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#i always think about it
wuxian-vs-wangji · an hour ago
The biggest conspiracy across all Kdramas is pretending Korea in the fall isn’t absolutely packed with GIANT FUCKING TARANTULAS.
Neon green ones whose *bodies alone* are the size of a clenched fist.
Bright orange ones whose bodies are as long and narrow as your middle finger but with legs long enough to wrap around to the sides of your face.
A cousin to the Australian Hunter Spider famous for not moving.
But one crawled at me once and I paid someone $10 to squish it because it was literally following me (if I walked somewhere else, it’d turn and keep following me around a whole group of people).
Anywhere you turn in the fall you see 10 of them within 20 feet.
But you know where you never see them?
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voratzek · an hour ago
i do believe that people can change and i love when it happens, when a guy who used to be a peace of shit realises he was a bad person and makes a genuine change for the better, but nothing deangelo has said in this presser makes me think he's even a little ashamed of what he's done
you cannot just say "Noo I've changed now 😇 I'm a good person, trust me 😇" and expect people to believe it? what have you done to change, exactly? attend a 2 hour course 10 years ago?
did you get in contact with any BLM organisation? with a group of native americans? or maybe with an antifascist group? no you fucking haven't! and until you show that you genuinely want to change and that you're ashamed of your past you can just fuck off
if you were genuine about getting help you wouldn't be so vague about what that "nyc group" was and what exactly you did with them
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tenshindon · 6 hours ago
dragon ball super really said yes yamcha and tien can stand next to each other every second of every episode and yes they can stand next to each other in the credits and tien can look at yamcha like he’s absolutely enamored with him no they cannot cameo in each others own focused episodes and im still not over it
#snap chats#at the very least yamcha mentions him but ?????#holy shit how do you fuck up this bad#like yall at least acknowledge theyre friends???#res f shows that tien at least cares about yamcha on the same level as chiaotzu#or at least cares about him enough to keep him behind#bro why  not just let them show up in each other's eps#im lying i nkow why cause then theyd just turn into yamcha and tien episodes#cause theyre peas in a pod Genuinely LMAO#highkey tho yamcha and tien episodes are my favorite not cause of The Obvious#but theyre just the most fun and interesting#i mostly think of king kai episodes and the volcano episodes Granted but still#their relationship genuinely is just fun to watch#i esp love watching them being sassy to people like the ginyu force and future trunks LMAO#not to mention they just work well together like bruh#i have a very personal bone to pick with super and its prob not as bad as i always say it is#but man it just disappoints me with what they could do#esp when its so weird like this like- like imagine 90+ episodes of these two stapled at the hip#even in the credits theyre right by each other and tien's looking at yamcha like he's his lover#why disclude them from each other's episodes- yamcha's ep MAYBE i could let slide if i hate myself enough#but with tien its like??? yamcha actually has MORE of a reason to be there than roshi#i could get into tien and roshi's relationship highkey but roshi wasnt even utilizied that well pardon to be a perv and like#give goku a reason to visit tien :) because goku apparently just forgot how dedicated of a fight tien is :)))#thats a whole other thing god i fucking hate the tien episode#the point is yamcha actually regularly visits tien ?? why not just have him show up the same time that goku decides to visit#and have goku actually think to seek out tien because that makes the most sense????#i could make a whole post talking about Everything Wrong with the tien ep but i just wont that shits bad for my mental health#im done withthis post tho i didnt plan on getting tilted today 😩
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oetravia · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every Brainia Scene Ever: 5x15 [2/7]
#supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#nia nal#yvette#i've said it before and I'm going to say it again - i love the breakup hoodie so much. The colour. how cozy it looks? I love it#anyway I'll be honest this scene always leaves me wondering exactly how long it's supposed to have been in canon since the breakup#because until Lex said something about three months in 518 I assumed this whole arc took place over a much larger#time frame than it actually did and also how long had Brainy and Nia actually been in a relationship? Because clearly Yvette is#more of a 'moving-swiftly-on' friend than a 'you-take-your-time' kind of friend (for example Kara would 100% have just grabbed another#spoon and joined Nia on the couch for the night let's be honest) but I'm still curious because she clearly thinks this is excessive...#and I get where she's coming from and what she's trying to do (and that she just wanted to include Nia in what was supposed to be#a fun night) but it's so clearly not what Nia needs/wants - especially once they're actually at the club that it's pretty frustrating#(which brings me to the whole 'weird little man' thing. Here it makes sense especially coming from someone like Yvette who#doesn't actually know 'Barney' that well but in general I find the show does too often lean into the fandom narrative that Nia#could (and should) do a lot better than Brainy purely because he's a bit of an oddball/less conventionally attractive than some#(which I get why they went the direction they did with his styling but Jesse is far more attractive than they ever allow Brainy to be)#still on a more positive note I love seeing more of Yvette/Nia's relationship and getting more of a sense of who Yvette is as a person#and her reaction to seeing the ice cream and Nia's outfit cracks me up every time I watch it#as does Nia's little pause and eyeroll before 'Barney' (the ongoing joke that the Superfriends find it a dumb alter ego is the best)#mine#my gifs#*ebs
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advenitmc · 23 hours ago
Mate I think you’re being too unforgiving in your interpretation of Wilbur
i suppose it does seem that way, i criticize him in some ways i do c!dream
there are some unforgiving things he's done in my eyes due to personal experiences and my own hand of trauma, both trauma he affects and he has
so i have a very blunt and harsh opinion of him :p
not in a totally negative way ofc, he's wonderfully written the way he is and i adore his characterization
a lot of people sympathize softlywith his character and i think thats why a lot of people dont analyze him as harshly as i do so to say?
a lot of people see it in his perspective and that its clear that hes just lonely and desperate and NEEDS communication and therapy
the way i analyze him is while being aware of that, i focus on how it affects other people, i.e. ranboo and tommy, and how his actions in the past affect the now gravely
it's all about how being mentally ill doesn't only fuck yourself over but other people around you too :p
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picopepin · 17 hours ago
So maybe I'm just daft or slow to notice things, but what exactly are these books you've been speaking of? :0
Im gonna be doing a small run of a sequel book to these I did back in 2017(?):
Tumblr media
IM NOT PRINTING THOSE AGAIN THOUGH, this is a NEW print with art from 2018-present. Ill do an official post too but the new books will be preorders in the first week of August and thats all Im gonna have printed cause its not really a profit piece obvs! ill be putting them up in a bigcartel link too when im ready to start taking preorders. I just wanna see my proofs first
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theimpossiblescheme · 17 hours ago
Help me, I’m having Shakespeare thoughts in the middle of the night...
I was listening to a lecture on Macbeth, covering my favorite part of the play (Act 4, Scene 3), and the lecturer highlighted the moment where Macduff tells Malcolm, “I am not treacherous.”  This is Macduff trying to distance himself from Macbeth, who Malcolm accuses him of being a stooge for.  Macbeth was a traitor, he committed a terrible act of treason by killing the king, of course Macduff wants no association with the bastard...
Yet here he is in England, proposing the same thing.  To commit an act of treason by killing a king.  Moreover, he left his wife and children in the grip of that same king that he hates so much.  So when Malcolm replies, “But Macbeth is./ A good and virtuous nature may recoil/ In an imperial charge”, of course he’s suspicious.  He’s seeing the parallels between the two men and the possibility that Macduff might fall for the same mad grab for power that Macbeth did and further the cycle of violence.  “Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace/ Yet grace must still look so.”  Who is the greater danger here--the one sitting on the throne of Scotland, or the one approaching him in exile all alone, insisting that he’s incapable of the same temptations of power?  And if Malcolm can’t trust any of the people he’s supposedly inspired... what does that say about his possible future as a ruler?  What will become of him when that power is in his grasp, especially after Macbeth is dead?
Macduff and Malcolm as foils to Macbeth--the former proud and dubiously moral, the latter nervous and self-aware--are my favorite takes on these characters, and I think about it a lot.
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graphitehybrid · 20 hours ago
There really aren't any characters quite as intricately ingrained in the world of the dsmp. Not the lore. The world. As Tubbo Underscore.
Tubbo who not only builds, but creates redstone builds. Tubbo who has built not only physical structures but emotional ones- tying people together.
He is an interesting middle ground between characters like Technoblade for whom the line between C! and CC! is near indistinguishable, and Ranboo where you can almost always see the change. His character is so flexible and ever changing, but so so solid in his basics. He builds. Walls. Homes. Towns. A family. Drug Van Tubbo and Cookie Outpost Tubbo are the same fucking Tubbo Underscore. He will build walls to protect those he loves and cares about. He has shifted the world under his feet to be at his aid. Tubbo has built tunnels connecting the things he loves.
Tommy might be the emotional connection, but Tubbo is the physical connection. One would not be the same without the other. What could Tubbo connect if Tommy did not make them mean anything. Just how quickly would the meaning be lost in time if Tubbo was not there to bolster it and cement it into the world.
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guillemelgat · 10 hours ago
What is synesthesia and do you have it ?
Hi anon, thanks for asking lol (I'm guessing this is about this post, I definitely didn't explain anything there so good catch)
Here's the Wikipedia definition, to start:
Synesthesia (American English) or synaesthesia (British English) is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.
Basically, what that means is that when you see, hear, smell, etc. a certain thing, it brings up another feeling/sound/sight in your head. That's a very vague definition because it's a very broad-reaching phenomena, but here are some examples of different kinds of synesthesia:
Grapheme-color synesthesia, where when you see different written characters (letters, numbers, etc), you get the sensation of a specific color as well (usually each character has a color)
Chromesthesia, where when you hear a certain sound, you get the sensation of a color (often with people with perfect pitch, they see different keys as different colors)
Spatial sequence synesthesia, where you visualize numbers as points in space/as a map (I'd never heard of this one before so I have less of an idea of how it works)
Auditory-tactile synesthesia, where hearing a certain sound might give your skin the sensation of being touched by something
Ordinal linguistic personification, where different numbers and letters give the sensation of different personalities, similar to grapheme-color synesthesia
Mirror-touch synesthesia, where if you sees someone else be touched somewhere, you feel the same sensation in their body
Lexical-gustatory synesthesia, where different words give you the sensation of different tastes
Basically, synesthesia is just your brain making random but consistent connections between two sensations, and it's pretty much only a useful thing, not usually a problematic one. For example, I have grapheme-color synesthesia and ordinal linguistic personification, both for letters and numbers but it's much stronger for letters. It makes it kind of fun to do things like sudoku because I can look at a box and pretty quickly figure out what number is missing if there's no green, or to remember dates and years because I have the very strong color association. The reason why I brought up the question is because I'm not sure how it transfers over to learning other alphabets, and from the one person who replied to that post it seems like the only way forward is just frustration and tears, but if anyone else has opinions lmk! Maybe over time it'll reform for a new alphabet and I can go back to reading normally.
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romansroys · 23 hours ago
just wanted to let you know i just recently started community and just got to the like the first jeff and annie moment….and that was cute i get what their selling
milady milord is literally so romantic and embarrassing i cannot believe opinions went another way
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dontneedmyheart · 11 hours ago
#another horrible tag post!!!!! bjhmassf but honestly don’t read if body image issues trigger you#i also mention pregnancy#okay so first of all#i’m not really into the whole body positivity thing#because it just hasn’t worked for me and i’ve found more comfort in body neutrality#than trying to force myself to love my body#my body image issues always become a lot more worse in summer#because with warm weather i don’t have the option to hide myself in huge sweaters and cardigans etc#and showing skin is terrifying to me#and i hate it because damn it it’s warm and i want to fucking exist without judgemental looks#anyway i’m losing the point#i just realised the other day that i hardly ever see people talk about stretch marks#without bringing up pregnancy#and i’m not trying to downplay pregnancy because the human body goes through so much during that#and i get how weird it can feel to see your body change like that#but my problem is that most of the time when people talk about stretch marks it’s because they had a baby#so even if they don’t like those scars they still remind them of the fact that they created a life#and then i’m just like. well how do i justify the stretch marks on my stomach because i got them from gaining weight#because when i look at my stretch marks all i can think of is how i failed my body#and how i destroyed my health by not excercising enough so now i got all this ’extra’ stuff on my stomach as one doctor so kindly put it#i wish i could just stop thinking about them#that’s my goal#i will never learn to love them#but maybe i can learn to live with them#and with the fact that i let myself go#and i know that people talk about it behind my back and i wish i could stop caring but i do care#oh well the weather is starting to get colder so i guess soon enough i can hide my body under several layers of clothing again
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wespers · 5 months ago
i know it’s been said before but no book character will literally ever be as iconic as peeta “if it weren’t for the baby” mellark. like in book 1 when he confesses to having a crush on katniss on live televsion, that’s strategic. he knows he won’t win the games but he can help keep katniss safe and send her home and get district 12 a victor. but in book 2 he’s like “well we’re all gonna die and there’s no stopping the games so i’m just gonna fuck shit up and make every capitol official’s life a living hell for as long as i can” and then he does. nobody is doing it like him
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verified-villain-fxcker · 4 months ago
Regardless whether you like the film or not, everyone should keep in mind why the Snyder Cut being released is so important.
Not because it’s a “4 hour superior Justice League” but because Zack Snyder’s daughter died, he went off the film to grieve (VERY understandably so), and then Joss Whedon came in and tore his film to absolute shreds while harassing the cast and crew to horrific extents during reshoots.
If you like or dislike the film, that’s perfectly all right, but EVERYONE should look at this and see what a victory it is for Zack Snyder, his family and the cast and crew of the film.
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I'm so frustrated with news media culture
Tumblr media
This CBS article showed up in my newsfeed. I normally don't click on articles like these, but I read the headlines. My instinctive response to this headline was "what a tepid, noncommittal response from an uncaring administration." Mainly because that's the mental framework that media & social media has taught me to use.
Then I clicked the article:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What Biden actually said was that these laws are an atrocity (they are). He literally called them "Jim Crow in the 21st Century" (completely true). He made a sweeping condemnation, taking a far stronger stance than the headline implied--stronger than the media has taught me to expect. A much more accurate headline would have been "Biden condemns Georgia election laws" or "Biden calls Georgia election laws an "atrocity"".
As a progressive, I have enough complaints about the Biden administration without media companies purposely trying to mislead me with this shit. Keep in mind the vast majority of people who read the headline will not click on the article. That is just how headlines work. And this is just one of dozens of small but incredibly harmful journalistic practices. Too many U.S. media companies consistently twist words & highlight the wrong information in order to drive wedges between liberal voting blocs while unifying the far right and I am sick of it.
Always read critically, and hold your news sources accountable.
#reminder of the extreme importance of supporting independent news sources#especially nonprofits like Mother Jones#but always always always examine word choices and tone#it's become second nature to me to rewrite and rephrase news articles as I'm reading them#i go into mental 'editing' mode.#just rephrasing sentences a different way as an experiment can do a LOT to quickly uncover invisible bias#for every phrase there are two synonyms that could have been used instead. and the writer made the choice they did for a REASON#anyways. TONE POLICE MEDIA COMPANIES NOT MINORITIES#serious post#not a shitpost#no I'm not a fan of the Biden administration#but falling for shit like this is ultimately why we got that orange fucker instead of clinton#Christ think about how much better the last year alone would have been if we'd had Clinton#again not a clinton fan but we would have had a functional center for disease control for one thing#would have had a center for disease control in the midst of a global pandemic#remember the CDC? the thing Trump got rid of along with 100 other essential government services#well putting children in cages is expensive I guess. Walls don't pay for themselves#anyway. vote as a form of harm reduction#yes the system should probably be torn down and built from fucking scratch#but until you figure out a way to do that will you please just fucking vote to reduce harm#wow. this was such a small thing but apparently I was set to go off I guess#I am possibly just beginning to process the last 4 years of social trauma.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#harry potter#happy valentines day everybody!! how are you! :)#friends I finally finished my masters theisis this thrusday now I dont have to worry about finishing anymore (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑#now I can finally worry about if I passed or not#bringing the whole thing to the post office was very dramatic because the envelope would not close and I did not have any glue on me#and because of corona all glue related stores in Germany are closed#but I was lucky and found some duct tape in a drug store#I also bought a face mask there which burned my nose so I hope the duct tape was more sucessfull#I always felt a little sorry for the basilisk#I think he didn't have a very fun life in those toilet pipes#and after he died Dumbledore didn't even bother to clean up his dead body#Dumbledore probably thought 'Ah yes the dead snake I'll clean it up on the weekend" and then forgot#and when McGonagall asked Albus have you cleaned up that dead snake he got embaressed and just lied and kept pushing it off until he died#I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with this sudden free time now#I do want to draw a lot of comics and also cut my hair a little but last time I tried the hair thing it was very terrible#I wanted to give myself new layers so I cut off 10cm off one strand and then cried#maybe I should also clean out my closet because every time I look into it I only find about 50 undershirts and no pants#I'm pretty sure I had pants#I hope you're having a wonderful valentine's day today!!#please treat yourself well (*´▽`*)#see you soon! (。’▽’。)♡#no more theisis writing whohoo!
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