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Author: thestayway90

WC: 2385

Warnings: None

Characters: Stray Kids OT8, OFC/Reader, OFC/Reader’s
Older Brother

Summary: Setting up the story, introducing the characters. OFC/Reader meets some of the Kids… if you can get through this chapter it’ll be a lot more exciting in the next one I promise!!!

Author’s Note: Hello all! This is my first attempt at a Stray Kids Fic so I hope you all enjoy…

Not 100% sure where this is going (I have a plan but we’ll see) but it will eventually be a OFC/Reader x Felix Relationship (coz I am whipped for that boy).

I would love any and all feedback including criticisms and ways you think I can improve!!!

Enjoy lovelies <3


You certainly didn’t expect to wake up with an iguana staring you in the face. But after two months of living with your brother, it really shouldn’t be a surprise you anymore.

You glared at the unfamiliar creature digging in its tiny nails but its only response was to blink lazily back at you, unfazed by your thunderous expression.

“Joshua!” you yelled, startling Tink from underneath the bed, the white ferret streaking for freedom as Josh appeared in the doorway.

“Oh, whoops, sorry,” Josh said as he quickly plucked the green reptile off of the bedspread. “I was wondering where Dewey had got too.” He smiled widely, stroking the placid Iguana on the head.

You sighed and sat up, stretching slightly, questioning, “Dewey? Another rescue?”

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Originally posted by limsejun

There are times in life when you can’t hold on and you need to let go in order to move on and be yourself. 

I gotta free me, far away from you
The farther I get the closer I am to no worries
Nobody can’t stop me, I let you go with no fears
Gotta free me, no worries

There are times when you have to leave the people that are holding you back to free yourself and be free of worries.

Now I’m going to leave you and be me
I had worn myself out digging through my own thoughts
And now I’m going to leave you and be me
The more I let go of you the higher I fly

There are times when you are with someone and you are stuck in your head constantly questioning and worrying but once you leave those thoughts can finally leave and let you be you. 

[Verse 1]
You kept leaving me lost, now I say goodbye
We won’t come across each other, no second time
I was in pain when I tried to search for you
When I look back now I realize you wеren’t even thеre, yeah yeah
Maybe I’m not ready
I felt so close to catching you every day
Now I run away, even further away
To somewhere you won’t be

There are people in life that you chase after but can never seem to catch even though you want to be with them they just end up bringing you more pain. Then when you are reflecting back you recognize that even if you thought they were great then they were actually never by your side. Now you are far away from them and are running as far as you can. 

I gotta free me, far away from you
The farther I get the closer I am to no worries
Nobody can’t stop me, I let you go with no fears
Gotta free me, no worries

Now I’m going to leave you and be me
I had worn myself out digging through my own thoughts
And now I’m going to leave you and be me
The more I let go of you the higher I fly

[Verse 2]
A cold gaze, a gesture to send you away
The story I only dreamed of ended as a just a scribble
A pointless conclusion I wrote out choked by this obsession
We were building a sand castle in a field of snow
So now we leave each other for our own sakes
When I had you it hurt
But I was too anxious to let you go
I was too anxious and short-sighted in my dreary reality
I grasp you with my fingertips and squeeze you tight
Before throwing you off somewhere far away

When you want to be with someone you hold on to that story that you have written and warp reality around that story. But all this does it build the relationship on a fragile foundation that only leads to more anxiety and sadness. Even if you do get with them for a moment it will eventually slip away from you. 

I gotta free me, far away from you
The farther I get the closer I am to no worries
Nobody can’t stop me, I let you go with no fears
Gotta free me, no worries

Now I’m going to leave you and be me
I had worn myself out digging through my own thoughts
And now I’m going to leave you and be me
The more I let go of you the higher I fly

I feel carefree, now I’mma be me
The bit of me that regretted and held on is gone now
I turn my back to your heated light
Just let me go

You may struggle at first once your free but hold on and you will be able to move forward. 

I gotta free me, far away from you
The farther I get the closer I am to no worries
Nobody can’t stop me, I let you go with no fears
Gotta free me, no worries

Now I’m going to leave you and be me
I had worn myself out digging through my own thoughts
And now I’m going to leave you and be me
The more I let go of you the higher I fly

Oh, oh, ayy, oh (Yeah)
Oh, oh, ayy, oh
Oh, oh, ayy, oh
Oh, oh, ayy, oh (Yeah)
Oh, oh, ayy, oh
Oh, oh, ayy, oh (Yeah, yeah, ow)
Oh, oh, ayy, oh (Yeah)
Oh, oh, ayy, oh
Oh, oh, ayy, oh
Oh, oh, ayy, oh (Yeah)
Oh, oh, ayy, oh
Oh, oh, ayy, oh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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𝟏𝟎:𝟎𝟑 𝐩𝐦  ꧂   “ 𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒉𝒐𝒓 “

     ➵ ʜᴡᴀɴɢ ʜʏᴜɴᴊɪɴ

✦  part of the @districtninewriters​ tricks & treats collab!

✦  summary: the party was cool, but the pirate was cuter. ♡

✦  genre/s: fluff, college au, halloween party au, pirate captain!hyunjin x gn skeleton!reader, crushes to.. friends? lovers? who knows lol

✦  warning/s: mentions of drinking/drugs, some swearing

✦  one-shot (unless anyone wants a follow-up.. in which case i’d consider continuing it in the future.. hehe), 1.8k words

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dear hyunjin, you have such a sweet soul and you have so much more talent than people give you credit for. you are such a beautiful person who deserves only good things, we love you.

skz project - soft messages to the members (5/11)

current taglist: @soft-black-teabag , @snuffkins , @sunoo-luvs , @mysticpenguincreation , @tteokdo , @weuschoiceheart , @spooky-hannie , @mikailo666 , @yeolkisses , @bluejayjay , @umiwomitai , @moonxscribbles , @nyufluff 🤎

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realstraykids : [ChangBin Instagram Update]

쇼미더머니를 통해 값진 경험을 했고 많은 걸 배울 수 있었어요저한테 아이돌 랩퍼로서 그리고 랩퍼 창빈으로서 더 발전해 나갈 수 있는 하나의 계기가 되었고 저 스스로에게 채찍질을 해줄 수 있는 선생님 같은 프로그램이라고 생각했어요 그래서 도전하였고요 ㅎㅎ앞으로도 계속 도전정신 잃지 않고 음악을 하는 하나의 아티스트로서 그리고 스트레이키즈로서 우리 스테이에게 더 멋진 모습 보여드리고 싶어요!지금까지 쇼미더머니 참가자 돼끼 창빈이 응원해주고 걱정해준 우리 스테이 그리고 멤버들 너무 고맙고 사랑해요♡ #straykids #stay #🐖🐇

Translation: I had a valuable experience on SMTM and was able to learn a lot. It was a chance for me to improve myself as an idol rapper and as Changbin, the rapper. It was like a teacher that motivated me to push myself more. That’s why I joined. I want to show Stay better sides of myself as part of SKZ and as a musical artist, so I won’t let go of my spirit in taking on any challenges! Thank you and I love you to all the Stay and the members who worried for me and cheered me on on SMTM♡

translation credits: (#Jelly_Translations on Twitter)

#straykids #stay #🐖🐇

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Back to December: Part One

Walking alone on the side walk my footsteps were heavy. February still cold you know and my layers of clothes was plenty of proof. The sim was setting and the city seemed to have that enchanted glow to it. Street signs for “pizza 24 hour open” and traffic lights lit my path home. It felt weird still after all this time. Walking back from work to my apartment I was so use to his company. His hand fitting in mine. His sweet smile when ever we would exchange glances. I feel a tear slip down my cheek remembering his joyful attitude. He would pull me out a funk so easily it was like he was made of light.

I continue passing the store and step up the stairs into my building. The mundane process I’m oh so used to by now. Clicking the elevator button four times then banging the wall so it opens then stepping in to the right so avoid the creaking sound that scared me every time. Floor 12 and up we go. I look at my phone in the mean time and go to my final message with him.

I’m so stupid I took him for granted. I’d go back in time and change it but I can’t.

My fingers hover over the keyboard contemplating on saying something.

The elevator dings and I step off and walk down the long hall to the end. My head was empty and I only paid attention to my foot steps and the beating of my heart.

After entering I discard my layers and collapse on the couch. Maybe I should see how he is doing..

would he think I’m being desperate?

What if he thinks I only want him now cause he’s famous ?

Ah this is falling in love in the cruelest way.

After the fact I realized how much he meant to be. It was selfish for me to push him away expecting he’d come back every time. Like some how I’m worth it?

Just then I get a text. Reaching over for my phone i unlock it and see who it is.

Chloe :did you see Felix’s cover on YouTube?

Me: huh?

Chloe: he covered your favorite song

I sit up quick and reached for my laptop. Typing in YouTube and searching his name it’s the first result.

Felix- All Too Well (cover) prod. Changbin

I click on it and lean back maximizing the volume. It’s him in a recording booth. Eyes a bit red and wet. His hoodie covers his head and the sleeves are to his fingers as he is holding his heart with both hands.

His deep voice begins the song and he looks away from the camera.

“I walked through the door with you the air was cold but something about it felt like home some how”

I shut the laptop. That’s all I needed to hear. He does still think of me …

I get my phone from beside me and begin to type

Me: this is me swallowing my pride. I wish I could say this in front of you. I’m sorry for that night. I go back to December all the time.


He won’t answer that quick. We haven’t spoken in months. Looking down I hear my phone vibrate on the couch. Picking it up scared I turn the screen towards my face.

Incoming call


I hesitate then answer. My heart hurts waiting to hear his voice.

“Do you mean it ? Tell me you mean it. I’ll fly out tonight.” He said shaking his tone but still remaining direct.

“If we loved again I swear I’d love you right.” I responded.

“But if the chain is on your door I understand…” I said after less passion in my tone than before. Why would he take me back. I left him. A rose in his hand at the hotel. Why did I stand him up…

“I want to see you dancing in the street lights.” He laughed. Remembering the night we spent dancing in the streets in the rain. I slipped and fell in a puddle but he gave me his jacket and kissed me as the rain fell.

“I want to see you dancing in your Levi’s”. I said back giggling.

“Hey! I look good in those pants and you know it…”. He defended himself still laughing.

“I’ll see you soon ok?” He said to me seriously.

“Ok Felix. I love you..” I said making me cover my mouth not believing I said that out loud.

“You beat me to it!” He said.

“Meet me at the cafe on Wednesday. I’ll be in New York. I want to hear you say it to me.” Felix said hanging up.

This time I won’t break your heart I promise. I thought to myself for a moment. Why did I stand him up? Was I scared of love? Scared of what could happen if he broke my heart? I rummage through my journal for some kind of reason but there wasn’t any. I came to the conclusion. I’m just an asshole. Did Felix deserve to be treated that way? Everything falls into place with him as if he’s my missing piece. If he’s given me a second chance I should give myself one too.

That Wednesday was warmer than I expected so I opted out of my usual layers of coats. I stuck with just some normal clothes. Comfy big tee and shorts. I was nervous to say the least but it felt like everything was falling into place that morning. His good morning text lit a flame in me. I considered wearing blush and a little bit of lipstick but he makes me blush already so I went with a deep red and I was out the door.

There he was. Standing in those Levi’s and a black tee waving at me. A smile from ear to ear I had to look behind me to make sure he didn’t see a puppy or something. Upon aproaching him he wasted no time taking me into his arms and hugging my every last breath out of me. After releasing me from his loving hold he took a moment to look at me. Still the same love in his eyes he had for me back in December. I wanted to see him I really did but something in the back of my head told me I wasn’t as happy to see him and he was to see me.

On a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again…

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Pairing: Sk8rgOrl!f.reader/Nerd!Hyunjin >w>

Warnings: angst at the end, y/n makes hyunjin cry but she doesn’t mean it but he doesn’t know so he hates her guts, mentions of ouchies, y/n is stupid, jisung is stupid-er, cursing, crack. (There is no real ending for this blurb but if you guys want one lmk nd I’ll think about it >:)

a/n: heres a lil blurb since I’ve been unable to push out the new Bleeding for you chapter. (I’m terribly sorry about that!! It’ll be out soon i promise!!) Ne ways! Enjoy!!

  • You were knOwn to be very…. /nice/..
  • Thats a lie.
  • You were mean. Very mean. But not on purpose :((
  • You were just very shy!! You had a hard time explaining your feelings and considering other people’s feelings.
  • Basically- you were emotionally constipated.
  • Cause of your very very unfortunate behavior- you had little to no friends :(
  • “Y/nnnn~ m’ hungrryyyy let’s go hOmmmeeee.”
  • But you did have a very annoying little brother :)
  • “Shut up, Jisung. I’m trying to do this trick. After i make it when can go home.”
  • You hAd to make this trick. YOu hAd tOoooooooo. You were a perfectionist and if you didn’t do something perfectly you would combust.
  • Ignoring Jisung’s whines, you stepped on the nose of your board before catching it. You made your way to the student building’s staircase.
  • “Ohhh myyy gooDddddd, y/n. You’re gonna die.” You heard your brother whine.
  • “Ohhh myy gOoooddd, sungiee, you’re gonna be the one dying if yoU mess me up.”
  • He scoffed at you before stepping aside and sitting on his own board.
  • “Hurry uP.” Was the last thing you heard from him.
  • Alright. Focus. You can do this. Ez. You’ve been practicing a lOt for this so you’ll be finEeeee.
  • You gulped.
  • You pushed the board with one foot, gaining momentum.
  • Close.
  • When you were close to the railing- you swerved to the side and bent your knees.
  • “Close.”
  • You jumped up, one of the wheels scrapping against the metal of the railing, causing a horrendous noise.
  • Then- you lost balance. So close but not close enough.
  • You slipped off the side of the railing, wide eyed. You fell.
  • Hard.
  • Not hard enough??? Wtf??? When did concrete become so soft???
  • “Owh.” o shit.
  • “What? You bumped into me??????”
  • you pulled yourself away from the body that you had colided with and furiously glared at him.
  • You recognized him as Hwang Hyunjin.
  • Idiot.
  • Stupid.
  • Why did you have to buMp into himmmm out of all peopleeee.
  • :(
  • You’ve known hyunjin since grade school.
  • He’s always been quiet and really closed off. He’s never picked fights, or raised his voice - unlike soMe oNe
  • But that’s tea for another day :-)
  • You remember this one time during your freshmen year in highscool where you forgot your gym uniform and you were already failing gym cause who the fuck gives a flying shit about gym???
  • But yeah- the kid literally handed you his uniform shirt that he said he’d washed the night before and that he’d yet to wear it.
  • :(
  • He sat through gym with his white tee. And thE gYm TeACHER DIDN’T SAY SHIT- i mean. Who would. He already probably had a 101% in that class but whAtever.
  • Plus… it smelled like lavender and flowers nd woW you never got his laundry detergent but yOu wish you did cause it smellEd like the gates of heaven.
  • Anywho- after that- you’ve probably had an insy bitsy crushie on himie ?? >_>
  • …..yeAh n0 you were entirely Whipped for the dude with a capital W.
  • You shifted your weight uncomfortably and quite awkwardly from one foot to the other when it got tired from holding your weight up.
  • Also from the most likely bruised and scratched up knee and shin of yours.
  • You sighed and rubbed the bridge of your nose as you watched him hunched over his now broken glasses.
  • :(
  • “H-hey uh-” before you could voice your apology, he turned around and glared at you through glassy eyes.
  • Oh no.
  • oH nO
  • (Aka you just made ur crush cry like wow imagine being stupid.)
  • You watched him sigh and get up before dusting his knees
  • And grabbed his books from off the concrete. He didn’t spare you another glance.
  • :/
  • “…….can we go home now?” You sucked your teeth at the squirrel-looking boy.
  • No- he didn’t look AT squirrels-
  • He looked LIKE squirrels
  • Fucking weirdo.
  • You felt a lump of guilt in your throat as you watched the back of the black haired boy. You felt it weigh down on your chest all the way home.
  • Your crush since 9th grade hated you now. Great.
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