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#hyunjin smut
planetdream · a day ago
ꗃ — stray kids and handjobs <3
this post contains; smut ! a lil sub!idol elements if ur into that
💌 i’m not a dom — more of a subby pillow princess. but sometimes i just wanna help my sexual partner relieve their stress, ya know? anyways, here’s something i thought of after a nap
Tumblr media
ugh, pretty moans, sir
when he’s about to cum he gets louder and louder and his moans and grunts get deeper
i really think he loves getting handjobs from you. he can just sit back and relax while you do it. it’s very intimate and allows for vulnerability from himself + he just loves being cared for and touched/caressed by you
hatesssss being teased. if you even attempt to tease him by pumping him slowly or taking too long with your kisses, he’ll say your name very sternly followed by a “behave”
but you can almost always get away with teasing the tip of his dick. it’s sensitive and if you do it just right, his hips will jolt up and this toes will curl and his fists will tighten.
very vocal and probably orders you around
praises you so so good for following his directions. always like "just like that baby" or “you’re doing so good for me”
let’s you tie his hands around his back, but DONT tease him (he’ll remember it for later)
and when he’s cumming, his eyes roll back and his moans get louder yet more strained like he’s trying to be quiet but he’s got to mutter a series of “so good. so fucking good”’s and it’s just a very pretty scene
rewards you so good if you follow his orders and make him cum real nice
lives for handjobs !!!! likes when you squeeze it a bit as you pump him
and his eyes never leave your body or the motion of your hands on his dick and highkey think he likes it sloppy, with you using both of your hands
bites his lips when he cums and groans a bit. kisses you so much when you finally make him cum and always wants to return the favor to you
cannot handle being teased or overstimulated in any way whatsoever and WILL whine about it. but allows you to overstimulate him every so often just because he enjoys the pain.
likely very sensitive when you touch him but likes being stimulated in multiple areas and overstimulated generally
likes when you kiss his neck or his lips as you’re stroking his dick. lovesss make out sessions when both of you have your hand in each other’s pants
when you make him cum he absentmindedly begs you to keep stoking him/make him cum again. absolutely loves looking at your hand covered in his cum and wouldn’t mind you giving him a quick taste
likely still stays hard after you make him cum once, but the tip of his dick is so red and pretty. after cumming another time, he’s thrusting his hips up wanting to cum again even though you’re no longer touching him
another entry on the pretty moans list. he’s probably loud too
ngl i think he gets overstimulated easily. and his mind is so foggy he can’t decide between fucking up into your hand or pulling away cause he feels so good but he’s absolutely dying for a release
ends up just fucking your hand
literally hands at his sides, clawing at the sheets or whatever surface you’re both on
helps you get him off by putting his hand on top of yours and helping you jerk his cock. 10/10 looks you in the eyes when he cums
having felix between your legs, your lips attached to his neck and your hand pumping his dick slowly… yeah…
his soft exhales because he’s just been so stressed and you’re treating him so right…
absolutely will fuck his hips up into your hand faster and faster as he gets closer to cumming
literally cannot stop rambling: “thank you, fuck. feels so good”
when he does cum, it drains him so bad omg. he has to be next to you, touching and kissing you. thanking you for making him cum
i feel like he closes his eyes from time to time to focus on not cumming too quickly
he’s a little scared to moan sometimes so he regularly keeps quiet. but once you tell him to look at you, and to be vocal — oh, he’s a mess
absolutely loves when you dictate wether or not he can cum — sometimes when you say he can’t cum yet, he’ll end up cumming anyways just to have you punish him a lil bit
his moans sometimes get caught in his throat when he comes. but he’s always ready to go again a few minutes later
he’s so sensitive at every single touch. he honestly tears up a little bit from all the pleasure since your hands feel different from his own
also begs you to let him cum, explaining that he’ll be good for you if you let him
loves the sensation of cumming with your hand around his dick and acts like he hates overstimulation but he loves when you keep pushing him closer and closer to another orgasm
wholeheartedly cannot handle edging and will cum a little even if you ruin his orgasm. pleads with you to let him cum for real this time
Tumblr media
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seungminyoongi · a day ago
Skz React: You Try Being Dominant in Bed. NSFW.
Tumblr media
Contains: Stray Kids x Gn!Reader with female honorifics/pet names. I didn’t use talk of female anatomy so it could be as open to all as possible. Dom and Sub Skz. Daddy Kink. Mentions of rough sex. Light degradation. Dumbification? Maybe? Praise kink. Some elements of Crack humor.
A/N: Thank you so much for your patience with this request and for sending one in! Jisung’s made me cackle. Smut is under the cut. Enjoy! <3
Chan: Chan would be sweet about it, finding your attempts absolutely adorable. “Yeah, angel? Is that what we’re doing tonight?” He’d ask, enjoying how you looked above him. “Yes. I have decided.” You’d reply, tilting your chin up. He couldn’t help it, letting out a laugh as he cupped your cheek, thumb smoothing across the soft skin. “I love you so much, but you can’t intimidate me in the slightest.” And before you knew it the roles were reversed, Chan claiming his rightful spot, teeth nipping at your neck. His breath fanned across your neck, catching your ear. “Wouldn’t you prefer moaning like a whore for Daddy?” He’d tease, voice lower with more authority. “Fuck.” You’d curse, shutting your eyes as your hands grabbed onto his shirt. “Yes. Please.” You couldn’t help it, his way with words made it so easy to want to listen. “That’s my girl.” His praise your reward for behaving.
Minho: This man wouldn’t even give you a chance. The moment your eyes gave away that you were going to attempt to take over, he’d stop you in your tracks, wrists above your head as he pinned you against the wall. “You have two seconds to wipe that thought from your mind.” He’d warn, knee wedged between your thighs, pressing against you. “I wasn’t thinking about doing anything!” You defended, lying through your teeth. “I’m not an idiot, love. I know when you’re planning something.” You ended up just huffing in response, finding the position you were in incredibly hot. “Now, are you going to be a good kitten and let me do my job?” He’d question, pressing his knee further against you. A gasp would fall from your lips, nodding. And even though you never got to fully try it, you did get to find out that mildly pissing your boyfriend off made for an exciting night.
Changbin: Changbin I believe, while it not being his forte to listen, would be encouraging. He figures that everything deserves a shot, so he allowed you to take charge for a night. He’d coach you, filling you in on things to say and what would turn him on the most in these newfound positions. It would be fun, sometimes surprising yourself with forcing a particularly loud moan out of your boyfriend. “Fuck. Please do that again.” He’d groan, trying his best to not just flip you over and fuck you into the mattress. He’d actually find it hot, seeing you so confident and happy trying something new. So he made it a point to make it happen more often, self-restraining so you both had a good time. And fuck, did you look good above him.
Hyunjin: Hyunjin would love it. I believe that he is a very easy switch. That being said, all it takes is your hand pushing on his chest, forcing him to fall backwards onto the mattress for him to already start getting excited. “Wha—” He’d question as your hands took hold of his wrists, your legs on either side of his hips in a straddle. And it’s like an instant light switch, his eyes softer than before, wide and gazing up at you. His breath would start to stutter, chest rising and falling in an unsteady, anticipatory pace. “Are you going to be a good boy for me?” You’d ask condescendingly, pushing down any nervousness you had and replacing it with confidence. “God, yes.” He’d whisper, his pretty, plush lips parted to let out a shaky breath, already forming a bulge in his jeans. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you, Jinnie baby.” Your question would make Hyunjin whine, hips pushing up against yours, desperate for some sort of friction. “Please, I’m yours. Do anything you want. Just fuck me.”
Jisung: Jisung would humor you. He’d let you have your fun for a night, but it wouldn’t come easily. He’d become a total brat, a smug grin on his face every time you said a command, making you repeat yourself just because he could. “What was that, baby? You want me to what?” And it took everything in you not to chew him out for being such a little shit, but your knowledge of the power he secretly held over you prevented you from doing so. “I said strip.” You’d have to repeat with a sigh. “What’s in it for me?” His eyebrow would raise, a challenging look directed towards you. “For fuck’s sake, Jisung, you’re the biggest pain in my ass I’ve ever experienced.” But he’d end up doing it, encouraging you when you felt like it was hopeless. It was a win for the both of you: You got to experience being in charge, and he got to teach you a lesson in how infuriating brats could be. And you swore, if you heard him mock a “Yes ma’am” one more time, you were going to jail.
Felix: Felix would be pleasantly surprised. His eyebrow would quirk up when your sass turned into straight commands. “On your knees, pretty boy.” He knew he fucked up deep down, pushing your buttons until you got like this. He’d never seen it before, and his curiosity had gotten the best of him. “You think I’m going to do that so easily?” He’d feign confidence, his whole body craving listening to you. And when your eyes never changed from that same darkness that got him so flustered already, there’d be some silence. Your stare makes him absolutely crumble, slowly sinking to his knees. You’d lace your fingers into his hair, tugging his head back as you leaned down to meet his eyes, your intimidating laugh making his body shiver. “I can promise you this isn’t a joke.” And in that moment, if he didn’t regret pranking you on a day you were particularly stressed out, he definitely did now.
Seungmin: While I believe he is a hard Dom, he would be so annoyingly slick about it. You’d muster up the courage, worried about the consequences all day until you finally just did it, now straddling your boyfriend on the bed. “I’ve decided it’s my turn today.” You’d say with as much fake confidence as you could. And he would completely take you by surprise, not immediately snapping like you expected. Instead, his gaze would darken, hand coming up to brush some hair gently out of your face. “Is that right, angel?” He’d speak so gently, touch soft and warm. You’d nod, eyes already turning soft. “You don’t seem so confident in that. Are you sure?” He’d ask again, tone containing a sprinkle of condescending in it. He knew he had you wrapped around his finger when you crumbled, not able to respond as his thumb traced your bottom lip. “You’re my good girl. You want me to take over, don’t you?” His stupid smug smile, even from below you he held so much power. You nodded “Yes...” And it was game over, instantly flipped over and wholly realizing the consequences of your actions would be just as severe as you expected.
Jeongin: Probably nothing in the world would make Jeongin harder than you taking charge. He had tried before to get you to do it, attempts at being a handful to make you snap just hadn’t worked. And he had such a soft spot for you, utterly worshipping the ground you walked on. You caught on one day, noticing why he did the strange things he did like giving you sass for no reason and then immediately backing off. Finding him on the couch, a smug grin on your face, you approached with purpose. He noticed out of the corner of his eye, gaze soft and full of love. “Hey, princess, you coming to join me?” He’d ask, a soft smile on his face. And all of that changed instantly when your hand grabbed his jaw, forcing his head to look up at you. You felt his entire body go limp in your hold. “I was planning on using you a bit differently tonight.” You needed to work on your dirty talk, but it did the job when he nodded frantically, mouth falling open with stuttered words. “Y-yes ma’am. Please do.” And you swear you’ve never seen him move so quickly to the bedroom in your life.
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fullmoonstranger · 20 hours ago
PervBf!StrayKids | Drabbles
warnings: straykids as your perverted boyfriends. smut under the cut.
This is written with my amazing friend @kagomekirigiri! She's lovely and she claims to be an innocent lil bean but we all know she's not lol (mwa i love you lots)
anyway, enjoy! we enjoyed writing this, so we hope you guys enjoy reading our perv!skz agenda :D
Tumblr media
Chan is all about visuals. Any physical way to mark you as his, any view that he knows only he can see, it completely sets him on fire. The sight of you in one of his hoodies, the sleeves covering your precious hands because you’re smaller than him and he needs to protect you, uuugh it runs a shiver down his spine every time he sees it. And hickies. Hickies everywhere on your body. It gets to a point where even if you stand still and calculatedly wear an outfit that covers it all, you’re still only a centimeter or two from showing a DOZEN different love bites. His favorite sight of all is the place where you two connect when he’s pounding into you. The sight of his dick pistoning in and out of your sopping pussy is enough to make him blow his load. It’s also enough for him to immediately firm up again, eyes trained on his release oozing out of your tight entrance as he rearranges your guts for a second time (then a third time, then a fourth). Pervert Bang Chan certainly gets off on acting innocent and soft in front of everyone but when he comes back home to you, his dick instantly gets hard and sometimes, just sometimes, he would make you wear clothes that don’t cover the pretty dark purple love bites when he senses his members getting too chummy with you.
The Dom King who wants to be a Sub Prince. Deeply turned on by the idea of you taking control and having him submit to you, but is way too prideful to ever admit it. So he tries to subtly set you up to take the reins like it’s your idea. Pins you to the wall and leaves rough dark hickies on your neck, when you complain that they’re visible he asks “What are you gonna do about it?”. He barely sleeps that night from the glare you gave him in return for that. He gets really into it whenever you make out while you’re in his lap, but even more so because he can imagine you digging your nails into his scalp and pressing down on him with a harsh order not to move. Purposely fastens the handcuffs he uses to bind you to the headboard loosely, then proceeds to edge you for hours in hopes that you’ll break free and TAKE the pleasure he’s denying you. Pervert Boyfriend Lee Know actually loves making you angry and slapping your ass in front of the boys just to see how you would react. And best believe that he would get hard when he sees his members hiding their hard ons when you whine at your ass getting smacked in front of them. Because he knows you will definitely spank him back home and there’s nothing more appealing than that to subby Minho.
Changbin is a perverted boyfriend who loves it when you hold his arm because that man is buff af. And he loves loves loves your boobs. He wouldn't ever tell you, but he gets hard everytime your tits squish against his arm!!! Most of the time he would purposely squish his arm onto the side of your boobs. Waiting in line for food together? Oops squish. Walking at the park in the evenings? Mmm squish. He just loves your tits so much, one time when you wore a deep neckline dress that revealed A LOT OF CLEAVAGE he just makes you sit on his lap while he shakes his legs because when he thinks about your tits bouncing, he also automatically thinks about your pussy too, so wedging his shaking leg between yours gives him a good feeling of your pussy. Oh and he would playfully just unhook your bra in public (yes, he finds it easy, he’s had a lot of practice as a boob connoisseur) and would act like it’s an accident, his big hands would immediately palm your tits from behind, telling you to stay still as he tries to hook your bra up again. And of course Changbin would act like he can’t hook them back together for a few times just so that he can feel your tits up in public as you whine and whimper. Once he finally shows mercy and hooks you back up, his hands instead fall to your hips as high thigh flexes underneath you. You’re both so riled up, you can cum from just this friction before the other members notice, right?
We all know he loves his hair. And he loves it even more when you play with it. Caress it, tug on it - anything. Literally anything! He would innocently tell you to braid his hair and you would do it, not knowing that he had his hands inside his pants, wanting to feel himself - literally feel - himself get hard under that flimsy pillow he places on his lap. He would never tell you about it though, he just loves touching himself when you're playing with his hair innocently. But when one day you were searching for his hair tie and you lifted the pillow because you wouldn't believe it when he said he didn't hide it, you were beyond shocked to see Hyunjin with one hand in his pants with the hair tie tied around the head of his cock over his pants. Guess that's why you always receive the hair tie from him all wet and soggy, which he would usually blame on his dog. Looks like Hyunjin needs to find another way to fulfill his perverted hiding needs…though, if you want to scold him by harshly pulling on his hair and calling him a pervert, he’d make the prettiest noises for you.
Say it with us, folks: HE WANTS TO BE CAUGHT! He is doing the bare minimum to hide it, but it’s more like edging himself for that glorious moment when you see him in one of his “guilty pleasures”. Totally an underwear stealer, especially if that means you have to go commando for a day or two. Definitely spends at least two rehearsal breaks per week with your panties wrapped around his throbbing cock, while his other hand is clutching one of your bras to his face for him to sniff and lick. Touches himself whenever he gets hard, which is WHENEVER YOU DO ANYTHING. Waits until you’re not looking, but only just barely. Considers you looking at the screen while you two watch a movie to be “not looking”. Definitely jerks it in the shower and “accidentally” leaves the door slightly open just in case you hear his needy moans. When you finally do catch him you better call out sick for work the next day because he’s pinning you down and having you in every position until the sun comes up. And if you go to work the next day with his cum in your cunt? He’ll love you forever.
Felix ties romantic love and sexual love together. So it’s not as much that he’s a closeted perv, it’s that he’s an oblivious one. Holding your hand and watching ducks at the park make him so happy and giggly! They also make him rock hard. If you wear a new sundress, especially one he helped you pick out, his freckles cheeks will turn the prettiest shade of pink and he’ll kiss you on your cheek and tell you that you look like a princess. He’ll ALSO ask in the same breath if you can give him a titfuck while you wear it once you two are home. Be careful never to compliment his baking, it’s such a loving and intimate experience that it’ll have him eating you out for hours. Pervert Boyfriend Felix just wants to be sweet, hold your hand and then place it on his dick, there’s really no in between with this guy.
Seungmin never considered himself to be a pervert. Even at this moment as he's watching you shower and jerking himself off everytime you hiss when your hand comes in contact with your nipples, he still doesn't consider himself as a pervert. He's your boyfriend and you've told him that he can do absolutely anything he wants with and to you, so this is obviously just normal boyfriend things, right...? (Seungmin is in denial). He would come back from work, all tired and ready to just pass out but gets worked up when he realizes that you're showering with the door unlocked. And what's more intriguing is that the past owner had a big window installed in the bathroom, so that they could watch the view but Seungmin knows that they were into some kinky shit and he loves it! He loves it too much because you go standing in the tub to shower, stark naked and the whole fucking neighbourhood can see you but you don't fucking care. And that's so hot to him, makes him cum in record time. But Seungmin being Seungmin, he would scoldingly act like he wants you to close the window blinds yet he’s the one who would break the string everytime the both of you fix it. When you invite him to shower with you one day, resulting in him fucking you right up against the glass, you find the blinds completely destroyed in the dumpster the next morning.
Out of everyone, I.N is the most unpredictable. He's always so smiley and sweet, listens very well to his hyungs (ofc with occasional teasing) but overall he just doesn't seem like someone who would be into perverted stuff. But that's definitely untrue because ever since he became a legal adult, he just does not need to care anymore about his child-like innocent image. This man is now an A+ certified DILF wannabe. Just look at him!!! As a boyfriend, his number 1 ritual is cumming on the outside of your pussy every morning. Yes, you heard right!! I.N doesn’t have that much experience and sometimes he can get a little too shy to ask you when he's needy but he found out that you didn't mind him cumming on you the first time he did it. So now, every morning, he would watch you sleep, push up the fabric of the shirt you're wearing so that your bare pussy is exposed to him and he would jerk off until his warm loads of cum land on your cunt. Bonus points if you wake up from it, his perverted mind just loves seeing you all groggy but then gets all shy and happy when you realize he just gave you his cum.
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rred-lights · a day ago
red lights, red ribbons
hyunjin’s breath catches in his throat as the chains tighten around his wrists. it’s just for the music video, why is he getting so worked up?
pairing: sub!hyunjin x dom!reader
genre: smut, a bit of fluff
warnings: bondage, light pain play, choking, face slapping, hair pulling, a lot of praise, oral sex (m receiving ), cum swallowing, mommy kink, teasing, anal sex (m receiving)
word count: 2.9k
the red lights music video made me feel things and i absolutely cannot get this thought out of my head so i kinda speedran this one. also this isn’t proofread lol sorry
It had always been a curiosity of his, though he’d started with little things. A hand wrapped around his throat as he slowly ran his hand up and down his cock or holding his hands behind his back when you were sucking him off, but he’d never really tried anything.
He didn’t exactly feel like asking you to tie him up, and he was more than satisfied with his current sex life. Hearing you whimper as he moves inside of you, or the way you squeeze his shoulders when you cum. He loved when you took control and he craved the way you’d finger him open. There was something about how your fingers were so much thinner than his own and that combined with his lack of patience meant there was almost always a stretch when you’d finally push the tip of the strap into him. He’d never say it, but he loved the pain.
He hadn’t ever really planned on bringing it up. He was already happy, but when the two of you got into a conversation about kinks, he couldn’t hold it back anymore.
“Y/n I… don’t be gentle with me. I like it when you’re rough, hands on my throat or pulling my hair. You don’t have to worry about hurting me so much. I… I like it.”
For a moment he’d been afraid that maybe he’d taken it too far, but then you sucked in a breath and a smirk appeared on your lips.
“You want me to hurt you?” you asked, the look in your eyes nothing less than devious.
Hyunjin nodded. “And… if you want to, I mean you don’t have to but, if you…” he falters, but you grab his hand and give it a reassuring squeeze.
“Whatever you want, it’s okay. I’m always willing to try something new with you.”
He smiles, some of his nerves fading away. “I… I want you to tie me up.”
You cupped his face in your hands and your eyes met. “I’ll try it if you want to. You don’t have to be afraid with me, okay? I love you.” Hyunjin smiles at your words and brings his lips to yours.
That had been nearly three weeks ago and he hadn’t brought it up again. Both of your schedules had been busy recently and he was more than content to come home at the end of the day and cook dinner for the two of you and fall asleep in each other’s arms.
But now, here he was, filming a music video and he’s supposed to be acting, giving it his all, but as the chains dig into his wrists, all he can think about is you. He feels his cock hardening in his pants as he pulls on the restraints, adoring the way the chains dig into his skin.
By the end of the day, he can hardly stand it. He’s never been one to beg, but he knows the second he gets home he’ll do anything for you to finally help him get to release.
The second he steps in the door, you notice that something is off. At first, you thought that maybe he’d just had a tough day at work, but when you met his eyes that changed. His pupils were blown out in lust and he looked so fucking desperate.
“Bad day? Or was it a good one?” you tease, helping Hyunjin slip out of his coat and hang it next to the door.
“I need you,” he practically begs, he doesn’t even bother to pretend. Not when he feels like this.
The smirk on your face says it all as you cup one cheek in your hand, bringing his eyes to yours. “You need me to what? I need to hear you say it, baby boy.”
“I…” he stutters, unable to say it out loud. You feel your smirk growing at his struggle and you move your hand from his cheek to his neck, squeezing softly and drinking in the way Hyunjin’s head falls back and a stifled moan escapes his mouth.
“Tell me what it is, baby. Tell me what you want,” you whisper, your breath brushing against his cheek.
“I want… God y/n I want you to tie me up, I want you to fuck me please. Please…” he whimpers, his bottom lip trembling in anticipation.
“Well, since you asked so nicely…” you say slyly, loving how pliant he is under your touch. “Meet me in the bedroom baby.”
Hyunjin doesn’t need to hear it twice, he hurries to your shared bedroom and starts to undress, leaving nothing but a t-shirt and his sweatpants on. He sits on the edge of the bed, his whole body buzzing with excitement of what’s to come. He trusts you and he knows you can make him feel good.
When you finally enter the room his cock twitches at the red silk ribbons in your hands. His heart is pounding with anticipation. This is finally happening. His fantasies are finally happening. Eagerly, he pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it to the floor, before slipping out of his sweatpants and standing before you in nothing but his underwear. Despite being taller, he feels small as you look at him, the twinkle in your eyes almost predatory.
“You’re so pretty baby,” you coo, pushing him until his back hits the bed. “You still want this?” you ask softly, bringing up the ribbons in your hands making sure he hadn’t changed his mind. Hyunjin nods eagerly.
“Please,” he rasps, before bringing your mouth to his. He moans against your lips as you palm him through his boxers, feeling him already painfully hard. You can’t help but smirk as you kiss him, loving the effect you have on your boyfriend.
“All for me, huh baby?” you tease, gently taking ahold of his wrists and pinning them above his head. Hyunjin nods enthusiastically and you laugh softly, squeezing his wrists a little tighter as he lets out a soft moan.
“Don’t hold back sugar,” you say, wrapping the first bit of ribbon around his wrists. “I want to hear you.”
A loud moan escapes his throat shamelessly and you can’t keep the smirk off your face as you tie the ribbon tighter. His skin is soft under your fingers but his muscled arms are taught. “You’re so stiff,” you say, dragging your fingertips up his arm and then smacking his outer bicep hard enough to leave a red mark. You don’t miss the way his eyes flutter shut and he bites his lip at the sting.
“You like that baby?” you tease, pressing a kiss to his neck, just below his ear. “You like when I hurt you?”
Hyunjin moans, but doesn’t say anything. “Use your words, darling,” you say, pulling the ribbon around his wrists even tighter. He whimpers at the tightness as you tie the end of the ribbon to the headboard, making sure his hands are bound above his head.
“Answer me pup,” you say, running your hand up his neck and resting it on his chin, squeezing so that your nails dig into the skin.
“Y-Yes,” he moans. “I love when you hurt me.”
You smile at him before wrapping a hand around his neck and squeezing again, harder this time, just to watch how his eyes roll back before fluttering shut, his expression one of ecstasy.
“You look so pretty like this baby boy,” you murmur, pressing a kiss onto each of his collarbones before moving your mouth lower, across the expanse of his stomach leaving open-mouthed kisses against his skin. You love the way his back arches and his body twists as your mouth explores more and more of him. He loves the burn of the ribbons on his wrist as he tugs against the restraints, trying to touch you, only to be held in place by the silky knots.
You tug his boxers down and toss them onto the floor, his already hard cock flushed red with beads of precum leaking from the tip. With one hand you stroke him lazily, enjoying the way his head falls back against the pillows and his back arches, pushing his hips into your hand. With the other, you press your palm against his thigh, holding him down so only you can set the pace, which for him is painfully slow. He lets out a particularly loud moan when you dig your fingernails into the soft flesh, leaving tiny red crescents along his inner thigh.
“All for me huh, sugar?” you tease, wiping the precum off the tip of his dick and sucking it off your fingers. He moans at the sight of you and tugs against the ribbons again, but they hold him in place.
“Yes mommy,” he groans. “All for you.”
You stroke his cheek and smile at him; he looks so fucked out already. Then, without warning, you bring your hand down on his cheek hard, the smack hard enough to leave your own palm stinging. Instead of a grimace of pain, Hyunjin’s face becomes an expression of pure pleasure as he lets out another shameless moan.
“You’re so pretty baby,” you say, pressing a soft kiss over the now red mark on his cheek.
You continue kissing his body until you reach his cock again, but this time you finally give him what he’s been chasing and take the tip of his cock into your mouth. You swirl your tongue around the head before taking more of him in. Above you, his moans are heavenly and each one encourages you to take more of him.
You use one hand to stroke what you can’t fit in your mouth and with the other you press his hips into the bed, preventing him from bucking his hips into your throat. You usually loved when he would fuck your mouth, but right now, you were the one in control so you got to set the pace.
“Fuck mommy,” he moans. “You feel so good.” He’s tugging at the restraints again, usually, he’d tangle his hands in your hair, but even though you can see the muscle in his arms twitching, he still can’t get away.
When he starts to tremble and his moans start to string together, you know he’s close. You bob your head up and down, increasing the pace as you stroke the bottom of his cock, fondling his balls and bringing him closer and closer to release.
“M-mommy!” he cries as he finally cums, spilling into your mouth. You make sure to stroke him through it and swallow every drop of his cum.
When you pull off, he’s breathing heavily and has a blissful smile on his face. You can’t help but smile at him, your best boy.
“You did so good honey,” you say, kissing him again. When you pull back, you see his cock is already hardening again.
“Mommy please fuck me, please,” he begs.
“Aw, does my needy little boy need to cum again?” you ask and when he nods excitedly you slap his other cheek. “You can’t get enough of me, can you?” you tease.
Hyunjin moans again. “No… I need more. Please.”
He always sounded so pretty when he begged, it was nearly impossible to say no. You stroke his cock until he’s fully hard again, watching his face as his expressions turn from pain to pleasure and the sounds leaving his mouth turn from hisses to deep moans. He always looked so pretty like this, spread out beneath you, his eyes half-lidded and cheeks flushed as he waited for you to touch him. And no matter what you did he always wanted more.
You gathered lube and your strap rubbing soothing circles into Hyunjin’s belly to calm him, before slicking up your fingers with the lube and gently saying, “spread your legs for me, baby.”
When he does, his eyes are screwed shut and he buries his face in the pillow. You stop moving and take his face into your palm.
“Hey honey, is everything okay?” you ask, your voice instantly softening. Hyunjin looks back to meet you, his face red.
“I just… I feel embarrassed sometimes,” he admits. “I’m the one who should be giving to you.”
You gently run your thumb over his cheek. “You are giving baby. I love this, as long as you’re happy, so am I okay?”
Hyunjin smiles at you, and he tugs at the ribbon again like he wants to touch your face but forgot he’s still tied down. “I love you,” he says, his voice full of care and admiration.
“I love you too, sugar,” you whisper, kissing him softly, stroking his cheek gently before returning to your original position between his legs.
You press the tip of one finger into his hole and he immediately begins pulling at the ribbons, trying to push your finger deeper inside him. You dig your nails into his hip and hold him in place.
“Stay still baby,” you laugh, reveling in the way he moans as your nails grip his hip roughly.
You try your best to go slow, but Hyunjin always sounds so pretty when he begs and it’s hard to say no, so you usually have trouble stretching him all the way, instead rushing through as he begs for you to fuck him.
You’re three fingers deep and he’s begging for you to just fuck him already. Usually you’d tease him a little more and tell him to be patient, you didn’t want to hurt him, but now you know that he won’t mind the pain. Maybe that’s why he rushes you so much, he wants it to hurt.
“Are you sure baby?” you ask, pulling your fingers out and slathering lube onto the strap.
Hyunjin nods. “Yes mommy, I’m ready. Please…” he begs. His lips are slick and flushed red from biting them and he’s staring at you, his eyes glassy and you can see the next plea hanging on his lips, but he’s already been so good tonight you don’t want to deny him anymore. He earned this.
His eyes shut and his brows furrowed as you push the tip of the strap in, making sure to go slow so he has time to adjust to the stretch. He lets out a broken moan as you push deeper into him and he squirms under you as you finally bottom out, your hips pressed flush against his ass. You stay there for a moment, letting Hyunjin adjust, his face slowly relaxing.
“Ready?” you ask softly, and he nods. You place your hands on his shoulders and squeeze them gently before pulling out slightly and pushing back in. You let him get used to the sensation before setting a fast pace.
“H-harder mommy,” he pleads, his back arching and the muscles in his arms taught as he continues to tug on the restraints. Your hips slam into his and the room fills with the sound of his moans, crying out your name. He sounds so beautiful, even as swears fall from his lips and you’re determined to make him louder.
“Mommy, I… ‘m gonna cum,” he groans. You don’t change your pace.
“Cum for me baby boy, I know you can do it,” you encourage, stroking his cock in time with every thrust. It isn’t long until he’s crying out your name and tears spill over his cheeks as he finally cums. You fuck him through his orgasm as he spills all over his stomach.
You pull out slowly, and quickly take off the strap, leaning down to where he still lies against the pillow. You kiss his cheeks, kissing the tears away, whispering, “You did so good for me baby. So good for mommy.” Hyunjin smiles, the lasting effect of his orgasm still present in his pleased gaze. You untie the ribbons from around his wrists and gently massage the irritated skin.
You climb off the bed and grab a couple things, bringing the items back to Hyunjin, who is trying to catch his breath. He takes a glass of water from you and you gently wipe the cum off his stomach with a warm washcloth. You rub some vaseline into the red marks on his wrists, trying to be as careful as possible as you clean him up.
You help him into a pair of boxers and you pull on a large t-shirt from his dresser before climbing into bed next to him. He pulls your body to his and you rest your head against his chest. You can feel it rise and fall with each breath and his arms are resting on your back, one hand playing with your hair.
“Thank you... for everything. You’re always patient with me and so gentle. I really love you,” Hyunjin says softly, pressing a kiss into your hair.
“I love you too baby. I’m glad you had a good time,” you say, tilting your head up to leave one last kiss on his lips. You both smile at each other and then Hyunjin turns off the bedside lamp and you bury your face in his chest once more.
Sleep comes easily, and you drift off to the heartbeat of the boy you love.
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jiminbbyboy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Status: final stages of editing
featuring: bang chan x f.reader x hwang hyunjin
The three of them had fallen into a habit for sharing a bed and cuddling. What happens when feelings get involved?
{“you mean the world to us”}
warnings: angst, fluff, self doubt, the reader is written as plus size and learning to love themselves and accept love from others, mention of pregnancy Explicit sexual content such as: oral, unprotected sex,  voyeurism, threesomes
an: this is a reworking of one of my stories from my other tumblr spidey-babe-parker
If you would like to be tagged please let me know.
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bngchnsi · a day ago
I just watched the red lights mv and holy hell 🥵 idk what I want more… to choke Hyunjin or be choked by him. Can you maybe write a switch Hyunjin Drabble involving choking cause this mv has me thinking ✨thoughts✨
warnings: penetrative sex, dirty talk, choking (receiving and giving), creampie, switch antics, praise, mentions of cum eating, mentions of oral (receiving).
The muscles in your thighs twitched around Hyunjin's hips, endless moans and sighs leaving your lips as he thrusted inside you. Your fingers gripped tightly on his sweaty back, his long dark hair tickling your face as he swallowed your sounds with his mouth, and you whimpered when you felt a large hand wrap around your throat.
"Do you like this baby? Like it when I choke you while I fuck you dumb?" He whispered, breathing heavily into your ear as his pace started to quicken, and your hand wrapped tightly around his wrist as something started to bubble in your tummy. You could feel yourself becoming close, and while what was going on was great, more than great, you couldn't help but feel that something was missing.
Staring up at your boyfriend, who's forehead was pressed against yours and eyes were blown over with lust, your eyes trailed down to his own throat. You felt your fingers twitch around his wrist, craving to wrap around that pretty little neck instead, and you were already reaching your hand up before you could second guess yourself.
Hyunjin's reaction was almost immediate, a loud choked cry leaving his lips as his eyes fluttered close, hips stuttering against you as he erupted inside you. You moaned as you felt him fill you up, gasping when Hyunjin's grip loosened dramatically, hand now just resting against your throat, and you were forced to let go when Hyunjin's head fell down into the crook of your neck, whimpering and whining as he continued to fuck you even after his orgasm.
You chuckled breathlessly, pressing kisses against his temple. "Why don't you be a good boy and eat out the mess you just made," you whispered and when Hyunjin only moaned at your words, you knew that your dynamics had switched.
You made a mental note of this for later, fingers twitching as you already started to fantasize about doing this again.
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cartierbin · a day ago
carti's kinktober masterlist. ™
the link to this masterlist will also be in my pinned post!
Tumblr media
notes: hello my loves<3 below you can see some of the works I'm planning for kinktober, although it isn't here yet it's coming soon enough and I can't wait to put out these smuts for you guys. click here to sign up for the taglist for each or all fics, when signing up make sure you use your tumblr username as your name!
genre -- erotica fanfiction, pure smut. mostly going to be written with switch!reader or OC.
warnings -- the warnings for each smut will be posted accordingly!
- Index -
i. chan || || "the games we play". | exhibitionism, fingering, toys.
ii. minho || "ride me". | orgasm control, humiliation, degradation.
iii. changbin || "don't breathe". | fighting, breath play, choking, begging.
iv. hyunjin || "take it". | ass play, corruption, pegging, garters.
v. jisung || "I fucking hate you". | hate sex, jealousy, light bondage.
vi. felix || "mommy's good boy". | mdlb, collaring, lingerie.
vii. seungmin || "use me". | impact play, spanking, marking.
viii. jeongin || "make me pretty". | feminization, videotaping, cunnilingus.
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xxatinyminionxx · 2 days ago
Seungmiiiiin 👀 find one of those that sounds like Chan or Hyunjin and I might just die ....
of dehydration
Post | I’ll start looking, but anyone that finds an audio that sounds like them too, send an ask — for science.
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emeraldergrange · 21 hours ago
Summer Vacation. (Hyunjin x Reader)
Summary: You and your friends explore an abandoned mansion, but something happens between you and your friend’s boyfriend.
Rating: R
Story Includes: Smut, Curse Words
Tumblr media
This is a short story and is only FICTION.
Its finally time for me and my friends to have our summer vacation! School really stressed me out.
It was a hot sunny day, I was checking my things to see if I packed everything I needed for the trip.
“Sunscreen, check! Foods, check! Bikini, check! Vibrator, nope.” I hide my toy in a box under my bed.
“BEEEP!” I heard a car beeped outside my house, it was Zig, my friend.
I close all the appliances, and run outside with my bags.
“Hey!” I screamed as I put my bags on her car.
“Lets go sis! Lets pick them up.” Zig smiles as I go inside the backseat.
Zig drives to pick up our other friends.
It was 12PM, Zig had already picked up our friends and now we are at a stop, since we were hungry and some of us needed to use the restroom.
“Is it me or KFC has kinda been bland lately?” Sumin sips from her Cola drink.
“I don’t know, it tastes good to me.” Mashiho responds.
“Where is Zig? She went to the bathroom when we arrived at she hasn’t been here yet.” I was worried and asked my friends.
All of them nodded no.
“I’m just gonna find her, stay here!” I walk out of the store to look for them.
I look behind the store and…
“I never should have invited you here!” I saw Zig shout at her boyfriend, Hyunjin.
“I fucking hate you and your manipulative mind! If you weren’t having sex with John that night then what were you doing?” He shouted back, making Zig flinch and step a bit backwards.
Zig stood there, in shock.
“Uhh hey! Have you guys eaten? We ordered you food and you guys might be hungry.” I broke off the silence, suddenly appearing.
“O-oh, sure.” Hyunjin walks away with a smile and looks back at Zig, and rolls his eyes.
While Hyunjin is gone, Zig starts to cry.
“Are you okay bae?” I pat her back.
“No.” She starts to cry harder.
“I don’t want to get engaged in your fight or whatever, but you shouldn’t cry, its gonna be our summer vacation and your just gonna be sad?” I hug her.
“Thanks Y/N.” She stops crying, but her eyes are still very red.
“Wash up you tomato.” I chuckle and we went to the restroom.
We were driving to the beach now, my friends except Zig and Hyunjin are talking to each other and laughing.
“You okay?“ I ask Hyunjin, who is beside me and is starin at the window.
“Yeah.“ He said quietly, while humming to a song.
He probably never knew this but, I have the biggest crush on him since last year but, Zig also had a crush on him, when I looked at it, they looked better together so I just, let them be together.
It hurted so much, but I wanted to be a good friend.
“WE ARE HERE BITCHES! AHHHHH!“ Nayeon shouted as if she sounded like a dying goat, making me laugh.
I look at the windows and saw a beautiful beach, with very clear water and clean sand.
“Wow.” I made a ^0^ face.
This is going to be the best summer vacation ever.
We arrived at our hotel rooms and decided to swim at the beach.
I changed into my bikini, and walk with my friends towards the beach.
Hyunjin and some were already waiting there.
“Lets go swim now!” Sumin runs to the water, with some of the guys following her.
Everyone is swimming and splashing each other except for me and Hyunjin.
He was only wearing trunks.
“Why won’t you swim?” He suddely asked me.
“Hmm, not in the mood yet, I’ll probably swim later.” I take a sip of my Sprite.
There was silence between us.
“So, you ready for later?” I looked at him.
“Yep, we are gonna explore an abandoned house.” He chuckles.
“I am not ready, I’m a fucking scaredy-cat.” I reply and he laughs.
I just roll my eyes.
He suddenly stops laughing and I look at him.
He was staring at someone, Zig.
Zig was playing with John and she looked happy, it looked it they have something going on to be honest.
“This might be personal, but what happened between you and Zig?” I ask him.
“Well, I got home and I heard moaning from our bedroom, I opened the door to see Zig and John fully clothed. Maybe I was just hallucinating and hearing things but, my gut feeling says no.“ He looked sad while saying it.
I just nodded in response, not knowing what to say.
It was night time, 9PM to be exact.
I wore a pink long sleeve with a black skirt, and some matching black boots.
“You got the flashlight?” Nayeon asks me.
I showed her my flashlight, and she also showed hers.
“Ok guys, we are almost there, don’t worry its not haunted or something, its just abandoned.” Mashiho says out loudly to the group.
It was kinda dark, not really cause the moon was shining bright.
We finally arrive at the abandoned mansion.
“I can’t do this, I feel like I might faint!” Nayeon hides behind me while I laugh.
“Don’t worry, we will be splitting into groups.” Mashiho smiles.
“Ok then who will be the groups?” I ask.
I look at the mansion, it was white but it had moss all over it, some of the paint were fading away, to be honest it looked magical.
“Zig and John, Nayeon and Me and Sumin, and Y/N and Hyunjin. Lets meet up here again at 10PM.” Mashiho says.
Oooh, this will be spooky, and weird, since I am partnered up with Hyunjin.
“Okay, lets go!” Sumin says happily.
We decided to go through different entrances, me and Hyunjin went to the left-side entrance.
The mansion was big and dark, our flashlights lighting the place.
“This is creepy.” I touch some of the paintings.
Suddenly, we heard a scream and it was from Nayeon, probably Mashiho scaring her.
“Their so noisy.” Hyunjin laughs.
“Woah woah, what is this?” A doorknob, which is very small, opened up to a big ass bedroom.
It was clean, not a single dirt in sight, the room was also very well lit with lights.
“Someone must be living here, or someone cleaning it.” I look in confusion.
“This looks nice.” Hyunjin explores the bathroom.
He gets out and there was silence, we didn’t know what to do.
Suddenly, I pushed him to the bed and I went on top of him.
I kiss him, our tongues touching each other.
His hands are on my waist, squeezing it while we are making out.
He then bites my lower lip, making me let out a quiet moan.
I start to remove my long sleeve as he stares at my body.
“You sure you wanna do this?” I ask him.
“Fuck yeah.”
Once my top was removed, he grabs my breasts and massages it.
I moan quietly as he bites my neck, leaving a hickey.
I remove his shirt, showing his fit body and abs, he is so hot.
He starts to bite my neck again, making me groan.
“It feels so good Hyunjin.”
He hugs my body tightly into his chest.
His hard teeth squeezing against my neck, it felt so nice.
He starts to play with my nipples.
“Ahh~” I whine.
“You like this don’t you babe? He smirks.
“Y-yes!” I scream out, echoing the room.
I start to grind on his lap, making him groan.
“Ugh, shit b-baby your gonna make me cum, I haven’t even been inside you ye- ah~” He leans his head back as he holds my waist.
His dick was hard and is touching against my wet panties.
“Mmmm~” I lick my lips.
“Fuck me now Hyunjin.” I whisper into his ears.
He grins and pushes me to the bed.
He tears my skirt and removes my panties, showing my wet pussy.
“So wet, this will be nice.” He smirks, god whenever he does that, I get so horny.
He unbuttons his pants and removes his boxers, showing his hairy and long hard cock.
I nod in response.
He went inside me in one go, making me moan.
“I’m gonna move now sweetheart.” He starts to move inside me.
“Ahhh~” I can feel his dick stretching me out, it feels so amazing.
“So tight.” He looked angry snd started to thrust harder.
“Oh ah! H-hyunjin just like that!” I screamed out loud as he kept hitting that spot.
He kept making low grunts.
“Mmm.” He wiggles around my pussy, exploring each part.
I start to clench around his dick.
“Oh fuck!” He thrusts into me with a faster pace this time.
“Don’t stop!” I moaned loudly.
I can feel something building up in my stomach.
“I-I’m gonna cum Hyunjin!” I whisper to him.
“Cum in my dick Y/N.” He grins.
“Ahhhhh~” I moan as I release into him.
“Shiiit, that feels so good, I’m gonna cum.” Hyunjin closes his eyes and leans his head back, not being able to handle the pleasure.
He shakes.
“God, ugh, If I m-move right now, I’m gonna cum on you.” He pulls his wet dick out, covered in my cum.
“Suck me off sweetheart.”
“J-just like that!” He moaned out loudly as i slurp my mouth up and down on his dick.
I was deepthroating him.
“I’m close!” Hyunjin bops my head faster, his dick hitting my throat.
“Fuck!” He groans out loudly as he released inside my mouth, he released a lot of cum.
I swallow it all.
“Yum.” I slurp off the cum that dripped in his balls.
I fall on top of him.
“That felt so nice Y/N.” He chuckles.
I just laugh in response.
I checked my phone, it was 10:05PM, we are late.
“Shit! Lets go now, the others might get suspicious of us.” I throw my panties and as he also dresses up.
We are now back at the hotel, earlier, no one got suspicious of us, we were actually the firsf ones to go back LOL.
Its 2AM, and most of my friends are asleep, I am watching some Netflix.
Suddenly, my phone released a notification.
“Hey Y/N, Would you like to swim with me at the private pool behind the hotel? Pretty sure no one is there.“ Hyunjin chatted me.
I smiled.
I walk down to the private pool behind the hotel, and it was small and had bubbles over it.
There, I saw Hyunjin, shirtless, sitting in the pool with his head leaned back and eyes closed.
I walk towards and him and I removed my robe, showing my naked body.
“Oh hey Y/N, I see you are wearing nothing.” He smirks.
“Yup.” I sit down on the pool, the bubbles and warm water covering my naked body, it felt so refreshing.
“Ahhh~ This feels nice.” I look around the surroundings, lamps lit all over the place.
Hyunjin and I stared at each other.
“So, why’d you invite me here?” I ask with a smile.
“Why not?” He smirked.
I swim to him and sat on his lap.
He then attacks my lip and kisses me harshly.
“God your so fucking hot.” He grabs my butt.
I let out a soft moan while making out.
Hyunjin removes his shorts, floating around the pool.
I then sink into him.
“Ahhh~” I quietly moan.
The bubbles covered our naked bodies.
I start to move up and down on his hard cock, making him grunt.
“Just like that babe, ah~” His hands explored my body.
I start to bite his neck, making him moan.
The water made my movements go slow.
“W-what if someone sees this hickey Y/N?” Hyunjin moans out softly.
“I don’t care.” I chuckle, he also chuckles.
“O-oh, stop b-being tight!” Hyunjin moaned, he sounded so nice.
“This feels so nice Hyunjin.” I groaned.
This is probably the best summer vacation I ever had.
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smutjin · a day ago
[12:21am] “Mo-mommy…!” he gasped, writhing within your loose, teasing touch. You were slowly sliding your hand up and down his shaft, an agonizing pace setting Hyunjin’s nerves on fire and making his dick become pinker with the need for release. He arched into your grip, which you consequently loosened further, causing a whimper to escape his plush panting lips at the loss of the barest contact he was already receiving. “Not yet, baby boy,” you tsk, releasing your hand to trail a single finger from the slit of his needily leaking cock down to the base of his shaft, “Mommy’s got so much more planned for you.”
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skzhardhours · a day ago
hear me out: hyunjin fucking you while he's wearing a ghostface mask
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instachans · a day ago
Hyunjin would love it so much for you to tie him up using chains and ride his cock, wearing out his body.
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amyhyunjinshairband · 10 hours ago
''the two loves of you're life''
Just imagine these two men looking up at you. They were with you now for a year as they both said they loved you. You yourself couldn't choose just one as both had a hold on your heart.
Each night when you got home they both greeted you. Gave you kisses and whispers of "we've missed you baby" and "have you had a good day kitten?" your heart always swelled after they said things like that.
Each one in turn would kiss you breathless, devouring you're mouth like a thirsty man looking for water. Your body always craved them, at the same time, and they didn't mind sharing you not one bit.
They both looked at each other then turned to face you, smirking, their eyes glowing like fire the lust rolling off of them. Suddenly they take one of your hands each and lead you to your shared bedroom.
all of you walked through the door, minho being the last shutting it behind him. you watch hyunjin eyes fucking you already and a red blush covers your cheeks. even after being together for the past year you still couldn't believe you had two boyfriends who love and adore you.
slowly hyunjin comes towards you he reaches up cupping your cheeks in his hands. His lips crash against yours the hunger and need palpable. Suddenly you feel Minho comes up behind you grabbing your hips his lips finding your neck sucking hard. You hoped after tonight you will be marked up because that’s what you always want for them to mark you that shows anyone you are taken. You were there like this with both of them then they both stepped away Minho standing next to hyunjin both sets of hungry eyes on you ‘’clothes, off now we need you’’
You did as you were told removing your outfit quickly stripping your top, then your pants and panties in one swift move. Your cunt already throbbing for the fucking the pair of them were going to give you and you let out a moan just of the thought of it.
You make your way to the bed crawling towards the headboard sitting back you watched your men remove their clothes. Your eyes moving straight to there dicks standing hard and proud ‘’fuckkkkkkk’’ you say drawing out the word and you watched as both of those glorious dicks twitched.
You feel the bed dip as hyunjin set himself between your thighs, Minho moved to sit next to you. He reached out his hand running over your breast your nipple getting hard at his touch. Hyunjin moving your thighs apart wide staring at your dripping slit. ‘’fuck baby always so wet for us, how did we get this lucky eh Minho’’  ‘’i know we are so lucky Hyung’’ you chuckle at your boys looking at them both with so much love for them.
As the night unfolded they both took there time to fuck you every which way they could. They showed you and your body how much they loved you and you loved every fucking minuet of it.
As you lay there sated and spent, bodies entangled with each other the scent of sex and love in the air, you watch both of them in your arms and you’ve never felt more beautiful and truly loved..
Tumblr media
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ohmysparkle · 2 days ago
I don't know what to do with myself or with my horny thoughts after the Red Lights MV came out so I am sorry for inflicting them upon you.
First of all, I bet Hyunjin would be a delight to dom, if you are into bratty subs that is. Because he looks like the type to put up a fight to submit.
So maybe he was being mouthy or something, so you face fuck him because, let's be honest, those lips were made to suck cock (or the strap) so you make him choke on it. You tell him that's the only lube you are going to use, so he better do a through job.
Maybe he was wearing make up, but not the waterproof kind, so when you are done, he is a mess. All the tears and spit mixed with the ruined make up and the smudged red lipstick
He is still being a little shit, so you spank him and then rim him until he comes. Once he is oversensitive, you start fucking him (with lube of course, that was only dirty talk, though he was not stretched enough for it to be entirely easy)
You fuck him until he comes 2 more times, until he is begging you to stop, crying, but you don't because he hasn't used the safeword, so you know he is enjoying it. He is a shaking mess by the time you are done, he is really deep into subspace, so you take your time cuddling, helping him come back, then you prepare a bath and once you are both clean, you come back to bed to sleep
Ok that’s it - this anon now owns SparkleWorld. I am retiring.
Jk, in all seriousness now.
Hyunjin would be bratty when he wants to rile you up really bad, otherwise he is the perfect docile and obedient boy. But damn he’d be a quite a handful of a brat.
Could you imagine how his gigantic spaghetti limbs would squirm away from you and he’d playfully try to wrestle out of your hold… he wants you to get to a place where you have to be really rough and manhandle him and overpower him to make him feel small.
And also, while I do love the imagery of boys sucking in cocks, imagine having him in his knees and you’re pulling him by his hair to bury his face against your cunt and he is trying to act like he hates it but he looooves it. He sticks out his tongue to let you grind over his face and he’s panting and moaning happily as he laps you up. Those pretty lip colors are all over his cheeks, smeared and messy, and if the pigments right then he might leave you a little lipstick mark right over your cunny or on your hip.
So once his mouth and face are covered in your fluids, then you can let him suck on the dolido. And about rimming and spanking - he’d totally be able to cum without any direct contact on his dick or pspot. I bet even just touching up his body would get him off if you do it in the right way, and nipple orgasms are probably his favorite kind of treat torture. I’d rim the hell out of a pretty boy like Hyunjin, until he has one of those orgasms that’s so teasing and bothersome because you didn’t stimulate his genitals but it still gets him off. And his pink little hole would be so glossy and flushed and perfectly plump 🥺😭😫🤤🤤🤤
And finally, peg him until he cries and screams and his ass gapes and the mascara he has on his tiny lashes drips all over his cheeks. And then cuddle him and talk to him forever telling him he’s the bestest boy (and he’ll probably cry again, but happy tears) and kiss him all over. Make sure to put him in really comfy pjs and wrap him up in those blankies like a cuddle burrito.
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binsbxnny · 3 hours ago
so I figured because I write and reblog a lot of nsfw stuff I'd also use this a place to post the art I make? anyways here's hyunjin...
Tumblr media
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multifandomfantasies · 24 days ago
stray kids’ secret dirty fantasies (18+)
Tumblr media
warnings: hard kinks for some members, described fantasies mention somnophilia (dubcon), pain kink (hair pulling, slapping, scratching, slight choking), knife play, humiliation, praise kink, overstimulation, orgasm control/chastity, traditional gender roles as a kink, slight breeding kink.
this is pure fiction for entertainment purposes only.
bang chan
he realizes it the first time you take a nap on the sofa of chan’s studio. the moment his eyes fell on your sleeping form - face smooth and relaxed against his favorite pillow, chest rising and sinking slowly, your lips slightly parted like petals of a rose in bloom - chan’s thoughts run wild. sure, he has known about somnophilia for a while, he definitely remembers occasionally getting off on a clip of a tired sub getting used while drifting off to sleep, but he never got how some people could go crazy over it. not until now. a deep sigh leaves you as you turn into a more comfortable position, mouth opening ever so slightly and before he can think about it chan runs his thumb over your lower lip carefully. his breath gets caught in his throat when you don’t react, not even a shadow of irritation passing over your calm face. you trust him, chan realizes and he feels his heart squeeze as well as his cock swell, you trust him to look out for you and care for you that you can allow yourself to be entirely vulnerable. chan runs his thumb over your pliant lip again and imagines his hands trailing further. would you get wet enough for him if he touched you oh so softly in secret? would you gasp the same way you always do when he pressed his thick cock into you for the first time? maybe it would be the feeling of him burying himself inside of you completely that would have you waking up. chan can envision you so clearly, bleary eyes looking up at him as you squirm from the unexpected intrusion. “it’s just me, babygirl,” he’d whisper to you. “just relax and let me take care of you, yeah?” he imagines your arms and legs wrapping around him like you’re inviting him in, then your body slowly going limp as his gentle thrusts rock you back to dreamland. chan gets pulled from his imagination when you - the real you in front of him - stir again, eyes fluttering open to meet his intense stare. “what is it?” you ask, puzzled by the way he’s staring at you. chan shrugs. “nothing, baby. you just looked so cute i couldn’t stop staring at you.”
lee know
minho knows you’ve always suspected how kinky he is and there have been a lot of open conversations and long nights of exploring some of his favorite fantasies together. but somehow minho still can’t get himself to share his interest in knife play with you. he keeps catching himself thinking about dragging the dull, flat side of the sharp object along your skin. would goosebumps bloom on your skin wherever his blade touches you? if he cut your panties off of you, would he find your pussy wet for him? would you looks at him with lust in your eyes? disgust? fear? it’s the thought of the latter that makes minho’s cock throb in the confines of his jeans. all attempts of stopping are thrown to the side now. minho presses the heel of his palm to his aching erection as he lets his thoughts run wild. would you beg him to actually use the knife on you? or beg him not to use it - promising you’d let him do whatever he liked? and would be be willing to hold a knife to his throat and whisper cold, hard threats into his ear with your sweet voice, if he asked you to? surprisingly it’s this thought that makes minho cum, soiling his boxers with his release. by the time he’s cleaned up minho has made up his mind: he has to talk to you about this.
the first time you had sex with changbin you asked him to touch himself for you, so you could see how to make him feel good. you honestly didn’t think too much about it, but changbin felt like he just got gut-punched. he was so embarrassed, but he couldn’t deny the hot flush of arousal rushing through his body when he rid himself of his pants and boxers and immediately felt your eyes fixated on his hard cock. his ears turned a cute shade of red, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he played with himself for you, the humiliation of being watched while masturbating settling in his stomach and adding on to his arousal. greedy for your reaction he couldn’t stop himself from mumbling about how much he’s been thinking about fucking you and how he needs you to sit on his dick now before he cums in his hand. “fuck, you’re shameless,” you told him, scrambling over to settle in his lap. changbin felt like his nerve endings just got electrified. yes, he was shameless, he was a pervert, he loved the feeling of you humiliating him and you saw right through him from the start. but after this first time nothing like that happens again. you don’t realize what it was that got him so frenzied - probably writing it off as nervousness for your first time together. it hasn’t been too long, you’re still exploring the feeling of each others bodies, not playing with any roles or kinks yet - but already changbin wishes you could see how much he needs you to push his limits again. he wants you to purposefully embarrass him this time. changbin needs it so bad, he’s ready to show you how desperate he is for you to treat him like the pitiful pervert he is.
it’s no secret that hyunjin likes it when you play rough. there’s no use trying to hide it with the way he gasps and moans when you pull at strands of his hair or dig your nails into the skin of his back. but you still don’t know how much hyunjin truly gets off on you inflicting pain on him. when you run your fingers through his hair he can’t help but wish you would replace your gentle grip with a more vicious one, twisting and tugging at his roots until his eyes are brimming with tears and he can’t do anything but move exactly the way you want him to. he wishes you would grab his jaw with unyielding hands, nails digging into his soft cheeks so hard he can still feel the phantom of your touch afterwards. whenever he feels your fingers trailing down his back he can’t stop thinking about how your they would feel wrapped around his throat or mercilessly pushing down on his tongue until he has to fight his gag reflex and starts crying for you. and even out of the bedroom, hyunjin can’t stare at your hands for too long without imagining their red imprint on his face, his hot tears spilling down his stinging cheek as he begs you to hurt him more. he’s unsure if his fantasies are too intense for you. despite having an open mind, would you want to use up your precious energy to satisfy a depraved masochist like him? so hyunjin reserves this part of him for his alone time and settles for rutting his aching cock against a pillow, his own hands in his hair, his desperate cries of “i’m your painslut, i’m your painslut” ringing through the empty room.
jisung’s usually very vocal about what he wants and needs in bed. no matter how kinky or unusual his fantasies get, jisung is never too shy to show you something he saw in a porn video or heard another member talk about. it doesn’t matter if he’s domming or subbing, jisung is always running his mouth, letting you know just how to get him there. that’s why he can’t quite explain himself why he seems to be unable to tell you about his praise kink. maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to ask you to call him a good boy, he wants to deserve it. it’s so hard for him to follow rules though, even when he is in a submissive headspace he’s trying to tease you and rile you up to make sure you’re going to give it to him harder. and he loves getting roughed up and punished because of this, but most of the time he can’t help but wish he would have obeyed you just a little more, just so he can hear those two words - “good boy” - fall from your lips. little does jisung know that you already figured out this adorable fetish of his a long time ago - it’s kind of hard to miss with how he keeps asking you “do you like this? how does it feel for you? does it feel good, baby?” or the way his hips kick every time you even begin to whisper the word “good”. you already have started purposefully sprinkling in praises for the smallest acts of obedience, just to see jisung trying to hold back a desperate whine. how clueless he is makes abusing your newfound power even more fun than it is already is.
you’ve dabbled in orgasm control a bit, usually with him in your lap and your hands moving up and down his leaking cock, slowing down whenever he got close a couple of times before finally granting him that big orgasm that makes his eyes roll back in his head from the bliss of releasing all the pent up frustration. but this is not enough for him. felix wants to be able to last longer for you even when he gets his dick inside of you. despite you telling him it’s cute that he always cums so easily for you and you’re more than happy with him getting you off with his fingers and his mouth, felix just wants to be a good fuck for you - to satisfy you not only with his fingers, tongue or sex toys but to be able to make you cum with his cock as well. he knows he can, he just needs more time! so felix practices with his fleshlight, gripping the toy with both of his hands as he fucks it with sloppy, irregular thrusts. he tries to imagine you telling him to stop when he gets close, pulling out with a frustrated groan, hips jerkily humping into the air as his cock seeks the friction of his toy. he manages to hold off once, maybe even twice, but usually his brain immediately wanders to you telling him it’s okay, you know he gets overwhelmed, he can just let go for you now. because you’re so good to him. you always know what to say and how to touch him, whispering soft praises in his ear and guiding him through his high whenever the feeling of your soft, warm walls has him cumming in mere minutes again. he loves the way you take care of him but, fuck, sometimes he wishes you would just put him in chastity, lock his needy cock away in a cage so he can focus on purely giving pleasure to you. but bringing this up to you, sincerely begging you to not let him cum because he just can’t help it if you don’t take full control of his body? he can’t imagine anything more pathetic. so he doesn’t let himself do that, not yet. he’ll prove he can be good for you by finishing his own training first.
he loves all the cute and domestic aspects of your relationship. he loves texting you good morning and good night, loves holding your hand when you go grocery shopping, loves eating your homemade food when he’s come down with a cold. both of you have busy schedules though, so you can’t be with each other as much as you’d like. seungmin knows the two of you have all the time in the world to build your relationship more and he absolutely adores the independent person that you are. but sometimes, when he’s alone in another hotel room, with his hand on his cock and you on his mind, seungmin imagines your wedding night. he imagines you finally letting him fuck you raw, begging him to breed you. he imagines you waiting for him in his favorite skirt and an apron when he comes home from work every night. he imagines you being a good, pliant housewife who bends over and let’s him use you whenever he needs to relieve stress, whimpering for his cum. seungmin swears he loves your relationship just the way it is, but there’s something about that image that makes his orgasms so much more intense.
he’s not quite sure when it started, but jeongin knows he has an obsession with overstimulation. there’s really no denying it when he finds himself searching up those videos every day, fascinated with clips of desperate girls being rubbed and licked and played with until they’re squirting and crying only to then get touched some more. it seems so intense, so obscene to watch someone to be forced to let go like this, that jeongin feels his throat drying and the beginnings of a hard-on forming in his pants when he just thinks about it. is it really possible to give someone so much pleasure that it seems like their mind breaks? to make someone cum over and over again until they can’t think or speak or stop drooling? would he be able to do that to you if you let him try? one time, in a random surge of confidence jeongin had let his fingers brush over your clit after both of you already came, rubbing one, two, three messy circles against your throbbing bundle of nerves before you pushed his hand away. however he hadn’t missed the surprised sound you made at that first touch, your pussy suddenly clamping down on his softening dick that was still buried inside you and making both of you shiver with sensitivity. jeongin keeps replaying that moment in his mind, imagining what would have happened if you had just let him keep on touching you. but he has to consider that so far the two of you have had sex only on a handful of occasions. and you having to show him how to make you cum the first couple of times before he got the hang of it has him questioning whether or not he would be able to really get you to that point of overstimulation without your guidance. no, he decides, he has to wait until he knows your body better before suggesting this type of thing. for now it will remain his secret fantasy.
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seungisms · 23 days ago
skz reaction: you being a ‘pillow princess’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, eating out, fingering, dumbification, soft-dom!skz
note: a ‘pillow princess’ is someone that prefers to receive sexual stimulation rather than give it - basically reader not having to lift a finger and the boys doing everything for her <3 @honeydh this one is for you *mwah* maknae line is longer than the rest cause i’m feral for them okay gn
Tumblr media
Chan buried his head deeper between your thighs, mouth softly working away at your dripping heat as his fingers intertwined with your own, loving the small squeezes you inflicted onto them each time his tongue fucked into your tight cunt. This man is absolutely in love with the sight of your angelic form relaxing into the plush pillows, submitting you body completely to him and allowing him to gently coax you closer towards orgasm, taking care of you in every sense. Since he’s a natural giver Chan will thrive knowing you love to receive; spends hours edging and overstimulating your overly sensitive pussy with the sole purpose of watching you become a drooling, needy mess beneath him. You arched further into his touch once he nipped teasingly at your bud, the soft whines tumbling from your kiss-bruised lips doing nothing but encourgaing him to prod deeper into you, unhinging his jaw slightly to devour your cunt whole. Each small tremble and twitch was met with a low hum, the sensation against your aching slit causing you to buck your hips further towards his face - begging for more and he was happy to give and give until you break.
“Just sit there and look pretty, angel. Let me take care of you.”
Gentle circles were traced along the outside of your sheer panties, soaked with arousal, legs spread wide open for the boy that was currently teasing your clit between them. Minho savoured the sight of you in his favourite state; fucked out and hungry for his cock. He thumbed the flimsy fabric of your underwear aside, chuckling lowly at the small whimper that fell from your pretty lips once the tips of his digits grazed against your folds. He loves taking the lead in everything he does and that’s no exception when it comes to getting you off - down on his knees and ready to please you as soon as you so much as throw a needy pout his way. Extremely willing and giving, demonstrated by the way his tongue was currently sucking on your drooling cunt, bringing you closer and closer to the edge with every flat swipe of his tongue against your clit. He’ll edge you until you’re reduced to nothing but a shaking, sobbing slut beneath him and he won’t stop until you’re completely incoherent and sensitive to his every touch.
“You like this sweetheart? You like being taken care of?”
Changbin is proudly and wholly whipped for his sweet pillow princess and gives into your every demand without a second thought. He’ll happily spend hours teasing your dripping pussy, thick fingers pinching and rubbing at your nub before fucking them into your tightness, spreading your hot liquids around and onto your folds - not once ceasing his pleasurable torment, loving how wound up and desperate you become for his cock. Although he absolutely adores the sight of you coming undone beneath him with the slightest graze of his touch, he quickly becomes bored of the one-sided fulfilment; opting for a position that’ll satisfy you both without you having to life a finger. Removes his digits from your core before shoving them between your lips to quieten your whines from the sudden emptiness, letting you taste yourself before slipping his cock into your heat, plush walls clenching snugly around him. His hips brushed slowly against your own, resisting the urge to coat your walls with his hot cum, waiting for you to find your own release first.
“Let me make you feel good honey.”
As much as he loves to deny it, Hyunjin is wrapped around your pretty little finger and will give you everything you want and more until you’re completely fucked dumb and on the verge of passing out - although he does like seeing you throw a little fit before giving in. Purposely prolongs your pleasure just to see you become the brat you truly are, rolling your eyes and huffing loudly as he continues to tease you; but once his fingers start to inch towards your core and you realise he’s finally giving you what you want you completely melt under his touch. His mouth practically waters once he finally exposes your glistening pussy, any previous thoughts of teasing you suddenly forgotten as he buried his head between your plush thighs, wrapping his plump lips around your core and pinning your wriggling hips to the bed, eating up every small gasp and mewl that you hiccuped out. His nose nudged against your nub, sucking your folds into his mouth and hungrily cleaning up the wetness that seeped past your tight hole - eating you out until you were pleased, throbbing and raw.
“Look at my princess, so pretty and needy.”
Despite being a pretty big pillow princess himself Jisung is always eager and ready to please you. He loves giving into your needs just as much as you do so expect to be constantly doted on and smothered in love. Incredibly generous while eating you out, places open-mouthed kisses against your core and devours your pussy whole, pulling away only to giggle softly at the sweet sounds of your sobs filling his senses, each drop of your wetness on his taste buds causing him to buck down against the bed, cock hardening as you wither and whine for his touch. His fingers swiftly fucked into your tight hole as he continued to lap up your juices, tongue tracing your velvety slit with a desperation that could only be satisfied by finally sinking deep into your heat - the throbbing of his thick length becoming too much for him to handle. Covers up the fact that he’s just as hungry to fill you up by tutting mockingly at your flushed cheeks and soft panting, hips fucking into your own at a painfully slow pace to watch you claw at the sheets, searching for something, anything, to grip onto as your pussy wrapped snugly around his cock.
“Look at you, so eager and happy to be used by me. You’re such a cutie.”
No matter how needy or bratty you’re being this man will drop everything to please you. Felix will adore you from head to toe, leaving light kisses over the soft skin of your stomach before pausing at your core, loving the slight gasp that slipped past your lips once his warm breath fanned over your aching cunt. His tongue softly prodded against your slit, teeth grazing your folds before suddenly sucking them between his lips, loving the incoherent mewls and cries you sounded out against him. He’ll eat you out unhinged desperation, huffing and groaning lowly against your cunt as his long fingers spread you apart to mouth further at your pussy, lapping up your sweet juices. Especially likes how fucked out and dreamy you become as he relentlessly overstimulates your spent self, clit puffy and raw yet he won’t stop until you’re unable to think straight; following his every order like a mindless whore, practically drooling at the thought of finally having him fuck you. Muttered praises will be sloppily uttered into your core, loving how well behaved you are for him, pressing your trembling hips into the mattress while messily nudging his nose against your nub, tongue pressing hard down on your pussy and dark eyes taking in every twitch and scrunch of your cute features - glassy, mascara stained eyes and glossy lips only making him want to give in and wreck you sooner.
“You’re so good for me angel.”
Taking care of you is practically hardwired into Seungmin at this point so he’ll spoil you until you’re shaking and begging him to stop, albeit while being a tad mean about it. Loves how receptive you are to his touch, gasping cutely when he so much as teasingly brushes past your core and pouting once he deliberately ignores your pitiful begs, your fussing cut short as he suddenly cups your heat - the sweet smile on his face doing nothing to ease you as he presses down hard on your desperate cunt, clenching around nothing at the slight pressure. He’ll slip his fingers past your folds just slightly, prodding into your dripping heat before withdrawing completely, teetering you on the edge of orgasm; your frustrated cries and glassy eyes only egging him on further. Eventually, he’ll give into your whines, pressing his lips to yours in an open-mouthed kiss before sinking into your heat, thrusting deep and filling you to the brim. He indulges you completely, manhandling and overstimulating you until you’re nothing but a whiny, sobbing, drooling mess trembling beneath him, happy to be used as his personal cum slut. He loves the dumb look that takes over you pretty features as he fucks into you, letting you feel every curve and twitch of his cock.
“Isn’t this what you wanted sweetheart?”
Jeongin admired your pretty form cushioned against the soft pillows, doe eyes staring up at him and hair framing around you like the angel you are; features contorted in pure pleasure as he fucked his fingers into your cunt, the wetness of your core coating his digits with every deep thrust. Being so used to having his hyungs dote and gush over his every move means he absolutely loves taking care of you, bringing you to the edge over and over again all the while ignoring the painful straining of his cock against his thigh, focusing solely on the soft begs that your fucked out form emitted. He also gets off on the sense of control he has over you, watching you mewl and twitch beneath him while unconsciously bucking your hips towards his fingers once he decides to tease you, gasping into his shoulder when he curled his digits deep inside your pussy, brushing softly against the edge of your womb. Super soft with you, nothing but love shining in his eyes and praises tumbling from his lips as he works your cunt, always happy to put your pleasure before his own.
“You’re so pretty.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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xxatinyminionxx · 16 hours ago
not me finding this on youtube this after I came lol. that is what I really want to make me cum, not my favourite vibrator
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matryosika · 2 months ago
burning sensations
pairing — hyunjin x reader
genre — smut
word count — 6-8 k
warnings — hate sex, mentions of alcohol, jealousy and possessiveness, slight dom!hyunjin, hyunjin has a tongue and bellybutton piercing, ice play, use of petnames, slight degradation/humiliation, dirty talk, oral sex (f and m), piv, unprotected sex, creampie
note — this took hours for me to write, i don't know why BUT i spent the whole day completely horny because of this man. enjoy this, don't forget to leave an opinion if you liked this piece and also don't forget that you can tip me (please do it, im broke) on my ko-fi! i will be very very grateful, really! anything helps!
i apologize if there are any grammar mistakes. i didn't read this before posting it and english is not my first language!
finally friday, the weekend was just around the corner for you to enjoy it. but so was the end of your school semester and so was the application for the greatest scholarship an A+ student could ask for. even when you wanted to relax, your mind wouldn’t allow you to.
“come on, y/n” yoona belted out as the two of you were heading to the last class of the day “i can’t believe you would rather spend a boring night at the campus library instead of the birthday party of your best friend”.
“boring or not” you replied, your hands clenching at the leather straps on your bag “i must keep on studying if i want to go to college”.
you would never admit it out loud but, sometimes, yoona reminded you of hyunjin, her brother. hyunjin, who you utterly despised from the moment you stepped foot in that school, him who couldn’t stand breathing the same air as you.
even so, you always tried to understand some of the comments she made that bothered you. she was born in a wealthy family, just like hyunjin. she grew up having it all, not worrying about helping her parents to pay their bills or studying hard to not compromise her academic future. yoona was one of those people who truly believed that everything can be solved and that there’s nothing in this world that’s “impossible”.
your family, on the other hand, had difficult times with money ever since you could remember. your parents covered all of your basic needs, but an elite education was definitely not something they could afford. not to mention that you had an older sister, just as brilliant and excellent as you were, so the pressure to succeed was ten times greater when you realized that doing good at school was not an achievement but what was expected from you.
“if everything goes well and i get accepted to yonsei, we are going to be able to party every single weekend” you sighed, turning around in the same corner she did.
“yeah right” she babbled. “you will get accepted to yonsei, but i’m not sure about the other part”.
“when i win the scholarship, we will celebrate big time” you promised, pushing the door for her.
“why can’t we celebrate today?” yoona pouted again “just one night, please stop studying for one night. trust me, it’s not going to make much of a difference”.
you looked at her with half-lidded eyes, her words rubbing your brain in such an unexpected way that if she were to continue on begging, she would’ve actually succeeded in convincing you “i’m sorry yoona, i promise i will make it up to you later”.
she rolled her eyes and huffed, slightly punching your arm as she walked away to settle on the back seats of the classroom “i will make sure to save you a piece of cake though”.
you smiled and nodded, sighing in relief at the realization that she wasn’t truly mad at you for skipping her party. as privileged and spoiled as yoona was, she was actually a very decent human being and that’s why you befriended her to begin with. she was funny, creative, extroverted and many other things you were not. yoona always said that you two were best friends because you were polar opposites “and polar opposites complement themselves”, something you wanted to believe in after meeting her.
however, after meeting her brother, you realized that the whole polar opposites complement themselves only applied for you and her, not anyone else. he wasn’t much different to you though, since you two were smart, brilliant and witty. the only difference was that you had good morals and he lacked them.
as if god was reading your trail of thoughts, the image of the dark-haired boy appeared on the windows next to you as he walked to his classroom, his long hair tied into a middle ponytail, strands of unruly hair framing the sides of his face. contrary to popular belief, the only thing hyunjin had that made you jealous was the ability to rock such a hairstyle.
he gave you a quick egocentric look before disappearing into thin air, a faint smirk that made you feel as if he was capable of reading your mind and wandering around the thoughts that emerged everytime you saw him standing in front of you. just as he disappeared, your literature teacher entered the room.
the class lasted for 50 minutes, as usual, but your mind stopped paying any kind of attention around half of it. all you could think of was ways to organize the rest of your day, thinking about what you wanted to eat and debating on whether you should return to your sister’s apartment to change your school uniform or if you should just stay with those clothes.
just as you were reaching your final decision, the irritable sound of desks and chairs moving against the floor interrupted your own monologue.
“y/n?” the teacher called, still seated on his desk “can you please stay for a few minutes?”.
you exhaled and nodded, carefully packing all of your books and school supplies, not bothering to do it any faster because you still had to wait for the whole room to clear up.
as you waited for the other students to leave the room, your fingers started to fidget the buckle on your brown leather bag, thinking about what the small meeting with your literature teacher could be about.
“the end of the semester is coming, huh?” he chuckled as his whole weight relaxed on the uncomfortable plastic chair.
“yeah, it’s awful” you replied, still trying hard to hide any kind of awkwardness in your speech.
“i remember” the teacher continued “i was once a student, at this school too… it can get stressful”
you nodded and licked your lips, mentally praying for him to finish the meeting quickly before the cafeteria ran out of your favorite salad.
“i will not steal much of your time” he intervened, reincorporating himself into the chair as he looked for some folders on his bag “but i do have a proposition for you, since you are the best student i have around”.
you tilted your head with curiosity, your eyes fixed on the bunch of papers he was currently organizing in his desk trying to catch a glimpse of what they were “think of it as practice for the real deal at college”.
he handed you a bunch of sheets that were neatly stapled and, by the text resting on the first page, you could conclude that they were a bunch of text-analysis written by his freshman classes. “i am supposed to give these papers back to the students by the end of next week, but i have been reviewing and analyzing a lot of court cases lately” right, the old man was not only into literature but he had a degree on criminal law “i really could use some help in reviewing and giving feedback to these texts”.
you nodded, carefully placing the sheets inside of your own folder so you could take them home safe and sound “of course, by doing so, you will exempt my final test with a score of a 100”.
a faint smirk appeared on your face as you rested your bag on your shoulder, standing up from your seat and fighting the urges to start smiling and cheering like a delusional person. “i need them by thursday, so don’t rush yourself into reading all of them today. besides, i asked someone else for help as well so you wouldn’t feel burdened with the amount of projects”.
you smile and nodded, walking towards the door feeling relieved about not having to spend your whole evening trying to eat up the literature books for the final exam. however, you still had to go over at least 10 papers and that would take some time so, instead of wasting your whole afternoon doing absolutely nothing, you rushed to the cafeteria to eat something before going to the campus library. nothing could ruin your day, you thought, until you saw the image of hyunjin standing not so far from the classroom you just left.
“he exempt you from the literature final?” he asked, walking along and trying to keep up with the fast pace you settled in an attempt to run away from him.
“not your business”
“it is, actually” he continued, standing in front of you to prevent you from walking any further “he exempt me too”
“wow, congratulations hwang” you spitted before passing his figure by the side, restarting your walk in order to get to the longed-for place.
“i expect you to say the same thing after they give me the scholarship for yonsei” the dark-haired mumbled with a proud smirk.
“you don’t need that shit” you fumed, your body turning back to him.
“i know, but i want it” hyunjin replied, his penetrative gaze making your heart skip a beat every now and then “and whatever i want, i end up having”.
he gave you a cocky smile as he walked away from the exact same place he came from, both of his hands inside the pockets of his uniform pants, his walk as condescending as the man himself. you stood there in silence for a few minutes, your knuckles becoming 3 shades paler while they were holding for dear life to the straps on your bag and your mind trying to come up with a valid answer as to why he hated you that much. yeah, you could have beef with someone but trying to fuck their whole future just for the sake of your pride? that was beyond the limits of a mentally stable person.
with defeated steps you walked to the cafeteria in hopes of finding your favorite salad and some peace of mind, preparing yourself for a long evening of reading and reviewing.
the clock struck the 7 p.m. and you finally decided to call it a day, your head almost hurting for all the reading you had been doing in a span of 4 hours. with laziness you stood up from the chair you had been sitting on for the past hours, dragging your body across the library hall and leaning down to pick up your phone that was -strategically- charging so you wouldn’t distract yourself from your task.
19 missed calls and 9 new messages from yoona.
[16:51 p.m., yoona]
hyunjin told me you exempt literature
you don’t have to study, right?
come to my house
[17:22 p.m., yoona]
don’t make me go to your sister’s apartment to pick you up
[17:57 p.m., yoona]
all i want is my best friend to be at my birthday party
[18:18 p.m., yoona]
i swear to god if you don’t reply to my messages i will not save you a slice of cake
you closed your eyes in exasperation, trying to come up with a valid excuse to skip the party. you didn’t feel like going out tonight and you certainly didn’t feel like seeing hyunjin again, all you wanted was to go home, get into your pijamas and just sleep all night. however, yoona knew exactly what to do to convince you to step foot into her house.
[19:01 p.m., yoona]
jeno is coming
isn’t that cool?
you caught yourself smirking at the message, your mind giving to the idea of having fun for the night. but yoona’s house was far away from your sister’s apartment, you still had your school uniform on and, after hours of reading, you certainly didn’t look good enough to flirt.
[19:02 p.m., y/n]
sounds exciting, but i don’t think i can make it
i don’t have a ride, i am still at school and i’m still wearing the uniform
[19:02 p.m., yoona]
i know, i am outside of campus
i was picking up some things and a little bird told me you were around
i can drive you to your place so you can change clothes
you pressed your phone into your chest as you smiled widely, having yoona as your best friend was definitely something else.
however, it was all fun and games until you remembered that yoona’s house was also hyunjin’s house. and that her party was most-likely to be his as well, since they shared basically everything.
the house was crowded, the music was too loud and you lost yoona from the minute the guests started to arrive. you met with a couple of people from your class, engaging in casual chats as you all drinked and joked around together. the evening was going smoothly, your mind was relaxed enough to keep the intrusive thoughts of school away for a minute and your whole body acquired life of its own, your hips moving from side to side as the loud music intoxicated your senses.
all it took was a hand on your waist to snap you out of your trance, your heart fluttering at the image of jeno leaning towards you to greet you with a kiss on the cheek.
“how long have you been staring at me?” you teased, noticing that his beer was almost empty.
“just enough” he replied, giving you a soft smile “yoona told me you were not coming and i almost end up not attending as well”
“i had to study for a test” you told him, your body way too close to his “but for some reason i’m here, so…”
“how are you doing for the application of the scholarship?” he asked, the tension between both of your bodies becoming too evident. still, you couldn’t help but smile at his question.
you and jeno had been talking for a while now, but everything was just casual. he was a nice man, respectful, extremely hard-working and intelligent. he could have the yonsei scholarship in a snap of a finger, however, he already had other plans in mind.
you found it endearing how he actually took time and effort to keep track of your own events, your heart melting at his proud gaze when you told him that everything was going fine so far.
“i know you will get it” jeno smiled, one of his hands rubbing softly your lower back as a spark of electricity traveled throughout your whole body.
the night progressed with him by your side, chatting, drinking and dancing. at some point, your tipsy mind thought about going home with him, but he never really asked you that. however, the kisses were not lacking.
“i’m sorry” he mumbled in between kisses, pulling his cellphone out of his pocket. you licked your lips as a final taste, your gaze wandering around yoona’s living room as jeno looked to his phone “oh”.
your eyes immediately traveled to him, his face becoming a mixture of confusion and annoyance “i have to get going”
you couldn’t see yourself, but you probably had the most confusing look on your face by jeno’s reaction “i will see you at school, alright? something came up, i’ll explain later”
and without any more time to lose, he planted a kiss on your lips before disappearing into the crowd.
the behavior itself was weird and he looked really worried, but you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as a couple of eyes landed on you. you smiled shyly as you grabbed your drink, making your way through the people dancing around in the living room. yoona said you could sleep at her place and, even though it was barely 11 p.m., after jeno’s absence you found it really useless to stay at the party, specially because yoona was nowhere to be found. you knew her parties usually lasted until 3 or 4 a.m., but you certainly didn’t plan on staying awake for that long.
with careful steps you walked towards the stairs, ready to head to yoona’s bedroom. but obviously, your night just couldn’t end without…
“hyunjin” you forced a grin.
“are you bored yet?” he asked, standing at the landing of the stairs.
“sleepy, actually” you replied, “yoona said i could sleep at her bed so if you can please move…”
“but it’s barely 11 p.m.” he chuckled “don’t you ever have fun?”
you squinted your eyes and, if looks could kill, he would’ve been dead by now “look i’m not interested in chatting with you right now”
“i mean, i too would be in a bad mood if my date had left me in the middle of the party with no explanation whatsoever” a cocky smirk growing in his face as the confusion arose in yours.
“how did you-” you were about to start yelling, but the racional part of your brain convinced you that dealing with hyunjin was something you could definitely handle, you didn’t need to make a scene specially because the last thing you wanted to do was to ruin yoona’s birthday. “how did you know?”
“what do you think happened, y/n? maybe his mother? his little sister? a friend in distress?” he listed, faking concern in his voice “yeah, that sounds about right. maybe a text from a friend in distress? if he would’ve paid attention to his surroundings he would’ve noticed that the friend in distress was actually having the time of his life at the pool outside, the only distress he had was leaving his phone unlocked on the bathroom”
your eyes fully opened in awe as you understood what he did, the blood under your skin boiling at the image of his stupid face “you are sick”.
“shhhhhh….” he whispered, his plump lips being just a few centimeters away from your face making you smell his vanilla-like scent “do you really want to cause a scene here?”
“seriously hwang” you snapped “you are fucked up”.
you tried to push his body away, but your strength was nothing compared to his. still, his body swayed to the side allowing you to actually take the stairs to go to yoona’s bedroom, the anger inside of your chest irradiating heat to the rest of your body.
“i told you” he insisted, slowly approaching you from behind as you walked further into the big hall of the second floor “whatever i want, i end up having”.
you clicked your tongue, a cynical smile forming on the curvature of your lips “and what is it that you want, hyunjin?” you inquired, your voice sounding almost hysterical “do you want me to refrain from the scholarship competition? because it’s not going to happen”
“i don’t need you out” he mumbled, leaning against one of the doors in the hallway “matter of fact, you being there makes everything ten times more exciting”.
“so give me a valid explanation for the little deranged act you just did down there” you scoffed, patiently waiting for him to talk, but he never did “just admit that you dislike me so much because i make things harder for you”.
he gave you a condescending look, smoothly laughing as he did “who said i dislike you?”
you looked at him in astonishment, his indifference only blowing up your anger even more “you just literally made jeno go away because you can’t stand the image of me enjoying something”
he licked his lips and leaned his tall figure over you, your arms crossed in front of your chest as you tried to remain calm even when he was getting on your nerves “i know you are smart enough to figure out, angel” he teased, his long fingers placing a strand of your hair on the back of your ear “ that i didn’t do this because i dislike you, it’s quite the opposite”.
you squinted your eyes again, your mind trying to convince you that either the alcohol you (or he) drank was starting to kick in “now you are just talking nonsense” you muttered, your back being pressed against one of the doors as he cornered you.
“it’s not my fault that i find you attractive” he said, his gaze trying to find yours in the middle of the dark corridor.
“is this some kind of joke?” you asked, both of your hands leaning on his chest while you tried to push him away “because it’s not funny”.
“when have i lied to you?” he inquired back, his warmth breath almost caressing your chin, his vanilla-like scent mixed with a bit of tobacco and mint making you dizzy “if anything, i am always bluntly honest with you, isn’t that right angel?”
“stop calling me that” you ordered with hitching breath, feeling chills all over your body every time his gaze rested on your lips.
“you don’t like it?” he replied, mocking pain in his tone “would you prefer if i called you by that pretty name of yours?”
the way his words sounded at the tip of his tongue made you unsteady, a warm sensation building up inside your core and radiating to your whole body.
“move” you weakly whispered, your judgment too cloudy after the revelation of his jealousy to keep on arguing with him.
“i’ve seen the way you look at me, y/n” he stated, his voice sounding ten times lower and deeper than usual “those pretty eyes of you, they are always filled with lust when it comes to me”.
you inhaled sharply, the despair of his lips brushing against yours without actually kissing you was driving you to the brink of frustration “just look at yourself right now, you keep on saying that you hate me and yet your body is begging for my touch”.
he slowly lifted his hand to caress the sides of your cheek, your whole body pathetically squirming in its place as you anticipated his warm touch. the music was loud enough to prevent people from listening to your conversation, however, you could swear that the sound of his heartbeats was even louder.
“have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” he bluntly asked, making you freeze. it wasn’t the question what frightened you, it was the answer that was buried into your mind what made your heart skip a beat. he expected an answer from you but, as a couple of silent seconds passed by, one of the corner of his lips lifted up in a playful smirk “i have, so many times i’ve lost count”.
your throat was completely dry and your mind was already too fucked out to even process the things that were coming out of his mouth, the worst part being your underwear completely dampened at his mere words.
“i’ve thought about fucking you until you can’t no longer say anything but my name” he spitted, the ease of saying those words as if it was just a casual conversation making you completely turned on “every time you say you hate me, you are just fueling my desire to dominate you even more”.
“you are sick” you whispered, your lustful eyes setting on his swollen lips.
“but you love it, don’t you?” he inquired “all pretty and innocent, acting like you don’t need someone to ruin you completely”.
one of his fingers traveled to your lips, brushing slightly your skin “neither jeno or any other man will make you feel the way i know i can” he stated, his digit graciously dancing around your parted lips “you want me just as much as i want you”.
the confidence he had shocked you, but deep down you knew he wasn’t completely wrong. you hated him so much to the point that you desired him in the most carnal and primitive way. having his lips just mere centimeters away from yours made you think about all those nights you pleasured yourself to the thought of him, chasing your high every time you imagined him pounding you with the same intensity as the hatred you held for him.
“your eyes are already saying yes, now I just need your mouth to tell me the same” hyunjin commanded, his digits still tracing the skin of your lower lip as his darkened eyes fixed on yours.
“i-” you quietly sighed.
“angel” he replied, one of his hands resting on your hip as he pulled your body closer, his growing bulge pressing against your lower abdomen “can you feel how hard you make me?”
that last sentence alone was enough to make you give in to him, your throbbing cunt clenching around thin air every time a word left his lips.
“just one time” you whispered.
“mhm?, just one time angel?” he inquired tilting his head, teasing you by leaning in for a kiss but not giving you anything.
“just one time” you repeated, your guts knowing damn well that this was not going to be the last time you find yourself in this situation.
“just one time, angel” he repeated again, his face leaning closer and withdrawing every few seconds just for the sake of teasing you.
he guided you to his room in the darkness of the corridor, the warmth of his touch making you feel light-headed as a trail of thoughts were starting to form in your mind: was this right? not only was he someone you despised, but he was also your best friend’s brother, what if she found out? what if you got caught? however, as soon as he opened the door for you and his characteristic smell flooded your senses, you understood that there was no going back.
“after you, angel” he signaled, one of his hands still resting on your lower back as he walked you inside.
you couldn’t really catch a glimpse of his room since the only source of lightning was his window, but it was basically everything you ever imagined it to be: neat, clean and expensive, his room looked just very… him.
just as you were inspecting the territory, both of his hands intertwined in front of your waist, you arse slightly grazing against his crotch and his accelerated breath caressing your right ear “do you know about safewords?” his deep voice inquired. you slightly shook your head as he let out a small chuckle. "if things become too overwhelming, just say red if you want me to stop, alright?".
you weren’t a virgin, but you also weren’t as experienced as he probably was. you have slept with 2 or 3 guys in the past, but it wasn’t extraordinary to be completely honest.
“what do you have in mind?” you asked as you turned your face to the side, his breath mixing with yours.
“are you scared?” he chuckled, his digits leaving the front of your abdomen to start caressing the sides of your body.
“should i?” you replied, your chest moving frantically as your breath accelerated every time you felt hyunjin’s touch in a new part of your body.
“i will only hurt you if you let me” he softly replied, peppering kisses along your naked shoulder “so there’s no reason to be afraid”.
his digits traced the length of your arms up and down, making your whole skin get covered in goosebumps, something that made him smile. “can you take this off for me, please?” hyunjin asked, the tip of his fingers signaling the clothes you were wearing.
you turned your body to face him, both of your hands immediately removing the straps of your dress proving that, from the moment you entered his room, he was in complete control of you.
his dark gaze fixed on the black underwear you were wearing, cursing under his breath the moment his eyes landed on your breasts “you have no idea how many times i got hard just by thinking about you this way”.
your cheeks turned red at his compliment and your thighs painfully squeezed together at the idea of being filled up by him, an action that did not go unnoticed by hyunjin “what’s wrong angel, you can’t wait to feel me?”
“you are taking too long to do something, hwang” you muttered feeling intimidated by how his eyes dragged themselves around.
he let out a soft laugh as he walked towards a mini fridge that was located next to his bed, leaning in to grab something from it “i never imagined you would be that desperate for me, angel” he added, his figure once again approaching your half-naked body. both of his hands guided you to his bed, your back being instantly pressed against the mattress as your legs opened wide for him to position himself between them “if it gets too cold, just let me know” he mumbled while holding something inside his mouth giving you almost no time to ask further questions.
his manly figure leaned over you, his forearms carrying his whole weight to prevent him from crushing you and, next thing you knew, a slippery cold object fell from his mouth into the middle of your breasts making you gasp instantly. “hyunjin”.
the dark-haired man lost no time into licking part of the cold liquid, the ice cube slipping from your breasts to the side of your neck, leaving a trail of coldness on its way.
however, the ice cube was not the only thing that made your senses go numb.
“fuck” you moaned, feeling how your panties were completely ruined at the sight of the little piece of jewelry adorning his tongue, making his touch ten times colder.
“do you like it?” he asked, a proud smirk growing bigger at your useless attempts to squeeze your thighs together “imagine how good it’s going to feel brushing against your clit, angel”.
a sudden chill was quick to travel along your body, your nipples painfully hardening under your bra.
as if he was reading your mind, one of his hands sank into the mattress to unclench your top underwear, leaving absolutely nothing for the imagination “you are adorable” he praised while letting out a grunt at the sight of how your nipples hardened at his words “i just want to ruin you completely”.
one of his hands found a small bowl on the side of the bed, picking up another melting ice cube from it. he held it in his mouth for a couple of seconds before spitting it in your abdomen, his tongue moving it along your sensitive skin “i can’t believe this feels good” you moaned, the cold piece of jewelry occasionally touching your skin.
“really, does it feel good angel?” he inquired, grabbing the ice and harboring it again into his mouth. you should’ve seen it coming, but your body was not prepared for the abrupt sensation of coldness around your nipples.
“hyunjin” you gasped again, your fingers harshly gripping the white bed sheets beneath you.
“yes, angel?” he teased, a masochistic trace sparking in his gaze every time you gasped or cried at the sensations he was inducing you.
“why does it feel so good?” you cried, the burning sensation switching from pain to pleasure and visceversa.
“describe me the sensations, angel” he mumbled with his lips against your skin “describe them to me”.
you swallowed hard, your eyes closing shut every time hyunjin’s tongue brushed against your buds, the tiny piece of metal controlling your whole body.
“it burns” you moaned, your back slightly arched while your hands held onto his black hair “it hurts but the warmth of your tongue just turns that pain into pleasure”.
he hummed against your skin, pleased with your answer. because of the temperature and the friction, the ice cubes melted almost as soon as they touched your skin, something that hyunjin was not going to forget.
dragging his tongue along your abdomen, his whole body slipped to your thighs. the still cold piece of metal leaving a funny but pleasant sensation every time he explored a new part of your body, from your hips to your pubic area and your inner thighs.
“i fucking hate you” you hissed when you felt his teeth nipping at your soft skin, the sharp pain making you close your eyes instantly as a reflex.
“are you sure?” he asked, two of his digits tracing your wet slit over your underwear “if i were you, i wouldn’t be talking that much angel”.
“the temperature play was nice” you sighed “but it didn’t make me forget how much i despise you”.
a playful smile formed on the corner of his plump lips, his fingers pulling your ruined underwear off of you “i will make sure to make you forget” he replied, slightly halting to remove your wet panties “don’t you worry”.
the promise behind those words made you tremble under his touch, his fingers playing around with your lace underwear “but you hate me, right?” he mocked at the sight of your own juices coating your clothes.
“at least i don’t have ambivalent feelings towards you” you panted “treating you like shit and then getting jealous the minute i see you with some other girl fooling around”.
hyunjin leaned over your body again, taking his hand that was holding your damped underwear near your mouth “open” he ordered with a grin on his face. not knowing what to expect, you did as you were told. he pushed your black panties inside of your mouth, forcing you to taste yourself in the most degrading way he could think of “make sure you don’t talk with your mouth full, angel”.
the blood under your skin boiled again, but it was different this time. the feeling of being humiliated by him excited you in ways you couldn’t describe, but you would never admit it. his dark gaze fixed on you again, his breathing too close to your core making you whine by the lack of contact. “you can make all the noise you want, angel. no one will hear” he tilted his head, licking your slit with a quick movement as the cold piece of jewelry made you sigh “and if they hear us, make sure to give them a good show”.
that was the last thing you heard before your whole mind went blank, the only thing you could think of was his penetrative gaze as he ate you out. your mind couldn’t wrap around the fact that you were in his bed, getting owned by him. you couldn’t really remember when you started to fantasize about him, but you know you did it often. maybe too often for your own liking, and it was almost embarrassing.
the sinful noises his lips made, along with his grunts and your moans, were definitely something that turned you on even more, your hands pushing his face further to intensify the feeling of his groans against your core, your panties falling out of your mouth as soon as you wanted to speak. “hyunjin” you moaned “can i-?”
your voice was interrupted by a high-pitched moan resulting from two of his fingers prodding into your cunt, the unexpected action making you clench harder against him.
“beg nicely, angel” hyunjin ordered “i know you can do it”.
you cursed him under your breath, debating on whether you should give in easily or not. you knew why he was doing this, he knew that it would make you feel embarrassed to beg for him out of every single man on earth and that would only make it more pleasant for him. but little did he know that the idea of begging sparked something in your arousal that you couldn’t quite comprehend.
“hyunjin, please” you cried “please let me cum, please”.
“you are not convincing me, angel” the man pouted with a sadistic smile on his face.
“hyunjin please” you hissed, both of your thighs threatening to close around him “i need to cum”
hyunjin withdrew from your cunt as tears started to prick in the corner of your eyes, the urge to grunt due to the frustration was soon interrupted by his gaze “tell me that you are going to be good” he demanded.
“i’ll be good, hyunjin” you cried, bearing the shame and embarrassment in exchange for a few seconds of pleasure.
“tell me that you are my slut” he commanded, tilting his head with a smirk. he wanted to hear those words from you, but he was also determined to know how much pride you were willing to risk for an orgasm.
“i am your slut, hyunjin”
he licked his lips, a devilish look protruding in his gaze “tell me that you will never let another man touch you again”.
you looked at him in awe, not sure whether to continue with his little game or not. however, the jealousy involved in that sentence sent waves of pleasure to your bundle of nerves that was desperately aching for his touch. “i will never let another man touch me again”.
“you realized how submitted you are to me?” he teased you “you think you are doing this for your own pleasure but in reality your mind already knows who it belongs to”.
“keep dreaming, hwang” you mumbled as you rested your weight on his forearms, the proximity of his face wanting you to lean on for a kiss.
“oh i will” he replied “every night i will dream about you, about your pure body and innocent mind being completely wrecked by the person you hate the most” his lips grazed against yours with a swift movement and, almost instinctively, you captured his swollen lips in a kiss.
he tasted like vanilla, cinnamon, a pinch of metal and your own arousal. it was addictive, your first kiss with hwang hyunjin. “see, angel?” he whispered “you think you are so smart and in control, but the one who wanted this to happen was me”.
his body slipped once again in between your thighs, his tongue and fingers returning to its original place as he restarted the pace “i told you, y/n, whatever i want, i end up having”.
“hyunjin” you moaned over and over again, chanting his name as if it was some sort of holy prayer. the man made sure to lick you clean, tasting every single drop of your high with a proud smile on his face.
and before you could argue his cocky attitude, your arousal washed over you in a way you haven’t felt it before. from your head to the tip of your toes, your whole body felt like electricity. the way your toes curled up, the way your thighs insisted on closing around him, the way your hands automatically pinched your hardened nipples as your back arched under his touch just proved how good hyunjin was capable of making you feel.
“you sound even better than in my imagination” he admitted before placing a soft kiss on your inner thigh, standing up from his own bed as he got rid of his clothes. because of the excitement and how rushed things were, you didn’t even remember that he was still fully clothed while you were already naked and spreaded on his bed.
he removed the clothes he was wearing and, to your surprise, what was underneath them was ten times better than you had expect.
the soft skin that glistened with the light that emanated from the window made your heart flutter, especially when you spotted another piercing decorating his bellybutton. your hands automatically traveled all the way to the expensive piece of jewelry hanging from there, touching his soft skin at the same time hyunjin gave you a smile “kiss it”.
you did as you were told, placing a small peck on top of the piercing as you looked him in the eyes “did i ask you to stop, angel?”
you shook your head and continued on kissing his abdomen as hyunjin unbuckled his belt and pants, his endearing eyes fixed on your innocent face leaving a trail of kisses all over his body. you had an idea of what to expect from him but, as soon as his erected cock came to sight, you couldn't help yourself but swallow nervously.
"is it too big for you angel?" he asked, one of his hands caressing your hair as the other one stroke himself slowly. you looked at hus length and then at him, not saying any words but your face could explain well what was going on in your mind. "don't worry y/n, i will make it fit in those pretty holes of you".
next thing you knew, the tip of his cock was gently parting your lips, eager to get inside of you. your nails digged into the skin of his built thighs, your gaze making eye-contact with him as his hands guided your head all the way through his length, making you gag and roll your eyes to the back of your head. "you look so pretty like this" he panted, his cock twitching inside of your mouth every time you choked or moan against it "letting out the messy and submissive cockslut you naturally are for me".
you let out a whiny moan at his words, your pussy getting wetter every time he forced himself into your mouth. the way his cock stretched you just right was heavenly, feeling the taste of his precum with each thrust he provided, and making you think about how his arousal actually tasted like.
"i would love to cum down your throat" hyunjin groaned with his head rolled back and eyes closed "but you have no idea how many times i have masturbated to the thought of filling that pretty cunt of yours with my cum". you looked at him, still with his cock deep inside your throat, and he moaned at the sight of your ruined make up and teary eyes "come on, angel. let me erase that pretty innocent look from your face".
you stood up from your knees and returned to your previous position: your forearms resting the weight of your whole body and your legs spreaded across his bed nicely. hyunjin licked his lips at the sight of your dripping cunt, wondering how tight you must feel around his big cock. he lost no time in positioning himself between your legs, the tip of his cock sliding against your folds while it lubricated itself with your own wetness.
"i promise you that no one will ever make you this wet" he hummed, his fingers caressing your inner thighs as you pinched your hardened nipples for him "no matter how hard you try, every time you will think about me and only me".
with an unexpected thrust, he slammed his cock into your tight pussy making you scream in pain "no matter how bad you want it, you will never be able to cum again without me. you will touch yourself and wish i was there with you." the stretch his length was providing you was painful, but that only set your arousal even higher. your walls clenched around him just fine, making hyunjin feel dizzy and almost powerless at the sensation of your warm cunt being used by him "you will fuck someone else and you are going to wish it was me ruining you instead. you will never forget how good my body felt against yours because you have always belonged to me, ever since the moment you started hating me to conceal your inner feelings for me".
a gasp escaped your lips once you felt him slamming once again into you, almost at a brutal pace. he placed his thumb on your bundle of nerves as his cock acquired a slow -but hard- rhythm, ensuring the build up of the well-known knot in your lower abdomen.
"in your dreams, hwang hyunjin" you moaned, feeling how his cock pounded deeper each time into you, if that was possible. hyunjin gave you a twisted smirk as he continued to use your cunt, his cock brushing against every spot that made you lose your mind completely. "the only thing i will ever feel for you is hatred".
hyunjin leaned on your body to crash his lips into yours, the kiss becoming sloppy and passionate in a matter of seconds as it drowned your own moans and cries. his tongue danced against yours, the taste of the piercing mixing in with his own essence. the neediness of his kiss made you clench around his cock, the man hissing against your lips once he felt it. "you feel so good around me" he praised, his forehead resting on yours while his breath caressed your lips "i could be inside you for hours and never get tired of it".
you cried once again, feeling how his lips lost rhythms as your throbbing clit begged to be touch. one of your hands traveled all the way to your cunt, playing with yourself while hyunjin pounded you harshly. the way his hair moved every time he thrusted into you, his glistening skin decorated with tears of sweat, his swollen lips matching his rosy cheeks and the veins protruding on his neck and arms was definetly something that was going to be engraved on your mind forever.
"hyunjin" you cried, desperately wishing for his permission "i can't hold it"
"then cum all over me, angel" he hissed, his jaw clenched as his hips tried to maintain a pace to help you come undone on his cock "show me how good this cock filled you up".
your back arched immediately at his words, your hands holding on to his bed sheets for dear life feeling how your orgasm took complete control over you. "i wish you could see how filthy you look right now, angel" he panted. his cock threatening to make a mess inside of your walls. "too fucked out to even talk, your whole body begging for my permission to cum and your pretty eyes filled with nothing but lust. isn't that pathetic?
you cried once again as the result of the overstimulation, your whole body completely tired after your second orgasm of the night. however, judged by his sensual facial expressions and the sloppiness of his thrusts, you knew that hyunjin was close to his release as well.
"i hate you" you moaned in pleasure "i fucking hate you for this"
"you don't" he grunted "you will be begging for me to use you again, and i will do it every single time for you".
with a swift movement, one of his hands traveled to both sides of your neck, gripping it harshly as he interrupted the flow of air through your veins. his thrusts slowed down and the sinful noises that left his lips were ten times louder than before. the sticky hot feeling inside your walls was new, but you could definetly guessed what it was.
"this is the first time i let someone fill me up like this" you admit with hitching breath, hyunjin's cock still inside you as he made sure that he had filled you up completely.
"see, y/n?" he asked, his lips brushing against yours as you both tried to catch their breath "you let me do things no one else has done, i wonder why"
"you are sick" you repeated for the third time that evening, feeling how his hot cum leaked out of your wet cunt once he took his cock out of you.
"and you enjoyed every second of it" he remarked with a proud smirk.
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