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#i am confusion

yo what does it mean when there’s an exclamation mark/point (one of these!) in the middle of a word/connecting two words? I’ve seen it a lot and I’m confused.

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I’d always assumed I’d heard the lyric “Owning up in little green houses” wrong but I was not expecting the actual lyric to be “growin up in little pink houses”

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I appreciate your concern, anon. It’s calmed down a bit. There’s still shit sent to me fairly often, and I know others who are also receiving harassment for just being involved, including minors unfortunately. It’s ashame, but that’s the Internet and people will do really nasty things.

I’ve already said my piece on the subject, and explained what was truths and what was twisted and taken out of context to make me look like a monster. I’ve corrected my faults and continue to do my best to be mindful so that I don’t make similar mistakes. It’s a subject I want to put behind me and move on. I don’t have time for this and I know quartentine be making people stir fry with boredom but I have more to do with my time than demonize people I don’t like. I’m not a threat or anything they’ve said I am.

As for the suicide baiting and anon hate, I’ve heard it all before at this point and if I killed myself after being told the first time I’d be dead a long, long time ago. I’ve got thick skin from hearing that for a while. I’ll be fine, no worries. :)

And the death threats? Im not concerned tbh. I’ve survived my psycho ex trying to literally kill me with a kitchen knife and spent over half my life living in high crime neighborhoods, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to worry about people who are too afraid to talk shit off anon. People talk shit, say shit they ain’t gonna do, and pretend to be hard online because they get kicks out of it I guess. Since I live in a high crime area anyway so my security system and house is locked up pretty tight just from that, so I’m safe. Don’t worry.

Again, I don’t really have much to say on the topic that I haven’t already said and explained, and I don’t want to bring this whole shit up again anyway. If people have a problem with me or wanna believe lies about me being dangerous, then unfollow and block, do not interact. I only want positive vibes here, I have enough stress in real life to deal with discourse over the internet.

Also note to those anons sending me shit. Yep. I’m getting them. I hear ya loud and clear buddy and nope I’m not giving you the attention. Please fuck off or stay on long enough after sending me shit on anon so I can block your ip. Get a hobby. Better yet, with some of this shit y'all sending, get help cause damn you have some issues. I got issues but daaaamn I’m s real person you’re saying this shit to fucko wtf is wrong with you?

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I- I don’t understand this??

Like, I understand the words, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Is it meant to be a bent? Or an attack to Harley x Ivy stans? Who are you calling communists? Why the question sign?

I legit don’t understand nonie’s intention here. Can anyone explain please? 😯😦🤔

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I’m not sure which one you mean but if you are asking me how to buy an Andrew Wyeth I think I can safely say it might be out of your price range my friend

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I hope in season 2 Never Have I Ever they have an episode dedicated for Paxton like they did for Ben, and I feel like they are going to focus on his insecurities about his intelligence.

He definitely is smart but just maybe not honor roll smart and we saw him really get affected (understandably) when Nalini was roasting him each time but even when his friend Trent was poking fun at his work on the group project he was defensive… so maybe his dilemma is feeling like no one will ever take him seriously it could be interestante

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you know what, being back on tumblr does not spark joy, and it’s even bringing out a side of me that i don’t like. the only thing is that i do actually enjoy this blog in particular, but what other platform is this useful for sharing/saving/interacting with language stuff? like if i were to move, what would i use? i’ve heard of people using Instagram but i’m skeptical…people who use other sites for language stuff, what do you use and how? how do you make IG/twitter/whatever else work like a langblr does?

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when people cite the first Games as evidence for Peeta being manipulative or making everything about his romantic feelings …

up until the rule change (and even then; see: rips off his tourniquet so she can win) he had nothing self serving to gain from loving her? other than giving her her life at the expense of his own? like? boy was gonna die for her? his end goal wasn’t “be my girlfriend” it was “live”

did that? not? come? across?

(the amount of parodies and comics and even actual serious commentary I have seen about Peeta just wanting Katniss to be with him and distracting her from her “goal” of leading the rebellion??? what book did you people read???)

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