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#i am in pain
brennanyx · 52 minutes ago
jungwon’s arms in the fever dance practice wiggly as hell he said ~~~~~
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sylvies-casey · an hour ago
why do i all of a sudden want to gif hallie’s death
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answrs · 2 hours ago
say what I will about my solid 3 year long depressive episode that left me too sick to work, at least I DIDN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS BODY'S COMPLETELY BULL PERIOD SHIT
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somberess · 2 hours ago
why are my writing preferences so weird?
i like writing oneshots for todoroki only, and whenever i have a spark of inspiration, it's always for todoroki angst. when it comes to drabbles and timestamps, i just write for whoever fits the prompt.
i've been listening to sarah cothran's version of as the world caves in for the past few hours on repeat and slowly inspiration has budded in my empty mind.
imagine.. dancing with todoroki someone as the ship rocks dangerously, threatening to fully capsize, but you only rest your forehead against his as you move fluidly across the dance floor, not missing a single beat. flares explode in the dark sky above you; some deckhands don't shoot them up correctly, causing the flares to come down on the ship, setting different parts of it on fire. all of this is happening around the both of you, but all you do is dance.
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littered-n-glitter · 2 hours ago
I have been thru it all.
Homelessness, extreme poverty, abusive relationships, everything!
My Pain is my Power.
My Scars are my beauty marks
I am forever bulletproof.
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notepadsandtealeaves · 2 hours ago
Dick Grayson x GN!Reader in: They Never Stood a Chance || 12 Days of Batmas, Day 6—Baking Cookies
This is a v. Not SFW, 18+ blog, folks! Please DO NOT interact with any of my content if you’re underage!!
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Look. It was his cheat day, okay?
Once again I find myself apologizing for the wait, but a bitch been tired lol. It also doesn’t help matters that I’ve got a terrible case of Dabi (as well as several other MHA characters) brainrot, and that’s where what little energy I have has been going. But today I finally got it in me to finish these up so here we are. Hopefully it was worth the wait…
Spoiler: It probably wasn’t, tbh lmao.
|| Richard John Grayson
Headcanon || WC: 1k~
🎄 Ya know, I low-key, high-key feel like I write Dick as a walking amalgamation of every cutesy Hallmark MC that has ever existed, but like…
🌟 I think it’s valid?
🌟 He’s just so damn wholesome imo, and yes I know that he’s certainly not without his faults, but… My guys—he’s always trying to better both himself as well as the world at large and I absolutely adore him for it.
🌟 Seriously, how can you not love this literal ray of sunshine, like?? He’s so damn cute and sweet and thoughtful and funny and beautiful both inside and out—he’s the whole damn package!
🌟 But this is all super tangential to this HC so let’s move on.
🎄 Anyways!
🎄 I know some people see Dick as the kind of dude that’d be hopeless in the kitchen, but this is a whole ass man y’all, one with very specific dietary demands. He’s not always the most practical guy, but he does know the importance of keeping himself fed.
🌟 And if you just gotta eat, why not make it tasty?
🌟 He’s not out here getting his Gordon Ramsay on, but he can put together some p. nice meals. Yeah, they’re usually on the basic side, but they’re always yummy and well-balanced.
🌟 He’d be lying if he said that dessert wasn’t his favorite part of any meal, and as such he almost always has it in some form or another, even if it’s just a bit of fruit.
🌟 He lives for his cheat days, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that he’s a better baker than he is a cook.
🌟 Again, he’s not making 5-star dishes, but what he does make he makes well, and with cookies being relatively easy anyway they’re definitely at the top of his list.
🎁 He doesn’t even think twice about whipping up a batch or two—or three or four…
🎁 Look. He likes having options, okay? And cookies freeze really well soooo…
🎄 Baking cookies—especially Christmas/the winter holiday of your choosing cookies—with him really is like something out of a movie.
🌟 But like minus the mess. Sure tossing random ingredients around looks all cute/silly/fun on screen, but trying to get flour out of your hair and-or the grout work of your floor is a bitch. Plus he doesn’t like being needlessly wasteful, especially around the holidays when there’re so many families going without. He gives both his time and his money when and where he can, but he’s still a good steward even when he’s behind closed doors.
🌟 That said he isn’t above swiping your lips with a bit of icing just so he can have an excuse to smooch it off of you. God, this man, I cannot…
🎁 ((just in case you somehow forgot that it’s always soft simpin’ for Richard John Grayson hours in this house lmao))
🎄 It’s gonna take you forever and a day just to get through one batch because he’s gonna be all over you as usual.
🌟 Lots of back hugs and kisses and cuddles and general flirty glombing that one would expect from him.
🎁 Hey, it’s not his fault you’re so damn cute! You’re in your comfiest clothes and rumpled in that way that says you’re content and not planning on going anywhere, and he loves that you let him see you like this—all unguarded and snuggly looking—and it’s making his heart do that thing where it beats extra hard and fuck but he loves you and how could he ever hope to keep that to himself? More importantly why would he want to? You—the object of his affection/desire/every good dream he’s ever had—is right here in front of him, and by he’s more than convinced that you deserve to know exactly what it is you do to him…
🌟 For the most part he’s pretty direct about expressing his affection, but he’ll try to be sly on occasion. Like, he’ll swear that he’s just trying to help you stir something and then basically recreate that pottery scene from Ghost lmfao.
🎁 You know the scene I’m talking about but if you somehow don’t, here. But be warned, this particular clip doesn’t have any background music and is awkward as all hell because of it, but dammit if I had to hear it I’m gonna make it your problem too lol…
🎄 His favorite cookies to decorate are plain sugar cookies, more specifically the snowflake shaped ones.
🌟 He finds them to be elegant and classic. There’s just something so delicate and charming about the royal icing pipework and the large grained sugar sprinkle. They are very much what he thinks of first when he thinks of Christmas/winter-themed cookies.
🌟 Aside from that he really likes novelty shapes, esp. those related to the Bats. Catch him out here making custom batches for each of his siblings with their own cutters lol. They always pretend to be annoyed, but cannot hide their smiles when they’re eating miniature versions of themselves…
🌟 …or the vicious grins that pull at their lips when they make direct eye contact with each other as they bite the head/various limbs off of one sibling on another lmao. It, uhh, it makes for interesting dining if nothing else—a mildly macabre show to go with your meal lol…
🎄 As far as eating goes… Look, I personally canon this man as having the palate of a toddler lol. If it’s sweet then he’s down. But if we’re talking holiday themed cookies…
🌟 He’d probably pick chocolate peppermint cookies—bonus points if you actually top them with crushed peppermints! Anything to get that little bit of extra sugar in lol, plus he likes the added crunch.
🎄 Overall, baking with Dick is just a really adorable experience. I swear the two of you are like a living breathing ‘Couple’s Goals’ post, and honestly? I’m here for it.
They Never Stood a Chance|| WC: 600~
“I know it’s your cheat day and all, but is it really worth giving yourself another stomachache?”
Your teasing chide sees Dick’s shoulders bunching up while his head sinks down to meet them. As he chances a sheepish glance back at you, you’re left to wonder how he manages to make his frame look so small and damn near childlike. Given the impressive build of him it should be all but impossible, but when he’s giving you those ‘please stop perceiving me and my mistakes’ eyes with a half-eaten cookie hanging from his lips it kinda makes sense.
Bracing yourself against his waist, you look past him at the platter that had been overflowing with cookies just a couple of hours ago. Dick had offered to take care of the mess in the kitchen while you tidied up elsewhere, and though you had known that he was just waiting to get alone with your newly decorated treats you really hadn’t wanted to bust any suds. And so against your better judgement you had left him to it hoping that the memory of last week’s candy cane fiasco would keep him from doing anything too questionable.
Looking at the few scant cookies that are left now, however, you realize how foolishly optimistic you’d been.
“Richard my love, why are you this way?”
He shrugs at that, laughing a bit. “Poor impulse control, probably. A better question is why do you love me for it?”
Well, he’s certainly got you there.
Some of his habits may not be the healthiest—though he has been steadily winnowing out the worst, most self-destructive of them—and his ‘act now, think about it later, maybe’ attitude has gotten him into just as much trouble as it’s gotten him out of, but… Well that’s just all a part of what makes Richard John Grayson, Richard John Grayson, and you really do love him for it.
Honestly you’d much rather have him like this—occasionally questionable dietary choices and all—than to just have parts of him. There are so many out there that think they know him well, but in truth their acquaintanceship is as hollow as the smiles he graces them with. Gotham is in love with a façade and rightly so. His public facing persona is nothing less than perfection, a unbearably charming mask that has been carefully cultivated and studiously maintained over the years, but when the clock strikes twelve and pretenses are cast aside there are only a select few that get to see the man that lies behind it all. You have no idea what you’ve done to be counted among their number, but you thank every good thing this universe has ever produced that you are.
This is why you know better than to pile on him because at the end of the day no one is harder on Dick than he is on himself, and in this particular instance he’ll definitely be feeling the results of his actions in short order, you’re sure. Instead you grab a bottle Perrier from the fridge before pulling him into the living room with you.
The position you take up is a familiar one, with you sitting and Dick’s head resting in your lap while the rest of him is splayed out along the length of the sofa. The water is placed on the table’s edge for ease of reach, though for now both of your hands occupy themselves with one another. You trace the fine bones of his fingers from where they rest atop his stomach, circling their joints as you go; meanwhile Dick’s free hand finds your own, and after placing a kiss on your palm, rests it against his eyes in an attempt to block out the light. It isn’t the most comfortable position, it definitely won’t be sustainable for any considerable length of time, but for now you’re content to enjoy the silence with your love.
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weirdotaku1000 · 3 hours ago
Agshdhfbfj remember this post?? :
Well I watched 13 - 14 and almost half of the 15th episode and I got more commentary with my sister so here-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shit I reached the limit, nO-
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uhthor · 3 hours ago
might take a break from tumblr, see below
just had an almost two hour family discussion and argument type thing and i cried the whole time. i have no words i have never felt this bad ever and i genuinely feel at a loss at where i belong in my family rn. i don’t know how to stop crying. i am in so much pain and i’m so upset right now that being here isn’t a good idea. you might see me liking stuff but idk when i’ll be back properly. if you message you probably won’t get an answer i’m sorry. i’ll see you soon ig
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ohnomyedge · 4 hours ago
Thought I was going to be able to finish the first post for the Runaway-ler blog today, but I think I’m going to have to finish it tomorrow. I’ve been working on it all day, nearly 12 hours, and I think I’ve hurt my hand.
It looks good so far (It’s a small starting comic, taking place just after Oncie ran from home, or at least the first half of it. I greatly underestimated just how long it would take to finish, probs all the backgrounds lmao)
But ye, it’s mostly done, just need to colour the lineart, add some details, and add some effects and it should be done. I got a huge chunk of it done today, which I am proud of
I hope y’all are gonna like it
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thoughts on physical touch
phySICAL TOUCH IS BEAUTIFUL. like,,,, mmmgnnhhhhh hand holding,,,, interlocking fin,,,fingers,,,,, running fingers thr,,,, through soft hair,,,, b,,, back rubs,,,,, c,,,, cu,,,, cuddles,,,, hol,,,, holding their face in ur hands,,,, y,,, yeah,,,,
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simpingthrash · 5 hours ago
I am back!!
thigh riding philza ;//;
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ellcnor · 5 hours ago
i am never listening to ith again, i was just jamming out to finale and i broke my toe..
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charleswaterloo · 5 hours ago
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mirohtron · 6 hours ago
Howdy, I know I sent an ask recently (I hope you got it) but don't stress about doing rn it if you haven't got time, I don't wanna cause you any stress or anything :) hope you're ok!
HI HELLO YES DO NOT FEAR I HAVE GOTTEN THE ASK and shfjejrjwhthw when i get asks i just happen to be like "Must Do Right Now Very Soon" bc I don't get asks often aside from my Only One Other Friend On This Site screaming in my inbox so when i get a request im like "this is a testament to my abilities" except I do not know exactly what testament means so that probably doesn't make any Sense anyways you're very nice and do not fear i am Not Stressing About It A Lot (i think) and im okay hope ure okay too !!!
also fun fact i was literally starting to write out ur request but then my mom was like "poor cat pay attention to him >:(" and then i see nero on tje side of my bed and cue me pullign him into hugs because i refuse to get rejected by my son just becajse im a parent does not mean i will put down my pride thanks anyway he was licking my fingers a lot so grooming me basically whib means im his bestie i guess and i told my brother that and he was like "you're a part of the gang now" and like ok cool but what gang he's the only cat in our family
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one of these days i will write a long, poetic, thoughtful & articulate post about why kanan and ezra’s relationship is so deeply impactful and moving to me: the realization of self through the other, reaching the conclusion in the search for your meaning—the implicit answer kanan was looking for from the force is given to him; every day kanan asks why he survived at all, but kanan did survive order 66 for a reason, and that reason was ezra. kanan is only able to forgive himself living beyond death of depa if he can find a tangible reason for it, if he can come to understand it; kanan never could have understood what value depa saw in his life that could possibly make her place him above her own life until he had a child, too, and suddenly everything makes sense. kanan tells the inquisitor “I have nothing left to fear,” when he sees ezra stand up (and, he thinks, die) for him and that’s it, isn’t it? that’s the cruelty of order sixty-six, that’s the impact of anakin’s slaughter, and that’s why vader can’t bear to watch the emperor torture luke—children are precious, children never deserve to bear the sins of their father, and you have never felt fear more acutely then when a child stands to take your place. ezra magnifies every mistake and every misstep kanan has ever taken, because now kanan wants so badly to make it right for ezra, because it is so much easier to accept the wrongs of the world and the consequences of your actions if you do not have to see it repeated—until, of course, you have a child. kanan is so deeply sunk into the past and present and anything but the future, between depa’s sacrifice and the desperation to outrun his own guilt, that he is never able to believe in anything like the future until he meets ezra. anyway. until i write that post ill just lay here in my puddle of tears.
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