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#i am diseased

I havent drawn digitally in a few days and thats hwy my soul is decaying

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Me: *complains constantly that I can't find a man*
Me: *makes eye contact with and talks to two attractive male specimens at the bar*
Attractive male specimen: *smiles at me multiple times*
Me: *takes my drink and hides in a corner with my phone*
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me: so what really bugs me is that--
anjali: hold up
anjali: are you about to say something about dragon age
me: ............... .. .. . .yes............
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(faux carrier) the virus
simulacrum the sin

for you to self- absolve
in the solidarity of turquoise feeders
(where I do not hold you to your word)

infected, the pale colony
that crusts grot and sleeper

there is a strange colour in your voices
that saturates my open wound

Christendom, this eye
in pyre and strain

feign arbiter
feign agency

over the already-disease.

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i might have thyroid disease and it just brought my whole world crashing down. like i know it’s not lethal but it is chronic and i don’t want the consequences of that disease. i feel like i’m falling into an abyss that i will never get out of. i am diseased. i am disgusting and if nobody wanted me then no one is going to want me now. i am diseased.

“you’re strong you’re going to get through this” i’m not strong. i am diseased. i am not strong.
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I’m laying on my bed, lights turned off and laptop on my lap. There are a bunch of used tissues on the floor and vaseline next to my bed. Man, I hate being sick.

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