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When josh wh when he I h he whenever he I I whe h him when he I
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Okay so
@jack-o-phantom 's Mer!Eclipse? HOOUGH!! He's pretty! So I made a little sketch of a nose boop cuz I am a massive simp for this massive lad. I adore this guy so much!
(Click for better quality)
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astrojoy 2 days ago
The support warms bakes my heart so much 馃ズ thank you all for being here with me on this sweet lil journey 馃珎馃挅
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I love you all sm! 鉁煫傗湪
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Have a nice day ~ 銉(麓锔禶鈾)锞
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if you see this post, i鈥檓 giving you a hug and telling you that as long as i live, you won鈥檛 be alone
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schmerzafte 11 hours ago
A.N: Thank you for reading this, thanks for the support given by my friends that helped me create this fic!
A.N. No.2: If you know the reference of this fic, you鈥檙e the best!
TW: Angst, Hurt, Hurt/Comfort
Tumblr media
And if your broken heart鈥檚 heavy when you step on the scale,
You鈥檒l be lighter than the air when they pull back the veil.
The thoughts lingers in your head, on and on. You can鈥檛 get rid of it, your pain has already begun to reach its peak, with nothing else to ease it.
How can you get rid of it?
Alcohol, smoking, thoughts of leaving this world be it鈥檚 too much for you. While the solution you can think of before is a quick getaway from it, it just won鈥檛 settle things, it can only worsen the pain and inflict it on another person.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 even have anyone that cares about me anymore鈥 your brain tricks again.
You have someone, don鈥檛 you?
Well, let鈥檚 correct that.
You HAD someone.
It鈥檚 just that this 鈥渟omeone鈥 is no longer with you.
The struggle you have to face, the pain you have to deal with, the despair you have to survive, all is stored inside your dying heart, facing nothing but looming darkness.
This person, the one that made you the way you are now, is no longer here. The sunshine that once melts your heart, the moon that once brightens your darkest thoughts, the planet that orbits you every day, 24/7.
You still remember her name, isn鈥檛 it?
As much as you try to forget about her, you just simply can鈥檛.
Kim Jungeun.
Your everything.
The sudden remembrance gives you that pain again, the panic attack starts to occur, suddenly the world stops, leaving you alone.
Your heart starts to ache,
The tremor in your fingers begin to worsen,
The shortness of breath is leaving you tired,
You can鈥檛 think of anything.
鈥淩elax鈥. take a deep breath鈥, you said to yourself, 鈥渓eave those thoughts be, think of something beautiful鈥.
But that something beautiful, is Kim Jungeun herself. You can鈥檛 get rid of her, of course. She鈥檚 the one that encourages you to 鈥渓ive your best life, prove to everyone that you are not the person everyone thinks you are.鈥
You remember those kind words of encouragement, you remember it clearly, the day she decided to leave you alone in your own world.
You start to remember again.
That day, was the day your heart decided to leave your body and soul.
Your mind decided to abandon all hope.
Everything turns into a sinking ship.
I檀t谈鈥櫶秙谈 痰o谭k痰a檀y痰鈥μ粹
I谭蜅蜋t谭蛬蜋鈥櫶诽屘箂檀虊太 潭蛢滩o檀蜅蛨k檀蛺毯a痰蛬坍y谈蛣态鈥μ竿浱
I痰蛫叹處虂虜蛦蜆虃虝虛探虩态蜌坍蜏坦胎摊挞蛨蛪虨蜌虧挞t痰蛯蛣蛠虓蛣虁虥虁蛢蛝虙蛻蜋虣苔虡蜏踏坦鈥櫶堤浲浲捥執斖捦屘酵懲椞兺浱佁ヌ澨ネ柼椞檀蛬蜅虁虃虗蛬蜅炭蛢虃虌蛵虨蜁汰虦碳 痰蛻蜆蛼蛢蛼虜蜆蛣虃叹蛼叹虋虂蛡探虡态瘫o潭炭叹虙虗蛫虤虛蜏蛧袒抬毯坍虣坦态坦汰蜏虪鈥斕柑撎蔡熖蔡
N谈蛣虣袒贪泰虠虨虪坦汰抬蛥蹋蛥O谭蜐蜐探虈虥虌蛬虒蛡蛣探虤坍贪虡酞毯泰泰蜁虠蜌酞蜏蜏T檀蛫虨蛽H檀虋蜆蛬蛯虊探胎獭蜌蜏I谈虜蜖蜆虓苔蜏瘫苔台N谭虈蛼苔蛪蛨贪蜌蛨蛨G谭虜虛太虠獭虡贪 谭探蛡虈處處蜎虤虓蛠蛫虅虖坦苔蜌袒虪太抬蹋I檀蛯蜐虖虁蛺蜅虜蜆虈蛦虆蛦虇虓胎蛥蹋蹋虦蛪S痰處蜎虗虗探虒蛻蛯蜖炭虂虝摊蛽蛶蜋蛿虧蛽 檀蛡虆蛫苔瘫胎瘫碳泰O檀蛺虁虁叹虖虘蛽蜏摊蛿蛿蛵挞K痰虥虇蜖蛣虂虒虤虥虋虗蛨蛥A痰虄虖虊虅蜐蜐虜蜖虜虙虜虙探台太Y檀蛣态虧蜌太蛧蛶
聽The scream in your heart constantly repeating 鈥淚 WANT THIS TO END鈥 over and over, but you deny it, you don鈥檛 want to let it consumes you, although it has chipped your mind bit by bit, pieces by pieces. You know there鈥檚 nothing else you can do about it, except for accepting the tragedy as a 鈥渕oments in life鈥.
But you can鈥檛.
You still can鈥檛 accept it.
鈥淗ey, everything鈥檚 going to be okay, alright? I believe that you are capable of facing this, it鈥檚 part of life, after all鈥, her words echoed, it has no volume, yet it sounds very loud that it may as well numb your ears, deafening everything this world has to offer. 聽鈥淗ow can I get past this, Jungeun? I can鈥檛, I just can鈥檛鈥︹ your heart rejects the darkened reality, blinded by the sadness that you have stored inside. 鈥淚 wish I can鈥 I wish I can join you there, we could be ha 鈥撯 before your heart finishes its thoughts, you cut it with your own mind, rejecting it. Jungeun would鈥檝e cried seeing you like this, and you know it, and so you decided to bury those thoughts deep, six feet under.
And so those thoughts begin to fade away, the pain stopped, the tears dried out, and the heart stopped screaming. Instead, you鈥檙e being shown something, a vision? a dream? 鈥淲hat is this?鈥, you ask yourself. And as the vision reveals itself, you realized that Jungeun is still there, still smiling, still living her best life. You began to wonder, what is really going on? Where are you?
鈥淥h鈥.鈥, your head starts to clear bit by bit.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 right鈥︹, you start to realize.
Your body starts to feel calm, the weight that rests heavily on both of your shoulders lifted itself, the pain that you always feel, fading away鈥
鈥淚 know where I am now鈥.鈥 The thoughts getting clearer.
Thanks for everything, Jungeun.
Thanks for letting me see the world from a new perspective.
Thanks for making me realize that there is happiness somewhere.
I can see it now鈥
And the tears in your eyes, finally gone, decided to open both of your eyes.
I鈥檓 in purgatory, after all.
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gloomy-chr 2 days ago
Oh speaking of Ortho becoming a first year...
If any of you think that him becoming a first year is an excuse to do romantic stuff with him I will personally come through your phone and bite you like a feral animal. Don't be a sicko or prepare to get a rabies shot. He is a child don't be weird about him.
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weirdbutdecentart 6 hours ago
Guys I鈥檓 such an idiot 馃槶
I鈥檓 sitting over here obsessing over how the adults just be feeling
Tumblr media
I didn鈥檛 even think about these little ones 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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atlasrayz 2 days ago
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Haha : >
Feral little cretur
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words-etched-in-her-skin 2 days ago
Can I request something with bottom trans!Donna being put over the reader's lap and spanked until she's red and sore before letting you finger her in the ass to stretch her out first and then taking your strap and roughly fucking her virgin ass while she screams in ecstasy until eventually falling over the edge, trembling and out of breath and barely able to move? 馃い馃い馃い馃い Something about submissive trans!Donna just makes me wet at the idea of getting to top her. 馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い
While I usually hc Donna as a top, this ask definitely made me feel some things 馃槱 I hope you don't mind if I take some creative liberty with it 馃憖 Because this scene has been living in my head rent free since I got this 馃槱
"You like that, don't you?"
The doll-maker cried out as your hand came down firmly against her backside, reddening her fair olive skin.
"Be a good girl and answer me."
"Mh.. that's my girl."
Donna whimpered at your praise.. at your claim over her. Crying out again when you struck the other side just as hard.
"And good girls get rewarded, no?"
"Mmph- .. Mhm.."
Even though you couldn't see her face, you could tell she was biting her bottom lip, her womanhood hanging firm between her legs - twitching with each lash across her skin and begging to be stroked.
"And you're always so incredibly good for me, aren't you?"
The delicious sound of flesh against flesh as you spanked her again, this time a little harder.
You smirked wickedly, leaning down - your breath warm against her ear.
"Such a perfect girl."
Your words no more than a whisper as you took her cock into your hand, stroking it once as another strike met her flesh. Her only response a strangled moan, breath shuddering as you stroked over her again - the length of her hard against your palm - matching each spank with an indulgent pump until you felt her start to twitch more and more.
And oh, how she whimpered when you stopped - forcing a dark chuckle across your lips.
"Ready for more, cara mia?"
She cursed softly at the use of her native tongue. "Yes.. please..."
"Heh.. so needy."
You held her place, her body draped across your spread knees as you took the small lubed toy into your hand and readied it against her ass.
"Take a deep breath, darling."
As soon as she did you slowly slid the toy into her, almost moaning as you watched the delicious stretch of it. Your other hand immediately coming back her womanhood, stroking over it as you began a slow pace with the toy.
"That's my good girl. So eager to take it for me."
Donna nodded, needy whimpers the only thing that she could muster as you matched the movements of your hands perfectly. The length of her twitching with each pump as her ass grew wetter and wetter.
And you knew she wouldn't last long, having been spanked and riled up for more than a hour now, you could feel the pressure building on your hand, feel her hips jerking as she began to move them in rhythm with the toy that so perfectly fucked her ass.
"You may have your reward then, cara mia. Go ahead and come for me."
The incredibly desperate cry that fell from the doll-maker's lips as you picked up your pace. Practically pounding the toy into her ass and pumping her cock relentlessly until her tight hole clenched and her arousal spilled out from her womanhood forcefully - drenching the floor beneath her.
The entire length of her covered in a deep crimson as you kept your strokes steady - not stopping until the last drop of her desire trickled out of her, cock a pulsing heat in your hand.
"Mh, so good."
You placed a small kiss to the back of her neck, letting her breath steady again before starting a slow place with the toy all over again.
I do hope you enjoy this, dear 馃槱
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Nikki Giovanni, The Collected Poetry, 1968-1998
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Kingdom Hearts (2002) | Kingdom Hearts 4 (dev.)
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mesolithic amber figure of a bear, from a submerged settlement under the north sea (12,500-3,900 BCE) . very cute . little boy .
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Mommy finally got deleted.... Again!!!
please reblog so I can find my little tumblr family!
my onlyfans - my insta - my manyvids - my p!ss page
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