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#i am in love with two bois

I decided to watch Jujutsu Kaisen to see what’s all this hype with Gojo-sensei and…. I understand now. I’m so sorry for doubting you, internet


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“There’s only one bed?”

Dom has his back to Andrew, which means he definitely can’t see the frantic expression on his face — and he certainly can’t see Andrew turn on his heel to stare blankly at the wall as Dom strips off his jersey.

“Well, yeah,” Dom says, and Andrew doesn’t have to see him to hear he’s laughing, “we share an apartment with a whole goddamn team, Solis, we can’t afford a room with two beds.”

[send me a pairing/character and a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence fic!]

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PSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPS Soul dozen i have something for you-

*Hands the au where Team RWBY + JNR + Penny time travel and only Oscar can see them and also they can possess oscar, who can Use their semblances*

Do,,,,,, You like it 

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I had my third mcr related dream XD this one was also about my love of Ray Toro except i woke up panicked cause i was gonna be late for our movie marathon sleepover cause someone stole all the gas in my car. Upon waking i realized i was feeling claustrophobic cause of the pants i fell asleep in XD

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5. heard you tell the same story multiple times but doesn’t point it out to you when you excitedly bring it up to them again + riz & gorgug (prompts linked here)

(starting immediately post-fhsy, and a little more angsty than the other prompt fills so far because it deals with some of the aftermath of spring break. sometimes friendship is late nights and brownie recipes and old stories.)

There are forty minutes left until Elmville when Riz digs his claws into the headrest of the passenger’s seat and clambers over the seat backs to sit shotgun in the Hangvan. 

Everyone else is asleep, or as Riz suspects in Tracker’s case as she stays oddly still as a human pillow for Kristen in the backseat, at least pretending to. But Riz is quest-restless even though they’re heading home, and Gorgug’s awake because he’s driving, and both of their darkvision light up the street ahead for them. 

Gorgug doesn’t look surprised when Riz lands in the seat next to him. Of course. Because his whole party knows that Riz doesn’t sleep, or at least has to be told to, or has to know that there are hit points to be regenerated and a fight to be alert for the next day. 

Streetlights speed by and Gorgug brings the van to a smooth stop at a light, accelerating smoothly up afterwards to not jostle anyone in the backseat. He’s practiced, easy, calm. Meanwhile, Riz’s thoughts are a messy turbulent maelstrom. He can’t sleep, and after everything in the Nightmare Forest if he never saw a bed again it’d be too soon. But, forget sleep, his brain isn’t even letting him relax right now, and Riz is struggling to figure out the questions that are on the tip of his tongue. His fingers itch for a ball of red string, trying to figure out why he wanted to be up here with the passenger seat and the windshield and Gorgug.

“What’s being a barbarian like?” he asks quietly, and Gorgug doesn’t exactly startle but does tip his head to the side curiously. 

“Can I ask why?” 

“I’m—angry,” Riz says, surprising himself, but it feels true enough. “I killed Kalina, but she said she was with me my whole life. And I hate that.” He wants to hiss, to bare his teeth and make the hair on the back of his neck stand up, but it’s not Gorgug he’s mad at. “Sometimes I wonder if I should use that to. Hit things.” 

“Okay,” Gorgug says. 

“And you—you know about that. About being angry, and not being. As comfortable. Or at least you’ve said stuff like that.” Riz picks at his long fingernails, pretending to be nonchalant and not looking up to see if Gorgug’s insight is better than his shitty attempt at deception. 

“Tell me about why you wanted to be a rogue?” Gorgug asks instead, and Riz understands it’s not really a question. He trusts Gorgug. He thinks about it. 

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I made someone cry today /srs

#davey rambles#lemme give context i promise im not a terrible person#so ive been in school since august and this guy in my study hall got the guts to try flirting with me#im a loyal man. i have only one love and their name is Jace. I politely tell school boy to leave me alone bc im not interested#he keeps pushin it. he goes on for months and i just ignore him.#i laid in the classroom floor to watch youtube and this guy laid next to me [back in oct] and asked me if i was a big spoon or lil spoon#kinda lame but ok whatever. i continue ignoring him.#today he walks up to me and he like. wraps one arm around me n goes 'hey babe i missed you'#when i tell you id had enough i mean it. i kinda shook him off and stood in front of him#and were in front of the teacher mind you. she has been trying to get him to leave me be#anyways so i stand in front of him and tell him 'look. i am a wholeass GUY. and i already have a partner. leave me alone'#this tall boy whos like. two years older than me? a year older than me? idk. but this tall boy starts fucking sobbing.#he fell into the floor and weeped. he then picked himself back up and left the fucking classroom#now dont get me wrong any other time id have made someone cry i wouldve said sorry#but i was tired of this guy constantly flirting with me even after i went 'im not interested'#he had it comin tbh i wont lie. im in a loving committed relationship with the only person ive ever fallen in love with truly#and theyre really all i need in terms of a romantic relationship
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Relativity (f. Oliver Pentaghast)

Emma Sparrow pays a visit to a friend during a difficult time, and he is not the only one surprised to learn the extent to which another can know and understand what troubles him.  Oliver Pentaghast and Thalon Lavellan belong to @ourinquisitorialness.  ~3300 words.  TW for past trauma and emotional difficulty/breakdown.


Once, Emma handed Cassandra Pentaghast a sack of skulls, and received a promise in return.  Now, the Inquisitor saw to it the Seeker kept her word.  

The letter sat heavy in Emma’s pocket, threatening to burn right through it as she stepped out of the carriage.  Just as those skulls, the skulls of murdered Tranquil mages collected from dismantled Venatori constructs across southern Thedas, sat heavy in that sack as she thrust that burden, that responsibility on a woman whose order could’ve prevented it - and, for centuries, had chosen not to.  A request from the Inquisitor himself, asking for her help in bearing that responsibility, as though she had anything to offer in that regard.  Or any obligation beyond what she’d done already.  Nevertheless, she’d answered that request, and she’d come.  Following several practiced breaths braced against the closed carriage door - two short inhales through her nose, one long exhale through her mouth - to quell the sick in her stomach, she finally turned to face the looming Seeker fortress.  

Thalon Lavellan stood in front of the large wooden doors, wearing a kind, welcoming smile and ready to offer kind, welcoming words as she approached.  A momentary twitch at the corners of her mouth was all the reciprocation she offered, and she followed him inside without a word.

“You should be speaking to Sala.”

She did not look at the Inquisitor directly when she finally spoke, walking the fortress’s dark stone halls, but she felt the furrow of his brow and the stare out of the corner of his eye long before she bothered to return it.  

“And when, exactly, was the last time you saw him?” 

She didn’t answer.  Thalon cracked a tiny smile, the smugness of which told her unequivocally that he already knew what she would say.  “I seem to remember being told that ‘there is no finding that man if he does not wish to be found’.”  His face turned slightly towards her, gentleness returning to the way he looked at her alongside a strong sense of confidence that he did, indeed, know what he was doing.  “In any case, our purpose here today requires skills and knowledge you possess, not him.  That’s why I asked you to come.”

Thalon’s next step brought his feet to rest beside each other.  He turned to face the window beside him, gesturing pointedly with a nod for her to look out into the open courtyard.  Flowers and herbs grew in abundance on either side of a winding stone path, along with some small trees.  A dark-haired man in simple robes tended to them.  Or, rather, stood on the path in front of them, and every so often crouched down and held out his hand to cradle the petals and leaves with the kind of appreciation - no, the reverence one has for something precious and new.

She recognized him the moment he stood, with a wayward glance in their direction.  


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i just wish i could write some sort of high fantasy story that’s like based around  identity, particularly queer and racial identity, and also my hatred for colonizers but unfortunately i am Really Bad At Fiction,, also idk if it’d be considered high fantasy but regardless.. i.  i like my idea a lot..

#it's about these two boys who were like in a crew of bandits and were inseperable#one of them is indigenous (like..elf-ish idk how to make new things) and the other is whatever the equivalent of white in this world is#and like they kinda grow up together and at one point they're like really cute and like having big philosophical spiritual conversations#and like the former is in love with the latter and the latter.. idk let's say internalized homophobia#and anyway aforementioned white boy finds out he's the Long Lost Descendant Of A King whoop-de-doo#and so like he's told to go do it because he deserves to live a good life and the character i Relate To Too Much eventually leaves the bandi#bandits* because he doesn't want that to get in the way of their relationships.  but something leads to something else and then like#the new king decides to seize the land they had lived on for millennia including sacred land and that's the last straw obviously#and so the character i am Projecting Onto re-enters this group and basically gets a fuck ton of pissed off people and monsters on his side#and like meanwhile the king's been going through some care bear movie style what the fuck am i doing development#and so like they push these assholes off their sacred land and then he realizes that lo and behold the government's shit and he like#he kills the old white guys or something (theyre probably sorcerers.. getting their power by sucking the life out of innocent people)#and maybe....... OOH maybe AHHHHHH by killing the old white sorcerer assholes the life goes back to the innocent people#and the final boss or something is the hardest battle of all probably bc he also has to fight his former friend/lover (catradora vibe ???)#bc he's used as a shield or something i dunno.. anyway once he kills the strangely mitch mcconnell looking asshole his bfs life comes back#and he's like what the fuck happened and then like they abolish the government and they all live in happy anarchy <3#damn i came up with that whole last half just now..#maybe i can write this but it won't be good lmao..#hmm.  can everybody tell i'm queer and lakota because yeah..#this worldbuilding is gonna be a lot.. wait my friend's a dm maybe they can help if they don't mind.. AHHHHHH#wild.  WILD#ideally a comic would be cool but i can't draw many angles..huh
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fINALLY!! now avatar really begins to shine, Toph is finally on screan

#i love toph#it has been a long time since i watched the avatar but i remember loving the shit out of her back then too#honestly might as well say it#toph is my favorite#deedeh rewatches the avatar#OOH i am defintley gonna anyoy everyone with the amount of toph art ill do#i can feel it#fuck i love this show#im honestley suprised by how much i remember of it#like its not as cronological#but watching the episodes i remember the plots fairly well for how long its been#its really fun to revisit old loves#bruh toph is just so fun on screen i cannot wait for this shit#s1 was fun and nostalgic but im defintely hoping for it to pick up the paze a bit#on the other hand i can easily draw while watching this show#im considering watching korra sometime after i finish this rewatch altough ive heard mixed reviews of it from people#i think my memory of the show propably wont extend much beyond book two tho#like i remember some events but its def gonna be fun too see#cannot wait for zukos redemption arc#i love my boi#i think i love katara even more with this rewatch#def loved her when i watched it as a kid but i have an affinity for her that is diffrent now#where she sometimes might have come off as annoying to little me i can see her viewpoint better with a more adult look on things#lol me adult#adult ish okay#loving sokka more on this run as well#i dont remember much of my opnioin of him from back then but i think hes grown on me more on this rewatch so far#god its so nice to be back with these characters#avatar the last airbender#atla
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