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#i added the hearts 🧍‍♀️
lovegoodsgf · a month ago
Summary: Fred needs Annie to pretend to date him to make Angelina jealous. Fake dating trope lol.
Warnings: idk, idk, and idk. Kind of an open ending I guess.
Written for @chokemepansy writing challenge
Fluff prompts : #17 - “Quick, kiss me!”, #36 - “why’d you stop?”
A/n: congrats on 4k, you deserve it! Fake dating tropes are fun, but they're also so hard to write🧍‍♀️this ended up shorter than I intended.
Kiss me - Fred x Annie
“You need me to do what?” Annie asked, sounding angrier than she intended. She and Fred were sitting in her dorm, the music that was almost ear-shattering loud a moment ago was now quiet to her, despite how loud Fred was talking in order to talk over it. “I need you to pretend to date me” He answered.
“Why?” Annie ran a hand through her hair. “To make some other girl jealous?” she asked, answering for him. She and Fred have been friends since her first year, him in second. They would do practically anything for each other, but this, to her, was crossing a line. She was sure he knew about her feelings towards him, he just didn’t say anything cause he didn’t wanna hurt her. But she was starting to doubt herself.
“She’s not just ‘some other girl’, Annie” Fred mocked her.
“Yeah, Angelina, your ex, the girl who cheated on you. Twice! Twice, Fred. Don't you see how this is a bad idea?”
Fred shrugged. “She’s a good-”
“She cheated on you!” Annie interrupted. “And wouldn’t this whole plan make it super awkward between us? I don't know, it would be too weird”
He sighed. “Just give it a shot, and if it makes it ‘super awkward’ between us, we can stop. I’m not gonna force you to do it if you’re uncomfortable”
She considered it for a moment, never tearing her eyes away from his. She sighed. “Fine, but we need some rules”
“Rules? Okay. First, no actual kisses, just little pecks” Annie nodded. “Second,” she added. “Lee and George need to know it’s fake, it’ll be too weird lying to them”
Fred agreed. “Third, we only act when others are watching” Annie nodded again. “Can you think of anything else?” She shook her head. “Alright then, we’ll pretend to date”
Tumblr media
Annie had to admit it, this was easier than she thought it would be. They acted like they usually did around one another, as if nothing had changed. The only difference is she would occasionally peck his lips or his cheek to show a little more affection than they usually did. But despite their numerous attempts to get Angelina to pay attention to them, she didn't. They were sure she knew, and just didn't care, but Fred was determined.
Annie caught up to Fred in the corridor. She pecked his cheek. “Hello, love” she greeted, just as she had done for the past two weeks. “Hello” he said back. “Something bothering you?” Annie asked, noticing how he never looked at her. He shook his head. “Nope, just fine”
He finally looked at her. He smiled softly but quickly turned away. Annie noticed this but decided to drop it. He was beginning to get overwhelmed around her, suddenly noticing the small things about her, and the things she did when she thought no one was looking. He would look at her when she wasn't looking, just to stare, to take her in.
Annie reached out to hold his hand, something she did whenever he needed to calm down, and it always worked. But now? Now it was making his heart race faster, and he pulled his hand away, wiping both on his shirt. She raised an eyebrow at this. “You sure you're okay, Freddie?” Freddie.
He nodded quickly. “Yeah” he said, returning them to the awkward silence between them. Fred looked up, seeing Angelina round the corner, walking towards them. “Quick, kiss me!” he said. And before Annie could process what he had said, she was against a wall, pinned there by her best friend, who was kissing her. And it took her a moment to realize she was kissing back.
Annie pushed him back after a moment. “I thought you said no kissing?” she asked. He pecked her lips again. “I know what I said, and I changed my mind” she pulled him down to peck him again. “So why'd you stop?”
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kozuken-ma · 2 months ago
Hi hi hi!! I found ur acc and saw you were taking requestssss!!!! I couldn’t find ur rules so I’m sorry if I broke any 👉🏻👈🏻
This is sorta a long request so uH
I’m terrified of shots(needles) and it’s like my biggest fear for no reason(like I would go skydiving, I can watch someone preform open heart surgery, or see other people/give other people shots, but the idea of me getting a shot just terrifies me for some reason). AHHHH I could literally trip and fall and be bleeding and I wouldn’t care!!! + I’m not scared that shots hurt(I know they don’t) but I just start panicking. not me frusterated with me own brain for feeling like this ✋😔. +I’m still not super old BUT I don’t think a normal 16 y/o starts crying when they need to get a shot. +I don’t get embarrassed or anything abt it, like getting a shot is the one time I wouldn’t care if anyone saw me bawling my eyes out.
Sry for that long explanation but I was wondering if you could do one with how they would encourage you/comfort you/ tease you about your fear, and help you get over it? If possible could you do hinata, nishinoya, kageyama, kenma, kurro, bokutou, tendou, and anyone else!! Sorry this is such a long request! Take as much time as you need! :)) tysm I hope you have an amazing day!! 😄
hello!! of course i would!! and i’m sorry about the rules part, i’ll be adding rules and stuff in my masterlist heh but i’m scared of needles too!! i’m sorry about the dissapointment but i’m too drained to do all of the boys </3 IM SORRY THIS TOOK TOO LONG MY ADHD BRAIN FORGOT
haikyuu boys reacting to you being scared of needles
pairings: noya, kuroo
noya’s slick asf okay? like this man is 5’2 he can slither into your heart easy peasy
but needles? it gives him so much tRAUMA
you know how his life be when he went to his grandpa’s house.
when he got shots? snot running, his knees are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti
but man there’s something about your excessive fear of needles that triggers everything in him
“dont mind y/n!! its just one shot!! just one shot piercing your skin and if they mess up you might feel a big ass bruising ache on your shoulder and-“
hes trying his best leave him be i
“close your eyes babe, its just gonna be a quick second okay? and- oH MY GOD THAT NEEDLE IS FUCKING HUGE I CANT DO THIS NOPE.”
hes already left the room rip
when he comes back you have a lollipop from the pediatric ward and hes like
“see it wasn’t that bad now was it?”
you: 🧍‍♀️
kill this man thats shorter then dora xoxo
kill this man part 2
this bitch is such a dork sometimes i wonder why fannon pictures him as a sex god/flirt
i mean he sounds like a flirt looks like a flirt and has massive thighs-
but naw hes such a science geek i cant
but dw readers i thirst for him too
n e whores you cannot tell me he isnt a little shit
“cmon y/n, you seriously cant be scared of a little needle, it’ll just be like an ant bite.”
(a/n: whenever nurses tell me it’ll feel like an ant/mosquito/insect bite i want to throat punch them xoxo they don’t understaND-)
death glare him
he’ll shut up i promise
“besides it has neomycin and gentamicin in it, it’ll stop the pain after a couple minutes or so unless you move when the give it to you.”
“kuroo literally just say it has antibiotics and go.”
he rolls his eyes playfully and your own squeeze shut, heart hammering in anticipation for the oncoming injection, another nurse’s arm trying to stabilize you
you open them when kuroo positions your head toward them only to close again when kuroo fuLLY MAKES OUT WITH YOU??
when you and him finally stop he has this shit eating grin i hate him
“hey, chibi-chan.”
“the shot’s done.”
and you realize
did he just
try to distract you by giving you a kith kith fall in love?
make out him while he rooster laughs he’ll get flustered and red i promise
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