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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#i am

I cloak myself in trivial sadness and grief for comfort. Afraid to untie the blanket cape of my dark.

But now I will fly.

Happy and full of love.

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My years and years of silence were not shame nor to cover up lies of any kind

But true terror to my core

Who would care and who would listen?

Intimidated and threatened into voiceless echoes from people I trusted and loved

My body was the prize and breaking my spirit and losing my mind were the game to them.

They hunted me out of the woods and knew what they were doing every step of the way.

I may whisper when I shout wolf

But never again will I cry

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I get why no one falls for me without leaving knees scrapped and bruised

You would have to have pretty low self esteem to want love from the girl who only knows how to love herself

Its just the way I grew up

I wasn’t worthy of love or attention or having needs

I was supposed to be quiet, hidden out of sight, no mess no noise

A ghost

You fell for an apparition

A girl that doesn’t exist


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it’s the way i lit rally still can’t believe i have a suga anon 🥺🙈

gimme kith then >:(( jk i’m very shy is it obvious i can’t respond well to stuff like tHIS SHAKDJSJ

thank you sugaaa!! i hope you’re safe and healthy tooo 💓 that goes to you guys too, please stay safe, drink water and eat proper meals like suga saiiid!!

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I am the breath against the cold glass

I am the dirt remaining on the mopped floor

Each trimmed lock of hair

Every eyelash fallen in the bathroom sink

I am the dust in the puzzle box

And the string clinging to your jacket

I know you can see me

Smell my hope and my sweat

I am the tremble of your gloved hand

I am the envelope to your letter

Just a shattered mirror of your reflection

Every tick of passing time

Each pass of chapstick on your lips

And the turn signal ever blinking

I know you can see me

Hear my whisper and listen to my breath

I am the crack after the crash

I am the suds of soap rinsed from you

Each crumpled sheet of paper

Every dull razor blade

The pills on your favorite shirt

And the touch of madness in ‘I love you’

I know you can see me

Taste my skin and swallow my dreams

I am the torn edge of a photo

The misplacement of your car keys

Every fingernail trimming in the trash

Each empty eggshell for breakfast

I am the forgotten doll that was lost

Just the final turned page of a book

I know you can see me

Feel me be everything, and feel me die

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being forced to tell your dom exactly what you want and how you want it, having your wrists tied behind your back, your thighs flogged, and your cunt pounded until you have to beg them to stop because you’re about to squirt all over the fresh sheets ? 😳🥵

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calum being at [y/n]’s college graduation . he’d bring a big bouquet filled with her favorite flowers . he’d post her walking on his story with the caption “My nerd everybody!!!” . then he’d post a picture of them together and caption it something like “[Y/n], my beautiful, smart girl who sometimes can’t spell the word ‘forest’. You walked the stage tonight, and I’m so incredibly proud of you. I’m so happy to have been apart of your journey, and I can’t wait until you get your first job so you can pay me back for everything. Kidding (not really, u’ve drank way too many of my mikes hards, I do count them). But regardless, I love you, and I can’t wait to ask you super specific questions I’ve googled about your major. Congrats!!!”

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