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someone tell me the name of that coffee kid from encanto or drop suggestions bc im going feral 🤡🤡🤡
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for all you give (i’ll give it back to you)
ˣ pairing: marc spector/steven grant x reader
ˣ summary: after a bad day, marc and steven do everything they can to make you smile.
ˣ warnings: 1.6k wc, teeny bit of hurt/comfort but lots of fluff :) spoiler-free!
ˣ a/n: i wrote this prior to the finale dropping. i told myself that no matter what happens, today’s fic will be super fluffy and happy bc we deserve it. also, the title is from a song by the paper kites ft. lucy rose which is what i imagined was playing towards the end. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
disclaimer—although i have some knowledge in DID, i am in no way an expert. if there are inaccuracies in its depiction in my writings, i sincerely apologize. please correct me as i do not intend to offend anyone.
- ☾-
Steven notices it almost immediately. 
Marc, however, has yet to say a word.
It had been late in the evening when you finally came home, the sun having long set under the horizon, a starry scene now painting the night sky. If it were any other evening, Marc would have called you out onto the balcony to revel at the sight together. A perfect way to wind down; a perfect moment to share with you.
But he could tell that something was wrong the second you walked into the flat, a heavy exhale fleeing from your lips. You kick your shoes off and hang your coat up without acknowledging either Marc or Steven, an act that worries them both even more.
“Hey, baby,” Marc greets once you get settled on the couch, your head thrown back over the cushion as you pinch the bridge of your nose. “You okay?”
The sofa dips under Marc’s weight when he comes to sit beside you, sliding an arm around the back of your shoulders. You soon mold into his warm body, and he wastes not a second more to tighten his embrace. He holds you close, your head just underneath his chin as you rest against the firmness of his chest. He softly brushes a kiss on your forehead, a gentle reminder of where you are, and that is, with him.
For some time, there’s only silence between the two of you. Marc refrains from interrogating you, letting you be for now as you listen to the sound of his lulling breaths. From the corner of his eye, he could see Steven in the mirror, biting his lip nervously and figuring out what had happened to you.
“Did they call you about anything? Send any texts?” Steven probes, wanting to quickly get to the bottom of things.
Marc shakes his head in response. The gesture causes you to crane your face up to him, and it’s the first chance he’s gotten to really take a look at you. His heart wrenches when your weary gaze meets his, and only then does he see the tears welling up in your eyes. Before you could rid yourself of them, Marc does it for you, the calloused pads of his thumb tenderly wiping them away. He’s careful doing so, his dark brown eyes searching yours for an answer, a hint, a clue. Anything. 
“Don’t worry about it,” you tell him in a broken whisper. “It’s nothing. Just a bad day, that’s all.”
“Shhh… it’ll be okay. You’re going to be okay,” Marc croons, tucking a loose strand of your hair behind an ear. “You don’t have to talk about it right away. But I want you to know that we’re here— Steven and I.”
You nod once before rising up from the couch. “Thank you. Both of you. But I’m gonna try to nap for a little bit and see if it’ll make me feel better. I’m quite exhausted.”
“Yeah, of course. Go ahead,” Marc encourages though with a wavering voice. “Do you want me to go in there with you?”
“No, it’s alright. I just need my space, if you don’t mind,” you answer him. “I’ll be okay, promise. ”
It’s not enough to reassure Marc, but he doesn’t try to protest. Instead, he watches you disappear into the bedroom, the door clicking shut when it closes. Fighting the urge to go after you, he slumps back onto the couch, the quietness in the air weighing heavily down on him. 
Framed pictures of you and Marc on the coffee table stare back at him in the dim light. You looked happy in those captured moments, your eyes shining as bright as the moonlit sky. A faint smile blooms on his face; his chest feels light at the thought of how much he dearly loves you, how he finds a home in you. 
Marc knew that he had found someone special from the day you met. You’re one of a kind— delicate as a lotus flower on a warm day, with a beauty greater than paradise. His love for you flows deeper than the Nile, allowing himself to drown in it more and more each day.
You’d soften what was once a hardened heart, torn down walls that he’d been afraid to leave unguarded. You’re living proof to Marc that there’s still good out there. That good could still come to him, and he’s well-deserving of it despite his flaws, tragedies, and painful past. Never has he ever imagined life to turn out this way, spending every waking moment with a person that keeps him safe and warm. So happy and so loved. All things that he had never truly experienced until you came along.
For all that you’ve done for him, Marc would give you the universe if he could, yet it still wouldn’t be enough. 
The least he could do now is come up with a way to show you just how much he truly cares.
“Marc?” Steven speaks to him through his reflection, breaking the quietude at last. “We should do something to lift their spirits.”
“Yeah,” he agrees. “We should do something to make them smile again.”
A pause. Steven then releases an audible gasp, a brilliant idea swirling in his head. 
“I’ve got a plan.”
- ☾-
A fresh, delectable aroma that seeps into the bedroom is what wakes you from your short slumber. It causes your stomach to grumble from hunger, having forgotten to eat after arriving home. Initially, you were in no mood for food, but after catching a whiff of what’s cooking in the kitchen, you quickly change your mind.
“Marc?” You call out but get no response. 
The hardwood floor is cold underneath your bare feet as you slowly saunter out into the hallway. Your pace only quickens when a sudden crash sounds, followed by a string of angry mutterings. Rounding the corner, you caught sight of Marc frantically running a hand under the faucet. Next to him is a metal baking sheet on the floor, and you hold back a chuckle.
This had to be Steven. Only Steven would bake you cookies at eleven at night. Clumsily, too, if you might add.
“Oh, hello, darling,” he beams after spotting you by the doorway. “I’m sorry for waking you with all that ruckus. The tray was still hot when I went to clear it. Kinda got distracted by these cookies here, heh.”
“Actually, the smell of the cookies brought me here,” you correct as you near him. “But wow, these look delicious, Steven. Bet they taste even better.”
“I made them just for you,” Steven states, handing you over one. “My chocolate chip cookies never fail to cheer you up.”
“That they do not,” you reply before taking a bite.
It was soft and warm, incredibly sweet like Steven’s adoring eyes, perhaps even more.
Steven’s heart flutters with utter glee as the first crack of a smile begins to show on your face, and he can’t help but do the same. The light in you is starting to kindle back to life again, and you seem more relaxed now, relieved from all of your earlier troubles. 
But the night is far from over.
“Marc’s got a surprise for you, too, love,” he reveals as he steps away from the counter. “It didn’t take much convincing knowing how much this will make you happy.”
You furrow a brow at Steven. “A surprise, huh?”
“He sure does. Give us one moment.”
For a brief minute, Steven excuses himself out of the kitchen as you continue to munch on the treats he baked. Your heart warms with both excitement and adoration. Today had not been so kind nor fair, and you felt as though the world would cave in on you. 
But then you came home. You returned to a home that loves you and cherishes you, one that promises you a lifetime of joy and laughter. A home built by the man you love with every fiber of your being and shared by the other who’d also capture your heart.
Your eyes widen as Steven reappears, this time with a guitar strapped around his neck.
This isn’t Steven, you think. No, it’s Marc. This could only be Marc.
“I haven’t done this in years, as you can tell,” he remarks with a small laugh, sitting on a stool before you. “Sorry if I sound a little rusty.”
Drawing in a breath, Marc starts to strum the strings of the guitar. It’s a gentle melody that he plays, one you recognize instantly as your favorite song. He sings softly, sweetly, the lyrics as genuine as his intentions. His voice soothes you, takes you to a place that only he and you would ever know. 
It feels like heaven. This is heaven, and you’re being serenaded by an angel you call yours.
The song later ends, and you don’t realize it at first. When you finally do, you hop off your seat while Marc sets his instrument aside. He’s quick to meet your embrace, his hold on you strong, letting you know that no matter what life throws at you, he’ll forever be there, and he’ll never let go.
You stay like this for almost an eternity, holding each other close, basking in the blissful peace that the silence brings. The events earlier now wholly forgotten thanks to Marc and Steven’s efforts.
“Feeling better?” Marc asks you softly, pressing a kiss to your hair.
“I am. I’m feeling much, much better,” you murmur tenderly. “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” Marc whispers in the shell of your ear. “I love you, always.”
He feels you smiling against his skin. 
And with it, he smiles, too.
- ☾-
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Like Medicine
Pairing: Jake Lockley X Reader
Warnings: established relationship, reader has depression, implied nudity but nothing sexual, just absolutely pure fluff
Summary: When you can’t seem to pull yourself together, Jake is always there to help you collect the pieces.
yes this is a comfort fic leave me alone
Tumblr media
To say you had a rough week would be an understatement. It was stressful, anxious, and downright horrible. You were grateful to have a three day weekend before having to go back to work, and so far you’ve managed to spend a majority of the last two in bed.
It was your neglect to answer your phone that told Jake something was up. Calls going straight to voicemail and texts unread, telling him to go to you. So you shouldn’t be surprised when you heard the jingling of the lock to your apartment and the door creak open to reveal him.
He stepped through the threshold and closed the door behind him, mumbling something about getting you better security. He surveyed the room and landed his eyes on you, laying in bed. You were awake, staring at the wall too lost in your thoughts to properly greet him.
The floor creaked under his footsteps as he moved, taking off his jacket and hanging it on the back of a chair. Then they got closer until his sweatpants obscured your vision and he crouched down in front of your face.
“Hey gorgeous, what’re you still doing in bed?” He asked softly, giving you a worried yet nurturing look.
If you had tried to tell anyone he was like this with you, they wouldn’t believe you. He looked so gruff and cold on the outside, blocking out most people. Except you. He disliked everyone but you.
He reached a hand out and brushed some hair away from your face, and you practically melted under his touch. He cupped the side of your face and he swiped his thumb under your eye, wiping away dried tears. You closed your eyes, humming contentedly, “Did I hear you pick the lock?” You wanted to just fall back asleep with him right here, but he had other plans.
“I forgot my key,” Jake responded, standing up and crossing the room to the bathroom. He ran a nice, warm bath, throwing in your favorite salt scents. While it filled up, he grabbed some fresh pajamas and threw them to spin in the dryer for a bit.
Making his way back to you, he sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed your hand. “C’mon sweetheart, it’s time to get up.” You let out a soft groan of reluctance, but let him pull you to sit up, immediately wrapping your arms around his torso.
Resting your head on his chest, you took in a slow breath, reveling in how he smelled. A faint scent of coffee and some car freshener, probably whatever he had in the cab at the moment.
“That’s right, just take a deep breath in,” He hummed, rubbing circles into your back. He let you stay like that for a moment, before starting to stand up and bringing you with him. He took your hand in his and dragged you after him to the bath. Helping you out of your days old clothes, he tossed them towards the laundry basket and helped you settle into the water. “There we go, ain’t that nice?”
You hummed in response, closing your eyes and letting yourself relax in the water. “‘M sorry, Jake,” you mumbled.
A frown settled onto his face as he grabbed your shampoo. Kneeling next to the tub, he scooped up water in his hands to wet your hair, “For what?” You mumbled out an answer, too inaudible for him to make out. “What was that?”
Mumbling some more, but loud enough, “I’m sorry I get like this.”
He made a tsk sound, lathering some shampoo in his hands and working it through your hair. “No, don’t say that, you can’t help it.”
You shrugged, “Alright.”
Leaning over the edge of the tub to look down at you, he put a finger under your chin to life your head up towards him. Looking into your eyes he reassured, “Do not be sorry. It’s not your fault. And I am more than happy to be here with you.” The slightest upturn of your mouth made him ecstatic, breaking out into a grin. He leaned down to press a kiss to your forehead before rinsing out your hair.
“Alright, up you go,” He stood up, offering his hand for stability as you stood as well. “Here’s one of those fluffy towels you got, dry off.” You did as told while he left the room, returning with your now warm pajamas. “Why don’t you go snuggle up in bed and pick out a movie to watch, and I’ll fix up something to eat, yeah?”
You nodded, but before you left you grabbed the edge of his t-shirt, pulling him in for a hug. “Thank you,” you spoke into his shoulder.
He held you tight like he was holding you together. “You know I’d do anything for you.”
Your heart warmed at the statement, seven words that eliminated any doubts that had been floating in your mind.
Pulling away enough to look at his face, you leaned in to kiss him. And he kissed back like he needed it to live, his hand coming up to cup your face. He always kissed like that and it always made you feel so wanted. It was sweet and soft, but at the same time intense, like he was trying to pour all his love straight into your soul.
When you pulled apart, he looked into your eyes with such adoration, you couldn’t help but flush under his gaze. That same old teasing smirk threatened to come out on his face as he ran his thumb over your red cheek. “Gorgeous.”
Your own cheeky smile made its way onto your face as you hummed, “Hi.”
“Go pick us out a movie,” He ushered, pushing you slightly towards the bed, while he retreated towards the kitchen.
Grabbing your laptop, you settled into bed and picked out a movie, waiting for him to join you. He returned with your favorite quick meal and joined you under the covers.
His arm around your shoulder and your head on his, you never felt better.
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don’t hold back
Tumblr media
college!peter parker x reader
summary: two hormonal students wander into a room during a frat party, what could possibly happen? maybe you discover that under his heart made of pure gold lurks a hidden powerful, dominant side.
word count: 4,685
warnings: alcohol mention, drug mention, but pure pwp smut minors dni (18+) extended warnings below bc i am not trying ruin the innocent :)
a/n: i would like to state that this is much longer than i anticipated.. but anyways, i am just gonna be honest, i have a major size/power kink. so this fic is my ~fucked~ up mind laying it all out for my fellow lil nasties ;) fair warning, this is pure filth. sorry for any mistakes and bad writing. but i hope you enjoy it x and let me know what you think ?!!
taglist || masterlist
extended warnings: thigh riding, body worship, oral (f.rec), dry humping, marking, peter being a boob guy, lil hints of soft!peter, unprotected sex, dirty talk, overstimulation, major power kink, manhandling, size kink, pain kink, praise kink, dom!peter, sadist!peter, squirting, cum play, handjob, body painting/facial, cum eating. think that is it? idk sorry !!
College was scary for the majority of people. New social circles, new surroundings. It took time for people to adjust. But Peter Parker wasn’t the majority.
The newfound freedom appealed to him. He was used to be a quote on quote loner, a nerd. It was never a desire of his to have big groups of friends or to be popular. He simply liked being by himself. It was fewer people in his life he had to lie to.
In college, people don’t care. They are too busy trying to find their own place in the world. Find their footing on the new terrain. So, they didn’t look twice at the boy who looked way too young to be attending classes. They didn’t care if he dressed in a flannel and sweater. Or if he washed up some morning with an unexplained bruise.
Peter loved that. He could do what he wanted with no one breathing down his back as if he was an adolescent child. No babysitter, just him. And he was happy with just that.
Peter made a few friends in his engineering classes. But their conversations only ever included the advancement or emergence of new technology. He could finally be that independent man he always claimed he was.
It was unusual for him to attend a party, but after the robotics club won their state final, he was persuaded to join the rest in a night of drunkenness. Peter quickly found out his ability to withstand the effects of alcohol was quite the phenomenon. People passing more and more drinks his way, hoping the next would knock him out cold. His superhuman ways always winning the battle.
The boys had ended up in a frat house, partying with people, who on a regular day, would never give them a second glance. Yet tonight, they were the centerpiece. I mean, whatever excuse a frat house can get to host a party, they would take it.
Peter was standing idle in the corner of the living room, fascinated by the people who were rolling blunts shamelessly on the coffee table. His hand was clutched around a red solo cup, the remains of his eighth drink begging to be chugged.
“Hey, you are Parker? Peter Parker?” The call of his sudden name caused him to perk up, wondering who said it.
Your soft eyes met his. A grin plastered across your face as you stalked closer to him. “Sorry, you are in my chemistry class. You taking it as an elective?”
Peter’s body stiffened, not use to female attention, unless they were asking for help with homework. He cleared his throat, swirling the plastic cup in his shaky hands. “Uh, yeah. I like chemistry.” He mentally wanted to punch himself for how nerdy he must’ve sounded.
His uneasiness was settled when he heard you giggle, the sound causing him to blush. “I like you Peter Parker.”
It was a blunt statement, but you were in no mood for beating around the bush. A light buzz gave you all the confidence you needed. His cheeks were now bright red, face burning up. The room closing in on him, becoming claustrophobic. He was becoming more aware, his senses were overstimulated in the current situation. Every noise, every breath, every movement, he felt it.
You could see him becoming uncomfortable, his jaw clenched, eyes squinted. You barely knew that man, but you wanted to help. “Hey, hey.” You whispered, placing a gentle hand on his forearm. “Wanna go somewhere quieter?”
He nodded immediately, begging to be removed from the troubling environment. Clasping your hands together, you guided out of the crowded room. Some people noticed, wolf whistling and cheering you on as you tried to seek refuge.
As you didn’t live here, you had no clue where you were going. Logically, the only thing that came to your mind was a bedroom. Finding the stairs, you dragged him up them. Luckily the first door you opened was unoccupied. Pulling him inside, you locked it to prevent any unwanted company.
The room was small, but it seemed empty. Only a mattress on the floor with a bunch of cardboard boxes scattered in the corners. Awkwardly, you both stood still at the door, unsure what your next move should be. “Uh, so you get anxious often?”
Peter shook his head, scanning the room trying to distract himself from the tension he was feeling. “No. No. It’s not like an anxiety thing.”
As he didn’t elaborate, you caught onto the message he was silently sending. He wasn’t interested in getting personal. And if you were brutally honest, you weren’t either. Other intentions were invading your mind. Sinful intentions.
Peter had first caught your eye the moment he was late to class one morning. His hair was a mess, scruffy like he just woke up. A cut was sliced into his cheek, but it seemed to be near the end of healing. Clothes were ruffled, pockets hung out of his khakis and shirt poked out from the bottom of his sky blue jumper. He sat a few rows away from you. It was safe to say you couldn’t focus in class that day, or any other day for a matter of fact.
He was mysterious, maybe that’s what attracted you. On the outside, he had that soft, nerdy appearance. For some reason, you believed under that thick skin was a more complex human. One that possessed many deep, dark secrets. You could see it in his hollow eyes; they seemed empty sometimes.
“What are you doing at a party anyways? I have never seen you attend any before. What you celebrating?” You hoped the line of questioning would cool the thick, humid air.
“Robotic club won state.” He mumbled, slightly ashamed and afraid that the hot girl in front of him would think he was pathetic.
“That’s so cool. You can build robots? That’s really cool.”
He sent you a confused look, shocked that robots and cool came out of your mouth without hesitation. “You think robots are cool? Are you secretly a nerd or something?” He huffed, not believing a word you said.
Rolling your eyes, you folded your arms. “Nothing wrong with appreciating talent. Plus, I am a STEM major myself. Nobody ever tell you don’t judge a book by it’s cover?”
His face became flushed, lips parted ready to apologise for offending you. “Don’t worry Parker. You aren’t the first to undermine me.” You smirked up at him.
Only a short distance separated your hormonal, raging bodies. It wasn’t unusual for two good looking people to want to tear off each other’s clothes. Even if it was just for a night. The college years were the time for experience. For exploration.
Peter inhaled sharply, trying to keep his emotions at bay. Your eyes were like poison, killing him slowly as they stared deeply into his soul through dark, bloomed orbs. Silently begging him to make a move.
His hand rested on your hip, the other slowly lifted to your cheek, cupping your face. Leaning forward his lips lingered over yours, hot breath mixing adding to the thick air that surrounded you. “I never got your name.” He whispered in a low, soft voice, not wanting to ruin the moment.
He took a second to process what was about to happen, what was about to ensue. Lips brushed over one another. A tingling feeling surged through your body, breath hitched, legs shaky. They finally touched, latching onto his thin, tender lips. The kiss was soft, gentle as they tried to find the perfect rhythm.
Your body melted, a warmth pulsing through your veins. Peter sensed your weakness, hand hooking around your lower back supporting your trembling frame. It wasn’t your first rodeo, but you were still nervous. He was very cute after all.
Getting over your nerves, your palms sunk into his chest, pushing him against the wall. He groaned, deepening the kiss. His tongue poked at your lips, pleading for entrance. Gladly, you parted your lips allowing him to slip past. Tongues clashed, messy and sloppy as urges began to grow. A fire in the pit of your stomach emerging.
Unable to suppress your desire, your hands wandered south, fisting his iconic sweater as you tried to remove it from his body. He obliged, lifting his arms up as the fabric slipped off his body. As soon as the first layer was gone, your fingers immediately began to unbutton his shirt. Your cold digits that grazed his skin caused him to shiver.
As you tried to finish the task, his hands slipped down to your ass, grabbing a handful. His hands were rough and greedy as they fed their needs. Humming against his lips, you’d lost patience, bursting a few buttons as you ripped his shirt. Peter smirked, as you broke away from his devouring lips. “Impatient?”
Rolling your eyes, you tried to hide the guilt you felt. You were never this eager. His bare chest caught your gaze. A mouth watering, unexpected view greeted you. You had assumed Peter was just a lanky, scrawny man; but you were very wrong. Your hands moved the sleeves down his arms as you scanned his torso.
A sculpture, carefully carved and defined. Every muscle was visible, and tempting. His skin dipped into every dent, the lighting of the room enhancing it. The shadow playing in his favour; like he needed it. As eyes ventured lower, his v-line was deep and sharp causing something to get caught in your throat. He could be a Calvin Klein model in his spare time for all you knew.
Once his arms were free, his lips crashed into yours again, gaining your attention. Hands flung to the sides of your face, holding it still as lips moved with voracious pace. Your fingers looped in around his belt, pulling your bodies close together so that a sliver of air couldn’t even pass through. Peter, craving you, used his power to change positions, slamming you against the wall.
His leg found comfort between your thighs, pressing against your clothed heat. Moving it with precision, he stimulated your clit. Body surrendering to his dominance. Small whimpers were muffled by his wet lips as they continued to feast on yours. His hands glided down your curves, memorising every dip they caressed, stopping at the bottom hem of your dress.
Your body arched off the wall, aiding him as he pulled the dress from your body. You stood beneath his broad figure bare, only underwear shading you. Heart pounded, his glare intense. His tongue darted out from his tight lips, licking them ready to indulge.
He made his first attack, lips attaching to the skin of your chest. Sucking and licking the exposed tops of your mounds as hands found their way back to your ass. His touch was hot, burning your skin. Your hands grasped at his dark hair, pulling at the roots as your fingers laced with the curly locks. His teeth reacted, scrapping your sensitive flesh. “Pete!”
Your voice was high pitched as you cried out his name, the attentive attention he gave your fragile body was overwhelming. He hummed as your voice rang pleasantly in his ears. His brain was in a haze, senses in overdrive. The touch, the sounds, the taste. He was desperate to feel you, all of you.
His hands slid to the back of your thighs, hooking around them as he swept you off the ground. You screamed out his name, shocked at how easily he did it. Like you were the weight of a feather. He laughed against your chest as he carried effortlessly to the bed, only to throw you onto it like a rag doll.
You barely had time to process the strength of the man before his lips returned to your body. Sucking deep marks into your skin, starting at your thighs before he began his ascent up to you. Lips marked your thighs, stomach, chest, and neck before linking with your swollen, abused lips. He used his legs to open yours, parting them allowing him access.
His hardened cock pressed into you as your hips rocked together. Grinding, both losing patience as the anticipation grew. When your legs wrapped around his body, he growled, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as he pulled away. “Fuck, you sure this is okay?”
“Just fuck me.”
It was blunt, but you had no intention to sugarcoat the situation, you just wanted sex. No strings attached. Peter had no desire to get anything more from the night either. He was contempt with fulfilling his sinful want.
He quickly undid his belt, pulling his pants down. Your heat pulsated as his thick thighs came into view. Muscles carved like a Greek god. Your hips rutted against the air, needing fulfilment. “Shit are you like a bodybuilder or something?”
He chuckled before a sinister smirk emerged on his face, sending shivers down your spine; scared for what was in store. His hand rested on your lower stomach, thumb teasing your clit through your damp panties. He watched your body react, eyes droopy, lips parted and face contorted with pleasure. The sight caused his cock to throb and jump with excitement.
Tired of the foreplay, Peter lowered his face between your quaking thighs. Hot breath fanning over your pulsating core. The aroma tempted him to come undone, the sweetness seeping into his sense. Mouth was dry, dying for a taste from the source.
Not wasting another second, he moved the delicate fabric to the side, tongue diving in between your folds. Lapping and drinking up the arousal that dripped from your heat. Peter gladly explored every inch, switching between your clit and seeping hole, stretching you with the strong muscle. The angelic sounds that you created prompted him to hump the bed, granting himself some sort of relief.
Your hands were latched to his hair, grasping at his scalp trying to keep the last bit of sanity you had intact. “Pete. Please. I need you.”
His eyes flashed up to you. They were raw, piercing, a glint of anxiousness could be seen as he gave your bud one final harsh suck. His chin glistened causing you to blush. “You sure? I was gonna make you cum before we got to that part.” He shyly stated.
Hands clutched his chin, guiding him to your face, bringing him in for a messy, heated kiss. His broad stature shaded you from the dim light, overpowering, intimidating. Using a hand to plank his body, the other went to snap off your panties. You heard a rip causing you to gasp, but he shoved his tongue into your mouth, shutting you up.
He moved onto his own boxers, kicking them off his legs. Your thighs rested on his as he spread his legs, causing you to open up your silky folds to him. His cock prodding at the newly exposed skin. He used his hand to grab his length, pumping it a few times before positioning it at your entrance. “Just breath.” He mumbled, his angry tip penetrating your tight core.
His girth took you by surprise, stretching your walls. You hadn’t expected it, underestimating his size. Your hands clawed at his back as he slowly pushed in deeper. He continuously checked in with you, asking if you were okay, if you wanted to stop. But the pain was foreshadowed by the immense pleasure that vibrated through you.
Once he came to a hilt, his cock was balls deep. Tip grazing your cervix, signifying how deep he was. The way his cock was curved was designed for maximum pleasure. You never felt so full, fingernails sinking into his back leaving behind crescent marks as you tried to ground yourself back down to reality. “You are so big, fuck.” You praised, shoving your face into his neck.
His large biceps enclosed you, holding you tight as he shallowly moved his hips. “Yeah? You are so tight. Feel so good.” He panted, trying to tame his instincts.
“God, please just fuck me.”
Growling, he followed instruction, retracting his hips before snapping them forward in one harsh movement. Thighs quaked as his pelvic bone collided with your neglected clit. His moves were slow, calculated. Eyes shut tight, his senses overwhelming his body. You could see he was holding back.
Peter, since the bite, was always scared of what he was capable of. Sex being one of those things. He knew he was powerful, strong enough to stop a bus. He also had a heart of gold, never wanting to injure or hurt another person. Especially a woman he was intimate with.
“Pete, don’t hold back. Let go. I can take it. I want it.”
His eyes shot open, pupils dark and wide, swallowing the warm brown that surrounded them. His jaw clenched, unsure if he should do as told. Your hand cupped his cheek, assuring him. “Peter please. I like it rough.” You confessed, cheeks burning with embarrassment.
A primal grunt slipped from his gritted teeth, your innocent eyes driving him mad. Adjusting the position, he placed your calves on his shoulders, his cock slipping deeper into you. “Please, tell me if it’s too much.”
You nodded, inhaling sharply, mentally preparing yourself for the on slaughter that was about to ensue. His hands hooked around your thighs, fingers digging into the skin. Before you could even process the strength of his grip, his cock began to pound into you mercilessly.
His member relentlessly struck your g-spot, eyes rolling to the back of your head. Thankfully, the music was so loud it drowned out your pathetic, loud moans. He used his tight grip as leverage, pulling your body to meet his hard thrusts.
The sounds were sinister, skin on skin clapping, applauding him. Your wetness splattering, covering his cock, echoed through the room. Body on a high, you felt no shame for how you were reacting. Your hands flung to the pit of your stomach, clawing at your skin. “I can- feel how deep you are.”
He smirked at your statement, one hand shoving your hands away to replace them with his. Fingers pressed into your lower stomach, thumb focused on your clit, rubbing aggressive, precise circles around the swollen bud. “Fuck, I can feel how deep I am. Bet you’ve never felt so full before. Not gonna be able to walk after this.”
The thought of destroying your body only turned him on more. His hips moved at an animalistic pace, not humanly possible. His balls slapped your ass with every thrust, and the attention on your clit drove you to insanity. You became a babbling mess below him. Unintelligible words slipping from your lips as your brain clouded with lust.
“Fuck. Look like a beautiful mess. Does it feel good? Making you feel good? Cause, shit, you make me feel incredible.”
Head nodded vigorously, unable to speak only cry out in pleasure. Body began to convulse, the knot in your stomach ready to burst at any second. “Pete. Close.” You chanted, grasping his hands, grounding yourself.
“That’s it. You wanted to be a big girl. You said you could take it. So c’mon. Cum all over my cock. Wanna feel that pretty pussy clench around me.”
His words rang through your ears as you tipped over the edge. A wave consumed you, body shook as it welcomed the intense feeling. His hands grabbed your waist, holding you still, comforting you. “That’s it. Let go.” “Feel so good around my cock.” “So pretty when you cum. Could watch you all day.”
His thrust slowed, allowing you to come down from your high. Once your head started to clear, you could still feel his hard presence pulsate against your abused walls. Eyes bulged, shocked that he was lasting so long. “You good?” He queried, watching you struggle to keep your eyes open.
“Fuck yes. Amazing.”
He cleared his throat, in a bit of a predicament. Should he continue? Or should he just leave? Finish himself off in some random bathroom. However his question was answered. “Why’d you stop? Fuck, I want you to cum.”
He flipped you over so you were now straddling him. Whimpering, your palms slapped his hard, defined chest. “Pete, I am tired. Sorry.” Your hips movements weak against his, body still recovering from your orgasm.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry, I got you. May I?” He asked, positioning his feet flat on the bed, hands grasping your waist.
Confused by what he meant, you nodded, naively. He bit his lip, giving you sudden harsh thrust. You jolted upwards due to the mere force, but his hands brought you right back, forcing you to swallow his cock. You screeched as he stretched you, filled you.
He repeated that movement, continuously. Pumping his throbbing cock into your wetness. There was no escape from the pleasure, his hands in complete control of your body. His eyes locked in on your mounds, watching them bounce begging to be released from their restricting cups. “Take off your bra, wanna see your tits. Please.”
A guttural growl was ripped from his throat as you quickly removed the material from your body. The way they bounced and rippled with every thrust. He couldn’t help but bring a hand up, squeezing the plush flesh. “Fucking beautiful.” He muttered, thumb teasing the bud.
With the last bit of energy you possessed, you rocked your hips on his cock causing the curve to hit your sensitive spot hidden within your velvety walls. That was enough to send you to your second high without warning, falling off the edge with a scream of his name.
But that didn’t stop his merciless thrusts. Using your lifeless body as a toy to please his cock. You were getting wetter at the thought of just being used as a tight hole for him to fuck. It shouldn’t turn you on as much as it did. His dominance over you was scary.
Your throat was dry and raw, every sound that rippled from it tore apart the skin. Peter wouldn’t dream of silencing you, the song you sang was too beautiful. “Yeah keep screaming my name. Shit, I am so close.” He groaned, hips were violent, bruising the skin of your thighs and hips.
The pain succumbed to the pleasure, masking any future aches you would inevitably experience. Your body was limb, he was in complete control of your movements. Brain dead in your euphoric haze. You sputtered nonsense, eyes droopy as hands grabbed his shoulders preventing you from falling forward.
The sounds from the collision were pornographic, sinful. The arousal that poured out from your core making it easy for his cock to dive deeper with every stroke. He was so close, eyes flickering between your bouncing tits and the contact your bodies made, enjoying the way his length was creamed with your juices.
Your body burned, insides twisting and turning. A fire spread uncontrollably through your veins. It was something you never experienced. Being brutally used. Peter, was loving the feeling of dominance, controlling every movement. “Fuck, you love me using you don’t you?”
You parted your lips, but your brain was not functioning, only a hum escaping. “Got you dumb for my cock do I?” He chuckled, his thrusts never ending. “Love me using you for my own pleasure. Just, grabbing you, fucking you down onto my big cock.”
His cockiness and confidence resonated between your quaking thighs. Only adding the wetness that pooled between them. “Getting wetter from me just talking to you? Fuck, you are the best girl. Feel so good and tight. Gonna make me cum.”
Moaning, you practically begged him to cum in fear you may mentally leave this planet and never return. “But, you need to cum one more time for me. Be my good girl, my best girl, and take it.” His voice was stern, not in the mood for negotiations.
Following his demand, his thumb found your forgotten clit. A sequence of curses and screams poured out as your stomach tightened. A new sensation appeared, an unfamiliar one. The pressure that pent up was about to explode. “Pete, I- too much.”
“One more. Give it to me. Let it go. Cum.”
And with that, everything collapsed. Vision blurred and spotted with black dots as your juices gushed from your fragile body. His cock was pushed out from your heat due to the force. His fast reflexes reacted, grabbing his cock, using the tip to rub fast motions across your swollen clit. Your cum covered his lower stomach and length. He groaned at the sight, watching the juices squirt from your convulsing body.
He guided you through the intense orgasm, using his cock to slowly trace your drenched folds, his tight grip pumping his throbbing cock as he did. “Atta girl, I got you.” He assured, caresses your soaked thighs. “But shit, I am gonna come baby, so fucking hard. Can I cum on your tits, please.”
“Yes! Yes! Fuck Pete you can cum wherever you want.” You slurred, brain drunk from the overstimulation your body was experiencing. Three intense orgasms in less than twenty minutes, you would’ve been considered lucky to achieve one on a given night.
He smirked, proud of his work. Fucked out and messy. It turned him on so much. His balls tightened, begging to find release. Gently, he cradled your lower back, laying you down on your back so he could straddled your waist.
Through heavy eyes, you watched him jerk his cock through a tight grip. His member was wet, glistening, covered in a mixture of your cum and his own precum. Veins bulging through his thin skin. Tip, red and angry, pulsating vigorously. Weakly, you placed a hand on his thigh, raking it, while the other played with his sensitive slit. “Fuck. Gonna be so pretty covered in my cum.”
“Cum Pete. Please. I want it so bad.” You pleaded, sticking your tongue out, hoping some would land in your mouth.
The sight of you below him, begging to be degraded. It sent him to his climax. His cock shooting out thick ropes of white cum while chanting your name loudly, with no shame. You had to clench your thighs at the sounds he made. Some landed on your face, most painted your chest. You were amazed at his load, it seemed like it would never end. Your weak hand joined his, helping him milk out every last drop. The touch of your tender, soft hand wrapped around him made him rut his hips against it as he rode out the feeling of pure ecstasy.
As the tingles that surged through him finally simmered, he collapsed down beside you. Breath heavy, and sharp. His cock twitched against his thigh, his whole person overstimulated by his senses that were dialed to a hundred. The dim light suddenly becoming too bright from him. He winced, turning his head towards you, which he immediately regretted when he saw you running your fingers across your chest, gathered up his cum on your slim digits. You carried it up to your mouth, sucking them clean. His jaw dropped. And suddenly the blood rushed back down south.
You turned your head to face him, heat rising to your cheeks after realising you’d been caught. You were intrigued. Peter took the chance to take in your appearance. Your chin was wet with a mixture of your spit and his cum, eyes still blooming with lust, hair messy and knotted. He closed his eyes, trying to remove the picture from his head as it wasn’t helping his current situation. Hearing a giggle, forced him to look at you, confused at the sudden outburst.
Your eyes were peering down at his growing length causing a red crimson colour to creep across his cheeks. “I was going to ask you to get me a rag to clean up because I don’t think I can walk, but I don’t think there is a point. I can see you have other ideas.”
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classylo · 8 months ago
the works; bucky barnes
disclaimer: I do not give anyone permission to take, repost, copy or translate my stories, regardless of whether or not they are credited. Minors please do not interact with stories that are marked 18+.
taglists are closed if you’d like to be notified of stories please turn on notifications for @classylo :)
| one shots |
smut = 18+
   daddy; 18+ 
   champagne problems; angst
   strangers again; angst
   stuck; fluff
   i'm not like that; 18+ (crowd favorite fic)
   say you’re mine; 18+
   show me; 18+
   august; angst
   reckless; 18+
   brothers best friend; 18+ (crowd favorite fic)
   just you; 18+
   weekend getaway; 18+
   red lights; fluff
   ivy; 18+
   this game; fluff
   coffee and cigarettes; angst
   for the best; 18+
   actually you can help; 18+
   something like that; 18+
   alone with you; 18+
   I didn’t have a back up plan; 18+
   halloween; fluff 
   gold rush; angst, fluff
   happiness; 18+
   third date rule; 18+
   the escort; 18+
   fourteen days; fluff
   baby fever; fluff
   therefore I am; 18+
   right where you left me; angst
   valentine’s day; fluff
   beg for it; 18+
| mr. president | on going
a series of one shots consisting of president!bucky barnes x chief of staff!female reader
   mr. president; 18+
   one bed; 18+
   the phone call; 18+ 
   truth or dare; 18+
   the residence; 18+ 
   ask nicely; 18+
| the bodyguard | completed
you’ve proudly served as the White House chief of staff for the past two years, not only as the first female but the youngest person to serve in that role. You were unstoppable… until you started receiving death threats that even made the President uncomfortable. Now you’re being forced to have protection until your stalker is found. Luckily, the secret service has just retained none other than Special Agent James Barnes to lead your protection team. Agent Barnes has protected people all around the world from London to Moscow. How difficult could protecting the young and beautiful White House chief of staff be? Perhaps it won’t be so bad… or perhaps it might. Join along on the ride of a lifetime with… the bodyguard.
part 1 | the meeting
part 2 | the first day 
part 3 | the date
part 4 | the day off
part 5 | the kiss & the regret & the realization
part 6 | the moment you knew
part 7 | the betrayal
part 8 | the President’s motorcade
| should've been you | completed
18+ only | He was supposed to meet you at the game. He was supposed to be the one you went on a date with. He was the one you were supposed to fall in love with. Yet, here you are three years into a relationship with another… it should’ve been him, not his best friend.
part 1 | my boyfriend’s best friend
part 2 | three years ago (buckys version)
part 3 | three years ago (readers version)
part 4 | for you? I’d do absolutely anything
part 5 | breakfast at Steve’s
part 6 | London? London.
part 7 | it should’ve been you
part 8 | see you soon
part 9 | forever
| home for the holidays | completed
18+ only | When your family begs you to come home for the holidays and to bring the new guy you’ve been seeing, you don’t have the heart to tell them your good-for-nothing-ex cheated on you… good thing your roommate is available and will do absolutely anything you ask.
part 1 | we’re going home
part 2 | the act
part 3 | maybe it’s not pretend
part 4 | too far
part 5 | always you
epilogue; 18+ (can be read as stand-alone)
coffee and cigarettes series | on hiatus 
18+ only | After seeing you at your high school reunion, Bucky couldn’t get you off his mind. He convinced himself you deserved better and so he attempted to move on himself. Things seemed to be going fine...that was until the Stark holiday party.
part 1 | coffee and cigarettes
part 2 | American nights
part 3 |
part 4 |
calamitous love | ongoing 
18+ only | Reader is a modern princess under immense pressure to marry before she takes the crown, she choose her Prince Charming four years ago… but he didn’t choose her back. He left her with a broken heart and her kingdom to rule alone. Four years later, reader is in an arranged engagement with a man who she can see herself loving… one day... everything seems to be falling into place until her original prince shows up at her engagement party determined to win her back before her wedding day. 
part 1 | the announcement
part 2 | the dance
part 3 |
part 4 | 
part 5 | 
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hertzwritings · a month ago
After hours
A/N: Apparently, the weekend makes me hornier than anything, so you guys are getting all of the filth in my brain. Whoops. I would not be in a position to write the filth, if I didn’t have the always amazing @staysluttymyfriends97​, who’s my kinky muse and her reactions to my smut gives me all the energy I need to write more! Also, this story is HEAVILY inspired by a very, really good audio-snippet from the app, Quinn – the amazing Anonyfun made some serious audio-filth, and if you guys have the app, go listen to him, because DAMN. If I could tag him, I would.
You can buy me a coffee here and I’ll write you a drabble, one-shot or multichapter fic that’s completely personalized to you! Love y’all so much, thank you for being here and reading my stuff!
Remember, feedback feeds the soul and my requests (and askbox) is always open – there’s no limits, because I am me and I have none.
Pairing: Professor!Henry Cavill x female reader
Warnings: language, smut (minors DNI), ag gap (Henry is around 40, reader is in her 20’s), Dom!Henry, teacher/student dynamic, secret sex, p in v, unprotected sex, oral (f + m receiving), spanking, breath play, hair pulling, dirty talk, praise kink, cream pie,
Wordcount: 3.183
 After hours
Tumblr media
 You knocked on the door to his office, the quiet of the halls around you slightly unsettling; there was still a few faculty members lingering about, and you had heard Professor Collins roam around in his office, but the lack of students talking, and the normal hustle and bustle of the day made you feel a little awkward. It wasn’t unusual for you to visit Professor Cavill’s office at odd hours – or even at all – you were a TA and he had been extremely helpful with your dissertation over the last few weeks. The fact that you had a hard time concentrating was entirely on you and your extremely inappropriate crush on your older Professor.
“Come on in!” His voice was muffled from behind the door, and you let yourself inside, closing the door behind you. He greeted you with a wide smile and gestured for you to sit down in the familiar chair in front of his desk. “Hi, Y/N, good to see you again.” God, his voice was a deep baritone dripping with honey. It made you squirm a little. “You too, Professor. You wanted to see me?” He nodded and pulled a few folders out and placed them in front of you.
“Yes, well… I know how you’re doing with your dissertation, and I read through your latest part, which is… As always…” He winked at you with a quick smile. “Perfect.” You felt the heat on your cheeks. “Thank you, sir.” He pointed to the folders in front of him. “Anyway, I realized you haven’t asked for a letter of recommendation from me? I was just wondering why? You seem primed for graduate school.” “Oh.” You ran a hand through your hair. “Uhm, I haven’t really thought about it.” “Hm.” He sighed. “I know you’re a great student and you’re definitely more than deserving of it, so… I’ve seen your work through the last few semesters and if you want to try it out, there’s a few people in here…” He pointed to the folders. “You can give a call.” You smiled at him. “Thank you, sir. I really didn’t think much of it, so…” “You’re welcome. I’m proud of what you’ve done, and how studious you are.” He grinned and stood up, smoothing his shirt down a little. “Listen, I have a late-night lecture in an hour or so, but…” You stood yourself and smiled, holding your hand out to him. “Seeing as I’m graduating soon, I suppose this is the last time I’m going to see you, Professor.” His smile widened and he pulled you in for a hug, his arms tight around you. You smiled against his chest and hugged him back. “I’m proud of you, Y/N.” He pulled away slightly and smirked down at you. “Although you’ve added to my collection of grey hairs.” You laughed. “Oh, really? Where is my grey hair, then?” You asked cheerily. “Yours is right… Here.” He pointed to a small grey hair that rested close to his temple. You still had your arms around him – he licked his lips and you realized just how close you were now. Your heart was hammering out of your chest. Something took over you and you closed the distance between the two of you and met his lips – he gasped in surprise, and you were feeling wildly slick already. He pulled back with a groan and stepped back, moving further away from you.
“Shit, I’m… We can’t. You’re still my student and this is inappropriate. I…” You bit your lips as embarrassment ran through your body. “I’m sorry, I think I just…” You felt the tell-tale signs of tears incoming and closed your eyes to avoid the further embarrassment. “Fuck, don’t be mad at me, I don’t know what came over me.” “No, it’s…” He sighed and you opened your eyes to look at him, his chest heaving, and eyes trained on your face. “I’m not mad, and had it been any other situation, where you weren’t my student, I wou…” He cut himself off. “We just can’t.” You nodded. “I’m sorry.” You turned on your heel and moved to the door, but his hand was on your arm in an instant, turning you back to him. “Don’t… It’s been trying to be around you so much for me, Y/N. You have no idea how much I would want to do this with you, but I’m your teacher.” “I understand.” You answered feebly, biting your lip, looking up at him through your eyelashes. He groaned and pulled you back into his chest, his lips on yours with wild desperation. You moaned against him, as his hand went to your ass and he growled against you, his tongue darting out to lick against your lower lip. He pulled away at the same time as your body molded against him, and he looked like it caused him serious pain to do it. He sat down heavily in his chair, legs spread wide – you couldn’t stop yourself with the way he looked at you, and you strode across the room to sit on his lap. “Fuck…” he kissed your neck, sucking at the sensitive skin there, and sued every ounce of willpower in him to pull away from you. “You can’t be sitting on my lap like this…” You raised an eyebrow, too far gone to really care about the consequences, and simply adjusted yourself so you were straddling his lower half, your skirt riding up on your thighs. He kissed you deeply again, as your hands went to his belt-buckle, while his fingers moved closer to your heat. You rolled your hips and he groaned. “Stop, we need to stop…” He mumbled, his fingers slowly moving away from you, and you stilled. “I am so sorry. I don’t…” You felt your cheeks burn with embarrassment and rejection and stood up. His hand found your arm and he stood up, his pants falling dangerously low on his hips. He looked disheveled and wild. “I know, I’m sorry too. I just…” He sighed and his lips inched closer to yours before he pulled back with a willpower, you could only dream of having. “Being so close to you… It’s dangerous for me.” You whimpered at his touch, fingers digging into your skin.  
“Fuck!” he ran a hand over his stubble and found your eyes again, moving further away again. “I… Okay, I’ll let you… Let’s just forget this happened. Momentary lapse of judgement on my part.” “You know I’m an adult right?” You asked gently, your heart in your throat and truly desperate for him to just fucking take you. “I know, but…” You moved to him again, hands around his neck and kissed him again – it was like a magnetic pull, too hard to resist; he groaned against the kiss. “Fuck...” he mumbled against your lips. “Stop, Y/N, listen to me, please…” He pulled away and let his thumb ghost over your cheekbone. “We need to stop this. Before anything else happens, okay?” You nodded once and drew a deep breath, trying to steady yourself. He closed his belt again and you fumbled to get your skirt to lay down as it did a few moments earlier.
He walked to the door and opened it. You lingered in the doorway and looked up at him. “Anyway, call the numbers if you want and…” He cut himself off and you saw his eyes darken when you looked at him and bit your lip. “Yeah, fuck it.” He pulled you back inside, fingers bruising on your skin, and closed the door, pushing you against it; you whined as his lips found yours again, kissing you deeply and greedily; his tongue was on yours, desperation clear in his touch. His fingers ran up under your shirt, cupping your breast and squeezed, groaning as your nipple pebbled against his hand. You moaned and rolled your hips, feeling how hard he already was – your head was spinning, and you barely had a breath in you, when his hand went from your shirt to your skirt, pulling the hem up around your waist, fingers ghosting over your heated skin. “Fuck, you’re fucking naughty, aren’t you, baby?” He whispered against your lips. You sucked in a sharp breath at the nickname, and he stilled, his hand ghosting over your thigh. “Fuck, sorry, I didn’t mean to call you…” You gasped and slammed your lips against his again, this time your arousal was impossible to hide. He groaned against your lips and turned you from the door, pushing you back against his desk. His hands were everywhere, and you were burning under him, desperate for something to stop the dull ache behind your clit. You heard several things tumble to the ground, as he pushed stuff down from his desk and let you sit on it. His hand was a flurry as he undressed himself, pulling his button down up from his pants and opening his belt, pushing his pants down faster than you had the capability to understand. He kissed you deeply, wildly, tugging at your shirt to open it slightly to him and moaned against your lips. He was fucking sinful. “We’re going to do this…” He mumbled against your lips, pulling your underwear down your legs. You mewled as cold air hit your wet pussy. “But we’re keeping quiet about you, got it? Fuck, I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long…” His fingers slid against your dripping folds, and you mewled, arching your back, pushing your chest towards him. “Fuck, you’re such a fucking dirty student, aren’t you, darling?” his finger dipped inside of you, and you were writhing under him, the feeling of his thick digit in you was almost enough to get you to cum. “I’m going to fuck you on this desk, darling.” He mumbled, lips going down to your collarbone before his teeth found the buttons of your shirt, pulling it open. You were dripping on his desk. “Fucking hell, you’re such a good girl for me… So wet already…” He mumbled, tongue finding your hardened nipple. “You want my mouth here…?” He asked, pressing his thumb against your clit and you yelped, his free hand pressing over your mouth. “If you want me to do anything, you need to keep quiet, love.” You nodded and a finger slid into your mouth as his lips moved down, down… Until he was blowing cool air on your throbbing pussy. You sucked on his finger, earning the most sinful moan you’d ever heard in your life, and he assaulted your dripping pussy with his finger and tongue at the same time. Had he not had a finger in your mouth, you would’ve screamed.
“You want this, you dirty fucking girl?” he mumbled against your folds, his tongue lapping your juices while his finger pistoned in and out of you. You nodded eagerly and felt his tongue lick hard stripes on your clit. “You want this cock in you, don’t you, darling?” you nodded again, this time unable to stay quiet; he chuckled against you and assaulted you harshly, drawing your orgasm out – you came on his tongue, legs tight, and body trembling as he drank you while his finger kept fucking you deeply. You were panting and drooling around his finger and he groaned when you sucked it hard, hoping he’d understand the silent request. “You want my cock in your mouth, baby?” he asked gently, rising to his full height. “You want your professor’s hard cock in your throat, so you can keep quiet?” Your eye rolled back in your head as he landed a small slap on your wet, throbbing pussy. “Yes… Please, sir.” You moaned and slid off the desk, settling on your knees in front of him. you pushed his underwear down and almost drooled at the sight of his hard length. It was thick and throbbing, the tip wet and red – you could see a thick vein pulsing on the underside of his cock, and you were more than happy to choke on all of him. You opened your mouth, steadied yourself on his thighs and took him as far as you could, even pushing a little further than usual – you gagged around him and tears welled up in your eyes as you began moving your head ferociously, making him moan loudly. “Fuck, slow down, slow down, darling….” You did not want to listen, loving the way he felt in your mouth. Your jaw hurt and spit dripped from your chin, sounds of you gagging filling the room. “Fuck, slow down, baby girl, or I’m going to cum…” He grabbed your hair with a rough hand and kept you in place, his free hand grabbing your chin, forcing you to look up at him. “I control this, darling. Be a good girl and take me how I want you to.” You nodded eagerly as he began snapping his hips, holding you in place as he fucked your mouth. “You’re dirty, aren’t you?” He mumbled between gasps and groans. “Letting your professor fuck your mouth like a good, little whore.” He tightened his grip in your hair and moaned loudly, stopping his movements, and pulled you to your feet. “Turn around, I want to be in you.” He mumbled and you bent over the desk, legs spread wide. His cock hovered right against your dripping hole, and he paused for a second, his fingers over your mouth. “You need to be quiet, understand me? My colleague is right next door, and he shouldn’t hear you getting fucked by your professor, right?” You nodded once. “Good girl.” He slid his length inside of you with a wanton moan.
You felt stretched and full to a point, where you weren’t sure he could fit all of him inside of you. When he bottomed out in you, you tightened around him and felt your arousal drip down your legs. “Ah, fuck… Yes, squeeze me, darling.” He moaned kissing your shoulder-blade. His fingers moved from your mouth to your throat, and you gasped at the feeling. He chuckled darkly and began moving slowly. “You want me to hold you here, hm, darling? You want me to fucking squeeze the air out of you while I… Fuck!” He snapped his hips once and you jostled against the table, his grip tighter on your throat. “While I fuck you like the dirty girl you are?” “Yes, yes, yes… Please, sir…” He grunted and began fucking you relentlessly, his cock dragging against your walls, his fingers tight around your throat, stealing the air from your lungs. Strangled moans spilled from your lips as he fucked you deeply, the head kissing your cervix with every deep stroke he made. He growled and pulled out as you were beginning to flutter around him, and you whined as he removed his hand from your throat as well. He chuckled and turned you to face him, his lips and tongue demanding on yours. “I need you to sit on me, baby.” The way he called you baby made your pussy clench around nothing and you smiled against his lips, feeling like your nerves were being electrified. He sat down in his chair, hard, long cock standing up and inviting you to just sit down on him; you weren’t going to say no. You straddled him and slowly sat down on his cock, letting him stretch you and fill you completely; this position made it feel like he was even deeper inside of you and you both moaned at the feeling. You leaned back against his desk, chest bouncing as he began fucking you deeply and hard. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight, baby…” You moaned, not really caring who heard you, but he put three fingers in your mouth with a devious smirk on his lips, rutting up against your pussy, fucking you deeply, while you sucked his fingers. “Stay quiet, baby.” His free hand roughly pulled your bra down and the palm of it landed on your hard nipple, earning him a surprised squeak from you. “Good girl, look at me fucking you…” He moaned and bunched your skirt up again, allowing you to see his long cock slide in and out of you with deep strokes. You were shaking on him, desperate for your orgasm. “Fuck… look at me, baby, look at me…” You found his wild eyes and couldn’t help the smile crossing your face. “Why are you smiling, baby? You like getting fucked deeply by me, huh?” the sounds of skin slapping skin filled the room, and you moaned his name around his fingers. “I’m so fucking deep inside of you, shit…” you kept your eyes on his as he fucked you roughly. “You take me so well, good girl…” he grabbed your hair and pulled it back, your back arching and he lost all control – he rammed up into you, driving relentlessly inside of you, his cock twitching inside of you. You were dripping on his thighs, your high so close you could almost taste it. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight for me.” Your eyes rolled back in your head when he slapped your cheek, the sound resonating around the room. “Sir, please…”
“You want to cum, baby?” He moaned, his thumb finding your clit and rubbed it furiously. “Cum with me, love, I want to fucking fill you…” he groaned and pistoned harder, your entire body bouncing on his. You were screaming soundlessly, feeling your pussy clench around him. “Fuck, I want to see you full of my cum… God, baby, cum with me.” He groaned and you felt him swell inside of you. You came undone around him, your pussy clenching and drawing him deeper as your orgasm flooded your senses; you felt like you were losing control of your own body and mind as he fucked you roughly with his hard cock.
He growled and you felt hot spurts of his cum shoot inside of you. “Yes…” He groaned and stopped moving as he came inside of you, filling you fully. “Take all of me, darling.” You both panted, skin slicked with sweat. You could see dark patches on his pants from where your arousal had dripped down on him, and he grabbed your chin with his fingers softly, pulling you to his lips, kissing you deeply and passionately. You were both moaning in a post-orgasm bliss.
He slowly pulled away and you got off of him – he hissed as you slid away from his cock, and he quickly tucked himself back in his pants. You both stood, a little out of breath and he grinned at you, grabbing your face and kissed you softly.
“I’ve got my lecture in a few minutes. You…” he kissed you again. “Can we see each other after? We should talk.” He whispered. You nodded and looked around for your underwear, but he cocked an eyebrow and shook his head once. “No. you’re going to go through the school with my cum leaking down your legs. You’re mine, darling.” You smirked at him and licked your lips.
TAGLIST:    @acaceta​ @a-skov​ @angelmather1​ @cooldreamlandsandwich​ @est1887​ @enchantedbytomandhenry​ @fionnthebandersnacc​ @herroyalbubbliness​ @keiva1000​ @kebabgirl67​ @luclittlepond @mis-lil-red​ @multifanficdom @one-sweet-gubler​ @pandaxnienke​ @perfunctory-username69 @sleutherclaw​ @summersong69​ @spookyboogyuniverse​ @stardusted26​ @thereisa8ella​ @timetraveller4​ @thatonechickhere​ @themanfromu​ @thelastpyle​ @yourlocalhoney​ @wheretheriversrunintothesea​                    
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meetmyothersouls · 8 days ago
Will we get to see how dark! Timothee and reader first met?! I think it’d be so interesting to see if he was infatuated with her straight away and was like yes I must have her or if it was a mutual infatuation at the beginning.
Ahhh I just don’t know! Is it love at first sight? Is he quite cool and calm at the beginning before the breakup? What was their first I love you? Did he say it first
Sorry for all the questions I’m just OBSESSED with him
It’s You & Me
An It's Not You, It's Me Prequel
*please read Dark!Timothee early stages headcanon for background info on this fic!*
Warnings: smutty smut, language, blood and wall punching.
Tumblr media
“Allow me,” a strikingly handsome stranger said as he cut in front of you, inserting his card into the card reader before you had the chance to pay for your coffee. 
You knew exactly who he was. He’d been hanging out at the coffee shop. He was there last Monday. He stared at you, and watched you walk through the entire shop. You felt his eyes on you. Even when a few fans came over to him, begging for photographs and autographs, his eyes remained on you. 
Timothee Chalamet. 
You returned on Wednesday, and he was there again. 
Then on Friday, and yet again, he was there. 
And then there was that day he paid for your coffee. Another Monday. You didn’t see him when you walked in so when he forced himself in between you and the card reader, you were shocked. 
“Oh. You didn’t have to do that,” you said, as the barista handed you your venti iced caramel macchiato.  
“I know. I wanted to,” he held out his hand and offered you a smile that all but took your breath away, “I’m Timothee. You’re y/n and it is so nice to finally meet you.” 
You swallowed hard. Finally meet you? Had he been waiting? How long? 
“Can I see your phone?” Timothee asked, breaking the silence. 
Normally you’d hesitate, but there was something about him that made you reach in your back pocket and pull out your phone, handing it to him immediately. 
He tapped on the screen for a few seconds, typing vigorously. “There,” he finally said, handing you back your phone. His own phone chimed seconds later. “I put my number in your phone. I also sent myself a text from yours, so I’d have your number.” 
You nodded. Timothee Chalamet gave you his number. 
“What’s this address?” You asked, reading the text he sent. 
“It’s where I’d like to take you tonight...if you’re available.” 
You tapped the address he typed in, and it pulled up on your Maps app. 
“The Museum of Natural History?” You chuckled out. 
“The butterfly conservatory is my personal favorite. Meet me there at 5:30″
“It says they close at 5:30.” 
“It does,” he must have noted your confused look, so he added, “I bought it out for the entire night.” 
Two Months Later
You fell hard for him and by the end of the second month of Timothee taking you to various places around New York City, he asked you to be his girlfriend. You didn’t hesitate to say yes. In fact, you threw yourself into his arms and he kissed you for the first time in the middle of Times Square.
“I am...obsessed with you,” he whispered when he pulled away. 
Six Months Later
Timothee was indeed obsessed with you, but you it was in a way that you loved. He hovered, he loved, he thought of you constantly and he constantly made it known to you. Within your six months of dating, there wasn’t one day that went by that he didn’t call or text you. You loved waking up every morning to a hello beautiful text or a I’ve been thinking of you or wake up I miss you terribly. 
He was terribly jealous, and you loved it, to you it meant he just cared that much about being the only man in your life. He wasn’t much for going out in public with you, but when you did, he held you close to his side, as if you’d run away at any minute. On one public occasion,  he almost fought a man who started a conversation with you.
It was six months in when you woke up from a dead sleep at 3:45am to find Timothee, sitting in your room watching you while you slept. Your initial reaction was fear, as you sat straight up in your bed, wide eyed, your heart beating in your chest. 
“H-how’d you get in my apartment, Timothee?” 
“You made me a key remember?” He got up from his chair and walked over to your bed, sitting on the edge of it. He laid his hand on your blanket covered leg and smiled at you. 
“No...I don’t think I did.” I’d remember that, you thought. 
“You’re tired, y/n, I promise you did.”
You stared at him, and you watched as his eyes scanned your body. You only wore an old, large Metallica t-shirt. You pulled your cover further up your body, feeling nervous under his gaze. 
“Whose shirt is that?” he asked, gently pulling your cover back down with a single finger. 
“Mine?” you said, though it came out as a question. 
Timothee huffed out a breath and stood. You leaned across your mattress, grabbing his hand before he had a chance to walk off. 
“Stay with me,” you said, squeezing his hand and pulling back into a seated position on your bed. “Stay the night with me.”
A slow smile creeped onto his face, “I’ve thought about spending the night with you many times.” 
“Really?” you asked, scooting over on the mattress to give him room. 
Timothee pulled off his shirt, then his pants, leaving him only in his boxers. You swallowed hard. This is what he slept in, almost nothing. Now it was your turn to scan his body. Your eyes traveled down his pale, lanky frame. You wondered if he slept in nothing when he was alone. You bit your lip at the thought. 
“Like what you see?” He asked with slight arrogance. 
“Well...I mean, yeah,” you admitted. 
“I won’t lie, it’s going to be hard to keep my hands off of you while I’m in your bed. It’s hard enough keeping them to myself just being around you...but here you are in just a t-shirt.” 
He slid under your covers, you gulped as he scooted into your side. He was hard. You could feel his erection pressing into you. 
“Why do you think I always keep my hands in my pockets?”
You didn’t say anything to that. He did keep his hands in his pockets a lot and if they weren’t there, then at least one was wrapped around you, pulling you into him. You turned on the bed, pressing your body against his front. His erection pressed against your core and he groaned at the contact. His eyes were closed, like he was trying to sleep.
“Timothee,” you whispered. 
“Touch me,” your words were so soft, you weren’t sure he heard you. “Please, I don’t want you to keep your hands off of me.” 
Timothee’s eyes fluttered open, and his hand slid down to your leg, pulling it up over his hip. Your heart pounded in your chest. You wondered if he would ask you to have sex with him, and while you had had sex once before, it wasn’t anything you were incredibly experienced in. 
“I want you so badly, y/n.” 
“I’m yours.”
His hand moved from your thigh to your ass, kneading it and pushing you into him, showing you how to roll your hips into his. 
He groaned as he said, “once I’ve had your body, you will belong to me. I don’t care who came before me. You will be mine.”
He pulled your face into his, kissing you with a crushing force you hadn’t felt form him before. You weren’t sure if you liked it, but as he opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, you melted into him. He smelled so wonderful, and he felt like home. 
He pulled away, biting your bottom lip, “and there will be no one after me.” He flipped you onto your back, climbed on top of you and added, “ever.” 
“I don’t want anyone else. I only want you,” you said, feeling confident in your love for him. You’d give yourself to him. Mind, body and soul. You slid your shirt off, revealing yourself to him in a way that only one other had seen. 
Timothee groaned as he turned his head to the side and gritted his teeth, “you have no idea what you do to me.” 
He let a hand fall onto your neck, and he traced it with his fingers before wrapping them lightly around your it. He analyzed your reaction, and smiled when you didn’t pull him away. You swallowed, feeling your throat move against this palm. His free hand traveled down your body, grazing your breast, nipple, then slowly down your stomach. Your breath caught when his fingers ran over your clothed pussy and rubbed your hot center. He released his soft grip on your neck and replaced his hand with his lips, kissing and lightly sucking the skin on your neck. 
“Marking my territory,” his lips brushed against your skin. 
Timothee pulled your panties to the side and slid a finger along your slit. You whined at his touch, wanting him so badly you weren’t sure if you’d be able to handle any further touch.
“Timothee...” you said, closing your eyes. 
He shifted down the bed, taking your panties off, then his boxers. He slid two fingers along your folds and rubbed your clit lightly in long, slow circles. You immediately arched your back off the mattress. 
“Look at me,” he whispered. 
You spread your legs wider and forced your eyes to open through the pleasure. 
“I’d love to spend hours eating your pussy,” he withdrew his fingers and ran his tongue along your center, tasting you and flicking your clit with the muscle. He growled as he pulled away, “especially when you taste like a fucking dream.” Timothee made his way back up your body and you felt his cock press against your heat. “But, I need to be inside of you now.” 
“Yes,” you breathed out. 
Already aligned with your center, he began to push in. You gasped at pressure, at how he filled you and at how long it took for him to bottom out. Once fully inside, he stilled and looked into your eyes. He touched your face, running his thumb over your lips. You kissed the pad of it as he began to slide out of you.
“You’re mine now,” Timothee said on his way back in. 
He pounded into you, slowly. You could tell he was holding back, his jaw was clenched tightly, and every once in a while, he let out soft moans and whimpers that made you wetter with each one. After a few minutes, he slid in and out of you with an ease that made your toes curl and your back arch. Your breasts pointed closer to his face as you moaned. 
“You keep it up and I’ll cum, right now,” he grunted. 
“It feels so good,” you said breathlessly. 
“Yeah? You like that?” 
“I love it. I love you,” you moaned. 
Timothee slammed into you hard, then stopped. 
“I...I’m sorry, it-”
“Say it again,” he interrupted, “tell me you love me again.” 
You stared at him, worried you’d said the wrong thing. Was he mad? You decided months ago that you loved him, but you were too scared to say it, not knowing how he’d react. He seemed like he loved you, but you weren’t sure. 
“I love you,” you said in a small voice. 
His slid back out of you, only to return with a hard thrust. 
“Again,” he said. 
“I love you.”
He thrusted harder and his voice shook as he spoke,  “Fuck, I love you too. Say it again.”
“I love you, Timothee. I love you so much. I am yours.” 
His body shook and he pulled out quickly, pumping his cock quickly over your stomach. 
“Can I cum in your mouth?” He asked as he continued. 
You moved from under him, sitting on your knees on the mattress. You opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out slightly and nodded. 
“Good girl, fuck I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna-”
He whined, seconds away from exploding. You leaned forward, wrapping your lips around the head of his cock and sucked hard. 
“Oh fuck, baby, yes, yes, yes,” his voice was hoarse as he whined. 
He twitched in your mouth, and you felt his warm cum hit the back of your throat. He moaned and as he cam and you swirled your tongue around the tip and underneath to that sensitive spot that you found made him weak. You swallowed what he gave you and laid back on the bed. Timothee collapsed next to you and immediately pulled your naked body against his. 
“You are mine forever,” he said into your neck as you found yourself drifting off to sleep. 
A year and a half later
Timothee had been gone for 4 months, and to say it was rough on you was an understatement. He still called you every day, almost hourly. You missed him terribly, but what was worse was that you didn’t know what he was doing or who he was with. Every tabloid and online article that came up depicted any other woman he hung out with or even sat next to be his girlfriend and it turned into something you couldn’t handle. 
He still kept up his protectiveness even miles and miles away. He always worried about who you were talking to and hanging out with but when you brought up your concerns all he said was “do you doubt my love for you?” 
You didn’t, but continuing to see him with other women, to see him kissing and fucking other women, whether it was acting or not, made you sick to your stomach. 
You stopped returning his calls, making it clear that you needed space from him even if he wasn’t with you. It’d be easier, you thought. If you distanced yourself maybe you wouldn’t care as much about what the articles said. 
But after a week of ignoring his texts and phone calls, he showed up at your apartment. He beat on the door and about ripped it off the hinges when you unlocked it. 
“Timothee. What are you doing here?” You asked as he stormed in, looking around the apartment frantically. 
“Where is he?” He was furious and screamed the words as he overturned furniture and opened closets, tossing out its contents onto the floor. 
“Who?!” You exclaimed. 
“Don’t play dumb, y/n.” 
“Timothee, what are you talking about?” 
He made his way into your room, tossing your mattress the two of you had sex on countless times onto the floor. 
“You’ve been ignoring me. I’ve texted you exactly 457 times. I’ve called you, 789 times, AND YOU COULDN’T RETURN ONE OF THEM!?” He yelled throwing his phone at the wall. It shattered instantly. 
“T-tim, I’m sorry. I just thought it’d be easier this way.”
He turned around, running his hands through his hair, “I knew, I fucking knew I should have brought you with me. This will be the first and last time I leave you here while I’m away filming.” 
He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, and you realized that this truly was too much for you. Your heart dropped into your stomach and you felt dizzy. You loved him, but this was not the type of relationship you were able to be a part of. The being away for long periods of time, the kissing other women, the rumors. The room spun at your realization.
“Pack a bag, you’re going back with me,” he said, flinging your drawers open and pulling out your clothes. 
“No, Timothee, I’m not.” 
He stopped, becoming eerily still. You watched as his eyes slowly moved up until they met yours, “what?”
“I’m not coming with you because I’m breaking up with you. I can’t do this.” 
Timothee scoffed, “don’t be dramatic, y/n. You can and you will. Pack your fucking stuff.” 
You tried to prevent it, but your voice shook, “I can’t. I....I just... I can’t watch you...” you couldn’t finish the sentence, but Timothee made an attempted to grab your hand. You pulled it away, jerking yourself from him. 
“Timothee, please leave.” 
You watched as his hands balled into white knuckled fists. He clenched his jaw and you heard his teeth grind together. He turned away from you and walked to the door, only to stop in the door way. He shifted slightly and slammed his fists into the wall until he left a large gaping whole in the dry wall, blood splattered lightly on the beige paint. He shook his hands when he was done, wincing at the pain. Timothee turned around to face you, leaning his neck to the right until a loud crack sounded from it. 
He pointed a finger at you, “you aren’t leaving me, y/n. Watch.” 
And he was gone. 
Tags: @imnotoverlyobsessive @dayafied @soulofendlessbook @fashphotolife @chicchanelcigs @scentedkittenperfection @mxciscastleintheair @weasleytwinscumslut @timotheel0ver @marvelmaniac2000 @lovelyrocker @divine-1 @louievr @love-poems-only @starberry-cake @inlovewithphantasy @alexagirlie @misswestfall @softhecreator @livresjaunes
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let-me-luve-you · a month ago
Lost a Soldier
Tom Holland x Military!Twin Sister!Reader
Summary: Tom has a bad feeling all day and when he gets the news, that feeling makes sense. He doesn't have the best reaction to it and Nikki is the only one who can calm him down.
Warnings: Death, military, cuss words, grief, angst (seriously there is no fluff at all in this fic), description of death, mention of blood (I think just once)
Word Count: 1.7k
a/n: I did not proofread this. If I missed any warnings, please let me know! Requests are still closed. I'm slowly working through what is in my inbox now.
Tom Holland Masterlist
Buy Me a Coffee
Tumblr media
Tom woke randomly in the middle of the night to a pain in his chest. It was so bad it almost knocked the breath out of him. But as quick as it came, it was quickly gone, but left behind was this heavy feeling. He just had a feeling that something bad was going to happen today and he wasn’t sure what it would be.
As Tom went on with his day, the feeling grew stronger. He hated that he was feeling like this when he had so many good things happening around him. His and Harry’s script had been picked up by a production company and they were going to start pre-production soon. Sam had called and told him he got a promotion. Paddy landed a starring role in a tv show. He just didn’t get why he couldn’t shake the bad feeling.
As the Holland clan sat down for dinner, perfectly made by Sam and Nikki, a knock was heard at the front door. That heavy feeling in Tom’s chest intensified as he stood up and walked to the answer the door. Through the small window beside the door, Tom saw the two black SUVs and one cop car. His heart sank and tears gathered in his eyes and he knew why he had that bad feeling.
Taking a deep breath, Tom reached for the door handle. He slowly opened it to see the grim look on the four people in front of him.
“H-how can I help you?” Tom asked.
One of the guys in the uniform stepped forward, “Are you from the family of Y/N Holland?”
“Yes sir. She is my twin sister. Is everything okay?” He asked, holding onto the door for dear life.
“Can we come in and talk?” The chaplain asked. Tom nodded and led them into the living room.
“Um. Let me go- Let me go grab my parents real quick.” Tom left the room to grab his parents from the kitchen. His parents looked at Tom’s pale face and immediately knew something was wrong.
“Are you okay honey? Who was at the door?” Nikki asked standing up to check up on her oldest son.
“There's some people here. It’s about Y/N…I uh- I don’t think it’s good news.” Tom said looking at his mom and then at his dad. Dom was up in a heartbeat following Nikki to the living room. All four sons not far behind.
“Hi. I’m Nikki and this is my husband Dom.” Nikki said introducing herself.
“Hello. I’m Officer Morrow and this is Chaplain Hudson. That is Mr. Rhodes, he is a medic. That over there is Officer Leeds. She is an officer on her way to becoming a detective. Would you like to take a seat?” Officer Morrow asked. Nikki and Dom sat down on the couch. The four sons stayed standing on the side of the room. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but earlier this morning around 3:20 am, Y/N was involved in an accident. She was pronounced when they got her back to base. I’m so sorry for your loss.”
“What?” Nikki asked in a whisper. “No, I just talked with her yesterday afternoon. No.” She frantically looked at Dom and saw Dom’s pale face with tears building in his eyes. Dom looked back at her and quickly pulled her into a hug. “NO!” She yelled as she bawled into her husband’s chest.
Harry, Sam, and Paddy started to silently cry. Sam’s legs gave out and he leaned against the wall as he thought of his older sister.
“You’re lying,” Tom said matter of fact. “There’s no way. She’s fine. She’s not dead.” The four visitors looked at the young man with sympathy.
“I’m sorry. She is. They did everything they could to bring her back.” Officer Morrow said. Tom scoffed. Dom said a quick "I’ll be right back" as he led Nikki into their bedroom to have a private moment.
“If she was actually dead, how’d she die? Huh?” Tom said getting more aggressive as he took a step toward Officer Morrow.
“You don’t want to know, son. Trust me.” He said knowing that all family members reacted differently. He wasn’t taking any of this personally.
“She was my twin sister. She was my best friend. I need to know.” Tom said. Officer Leeds took a step forward to make sure nothing escalated too much.
“Son, ple-,” Officer Morrow was cut off.
“My name is Tom.” He was just getting angrier and angrier the more that he wasn’t told anything. He had the feeling all day so he knew it was true, but it didn’t stop the denial.
“Tom. Please. You don’t want to know.” Officer Morrow was almost begging to not have to tell him how his sister died.
“Tell. Me. Now.” Tom said in a low voice. “I’m going to find out anyway if she is actually dead, so why prolong me finding out. Tell me.”
“She was a part of a team of four other people. It was a setup. They took heavy fire and she was struck in the chest. She lost too much blood before we could get there to help her.” Officer Morrow said with dread.
It all clicked for Tom. When he woke up it was around 3:30 am. He felt what his sister felt. He felt the moment she died. Tom couldn’t comprehend his sister being lost so he stormed toward the kitchen. Tom didn’t hear his parents come back into the room, he didn’t see his brothers cornered together on the floor trying to comfort each other. All he saw was red. As he came to the door frame, Tom screamed in frustration and punched a hole in the wall. Harry immediately stood to go comfort his brother but Sam pulled him back down knowing Tom needed time to himself.
Officer Leeds took steps towards the kitchen in case she needed to step in and stop him from harming himself or any of his family members.
“Did she suffer?” Paddy asked. Dom and Nikki didn’t hear how she died, but they wondered the same.
“We don’t believe so.” Chaplain Hudson spoke up. Nikki sighed a breath of relief. She didn’t know if she would ever recover from this bad news, but she knew that if her baby girl suffered before passing, she would never recover. “We are extremely sorry for your loss. When you are ready, we can discuss plans on how to proceed. I know now is not the time, but know that you are not alone through this.”
Before Dom could speak up, All nine eyes widened and turned towards the kitchen as they heard crashing and screaming. Officer Leeds walked into the kitchen followed by Nikki and Dom and then everyone else watched from the doorway. They saw Tom had flipped the table and thrown two chairs across the room and was working on the third.
“Sir, please put the chair down.” Officer Leeds said moving towards the heartbroken young man.
“Stay the fuck away from me,” Tom yelled as he threw the chair in her direction but purposely missed.
“Sir, if you don’t calm down, I’m going to have to cuff you.” She said as Tom picked up some of the pots and pans that were on the counter. She quickly wrapped her arms around Tom’s upper half to stop him from doing more damage and yelled, “I need help here.”
“Stop. Let me go.” Tom said as he thrashed in her arms and finally broke free. He took a step to leave the room and everyone moved out of his way. Stopping in the living room, Tom paced while pulling at his hair. He once again took his anger out on his parents' furniture and flipped his dad’s favorite chair.
“Tom,” Nikki said softly, grabbing his attention. “Come here.”
“No. She was fine. I was supposed to call her tomorrow to tell her about our new movie. I was- she was supposed to be here when we filmed it.” Tom said, the anger slowly leaving his body as he vented to his mom. “And she was supposed to be my best man at my wedding and I was going to be her maid of honor. And, and, and she- she told me she was going to retire. This was her last tour. She was going to be done. She was supposed to be done.”
“I know, baby. I know.” Nikki didn’t know what to say to him. Right now, all she could do was be there for him. She slowly walked up to him and wrapped him in a hug and that is when Tom lost all his fight. All the pain he was feeling over losing his twin was coming out as he cried into his mom’s chest, just like he did when he was younger. “We’re going to be okay. I’m so sorry Tom. So sorry.” She whispered as she kissed his head and cried with him.
Tom’s legs gave out and he fell to the ground, taking Nikki with him. Dom ran to check and see if she was okay and she just gave him a look to say she was fine. She continued to rock her son as he continued to cry.
Dom walked the four visitors out promising them to call them in a day or two to make arrangements. Sam and Harry started cleaning up the mess Tom made in the kitchen. Neither complained as they knew they would probably react the same if they lost their twin. Paddy sat down on the couch and was shortly joined by Dom as they tried to comfort each other.
Tom finally cried himself to sleep on his mom’s chest. She just held him close and ran her fingers through his hair as she continued to rock him.
“We’ll be okay. Y/N is watching over us now.” She whispered loud enough so Dom and Paddy heard, but quiet enough that Tom didn’t wake. Nikki knew her family would never feel whole again, but they would work through their grief and get through it together with their guardian angel.
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brucewaynefucks · 5 months ago
Pairing: TASM!Peter Parker x reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: Gender Neutral Reader. Fluff. Banter. A little tussle. Hurt/Comfort. Mentions of Blood and Minor Injuries. Incorrect First-Aid (wash your hands and don’t use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on wounds, kids!).
A/N: I’m in my Andrew Garfield/Peter Parker renaissance, so we all knew this day would come sooner or later. Here’s a sweet little hurt/comfort fic that I’ve literally wanted to write since 2018. There may or may not be a companion fic coming soon! This is for @rae-gar-targaryen and @aandrewgarfield​ <3
Tumblr media
[I know this whole damn city thinks it needs you, but not as much as I do]
You wake to a quiet crash. It’s two in the morning, and though the city moves restlessly around you, your apartment is dead silent. Or at least it was, which makes the dull thud even louder.  
You lie frozen stiff in bed, ears straining to hear. Your muscles are painfully stiff. Your heart pounds in your chest, a painful, erratic stutter that you can feel in your fingertips. You’re just beginning to think you had imagined it when you hear the movement again. 
There’s someone in your apartment. The realization sends a trickle of ice water down your spine and a nauseating twist to your stomach.
Still half asleep and emboldened by adrenaline, you grab your taser from your bedside table and roll out of bed. 
Your palms are slick with sweat now, fingers shaking violently as you reach your bedroom door. You’re hyper aware of how every single one of your footsteps fall on the carpeted floor. Even your quiet tread seems way too loud in the shattered stillness of your apartment. 
Head cocked, your free hand wraps around the doorknob and you open the door slow as a snail. You can’t see anything from your vantage point around the corner, so you creep forward, hugging the wall to hopefully stay out of sight. 
That’s when you spot the silhouette of the intruder. They move frantically; not stealing anything, but fixing the fallen objects on your coffee table. Strange. Their back is to you, and you can probably sneak up behind them if you’re quiet enough. Just one quick jab with your taser and it would all be over. 
And then what? Wake your roommate and call the police? Hello, officer, there’s an unconscious person in my living room. I think they were trying to rob me. What if they woke up before the police got there? What if you tased them too long and they didn’t wake up? Sorry, officer! I didn’t mean to kill him, I swear. 
Ah, Jesus. What the fuck am I doing? You pause in the hallway, nausea turning your whole world green. 
The burglar takes a stilted step and you jump, setting off the taser. They whip around quick as a flash, and you can’t stop the small shriek trapped in the back of your throat. You’re moving before you know it, running into the living room with fierce determination. 
They dodge your first attack, grabbing your wrist and gently smacking the taser out of your hand. It falls onto the floor with a muted clatter.
“Whoa hey! Shhh. No, no, no, no, no!” They whisper frantically. “It’s okay.” 
You strike at them with a closed fist. It’s a weak blow, from your non-dominant hand, but it still catches them off guard. 
“Ow!” They whine, cradling their face. “Did you just hit me?”
All the fight drains from your body in an instant as you recognize their voice. Your arms drop to your side and you tilt your head. “Peter?” 
You click on the lamp sitting on the end table.
There, in the middle of your living room, stands your boyfriend, Peter Parker. He’s a little banged up and still wearing his Spidey suit, but he seems okay. His disheveled hair falls over his deep brown eyes. Puppy dog eyes that now stare at you with a deep sense of betrayal. 
“That hurt,” he whispers.
“I’m sure you’ve taken worse.” You look him up and down. “What are you doing here?” 
“I wanted to see you.” 
“It’s two in the morning.”
“I really wanted to see you.” 
You cross your arms over your chest. “You could have used the front door.”
Peter gestures to his suit. “You want everyone knowing you get late-night visits from Spider-Man?” 
“You could have texted me that you were coming so I didn’t try to tase you,” you say. “I thought you were a burglar.” 
He looks around your shabby apartment, a teasing grimace on his face. “Baby, nobody’s gonna try to rob this place. Too much risk, not enough reward.” 
You roll your eyes. “I’m serious.” 
He smiles. “C’mere.” He loops his fingers into the waistband of your pajama shorts and pulls you to him. “I’m sorry for sneaking in and scaring you. And for calling your apartment shitty.” Peter brushes his lips against your forehead. “Can you ever forgive me?” 
You glare up at him, but it’s all a show. You’re happy to see him. Happy that he’s alright. A smile cracks through your gloomy look.
“Apology tentatively accepted.” You step out of his arms, but lace your fingers through his. “Now c’mon, before you wake up Val and we have to have a really awkward conversation.” You pull him back towards the hallway.
Peter’s smile widens until his eyes crinkle with the breadth of it. He wraps his arms around your shoulders, practically leaning his entire weight against you as you shuffle down the hall.
“Is this my shirt?” He whispers against your neck as you stumble into the bedroom. 
“Finders keepers.” You push him towards your bed and close the door. “It doesn’t fit you anyways.” You fumble for the light, listening to the telltale click of the wiring as the bulb flickers on. 
Peter doesn’t look as good under the harsh light. There’s a nasty, purple bruise under his eye and a cut on his bottom lip. He walks with a slight limp, favoring his left leg, and every breath he takes is accompanied by a hitch in his chest. 
All that, and he doesn’t even seem remotely phased. 
Peter shrugs off his backpack and drops it on the floor. He unceremoniously tosses the mask onto your bedside table. “Turn around.” 
“Turn around?” You repeat his words to him. “Why?” 
“I’m…self…conscious,” he lies. 
You raise your eyebrows. “I’ve seen you naked a hundred times. I saw you naked earlier today.” 
Peter runs a hand through his hair. “Yeah, well. You know how it is. A lot can change in a few hours” 
You put a hand on your hip. “Are you hurt?” 
“No,” he says quickly. 
“Are you lying to me?” 
“I’m fine, babe, I promise.” 
“Oh God.” He groans, running his hands over his face. “Please not the middle name.” 
“Parker.” Your hands cup his face and you force him to look at you. “Talk to me.”  
Peter grins. “You know…you’re kinda cute when you get mad?” He nudges his nose against yours. 
“Then I’m about to be fucking stunning,” you warn. “C’mon. Take off your suit, lemme see.” 
He sighs and pulls at the top of the suit. The spandex peels away from his body slowly, revealing even more bruised flesh and an angry red cut on his lower stomach. 
“Jesus, Peter.” You touch the skin beside it and he sucks in a harsh breath. “What the hell happened to you?” 
His breathing is labored and he fights the urge to flinch as you inspect his body for more cuts. “Tiny knives are my weakness.” 
“You’re seriously cracking jokes right now?” You tug the suit off until he’s only in the thermal underwear he wears underneath.
“I’m sorry.” Peter sits on the bed and you kneel in front of him. “I just wanted to make you laugh. You look like you’re about to stand in front of a firing squad.” 
You bite your bottom lip as you scan the puckered cut. The dried blood around it made it look substantially worse than it actually was. To your relief, it’s shallow, and thanks to Peter’s powers, will probably be healed by tomorrow.
You rummage around under your bed in search of the little first aid kit you keep just for occasions like this. “Good news is it isn’t deep. I think I still have some gauze from last time– aha!” Rubbing alcohol, some Band-aids and gauze. The essentials. 
You’d gotten wise after the first time Peter showed up at your window bruised and bloody from a bad fall. He hadn’t let you call for help, insisting he was fine and this was normal even as he bled on your bathroom floor. He was right, of course, but you would never forget the rush of anxiety and adrenaline that had flooded your body as you tried to help patch him up. 
Peter lies back on the bed, chest raising and falling rapidly. “You gonna clean it?” He slings an arm over his face. 
“Yeah.” You press a t-shirt under his side to soak up the excess and pour the rubbing alcohol onto a clean cloth. “You ready?”
Peter clenches his jaw and nods. “Hey, honey?” 
“Could you hold my hand?” He offers it to you and you take it. “Thanks.” 
“Brace yourself,” you warn and dab at the cut.
Peter jumps instinctively at the cold sensation. The liquid burns as it comes in contact with the scrape, and Peter sucks in a deep breath. 
“Son of a…” He hisses and his fingers grip yours tighter. “Shit.” 
You kiss the back of his hand. “I’m sorry, baby.” 
Peter presses his head back into the mattress and bites down on his fingers. “It’s–fuck–it’s okay, baby.” He squeezes his eyes shut. “How’s it looking?” 
“Better.” You finish cleaning the crusted blood. “It should stop bothering you in a day or two.” You press the gauze to the cut and Peter holds it there while you tape it. “There you go, baby.” You drop a gentle kiss to the skin above the cut and lean back. “All patched up.” 
He rolls his head to the side to look at you. “You’re a good nurse.”
“Cute too, huh?” You gather the cotton balls up and stand. 
“The cutest.” Peter grins and squeezes your hip.  
You nudge his knee with your own. “I’ll be right back.” You run to the bathroom to dispose of the bloodied strips of cloth and wash your hands. 
When you return, Peter has wormed his way under the blankets while waiting for you. He holds a corner of the comforter up and  gestures you towards him with a sharp tilt of his head. You turn off the lights and pad across the room. He’s quick to wrap himself around you as soon as you slide into bed with him.  
Peter kisses your lips softly. “Thanks for not tasing me.” 
You chuckle. “Thanks for not dying.” 
“‘It’s just a flesh wound,’” he mumbles with a dopey grin on his face. “Occupational hazard.”
You rub your thumb over the bruise blooming on his eyes. “You promised you’d be careful.” 
“I am being careful.” Peter kisses your palm. 
“That cut on your stomach says otherwise.” You press your lips together. “I worry about you sometimes, you know,” you whisper.  
He rubs your shoulder. “No, don’t worry about me.” 
“I do.” You nod. “You’re out all night being a superhero and saving the city, and I worry that one night you’ll get hurt and it won’t be ‘just a flesh wound.’” 
“Baby…” Peter sighs, pulling you closer to him. “What do you want me to do? I can’t stop. The city needs me.” 
I need you. That’s what you want to say. That you’re selfish and you don’t give a shit about the city. That it could burn to the ground for all you care. You just want him. Alive and safe and whole. 
But you don’t. Because you can’t.
“I don’t want you to stop.” You swallow thickly. “I just…I just want you to keep coming back to me.”
He presses his forehead against yours. Silence hangs in the space between you, punctuated only every now and then by your quiet breaths. You stare into his brown eyes, bottomless in the dark of your room, and he blinks back slowly at you. 
Peter takes your hand and places it over his chest so you can feel his heartbeat. It’s steady, albeit a little fast, but that’s just how he gets around you. 
“Feel that?” He whispers.
You nod. 
“I’m here,” Peter says. “In almost one piece, and as long as my heart keeps beating, I’ll never stop fighting to make it back to you. You’re my home, baby.” His fingers curl over yours.
Your lips lift into a small smile. “You’re mine too.”  
“I’ll always come home.” He holds his pinky up between the two of you. “I promise,” he mumbles. “Cross my heart and hope to die.” 
“That’s the outcome we’re specifically trying to avoid.”
“I didn’t come up with the terms of the pinky swear. I merely respect them.” He wiggles his pinky in your face. “C’mon, you can’t leave me hanging. It’s a binding contract.”
You hook his pinky with yours and kiss him chastely. “There.” 
Peter tucks your head under his chin. “You’re still going to worry about me, aren’t you?” 
“You bet your ass.” You press your nose against his neck, breathing in the comforting scent of him. “Someone has to.” 
“You and May can form a club.” 
You yawn and Peter echoes you. “I’m sure she’d love that. We can share snacks and take turns waiting for you to stumble home at midnight.” 
“Just don’t tase me,” Peter jokes. 
“If you had given me some warning before breaking into my apartment–” 
He scoffs. “I didn’t break into your apartment.”
“What do you call it then?”
“An unconventional entry.” 
“Oh yeah. I’m sure that’ll hold up in court.” You close your heavy eyelids. 
“You gonna take me to court?” 
“For emotional distress.” 
Peter hums sleepily. “Well, I know a really good lawyer.” He rubs a large hand up and down your back. “So good luck winning.” 
You fight the waves of lethargy, clinging to clarity for one more brief moment just to whisper “I love you.” 
“I love you too.” Peter murmurs. “Go to bed.” He squeezes you impossibly closer, even though pain twinges his side. 
You bury your face into his chest, body leaden by the warmth that comes from just being around him. Anchored by the thrum of his heart and the knowledge that at least for right now Peter was here and safe, you let the drowsiness close in around you and pull you under into deep slumber. 
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leastlikelytoachieve · a month ago
Bruce Wayne x reader, friends to lovers? Readers parents worked on the estate when they were kids and they grew up together, but after Bruce’s parents death they drifted apart and meet years later and ✨feelings✨ happens!
Also really liked the first chapter of the Cinderella fic, very excited for more!
Pairing: Bruce Wayne x reader ( I think I indicated the reader as female but if you blink you will miss it.) friends to lovers
Warnings: a little angsty I think, yelling, tears, attempted assault?? Nothing too wild.
A/N: It has taken me so long to get out of this funk I have been in but I am hoping this fic is what I needed to jump back in. I've been working on this one on and off since I got the request. I hope I did it justice..haha..get it...justice..anyways. ENJOY BABES!!!
Tumblr media
“I have a large black coffee and a large English Breakfast Tea for Alfred!!” I yelled from behind the counter, I was currently smack in the middle of the morning rush. Setting them down on the counter and preparing to turn when I saw the all too familiar face of Alfred Pennyworth, himself. 
“Wait, Alfred??” He stopped, scrunching his brows together trying to remember where he knew me from. “It’s Y/N, my parents used to work for you at the Wayne Estate a long time ago.” Realization and a warm smile crossed his features as he answered, “ahhh Y/N, that’s right. Wow. How have you been? How are your parents anyway?” My eyes dropped as I answered. “Oh, they're…uh…they passed. In the flood.” Not a lie, they perished the same night. Only they had been standing directly next to one of the marked vans when it exploded. The coroner couldn’t tell me if it had been the explosion that killed them or the sudden rush of water, but I like to imagine they didn’t suffer. “Anyway, how is it at the Wayne Tower? How is Bruce?” I could see sorrow in his eyes about my parents but he could tell I didn’t want to dwell on the subject. “He is good, very good. Doing everything he can to help the city. You two were inseparable as kids. Bonnie and Clyde, your parents and I used to call you.” I laughed, remembering the older boy sneaking me out of the workers quarters at night to run around the estate and play hide and seek. 
“Listen, you should come by the tower sometime. I’m sure Bruce would love to see you, and Lord knows that boy needs a breath of fresh air.” he said as he scribbled down an address on a napkin. I shoved it into my pocket, doubting that I would use it. Bruce and I drifted apart for a reason, and it wasn’t on my accord. Sure, we had kept in touch for a while after his parents passed and they cut the staff. My mind drifted back to the last time he spoke to me, I was 15, he was 17. He was in a broody mood, which wasn’t abnormal for him. He was standing outside his parents closed bedroom door with a big chain and lock in his hand. I remember placing my hand on his shoulder. I remember him turning to me bitterly and telling me to go away. After a few minutes, my stubbornness was worn thin by the hurtful words he spit out towards me. The last time I saw him was when he was just barely 18 and he was driving an old charger in some underground street race I had been forced to attend by some friends.If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t recognize the heir to the Wayne throne. But I could pick those eyes out of a lineup. He saw me, but he looked right through me.
Days had passed since Alfred gave me the address and a personal invitation to the Wayne Tower. The old napkin sat on my desk collecting dust, catching my eye every once in a while. I can’t say I never developed a crush on Bruce Wayne but I can say the feelings were never mutual. I was always infatuated with the older boy, my mind raced against my heart as I thought about seeing him again. Screw it. I knew where the tower was by heart,  I didn’t need the napkin. I slipped on my converse and marched out the door. Maybe I should have waited until it was daylight outside.I drew my arms around my frame, pulling my jacket tighter around my body. I wasn’t far from the tower when I heard the footsteps, I could see the big bright “WAYNE” name in the sky. I quickened my pace, hoping it was just some other innocent person trying to get to their destination. But one set of footsteps turned into two, turned into three. Every inch of my body told me to keep walking and not look back. “‘Never look back” my father would always tell me.  
Even so, I glanced over my shoulder, only to see three men dressed in baggy clothes headed straight for me. Whipping my head back around, I focused on the sign that read “WAYNE” but pronounced “Sanctuary” in my head. I quickened my pace until I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder and heard a deep voice say “Hey honey, sorry I’m late.” My instinct was to yank away from the person but the arm around my shoulders was too strong. Throwing my gaze up to the man, I noticed a strong jaw and dark hair, but when he glanced down at me, I recognized his eyes. His beautiful, piercing, oceanic eyes. The eyes I had fallen for so many years ago. “Bruce,” it came out as more of a whisper than I had intended. He flicked his eyes back up towards the street. “That ever happens. Just stare straight ahead, keep walking.” I maneuvered my arm around his waist and muttered a “thank you” eventually, we made it to the tower. 
“What were you doing out here this late, Y/N?” 
Coming to see you “I uh…I was at a friend's house, lost track of time.”
“Why were you walking this way? You live the other way.”
Because I just lied to you. I wasn’t going home “I must have gotten turned around.” 
The look he gave me said that he didn’t buy it, but he let it pass. “Come inside. It’s not safe out here right now.” I dutifully followed him through the front door with no desire to continue to be chastised by Bruce Wayne. The tower looked and smelled exactly how I remembered it. Except instead of buzzing with people and activity, it was dark…empty…lonely. 
“Ahh…Y/N, I’m so glad you decided to come. I wasn’t sure you would take me up on the offer.” Bruce glanced down at me with one eyebrow raised. Busted. “Please take your coat off, I have a fire running just in here, let me fix some tea.” Alfred ushered us into a room with two, rather extravagant brown leather couches. “I’ll just go start the tea while you two catch up.” Alfred stated, before he walked out, closing the huge wooden doors behind him. 
“You promised, Bruce. You promised that no matter what, no matter if we fought, no matter WHAT, we would always have each other. And then one day, you shut me out. I kept waiting for you to come back, to keep your promise. You never did. You promised. And you lied. That is why I came here. Because you deserve to know how much you hurt me.” Bruce sat in silence as years worth of tears burned lines of betrayal into my cheeks. 
“Y/N” He reached forward and placed a hand on the side of my face, his thumb swiping across my cheek, smearing the tears and making room for the ones waiting to fall. 
“No! I loved you Bruce! So much! But of course you couldn’t be bothered with the low class, peasant girl that swooned over the prince of Gotham like a lost puppy. Your pity for me ran out and you were done with me.” I pulled his hand from my face and stood up to walk away. Two steps into my grand exit, I felt a hand wrap around my wrist, anchoring me to my place on the floor. 
“Is that what you think? You think I pitied you? Y/N, I was in LOVE with you. It scared the hell out of me.”
I scoffed, “you were in love with me, so you tossed me to the street like I was nothing?” Bruce stood up, towering over me, grabbing my face in both of his hands, forcing my eyes to look into his. It felt in that moment like he would yell, scream in my face what he thought was so obvious. But his voice came out at just over a whisper. 
“Look at me…you were everything.” and then he kissed me. He kissed me in the way I always dreamed he would. Gently, full of love. He kissed me like I was made of glass and he would break me with the slightest touch. “You were everything” he repeated the sentence in between kisses like a prayer.
Kiss "you were everything" Kiss "you were everything"
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tommyparkerr · 4 months ago
Loose Thread Pt. 1 of 2 | TASM Peter Parker x Reader
This was originally just a one-shot, then I made a last minute decision to convert it to two parts because....well, just because. There wasn’t really a reason. But anyways, please enjoy my first AG!Peter Parker fic! I had tons of fun writing it, one because I haven’t been inspired to write for awhile, two because I’m obsessed with TASM again (as are we all, I swear) and I needed to write him. So please let me know what you think! It’d be much appreciated:)
Words: 2.3k
Warnings: Implied death (Gwen)
Tumblr media
L O O S E  T H R E A D  ( I ) :
“I’m going to be so late,” Peter murmured to himself, swinging as fast as he could back to May’s. She was going to kill him if he wasn’t back in time for dinner, which had technically been ten minutes ago. He eyed a shortcut through a nearby park, quickly making sure there would be enough trees around to hold his weight before veering in that direction. 
In the future, he would blame his panicked tunnel vision for not seeing the girl in his path, but he wondered if it was actually the fault of fate.
His legs clipped the young woman’s shoulders, causing her to fall face first into the ground. Peter immediately stopped swinging, dropping from his place in the air and going over to the girl, now even more panicked than before. “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!” he exclaimed, eyes wide in shock. The girl groaned and turned over onto her back, and he knelt next to her with hands mid-air, unsure of what to do. When he finally saw her face, he froze. 
You were the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. 
“You know,” you said, “I didn’t play contact sports when I was a kid for a reason.”
Peter could only blink as he stared at you, surprised by the way his heart began to flutter. He hadn’t felt that since…
Before his head could take him back to her, he began apologizing again. “I’m so sorry ma’am. I’m so, so sorry. Can I do anything to make this up to you? Carry your bag, buy you a coffee, anything?”
You surprised him once again when you laughed, and he had to try really hard not to hyper-fixate on the sound of your laugh or the beauty of your smile the same way he did your looks. For one, he couldn’t exactly take the time to process what he was feeling at that moment, and, two, he knew if he did it’d only bring awkward silence and most likely a hesitation to be around him for any longer than you had to be. He wasn’t sure why he wanted you to be comfortable around him anymore than some other random New York citizen, but he wouldn’t dwell on that yet—he couldn’t dwell on that yet. 
“Call me Y/N. And you could start by helping me up,” you said through your laughter. 
Peter almost facepalmed. Why hadn’t he already done that? Nevertheless, he stuck his hand out for you to take and helped you up gently and slowly. He steadied you with both hands for just a moment once you were upright, quickly scanning you for any injury he may have caused. Luckily, other than some grass-stained clothing, you seemed to be relatively unharmed. He brushed off whatever leaves and dirt were left on your arms and shoulders, not even realizing how close he was to you until he looked at your face again. Your E/C eyes caused him to freeze again, as they were staring right into his—not that you’d know that since his mask was still on, but it had the same effect regardless. 
With a hard swallow he hoped was quieter than it sounded, he took a step back and grabbed your bag from where it had fallen onto the ground. He brushed that off too before sheepishly handing it back to you.
“Can’t I-can’t I help you with anything, uh, Y/N?” Peter stuttered, which was something he almost never did while suited up. 
You smiled in amusement as you hooked the bag back onto your shoulder. “You’re good, Spidey,” you assured him. “Maybe just pay closer attention to where you’re swinging in the future. Not everyone is as merciful as I am.”
“Yeah, tell me about it.” You gave him a look, making him stumble his way through another explanation. “Not that I’ve done this before to anyone else—I usually swing higher than this—but I kinda fight crime in this city every night so that’s why I know not everyone is as nice as you. Not that that’s the only reason I know, I grew up in New York so I’ve had plenty of run ins with people even before this whole Spider-Man thing that aren’t so nice. One time when I was a kid I bumped into someone with an ice cream cone because I wasn’t watching where I was going and I got ice cream all over them, so they turned around, took my ice cream cone right out of my hand, and threw it into the street. I watched a taxi run right over it, too-“
The sound of your laughing filled his ears again, bringing attention to the incredibly long and rather personal story he was giving.
“Wow, I’m…I’m rambling, aren’t I?” Peter said, embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I do that a lot when I’m nervous.”
“Why are you nervous?” you questioned, cocking your head to the side. “I’m not mad at you.”
“Because I’ve never run into pretty girls like this before and I’m not entirely sure what to do or say to make up for it,” Peter blurted out. 
“Oh, so you’ve run into other pretty girls without actually running into them? I must just be special then.”
Peter was once again thankful for his mask so you couldn’t see how red his face was. Why did he say that? “Let’s just forget I said that,” he rushed to say. “That was totally weird, and inappropriate, and-and weird and I’m going to stop myself now before I say something else I’ll regret.”
You raised a brow. “So now you regret calling me pretty?”
Words failed Peter for the umpteenth time since meeting you, but this time none even tried to escape his mouth. He was completely and utterly lost as to what to say. 
You couldn’t hold in your laughter for long, putting him out of his misery before he could try to start talking his way out of his own words again. “Wow, you’re easy to get to. I’m just messing with you, Spider-Man. But in all reality it is dark and it may not be a bad idea to have some company on my way home, so if you’re really that desperate about making up this whole”—You gestured between you—“thing, I wouldn’t be opposed to that.”
“Yeah!” Peter found himself agreeing before even thinking about it. In the back of his mind he knew May would be having some words with him for being even later now, but he couldn’t bring himself to leave you just yet. “Of course, um…where to?”
You started walking, causing Peter to dash forward a couple of steps to catch up with you. “It’s just across the park then only a few blocks away from there, so I shouldn’t take up too much of your time.”
Again, Peter found himself speaking without thinking. “Take as much of my time as you want.” At your playful, yet rather suggestive, smirk he went red again and began to backtrack. “I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant I don’t care how far away your home is since this is the least I could do for knocking you to the ground and—jeez, I’m so not good at this.”
“Not good at talking to people in general or not good at talking to pretty girls?”
You said it with the same smile you had earlier when you were relentlessly teasing him, so Peter knew you were joking and didn’t expect much of a response back. Maybe some more stuttering, maybe another uncalled story from when he was a kid. But Peter decided to take a leap of faith, knowing if it didn’t go over well then he most likely would never see you again anyway. 
He hoped he would see you again. 
“Just pretty girls.”
Peter felt a surge of triumph rise up in him at the time of red that painted your skin.
You were strangely quiet after that, making him afraid he’d gone too far. Despite having apologized multiple times to you already that night, he felt the need to do it again. So when you reached the steps to your apartment complex and paused, Peter took the lead. 
“I’m sorry if that was out of line,” Peter said, rubbing the back of his neck out of habit. 
You frowned, looking confused. “Knocking me down?”
Peter couldn’t help it; a snort of a laugh escaped him. Your eyes brightened at the sound, similar to how he imagined his did when he heard you laugh for the first time. 
He didn’t want to get his hopes up, but what was he even hoping for? He’d just met you, he didn’t know anything about you except that you liked teasing him and had the most beautiful smile in the world, and yet his thoughts and mind were completely consumed by you. The world could have been ending around him and he doubted he would’ve noticed. 
“No, uh, for-for calling you pretty,” Peter clarified. “You didn’t really talk much after that, so I just assumed…”
Your eyes widened. “Oh, no! No, that-that wasn’t out of line. I’m just not used to being called pretty, that’s all. I don’t know how to respond to it.”
Now it was Peter’s turn to be confused. “People don’t call you pretty?” Your cheeks reddened even more, which was answer enough for him. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass you, but…really?”
“Yeah,” you said almost in a whisper. You cleared your throat and looked anywhere but his eyes. “It’s fine, really. Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry-“
“Well, they should,” Peter interrupted, his voice soft and genuine. “Because you’re quite honestly the prettiest girl I’ve ever met.”
You smiled sadly. “You don’t have to say that, Spidey, but thank you.”
“I’m not just saying it.” 
Your eyes flicked back up, somehow making direct eye contact with him once again. “I wish I could see you so I could tell if you were lying to me or not.”
Peter smiled a little. “Unfortunately, that sort of would defeat the whole anonymous superhero thing. You might just have to take my word for it this time.”
He didn’t know if he imagined the hopeful look in your eyes or not when you said, “This time?“
His heart stuttered when he saw how much closer you were than before. He’s pretty sure you were the one to subconsciously step towards him, but he was the one to shrink the distance even further. 
“I’d like to see you again,” Peter whispered. “If you’d let me.”
“Wouldn’t that defeat the whole anonymous superhero thing?” you quoted with a hidden smile. 
“Only if I make it a habit.”
He almost jolted back when you raised a hand to his cheek, not because he thought you were going to hit him but because he wasn’t used to being touched so delicately. He could feel your fingers brush his jawline through the mask, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. 
“You know it only takes eighteen days to form a habit?” you whispered. 
“Technically,” Peter replied, his voice low, “it takes sixty-six to make it an automatic behavior.”
You hummed, not really listening. “So, how strict exactly are your rules regarding your anonymity?”
Peter instinctively reached out and laid a hand on your waist. He couldn’t help but note that you were at the same level as him, and if he were to lean forward just a few inches…
“Well, I don’t exactly have a list on me at the moment. It’s funny you should bring it up, though; you’re the third person this week to ask.”
A small giggle bubbled out of your throat and past your lips. “Is that so?”
“It’s crazy, really,” Peter went on, only slightly joking now, “how many people want to know who I am underneath the mask.”
“It’s not really crazy when you think about it,” you softly told him. “I mean, you’re out there saving lives every night without wanting any sort of recognition or compensation for it. Everyone wants to know who you are. The only difference is some people would use that information for bad instead of good.”
“How about you?” Peter whispered, resting his forehead on yours. “How would you use it?”
It took you a moment to respond, clearly stunned by his latest movement. Your voice was shaky as you truthfully admitted, “Selfishly.” Your eyes fluttered shut for a moment, making Peter’s heart speed up. When they opened again, they weren’t focused on him but somewhere right underneath his chin. When your fingers moved to find the edges of his mask, Peter didn’t stop you. “Is it against the rules of anonymity if I don’t take off the whole thing?”
Peter’s mouth went dry. He should’ve backed off then, should’ve bid you a good night and swung away before he could do something so stupid as to let you see him—even if it was just part of him. But he hadn’t felt this rush of emotions or experienced this kind of yearning for longer than he’d like to think about, and it completely clouded his mind until he could no longer think logically. 
“That depends,” Peter said, raising his voice just slightly to hide his racing heart. “What’s the motive?”
You smiled a little and began to push up the edges of his mask, slowly enough Peter could stop you if he wanted to. He should have wanted to, but he didn’t stop you at all. 
You left it just barely past his nose, letting out a breath and looking back into his eyes. “I’m willing to find out if you are.”
Gwen popped into his mind, but where the memory of her would usually cause him to distance himself from any prospective romance, this time her image motivated him to close the gap between you. 
When he swung home later that night, May began scolding him as expected. But when he pulled off his mask to reveal a huge grin on his face that neither of them had seen in awhile, May only needed four little words to wholeheartedly excuse his tardiness. 
“I met a girl.”
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notjohnlegere · a month ago
heyy could u write a piece where the reader has ocd and timothe helps her?
This ask is particularly close to my heart as someone who struggles daily with severe OCD. I used my own experiences and struggles as inspiration for this fic, although I did avoid writing on anything particularly heavy, as it could be a trigger for my own disorder (and we don’t want that!). This story is very lighthearted and easy to digest, I hope anyone like me who has struggled with this disorder can take something from this little story. You are never alone. ❤️
Getting Better
Getting Better
Timothée Chalamet x Reader
timmy’s pov. reader struggles with ocd and tim takes notes of how she experiences the world compared to him. nothing particularly heavy, and a cute happy ending.
*obligatory mobile formatting apology*
She was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed beneath her, with her fingers in her mouth. She was watching one of her favorite shows, but my god she’s probably seen it a hundred times by now. I’ve probably seen it a hundred times by now. She told me something about it makes her more comfortable, which I don’t really get. How can watching something you’ve already seen so many times make you comfortable? I find it easier to immerse myself in new things rather than old ones. But, that’s just how my girl is, and it’s one of the many things I love about her. She’s herself, even if nobody else quite understands.
She always bit her nails. I sat at the dining room table, drinking a mug of coffee while I watched her. A terrible habit she’s had since she could remember. We’d tried everything together to get her to stop, but no matter what we did she would still chew her nails down to nubs. It hurt me to watch her, sometimes she would even bleed from it, but there was nothing she could do. She couldn’t stop, especially when she got nervous.
I watched her lips move. She always whispered to herself. Sometimes I’d catch a small glimpse of what she was saying—counting, spelling random words, even repeating things she had heard me say or heard on the tv. Her family, when I met them, described her to me as quirky. She always accepted that description, liking it much more than all the other terrible things she’d been called, but I didn’t agree. She’s not quirky, she’s herself. It always made me sick to my stomach to listen to the stories she would tell about people in her life trying to force her to be different. I can’t imagine anyone not accepting her as she is. She’s the most perfect human being I ever laid eyes on.
“Timmy?” Her voice snapped me from my thoughts. I looked over to her and offered her a small smile.
“What is it, mon amour?”
“Do you ever get tired of how I am?” She had asked me this question before. But I still couldn’t see her reasoning behind it. I could never get tired of her.
“No. Why would I?” I retorted.
“Because I’m weird.” She stressed. “I talk to myself, and I do all kinds of things I don’t even know I’m doing until you tell me. Like rocking back and forth all the time. That’s so annoying.”
“It doesn’t bother me.”
“I’m scared you’re just saying that. It bothers me. How could it not bother you?”
“That’s just how you are, mon amour.” I said. We had this conversation often. “I love you just how you are.”
“I love you too, Timmy.” She sighed. I could tell she wasn’t satisfied. “But I want to get help.”
“I will support you in whatever you want.”
“Okay, so here’s the list my new therapist gave me.” She said, holding a small, folded piece of paper out to me. Folded in her special folding style. Every paper she carried with her looked the same.
I took the paper and unfolded it carefully, she really hated how much I accidentally tore things, so I tried not to do that this time.
“And these are your symptoms?” I asked.
“Yeah,” She replied. “Do you recognize any of them?”
“Uh, let’s see.” I said. I read each item on the list and bit my tongue.
Excessive lock checking
Repeatedly checking on loved ones to make sure they’re safe
Counting, tapping, or repeating random words
Excessive washing and cleaning
Ordering and rearranging things
Accumulating needless objects
Quite frankly, I recognized every item on the list. She did all of those things, very regularly. But I didn’t want to scare her and tell her that. I can’t imagine how bad she would feel if she knew she did all of these things. She was unaware of so much of it.
“Maybe a couple things. You definitely count.” I replied nonchalantly.
“I do.” She said, a beautiful giggle on her lips. “I don’t know about some of that stuff, though. Like repeatedly checking locks? I’ve never done that.”
Yes you have, mon amour, more times than I can count.
“What’s important is that your therapist is prepared to help you in any situation.” I reassured her. I knew this was going to be a hard battle, but I believed in her more than I believed in myself.
“You’re right.” She agreed.
“Maybe I can come next time you go? So your therapist can give me pointers to help you out?” I suggested. She smiled at me, with that big beautiful crooked toothed smile. She was always finicky about dentists, so she never got braces. It made her more cute in my eyes.
“That’s so sweet, Timmy. I would love that.” She said. A kiss on my lips and she was gone, walking into the kitchen to make a drink.
“Where’s my big green cup?” She asked me. It was the only cup she used, her favorite one. I made sure to take extra special care of it for her.
“In the dishwasher, baby.”
I smiled at her, taking note of how she moved. So much in her life was repetitive. So much about her was picky and finicky. This disorder controlled her every waking moment, which sometimes she didn’t even notice at all. This was her normal. Before she could even walk she was exhibiting signs, her parents told me. This was all she ever knew. And here she was, this strong, beautiful woman in front of me, getting prepared to overcome it just as she’s overcome every other hardship in her life.
I didn’t understand it one bit. I didn’t know why she panics and cries if I and her friends don’t her back soon enough. I didn’t get why she gets antsy if the stereo isn’t on an odd number, or if her chair has been moved a little to the right, or why she won’t leave the car until the song playing on the radio is in an “acceptable spot” to turn off the key. Hell, don’t even get me started on how I had to be positioned at the right spot during sex or she would get anxious.
But I guess I’m not meant to understand. I’m meant to love her and that’s exactly what I’ll always do.
“Here.” I was once again snapped from my thoughts. I looked up to see her offering me her special green cup.
“Oh? Is it broken?”
“No, Timmy. I want you to drink out of my cup. I’ll drink from the red one.” She said. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was such a simple thing, but absolutely unheard of with her. I gently took the cup from her, a giant smile on my face.
“I’m so proud of you!” I couldn’t contain my excitement as I pulled her close and kissed her on the cheek. “Look at you, my girl. Wow, you’re incredible.”
“Why, thank you.” She said with a giggle. Her pink lips met the red cup as she sipped from it, she was so confident and sure of herself. “It’s all uphill from here.”
ao3 is johnlegere, find my fics there too. requests are open, send one in my ask box. hope you enjoyed :)!
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taetaespeaches · 4 months ago
“You’re a shitty liar.”
hoseok x reader (oc) genre: angst; slight fluff word count: 4.7K
a/n: Hi lovelies! For absolutely no reason I decided to give Hobi and reader/Petal a conflict xo. Actually, it really isn’t that random, I’ve been planning this fic for a while but ugh making these two fight hurts my heart so I had been putting it off. Anyways, this takes place about 6 months into their relationship and Hobi went and fucked up :/ I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
There was still sleep in your eyes, and definitely in your hair, as you prepared coffee while your dad spoke to you through your phone screen. He had been going on about the new neighbors for the past five minutes.
“What are you, neighborhood watch?” You teased him.
“No,” he replied, “just curious.”
“It’s not often that someone new moves in,” your mom called out from another room.
“I know, very exciting,” you mumbled, staring at the coffee pot.
As your dad went into a story about the little brown dog the neighbors have, your gaze drifted to Hoseok who just entered the kitchen, looking even more tired than you. He looked so cuddly and cute you couldn’t stop the smile that formed on your lips in response to seeing him. “Morning,” you mouthed to him, earning a sunshine smile in return.
“Is that Hoseok?” Your dad interrupted his own story.
Nodding, your eyes followed Hobi as he stepped toward you to be in view of the video call. “Hi, good morning,” your boyfriend greeted. At the sound of his name and his greeting, your mom came rushing into the room.
“Hoseok, hi sweetie,” she greeted, wearing a big smile. “How are you doing?”
“I’m good,” he nodded enthusiastically. “Busy with work but I prefer that to it being slow.”
“I understand you there, it’s better to keep busy,” your dad nodded exaggeratedly to enunciate his agreement.
“Unless you’re this one, then some study breaks and down time would be a good thing,” he nudged you. Rolling your eyes, you pushed yourself off the counter to retrieve two mugs.
“I rest plenty,” you defended.
“You better be,” your mom scolded through the phone, a small smile curving on your boyfriend’s lips, guilty but entertained for having elicited a reprimand.
“I am,” you repeated, shooting Hoseok a glare. “Hobi just exaggerates. Like dad.”
“You do exaggerate a lot,” your mom turned on your dad, the attention leaving you.
“You’re so obnoxious,” you whispered to Hoseok, the man giggling as he mouthed an apology. “Anyways,” you cut through your parents’ conversation, “we better get going, Hobi has to get to work soon and I need to get some studying done, you know, overworking myself,” you joked. Hoseok laughed, wrapping an arm around your lower back and pressing a kiss to your temple.
“You look out for her, Hoseok,” your mom told him, his gaze leaving the side of your face to shoot your mom an assuring smile and nod.
“Of course, it’s my top priority. Always.” You found yourself leaning against his body, wanting to be closer to him.
When you ended the call after several goodbyes and sidetracks by your parents, you turned to face Hobi. “You know, I don’t have to work today. And I don’t have to be anywhere until tonight,” he said with a small smirk.
“I do know that,” you nodded, leaning toward him with all intentions to kiss him. “I just want you to myself until then.” With that, you closed the space between you, kissing the man as his arms wrapped around your body, pulling you even closer. When he pinched your side, you giggled into the meeting, draping an arm over the back of his neck as your other hand found the waistband of his sleep shorts. He smiled into the kiss just as your fingers dug under the elastic, trailing further down, a proud smirk on your lips with how riled up you had gotten him so quickly.
“You’re everything,” he whispered against your mouth before kissing you even deeper, pushing himself into your palm.
Tumblr media
“Can’t you just tell Namjoon and Yoongi to fuck off,” you pouted, your face resting against the pillow. You had been in and out of bed all day, you and Hoseok unable to get enough of each other. Lying stomach down on your mattress, Hoseok lightly dragged his fingers across the expanse of your back. Clothes discarded about the room, you soaked in the feeling of being together, unabashed, with no other responsibilities.
Except for his dinner plans with his fellow band members.
“I’m tempted to,” he whispered, lowering his face to your shoulder, kissing it softly. “You’re a real challenge to leave behind.”
“Always? Or like this?” You teased, sitting up on one elbow to look at him.
“Always. Especially like this,” he smiled, making you mimic the expression. “I’ll be back tonight though. After dinner.”
“Ok, Sunshine,” you smiled at him before resting your head back against the pillow. There was another kiss pressed to your shoulder blade, and then the top of your back, the side of your neck, your jaw, and finally your cheek.
With his lips hovering over your ear, you felt him smile. “I’ll hurry home to you, Petal.” Turning your face, you flashed him a lazy smile just before he pressed his lips to yours, lingering for a moment before reluctantly pulling away.
Tumblr media
Stepping out of the shower, you heard your phone ding, alerting you of a new text. Hobi had been gone for about an hour and a half, so you were sure he wasn’t quite done yet, but your heart still raced at the thought that it could be him. With your towel wrapped around your body, you peeked at the phone sitting on the bathroom counter, tapping on the screen to see who it was.
“Peaches?” You asked aloud, surprised to see Taehyung’s best friend texting you. You knew the girl, liked her, got along with her well, but you never really texted her. Taehyung had saved her in your phone “just in case,” one day and you think you had texted the girl once since then.
Curiously, you opened the text.
Peaches: I just heard Hobi’s verse on the boys’ new track. He’s so fucking good, give him compliments for me!
Well that’s sweet. You’d have to work on convincing the man to show the song to you. He could be somewhat secretive with his music. You believed he was a bit insecure in it and you always tried to respect his boundaries. He’d come around when he’s more comfortable, you thought. But maybe he needed a push this time. And some assurance that it was indeed as good as the girl was saying. You wanted him to feel safe and comfortable showing his work to you, mid-production.
You: Oh? I haven’t heard it yet, he can be sort of secretive… I’ll have to beg and plead.
The girl was quick with her response, the three dots appearing immediately.
Peaches: It’s worth all the begging it takes. But if he’s stubborn, I may also be able to smuggle you into Yoongi’s studio and force him into showing it to you too. If it comes down to that, I’m not afraid to use violence!
You chuckled at the message. She was so shy at first but once you got to know her you truly believed she was a bit batshit crazy. But in the best way. As you started typing out your response, you suddenly halted. Yoongi’s studio?
You: You just heard the song? Yoongi showed it to you?
Yoongi was supposed to be at dinner with your boyfriend. What the fuck? When her response appeared in your chat, your heart plummeted to the bottom of your stomach, sitting there in a painful tense lump.  
Peaches: Yeah, I was waiting for Tae to get done recording so I went and harassed Yoongi for  a bit. He gets annoyed and plays me new music to shut me up lol.
Your fingers were moving faster than you thought they were capable of as you hastily typed your reply.
You: So Yoongi is there right now? As we speak? What about Joon?
Peaches: He’s there too, yeah. They both are, you know them, workaholics :/ they’ll probably be here all night. Hobi got better with working late when he started seeing you.
Under different circumstances, hearing that Hobi got better with working late since you came into his life would have been heartwarming. But instead, your heart pounded against your chest because if Hobi wasn’t at dinner with his friends, or working, then where was he? When you didn’t respond immediately, the girl shot you another text.
Peaches: Is something wrong?
I don’t know, you thought. Is something wrong? You weren’t sure. But as your whole chest ached, you feared the worst.
You: No, everything’s fine, they just work too hard. I’ll start heckling Hobi… let you know if I need to take you up on that smuggling offer. I’m not afraid to use violence either :)
You had to act normal, natural, unbothered. You had to talk to Hobi before you let anyone else in on your thoughts and concerns.
Peaches: Yoongi won’t know what hit him! A dynamic duo <3
With that, you closed the chat and locked your phone. Holding it under your chin, you paced across your bathroom. Where the fuck are you, Hoseok?
Tumblr media
The door knob wiggled before opening, and you nearly jumped off the couch in pure anxiety, uncertainty, and nerves. You held it in, however, sitting still, not even directing your eyes to Hoseok as he entered your apartment. A book was opened on your lap but you weren’t taking in any of the words.
“Ah, Petal,” Hoseok greeted cheerfully. And your heart cracked. Suddenly you wanted him to leave, not ready to face what had to be addressed. Or maybe you wanted to go back to the time before your text conversation with Peaches. All the way back to your glowing daze in bed as your boyfriend soothed his fingers along your skin, pressing his soft lips to your shoulder.
He was next to you way too soon, the man dropping onto the couch beside you. He leaned in to peck your cheek much too soon, your heart pounding against your chest. Hoseok always did have an ability to make your heart race, only this time, it wasn’t accompanied by butterflies fluttering in your tummy and exploding across your entire frame.
“How was dinner?” You asked in a monotone, turning to look at him finally. The sight of him only made the pain worse. He was so stunning, so cheerful, so Hoseok. Looking at him, you couldn’t imagine him ever lying to you.  
“It was good,” he nodded, not elaborating any further. When you stared at him, scrutinizing him, studying his expression, he felt pressured to continue. “We just caught up, really.”
“Really?” You asked, your eyebrows raising. He was lying. You could see it in his face now. God your heart hurt. “Because I heard Yoongi and Joon worked all night.”
Instant guilt. He was so fucking guilty, he couldn’t even hide it. Your pain, though still there, was drowned out by the rage that flooded your very being.
“I have friends too,” you forced an angry smirk at him.
“You’re a shitty liar,” you snapped, tossing your book on the coffee table before standing up. You didn’t know where you were going to go. It was your apartment after all, it’s not like you could storm out. But you needed away from him. You refused to look at him because the longer you looked at him, the faster the emotions rose within you. And you would not cry in front of someone who didn’t even respect you.
“Petal,” he said more desperately, reaching for your hand.
Ripping it away, you turned back to him and glared. “Who were you with?”
“Are you fucking cheating on me?”
His expression shifted from guilt to shock within a blink of an eye. “God, no.”
“Really?” You scoffed. Honestly, the look on his face made you feel as though he was being honest. You might even believe him if he continued to deny it. “Your case doesn’t look great right now.”
“I was with my parents,” he spit out, exhaling after the words left his lips. “I was at dinner with my parents. I would never cheat on you.”
“What?” What the fuck? Why would he lie about that? Could you even believe him? He looked honest, but then again, you never expected him to lie in the first place.
“I took my parents out to dinner,” he told you, his guilt becoming more apparent. Why was he looking even more guilty than before? Your mind was racing as fast as your heart now as you searched for an answer for his deception.
“Why wouldn’t you just tell me that?” You questioned, your eyebrows pulled together in a confused glare.
“Because I thought you’d be upset about not being invited,” he whispered, his shoulders slumping.
He was allowed to have dinner with his parents without you. You weren’t controlling, you knew that for a fact. But also, why wouldn’t you be invited? Sighing, you shrugged. “Well, why wasn’t I?”
Silence. And that silence was the worst, as it allowed you enough time to piece everything together. You thought about all the times Hoseok has talked to your family, yet you’d never spoken to his. Not a text message, not a phone call, definitely never an in-person meeting. And it hit you all at once. “They don’t know about me,” you spoke aloud in realization. It wasn’t a question. You knew.
“Petal,” he whispered gently.
“Why don’t they know about me?” You asked, directing your eyes to the wall across the room. You couldn’t meet his eyes. You wouldn’t cry in front of him. “We’ve been dating for six months, Hobi. You talk to my family all the time. Fuck, you talked to them this morning. They knew you stayed the night, they obviously know we’re sleeping together.”
“I told them tonight,” he defended, but you were too far gone to listen. Rationality and patience had been thrown out the window. Now you were just upset, sad, angry, insecure.
“You didn’t tell your parents about me,” you mumbled to yourself. As you heard yourself say the words, you felt your eyes sting with hot tears. Fuck.
“Let me explain,” He stood up, approaching you. You didn’t have the energy to move away, allowing him to stand in front of you. You evaded his gaze and he didn’t touch you. At least he could respect your boundaries.
“I don’t want to stand here and listen to you put me down,” you muttered. Pride. You were so prideful, your ego was bruised, and your heart was cracked.
“I’m not putting-”
“Because that’s not the man I know, that’s not who you are,” you spoke louder, more clearly, though your voice was still low. “I don’t appreciate being made to feel insecure, that’s not who I am.”
“I know it’s not and that was never my intention,” he said, trying to sound calm. But he was anything but calm and you could hear it in the shake of his voice. “I didn’t tell them because-”
“Because you’re ashamed of me. Or us,” you finished for him, a tear sliding down your face.
“Petal, no. Fuck no. I’ve never been anything but proud to know you, you’re too fucking good for me, I could never be ashamed,” he assured you passionately, an angry tone taking over his words.
“What other explanation could there be? We’ve been together for months,” You raised your voice. “Is this not as serious to you as it is to me?” He loved his parents, he was close to his parents, why was he keeping you from them?
“Will you just let me talk?” He asked, his own voice angry and loud. “I’m trying to explain and I understand you’re upset, I get that, but let me just… explain.”
“And how can I trust anything that comes out of your mouth?” You asked, glaring at him. “You’re a fucking liar.”
The words were laced with venom and he took the hit hard. You watched as his face transformed, going from tense to just fucking sad. Heartbroken. “You can be so quick to judge sometimes. I know I fucked up but, please, don’t assume the worst of me.”
You wanted to fight back. You wanted to tell him off. You wanted to shove him out of your apartment and tell him to never come back. But, his face. He was Hoseok. You loved him. And until this night, despite how fucked everything ended up, despite how it all unfolded, despite the deception, you found yourself wanting to hear him out.
“I’m not-” you sighed. “I’m not trying to judge you unfairly but fuck, Hobi, what am I supposed to think?” You asked him, looking into his eyes, allowing him to see the vulnerability, the tears, the hurt. “I let you in, this is serious for me, I want to fucking grow old with you and I don’t want to be made to feel like a fool for seeing and wanting that future if you’re not reciprocating. It feels like you’re waiting for us to fail. Like there’s no point in going through the process of telling your family about us because you’re just waiting for us to end.”
“I’m so sorry, fuck, I’m sorry,” he apologized, the full weight of his actions crashing down on him. “That was not my intention at all, I don’t feel that way, I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.”
“Then why, Hobi?” You cried, a sob escaping your lips. He tentatively reached out to touch your arm, wanting to comfort you. You shook your head, and he slowly lowered his hand. You didn’t need his comfort, despite wanting it.  
Sighing, he gestured to the couch. Reluctantly, you sat down with him, however keeping your distance from him.
He took a few breaths, preparing to open up and tell you everything. Turning toward you, you felt his gaze on your face but you stayed facing forward. “My parents, and especially my mom, sacrificed so much for me to be able to dance. To have this career. Driving me several hours a day, supporting me financially, letting me move away from home to chase my dreams” he paused. You listened intently. Though you refused to look at him, you hung onto his every word, taking it all in, hearing him. “I just felt like I should achieve more before telling them because… what if they take it as me not taking my career seriously enough? I don’t want them to take offense and the last thing I want is for anyone to blame you for the lack of my achievements or label you as a distraction. Because you’re not that, I do see my future in you, I just wanted to be further in my career before I let them in so that they could see you the way I do.”
You swallowed, guilt and hurt battling it out within your chest. Why didn’t he tell you about any of these concerns? Why were you so unaware of what he’d been feeling? “What do you mean lack of achievements?” He stared at you, too ashamed to answer. “Hoseok, you’ve had so much success, you’re constantly raising the bar for yourself and everyone else. You’re achieving so much more than enough.”
“As a group,” he corrected you. “As BTS, yes. But me, as J-Hope, as Jung Hoseok, I just- I think I can do more. And it’s not your fault, that’s not what I’m saying, it’s just I don’t want any of that blame thrown at you.”
“Do you really think you’re not achieving enough?”
“I feel like I’m not contributing enough, and I don’t have a mixtape, I don’t have the popularity-”
“BTS wouldn’t even be a thing if it weren’t for you, do you understand that? I’ve heard all of the stories, you’re literally the glue, Hobi. That group’s success is also your success. Jung Hoseok’s success.”
With tears in his eyes, he sniffled as his gaze stayed on you. “Are you still mad at me?”
“Yeah,” you started tearing up again as well. “So fucking mad. And hurt. But I’m also mad because that’s so stupid, of course you’re achieving.”
“I’m sorry, don’t cry because of me,” he frowned, reaching out to catch a tear as it slid down your cheek. That time you let him.
“I’ll cry for whatever I want, don’t tell me what to do,” you snapped back, frustrated with your emotions. Hoseok flinched just barely, though he tried to hide it.
“You’re right, cry all you want,” he immediately back tracked. And you had the fucking urge to smile, like instinct kicked in and your body knew that after fighting with Hoseok, you were supposed to laugh it off and forgive. You wanted to. But you didn’t know if you could yet. “I want my parents to know you, Petal. I know they’ll love you. I was just scared. My mom really did everything she could to held me advance, I just don’t want her to think I’m taking that for granted.”
“I understand.” And you did. Of course, you did. But you wished he had told you instead of lying and keeping you in the dark. You were supposed to be a team.
“No, don’t understand it. It was stupid and as a result I prioritized how I thought they might react over your very real feelings. That was selfish.”
He was beating himself up. Partially deserved, but you still hated to hear him do it. Even when mad and hurt because of him, you still just fucking cared for him. So much.
“Hobi, I get it though.”
“That’s because you’re too good for me,” he sighed. He meant the words. And your heart hurt even more after hearing them.  
Shaking your head slowly, he took your hand in his. And again, you let him touch you. “Are you sure that’s not the real reason you didn’t tell them about me?” You asked with a hint of a smile. His eyes widened in question, surprised by the sudden joke. “Worried they’ll like me more?”
“Ah, you’re so mean,” he teased, an even smaller smile curving on his lips. That smile wasn’t that sunshine beam that had control over your heart. It felt nervous, and it dropped shortly after, as though he felt guilty for its appearance at all. “I’m not worried about that, I’m counting on it. I want you to meet them. And that’s why I told them about you tonight. I just wanted to tell them and assure them how much you mean to me, how serious this is, so they knew before meeting you.”
“You need to give your family more credit, they raised you, I’m sure they’ll be nothing but happy for you. They made those sacrifices for your happiness, not for your success.” He sighed, knowing you were right. His parents just wanted him to be happy, no matter what.
“I hate hurting you.” You wanted to comfort him. Wanted to tell him it was ok. But it wasn’t. Your pain was real and it was valid and it was still settled in your heart.
“I know you do.” More tears bubbled up on your lash line. “But you hurt me, Hoseok.”
“I’m so sorry,” he apologized again, sincerely. He was devastated. You didn’t want him to beat himself up but you just couldn’t bring yourself to comfort him any more than you already had. Not in that moment. The wound was too fresh.
“You lied to me. It’s not just that you haven’t told your family about me, it's the fact that you lied right to my face. Not by omission, not a little white lie, you fucking lied to me, Hoseok. You’ve been keeping me a secret for six months and every time you spoke to my parents, you had to be reminded of that.”  
“I didn’t want to lie,” he told you sadly. And you knew he was telling the truth, but that didn’t change the outcome.
“It doesn’t matter if you wanted to or not, you did it. You usually have so much respect for me, this just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like you dropped all respect for me to try to save yourself,” you frowned. “That’s not the man I love.”
“I do respect you. I respect you so much,” he said pitifully, looking to his hands. His disappointment in himself showed through his whole body, his entire being filled with guilt and sorrow and pain as his shoulders slumped and he breathed heavily. “Are we going to get through this?”
“I don’t know,” was your immediate answer, Hoseok’s gaze bouncing to study your side profile. But that didn’t feel right. Of course you would be ok, wouldn’t you? “Yes,” you corrected. “I just need time, Hoseok.” He nodded in understanding. Why did he have to be so understanding? “I love you, I want you and I want us. But I need to know I can trust you. That’s going to take time.”
“I’ll build back your trust. I will,” he promised. You wanted to believe him.
“Ok.” That was all you could say. You had to trust him in the moment, in hopes that you could trust him fully again.
Hoseok called your name, directing your gaze to meet his own. Your glassy orbs met his as a tear slid down his face. His hand reached for yours, and you allowed him to take it. Watching as he brought your hand toward his lips, your eyelids fluttered shut as he placed a soft kiss to your knuckles.
“I didn’t want to tell you what I was doing tonight because I was telling them about you,” he spoke, your eyes opening to meet his once again. “I know that doesn’t make up for the months of hiding you from them. But facetiming with your parents this morning,” he sighed. “Of course I want that with my family too. But I didn’t want you to know what I was doing so that you wouldn’t have your expectations up. In case they didn’t approve.” Your jaw tensed and Hoseok noticed. Of course he noticed. “Not of you,” he quickly added. “Of me being in a relationship.”
Shaking your head, you tried to get him to stop talking. “Hobi, I get it, you don’t have-”
“I don’t think anyone expected me to find you this early in my career.”
He said find you. Not find someone, but you, specifically. And you knew exactly what he meant. You were never searching for someone. Hoseok just appeared in your life and he kept fighting for your attention until you finally relented and let him in. As soon as you gave him that chance, it felt as though you had loved him forever. You still planned to. Time would heal. It had to. There was no one else you wanted to love.
After a moment, both of you sitting in silence, tense, sad, regretful, and maybe even hopeful, you met his eyes once more.
“Hobi?” you started, his orbs widening as he anticipated your next words. “Did your parents approve?”
A hint of a smile curved on his lips as he nodded. “They’re happy for me. I told them how special you are and they said they want to meet you. They’re tentative, the fears and concerns are there I think but, they do want to meet you.” He thought for just a few seconds, eyes traveling your face, inspecting your expression to try to get a glimpse inside your mind. He was relieved to find he could see you still, you hadn’t put a wall up. You were choosing to remain vulnerable- a gift he didn’t know if he deserved. “If you want to meet them, that is.”
“Of course I do,” you assured him. “When we’re better,” you added, reminding him to not get too comfortable. Not just yet. There was work to be done and damage to be repaired. But if someone was going to be capable of putting the pieces back, it was him. You trusted that. You just needed to be able to trust him.
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helenazbmrskai · 9 months ago
Black Swan (M)
Tumblr media
Pairing – Tattoo Artist! Namjoon x Receptionist! Reader
Genre – Co-Workers To Lovers AU, Tattoo Parlor AU, F2L, S, A (very tiny), Slice Of Life  
Summary – [You and Namjoon have been dancing around each other for as long as your friends knew you both. It doesn’t matter how many times they tried to get you two to confess you’re just too stubborn. Sooner or later one of you gives in to the peer pressure though.]
Warnings – mutual pining, (tiny) jealous Joonie, needles&pain connected to the tattoo making process, (I am no professional so if my description sucks – I’m sorry!), a lot of swearing/cursing, talk about sex, horny people, pent up sexual frustration, kissing, making out, protected sex, flavoured condom, tattoo kink, vaginal fingering, sexual tension, period mention, oral (m. receiving), handjob, Exhibitionism kink, second hand embarrassment but in a cute way, noisy friends,
Word Count – (6.2k);
Author note. My first full Namjoon fic! I’m so happy that I finally got to sit down and write him. I had so much fun writing this and I got to live out my tattoo kink so here’s that. I hope you enjoy it! (Unedited but I’ll get back to reread it later so ignore mistakes lovelies.) This smut is a little less than I normally write because I’m still a little sick of it after writing that long Tae shot with werewolf sex so sorry for that!
Menu: Masterlist l Be part of my permanent taglist to recieve a notification when I upload a new fic or send an ask!
[Read Studio Fun and Studio Fun 2 spin off to Black Swan]
Tumblr media
You flip through the pages of your calendar, it’s a black leather notebook that your boss Namjoon gifted you last Christmas at the annual gift sharing party where all your mutual friends gather before the holidays and pull out a name from the ridiculously outdated Christmas hat and share some hard liqueur. You cherish it since then and fill it up with black ink that goes well with the shop’s aesthetics. The book was a practical choice as you use it to track the appointments the Tattoo Parlor has. There’s three tattoo artist working at Black Swan Ink Studio in total: Namjoon the owner with his two other friends and co-owners, Hoseok and Yoongi.
Namjoon is a great boss, he always greets you with a big smile in the morning and says goodbye when you clock out. He never fails to wish you a happy birthday and get you something small, you’re still using the phone case he got you the same year you applied for the receptionist job. You share desk duty with another close friend Jimin, you’re working every Monday, Tuesday and Friday while Jimin takes the rest of the days except for Sunday since the shop is closed that day.
It’s a close-knit kind of ’family’ business which can be a blessing and a pain in the ass sometimes. Especially when the boys are teasing you about your crush on Namjoon. It’s not your fault that he looks like a snack with his short hair and tattooed sleeves.
You were always fascinated by tattoos you just like how they look on someone’s skin but despite your love for the body art you never got one yourself even though you have a moodboard saved on your phone for over eight years now. Your parents never liked the thought of it, they always tell you that it's a lifelong decision that you might regret when you’re old. They don’t like that you’re working for Namjoon and have friends with too many tattoos. They live in another town so fortunately, they don’t pester you every day but you still get the occasional ’when are you getting a boyfriend’ once in every phone call with your mother. It’s gotten worse since your sister’s wedding will be held next year.
She left you a text message this morning that almost made your coffee spill all over your new knitted sweater. You knew she’s up to no good when she started with ’hi sweetheart’ and it ended with a ’you remember Hongjong from your old high school I gave him your number, get some coffee with him sometime will you?’ just like you thought, no good. You didn’t answer her yet. You arrived one minute early and normally you’re nice and cosy behind your desk at least twenty minutes before the first appointment is scheduled. Yoongi’s already having his morning coffee when you step through the door in a hurry and it throws off your whole morning routine. Heck normally you’re the one who makes it for him but today your phone charger decided to unplug in the middle of the night leaving you with a 5% battery.
”Rise and shine birdy.” Yoongi smirks under the rim of his mug his black frame glasses sitting low on his nose as he regards your dishevelled vintage look. He looks like he just rolled out of bed and knowing him for years you know that’s probably what happened.
”Namjoon is here too?” You ask while you get rid of your scarf and jacket, which you use to shield your body from the autumn that is just around the corner. You get on your tiptoe to steal a sip from his cup.
”No. Loverboy went to the bank this morning to discuss the details about the loan he wants to get on the house.”
You hum around the cup, caging Yoongi’s fingers on the mug with your own as you inhale the sweet caffeine. Right, you remember he mentioned he needs to do something in the morning. Nice. He won’t see you being a mess then. It’s half a cup later that you release Yoongi and his coffee to tidy your desk and get ready for the day.
You apply your foundation and chapstick in the bathroom after you note there’s still fifteen minutes before Yoongi’s client comes in. He and Hoseok have an 8 o’clock appointment while Namjoon is only booked for the afternoon. He asked you to clear out his morning last night because he said there’s something he needs to take care of.
You can’t say you were not curious about this sudden ’thing’ he needed to do but you were too shy to ask. Jimin was getting on your nerves too when you told him that after he came to take your place for the afternoon on Wednesday. It was your day off but Jimin couldn’t get another appointment for his eye check so you came in for a few hours that day. You did not like when he playfully said maybe Namjoon is going on a date just to rile you up. He’s been trying to make you confess for years but you always chicken out. Not to be that girl but your parents would hate him. He has tattoos and a lot of earrings if he had Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing they would straight up faint on the spot you introduce him.
You don’t know why you hear Jimin’s voice in your head saying that it’s just another excuse because you’re afraid to receive his rejection, and the Jimin in your head is totally right. Damn, you’re in deep. This is not just a silly crush now you got on your tattooed and beautiful boss.
”Hi, I’m here to see Suga for a tattoo.” You look up when you hear someone’s voice. You smile immediately and ask for her name to check the details and then tell her to wait and sit on one of the chairs next to your desk. She looks kinda nervous so after you’re done with reorganising your pencil folder you ask her to have a cup of tea with you. While you wait for the teabags to soak you pop your head behind Yoongi’s studio door and tell him that his appointment is here.
”I hope you like caramel pear tea. It always helps me relax.” She carefully takes it from you, giggling a little awkwardly.
”Am I that obvious?” You smile back with a nod. You’ve been working here for years, you always notice when someone’s here to get their first tattoo. They look around nervously either biting their lips or cleaning their sweaty palms on their jeans.
”It’s natural to be nervous. You’re braver than me, I wanted to have a tattoo since I was seventeen but I always change my mind on getting one.” The conversation seems to calm her and by the time Yoongi comes out to fetch his client she gives you a big thumbs up.
”Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get that courage.” You chuckle at her enthusiasm, she looks like a nice girl so you reciprocate her gesture and cheer her on to ’stay strong’ just like her tattoo will say after Yoongi is done doing his magic on her.
Yoongi is amused by the exchange but not surprised at all as he leads her inside his studio, you always do wonders on the people who panic in the last seconds before they get their tattoo. The door is not exactly a real door as it’s a maroon curtain to divide the studios from the lobby so you faintly hear Yoongi’s voice as he guides her through the motions step by step and soon the low buzzing fills the air.
Both boys are busy so you take your lunch break alone. You ordered from the Thai restaurant just around the corner so their delivery is super fast and cheap.
”Here’s my favourite delivery man.” Your eyes practically sparkle as the smell of your pad thai hits your nose through the plastic container Jungkook carries with one tattooed hand. He has an impressive collection of tattoos as well that you admire from time to time.
”You only say that because I have your food.” Jungkook rolls his eyes that makes his eyebrow piercing move around getting your attention as you admire how the sun shines on the metal. If you weren’t stupidly in love with Namjoon already you would want a piece of that great ass. It’s still a mystery how this boy is single.
”That’s not true! Don’t think I say this to every delivery man just because they bring me food, mister.”
Before Jungkook can say anything witty back Hoseok yells for everyone that the food is here (you curse his sharp nose) so hungry artists and clients invade the lobby and crowd around your tiny desk to get their rightful containers.
Lunch break is always chaotic so you wait on the sidelines before you can get your box. Your favourite delivery man decides to spare you a few minutes of his precious time since the business is slow right now and steals some of your pad thai while chatting with you.
”Can you believe it? She gave out my number to that bully from high school. The only purpose that I might get that coffee with him is to get a free drink out of it.”
Jungkook listens to you rant, abandoning your food as you allow yourself to get angry. In the morning you were still half asleep to fully understand your mother’s message. You make that mistake to ask for advice while he’s eating. He’s trying to tell you something but he has a big forkful of food in his mouth so all you get is rice all over your desk.
”You fucking pig.” You grab a napkin and start gently cleaning his face with it.
”I swear I feel like I am your mother or something.”
You don’t hear the bell attached to the front door chime as you’re in the middle of scolding Jungkook so you don’t see Namjoon’s eyes zero down on your hands. The gesture is coupley and intimate as you boop his nose after you’re done.
”Namjoon! How everything went with the bank?” Hoseok speaks before Namjoon could announce his arrival. His loud friend always beats him to it. You and Jungkook both greet Namjoon, he nods his head in your direction briefly before he follows Hoseok to the circular table at the corner where he and Yoongi are eating with a client that still needs some colouring to be done on his tattoo.
You frown a little as Namjoon normally is very enthusiastic about greeting you. Jungkook has an idea as he mouths ’Namjoon and Y/N sitting on a tree’ making you blush and hit his arm to hide your embarrassment. This time fortunately Namjoon can’t see as you peck Jungkook’s cheek before he packs up and leaves.
You don’t think about his lack of greeting as things fall back to place after the lunch break is over. He chats with you for a few minutes before his 2 o’clock appointment arrives. You stay until 10 today that’s when Hoseok takes his last client for a nipple piercing.
They seem to be very touchy feely with each other so you took up Hoseok on his offer and clocked out as soon as she arrived. You tell him to clean up and lock the door when he leaves. If you were blunt like Yoongi maybe you would have mentioned to him not to get any cum stains on the chair. You instead leave with a wave and a goodnight on your lips.
You’re just in time to catch the last bus. The salary is good enough to rent a two bedroom apartment, it’s nothing too fancy but it’s home. You earn more now than with your previous job in that cafe and you get to avoid rude customers even though the free coffee was pretty good. You don’t even let your mother’s sudden message sour your mood as you wash your face and listen to your favourite band before bed.
”Good Morning.” You greet Hoseok the next day, relaxed as you managed to pick up your normal schedule to arrive twenty four minutes early. You got a new charger too.
You don’t find it unusual to see his wide smile greet you back as he’s always chirpy in the morning but you have a suspicion that this good mood has to do with his last client yesterday.
”Had a fun night?” You tease him while you return his hug. He has the audacity to shyly giggle after all the naughty shit he probably did inside his studio last night but at least he doesn’t try to hide it as he nods nonetheless. You move around him to start preparing your and Yoongi’s coffee. Hoseok looks up and locks eyes with Namjoon, the former quirks a brow up he’s sure Namjoon doesn’t have an appointment until 9. So the only reason he comes in early is to see you.
Hoseok suddenly has a brilliant idea and before Namjoon could greet the both of you he steals a sugar cone from you and slips it into his tea with a smirk that will make even Yoongi proud.
”I heard you have a date today.” Namjoon goes rigid at the mention while you’re still unaware he’s here. You hum in affirmative with a scowl that Namjoon can’t see.
”That little shit. It’s Jimin’s runny mouth again?” Hoseok laughs at how angry you look. It’s cute. But you’re not wrong, Jimin is notorious for sticking his nose to everyone’s business. He bullied you until you told him why he has to take your afternoon shift. Not even your threat worked that you pulled one because of his eye check up.
Namjoon strides past the coffee station to get to his studio uttering a half hearted ’Morning’ and just by that reaction Hoseok knows that his little plan is working like an oiled machine.
Your morning is dull. The boys are booked all day and you’re just checking in and out patrons. Usually, Namjoon sneaks out to chat with you even if all he can do is a few minutes of small talk but today he’s stubbornly staying inside his studio not giving you the time of the day. It makes you sad. Hoseok and Yoongi notice it during your lunch break, hell even Jungkook notices that you’re down in the dumps.
You’re stalling before Namjoon’s studio, it’s four and you need to get to the coffee shop by 4:30, you hear the comforting buzz coming from the tattooing machine so you know he’s inside. All you have to do is stick your head in and say your goodbyes but you’ve been obsessing over the fact if he perhaps overheard Hoseok asking about your date and you don’t want him to think that you’re serious about that guy.
Yoongi watches you from a distance like you’re his favourite soap opera’s female protagonist only the popcorn is missing from his hands. Rather than helping you out, he observes both your and Namjoon’s stupidity sitting at the front row. He long ago stopped trying to beat some sense into your thick skull and Namjoon is no better. It’s so obvious that you’re disgustingly in love with each other but no one dares to make the first move.  
You nod to yourself and take a big inhale of air, this is you gathering the last pieces of your courage.
”Joon, I’ll go now Jimin will be here soon.” You thank the heavens that your voice doesn’t crack. You forgot how good he looks while he’s working. He’s wearing a simple black t-shirt that lets you look at his tattoos so beautifully moulding into his arm, his biceps flexing as he uses the paper towel to clean the skin from the access ink.
Namjoon can’t see you drooling over his body as he doesn’t even look up, he concentrates on the tattoo with his tongue slightly poking out to wet his lips for a second and you don’t want to be that girl but you’re about to wet your cotton panties just alone from that tiny gesture.
”Sure. See you tomorrow.”You try to hide your disappointment when he leaves it at that not that it matters, he won’t even look at you. You murmur a goodbye not even trying to hide your pout anymore. Fuck Jimin and fuck Hoseok. Namjoon now is ignoring you.
”Bye Yoongs.” The boy is not phased to hear you not so cheerfully say goodbye. However, he calls out to you before you could get your jacket and scarf. Damn this date-but-not-date too. You just want to go home and eat some ice cream in your warm apartment.
”Put the location in my phone just in case.” Your heart warms up at the gesture. You type in the cafe’s address and flash him a genuine smile before you step out.
It’s been. What? Fifteen minutes? But it’s the longest fifteen minutes of your life. At least you know that who was once a jerk always stays a jerk. Hongjong came ten minutes late and he had the balls to criticise your clothing telling you that it’s not ’sexy’ or shit. How dare he? Not that you came here to impress him. You’re here because your mother insisted that you show up. Well, you showed up. When it’s socially acceptable to leave though?
On top of that, your stomach started to hurt after that mini tart. At first, you thought that it’s because it was too sweet and you didn’t have as much for lunch as usual because you had a foul mood as Namjoon decided to avoid you. It took one trip to the bathroom to realise it’s that time of the month. You frantically searched inside your bag to check the calendar on your phone. How could you forget about your period? Can this day be any worse? You’re glad you have some emergency tampons in your bag for occasions like this, at least you don’t have to do a walk of shame. You don’t feel an ounce of guilt when you tell Hongjong to go fuck himself and never contact you again. It’s not that he looked too bothered as he was flirting with the girl behind the counter when you got back.
You’re too embarrassed to tell the guys what happened so you only uttered a small ’meh’ when they asked how your date went. It’s a little bit better with Namjoon though.
He looked at you and even asked about your plans for the weekend. It’s such a loss that you couldn’t soak in your interactions like you normally do because your stomach was killing you.
It’s your day off and you’re having a sweatpants and tanktop kind of day when Jungkook surprises you with a sudden visit.
”Pizza delivery for Miss L/N Y/N.” The boy smiles at you with his signature bunny smile, the smell of freshly baked pepperoni pizza is making your mouth water so you open the door wider for him to enter.
”Oh my god, I love you.” It’s probably the hormones talking but you could kill for that pizza with extra cheese. He sure knows the way to your heart. Jungkook helps you get the plates from the upper shelves and offers you a slice before you eat his fingers instead. This time you tell him about your horrible date in detail and he immediately clutches his hand in fists ready to hunt him down and give him a good ol’ beating.
”Show me a picture of this guy, me and the boys will pay him a visit. I’m sure Namjoon will join even though he preaches about his no violence policy.” You groan when he mentions Namjoon. Jungkook is lost what’s with your reaction but it’s better that way.
You’ve been trying to get him out of your head since yesterday. You never liked rain but maybe you should reconsider as he looked so fucking good while drenched by the sudden downpour. He must have started going to the gym because you don’t remember he was that buff. Now that you’re on your period you’re horny as fuck for that man candy.
Dear Diary, it’s day three and Namjoon is wearing that sexy black t-shirt again with some dark denim jeans. Yoongi has been trying to get through you for a while, unsuccessful not to mention.
”Namjoon took off his shirt, Y/N look.” You look around you yelling ’fuck, where?’ but you soon realise that he tricked you. You don’t appreciate him playing with your feelings like that so you jab him in the ribs. You grab one more candy from the glass bowl that’s for clients but since you started your period all you want is to eat and fuck Namjoon’s brains out, and sleep and…wait. No, Y/N, don’t think about him. This is work you can fantasise about him as soon as you clock out.
”You seriously need some good dicking Y/N. I’ve been calling your name forever. Either fuck him or fucking get over him.” You know Yoongi means well but you take full offence. It’s not that easy. How can you tell that he likes you like that? What if you’re wrong and things get awkward between you and you have to search for another job and you can never hang out with the guys again because you fucked up. Yoongi can tell by the look on your face that you’re spiralling so he places a hand on your shoulder.
”Y/N, he likes you. It’s been what? Three years that you’ve been pining over him?” It’s three years and five months but you stop yourself from correcting him. Yoongi knows that you’re on your period because you always get unnecessarily emotional plus he took out the trash and saw the package of the medicine you take for your cramps.
This is why he wraps an arm around you willingly when you suddenly hug him.
You hear Namjoon thank a client but since it’s Yoongi you don’t pull away from the hug and even pull him closer.
”Thanks Yoongs, you’re the best.” You smile when Yoongi pats your head and takes his coffee. Which is why he was calling your name to know if you already put sugar in his cup or not.
”Hey, Y/N. Everything’s alright?” There’s this fuzzy feeling inside your chest when you hear the worry in his voice. Namjoon approaches you right after Yoongi left. A hug can’t hurt, right? You move before you could give this a second thought. He smells so good. Even if you die in his arms right now you will be a happy woman.
”I’m just having a bad day I guess?” It takes a minute before Namjoon can discern your words as you muffle them into his shirt. Through his concern, he doesn’t think about how close you two are or how his hands hold you a tad bit tighter around your waist.
Hoseok glares from behind you when Namjoon stays silent. It took him a week to give him enough courage to ask you out to dinner and he’s still waiting for the right moment to drop this bomb on you. It’s the chicken in him but maybe because you’re in a bad mood. Maybe he should try another day? Hoseok is having none of that though.
”Namjoon wants to ask something.” You look up then, you didn’t realise Hoseok is here too.
”Uh, right. Do you mind if we go into my studio for that?” You nod, can’t say you’re not intrigued to find out what he wants to ask you that makes him this nervous. You swear you see a drop of sweat roll down his neck. There’s hope in your gaze but you quickly dismiss it. There’s no way he wants that, right?
You sit down at the chair that normally his clients occupy. Now that you’re put in the perspective maybe you do gather the courage to get a tattoo eventually.
”So I was wondering if you-” You feel bad as he coughs into his fist awkwardly like he’s gathering his scattered thoughts but you would feel even worse if you interrupt him now so you wait and listen.
”I mean It’s your day off tomorrow and I took the day off too so I was wondering if you perhaps want to go to dinner with me?”
Namjoon looks up sheepishly waiting for your ultimate rejection as the silent minutes pass by but you’re just having a hard time processing what he tries to imply with his clumsy wording. You two are so caught up in your little bubble that neither of you realises that Hoseok and Yoongi spies on you two. Yoongi silently facepalms when Namjoon starts stuttering.
”I-It’s totally fine if you don’t! I mean I will understand if you want to say no. Shit. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have-”
Hoseok and Yoongi are ready to intervene to prevent any more of this disaster from happening under their watch when you surprise everyone inside the Tattoo Parlor and shut Namjoon up with a kiss. It’s nothing wonderful, fireworks are not popping behind your eyelids as you press your lips against him but in its own weird way, it feels nice with his goldfish eyes openly staring at you and body frozen.
”You can’t be this stupid. Kiss the fuck her back!” Yoongi clearly lost his patience as he observes his friend make a complete fool out of himself. Namjoon melts into your touch for only a moment before he pulls back and blushes all the way to his ears. Hoseok giggles while holding onto Yoongi’s shoulders.
”Get the fuck out.” You yell at the boys. They leave the room one by one but just after they teased Namjoon a bit more about his stuttering. You shake your head fondly at them as it’s their childish way to tell the both of you that they’ve been waiting for this moment for so long.
”I want to.” You cup his face to only focus on you. ”I will be the happiest girl if you take me out to dinner.”
This time Namjoon fully melts between your arms and one of the biggest smiles you’ve seen on his face so far graces your eyesight.
”Ok. Great. Fuck. I’ll pick you up at 8? Is 8 alright with you?” You chuckle at how he seems to be so uncertain still even though you accepted his dinner date invitation.
”Perfect. It’s a date then.” You peck his cheek sweetly before you stand. If you remember it correctly he’ll have another appointment approximately in two minutes, you need to check him in and Hoseok will have another piercing appointment in five. You can yell like an excited school girl about your date with Namjoon later when you’re inside your apartment. You’re so going to ask advice from Jungkook what to wear.
It’s surreal that Namjoon finally asked you out. You don’t want to say it but Yoongi and Hoseok were right. Hell, even Jungkook was right. You have to ignore their knowing smirks for the remainder of your shift, they even called Jimin to tell him about your date tomorrow. He chatted your ear off for hours before you had to check out Yoongi’s last appointment.
He offered to help you pick out your outfit so you, Jimin and Jungkook were currently rummaging through your closet touching clothes that are so old that even a spider crawled out of it. Truly horrifying. Jimin almost pushed you off the bed to sacrifice you but Jungkook decided to be the bigger person and released the creature (see: yeeted it out through your window) so you guess everything went according to plan.
”Fuck, I have nothing to wear.” You whine as it’s the second time the boys are going through your clothes. You’re confused when Jimin pats your head and tells you he needs to get something from his car but you roll with it. To occupy yourself you make some hot chocolate for Jungkook.
”I knew that this will happen so I went ahead and got this cute dress for you.” You’re so touched that you swear that tears are gathering behind your eyelids without you realising. Maybe it’s the aftermath of your period. Jimin lets you envelop him in a bone crushing hug and hugs you back just as tight. It’s only now that the fact sinks in that you’re going on a date with Namjoon. The boy you’ve been pining after for forever as Yoongi would say.
After you get a message from Yoongi with a simple worded ’get that dick’ you’re good to go.
If you thought before that Namjoon is a snack you haven’t seen him in a white shirt and jeans. You wish his tattoos would be on display though. He treats you like a real gentleman, opens the car door for you and asks you how your day off went. You tell him that you’ve been hanging out with Jungkook and Jimin and watched some Netflix.
”I hope it’s ok. I don’t know if you wanted a fancy restaurant or something like that but we can still go if you want to?” Your smile reaches ear from ear as you see your favourite diner come into view. You told him too many times that you like their chicken salad but they don’t do delivery. It’s not like you would ditch Jungkook for some fancy salad.
”This is so much better. I don’t need to eat at a pricy restaurant. All I need is you.”
You realise later what you said might sound too cheesy but Namjoon doesn’t seem to mind your honesty.
You order your favourite Chicken salad with a strawberry milkshake and Namjoon gets a burger with cola. It’s perfect. The food is great, the conversations are easy, varying between work and family. You already know a lot about each other as Namjoon was your friend first but you like this kind of change in your relationship.
Namjoon goes full out complimenting your dress, holding your intertwined fingers on the table when you finished eating. You decide on getting some ice cream for dessert.
”I had a really good time tonight Joonie.” The nickname makes his heart flutter. If he’s being honest with himself he doesn’t want to end the night here so he tightens his hold on your hands and pulls you back to sit inside his car again. He asks if you would like to watch a movie together at his place and you immediately say yes.
”The boys will never let us live this down.” You giggle, your attention is more on Namjoon than on the movie. You trace his throat with your lips feeling Namjoon stiffen at the contact. You’re halfway laying on him with one hand on his muscular thigh, inhaling the sweet scent of his cologne.
”Oh. I’m sure this is what we will hear even on our wedding day knowing those guys.” Namjoon feels your smile pressed against his skin, he’s having a hard time hiding his semi while you press yourself to him like that. You don’t stop there as you start caressing his inner thighs getting dangerously close to his growing erection.
”I know it’s our first date but can we fuck? I’ve been waiting to have you for three years.” Your bluntness makes Namjoon almost choke on his saliva but otherwise can’t argue with you on that. He’s been waiting a long time too and he’s adamant about showing you.
”Three years and five months.” He corrects that reminds you of something similar you said. You smile into his kiss.
You’re on your knees before Namjoon could utter another word, his pupils are dilated and full of lust for you. He shudders when you slip your small hand under the waistband of his jeans and palms him over his boxers. The familiar dampness is already there telling you that he’s been aroused for a while. The fact that Namjoon wants you as much as you want him makes you giddy. You can’t help but act like a horny teenager and get rid of his clothes as soon as humanly possible.
His cock immediately slaps against his stomach that makes your man blush like a virgin. You smile wickedly as you wrap your fingers around the base of his cock letting your spit travel down his shaft before you start to pump him slowly, listening to the low moan he lets out. He looks out of this world, a moaning mess under you as you play with his dick.
”Want your tattooed hand grab my hair and make me take your cock. Please Joonie. I want you so bad.” Namjoon’s eyes snap open when you tell him what to do. His fingers are in your hair before you could open your mouth to beg again instead your mouth opens to take his cock into your mouth. You moan around him as soon as you taste his salty precum on your tongue. He eases you into the motions pushing your head down his length a little more with each bob of your head.
Once he’s close he pulls you off, his fingers in your hair tight as he tries to control himself. Namjoon watches you with hunger as you clean your face off of his precum and your own spit. It’s nothing like the first awkward kiss you shared inside his studio with two of his coworkers watching, this kiss is tongue and teeth as he devours you.
”Fuck me. On this couch.” You think he didn’t hear you for a second because he continues to kiss you but then you feel his hand pull down your pants, finding the soaked material of your panties. You find leverage gripping his wide shoulders whining pathetically when he slips the material to the side and gives you two of his fingers. As impatient to feel you as you are. You’re so soaked that his fingers slide in easily filling the quiet apartment with loud squelches.
”Fuck I’m so glad Yoongi persuaded me to buy condoms before our date.” Your chuckle turns into a moan when he finds your spot. It’s hard to think when he fingers you this good but even if it feels like heaven you know what would feel even better.
”He messaged me to get that dick so that’s what I’m going to do.” Your legs are wobbly as you lay down on the couch, Namjoon not far behind as he strokes his cock with the hand that was inside you. You help him open the package and pull the thin rubber over his length using your mouth, hmm, strawberry, your favourite flavour.
”So tight, fuck. This is the best pussy I’ve ever had.” You like the sound of that. Loving the feeling even more as he pushes into you slowly not stopping until you take him in entirely.
Considering how you two jumped each other’s bones before Namjoon fucks you slow and deep. Mesmerized by your sparkling eyes as you watch him disappear in you. He learns another thing about you today. As your friend, he leant that you like two sugar and a drop of milk in your coffee but as your lover, he leant that you like to watch him fuck you. You get off on the visual of him all marked up by your long nails and Namjoon tells you his fantasy about fucking you on his work chair inside Black Swan. You don’t find it weird that he wants to fuck you against the window with the possibility of someone seeing who’s making you feel this good.
He wants to show the boys at work with his purple hickeys all over your neck and breasts that you’re finally his.
He’s never letting you go again.
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duckugou · 7 months ago
boring day at the office (nsfw)
Tumblr media
ProHero!Kirishima x FemAssistant! reader
CW: a lil dubcon, teasing, unprotected sex, desk sex as fuck, lil fluff, its kinda basic. Self indulgent as fuck.
!!come to my asks to be a part of my taglist! just let me know what kinds of fics/ what fandom/ what characters/ etc you want to be tagged in! Requests are open!!!!
Tumblr media
Waking up to the sound of the default iphone alarm was the worst way to start your week days-but damn was that alarm effective. Rolling out of bed, you stretched your arms and let your back bend, groaning at how early it was.
"Ok. Phone. Spotify. Wake up wake up wake up." You thought to yourself, turning on your usual playlist and walking into the bathroom to get ready. Turning the shower on, you yawned, reminding yourself that it was almost Friday.
Walking into the building was always a task for you- I mean it's 6:45 am and you have your hands full with your bag, your coffee, and Kirishima's coffee.
Being Red Riot's personal assistant has proved to be more fun than you thought it would be. He's super laid back about what you wear, when you take your lunch, and how much over time you do. It was amazing and all you had to do was schedule shit, print whatever he needed, and take calls.
"Mornin' Red!" You utter, walking into the spacious area just past the front of the building. Your desk sat in front of his closed off office, large windows allowing him to see everything that happens in the office and get the perfect view of you(r desk) throughout the day.
The space in front of his office was a separate room, a large open space with a conference table, mini fridge, and your desk. It was used as a meeting room for the hero sometimes, a waiting room to see him sometimes, and most days it was an area for he and his hero friends to have lunch and relax. When you started working there, it was a dull space. You couldn't let it stay that way. When he walked in to see you hanging various frames, lights, and paintings, he couldve been upset that you didn't ask first.
But instead, he decided in that moment that you yourself would be a source of light and happiness for him. You physically and hypothetically brought light and color into the previously dull space that he looked out at every day. He had never smiled so big before that day, admiring the hard work you put in. His friends loved it too- which was a bonus.
"Mornin' Y/n! Coffee!" He exclaimed, waltzing over to meet you half way at your desk as you set your belongings down, handing him his coffee.
"Good god- it's a tired one out there today, boss." You joked, getting a laugh out of him.
"I thought it felt pretty awake myself." He replied, catching on to your joke. He always got your sense of humor- another reason working for the hero was great.
"How are you always so awake?" You asked, flopping into your chair and turning your computer on.
"Morning work-outs do that." He explained.
"Oh subtle brag, okay icon." You joked, getting another laugh.
"Hey I gotta keep up- leave me alone!"
Your computer turned on- calendar, email, and excel opening up automatically as you sighed.
"Diggin the shirt today." He complimented, wanting to keep the conversation going.
"Thank you!" You replied, looking down to the small shark coming out of the pocket on your shirt. A cute t-shirt with a skater skirt was your go-to these days as the weather got warmer. The lack of a strict dress code really let you wear your cutest graphic tees to work and you loved it.
* PING *
An email came through, making you sigh and turn to the screen.
"Oh- Mrs. Jay cancelled the meeting today. Aw she's sick! Damn-" You began, taking note of the cancellation in the calendar.
"Lets send her some get well flowers, you know the website right?" He asked, walking around your desk to sit on the edge of it, thigh now next to your keyboard.
"You know it- how are daisies?" You asked, wanting his opinion on the gift his name would be on.
"Yeah! Don't they do little teddy bears too?"
"Sure do! I'll get the one with a nurses outfit on-" You giggle, making him laugh as well.
You both look at the screen, taking note of the calendar.
"Shit, that was really all I had going on today, huh?" He asked, taking a sip of his coffee.
"Yeah you dont even have patrol today, sir." You explained, switching somewhat into professional mode. "Unless you'd like me to see if any area needs coverage?" You looked up at him.
"Nah, I'll stay open today in case of emergencies- let the commission know I'm free in case of- well emergencies." He requested, making you laugh at his struggle to get the thought together.
"Aye aye!" You salute him as he hops off the desk, walking into his office.
Your day was spent sending out emails to various agency's that wanted to work with Kirishima, promotional coordinators, and the commission themselves, updating them on Red Riot's work. It was like you were on autopilot typing these lengthy emails out, and Kirishima just watched.
He had nothing else to do. He could go out and offer you help, but he didn't want to disturb your rhythm. So he watched.
He watched as you pushed your hair out of your face. He watched as you reached over for your drink. He watched as you bobbed your head along to whatever was in your headphones.
He watched as you stood up to stretch, reaching up as high as you could, arching your back, and then reaching down to your toes to give your back a proper stretch- and giving him the perfect view of your ass.
He pushed those thoughts away, looking at his blank computer screen instead.
His friends constantly joked about his "hot assistant" that could "assist his dick" if he wanted her to.
At first, he brushed them off, chalking it up his group of friends being pervs. But the more he watched out over passing weeks, the more he wished they were right- that you could assist his-
You had interrupted his thoughts by tapping on the glass, his head jerking up to see what you needed.
You were making faces at him, fogging the window with your hot breath and drawing a : ) and a < 3 in the fog, making him laugh and shake his head.
You walked over, opening the door. "Reeedddd." You whined, dramatically walking into the room imitating a kid throwing a fit. "Im boredddd. I sent out all my emails and now we have like- an hour before everyone comes for lunch. What do we doooo?" You asked, flopping yourself on the chair across from him.
His brain wanted him to say "I know how we could waste an hour" so bad, but he fought the urge.
"We coulllldddddd........ I don't know." He admitted, looking at the stupid shark on your shirt again.
You thought about all of the ways you waste time at home. An idea flew into your head as you grabbed your phone from under you where you set it before sitting, opening up your tiktok.
"Oh my god- I have to show you this!" You said, standing up and leaning over the desk to share the view of your phone with him.
You stood there as you showed him various tiktoks of cute animals, dumb people, and talented artists. One funny tiktok made you think of another one- but as you went to find it, you started struggling.
"Ugh!" You sighed, hopping up on the hero's desk, turning yourself to allow your legs to dangle off the desk, thigh next to his keyboard much like he did to you earlier. But the difference was, Kirishima wasn't wearing a skirt. He also wasnt wearing cute red panties.
His face went red as you crossed your legs and got comfy, not paying any mind to the situation at hand- too determined to find this video.
"Oh! I know! I saved it to send to my friend- hang on." You said, leaning forward to rest your elbows on your knees, allowing Kirishima to peer over at your phone screen as you went through your camera roll.
The camera roll that you never fucking clear out. But you werent thinking about the pictures in your camera roll- you were focused on the funny tiktok.
Scrolling through, you began slowing down as you recognized the pictures taken were nearing the day you saved the video.
You slowed down just enough for Kirishima to catch a glimpse of a little photoshoot you had with yourself to boost your confidence.
A red lace set was what covered your tits in those pictures. The tits Kirishima didn't even realize you had as you always wore t-shirts to work.
His face got warmer as you scrolled past pictures of your naked tits, you pretty nipples on show.
His dick swelled when you said "Oh here!" and clicked on what you thought was the video that you were searching for that was right amongst these pictures as they were from the day after you sent tiktoks to your friend- but you were met with a screen full of your ass as you had bent over in front of the camera, the red thong gone in the middle of your cheeks, your pussy lips daring to peek out from behind the red lace.
"SHIT FUCK." You scrambled to get the photo off of the screen, dropping it on the floor. You both stood and Kirishima's dick took over his brain in that moment.
Grabbing your phone off the floor, your ass present on the screen still, he stared unapologetically as you rapidly tried to grab it from him. But he held it up out of your reach.
"Sir please- I am so sorry- I did not mean for you to see that- fuck. I am so fucking sorry- don't fire me!" You began begging, tears welling in your eyes.
"Oh, angel." He began, putting your phone in his back pocket. "You think I would fire you over this?" He asked, eyes darker than usual.
"I- I dont know? Yes? It wasn't like- I just- Im so embarrassed." You admitted, sitting in front of him on his chair, head in your hands.
Something about his perfect little assistant starting to cry from embarrassment in front of him made his dick even harder.
"Angel, sh sh sh." He squatted in front of you, pulling your hands from your face, replacing them with his hands cradling your cheeks. "It's okay! It can be our secret, ok? Don't be embarrassed. Those were some nice pictures, after all." He assured you.
"You saw more than that one?!" You asked, tears free falling.
"You scroll awfully slow, honey." He confirmed. Your boss saw your nudes...your really hot boss saw your tits. And it almost excited you.
"Fuck- I-"
"Its okay angel. Hey, wipe those tears! Let's cheer you back up." He assured you again, your head beginning to feel light.
How was he okay with this? It was so inappropriate. This mixed with the thoughts you had during previous work days of the hero bending you over his desk did not help.
It was a fantasy. It wouldn't happen.
And then you felt his massive hands on your thighs, lightly prying them apart.
"W-what are you doing?" You asked, voice a whisper.
"I'm gonna cure our boredom, angel. Is that okay with you?" He asked, fingers already toying with the hem of your panties.
"Y-yes- but you wont fire me, ri-ight?" You asked, sniffling.
"Oh no, angel. Course not. How could I let go of the most perfect-" His fingers rubbed your clit. "-hard working-" a finger began sliding up and down your slit. "-most thoughtful-" his finger entered you, making you gasp. "-most beautiful assistant I could ever ask for?" He asked, finger pumping in and out of you ask he adjusted himself to sit on his knees, looking up at your face as you closed your eyes and moaned out, making him smile.
"That's it, cutie. Just let go for me, relax. Let me take care of you." He told you, adding another finger. He felt you clench around his fingers as you let out a gasp and looked him in the eyes. His pupils were massive and his teeth bit his bottom lip.
He lost all control and took his fingers out of you, earing a whimper. He picked you up and moved you to his desk, taking your skirt and panties off. "Shirt off, angel." He demanded as he undid his belt. You didn't hesitate, eager to let him fill you back up. "Good girl."
He leaned down and took your bra off, letting it hit the floor. Licking his lips, he dove into your chest, lips around one nipple and hand on the other.
"Where you been hidin' these, pretty?" He asked, muffled by the fat of your boobs.
The only response he got was a moan. And he was okay with that.
After giving each nipple proper attention, he pulled away, pulling his pants and boxers down in one movement.
"Needa fuck you angel." He muttered, spitting on his dick.
"Please, sir. Fuck me." You mewled.
He lined himself up and pushed the head in, holding you down to stop you from squirming.
"'s too big!" You screamed.
"You can take it baby." He comforted you with a kiss on the forehead as he pushed in further. "There you go, angel. Doin' so fuckin good." He said moving his lips to rest against your neck.
You moaned his name as he bottomed out and the two of you stayed there, unmoving for a second, catching eye contact.
"I have wanted this for so long, Y/n." He admitted, the moment feeling more romantic somehow just from those words.
"M-me too, Kiri-"
"Ejiro. Call me Ejiro." You interrupted, kissing you on the mouth softly.
He pulled out and thrust back in, making you yelp.
"Eji! Please- fuck me-" You gasped, hands clawing at his back, trying to ground yourself as he pounded his hips into you.
"Shit, takin me so well, angel. Juuust like that." He groaned out, chasing his high already.
"Eji! Wan' cum wan' cum!" You screamed out.
"So polite baby- shit- asking first. Cum on me angel- all over my cock." Kirishima responded, making you release all over his dick as he didn't slow down, overstimulating you. He was enjoying the pulsing of your walls around him too much to slow down or stop.
"Moremoremoremoremore-" You drabbled on, drool leaking from the corner of your mouth as your eyes rolled back.
"Fucked my pretty little assistant dumb huh?" He asked, chuckling.
Feeling his balls tighten, he knew he was going to cum soon.
"Shit baby- where you want my cum?" He asked.
"Allll ovvveeerrrr-" You moaned out, brain and limbs tingling, riding out another high.
"Fuck, okay pretty girl- gonna cover you in cu-um- fuck-"
Pulling out, he held his dick as he came all over your stomach, a little bit shooting up to your tits. He rubbed your clit, watching you writhe around on his desk, covered in his cum.
Once the both of you came down, he sat in his chair, catching his breath.
After a few minutes, he stood and grabbed an extra shirt from his drawer that he kept for emergencies- just an old t-shirt- and wiped you off.
"Sorry- its all I got- I'm wasnt really prepared for this." He chuckled, feeling a little embarrassed.
"Its ok- it's more than what most guys do." You laughed lightly.
He held your hand, helping you sit up.
"Hey- you're okay right? With all of that? And after that?" He asked, a small twinge of panic hitting his chest.
"Oh I'm ok! I'm totally cool with everything that happened as long as you dont actually fire me." You assured him.
"I meant what I said. I'm not gonna let the most amazing assistant in the world go." He said, still holding your hand.
"Then... what if we do this again some time?" You asked sheepishly.
"Oh, we can totally do this again, angel. Whenever you want." He chuckled, kissing your forehead.
"Cool. Uh, can I have my clothes back?" You asked the hero.
"Shit yeah-" He picked the small pile off the floor and gave them to you looking up at the clock.
"Shit- we have like 10 minutes before everyone gets here." He said, pulling his pants up.
"Oh! Fuck! Okay, febreeze this bitch!" You exclaimed hopping off the desk, shimmying your skirt on and tucking your shirt back in. "Go go go!"
"On it!" He said, grabbing the air freshener and running around the office like a crazed man.
Fixing your hair and makeup in the small mirror from your desk drawer, Kirishima shuts his office door and comes out to stand in front of your desk.
Doing a 360 spin, he holds his arms out. "Am I good? Anything out of place?" He asks.
"Nope! Totally normal- how about me?" You asked, standing and spinning the same way he did.
"Perfect as always." He replied.
* PING *
There was a notification that the usual group of heroes were at the main door, waiting to be buzzed in.
"Just in time." Kirishima said proudly.
Buzzing them in, you sat at your desk as Kirishima went over to the mini fridge to get his food out.
"Heyooo losers- miss me?" Denki shouted, swinging the door open.
"Shut up, dunce face. They definitely didnt miss you." Bakugou growled back.
They all sat around the table to eat and catch up.
"Hey- Y/n?" Kirishima began, catching your attention.
"Grab my phone from my desk, will you? Pleaseeee?" He asked with puppy dog eyes.
"Sure, Ejiro-" You said, standing up and walking into his office.
"First name basis, huh?" Sero teased, making Kirishima's face red.
"Oh my god- I told you! Having a hot assistant is the coolest thing ever! God, youre lucky." Denki sighed, looking into the windows of the Hero's office as you looked around for his phone.
"I really am." Kirishima smiled.
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mysticboombox · 25 days ago
Perfect the Way You Are
So this was my first fic I ever tried writing and honestly, it’s bad, I ain’t gonna finish it, but after seeing how long this has been sitting in my drafts, I think I’ll finally share it. Am I anxious as heck to share it? You bet your sweet ass I am. But I really wanted to get something out there since my last post.
I might re do this, I might not, who knows. All I know is, here’s a fic for ya!
Used this post as inspiration:
Tumblr media
Donnie x F!reader
Will be using she/her pronouns
“(Y/N), (Y/N)! Look (Donnie explains to the reader what he discovered and shows them the mutagen changing his hand)
“(Y/N), if I can get my hands on more of this stuff, I could create a formula that changes my brothers and I into humans.” He reaches for (Y/N)’s hand an interlinks with them. “I can finally do things with you I’ve always wanted to do. Take you out on dates, meet your friends and family, 
“I know why you’re doing this, I understand. While this is an amazing discovery and I’m happy that you got to figure out some possibilities with this, I’m not comfortable with it though. It has nothing to do with you, it’s just,… you’re perfect the way you are. You may not believe that, you may think that I’m just saying that to be nice or to pretend that this is cool. 
“Donnie, I know what it’s like to want to be accepted by society, to want to interact with so many things and people. You and your brothers have been deprived of that chance for so long. But as long as society stays the way it is, not a lot of people are going to accept you, even if you altered your appearance. People bully other people for their appearances. ‘You’re too fat, you’re too skinny, your teeth aren’t straight/ or white, be a little more of this and that and I’ll accept you, if you love me then you’d do this and uugh” 
(Y/N) takes a deep breath, calming their nerves before looking up into Donnie’s eyes. Donnie’s eyes were filled with love and sadness. (Y/N) reached up and wrapped their arms around his neck, hugging him close. 
“I love you and your brothers for who you are. It hurts me so much to see you guys in so much pain. I didn’t realize I took some things for granted until I met you guys. I know based on what you and your brothers have told me what people have called you and, fuck them.” 
Donnie stiffened underneath (Y/N)’s grasp, a little surprised. It’s not often strong language is shared between the two, since they are both respectful of each other and those around them. (Y/N) felt Donnie tense and mumbled “sorry” before she continued her speech.
“Fuck the people who don’t get to see more than your outward appearance. Fuck the people who call you guys monsters, freaks, and other degrading names. Fuck them for not getting to know you for you. When I first met you, did I see a brainiac mutant ninja turtle? Yes, I will not deny that. But once I got to know you better, all hands on deck. Hell, my nickname for you for a while was just Genius because well, you are one. But I got to see past your appearance and got to find out besides pizza, you love Italian food. Didn’t you say you’d buy everyone tiramisu at some point?”
“Yeah I did, it was after I cracked a code that hadn’t been used in over 15 years. I said before Shredder collapsed the tower that I’d buy everyone tiramisu.”
“Yeah? Ok, well. I figured you’d also love coffee. Though watching you drink coffee is like a vehicle who’s tank can only last 15 miles to the gallon.”
Donnie leaned back from (Y/N)’s grasp, arching a brow. “You comparing me to a vehicle? Especially one with horrible mileage? (Y/N), have I not taught you well in mechanics? At least the basics???”
“Yes you have and that’s why I’m saying that you somehow run well for a vehicle that runs on 15 gallons.” 
“Thats’s just rude.”
“Ok, maybe not the best description, but seriously, you’re that addicted to coffee you rival my own mother. She can drink coffee from when she gets up for the morning to when her head hits the pillow when she goes to sleep. Drives me a little bonkers. Anyways, back to the point. You wanna know what’s special about you and your brothers?”
Donnie chuckled, “sure, what’s so special about us?” (Y/N) slowly reaches out and cradles Donnie’s face in her hands. She looks up and smiles softly.
“You’re a gift and a blessing to anyone who meets you and your brothers and choose to stay and not run away. April passed out when first meeting you guys but she stayed in the end didn’t she? She sees you for you. I see you for you. You’re a person who literally would not care if you didn’t eat and sleep in 3 days, because you’re that dedicated to making sure all of your tech is functioning so that when you go out there and fight alongside your family, it doesn’t fail you. You would bash yourself against the head if you came back in one piece but found out your tech didn’t work as planned. You’d work yourself to death if it meant it kept your family and the city safe. You are a kind, handsome, gentle, romantic soul that puts others before himself because you care that much about others more than yourself. Be kind to yourself Donatello, because besides your friends and family, you’ve only got you. We only have one Donnie and we don’t want to lose you. Just *takes Donnie’s hand* when you’re working with this stuff, remember that you’ve got people who have your back ok? While I’m not comfortable with this and highly suggest and am against you self-experiment with this stuff, you’ve got my support. You’re perfect just the way you are Don, you just gotta see that for yourself. *boops Donnie’s nose* love you big guy.”
Tags: @bay-did-nothing-wrong @roxosupreme @turtle-babe83 @leosgirl82 @thelaundrybitch @angelcatlowyn @ladyofparchments @lady-maria-the-wolf225 @foreignbrunette @downwiththemutantnjnjaturtles @chicchanmooshy @tmnt22 @aurora-the-kunoichi @yumefuusen @raphslovemuffin80 @nittleboo @donniesdove @pheradream15 @raphsgrl @raisin-shell @doctorelleth @infuriatedleprechaun @fluffytriceratops and anyone else that liked this!
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Try me
A/N: I had another chat with my incomparable, loving girl @staysluttymyfriends97​ and now my head is swimming with ideas – which is why my smut-weekend is extended by a day. Hope y’all can cope! This is honestly dirty as hell and my first step-anything-story, so I hope you’ll like it! It’s also my first Chris Evans solo-story, so cheers to that.
You can buy me a coffee here, and I’ll write you a personalized drabble, oneshot or multichapter fic just for you!
Love y’all so much. Remember, feedback feeds the soul and my requests (and askbox) are always open – there’s no limits, because I am me and I have none!
Pairing: AU! Stepbrother!Chris Evans x female reader
Warnings: Language, stepbrother/stepsister dynamic, slight enemies to lovers, hate-sex, dom!Daddy/little girl (slightly), spanking, dirty talk, p in v, angry sex, semi-public, unprotected sex, cream pie, degradation-kink, praise-kink, slight breathplay, oral (m receiving), probably something else I forgot
Wordcount: 4.230
 Try me
Tumblr media
Chris was normally a pretty level-headed guy – he knew right from wrong, he didn’t blow up at anyone out of nothing, and he prided himself in not being too much of an angry asshole, when things didn’t go his way.
But for some reason, those things didn’t apply when it came to Y/N. No, for her? He was seething with rage, all snide remarks and glaring eyes, which she returned tenfold, that snarky, little girl.
They had gotten along great when they were younger. He was ten years, when his dad introduced him to his soon-to-be stepsister and stepmom. She was 6, and they had a pretty good relationship for a few years, being an actual pair of siblings. Then she hit puberty. He was barely home around that time, but he came home one day, and she just looked like… He wanted to bury himself in her. He knew it was wrong, and it tore him apart whenever he felt the desire to just take her. Which led him to a lot of pent-up anger and then that just became their language – and it had been since then.
His want for her hadn’t diminished one bit since then. They only saw each other during family functions, holidays, and the likes, which always bled into arguments – he couldn’t help himself. He liked seeing her face go red and the way she talked to him made him feel all the things.
It was fourth of July-weekend, and he had barely stepped foot inside his childhood home, before he bristled as Y/N walked past him with a raised brow and short, that could double as a pair of panties. He groaned. Of fucking course.
“Hi, dad.” He hugged his dad with one arm, eyes trained on Y/N, who was currently bending over – she was going to kill him. “Hi, son. Can you stay somewhat nice for the weekend?” He asked, keeping a stern grip on Chris’ shoulder. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll try.” “I still don’t know what the hell happened between the two of you but keep it nice.” Chris nodded and gestured to his room. “I’ll put my bags down. There’s a party at Sebastian’s tomorrow, I might go. Is that okay?” His dad nodded once. “Yeah, sure. Just don’t get too drunk and don’t bring anyone back home, your mom would have my head.” Chris grinned, his eyes trailing after Y/n as she ascended the stairs, her hips swaying dangerously. “Sure thing, dad.” He followed Y/N, getting enveloped in her perfume – it smelled like apples and lilac, and it was fucking addictive – following the scent to the landing on top of the stairs.
“Hiya, bro.” She called from her room, the usual amount of contempt in her voice. “Put some clothes on.” He simply murmured back, closing the door to his room with a loud bang. He threw himself on the bed and palmed his semi-hard cock through his pants; as always, the weekend would be long and hard. A slight knock sounded on his door, and he sat up, hiding his hardened length behind his shirt before the door opened, and Y/N stepped inside – she had changed into a summerdress in green tones, and she looked stunning. Too stunning. “What do you want?” “Oh, don’t get your panties in a twist. Mom put some of my shit in here, I’m just getting it.” She roamed the room before finding a box of things, clearly marked with her name. “You should put on some more clothes. I can see your tits from here.” “My back is turned.” “Statement still holds.” He sneered. She looked at him and rolled her eyes, the box resting on her hip. “Sorry, daddy, I’ll be sure to get right on that.” “Don’t fucking call me that.” His cock was ridiculously hard. She smirked. “Get a hold of that monster before dinner.” She nodded to his crotch. He groaned as she left the room, the air thick with her scent. At some point, he’d have to stop torturing himself by coming home. He wanted her so fucking bad, and he knew it was wrong, but she riled him up like nobody else had – or ever could – and she looked like she was straight out of his fucking dreams. He sighed and slowly grabbed his hard, angry length. Better follow her advice. He remembered the picture, he had – by accident, honestly – seen on Sebastian’s phone a few months earlier with Y/N as a centerpiece; her almost naked frame had filled the screen, the little, bratty smile on her lips and her middle finger in the air, while her tongue was out, sent him into a tailspin. He wasn’t much for admitting it, but he had lost his mind thinking about her sending that kind of picture to Sebastian of all people, and much to his embarrassment, had sent the picture to himself, deleting the message from Sebastian’s phone. He sighed and grabbed his phone, finding the picture on his phone and settled back into his pillows.
Dinner was uneventful – other than the casual insults hurled between him and Y/N – and he retreated to his room earlier than normal. He couldn’t handle looking at her in any way – her dress was lowcut and fit her like a fucking glove, and it made the dining-experience wildly uncomfortable for him, despite just rubbing one out. It was like his own, personal hell.
He paced his room, thinking back to the moment she accidentally dropped her fork as she was carrying dishes out, and stopped to bend down right in front of him; her ass was almost against the front of his jeans and he could see her thong – he was about to lose it and just take her right there, but whatever little self-control he had left, had gotten the best of him. He could not be here for a full fucking weekend with her prancing around in nothing. It was like she was doing it on purpose, just to rile him up.
His mind was made up pretty quickly; he wanted to tell her the fuck off and then get the hell out of dodge, not fucking caring anymore. He was grabbing the handle of his door, pulling it open, when a sound hit him; it came from Y/N’s room and it was like a fishhook had sunk into him, an invisible line pulling him straight to the door, that had been cracked open a notch. Sinful fucking sounds came from there. He could hear a slight buzzing followed by wet noises, that went straight to his cock, and he felt disgusted by himself, listening to the wet sounds of her fucking herself. It was wrong, so fucking wrong of him to listen in on her, but he was rooted to the spot, listening with red cheeks and shame coursing through him as her moans began to tumble out of the cracked door. He was palming himself again, the sounds making him feel tense and tight, dreaming of being in place instead of the vibrator, when he heard his name.
“Chris… Fuck, daddy!” She whined it, the vibrator buzzing wilder than before – he grunted at the sound and the throb in his cock made it almost impossible to stand up; he quickly walked back to his own room and furiously jerked himself off to the thought of her riding his cock deeply.
“Mama, I’m going to Sebastian’s!” Chris heard Y/N’s voice ring through the entire fucking house – he ran inside, spotting her with a hand on the doorhandle, almost already out. “You’re not fucking going to Sebastian’s party.” He groaned, his eyes scanning her outfit; it was barely an outfit, in his eyes. He wanted to rip it to fucking shreds. A sheer, white dress hugged her body, the swimsuit peeking through – it was absolutely sinful. “Oh, my god, you should try removing that stick from your ass.” He stalked to her and towered over her – her chest was heaving, and he couldn’t help himself. He loved it. Always had. The way she’d look up at him defiantly, her chest rising and falling with desperate breaths every time he said or did something to rile her up; it was a part of his hellish fun. “I’ll give you something in your ass.” He rumbled, hushed, so their parents didn’t overhear; she licked her lips, the tip of her pink tongue peeking out and he wanted to fucking bite it. It was insane, the feral nature that just took over his body whenever he was close to her. “Try me, asshole. I’m going.” “I’m driving.” He spat out and grabbed his jacket from the hanger. He hadn’t planned on going yet, but there was no way he was going to let her go alone. “You’re a dick.” She said, pouting a little – he wanted nothing more than grab that sweet, little lip and tug on it as he buried himself deep inside of her, but he simply rolled his eyes with the biggest show of self-control he’d ever put on.
“Yo, I’m driving her. I’ll stay there as well, Seb’s expecting me anyway.” He yelled out, not bothering to wait for an answer before pushing the door open and walking with angry strides to his car, opening the passenger-side door for her. She slid inside with a huff, and he geared up the car, his hand so tight on the gearstick, his knuckles turned white.
He was dangerously close to touching her exposed, warm thigh, every time he shifted gears, and he noticed her squirming a little, whenever he was; his pinky almost touched her at one time, and he could’ve sworn she sucked in a sharp breath. He noticed the choker, he had given her as a gift a few years back – as a prank, he really wanted her to look like the brat, she was – rested around her throat. She tugged on it a little, almost in a comforting gesture. He was going to die. He sped up and they managed to reach the Stan household in record-time. He stilled the engine and she sucked on her teeth. “Thanks for the ride.” She mumbled. “Good girl, look at you being all polite with me.” He didn’t know why the words had spilled out of him, but they had. Maybe he wanted to test the waters with her – or at least just see her reaction to him. Heat colored her skin and she whined. It was the smallest noise in the back of her throat, but it was everything to him. That sound, that little noise, could fill his head for years to come. “Asshole.” She quickly got out of the car, rushing inside; he glanced down at the seat, and with a wide grin, realized she’d left a little, wet spot on the leather.
He followed her inside, waving and nodding at the few people he knew inside, before going to the back of the house, where several people were lazing around either in the pool or around it. He spotted Sebastian, who jogged over to him with a wide smile, grabbing his shoulder. “Hey, man! I thought you weren’t coming until later.” “I wasn’t, but Y/N needed a ride.” He grumbled, thankfully taking the beer that was thrust into his hand by a random passer-by. His eyes were locked on Y/N, who was smiling and laughing with some asshole a little away from Chris. “Cool, thanks for bringing my girl over.”      
He bristled at that and couldn’t control the slight growl in the back of his throat. Sebastian grinned and raised his eyebrow. “Down, boy. We’re just having fun.” “Don’t fucking talk about her like that.” “Dude… Fine, I’ll ask you as a real gentleman. Can I take a shot at it with her?” Chris bared his teeth. “No, you can’t, you dickhead, she’s mine.” He growled, eyes on Sebastian. “She’s yours?” Sebastian looked a little disgusted. “I’ve never heard her moan your name before.” “Buddy, she’s your sister.” “By marriage.” He answered lamely. He knew it was a shitty excuse, and he knew he shouldn’t have said anything, but he didn’t want anyone touching her – she was, in his head at least, his. “Bro, that’s fucked up.” Sebastian answered. “I’ll fuck you up, if you as much as breathe in her direction today.” Sebastian rolled his eyes – Chris was pretty sure Sebastian already knew how he felt. “I’m not going to unpack those issues with you, dude. Scarlett is around here somewhere; I’m going to let you go and brood in a corner.” Sebastian clapped his shoulder. “Get yourself together, man. Honestly, you can’t be simping for your sister.” He left, letting those words hang in the air and Chris watched Y/N as she shrugged the dress off of her body, and he saw red – he stalked to her and grabbed her arm roughly, pulling her to the pool house, her whines trailing them. He smacked the door shut and glared at her.
“What the fuck are you wearing?” The bathing suit barely counted, small scraps of flimsy fabric covering her pebbled nipples. “A bathing suit. I wanted to go bathing.” “Half of your ass is showing.” He grumbled, his hands still on her arms. “So is your asshole personality, but you don’t see me complaining.” “Shut the fuck up.” He growled. “I saw that idiot touching your arm.” She huffed. “You’re just letting anyone touch you like that?” Her chest was heaving, and Chris could barely focus on her words. “Well, you’re not going to.” Her words shot straight to his cock, sending it roaring – he stepped closer to her, his body flush with hers. “Who the fuck said I wouldn’t?” He growled, searching her eyes. “Bullshit.” “Try me.” His hand traveled to her throat, tugging at the choker. His voice had dropped, and he could almost smell her arousal. “You like something of mine choking you?” He muttered, holding it tightly. She whined a little. He leaned in, his fingers hooked under her choker – her breath stuttered, and he dropped all pretenses of being a good, normal brother and crashed his lips to hers.
She was like fucking heroin to him. She breathed against his lips, her small hands wrapped around his neck, and he pushed her legs open with his knee, his tongue sliding across her lower lip; she whimpered and granted him access to her and he lost himself completely. He grabbed her roughly, hooking his hands against her ass and growled as she tugged his lip between her teeth. He disentangled himself from her lips and looked at her hooded eyes. “I want to see how my cock looks like choking your throat.” He mumbled in a low voice. She closed her eyes with a slight exhale and whimpered again; he chuckled at her wanton sounds. “Knees.” He commanded. She followed without hesitation, placing herself on her knees among the various shit stacked in the pool house and he grunted as her hands found his shorts, swiftly undoing them and letting his cock spring free. He groaned as her tongue found his cock, licking a long, lazy stripe along the underside of it – he jerked his hips, letting himself go into her mouth and settle against the back of her throat. “Fuck… Oh, your mouth looks so good around my cock, baby girl.” He mumbled, tangling his fingers in her hair to keep her in place. She moaned around him, gagging slightly as he began fucking her mouth with short, desperate thrusts. She was warm and wet around him, the sounds of her gagging on his cock would be enough for him to cum; he moaned her name and forced his cock deeper down her throat – she gagged and tears welled in her eyes as she looked up at him.
She was a fucking vision.
“You like choking on your stepbrother’s cock, huh, you dirty fucking slut?” He mumbled, lost in the feeling of her around him. She moaned and opened her jaw more, allowing him to go deeper – he groaned as he slid down her throat. “Fuck, yes…” He couldn’t control the sounds he was making – this was a dream come true, her beautiful face looking up at him with his cock buried in her throat. “Fuck, stop, stop, stop, or I’m going to cum, fuck, baby…” HE pulled out of her mouth, a string of spit connecting them; he pulled her roughly to her feet, quickly undoing the straps on her bikini-bottom, letting it fall to the ground. He grinned deviously when he saw how fucking wet they were. “You want to be fucked by your stepbrother, huh?” She shook her head. “No…” She said defiantly, a smirk playing on her lips. “Then why are your legs shaking, and why are your panties so soaked?” He asked, cupping her chin with his big hand; she was forced to look up at him and her eyes told a very different story than her lips did. “I was swimming.” “In your own juices, it would seem.” He let his fingers wander to her slick folds and chuckled lightly. “Oh, baby, you like this, huh? You’re going to be my little, good girl and keep your fucking bratty mouth shut for me?” “Fuck… Yes, daddy.” He growled at the nickname and squeezed her chin even harder than before – she mewled at it, and her hips rolled on their own accord. “Good girl.” He slid two fingers inside of her and began pumping, the wet sounds filling the pool house. He was happy that the music from outside drowned out pretty much everything else, because she was loud. “You’ve been thinking about me fucking you, haven’t you?” He asked, thrusting his fingers deeply inside of her. She was fucking velvet against his fingers. “No…” She tried to lie, but her moan cut her off and her knees buckled. “I heard you yesterday, baby girl. You were so naughty, fucking yourself to the thought of me, huh?” he pumped his fingers relentlessly in and out of her, coating himself in her slick; she was fluttering around his fingers and he knew she was close – her chest heaved, and he wanted to choke her out, let her gasp and struggle for air, beg him for it, but he knew he couldn’t wait to be in her. “You want to cum, baby girl? You want to cum all over my thick fingers?” he asked, slapping her cheek. She mewled and her eyes rolled back in her head, and fuck if that wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever seen. “Yes, yes, please… I want to cum, please…” she moaned, her hand on his wrist, holding him deeply inside of her. “You fucking cum on my fingers, cum for me…” he moaned, his eyes trained on the fingers going in and out of her tight pussy. She came apart on him, her pussy gushing out of her, drenching his hand, and her moans turned to screams as she came hard. He felt her drag him deeper inside of her, and he wanted to stay here forever to just look at her come undone on his fingers. “You want me in you?” He asked, the final line not yet crossed – if she agreed, there was no turning back from it. She found his eyes, still heaving for a breath and nodded once. “Yes.”
His lips descended on hers, desperate and wanting as he lifted her to a box of whatever and sat her down, legs open for him and pussy so inviting, he’d want to fucking live there. She bit his lips and rolled her hips, clearly just as desperate as he was. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long, I need to feel you inside of me, please, please, ple…” She groaned as he slipped his cock inside of him, filling her out. She was a drug, heaven, hell – all of it combined in one, and he knew for sure he was going to all the hells there existed for doing this. He didn’t care. He grunted as he bottomed out, looking down at her stretched over his large, twitching cock. “Fuck, you look so good stretched out over my cock, baby girl…” He whispered, his hand finding her throat and squeezing slightly. She whined and arched her back, letting him fill her deeper than before. “Shit…” He began fucking her, no rhythm or control – he just wanted to fill her, be buried in her, despite of the shame of what they were doing, he wanted her to be ruined by him. She was moaning his name, letting it tumble from her lips like a secret prayer as her nails dug into his shoulders, her chest bouncing with every thrust he gave her. “Fuck, you’re never going to be free of me… You’re my personal, little, secret…” He groaned and fucked her harder, feeling her clench around him. “Fucktoy, aren’t you?” He finished his sentence with a growl, as her fingers found his hair, tugging at it. He roared and pounded her deeply, his balls slapping wetly against her ass. She was dripping down on him, her breathing labored by his hand around her throat.
“You want to cum, little girl? Yeah, you want to cum on your stepbrother’s cock, huh?” She whimpered and he chuckled, removing his hand from her throat to pinch her pebbled nipple. “Oh, did I dumb you down already? All you needed was my thick cock in your tight pussy?” she mewled and clung to him like he was a fucking life-raft. He looked down at where his cock disappeared inside of her, and he groaned. “Look at you, taking me so well… You want to cum, baby girl?” He moaned and found her lips again as he pounded her roughly. She screamed against his lips as she came, and he was nearing the edge too; everything felt so fucking tight around him, her hands, nails, pussy, everything was so fucking tight. She went limp in his arms, but her eyes found his; they were dark with lust. “Fucking… Fuck, you want me to fill you, huh? You want me to use you like a good, little cum-slut?” She smiled dirtily at him and held him tighter, bouncing back on him. “Yes… Fucking fill me with your cum, please… Please, stepbrother, please!” She whispered, moaning wildly as he sped up, chasing his high. “Your pussy is fucking heroin, baby…” He mumbled, leaning his forehead against hers, fucking her roughly and deeply until he felt his balls tighten. “Fucking hell, take it!” He groaned and roared as he came deep inside of her, long, thick ropes of hot cum filling her. She was moaning and grinding back on him as he came in her, and her hands drew long, red lines on his shoulders.
They were both panting as they came down from their highs and he pulled out with a hiss – he was overwhelmed by shame and contentment and even a little bit of pride, when he saw his spend leak out from her. He cupped her face and dropped his voice. “We can’t tell anybody. Get that?” He asked with a hard voice. She raised an eyebrow and dipped her fucking finger inside of her, licking their spend off of her finger; she moaned at the taste, and he could go again, right now, right here. “Why would I ever tell?” “Because you’re a brat.” He told her, slapping her cheek affectionately. She grinned at him and grabbed her bottoms, tying them back on, before turning back to him and kissed him. Her tongue slid against his and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his body; if he had his way, he’d never let go. “Well… You enjoy me being a brat, don’t you?” She asked gently, biting down on his lip. He smirked. “Only if I get to punish you for it.” “Hm…” She kissed him again and smiled against his lips.
“Don’t you think I could do well at Boston Uni? I would just have such a hard time paying rent for something over there…” He grinned and smacked her ass. “Good thing your brother lives just right next door, huh?”
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and many more | final
Tumblr media
banner made by the iconic @dnrequests​ / @dee-ehn​
summary; your family wraps up a decade of love pairing; dilf!jk x best friend!reader (f) genre/warnings; fluff, longing, pining, unrequited love (or is it?), potential idiots 2 lovers, best friends 2 lovers, mentions of sex, mc finally gets exposed for her terrible communication skills w/c; 1k a/n; wow, i can’t believe the fic has gotten this long! 18k words later and it’s time to wish the day by day couple a happy life. thank u so much for making this fic come alive, and i hope all of you are living day by day finding a reason to smile and grow [day by day masterpost]
Tumblr media
“You know, you were a lot of trouble when you were a baby.” 
“Really, I thought I was the pride and joy,” Haru’s dry humor still flows freely, even while picking up after her tenth birthday party. She stuffs a whole roll of blue and purple streamers into the recycling, dragging the blue bin around the loft. “I still am your pride and joy!” 
Jungkook finishes up the last of the trash, throwing the paper plates in the bin and getting rid of the cake display. “I guess,” Jungkook teases, shrugging. He ties the last bag with a flourish, throwing it outside the hallway, “I still remember the horrified look on your mom’s face when you called her mama and not Sena.” 
“Those were my first words, right?” 
“Yep, you really had to start talking at that time, huh? Really had to make it awkward for all of us.” 
Haru cackles, actually cackles with a twisted smile and a crinkly laugh. She twirls around in her pretty black dress, all sparkly and fluffy like a little witch, “I don’t remember my first words, but I totally would’ve paid money to see everyone’s faces that night.” 
“Actually,” you carefully tread down the stairs, one foot at a time, “your first words were actually with me, all alone while we waited for your dad to come back.” 
Both your daughter and your husband’s jaw drop accusingly at you, twin gasps, and you just shrug and smile guiltily. You rub your belly for comfort, tucking your palm under the dip between your pelvis and belly button. You know your little honeydew doesn’t need the support, but you do. 
“Babe,” Jungkook gasps, “you’ve kept this secret for ten years and decide now to tell us!” 
The three of you are a little older, a little softer, and a little smarter. The loft is littered with pictures of the three of you over the years, the interior donning an espresso brown hardwood and warm coffee colored paint. 
“Wow mom,” Haru gasps, “you really had dad fooled for a whole decade!” 
“Now, don’t make me the bad guy,” you pout playfully, watching where Jungkook is resting on the couch, arms crossed. Usually he helps you from the stairs to the couch, just ‘cause you’re pregnant, but it looks like you’ve wounded him, “I was trying to protect your dad’s fragile heart.”
“It just sounds like you wanted to avoid awkward confrontation,” Haru tuts smartly, “as you always do.” 
“Hush!” you cry, covering your face in embarrassment, “go deliver the extra cake to Mrs. Wong upstairs!” 
“See, avoiding confrontation,” Haru rolls her large brown eyes, scrunching her button nose as she knows how easily it is to read her mother. She bounces over between Jungkook and you, kissing both of you on the cheek. “Great party, I’ll see you after Tea Time,” she says shortly, but the words are nothing but sweet on the two of you, especially when Haru takes the time to lean down and peck your belly, “bye Honeydew!” 
She snatches the carefully packed tupperware from the dining room table, stuffs her feet in worn bunny slippers, and slips through the door of your home, ready to enjoy tea time with her favorite neighbor. 
There’s a beat of silence as you both realize that your buffer has escaped the confines of awkward confrontation. 
“If you weren’t pregnant, I’d probably tackle you to the ground.” Jungkook confesses shamelessly. 
“Tackle me in a good way or a bad way?” you bat your lashes, plopping yourself so close to Jungkook that your thighs rest atop of his. 
“You had Haru’s first words, without me!” 
“Oh please, ‘mama’ is hardly a first word! It’s like, the first sound any baby knows!” 
“And she called you mama! I’m going to sue you,” Jungkook takes his face in both your hands and squishes, “sue you for withholding crucial information for over a decade.” 
“Mmph,” Jungkook’s ring is digging into your cheek, the cold metal pinching at the cheekbone, “you’ve, mm, suhpassed,” you swat his hands away with a frown, “surpassed the statute of limitations.” 
Jungkook stares at you for a sizably long time, using his big melty eyes that you’ve time and time again gotten lost in. Despite the light lines that carve his golden skin, he still never fails to look less than handsome to you. 
“It all makes sense though,” he reaches for your cheeks again, gentler as he cups your face between his palms, “it means you were always meant to be Haru’s mother.” 
Ten years is a long time. Like Jungkook always said, both of you could’ve called it quits, whether it be you or him. Yet, you’ve stuck like glue, thick and thin through all the good times and the bad. From the first few days of Haru’s life, you clung and gave both Haru and Jungkook all the love they needed. You both persevered when you made the transition into a family of three. You were both ready when Haru finally had enough and asked why the majority of her classmates had biological mothers, as her science teacher so tactfully put it. It’s been worth it and more. 
“God Kook, you know how pregnant I am!” you half laugh, half sob, gesturing to your rapidly growing belly, “you can’t just say shit like that!” 
“I can and I will,” Jungkook leans down to press careful lips to your belly. His lips brush against your soft cotton t-shirt, humming warmth to your skin, “and when you, my little Honeydew, surpass six months. I will take a leave and keep you in your room until you say the word dada. And then I’ll wait ten years to tell mommy so she can have extreme FOMO.” 
“You are awful,” you sigh, resting your upper body against the couch cushions. 
And yet, despite your husband’s awful reasoning, you let him drag your swollen body further up his lap. His hands land in your favorite parts, one pressing into the sorest part of your swollen feet, and the other tangled around your waist, cupping your belly. You practically fizzle into his embrace, ready to rest in your lover’s arms after a long day. 
“I can’t wait to do this again with you,” Jungkook whispers sweetly, nuzzling his nose between your jawline and neck, “ten years down, forever to go.” 
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I know this is gonna be kind of a weird ask- but i request a Uzui x reader fic where the reader has just been broke. Up with by their cheating ex and Uzui calls them one day to check up and they beg Uzui to come over and talk cause they want company? But then he says he could treat them better then their ex?? (X fem reader plz :) )
Tumblr media
"A light shines through the dark" Tengen Uzui x reader. (SFW! Fem reader)
Authors note: This has been in my asks for so long..I hope you enjoy it!! It took me a while to complete this fic.
Genres: Angst to comfort, Friends to lovers, 'I couldn't have you so I dated him.'
Warnings: Cursing, crying, mentions of being cheated on, Tengen being a jerk for a few minutes, fem pronouns, and pet names(kinda).
Tengen sat comfortably on his living room sofa, one hand holding a bowl of cereal while the other clicked through various late night channels. A sigh left the white haired man after his searching proved to be a waste of time. Turning off the TV and tossing the remote to the side, he pulled his phone out of his sweatpants pocket.
‘Wonder what [Name] is doin’….Haven’t heard from ‘er in a day or two.’ He thought to himself as he scrolled through his twitter feed. Tengen knew his scrolling was a half-assed attempt at distracting himself from wanting to call her yet he found himself in the same position almost nightly. Tengen was also well aware that his schoolboy crush on [Name] was idiotic, especially with the fact that she was in a relationship. Yet as the years went on and their friendship grew, he couldn’t stop himself from falling aimlessly head over heels for the girl.
After a moment of contemplation, he closed the app and opened his contacts list. It only took a few seconds for him to scroll past his work friends and family until he reached the contact he was searching for.
“Should I really call her? It’s late,” He questioned himself. “Who am I kidding? The dumbass never sleeps, she’ll be up.”
Tengen clicked the contact name and put his phone on speaker, setting the device on one of his muscular thighs. Two high-pitched rings echoed in the room until a click was heard on Tengens side.
“Hello?” A tired voice stuttered over the phone. Tengen paused before responding, there was no doubt that the woman on the other side of the phone was [Name] but she sounded different somehow. Her tone made Tengen worry more than he was used to.
“Hey…You ok? You sound less…you than usual. If that makes sense.” Tengen spoke softly, not wishing to upset the girl. Silence immediately flooded the call, only the soft muffled sounds of crying cutting through every now and then. The man immediately took his phone off of speaker, setting his now empty bowl on a nearby coffee table and holding the phone to his ear.
“Hey, hey! Are you ok? Did I upset you? Come on [Name], Speak to me…I’m here for you.” Tengen spoke quickly yet softly. Panic consumed the man and after another moment of silence a soft voice responded.
“Can you come over? I really need someone here right now.” [Name] asked, her voice shaking as she did. Tengen wasted no time in agreeing to [Name’s] request, his worry skyrocketing by the second. The girl ended the call as Tengen rushed to put on his shoes along with a sweatshirt. Grabbing his phone, wallet, and keys, Tengen raced out of his apartment, almost forgetting to lock his door due to his hurry. Questions flooded his mind as he rushed down the stairs of the building and to his car which sat in a cold parking garage. As soon as he was on the road he took a moment to collect himself. To say he was worried was an understatement, [Name] was always so strong, it was rare that she allowed her emotions to be shown even when it came to her friends. Tengen had absolutely no idea what could be bothering her this much, and that only worsened his anxieties. As he drew closer to [Name’s] apartment he quickly drove through a nearby fast food joint and bought her her favorite drink along with something to eat, figuring she may have forgotten to eat due to her distress. After his detour he returned to his expedition to [Name’s] apartment complex, arriving a few minutes afterwards and parking in the overnight visitors lot. He grabbed his things and got out of his car, closing the door and locking the vehicle before quickly walking up to the complex’s front lobby doors. After punching in the passcode to the apartment building, Tengen let himself inside and made his way to the elevators.
Before he knew it Tengen found himself standing in front of [Name’s] door, gently knocking on the barrier between him and his friend. A soft ‘Who is it?’ echoed from inside the house, Tengen took a deep breath before responding.
“Your knight in flamboyant armor, that’s who!” Tengen chucked. As soon as the last chuckle left his throat the door before him swung open and he felt arms wrap around his torso tightly. Tengen uttered no words as he gently and carefully wrapped his arms around the girl, rubbing her back as he held her close.
“I’m sorry for asking you to come over this late.” [Name] apologized as she forced herself out of the embrace. Tengen removed his arms from around her, his empty hand finding one of hers and gently intertwining his fingers with hers.
“Don’t apologize. If you need a friend, I’m always a call away. You should know that by now, silly.” He attempted to calm [Name] down the best he could. To no surprise she said nothing in response, only gently tugging on his hand and pulling him inside the apartment. Tengen kicked the door closed and slipped off his shoes as [Name] dragged him further into the apartment. He could only assume that her pushiness stemmed from her obvious attempt to distract him from the chaotic disarray of her apartment. It didn’t take the pair long enough to reach [Name’s] room, and once the door was closed Tengen watched as [Name] stole the food he brought and dragged herself to her bed.
“Thanks for the food.” She mumbled as she crawled into a heap of blankets. Tengen stood at the foot of [Name’s] bed, his hands slipped into his pockets, unsure of if he should join her on the bed or not.
“No problem..I figured it would be something nice and I just got paid so....yeah.” Tengen smiled. [Name] looked from the snowy-haired man to the empty space on her bed, silently telling him to sit down as she snacked on the food. He nodded at her request and carefully crawled on to her bed, sitting crisscrossed a little ways away from her.
“So…What’s going on? If you don’t wanna talk about it that’s ok, but by the looks of things I think you’ve got a few things to get off your chest.” Tengen watched as [Name] took another sip of her drink. A blank expression appeared across her face, as if she was so exhausted to the point of no longer being able to be expressive.
“You know that guy I was dating,” [Name] asked, Tengen nodded. “Yeah…He cheated on me, with the girl who was flirting with him from that restaurant.”
Instantaneously Tengen felt his jaw drop, his eyes widened as [Name] finished her statement. Tengen felt himself grow angry at the revelation, it was one thing to be rude to [Name], but to cheat on her was crossing another line. A line that Tengen deemed ‘bones-allowed-to-be-broken-able’. Despite his better judgment, he was already plotting how he was going to make [Name’s] ex pay for hurting her.
“Are you serious?! What a fucking dick! Who does he think he is?” Tengen exclaimed. He ran one of his hands through his hair, his eyebrows furrowing as his anger grew.
“I swear I’ll beat the shit out of him for what he di-“ Tengen was caught off guard when [Name] took his hands in hers.
“I don’t need you to hurt him for me. I just need you to be here.” She spoke softly, tears lining her eyes.
“What?! You should want me to go beat the shit out of him! He is such a fucking trash human being!” Tengen felt his anger getting the best of him, yet he made no attempt to calm himself. [Name] frowned as she watched her best friend grow angrier by the second.
“I’m not angry. I’m disappointed in myself-“ [Name] was shocked when Tengen interrupted her.
“Bullshit! Utter bullshit. Why are you disappointed in yourself?! Dammit, [Name], do you know how stupid that sounds?!” The man glared at the girl in front of him, his voice raising by the second. [Name] was no stranger to confrontations like this, but Tengen was usually so kind to her, she fought desperately against the painful sting of tears in her eyes.
“Stop yelling at me,” [Name] gasped as she held back tears. “It’s not fair- I’m already trying to process everything going on and I don’t need to argue with you on top of it. You’re being really mean for no reason all of a sudden just because I don’t want to result to violence, and that’s really shitty.” The girl locked eyes with the man in front of her. Tengen sat at the edge of her bed, staring at the woman in front of him while processing what she had just said. The white haired man looked away from the girl for a moment then took a deep breath before looking back at her.
“I’m sorry…I overreacted again. I just- you know I hate seeing you in pain, and that means emotional pain as well! …But that didn’t give me an excuse to be rude.” Tengen apologized, not looking away from the girl in front of him. [Name] took a deep breath before flinging herself on to him, wrapping her arms around his muscular frame and burying her face in the crook of his neck. Tengen watched the girl become undone as she held onto him, crying loudly into his sweatshirt as he carefully wrapped his arms around her.
“I’m so sorry princess…You didn’t deserve any of this, him cheating on you and me being a dick, none of that should have happened. I’m extremely sorry.…Let it all out, and be as upset as you need to be.” Tengen silently cursed at himself for allowing himself to grow as angry as he did. He was here to comfort [Name] not make her more distressed, and so far he had only caused her more discomfort. [Name] continued to cry as she held onto Tengen who had begun tracing figure eights on her back softly.
“If I could erase every ounce of pain you feel right now, I’d do it immediately…I hope you know that.” Tengen whispered in her ear. [Name] tightened her grip on him as she tried to catch her breath.
“I’m so angry at everyone….At him, at the girl he cheated on me with, at you, at myself.” Bitterness laced [Name’s] voice.
“And all of those are justified….especially since you invited me over cause you needed support and I just stressed you out more.” Tengen looked up at the ceiling of [Name’s] room. [Name] attempted to bury her face deeper in the crook of Tengens neck, tugging on his white hoodie as she continued to hold on to him.
“Just breathe, [Name]. Take as long as you need and then we can keep talking…but right now you just need to collect yourself.” Tengen suggested. He felt her nod briefly before she loosened her grip on him slightly but stayed comfortably in his arms.
The two sat in silence for what Tengen thought was hours, though only thirty minutes had passed on the clock before [Name] spoke up again.
“I don’t know what I did wrong.” She spoke softly, her voice trembling and not daring to raise above a whisper.
“You didn’t do anything wrong. He did. He is the one who messed up, not you.” Tengen reassured her. He felt one of her hands travel from where it rested on his back to the back of his head where [Name] began to run her hand through his thick hair. Tengen felt his cheeks warm up at the action, silently cursing his body for making him blush. He knew he couldn’t control his body’s natural response to things he found flustering, yet that didn’t stop him from hating it in the long run. [Name] is his friend! A friend who was previously in a relationship and is now going through being cheated on! And a friend he had just been a ginormous dick to for absolutely no reason! Yet no matter what he did, Tengen constantly found himself growing annoyed with how [Name] allowed men like her ex tot treat her horribly. Tengen knew he could treat her better but no matter what he did he cold never find the courage to ask the woman out, scared that If she rejected him he would be ending their friendship along with any trust [Name] had for him.
“He said it was because I wasn’t reserved enough. Apparently I was ‘too much to handle’ for him. Whatever the fuck that means.” She mumbled. [Name’s] voice snapped the man back to reality once again, reminding him that he needed to set aside his personal feelings so he could comfort her. Tengen rolled his eyes at the excuse her ex had made. He knew the man was nothing but a wimp but now it was even more obvious to him how pathetic [Name’s] ex was.
“Yeah, because he is going to blame everyone but himself for what he did. Tomorrow he’s gonna say ‘Oh the curtains were red, that compelled me to sleep with another girl!’ Or some trash like that. And he can screw off if he ‘can’t handle you’, you’re amazing just the way you are and he’s a certified idiot if he can’t see that!” Tengen stated matter-of-factly. [Name] chuckled softly, finding comfort in Tengens words.
“Or he’s gonna say ‘my allergies were acting up! That’s why I cheated.’ Or something..” [Name] giggled. Tengen smiled as [Name] released him from her grip and pulled out of the hug, their eyes locked and [Name] softly smiled when she saw Tengen smiling.
“See! He is going to blame everyone but himself. So don’t let what he says get to you. You’re way too amazing to let that loser drag you down with him.” Tengen reassured the girl.
“If I’m being honest I don’t even know what I saw in him…We didn’t even have anything in common..I think I just liked him because he just gave me attention. And being even more honest I’m not surprised that he cheated on me, I’m just angry that I let him waste so much of my time…especially when I could have been with someone better.” She rolled her eyes as she sat in Tengen’s lap. Tengen listened intently, not wanting to interrupt [Name] again.
“Like..He used to make fun of me relentlessly for my interests and I just let him….That’s why I’m disappointed in myself. I let someone who was so rude to me make me feel so horrible for so long…It was bullshit.” She complained. Tengen nodded slightly in response, his hand intertwining with one of [Name’s].
“Don’t let him eat you up. He was trash, and you know that, so he shouldn’t have as much control over you as he does. You can take as long as you need to recover and get over him, but don’t let him control your life anymore.” Tengen smiled at the girl who sat in his lap. [Name] smiled back before noticing a stray strand of Tengens hair had fallen in front of his face, she hesitated for a moment before carefully tucking the strand behind his ear.
“You are a pain in my ass Tengen Uzui. And a dick sometimes….But I wouldn’t trade you for the world.” [Name] chuckled. Tengen felt his cheeks warm up quickly as [Name] cupped his cheek in her hand. The man found himself unable to speak, gazing into [Name’s] eyes as she gazed into his.
“….You’re beautiful.” Tengen whispered. Tengen’s eyes widened realizing what he had just said, [Name’s] lips curved up into a smile as she chuckled softly.
“I’m sorry- it just slipped out…I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable-“ Tengen was cut off by [Name] placing a kiss on his cheek.
“When did I say I was uncomfortable?” She asked the man. Tengens cheeks were aflame with a bright blush, [Name] took amusement in the mans flustering.
Tengen was once again at a loss for words, to say tonight was a rollercoaster of emotions was an understatement, his head was practically spinning from all the emotions he was feeling.
“If anything I feel most comfortable when you’re around….even when you’re being flamboyantly annoying.” [Name] admitted. She looked away from Tengen, the two were drowning in embarrassment as they carefully and discretely admitted deeper feelings for each other. Tengen took in a deep breath of defeat figuring that it would be best to air out any feelings rather then keeping them locked away.
“Look. I can’t keep lying to you…and you can be mad at me or tell me I’m an idiot and kick me out, but I rather have you know then be left in the dark.” Tengen began. [Name] looked back at him, their eyes locking once more as Tengen gently rested his hands on her waist.
“We’ve been friends for five years, and at first that’s all I thought of you as. You were my friend and meant so much to me, but as time went on and we grew closer things started..changing,” Tengen spoke softly. “It started with the little things. I would be at the mall and see something and my first thought would be ‘oh, [Name] would like this’ or ‘wow. [Name] would look good in this.’ And then it just started snowballing. The littlest things made me think of you and I had to go on pretending nothing changed.”
Tengen watched carefully, making sure he wasn’t upsetting [Name] who watched him intently. The girl nodded, silently signaling for him to continue.
“And then suddenly one day you showed up saying you started dating someone, and I swallowed back my anger and congratulated you. I would be lying if I said I didn’t hate every moment of you dating that jerk. I saw the way he dismissed you, how you wanted to be loved and he just ignored you, and it took me all my strength to not just blurt out to you that I could treat you so much better then he ever could.” Tengen spoke proudly, finally allowing his thoughts from the last five years off his chest. [Name] took in every word that fell from Tengens lips, like they were laced with the most intoxicating melodies known to man.
“And I know you’re going through a lot, I know that at times I’m an idiot, and I’m extremely well aware that you have every right to tell me I’m an insensitive jerk for telling you these things after you learned that your ex cheated on you. But I can’t keep lying to you-“ Before Tengen could continue [Name] pulled the man into a deep kiss. His eyes widened before fluttering closed, pulling [Name] closer to him as their lips moved in sync. [Name’s] hands traveled up to the back of Tengen’s head and her fingers laced their way into his hair.
After a few moments the pair pulled away from each other trying to catch their breath as they smiled at each other.
“That was…” Tengens voice faded away as he took another deep breath.
“Amazing.” [Name] finished his sentence. Tengen chuckled softly and continued to hold the girl close to him.
“Also, since we are telling each other everything,” [Name] spoke up again. “I don’t want you to think Im using you as a rebound….while I was dating him I had a revelation that I only started seeing him because I didn’t think I could have you, and I don’t think that ever changed.”
“[Name], don’t worry about it. We have a lot to talk about so don’t feel like you need to explain everything right now.” Tengen said. [Name] nodded in agreement and placed another kiss on Tengen’s forehead.
“Well. Start talking! I’ll be here all night” [Name] chuckled. Tengen sighed contently and rested his head on [Name’s] shoulder. The two have been through a lot together, and Tengen was happy knowing that now he no longer had to lie to [Name] about his feelings for her. Though the pair still had lots to talk about, they could rest easy knowing there would no longer be as many secrets between the two.
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itsivymusic · 13 days ago
Pairings - Bucky Barnes x powered!GN!Reader
Summary - Y/N and Bucky have been on the run for months and Y/N is getting tired of it. You just want to be able to live a simple domestic life with the love of your life. 
Warnings - mentions of Hydra and assassination missions, swear words, violence, injuries.
Word Count - 2.2k
A/N - this is my very first fic. Don’t know how well I did but this isn’t my first time writing a story. Currently I have an ongoing original story called ‘love never dies’. I am still deciding if I wanna post that here but for now I’ll master my fic skills, hope you like it.  
ALSO, the reader has powers. The ability to absorb and release any form of energy, do stuff and make stuff with energized molecules and has a strong intuition. Oh and the reader’s powers are closely connected with air. 
Tumblr media
It was a rainy day just like the past five. The entire week a storm had been ‘gracing’ the western coast. The storm had made it impossible to go outside, so you both were stuck in the rundown crappy motel down a deserted street. 
Staring out the window you bring your steaming mug of coffee to your lips, relishing the taste of it before gently setting it down on the table next to your chair. A cyclone. That’s what caused the storm. It was supposed to hit the piece of land right above the area where you both were currently located. 
The whole moment was so serene. You sat next to the window watching how raindrops fell on the window and trickled down, wondering which droplet would reach the bottom first, not-so-silently cheering for some. Behind you on the bed lay the love of your life, James Bucky Barnes. Back resting against the headboard with his eyes shut, head against the wall. The flowers that you were staring at a few days back were now in your possession, thanks to him noticing you quietly eyeing the bunch while having an early breakfast. It stood there in the glass looking almost lifeless compared to the money plant right next to it. 
You and Bucky have had similar lives. Both of you being people out of time, him being from the 1940s and you from the 1960s. Both of you were captured by HYDRA and made into assassins. Both having even been sent on a couple of missions together. The Silver Shadow. That was your alias. And true to it, you worked in the shadows, often being paired up with someone. While the other person would do the dirty work, you would stay hidden and clear out any witnesses or help your partner if the assassination would take too long. When you had solo missions, you would get the job done quickly and without a mess. Using the flick of your fingers to create a knife out of energy and kill the person without leaving a trace. Once Bucky had escaped HYDRA’s grasp, you were soon made their most prized possession. 
Ever since escaping the only name on his mind was yours. He and Steve were the ones who found you while you were in the middle of an assassination. It took multiple tries but eventually Bucky made you remember him. Ever since then the two of you were inseparable. 
Back to present times, and you were sitting next to the table taking another sip of coffee from your mug. You let out an audible sigh which caused Bucky to open his eyes and turn his head in your direction. 
“What’s wrong, honey?” he asked you. “Nothing.” you say still staring at the droplet-covered window. Sensing you were not telling the truth, he got up from the bed and walked over to where you were sitting. Taking the mug from your hands he set it back down on the table. Then bending down he lifted you up bridal-style and carried you to the bed, gently laying you down while sitting next to you. 
“It doesn’t sound like nothing's wrong. Now come on, spill,” he said, turning to face you, your eyes not moving from your lap. “Y/N, look at me.” You finally looked into his eyes and saw the worry in it. The once shining electric blue now had a look of concern in it which made it look a lot more dull. 
“ ’M just tired, that’s all,” you replied, a small smile settling itself on your face. He took your hand and started to gently stroke it. “How ’bout we go to sleep? Today has been a long day. Hopefully tomorrow we might be able to find a better place than this shitty motel, don’t you think?” he said with a smile that made you chuckle. God! He surely knew what to say and do to make you laugh. 
“That sounds lovely Buck,” you say. With a satisfied smile he gets up to close the curtains and switch the lights off. 
“Goodnight Buck,” you say while kissing his nose, a gesture that became something special between the two of you. 
“Goodnight honey.”
Tumblr media
Great, just fucking great. Barely an hour ago you were sleeping now you were in the streets running with a gun in your hand and another hand tightly gripping your other one. 
It was still before sunrise. It had been a while since the storm had stopped. You don’t clearly  remember how this chase started but because of whatever happened you and Bucky were running down narrow alleyways occasionally shooting at the people following you. 
How they were able to find you, you were unaware. But they managed to track you down and make you get your ass outta that crappy motel before you even had time to brush your teeth. 
“Shit, I’m all outta bullets!” Bucky grunted from behind you. Without hesitation and turning to look you handed him yours. “Oh god! Just take it! You’re a better shot than me anyway,” you say pushing the gun in his hands. 
With a reluctant shrug he took it. “What do we do now?” Bucky asks, leaning against the wall. “In there,” you say while pointing at a building that either wasn’t completed or got destroyed somehow. After carefully making your way inside, you slid down the wall, head in your knees. 
“Do you think they’ll find us here?” he asked without looking at you. With a shuddering sigh you shake your head, “I don’t know, I don’t know.”
Finally noticing how nervous you looked he moved from where he was standing to now kneeling in front of you. “Hey, what’s wrong? You know you can talk to me right?” he said. 
Looking up at him finally made you breakdown in tears. Seeing you cry Bucky pulled you into an embrace. Cradling your head in his chest with one arm around it and the other around your back. 
“I’m just s-so tired,” you say, your voice breaking while doing so. “Hey I know that we were woken up by people hammering on our door early in the morning, but we didn’t really have a choice. It was either stay there and get caught or get up and run,” Bucky says, still holding you close. He didn’t understand what you actually meant. You were not physically tired. You were tired of the idea of constantly having to be on the run. The idea of the Avengers having to do this just because of some stupid rule book. The idea of not getting to live comfortably in a house adorned in Winter Soldier figurines and Silver Shadow knick-knacks with the love of your life. 
“No, you don’t get it. I am not drowsy,” you speak out slowly. “Then what is it, honey? Is there something I can do to help you feel better?” 
“ ’M just tired of constantly having to run, Buck. We can’t walk somewhere without worrying that someone is following us. We can’t talk anywhere without worrying that someone is listening to us. We can’t find a place and sleep at night without worrying that someone is watching us. Why do we have to do this? I just wanna be able to live a life where I get to hold you carefree. Without the worry of someone catching us and putting us behind bars. I wanna have that family that we once had. With Steve, Sam, Wanda, Natasha, Clint and everyone else. I wanna live a simple life with you, and one day have my own family with you. I get dreams of that one day but it gets overshadowed by this nightmare of a reality. I just want to be done with this.”
Bucky was speechless. He had only thought that you weren’t getting enough sleep. He’d beat himself up because of it. You had only joined Team Cap because of him, which eventually caused the both of you to be on the run. It was riskier with the both of you being together, but Bucky didn’t want to leave your side anymore. 
He didn’t know that you wanted a life with him like that. But that only made him fall in love with you more. The both of you were aware of each other's feelings, but you two never really spoke about it. The constant touches, the random hugs, the loving kisses. Sure the team couldn’t figure out if you were just friends or dating, but neither could you and Bucky. It has remained that way for a long time. Bucky and you never spoke about it but constantly craved each other's presence. 
You were getting impatient. You pulled away a bit to properly look at him. You were one of Hydra’s top assassins, as was he, but when it came time for you to try to read his face, you failed. You couldn’t tell how he felt which only made more tears spill out of your eyes. The dim light above you gave out, making the area turn to complete darkness. 
You heard him take a breath to say something. But before he could breathe a word, you heard gunshots and feet running. Instantly you got up, harshly pulling yourself away from him. Only when your warmth was no longer felt by him, did Bucky come to his senses. 
Holding his metal arm by your hand, you pulled him up. “There’s about 3 people heading our way. 2 with guns, one with a knife,” you say, your intuition kicking in. “The one with the knife is more experienced. The other two are new. I’ll take the ones with the guns, you the one with the knife. Got it?” “Got it,” Bucky replied with a thumbs up, slowly coming to the situation at hand. 
Tumblr media
Things went sideways after that. Normally Bucky would have been able to very easily handle the guy with a knife. But today he was distracted. Your confession from a few minutes back had caught him off guard, making his mind wonder about many things. ‘When did this feeling start? How did I not notice it? She wants to have a family with me?’ thoughts like these were running through his head causing him to get hit multiple times and injured by the knife. 
You had just taken down the second guy when you had a bad feeling in your gut. You couldn’t tell what was wrong. One thing your intuition was fueled by was adrenaline, a feeling that was now fading. Not knowing what the threat could be, you just followed where you thought you had to go. 
The sight in front of you caught you off guard. Bucky was on the ground covered in blood with the guy armed with a knife standing above him. Just before the guy was able to land another strike, you used your powers to elevate him off the ground and throw him into the side of the building. Before he could react you land another blow of energy in his abdomen. Running you made your way to Bucky. 
“Bucky! Hey, hey, look at me, look at me,” you said while dropping to your knees. You tried asking him what happened but he wasn’t able to respond, just stare at you. 
Channeling your remaining energy, you used it to lift Bucky. But not before making sure the guy with a knife was more than just unconscious. 
Tumblr media
You were able to find another abandoned building. This one was more of a building that held apartments, so you were able to quickly find one and get in. Growing tired of carrying Bucky around, you set him down on a chair. Even with the apartment being abandoned you were able to find a first-aid kit. That along with a wet cloth was brought by you to where Bucky was sitting on a chair. 
You start cleaning up the worse-looking cuts on his arm and neck, the ones you knew would take longer to heal. While you were cleaning and patching him up Bucky was just staring at you. Although you knew he wouldn’t give you a proper answer you still tried your luck.
 “What happened? Normally you don’t get injured this bad.” He just continued staring at you. “’M sorry.” He said after a while. You stop bandaging a bad cut on his arm to look at him properly. “What do you mean ‘you’re sorry’? You ask softly. “I’m sorry I didn’t notice your discomfort. I’m sorry you got dragged into this. I’m sorry that you can’t live your life without the worry of someone hearing you talk or seeing you somewhere. You deserve so much better.”
It was now your turn to be speechless. You didn’t know what to say so you just cupped his face with your hands and made your foreheads touch. “You don’t have to apologize honey. Whatever mess we’re in, I’m in it because I got in it myself. It’s not your fault we have to run, it’s the government’s fault for looking at us as criminals just because we didn’t sign our personalized scribble on a dead tree with ink from a squid from the Pacific Ocean.” The last part made him chuckle. 
“Hey, I might be tired of the ‘being on the run’ bit, but I’m glad I get to do it with you.” with that you leaned in pressing your lips to his, the taste of coffee from the previous night still present from the night before. As you pulled away you could sense more people trying to find you. With a sigh you hold out your hand, “ready to kick some more ass?” taking your hand he replied, 
Tumblr media
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