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huiracha · 2 days ago
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choreo-record with hyunjin ♡
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cosmic-railwayxo · 2 days ago
❜─maybe it's not our fault
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(thanks to my bestie @byunfirstlady for this beautiful banner! <3)
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✧˖*°࿐ summary: After a nasty break up that left you both heartbroken, Hyunjin goes back home for the summer to get away from everything and spend some quality time with his family. When summer ends and college starts once again, you both are set on avoiding the other at all cost, almost like your relationship didn’t even exist to begin with. But what will happen when in a surprising turn of events, your best friends start dating and one of their main goals is to restore the peace among your broken relationships?
Will these circumstances get you back together or put an end to everything once and for all?
Or alternatively: the one where being ‘just friends’ with your ex proves to be the most difficult task of them all.
✧˖*°࿐ pairing: dance major!hyunjin x music major!reader (ft all the skz members)
✧˖*°࿐ genre: social media!au (with some written parts), college!au, angst, exes-to-lovers!au, slow burn, fluff, humor (I mean...that's the plan anyway)
✧˖*°࿐ warnings: cursing
Tumblr media
♡. schedule: i'll try to post twice a week, maybe even more if I have the time
♡. taglist: OPEN (send me an ask if you want to be added)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ⋘ 𝑙𝑜𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑎... ⋙ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
y/n&hyunjin's friends
chapter 1 - he's back or whatever
chapter 2 - this ain't about him
chapter 3 - liar, liar
chapter 4 - goldilocks
chapter 5 - 3racha in the building
chapter 6 - third wheeling at its finest
chapter 7 - ...
chapter 8 - ...
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kpop-locks · 2 days ago
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꒰✘☠↷ loona ; princesses costumes ❞🕷✟꒱
halloween special
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don’t repost our work or claim it as yours
olha, eu sei que tecnicamente o da haseul não é uma fantasia de princesa mas eu queria incluir ela de qualquer jeito :(
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ch4nb4ng · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hyunjin x afab!reader
Genre: established relationship
Word count: 2.5k
Warnings: Oral (m receiving), dirty talk, deep throating, degradation, Fingering (f receiving), cum play
Summary: Work was rough, and all you needed was to relieve some anger. Luckily, your boyfriend Hyunjin was ready and available to take your frustration out on.
An exasperated sigh heaved from your lips as you slammed your apartment door and threw your bags on the table. Work was kicking your ass, and today was especially hard. Your manager was a piece of work. Giving you extra labor to do, while helping his ‘favourite’ workers sit and breeze, allowing them to berate and pick on you for ‘not doing your job properly.’ It was exhausting, but you needed the job.
You were so caught up in your multitude of frustration that you completely ignored your lovely boyfriend riddled with concern as you headed straight to your room, frustratedly throwing yourself on your bed, and staring at the ceiling. It was a moment of selfishness. Letting your anger consume your mind, your body, your soul. The only thing you could fixate on was the vocabulary that split out of their foul mouths. It didn’t happen often, letting their snarky comments get to you, but today; it was too much.
Gaze peering to the side, you sat up, face softening in the slightest as you looked up at him.
“Hyunjin? You’re here?”
He nodded, sitting on the edge of your bed. He lifted his hands, fingertips playfully spread across your knee as he analysed your emotional expression.
“Just came home around 20 minutes ago,” he whispered, moving closer to you, “what’s up?”
“I cannot,” you paused, another huff of frustration as you sat up next to him, “today at work was so, so, god. I can’t even breathe without getting my blood boiling.”
You stood up, roughly pacing back and forth between the confinements of your room. The only noise that came from you was a continuous string of huffing and puffing. Hyunjin understood where you were coming from. The few times he had come to pick you up from work, he was unimpressed; and that was an understatement. If he could, he would destroy everyone that even looked at you the wrong way. But there was no point. If anything, it would make things for you even worse. You could fight your own battles, but he wouldn’t have minded giving a few uppercuts here and there if it made your blood pressure decrease, especially after work.
“They just think they are so great? All they do is sit on their asses and do nothing, while criticising me? Me! When I’m doing their job? I-”
“Jesus,” Hyunjin huffed, “you’re rambling a lot, you must be extra mad today.”
Your eyes cut him like daggers, slicing him in half. Was he trying to contribute to chewing you out and getting on your last nerve? Him mimicking you was the last thing you needed right now. You walked over, standing over his wide frame as you gazed down at him, the lines in your forehead becoming more prominent the closer you got to him.
“Are you seriously picking on me right now?”
“No,” he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close, chin resting in your stomach as he looked up at you, “I just think you’re cute when you’re angry.”
“I’m not cute.”
Cute. The one word you loathed with a profound passion, vehemently when you were boiling with anger. Hyunjin knew this, and the way he was looking at you, inspecting your facial expressions with much due diligence, was provoking the exact reaction that he wanted.
“Yes you are,” he rebutted, stubborn in his stance, “such a poor little baby. Are you stressed out?”
“Hyunjin stop it,” you mumbled, gently resisting his enticing grip, “you’re starting to piss me off.”
“Aw,” he pouted, releasing his grip, thumbs sticking to your waist, “look at you, all hot and bothered. Are you trying to scare me?”
The thoughts in your head, nothing coherent or soothing whatsoever were starting to form. The surface area of previously red anger, was transitioning into grey, a very grey area that was contributing to the smirk that formed across your face. You were able to release yourself from the shackles of Hyunjin’s patronising grip, dropping to your knees and placing your palms on either knees, and spreading his legs; wide. His expression of confidence and superiority fading in an instant as he witnessed you submit into what he intercepted to be a naughty, naughty position.
“Are you scared now,” you gasped, chuckling at his sudden change in demeanour, “because you look terrified.”
“Y/n, you don’t have to-”
“Shut up,” you hissed, reaching for the edge of the waistband of his sweatpants, digits passionately gripping as you basically ripped them off, leaving him now room to process anything, “if you keep opening your mouth and throwing in your sarcastic comments, you’re really going to piss me off.”
“Sorry,” he mumbled, falling into your touch, unconsciously pushing closer, “I-”
“I said,” you interjected, nose milimetres away from the tip of his wanting length, “shut the fuck up”
He nodded, covering his lips as he took the hint. Your boyfriend was a vocal person in the bedroom, and teasing him by refusing the allowance of a peep of wanton moan or cry as he transcended from the way your mouth felt. Your lips fell open wide, nothing but the kitty tip of your tongue poking out and barely scratching the surface of him. His tease peaked, attempting not to jolt at the electricity of your touch striking his skin. You lifted your wrists, hands evenly spreading across the innermost part of Hyunjin’s thighs, driving the set the farthest you possibly could from each other, a sigh of relief escaping his lips at the therapeutic burn creeping into his muscles at the gentle stretch your force created.
“Hyunjin please just shut the fuck up and do what I want to do. Let me relieve some stress”
And that was all you needed to say for him to relax completely, all of the muscles that fit into a ball of stress from how tight they were previously, letting go the moment he felt your lips sink onto him, slipping past the tip and taking in as much as you could.
“Ah shit,” he cussed, head already thrown back, immersing himself in the pleasure his mouth brought you like it was the first time, “so good baby, ugh.”
A deep chuckle bellowed from your chest, spreading across the warmth of his body as you marvelled at the comment, feeling the shackles of your previous anger coming undone, and being poured into him. You eyes smiled gently, keeping your gaze fixated on the man deep in lust as you pulled your lips off of him, the large pop that followed echoing across the room in dribs and drabs. He looked at you just sitting there, you staring back at him as his impatience grew momentarily. The longer you stayed there, unapproachable and sedentary on your knees, the more annoyed he got. Hyunjin wasn’t even the one who initiated it, you did, and now you were just leaving him high and dry: there was no way he would have that.
“Fuck, I cannot with you today,” he growls, sitting back up and pushing his now angry and wanting length against your sealed lips, “suck it.”
The tone of his voice had you taken back. His words had never carried so much strength and vigour, yet frustration. He usually liked to be teased. Hyunjin was always very soft and gentle with you. Always praising you and doing everything he could to be of service. But the way he was speaking to you right now. It was the direct causation of the arousal that was quite quickly consuming your body.
All you could do was comply, suddenly feeling like you were at Hyunjin’s mercy. Your lips were now parted at maximum width, lips sinking with not much pace, attempting to fit all of him into your mouth; it was a challenge. A deep groan bubbled from his chest, spilling to his lips when he felt his now satisfied tip hit the back of your throat for a split moment. Hyunjin’s eyes were beginning to ogle at the sight of you, because no matter how many times he saw you like this, he couldn’t get enough. A hand now gripped at the because of him, you smirked, his length still throbbing in your mouth as you began to shit, rhythmically bobbing your head along him.
“Holy shit baby,” he whined, a face of almost pain etching onto his face, “such a pretty slut oh my god.”
The sudden nickname sent a surge of adrenaline through your chest, the motivation to make Hyunjin finish had become immense. His hands shifted from being in the air, making use of themselves without hesitation as they became lodged into the roots of your scalp. He began to tug, sharp jolts of pain burning through your scalp as you let him take control, your head moving mercilessly at whatever pace he had set.
“Take your hand off me,” he instructed, standing up from your bed, keeping himself in your mouth, “let me fuck your mouth. Would you like that?”
Another surge of adrenaline pulsated through your body, gratified in the way he was talking down to you. You nodded, cock hitting the back of your throat at the gesture. It made you hot. The idea that Hyunjin was so big that something as small as a nod could make you choke on him. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he began to thrust his hips, very gently; he did not want to do too much too fast. His newfound touch of roughness did not go unnoticed, the pulsating throb of your core gowring with momentum. You couldn’t help but reach past your pants, finger tips slipping into your undergarments. A soft moan escaped your lips, the vibrations of your satisfaction intertwining with Hyunjin’s muscles as he gasped at the new sight in front of him. Giving him your full undivided attention and power maybe was a bad idea, because the more you submitted, the more powerful he became. Knees bent slightly, Hyunjin picked up his pace, hands entangled on either side of your head as he watched himself disappear into your hole.
“Fuck you look so hot like that,” he grunted, a lewd moan escaping his lips after, “you’re such a little cockslut, aren’t you?”
Any anger that consumed your body was withering away. You mind became blank from the way Hyunjin looked down on you, like you were nothing but a patheic little toy for him to fuck. Lewd noises of choking and gagging, mixed with the strings and lines of profanities that left his mouth was becoming a recipe of pure sin. His head rolled, back, eyes rolled to the back of his head as his hips increased with speed. The combination of your fingers desperately rubbing along your clit and the significant effect you were having on your boyfriend was enough to increase your heat. Your hips moved insync with his, heavily rutting against any friction that you oh so desperately needed.
“Hyunjin,” you moaned, cock still stuffed in your mouth, “you like that?”
You removed your mouth for a moment, free hand as a substitute as you pumped his length, seeing the muscles in his lower abdomen commence in contractions. You smiled up at him, identifying the pure gratification on his face. His jaw was tense, and the way he was fixated on you was tantalising. So much disgust, yet fulfillment splashed upon it. He was close, but he didn’t care.
“Fuck Y/n,” he growled, bucking into your grip, “so fucking good.”
“I love the way you’re using me right now,” you gasped, voice slightly cracking with each word, “do I look pretty like this?”
“You look so good, so fucked out like the little whore you are.”
His thrusts matched with his words, the gags of your want and desire to please the man you love taking up all possible matter in the room. He bent down, lifting a thumb and wiping the tears that pricked from your eyes. The smudged mascara that dribbled down your face flipped a switch in him, your submission even more enticing to him. He had never been so aggressive, but it was like an alter ego came out. One of pure lust and gratification. It was enough to send him into a desperate fit of desire, prodding his cock back at your lips, needing you to open and return to the pleasure heaven state you had created. You could feel yourself getting close in unison. Hyunjin could tell that you wanted to please yourself, but the way he had basically put you into a cock chokehold made it difficult.
You froze, watching your boyfriend eject his length and falling back onto your bed. Legs spread, he gestures at you with two fingers, followed by a small past on the left side of his leg. You did as he said, body perpendicular to his as he moved your hair to one side, allowing you to sink back onto his length. His hips began to buck again, a deep moan escaping his lips as you worked miracles on him. He lifted his free hand, reaching over, and spreading your lisp from behind. A jolt of a moan escaped your lips as soon as you felt fingers that weren’t your own on you. The moans continued to slip from your lips, narrating through his cock and up his body once more, and the closer he got, the more sensitive he became.
“Shit y/n,” he whined, voice becoming tiny, the Hyunjin that you were used to unconsciously coming to the surface, “please don’t stop, I’m going to cum soon.”
“Me too,” you choked out for a split second, returning back to his cock in a heartbeat.
He was much closer than he thought, stopping you from moving any further. He grabbed his length, stroking his length at an unbelievably fast pace.
“Stick your tongue out, let me cum all over that fucked out face.”
You giggled slightly, humming at the way Hyunjin smacked his cock against your tongue, the saltiness of his precum already leaking into your mouth as you saw him twitch against himself, the intervals getting shorter between each stroke.
“Fuck,” he moaned, “you’ve never looked so good.”
A soft gasp came from his lips as he finally fell over the edge, the ropes of his orgasm jumping onto your needy tongue. You never took your eyes off of him, complete satisfied in the how torture he looked, milking every last bit of his orgasm onto you.
“Oh my god,” he grumbled, manhandling you by the arms while pulling you on top of him, Hyunjin attacking your lips just after you swallowed him. You moaned against his lips, your boyfriend’s fingers returning back to where you wanted him. It made him chuckled, a smirk returning to his lips as he pulled away, desperate to see the face of want and need puzzled into your features.
“Do you feel better now?”
“So much better,” you gasped, gripping onto his Hyunjin’s arms for support, “forgot what I was even mad about.”
“Don’t worry baby,” he hushed, slipping a finger into your entrance, “I’ll make you forget all about that, so much that the only thing you’ll be thinking about is getting fucked by me.”
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