, Y/n,” Hyunjae insisted, brushing strands of hair out of your face.
It was honestly a bit overwhelming to have two incredibly attractive boys giving you their undivided attention at the same time, no matter what you had already done with them previously. You weren’t sure if you were scolding or praising your past self and the decisions you’d made leading up to this, but you had a feeling you were about to be thanking yourself very soon. You were right.
You could barely walk straight as Hyunjae grabbed your hand and led you away from the crowd, Juyeon following close behind. This was all happening so fast yet it felt so right. Your feet moved on their own as Hyunjae opened the door to an unoccupied room, dragging you inside as Juyeon shut the door behind you.
“I don’t think I deserve this,” you spoke in awe, watching the two boys as they both stared at you hungrily. It was like you were living a dream, or a fantasy; anything other than reality as you grew beyond excited. “I might seriously cry tears of joy,”
You almost facepalmed yourself for your big mouth, always turning to awkward humor when you got nervous. Why were you nervous? You’d fucked both of them before. But now you were just, fucking them at the same time?
“Don’t be so nervous, baby,” Juyeon soothed, coming up to cradle your face in his large hands. You calmed from his touch, and the last thing he did was smile before he leaned in and kissed you softly. It felt like the calm before the storm, the air still and silent as the lightning prepared to strike. Your heart was beating loudly in your ears when he pulled away.
“Take this off, please,” Juyeon panted, the kiss quite literally taking his breath away. You felt Hyunjae’s fingers trace the bottom hem of your dress, the short black one you always wore when you were feeling particularly confident one night.
“Is this okay?” Juyeon asked, his touch guiding your eyes to his.
“Yes, please,” You let Hyunjae pull your dress up and off your body, and their dual groans harmonized when they saw you were braless tonight. You smiled cheekily.
“She’s so naughty, isn’t she?” Hyunjae remarked. He reached from behind you and looped his arms around your stomach, pulling you tight to his chest. Juyeon hummed in agreement but said nothing, wasting no time in cupping your breasts, bending his tall frame down to capture one of your nipples between his lips.
“Oh god,” you whined, squirming in Hyunjae’s hold. Your hands threaded through Juyeon’s soft black hair, yelping when he bit lightly on your bud. Hyunjae let you lean against him as his hand snaked down your abdomen, swiftly making its way under the waistband of your panties, and you leaned your head back onto his shoulder as he ran a finger through your folds.
“Always so wet,” Hyunjae hummed, the pad of his middle finger pressing down on your clit. You moaned loudly, Juyeon switching his attention to your other breast, and you began moving your hips trying to get Hyunjae to move his hand. He refused, and his other hand reached up to wrap around your neck, his touch light but threatening. You reluctantly complied to stay still, and Hyunjae cooed sweet praises into your ear as he moved his free hand back down to trace lightly over your collarbone.
Juyeon released from his assault on your breasts and stood back up, tearing his shirt off and displaying his muscular torso. He replaced the spot on your hips that Hyunjae’s hands had left with his own, slowly guiding the three of you toward the bed. Hyunjae moved his hand out of your panties and made quick fashion of pulling them off of you, and you stepped out of them as they fell to the floor.
You collapsed onto the unfamiliar mattress as the boys stood at the edge of the bed, and their stance sparked inspiration in you as you coyly sat up and crawled over to the edge where they stood. You reached for Juyeon first, a hand running down the trail of his abs until you reached his pants, and you quickly unbuttoned and pulled them down. You didn’t waste time, pulling his underwear down as well, and Juyeon chuckled as you licked your lips at the sight of his hardening cock.
“Such a slut, isn’t she?” Juyeon spat, not even looking at you as he glanced over to his friend on his right. You were annoyed that he wasn’t paying attention to you as you were preparing to please him, so you wrapped your mouth around the tip, sucking harshly in spite. Juyeon grunted and snapped his head down to you. You looked up at him feigning innocence, taking him a bit further as his cock had now turned rock hard on your tongue. His hair was disheveled from your grip before, and he threw his head back as you continued working his length down your throat.
“Fuck,” Hyunjae whispered, palming his hard on through his jeans. He trailed the arch of your spine and the curve of your ass as you kneeled on the mattress, his mind reeling with all the things he wanted to do to you.
“This might be weird to ask, but fuck. You look so good right now,” Hyunjae groaned. “Can I—can I film us?”
You pulled off of Juyeon’s cock and glanced up at him, using your spit to run your hand up and down on it while you spoke to Hyunjae.
“Why, are you two going to jerk off to it together?” you teased, and Hyunjae hadn’t thought of that, but now that you said it, it didn’t sound too bad. “Yeah, I guess so. That’s kind of hot,”
“Yeah yeah, film or don’t film,” Juyeon dismissed, his hands brushing through your hair so he could gather it into a messy ponytail. He coaxed you back to his dick, and this time he took the lead as he pushed your head down his length. His tip breached your throat, and you expertly swallowed around him when you heard the light ring of a camera switching on. You strained your eyes up and saw Hyunjae holding his phone in his hand, his now freed cock in the other.
With a sudden burst of confidence you allowed for Juyeon’s length to slide further down your throat, not giving yourself time to breathe as you struggled to fit all of it. It must have been enough, though, because Juyeon frantically pulled your head back as you coughed. He didn’t want to come, not yet.
“My turn,” Hyunjae snickered, taking Juyeon’s place in front of you as the other boy mounted the bed, and you turned your head to watch him as he settled behind you. You raised yourself on your hands and knees so you could give him access to your dripping pussy, thinking he was going to slam inside, but instead Juyeon bent down and gripped your ass, spreading you wide so he could lick a stripe up your slit with his tongue.
You were breathing heavily when Hyunjae gripped your face and turned your head forcefully back to him, his camera recording you as he pushed his thumb past your parted lips, pressing down on your tongue to open your jaw even wider. You looked so submissive on film, so used, and Hyunjae growled, discarding the camera angle for a second so he could lean down and spit dirtily into your mouth. He closed your mouth to swallow it down, and you hummed when you felt Juyeon do the same behind you, except his saliva dripped gradually down your folds before he lapped it back up eagerly.
Juyeon was eating you out with vigor and determination, more so than any other man you’d ever been with. You couldn’t voice your pleasure, however, as the second cock was being shoved down your throat harshly. Hyunjae was still holding the phone down at your face, and he was trying to balance the view of his dick stuffed in your mouth and your ass as you pushed back greedily into Juyeon’s face. He slowly began thrusting in and out, and you took it without complaints even as you choked around his girth.
“Fucking cockslut,” Hyunjae spat, and you whimpered around him in embarrassment. In any other situation you would have bit back with a snarky remark, but right now you were feeling way too good to risk them stopping.
Your eyes were noticeably teary in the frame of the camera, and the sight was riling Hyunjae up more than he cared to admit. Juyeon was humming contentedly while sucking on your clit, and it was the last straw as your orgasm began to approach its peak. Juyeon sensed this, and he confidently shoved two fingers into your pussy just to feel you clench around his digits. You could barely focus on giving Hyunjae a blowjob, your head halting with only the tip in your mouth as you basked in the pleasure. Your moans were constricted but clearly urgent, your arms shaking as they struggled to hold your body weight up.
“I’m close,” you nearly screamed, finally pulling off of Hyunjae’s cock with your head hanging low.
“Good,” Juyeon muttered around your clit, giving you a few rough thrusts of his long fingers. You trembled on the bed, both boys watching you intently, before Juyeon smirked and pulled away. His fingers slipped out of your hole and his lips left your bud, leaving you on the brink of an orgasm.
“No!” you whined, but you were shut up when Juyeon’s hands gripped your hips roughly and pulled you backwards to slam your hips down on his cock. You screamed in ecstasy, his length sheathing deeply inside of you as he paused. He was letting you adjust, but he was also making sure you had come down enough from your near orgasm from before. He was being mean tonight, you realized. They both were.
Hyunjae watched as Juyeon began thrusting inside of you, his thrusts forceful and rapid from the start. The man had little care to whether Hyunjae was there or not, and he was going to focus on you as long as he was the one fucking into you. Hyunjae rolled his eyes, moving away from the bed and setting the phone down on the table beside it. He made sure to check the camera angle and was delighted by the way your entire body fit in the shot, your arched back and teary face on full display. He turned to look back at Juyeon, who in turn glanced down at the phone, and Juyeon understood the intent as he grabbed your hair and pulled your head up to force you to look forward.
Hyunjae smirked, walking leisurely toward you, and your eyes trailed his own even as you were being railed by his roommate. From behind you, Juyeon was rough, his grip pulling you up enough for your back to arch, your neck exposed for Hyunjae to wrap a hand around. He hummed lightly, the noise so soft it was concealed by your lewd moans, leaning so close you thought your lips would touch. They didn’t, and the teasing look in his eyes sparked an idea.
“Oh fuck,” you groaned, keeping eye contact with the man in front of you. “You’re so fucking big,” Hyunjae quirked his eyebrow at you, his hand on your neck tensing.
“You fuck me so well baby. You always fill me up so good,”
“Yeah?” Juyeon panted from behind, and Hyunjae’s eyes darted up to his friend’s cocky smirk. “Who do you belong to?”
You were sure you were going to regret that later once Hyunjae could get a turn with you, but you had a feeling it wouldn’t be much of a punishment at all.
Your words had sparked something in Juyeon, his thrusts turning feral and his grunts getting louder. You could tell there was competition between the two boys, and maybe that’s why you decided to antagonize them. You were falling apart as Juyeon made a point to hit the sweet spot inside of you that he knew so well, and suddenly he was being the nice guy as he tried his best to make you come.
“Ju-Juyeon, oh my god,” His cock was splitting you open at the seams, and you reveled in the way your vision turned white and the feeling of Hyunjae’s hand now harshly around your throat.
“Are you going to come for him?” Hyunjae spat, and you nodded with the little mobility you had as he choked you. “That’s not an answer, baby,”
“Yes!” you cried, repeating it over and over again as you felt a hand rub tight, fast circles around your clit. It was the stimulation you needed as your body was thrown over the edge. With your walls clamping down on him, Juyeon groaned loudly and shoved his entire length inside of you, spurts of his cum filling you up as you nearly screamed.
“So good, always so good for us,”
You were so overwhelmed that you weren’t quite sure who had been the one speaking, and Juyeon thrusted a couple more times to help you come down before he pulled out. You heard him groan and your arms collapsed, Hyunjae releasing your neck, bringing the front of your body down into the mattress.
Juyeon motioned for Hyunjae to bring the phone to him, and when he received it he moved the camera down to film your weeping hole as his cum leaked out and down onto the sheets.
“Get up,” Hyunjae growled, grabbing your arm and pulling your body to lay back on the bed. Juyeon had moved off to the side, still pointing the phone at you, and Hyunjae was now looming over your body with a dangerous look on his face. Yeah, you really pissed him off.
“Please fuck me,” you begged, deciding to be submissive for once if it meant you would get what you wanted.
“We broke her, Jae,” Juyeon snickered, his eyes raking over the sweaty curves of your body with satisfaction.
“That’s too bad,” the other boy pouted, reaching down to rub his cock along your folds, making sure to catch on your clit as he watched your body twitch with sensitivity. “Because we’re not done yet. But that doesn’t matter, right Y/n? Because you’ll always take what we give you. You’re just our little toy to share,”
“No I’m not,” you argued, but your voice was whiny and unconvincing as you ignored the way his dick felt so heavy on your pussy. You were excited, and he knew that.
“Oh?” Hyunjae mocked, two fingers moving down to swipe along your folds, and he brought them up to your face so you could see your juices dripping down from his fingertips. “You’re so wet, you’re making a fucking mess. Maybe we should just leave her here then, what do you think?” He turned to the other man in the room, and in panic, you grabbed his wrist and shoved his fingers into your mouth, swirling your tongue around them erotically as you pleaded with your eyes.
“I’m going to fucking ruin you, my pretty girl,”
You didn’t miss the way he exerted his claim on you, but it was short lived once he wasted no time in entering you, both of you groaning simultaneously. Hyunjae was a man on a mission as he began thrusting inside of you rapidly, ignoring your cries of overstimulation as he continued to pound into your swollen pussy. Why did it feel so good?
“That’s it,” Juyeon praised, walking closer and getting a better shot of Hyunjae’s cock pumping in and out of you. From this angle, the camera clearly captured the way your pussy creamed on his length, his dick coated in your arousal each time he pulled out, just to ram back in.
“Oh fuck, don’t stop,” you moaned.
“You’re taking me so well,” Hyunjae grunted, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He was breathing harshly out of his nose, his teeth gritted to keep him grounded. “So tight, it’s like you were made for us,”
“Us?” Juyeon teased from the side, but he surely wasn’t going to argue. There was something about watching your face as his best friend fucked you. Maybe sharing wasn’t so bad.
“S-so sensitive,” you stammered out, and Hyunjae outright laughed even as he was balls deep inside of you.
“Gonna come? So soon?” he questioned condescendingly, and you nodded your head in embarrassment. It was quite amazing how he was working you up so fast, and he didn’t even need to touch your neglected bud as you neared your third orgasm of the night.
“Don’t,” Juyeon muttered, looking at Hyunjae. The man smirked, and you felt tears streaming down your cheeks the moment he pulled out of you. Your hand instinctively bolted down to rub your clit, and you heard the phone clatter to the ground as Juyeon pinned your arms above your head, completely disregarding the film.
“Good girls don’t touch themselves,” he growled, and you squirmed underneath the two men as they watched. You felt helpless as you searched for any sort of stimulation to help you reach your peak. You were given nothing.
“Hm,” Hyunjae hummed, bending down to observe your pussy as it clenched around nothing. He gathered saliva into his mouth and spit once again onto your dripping pussy, and you let out a piercing moan when his finger delicately swirled it around your clit. He rubbed it so gently that it sent pangs of pleasure through you, but never enough to fully satisfy you.
“Hyunjae, Juyeon, please,” you whimpered, his finger dipping shallowly into your hole a few times.
“Well, Juyeon isn’t the one fucking you right now, is he?” Hyunjae countered, and you hear Juyeon scoff lightly next to you.
“No,” you answered. Hyunjae smirked.
“Well then who’s fucking you, whore?”
“Hyunjae! Your cock--in me,”
You were barely making coherent sentences at this point. Both boys looked up at you, tears falling endlessly down your face, and they both agreed silently with each other that you had passed whatever test they were putting on you. You almost forgot that they planned this, from the moment you stepped through the door and into the party still happening downstairs.
“Keep her still,” Hyunjae ordered Juyeon, who nodded, sitting back up and entering you again. This time he was slow, painfully slow, his cock inching in and out of you. You whined distastefully.
“What’s wrong, baby?” Juyeon asked, leaning down to press a light kiss to the corner of your mouth, pulling back quickly when you chased after his lips. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”
“Faster. Harder,” You begged, and Juyeon smiled.
“You heard her, Jae. See? I knew you were a fucking slut. Never satisfied,”
You didn’t have the mind to argue this time, the words exciting you as Hyunjae set a brutal pace. You could tell he was close, and you were sure he was being worked up this entire time, and you clenched purposefully around him just to watch him huff and close his eyes.
“Well hurry up then, come,” Hyunjae ordered, Juyeon leaning over, laving his tongue over your nipple and sucking on it harshly. You sobbed at the stimulation and your entire body shook under their grips as you finally reached your peak, both boys humming at your noises.
“Holy fuck,” Hyunjae panted, his head throwing back as his cock twitched inside of you. You swore this was the hardest you’ve ever orgasmed in your life, your entire body numbing and the second load of cum was shot inside of you. You felt so full, so used, and you loved it.
All three of you knew this was going to happen again, and it did, just a week later, after the boys had kept their promise, releasing into their palms after watching the damn video.
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