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#i am alone

i feel like i was meant to do something great. but i feel like i’ll never achieve it and it honestly makes me so sad…. that i feel like i won’t amount to shit. and i try to be positive don’t get me wrong. i try to ignore the negative thoughts. i try… i try so fucking hard to believe… i try so fucking hard to be nicer to myself. i try everyday. but everyday i feel mare and more lost. everyday i feel like i will always be a failure. and that just makes me want to end it… but i don’t want to die because i feel like it could get better? idk….

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Why doesn’t anyone let me be part of your social group? I mean, I’m nice and I try to look interesting to them and still ignore me like I’m a ghost

Boy, really since the roleplayers sent me to hell, I’ve already been discouraged to try again with them or with another group

And literal these blogs of mine are just like me, ghosts who just see life pass by


Originally posted by thepumpkin-queenn

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