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#i actually dont know her class
venusmage · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A commission for panterrestrial on twitter! I’m obsessed with this character’s color scheme!!! 🌱
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tennlevi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ryomina ship meme for stress-relief! (featuring some headcanons + elaboration under the cut!)
one of my favorite aspects to explore in ryoji and minato’s relationship is how they go about expressing themselves. the way i perceive it, ryoji and minato have contrasting methods going for showing their affection towards the other. in general, minato is very introverted; most of his affections are quiet and shown through his actions. meanwhile, ryoji’s affections take a very grand scale- he goes to huge lengths to show his love for minato!
i will always be fond of the headcanon that ryoji knows literally every damn language in existence. he knows love languages like no other, and considering his general enthusiasm towards life...? yeah, he’d definitely go and proclaim his love for minato every opportunity he gets. i can’t really give any concrete examples as to how ryoji does it (i’m not much of a writer), but i think he’s a very creative person in this way. his feelings for minato are very authentic and i think that’s adorable! 🥺
with minato specifically, i think it takes him a bit to warm up to ryoji due to the losses he’s been through before meeting him. so how does ryoji get through with befriending him? by giving minato all the clues that, “hey, i understand you on a very intimate level. i can’t fucking tell you why because i don’t know myself but i know from your body language that you’re a very kind person. i don’t want to see someone like you hurt” (god bless the p3 movies). and it’s... a nice feeling for minato; ryoji’s method of befriending him, makes him feel seen, and by extension, a lot more receptive to affection.
so when minato gets to the point of expressing affection towards ryoji! it’s a great development for their relationship; i personally love it when the roles of receiving and giving affection switch from the ‘norm’ ! of course, minato’s method of expression is very different from ryoji. while i do think being around ryoji can get minato to speak more than he would otherwise... minato’s form of affections lie in his actions and just spending quality time with ryoji. while he may not be able to make a verbal essay why he loves ryoji, he gets the point across by being with the person he values most!
in any case, when it comes to the definition of their relationship... i feel that it can vary on a case-by-case interpretation (or AU concept)! i feel with ryoji and minato they just naturally vibe together and they may not necessarily question why they click so well? they just appreciate being in each other’s presence; it isn’t really necessary for them to define their relationship by any labels. what matters the most to them would be the ability to share new experiences together, living each day as it comes. it might just be me projecting as someone on the aromantic spectrum- but their relationship sometimes gives me this “unspoken love/appreciation” type of vibe.
and that’s my ryomina thoughts for the day! it was a whole ton of fun to make this, i love thinking about ryoji and minato’s love language.
for those of you who may want the blank, this was created by @/simkjrs on twitter!
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bmpmp3 · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SOME doodles of an OC i’ve been working on, another pal of my magical girl OC Lia (also changed the artstyle for her and her friends, now they have does feel weird yeah)
his name is Em and he is a nurse! he has no idea that he is living in a mid 2000s pretty warrior magical girl anime and its the bane of his existence
#ocs#oc art#art#traditional art#watercolour#i will make refs....basic you dont have too scour through my tags to guess some semblance of what the hell lia's story is#okay like LIA is a magical girl and Sci is also a magical boy but hes like a minor antagonist one#Lia has another magical girl friend who I have designed and she has a full backstory and character and everything but her placeholder name#is Fell and I dunno if i want her to actually be called that jkdsflajjdfksl so i havent posted any drawings of her orz#but she has these two magical warrior friends from middle and highschool#Rosie is her weird little mascot who she's known since middle school when she became a magical girl#Bibi is her bff from middle school who is just some guy he doesnt know what a magical girl is#EM isnt a childhood friend like the others. he is even more of some guy than bibi#he accidentally got involved because he's trapped in a mystery thriller novel and he's trying to find a mentor of his who disappeared#and the traces brought him to some college students who sometimes have weird outfits on (maybe theyre in theatre....)#THERE ARE a lot of characters for this group of ocs and a lot of moving parts I WILL explain them i WILL#i have a job interview tomorrow and several many friends my classes this semester have been...something#they all give me a bunch of stuff to do on monday and its all due on friday and they spring stuff on me due within hours CONSTANTLY#it feels like highschool like every class things theyre the only class i dying scoob#its fine tho sometimes school does things like this dsdsdsfsfdfsdwrfd#AND i will. make. ref sheets of my ocs. i want to. SO BAD. i think about it all the time#but i have ASSIGNMENTS and LABS and MIDTERMS (charlie brown AUGH sound effect)
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screechingnightchild · 2 months ago
when your friends laugh at something that caused you trauma and then you overthink and assume that maybe the same thing happened to them and they just deal with that trauma better than you or maybe its not something you should be reacting to this dramatically at all
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l1veleak · 21 days ago
i have no idea how im pulling through the last 2 weeks LMAO i have no energy or desire to exist and live and im loosing interest in almost everything i am a ghost im afraid
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cacophanist · 19 days ago
one biiiiig blindspot ive noticed in discussions abt child abuse is that like. a Lot of kids who are being abused are total brats. a lot of neglected kids are selfish, a lot of physically abused kids are violent, a lot of verbally abused kids are mean, etc etc. those kids deserve help and support and to not be abused just as much as well behaved kids, and if you as an adult can’t handle that because youre scared of a middle school abuse victim then that is a you problem <3 <3
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hearties-circus · a month ago
Yknow out of the spy sisters faye is the only one who's actually kept themself out of the public eye
#gamer txt.#al ocs#like yeah ninettes bar is a hole in the wall but its very popular amongst the people who know about it#and theyre like. almost exclusively awful criminals who wouldnt take kindly to a spy#and then leal is straight up married to a famous author and attends interviews with her#'im here to support my wife' you're risking both of your lives is what you're doing#like those two are actual spies faye is just a spy in the tf2 class sense but he's the safest !#considering fayes past all the precautions he takes are fair! he should probably do those !#but not only do ninette and leal still live in france but leal is on fucking tv sometimes!#i wanna come up with a reason as to why faye is clearly afraid of death and their past catching up to them but the other two arent#or at least arent as much. they're both very scared of death aand capture too but they just. dont think about it i guess#i mean they're both still active (even though leal insists its retired) so.. false cyanide molar? that would take out the fear of torture#but yknow suicide isnt preferable to going about their lives unscathed so it doesnt explain their actions that much#hmm#wait wait wait hold on#what if its a hubris thing instead of a logic thing?#they like to think they're logical in their decision making always but they're related to faye cmon#hubris would make sense. how many spies do you reckon make it to their late 40s/early 50s? without debilitating injuries?#the two probably do think deep down that they are just a tad unkillable#ask to tag
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kyuala · 2 months ago
NEEEEEEEED to stop stressing over shit i should not be stressing over
Tumblr media
#rant time !#ok so libra girl complains nonstop about her supposed best friend bc she is actually is kind of a shitty person#like shes envious of libra girl (confirmed) and she got engaged and didnt even tell her??? and she didnt care when lg had to change class#periods or congratulate her when she got a job and actually said some rly unsupportive stuff anyways just a rly shitty best friend i guess#n lg herself said their friendship wont ever be the same but shes WAYYYY too fucking forgiving and now shes at her house having a sleepover#🤡#n theyre going to an open bar party together w the dude who was an asshole to lg it's a whole mess#and i guess im just tired of being a fucking clown??? like i know we're friends but im tired of being treated like a therapist#i WILL help u when ur upset if we're friends. i also have the right to be tired when u come crying to me about the same bullshit over n ove#bc of your own choices?? like shes always like 'guess what she did now 🙄🥺😔' n then go back to being friends w her like nothing happened?#?????? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO ME.#if she's so awful literally stop being her friend?? bc then next time she inevitably fucks u over im gonna be the one listening to your#laments???? and im quite frankly fucking tired and done with this type of people honestly it's so annoying to me#my mom does this to me bc of my stepdad too and it's SO. FUCKING. INFURIATING#like i care about your hurt. the first time. n then the second. n then third too maybe but when this shit gets to like#4 times in under 6 months??? i literally dont give a shit anymore. bawl ur fucking eyes out for all i care i dont give a shit#like i had to yell at my mom for her to stop doing this shit i am NOT your therapist!!#do NOT waste my time and advice on shit ur just gonna do again!!!!! if u dont care i aint gonna be the one to!!!!#also kind of unrelated but one of our mutual friends was hitting on me before the pandemic but then we literally never talked again#except in the gc until shang chi n then we started talking again n it's so stressful not knowing if theres something there or not??#n i know he n libra girl hit on each other constantly for a whiiiile now which just makes things worse ? 😀#it's like yea i want him but does he want me? i know he wants her n she wants him n i dont want them to want each other#thats the bisexual dilemma ig we all go through it sometime#also i cant stop projecting onto him but at least im aware of it jdndkfkdkfkd#he's just way too fucking nice#mari.txt#personal#dl
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pepprs · 9 months ago
i am just a little panicked thats all. like this is rly the undergrad equivalent of like defending a thesis or whatever huh. i really signed myself up to suffer when i did not have to and it is really going to snuff out my passion and erode my relationships with ppl i care abt and everything. huh. huh
#like i just don’t think.... i just don’t think academia is for me. actually. which is stupid for me to say for 2764287438 reasons but i#just feel like a stuffed animal tied to the grill of a truck barreling down the highway and the drivers are all the like advisors and#faculty mentors and whatever who have touched this degree plan and they’re all fighting over the steering wheel in the front seat so the#truck is swerving around the road and meanwhile the one person i would prefer to have at the wheel because she like Fucking Gets It is#driving in her own car like at a safe distance ahead of me or whatever and i really should be driving the truck except im a stuffed animal!#the wayyyyy i want to burst into tears knowing i have consigned myself to a fate THAT I GENUINELY WANT EXCEPT THAT I JUST AS GENUINELY DONT!#and i have so much hw that i can’t focus on preparing financially and mentally and whatever for that extra yr let alone take care of myself#and it is just. making me so fucking insane to think that for the next yr and some change i am going to have to keep scrabbling to free#myself from the grill of the truck while it’s moving and climb in through the window while we’re moving at 3847387438 mph and shove#everyone else aside and turn into a human being and take the wheel 💖 the existential dread is just.... CHEFS KISS BABEY!!!!!!!!#anyways idk what im saying this is just um. d*pressing but it smells like spring so i am going to go take a walk maybe and then do my silly#little art project that is not actually little in the context of class but is little as in utterly meaningless in the context of my life <3#purrs#degree plan tag#like man... i don’t want to be tied to a truck but i like moving down a road u know? and i like some of the drivers and want to spend time#with them but like. not like this not fucking like this 💔💔💔💔💔#and the fact that i want someone else (granted ppl i trust and care abt and appreciate the worldview of) to drive the truck anyway.. like as#in.. instead of me. like the fact that i know i need to be the one driving but i still want that? is Very Fucking Telling so do with that wh#what you will................ i love psychic damage 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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szappan · 10 months ago
feels like ive let all my opportunities slip away but i would so love to end up in an orchestra
#like an actual good orchestra. having that as a job. imagine me working in madách theatre even#god that would be good. unfortunately i have an extremely complicated relationship with the cello so i dont practice nearly enough for that#but like. i could get back into it. im gonna moot the idea tomorrow and hope not to get yelled/scoffed at#should i explain my Extremely Complicated Relationship with the Cello here? no i wont. but it does involve being yelled and scoffed at to#some extent#anyway any conductors here? hire me i promise ill be an asset to the team dont you sir#my post#it's like im good at it i Was good at it i never was good at it i wont ever be as good at it as someone whos been doing it for as long as i#have should be and its like i like it i love it i hate it im bored of it i dont want to perform those fifteen minutes i spend performing#after perfecting what im playing for months are like shots of glory and pride and its like i spend more years with the cello than without#and i cant stop now because i still like it but its hard because i have no motivation and i dont practice and i only practiced because my#mum was forceful about it and i started pushing back a few years ago bc i wanted her to make an effort about me but like metaphorically ve#cause i knew she wasnt stable enough to do so literally but instead she let me go and do it on my own when i still wanted her to yell and#scoff at me about it because at least that showed she cared and i also miss the quartet but also the quartet man is the only person i#genuinely strongly dislike and i dont know enough people to join another one and i miss playing music with other people but im never needed#anyway. im quite hurt about it still but if i ever tell my mum i wanted her to push me she would just get offended so#ik i said i wouldnt get into it but apparently i lied ok bye guys#if i bring this up shell just say im too lazy and i need to practice more and cant go to an okj or whatever the fuck anymore anyway or what#and also the double bass! my mum told me not to start it but she did it in such an annoying way that i did anyway and like i wasnt instantl#good at it and its too heavy and my hand hurts because of it and i hate online music classes and im wary of my teacher and it's not how i#wanted it to be but i have to reap what ive sown#and pretend that it's what i wanted because i cant let her be all smug and i-told-you-so but i want to give it up already#anyway shes going to therapy now so maybe ill be able to talk to her about this sometime. like 5 years ago she became very depressed and#kinda left me and my brother to fend for ourselves but like i dont want to put it this way because depression is fucking hard and she was#alone and this sounds extremely petty and entitled and shit but. im gonna shut up now.
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