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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#i am its property

Did ya know that modmad has a kickstarter? Specifically to physically print their fairy tale, “The Princess and the Jester?” Annndd if the stretch goal is reached, the Property of Hate books will also be reprinted? Hellllll yeah >:O

Oh, and this is the colored drawing from this art trade :D. Was going to color this SOMEDAY, but now seemed like the appropriate time.

Lineless and Overlay-less Versions Below:

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I am so salty I CAN LITERALLY HEAR THE MICE SCRAMBLING IN MY WALL (and possibly in my closet?? It sounds like they’re crinkling the bags IN my closet but it could also be insulation in the wall idk I dont remember there being mouseholes in my closet when I moved in) but my unit manager is like “unless they’re IN the apartment they’re not our problem get fucked and also we aren’t going to give you the condo manager’s information you can hunt it down yourself” and I have never wanted to curse a human being more over something so petty

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listen, the potential of hamon was absolutely squandered in canon. like, stands are cool and all, but we were robbed of something truly amazing - i.e. the sheer POTENTIAL of the ways different kinds of stands could interact with hamon. also vampires are cool as shit, and i think some ‘regular’ stand users from p4+ would shit themselves if they saw someone just… punch a building into dust without needing a stand

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I think it’s at least pretty safe to say that my mental health issues are umm… “treatment-refractory” (known as won’t go tf away) and yea.h.. yeah.. idk how to talk/think abt that,

#i tried reading a little abt depression in autistic ppl but uhhhh its so hard to read about kinda., #bc its like.. nobody knows why so many autistics are depressed why treatment has such mixed results.. Nobody Knows Huh.., #what about like... the material conditions and cuts to government programs providing vital support for the poor and disabled?, #like.. being depressed about my future bc i can have the rug pulled out frm under me at any time and if my fate is left to the whims of, #capitalism then i wont stand a chance bc my existance is not profitable bc i cant work?, #and like. yeah. thatd make u pretty bummed out maybe?, #anyway s my end goal ideal society is not social democratic programs wherein i get a pretend job and the government gives me money to barely, #get by my vision and what i think would work far better is a society wherein Work is essentially abolished or looks so different from today, #that its essentially unrecognisable and the property ownership is abolished and from each according to their ability to each according to, #their need??? when ppl say stuff thats good for autistic ppl is good for ppl as a whole they dont know just how right that is and, #they also dont know that im using that idea to explain why Communism Good?, #poo poo pee pee my brain is empty now 🙂 i feel like i did not get what i meant across yet i used that many words... communication is a, #vile beast and i am locked in a life or death battle with it. jk maybe but it feels like it lol
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Watching the Mythbusters MacGyver episode and seeing all the precautions they are taking working with the pure sodium is concerning

Because my first day of Chemistry, which was actually my first class my first day in high school, my chemistry teacher dropped some sodium in a beaker full of water to show us what would happen. What happened was fire underwater and then an explosion. None of us were wearing any safety gear, the beaker shattered every time she used it to explode some sodium, apparently third period’s introductory explosion cut someone’s face with shrapnel (he was fine), and the Mythbusters were wearing like full plastic coverup suit things when they handled sodium??? They took it to a bomb range?????

What even was my school I thought it was a normal school experience but I begin to suspect that’s not the case

Did you guys start your high school experience with your Chem teacher exploding beakers? 

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