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#hyunjin angst
matryosika · 18 days ago
burning sensations
pairing — hyunjin x reader
genre — smut
word count — 6-8 k
warnings — hate sex, mentions of alcohol, jealousy and possessiveness, slight dom!hyunjin, hyunjin has a tongue and bellybutton piercing, ice play, use of petnames, slight degradation/humiliation, dirty talk, oral sex (f and m), piv, unprotected sex, creampie
note — this took hours for me to write, i don't know why BUT i spent the whole day completely horny because of this man. enjoy this, don't forget to leave an opinion if you liked this piece and also don't forget that you can tip me (please do it, im broke) on my ko-fi! i will be very very grateful, really! anything helps!
i apologize if there are any grammar mistakes. i didn't read this before posting it and english is not my first language!
finally friday, the weekend was just around the corner for you to enjoy it. but so was the end of your school semester and so was the application for the greatest scholarship an A+ student could ask for. even when you wanted to relax, your mind wouldn’t allow you to.
“come on, y/n” yoona belted out as the two of you were heading to the last class of the day “i can’t believe you would rather spend a boring night at the campus library instead of the birthday party of your best friend”.
“boring or not” you replied, your hands clenching at the leather straps on your bag “i must keep on studying if i want to go to college”.
you would never admit it out loud but, sometimes, yoona reminded you of hyunjin, her brother. hyunjin, who you utterly despised from the moment you stepped foot in that school, him who couldn’t stand breathing the same air as you.
even so, you always tried to understand some of the comments she made that bothered you. she was born in a wealthy family, just like hyunjin. she grew up having it all, not worrying about helping her parents to pay their bills or studying hard to not compromise her academic future. yoona was one of those people who truly believed that everything can be solved and that there’s nothing in this world that’s “impossible”.
your family, on the other hand, had difficult times with money ever since you could remember. your parents covered all of your basic needs, but an elite education was definitely not something they could afford. not to mention that you had an older sister, just as brilliant and excellent as you were, so the pressure to succeed was ten times greater when you realized that doing good at school was not an achievement but what was expected from you.
“if everything goes well and i get accepted to yonsei, we are going to be able to party every single weekend” you sighed, turning around in the same corner she did.
“yeah right” she babbled. “you will get accepted to yonsei, but i’m not sure about the other part”.
“when i win the scholarship, we will celebrate big time” you promised, pushing the door for her.
“why can’t we celebrate today?” yoona pouted again “just one night, please stop studying for one night. trust me, it’s not going to make much of a difference”.
you looked at her with half-lidded eyes, her words rubbing your brain in such an unexpected way that if she were to continue on begging, she would’ve actually succeeded in convincing you “i’m sorry yoona, i promise i will make it up to you later”.
she rolled her eyes and huffed, slightly punching your arm as she walked away to settle on the back seats of the classroom “i will make sure to save you a piece of cake though”.
you smiled and nodded, sighing in relief at the realization that she wasn’t truly mad at you for skipping her party. as privileged and spoiled as yoona was, she was actually a very decent human being and that’s why you befriended her to begin with. she was funny, creative, extroverted and many other things you were not. yoona always said that you two were best friends because you were polar opposites “and polar opposites complement themselves”, something you wanted to believe in after meeting her.
however, after meeting her brother, you realized that the whole polar opposites complement themselves only applied for you and her, not anyone else. he wasn’t much different to you though, since you two were smart, brilliant and witty. the only difference was that you had good morals and he lacked them.
as if god was reading your trail of thoughts, the image of the dark-haired boy appeared on the windows next to you as he walked to his classroom, his long hair tied into a middle ponytail, strands of unruly hair framing the sides of his face. contrary to popular belief, the only thing hyunjin had that made you jealous was the ability to rock such a hairstyle.
he gave you a quick egocentric look before disappearing into thin air, a faint smirk that made you feel as if he was capable of reading your mind and wandering around the thoughts that emerged everytime you saw him standing in front of you. just as he disappeared, your literature teacher entered the room.
the class lasted for 50 minutes, as usual, but your mind stopped paying any kind of attention around half of it. all you could think of was ways to organize the rest of your day, thinking about what you wanted to eat and debating on whether you should return to your sister’s apartment to change your school uniform or if you should just stay with those clothes.
just as you were reaching your final decision, the irritable sound of desks and chairs moving against the floor interrupted your own monologue.
“y/n?” the teacher called, still seated on his desk “can you please stay for a few minutes?”.
you exhaled and nodded, carefully packing all of your books and school supplies, not bothering to do it any faster because you still had to wait for the whole room to clear up.
as you waited for the other students to leave the room, your fingers started to fidget the buckle on your brown leather bag, thinking about what the small meeting with your literature teacher could be about.
“the end of the semester is coming, huh?” he chuckled as his whole weight relaxed on the uncomfortable plastic chair.
“yeah, it’s awful” you replied, still trying hard to hide any kind of awkwardness in your speech.
“i remember” the teacher continued “i was once a student, at this school too… it can get stressful”
you nodded and licked your lips, mentally praying for him to finish the meeting quickly before the cafeteria ran out of your favorite salad.
“i will not steal much of your time” he intervened, reincorporating himself into the chair as he looked for some folders on his bag “but i do have a proposition for you, since you are the best student i have around”.
you tilted your head with curiosity, your eyes fixed on the bunch of papers he was currently organizing in his desk trying to catch a glimpse of what they were “think of it as practice for the real deal at college”.
he handed you a bunch of sheets that were neatly stapled and, by the text resting on the first page, you could conclude that they were a bunch of text-analysis written by his freshman classes. “i am supposed to give these papers back to the students by the end of next week, but i have been reviewing and analyzing a lot of court cases lately” right, the old man was not only into literature but he had a degree on criminal law “i really could use some help in reviewing and giving feedback to these texts”.
you nodded, carefully placing the sheets inside of your own folder so you could take them home safe and sound “of course, by doing so, you will exempt my final test with a score of a 100”.
a faint smirk appeared on your face as you rested your bag on your shoulder, standing up from your seat and fighting the urges to start smiling and cheering like a delusional person. “i need them by thursday, so don’t rush yourself into reading all of them today. besides, i asked someone else for help as well so you wouldn’t feel burdened with the amount of projects”.
you smile and nodded, walking towards the door feeling relieved about not having to spend your whole evening trying to eat up the literature books for the final exam. however, you still had to go over at least 10 papers and that would take some time so, instead of wasting your whole afternoon doing absolutely nothing, you rushed to the cafeteria to eat something before going to the campus library. nothing could ruin your day, you thought, until you saw the image of hyunjin standing not so far from the classroom you just left.
“he exempt you from the literature final?” he asked, walking along and trying to keep up with the fast pace you settled in an attempt to run away from him.
“not your business”
“it is, actually” he continued, standing in front of you to prevent you from walking any further “he exempt me too”
“wow, congratulations hwang” you spitted before passing his figure by the side, restarting your walk in order to get to the longed-for place.
“i expect you to say the same thing after they give me the scholarship for yonsei” the dark-haired mumbled with a proud smirk.
“you don’t need that shit” you fumed, your body turning back to him.
“i know, but i want it” hyunjin replied, his penetrative gaze making your heart skip a beat every now and then “and whatever i want, i end up having”.
he gave you a cocky smile as he walked away from the exact same place he came from, both of his hands inside the pockets of his uniform pants, his walk as condescending as the man himself. you stood there in silence for a few minutes, your knuckles becoming 3 shades paler while they were holding for dear life to the straps on your bag and your mind trying to come up with a valid answer as to why he hated you that much. yeah, you could have beef with someone but trying to fuck their whole future just for the sake of your pride? that was beyond the limits of a mentally stable person.
with defeated steps you walked to the cafeteria in hopes of finding your favorite salad and some peace of mind, preparing yourself for a long evening of reading and reviewing.
the clock struck the 7 p.m. and you finally decided to call it a day, your head almost hurting for all the reading you had been doing in a span of 4 hours. with laziness you stood up from the chair you had been sitting on for the past hours, dragging your body across the library hall and leaning down to pick up your phone that was -strategically- charging so you wouldn’t distract yourself from your task.
19 missed calls and 9 new messages from yoona.
[16:51 p.m., yoona]
hyunjin told me you exempt literature
you don’t have to study, right?
come to my house
[17:22 p.m., yoona]
don’t make me go to your sister’s apartment to pick you up
[17:57 p.m., yoona]
all i want is my best friend to be at my birthday party
[18:18 p.m., yoona]
i swear to god if you don’t reply to my messages i will not save you a slice of cake
you closed your eyes in exasperation, trying to come up with a valid excuse to skip the party. you didn’t feel like going out tonight and you certainly didn’t feel like seeing hyunjin again, all you wanted was to go home, get into your pijamas and just sleep all night. however, yoona knew exactly what to do to convince you to step foot into her house.
[19:01 p.m., yoona]
jeno is coming
isn’t that cool?
you caught yourself smirking at the message, your mind giving to the idea of having fun for the night. but yoona’s house was far away from your sister’s apartment, you still had your school uniform on and, after hours of reading, you certainly didn’t look good enough to flirt.
[19:02 p.m., y/n]
sounds exciting, but i don’t think i can make it
i don’t have a ride, i am still at school and i’m still wearing the uniform
[19:02 p.m., yoona]
i know, i am outside of campus
i was picking up some things and a little bird told me you were around
i can drive you to your place so you can change clothes
you pressed your phone into your chest as you smiled widely, having yoona as your best friend was definitely something else.
however, it was all fun and games until you remembered that yoona’s house was also hyunjin’s house. and that her party was most-likely to be his as well, since they shared basically everything.
the house was crowded, the music was too loud and you lost yoona from the minute the guests started to arrive. you met with a couple of people from your class, engaging in casual chats as you all drinked and joked around together. the evening was going smoothly, your mind was relaxed enough to keep the intrusive thoughts of school away for a minute and your whole body acquired life of its own, your hips moving from side to side as the loud music intoxicated your senses.
all it took was a hand on your waist to snap you out of your trance, your heart fluttering at the image of jeno leaning towards you to greet you with a kiss on the cheek.
“how long have you been staring at me?” you teased, noticing that his beer was almost empty.
“just enough” he replied, giving you a soft smile “yoona told me you were not coming and i almost end up not attending as well”
“i had to study for a test” you told him, your body way too close to his “but for some reason i’m here, so…”
“how are you doing for the application of the scholarship?” he asked, the tension between both of your bodies becoming too evident. still, you couldn’t help but smile at his question.
you and jeno had been talking for a while now, but everything was just casual. he was a nice man, respectful, extremely hard-working and intelligent. he could have the yonsei scholarship in a snap of a finger, however, he already had other plans in mind.
you found it endearing how he actually took time and effort to keep track of your own events, your heart melting at his proud gaze when you told him that everything was going fine so far.
“i know you will get it” jeno smiled, one of his hands rubbing softly your lower back as a spark of electricity traveled throughout your whole body.
the night progressed with him by your side, chatting, drinking and dancing. at some point, your tipsy mind thought about going home with him, but he never really asked you that. however, the kisses were not lacking.
“i’m sorry” he mumbled in between kisses, pulling his cellphone out of his pocket. you licked your lips as a final taste, your gaze wandering around yoona’s living room as jeno looked to his phone “oh”.
your eyes immediately traveled to him, his face becoming a mixture of confusion and annoyance “i have to get going”
you couldn’t see yourself, but you probably had the most confusing look on your face by jeno’s reaction “i will see you at school, alright? something came up, i’ll explain later”
and without any more time to lose, he planted a kiss on your lips before disappearing into the crowd.
the behavior itself was weird and he looked really worried, but you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as a couple of eyes landed on you. you smiled shyly as you grabbed your drink, making your way through the people dancing around in the living room. yoona said you could sleep at her place and, even though it was barely 11 p.m., after jeno’s absence you found it really useless to stay at the party, specially because yoona was nowhere to be found. you knew her parties usually lasted until 3 or 4 a.m., but you certainly didn’t plan on staying awake for that long.
with careful steps you walked towards the stairs, ready to head to yoona’s bedroom. but obviously, your night just couldn’t end without…
“hyunjin” you forced a grin.
“are you bored yet?” he asked, standing at the landing of the stairs.
“sleepy, actually” you replied, “yoona said i could sleep at her bed so if you can please move…”
“but it’s barely 11 p.m.” he chuckled “don’t you ever have fun?”
you squinted your eyes and, if looks could kill, he would’ve been dead by now “look i’m not interested in chatting with you right now”
“i mean, i too would be in a bad mood if my date had left me in the middle of the party with no explanation whatsoever” a cocky smirk growing in his face as the confusion arose in yours.
“how did you-” you were about to start yelling, but the racional part of your brain convinced you that dealing with hyunjin was something you could definitely handle, you didn’t need to make a scene specially because the last thing you wanted to do was to ruin yoona’s birthday. “how did you know?”
“what do you think happened, y/n? maybe his mother? his little sister? a friend in distress?” he listed, faking concern in his voice “yeah, that sounds about right. maybe a text from a friend in distress? if he would’ve paid attention to his surroundings he would’ve noticed that the friend in distress was actually having the time of his life at the pool outside, the only distress he had was leaving his phone unlocked on the bathroom”
your eyes fully opened in awe as you understood what he did, the blood under your skin boiling at the image of his stupid face “you are sick”.
“shhhhhh….” he whispered, his plump lips being just a few centimeters away from your face making you smell his vanilla-like scent “do you really want to cause a scene here?”
“seriously hwang” you snapped “you are fucked up”.
you tried to push his body away, but your strength was nothing compared to his. still, his body swayed to the side allowing you to actually take the stairs to go to yoona’s bedroom, the anger inside of your chest irradiating heat to the rest of your body.
“i told you” he insisted, slowly approaching you from behind as you walked further into the big hall of the second floor “whatever i want, i end up having”.
you clicked your tongue, a cynical smile forming on the curvature of your lips “and what is it that you want, hyunjin?” you inquired, your voice sounding almost hysterical “do you want me to refrain from the scholarship competition? because it’s not going to happen”
“i don’t need you out” he mumbled, leaning against one of the doors in the hallway “matter of fact, you being there makes everything ten times more exciting”.
“so give me a valid explanation for the little deranged act you just did down there” you scoffed, patiently waiting for him to talk, but he never did “just admit that you dislike me so much because i make things harder for you”.
he gave you a condescending look, smoothly laughing as he did “who said i dislike you?”
you looked at him in astonishment, his indifference only blowing up your anger even more “you just literally made jeno go away because you can’t stand the image of me enjoying something”
he licked his lips and leaned his tall figure over you, your arms crossed in front of your chest as you tried to remain calm even when he was getting on your nerves “i know you are smart enough to figure out, angel” he teased, his long fingers placing a strand of your hair on the back of your ear “ that i didn’t do this because i dislike you, it’s quite the opposite”.
you squinted your eyes again, your mind trying to convince you that either the alcohol you (or he) drank was starting to kick in “now you are just talking nonsense” you muttered, your back being pressed against one of the doors as he cornered you.
“it’s not my fault that i find you attractive” he said, his gaze trying to find yours in the middle of the dark corridor.
“is this some kind of joke?” you asked, both of your hands leaning on his chest while you tried to push him away “because it’s not funny”.
“when have i lied to you?” he inquired back, his warmth breath almost caressing your chin, his vanilla-like scent mixed with a bit of tobacco and mint making you dizzy “if anything, i am always bluntly honest with you, isn’t that right angel?”
“stop calling me that” you ordered with hitching breath, feeling chills all over your body every time his gaze rested on your lips.
“you don’t like it?” he replied, mocking pain in his tone “would you prefer if i called you by that pretty name of yours?”
the way his words sounded at the tip of his tongue made you unsteady, a warm sensation building up inside your core and radiating to your whole body.
“move” you weakly whispered, your judgment too cloudy after the revelation of his jealousy to keep on arguing with him.
“i’ve seen the way you look at me, y/n” he stated, his voice sounding ten times lower and deeper than usual “those pretty eyes of you, they are always filled with lust when it comes to me”.
you inhaled sharply, the despair of his lips brushing against yours without actually kissing you was driving you to the brink of frustration “just look at yourself right now, you keep on saying that you hate me and yet your body is begging for my touch”.
he slowly lifted his hand to caress the sides of your cheek, your whole body pathetically squirming in its place as you anticipated his warm touch. the music was loud enough to prevent people from listening to your conversation, however, you could swear that the sound of his heartbeats was even louder.
“have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” he bluntly asked, making you freeze. it wasn’t the question what frightened you, it was the answer that was buried into your mind what made your heart skip a beat. he expected an answer from you but, as a couple of silent seconds passed by, one of the corner of his lips lifted up in a playful smirk “i have, so many times i’ve lost count”.
your throat was completely dry and your mind was already too fucked out to even process the things that were coming out of his mouth, the worst part being your underwear completely dampened at his mere words.
“i’ve thought about fucking you until you can’t no longer say anything but my name” he spitted, the ease of saying those words as if it was just a casual conversation making you completely turned on “every time you say you hate me, you are just fueling my desire to dominate you even more”.
“you are sick” you whispered, your lustful eyes setting on his swollen lips.
“but you love it, don’t you?” he inquired “all pretty and innocent, acting like you don’t need someone to ruin you completely”.
one of his fingers traveled to your lips, brushing slightly your skin “neither jeno or any other man will make you feel the way i know i can” he stated, his digit graciously dancing around your parted lips “you want me just as much as i want you”.
the confidence he had shocked you, but deep down you knew he wasn’t completely wrong. you hated him so much to the point that you desired him in the most carnal and primitive way. having his lips just mere centimeters away from yours made you think about all those nights you pleasured yourself to the thought of him, chasing your high every time you imagined him pounding you with the same intensity as the hatred you held for him.
“your eyes are already saying yes, now I just need your mouth to tell me the same” hyunjin commanded, his digits still tracing the skin of your lower lip as his darkened eyes fixed on yours.
“i-” you quietly sighed.
“angel” he replied, one of his hands resting on your hip as he pulled your body closer, his growing bulge pressing against your lower abdomen “can you feel how hard you make me?”
that last sentence alone was enough to make you give in to him, your throbbing cunt clenching around thin air every time a word left his lips.
“just one time” you whispered.
“mhm?, just one time angel?” he inquired tilting his head, teasing you by leaning in for a kiss but not giving you anything.
“just one time” you repeated, your guts knowing damn well that this was not going to be the last time you find yourself in this situation.
“just one time, angel” he repeated again, his face leaning closer and withdrawing every few seconds just for the sake of teasing you.
he guided you to his room in the darkness of the corridor, the warmth of his touch making you feel light-headed as a trail of thoughts were starting to form in your mind: was this right? not only was he someone you despised, but he was also your best friend’s brother, what if she found out? what if you got caught? however, as soon as he opened the door for you and his characteristic smell flooded your senses, you understood that there was no going back.
“after you, angel” he signaled, one of his hands still resting on your lower back as he walked you inside.
you couldn’t really catch a glimpse of his room since the only source of lightning was his window, but it was basically everything you ever imagined it to be: neat, clean and expensive, his room looked just very… him.
just as you were inspecting the territory, both of his hands intertwined in front of your waist, you arse slightly grazing against his crotch and his accelerated breath caressing your right ear “do you know about safewords?” his deep voice inquired. you slightly shook your head as he let out a small chuckle. "if things become too overwhelming, just say red if you want me to stop, alright?".
you weren’t a virgin, but you also weren’t as experienced as he probably was. you have slept with 2 or 3 guys in the past, but it wasn’t extraordinary to be completely honest.
“what do you have in mind?” you asked as you turned your face to the side, his breath mixing with yours.
“are you scared?” he chuckled, his digits leaving the front of your abdomen to start caressing the sides of your body.
“should i?” you replied, your chest moving frantically as your breath accelerated every time you felt hyunjin’s touch in a new part of your body.
“i will only hurt you if you let me” he softly replied, peppering kisses along your naked shoulder “so there’s no reason to be afraid”.
his digits traced the length of your arms up and down, making your whole skin get covered in goosebumps, something that made him smile. “can you take this off for me, please?” hyunjin asked, the tip of his fingers signaling the clothes you were wearing.
you turned your body to face him, both of your hands immediately removing the straps of your dress proving that, from the moment you entered his room, he was in complete control of you.
his dark gaze fixed on the black underwear you were wearing, cursing under his breath the moment his eyes landed on your breasts “you have no idea how many times i got hard just by thinking about you this way”.
your cheeks turned red at his compliment and your thighs painfully squeezed together at the idea of being filled up by him, an action that did not go unnoticed by hyunjin “what’s wrong angel, you can’t wait to feel me?”
“you are taking too long to do something, hwang” you muttered feeling intimidated by how his eyes dragged themselves around.
he let out a soft laugh as he walked towards a mini fridge that was located next to his bed, leaning in to grab something from it “i never imagined you would be that desperate for me, angel” he added, his figure once again approaching your half-naked body. both of his hands guided you to his bed, your back being instantly pressed against the mattress as your legs opened wide for him to position himself between them “if it gets too cold, just let me know” he mumbled while holding something inside his mouth giving you almost no time to ask further questions.
his manly figure leaned over you, his forearms carrying his whole weight to prevent him from crushing you and, next thing you knew, a slippery cold object fell from his mouth into the middle of your breasts making you gasp instantly. “hyunjin”.
the dark-haired man lost no time into licking part of the cold liquid, the ice cube slipping from your breasts to the side of your neck, leaving a trail of coldness on its way.
however, the ice cube was not the only thing that made your senses go numb.
“fuck” you moaned, feeling how your panties were completely ruined at the sight of the little piece of jewelry adorning his tongue, making his touch ten times colder.
“do you like it?” he asked, a proud smirk growing bigger at your useless attempts to squeeze your thighs together “imagine how good it’s going to feel brushing against your clit, angel”.
a sudden chill was quick to travel along your body, your nipples painfully hardening under your bra.
as if he was reading your mind, one of his hands sank into the mattress to unclench your top underwear, leaving absolutely nothing for the imagination “you are adorable” he praised while letting out a grunt at the sight of how your nipples hardened at his words “i just want to ruin you completely”.
one of his hands found a small bowl on the side of the bed, picking up another melting ice cube from it. he held it in his mouth for a couple of seconds before spitting it in your abdomen, his tongue moving it along your sensitive skin “i can’t believe this feels good” you moaned, the cold piece of jewelry occasionally touching your skin.
“really, does it feel good angel?” he inquired, grabbing the ice and harboring it again into his mouth. you should’ve seen it coming, but your body was not prepared for the abrupt sensation of coldness around your nipples.
“hyunjin” you gasped again, your fingers harshly gripping the white bed sheets beneath you.
“yes, angel?” he teased, a masochistic trace sparking in his gaze every time you gasped or cried at the sensations he was inducing you.
“why does it feel so good?” you cried, the burning sensation switching from pain to pleasure and visceversa.
“describe me the sensations, angel” he mumbled with his lips against your skin “describe them to me”.
you swallowed hard, your eyes closing shut every time hyunjin’s tongue brushed against your buds, the tiny piece of metal controlling your whole body.
“it burns” you moaned, your back slightly arched while your hands held onto his black hair “it hurts but the warmth of your tongue just turns that pain into pleasure”.
he hummed against your skin, pleased with your answer. because of the temperature and the friction, the ice cubes melted almost as soon as they touched your skin, something that hyunjin was not going to forget.
dragging his tongue along your abdomen, his whole body slipped to your thighs. the still cold piece of metal leaving a funny but pleasant sensation every time he explored a new part of your body, from your hips to your pubic area and your inner thighs.
“i fucking hate you” you hissed when you felt his teeth nipping at your soft skin, the sharp pain making you close your eyes instantly as a reflex.
“are you sure?” he asked, two of his digits tracing your wet slit over your underwear “if i were you, i wouldn’t be talking that much angel”.
“the temperature play was nice” you sighed “but it didn’t make me forget how much i despise you”.
a playful smile formed on the corner of his plump lips, his fingers pulling your ruined underwear off of you “i will make sure to make you forget” he replied, slightly halting to remove your wet panties “don’t you worry”.
the promise behind those words made you tremble under his touch, his fingers playing around with your lace underwear “but you hate me, right?” he mocked at the sight of your own juices coating your clothes.
“at least i don’t have ambivalent feelings towards you” you panted “treating you like shit and then getting jealous the minute i see you with some other girl fooling around”.
hyunjin leaned over your body again, taking his hand that was holding your damped underwear near your mouth “open” he ordered with a grin on his face. not knowing what to expect, you did as you were told. he pushed your black panties inside of your mouth, forcing you to taste yourself in the most degrading way he could think of “make sure you don’t talk with your mouth full, angel”.
the blood under your skin boiled again, but it was different this time. the feeling of being humiliated by him excited you in ways you couldn’t describe, but you would never admit it. his dark gaze fixed on you again, his breathing too close to your core making you whine by the lack of contact. “you can make all the noise you want, angel. no one will hear” he tilted his head, licking your slit with a quick movement as the cold piece of jewelry made you sigh “and if they hear us, make sure to give them a good show”.
that was the last thing you heard before your whole mind went blank, the only thing you could think of was his penetrative gaze as he ate you out. your mind couldn’t wrap around the fact that you were in his bed, getting owned by him. you couldn’t really remember when you started to fantasize about him, but you know you did it often. maybe too often for your own liking, and it was almost embarrassing.
the sinful noises his lips made, along with his grunts and your moans, were definitely something that turned you on even more, your hands pushing his face further to intensify the feeling of his groans against your core, your panties falling out of your mouth as soon as you wanted to speak. “hyunjin” you moaned “can i-?”
your voice was interrupted by a high-pitched moan resulting from two of his fingers prodding into your cunt, the unexpected action making you clench harder against him.
“beg nicely, angel” hyunjin ordered “i know you can do it”.
you cursed him under your breath, debating on whether you should give in easily or not. you knew why he was doing this, he knew that it would make you feel embarrassed to beg for him out of every single man on earth and that would only make it more pleasant for him. but little did he know that the idea of begging sparked something in your arousal that you couldn’t quite comprehend.
“hyunjin, please” you cried “please let me cum, please”.
“you are not convincing me, angel” the man pouted with a sadistic smile on his face.
“hyunjin please” you hissed, both of your thighs threatening to close around him “i need to cum”
hyunjin withdrew from your cunt as tears started to prick in the corner of your eyes, the urge to grunt due to the frustration was soon interrupted by his gaze “tell me that you are going to be good” he demanded.
“i’ll be good, hyunjin” you cried, bearing the shame and embarrassment in exchange for a few seconds of pleasure.
“tell me that you are my slut” he commanded, tilting his head with a smirk. he wanted to hear those words from you, but he was also determined to know how much pride you were willing to risk for an orgasm.
“i am your slut, hyunjin”
he licked his lips, a devilish look protruding in his gaze “tell me that you will never let another man touch you again”.
you looked at him in awe, not sure whether to continue with his little game or not. however, the jealousy involved in that sentence sent waves of pleasure to your bundle of nerves that was desperately aching for his touch. “i will never let another man touch me again”.
“you realized how submitted you are to me?” he teased you “you think you are doing this for your own pleasure but in reality your mind already knows who it belongs to”.
“keep dreaming, hwang” you mumbled as you rested your weight on his forearms, the proximity of his face wanting you to lean on for a kiss.
“oh i will” he replied “every night i will dream about you, about your pure body and innocent mind being completely wrecked by the person you hate the most” his lips grazed against yours with a swift movement and, almost instinctively, you captured his swollen lips in a kiss.
he tasted like vanilla, cinnamon, a pinch of metal and your own arousal. it was addictive, your first kiss with hwang hyunjin. “see, angel?” he whispered “you think you are so smart and in control, but the one who wanted this to happen was me”.
his body slipped once again in between your thighs, his tongue and fingers returning to its original place as he restarted the pace “i told you, y/n, whatever i want, i end up having”.
“hyunjin” you moaned over and over again, chanting his name as if it was some sort of holy prayer. the man made sure to lick you clean, tasting every single drop of your high with a proud smile on his face.
and before you could argue his cocky attitude, your arousal washed over you in a way you haven’t felt it before. from your head to the tip of your toes, your whole body felt like electricity. the way your toes curled up, the way your thighs insisted on closing around him, the way your hands automatically pinched your hardened nipples as your back arched under his touch just proved how good hyunjin was capable of making you feel.
“you sound even better than in my imagination” he admitted before placing a soft kiss on your inner thigh, standing up from his own bed as he got rid of his clothes. because of the excitement and how rushed things were, you didn’t even remember that he was still fully clothed while you were already naked and spreaded on his bed.
he removed the clothes he was wearing and, to your surprise, what was underneath them was ten times better than you had expect.
the soft skin that glistened with the light that emanated from the window made your heart flutter, especially when you spotted another piercing decorating his bellybutton. your hands automatically traveled all the way to the expensive piece of jewelry hanging from there, touching his soft skin at the same time hyunjin gave you a smile “kiss it”.
you did as you were told, placing a small peck on top of the piercing as you looked him in the eyes “did i ask you to stop, angel?”
you shook your head and continued on kissing his abdomen as hyunjin unbuckled his belt and pants, his endearing eyes fixed on your innocent face leaving a trail of kisses all over his body. you had an idea of what to expect from him but, as soon as his erected cock came to sight, you couldn't help yourself but swallow nervously.
"is it too big for you angel?" he asked, one of his hands caressing your hair as the other one stroke himself slowly. you looked at hus length and then at him, not saying any words but your face could explain well what was going on in your mind. "don't worry y/n, i will make it fit in those pretty holes of you".
next thing you knew, the tip of his cock was gently parting your lips, eager to get inside of you. your nails digged into the skin of his built thighs, your gaze making eye-contact with him as his hands guided your head all the way through his length, making you gag and roll your eyes to the back of your head. "you look so pretty like this" he panted, his cock twitching inside of your mouth every time you choked or moan against it "letting out the messy and submissive cockslut you naturally are for me".
you let out a whiny moan at his words, your pussy getting wetter every time he forced himself into your mouth. the way his cock stretched you just right was heavenly, feeling the taste of his precum with each thrust he provided, and making you think about how his arousal actually tasted like.
"i would love to cum down your throat" hyunjin groaned with his head rolled back and eyes closed "but you have no idea how many times i have masturbated to the thought of filling that pretty cunt of yours with my cum". you looked at him, still with his cock deep inside your throat, and he moaned at the sight of your ruined make up and teary eyes "come on, angel. let me erase that pretty innocent look from your face".
you stood up from your knees and returned to your previous position: your forearms resting the weight of your whole body and your legs spreaded across his bed nicely. hyunjin licked his lips at the sight of your dripping cunt, wondering how tight you must feel around his big cock. he lost no time in positioning himself between your legs, the tip of his cock sliding against your folds while it lubricated itself with your own wetness.
"i promise you that no one will ever make you this wet" he hummed, his fingers caressing your inner thighs as you pinched your hardened nipples for him "no matter how hard you try, every time you will think about me and only me".
with an unexpected thrust, he slammed his cock into your tight pussy making you scream in pain "no matter how bad you want it, you will never be able to cum again without me. you will touch yourself and wish i was there with you." the stretch his length was providing you was painful, but that only set your arousal even higher. your walls clenched around him just fine, making hyunjin feel dizzy and almost powerless at the sensation of your warm cunt being used by him "you will fuck someone else and you are going to wish it was me ruining you instead. you will never forget how good my body felt against yours because you have always belonged to me, ever since the moment you started hating me to conceal your inner feelings for me".
a gasp escaped your lips once you felt him slamming once again into you, almost at a brutal pace. he placed his thumb on your bundle of nerves as his cock acquired a slow -but hard- rhythm, ensuring the build up of the well-known knot in your lower abdomen.
"in your dreams, hwang hyunjin" you moaned, feeling how his cock pounded deeper each time into you, if that was possible. hyunjin gave you a twisted smirk as he continued to use your cunt, his cock brushing against every spot that made you lose your mind completely. "the only thing i will ever feel for you is hatred".
hyunjin leaned on your body to crash his lips into yours, the kiss becoming sloppy and passionate in a matter of seconds as it drowned your own moans and cries. his tongue danced against yours, the taste of the piercing mixing in with his own essence. the neediness of his kiss made you clench around his cock, the man hissing against your lips once he felt it. "you feel so good around me" he praised, his forehead resting on yours while his breath caressed your lips "i could be inside you for hours and never get tired of it".
you cried once again, feeling how his lips lost rhythms as your throbbing clit begged to be touch. one of your hands traveled all the way to your cunt, playing with yourself while hyunjin pounded you harshly. the way his hair moved every time he thrusted into you, his glistening skin decorated with tears of sweat, his swollen lips matching his rosy cheeks and the veins protruding on his neck and arms was definetly something that was going to be engraved on your mind forever.
"hyunjin" you cried, desperately wishing for his permission "i can't hold it"
"then cum all over me, angel" he hissed, his jaw clenched as his hips tried to maintain a pace to help you come undone on his cock "show me how good this cock filled you up".
your back arched immediately at his words, your hands holding on to his bed sheets for dear life feeling how your orgasm took complete control over you. "i wish you could see how filthy you look right now, angel" he panted. his cock threatening to make a mess inside of your walls. "too fucked out to even talk, your whole body begging for my permission to cum and your pretty eyes filled with nothing but lust. isn't that pathetic?
you cried once again as the result of the overstimulation, your whole body completely tired after your second orgasm of the night. however, judged by his sensual facial expressions and the sloppiness of his thrusts, you knew that hyunjin was close to his release as well.
"i hate you" you moaned in pleasure "i fucking hate you for this"
"you don't" he grunted "you will be begging for me to use you again, and i will do it every single time for you".
with a swift movement, one of his hands traveled to both sides of your neck, gripping it harshly as he interrupted the flow of air through your veins. his thrusts slowed down and the sinful noises that left his lips were ten times louder than before. the sticky hot feeling inside your walls was new, but you could definetly guessed what it was.
"this is the first time i let someone fill me up like this" you admit with hitching breath, hyunjin's cock still inside you as he made sure that he had filled you up completely.
"see, y/n?" he asked, his lips brushing against yours as you both tried to catch their breath "you let me do things no one else has done, i wonder why"
"you are sick" you repeated for the third time that evening, feeling how his hot cum leaked out of your wet cunt once he took his cock out of you.
"and you enjoyed every second of it" he remarked with a proud smirk.
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jl-micasea · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
I think…That you shouldn’t ever take this off.
DESCRIPTION: It’s just a shopping trip with your best friend. Your gorgeous, oblivious best friend, during a particularly dry spell of intimacy for you. Definitely not a recipe for disaster.
WARNINGS: Strong language, build up, shopping, themes of sexual frustration and desire, major angst, explicit sexual content, masturbation, use of sex toys, orgasm denial and edging, mild over-stimulation, mild breeding kink, so much oral, fluffy tones at the end.
PAIRINGS: Self-insert, female reader x Hyunjin
© August 2020 by @jl-micasea
Tumblr media
12:00pm sharp, he’d said. Be on time, he’d said. Make sure you don’t miss your alarm, he’d said.
If there was one thing that could ever be considered consistent about Hwang Hyunjin, it was his inane ability to dish out advice without actually ever taking it himself.
You pulled your phone from your jeans pocket, tapping the screen to life before sending him a rudimentary message that wasn’t full of your usual bright inflection. And that, of course, was entirely deliberate.
[12:42] Where in the name of fuck are you?
Stood outside the entrance to the mall, your foot tapped impatiently against the concrete as you crossed your arms over your chest. Bringing your phone to your chin, you glanced up and down the street, searching for any sign of his dusty blonde head.
You knew you should have gone through with picking him up on your way here, yet he’d insisted on driving himself. Any excuse to use that flash new car he’d bought, despite the fact he’d never actually told you how he’d afforded it. Call you naive, but it wasn’t often that second year college students rolled up to lectures in a brand new BMW. But Hyunjin was nothing if not flamboyant.
And almost as if on cue, the familiar roar of the robust engine you’d grown to know, and subsequently loathe, echoed from down the road. You fought the urge to grimace at the obnoxious sound, yet worse than that was the doubly obnoxious bassline blaring from the speakers of the car, made all the louder by the fact that he’d opted to wind the roof of the car down. Of course it was also a fucking convertible.
You almost wished he hadn’t turned up.
He pulled up in front of you, all smiles and windswept tresses as he promptly switched off the ignition, silencing the deafening EDM track and booming engine.
You rushed over to him, sweeping your hair from your face as you leaned over his window frame.
“Do you have any idea how much of a tit you look?” You hissed, glancing up and down the street at the flocks of people passing by, every one of them doing a double take at the attractive car and equally gorgeous boy sat inside it.
He raised an eyebrow at you, sliding his tinted sunglasses up from his eyes.
“Also, you’re so fucking late. Get a move on.”
You turned on your heel, leaving a bewildered, yet only marginally less smug Hyunjin in his seat as you made a beeline for the mall entrance. The slamming of his car door and an electronic beep of the locks told you that he was coming after you, but you were still too annoyed to really grace him with any decent words.
“Are you really mad?” He asked as he caught up, falling into pace with your walking speed after he’d pushed open the heavy glass door for you.
“Yes, I’m mad. You were the one that told me to be on time,” you snapped indignantly, “and then you have the nerve to make that entrance? Why wouldn’t you let me just pick you up?!”
Even out of your peripherals, you could tell he was pouting at you.
“Oh come on, I’m not that late, it’s only-” He pulled his phone from his pocket, nonchalantly checking the time before he froze. “Oh, shit. I really am late. Y/N, wait-”
A gentle grip on the sleeve of your hoodie stopped you in your tracks, a huff of impatience escaping you as he turned you to face him.
He held you by the shoulders, his hazel doe eyes full of apology, just visible through his blonde locks. His bottom lip formed in a pout, just enough, and he knew full well what that little expression did to you. You were never able to stay mad with him when he pulled that card.
“I’m sorry, kitten. Really. Let me make it up to you?” He half-whined, shaking you gently.
You rolled your eyes, any determination to stay angry crumbling by the second, and that wasn’t half in thanks to the impromptu pet name he’d taken to giving you lately. You couldn’t actually be sure when or how that had started, but you weren’t entirely averse to it. In fact, every time he said it, the smallest spark of excitement would ignite. It was wildly frustrating.
You shrugged off his hands, linking your arm in his as you all but dragged him through the mall proper, resigning yourself to his groveling. He couldn’t hide the victorious smile that broke out, obviously pleased with himself for worming his way back into your graces, but then again, it never took much.
“Where are we going first?” He asked, shoving his hands into his pockets while you walked.
“Uh, well didn’t you say you needed new shirts? Let’s get that out the way.” You replied, eyes flicking between the garish signs of the shops that surrounded you, deciding to let his indiscretion slide for now.
The two of you navigated through the crowds of people, avoiding pushchairs and groups of afternoon shoppers as you headed to your destination, the subtle drone of the mall music playing on repeat.
“Hey, Y/N?” He eventually muttered, albeit hesitantly.
You shot him a questioning look, wondering where that earlier confidence had gone.
“Did I… really look like a tit back there?”
You stopped for a moment, your eyes narrowing in minor disbelief. You loved this about him, the way he seemed so indifferent on the surface, yet would absorb every single thing you said and commit it to memory, whether he liked it or not. The mere notion that he’d taken your trivial insult entirely to heart struck you as hilarious, and utterly endearing. The overwhelming urge to laugh became an unstoppable force as you broke out into fits of giggles, your hand raised to him in defence.
Immediately jumping on the defensive at your reaction, he yanked his arm free of your grip, storming away with a harsh click of his tongue.
“Hyunjin- wait!” Your appeal came out as a laughter ridden attempt to get him to stop, entirely defeating the intention behind it.
“Screw you!” He called back, glaring over his shoulder. “This tit’s got places to be!”
You called his name for what seemed like the tenth time from your position on the horrendously uncomfortable plastic chair, your voice echoing down the corridor that led to the mens’ dressing room in this clothing shop.
He’d been in there for a good twenty minutes, and while you knew he liked to be sure before he bought things, (which coincidentally made the lavish BMW purchase all the more uncharacteristic), you also wished he’d pick up the pace.
“Hyunjin?” You called again, standing from your seat. You poked your head around the corner of the dressing room, seeing long lines of cubicles with heavy velvet curtains covering them.
“Are you done yet?”
Muffled sounds of ruffling and struggled grunts crept from behind one of the curtains, and it almost definitely didn’t sound like someone who was having an easy time getting changed, if that was what was happening at all.
“Everything okay in there?” You asked, approaching the noisy cubicle with caution.
“I- I’m fine! I just- can’t get this fucking thing off-”
“What thing? Do you need a hand?”
You once again stifled the urge to giggle at his expense, the lingering hilarity of his earlier question still not having worn off. The image of him struggling with a shirt three sizes too small being one that you’d undoubtedly find comical, but you knew it wasn’t entirely appropriate given that he seemed to be having such a hard time, from the sounds of things.
“Ugh… fuck- ouch!”
A firm thud came from behind the curtain, and you began to worry that he’d managed to get caught in a makeshift strait jacket with the way he was carrying on.
“I’m coming in,” you warned, taking hold of the curtain.
“No! Don’t, I can-”
You whipped the fabric aside, clamping your hand over your mouth almost instantly at the sight you were rewarded with. His right arm was held in the air, constricted by the shirt that had somehow managed to get stuck around his bicep and shoulder. His left arm was holding the hem of the clothing, and that was half ridden up his torso, seeming to be too small to actually get around his pecs at all.
“What the fuck have you done?!” You shrieked, stepping into the booth before dragging the curtain back in place.
“Just fucking help me.” He growled, his cheeks flushing with inherent embarrassment.
You assessed his situation, deciding that it would be best to just bite the bullet and use force above anything else, in the form of a good old fashioned pull. Even if it ended up ripping, at least he’d be free from the prison he’d put himself in.
“Here, turn around.”
Hyunjin complied, turning to face the mirror on the wall as you grabbed the back of the shirt. You tugged as best you could, dragging it up his taut back only for it to move all of an inch with the lack of give in the material.
“How did you… even get this on?” You huffed, straining with the exertion of trying to move the stubborn shirt.
“It has a zip, but it got stuck- Ow, fuck! Be careful!”
“Stop complaining, I’m trying to help.”
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, his jaw tensing as you placed one hand against the small of his back for purchase.
“Where’s the zip?” You sighed, giving up on trying to be forceful with it. It clearly wasn’t working.
“At the front, here-”
He turned back to face you, his form hunched over with the way the tight shirt was contorting him. He tugged at the collar, exposing the small zip that locked up the front.
You took hold of it, mustering all your strength from every muscle to rip it down. Tugging at it desperately, your face lit up as it seemed to move with your efforts, even if it was just a minuscule amount.
“It’s coming loose, just a bit more…” You breathed, placing your other hand against his abs for further traction.
Hyunjin visibly tensed at the contact, although you barely noticed it with your focus on the more pressing issue. That was until you felt the warmth of his skin under your hand. He was firm to touch, probably even moreso right now because he was simply so worked up.
You swallowed, opting not to make a comment on it as you gave it one more rigorous pull.
And as if by magic, your technique finally bore results as the little zipper came sliding down his chest, opening up the shirt and releasing its’ death grip on him. His arms fell to his sides, a wanton sigh of relief escaping him as he fell back to the mirrored wall.
The material swept open on him, exposing his sculpted upper body. The faintest sheen of sweat had gathered on his skin, no doubt a result of his struggle, but it gave him an almost glow that you hadn’t been ready for. The ridges of his abs contracted and relaxed with every deep intake of breath, and for a moment, the sight sent your head blank.
It was an uncontested fact that Hyunjin was attractive. A model of a man, and anyone with eyes could see that. You’d managed to repress the majority of the urges he unwittingly gave you now and then, only succumbing to them on a handful of occasions. The last being when he’d opted to walk around your apartment with nothing but a towel hanging from his hips, freshly wet from the shower he’d helped himself to. Suffice it to say that a simple cotton towel left nothing to the imagination, and you’d been thunderstruck with the revelation of just how well endowed your best friend appeared to be. So you’d made your excuses and slipped off to your bedroom, your impromptu date with your toy bullet firmly set in stone.
It also didn’t help that your own love life had been notoriously dry lately. There’s nothing quite like a barren spell to stir up sexual frustrations and deep desires.
“Thank fuck for that…” He groaned, rubbing at the joints of his sore shoulder.
“You’re welcome.” You smiled, shaking off the tingling feeling that had gathered in your stomach as you turned away from him.
“What would I do without you, kitten?”
Your cheeks flushed helplessly at the second days’ mention of that infernal pet name, and you tore your eyes away from him. He looked like there was something more he wanted to say, but your sudden urgency to get out of this confined space, with him in it, was overriding anything else.
You couldn’t afford the discomfort of getting any wetter in public.
“I’ll meet you outside!” You called, whipping open the curtain and rushing down the corridor, back out to the mall itself, all the while your heart thumping at a pace far faster than normal.
You were utterly worked up. Frustrated and on edge, all thanks to the temptation your best friend had presented to you.
This was getting ridiculous.
“Where next?” Hyunjin asked, his nonchalant stride keeping a pace with yours as you walked through the upper floor of the bustling mall.
“I needed new shampoo…” You muttered, more to yourself than to him as you looked around.
“Why do you need new stuff? I like the one you use now.”
You didn’t particularly want to explain that your current shampoo seemed to be having an unholy drying effect on the ends of your hair, so you didn’t. You simply smiled at him instead, letting on that he didn’t need to know everything about your life, though you were sure he’d dispute that.
“I just do. You don’t get a say in what shampoo I use, weirdo.”
He shot you a disconcerting glance before he suddenly stopped, tugging on your arm to bring you closer. Your eyes flew open as he took hold of the back of your neck, and being as he stood at least a head taller than you, you had no room to fight when he leaned down and took a long, deep inhalation from the top of your head.
He withdrew slowly, eyes closed and low hum resounding from him in exaggerated appreciation.
“See? I’ll never get enough of it. It’s like cherry blossoms and citrus…” He mused quietly.
While you knew he was only doing this to tease you, you couldn’t help the stirring of desire that blossomed in your core as a result of his mockery, the earlier sparks of wanting returning to you all over again. You damned your body for having such an involuntary response to him when your cheeks flushed, your sex aching with unwarranted desire.
You quickly swatted his arm away before you spun on your heel and marched ahead, doing your best to ignore said aching and any other inappropriate feelings. Though it was getting harder to do that.
“D- Don’t sniff me, it’s fucking weird. You’re weird. Weirdo.” You mumbled, your insult having far less grace or effect than it would have had if you weren’t so dazed with him.
Although… maybe he wasn’t teasing.
Maybe he really did like the scent of your shampoo. He wouldn’t make such a show of things if he didn’t, right?
“It’s not weird. And you’re gonna give me a complex if you keep calling me that,” he protested as he caught up with you, returning to your side. “Besides, I wasn’t joking. I really do like it.”
You shrugged off his words, deciding not to comment on it any further. This whole thing was making you feel strange, and the residue of warmth left where his hand had been on your neck was only making it worse. It was a confusing combination of longing desire and fuzzy anticipation, and quite frankly, it was giving you a headache.
But maybe you could bear with the current shampoo for a little longer…?
“Oh, wait!” You exclaimed, holding out your left arm to stop Hyunjin in his tracks, to which he dramatically doubled over it.
“I’m going in here, I’ve wanted to for ages,” you stated, gesturing to the shop you were about to walk past. “Uh, you don’t have to come with, though.”
Hyunjin furrowed his brows, about to dispute the fact that you were trying to leave him behind, when he noticed the sign above the store front.
Ann Summers
“R- Really? What do you need to go in here for?” He stammered, shoving his hands into his pockets, as if he suddenly needed to be inconspicuous.
You cocked your head at him, knowing full well what he was probably thinking. Ann Summers was a well known lingerie retailer, yet it was also a widely known fact that they happened to stock aids of a more intimate nature. Any and all kinds of toys to spice up ones’ sex life, single or not.
All you’d wanted was to pick up a few new bras, but now that you thought about it… this could be a well placed opportunity.
“Why don’t you wait out here? I know it’s probably a bit much for you…” You smiled, adopting your most patronising tone as you tapped his arm affectionately.
Hyunjin scowled, clearly not missing your inflection and taking it as nothing but a challenge.
“Fuck off. I’m coming in.”
And before you could even stop him, he marched straight into the store, not an inch of hesitation present in him.
His audacity surprised you, but in the end, your plan had worked wonderfully. It was just typical of Hyunjin to rise to your goading.
Perhaps it was time for a little dressing room payback. It was unfair for you to be the only one getting so worked up, after all.
You admired yourself once more in the floor length mirror of the dressing room cubicle, your hands running over your figure in smug satisfaction. This had definitely been a good choice.
The thin black straps of the lace bralet you’d picked out crossed over your chest, the deep plunge of it accentuating your cleavage. Lace frills ran the hem of the item, splaying out over your ribs and clinging to your form. It had come as a set, and the black thong it was matched with was detailed with small, barely visible diamantes that ran the length of the elastic band. The material that covered your sex was silken, and the band pinched at the flesh of your hips in just the right way. Not enough to look too small, but enough that it would surely give a satisfying bounce to your flesh if was picked at.
Honestly, you’d impressed yourself. Lingerie had never been your thing, but maybe it should be. You could get used to the feeling of femininity it seemed to instil.
You took a steeling breath in, poking your head out of the thick red curtain that covered the cubicle. Looking up and down the corridor, you knew that all the other stalls were empty by the way their curtains were wide open, so you took your chance.
No response.
“Hyunjin!” You called again, shifting on your feet.
“W- What?”
“Can you come in here for a sec?”
You heard the faintest choke of disbelief as your question had no doubt made him blush, much to your pleasure.
“I can’t do that Y/N, it’s the womens’ dressing room!” He rasped hastily.
“Just come through! There’s no one else here, I need your help with something!”
“No way.”
You clicked your tongue in frustration, wishing that his earlier confidence would just make an appearance.
“Fine. Forget it then. Guess I won’t buy this lingerie set.” You quipped, hoping that the lure of your semi naked form would be enough entice him.
Although… what would you do if it was? What would that mean? Would it mean that Hyunjin wanted to see you naked…?
You couldn’t believe that thought hadn’t crossed your mind until now, yet it appeared to be too late as rapid footsteps echoed down the hall and Hyunjin appeared from around the corner.
Fuck it.
“Quick!” You hissed, gesturing for him to join you.
He spared a glance over his shoulder before he made a break for your cubicle, shaking his head in defeat as he ran. You ushered him inside quickly, whipping the curtain closed and stepping aside for him to make room.
And almost instantly, the atmosphere changed.
The cubicle now seemed ten times smaller than it did when it was just you in it. Hyunjin visibly swallowed as his gaze rested on you, and he appeared to stop breathing for a moment. Those usual bright irises darkened, his gaze laving over you without any sense of shame or the slightest hesitation as he took you in.
You tried to take a tentative step back to create a modicum of space, but it was fruitless. Hyunjin towered over you, the height difference between you now seeming painfully apparent. You felt the smallest you ever had around him.
“W- What do you think?” You asked, your voice quiet.
Hyunjin shook his head slowly, his tongue whetting his bottom lip in a quick motion before he spoke.
“You really want my opinion?”
His tone was deep, rougher than you’d ever heard it. The glint in his eye was almost intimidating, and the subtle throb between your legs as he stalked towards you a single step made your knees go weak.
“I think…” He purred, placing his hand against the wall behind you. “That you shouldn’t ever take this off…”
“Hyunjin, what are you-”
Your visions locked as you looked up at him, your back arching off the wall while his free hand curved around your waist. He was warm, so beautifully soft to the touch that your eyes fluttered at the simple contact, your cheeks burning up as his hand slid down to your naked hips.
He hushed you quietly, gaze drifting to the thin band of your thong. He dipped his fingertips into it, and you parted your lips in a quiet, voiceless sigh, every one of your senses on high alert as you tried to control your breathing. He was taking his time, yet it still felt like things were happening too fast.
He tugged gently at the fabric, allowing it to spring back on itself as he toyed with you. The subtle snap of the lace reconnecting with your skin made you almost whine, yet you did your best to contain it.
Raising an eyebrow at your attempts to keep yourself together, he removed his hand from the wall, placing it the other side of your waist. He slid both hands up your body towards your lace clad breasts, cupping his hands under them gently.
“P- Please stop…” You whispered, your words coming out as a halfhearted appeal even to you.
Because you didn’t want him to stop. You didn’t want him to take a step back, or stop touching you. You simply wanted him.
Failing to keep your desires at bay this time, a choked groan escaped you as he pushed your breasts together carefully, admiring the way the bralet tightened across your chest and how your cleavage heaved at his actions. He repeated the gesture, his lip catching between his teeth as he watched, his lids hooded and heavy. Your core tightened, helpless to deny him with the sparks of wanting flooded you. The impossible thought that your utterly irresistible best friend just might want you as badly as you’ve wanted him sent your head blank.
He leaned in to your ear, his soft blonde tresses tickling at your cheek as he held his lips to your lobe.
“You thought you’d get one over on me?”
Your eyes flew open as the atmosphere quickly faded, his hands dropping from your body, denying you of any contact.
“Not a chance, kitten. This is what you get for trying to rile me up.”
All he needed to do was take a single step back to leave you nothing but breathless and wholly flustered. And that’s exactly what he did. You were too highly strung to form any sort of witty retort, and in all honesty, you would have burst into tears if it wasn’t for the fact that you still had to leave this cubicle at some point, ideally in a mildly presentable state.
“I’ll meet you outside.” He remarked, as if he hadn’t just had you against the wall, whipping back the curtain minus his usual grace.
“Oh, and by the way,” he stopped, glancing over his shoulder. “You really should buy that. It looks great on you.”
With that, he stepped out of the room, shoving the curtain back into place to allow you your modesty.
Yet you weren’t with it. A heady mix of emotions ran through you, the most prominent one being burning, salacious lust. It had been a long time since you’d felt so completely hopeless to deny the desperate willings of your own body, but right now, all you wanted to do was submit.
That had well and truly backfired, in the worst of ways. Your attempts to wind Hyunjin up for some sense of twisted revenge for the things he didn’t even know he was doing to you, now felt insignificant.
So you had no other choice than to take matters into your own hands.
The drive home felt like the longest one you’d ever made, despite the fact you lived less than twenty minutes away from the city centre.
You’d said your goodbyes to Hyunjin, making your excuses the moment you’d left Ann Summers behind, and the rapport between you now was frosty at best.
He knew why you were leaving. He knew why you didn’t want to engage in any further conversation other than the listless reasons you were giving him, because your current physical and emotional state took precedence. And he also knew he couldn’t question those reasons, if he valued your friendship in any form.
You all but crashed into your apartment, kicking off your shoes and making a beeline straight for your bedroom. If you weren’t uncomfortably hot before, you certainly were now. Your body temperature was soaring, every nerve in your body alight with the anticipation your plan was bringing, and that plan was fairly simple in of itself.
You, your vibrator, and a long, steamy session of goodness to soothe the cravings in the only way you could.
Spread legged on your bed, your panties hanging from your left ankle with your shirt ridden up over one breast, you were a heaving, moaning mess of lust as you slid your soft purple vibrator through your sex. You’d neglected to make use of any kind of lube this time around, simply because you didn’t need it. The events of the day and the audacity of your best friend in all his irresistible fucking glory had rendered you soaking, and it was the best kind of natural lubrication you could have asked for.
As hopelessly horny as you were, delayed gratification had always been your thing, and so you began to tease yourself with the head of the toy. You had yet to even turn it on, appreciating the rigid feeling of the silicone slipping through your labia, your walls clenching around nothing as they pleaded to be filled. Your own groans and curses filled the room, meant for no one other than yourself.
Being alone, and doing things alone, had never really bothered you. You’d grown accustomed to taking your own pleasure to its’ peaks, knowing exactly what you wanted and cutting out the added headache of having to explain that to someone else.
Yet this time, something resembling a feeling of loneliness began to creep through you. Perhaps it was because you’d been with Hyunjin all day, and that your current state was largely (entirely) his fault, but it was almost maddening. You shook it off as you continued to touch yourself, the heat in your core building with every delicious slide of the toy.
You could make yourself cum. You’d done it countless times before, and you’d do it again. You didn’t need another man, not Hyunjin nor anyone, to sate the cravings you harboured.
Or at least, that was what you thought.
A gentle knock on your door made you freeze.
A careful click of the handle turning made you sit up in your spot, your legs clamping shut as sheer fright ran through you.
And the appearance of your best friend from behind the door, made your heart stop.
“Wh- What the… What the fuck?!” You yelled, scooting back up the bed in panic as Hyunjin walked into your room.
He was dressed in the same clothes he’d been wearing earlier, so he clearly hadn’t gone home. Or if he had, you couldn’t tell. His hair was swept back over his eyes, collected in an unkempt ponytail at the back as several strands fell loose.
And his gaze was transfixed, to you.
“Hyunjin, get the hell out of here!” You shouted again, mentally kicking yourself for ever having given him a key to your place.
“I can’t do that.”
You watched him in disbelief as he closed the door behind him, stalking towards you like a slinking tiger.
“Seriously, you need to leave, I’m-”
“You’re what?” He griped, his tone sultry. “Fucking yourself?”
You choked on the air in your lungs, the vibrator in your hand falling to the bed as you realised you’d been holding it this whole time. As if that had been the singular thing to give it all away when you were half naked, sprawled out on your bed in your throws of passion.
“I… I just-”
“Thought you’d make some shit excuse and leave me hanging?” He interrupted again, taking a nonchalant seat at the end of your bed, as if your lower half wasn’t entirely exposed to him in this position.
“Look,” he sighed, catching his bottom lip between his teeth, as if trying to find the words. “I wasn’t certain why you tried to wind me up earlier. I mean, I had an idea of what was going on.”
You avoided his gaze, opting instead to focus on the duvet beneath you.
“But now I know for sure.”
“You don’t know anything.” You retorted quietly.
“Oh, kitten…” He purred, cocking his head at you. “You think I can’t tell when you’re keening for a fuck?”
Your jaw fell open in shock at his vulgar observation, and moreso than that, the fact that he was right.
“Can I be honest?” He asked, though you had a feeling he was going to be anyway.
“I’ve always thought you were too good for any of those assholes you ever dated. None of those clueless pricks knew how to treat you.”
While you knew he’d never liked any of the guys you’d dated, you’d perhaps underestimated exactly how much it bothered him, if this was anything to go by.
"And I’ve always wondered what you’d look like underneath me…”
Just as had happened in the dressing room, the notable change in atmosphere began to sink in too quickly. There was darkness in his eyes, a lingering, subtle glint that told you he was feeling things he knew he shouldn’t be. Things that he’d been feeling for a long time, and that your current position was rousing to the surface far sooner than he’d anticipated, like a bottle of champagne bursting to pop.
“Why have you never asked me to help?” He chided disapprovingly.
“H- Help with what?” You stammered, your heartbeat quickening as he climbed to the bed, approaching you on all fours.
He flashed you a knowing smile, positioning himself on his knees at your feet.
“Let me see.” He instructed, glancing down at your clamped thighs.
You knew what he wanted, and the simple prospect of him even looking at you in this state was enough to send you reeling into a deeper sense of lust than you’d ever felt.
It was futile to even attempt hiding it any longer.
You bit your lip nervously, your thighs tensing as you gradually spread your legs, exposing yourself to Hyunjin’s full view. He inhaled sharply, his eyes darkening all over again at the sight of your soaking, tender pussy.
A quiet curse escaped him and he sank down to his front like a man mesmerised, bringing his face ever closer to your heat. You marvelled at his intensity, the coil in your stomach tightening, waves of expectancy building the closer he got.
“So beautiful…” He muttered, bringing the tip of his finger to your folds.
You groaned far louder than you’d expected too when he finally touched you, his fingers performing a steady exploration of your core, as if he was bringing long hidden fantasies to life. It made you helplessly giddy, and by now you were so frantic that the slightest bit of friction to your clit was bound to make you cum instantly.
And Hyunjin’s intentions were set in stone.
His breath fanned warm over your heat, his moist lips connecting with your throbbing clit as he submitted to his own wanton desires, suckling gently on the bud. Your back arched cleanly off the bed with the fucking delicious sensation of his lips around you, and you could do nothing but whimper at his behest.
His ministrations deepened as your responses were everything he’d hoped they be, your wails of content spurring him into action. His tongue flattened against your clit, subtle ripples of the muscle stimulating you at every angle before he dipped his finger inside.
“Oh- my god…” You whined, clenching around his long, slim digit, craving to be filled by something bigger, yet endlessly grateful that you were even getting this.
“You’re so warm…” He mumbled, sliding his finger in to the knuckle before he retracted slowly, repeating the action as he worked up your clit to the limit of what it could take. “So wet…”
Another careful suck of your bud and a particularly deep plunge of his finger sent your vision white, your thighs trembling around his head with the rapid approach of your orgasm.
“Mhm… cumming so soon, kitten?” He teased, withdrawing all contact as he suddenly stopped what he was doing.
Your high faded tragically with the loss of stimulation, leaving nothing but a taut ball of frustration and need in its’ place. You propped yourself up on your elbows, glaring down at him through glassy eyes.
“W- Why’d you stop…?”
He smirked wickedly, bringing his slick digit to his lips before he laved his tongue across the skin, tasting your juices like it was the only thing he’d ever wanted to do.
“Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?” He asked, his voice low. “I intend to enjoy every second of it. You’ll cum, only when I allow it.”
You couldn’t be sure how long you’d been at this with him.
The ability to determine a sense of time or indeed anything else had been well and truly banished from you, any rational thoughts replaced with nothing but him, him, him. He was the only thing you thought about. His name the only thing that you chanted as he drove you dangerously close to your orgasm for the fourth time, only to once again cruelly deny you of everything.
“F- Fuck!” You cursed, your mouth dry and throat burning with the callousness of your cries for release.
Sweat slicked your now naked body, every inch of you covered with a thin sheen of it thanks to the exertion of being thrown from pillar to post with Hyunjin’s techniques. Your joints and muscles ached deliciously, your core so tight and pussy so keenly tender that you almost wanted to cry.
“Hyu- Hyunjin, p- please…” You pleaded, carding your fingers through his silken locks as he reattached his lips to your trembling clit.
A drawn out groan emitted from you, your back arching and legs quivering instantly. You couldn’t take much more of this.
“P- Please… f- fuck, just let me cum… please let me c- cum, Hyunjin-”
“Should I?” He purred, lapping up your release all over again with his beautifully plump lips that were utterly dripping with your substance.
“Oh god…” you breathed as he slipped his middle and index fingers into your entrance, roaming against your walls like he wasn’t driving you into insanity. “I need it, Hyunjin… fuck I need it so b- bad-”
Hyunjin hummed against you, the subtle vibrations reverberating through your bones as the build up of your fifth orgasm began to creep up all too soon. Each time had been quicker than the last, each release coming closer than the last, and you almost dreaded the brutality of this orgasm when it eventually came. If it ever came.
“I suppose you deserve it, kitten. You’ve done so well…”
“Ugh… y- yes, I’ve been good, so-”
Your desperate words were cut short as Hyunjin latched to your core, rapid flutters of his tongue caressing your aching clit from all sides, driving you to the peak you’d been so horrendously denied until now.
Molten heat swept your body, tingles and sparks of euphoric pleasure sending you into a blank daze as your vision starred and your groans transformed to silent, raspy chokes for breath.
Hyunjin broke into a keen smile against you, holding your quivering form in place with one hand on your stomach as he rode you through it. He was ever attentive, providing the extra stimulation when you needed it, slowing when you went too high. Yet as the intensity of your orgasm began to fade, blissful numbness playing at the edges of your joints, Hyunjin continued his ministrations.
You weren’t given a chance to come down, a chance to breathe or relax as he slid his fingers into you with a swift motion, fucking your soaking entrance with newfound vigour.
“H- Hyunjin, s- stop, fuck-”
Pleads fell on deaf ears as he worked you further, too invested in feeling you around him to notice. He flicked his tongue across his own lips, tasting your sweet release, and that seemed to be the thing that snapped the last of his resolve.
“My turn, kitten.”
You yelped in surprise as he lifted you by your wrists, your body too limp to really support itself as he flipped you to your front. Firm hands yanked you to all fours, his knees dipping into the mattress as he positioned himself behind you. Again, you couldn’t be sure exactly when he’d removed his clothes, but his sculpted form was a sight to behold.
Not a second of time was given for you to process what was happening before the most keening of sensations swept through you. He was stretching you out, and your knees buckled with the feeling, yet Hyunjin kept you upright as he eased himself into you. You took every inch of him, forced to feel his entire rigid length, the same one you’d only ever dreamed of having inside you while he took his time to claim you.
“Ugh, jesus… You’re so soft, kitten. So fucking tight for me-”
Languid thrusts of his hips forced broken moans from your lips, his own pleasure manifesting as gentle grunts that sent the butterflies in your stomach to flight. He moved carefully, as if he was trying to hold back, slaps of skin on skin and the gradual creaking of the bed beneath you acting as the rhythm.
“You… You feel s- so good… So hard,” you whimpered, throwing your head back in ardent worship of him. “D- Don’t stop…”
Hyunjin hissed through his teeth at your instruction, his fingers lacing into your hair as he wound it around his hand. He tugged your head back, still gentle enough to give you some slack but firm enough that he could hear your strained whines of pleasure as they shot up through the room.
His pace increased, firmer snaps of his hips that sent you surging forwards up the bed, his throbbing cock hitting you in all the right places with the new speed. Your knees buckled once again, yet this time Hyunjin allowed it.
Lying flat on your front, he splayed your legs apart, one hand on your clammy shoulder blade and the other pressed against the bed for support as he fucked you. You arched your back enough that he could still enter you, spreading your legs apart as far as you could manage, and the new position was nothing short of heavenly.
The heavy drag of his cock against your walls was exquisite, his groans of passion descending into something much more carnal as his own orgasm approached.
You felt him stiffen inside you, his body flush with yours as his strength waned, rutting like a man possessed. Wet, messy kisses covered your shoulder and neck as he drove you up the bed, the headboard bouncing gently against the plaster wall in rhythm with his motions.
“Y/N… Fuck, I… I’m gonna cum so hard-”
“Do it… inside me, please-”
His face buried to the nape of your neck, his fingers curled to the sheets beside your head. He hardened all over, deep, throaty moans escaping him as he granted your request, much to his own relief. You felt the warmth and thickness as he came, and fuck, he was right when he’d said it was going to be hard.
Moments passed before he collected himself, and the two of you remained in blissful silence as the reality of what you’d done set in.
You turned to face him, his chest still rising and falling with exaggerated movements as he tried to still his breathing.
“What did we just do…?” You muttered, rolling to your side.
Although he said he’d always wondered what you’d look like underneath him, now that he knew, it was your turn to wonder what that had even meant. You were starkly aware that this could easily be the thing that destroyed your friendship.
He looked confused for a moment, turning on his own side to meet your gaze.
“We had unreal sex?” He replied, his tone still coarse.
You swatted him playfully, entirely unsurprised by his casual observation. Although he certainly wasn’t wrong. That sex would be enough to satiate your cravings for weeks to come.
“I meant, what does this mean? For us? We’re best friends, Hyunjin. Best friends… don’t normally have ‘unreal sex’.”
He pursed his lips in thought, his fingers tracing the side of your face in a nonchalant, affectionate gesture.
“What if we weren’t just best friends anymore?” He asked.
Your eyes went wide as the implication to his question sent tingles through your spine, and you almost dared to imagine that you were right with what you thought he was asking. Your hesitation must have been obvious as Hyunjin broke out into a gentle smile, pulling you into his chest.
“Let’s just date. I basically confessed, right? And I know you want me, Y/N. No point trying to hide it.”
“Are… you sure?” You asked, still not feeling like any of this was really happening.
Just this morning, you’d been scolding him for showing up late. Branding him a tit and walking around the mall arm in arm with him, laughing and talking with not a care in the world other than your illicitly distracting sex drive. You were as close to him as you thought you’d ever be, with this level of intimacy, the one experienced exclusively by lovers, staying locked and firmly off limits, no matter how many times you’d thought about it.
“I’m sure…” He whispered, planting a chaste kiss to your forehead. “I’ve never been more sure about anything.”
You nodded in quiet agreement, nuzzling your face into his firm chest and finding a sense of comfort in him that was more exhilarating than soothing, in this moment of newness.
“And before I forget, we need to go back to the mall tomorrow. I’ll drive though.” He mumbled, the edgings of sleep clawing at his consciousness with the exertion of your activities.
“What for?”
A not-so-subtle smirk crossed his lips, one eye opening a crack as he looked down at you in his arms.
“Call it unfinished business,” he purred, carding his fingers through your hair. “Involving you, that skimpy fucking lingerie, and the dressing room.”
He lifted your chin to meet his piercing gaze, his full lips parting before yours as he moved to grace you with a tender kiss. Yet he stopped barely an inch away, holding the moment of anticipation, stealing the very breath from you. That familiar wicked glint reappeared in his eyes as he set his plan in stone, and you that familiarity wouldn’t wear off anytime soon.
“I’ll fuck you so hard in it that you won’t be able to walk, or drive, kitten. You belong to me now.”
A/N: Even I had no idea how cathartic dressing rooms could be, but damn, this was a fun filled adventure of angst and steamy tension. Very fun to write. Sincerely hope you liked this, if you did, please consider letting me know somehow. The links below will take you to more content of mine, if you’d like to indulge. Take care of yourselves. Mica.
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2minfilms · 13 days ago
play with fire.
pairings — prince!hyunjin x princess!reader ft. prince!seungmin and prince!chan
genre — angst, smut, fluff, royal au
warnings — nsfw, unprotected sex, slight degrading, swearing, mentions of pregnancy (once), blood, murder and death, playing with fire, reader knows witchcraft, lowercase intended.
words — 12.6k
note — sorry this took really a lot of time, even myself didn't expect this to be this long. i know this sucks since i'm new in this genre and i can't write a proper smut but this serves as practice for future writings. but do please let me know :( ps. not proof read.
— play with fire teaser.
— check masterlist for the series.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— 20th of March, year 1800, a healthy baby boy was born in the break of dawn. the kingdom rejoiced to the good news from the king's messenger that the hwang family has finally brought the next heir to the throne. the king and queen were delighted to be blessed with a son who will soon take over the entire kingdom and will inherit the pure goodness and delicate morality of the royal family.
he was named hwang hyunjin. the surname brings and depicts the royal family and hyunjin means kindhearted and to become true. there is no doubt that he will be a good ruler when the time comes. his father is a good man who did a lot of donations, have provided tight security for the safety of his people in their kingdom and promised good job opportunities for both men and women. his wife possesses kindness, she was the head of the parliament who gives good and fair judgment and has the beautiful face which everyone's eye candy. the admirable acts that the king and queen have made wasn't limited to the humans. fairies, trolls, animals and shape-shifters witness the hearts of gold of the royal couple. the news of the new born baby had spread across the neighboring kingdoms and the forest as well where these mystical creatures live. the fairies and trolls agreed to give one gift as the animals and shape-shifters contributed one useful ability for the prince.
as the night arrived, the king and queen's bedroom was visited by the fairies and trolls to see the baby on his crib. they were pleased to witness such a healthy and handsome young prince.
“here is the gift in exchange of the good deeds this kingdom has done to the mystical creatures.” the leader of the fairies stated. “the magic of fire will provide him strength, wisdom, light and purification.” the leader of the trolls and the fairy laid their hands gently on the prince's chest where his heart was located. as their eyes were shut, a gentle light from their hands glowed, implanting the magic of fire to his heart. fire symbolizes strength, wisdom and purification but it will be danger, destruction and pain towards the enemies. when the leader of the fairies and trolls were done, the king of the forest, the wolf and the leader of shape-shifters gave the prince the ability to transform as a raven whenever his heart desires.
“a raven that has wisdom and insight, a smart creature that would help the prince for his future laws and acts, he will provide healing, light and affection to the ones under the darkness.” the ability to shape-shift will be useful in the future, it will serve as an eye and a look-out for approaching danger or it will depend how the prince would use it for his own benefit. yet warnings were given ahead. the mystical creatures always knew how hyunjin will use the gifts in the ways of uprightness but his powers must remain confidential from the public.
in fairytales, when everyone is happy to the great news, there is also one who is not pleased. in hyunjin's fairytale, it is an old wizard who can shape-shift himself in to a werewolf. he travelled north from christark to the kingdom of targarhyun. his hatred for the royal family is enormous for he was banished from the lands because of his cruel deeds. the wizard found sanctuary near the christark kingdom in which he could never be disturbed and lived his dark days. and when the news of the new born price of targarhyun, he guessed it is time to meet up an old friend.
of course he would bring a gift — a curse for the new born prince in exchange for being exiled. soon he was killed by the king's men piercing a silver spear on his chest but it was a little too late when the baby was devoured by the curse and the words from the wizard's mouth was irreversible: “on his 18th birthday, a full moon will be witnessed and when his bare skin touches the illuminating light he will turn into a werewolf who will show no mercy to his victims. he will suffer nothing but pain, he will feel no love but madness and despair.”
the king and queen were the ones who fell in to despair, he said no cure for the their poor son and the spell is too strong to eliminate. even the fairies who have magic cannot make it disappear nor the christark people who can shape-shift themselves as werewolves but the good ones. the king of christark came to visit the targarhyun kingdom, days after the tradegy, “your majesty, we're so sorry for the prince's fate. but we offer a gift that will lessen the strong magic that surrounds him.” he said.
“i'm very much thankful for it.” hyunjin's father said with sadness in eyes yet he still have hope to find a cure for his son's painful curse. the king of christark took a small box from his guard which contains a necklace in which an small stone of an amethyst crystal serves as a pendant, “this won't guarantee cure, but the magic of the crystal that our ancestors have left will help him find inner peace. the hideous beast that lies within the prince is not easy to be cured. we cannot rely on the crystal.” the king of christark says, looking at the couple. “he won't be able to use his magic when he turns in to a wolf but you must keep him away when he turns 18.”
the king and queen exchanged glances, they cannot do anything but to accept the fate of their only child.
Tumblr media
years passed and his parents hid the secret until he discovers it on his own. they made sure that no one will ever find out about the hideous form that lies within their little boy, waiting to be awaken. the king was left in anger and got depressed because of the curse. he commanded his men to look for wizards, witches or anyone who has magic just to find a cure but they've got nothing.
“mother, what is this old lady doing?” the young prince would ask when he met the queen of minnister who has a background of witchcraft and studied spells all her life. his mother would chuckle and would set up a lie as an excuse that the queen of minnister is just checking his health. “oh, a doctor.” hyunjin smiled and the queen from the other kingdom would look at him with brightness, hiding the cruel reality of the 8-year-old boy in front of her.
“i'm afraid your son has no hope.” the queen of minnister would tell hyunjin's mother.
only a nod and a sad sigh was made from the queen of targarhyun as a response. even potions won’t work. hyunjin would often asked them is he is sick or has a lifetime illness for he is being checked by witches and wizards who disguises themselves as doctors. but the truth remain hidden. nevertheless, the boy was raised in a bright and good palace household. everyone who were working for the royal family is his friend and they couldn't help but love the adorable young prince.
hyunjin was kind, a gentleman and smart at a very young age. his parents brought him private tutors who taught him proper etiquette, art, literature and mathematics while his parents took care of the laws, rules, political science and how to rule the kingdom when he takes over the crown. even the swift strategic moves and sword fights were so easy on him. learning to control his fire magic and shape-shifting trainings were held privately by the mystical creatures. even the fairies and ravens made him promise not to show it to anyone except his parents. fortunately, the young prince is a fast learner and can follow instructions really well. the king and queen were impressed on how their son managed to learn quickly on his subjects and understood the meaning of life but, eventually forgot about the curse in which they promised to give the prince a normal childhood.
at the age of 14, hyunjin got recognized for his stunning visuals. the townsfolk on the other hand like him so much and would claim that he is more handsome than his father when he was young. aside from being smart and a gentleman, the ladies swoon over to his beauty and bright personality. the prince was also gifted by the talent of dancing and art, he even made a portrait of him and the king and queen which now hanging on the walls of the grand hall. and of course, his ability to rule is also mainly recognized. it is the way he speak, he is wise with words and the kind gestures he would perform for their people is indeed fit for a king. the parliament in which her mother leads made good discussions and have seen the potential of the young prince to be king in the future.
in their country, there were 8 kingdoms in total. the christark, grayleeknow, seortell, targarhyun, hanratheon, felly, minnister and irell. each leader of each kingdom are mandated to sign a peace treaty to preserve peace and friendship that were made by the past rulers of each kingdom and that no other state shall interfere and destroy the independence of their country. another signing of the treaty will occur when each kingdom has crowned their next heirs. the princes of each kingdom are also friends and will be crowned in the same year, soon become kings on their own kingdoms. they were hyunjin's best friends who would always back him up when he needs it. seungmin, from minnister, is his very closest friend among them. the one who visits him once in two months.
4 years later, seungmin didn't break his usual routine in visiting targarhyun ever since they were 10. he's been spending his breaks or even holidays in hyunjin's kingdom since it is rare to make the latter visit minnister because of one incident.
“you'll be 18 in two weeks. i am afraid i have to see that annoying friend of ours.” the younger prince told him. seungmin is a few months younger than hyunjin that is why latter has the authority sometimes to guide the young one whenever he comes to visit. the two were seen riding their horses in the streets of targarhyun with guards behind them, the townsfolk were very happy to take glimpse of the two handsome princes together on a stroll.
“which friend are you talking about?” hyunjin asked seungmin.
“jisung.” the younger prince answered making hyunjin chuckled. seungmin gave him a puzzled look and smirked. “you weren't in good terms back then.”
“we do but, we're over it.” hyunjin smiled. “besides, father taught to me not to engage hatred and fights with the neighboring kingdoms because of the peace treaty. i won't be the first one to ruin it.”
“oh really? aside from jisung, you were mad about my twin sister, y/n.” hyunjin halted his horse as seungmin looked at him again. the other prince stopped on his tracks and waited for the older one to answer. he saw how hyunjin's mood changed and regretted bring up your name to him. “i'm sorry. i shouldn't have—”
“no, it's okay.”
there was this one incident when hyunjin's mother and him first visited minnister leaving the kingdom of targarhyun on her husband's hands alone during two days time. the three of you were 13 and seungmin introduced you to his dear friend while both of your mothers were having a cup of tea somewhere inside the castle. at a young age, the queen taught you witchcraft and spells as it was a tradition for all women in the royal family. being naive and clumsy, you were the total opposite of your fraternal twin brother, seungmin. describing the minnister's young prince, he is smart, a quick-learner, persistent, he could control his emotions and has a very large potential to be king in the future. seungmin is strictly trained to master laws, mathematics and political science while you were left to master magic and literature. you admit that it's not easy to be raised in a royal family and learn things that you didn't like when you only come as the second option. but you never hated seungmin even if he's the one who always have the freedom to do anything he wants yet he is sincere and is the sweetest brother you could ever ask for.
“hi, it's nice to meet you, your highness.” hyunjin said dashing a smile, offering his hand. a hint of red started to be visible on your cheeks as your palm met his when he kissed the back of your hand.
“nice to meet you too, your highness.” you bowed at him. but you could ignore what you felt when you bare skin touched each other. it wasn't giving you butterflies in your stomach, but a dark magic. the smile on your lips faded as you looked at the handsome young prince standing in front of you with innocent eyes but you could see the darkness behind them. “there's dark magic in you.” you told him as hyunjin got confused, even seungmin himself.
“you're cursed.” you responded. “don't worry, i'll help you.” without thinking, hyunjin didn't really know what you're trying to do when you held his hand again and casted the wrong spell in which you thought it was meant for healing and removing a curse. the young prince's eyes turned red as his body reacted to the spell. he started to had a hard time breathing and collapsed on the ground. his chest tightened as the dark magic showed hints of his hideous form. the amethyst crystal on his necklace managed to lessen the aggressiveness but it wasn't too much of a help. even seungmin was alarmed and asked the guards to call the queen quickly.
you were shocked on your own fault when you realized that hyunjin was dying. guilt startled you and started to panic, regretting your own wrong job. the two queens hurriedly went out of the castle and found the three of you in the garden. your mother immediately casted a spell to remove the wrong one you've made and managed to calm hyunjin down making the him pass out. the queen of targarhyun almost fainted at the sight of her son, the curse is supposed to be hidden from everyone and now even seungmin knew.
you got scolded after that and the queen of targarhyun distanced hyunjin from you. seungmin got to visit him alone in their kingdom instead. they said they forgive you for being reckless as you were a young child but it's best to be far away and let your mother or brother visit them leaving you in the shadows.
“are you sure?” seungmin asked hyunjin after remembering what happened to them.
“i'm not mad at her. i couldn't even remember what happened to me.” hyunjin chuckled. seungmin remembered what his mother told him about his friend being cursed. she said not to tell anyone about what he saw that day and keep it a secret, even if hyunjin is his close friend, the curse must remain hidden. “how is she by the way?” he asked.
“getting better in her subjects.” seungmin responded as hyunjin gave him a nod as they proceed to stroll on horseback.
“why don't she come here with you?”
“she felt guilty and embarrassed of what happened to you.”
“tell her that i'm not mad. i would love to see her again so we could talk.”
“i'll tell her when i get home.” seungmin reassured.
“you're so serious seungmin.” hyunjin chuckled again but the younger prince could only bit his lower lip to the fact that hyunjin doesn't know about his fate.
“forgive me your highness. the memory of the incident is so vivid for me to remember.” seungmin said which made hyunjin smiled.
“i said it's okay. it was only a dumb spell. nothing happened to me anyways.” but seungmin wasn't convinced. his friend has been left out in the shadows that he couldn't help but worry. “and by the way, the last one's nincompoop!” hyunjin exclaimed as he gave his horse the cue to run. seungmin was dumbfounded in a second but he tried not to kill the vibe as excitement melted him.
“hey! that's not fair!” he exclaimed and chased after hyunjin.
and the fun only lasted for a few hours and hyunjin was instructed to go back to the palace. prince seungmin immediately left after giving his notice and promised to come back in two weeks for his best friends' birthday. the worried king and queen were already aware about what's going to happen. they had to plan something to avoid the curse their son has and even tried to find a cure. searched for good wizards and witches but nothing seems to help. hyunjin never knew about his fate but what is written on his book, is going to happen, nevertheless, hyunjin cannot escape his destiny.
as the kingdom were busy for the preparation of the celebration of his 18th birthday, hyunjin kept himself busy after finishing his lectures. he would go to the woods to visit the fairies by his raven form then showed them how he could control the gift of fire the gave him. the animals, trolls and the shape-shifters love it when he come to visit before the sunset. the young prince felt free to be himself in the forest with his mystical friends. he could use the fire and shape-shift in to a raven whenever his heart desires. but if it's not the in woods, the raven magic that flows within his body is useful when sometimes he roams around the kingdom in the form of a bird watching his people go on with their normal lives. hyunjin keep them a secret as he is a man on his words. he's been hiding his abilities for years and wouldn't risk to show that he is not a normal human. at first he couldn't understand why nature gave him something beyond imagination but he is happy with what he has, he is delighted and pleased to have a kingdom filled with good, hospitable and kind people. even his parents were happy, targarhyun is always bright and magical. but every light has darkness, and every happy times has an equivalent of tragedy.
Tumblr media
days passed by and the celebration will start in a few minutes. the king and queen meant to schedule the birthday party during daylight and end it before dark. the queen's astrologist claims to have a full moon tonight and this gave them fear. they were afraid of what will happen to their son and couldn't imagine how their guests would react if they witness his change of appearance, especially his own friends.
hyunjin woke up feeling weird himself as if he's sick and his body was feeling hot. but the boy didn't tell anyone and ignored the symptoms, he claims to tell his mother that he is sick after the party so he could enjoy his birthday. yet the weird feeling that flows within his veins didn't made him smile. he managed to get up and eat breakfast as if there's nothing going on, received gifts and smiled as if he doesn't feel pain that stumbles within his chest.
the clock stroke 12 in the noon, hyunjin was on his way to the hall but eventually he stopped walking when he saw a mirror. his reflection was perfect, his black hair that touches his shoulder and his parted bangs that drapes towards his cheeks, the creamy white long sleeved polo as top and black jeans, with black shoes as well as the white cloak hanging on his shoulder emphasizes his elegant appearance. he took his time ripping a piece of cloth from his sleeve and tied a small amount of hair at the back of his head to complete the look. but there was no smile written on his face. he stared at himself for a few seconds and left the hallway in silence.
he arrived at the hall and took his way downstairs as everyone's eyes focused on him. the announcer made everyone aware of his presence but when his parents saw him, they saw the dark energy that follows their son, the same dark aura from the wicked wizard who cursed him, 18 years ago. the spell is now starting to work. chan, the eldest prince of christark, sensed the dark atmosphere from hyunjin's presence. he knew about his curse when his father told him so. even himself, didn't know how to cure the spell who controls his friend after studying witch craft and werewolves. not even the necklace that was given, helped.
hyunjin went straight ahead to the throne, walking down the aisle with the red carpet. normal people couldn't see the darkness he possesses. even himself isn't aware of his own sad story.
“all hail, the prince of targarhyun!” all eyes were on the young prince, even his friends were proud to see him celebrate his 18th birthday. seungmin who got excited, approached him as he shook his hand.
“congratulations on your birthday, brother.” hyunjin smiled at his presence and looked around to see his people.
“it's nice to have this grand celebration, i hope you are enjoying it.” hyunjin responded.
“hyunjin.” a familiar voice was heard. “can i talk to you in private?” seungmin and hyunjin looked at the eldest person on their group of friends, it was chan.
“of course.”
“you go ahead, i'll have to go with jisung and felix.” seungmin told him leaving hyunjin with a chuckle. chan was already out of his sight but sure he could find him in the corner of the grand hall.
the older prince was drinking wine as he looked outside the large window as he directs his attention to the beautiful scenery of the palace's garden. he was too amused that he didn't even notice hyunjin is coming closer to his direction. the young boy seems to sense that chan would say something important as the way he moves. hyunjin took a glance on seungmin who was bickering with jisung because of a cookie while felix tried to calm them down but his gaze went back to chan who's back is facing towards him.
“celebrations like this, usually happens in the evening.” chan stated as hyunjin gave him a puzzled look. “the sun is high up and it's hot outside but the beauty of this place shines, still.”
“is there anything you needed to say to me?” hyunjin asked him as chan laid his glass on the table.
“a full moon will rise at the end of the sunset. it will be the brightest full moon for the last 200 years and it will be the most beautiful one.” chan started as hyunjin was left confused. “but the brightness of its light coming from the sun will bring tragedy to mankind.”
“will a full moon start a war? i'm sorry, i'm confused.” chan just smiled at him and patted his shoulder. hyunjin got suspicious of his friend, he wasn't a traitor or anything but he knew that chan knows something that he doesn't.
“i'm happy to see you well. but i must warn you with your abilities hyunjin. not all knows how capable you are on danger.” hyunjin looked at chan, the remaining bright energy he tried to store faded. he knew hyunjin wouldn't risk anything to start a war or danger that will affect the 8 kingdoms or even his people. but chan is hinting that something bad might happen because of him.
hours felt like seconds to hyunjin when he tried to figure out what chan was talking about. who knows what chan was doing in targarhyun when he is supposed to be back in christark with his family. but his father told him to see hyunjin after daylight. the king and queen were already aware that chan knows about the curse and he is there to help. everyone left when the party is over except him and seungmin. the latter was waiting for his twin sister to arrive after making a decision to stop by and visit targarhyun kingdom years after the incident and after receiving a telepathy from you.
curiosity filled your system when your brother would tell things about his best friend with fantasy in his eyes. at first you were hesitant to come with him because of princess duties and to cover up the given responsibilities from your own parents who are currently out of the country. never forget the wrong spell you casted on him yet you wanted to know how he was doing. meanwhile, hyunjin felt ill and went to his room, his parents made sure he wouldn't come out until sunrise. the astrologist was right, the full moon have its beauty giving light on the land on a dark night. on the other hand, your brother saw you approaching the gates on a horseback and gave you a glare.
“y/n. what the hell? it's 7pm! i am supposed to go back in minnister!” seungmin scolded as you landed on your feet. “you came here alone?!”
“it was a reckless last minute decision and you didn't wait for me!” you argued as chan stood there watching you and your twin brother bicker. of course, travelling alone from targarhyun from minnister is a crucial 6-hour ride on a horseback but sure you were brave enough to be alone on the road in a broad daylight with no guards.
“princess y/n, oh my goodness! we weren't informed you'd come to visit.” the queen said welcoming you at the entrance of the castle.
“your majesty, forgive me for the sudden presence of my reckless sister. she wanted to come with me to the party but this imbecile is late and didn't made up her mind earlier.” seungmin defended when you gasped and got annoyed to what he just called you.
“imbecile?! you son of a b—” but before you could say anythingg else, the prince has the right to shut your mouth by covering it with his hand.
the commotion from three floors below was weird for hyunjin to hear crystal clear as he lays on his bed with a thick duvet. the maids believed he got a high fever after the party as he is sweating uncontrollably but his heart beat started to get faster, feeling the pain in his chest. the cold breeze of the wind the comes from the gap on his window didn't even help to ease him down. the urge to get up from the mattress wouldn't help either but the essence of the moon and the light that enters his room is calling him to come outside. his feet dragged him towards the balcony as the light touched his bare skin, his eyes were mesmerized by the beauty of the moon, not realizing the black turned into red and andrenaline rush became painful. the sound of his scream was heard all over the place and the king and queen was alarmed, including chan who let the time slipped from his hands. seungmin got worried and you got confused by the sudden scream of the young prince coming from his room. even the guards tried to open his door but it was locked yet they still managed to come in to see no shadow of their son, only a broken crystal necklace.
“he's gone.” the king said seeing the empty room. the queen collapsed on the floor as his husband quickly assisted her.
“chan please find my son, he could be in danger.” the queen said as chan gave them a reassuring nod.
“but promise to stay safe until hyunjin comes back.” chan responded. “it will be too dangerous to have guards with me, it's better to settle with a werewolf as well.” the boy immediately left as you took a small bow and followed chan downstairs, seungmin was left dumbfounded yet he managed to follow the both of you.
“is there something that you need to tell me chan?” the younger boy exclaimed, taking his steps downstairs. “and why is y/n following you?”
chan took his time to stop and faced the younger prince and smiled, “the party, and you yourself isn't the only reason why y/n is here. i sent a letter two days ago in minnister for her to read.” seungmin was stunned as he looked at his charming little sister who didn't even bother to tell him.
“you're here for what?” seungmin asked you.
“apparently chan needed my help to tame your best friend. no secret will remain unraveled.” you responded. “i guess they didn't tell you?”
seungmin couldn't believe how you manage to keep a secret from him. he knew about hyunjin's curse but you, not telling him that you're coming over to help chan, is a surprise. he has the knowledge about your witchcraft trainings and chan didn't even bother to tell him that you got invited to tame hyunjin. you weren't the reckless girl anymore who almost killed the young prince and promised yourself to become better. and so you did. the people in minnister recognizes you for being good at casting spells and do magic all in ways of uprightness. not unless if you got provoked, you might actually kill someone with the ability you have.
“i feel betrayed.” he sighed. “but promise me you'll be okay.” the boy said as he held your shoulders tightly waiting for your response. seungmin is a sweet brother you could ask for. though there are times that you fight against each other but the love he has for you is more important than the things that make him feel insecure towards you.
“i'm with chan, i'm sure i'll be fine.” you reassured him as he gave you a nod.
“then i'll wait here.” seungmin said letting go of your shoulder and took a step back. you went back to your horse and hopped on its back as you saw chan transformed into his wolf form and started running to the woods in which he could smell the scent of hyunjin. the horse followed the wolf and proceeded to the forest while seungmin and hyunjin's parents were left stunned in the castle. worried by the absence of their son, seungmin was left with the responsibility to look after them. the king and queen barely remembers what the old wizard said when he casted the spell on their son. probably the only hint of his was hyunjin will turn into a loathing werewolf with no mercy at the light of the full moon.
the forest was deep and dark, the fairies heard the commotion and sensed the young prince's curse lurking around the woods. chan was alarmed and you were ready to cast spells on him to make his body numb and unable to move but things happen so suddenly. the animals living in the forest hid for their lives and the trolls didn't even bother to leave their places, shape-shifters got no match for him yet there was no cure.
“how far did he went?” you asked chan as he shifted back to his human form.
“not far enough. he's heading to town.”
“shit. how do we catch him with no witness?”
“right, the curfew is 9 pm. the townsfolk might've caught a glimpse of him. let's go.” when chan shifted back to his werewolf form, your horse immediately followed him. the gust of the wind is carrying hyunjin's scent that made it easy for chan to track him down. your eyes suddenly gazed at the sky were luminous of stars were shining surrounding the bright full moon. there were old tales within the 8 kingdoms that when a person was cursed to be werewolf caused by the light of the moon, the victim must dance in a circle of fire by midnight on the first friday of every month. it will not guarantee cure but it will lessen the evilness and pain.
hyunjin was caught causing chaos in town, humans ran for their lives and hid inside their homes but one poor victim was caught under his larger paws and sharp claws. he couldn't control himself at that time and the redness of his eyes were red as blood but his stare is cold as ice. the desire of smelling human blood was so sweet to him. the man was choked by hyunjin's strong grip as he lifted his arm and swiftly left a large, deep scratch on his body, ripping the man into pieces. a howl as heard, the howl that was loud that the king and queen could hear the animal that devoured their son's human form. it was a little too late for the both of you to reach hyunjin in that time that he had fled to find another one to kill. the poor dead body of the man was scattered on the streets along with his fresh blood and the townsfolk didn't like what they saw. it was a first attack of a beast after 500 years.
“there he is!” you exclaimed upon seeing the wild werewolf killing another victim. chan immediately threw himself to hyunjin who is two times larger than his own werewolf form. the prince stumbled on the ground as you restrained your horse from the fear of the dead bodies. you landed on your feet and ran towards them and chanted the spell but hyunjin was quick enough to throw chan away from his body as he ran away. chan turned himself back to his human form in which he got injured when he hit the log piles beside the street after hyunjin blew him off. your spell didn't even manage to reach the prince who is now out of sight.
“goddammit!” chan groaned.
“stay there. i'm going after him.” you responded, quickly hopping onto your horse's back and fled.
“no wait! y/n! it's too dangerous!” chan yelled but you were stubborn to listen and that was the last thing you've heard before disappearing from his sight.
the next morning, the dead bodies were disposed and buried beside the kingdom's church. doctors were afraid about the cause of death of those two bodies because some of their body parts were not connected to the main. the king and queen promised to support the bereaved family because they themselves knew that their son unconsciously killed the two men. meanwhile, the prince was found lying unconscious inside the forest where the fairies and trolls were. pointing a spear on his chest, you came down from your horse and carried him with you. good thing he didn't woke up from his slumber when he fainted from the extreme exhaustion.
he was placed on his bedroom with his new clothes as the maids washed him clean. you sat on his bed and examined his features realizing he grew up to be a really handsome prince while chan wasn't amused at all. all he could think now, is how to remove the curse because if this gets worse, he wouldn't only kill people but his powers will be highly affected by it by simply not being unable to control them. it may be used to evil and who knows what will happen to the fire-bearing prince. seungmin finally knew the tea when hyunjin's parents told him the story but of course he was worried about you who looked around to find hyunjin the whole night. chan was found in town struggling to move and was carried back to the palace, hours before the sunrise.
“the curse is too strong, your spells won't work on him.” chan said when a small sigh escaped your lips.
“how about the ritual?” seungmin suggested but you shook your head looking at the prince who didn't gain his consciousness yet.
“it will not cure him.” you responded. “it will not guarantee healing but at least it will lessen the pain and the evilness he is suffering within.”
“performing the ritual will be hard and it only happens on the first friday of the month.”
“i'm sure he can do it.”
Tumblr media
the prince was told about the ritual as his curse continues to appear when a full moon rises. but ever since the first transformation, hyunjin wasn't the usual prince that everyone knew. he changed, even his eyes that once filled with happiness and sparkles of joy turned into dark and cold. seungmin couldn't even talk to him properly and would lock himself inside his room during the day. when the light turns dark, he would roam around the castle or sometimes he would play with fire and stare at it feeling mesmerized by the beauty of the fairies' gift.
chan already gave the notice to christark that he won't be home for a while. he had also left you to take care of the prince during the usual nights where there is no full moon and let's you call him when hyunjin suddenly got out of control. seungmin on the other hand, even went home alone to minnister leaving you behind to help his best friend. for now, your brother can't do anything about it since he has no magic but he promised to come back when you will need his urgent help. on the other hand, the king and queen felt no hope for hyunjin's condition.
the ritual is strictly followed that hyunjin would come to the tower and made himself a circle of fire and danced with the outfit he had wore on his 18th birthday. you would watch him perform the dance and couldn't help but admire him. he is natural in dancing, his moves was smooth and his expression says it all, sexy, wild and captivating. as you were staring at him for too long, you didn't know that he finished the ritual smoothly in a quick of time. the cloth that was ripped from his sleeve was removed as his long hair landed above his shoulder. his presence and beauty must've captivated you which made caused the certain maiden unable to speak.
“you're staring at me for too long, your highness.” hyunjin spoke absorbing the fire surrounding his dance floor. the blush on your cheeks couldn't deny and you were quite embarrassed about it but still you wanted to make sure he's doing it right even though it won't help him that much.
“i am just really amused, your majesty.” you responded, landing on your feet. “you're a natural.”
“i would take it as a compliment but shouldn't you be sleeping now?” he asked when you shook your head implying your answer.
“i am supposed to be here watching you.”
“but i prefer to be alone.” he said. “and if i'm not mistaken, you're seungmin's sister aren't you? couldn't really recognize you since you don't look-a-like for a twin.” he smirked as he brushed your cheeks with his fingers. this sent shivers to your spine, you reacted to his bare touch as he was amused.
“you must've forgot about me.” you spoke as you heard him chuckle.
“oh my god, dear, no.” he smiled and continued as he turned his back away and took a few steps but his moves were too swift that he ended up pinning you on the wall with his hand wrapped around your neck. “how could i forget the kid who almost killed me with her dumb spell. you think i would let you get away with it?” his eyes turned red as you were choking on his tighter grip. it could tear you apart in any minute if he wanted to as the memory started to be vivid.
“hyunjin let go of her.” it was chan who suddenly popped out of nowhere as the prince took some steps back. your body collapsed on the floor while catching your breath as you massage your neck to ease the pain from his grip. several coughs was heard and hyunjin gave you a one last dark stare before leaving the tower. chan looked at you as he sighed at the sight of your weak body on the floor, his hands took yours and helped you stand on your feet, ready to scold you. “what did you do?”
“nothing.” you told him. “he remembered that i almost killed him when we were 13.”
“you what?” chan asked.
“it was stupid you know?” you chuckled in amusement. “it was the first time i held his hand for some greeting because seungmin introduced us to each other, i thought i was feeling butterflies in my stomach but it turns out it was a dark magic.”
“you sensed it?”
“yes!” you exclaimed. “i sent you a letter about taming hyunjin, how come you didn't tell me you sensed it before i told you he's cursed?”
“it's because you didn't ask. i wanted to stop thinking about it and i was wondering how was he until you sent me that letter for pete's sake. how could i face the king and queen especially him when i knew he's mad.” you explained when chan sighed in frustration.
“did seungmin know?”
“yeah, because of me, he knew that his best friend is cursed. he did tell me that hyunjin wasn't mad and he wanted to talk but hey, i guess the wind changed and there, he nearly killed me.” you said. “he's mad at me too.”
“it's the dark magic's fault why. hyunjin is not usually like that in the past.” chan defended.
“well i only met him once and i do admit he's sweet but then, because of me, he never visited minnister again that's why seungmin would go to him.” chan shook his head in disappointment and asked you to go to sleep. he, himself wanted to reverse the curse so he could go back to christark in peace. but he has a job and he didn't know when will hyunjin go back to normal. seeing the half moon from the window of the tower made him wonder, how.
meanwhile, you were on your way to your room which is just across hyunjin’s. but the latter seems to be waiting for you that he’s leaning against his door frame with a smirk on his face. “seems like the memory we shared in the past is starting to be vivid. my mother told a lie that all those witches and wizards and even doctors would come to check my health,” he paused and looked at you. “including your mother.”
“it was to help you.” you responded.
“nobody told me about the curse, until i turned 18 y/n. i felt so betrayed, even seungmin knew.” a sigh escaped from your lips and gave him a bow before taking the doorknob.
“i think you should rest, your majesty. don’t let that beast inside devour you.” you answered when he just chuckled.
“i think you didn’t ask for my forgiveness way back then, princess.” you scoffed at the thought.
“my bad for not being able to see you after the incident. it’s my first time to come in targarhyun and you didn’t come back to minnister.” you smiled at him as he chuckled, looking at his shoes before pushing himself towards you.
“that doesn’t matter, all i want is an apology.” hyunjin pinned you once again to the bricks of the wall with his one hand beside your head while the other one brushed your lips with his thumb. you started to breath heavily and flinched at his touch when a smirk appeared on his face while staring at you feeling amused. “are you going to apologize or i’ll have to beg it on another way?” his face got closer to yours as you could smell the fragrance of his breath. but instead of maintaining the eye contact you’ve had, you felt his lips touched your neck, leaving traces of kiss heated kiss and nipping your skin. his actions resulted on to trying to keep your mouth shut and whimpered as you heard him chuckle. it was weird when it suddenly happened but your body liked it. and you wanted more.
“you like that?” he asked and met your eyes again. there was no response heard from you but he could tell it just in your stare and the feelings that your eyes convey, you wanted it. hyunjin wasn't surprise when he dragged you towards his room and made sure to lock it behind him. “you're not saying anything.”
“beg for my apology after you choked me almost to my death at the tower you—”
hyunjin pinned you down to his mattress meeting his lips with yours as he held your hands, intertwining your fingers with his on the sides of your head. it was deep and hungry as if he waited for a long time for this. you didn't even protest to his sudden moves and let him do whatever he wanted with your lips but didn't expect his hands tugging your white night gown leaving trails of kisses from your lips towards your neck, leaving red marks. capturing his lips again, you pulled him even closer to your body as he lifted your dress for his hands to slip inside caressing your skin.
he didn't even lasted for a few seconds having your body covered with that white cloth wrapping your naked skin. it was loose enough that he brushed the sleeves off from your shoulders, leaving wet kisses from neck down to your collarbones until it reveals your breast making his mouth watered at the sight of your hard nipples. his thumbs rubbed your sensitive buds as you bit your lower lip, preventing a moan. “hmmmm... t-that feels good your highness”
“is it?” he smirked pinching them before sucking deeply within his mouth. a lustful moan escaped your lips not being able to stop it. you loved how he treated your breast as he started massaging the other one while keeping the other one entertained and wet from his saliva. not a few seconds later, he switched to the other one as his free hand started rubbing your throbbing core, feeling the wetness that he made. “you're soaking wet princess..” he bit your nipple hard as his lips brushes down to the valley of your breast, fully removing your dress off of your body. his kisses got lower until he reached your slit and licked it with his tongue making you whimper below him.
your breaths started to feel heavier as you watched him enjoying your wet core with your legs spread open. his grip tightened on your thighs when he buried his face to push his tongue inside you. “f...fuck.” you moaned making your head fall back on his pillow feeling the heat of his tongue inside you walls, but he wasn't satisfied. he wanted to feel you more.
hyunjin pulled away as you whined in disappointment. “such a slut.” he groaned while stripping in front you. your eyes couldn't help but notice how built and toned his body were, he has perfect skin. no flaws, no scars, well there could be fresh wounds from his hunting but that doesn't degrade his natural beauty. “like what you see?”
“you're beautiful...” you told him as he hover over your body slowly rubbing his cock on your slit, preparing for its entrance. you twitch at the feeling of his tip and whined. “just put it in please.”
“i thought i was the only one who would beg for your apology but you're begging me to go inside you?” he bit your lower lip hard enough to make it bleed as he kissed you again, this time, placing a hand on his nape for you to deepened the kiss. hyunjin slowly thrusted himself inside you resulting to your moans to get louder. it was endearing for him to watch and he couldn't wait to see your reaction the moment he'll thrust himself harder and faster as he could imagine how will it turn out to be.
morning came and you woke up by the sudden pain of your throbbing core from the last night. remembering how rough hyunjin was, it made you feel dizzy and exhausted as you lie naked beside him. your body was covered underneath his thick duvet and glanced over him to see his calm, and peaceful state. hyunjin was still sound asleep and you wanted to escape his room before he wakes up but your legs won't even bother to move as they were still trembling after you sat on his face while eating you out. imagine how he did manage to fuck you all night. of course he could, he has a good body built and a handsome physique. you can't even deny the fact that he was good but the embarrassment fills your mind when he wakes up. you're sure that chan probably heard you last night, he has the ears of an animal that could hear from far away and seungmin will definitely kill you if he finds out you fucked with his best friend.
Tumblr media
another full moon came, and a howl was heard. a signal that the town gets alarmed and wanted to hunt to kill the beast that was lurking around on the night like this. then there was hyunjin, jumping from his room with his werewolf form and ran heading to town. the sight of the beast caused you to ride on a horseback and followed him right after as chan on his wolf form, is running beside you. some men were seen holding spears, torches and pitchforks ready to kill the beast.
hyunjin is heading his way to the townsmen to feast disregarding the fire, he himself could control fire, but the spears and torches were silver that he feared. men were alarmed at the bridge and threw the sharp weapons at his direction. luckily, you were at the right time to shove him away to side letting your horse run away. you fell on the top of his body, realizing he have hit his head on a rock and fell unconscious. it was a crucial move you admit and just did and landed on the river. a relieved sigh escaped from your lips as he came back to his human form. good thing his head didn’t bleed for some reason.
“where did that beast went?” one of the men said.
“i thought i saw a woman.” another one responded.
“a woman?”
“take him back to the castle, i’ll distract them.” chan said upon seeing you by the river.
“yeah, thank you. be careful.” you lifted up hyunjin’s body and chan ran away with a loud howl.
the group of men went to chase the wrong wolf and you managed to take hyunjin back to the castle. a hint of magic helped you reached his room in a quick of time and placed him on his bed, not minding how soaked he got from the river fall. you sat down on the floor trying to relax yourself from the exhaustion you felt from the every full moon job.
hyunjin was probably asleep, you still need to wash up and go to bed and rest or maybe wait for chan to come back. forcing your body to go up, you walked towards hyunjin’s balcony to find a glimpse of chan but there wasn’t. a sense of guilt filled your system and was about to jump over when you felt strong arms wrapped around your waist. flinching at the sudden touch, you looked at him, still wearing his red eyes and that cold stare which send shivers down to your spine. the next you knew you were lying on his mattress with him on the top of you.
“what are you doing?” you asked him but he just smirked.
“say the words that describes it, exhaust you, make you scream, moan, but most importantly, fuck you.”
the prince didn't even let you move and the next thing you knew, he was pounding you on his own bed, lying naked and begged for more. you even tried different positions and every time you changed, hyunjin gets rougher with you. he was fucking your from behind, with his hand squeezing your boobs as he pinched your nipples and moans echoed on his room with the intense slapping from skin to skin. one time he commanded you to suck him up as he held your hair together at the back of your head. he buried himself deep in your throat with your saliva dripping from your mouth down to your body. it was good, though he is bad, you both loved it.
but it wasn't about making love or two people loving each other to have sex. it was hyunjin's stress reliever as you were watching him do the ritual or looking after him as we were in his werewolf form preventing to cause chaos in the town. you pity yourself for giving him the pleasure without him loving you in return. as what the curse said, he will feel no love. he murdered people, he shut his door from his friends even from his parents, the palace workers were afraid of him and even rumors about him being cursed as a werewolf have spread. your spells and potions couldn't calm him, or even chan himself who is a werewolf himself. seungmin didn't even come to visit as what he had promised. hyunjin changed, he wasn't the sweet prince that every one looked up before.
you didn't even know how to solve this even if you're with chan to figure this out together. prayers didn't even work, but you didn't stop there. you still pray and hoping that someday, hyunjin will be back and return your love.
Tumblr media
“i don't think this will end really soon chan.” you told the prince of christark as you were walking side by side by the garden, leaving hyunjin sleeping on his room after another transformation last night. he killed 5 men again and both of you couldn't stop him that easily.
“have hope, we'll find a solution to this.” he said giving you a reassuring smile. “but you know y/n, my werewolf instincts doesn't really help us to heal hyunjin.” frowning at the sudden sadness from chan's voice, you stopped on your tracks and looked at him.
“what about me then?” you asked him. “i'm useless at the fact that my potions and spells doesn't seem to work. even the myth of that stupid ritual chan. my role here is to assist him and stay beside the king and queen until we figure this out.”
“you're not useless to the fact that i could hear you loud and clear from his room doing something good y/n.” he said making you blush and when he caught you, he just chuckled and shook his head. “don't worry i didn't tell anyone, but seungmin will be in rage if he knew.”
a sigh of relief escaped your lips, “i even used a spell to prevent myself from getting a baby. i'm sure even my parents wouldn't love this.”
“it's okay y/n. can you keep up with it?” you looked at chan filled with worries in your eyes when he stared at you in pity. “it's my fault, i shouldn't have asked you for help. you won't be like this if it wasn't for me.”
“chan, no. i was eager to help. besides, i only saw hyunjin once. i wanted to meet him again.” you defended. hyunjin on the other hand, wasn't really sleeping. in fact he could hear your voices from three floors of thick bricks. he listened as you spoke and didn't realize a tear escaped from his eyes. for the first time ever since he was devoured by the curse, he felt guilt and sadness. “i love him.”
hyunjin's heart started to race faster and decided to sleep it off but he couldn't. he walked of his bed and glanced over to his balcony where he could see you and chan. “then, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for him?” chan asked as the prince above, got intrigued.
“if that what makes him calm and an answer to this curse then i will.” hyunjin went inside his room and sat on his bed, he couldn't bear to look at your face when he could sense that you're about to break down. it wasn't easy and he pretended he didn't hear anything.
months have passed, each rituals by the midnight of the first friday of the month is being followed by hyunjin pounding you on his bed, sometimes you would do it in your room. even when he comes back to his normal form after an exhausting night of a full moon, he would never get tired to make you feel good. of course you couldn't say no. you love it yourself even if he doesn't feel the same way. but his kisses meant something, and every touch started to be gentle and sweet yet the roughness of his style is still there making you moan and scream his name in the middle of the night.
the king and queen tried to cover their son's mess in the town when full moon comes where chan and you would try to stop him. but then, the brightness of the targarhyun kingdom fell a year later when king passed away during a diplomatic meet on the other country. he was sick at an old age. he didn't have time to look after himself thinking of his son. the news shocked everyone in targarhyun and the queen herself couldn't rule properly because of the tragedies in her family. eventually, this made her fall ill and waited for her death. she had to appoint the prince of christark, chan to look after the kingdom while trying to figure out how to end hyunjin's case. but the cursed prince's several attacks on its people didn't get any better but worse.
the townsfolk noticed how the prince got cold, his essence and brightness faded ever since he turned 18. he's meeting his 20s soon and they sought him to take over the kingdom for the queen is weak to sit on the throne. rumors about him were proven to be true and the townsfolk started to feel fear on him. he was left with no choice but to hide from everyone else as he locked himself inside the castle. the death of king made the kingdom's sky turned dim and you couldn't help but wonder why such beautiful and kind family had to suffer from the evil which mainly started on the curse. the prince was nowhere to be found during the king's funeral and the queen was assisted to her room to rest while you went out looking for him. it was in a broad daylight and the townsfolk noticed how the prince got cold. his essence and brightness faded ever since he turned 18. he's meeting his 20s soon and they sought him to take over the kingdom for the queen is weak to sit on the throne.
“why didn't you come to see your father one last time?” you asked upon seeing him in the forest, sitting on a large rock throwing pebbles by the small river.
“will he come alive if i did?” he asked back and was stunned.
“no, but he's your father. at least pay respect for his death?”
hyunjin sighed and stood up from his seat. he was wearing all black and a black cloak as his hair falls naturally on his shoulders. “don't torment me with that y/n.”
“you're his son, hyunjin.”
“and you're being nosy.” he retorted. “why don't you go and meet someone who's cursed then try to kill them.” he added as he walked passed you making you scoffed and followed his direction.
“i thought you weren't mad and you wanted to talk to me?”
“shut up.” you were caught off guard by his words as he continued to walk away from you. but since your duty is to be with him at all times, you needed to follow the stubborn prince wherever he goes. this would give you hard times of course, especially when there's a full moon. “oh for pete's sake hyunjin come on!”
“what is it y/n?!” he glared at you.
“what is with you hyunjin?” you asked him. “you're acting as if i am nothing. as if i'm not that stupid girl who let's you fuck her for every damn ritual and full moon just to calm you down. are you enjoying me in pain? are you happy that it hurts me because i love you and you don't?” that's it. you couldn't take it anymore, you spilled it. hyunjin already knew about it but confessing directly to him felt different. but he could only look at you and sighed.
“then stop it!” he said, “stop loving me. i didn't ask you to help me nor chan, i could live in despair in my whole life. it was you and him. i didn't ask you to love me either!” without responding by words, you slapped him square on his cheek. hyunjin was stunned as you left him hanging on the woods and he didn't come near you since then.
but words didn't stay confidential until one day, seungmin came back to targarhyun riding on a horseback alone, filled with anger and rage upon why did his own best friend fucked his sister. “hwang hyunjin you fucking asshole! come out and face me!” he yelled by the door in which guards try to stop him, even you. “chan! how could you let this happen?!” he raged at the older one still hyunjin wasn't showing himself.
“i think it's better for y/n to explain.” chan calmly told him as he signaled the guard to let go of the fuming prince of minnister. a glimpse of embarrassment filled your face when the queen was looking through the commotion, seungmin didn't feel any shame for it was his priority to hit hyunjin first before bursting his anger on you. and yes, the queen knew about that midnight screaming from both of your rooms.
“what the hell is it?” seungmin asked immediately when you dragged him almost to the forest.
“seungmin i'm sorry.” you said as tears suddenly fell from your eyes made him soften his expression. “i love him.”
“goodness!” he hissed pulling his hair. “i wouldn't have the problem of your love story if he wasn't cursed y/n. it's been almost two years and he's not back for fuck's sake! why did you fell in love?”
“i still see hope for him, seungmin. even if everyone thinks he's not gonna come back, i believe he will.” you convinced him. but seungmin left the kingdom when he saw hyunjin shape-shifting from his raven form after looking up to the town and told him to leave you alone. he was still upset about it and he didn't even had the chance to punch him in the face. seungmin didn't want to die young, he believed he will be arranged in a fixed marriage soon and of course, he wanted to see his sister well. but the thought this wasn't the right time.
Tumblr media
you waited for another year again. it was that one night when he turned himself into a raven and looked at the view from above down to the town. it is the people whom he once loved and how did he manage to let himself got controlled by the disturbing curse? a sigh escaped his lips as he landed on a tree branch and watched his people's eyes filled with fear and worry. he was so thankful that there are still a lot left when some of them decided to move because of his unintentional attacks. but his sightseeing didn't last for long. good thing there was no full moon for he could go and rest.
he flew back to his room and found you on his balcony, waiting for his return. even he tried to give you a cold shoulder, you wouldn't even last a day without talking to him. “what do you want?” he asked as he walked inside, with you tailing him around.
“are you really going to face them alone?” you asked him back as he sighed.
“this is none of your business y/n.” he defended and took off his cloak when you held his hand. the warm touch that he missed.
“i'm just worried about you..” another sigh escaped from his lips as you dragged him in to a hug. he shouldn't feel weird about having skinships after fucking you for a long time which was almost every night back then but he noticed that he doesn't want to do it anymore and his werewolf form is not worse as it was before.
he kissed your soft lips as you hummed in return, kissing him back. he pulled you closer to his body as he deepened the kiss, molding your lips together. hyunjin wrapped his arms around your waist as your draped around his neck, slowly pushing him down to sit on his mattress and you on his lap. your fingers searched of his upper dress' buttons as he smirked in between your kiss, he also reached at the hem of your night gown, slowly pulling it up to see you naked. hyunjin also undressed himself as he pulled you down with him when he lay down without breaking the kiss.
you rubbed your clit on his throbbing cock making him moan in between your kisses. he slid his fingers inside you first before his member could as he wanted to make sure you're soaking wet before pounding you again but this time, it was you who let himself get inside you and ride him. humping him was fun and it felt good inside you as he was massaging your breast, pinching your nipples. he started sucking them as you were riding faster on his length. for the first time, that night was sweet but still you weren't sure if he feels the same.
time flew by and it was morning, he is still inside you but he was hugging you from behind. a sweet gesture made your heart thump and the redness of your cheeks made you hot. hyunjin felt your sudden movements the moment he woke up and kissed your cheek. “you're awake?” you asked him.
“hmm, i felt you moving.” he answered as you planted a soft kiss on his lips.
“you should rest more.” you hummed in response.
“yeah..” he smiled, for the first time. he looked actually so good and more handsome when he smiles but it was seen on paintings ever since you got here. and this is the first time, he smiled at you. “are you busy today? are you going to meet chan?” he asked.
“not really. why?”
“i want to take you out on a stroll by the beach. if that's okay with you?”
time didn't matter as long as you were with him and one swift moment later, you're both walking on the sand, hand by hand. chan saw you both when he himself was riding on a horseback while looking at the townsfolk's condition. it was a mess but a smile was formed on his face when he saw the both of you happily walking on the shore. seeing hyunjin smile after almost two years is an improvement and he guessed it was all because of you. but the happiness that droves between two people in love gets consequences.
“hyunjin seems happy earlier. what did you do to make him smile like that?” chan asked sitting in front of you as you were making a potion.
“nothing.. we just kissed, woke up together and suddenly he asked me out.” you smiled as chan gave you an excited nod.
“you know, he's not that aggressive anymore. i mean, he changed a bit.” he said as you chuckled.
“yeah, a change of character. i guess..” you said as your smile faded. “i think he is slowly learning to love again.”
“i know but where did the smile go? y/n you should be happy about this. i think it's not me, nor the potions and spells. every thing that happened to him is because of you. maybe he feels the same about you though. you should ask him.” chan said. it was obvious that the older prince is excited about hyunjin's character development but you hid a secret that only you knows.
a few days flew by and hyunjin didn't see you. he would ask chan where had you been but the latter didn't even know himself for he didn't see you either. the truth is you've been staying in the forest with the fairies because they were the only ones who could help you with your spells and potions. hyunjin would try to look for you but hiding is a good option to stay away from him for a while. why? it is because you have decided to be serious on sacrificing yourself just to save hyunjin.
a fairy once told you about the same curses they've encountered on the past century, if one person was cursed in any manner, one must love them and accept who they really are and pray to set them free. but those curses were nothing but normal ones, no werewolves. some turned into animals, some turned into elves, hideous creatures and other weird forms. it was their first time to hear a person was cursed into a werewolf and they couldn't guarantee cure for the said sacrifice for some people failed to save their loved ones. but you wanted to try it out after the myths and rituals.
“it will not guarantee you cure, your majesty,” a fairy said as you draw a circle on the grass and made weird symbols that only witches could understand. tapping the bottle you're holding, red dusts started to fall and lit the circle on fire. hyunjin sensed it as he was near. fire, he could sense fire. the gust of wind held your scent to his and that's when he ran across the forest to find you.
“this will free him so it should work.” you told them and fell on your knees as you chanted the spell that was given to you. clasping your hands together, you shut your eyes tightly as you felt weak and the fairies was alarmed when they saw a purple smoke covering the circle of fire. hyunjin himself felt weak as well, he couldn't run like what he used to when he's a wolf. usually, a person who is also a werewolf will inherit its basic skills such as running, sharp ears and eyes as well as the strength. his mouth opened as a black smoke came out from himself. it was the curse and disappeared in to thin air as he fainted.
the next thing he knew, he found himself lying on his bed with chan beside him. he immediately sat up and looked around his room trying to find your presence yet only he was welcomed by a headache. “where's y/n? did you find her yet?” he asked chan but the older prince shook his head in despair.
“she's gone...” he whispered but it was loud enough for the prince to hear.
“what do you mean she's gone?”
“i found her lifeless body in the woods after i found you. she's gone.. she sacrificed herself to save you.”
“what?!” hyunjin didn't even know how to react. he doesn't know whether he wanted to be angry, sad or even crazy. that couldn't be. you can't die without his permission and you can't perform a ritual without telling him first. you didn't tell him about your plan and just ran out and fled to the forest keeping yourself hidden from him. but no...
“seungmin's coming tomorrow to pick her up. you should see her one last time.” of course hyunjin fled to where you were.
he ran as fast as he can not minding the weakness of his body, he wished chan was just lying but how could he be lying when he fainted so suddenly inside the forest after sensing your presence and the fire you've made? his feet brought him back to the woods and hurried to see the fairies floating around your body as you lay on a bed of flowers. hyunjin shamelessly cried making all the mystical creatures startled by his presence and gave sympathy to the young prince. they made way for him to see you up close and there he cried as he held your hand.
“y/n please. you can't leave like this, i just came back. you're so annoying but i love you.” he said between his sobs. the sudden noise woke you up from your slumber. you didn't die, you just fainted from the spell you performed.
“hyunjin?” you called as the fairies took their time to smile and laughed quietly at the prince's reaction. but it wasn't funny at all.
“huh?” he blurted out.
“did the spell work? i don't feel any dark magic in you.” you said examining him. alas, they spell you chanted work and you didn't die!
“you didn't die? you're not dead? am i dead? or did chan lie to me? he said you're dead!” he cried again as chan came right in time and heard him.
“i just did a little experiment, i'm so sorry your highness.” chan chuckled.
“chan how could you say that to him?” you asked but smiled hyunjin looked like he's going to burst in tears after being so worried and got fooled.
“i was so worried, i thought i lost you for good.” hyunjin said. “and don't do things like that without telling me! didn't you know how worried i was when i didn't see you few days ago? i thought you—” chan covered his eyes as the mystical creatures hid themselves after you pulled hyunjin into a kiss. he never hesitated to kiss you in return, for the first time he felt relieved and relax. he wouldn't be back without you and he still owe seungmin an apology. as well as the rest of the town.
his mother got healed from her illness and got the strength to rule again with her son. seungmin didn't even let you go back to minnister since hyunjin never let you go. fortunately, the latter was forgiven and seungmin left a threat that if he ever hurt you again, he'll kill him but of course he wouldn't. chan himself had to leave targarhyun and go home to christark where his family is expecting him. and so, every thing went well. hyunjin worked hard to take back the trust of his people with the help of you as later on he will be crowned as king after his mother will pass the throne to him and with you, as his queen of course.
the queen is very thankful of you and chan for her only son came back but unfortunately, his power of fire and the rave were both gone with the curse. but it was okay, hyunjin said. he doesn't want it anymore since he has you to help him.
“i love you.” he said kissing your forehead.
“i love you too.” you smiled at him as he kissed your lips, waiting for your marriage in the future when he is king.
Tumblr media
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nightshade-minho · a year ago
-I Hate You-
Warnings: hate sex, degradation, unprotected sex, cockwarming in the end.
Requested: Yes.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin hissed as his cock slammed into you repeatedly, wrapping his fingers around your neck. 
“God, I fucking hate you so much!” You choked out, hands clutching the bed sheets as you were fucked ruthlessly, his other hand gripping your hip tightly.
“The way you’re fucking clenching around my dick tells me otherwise.”
You snarled angrily, the sound turning into a moan as he found your sweet spot, hammering into it like a wild animal.
“Gonna fuck you full of my cum. Cause that’s all you’re good for, hmm? Being my cum sock.”
You wanted to punch him, but all you could do is whine as his fingers find your clit, cruelly drawing circles onto it as he continued thrusting mercilessly.
“I mean, it was about time this happened, don’t you think? You were blabbering away with that mouth of yours, always telling me what to do. God, I could fuck you forever if it means shutting you up.”
He pulled out of you, turning you around to face him as he hoisted you up, carrying you to the wall and fucking you against it. 
“But I’m not gonna infuriating as you are, your pussy is heavenly.” 
He watched you with hungry eyes as your eyes fluttered closed, little whines falling off your tongue. You couldn’t do much less than moan desperately as he licked your chin, sucking on your face. You didn’t want purple spots all over your face so you tried to move away, but he grabbed your chin, firmly glaring at you.
“Ha. You love jumping on my ass and nagging me constantly, but you’re at a loss for words now, huh? If my cock’s the only thing that can shut you up, so be it.”
You’d never expected that meeting up with your project partner (who was known for being a bit of an asshole) would end up with you getting your pussy pounded into. But here you were.
Hwang Hyunjin hated how bossy you were, hated how you never fell for his charms or his flirting. In all honesty, he thought you were kinda cute...but you made it increasingly hard for him to see you in a light that wasn’t annoying.
At one point, he couldn’t take it anymore. And now here you were, having mindless, animalistic sex while spewing insults at each other.
He moved his hand to cover your mouth as he rammed into you, your moans way too loud for comfort. He didn’t want the neighbors to come knocking.
“You’re actually quite beautiful when you aren’t using that mouth to harass me.” He slipped two fingers into your mouth, grinning proudly at how you immediately started sucking on them.
You felt your orgasm approaching, slow rumbles at first. You tried to speak. Hyunjin removed his fingers, raising an eyebrow. “What?”
He paused, smirk growing across his features as his cock went faster, length plunging in and out of you at an inhuman pace. In a few minutes, your high grew in intensity, a hurricane of pleasure washing over you as you fell over the edge. Hyunjin’s hips stuttered as he came, filling you up, burying his face in the crook of your neck. 
The two of you stayed like that for a few seconds, before Hyunjin slowly carried you to your bed, setting you down on it. His softening cock stayed inside you as he wrapped you up in his arms, chuckling when you fell asleep quickly.
He kissed your forehead. “Sweet dreams, idiot.”
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huenjin · 9 months ago
the study of relationships.
Tumblr media
summary — college team's volleyball captain and your roommate-cum-best friend, hwang hyunjin argues with you over guys being better than girls in relationships to help you out of one. or in which hyunjin is in love with you for years now and he finally decides that maybe he doesn't want that best friend tag anymore.
Tumblr media
pairing — hwang hyunjin x reader, ft. minho
genre — fluff, angst | volleyball!au, f2l!au, roommates!au
rating — nc-17
word count — 15k words
note — kinda excited to post this very long plotted fic on here because first long fic for skz !!! this fic is brought to you by hq, hyunjin's long blond hair and b me mv that we never got. please please do send me constructive criticism so that i can improve on my writing for this community. happy reading!
Tumblr media
"Whoa, whoa, whoa."
Your best friend, Hwang Hyunjin yells at the top of his voice, pitch lower in precision as you open the door and slam it shut forcefully, the sound loud enough to bounce to him clearly. Your feet storm hard against the wooden flooring of your apartment, sound bouncing off from that again and Hyunjin pauses his video game to look at you.
It's a familiar sight. Hyunjin sighs.
"Hey," he tries catching your attention but he fails. You storm into your room, hair flailing behind you in your anger, eyes blurry with the angst you feel that wraps slowly around your heart. You walk into the room and slam the door shut, so loud that a chip of wood breaks from the top of the door and falls down.
"Jesus Christ! Y/N—" Hyunjin yells to no one in particular. However, he drops his controller to the side of the couch and jumps to his feet only after pausing his game. He takes big strides to your room and in high contrast to his rash movements, his knocking on your door is very gentle.
"Can I come in?" He asks, scratching the door absentmindedly. He presses his ear and head against the door to hear a response but all he hears are your soft cries and it makes him sad.
"Go away, Hyunjin!"
"Y/N, let me in," he stresses, his leg kicking the air slightly, dangling before that. "I—"
"You're going to make fun of me."
"Will not." Hyunjin knows where this stems from and he won't deny. However, at this minute, he just wants to be there for you. Teasing could wait for an hour or so after you've calmed down. "So please?"
You hum and Hyunjin waits for a sign of protest. When he hears none, he takes it as an approval to open the door and the sight before him hurts him ever so slightly.
You are wrapped in a cocoon of your white blanket and your head is buried in the sheets outside, not ready to look up at your best friend. He frowns as he walks towards you, letting himself to sit by your side. He stretches his arm out and stops when you declare,
"I'm a world class dumpee."
"You are," he shrugs, voice tainted with a slight tease and you look up at him, glaring with your red, puffy eyes. You try shoving him but the cocoon you are wrapped in slightly falls forward too in impact. Hyunjin laughs and stretches both his arms forward to prevent you from falling forwards.
You pout, mumbling with a voice that is strained and is your proof of the urge to cry, "You promised you wouldn't."
"I'm your best friend," he shrugs and pushes your body wrapped in the thick blankets backwards, your head hitting against the pillow. A soft whine leaves your lips, followed by an oomph. "You knew I was going to tease you at the very first opportunity."
And then Hyunjin pounces on you, tickling your sides over the covers and your tickle sensitive being rushes in sensation as you laugh your heart out, chest heavy and mind focussing only on your best friend that you forget about the boy who broke up with you an hour back.
"Stop," you laugh. "Hyunjin," you whine. "Stop, you idiot," you laugh again. "I'm going to kill you—"
Hyunjin's laughter fills the air along with yours. In your perspective through your watery eyes, you see a boy with no worries and all smiles and you want to be like that. You desperately want to be like that. You push your wrapped body upwards to shove Hyunjin to the side and it works. He laughs, slowly receding with yours and he lets out a loud relieved sigh as he looks at your face with less creases and tears that now fall due to laughter.
"Hey," Hyunjin says and you turn your head to face him. His face is rigid, the childish gleam that he had just a while back long gone.
He sits up, running a hand through his hair and folding his arms soon after. "The guy was a jerk," he tells, helping you up. His hand finds the end of the blanket and unwraps it slowly from your being. "He was a mighty jerk, okay?"
"He is your teammate, Lee Minho," you stare, dead into his eyes and he shrugs.
"I know," he sighs before shrugging, giving you a nonchalant look. "What was it this time? Let me guess, he broke up with you for no reason again."
You hit the blankets that cover your thigh hard and send imaginary daggers in Hyunjin's way, "Yeah! I just don't understand why he'd break up with me."
"Uh, possibly because—"
"Is it because I'm on like close friend terms with everyone in the college volleyball team? I mean, Lee Minho always said dating—"
"Dating you would be hard, Y/N," Hyunjin continues, mocking your ex-boyfriend's voice. "You hang out with so many guys and all your best friends are dudes that it makes me jealous," Hyunjin pauses, placing his hands flat on the bed from behind as he leans back. "Ah, Lee Minho, that bastard. He always did say that to you."
You look down, fidgeting with your fingers and you roar out in anger. Hyunjin looks at you amused until you say, "Why can't guys be more like girls?"
"Excuse me?"
Hyunjin's eyebrow is raised and he laughs mockingly. He lifts his arms from behind, stretches his back before sitting up straight. He kicks his legs and raises it upwards to sit cross legged, looking straight at you and laughs again. "You are totally kidding me, right?"
"No, I'm not, Hyunjin," your eyebrows furrow. "The reason behind most, if not all, break-ups is the guy."
Hyunjin agrees with you deep down. Okay, maybe not completely but at least a ninety percent and that's a good one. However, he knows how competitive you are and if there's something that can get your head out of this post break up blues, it's this.
A competition. And so just to entice you a little, he sneers, "If anything, girls should be more like guys."
"Bitch, no," you laugh, head falling back at the sheer stupidity that rolls out from your best friend's mouth. "Men are so conceited that they had to make a whole word for treating women equal."
"Not all men simp. Plus, it's an AAVE and that people should not use it. In my defense, I've treated you like a guy my whole life," he shrugs. Lies. Lies. Lies he spews out endlessly because at one point, without him even knowing, things did change and he's seen you as a woman; as a woman he now has feelings for.
Hyunjin, to prove his point, hits you on his back like you've seen him do with all his teammates and your torso bends forward from your hips on impact. "See!" He stretches his arms, tattoos on display in the loose half sleeved black top he wears and you wince, stretching your hand back to rub only for Hyunjin to stop laughing quickly and rub your back, mumbling, "Sorry."
"Hyunjin," you shrug, mumbling, trying to guide your best friend. "Don't ever use the not all men tag, please."
He slaps a hand over his mouth, realising his error, again apologising and you stretch your hand forward quickly to protest, "No, no," you tell, "You don't have to apologise. I just hope you know how it sounds."
"I do," he falls back, lying down against your mattress. "I do and I hate that I accidentally said it."
You follow suit, and fall on the bed, hair splaying around, some falling on Hyunjin's face. He groans, moving the hair away and whining, "It got into my mouth, ew." You laugh.
Hyunjin speaks out, staring at the ceiling, "Whose fault is it that a relationship goes astray?"
"Still going to say the men," you look at the same spot he stares at. "They're—"
"It's a war."
"See!" You exclaim. "This is the issue with men. They cut us off all the time."
Hyunjin laughs, hand stretching out to hold your wrist to soothe you down and mumbling another apology, he continues, "This is a battle, Y/N; a battle that's aged long and has never come to a conclusion. The battle—"
"Get to the point."
"Look who cut me off now."
"Anyhow," he continues. "The battle between men and women."
"You definitely sounded like a prepubescent boy there," you look at Hyunjin. His skin is so clear, you notice, making a mental note to steal his skin care products later. He turns a second later to face you and he nods, "Don't care. Definitely going to win this."
"You wish," you let out a condescending laugh. "I'm going to beat your ass, Hyunjin."
"Kinky," he smiles that stupid, toothy grin of his, "I likey."
"You gross pubescent boy," you shove at his arms only for him to quickly hold your hand, interlocking his fingers with yours in the midst of the squabble. You let him, still laughing lightly, lungs light and mind free from all the sad thoughts.
"I see that I've got an upgrade."
"You did."
You're about to thank Hyunjin for this small gesture that probably seems to be nothing when his phone rings from the other room. The scary unexpected track to Tokyo Ghoul's opening – Unravel – that you can't help but accept that you've grown to like, plays.
He lets go of your hand and jolts upwards, jumping off the bed. A small whine leaves your lips unexpectedly and Hyunjin smiles at that. He pulls up the blankets over your body that he shifted, mumbling, "You should sleep early. You had a tough day."
"No," you whine yet again, "Let's talk more—" His phone rings louder, the scream part of the ringtone jolting you up and your hand falls on your chest in shock. "Hate when your phone does."
"And yet you sing along to it," he sings, humming the tune.
"Pfft," you scoff, holding onto the blanket, scrunching it in your grip. "Go. It's probably about the practise match against Yonsei University."
He hums in agreement, folding the blanket again carefully, right below your neck, his cold hands brushing against your clavicle and the temperature difference runs a shiver down your spine.
Hyunjin switches off the light as he walks out, gently closing the door shut and you watch your best friend throwing a small smile at you before leaving. Did you really deserve all this care? Perhaps not.
Hyunjin, on the other hand, dashes out to get the phone before the caller cuts the call in frustration. He's definitely not spending the money to call back whoever it is. That shit is expensive. He jumps a couple of steps and grabs his phone, accepting the call before looking at the name of the caller.
"Hyunjin…" It's Lee Minho. "Can you come over?"
Tumblr media
"I really want to throw a punch at you, you bastard."
And Hyunjin does. Virtually, of course. Over the game they are playing. He couldn't afford to injure a fellow teammate when the preliminaries are right around the corner.
"Bro," Minho sighs. "Can you go easy on me?"
His game character hits Minho's again, the energy bar of the other drastically going down on the screen. Hyunjin can't stop. The frustration that he has pent up over the last hour after seeing you cry and crumble over being dumped by his other friend drives him to the edge and he delivers another punch. Minho's character dramatically collapses as soon as the energy bar is empty and he drops the console by his side, pressing his back against the sofa, arms wrapped against his chest, pouting.
"Go on," Hyunjin glares at him. "You better have a good explanation."
Minho runs a hand through his hair and sitting up straight, turning his torso to face Hyunjin, he tells, "I don't."
"You're lucky that we have a match soon, else you'd be six feet underground," Hyunjin sighs, throwing his hands over his head and folding it behind. "I can't believe you did that to Y/N."
"I fell out of love with her," Minho says. He doesn't dare to look at Hyunjin because he fears if the glares would actually result in him six feet underground. "Can't that be the only reason?"
Hyunjin chuckles, moreso at himself than at his friend, mumbling under his breath so low that Minho thinks it's just him humming, "Is it possible to fall out of love with her?"
He wishes Lee Minho could tell him how.
Hyunjin stands up, patting his denim jeans and looking at Minho, he warns, eyebrows furrowing, "I'll help her out with this. Just don't be a jerk and start dating in like two days."
"I—" Hyunjin glares at him. "Fine."
"Practice at seven," he adds and grabs the key of his motorcycle from the table before him. "Don't be late and act normal around Y/N."
"Fine, sir," Minho rolls his eyes. He won't admit it ever but the man warning him could be the reason for his breakup. That and his insecurity and fear of you cheating on him. But it's mostly Hwang Hyunjin. He knows how he feels even if you didn't.
Hyunjin walks out of Minho's house, closing the door on his way out and getting on his motorcycle, he rides back home to you. Just as he had promised you.
He opens the door to your room as soon as he enters his house, removing his shoes and placing it to the side, only to find his ears listening to the soft snores that let free from your lips. Carefully he walks towards you, his thumb and forefinger holding your chin lightly and tilting your head upwards to help you breathe properly.
He pauses for a minute just to watch you. Your eyebrows that you dislike so much just because according to you, it's not thick enough. He loves it however, even though you would never listen to him. Your eyelashes cast a gentle shadow on your high cheekbones and he gasps because you're so beautiful. You're so near to him and yet so far.
He bends forward, pushes your fringes to the side and places a soft kiss against your forehead, mumbling the words he wishes he could tell you straight up. Even if he did, you'd probably laugh and scoff at him.
"Beautiful girl," his lips graze the skin by your forehead, "You are a fighter. You have always been a fighter. You are stronger than you think. You are braver than you believe. Every challenge that life has thrown at you, you've conquered every obstacle that has been placed in front of you. You've overcome every single one of them. You are unstoppable and unbreakable and right now, you are filled with more faith than you have ever been."
Hyunjin pulls away, softly caressing the hair by the side of your face, "So please believe in yourself. You're worth so much love. So much of it, Y/N."
Tumblr media
"The jerseys came!"
Bang Chan screams, a huge grin on his face as he opens the door for you. He runs to Felix and holds onto his shoulders before jumping up and down in joy. He is so delighted. "It looks so good, dude."
Hyunjin smiles, running towards you and helping you with the cardboard box. "It's alright," you mumble. "I'm the manager. It's my job."
"Pfft," he scoffs. "And I'm your best friend. It's my job." He picks the huge box that covers your entire upper half, easily and places it down before the coach and the team.
Jisung rushes to your side, nudging you with his elbow, "We've got a pretty good manager." He bends down and rips open the box, taking his jersey in his hand, "Number 13, bitches. Nothing shows what an amazing libero I am like the number most feared." You laugh.
"Number 10 isn't that bad, I guess." You hear Minho's voice break through the cluster of voices and your movements still. You turn your head to look at the brown haired boy who towers over you, wearing a smile so pretty that your heart still skips a beat.
"Hey, Y/N," he smiles. "Thanks for bringing this over."
"Uh," you fidget with your fingers, averting your gaze everywhere else besides at Minho. "I guess. It's my job, yeah."
Hyunjin notices. He always does. The boy runs towards you with his jersey. Number 1 printed in big behind. The setter brings the jersey so close to your face that it's buried in the fresh opened shirt. "Number 1, of course," he laughs, scrunching the shirt in his hand as he raises both his arms above.
"Oh, shut up, Jinnie," you laugh.
"Yeah, shut up, Jinnie," Jisung echoes. The middle blocker, though not the tallest in stature, is excellent at his position and has the biggest love-hate relationship with your best friend. He folds his arms and mocks Hyunjin.
Hyunjin places his right hand down on Jisung's head, ruffling his hair after pressing down on it. He scolds the older boy, "Don't call me Jinnie. Y/N's the only one who gets to call me that."
"Stop gathering around people," The captain claps his hands together to gather all of your attention. You quickly rush to his side and he smiles at you warmly, before looking at his team and glaring at each of them as they gather around him. "Yonsei University was kind enough to arrange a practice match with us thanks to—"
"Y/N," Jisung shouts, pivoting his arms by their sockets before lifting them both high above his head, cheering for you.
"Don't cut me off, Han," the coach shoots daggers at him, frowning visibly at the disobedience. "One more time and you're running around the gymnasium twenty times."
Jisung groans, only after winking at you. You chuckle under your breath, covering your face with the notepad in your hand. Hyunjin rolls his eyes, nudging Jisung to 'keep it in his pants' in the scariest voice ever. You could feel the dark clouds around Hyunjin, the aura darkening for a split minute before he breaks out into a huge smile as he looks at you.
The coach instructs out commands; strategies to help the team win against Yonsei. Moves that he's studied after watching their matches. You know this because you watched Hyunjin do the same at home. He does it at odd timings though.
You would wake up at three in the morning to grab a glass of water and you'd find your best friend squatting in front of the television as he watches every single one of Yonsei's matches. He wouldn't listen to you telling him to go to sleep because, "Being the captain is hard, Y/N. The whole team's banking on me to set the ball perfectly at the right time. I can't..."
And you understand. You understand the worries that go around in his head, the anxiety of being the best because he's no genius. He got to the top, made a name for him all thanks to his hard work and if he needs to keep it — he won't have it any other way — he swears to god that he would practise and study till he drops dead. Hwang Hyunjin loves volleyball that much.
So, you do what any friend would do.
You would make two cups of coffee, one for him and one for yourself. You sit next to him and watch the match with him. Your head lays back against the soft material of the sofa, just watching Hyunjin's eyes fixed on the screen, studying each movement of every player, gasping occasionally at how the setter of Yonsei's team leans his head back to decoy the opposite team only to dump the ball.
You don't remember much from that night because you fall asleep way too quick in the silence and in the presence of a focussed Hyunjin, your cup of coffee half empty. You don't remember anything from that night besides the fact that you woke up in your bed the next morning, or more like, Hyunjin waking you up the next morning because you overslept. Either ways, you were back in your bed and for that, you were grateful.
And as soon as the coach is done with the instructions, the team members scramble before splitting themselves into two groups, first to do serves and then perfect shots and finally, have a practice match.
You sit next to the coach, watching each and every member. That's what the previous manager told you to do. To observe. That's what the manager must do. To observe so well that you know each member well enough to know how their mind works, how their personalities are and who they truly want to be.
This is exactly why you can't seem to ever hate Lee Minho. Because you've seen him on the court, at his very best.
He's the best darn middle blocker you've ever seen. He doesn't tower that much over people with his height but when he jumps, lifting off his feet, he is as good as a wall cemented and strong before the opponent. He has only got better with every practice match and you realise that he wants to be better. And that's how he truly is. The constant urge to do better than the person he was before and perhaps, to Minho, you are someone he wants to leave behind in the past.
There's no one to blame here and you realise that it's a lot better if you accept the truth before it hurts you more than it should.
But then, in a second, Hyunjin takes your attention away whole heartedly. The boy arches his body so beautifully as he sets the ball for Jisung who slams the ball over the net with such force that leaves you gaping, notebook slamming your thigh. The coach stands up, his heels slamming the ground first before his toes do and he is as stunned as you are, eyes wide.
Funnily, Jisung's surprised too.
"We did it!" He says slowly, his words gradually making sense to him and when it does, he rushes to him, holding his shoulders and jumping ecstatically, "Hwang Hyunjin, we fucking did it!"
"When did you guys practice that?" The coach cuts the commotion short with his question. Hyunjin turns to face him along with Jisung, scratching the back of his head. Jisung is so overjoyed that he rushes to the coach, "Today morning! It sounded delusional but we pulled it off, coach."
You look at Hyunjin, who turns his attention back to you as soon as the coach is scrambling off to tell more instructions to Jisung on how he should time it a little bit earlier to hit it with even more impact. You smile, giving him a thumbs up and Hyunjin laughs, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Are you guys finally dating now that Minho's out of the picture?" Chan nudges Hyunjin. The man stumbles a step forward on impact only to quickly look at the older with eyes so wide that he wonders if it were possible.
"What?" He splutters the words out, voice haphazard after the cough.
"Everyone in the team thinks you guys should," Chan shrugs and Hyunjin's face morphs into that of seriousness almost instantly and shoots the other male with, "Did Minho hear of this?"
"Perhaps," Chan catches the ball Felix throws at him. The coach claps his hands to bring the attention back to him, barking out orders to resume the game. Chan pats Hyunjin's shoulders, "You know what we always tell, Hyunjin, in this sport—"
"Take the shot when you see the opportunity."
"Or someone's going to block again," Chan sniggers and looks at Minho, who was trying his very best to avoid your gaze, "This time round, it could be someone better than our middle blocker."
Tumblr media
You're picking up the volleyballs lying around when the guys go to shower and change, dribbling them slightly and smiling to yourself. A figure towers over you as they drop a ball into the huge bucket. You turn around to look up at Minho.
"Can we speak?"
"Do we have more to say?"
"I guess," he shrugs.
"We can still be friends, Minho," you sigh, eyes closed. "I also won't be those annoying types to tell Hyunjin to stay away from you because you broke up with me. You should know better."
"I didn't mean that," Minho looks offended. "I wanted to apologise. I should have tried harder perhaps."
"You should have."
"I know," Minho sucks in his lower lip. "I really should have but you know—"
"Lee Minho," your voice is firm. "I've told you a gazillion times that Hyunjin and I are just friends, Minho. Somehow you made up this sort of weird thing in your head so don't drag me into this mess. This is yours."
Minho scoffs, "You're going to eat your words soon," and picks up another ball. You remember the task you had forgotten in the heat of the moment, rushing to pick up a ball to put it back. The rest of the team is slowly making their way outside.
"I doubt," you sigh, throwing the last ball into the bucket and dusting your hands together. Jisung's darting towards you, hands in the air. Minho moves to the side, gliding against the floor, making way for the shorter man to reach you, bubbling with such enthusiasm you wonder what the cause of it is.
"Felix is treating us!"
Ah, so that's the reason. You smile at Jisung, nodding your approval. You push the bucket to the side of the gymnasium with Minho's help and switch the lights off as the team exits the gymnasium.
"Lee Minho!" You hear a feminine voice through the air, your eyebrows quirking upwards automatically. Hyunjin walks to your side, sighing as he shoves his hands into the pockets of his sports jacket, mumbling so softly that you barely catch it, "I warned that asshole, God damn him."
Minho's face lights up in a way you haven't seen in a while and your heart is heavy. The woman, Irene — you hear Chan shout her name and wave at her — locks her arm with Minho's and walks with him, the man doing nothing to push her away. It shouldn't affect you. Not anymore now that the two of you have broken up and yet it hurts.
Hyunjin quickly pulls you away, preventing your eyes from lingering further even a minute more. His hand holds yours and he drags you to his motorcycle. You look down, biting the insides of your cheeks, alternating between the right and left every time you taste the copper of the blood.
"Your hand is so small," Hyunjin says. "Like look at how it fits into mine," he laughs, lifting your hand upwards as he clasps it tightly. He mumbles, "So small."
You break into a smile, watching Hyunjin tease you, momentarily drifting from the thought that upsets you and it leaves you wondering how Hyunjin does it all the time. He lets go of your hand, ruffling your hair as he bends lightly, "You've got this."
He quickly turns on the heels of his feet, pulling out the keys to his bike and igniting it. You hear Jisung scream from behind, "I thought you were taking me with you!"
Hyunjin screams back, "Carpool with the rest. I'm taking Y/N."
He lifts his leg, straddling the bike as he holds onto the handles, kicking the support free. He turns towards you and tells you to hop on and you do as he says. Your fingers hold his jacket, making sure you're not hugging him from behind. Minho's words run in your head and Hyunjin notices this small gesture of yours but he pays no heed. After all, it's been a while since he realised that what he has with you is better when it's platonic. He is too afraid to lose you.
"Jinnie," you tell him as he starts the motorbike, accelerating behind Jin who leads the way. You hear your best friend scream, "Yeah," through the loud winds that hit you.
You lean forward and speak closer into his ears, your jaw hitting his helmet, "Remember how I said the guys are to be blamed in a relationship."
"Yeah," he hints at you to proceed.
"Here's my first point. Minho back there," you point out. "It was that easy for a guy to move on. That easy," you stress your word. "While I'm here repenting if there was any way to get things back to where it was. However, there's no use in me trying because there's Minho with Irene like our relationship was a thing in the past."
"That doesn't mean he didn't care about you during the relationship. That's how guys are. They give it their everything when they're in the relationship," Hyunjin reasons and you laugh sardonically.
"You're kidding me, right? The girl definitely cares more. It almost seems so easy for the guys to break up and move on. Remember the time when you broke up with Lisa," you speak, raising your tone a little more so that Hyunjin can hear you. The motorcycle moving against the wind causes your hair to touch your mouth and you're spitting hair out facing the side. Hyunjin laughs, his grip on the accelerator tightening as he speeds up just a little bit, causing you to hold onto his jacket pockets a little tighter.
"Bro," Hyunjin mutters when you bring up Lisa. "I cried enough when she broke up with me, okay?"
"You did, for a day or two," you state. "The girl cried her heart out for a whole week. You went partying that Friday with Jisung!"
"Are we now using quantitative measurements to determine how deep our care and love is?" Hyunjin gasps, sounding very offended. "This reminds me why most relationships don't work. Because girls are shallow as fuck."
Hyunjin accelerates, missing sight of the speed breaker in front of him. It hurls you onto his chest, your arms wrapping around his waist to keep you safe. A soft scream leaves your lips as the side of your face buries into his broad back.
"Sorry," Hyunjin apologises quickly. "Didn't see that!" Hyunjin prays that you don't move your arms away but you do and he sighs, face falling. He is glad that you can't see him. Your hand is back to gripping his jacket and head back in this battle of words you're currently having with your best friend.
"It's okay," you tell him. "What's not okay is how you think women are shallow."
"They are!" He takes a turn to the left. Your thigh muscles tighten as it straddles the seat, fingers digging into his side for support. "I mean, let's be real, sweetheart. You take an hour or more to get ready for college."
"Because I want to look presentable!" You hit his broad back and he chuckles.
"Lies! You're shallow!"
"Says the person who walks around shirtless at home and stares at the mirror, lightly touching your abs and saying perfect," you tease and Hyunjin turns to look at you for a minute with his eyes wide before he turns his attention back on the road.
"You saw that?"
"Of course. I see that every day."
"But you're watching the television, how?"
"Reflections," you state.
He's gasping. The motorcycle slows down as it reaches Pizza Alvolo. The pizzeria is adjacent to a pretty park and you can hear the birds chirp lowly right before the sun is ready to set. You jump off the motorcycle, dusting the denims covering your thighs and Hyunjin removes his helmet, hooking it to the handle securely.
The rest of the team are seated in the pizzeria already waiting for the two of you, waving at you as soon as you enter the place. You rush and sit next to Jisung who has been aggravatingly patting the seat next to him. Hyunjin sits opposite to you, next to Chan. He snatches the menu from him and the elder male whines at the behaviour.
You look around and notice that Minho hasn't reached the place yet. Not that it mattered to you. You will slowly learn to stop caring so much for a man and you will soon be able to look at him and think of only the fond memories and nothing more.
Or so you thought.
The minute you see Minho walk into the pizzeria, although not with Irene, you feel the ground slip underneath you. Jisung is nice enough — albeit not knowing of the whole pickle you are in — to hold your wrist and turn your attention towards the stack of pizza boxes that come your way as he gleams, "Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!"
You look away from Minho and toward the direction Jisung points before turning to look at Hyunjin who lets out a loud sigh. You know that he's clutching at his thick thighs, nails digging into it at the sight of your uncomfortability. Hyunjin knows it will take you days to get over this break up, maybe weeks and that as a good best friend, he should wait. He should understand.
But it frustrates him so much. The sight of you being in pain, in hurt because of another man — his other best friend at that — pisses him off way more than he thought it should at first.
Hyunjin quickly takes his phone out and you narrow your eyes at him, mouthing, "Rude. Put it back into your pocket." In a second, your phone dings and you take yours out. Minho sits by Jisung's side in that second, a seat away from you and your heartbeat accelerates. You unlock your phone to see a message from Hyunjin and you lift up your head, raising an eyebrow at him and he eyes at you to open the message.
Jinnie: do you want to leave?
Your eyes widen and your lips part slightly. You don't respond immediately, locking the phone and shoving it back into your pocket. You smile at Hyunjin, trying to signal that you were alright so far. Jisung opens the cardboard boxes of the pizza and squeals. Chan looks at the situation, analysing if it'd be bad for the team on a bigger approach. Hyunjin might be the captain but had it not been for Chan's guidance, the volleyball team would not have lasted a day more with the differences.
Felix announces, "Eat to your heart's merry! I might never treat again." He takes the first bite for courtesy's sake before telling everyone to join in.
The team laughs and Minho smiles, the skin by his eyes wrinkling and your heart stops to remember all the reasons you were so madly in love with this man. It is at this minute you realise it'll take you maybe a little longer than you thought, a little longer than a casual fling and a little lesser than a long term relationship. You should have known this is bound to happen the minute you allowed yourself to let your petty emotions take over.
And maybe, just maybe, it is the fact that you have to pretend to be alright with having Minho around you that makes this heartbreak pain ten times worse.
Surprisingly, Hyunjin already seems to know because he doesn't stop glancing at you after every bite of the slice he has in his hand.
You stretch your arm out to take a slice of the pepperoni pizza on the table at the same time Minho stretches his arms out to take one. Your fingers brush against his and you jolt your hand backwards, mumbling, "Sorry."
Jisung laughs without knowing and teases, "Why would you apologise for brushing your boyfriend's hand?" He takes a bite of his pizza and as soon as he finishes chewing, he continues, "I mean, you guys do nastier stuff and suddenly, you all are prim and proper, Y/N. Love the contrast you exhibit. It's beautiful. You guys could be at it every time I catch you in the gymnasium alone. Also, you're his longest relationship. You should pride yourself—"
Jisung is speaking and you won't look up. Hyunjin has dropped the knife slightly just to try and get him to stop, though in vain and Minho's looking at you. His eyes won't leave your frame and you just want to leave. It is too early for you to be alright with this. Way too early.
"Stop, Jisung," Chan tells him, reading the situation in the room.
"Why?" Jisung's laughing. Felix understands by now, seeing your face hung down and so does the rest of the team besides the man himself. You can't even come to be angry at Jisung because he seems so innocent, unaware of it all.
You spill the beans for your own heart's safety, "Minho broke up with me."
Minho doesn't shift his eyes at anyone else and Hyunjin holds the knife again, a little too tight this time. Jisung's smile turns instantly into a frown and he turns his head to glare at your now ex-boyfriend.
He doesn't bother to filter his words. "Why the fuck did you do that, you arsehole?" Minho turns to look at Jisung for a split second before his eyes are back at yours. You lift your head to lock gaze with him and you feel your chest tighten, eyes water and it hurts.
Everything seems so much more painful.
Chan says once again, his voice firm, ready to not listen to one more word of the conversation, "Stop it, Jisung. Read the room."
You stretch your arm out to have another bite of the pizza and everyone eats in silence. The room is pregnant with the most awkward silence you had been in your whole life. You take your phone out, unlocking it and finally replying to the message.
Jisung puts another slice of pizza onto your plate and you smile at him. Felix tries breaking the uneasy tension by talking about this dude he met in his neighborhood that was kind of cute. After sitting for another two minutes, you push your chair back to Jisung's surprise and stand up. Hyunjin stands up instinctively, his calves pushing his chair back and everyone at the table looks at the two of you.
Jinnie: do you want to leave?
"I just realised I have to do some grocery shopping," you laugh nervously. "There's absolutely nothing back at home. Not that Hyunjin would buy anything and keep, right?"
Hyunjin chuckles and everyone in the room knows quite obviously that you are trying to escape the scene. They are kind enough to let you. Felix asks, spilling the oregano seasonings on top of his pizza slice, "Is Hyunjin going with you?"
"No," you cut your best friend before he can give his approval. "I'll go alone." You stretch your arm out, palm facing upwards, "Keys, please?"
"Don't hurt my baby," Hyunjin's sincerity is voiced and you laugh genuinely. Little did you know he meant both you and his motorbike. He drops the key to his motorbike onto your hand and you do a little cheer. Jisung mumbles, "Cute," before stuffing his face with pizzas.
"Have a good time, guys," you wish them and grab your bag, hanging on the chair. Jisung waves enthusiastically. Felix, Chan and the rest of the team waves too. You smile fondly at your team and walk towards the door only to find Hyunjin following you.
"What do you think you are doing right now, mister?"
"Can't I walk you out at the very least, woman?" Hyunjin gapes in dismay. He pulls open the glass door and you laugh.
"Sure thing," you say and walk towards his motorbike. Hyunjin leaves the door after stepping out, the glass door swinging back to shut itself. You swing your legs over his bike, straddling the automobile and dropping your chest slightly to balance the heavy vehicle.
"You sure you'll be alright?"
"Don't you trust your teaching? You taught me how to ride this thing. Don't worry."
You look over Hyunjin's shoulder to see Minho still looking at you, worry smeared all over his face and you feel your throat constricting again as you do your best to tear your eyes away from him.
Hyunjin takes a step closer, making sure everything's alright with the vehicle so that it doesn't endanger you. He places his hand over your wrist and you look at him in confusion, "Promise me you'll take care of yourself."
"I will," you laugh. "What are you? My daddy?"
Hyunjin stiffens for a minute before he lets go of all the inappropriate thoughts that fill him for a minute there before teasing you, "Do you want me to be your daddy?"
"Nah," you throw your head back. "You aren't that rich enough." You place the helmet over your head and look at him. Hyunjin taps your helmet and hugs you slightly.
"I'll see you at home."
You start the bike on ignition and look over Hyunjin's shoulder one last time to look at Minho, locking gazes with him before you pull yours away from him towards Hyunjin.
You look ahead, the clear road in front of you and turn the accelerator only after telling Hyunjin, giggling slightly,
"Sure thing, Daddy."
Hyunjin, on the other hand, is too caught up in his worry, eyes lingering behind the trailing presence of yours that finally disappears from his sight into a speck that fades away. In any other circumstances, he would have found your petite figure driving the huge motorcycle and you even calling him daddy, although in a teasing tone, insanely hot.
Right now, however, he just hopes you are safe. He wishes he could be by your side at every second.
Tumblr media
Gaho's Stay Here blasts on the bluetooth speaker. Hyunjin pulls open the door only to find you lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling with the most emotionless face he has ever seen you with. His eyes dart towards the empty bottles of soju on the small table in the hall.
You sit up, looking at your best friend and your lip pucker out quickly pouting at the sight of him and you stretch your arms out wide, squealing, "Hyunjinnie. You are home."
Hyunjin walks towards you, plopping on the couch and sitting next to you. He quickly lifts his arm up, hand darting back and forth at the air to steer the smell away as he frowns at you, "You reek of liquor, dude."
You quickly hug him, wrapping your arms around his frame from the side and snuggling your face into his shoulder. Hyunjin stiffens under your grip and he looks down at your being with eyes closed and he realises that you might after all just be a small being in need of some loving. He wishes to be the person to do that. Hwang Hyunjin utterly and truly wants to be your person.
Hyunjin takes your phone to stop playing the music — Stay Here that's been currently playing on repeat for the twentieth time straight — and you whine against his skin, tickles running down Hyunjin's spine.
"Don't stop the music," you mumble and Hyunjin looks at you and your figure that hugs him securely, head snuggled by his neck, chin digging into the skin by his collarbone and all Hyunjin can focus on is his heart that is beating furiously against his chest.
"Y/N," Hyunjin's voice seems like an anchor to your woozy mind and you hug him tighter, gripping stronger on to his white shirt. You hum in response and Hyunjin continues, "Gaho's music doesn't seem very fitting for the minute."
You pull apart, your face morphing and changing into that of offense as you glare at him, mumbling, "Gaho is the only one that understands me." You play the music again, the bluetooth speakers blasting with the sad slow tune in the air and you feel the want to cry all over again.
You stretch your arm out to take a soju bottle from the table to down it all out when Hyunjin stretches out to stop you, his fingers wrapping around your wrists. He locks his eyes with yours and in the softest, most caring voice you've ever heard from him, he says, "Don't, Y/N. It hurts me too."
"Can I hold you?"
In a split moment, the room is filled with just the soft beats of Gaho's Start Over playing, your raspy breaths and Hyunjin's lost stare. His grip on your wrist tightens and your mind is far too intoxicated to think if this friendship could be ruined. Your heart is heavy, chest tight and you want someone to free you. Anyone. You are clawing at the imaginary wall all by yourself and anyone could be a help. Anyone that is not Lee Minho.
"Yes," and you fall on Hyunjin at the exact same moment he pulls your hand closer towards him. The timing seems to have lapsed on to each other. Your chest on Hyunjin's, eyes looking up at him as your arms snake slowly over his torso. You snuggle forward, rubbing against his body slightly and Hyunjin sighs.
To Hyunjin, the scene is a lot dramatic just because of the soft music playing and because you are drunk off your head according to him, barely able to make decisions. He just doesn't want to do anything that will make either of your friendships but right now, in this minute with you almost on top of him, locking your eyes in his, your arms around his torso, close enough to feel every part of your being, he wants to be drunk too.
Hyunjin wants to be drunk so that he can make a mistake. Hyunjin wants to be so drunk that he can't think just because he is a coward.
"Do you feel better?" He asks and you snuggle into his chest, burying your face into it as you hold him. Your lonely heart being comforted by just his presence and in the back of your drunk head, you know you feel a little bit more that causes your heart to flutter when Hyunjin cares.
You and Hyunjin are both cowards — two small people in this big world with big emotions unwilling to risk one status for another, over the fear of losing each other.
But Hyunjin wants to risk it tonight. After years of pining, he wants to risk this golden friendship he has shared with you for years now. You are the trigger, however. You lift your face away from his chest and crawl slightly towards him, pushing yourself against him. You look at him, lips pressed together and you stretch your right arm upwards to hold his face in your hand.
"Jinnie," your voice lets out his name in such an airy tone that it seems to disappear away even before it reaches his ear. His eyes are glassy and his heart is in his throat, eager in nothing but anticipation that is risen from all his hoping.
It happens as he has imagined. You lean forward so slowly that he pictures every second vividly and in an instant, your lips are on his. Hyunjin knows it should have felt wrong but God, save him — nothing felt more right than this.
You kiss him and his whole world falls away. It lingers, like a memory that stays behind. Your lips are slow and soft against him, comforting yourself and him in ways that words would never be. Hyunjin's hand slowly lifts up to rest below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breath mingles only for a split second — one filled with hesitance and uncertainty — before you pull away, looking at your best friend.
It is just a second of a kiss. Something so small and insignificant to seemingly anyone else yet it means the whole world to Hyunjin. It is the whole world to Hyunjin because this is all that is needed to let him astray, hinge released of the stupid restrictions he has made up in his head over you.
Your small kiss is all Hyunjin needs to hold on to because in the next minute, he is pulling you towards him, hands cupping your face tightly and angling it to kiss you, encasing your lower lips in his as he moves against your coral ones. You let out a small gasp and run your fingers down his spine, holding him as close as possible until there is no space left between the two of you and you can feel the beating of his heart against your chest. Loud, clear and unknown to you that it beats for you in this minute.
Hyunjin's lips are slammed against yours, nearly knocking all wind from your lungs and you don't know if it is your feelings or Hyunjin himself. He presses his tongue to the seam of your lips and, the minute you let him in, he delves inside your mouth. Hyunjin kisses you like he thinks it is the last time he will ever be able to have his lips against yours.
Your arms move up his back and tangle around his thick, strong neck. In an instant, you pull away and arch up into his broad chest, moaning in the contact of body heat against your own, before you draw back into his lips. Hyunjin can feel the burn of hard soju in his mouth, thanks to you, and it rolls off your tongue into his, seeping down  his throat and he can't hate it. There is a thrill in its own that Hyunjin knows stems from you.
If it was possible, Hyunjin would slow down time.
You pull back eventually only to hug him, humming against his neck, lips pressed against the soft expanse of his skin. Hyunjin's hand is pressed against your back as he pats you in a steady rhythm, instinctively humming to a tune that could calm you.
"Thank you," and he feels your weight fall on to his shoulder as you snuggle closer into his neck, your warm breath fanning against him, sending shivers down his spine. "For everything."
Hyunjin holds you for a while, silence and nothing but your breathing that is soft music to his ears, till he hears your soft snores buzzing against his eardrums and he knows you have fallen asleep in his arms, against his chest.
The next morning, you find yourself magically in your bed, comforter on top of you covering every inch of you, head aching thanks to your reckless drinking last night with no memory of whatsoever that happened. Lightheaded you should have known better.
Hyunjin chooses to be a coward, the morning after.
Tumblr media
The greens that cover the campus is the only other thing that keeps you sane in this university. The first being, the volleyball team. However, you don't know anymore if it is still, in the present.
You sit on the same bench before a beautiful fountain with a tiger head right in the centre, watching the vast basketball court. A place that holds way more memories to you now than it did a year before.
You shake your legs, feet pointing forward as you listen to music with about half an hour in your hand to waste before you head down towards the gymnasium to meet with the volleyball team. Besides few people that walk down towards their classes, the campus looks pretty stranded as you watch every single person stay happy in their sphere.
"Y/N," you hear your name being called out through yet another one of Gaho's songs and you lift your head up, to look at the person by your side, standing and providing you the shade they probably didn't intend to.
It's the man himself, the one who broke your heart for an explanation that made no sense to you. Lee Minho.
He stands tall, towering over you and your neck aches from looking up at him that you decide to stand up, removing the earbuds and placing it on the wooden bench, next to your phone.
"You're here." You gulp. "Aren't you supposed to be headed to the gym for practice?"
The fountain is everything you associate Minho with — moreover, it is perhaps the relationship with him that you associated the beautiful water fountain with. To see the very same man before you right now is needless to say surprising.
"I could ask you the same thing," Minho chuckles. He takes out a small cone of butterscotch ice cream and extends his arm, offering it to you. You smile softly, thanking him, sitting down back on the bench. "Can I sit here?" He asks and you nod, unwrapping the wrapping paper around the ice cream.
"Yeah," you tap on the seat by your side. You take a bite of your ice cream and Minho visibly flinches, mumbling, "Still the same."
"You broke up with me like two days back. What did you expect? A nirvana attained me?" You scoff. You take another bite of the ice cream, the sensitivity hitting your teeth and you hiss.
"Brutal," Minho chuckles darkly. You scoff, turning your head away and taking another bite of your ice cream. Minho opens his ice cream and you raise an eyebrow at him, mumbling, "You don't eat ice cream though."
"Thought you might want another one," he smiles and the thought of a second ice cream lights you up. "There you go smiling like a dork as always at the thought of it." Minho laughs and you bend forward to take it, your left arm stretching forward. Minho tugs it backwards and your body moves a little more to grab at it until it's too far for you, bringing you to your present position.
Your hand is on Minho's chest, his eyes locked in yours and you are surprised. This is not in your to do list and yet with Minho's grip on your wrist, you drop your ice cream as soon as he edges closer. His face is so close that you can see the perfect plump lips pout slightly, his face glistening in the bright sun and you gasp softly. It has been a while since he has been this close and he still makes your heart go livid within you, beating crazy.
He drops his ice cream in a second, his hands pressing forward to cup your face and pull you into him to kiss the living hell out of you. Your eyes widen, arms falling limp on either side as you stiffen.
"Can I try something?" He hesitates, iron grip on you.
"Try?" You look worried and the next minute, Minho is kissing you, his plump lips on yours for a while before he moves them against yours, taking hold of your lower lip.
It is an instinct. You choose to blame it rather on instincts. Your hand moves to grab the linen draping his arm as you hold it and kiss Minho back. It is as bitter as coffee thanks to all the memories that go along with it and yet — you find yourself drowning. You find yourself wanting more. You find yourself hoping if Minho could stay, if Minho could just pretend to love you, if not.
And it breaks your heart.
All over again.
A lone tear leaves your eyes and then another, till you are crying as you kiss him. A wet messy affair at its finest. Minho pulls back in surprise feeling the wetness against his skin. He cups your face and holds you, looking at you to check for damage — little does he know of the emotional one. Or maybe he does and he chooses to ignore. Typical Lee Minho.
"Did I hurt you?"
Your emotions take over, sanity pushed to the back. You are pulling yourself from Minho as he tries to hold you to calm you down. Your fist plummets down onto his hard chest once and then, for the second time till you are hitting him over and over again till you completely break down in front of him. Minho quickly pulls you into a hug, holding you close till you completely soak his white shirt with your tears.
"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you—" It's a repeated chant. Over and over again till you don't remember how many times you told Minho the same thing. Your mind goes insane with the overdrive of emotions. Did you like Minho still? You don't know. You don't know whether it's the familiarity of his hugs or his kisses or his whole presence that you crave or if it's his love.
"I'm sorry," he whispers and you accept because it's the first time an apology from Lee Minho sounded this sincere. "I'm sorry for breaking your heart." He snuggles into the crook of your neck, swallowed by guilt. Perhaps this is why one should never date their friends; because you lose something much greater.
"I hate you more now for kissing me here," you manage to say, throat rasp from the crying. "How could you stain this memory too? How dare you stain the memory of the location of our first kiss? It was supposed to be a bittersweet memory when I sit here and think." Minho is still hugging you.
"I'm sorry."
It is still bittersweet in a new way, you realise — the fact that Lee Minho kisses you for the last time, you swear to God, in the very same place he kissed you for the first time. The weather changed, the people around changed and the emotions changed. Even after all that, the fountain stays proud and mighty and bears witness to more new relationships and new heartbreaks. Nothing changes besides you. Nothing changes besides what we want.
You pull away from him. Sitting straight, facing the vast basketball court and the juniors playing the game, you make a decision, firm and determined. The soft pink petals fall down from the cherry blossom trees over the two of you and Minho looks at you, and then at the spilled ice cream. To see the boughs that were so bereft in the snow become so beautifully adorned should lift your spirits infinitely and it does slightly. Their scents diffuse in the warming breeze and you hold your head high to savour it.
"Let's stay away from each other for a while."
Minho's eyes shoot up, head lifting up to face you. He does not refute. After all, he knows he has to take a step behind after breaking your heart. What he does not understand is how the two of you could stay away from each other when your friend circles overlap to a large extent.
"How?" He finally asks. "How do I help you with that?"
"By doing just that. Give me space and time to get over you. I'll come back asking for your hand in friendship again," you smile. Your tear stained visage and the difficult smile you put forth is a funny combination but you manage to pull it off well, you'd say. "You don't have to take the first step this time. Let me do this on my own, Minho."
You stand up on your own, grabbing your earphones and your phone. Minho stands up, following suit and asks, "Are you leaving?"
"Yes," you turn only to look at him as you walk backwards. "And you have to head for practice. So get going. I won't have you mess up your performance by all means." You turn back and move ahead. From everything.
"You know I wouldn't," Minho screams back and the last syllable ends with a laugh. You lift your hand to wave and you leave, far, far away from him.
You now have an open wound to stitch back and you know you have to do it on your own.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin's phone rings right when he decides to serve the ball. He drops the ball in surprise, the sphere rolling all the way to where his phone is placed. Chan groans, stopping his pace at the sound of the phone ringing, and yells, "Yah! Hyunjin, how many times should I tell you to switch off your phone?"
Felix walks in exactly at that minute, laughing, "Anyone from outside would totally think Chan's the captain!"
Hyunjin runs to his phone, his blond hair strands falling forward, ponytail swinging left and right. Felix laughs at the sight, walking towards the ball and picking it up before throwing it at Chan who catches it swiftly. Hyunjin sees your name on the phone, eyes lighting up instantly and a smile prominent only for Chan to announce, "It's Y/N."
"Of course, it is," Felix scoffs. "Where's the rest of the guys? I thought you said we were to come early—" Felix pauses, eyes widening and gasping, "Hold up! Y/N is late. Whoa!"
"They are probably running towards the gym right now," Hyunjin says before picking up the call. He mouths to the rest, "It'll be short, I promise," and pouts. Chan sighs, only to smile and wave his hand at him to take the call.
"Y/N," Hyunjin cheers up instantly. "Where are—" He hears a choked sob from the other hand and Hyunjin stiffens, face losing the smiling in a second. "Are you alright?"
"I am," you strain it out. You barely manage through with the chokes and that pain that ripples through in waves but you eventually find the words to tell him, "I won't make it to practice today. Yeah?"
"Where are you?"
Hyunjin is angry and he doesn't even know who it is aimed at. He is just beyond mad at the fact that you are crying and someone made you cry. The thought of the skin by your eyes aching and eyes red and burning over anyone made him so angry that he could punch a wall through.
"I'm not telling you," he hears you say and he clenches his fist.
"Stop being a brat, Y/N," he stresses and Chan gestures at him, asking if there was something wrong. Hyunjin nods. "Where are you?"
"Leave me alone, Jinnie," you tell him through the phone, "Please,"  and his eyes widen before he calms himself down, realising that you are trying to cope all alone, a pathetic self-destructive quirk of yours that he had learned to live with after all these years. He gulps and realises you truly needed time alone and he hums in approval.
"Please reach out to me when you need me," he begs. "Please, Y/N."
Felix and Chan are staring at Hyunjin in worry when the door to the gymnasium opens and Jisung rushes into the room. He is panting and he looks around, searching for someone. Hyunjin turns away, his attention back on the call in his hands and he ends the call quickly, making a note in his mind to check up on you after practise. Not that you would let him miss practise. (Not that Hyunjin would do it to himself in the first place. He'd kill for volleyball.)
He walks towards the rest when Minho walks in, black duffel bag on his shoulder. Jisung is quick on his feet as he runs towards the other man, hands on his shoulders and he shakes the living hell out of him.
"He's gone crazy, dude," Felix mumbles and Chan laughs.
Hyunjin stays at a comfortable distance still, looking at his phone in worry every now and then. The man lifts his head and brings his attention back to the present only when he hears your name leave Jisung's mouth.
"Whoa, dude. You got back together with Y/N?"
"What?" Chan is the first to respond. "You did what?"
"I didn't get back together with her," Minho says, his voice is monotone and lacks anything more than nonchalance and it pisses the hell out of Hyunjin who has his fists still clenched tightly.
"I saw you kissing her but. . ." Jisung drops the bomb all at once in such a lost way that he doesn't realise the impact it was to have in this large gymnasium.
Hyunjin is charging forwards all at once, yelling, "You bastard," as he throws a punch at Minho. The blond dyed man is quick to put two and two together and realise that you are after all, crying because of the black haired man before him.
He pushes him back, Minho hitting the floor and Hyunjin's on top of him, punching him with his clenched fist, mind void and painted in hot red anger. Minho has his arms, blocking his punches and chooses to play on the defensive side.
In fear, we are all monsters. Hyunjin believes that he would be afraid of himself had he astral projected and looked at himself in this minute, all unhinged because of one girl — one girl he would set the world on fire for.
All that rage comes out faster than magma for Hyunjin and is just as destructive. More so because he's the captain. It consumes all that he is, so delicate under that carefully ordered world and carefully put up feign that he is alright with Minho breaking the heart of the girl he loves. Minho shrivels before him but Hyunjin does not stop. He relentlessly keeps going, stopping short of physical violence but doing far more damage with the words that he throws.
Chan tries to pull Hyunjin away as Jisung drags Minho from underneath him. The black haired man is left with bruises and a busted lip. On the other hand, Hyunjin is still fuming, along with Chan, sporting a few cuts from Minho who decided to throw a few punches in the last moment.
"Can you all stop?" Felix sighs.
"Why would you bastard make her cry again?" Hyunjin raises his voice. He's yelling at this point, loud enough for everyone passing by the gymnasium to hear. "Why the fuck would you make Y/N cry again? I told you to leave her alone!"
"This wouldn't have happened if things went different—" Hyunjin tries to rush forward to hit him again upon hearing his words, but Chan and Changbin, another teammate, have a strong grip on him. His blond ponytail lashes in anger and he fights against the two, trying to let go of himself. Minho yells back, "I would have never broken up with her if you never liked her, Hyunjin."
"What?" He stops still in his tracks, limbs falling and Chan lets go.
"How am I supposed to think it's alright for you to randomly stare at my girlfriend with heart eyes? For fuck's sake, you guys hug way more than I hug her," Minho glares, chest rising up as he vents everything he has bottled up so far. "If you had always liked her, you should have told me! I shouldn't have overheard it from Chan telling you to ask her out." Chan's face pales visibly. "I would have tried making her stay. I would have made her stay. I would have," Minho's voice lowers. "I still did, but I was too late."
Hyunjin has no words to refute. His eyes widen and his heart is in his throat, barely being able to say, "You could have taken it out on me. Why would you drag her into this? She loved you. She still wavers because of you. Your faithless love was the only hoax she was forced to believe."
Jisung pouts in awe at the words Hyunjin spills and Minho mumbles, "I don't know. I couldn't think straight."
Felix drops the ball with force, suddenly. The ball squelches before raising high and hitting the wall with impact. He folds his arms and speaks up, "Stop acting like kids." He points at Minho. "You, stop putting the blame of your failed relationship on Hyunjin. Him liking Y/N did not ruin your relationship. You killed it yourself."
"But he—"
"I liked her even before you made a move on her. Nothing has changed, Minho," Hyunjin inhales sharply.
"It's because you're a coward, you arsehole."
Hyunjin closes his eyes, looking away, mumbling, "Not going to even bother denying that. I'd be dating her if I wasn't this scared of losing her."
Felix proceeds to point at Hyunjin, glaring sharply at him, "You call yourself a captain? We have a match in a few days and you decide to lose control and beat up your teammate? One of the best middle blockers out there! What in the world are you thinking, Hyunjin? Jesus Christ, when Y/N hears of this, she's going to beat you up so bad for doing this to him in the name of the team."
Hyunjin doesn't dare to look up at Felix, shuffling the balance of his body from one feet to another. He is embarrassed. He should have never let his emotions take control of his body and yet he did.
Chan walks towards Felix before announcing, "We'll start practice in five. I want the two of you to sort this out by the end of this day. If you haven't, I don't want either of you coming to practice tomorrow."
"I'm the setter!" Hyunjin protests.
"Jeongin can do a darn good job too, so shut up and listen to me well."
"Now," Felix claps his hand, smiling once again brightly before running to pick up the ball. "Let's practice like the perfect team we are!"
Tumblr media
"And like I couldn't stop myself. It's like something dragged me to move forward and the next thing I knew, I was on top of Minho—"
"Fuck, that'd be hot."
"Y/N, focus. And like I was beating the crap out of him."
You dab an alcoholic swab over the small wounds on his face as he seethes in pain and you sneer, "Deserved it."
"Ouch," Hyunjin fakes offense. "Side with me at least now. You aren't dating him anymore." You stop, your hand midair and you dab constantly over his wounds till Hyunjins screaming, "Ow, ow, ow. I'm sorry," and holds your wrist and pulls it away.
"But you messed up your team dynamics just because of your anger," you frown. "You and Minho better sort it out quickly, Jinnie. Else, I swear to God." You glare at him.
"What will you do?" Hyunjin laughs, scrunching his nose and teasing you. You place the bandaids over the wounds and raise an eyebrow. Hyunjin prompts, "Bite me?"
"I will," you warn and Hyunjin scoffs, "As if."
You bite him. His shoulder, to be exact. Your teeth hold onto his socket for a good one minute tightly till he is yelping, hitting your back to let go of him as he hisses in pain. You let go of him and narrow your eyes at him. Hyunjin is shocked. So shocked that he blankly stares at you with his mouth wide open.
"Are you a dog?"
"I could be one if you taunt me too much."
"Wow," he blinks and you poke the insides of your cheek with your tongue. "Wow, you're truly one of a kind." And Hyunjin breaks down laughing, holding his shoulder with his hand and bending forward overcome by intense laughter.
"Buy me mint choco," he prompts. "Because now you injured me and I want compensation."
"Excuse me?"
Hyunjin pushes himself forward, edging closer to you, looking you in your eyes before saying, "You know you have to," in a low guttural tone that your heart does a whole somersault, triple axle and then lands with an ovation. "You hurt me."
You push him away and you leap onto your feet, your eyes wide and your hand over your chest. Hyunjin looks at you with a raised eyebrow. To change the mood of the situation, you quickly announce, "Fine. You'll get mint chocolate only if you get ready and come out in five minutes. Else you pay for it on your own."
Hyunjin stands up and holding your wrist, he pulls you with him to the door. You look at him in utter confusion and ask, "What are you doing?"
Hyunjin stops in his tracks and turns to look at you, blond strands leaving his ponytail to cover his eyes slightly and pink lips so plump that you wonder how they feel. The realisation that you have started viewing your best friend as someone more than just that hits you and you look down instantly. When did this happen?
"I'll just wear a coat and so should you," Hyunjin laughs. "Ice cream can't wait."
People think of laughing as a noise that comes from the mouth more often than not, but when Hyunjin laughed it was nothing like that. The laugh is in his eyes, in the way his face changes into that vision of relaxed joy and unrestrained mirth. And yet, in all honesty, it is not in his face either. His laugh comes from within, it is just the way he is wired with the instant ability to comfort someone. Just the sound of his gales, his snickers, his giggles, was enough to transport you far away from all your worries and the tension your life has in the minute.
Enough to make you forget that you have to tell him today about the decision you have taken.
Hyunjin and you walk down the stairs and off onto the road in five minutes as planned. The cool air of the night hits you and you hold yourself closer, the long coat held tightly to your body surface. Hyunjin laughs before wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pulling you close by just a little bit and yet enough to share his body warmth.
"Mint choco, here we come!" And he runs with you.
The thing with your stupid heart is that you don't understand why it is beating so rapidly in this moment, your heart beat easily jumping to more than 95bpm and all because Hyunjin holds you. You look at the man by your side, his blond hair moving with the air, exposing his face and you wonder — had Hwang Hyunjin always been this beautiful?
You have known Hyunjin for a long time now. Too long for you to realise that your heart had a change in its plans for emotions recently. You have known Hyunjin way too long to know that you want him for a lifetime by your side, as a best friend at the very least and the thought that if you did act upon your new emotions that you have just discovered in this cold, breezy night, you are screwed.
Hyunjin turns to look back at you after hearing absolutely no sound from you. His face pales when he realises you are looking far ahead and he wonders if you do remember now. If you remember the drunk night.
So he asks to put himself at ease, "Y/N?"
"Huh?" You jolt up to consciousness, looking properly at Hyunjin. "Yeah?"
"Do you remember the night a few days back?"
"Night? Few days back?" You ponder. "When I was drunk?"
"Yeah," Hyunjin mumbles and you raise your body in anticipation, finally wanting to ask about the magical teleportation.
"Now that we are on this topic," you fold your arms and raise your eyebrows at your best friend. Hyunjin shuffles his balance from his left to his right. "Did you carry me to bed that night?"
Hyunjin chokes on air, sputtering out incoherent words before finally forming one proper sentence, "You knew?"
"You're the only other person I live with and I don't have any recollection of going to bed so like I presumed," you look down, heat rising to your cheek and you fidget with your fingers. "That you carried me to bed."
"That's all that you remember?"
You lift your head up, lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed, "Is there more?"
"Uh," Hyunjin turns back to face forward, his broad back in your vision again as he walks forward to the ice cream parlour by the junction.
"Hyunjin?" He walks quicker. "Yah! Hwang Hyunjin!" You follow him with quick, short strides, almost jogging up to him. "What did I do, Jinnie?" He opens the glass door to the ice cream parlour. "Yah, Hwang Hyunjin, tell me no matter how embarrassing it is." You follow him into the white aesthetically pretty place.
You finally catch hold of his coat and tug at it. Hyunjin turns, his cheeks flushed and you wonder what in the world happened that night. Yes, you have vague memories of hugging Hyunjin and passing out, but for him to act like this — wait, you didn't empty your stomach out on him, did you?
"Did I—" Hyunjin's eyes widens. He turns back, his attention on the man behind the counter and he points towards you.
"She's paying."
"Okay," the man nods and turns to look at you, waiting for your order. You sigh, glaring at your best friend before ordering one quantity of mint chocolate ice cream. Your eyes waver to the green ice cream and you frown in displeasure, something Hyunjin catches sight of your expression.
"How dare you?" He folds his arms, dramatically. "The only people that matter in this world are the one that like mint chocolate." The man at the counter smiles at the two of you.
You open your mouth, clicking your tongue, "I'm not paying money to eat toothpaste."
The man behind the counter laughs out loud and Hyunjin glares at him, scoffing. He takes the ice cream from his hand and waits for you to pay. The tall man looks at the two of you, again, before finally telling, "Good luck on your relationship. It's always fun to see couples have an argument over mint chocolate and still be so in love with each other." He turns to look at Hyunjin only, "For your information, I like mint chocolate."
Both Hyunjin and you look at each other, either of you waiting for the other person to disagree with the man but there is just silence. You can feel Hyunjin looking at you through the corners, waiting for you to refute like you always do. You don't and you do not even know why. The heat builds up beneath the apples of your cheek and the thought of being in a relationship with your best friend strangely brings about a wave of calmness within you, doing its best to shove the uncertainty of so many things away.
"Thank you for the ice cream," you say and walk to an empty table. Hyunjin thanks the man too, and follows you, sitting on the seat opposite to you and places the mint chocolate in between.
He watches you, unsure of the situation and you bite your lower lip nervously before shoving the cup closer to him and mumbling, "Eat. We came all the way here for you."
"You should have gotten another ice cream," Hyunjin frowns.
"It's past nine," you laugh, your hair falling over the chair as you lean back. "I can't let fat into my body after nine. You know that."
"Why do I know you?" Hyunjin puts his hand on his forehead looking at you and then he pushes the cup of ice cream towards your side. "Disappointment." You look at your best friend, disgusted and he won't take the disrespect though.
"It's a refreshing taste," he digs in and takes a big bite. "Plus, it's the right balance." He lifts the spoon with a small amount of the mint ice cream and shoves it right in front of your face. "The perfect amount of mint, chocolate and milk to make the world's most perfect ice cream."
You push his hand away and glare, "Why would you ruin two beautiful sweets," you raise an eyebrow, "Chocolate and ice cream by including," you fake a gag, "Mint?"
"Because mint balances the sweetness of the chocolate," he scoffs. "All you mediocre people won't understand. Mint chocolate was created for the elite class."
"Did you just call me mediocre?" your jaw drops and Hyunjin laughs. It's soft, airy and so carefree that you don't mind the fact that he is laughing at you and not with you. You don't mind one bit when you break down and laugh with him, unable to keep your face straight as you lean forward on the table, your head resting on your hands and you watch Hyunjin.
You decide to tell him of your decision in this minute.
"I'm going to make Seungmin manage the team," you tell Hyunjin and he stares at you, the spoon dropping from his hand and clattering against the glass rim of the ice cream cup. You continue, "He's always wanted to manage the volleyball team and I thought I should let him—"
"Why?" He sounds hurt. Disappointed, in fact and your heart plummets down.
"I thought it's time to move on."
"From the team or Minho?"
"Minho," you say, nibbling on your lower teeth. "I want to go back to him—"
"What?" Hyunjin feels his heart sink.
"Don't cut me off, hoe," you click your tongue. "I want to go back to him and be his friend. I'm not ready to ruin a friendship over this. I just won't."
Hyunjin looks down at his cup of ice cream. His spoon digs into the cold dessert over and over again till he realises that he'll do what he has always done for you — be right by your side as your pillar.
"Feed me," Hyunjin prompts and you stare at him with a void expression, mouth still open, wondering if he suggested this only and only to change the topic. Hyunjin stretches his arm out to shut your mouth. "People are going to think I'm starving you here."
"Whoa." You lift your head up. "And if I do that, people are going to think we're possibly the cutest couple out there still in our glorious honeymoon phase of it."
"Okay," Hyunjin shrugs and leans back against the chair, folding his arms against each other.
"Yeah, I'm fine with that."
You sit up straight and look down before finally saying, "Don't say that."
"Say what?"
"Those words that make my heart flutter. I don't know what to feel, Hyunjin." Hyunjin is too stunned to react and whine over the fact that you called him properly by his name in your conversation. The fact that he too can cause your heart to race a little bit just like you have with his all these years. "Don't say them to me if you won't ever be ready to take responsibility over them."
You place your thumb and forefinger on your forehead, squeezing the skin slightly to calm the slight ache you can feel, the vein throbbing slightly and you know it is your anxiety that kicks in because you almost spilled everything out. You quickly stand up and holding your coat tightly, you look at Hyunjin who is still seated and looking at you intently.
"I need to go to the pharmacy next door. I'll wait for you there. Finish your ice cream and come."
You don't turn to look at Hyunjin as you walk out, slightly embarrassed by your own behaviour. Between you and Hyunjin, you are the one who had to keep your cool, making sure you didn't slip up or make a mess so that you could at least have time to clean his spilt milk.
You push the door of the ice cream parlour and walk out, the doorbell ringing at your push and you hold yourself in the cold breeze. If Hyunjin did not respond to it, it is only safe to presume that he feels nothing more towards you. You could at least put two and two together. Or so you thought till Hyunjin is chasing after you, big strides and dark blond hair in the wind as his rubber band comes loose and slides off a bit.
"Y/N!" He shouts and quickly holds your wrist, pulling you so quickly that you stumble forward into him. Hyunjin grips your arms to steady you and he looks at you, his brown eyes trying to peep into your soul. He smiles, hand running through his hair only to bring more strands forward, covering his vision.
Falling in love with Hwang Hyunjin, you realise, is the easy part. He makes it so easy to fall for him — when he smiles at the sun, covering his eyes or when he is covered by the dogs in dog parks all eager to hug him because that's how he just is. You don't even realise when you fall for Hyunjin but when you do, you know you are already sinking and you are far too gone for saving.
It is, however, admitting to yourself that you fell for your best friend that is hard. The Hwang Hyunjin that you have seen since the five year old boy moved next door to you. The Hwang Hyunjin that would cross dress in your clothes. The Hwang Hyunjin that would steal your dumplings. It is the same Hwang Hyunjin that you fall for. You had all these doors with specifications that opened to only men like Lee Minho and yet like the rude asshole that you oh so adorably love he seemed to tear them down. Or perhaps those doors were meant for others and Hyunjin always had a door of his own for your heart.
You should have asked yourself why but would it have really mattered? You're here with Hyunjin by your side, whether he knows your feelings or not and you couldn't be any less glad, even if you are sometimes hiding, imagining a distance instead of seeing Hyunjin right there.
"I'll come back, Jinnie," you tell him, looking up at him and coughing slightly, trying to move back slightly to put some space between the two of you. "I'm not running away. I just need to buy some strips of paraceta—"
"I want to be responsible for them," His gaze doesn't leave yours. "I want to be responsible for you, your emotions and everything you are, if you let me."
You wouldn't dare to shift your eyes away, or focus on anything else. Just Hyunjin. Just your Hyunjin. Your heart beats so fast against your chest that you wonder if it ever had this much for any man or woman. And when Hyunjin pulls you into him, his arms wrapping around your frame, hand flat against your head that buries your face into his chest, you learn that Hwang Hyunjin's heartbeat is always your metronome — the beat your entire life seemed to have moved smoothly to.
You giggle against his chest, breaking into a smile, "Are you asking me out, Jinnie?"
"I guess," he chuckles into your hair, snuggling himself into you. He pulls you back to explain. "My original plan was to ask you out after the practice match that I'll make sure we win, but you could possibly not be there as our manager and what if I miss the chance?"
"You lovesick boy," you laugh, smiling stupidly at him. Hyunjin cups your face and presses his forehead against yours.
"I've liked you for so long, Y/N," and you blush, lips pursed and you smile back, heart fluttering.
"Thank you," you press a kiss against his cheek.
"For what?"
"For being you and for always loving me."
Hwang Hyunjin holds your face and kisses like he is capable of getting rid of all your worries, slowly bleeding into your marrows and cells and soaking you of the very essence he is. He holds you like you are a precious being — and to him, you are because he finally has you after all these years; he finally gets to call you his.
His lips are warm and tasted of mint; obviously from the mint chocolate ice cream earlier. His hands are wrapped around your waist and yours are locked around his neck pulling him down slightly. His strands of blond locks brush against your face, ticking you slightly and you giggle into the kiss. He laughs against your lips before kissing you slowly, drawing the kiss for as long as he could. When you break apart for air, you lean forward and rest your forehead against his, gathering some much needed oxygen. His smile tells you everything you need confirmation over and you smile back, sinking into his hold.
Hyunjin hugs with gentle arms that still gives the space to breathe; yet it is the hug of a strong pair of arms that tells everything that you are - every fibre of your being - that he is with you, and you wonder how he is capable of that. How he is capable of holding like you are his whole world — like he rather hold you than anything else.
Hyunjin does exactly that. He holds you tight and close to him in this cold night, ignorant of everything else around the two of you, like you and him only mattered in the place, like you and him are fireworks in this velvet dark, the blaze that dares to light up the night.
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okayau · a year ago
just a bet (hyunjin)
a/n: okay so i made a mistake when i posted this earlier but im not gonna say what it was lmao iykyk
requested: yes.
Tumblr media
There was something about the way that the people in your class screamed that irritated you. Maybe it was the fact that they were obnoxiously loud. Maybe it was the way that they sustained notes that you only thought howler monkeys could hit. Or Maybe it was the person they were screaming over. You never understood the infatuation everyone had for Hwang Hyunjin. Sure he was attractive but he and his groups of friends were so annoying. Just because they had the school fawning over them, they thought they could get away with anything - which to your dissent, they did. That was an even bigger mystery to you. You understood the hormone ridiculed students going crazy for the boys but the professors and administration praising them and letting their antics slide just made zero sense. What about these boys was so-
“Y/N, right?” Your thoughts came to a sudden stop as a voice called out to you.
“Um..” You warily eyed the boy in front of you, not trusting the smile resting on his lips, “Yes?”
“Hey, so,” He sat down in front of you, letting his hands rest atop your desk, “I was wondering if you’d want to go out with me?” The silence that followed was deafening and the eyes that bore into you were terrifying. You made a mental note not to wander off by yourself when his fangirls were around.
“Are you sure you don’t have me mixed up with someone else?” You sat up in your chair, retracting your hands into your lap.
“No? Why would I have the wrong person?” He shoo his head, smiling wider so that you could see his dimples.
“Well…We haven’t really talked before? I think we actually had one class together before this one but that was a few semesters back and even then we neve-“
“Well you caught my eye,” He interrupted, “So I was really hoping you’d want to be my girlfriend,” Your brow raised at his words, not understanding how he could be so forward.
“Is this how you always ask girls out?” You sat back, tilting your head to side. The flicker of a frown that graced Hyunjin’s features didn’t go unnoticed by you but as soon as it came, it was gone.
“I…don’t ask a lot of girls out,” He bit his bottom lip, tugging on it for a moment before letting it slip past his teeth. There was silence again, except this time it was accompanied by the occasional whisper. Your eyes traveled from Hyunjin’s face to those who were diligently watching you. Their glares sent shivers down your spine and you were suddenly sure that if you rejected the boy in front of you, they would come after you like the villainous schoolgirls in dramas.
It wouldn’t hurt to humor the boy for a few days and then break up with him, right? What’s the worst that could happen?
“Okay,” A sigh escaped your lips as your gaze found Hyunjin’s once again, “Let’s..go out,”
Tumblr media
Saturday day. 4pm.
You were in your room, slipping your socks on over your feet when the doorbell rang.
“Coming,” You called out before shuffling towards the front door and opening it to reveal Hyunjin with a bouquet of flowers.
“O-oh,” You stared at the assortment in his hand before letting your gaze shift up to his eyes, “What’s this?”
“I..uh…bought you flowers,” A sheepish smile made its way onto his lips as he held out the gift.
“Thanks, you really didn’t have to,” While your words said one thing, the grin you were sporting said another, “Do you want to come in for a second? All I really need to do is grab my bag and put on my shoes,”
“Yeah, sure,” He nodded, stepping into your apartment. He stood awkwardly by the door as you ran off into your room, letting his eyes roam over the decor of the area. He noted that you had few decorations up but still managed to make the small place cozy and feel like a home. There was a sweet, fresh smell in the air which he attributed to the lit candle you had on the living room table. He had to say, he liked it here. It felt…safe.
Hmmm, that’ll probably be good for her later.
Hyunjin wondered how you would take the news once you found out. You didn’t seem like the type to get easily upset and, if he was being honest, he didn’t think you really cared for him at all. He didn’t really care much for you either. The only reason he was even here was because Minho had bet him 300 dollars to see if he’d date you for a month and then break up with you. You were just an easy target and you’d probably brush this all off when it was over and ignore him for the rest of your life. God, everything about this was just a nuisance and-
“Hey, I’m ready,” Hyunjin’s thoughts were interrupted by your appearance, a smile gracing your features.  
Wow, you looked really cute. The outfit you wore accented your style and he just thought it fit you so well.
“So where are we going?”
Tumblr media
“I never thought you’d be the type of guy to want to do something so cliché,” You couldn’t help but giggle as you helped Hyunjin set the blanket down on the grass, “You got it all planned out and everything” You gestured toward the basket he’d brought as you plopped down atop the blanket, taking off your shoes so that you could be more comfortable.
“I thought it was cute,” He shrugged as he sat down next to you, pulling the basket toward you both, “This park is really pretty too,”
“I’m just happy we have a shady tree to sit underneath,” You sighed, resting your hands on the ground so you could lean back. The weather out was nice, warm enough for you to just barely feel it against your skin. The sun shone brightly onto the outdoors, only occasionally darkening when the fluffy clouds would get in the way.
“So what did you bring?” Your attention turned to Hyunjin, eyeing him as he opened up his basket.
“I have sandwiches, fruit, juice, and some cake from that bakery on seventh street,”
“No way, I love that place,” You immediately sat up, stomach growling a bit at the prospect of eating nice foods.
“Here, eat this first. You don’t want to spoil your appetite,” Hyunjin held out a sandwich, laughing as you rolled your eyes before taking it from him.
“Did you make this?” You questioned.
“Yeah,” He nodded in response before taking his own sandwich into his hands and unwrapping it.
“Wow, imagine if the people at school learned about this,” You chuckled, “If they found out you were cute, can dance, AND you make meals for first dates - ugh, they’d fall more in love with you than they already are,” “Someone sounds jealous,” With those words, you couldn’t stop the fit of laughter that made its way past your lips.
“Jealous? Of what?,” You raised a brow, still laughing a bit.
“I don’t know,” Hyunjin leaned forward, effectively ending your laughter. His face was just inches from yours and while you had never fawned over the boy like his groupies, you could see why they do so. Hyunjin was absolutely breathtaking and being this close, you were forced to take in his features. A small smirk made its way onto the boy’s lips as he noticed you staring, “Maybe you’re jealous that you’re not the only one getting my attention? Maybe…” His hand trailed atop your hand, “You want me all to yourself?”
“Tch,” You scoffed at his comment, trying to ignore the blush that made its way onto your cheeks as you pulled your hand away, ‘Not a chance Hyunjin. Those fans can have you,”
“Oh? Are you saying this is going to be our only date?” He pouted, leaning back from you. The pink hues on your face hadn’t gone unnoticed by him.
“I don’t know. We’ll have to see how this one goes right?” You shrugged before taking a bite out of your sandwich, “Wow, that’s actually good,”
“If we go on another date I can make you more,” He sent a wink your way.
“Ha Ha,” You mocked the boys words and took another bite, “Okay..maybe..”
“Cute,” Hyunjin mumbled, sporting a fond smile as he began to eat his own meal.
The rest of the date seemed to progress easily, conversation flowing between the two of you easily - albeit a bit awkwardly at times.
“Don’t you ever get tired of all these people fawning over you?” You’d asked, laying at one point as the sun was starting to slowly set.
“Hm? Not really?” Hyunjin shrugged, “I like the attention,”
“Wow, you’re cheeky aren’t you?” You rolled your eyes.
“Well I mean,” Hyunjin sat up a bit, pulling his legs closer to his body, “I like having a reputation, especially one with good light but i guess I do just want to go to school, go to class, and leave without people trying to talk to me sometimes,”
“As a person who regularly does that, I can say it’s liberating to not have to put up with anyone,” You nodded as your eyes wandered over the leaves and branches of the tree in front of you.
“Don’t you want more friends?” He furrowed his brows.
“I have friends Hyunjin,” You laughed, “I don’t need that many more and besides, you’re my friend now right?”
“Really?” Hyunjin’s expression lit up for a moment before he remembered the bet, “Just a friend?” You turned your head to look over at the boy, noticing the hopeful eyes.
“Did you….really want to be more? I honestly didn’t think you really wanted to go out with me,” You weren’t sure why you were telling the boy this. Of course you had doubts over going out with Hyunjin. Why would the most sought out boy want to go out with you.
“What do you mean?” Hyunjin’s heart was beating fast, hoping you hadn’t caught on to what his plan was.
“Well, I thought you were doing this as a joke,” He sucked in a breath at your words, “…but you seem really sweet, actually,” He wasn’t sure if the wave that fell over him was that of guilt or relief.
“So…does that mean…” He found the next words hard to phrase.
“I’d like to go out again,” You sighed, pink rushing to your cheeks at the declaration. Your eyes avoided his figure as you let your words sinks in, making you oblivious to his body shifting closer to yours. It was only when he was kneeling above you that you were acknowledging him.
“What are you doing?” Your head tilted to the side, voice coming out nervously.
“Um…Well, I thought I was going to kiss you but now I am thinking that it’s too fast and..I..uh..I’m….going to move back an-“
“Wait,” You snickered and grabbed his arm, finding the fact that Hyunjin was just as flustered as you to be amusing. Carefully, you shifted your body so that you were sitting up, face just inches from Hyunjin’s as it was earlier. Your eyes locked with his, both gazes searching for discomfort in the other. When nothing was found, you were leaning forward, closing the gap between you two in a chaste kiss. Hyunjin’s lips were soft against your own and the feeling of his hands sliding up to cup your face sent a shiver down your spine.
Hwang Hyunjin was a good kisser. There was no lie in that. You swore you would’ve kissed him forever if he hadn’t pulled away, earning a small sigh of displeasure from you.
“Don’t worry,” He giggled, pressing his forehead against yours, “There’ll be more later”
While you had initially believed that going on a date with Hyunjin was a bad idea, you had to believe that this moment just felt right…..and Hyunjin couldn’t help but believe that it was wrong.
Tumblr media
The next month of your life had to have been one of the most exhilarating of your life. Dating Hyunjin was nothing like you had imagined it to have been. He was a lot more mature than you’d assumed and you swore that he had to have been the sweetest boy on the planet. It was like every day was an episode of your own cheesy drama. Just last week, Hyunjin had came knocking at your door at 3 in the morning. Of course, at first, he had scared the shit out of you but once you had learned that he was the one whining to come inside and knocking obnoxiously (a fact you never let him live down) you were surprised to see that he’d brought you your favorite snacks and a blanket with his face on it.
“What am I supposed to do with this?” You laughed as he used his long arms to wrap you up in the blanket and his embrace before waddling you two back to your couch until you tumbled atop it with Hyunjin hovering over you.
“Now, whenever you miss me, you can cuddle with me,” He chuckled before placing a kiss on your forehead.
“This is actually the lamest thing you’ve ever done,” You’d told him, eye twinkling in a way that told him that you’d meant the opposite of what you’d said.
“You know you love it,” He teased, sitting up to give you more room.
“Yeah, you’re right,” You smiled reaching out to grab his shirt so you could pull him back down into another kiss, this one longer than the last.
“You’re the best,” You sighed against his warm lips, relishing in the way they felt against yours.
Funny how a week can make things change.
“You what?” You swore that if you weren’t already sitting down that your legs would have given out below you.
“I want to break up,” Hyunjin stood before you in your living room, face devoid of emotion as he stared at his feet.
“D-did…I do something wrong?” you shook your head, not understanding where this was coming from.
“No..It’s just that…I never liked you,” Hyunjin let out a deep breath, “I was dating you for a bet,” To say that you were shocked by his confession would be an understatement. You felt rushes of confusion, anger, surprise, and despise running over your head as you tried to figure out how to respond to the boy.
“What..What do you mean a bet?” Your breathing was uneven as you stat up, intent on hearing his explanation, “Hyunjin look at me,”  He hesitantly looked up at you.
“Minho….he bet me 300 dollars to date you for a month and then break up with you,” While his expression was blank, his voice was nothing less than nervous.
“300 dollars?” Your lips pressed together into a thin line as you tried to hold in the tears that slowly threatened to spill out, “That’s what I’m worth to you? 300 dollars?”  
“’re worth so much more,” HIs face contorted into one of worry, “I just…”
“Hyunjin, I.. Can you get out?” Your head fell into your hands in an attempt to hide that you were about to cry.
“What..?” While he knew you would be angry with him, he thought that you’d at least let him explain himself.
“Get out, Leave!” Your voice was louder this time, words shaking.
“Just Go!” You looked up at him, tears that once lined your eyes now tainting your cheeks. Hyunjin felt his heart crumble at the sight and he took a step back, looking around as he tried to figure out what to do or say. He  didn’t want things to end up like this. He didn’t want to break up like this and he had never anticipated actually falling for you. He thought you would’ve taken the news better and been nonchalant about it. He didn’t think you’d cry. Hell, he hadn’t even wanted to break the news to you in the first place but the thought of what he had done was slowly gnawing at him. You deserved better than him so he was just going to leave, refuse the money, and go on with his life. He had never wanted to hurt you like this.
“Y/N..I’m…I’m really sorry,” His brows furrowed as his hands balled and released from fists.
“That doesn’t fucking matter Hyunjin,” You threw your hands up in defeat, “What matters is you treated me like a toy and you’re making money off of my emotions. I don’t give a shit if you’re sorry or not. Just get out already,”
“I…I…I’ll go…” His lips trembled as he felt his own tears welling up in his eyes, “I’m sorry,” With his final words, Hyunjin was tumbling out of your apartment, leaving you alone in your apartment.
As he left, Hyunjin had to note how the cozy apartment he’d come to love suddenly didn’t feel so safe anymore and he had to believe that what he’d just done had played a huge part in that.
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sanlight-twt · 2 years ago
| 𝙈𝙞𝙨𝙩 - 𝙃. 𝙃𝙮𝙪𝙣𝙟𝙞𝙣 | part 01
Tumblr media
┇ category : badboy!au, suggestive, angst
┇ warning : mention of smoking !
┇ word count : 2.4K
┇ synopsis : Hyunjin is that boy in your classroom you never talked to. But since that day, when you made a comment on his smoking habit, he made sure he asked for your name.
| Stray Kids Masterlist | Part 01 • Part 02 (End) |
Tumblr media
On a day like any others, you entered the class for your first course of the week, which was geography and you saw as usual that your desk mate Hyunjin wasn’t here yet. Actually no one was coming early to that course, the teacher was mean and such a bad pedagogue, that everyone hated her. But as a bad habit you had, you didn’t like coming late so you and a few students were always the first to enter the class.
Hyunjin was your desk mate and a bad boy. Although not the one to look for troubles, more like the chill one with sometimes a cocky side. He was just living his life the way he wanted to with no one to tell him what to do. Of course, if you mess with him, he would make sure you know that it isn’t safe for you to do so, but in a nutshell, he wasn’t as bad as people was describing him, just independent.
The teacher came in the room at 8am and started her lesson. She gave us an exercise to do, linked to the previous lesson of Friday to see if we were learning them. Head in my book when I heard the door. Hyunjin opened it slowly and crawled to his desk, wishing the teacher didn’t hear him. She did.
“Hyunjin, late again…”, the professor said lazily like a mom scolding her child for the nth time in the day, looking from above her glasses, a sight escaping her lips.
He was running late as always, you never got the point of noticing it every time, Hyunjin didn’t care about being late or not, being there was enough for the school to let him be.
He took out at least some papers and pens to write with from his bag. He looked behind and in front of him to see what you all were doing, you saw he was lost and decided to help him. You never talked to him but today was the day.
“We’re doing this exercise about last Friday’s lesson…”, you whispered, pointing out the questions you were trying to answer on the book under your elbows. You headed to the exercise again when you feel him staring at you and at the book, when you understood that he didn’t have his book with him. So you put it between you two and you both started to work. At least that’s what you thought because he was just doodling on his paper. You tried to ignore him and continued studying.
Doing this exercise took the class almost the hour, when the teach decided to correct them but the school bell announced the end of the class. You packed your belongings and took the book who was laying between Hyunjin and you, but he had his elbow on it, so you pushed it when his head fell from it, you figured out that he fell asleep. You woke him up by shaking him.
“W-What?...”, he faltered half awake. He looked at you, not realising that the class has ended.
“It’s finished, the Geography study I mean…and you were sleeping on my book”, you answered trying to remember him where he actually slept. You were amazed by how much complacency he had.
“Oh, ok all the better then, I need to go now”, he put his paper full of doodles in his bag and left without even a ‘thank you’ or a ‘sorry’. You watched him left, astonished and speechless.
The other classes of the day were quite boring, but it was okay. You saw Hyunjin three to four times since then, once chatting with his friends at the end of the room, once sleeping again or just laughing. He has one of the prettiest smile you ever saw, ‘eye smile’ precisely and that was cute, for one minute you just wondered how it would feel like to be the one making him smile.
You were a bit day dreaming about him in the cafeteria, when your friend pushed you because she laughed too hard. She was literally crying.
“YA! What the heck is going on?”, you asked coming back to reality.
“Sofia was telling me about how her mom found out about his aunt fucking the neighbour, but you were so busy looking at Hyunjin that you didn’t hear it!”, she replied poking your cheek.
“I wasn’t-”, you suddenly wondered if it was that obvious and maybe it was.
“No need to explain yourself y/n, I mean he’s looking good, he’s tall, he has nice hair, he has plump lips and we can’t see it, but girl let me tell you, that boy is build under these clothes, I’m sure! And don’t get me wrong but he has that 90’s vibe and girls are falling for that”, she said.
You never were that observant about him and his features, but she was right, he has a nice frame. You started thinking about what can possibly be hiding under his shirt but that wasn’t safe at all, so you just stopped there and decided to leave to go to the last class of the day: PE.
“Girls, I’m going to the gymnasium now! See you tomorrow!”, you left with your plate, throwing the dishes in the bin and then putting it in the box next to the main entry.
“See you y/n, go see that perverted teacher!”, Sofia said laughing.
You decided to go to the toilet before doing any physical activities. When you entered the girl bathroom you heard muffled noises, like moans and whispers. You got closer to the sound and you saw Hyunjin and a girl making out, you dropped your book and Hyunjin turned his head to the sound.
“Oh my fucking god, I’m leaving, sorry for disturbing!”, you apologised looking at Hyunjin and running out of the toilet, heart pounding fast in your chest. You went directly in the locker room to put on your sport outfit.
Unfortunately, Hyunjin was in the same PE class as you, he had a basketball shirt with a pair of shorts on, where you could see his legs and arms flexing with every movements. Now that you see him making out, you cannot forget it, not like you didn’t try, but he was looking hot with his messy hair.
At the end of the class, the teacher gathered us to talk about a meeting your class would have against the other school, at the end of the year for both groups, girls and boys. When he finished, you walked back to the locker room, the boys were taking their shirts off and you didn’t miss Hyunjin doing it because you had your eyes locked on him. He had abs, the full eight pack.
You didn’t realise he was walking toward you until he snapped his fingers in front of your face. You looked at him bewildered.
“You left that earlier!”, he said handing you the book who felt from your arms in the toilet.
“O-Oh, thank you…”, you took it and started walking back in the room when he grabbed your wrist.
“And next time, knocked at the door before entering”, Hyunjin advised you. You went red when thinking back about it.
“There won’t be next time, ok I’m sorry”, you deeply atoned.
“Who said there won’t be a next time?”, he asked you with a smirk on his face, dropping your wrist and going to the locker room, leaving you stunned.
Finally, the end of the day has come. The night has fallen, and you were heading to the bus stop. You sat down on the bench and you stretched your sore muscles. You looked at the time, in 10min the bus will be here, so you just closed your eyes. You started coughing when you smelt an unpleasant smell, like smoke, someone was smoking near you and you didn’t like that. That person should at least go a little further away to respect you.
You looked in front of you, behind you, nothing so you looked at your left and you saw him. Hyunjin. He had his shoulder against the bus stop, his head up, looking at the sky, smoking. Oh gosh, how you hated when people were smoking that poison.
“You shouldn’t be smoking!”, you said louder than normal so he could hear you. He turned his head to that voice he heard, and he saw you.
“You again, my…hum desk mate, right? The girl who entered the toilet without even knocking right again? Mind your own business would you”, he answered bitter. Smoking again and even more just to make you piss.
“Yes, it’s me! First you shouldn’t have gone to the girl’s toilet and second, I have a name, that you should know by now since I’m your desk mate since September!”, you replied irritated.
“Ok! So, tell me your name baby…”, he asked you shamelessly. You were taken back by the nickname he gave you.
“…y/n”, you responded coyly.
“Ok so y/n, tell me why I shouldn’t be smoking, when I absolutely have the right to do so!”
“It’s bad for your health”, you said back, trying to not choke on the smoke.
“Why would you care my health actually?”, he asked sitting next to you on purpose, he was just being a brat.
“You know what, you’re right, I don’t care but at least respect people and be as far as possible from them when you smoke for fuck sake”, you coughed waving your hand in front of your face.
You were getting on his nerves honestly. He threw his cigarette away and squished it on the ground. You got up and backed up against glass of the bus station and put your hand above your mouth. You don’t know why you weren’t leaving.
“What if I don’t?”, he said looking up at you.
“What?”, you were a bit puzzled by his question.
He got up, got closer to you, took off your hand from over your mouth and put his hand above your head. Hyunjin was towering you. He took your chin up and made you look into his eyes.
“What if I don’t want to be as far as possible from people, what would you do, y/n…?”, he asked daring you to answer something.
You blushed, you felt his body heat, his breath fanning over your skin. You wanted to push him away but your body refused to respond. He looked at you for a moment, his eyes flying across your lips and let you free so you could breathe.
“So quiet suddenly…, here’s your bus I guess, see you tomorrow y/n!”, he left without saying more. You took two minutes to think about what just happened, did he think about…kissing you?
The next days everything were same: studies and PE and you almost never saw Hyunjin. The few times you saw him, he was staring at you and when you had class with him, he didn’t sit next to you.
That Friday, you didn’t have class with Hyunjin, so you barely saw him across the corridor or at the cafeteria again. You couldn’t really look at him because every time you were doing so, he was looking back at you, and he wouldn’t left you. So, you tried your best not to stare at him, not for too long at least. He was making you feel…things with his stare and you weren’t used to that feeling.
As the days have passed you may have developed things for him, you can’t figure out what it was yet, but you knew something has changed since that Monday night.
You went out in the park next to the school after you ate to get some fresh air and you saw Hyunjin lying against a tree, smoking again, his eyes closed. You got closer and kneeled in front of him.
“Smoking again I see, you didn’t listen to me”, you said as he opened his eyes because he felt someone beside him.
“y/n…, no I didn’t. I don’t see why I would have though”, he replied laughing as he watched you sighed.
“Maybe because for once, something really care about you…”, you tried to answer without blushing too much.
Hyunjin watched the details of your face closely, trying to figure out why you were there in front of him, looking for his smoking habit he took one year ago when everything went wrong in his life. And maybe for the first time ever he was thinking about tomorrow. So, he tried.
“Then make me stop?”, he challenged you, pulling you closer looking at your face, into your eyes, the curves of your lips and the shape of your nose.
“H-How?”, you asked. Your heart was beating faster than usual, he was so close, you could see his long eye lashes, his beautiful shiny eyes and how plump his lips were this close.
“Kiss me?”. You swallowed hard and you had difficulties to breathe. He asked you to…kiss him? He was waiting for you, would you dare? Why didn’t he kiss you first? You had so many questions left unanswered.
Hyunjin thought for one minute that you wouldn’t kiss him, but you did. You pressed your lips against his, they were soft and as plump as you thought they were. Hyunjin put his hands around your waist and brought you on his lap, one hand behind your head to put more pressure into the kiss.
The kiss started to get heated, he asked for entrance with his tongue, lightly biting on your bottom lip, you whimpered, and you let him in. You were fighting for dominance, but he was winning whatever you were trying to do. Your hand travelled his upper body and to land on his chest, where you felt his abs. He let you breathe to go down on your neck, while his hand went on your upper thigh, he sucked on the skin below your ear.
“H-Hyunjin…, p-please…”, you panted hard. You felt him getting aroused, but he stopped before going too far that quickly and in the park. You hugged him recovering from your make out session and he hugged you back. He left a sweet kiss on your cheek and looked at your flushed face. His hair was messy, so you brushed it back to normal.
“We just kissed and you make me go crazy y/n…”, he said his face hidden in the crook of your neck, leaving feather kisses that make you giggled because it was sensitive area.
“Now stop smoking ok? Please Hyunjin…I’m down to try everything to make you stop”, you begged, pleading him with your eyes.
“I promise I will start smoking less and then I’ll stop but… I need your help baby, so…”, he waited for your approval.
“Yes? Tell me Hyunjin”. He stared at the hickey he just did and asked you.
“Be mine!”
Tumblr media
| Stray Kids Masterlist | Part 01 • Part 02 (End) |
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sparklingskz · 2 years ago
sweet rivalry | hwang hyunjin
▸ requested?: yep!!
▸ genre: high school au, enemies to lovers, a lil bit of angst and fluff
▸  pairing: reader x hyunjin
▸ description: you and hyunjin felt that everything was a competition between you. What happens when you discover you’re not that different?
▸ word count: 2.7k
▸ warnings: swearing
▸  a/n: thank you for the request!! also guys thank you so much for 170 followers, ily all <3
Tumblr media
“Okay students, gather up.” Your school principal gesticulated for you to enter the auditorium and sit down. Once everyone was in place, he continued. “In two weeks the school will be having its annual fundraising fair, with the objective of raising money for various school activities. As always, every club will be able to set up and manage a booth, but this year we have an interesting little addition.”
You looked at your friends in anticipation, wondering what this new thing was.
“The club that raises the most money will win part of the funds collected and matching hoodies for all members!” The principal exclaimed.
A competition? That was definitely something that interested you, plus plenty of funds were collected each year at this event so even a small part of it was going to be helpful. You were the president of the baking club at your school, so you could definitely use the money for more equipment. And the matching hoodies would be a cute plus, of course.
Once the principal finished announcing the typical school news, you all left the auditorium. You were commenting the fundraising competition with your friends when you suddenly heard a very familiar voice addressing you.
“Ready to lose, y/n?”
Hwang Hyunjin.
You turned around to face him and were met with his typical smirking face.
“You wish.” You retorted, glaring at him.
It was safe to say you and Hyunjin were rivals. Both of you were the top students of your class, were presidents of the most popular clubs at school (Hyunjin led the photography club, you led the baking club), and were constantly fighting over the sympathy of your teachers, so everything was always a competition between you two. It all started a year ago when you and Hyunjin were set up against each other in a school debate and he won, the rivalry sparking ever since. The nasty remarks and attempts to overdo each other were normal between you.
“The photography club will clearly win this.” He said smugly.
“We’ll see about that, our booth idea will obviously be better than yours.” With that said, you turned around to face your friends. “Club meeting, now.”
One week was left until the fundraising event, and your club was all set. As you were part of the baking club, it was only appropriate that you set up a bake sale to collect money. A part of you was worried that it was going to be a little cliché, but the treats your members could bake were amazing, so you were still confident.
You were having a casual conversation with one of your friends while taking books out of your locker, when you were interrupted.
“Discussing how you’re going to try and beat my club’s booth, y/n?” Hyunjin asked with his typical snarky tone.
“For your information, my club’s already done preparing everything, and we’re going to win.” You threw a fake smile in his direction.
“Oh, really? And what would your great idea be, in that case?” He inquired.
“A bake sale, of course.” You said proudly.
Hyunjin chuckled. “How original.”
You rolled your eyes. “You’re not going to be saying that when you see all the things we’ll sell. What is your club even doing you’re so confident you’re winning?
“We’re accessorizing pets and taking their pictures. How are people going to resist cute puppies and this cute face?” He pointed to himself.
“I can resist perfectly fine.” You retorted.
“You don’t count.”
You feigned offense, putting your hand to your chest. “Your words hurt me, Hyunjin.”
It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Whatever. We’ll truly see who wins next week.”
“Exactly. Good luck, you’ll need it.” You said before turning on your feet and heading to your class.
“You’re the one that’s going to need it.” You could hear him mutter before you left.
The day of the fair you arrived a bit earlier to set up your club’s booth. You and your members had brought a wide variety of baked goods to sell, and you displayed them in different plates and stands. Everything looked delicious; you weren’t one of the top clubs in your school because of nothing, after all. Once all was in order in your stand, you and the members who would help manage it sat down to wait until people started arriving at the fair.
Half an hour later, everything was going smoothly. A respectable amount of baked goods had been sold already, and people were admiring your booth all around. Your club had raised a good amount of money so far, and you were confident.
During a moment when business was slow, you decided to take a look around the halls of your school to see what the rest of the clubs had set up. You saw a booth selling old items, another one painting kids’ faces, one with some carnival games and one even selling lemonade. Then, you arrived to the designated zone of the photography club, and were met with the sight of Hyunjin talking to a dog using the typical baby voice while trying to put on a small bowtie on its collar.
You weren’t going to lie and say your heart didn’t soften a little bit at the scene.
He picked up the dog and put him in front of the backdrop they had set up, another member of his club preparing to take the photos. That’s when Hyunjin turned around and met your gaze.
“Ah, y/n! Passing by to see how much better we’re doing than you?” He raised an eyebrow.
You rolled your eyes, an action that was apparently very recurrent in your interactions with him. “As if. We have this prize secured.” You said confidently.
“If you say so.” He muttered, turning around and moving over to attend the next customer.
You couldn’t deny that Hyunjin’s booth idea was good. His club was amazing at photography, obviously, and cute pets were all they needed to outshine everyone. You weren’t saying that because the sight of Hyunjin holding a puppy softened you, of course not.
You turned on your heel and headed towards your booth, as you still had a competition to win.
“y/n? We ran out of napkins, can you go get some from my backpack? I left in in our homeroom.” One of your friends said.
“Okay, I’ll be right back.”
You stood up and headed in the direction of your homeroom, up in the second floor of your school. You were about to go up the flight of stairs when you suddenly heard frantic footsteps and a panicked voice chanting a name.
“Ollie? Ollie, come here!”
You turned your head towards the voice and saw a very concerned Hyunjin, apparently looking for something.
“Hyunjin? What are you doing?” You said puzzledly.
“One of the dogs we were taking pictures of ran away and I can’t find him, so I don’t have time to have a conversation here.”
Hyunjin looked agitated, his hair disheveled probably thanks to him running his hands repeatedly through it in frustration. Basically, he looked miserable, and all your instincts were telling you to lend him a hand, but the reasonable part of you was telling you “he’s your rival!! This can make his fundraising fail!!!”
But you said fuck it.
Right before Hyunjin could run off again, you exclaimed.
“Wait! I’ll help you look.”
You wish you had captured the shocked look on his face. “What?”
“I said I’ll help you look. And you said you couldn’t lose time bickering so how about we get going before the dog gets even further away?”
Hyunjin looked like he was pondering his options in his head, and finally nodded his head. “Okay, let’s scan this floor and if we don’t find him we can go upstairs. His name’s Ollie, if you find him let’s just reunite here.” He said hurriedly.
You nodded and took off in one direction, Hyunjin going the opposite way. You scanned corridors and classrooms in case a door was open and the puppy got inside, but there was no sign of him.
“Ollie? Come here, puppy!” You were repeating while you searched.
Once you were sure the little guy wasn’t on any of the halls you searched, you headed in the direction of where you met with Hyunjin. You found him standing there, looking worried.
“No luck?” He said anxiously.
You shook your head. “Let’s go upstairs.”
You both went up the stairs quickly, and Hyunjin spoke. “How did I even lose a dog? I’m supposed to be the one taking care of that stuff, I’m the president for God’s sake.”
You stopped and turned to face him. “Hey, don’t beat yourself up, it was obviously not your intention. We’re going to find him, don’t worry.” You reassured him.
He took a big breath and nodded. “Okay, let’s search this floor.”
You again took off in different directions, calling for the puppy and searching all corners. Suddenly you heard the faint sound of paws hitting the floor, and hurried in that direction. You arrived to an empty hallway, a small puppy happily strutting in the middle of it. You quickly approached him and, once you were close enough, scooped him into your arms.
“Got you.” You muttered.
At that same moment Hyunjin appeared on the other side of the hallway, and you saw him visibly relax.
“Oh, thank God. I would’ve gotten murdered if we didn’t find him.” You heard him say before approaching both of you. “Why did you get lost, little one? Do you know the fright you gave me?” He scolded the puppy in your arms, using the baby voice.
Your heart may have started beating a bit faster at the proximity, but you were going to keep that to yourself.
You gave the puppy to Hyunjin, who took it in his arms.
“Thank you so much for helping y/n, you didn’t have any reason to do that…” He said, sounding a bit timid.
“It’s no problem, you looked like you were one second away from a heart attack so I needed to help.”
He laughed, his beautiful smile on display. Wait, his what? These thoughts need to stop.
“Anyways, I need to get this guy to his owners. See you when they announce the winner, get ready to lose.” He said, but you detected less seriousness and more playfulness in his last remark.
You rolled your eyes, but this time you were sporting a smile.
“And with a total of 235 dollars raised, the winner of the fundraising competition is… The hockey club!” Your principal announced during the assembly the next day.
You and your friends looked at each other, disappointment evident in your expressions. You had raised around 200 dollars, so you were still proud but a little sad you didn’t win. You watched as the hockey club went up the stage to receive their money and jackets, a little envy in your gaze. Just a little.
When the assembly came to an end, everyone left the auditorium and started heading to their respective classes. You were doing the same when a familiar voice made you turn around.
“It appears we were both wrong, huh?” Hyunjin said, approaching you.
“It looks like it. What did the hockey club even do? I didn’t see their stand.” You inquired.
“They set up a dunking booth outside, 5 dollars to try and make the math teacher fall to the water. It was very popular, I suppose.” He shrugged.
“Makes sense they’d win then, I would’ve totally paid for that.”
Hyunjin laughed at your statement. “Don’t you get straight A’s in that class?”
“Doesn’t mean I like the teacher.” You said in a “duh” tone.
“What is this? The perfect y/n rebelling against the teachers?” He said in mock amusement.
“Firstly, I’m far from perfect. Secondly, you have to do what you have to do to get the teachers to like you, even faking.” You whispered the last part of your sentence.
“Yeah, I get it.” He also leaned closer to whisper. “I don’t like many of the teachers too, but having them like you has its perks.”
You chuckled, silence coming down on you two right after. A few seconds later, Hyunjin spoke.
“You know, the rivalry we have going on is kind of weird”
“And why would that be?” You tilted your head in curiosity.
“We’re both top students and presidents of the best clubs here, we should, I don’t know, help each other? Work together? Imagine if we did class projects and assignments with each other, we would be unstoppable.” He finished with his classical grin.
You took in his words for a second, as this was the last thing you expected to come out of his mouth.
“Is this you proposing we stop glaring at each other in the hallways?” You said playfully.
He laughed. “Maybe.”
“Then I accept your proposal.”
In the next few weeks your relationship with Hyunjin did a complete 360 turn.
Before, if a class project or assignment was announced, you and Hyunjin would glare competitively at each other prior to turning to your respective friends to decide who you would work with in an attempt to overdo the other one. Now, you share a knowing look and work together.
Before, you would spare glances at each other in annoyance when you happened to be studying in the library at the same time. Now, you sat at the same table, helping each other with difficult topics and sharing knowledge. Now, you noticed the cute way he furrowed his eyebrows when he didn’t understand something, how his lips pursed in concentration when he read and his habit of running his hand through his hair absentmindedly.
Before, every time your school had club meetings you tried to outshine Hyunjin and his club, and vice versa. Now, you came to find that he was an amazing leader, cared deeply for his club members and friends and you really admired him for that. You were starting to see all the good aspects of Hyunjin that were hidden under your judgement thanks to your rivalry.
And it scared you, because maybe you were starting to fall for him.
It was literally the one thing you didn’t want to admit, but with the way you were spending so much time together, how could you not? Beyond the top student that got amazing grades was this sweet, attentive guy that you wouldn’t mind spending more time with.
The thing is, you didn’t know if he felt the same.
Until one day, when you were wrapping up your study session in the library, and he asked an unexpected question.
“Hey, do you maybe want to grab something to eat after school tomorrow?” He said with a nervous tone you had never heard from him, while scratching his neck.
“To study? Do we have a test I’m not aware of?” You almost reached out to read your phone’s calendar to see if you missed something.
“No, just to hang out or talk and stuff. You know what- forget it, it was stupid to ask.” He said while gathering his things.
“Wait, Hyunjin.” You said, stopping his actions. “It wasn’t a no. It was just unexpected, that’s all.”
“Yeah, it’s just that we’ve spent all this time together but it has always been under an academic context, and I’d like to hang out with you outside of school, maybe get to know each other more…” He said, not meeting your eyes.
The usually confident Hwang Hyunjin was nervous, all while inviting you to hang out. Could this mean something?
“Hey, why are you so anxious? Of course I’d like to hang out with you after school.”  You said, trying to reassure him.
“Oh, good. You know, I didn’t know I’d actually have the confidence to ask you out.” He said, relaxing in his chair.
“Hey, who said it was a date?” You said teasingly, trying to play with him.
You watched him freeze in place. “Oh, I- I didn’t mean that, I just…” He turned to stare at the floor again, visibly embarrassed.
“If you want it to be a date, the let’s make it a date.” You said with confidence you didn’t know you had, considering your heart was beating 100 miles an hour.
He looked up and met your gaze, a breathtaking smile adorning his lips. “Let’s make it a date, then.”
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okayau · 2 years ago
hi okay so idk if your requests are open (if they aren’t sorry!!! ignore this oops) but i was wondering if you would write a hyunjin angsty imagine? maybe one where he never really took you seriously and he views your relationship as a joke? anyway, take your time!! i understand if you don’t want to write it!! ty either way
Needy (Hyunjin)
Tumblr media
(update: to those reading, i made this request into a series and it can be found in my masterlist :))
“Hyunjin, can we just talk?” You sighed into your phone, feeling frustrated at the lack of interest the boy was showing to your conversation.
“We’re already talking,” He rolled his eyes as he put you on speaker so that he could browse through his phone as you talked.
“Hyunjin, I’m serious,” Your hand rested on your forehead, thumb and index fingers massaging the skin.
“_____, you need to chill out,” A small chuckle left his lips as he absentmindedly scrolled through instagram, reading all his fans’ comments.
“Hyunjin I just want us to talk, please,” Hot tears threatened to fall down your face as each word passed his lips.
“Fine,” You made out a groan from the other end of the line, “God, sometimes you’re so needy,”
That was the breaking point
“Then tell me how good it feels to be needed Hyunjin” A sob tore past your lips, catching his attention. “Because I honestly don’t feel like you need me or have ever needed me” His breath caught in his throat as his fingers stilled over the phone screen. He’d never heard you like this before and he wasn’t sure why his chest was tightening at the sound of you crying.
“Say something,”
He didn’t know what to say.
“Please,” You closed your eyes, dropping your head as you continued crying to him.
Hyunjin opened his mouth to speak but he couldn’t find the words. Why was he feeling like this? He never cared enough before so why, now, was he starting to panic?
“Am I….am I a joke to you?” Your free hand formed into a fist, nails digging into the flesh of your palms as you waited him to say something, anything.
“N-no,” Hyunjin’s voice was quiet, but still loud enough to hear.
“Then why?” You shook your head, “Why the fuck do you keep treating me like shit?!” The sound of your voice raising caused Hyunjin to flinch.
“I….I..” He could feel a lump forming in his throat, making it difficult for him to speak, “I don’t know,”
“No,” Pain was slowly being mixed with anger, “You don’t get to take an easy route and say you don’t know Hyunjin. I’m fucking tired of your bullshit. You’ve never taken us seriously,” Your body shook as you spoke, your emotions taking over you. Hyunjin, on the other hand, was frozen in his spot and felt as if each of your words was a dagger to his chest.
You were right. He didn’t take you seriously. He thought you’d always be there even if he didn’t put in any effort.
And you were there. Every time he stood you up, every time he brushed you off, every time he acted like he didn’t care. But now, you didn’t want to be.
Hyunjin was slowly realizing that and, fuck, he had to admit he cared. He didn’t want to turn around and not have you there with him.
“_____,” Hyunjin gasped, releasing the breath he didn’t even know he was holding, “I-I’m sorry I-“
“No,” Your voice was firm, albeit a little shaky, “I’m sorry Hyunjin. I’m sorry that I’m up and down a lot. I’m sorry that I’m not enough for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t get you to love me like I loved you, to care about us like I cared….God, I’m sorry that I say sorry so much…”
The line was silent and all Hyunjin could hear was the sound of his heart beating through his chest.
“But you know what, I don’t want to be sorry anymore and I’m going to let you off the hook okay? You don’t ever have to care about us….. because we’re over,” As soon as the words were out your lips, you pulled your phone away from your ear, ending the call before throwing your phone to the side and dropping your face into your hands.
Hyunjin stared at his phone, glancing at your contact photo. He’d taken it on your first date and he remembered how badly he wanted to be with you then. What went wrong? What made him act the way he did to lose you?  Tears slowly fell past his eyes as realization that you were gone sank into his head.
a/n: i live for angst. but yeeee hope you liked it :)
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nightshade-minho · a year ago
-Free Rent Part 1-
Stray Kids + fem!reader
Warnings: None in this part, except for shirtless Jisung I guess, and very slight suggestiveness. Eventual smut.
Tumblr media
You wish you hadn’t agreed to this. What were you thinking? You could feel eight pairs of eyes on you, and you couldn’t help but feel utterly helpless under their gaze. You knew you had no reason to be afraid- everything had been discussed in detail and a safe word had been decided upon. However, you couldn’t stop your heart from thudding loudly, butterflies in your stomach.
It had all started a week ago, when your best friend Mina had told you about how ‘Chan and his gang of misfits’ were looking for a female roommate to live with them at their apartment. You were curious at first, prompting Mina to tell you more about this peculiar requirement.
“I don’t really know much about it y/n. All I know is that there’s a lot of candidates applying for the position already.”
You gasped. “Why? I mean...doesn’t this whole thing sound extremely sketch?”
“I mean, it’s clear what their intentions are, I suppose. But here’s the catch- you wouldn’t have to pay rent.”
You almost spat out your drink at that. No rent!? It sounded too far-fetched. From what you knew of the boys, they were quite well-off and lived in a huge, fancy apartment off campus. You, meanwhile, had been languishing in the dormitory with a despicable roommate- one who liked having her boyfriend over all the time, making the already tiny room feel cramped as fuck. She also had a penchant for leaving her dirty clothes all over the place- laundry was probably a foreign concept to her. You’d been wanting to move out since forever, and had already tried looking up some apartment listings since the dorms were full...however most of them were too expensive for you to afford.
As you bid farewell to Mina, making your way back to your dorm, there was this tiny part of your brain that was considering their weird proposal. It was clear what their intentions were...and you didn’t know how you felt about being a fucktoy for 8 people- it sounded demeaning and kind of scary, to be honest.
You finally reached your dorm, and was about to unlock the door when you heard moans coming from inside the room. Your head was boiling with anger, why did this always have to happen to you? You were extremely drowsy and just wanted to get to sleep already, but that was clearly going to be impossible.
Maybe...maybe you should check this new place situation out? Besides, you kind of knew Chan and Minho. The three of you had mutual friends and you’d been partnered up with Minho for a project once. They were genuinely cool, funny guys...and very attractive too.
You decided to go to their apartment, and if it was a really good one, you might consider it. couldn’t believe that you were even contemplating this right now.
And that’s how you ended up standing outside their apartment door at 8 in the evening, wringing your fingers nervously. You’d spoken with Chan on the phone earlier, and he’d recognized you almost immediately. He’d been very courteous and kind. You would think he was just a regular old landlord...if it weren’t for the end of the phone call.
“And...y/n? I hope you know what the payment consists of?”
“Oh? I thought it was free-“
He cleared his throat. “I doesn’t cost any money. We would prefer to be paid in another manner.”
“Ah. Um, yes...I’m aware.”
“Good. And remember, you can back out any time you want okay? If you’re completely okay with it, you can come.”
You suddenly regretted your choice of wearing a skirt today. Sighing, you silently gave yourself a pep talk. Breathing in deeply, you rung the doorbell.
The door swung open, and you were met face to face with a shirtless blond haired dude, who stared at you wide-eyed.
“I’m sorry, but if you’re someone I fucked and never called back, I can’t go on a date with you. I apologize for-“
He was suddenly pushed to the side by Minho, who smiled at you warmly.
“Sorry about Jisung. You’re y/n, right? And you’re here for the apartment?”
He cocked his head to the side. “Didn’t we work on a project together last year?”
You nodded, trying to smile but ultimately failing. Your nerves were all over the place, and you were focusing on not running away right then and there.
There was an awkward silence as the two men stared at you and you stared back. You could see that they were analyzing you subtly, and your heartbeat grew faster.
Jisung yawned. “ she gonna come in or...?”
Minho silenced him with a sharp look, and then softened as his gaze turned back to you. “Would you like to come in, y/n?”
You paused, nodding again.
Suddenly, a slightly dark look flashed in Minho’s eyes.
“Use your words, sweetheart. You’ll find it a necessity if you want to live here.”
You gulped. “Uh. Okay. Is Ch-chan here?”
Minho nodded. “He’s in the shower right now. But I’ll show you around the house for now!” He beckoned you in, and you followed him as he walked into the apartment. Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head as you looked around. The hallway was fairly short, but then as you walked further in, you softly gasped as your eyes took in the huge living room. There was the biggest TV you’d ever seen, and right in front of it was a sofa that was so wide it looked more like a bed.
Seated on the sofa were two guys that you recognized from previous classes that you’ve had. Both of them noticed you, however one of them spared you nothing more than a glance, immediately looking back at the television. The other quirked a brow in interest, and made his way over to you and Minho. If you were right, his name was Hyunjin. He was very handsome, you noted.
“Minho, you never told me you went and got yourself a girlfriend!
Minho cleared his throat. “Hyunjin, she’s here for the house.”
Hyunjin’s eyebrows shot up, and a smirk grew on his face.
“Great. Cause I was thinking, it isn’t fair that you get such a pretty girl all to yourself.”
Your face grew red. Hyunjin smiled at you, grabbing your hand and pulling you along.
“So, this place has 5 bedrooms. Two master bedrooms, and the rest are normal. The master bedrooms are occupied by Minho and Chan, because ‘they’re the oldest’ or some shit.”
Minho groaned. “That’s not the reason, y/n, it’s because we started living here first, and the others came here later. Also, I’m willing to move in with Chan so you can have a bedroom all to yourself, so it’s not gonna be a problem.”
You meekly nodded. Minho raised an eyebrow, and you remember his statement from earlier with a blush.
“I’m not completely sure I want to move in yet, though.”
A disappointed look crossed both faces, and you quickly stated “Um, I said yet.”
They quickly regained their smiles, and you wanted to chuckle to yourself. The two of them were kinda cute.
“Alright so three of the rooms are downstairs. The two master bedrooms are upstairs, so if you were to move in, you’d be living there.” Minho resumed.
Hyunjin cut in, “There’s also a bathroom downstairs, and an open kitchen, as you can see.” Minho looked at him with an annoyed expression and you almost giggled.
You turned around to see Chan himself descending the stairs with a smile on his face.
“Hey guys! And hello, y/n! Sorry I couldn’t be here earlier, I was in the shower.”
His hair was wet, and his white shirt was insistently sticking to his pecs. You felt slightly flustered.
“So, would you like to see the upstairs? I’ll take it from here, thanks Minho.”
He beckoned you to follow him. Chan showed you the second floor of the apartment, which was every bit as amazing as the bottom floor. You were trying to resist it, but you couldn’t. Your brain was rapidly falling in love with this house.”
As you made your way back downstairs, you saw four of the boys from before- Hyunjin, Minho, Jisung and...Seungmin? Yes, that was his name. Along with those four, there were two more who were in the kitchen, whose names you didn’t know very well. You knew one of them was from Australia, just like Chan, but not much else. The other’s name was...Changmin or something.
As you reached the bottom of the stairs, Chan spoke up. “So...are you interested in this place?”
You were extremely conflicted. You were no virgin, but you still felt this situation was entirely unorthodox and your mom back home would probably murder you in shame. However none of these boys seemed like bad people, and you were already familiar with a few of them. Your logic was telling you to get out of there and forget you ever came, but then there was this very very tiny part of you that not only wanted the house, but the sex too. Even though you’ve had sex a few times, you were often called a prude, and you weren’t very popular. And...these boys were the kings of the college. Being their friend would be an automatic ticket to ruling campus.
Your brain told you you were being an idiot and not thinking this through, but it was too late.
“Yes.” You blurted, and Chan’s grin grew wider.
Fuck, what had you done?
(There will be smut in Part 2...which will probably be out by tomorrow. Happy SKZ anniversary!)
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changji · 3 years ago
before and now
◊ pairings: hwang hyunjin | reader, bang chan | reader
◊ genre: angst, college au
◊ word count: 2.1k
◊ warnings: implied cheating
◊ summary: you were in love and so was he. but not all relationships work out.
italics is a memory, written in letter format
Tumblr media
Dear Hwang Hyunjin,
After some thinking, I decided that this toxic relationship needed closure.
Proper closure.
Okay, actually, it was my boyfriend who decided that I needed closure. I thought it was the stupidest idea anyone’s ever come up with, but in the end, I caved.
I swear I’m not trying to trash you or become the clingy ex-girlfriend that nobody likes, or trying to talk shit about the things you’ve done.
I just wanted to get these words off my chest, to say them to you.
I’ll never forget how you came up to me on the first day of uni, how nervous you looked, how scared you seemed. You asked to sit next to me, and from then, a pretty great relationship (well, until it crashed and failed).
“Hi, is anyone sitting here?” A boy gave you a small smile. Glancing up, you smiled and shook your head, inviting him to sit down.
“I’m (Y/N).”
“I’m Hyunjin.”
I’ll never forget how you looked past my weird attitude on our first date.
“God, I’m so sorry.” Grabbing a napkin, you began to furiously wipe at the brown coffee stain on his shirt.
Laughing, Hyunjin pushed your hand away from his shirt, held it in his own, and wiped the stain himself. “It’s okay.”
I’ll never forget our first kiss.
Tilting your neck, you peered up into Hyunjin’s eyes. “Thank you for taking me out.” Stepping closer to you, he smiled, showing off his infamous grin.
“I’d be happy to go out with you again.” Slinging his arms around your waist, he swooped down to place a peck on your lips. “See you tomorrow.”
He kissed you again and left you standing in front of your door with a starry eyed look.
I’ll never forget how we weren’t just dating, but we were more. I called you my boyfriend and you called me your girlfriend, and no one questioned it.
“Who’s that?” Jisung pointed his chin in your direction after too many (not so) discrete stares at each other.
Giving him a dazed look, Hyunjin turned his eyes back to you and smiled. “That’s my girlfriend.”
I’ll never forget the first time you said ‘I love you.’
Twirling around the living room with a mop, you laughed as Hyunjin slid around on a towel.
“What exactly is it that you’re doing?”
“I’m helping you clean.”
Suppressing your smile, you listened to the light music playing in the background. “Really? That’s real nice of you.”
“It’s my job as your boyfriend. Along with loving you of course.”
“I love you.”
I’ll never forget any time you said ‘I love you.’
You and Hyunjin lay on the sofa, you trapped between his body and the back cushion.
“You’re really cute.” Your cheeks turned a light shade of pink as you buried your face into his chest. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
I’ll never forget how every moment I spent with you, you somehow managed to make my day brighter. .
Trudging down the halls of your apartment building, you lugged the textbooks and countless of assignments your professors has thrown at you.
“Boo!” Hands suddenly found their in front of your eyes. Grinning at the warmth, you found yourself sinking into his embrace, dropping the bags you held.
“Welcome back.”
I’ll also never forget our first real fight after you kissed that Soojin at the Christmas party.
“Don’t misunderstand it, it was nothing.”
“I saw you kiss her! Don’t lie to me!”
“I’m not lying to you! Goddamnit, listen to me for once in your life!” Your glare pierced his soul, and realizing the words that escaped his lips, he stopped, tucking his shoulders into his body as if he could fold himself into a small ball.
“I’ll see you at home.”
How we spent the night in bed, both faced away from each other.
“Still not gonna talk to me?” Hyunjin stared at your back, desperation laced in his voice, silently begging you to turn away from the wall.
“Hm.” You still didn’t budge. He sighed, sitting on the bed and brushing your hair away from your bare shoulder to plant a kiss there.
“I love you. Don’t forget that.”
And I’ll never forget how you started drifting away from me when you suddenly changed your major halfway through our second year.
“I switched to fine arts. With Soojin, you know her.”
“Oh, you dropped business?”
“I just said that. Anyway, we already have a project due soon.”
“Me and Soojin. See you later. I love you.”
I’ll never forget how seeing each other every day turned into seeing each other once a week.
“Hyunjin, are you coming home tonight?”
“No, sorry. Me and Soojin have a really important thing to do tonight.
“I’m sorry, babe, but it’s celebrating getting a 93 percent on our final. I’ll see you,” The line went dead.
“But… it’s our anniversary.”
How talking all the time turned into talking only when needed.
“Hey, do you wanna go out for dinner tonight?” He didn’t notice the desperation in your tone.
“Ah, I’m busy. I can’t,” Hyunjin smiled, albeit slightly forced. On his way out the door he picked up his phone, saying the name you were starting to despise. “Soojin? Yeah, I’m almost there.”
When texting every hour turned into texts being unanswered.
Sender: (Y/N)
Receiver: Hyunjin
Hey, you didn’t answer my texts. Are we still up for our date tonight?”
Sender: Hyunjin
Receiver: (Y/N)
I’m busy. Sorry.
When cuddling every night turned into your side of the bed being cold and empty almost every single damn night.
You pulled the covers closer to your body, tears staining your face as you stared at the door, waiting for it to open, and for him to come home.
He never did.
How waking up to your face turned into a loud, blaring alarm.
You opened your eyes to the loud screeching of the alarm, the lingering scent of Hyunjin’s cologne left on his pillow, indicating that he was there sometime throughout the night.
But he still didn’t wake up with you.
When eating dinner together every evening turned into uneaten food, wrapped and placed in the fridge.
Cooking for him never brought a smile to your face like it used to. Your food was turning bland, getting simpler with smaller portions. Your face was always kept straight as you stuffed a few spoonfuls of food into your mouth, the taste you longed for no longer there. His plate would be wrapped away and stored away into the fridge.
Yours was dumped into the trash.
How over-exaggerated paragraphs turned into one or two word sentences.
“Will I see you tonight?”
“No,” and he just left.
How “I love you” was directed to her, and not me.
You sat on the couch, motionless as you watched Hyunjin open the door back to the apartment. His smile was wide and his face was practically glowing. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Soojin. Love you, take care,” he walked into the room, closing the door behind him.
Never glancing at you.
How you strung me along for a few months, making me believe you still loved me while everyone around me knew that it was her you were dating.
“Who’s that?” Jisung asked after Soojin just left, but not before hugging Hyunjin and pecking him on the cheek.
“She’s my girlfriend.”
“And (Y/N)?”
Hyunjin shrugged.
I’ll never forget how stupid I felt when I saw your texts to her, completely disregarding me and everything we’ve been through. For her.
Sender: Soojin
Receiver: Hyunjin
Are u with (Y/N)? Wanna come over?
Sender: Soojin
Receiver: Hyunjin
I can cancel I’ll be over soon.
I’ll never forget the pain you put me through, Hwang Hyunjin. People told not to fall for your charms, because underneath that is so much more. Thinking back, I was the most stubborn person alive, and I stupidly decided to ignore them, because I believed that you would change for me.
I was wrong, and I almost lost myself in our relationship.
Surprisingly, the person that I least expected took me to his hometown. He showed me his roots, where he grew up, how he grew up, the little cafe his parents own, his childhood bedroom. He wasn’t afraid to love me for who I am, to show me off. He helped me find myself when I was incapable of doing it alone. He showed me that I am worth it.
More importantly, he showed me that you’re everything I can live my life without.
Now, you might be wondering what the point of this letter is, but the truth is: you lost something great.
Do whatever you like with the people you want, but trust me. Eventually? You’re going to realize you want it all back.
You’ll want to see me everyday, like he does.
“Hey, come here.” his voice was low and slurred, full or grogginess seeing as how he just woke up. Moving into the living room from the kitchen, you sat yourself on the arm of the couch, raking your hands through his, currently, platinum blonde hair. Curling himself back up, he pressed his face against your thigh, dozing off to the feeling of your fingers running through his scalp.
You’ll want to talk to me every hour of the day, like he does.
“(Y/N)?” you were walking through the campus gripping tightly onto his hand, looking for places you haven’t been before, which was probably over half the campus.
“Did you know that the sun is 93 million miles away from us?”
You’ll want my texts, the one he gets.
Sender: (Y/N)
Receiver: My Love
Make sure to eat!!!!
Sender: My Love
Receiver: (Y/N)
You too! I’ll be home at 6
You’ll want my cuddles, the ones you missed out on.
Feeling your body being pulled back to someone’s chest, you rose an eyebrow to him, despite him not being able to see you. Turning yourself around, you buried your face into the crook of his neck, feeling him nuzzle his nose into your hair. He exhaled, loving the feeling of you wrapped up in his arms.
You could stay like this forever.
You’ll want to wake up to my face, the view he gets every morning.
You woke up to someone stroking your face and hair being moved away from your neck. Opening your eyes, you stared up lovingly at him, cuddling more into his touch.
“Good morning.”
You’ll want how I made dinner for you everyday, like I do for him.
“Is that clay pot chicken rice?” his deep voice rumbled throughout the room, barey rising over the sizzling of food on the stove. Turning around, you beamed at him, smile making his whole day.
“Yeah! Your favorite, then we can go watch a movie or go to your studio or something.”
Smiling, he walked over to you and slung his arms around your waist, kissing your neck. “I’d like that very much.”
You’ll want my long, over-exaggerated paragraphs, like he gets.
Sender: (Y/N)
Receiver: My Love
Remember to eat okay? I might show up late tonight, so make sure you get some rest and keep yourself hydrated, AND DON’T HOLE YOURSELF UP IN THE STUDIO. I’ll have someone watching you, okay? Since I probably won’t see my beautiful, sexy, handsome, boyfriend til late tonight or tomorrow, I hope you can feel my love through this! Love you!!!!!
Sender: My Love
Receiver: (Y/N)
Okay! Don’t overwork yourself and don’t spend the whole night working on your essay. Love you see you tonight
You’ll want my hugs, like he gets.
Deeply inhaling his scent, you shuddered when a hand came around you to rest on your back. Attempting to pull yourself back, you found yourself being brought closer to his chest, a deep whine rumbling from his chest.
“Just a few minutes.”
You’ll want my kisses, like he gets.
Pulling him against you, you grinned when he placed his lips against yours. Trailing away from your mouth, his lips placed gentle kisses along your cheeks to your jawline.
“That tickles!”
“I don’t care.” Only to continue pressing kisses to your skin.
You’ll want me to say “I love you,”  like how he hears it.
“I love you.”
Hell, you’ll want my love, how he has it.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you, honestly.” your voice was slightly muffled, due to the fact that your scarf was pulled up to your mouth.
“I don’t know what you’d do without me either.”
“But I’m happy you’re here. I love you.”
“I love you too, Chan.”
You’ll want me.
But when the time comes, you will always be too late.
I’ll never be yours again.
And trust me, you’ll want everything back.
(L/N) (Y/N)
Tumblr media
a/n: god this is so bad lol thanks for reading
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okayau · 2 years ago
stay (hyunjin)
Tumblr media
Request: hi love!!! can i request #6 and #31 with stray kid's hyunjin? hit me with that angst but fluffy ending! thank you ♡
6. “please….just stay”
31. “have you been crying?”
You sat on the edge of your bed, your head resting in your hands as small sobs left your lips. Your breathing was ragged and your chest felt tight as the comments you had read continuously ran through your mind. You and Hyunjin had gone public with your relationship just days earlier and, to your expectation, your social media was filled with several hurtful comments that attacked your relationship and both you and Hyunjin as individuals. You thought you would be able to handle it but as you watched random strangers unravel every one of your insecurities, you felt yourself crumbling. To make matters worse, they were saying they wouldn’t support Hyunjin if he stayed with you. It was immature but you knew they’d follow through and you did not want to be the reason why he couldn’t continue with his dreams.
You weren’t sure how long you were sitting there before the sound of the doorbell ringing caught your attention.
“Shit,” You stood up, quickly making your way to your front door as you wiped the tears off your face. You gave yourself small pats on the cheek before opening the door, feigning a smile as you did so.
“Hey! How was your day?” You asked the boy in front of you, whose attention was on zipping up his bag.
“Tiring ,” He sighed before slipping it over his shoulders and looking up at you, “But we got a lot done and-“ His expression fell as he took in your features -face puffy and eyes red.
“Have you been crying?” His hands reached out instinctively to grab yours and his thumbs began to rub comforting figures against your skin.
You couldn’t make yourself look up at him and that only made him worry more.
“____,” He pulled you inside, closing the door behind him before wrapping his arms around you, his hands combing through your hair in the way that you liked. “What’s wrong?” Almost immediately, you were crying again.
“I’m not good enough for you,” you sobbed against his chest.
“What?” he pulled back a bit, taken by surprise at your words. “Why would you think that?”
“You’ve seen the comments online,” You pushed him away, taking a step backwards.
“Baby,” His voice was gentle as he moved closer to you, setting his bag down in the process. “You can’t take them seriously,”
“Then what am I supposed to do? Hyunjin I…I…I hate it,” you shook your head as he pulled you into his embrace again.
“I do too but it will die down,” He kissed the top of your head.
“They say they won’t support you if we…if we’re together,” your hands balled up the fabric of his t-shirt.
“It’s okay,” He rubbed circles over your back and you couldn’t fathom how he was so calm.
“No It’s not,” You looked up at him, “I don’t know if I can do this,” Hyunjin’s face changed in an instant, his lips parting in shock.
“What…What?” He furrowed his brows and didn’t even seem to try and hold on when you moved away from his embrace.
“Hyunjin if I’m affecting your career,” Your eyes fell to the floor, “I think we should break up,”  There was silence between you and it felt like an eternity before Hyunjin spoke up.
“I don’t want to,” His voice was shaky, making you look up. His lips were quivering and you could see he was trying to hold back tears. “_____, I love you and I don’t care what they say or do because I’m going to keep loving you no matter what,”
“But I care,” Those three words were enough to make the tears fall down his cheeks, “Hyunjin I can’t do this to you”
“_____, please,” He shook his head, “This isn’t a reason for us to break up,” You felt your heart shattering at the situation before you, wishing things were different.
“Hyunjin I love you and….and because I love you, I can’t let you throw away your career like this. Those people are right, okay? I’m not good enough for you and I’m not worth-“
“Don’t” He cut you off sternly, his face showing hints of anger in addition to hurt.
“Hyunjin it’s tru-“
“Stop it,” Once again, he interrupted your words but this time, he walked closer to you, pushing you up against the wall, his hands resting next to your body and entrapping you. You didn’t have time to take in what he was doing until his lips crashed against yours. You kissed him back almost instantly, as if by natural reaction. One of his hands slid up to cup your face as he deepened the kiss, letting all his emotions pour out.
“please,” Hyunjin detached his lips from yours, letting his head rest against yours as he tried to find his breath, “just stay” Your eyes met his expecting ones.
“I can’t lose you…” You trembled at his words and threw your arms around him in a tight embrace. You stayed like that for a while as you let your thoughts fall in order.
“I’m sorry,” Your tone was shaky as you pulled him closer, “I don’t want to break up,” Hyunjin physically relaxed upon hearing your decision.
“Oh Thank God,” He gasped, moving back a bit so that he could cup your face. He eyes searched yours before he moved to place a kiss on your forehead. “Please don’t ever say you’re not worth it. You’re worth so much and more to me,”
“You’re the same for me,” You gripped onto his arms lightly. “I just….” You couldn’t find the words to say.
“We’re going to be okay..okay?” Hyunjin quietly whispered, earning a soft nod from you.
“I love you,” you sniffled and let a shaky exhale leave your lips.
“I love you too,”
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kabira · a year ago
backseat driving.
Tumblr media
pairing — street racer!hyunjin x female reader ft. jeongin and a dash of minho & lix
word count — 10k
genres — racer au, flangst (fluff & angst), slight mature content
warnings — profanity, suggestive themes, substance abuse (alcohol), make-outage
summary — When your excitable friend introduces you to a street racer to help you get your driver’s license, you have your doubts. But Hwang Hyunjin is nothing close to dangerous. Oh, no. He insists on teaching you how to drive in a mom van.
go to main masterlist
Tumblr media
“Do you see a red car?” Jeongin’s voice speaks through the phone.
You squint against the bright sunlight washing the majority of the parking area, scanning the multitude of cars for anything that could match the boy’s vague description. There’s a red car at the end of the driveway, one next to a soccer mom van, and a third between two white Volvos. Well, that’s mildly interesting. Two Volvos, and both white. “I see three of them, so you’re going to have to be a bit more specific.”
“Don’t be dramatic,” he says, and you can practically see him roll his eyes.
“You’re telling me not to be dramatic?” you scoff. “After guiding me to a random location in a shady place just to meet my new instructor?”
Only Jeongin. A single distracted conversation about your upcoming driving test had been enough to get the boy on his toes, elated about his plans to help you with the test rather than the test itself. Seeing as Jeongin himself didn’t know the first thing about driving, he had taken it upon himself to talk to his alleged ‘big-shot driver friend’ to teach you the ins and outs of the craft instead.
Needless to say, your hopes aren’t high.
“Well, not instructor, specifically,” Jeongin amends. “Think of him as a helper. Or a guide. Like a Dumbledore.”
“A Dumbledore parallel isn’t the best to work with while talking about cars.”
“Spare me the lecture,” Jeongin says with a huff. “I’m helping you big time by convincing this guy to help you pass your driving evaluation or whatever it’s called. Actually, I’m not sure you’re worth his time.”
“Gee, thanks for the pep talk,” you mutter. “Any more details on the car or am I just gonna have to knock on the windows of all three?”
“Shush, child,” he says, and you hear the sound of a tap being turned on in the background. He’s probably snuck into the boys’ washroom to call you. “It’s a sleek car, kind of looks like a racecar—mainly because it is, but that’s not the point. Has a chrome layer—you can tell by the gleam—and gray stripes.”
“Got it.” You spot the vehicle at the other end. It’s the one next to the soccer mom van, covered in a blissful patch of shade that must provide a great deal of respite from the heat. Your shoulder flexes uncomfortably at the thought, the patch of sweat right between your shoulder blades beginning to itch. “Are you sure I should go meet him alone, though? He’s not a pimp or something? Or rude?” You shudder. “God, I hope he isn’t some dickwad.”
“You’d rather he be a pimp than a dickwad?” Jeongin questions, continuing on your trail of conversation, then his tone changes to a reassuring one. “He won’t bite, don’t worry. He’s cool. We’ve been bros for years, and he owes me.”
“That’s what you said about that guy at that café, and I embarrassed myself asking for free samples,” you bite back, narrowing your eyes despite knowing he can’t see you. In spite of your distrust in your friend, you start walking towards the red car. “So you understand why I can’t take your word for it.”
“Trust me on this one. He showed up, too, so you know he can be trusted,” Jeongin says, and you roll your eyes. “Put me on speaker, so if he says anything weird, we can both embarrass ourselves together.”
“Reassuring,” you mutter, but do as he says as you reach the car. For a moment, your attention is completely arrested by the sight of the car, which gleams dark red and steel gray despite the shade, its streamlined body the equivalent of a beautiful swimwear model. You stare, mouth hanging open, mentally drooling over the sight until Jeongin’s pestering voice brings you back down to earth.
“You still there?” he asks. “I have to get back to class soon, the prof’s gonna get suspicious if I don’t show up in a few minutes.”
“…yeah, give me a moment,” you say, circling to the side of the car. There are no shades up, and the glass is not tinted, giving you a clear view of the person in the driver’s seat, who appears to be— “Is he sleeping?”
“What?” Jeongin says, sounding confused.
You hunker down to the level of the window, taking a good look inside and hoping there’s no one around to mistake you for a car thief. God, the whole situation is so awkward that you’re kind of proud of yourself for going through with it. The person in the driver’s seat reclines in the seat, a baseball cap covering most of his face. Only his mouth and lower jaw are visible underneath, plump, pillowy pink lips that hang slightly parted, signs that their bearer is deep in slumber. “Yup, he’s definitely asleep.”
“Wake him up, then,” Jeongin says promptly. “He promised me he’d be there.”
You hesitate. There’s something almost disappointing about the prospect of waking up a peaceful sleeper, especially when their wakefulness could mean a less awkward ordeal for you to go through. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure,” Jeongin says firmly. “Knock on the window.”
You’re doubtful, but compliant. Leaning down next to the window, you rap against the window sharply, taking care not to hit it too forcefully in case you damage something. “Hey, dude,” you say quietly, cheeks ablaze from the absurdity of the situation, “wake up.”
The reaction is immediate. The boy in the seat pulls the cap off promptly, and looks sideways at you. You freeze at sight of his face, hand still half in the air, as the window rolls down slowly.
“Yes?” he says. Okay, so not asleep, then.
But you’re too startled to formulate an answer. The boy in front of you is beautiful, unbelievably so, with full, kissable lips and almond eyes fringed with dark lashes. He looks at you through those lashes now, a strong eyebrow cocked as he gives you a once-over and waits for you to come back to earth.
“I—uh, actually,” you stammer, but thankfully, Jeongin saves the day.
“Hyunjin, my man!” the boy yells through the speaker, and you flinch at the sudden sound. “This is the one I was telling you about, the really bad driver? Yeah, so—”
Your eyes narrow, and you jerk the phone away. Hyunjin, as you now know him, waves a hand towards you dismissively and pushes open the door. You take a step back, still holding up the phone, as Jeongin yammers away to two people who are clearly not listening.
The boy straightens to his full height, which almost double that of the car. A loose shirt covers his torso, the hem hanging half untucked over a pair of old jeans. Despite the heat, there’s a red letterman jacket slung over the back of his seat, aggressively eye-catching like its owner.
Hyunjin’s piercing gaze slides over you in a single glance as you stand there, unable to move, as if frozen in place by the look. His hair is a little too long, long enough to brush his nape or be tied back. A strand of dark hair escapes from behind his ear as he bends to close the door of the car, in stark contrast with the honey-glaze tan of his skin, which seems to gleam with sweat at the crest of his cheek. Jeongin’s voice fades to white noise in the background, and you feel like you’ve gotten a serious case of tunnel vision.
You blink, taking a step back in surprise. Hyunjin has his arms crossed—a movement that makes him look equally intimidating and attractive, though you’re not inclined to get closer to him in any way. His dark eyebrows are pushed together in a slightly annoyed frown, and you suddenly get the feeling you’re not making a great first impression.
“You should be proud the city’s best racer is going to help you pass your measly driver’s test,” Jeongin’s superior tone sounds from the phone, cutting you off. Hyunjin’s eyes flick to the device, and the frown relaxes, though the look of disapproval remains. “Don’t annoy him too much.”
“I’m not the best, and I’m barely a racer,” Hyunjin retorts, though there is no asperity in his tone. In fact, the tiniest of smiles rests on his lips as he walks past you and out of the little space between the SUV and the racecar. His gait is almost a strut, contained and efficient, almost feline. “And I’m sure your friend won’t annoy me.” His narrowed eyes land on you. “Or will you?”
“N-no, I—” You clench your jaw, hating how you sound. There’s something off about the boy—despite his perpetually annoyed attitude, there’s nothing in his tone that speaks of arrogance. He seems nice, even, just…tired? You can’t tell what it is, but it stops you from making a biting remark on his behalf.
On the other hand, you’re not imagining the best outcome of this thing. Everything you know about street racers comes from the Fast and Furious franchise, and the general idea is that they’re an edgy, temperamental, and often dangerous group. An illegal racer, teaching you how to get a license. Go figure.
“You’re just too blind to see your own genius behind the wheel,” Jeongin says, and you hear a worshipping edge to his tone. “A—crap. I gotta dip. There’s someone in the washroom.”
“Bye,” you say, amused, and the call ends. The atmosphere falls silent, and your skin itches at the sudden quiet when you realize it’s just you and Hyunjin now. Well, technically, it had been the two of you before, too, but somehow Jeongin’s voice had made things easier.
You slowly turn to the boy, who’s still looking at you, and feel heat crawl up your neck. “So…you’re going to teach me how to drive?”
“Just the basics,” he says. “You don’t know how to drive?”
“I do, I just—” You chew on your bottom lip. “Tend to mess up. Evaluators seem to hate me; Jeongin must have told you.”
“Well, maybe they have a good reason to hate you,” he says, but not unkindly. “When’s your test?”
“Three weeks.”
“That’s a long time,” he says, already moving away. “Look, I’m only doing this as a favor. I have nothing against you, really, but you know how Jeongin tends to get too excited about things and…” He shrugs, and you nod understandingly, ignoring the reflexive pinch of hurt at his words. You literally just met him. “Yeah.”
“You’re a racer, huh?” you ask, shifting the topic to something you can actually talk about. Maybe I should walk away now, you think a little nervously. But that’s another difficult situation, and you’re not sure how to start.
It makes you think about car crashes and police chases and other illegal things. Drugs, maybe? Another look at Hyunjin tells you he’s not a druggie, at least, but you never know. Maybe he’s part of some gang? The thought makes you freeze up.
“Street.” He glances at the Ford, which seems too expensive to be a street racing car, but then you don’t know the first thing about it. Hyunjin raises a hand in the air, and it takes you a moment to realize that he’s holding a set of keys. “Shall we?”
You’re about to answer when he begins moving towards the SUV instead. He turns before disappearing inside it, giving you a look. “You…” you start, narrowing your eyes. “…are going to teach me how to drive in a mom van? No offence, but…it’s a mom van.”
“They’re almost impossible to parallel park, have shitty mileage, and can’t do curves to save a life,” he says, as if it’s supposed to make your doubts disappear. “Need more reasons?”
“Isn’t that a little…” You squint, trying to think of a word. “Counter-productive?”
Hyunjin raises an eyebrow at you before unlocking the door and swinging in. After a brief moment of hesitation, you follow him inside, finding him already positioned behind the wheel with his seat belt strapped on. “They teach you patience,” he says, giving you a flat smile. “That’s the most important thing to have if you want to pass your driver’s test.”
For a long moment, you stare at each other. His gaze is defiant, and you’re not sure how to match it. You suppose you should be thankful that you’re not going to end up in a ditch at the end of this thing, but at the same time, this is on the opposite end of the spectrum, which is equally disappointing. You don’t know what you were expecting, but it definitely hadn’t been this. Dangerous street racer, maybe. Makeshift dad? Not so much.
With a defeated sigh, you plop down on the seat beside him. “Seatbelt,” he says monotonously, and you already feeling a dark cloud looming in the horizon of your future.
This is gonna be a long three weeks.
Tumblr media
“Before you start, adjust your mirrors, seat position, and seatbelt,” Hyunjin says, like he does at the start of every single ‘driving lesson’ the two of you have had together, making you roll your eyes furtively when you think he can’t see. “I saw that.”
“You don’t have to say all of that anymore, it’s been almost a week,” you quip peevishly, feeling more than just a little annoyed by his constant repetition and slow, deliberate instructions, as if he’s teaching a toddler instead of a functioning adult. “I remember, Hyunjin. I may be bad, but I’m not that bad.”
“Just making sure you don’t forget,” he says with a twitch of his eyebrow, and sits back in the shotgun seat. Today’s a special day because he’s finally let you drive instead of making you sit back and observe like the other days. He’s definitely not reckless or rash, like you’d first pegged him to be, or even close to the racer type. No, he’s overly meticulous and careful and tells you how to do everything like you’ve never even seen a car before.
However, you never manage to say anything to him. You tell yourself that it’s just because he’s so nice, agreeing to help you out without even having an inkling of your personality previously, but it’s not just that. Deep inside, you know it.
Hyunjin crosses his arms over his chest, giving you a pointed look after observing you dawdle in the driveway for more than thirty seconds. It draws your already flighty attention to his toned arms, which are bare today. In particular, the red cloth tied around him bicep like a circlet. “What’s that?” you ask, unable to help your curiosity.
He blinks, uncomprehending for a few seconds before his gaze follows your line of sight to his arm. “Ah,” he mutters, the piercing gaze falling away from your face to focus on his arm. “Nothing,” he says, adjusting his sleeve rather uselessly. “Cloth.”
“I can see that,” you say dryly. “Is it some kind of racer thing?”
You’re aware that you sound ignorant (which, in your defense, you are), but he’s kind enough not to point it out. “Kind of,” he says with a half-hearted shrug, clearly struggling to pull your attention away from it. “Look, it’s not important. And the less you know about this thing, the better. Just—drive.”
You drop it, feeling like you might be invading his privacy. The curiosity remains, though, buried under the layers of conflicting opinions you have about the boy. It’s a repeating pattern now—you bring up something related to racing, he clams up, you feel bad, conversation over. It’s gotten better over the course of a few days; a slow transition from awkward small talk to casual banter, even you making him smile at points. Somehow it doesn’t stop you from thinking up new queries that never fail to elicit a slight sigh from the boy’s ruby lips.
That’s one detail you never miss, owing to the involvement of his lips. They’re very nice lips.
You place one hand on the wheel, making a show of checking the rearview and sideview mirrors. Hyunjin clears his throat, and you look at him wearily. “What now?”
“Both your hands on the wheel,” he says pedantically.
You groan, but oblige. “I don’t see the point of this,” you grumble. “It’s manual transmission, I have to have one hand free.”
“It’s just for the first few seconds,” he says in what’s supposed to be a reassuring tone. “Passing the test is more about making a good impression on your evaluator than actually driving efficiently. Put your hands on the wheel, then take one off a second later. It’s the thought that matters.”
“You seem to know a lot about this,” you mutter. He’s been especially straitlaced about the whole driving teacher thing. If you’re being honest, you hadn’t expected him to take it so seriously.
“I make it a point so I don’t lose my license for racing illegally,” Hyunjin says flatly. “You learn to do that.”
You bite your lip, feeling the beginning prickles of the same burning curiosity again, like the lining of your chest is waking up. “So…you guys get caught by the police often?”
He raises an incredulous eyebrow at you. “If I had been, you think I’d have my license now?”
“Do you?” you challenge.
He holds your gaze for an unblinking moment before dropping it, a small smile curving his mouth that he tries to hide by turning his face away from yours. “I do,” he says. “I almost got cornered once, but it’s become easier over the years. It’s not worth the adrenaline rush.”
“Isn’t that how you racers roll?” you ask, an amused quirk to your lips. “Ride or die or whatever? Rush over everything else?”
He scrunches up his nose, which makes him look surprisingly adorable. “Not really,” he says. “It’s not as cool as people make it out to be—you can die at any moment, and the money isn’t even that good.”
At that, a small frown appears on your brow. “I thought you made a lot,” you say slowly. “I mean, seeing as you have a GT and all.”
“Most you can make in a night is ten, twenty grand,” he says with a shrug, “and almost all of it goes back into your car. It took me a while to get the GT souped up, and I still have to make upgrades all the time. Some of the community is nice, but it’s really not as amazing as it sounds.”
There’s a hint of darkness to his tone, and you have to admit you feel a little disappointed. The child in you had been kind of awed by the prospect of being taught to drive by a racer, being taught the tips and tricks of the trade, but Hyunjin doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about his own job.
“That’s depressing to hear,” you say with forced lightness, tapping your fingers against the gearhead.
“Oh, it’s not all bad,” he says, and you cock your head. “It’s great for petrol-heads—the things you get to see, and the stolen minutes of adrenaline, feeling on top of the world when you race.” He looks almost fond as he speaks, and you’re unable to help the tiny smile that graces your face at his intent expression. “There are very few substitutes to that.”
“Has Jeongin ever been?” you ask hesitantly. “I was just wondering how you knew him.”
“He doesn’t race or anything, if that’s what you’re asking,” he says, and you shake your head no. “He’s been a couple of times, but only to the bar.”
“Think I could visit sometime?” you venture, and he cracks a smile.
“Nice try,” he says playfully, narrowing his eyes. “Now, show me your amazing backing-up skills.”
Tumblr media
“Can I talk while driving? Or is that a big no-no, too?”
Hyunjin’s eyes lift heavenward at your sardonic tone, engineered to bite. “Just don’t do that with your evaluator. It’s all about—”
“Impressions, yeah,” you cut in, taking a turn. Hyunjin had been right, it’s crazy difficult to take curves in an SUV, even if you’ve only had a few days of practice. “It just sounds like you’re biased.”
He doesn’t answer that, and you glance over inquisitively. His forehead is pressed against the glass, eyes half-mast and glassy, and he doesn’t seem to be paying as much attention as usual. He’s been like this all day, drained of energy and apparently his will to put up with the ordeal. Every other day, he’s like a hawk, watching you and waiting for a slip-up.
You purse your lips, looking back out of the windshield. The neighborhood is one you know, and the streets are less busy than usual despite it being a Monday. Maybe he was at a party at the weekend? Or some racer orgy? You shudder at your own thoughts, mentally tossing them out of the window.
“Hey,” you start gently and hesitantly, breaking the silence. “You good?”
Hyunjin glances at the side of your face, looking surprised. “Yeah,” he replies, but his voice catches in the middle. He clears his throat. “Yeah.”
You give him an unconvinced look. “Are you sure? You look like you could do with some sleep.”
“I’m not the one driving,” he mumbles dismissively.
“You’re always backseat driving.”
“It’s technically my job here,” he says in a superior tone, making your lips curl. You switch lanes, and he makes an irritated sound at the back of his throat. “Check the mirrors and look over your shoulder before you do that.”
“Yes, sir,” you say dryly. “I’m not letting this go, though. Are you sure you’re okay? Like—I’m not trying to be nosy or anything, just making sure you’re not going to faint on me.”
“I’m not going to faint,” he snorts, but blinks forcefully after like he’s trying to keep his eyes open. “I just had a late turn-in, that’s all.”
You raise an eyebrow, taking in his wrinkled t-shirt and the strong smell of coffee that seems to have invaded every corner of the minivan. “…did you sleep in the car?”
“What?” He scoffs nervously. “No.”
“Maybe,” he admits.
You sigh. “No wonder your neck was creaking like old mattress springs,” you mutter. You hear a soft sound that sounds distinctly like a hungry stomach—and you know you’re full. “Oh, come on,” you sigh, and park the car outside a service alley.
Hyunjin looks at you with rounded eyes as you undo the seatbelt and unlock the door before stepping out of the car. “Where are you going?”
“I’ll be right back,” you say, and leave. Hyunjin watches you as you leave, brow furrowed quizzically, looking more alert than he’s been all afternoon.
It takes approximately fifteen minutes for you to get takeout from a cheap, non-brand but trustworthy café by the corner and back to the van, where a very hungry Hyunjin awaits your return impatiently. His eyes widen fractionally when they land on the food packets in your hands as you lean in through the window. A pink tongue pokes out from between his lips—unconsciously from the looks of it—and you swear you hear his stomach grumble again. “What’s that?”
“What does it look like?” you fire back, climbing into the back. “It’s takeaway—totally hygienic, don’t worry. Now, come on.”
Hyunjin looks at you reluctantly for a few seconds before obliging and climbing into the empty spot beside you. His eyes linger on your hands as you hand him the napkins and sandwiches, the smell wafting from the food enough to make your own mouth water.
The two of you eat in silence, you industriously ignoring (or pretending to ignore) Hyunjin’s gaze on the side of your face as you eat. It makes eating much harder, like there’s a live thing in your stomach that’s fluttering around and preventing the rest of your food from going in.
He must have been hungrier than you had originally assumed, because it takes him a grand total of five minutes to inhale three sandwiches. A heavy, awkward silence drapes over you like a blanket as you finish the remains of yours, and he sits quietly, a conflicting look on his face.
“Thanks,” he says quietly a few moments after you’re finished, and you smile a close-lipped smile.
“You’re welcome,” you reply warmly, and something flickers behind his eyes. “Now for the payment,” you add nonchalantly, and a smile breaks out on his face. “Why did you sleep in the car?” His lips flatten, and you suppress a sigh. “You don’t have to answer. I know I’m just your—student, or whatever, it’s fine.”
It takes a moment for him to reply. “I got locked out of my apartment last night,” he says finally. You cock an eyebrow. “It’s a shared apartment, and the other guy—well, he kind of…locked me out.”
“He can do that?” You frown.
“He’s not supposed to, but it’s technically his place,” he answers. “And he didn’t do it on purpose. He just has a problem, and forgot all about me after a little fiasco at this bar.” His tongue pokes out from between his lips to swipe over them, and you can’t help but follow the movement with your eyes. “Forget about it. It’s not a big deal.”
“I hope not.” You lean back against the seat, drawing a pattern in the leather of the seat. This time, the silence is more comfortable, despite Hyunjin’s brooding look.
It’s only been a couple of weeks since you met him, but you were a step away from inviting him to stay over at yours in case he needs a place to stay in next time. The change is sudden, and you don’t know anything about him apart from his racing gig and his problematic roommate, but you can’t help but trust him. Or want to. There’s something about his eyes, the warmth in them that he tries to hide in hidden glances and forced scoffs. He’s a closed book, but still feels so vulnerable, like a flower about to open.
“I was thinking,” Hyunjin starts, breaking you out of your reverie, “we should call it a day. I could get some sleep before the races tonight.” He swipes his tongue over his lips, measuring the next sentence before speaking “There’s a big event there this weekend,” he says, “and everyone I know is going to be there.” The next words are hesitant and slow. “Do you—want to come?”
You stare at him for a long, incredulous moment before his words sink in. You’re supposed to take your driver’s test next week, so the session before the supposed big event would be your last with him. Hope blooms in a dark corner of your mind. “To meet your racing buddies?” you ask, almost failing at trying to rein in your excitement. “Sure.”
The corner of his lips twitches at the false nonchalance in your tone, but he nods. “I’ll see you there, then,” he says, an unrepressed smile on his face.
Tumblr media
The bar, interestingly named The Dragon’s Tail, is built in what seems to be an old warehouse, with a high ceiling and useless catwalks running around the interior. You’ve been to your fair share of bars, but something about this one is different. It’s wilder, with neon signs and the strong smell of alcohol and something grassy in the mix, sweaty bodies and gleaming, bared necks every way you look. It’s enough to make you uncomfortable, despite the good hands you’ve been left in by Hyunjin.
Felix Lee is a friendly guy, much nicer than you’d expected Hyunjin’s racer buddies to turn out to be. His dyed lavender hair shines under the lights, reflecting their purple and neon green, much like the clear drink in his hand. Fortunately for you, he keeps you company during Hyunjin’s absence—who’s apparently in the middle of a race, and doesn’t want you to be out there—and sticks by your side despite having many opportunities to ditch you. He walks around the bar with you, pointing out the good, the bad and the uglies of the racing scene, and laughs at all the right cues.
You’ve only just begun to feel at home in the place when a sandy-haired boy shows up at the counter, looking ruffled. His eyes land on Felix, face relaxing immediately when he spots the boy and saunters up to him. “Lix,” he says, catching your new kind-of friend’s attention by clamping a hand over his shoulder. “You’re needed out back.”
“What?” Felix frowns a little, before turning to you with a close-lipped smile. “This is Minho, by the way,” he mutters by way of introduction. You smile at the new arrival and introduce yourself, slightly discomfited by Minho’s piercing gaze. “What happened?”
“It’s Han again,” Minho says. Felix’s eyes widen comically, but Minho looks calm, maybe calmer than he should be, judging by the other’s worried expression. “In the outdoor showers. It’s bad.”
“Oh, god,” Felix mutters. His hands clench and unclench on the counter as he glances at you worriedly, getting to his feet. “I have to go,” he says to you, sounding apologetic. “It’s only going to be a few minutes, but do you think you’ll be okay?”
“Yeah, sure. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” You wave away his concern, despite your qualms about being left alone with a stranger. Whatever this Han needs Felix for, it sounds serious. You don’t want him to prioritize you over a potential emergency, and besides, you can handle yourself, no matter what Hyunjin thinks.
“Minho can stay with you,” he continues in a slightly jittery fashion. The other boy doesn’t even look up at his name. “And Hyunjin should be back soon, too, so you won’t be alone for long. Just don’t go anywhere, I don’t want to piss him off.”
“Go,” you say playfully, giving him a slight push. Felix smiles at you, looking relived but nervous, and takes off, disappearing into the crowd.
You and Minho sit in silence for a few moments as he orders a drink from the bar, kicking his booted feet up to rest on the rung of the stool. The quiet would be weird, but the loud, thumping music and general sounds of the youth fill in the silence, which you’re grateful for despite the oncoming headache you feel forming between your eyes. Your eyes flit to your phone screen every few seconds, secretly checking the time so you don’t make your new companion feel too awkward.
“You’re with Hyunjin?” Minho asks at length after downing his drink, and you glance at him, nodding after getting over the surprise. He nods slowly, pushing away his now-empty glass and giving you a slight smile which looks almost wolfish. “So, new.”
“I’m not here to race,” you say, though you’re not sure why. “Just…visiting, I guess.”
It sounds dumb, and you know it, but Minho doesn’t acknowledge it. “It’s not good manners to leave your date out in a place like this,” he says, cocking an eyebrow.
You stare at him, uncomprehending at first. “Oh,” you say, pausing. “Oh, no, we’re not—I’m not dating him,” you say with a forced, nervous laugh, hoping you don’t sound as awkward as you feel. “We’re just…we have a mutual friend.”
You realize that sounds worse, and groan internally, screwing up your face and turning away from the boy with an embarrassed smile. Minho doesn’t seem to mind, though. He tucks his chin into his palm and elbow against the counter, strands of bleached hair falling into his eyes, looking catlike with his gaze as it fixes onto you. “Allow me to buy you a drink, then,” he says with a slow smile.
“Ah, no, it’s fine,” you say, chuckling nervously. He doesn’t seem bothered by the refusal, and instead leans forward—not too much, but close enough that you can smell the smoke on him.
“You don’t have to be so worried,” he says. It’s then you notice his eyes are ringed by kohl, which was what had made them so striking before. “I know we all seem like criminals to you, but this is a safe space. Just because we race doesn’t mean we do other assorted crimes to go with it, babe.”
His tone is teasing, but it makes your face heat up. “That’s not what I meant,” you say helplessly.
“Have a drink, then!” Minho says, waving over the bartender. “You can stop whenever you want to.” He winks. “On me.”
He’s openly flirtatious, and though the attention would have made you feel flattered any other day, you don’t feel too into it. On one hand, he’s attractive, and you’re bored and alone, and on the other…well. You’re not sure what lies on the other side.
“Okay,” you say, and one corner of his lips lifts into a victorious smirk. Minho turns to order, and you find yourself studying his profile, not sure why you were about to turn him down. He’s fairly attractive, with pretty features and slim hands, and his lips—but his lips. You’re reminded too much of another pair, and the thought makes you squirm in your seat.
You feel sixteen again, rebellious and a little wild, looking at Minho’s pleased smile and the little scars on his fingers as he taps the side of the glass. Hyunjin should be back any moment, and you know you should be a little more scared of his reaction, but a little voice at the back of your mind eggs you on at the thought of him. A little part of you that wants to elicit a reaction, to prod and poke and provoke something from the raven-haired boy.
“Here you go,” Minho says, naming a vaguely familiar-sounding drink as he slides a glass in front of you. A thought flashes through your mind—ruby lips and narrow eyes, a stern voice telling you never to drink and drive. But I’m not driving, you think rather petulantly, and lift the glass to your lips.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin is on a road high when he finally stumbles into The Dragon’s Tail.
The rush is even better when the win isn’t expected, so walking in knowing he did despite the bets being on his opponent makes it a thousand times better. He feels like he’s taken a hit of the good shit—he knows what that’s like due to an unfortunate teenage incident—as he goes up to the bar, eyes seeking a head of bleached lavender hair because he knows Felix is with you, still buzzing from all the congratulations.
Hyunjin had been adamant on not letting you near the deep transport tunnels, much less near the actual tracks, for what he had stated were ‘safety’ reasons. It may or may not have had something to do with a severe lack of confidence—something about knowing you were watching him when he lost had been too much for him to bear. Hyunjin isn’t a proud guy, but when you look at him, when you see him, he feels like standing straighter.
He spots you on a seat next to the bar, a wide smile on your face that Hyunjin isn’t aware he’s mirroring as you lean forward to put a hand on Felix’s chest. No—that’s not Felix, Hyunjin notices, the smile slipping from his face as he takes in the darker corn-silk gold of the boy’s hair, the catlike smile, his hand as it curls around your wrist.
He’s broken out of his reverie at the sound of your voice, and turns to see you getting up off your seat and beginning to move towards him. You look happy, he realizes, perplexed and confused and strangely angry, as you move towards him with that million-dollar smile on your face.
“You’re late,” you whisper as you get to him, placing a hand on the front of his leather jacket, fingertips zinging against the zipper. Somehow, he hears you through the noise. There’s an off-kilter manner to the way you’re moving and speaking, a languorous brightness that makes his toes curl. “You were supposed to be here half an hour ago. Your friend was nice, though, he kept me company while you were gone.”
“You’re drunk,” he realizes, eyes narrowing as they flit over your shoulder to land on Minho, who’s watching the two of you through hooded eyes, the lower half of his face hidden by a glass as he crosses his legs and reclines against the barstool. “How much did you have?”
“I’m not drunk,” you protest, and Hyunjin’s jaw clenches. He forcefully looks away from Minho’s challenging stare and clamps a hand around your upper arm, turning and steering you out of the bar. “Hyunjin, I’m not drunk.”
“Where’s Felix?” he asks, looking around for a familiar face, but comes up empty. You hum as he pulls out his phone and unlocks it, scrolling through the texts from Felix he missed during the race. They’re frantic and apologetic, and though Hyunjin can never stay mad at his friend for long, he feels sour at the realization.
“I think something came up,” you say, in answer to his earlier question. “He said he’d be back soon, but I’m guessing it took him a little too long…don’t worry, though, he didn’t leave me alone. I had Minho.”
The name sends another pang through him. The wave of euphoria Hyunjin had been riding on before seems to have crashed and burned like an unfortunate racer, and all he feels is a bitter tang of something sharp and ugly and green-eyed on his tongue hearing you speak so cheerfully.
“I’m calling Jeongin,” Hyunjin says, though his heart isn’t in it. You make a sound, but don’t struggle as he pulls you out of the bar and into the dark space out on the street which looks dead in the nighttime.
“It’s midnight, Jeongin’s probably asleep,” you say, trying to pull yourself out of his grasp as you leave the exit. His face moves from light to shadow as you go to the spot where the GT is parked, out of the reach of the lights of the bar’s neon signs. “Hyunjin, it’s not that late. You’re being such a killjoy right now.”
Hyunjin’s jaw tightens even more, but he doesn’t say anything. You lean against the low hood of the car, watching him with bright eyes as he fishes the keys out of his pocket and unlocks the door. His movements are jerky and rougher than usual, and you seem to have noticed despite being inebriated, because you slide your hand to his jaw and turn his face towards you. “Are you angry with me?” you mumble, brow furrowed. “Is it because it’s late and your roommate is going to lock you out?”
“That was my roommate,” he says through gritted teeth, and you blink slowly, uncomprehending. “The guy who bought you all those drinks? Yeah.” He pulls open the door, ignoring the heat that crawls up his skin where your fingers are in contact with his face, and pulls you towards it. “Get in, I’m driving you home.”
“But I didn’t even see the races,” you mutter, ducking to get into the shotgun seat anyway. The space is small and cramped, and you pout as you wiggle in, keeping your legs hanging over the side. The Ford is big enough for one person, and he always feels just fine racing with the low seat and small space, but it’s difficult getting another in. He hadn’t even expected to have to drive you home—well, he had, but not in the Ford. It’s the first time he’s ever regretted not having a backseat in his racecar.
Ignoring the fluttering wings trying to break free in his abdomen, Hyunjin leans down to guide you in, hands hooking under your knees to lift your legs in, but you suddenly decide to resist. Instead, you grab the collar of his jacket again, pulling him in over you, so you’re flat against the seat and he’s hovering over your body.
Hyunjin stiffens, unable to do anything but watch as you trail your fingers up from his collar to the line of his throat, then moving to slide into his hair. “You need a haircut,” you whisper, hands carding through the thickness of his hair to free it from the rubber band that’s pulling it back. Locks of raven hair slide free from the ponytail to frame his face, the ends tickling your exposed collar.
He’s not worried about someone seeing you—the whole street is a ghost street, devoid of life and prying eyes. Everyone’s still inside, he knows, since the night is still young for the partygoers.
“You’re…” he starts in a whisper, feeling his heartbeat pound in his chest and throat like a drumroll that’s slowly growing louder. You reach up, brushing your lips against his, and heat blooms in the pit of his stomach, spreading upwards into his chest like a spill of something viscous and hot. He feels your hands tug lightly at his hair as you deepen the kiss, tongue tip tracing the outline of his lips, a current singing in his veins.
Your tongue is slow and lazy, teasingly tracing patterns into his mouth. He feels bits of his sanity breaking away from the cluster and go out of the window, and he goes higher, higher, higher, until he’s sure he’ll be able to touch the clouds if he tries reaching up. You’re under him, and he can feel his body against yours, warm and alive and—and he can taste the pungent tang of something alcoholic on your lips.
That is reminder enough to bring him back down to earth, and hard. He jerks away, breathing hard. You’ve gone still, looking up at him with eyes that are no longer hooded but alert and round. “You don’t want this,” he says. “You’re drunk.”
He sees a flash of emotion in your eyes, searing bright and sharp, unlike the slow look from before. It rises and swells until the rest of your face is taut with it too, and you’re pushing him away with surprising force. “Damnit, Hyunjin, I am not drunk!” you yell, and he pulls away and out of the car in surprise. “I’m an adult and I know how much I can take, alright?” Your eyes are brighter than usual when you pull your legs in and pull at the car door. “You know what?” you ask bitterly. “Forget it.”
He wants to say something, so bad that his chest aches with the effort it takes to keep it in, but he manages not to. Instead, he clears his throat and looks away.
You’re silent as he slips into the driver’s seat, silent as he starts the engine, silent throughout the ride. Say something, Hyunjin wishes fervently, but the stars don’t listen. They only glare down at him as you get down and walk away, not looking back once.
Tumblr media
It’s been two weeks since.
You’d like to think you’ve forgotten about him, or that the bitter emotion you’d felt that night is almost gone, but that’s not true and you know it. Not when you’re still in Jeongin’s house an hour after the party’s over, secretly hanging on to the hope that Hyunjin’s going to turn up.
“Hey. Dude.” Jeongin’s voice doesn’t wake you from your mental slumber, but his prodding finger does when it digs into your shoulder. The room comes back into focus, and you look at the boy in half-surprise and half-indignance at the sharp pain, swatting his hand away. Jeongin flattens his lips and sits down opposite you. “I’m going out in another half an hour for a little after-party thing with my friends.”
You raise your eyebrows at him. “Are you kicking me out?”
You’re the only guest left over from the party, which says something about how desperate you are, even though you haven’t breathed a word about what happened that night to anyone, even Jeongin. The boy had noticed your mood right away despite that, but had stayed quiet and given you space instead of needling you, something you’re thankful about. Jeongin can be annoying, but he’s sensible enough to know when to shut up.
And when it comes to you, he knows even better. You’ve known him for years, longer than anyone else on the campus, having shared the same high school as him before getting into the same university. Even if he’s a little more excitable and volatile than the average adult, you still trust him more than you trust maybe anyone else.
“I’m not kicking you out,” he says with a roll of his eyes, kicking away a crumpled solo cup at his feet. “I was gonna suggest you crash here for the night. Tomorrow’s a day off anyway—you haven’t eaten anything substantial and takeout’s going to be hell at this hour so just heat up the leftovers and stay here, alright? I’ll be back before morning, hopefully, so we can walk back to your place together.”
You exhale loudly, flopping down on the bed with your hands folded over your abdomen. Jeongin raises his eyebrows at you, but you stay silent. “Okay,” you say at length, voice so soft that he barely catches the response. “How long before you leave?”
“I’m already ten minutes late, so thank you for that.” He gets up, making the weak mattress bounce, and wads up a blanket to toss it at your face. You snatch it out of the air before it can hit you, and sit up with a halfhearted scowl. “Aren’t you tired after all that moping?”
“I was not moping,” you say, adding more than the required touch of indignance to your voice. The blanket bunches up where you fist your hands around it, imagining you’re wringing someone’s neck.
“Sure,” Jeongin scoffs, but his face quickly turns sober. The tacky fairy lights you bought for the occasion blink gold and white, making his sweater turn different colors. He looks away nonchalantly, moving towards the door. “I did ask Hyunjin to come, you know. He said he had a race scheduled for tonight so he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it, so don’t be too hard on yourself.”
Your eyebrow quirks up. “Who said I was being hard on myself?”
Jeongin purses his lips, but the serious expression doesn’t drop. “He’s always busy, never showing up for any kind of outing. Whatever happened between you two has nothing to do with this, so don’t think of it that way.”
“But it’s your birthday,” you say in a small voice. The room suddenly feels small and sad and constricting, and you feel a rush of guilt knowing that you’re making it about yourself.
“Go to sleep,” Jeongin presses, grabbing the keys from the peg. “I’ll be back late—or early, whatever. You don’t want to tire yourself out thinking about a boy.”
That provokes a soft groan from you. You kind of want it to be a reason he didn’t show, to have a hint that you’ve affected him as much as he’s affected you, but you don’t want to sound petty. “You were doing so well, birthday boy. But you just had to bring him up, didn’t you?”
A smile tugs at his lips. Jeongin doesn’t say another word, and the next thing you hear is the click of the front door closing. You lie back down, drawing the blanket around your shoulders and hugging it to your chest. Despite the leather jacket you’re wearing, your skin still feels cold. Almost as if the chill is inside.
You’re not hungry, so you skip Jeongin’s instructions and come straight to the sleeping part, kicking your bare feet up onto the bed and bringing the blanket over the rest of you. You’re exhausted enough that you don’t bother taking off your jeans—and it’s not like you have anything to change into, seeing as Jeongin wouldn’t take kindly to finding you asleep in his pajama bottoms. But try as you might, you can’t seem to fall asleep either. The lights blink infuriatingly in your face when you keep them open, and closing them doesn’t help. Every time you do, you see the face of a particular racer as if it’s burned into the backs of your eyelids.
“Damn it,” you say softly, feeling your eyes sting. It’s even worse knowing that you’re usually so put-together, crying over something so trivial. It’s not even that bad—you didn’t get dumped or cheated on or anything that could have hurt a hundred times more, just…rejected. That’s not what hurts. You could have lived with something as little as that, but Hyunjin’s been avoiding you for so long that it’s eating you up from the inside. It’s not one-sided, either, you’ve been ignoring him too, but it still makes you feel like shit.
The bell rings, and you get up, quickly wiping away any evidence of tears and pathetic sniffling. You hadn’t even realized it had been that long—maybe Jeongin’s back already, and you don’t think to glance at the clock before going to the door and swinging it open, the jacket still hanging over your shoulders.
And come face-to-face with Hyunjin.
He looks equally surprised at seeing you, even panicked, like a cornered animal. Your heart leaps into your throat, but you clench your teeth, schooling your features into an expression of calm. He looks like he had before, just as stunning and glance-stealing, but somehow even better than before, as if the few weeks you’d spent away from him has made him even more appealing to your eyes. There’s nothing decorative about his outfit—it’s the same jacket and loose white tee underneath, dark hair tied back like he’s about to race.
“You’re late,” you say flatly. “Party’s over.”
His lips part, but nothing comes out. For a few seconds, he just stares at you, and you see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallows. Your expression shuts down, and you take a step back, about to close the door.
“Jeongin’s not here,” you say. “If you want to see him, you can come by tomorrow. I’ll be gone by then, so you won’t have to worry about running into me.”
He seems to freeze up. “Did you, uh —get your driver’s license?”
“Yes.” The word is clipped. “So goodbye.”
Something awakens in his face at the last sentence, like a machine being kick-started. “I, I wasn’t—avoiding you,” he says helplessly.
“You need to lie better if you want to convince me,” you say, narrowing your eyes. How can he lie about something so obvious? “My god, Hyunjin, I wasn’t going to kill you for saying no if you didn’t like me. I just—I hate that you think you had to run away.” The dam breaks, and the words pour out, spurred on by your breakdown from moments ago. “I’m mature enough to handle that! I can look after myself, contrary to what you think. I’m not a child.”
He takes a deep, shaky breath at your words. “That’s not what I said,” he whispers. “I didn’t mean to make you feel that way.”
“Well, you could have said so, instead of letting me wallow in self-pity,” you snap, feeling the pressure build behind your eyes again. You pause and close your eyes, taking a deep breath. “Fuck,” you mutter, trying to compose yourself. “Just go, Hyunjin.”
“I’m sorry,” he whispers, and you open your eyes to see a conflicting look in his eyes. His brow furrows slightly as he takes in your face, your eyes which are no doubt red from all the crying you did earlier. “Have you been…crying?”
You bite your lip, tears threatening to spill again. “Please,” you say, beg, feeling like there’s a crater opening in your chest. “Leave.”
His eyes widen fractionally, expression shifting to hurt and uncertainty. Hyunjin parts his lips, looking like he’s about to comply, but then his jaw sets. It’s a stubborn look, defiant, and he stands his ground instead, placing a hand on the door to prevent you from closing it. “I’m sorry I made you feel like that,” he says, almost forcefully, and takes a step closer. “But you’re wrong. I like you. I do. I like you a lot.”
You bite the inside of your cheek, taking a step back involuntarily. The broken wings of your heart flutter at his words, but your expression doesn’t change, drops of tears throwing light across your vision when you blink. “Then why—”
“Because I can’t be with you,” he says, and your heart breaks again. Hyunjin reaches forward, grasping your arm, and tugs you towards himself. “No, wait, listen. Listen. I can’t be with you because…I’m not good for you.”
You frown, unable to understand, and he purses his lips. “You’re amazing, okay?” he says, looking a little wild. “You’re kind, and you’re smart, and funny, and with a whole future ahead of you. And I’m nothing but a college dropout whose only skill is driving fast.” He clenches his jaw, and you see the muscles stand in his cheek. “You deserve something better. Someone who can stay with you and support you, and I’m not good enough for that. For you.”
For a few moments, you’re stunned into silence. “So that’s why I stayed away,” he continues, but you can barely hear him over the buzzing in your head. “Thinking that you’d be fine after some time, that you’d forget me and move on and find someone better.”
His grip loosens on your arm and finally drops, slowly and reluctantly. He’s still leaning against the door, looking guilt-ridden and rueful, but doesn’t say anything further. You stare at him, shaken and disbelieving, close enough to see the little dry tears on his lips. The fairy lights wink, casting different colors on his face, gold and white and silver.
You exhale shakily. “You’re so fucking selfish, Hwang Hyunjin.”
He tilts his head slowly, trying to comprehend but failing. “…what?”
“You came to the conclusion that you’re bad for me by yourself, without even asking me what I think,” you say. He blinks, taken aback. “You’re always treating me like a kid, but you really crossed the limits with this. Did you never stop to maybe consider what I want?”
He doesn’t seem to be capable of answering at first. “Well,” he says lowly, slowly wetting his lips with the tip of his tongue, voice so husky it makes shivers travel down your spine. “What do you want?”
Your mouth goes dry, but you hold his gaze steadily. 
“I want you.”
His breath leaves his mouth in a puff of air, the warmth of it tracing your face with ghostly fingers. His dark gaze bores into you like a hot rod, the milliseconds before his lips part ticking away like hours. “I want you, too.”
His eyes flicker down to your lips and back up. You stand stock still, too afraid to move as he inches forward, hesitantly prying your hands away from the door and settling on your hips. He leans in, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips which leaves your heart hammering in your ribs, and pulls away by centimeters—time slows to a trickle—and leans in again, the same time you lean up, your mouths colliding like planets and asteroids.
He tastes like chocolate, which only gives you incentive to pull him closer and kiss him better. The scent of faded male perfume—probably from rubbing shoulders with his racer buddies—and smoke from the tracks rolls off him, invading your senses, and you sigh against his lips.
You reach up to grab the collar of his jacket, pulling him closer, and Hyunjin’s hands slide up to your waist, gripping it as he kisses you. You take a few stumbling steps back, pulling him to the door with you. The kiss is messy, tongues and clashing teeth and heavy breaths as he fumbles to shut the door behind him. Your hands are hasty and searching, and Hyunjin makes an impatient noise at the back of his throat before slipping his hands down to hook under your thighs, pushing your legs up around his waist to carry you into the room.
Your back hits the bed roughly, and then he’s on top of you, shrugging off his jacket as you do the same with yours. As soon as they’re off, Hyunjin’s hands slide to your jaw again, cupping it for ease of access as he kisses you again, hungry and fast. His fingertips are cold on your hot skin, slipping under your t-shirt and travelling up your sides until they come to the band of your bra. His thumbs hook under the band, making you gasp at the contact, and he uses the opportunity to part your lips wider, tracing your mouth with his tongue.
You tug your shirt off, and when he pulls away for a gasping breath, his pupils are blown wide, irises nothing but a thin circlet of dark brown rimming his eyes. “I like you so much,” he says, voice hoarse, before dipping his head to plant a line of butterfly kisses down the length of your collarbone. His fingers hook into the waistband of your jeans, and you suck in a sharp breath, throwing your head back and feeling the cool air on your neck where his tongue had traced a line on your skin.
His mouth finds yours again, nipping and breathless. A wave of sobriety washes over you momentarily, and you hold on to it and grasp his collar. Hyunjin makes a petulant noise, straining to kiss you again, but you hold him still. “Wait, wait, wait,” you say, the words tumbling from your breathless lips like unruly waves. “You know that you’re not actually bad for me, right? You’re smart and sweet and funny, too, and you’re doing your thing, which is also cool.” You’re stammering, but Hyunjin doesn’t seem to mind. A slow smile blooms on his face at your words, and you lick your lips, looking at him with round eyes. “You’re perfect. For me.”
Hyunjin doesn’t answer, instead choosing to press his lips to yours in a drawn, lazy kiss, slower than the others but sweeter, too. When he pulls away, freed strands tumble from his hair where you’d pulled at it, and he licks his lips slowly, as if tasting the remains of you on them. “Mhm,” he murmurs into your mouth, forehead and nose pressed against yours.
“Good answer,” you whisper breathlessly, and his full lips curl into a smirk. 
You close your eyes, letting him take control again as you reattach your mouth to his. He groans a little into the kiss, fingers curling where they’re gripping you, pushing you so close it’s as if he’s trying to crush your bodies together. He pulls away only a second later, to ask, “Do you have a—”
“Um, no,” you mumble, frowning. “I think Jeongin—no. I don’t think Jeongin has any, either.”
At the mention of Jeongin’s name, some of the wildfire seems to dim in his eyes, and he scrunches his face up with a groan that comes from frustration rather than pleasure. “Man, Jeongin’s going to kill me.”
You sit up, suddenly feeling the rush of desire ebb away—not quite, but enough to let you keep your hands off him for a few moments. Hyunjin reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, and your hands slide back into his hair. Okay, maybe a little less than a few moments. “He’ll be back late,” you whisper, watching his eyes darken. “He doesn’t have to know—and he won’t mind too much.”
“Yeah?” Hyunjin mumbles, massaging slow circles into your bare shoulder as he pulls you down. You lie back again, and his full lips curl devilishly, making heat burst in your gut. “Let me make you feel good, then.”
And he does.
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okayau · 2 years ago
Comfort (Hyunjin)
Tumblr media
Request: Hi hello, I would like to request a prompt😊 1,33,79 with Stray Kids Hyunjin, genre wise maybe angsty to fluff in the end🙅
1.“can I kiss you?”
33.“I can hear your heartbeat”
79.“you’re shaking,,,,are you okay?”
You laid underneath the covers, covering your body so that the boy next to you couldn’t see your current state. You weren’t sure what caused you to feel so anxious all of a sudden. You were stressed all day but you were handling it. The essay that you were working on only needed about 200 more words to meet the minimum word count and you were pushing through. But then suddenly, it was as if all the composure you had was crumbling, like you were slowly losing control of your emotions. You felt dizzy and your breathing picked up. Your first instinct was to get up and move but you didn’t want Hyunjin to notice your change in demeanor. Instead, you let your shaky fingers close your laptop slowly and put it aside before you let your body slide downing the bed.
“I’m going to bed,” You tried to keep your voice steady as you pulled the cover over your head.
“okay, good night baby,” his warm voice did nothing to make you feel better. So instead, you held your hands to your lips, trying to calm your breathing as you felt cold flashes run from the top of your head to your neck.
“_____,” You tensed up as you felt Hyunjin’s hand rest on your shoulder, “you’re shaking…are you okay?” You couldn’t find the words to reply to him and before you could try to prevent it, hot tears were spilling down your cheeks and small sobs left your lips.
“I don’t…I don’t like this…I don’t want to feel like this,” your body curled up and you felt shifting from next to you. Your eyes shut tightly as a wave of emotions crashed over you. Everything was overwhelming and you were scared but then you felt Hyunjin’s body gently pressing up against yours. His arms wrapped carefully around your frame and his head rested atop your shoulder.
“i got you,” his voice was barely above a whisper but hearing those words, you couldn’t help but turn around, letting your arms encircle his torso and your face bury itself into his sweater. You both stayed like that, not saying anything as your body slowly regained control. Hyunjin rubbed comforting circles against your back  and pressed little kisses on the top of your head. Several minutes passed until your breathing was finally regular again. Your head still was a bit light but you felt better.
“I can hear your heartbeat,” your voice was quiet against his chest but he still caught it.
“You can?” He ran his fingers through your hair.
“Yeah, It’s a little calming,” You nodded before pulling away to wipe your cheeks of  their tears.
“I’m glad,” Hyunjin smiled down at you, feeling relieved that he was able to give you some sort of comfort. Your gaze caught his and for a second you just stared at his inviting expression.
“um” you blinked, remembering the situation you were just in, “sorry about this i don’t know what came over me and i didn’t-“
“hey, hey” he softly interrupted, “you don’t have to explain. it’s okay.”
Your eyes scanned his face, watching as he looked down at you with so much love in his eyes.
“Can I kiss you?” he tucked a strand of your hair behind your ears, before waiting for your response. With a small nod from you, Hyunjin leaned forward, kissing you softly. His lips moved against yours gently, as if he was afraid to go too far. You felt your heartbeat racing as he continued kissing you lovingly, but this time, rather than dreading the feeling, you welcomed it, feeling only comfort and love washing over you.
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chocolvte · 2 years ago
stray kids imagine: what they would be like as boyfriends
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
listen to feels like summer by childish gambino
author’s note — you can find headcanons for the individual members in greater detail on my masterlist <3
Tumblr media
「 chan 」
literally so soft
and a million other cute names
sits you in his lap and wraps his arms around your waist
loves spoiling you
writes songs about you
draws shapes on your skin until you fall asleep
definitely cooks either with you or for you
「 minho 」
watches sitcoms and anime with you and gets so invested in the story line he’ll start yelling at the characters on the screen which never fails to make you laugh
loves your laugh more than anything
tickles you all the time
always down to hear about your day and encourages you to vent to him even if it can’t be in person
brings you flowers
「 changbin 」
pretends he doesn’t like it when you’re affectionate with him but really he struggles to go 10 minutes without a hug from you
talks about you all the time without even realizing it
“oh, y/n loves this movie”
“here, listen to this song; y/n showed it to me yesterday”
loves when you sleep over at the dorms and he can just spend a day cuddling you on the couch or something
coffee dates in like a really cute, low key little shop with dimmer lighting and good music and cute plants wow sign me up
wants to show you off to everyone
「 hyunjin 」
takes so many pictures of you
the candid ones are his favorites
just wants to protect you but you kind of have to protect him
finds a way to be touching you no matter where you are or what you’re doing
pulls your legs across his when you’re sitting next to each other so that you’re half in his lap
plays with your hair
buys you lunch
「 jisung 」
not couple clothes, but definitely coordinating outfits
your bestest friend
you can tell each other anything without being judged
baking cookies in the middle of the night
whenever he finds a song he likes he sends it to you
can’t !! stop !! holding !! your hand !!
kisses all over your face whenever you’re sad
「 felix 」
sends you memes at 3 am
laughs really hard at all of your jokes, even the ones you don’t think are that funny
gets really nervous around you at first
but once he’s over that he’s literally always hugging you
says “i love you” all the time in all the languages he knows
you count his freckles all the time
「 seungmin 」
constantly making fun of you
but he secretly just thinks your the cutest thing ever
might playfully insult your messy bedhead in the morning but if anyone else said anything he would be the first to defend you
doesn’t really like skinship but he likes playing with your hair when he’s bored
going shopping together
oh my god thrift shopping dates !!
「 jeongin 」
very shy and blushy at first
doesn’t know what to say or how to act around you but then something happens one day where you just click
lots of i n s i d e jokes
“sorry, hyunjin, you had to be there”
gives you piggyback rides every where
sings trot for you when you’re sad because he knows it always makes you laugh
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nyctophilin · 11 months ago
Fake Affection | III
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Epilogue
Description: Han Jisung has been rejected by the girl he likes one to many times. He decides that he has had enough and is set on making her want him back. What could possibly make her want him more than seeing him with her rival after she boldly assumed he can’t find anyone better. That way Jisung and Y/N are stuck in a fake relationship until Jisung’s crush falls for him. Or he falls for someone else.
All rights reserved © nyctophilin 2020. Re-posting, copying and translating any of my works is prohibited.
Pairing: Han x fem!Reader, Hyunjin x fem!Reader
Word count: 5.1k
Genre: College!AU, Fake dating!AU, Angst, Fluff, eventual Smut
Warnings: swearing, mild groping, mild violence
Pearl note -> This got long. Yeah, things got interesting in this part. :)) Also, I realized I forgot to add something so I had to come back last minute and edit it. Yeah, sorry for the delay. :/ I hope y’all enjoy it! Feedback is very much appreciated.
Tumblr media
      The sun was shining brightly despite it being almost 6 PM. The temperature outside reached unusually high numbers for that time of the year, and Y/N decided to take advantage of that. Dressed in a forest green spring dress that reached her mid-thighs and offered a modest view of her cleavage, she was waiting for Jisung in front of her apartment complex. The dress she was wearing had short sleeves, but she decided not to take any jackets with her thanks to the weather forecast that predicted the temperatures to be high until later in the night.
      She was clutching the strap of her purse tightly and impatiently checking the time on her phone every few minutes. It has been such a long time since she went on a date. Just because she was going there to make Mina jealous didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun. What better way to convince the other girl that she missed on a lot of fun than have fun?
      Coming from the left side, she heard the sound of an engine approaching. Soon, a black Range Rover came to a gradual stop right in front of her, the front wheel almost climbing the sidewalk. From inside the car, Jisung gestured her to get in. She opened the door and climbed in, placing her purse over her knees before fastening her seatbelt.
      Without much of a word, Jisung turned the steering wheel and started driving to a destination unknown to Y/N.
      “I didn’t know you had a car.” She spoke, trying to get rid of the awkward atmosphere.
      Jisung threw her a look before concentrating on the road again.
      “It’s Chan’s. He let me borrow it for today.” A long sigh left his mouth. “After a long talk where he told me that if I hurt his baby, I’m dead.”
      Y/N let out a chuckle, and Jisung smiled as well, as the memory of the silly conversation he had with the older man flooded his mind. Another minute passed, and the silence in the car was being filled by the pop music coming from the radio.
      “You look pretty!” Jisung complimented, stealing another glance at her.
      A bright smile invaded her facial features at his words. 
      “Thank you! I didn’t know where we were going, but I figured a dress would be appropriate for many activities.” She chirped, the tiniest bit of excitement rolling off her tongue.
      “What if we are going hiking?” Jisung said, and a smirk appeared on his face when he noticed her rolling her eyes from the corner of his eye.
      “Then you can turn the car. I’m not coming!” Y/N crossed her hands under her chest and her mouth formed into a small pout.
      “I’m joking. We are going to an outdoor cinema.”
      She gave him a side look and raised an eyebrow.
      “No offence, but how do you know when outdoor cinemas are happening? They don’t seem…” She eyes him up and down on the driver’s seat. “...your style.”
      Jisung resisted the urge to roll his eyes at her comment. After a moment of silence, he sighed silently accepting her words.
      “Mina told me about it three weeks ago. She said it was a rom-com she really wanted to see. We planned to go together.” He explained taking a right turn.
      “Then how do you know if she’s going to come if you planned to go together. I don’t know if you realised, but you are supposed to be dating me, and she’s dating no one. Girls don’t usually go to this kind of thing without a boyfriend or a potential one.”
      “There’s this guy from Theatre and Film that she used to hook up with when I wasn’t around. I know from someone that they are coming together.” 
      Y/N let a pitiful smile involuntarily invade her features. It was kind of pathetic how he knew about her whereabouts and still didn’t say anything. She understood that they weren’t together, but they were heavily flirting and behaving like a couple, hence why she and a lot of other people thought they were actually in a relationship.
      She let her teeth sink in the flesh of her bottom lip holding back from telling him a piece of her mind. He was old enough. He knew what he was doing. Or at least she hoped he did.
Tumblr media
      The rest of the way to the outdoor cinema was spent in silence. The only audible sounds being the radio and Jisung’s soft humming from time to time. When they reached, their destination Y/N got out of the car and let Jisung find a parking spot somewhere further away from the location of the cinema due to the parking there overflowing with vehicles.
      Checking her phone, she noticed the time indicating 7:17 PM, and only then she realised how much time they spent in the car. Walking lazily on the pathway to where space was designated for blankets and chairs she saw a sea of people. Maybe not really a sea but there were enough people to fill two of the auditorium in their university.
      For a second she thought she'd lay out the blanket, but then she remembered the only thing she had on her was her purse. On top of that, they needed to ‘accidentally’ bump into Mina and her date and hope they end up sitting next to each other.
      Just as she was thinking about that a squeal deafened her and a pair of delicate arms wrapped around her. When the girl let go of her, and she met Mina’s face, she grimaced, but she regained her composure fast. She smiled at her and her date, a guy she had seen occasionally in some of her classes.
      “What a coincidence you are here!” Mina’s fake excitement was pissing her off. Coincidence her ass. Y/N was sure she knew they were going to be there.
      “Yeah, what a small world.” She gave the two a visibly fake smile and prayed for Jisung to hurry.
      “Are you alone?” The girl asked, moving her head in different directions as if she was looking for the person she came with.
      “No. I actually came with Jisung.” As if on cue Jisung appeared from behind the two, a blanket in hand.
      “Are you looking for me, princess?” A jolt of surprise went through her at the new nickname he used, but she didn’t let it show.
      Observing the angry expression on Mina’s face at his words, she figured that was how he used to call her before they broke up whatever they had going on. She surpassed a smirk from painting her lips.
      “Mhhm.” She extended her hand, which he gladly held and went in for a short kiss. “Look who I found. Isn’t it lovely seeing your friends here?” She sarcastically said, smiling up at him.
      “You guys should come sit with us!” Mina’s date said, and a victorious smile spread across her face.
      “We’ll love to if that is okay with Mina, of course. We wouldn’t wanna disrupt you!” Y/N faked concern and gave Mina doe eyes.
      Mina’s jaw slightly clenched before immediately relaxing and letting out a forced giggle.
      “Of course you can. Why wouldn’t I be okay with that?”
      After that, the four of them went and found a place at the back of the crowd where they could sit. It wasn’t exactly the back of the crowd since there were some more people behind them, but they were reasonably behind. 
      Jisung spread the blanket on the fluffy grass, and Mina’s date, whose name she found out was Jay, did the same as Jisung. Their blankets were almost touching, the distance between them millimetric. 
      There were still 20 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. They sat down on the blankets, and Y/N stretched her legs, finally relaxing for not having to stand on the platform shoes she was wearing.
      “So, are you guys dating or…” Jay asked, fixing his body position so he could see them better.
      Y/N rolled her eyes at his question. The guy wasn’t the best at reading the room.
      “Of course we are. Why would we be here together if we weren’t?” Annoyance was dripping off her tongue. She only wanted to relax for a bit before having to spend two hours watching some boring rom-com.
      “Oh…” His voice sounded almost disappointed as his gaze lingered a second too long on her exposed legs. “Mina and I are not a couple. And since she and Jisung have had a thing before, I thought...” He bit his bottom lip while looking at her thighs that were pretty much bare thanks to her dress riding up when she sat down. “Never mind!” 
      Y/N shifted uncomfortably and placed her hands on her thighs in an attempt to cover them even a little. Mina wasn’t aware of her date’s actions as her eyes were concentrated on Jisung and on the way he looked under the golden rays of the sun that was preparing to set.
      Jisung, however, was burning holes with his eyes into the other man’s head. Upon seeing him biting his lip while looking at Y/N in a less than appropriate way, he felt an unexplainable feeling of rage penetrate his body. What he wanted to do at that moment was to get up and punch that pig into next week for daring to look at her like that. But he kept his composure and decided not to make a big deal out of it. 
      There was literally no reason for him to get that angry. Besides the apparent reason that it made her uncomfortable and he shouldn’t allow something like that, especially when he is playing her boyfriend. But the sudden feeling to rip his head off filled him with turmoil.
      Jisung decided to ignore it for now, and he took his jacket off and placed it over her legs. Her head shot in his direction, confusion and at the same time relief present in her eyes.
      “What is that?” She asked, trying to act unaffected by Jay’s actions.
      “I just thought you might sit more comfortably with this over your legs. It stops unwanted attention.” He subtly glared at Jay, but he didn’t seem to pay him any mind as his eyes were now fixed on Mina’s chest.
      “Thank you!” She said, bringing the jacket further up to cover her thighs better.
      Jisung inched just a little bit closer to her and cupped her face. Placing his lips on hers, he forcefully pushed his tongue in her mouth, taking her by surprise. He made sure their heads were positioned in such a way that the two on the blanket next to them will be able to see the exchange of their mouths. 
      Mina was watching Jisung drag his tongue inside Y/N’s mouth, his eyes closed in satisfaction. The exchange wasn’t rushed, and the way his thumb would caress her cheek so gently had her bursting with jealousy. Jisung had never kissed her like that. Their kisses were always rushed and sloppy, driven by sexual needs.
      When she first heard about their little relationship, she laughed. She thought it was some kind of stupid joke. But then she saw how they behaved. The kisses, the hugs, the hand holding, how he would always have a hand around her shoulders. In the three days, they dated he showed Y/N more love than he showed her in a year and a half.
      Her initial plan was to tease him a little bit, then finally accept to be his girlfriend. She didn’t think he'd go and find himself a girlfriend. And especially not her. From all the people he could choose it had to be her. Looking at them now, Mina regretted her decision.
      Jisung broke the kiss and looked into her fluttering eyes before placing a peck on her nose. Y/N was sitting there dizzy from everything that happened. His sudden boldness left her speechless and burning hot from the embarrassment of being seen doing something like that.
      She wanted to question him. Ask him why he suddenly did something like that. However, a loud sound erupted from the speakers surrounding them, signaling the start of the movie. So she focused her vision on the big cloth in front of her and decided to ignore it.
Tumblr media
      She shivered discreetly as a wave of cold hit her body. The movie was only half done, and with the midnight approaching slowly, a chilly air adorned their surroundings. The weather forecast predicted high temperatures, but at that moment she was far away from her city, and so the weather was different.
      Y/N rubbed one of her arms with her hand, regretting not taking a jacket with her just in case something like that was to happen. From the corner of his eye, Jisung noticed her actions, and he leaned in close to her to whisper in her ear.
      “Hey, are you ok?” His hot breath on her ear made the hair at the back of her neck stand up.
      “Yeah, I’m just a little bit cold. I’ll be fine!” She whispered back giving him reassuring eyes.
      Jisung thought for a second of what he could do. He didn’t have another jacket, and he didn’t want her to uncover her legs. At least not when Jay was around. An idea finally struck him, and he softly called her name, catching her attention again.
      When she turned to look at him, he tapped the space between his spread legs. Y/N raised an eyebrow at his gesture.
      “What does that mean?” She sounded a little bit annoyed.
      “Come sit here. I’ll cuddle you so you won’t be cold anymore.” Y/N threw him a weirded out look. “We are ‘dating’. No one will find it weird. Or you could just stay there and freeze to death.” The man explained his voice a little bit louder than before.
      She pondered his offer for a bit before getting up and making her way between his legs. She let herself fall backwards until her back hit his chest softly. Jisung put his arms around her, and warmth started enveloping her almost instantly. Y/N let out a purr at the newfound comfort, and her eyes shot open at the realisation of what she just did.
      “Hey, don’t get too comfortable, you hear me? I’m doing this just because Mina might be watching.” She warned, her voice stern hoping he missed her last action.
      Jisung rolled his eyes but decided not to bring up the sound she just let out. For now, he just wanted to enjoy the newfound proximity. Only so they can make Mina jealous. Right?
      They sat like that, none of them daring to move. For some reason, Jisung found the position really comfortable. A few days prior at the start of their relationship he found skinship really awkward but now it wasn’t like that anymore. It felt almost natural. Like they have been doing it for a long time.
      Some more time passed, but Jisung wasn’t sure how much. The movie was approaching its climax, and the man felt bored out of his mind. Was it really worth going through that only to get his dick wet? But then he remembered who he was doing it for. He was doing it so he and Mina, the girl who he has been in love with for the longest time, could finally be together. And when it happens, he will be able to slide his hand through her silky hair, and feel her smooth skin and kiss her soft lips without having to call it a friendly gesture.
      His trail of thoughts was interrupted by a quiet mumbling coming from Y/N. Her voice was so small that Jisung couldn’t hear her.
      “What?” He leaned his head down in order to hear her when she talks.
      For a minute, there was silence. Thinking that she didn’t hear him, Jisung wanted to repeat the question when a puff of air left her mouth. Right after, she turned slightly to the side, pushing her head more against his chest, and that is when he realised that she fell asleep.
      An involuntary smile tugged at his lips, and his heart started beating faster. He couldn’t explain why he was so happy about it. It was going to be a pain in the ass. Having to wake her up and wait for her to recover from her dazed form. They were going to be the last ones to leave after the movie was over.
      A whistle-like noise left Y/N’s nose when she expired the cold air of the night, and his smile turned into a grin. Jisung moved a few strands of hair from her face before wrapping his hands better around her to keep her warm. He placed a kiss on top of her head and rested his chin on her head, swaying slightly while continuing to watch the movie.
      If you were to ask Mina what has happened so far in the movie, she couldn’t give you an answer. As much as she wanted to see the film, the girl’s eyes seemed to be more interested in whatever was happening on the blanket on her left. 
      She watched as they were cuddling and whispering to each other things she couldn’t hear. Then Y/N fell asleep, and Jisung seemed to be even more loving, hugging her even tighter and kissing her. She was wondering if he has ever done that to her on the many nights they shared a bed.
      Mina never thought she would be that affected by the fact that Jisung has found himself a girlfriend. After all, he was just one of the many boys she was hooking up with. She never thought she would have feelings for him, but here she was, being jealous of the last person she ever thought she would.
      She had to somehow get the boy back. She wanted to see it as a challenge, but she couldn’t. It had barely been two weeks since they ‘broke up’ and scarcely four days since he started dating that perfect little missy. Love doesn’t fade away that fast. She’ll have him back in no time.
Tumblr media
      Y/N felt someone shaking her arm gently, and she mumbled some incoherent words, pushing the hand away. She was sleeping so well, she didn’t want to wake up. A hand pushed a hair strand that was ticking her nose out of the way before grabbing her shoulder and shaking it again. She groaned in annoyance.
      “Wake up, Y/N! You have to go home. Unless you want me to take you to my place.” Someone whispered close to her face, and her eyes fluttered open, trying to make up her surroundings.
      The first thing she saw when she finally managed to blink the sleep away was Jisung’s smirking face. God, he was so annoying. Ignoring him and looking around, she noticed she was in his parked car in front of her apartment complex. She vaguely remembered falling asleep, but she doesn’t remember waking up to get to the car.
      “How did I get here? Did you wake me up?” Y/N asked, straightening her body and inhaling the cold air of the night.
      Jisung held her hand and helped her out of the car before slamming the door closed. He let her lean against the front door and opened the back door to fish her purse from the back seat.
      “I didn’t. You were way too cute when you shut up. Like a little obedient kitty. I had to enjoy the moment a little bit longer.” He teased, putting a hand around her waist and making their way to the entrance in the complex.
      Y/N scoffed at his childish remark but decided to ignore it. She didn’t have the necessary energy to argue with him.
      “So you carried me to the car? What about the blanket and the other stuff you had there? Did you go back for them?”
      “No, I had Jay get them for me, so I don’t wake you up.” 
      Stopping in front of the elevator, Jisung pushed the button, and they waited a few seconds for the doors to open. Stepping inside, Y/N pushed the button for the third floor before leaning back against Jisung.
      “Talking about Jay. Thank you for today!” The man threw her a questioning look, acting as nonchalant as he could.
      “What do you mean?”
      “Don’t act dumb! I know you didn’t give me your jacket just because you are nice like that. You saw how he looked at me.” She wanted to sound more aggressive, but her voice came out soft and calm since she was still sleepy.
      Jisung found that adorable but surpassed a smile. Adopting a disinterested expression, he spoke.
      “He did? I didn’t notice. I just thought that, as your boyfriend, I shouldn’t let everyone see your underwear.” Y/N punched him in the stomach lightly, and Jisung dramatically bent down, letting out a fake grunt.
      “You are such an asshole!”
      A loud ding echoed in the restricted space, and the doors opened, revealing the dirty wall of the third floor. They stepped out of the elevator and slowly walked down the hallway to where Y/N’s apartment door was. Taking her purse from Jisung’s hand and finding her keys, she unlocked the door and opened it.
      She leaned against the door frame and looked up at Jisung, giving him a bright smile.
      “I'd like to say that I had fun, but I fell asleep halfway through the date.” She giggled, trying to mask her embarrassment. “But it was nice getting out of the house. Thank you for today!”
      The man put his hands in his jean’s pockets and scoffed.
      “You are lucky Mina got upset by you sleeping on me. Otherwise, I would have gotten angry. My shoulders are so stiff from having to support your weight. I might not recover for a few days.” A fake pained groan left his throat, and Y/N rolled her eyes.
      Lifting herself on her tiptoes, she placed one hand on his shoulder and brought his head lower. She connected her lips with his in a short kiss. Breaking the kiss, she stepped inside her apartment and kept the door open enough for her head to be visible.
      “See you on Monday!” With that, she closed the door all the way and made her way into her bedroom.
      She wasn’t sure what was the time, but it must have been well past 11 PM. Taking off the dress, she discarded it on the floor before grabbing the oversized t-shirt from the back of the desk chair. She put it on and threw herself on the bed, letting the sheets envelop her body before falling asleep.
      Y/N’s eyes shot open, and her mouth fell open as the realisation of what she did only moments prior sank in. Putting the back of her hand over her forehead and exhaling deeply, her eyes closed and her brows furrowed. Why did she kiss him? She’ll never interact with anyone while she’s still drunk on sleep.
      Meanwhile, Jisung that just exited the complex couldn’t contain his smile. He couldn’t understand why that was happening. They kissed before to make Mina jealous. But maybe that was precisely the reasons such an insignificant gesture brought him so much joy. Mina was nowhere near. A spark erupted in his stomach at the thought that the girl might have a crush on him.
Tumblr media
      “Do it again! With more love this time. Come on. You want me! You desire me!” Y/N ordered to Jeongin.
      The man let out a frustrated groan, using the script to cover his eyes from the brightness of the sun.
      Both of them, Hyunjin and Jisung, were outside, in front of the university. They had a free period and decided to practice the script for the short movie they were playing in. Hyunjin, although not part of the film itself, was always with them thanks to Mrs. Bae’s affinity towards him. 
      Jisung, however, was new in the picture. Ever since they went on that date a week and a half ago, he seemed to be spending more time with her. She felt mildly suffocated by that but decided not to question it. As long as he wasn’t distracting her from her usual activities, she didn’t mind him tagging along.
      “You don’t make desiring you really easy. We’ve done it four times already. We will start filming in three months. I don't have to be perfect right now!” Jeongin exclaimed letting his body fall on the bench on which Jisung and Hyunjin were seated.
      “Hey! Be careful of what you say. My girlfriend is very, much desirable!” Jisung said in a jokingly offended tone earning disgusted groans from the other two men.
      “Really dude? I could have lived my life without knowing that information.” Jeongin started fanning himself with the script. It was a sweltering day.
      “I don’t understand why you are here. You are only four-wheeling us.” Hyunjin remarked, earning himself a dirty look from Jisung.
      “A car needs all four wheels to be functional.”
      “Yeah, babe, but we are a tricycle.”
      Hyunjin, Jeongin and Y/N erupted into laughter at Jisung’s dumbfounded expression. From behind Y/N, they heard even louder laughter and Hyunjin scoffed at the scene unfolding under his eyes. 
      “I swear to God! Mina has been so annoying lately. Much more than when she used to hang out with Jisung. It’s as if she’s following us around.” The man rolled his eyes as he remembered how many times Mina ‘coincidentally’ happened to be in the same place as them the past week.
      “Tell me about it. And how she is always with Jay from our major. If I wanted to watch live porn, I would have signed up on one of those porn sites.” Jeongin seemed as annoyed as the other man.
      “Don’t stress about that guys. I’m pretty sure these are just coincidences.” Y/N tried telling them, even though she knew everything they said was right.
      “No, I’m pretty sure they are not. There’s someone between us whose attention she’s trying to catch.” Hyunjin gave Jisung a side look.
      “You can’t be sure of that.” She played dumb, wanting more than anything to change the subject.
      “ Oh, please! She’s always watching him. In the cafeteria, when we are hanging around on our free periods, when she’s kissing that loser. It’s like he’s a good movie she can’t tear her eyes from.” Jeongin snapped, tired of the whole situation.
      “Then let’s give them something to look at!” Jisung smirked smugly.
      “What do..”
      In the next second, Y/N has been pulled on Jisungs lap, and he captured her lips in an urgent kiss. One hand was on the nape of her head forcefully holding her in the kiss, and the other one was on her ass cheek, squeezing it. 
      She heard someone awkwardly clearing their throat from her right, and all her senses heightened. Y/N placed her hands on Jisung’s shoulders and tried lightly pushing him away while uncomfortably shifting in his lap. As a response, the man groaned lowly and slid his hand from her neck to her chest, cupping it.
      Her eyes widened in shock at his action and mustering all the force she had in her, she pushed him away, finally breaking the kiss. A loud bang ringed around them as her hand made contact with his cheek. Jumping off his lap, she gathered her bag from the leg of the bench.
      “You are a fucking asshole!” She shouted in his face before storming off inside the university.
      The stomping of her boots was echoing in the empty halls, and the few students that were around decided to make her space to pass. Her thinking was clogged at the moment, and all she could feel was rage and shame. She was angrily making her way down the halls, but her destination was uncertain. She just wanted to be as far away from him as possible.
      Y/N heard quick steps from behind her, and a hand pulled at her shoulder. Without turning around, she shrugged it off and started walking faster. The person behind her also increased their walking speed, but this time around, they grabbed her wrist.
      Just as she was preparing to scream in their face, she was pulled into a hug, her face forced into a firm chest. Y/N felt herself calm down as the smell of a cologne she grew accustomed to in the last week invaded her lungs. His hand was gently rubbing her back, and she relaxed under her touch.
      “Are you okay?” Hyunjin whispered softly in her ear.
      She hid her face more in his chest, feeling shame overcome her.
      “I’m sorry you had to see that. I swear it’s not what you think! We’ve never…” Her voice was shaky, as if she was about to cry. Hyunjin cupped her face forcing her to look in his eyes. She could see concern and sadness hiding behind his brown orbs.
      “Why are you apologising to me? You are the one who’s been wronged here. I just wanna make sure you are okay.” His soft voice was acting as a calmative for her racing heartbeat.
      Y/N felt her insides flip at his caring words. His hands on her cheeks were hot, and she decided to blame them for the blush that acaparated her face.
      “Hey! Step away from my girlfriend, you motherfucker!” Jisung’s voice filled her ears, and she saw Hyunjin roll his eyes.
      The warmth of his body left her, and he crossed his arms as Jisung finally arrived in front of them. Hyunjin was looking down at the other man, and both their expressions were filled with anger.
      “I was just making sure she’s fine. It looks like you took your time deciding to do the same.” The taller man spat venom dripping off his tongue.
      “It’s none of your business how I handle my relationship!” Jisung adopted a louder tone bringing his face closer to Hyunjin’s.
      “But it is when you decide to act like a bitch in heat and make your girlfriend uncomfortable. This is why Mina never dated you and why you and Y/N won’t last long!”
      Jisung clenched his jaw upon hearing the other man’s words, and before anyone could register what was happening, he plunged his fist into Hyunjin’s face.
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