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#i am legally allowed to do whatever i want
spacehanded · a year ago
Tumblr media
so because i also write kakyoin   &   we don’t acknowledge what araki did 2 him in this house   &   he was totally in part 4 ,   i have this dumb little headcanon that oku has a crush on him hfvjvdhjdjhf .   like the first time he saw him was from far away   &   he thought he was a girl ,   but it turned out he wasn’t     (     obviously     )     yet oku still found him very beautiful   &   the more he got to know him ,   realized that he’s really sweet   &   very interesting .   so you know .   gay feelings .   it’s just a soft lil crush tho obv nothing happens nor should anything happen bc oku is just a dumb teenage boy   &   kak   &   jotaro are dating   but u know ,   i just thought it was cute uwu .
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stefuture · 4 hours ago
Who should I be angry with?
I don’t know! Should I be angry with Elon Musk because of his statements about Bitcoin, Doge etc.? 
Maybe. Please don’t get me wrong. He is allowed to say whatever he wants to to say. Nevertheless his statements are harming the trust in cryptocurrencies. I am not angry because I “lost” money. He even “lost” more money. It’s because other people now lose trust.
But maybe I should be angry with all of those people that panically sold their Bitcoins because of his statements. Hey, Elon Musk is NOT the god of cryptocurrencies, he is NOT the god of Bitcoin, he is NOT the god of investing. For me he is not even the god of electric mobility. (Just to let you know: I have successfully completed two courses on electric mobility on two of the best Technical Universities in Europe.) 
The crazy thing is that those people are the biggest losers. They lost more money than I did. And in relation to their wealth they los more money than Elon Musk did. They bought high after he invested and now they are selling low because of misleading tweets during a discussion.
So, dear disciples of Elon Musk, please stop buying or selling Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency because he said something that you do not really understand! Get informed on cryptocurrencies, get informed on investing! Maybe first of all get to know the difference between investing, trading and gambling.
By the way, if you just start investing, I would recommend Coinbase to you. If you use this recommendation link you get some Satoshis for free!
The content in this blog must not be regarded as tax, legal, insurance, financial or other advice. Information may be outdated or inaccurate. It is solely your responsibility to verify all information. This weblog entertainment purposes ONLY. If I mention stocks or cryptocurrencies I may have ownership interest in them. Please do not make trading decisions based on my posts! If you need advice, please contact attorneys, financial advisors, your bank or other appropriate professionals for the subject you need help for. Linked items may create financial benefit for me!
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celesteels · 17 hours ago
Why I made the flirting/data server:
The last straw that was keeping me from seeking other miscecanis ppl broke 2 days ago. Basically, damn please y'all are cuties and into what I like so please hmu.
I want more miscecanis stuff in my life but my kinda-gf doesn't identify as such it's not as present in the other areas of my life, and I don't get some things I want all the time which is perfectly fine, but ya know I still want them. I can get social and intimacy stuff online tho and is the intent with the server!
I'm demi but I still enjoy intimate spaces and intimacy with others circumstantially. I have no personal goals other than enjoying myself around like minded people, and maintaining it as a safe yet adult space.
This exists in other servers, but I've never seen a server that allows non-rp flirting. Of course people have developed intimate connections or romantic relationships with each other independently but a space for this did not exist to my knowledge.
This server comes with risks as does any dating server. I am doing everything I can to ensure that rules are followed and members understand what they are joining. If there are any concerns please bring them up with me. I understand that abuse and under 18s slipping through is a risk of dating servers but the rules, careful moderation, and verification are to eliminate this.
I have run a dating group before and it should not be different just because this is tumblr and omegaverse. Miscecanis is not the only lifestyle or whatever you wanna call it which both has minors in it and NSFW aspects. We should engage with minors in the community respectfully and legally, and disengage with them when it comes to NSFW things or dating or whatever. They're not getting through.
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chestjaw41 · 9 days ago
Understand The Disadvantages Of The Direct Method Of The Green Card Through Investment
The reply is a big yes! Though you have none of those qualifications, you are still able to live and work in the United States. You can perform practically what you would like along with study there. However the question now is HOW? It is easy. You submit an application for the card lotto. Getting a green card though needs a long and thorough procedure. It might even take years to get it. Nevertheless, the application still depends on the kind of requirements the candidate falls in and what nation the applicant has actually come from. And even if he/she is most suited to become green card holder, there is a certain number of approvals per year with unlimited variety of applicants. green card holders who are over 18 yrs of age are required to carry a legitimate permit at all times. Failing to do so might lead to their being convicted with a fine of up to $100, 30 days in jail, or both. After the September 11 attacks, the United States government is extremely stringent relating to these kinds of legal offenses. 근로자 내일배움카드
Tumblr media
These cards include different lines of credit. There is the Preferred Benefits Permit, Gold Card, Benefits Plus American Express Gold Card and the Platinum Card. The Platinum Card allows you to have the VIP treatment. You make one point for every single dollar you utilize the card for and you earn 4 points for shopping at the BonusPointsMall and double points at American Express Travel. The Gold Card, Benefits Plus Gold and the Permit permit you to earn one point for every single dollar you charge and earn 3 points at the BonusPointsMall. In one sense the United States will be seeing you due to the fact that they want to make sure that people from a foreign country understand the laws and the rules that other United States people live by and use in their everyday life. Searching for the right charge card for you can be a confusing procedure. You have to consider the APR, yearly fees and a multitude of covert charges. The finest location to start is with the APR and compare those. Lots of people gloss over the fine print due to the fact that initially look it looks like a problem to learn. Try to read it anyhow. Graduate from the law school and acquire your JD degree. Now is the time to review whatever which you have actually discovered by now in order to pass the bar examination. You have to pass this test in order to earn your license. There are different methods of application. First is household sponsored application, which is basically "if you have family in United States, you probably can become a citizen faster than anyone else". Sometimes an individual is visiting their household in the U.S. and they decide they desire to emigrate. If this is the case, it might take a short time or very long time depending on the circumstances. If one is available, the first step is to make an application in which you will get a visa number. When the number is offered, you need to ask the USCIS to change your status from emigrant to irreversible resident. So I was hired, fell so much in love with the place, my school, my trainees, my co-workers, our house, whatever about where I am -I enjoy! I started to dream once again, made future plans, linked with my passion, made good friends, enjoyed the basic life and after that the BIG NEWS!
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akvilenotfound · 10 days ago
lmao i was the original anon. no im not and was not a larry shipper, but i am a hrry styles enjoyer. what i mean with my first ask was that at least now harry and louis are in a calmer state individually without the ship breathing down their necks, now that there is a shift with dnf being a popular thing. im just hoping that dnf arent going to be as horrid as larry was and people can actually draw the line between casually enjoying two people's dynamic with overanalysing every move these two make to the point where it is a toxic wasteland.
ohhhh!!! so sorry for misunderstanding!! i get you! :)
i think we’ll be okay, because dnf are different to larry for several reasons (this got a lot longer than i expected so putting it under here haha!)
louis and harry met like the same week the band was formed. they had no previous friendship, for them it was just instant ‘we’re best friends now’ but they weren’t strong enough to stay friends during the whole shipping craze. they were young and signed legally binding contracts that they had no idea would make their lives so difficult, not allow them to speak up, not allow them to tell people what they liked and what they hated, especially in terms of the fanbase, because the label only cared about bringing in money. 
george and dream have been friends for like 6 years now? they’ve only really been in the public eye and being shipped in the last year and a half mostly, and they have spoken up about their boundaries several times, such as telling us they are okay with being shipped, they are okay with fanfiction and fanart, they are obviously comfortable with themselves and their sexualities and don’t have any issues with people having their fun (as long as it’s respectful of course). they are their own people who can come on stream and tell us whatever they want to tell us. 
i believe if the shipping gets too much, they’ll turn around and say so. i feel like the fact that they’re still such close friends, the fact that seemingly nothing has changed, and george continues to wear dream’s merch and is awaiting the green light to go to the states, he still interacts and jokes with dream, making dnf jokes, they still stay in calls all the time. 
so i know what you mean. i hope and hope and prayyyy that it doesn’t get to the point of a toxic wasteland haha, because i do remember what it was like in the 1d fandom, and it was not a fun time at all. i hope people stay respectful, i hope people don’t speculate about things they have no business speculating about. i hope people continue to see them as dream the content creator and george the content creator instead of the 2 halves that make up dnf haha. and more than anything, i hope if it ever gets to a bad point, and dream and george turn around and ask people to stop, i just hope people will respect that and listen. 
but those are hypothetical scenarios i try not to worry about. right now, in this moment, everything’s okay ❤️
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update on some personal stuff I was ranting about not long ago under the cut:
It looks like I’m taking the ACT one more time, which means another month of studying and tutoring to practice my math skills and get me answering questions faster. I was so ready to be done after the last time, and I’m still not particularly excited about having to do it again, but we’ve found a really good tutor who has a lot of experience and seems very confident in my ability to get my scores up within the time I have before the next test. (Also I’m not taking both exams--SAT and ACT--just focusing on the one, so that’ll cut down on the stress.) This is the very last time I am allowed to legally take the test, so whatever I make this time, I’ll take and be thankful for; if it’s still not where I wanted it to be, I’ll switch tracks and start looking for other options and not worry about it anymore.
I just wanted to give a little update to everyone here who might care, since I ranted about some of this stuff a little in the past and a lot of you were really kind and reached out to talk me through it. Thanks again for that, it meant a lot <3 :)
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leidaatracaoblog · 13 days ago
Oie! Tudo bem? Espero que sim.
No Blogspost "Como atrair mais da lei da atração de forma correta" eu sitei que uma das coisas que se deve fazer é "SER MAIS GRATO".
E não basta só falar, vim trazer a você duas maneiras práticas e legais de ser mais grato.
1° Pote da Gratidão
Primeiro: Escolha um recipiente para ser o seu POTE DA Gratidão (uma garrafa, uma caixa, um pote mesmo, o que preferir) e decore do seu jeito, recomendo que seja algo meio good vibes.
Segundo: Separe post-it ou qualquer outro tipo de folha que você estiver em mão e que possa ser usada (folhas coloridas deixam tudo mais alegre e atrativo).
Terceiro: Sempre que algo bom acontecer ou algo pelo qual você sente que deve agradecer escreva e guarde no seu pote (Não esqueça de colocar a data).
Eu recomendo que você abra pra ler quando estiver com sentimento ruins, para que se lembre de algum dia que foi grato. Ou se preferir, leia os depois de um ano em que começou a escrever se preferir.
2° Aplicativo Presently: Um diário da gratidão
Ele é muito fácil e prático de usar. E permite que você:
Salve anotações diárias de gratidão
Reflita sobre momentos antigos de gratidão
Leia frases motivadoras
Coloque lembretes diários para manter sua prática de gratidão
Busque suas anotações antigas
Compartilhe suas informações com amigos e familiares (se quiser)
E o melhor... Presently é 100% gratuito e sem anúncios.
(Estou fazendo propaganda sem remuneração pois o aplicativo é muito bom mesmo)
Enfim, espero que tenha gostado da dica, até a próxima! E que o universo traga sempre o melhor pra você! Beijos...
Hi! How are you? I hope so.
In the post "How to attract more from the law of attraction correctly" I mentioned that one of the things to do is "BE MORE GRATEFUL".
And it is not enough just to speak, I have come to bring you two practical and legal ways to be more grateful.
1st Pot of Gratitude
First: Choose a container to be your POT OF Gratitude (a bottle, a box, a pot, whatever you prefer) and decorate it your way, I recommend it to be something kind of good vibes.
Second: Separate post-it notes or any other type of sheet that you are using and that can be used (colored sheets make everything more cheerful and attractive).
Third: Whenever something good happens or something you feel you should be thankful for, write it down and keep it in your jar (Don't forget to put the date).
I recommend that you open it to read when you are feeling bad, so that you remember sometime that you were grateful. Or if you prefer, read them after a year of writing if you prefer.
2nd Presently Application: A Gratitude Diary
It is very easy and practical to use. And it allows you to:
Save daily notes of gratitude
Reflect on ancient times of gratitude
Read motivating phrases
Put daily reminders to keep your gratitude practice
Fetch your old notes
Share your information with friends and family (if you want)
And the best ... Presently it is 100% free and without ads.
(I am advertising without pay because the application is really good)
Anyway, I hope you liked the tip, see you next time! And may the universe always bring the best for you! Kisses...
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babyangelmill · 14 days ago
Loving Reminder II
This is piggybacking off of my last post, & is specifically intended for those over 18/21 who regress:
Regressors are allowed to also like things that aren’t okay for biological children.  As much as we don’t like to admit, age regressive adults are not the same as children, and for many of us, it is rare that we fully regress into a state that is identical to an actual toddler, at least not on the internet, and we know this because an actual 2 year old wouldn’t have the capability to run a tumblr blog- and that is okay to admit. It’s okay to admit we aren’t the same as biological children. Admitting that does not mean we are bad, or that our boundaries and safe spaces don’t deserve to be respected. Refusing to admit that, I feel, can lead regressors to feel ashamed of the things that help them regress if those things wouldn’t be okay for a biological child.
~If you are over the legal drinking age, and having a little bit of something helps you let go of embarrassment or shame you have around regressing, you are not bad and you are not any less valid as a regressor. Just be careful, use moderation & be responsible. You are not any less allowed to drink than any other adult because you also happen to be an age regressor. (To be clear, I ,am not encouraging drinking, I’m simply stating that if you do you should not have to feel ashamed or like your regression is no longer valid, and you are also not a bad person if you drink underage, but I cannot give you my support and I urge you to wait until you’re 21+-or whatever the legal age where you live is, but you also do not deserve to be invalidated over it. Disagreeing with an action doesn’t always equate to thinking the people who do it are bad or don’t deserve respect)
~If you use cannabis for health or relaxation reasons, your regression is allowed to include that. 
~If there are certain shows or movies you like to watch that wouldn’t be appropriate for actual children, like horror or true crime, you are still allowed to watch it when you feel small if you want to. 
~If you swear when you feel small, you’re still allowed to be small. No one should feel like they have to censor themselves when they're supposed to be in their most comfortable & safe headspace. Your regression/tinyspace (littlespace if you prefer) should be about being your most authentic and free self. Not about feeling bad because you let out a cuss word while coloring. 
Age regressing/dreaming doesn’t have to mean “I feel exactly the same as a literal 3 year old and I will act exactly the same as 3 a year old and everyone should be expected to to treat me as if I am actually a toddler, and I’ll only like things that toddlers like”, it can be as simple as allowing your inner child to take control and be heard and listened to, and do things for them, while still allowing your more mature behaviors to continue. Do whatever feels right for you. No one can tell you how you can and can’t spend your regression. It is an extremely personal thing and there is no authority on what is and isn’t allowed in your personal regression. 
The only thing you should be careful of, though, is posting these things in agere tags due to the fact that, while you may be comforted by things like horror movies while small, someone else may be triggered by it, and if you can’t respect other’s boundaries, how can you expect yours to be respected? Your personal, private regression is yours and yours alone, but when it comes to a public, all ages, agere communities like agere, cglre, chire, or even noncom agere, it’s important to be careful about what you post because you never know how it may effect someone, and to keep those of us in this community who are not biological adults yet safer. So if you do any of these things, I urge you to use trigger warnings, or to leave those out of the parts of your regression you make public, but you do not have to make any part of your regression public, and what you do in private is nobody elses’ business. 
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watkins90brown · 14 days ago
Quitting Marijuana - Something You Should Get You Stop & That?
More and more programs are geared specifically towards friend. This means people with marijuana addiction can enter these centers knowing their specific problem will be understood therefore likely groups associated with other residents with similar issue. By doing this give them more confidence in entering treatment, but can also all of them with more of an incentive to look at up in group posts. This occurs because of a better feeling of inclusion and believing others know what they are going by way of. Eating a great breakfast does not just help you overcome cravings but if help you fight them off later in the day. I know if Do not think have a proficient breakfast I'm able to get intense cravings very easily in a special afternoon. Be careful what you want to eat and. Whole foods are the best type of food to consume in the morning when they start to will deliver the energy handful of basic and won't have been stripped from nutrients, as well as to consume plenty of fresh fruit with your breakfast. Dr Neal Barnard in his book Damaging the Food Seduction, sites a survey stating that after volunteers ate regular oatmeal over instant oatmeal they snacked 35% less during the day. This shows you how important it's to enjoy a less refined breakfast and something that is nutritious and should sustain you might. Stay apart from people who influence for you to use medical marijuana. Stop hanging by helping cover their friends which have been also using the drug. This way, "Marijuana Study" could certainly forget about marijuana. In addition, it is extremely challenging for everyone to be out get the job done. the influence of the cbd is least important in which of the traditional models of city structure? of unemployed people the country are unemployed due to company downsizing, businesses closing, and some other reasons beyond what they can control. They may face age discrimination they are older and can't find work or other unfair proper treatment. Because of the psychological trauma of being unemployed, well known people who are prone to substance abuse may value more highly to smoke marihauna. They may do this to leave the financial stresses they face, and the meantime, they cause themselves more trouble utilizing the drug. Now, before any individual start thinking, "Here we go, "Marijuana" a spiritual nut litigation!" Let me put you straight. I'm not really very orlando. I am not provided to anybody telling me what to consider or easy methods to live existence. If you are religious, I respect your right to think and do whatever you want, extended as as it's within regulation. The renter put down a deposit that allowed his family to move into the interior. Then no further payments were ever produced on the home or property. Ever. It's now the fourth month, and my brother has yet to see another Abraham Lincoln penny from than ever before. Keep in mind that my brother is still having produce mortgage payments - entirely out of his own pocket. Once every day . what to accomplish to successfully undergo the marijuana addiction treatment, absolutely everyone should encourage to fit everything we can to stick to that plan. there will be temptations to get a new plan or even give up all together, but vital to stay strong and make going does not matter what. Many western states often be moving to legalize the possession of marijuana. However some other states are still intent on waging war against drugs and the crimes which so often accompany individuals.
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suchababie · 15 days ago
Welcome to my blog!
A safe space for all (IN LEGAL OF AGE ofc)
Hi hello thank you for stopping by. Here’s a little stuff about me, the one who’s behind all of this lol
My name is Kay. You can call me by my old tumblr name, Vixen. I’m 23 and my birthday’s on 7th of May. I’m a taurus. Whatever you read about Taurus sign, it’s probably true lmao. I’m a brown skinned chubby asian girl. I am socially awkward and shy and I ramble a lot, but if you get to know me and I feel comfortable with you, some of my friends described I’m cool, funny, quirky, smart, talkative, and I’m strong about opinions. I laugh a lot which means maybe I mask my sadness with funny things (too dark?) so you can tell I find some small things funny. My favorite colors are lavander and raspberry pink. I love MCU and Henry Cavill. My knowledge on English actually came through reading books, and then fanfiction. I listen to pop, alternative/indie, and rap music :) I graduated college, passed my local licensure exam, and still don’t know what to do with my life tbh :)
I wanna make new friends, especially internet friends from around the world :D I follow back and then I make you as a friend and mutual even if we don’t interact BUT interacting through likes and reblogs is also enough :) bow thanks for listening to my ted talk
tags: #about me on relatable posts
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myvettechjourney · 16 days ago
Greetings! My name is Ali and I graduated from college last year with my 4-year degree. After nearly an entire year of reflection, I decided to go back to school to be a veterinary technician. Even though I got my degree in a mostly unrelated field, I have always volunteered with animals on the side as a source of fulfilment. Earlier this year I got a volunteer position working with a Certified Veterinary Technician on a farm used for educational purposes, and it cemented my choice to apply for schools. I had to put together a lengthy application with letters of recommendation, write a statement of purpose, contact doctors to get my medical records, and even go through an interview process for one of them, but it was worth it in the end. I was accepted to every program in my state, but most importantly in the cohort for my top choice program!
That said, I want to use this blog to connect with other vetmed/vettech students or people with jobs in the field. I want to post whatever I am legally allowed to take photos of from lab/clinic, content from my notes, and other cool animal related things I do on the side. 
If you are in the field please like this! Anyone interested is welcome to follow. I am ready to begin this journey and start a new chapter in my career/education. :)
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raibebe · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
An NCT 99- and 00-line writing collab hosted by yours truly @raibebe.  Any legal writer for NCT can join! DM me for a spot in the collab after reading through the details below the cut!
Tumblr media
♈︎ first come first serve basis
♉︎ the theme is sub! idol. So whatever you decide to write, your member of choice is supposed to be the submissive in the relationship.
♊︎ there are just 9 spots open since I’ll be taking Jeno’s spot for myself act surprised please
♋︎ since I am pretty sure this will end up being an all smut collab, so you need to be legal to join
♌︎ pairings should be reader x member and therefor the reader should be kept as vague as possible. No blushing described as “red” or “pink”, no references to height and body type (might make an exception if you really struggle and state it beforehand) or ethnicity
♍︎ minimum word count is 1.5k, therefore timestamps, reactions or bullet points are not allowed
♎︎ please carefully monitor your fic and state all warnings and tag them accordingly, if you’re unsure what to tag, I’ll gladly read through it and help you along
♏︎ that being said, I do not want to read anything discriminating, necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, yandare or dub- and non-con (if it’s not CLEARLY stated that both parties have agreed to a scene like that before)
♐︎ a discord is needed in order to join so we can discuss things like deadlines 
♑︎ if you ever do want to drop out, that is 100% fine, just tell me and we’ll work it out
♒︎ as said before dm me to claim your spot or if you have any further questions!
♓︎ since I had problems with this for my last collab: if you don’t text me back within two days or do not accept the discord invite during the same time-frame, I’m leaving it up to me to kick you from the collab. I’m sorry if this seems rude but I had a bad experience regarding that...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @127-mile​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @ncteaxhoe​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @yuta-senpai​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @qianinterprises​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @raibebe​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @jaesspresso​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @sly-merlin​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by @jaesqueso​
Tumblr media
{I am a title placeholder} by
Tumblr media
Thank you again for 2k this is insane ♡
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arcreads2 · 16 days ago
Divination Provides Insight, Not Answers.
Disclaimer: all divination falls under entertainment and whatever you do after getting a reading is not my responsibility.
FYI: If you receive an empty reply/ask, that means you did not follow my instructions.
All Asks Are Published, including Private Asks.
Your Astrological Signs are meaningless to me. Just leave a name/initial is enough.
Send me an ASK and I will draw 2 cards for you, a tarot card and an oracle card.
I do not answer these Topics:
Legal Questions (any kind of legal related matter)
Health Questions (including drugs and medicine related)
Money Questions (lotteries, gambling, and wages related)
Astrology Questions (I dont know shit about astrology)
Apocalyptic Questions (catastrophes, natural disaster related)
Time Estimates Questions (when things gonna happen related)
Living Human Third Party Related Questions (direct and indirect)
I do not answer any question that involves a Living Human Third Party, directly, or indirectly.
Living Human Third Party readings refer to questions about a still alive human being that is not the Querent/Client/Asker
Example: What Does B feel about me? Did A meant what they say? What was going through my mom’s mind when she said that? Why did He do that? Who is my Twinflame? What kind of person is my Soulmate? Who do I share my Destiny with?
third parties (from
a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially a dispute.
the TWO here refers to the person ASKING (the person sending the ask) and the person ANSWERING (the person answering the ask, who is me). So if you are asking a question about anyone else who is both Human and Alive, it counts as Third Party.
That is why I also still take questions about Gods and Spirits and Guardians and Dead People, because they are either DEAD or NOT HUMANS.
To people who Work With and/or Worship and/or Related to Eldritch Entities. Especially nyarla/hotep, talk to me first.
For all Paid Readings, please message me on Discord ArcReads#7151 or email me at for further instructions
Payments are made through PayPal and KoFi only.
Topics I Do Not Answer
   Urgent Questions  
   Health Questions
   Legal Questions
   Money Questions
   Astrology Questions
   Apocalyptic Questions
   Time Estimates Questions
Card Divination
When it comes to Card Readings, I use both Tarot and Oracle cards in a single reading, so please choose 1 from each type, or I will default to the Decks of The Day.
Hermetic Tarot, Night tarot, Numerical Tarot, Brotherhood Tarot, Revelations Tarot, Nostradamus Tarot, Code Tarot, Vesica Tarot
Litan Oracle, Trees Oracle, Clow Oracle, Divination Oracle, Doors Oracle, Angelarium Oracle, Botany Oracle, Spell Oracle.
1 CARD = 2 USD
Energy Work
Energy work is when I use elemental energy to deal with a specific energetic issue. It is divided into Non Reiki and Reiki because not everyone is compatible with Reiki, actually. So please inform me if you want the Elemental one or the Reiki one beforehand.
   Each separate work is priced at 10 USD  
   Energetic Issues:
   Energy Boosts
   Energy Healing
   Energy Warding  
   Energy Shielding    
   Energy Cleansing
Energy Divination
Energy divination is a method to divine an issue by interacting with the client’s personal energy and seeing where it leads and see what it shows. The biggest advantage of energy reading is also its biggest flaw, I cant promise you what I will see is what you want to see, and what I will find out is what you want to know.
I also require a picture of your Palm to serve as a taglock/anchor and a written statement of consent, indicating I am allowed to do an energy reading. Both of these allows for an unobstructed divination.
Energy Reading Topics:
   Past Lives
   Spiritual Entities  
   Energy Essence
   General Energy Reading
The pricing is fixed at 5 USD per half a page, it caps at 20 USD for 2 pages, if there’s extra pages, no added charges will be placed, which means it is at most, 20 USD.
Personal Aspect Reading
A reading on the many aspects of a person's life through their energy, which covers aspects of Aura, Beginnings, Self-Knowledge, Prosperity, Fame, Health, Travels, Career, Relationships, and Future
This reading require a picture of your palm and a statement of consent.
1 Aspect = 5 USD
Spatial Aspect Reading
Instead of reading the client, I can also read the client’s immediate space, like their room or their house in relation to the client. This is a very good way to read a place before moving in or renting it out.
By reading the aspects of Beginnings, Self-Knowledge, Prosperity, Fame, Health, Travels, Career,  Relationships, and Future, the client can predict the effect of living in that said space on their life.
This reading requires a picture of the Door of that said space, and a statement of consent.
1 Aspect = 5 USD
Energy Point Reading
A reading on the 14 energetic points/centers on a person which may reveal an underlying issue:
 These points/centers includes:
   Sky Point (soul issues)
   Crown Point (connections issues)
   Mind Point (manifestation issues)
   Throat Point (expression issues)
   Shoulder Points (responsibilities issues)
   Heart Point (self issues)
   Elbow Points (flexibility issues)
   Spine Point (pillar issues)
   Base point (stance issues)
   Palm Points (action issues)
   Knee Points (support issues)
   Foot Points (foundations issues)
   Earth Point (grounding issues)
   Auric Field (interaction issues)
The pricing is fixed at 5 USD for 1 Point. Two points on the same body part is counted as one, so a reading on the Shoulders, Elbows, Palms, Knees, and Feet is considered a 5 Point Reading. Additionally, there is no charge on the Auric Field as it is always included in the reading.
If you want to know more, or need a longer explanation, or you have a thing you want me to help you with, but its not here, send me a message on  Discord ArcReads#7151 or email me at for further discussions.
Thanks! :D
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ace-trainer-disera · 18 days ago
I wish all this talk about minors and pedophilia wasn't so rampant in the anime fandoms of tumblr. I get really tired if hearing about it. Especially since I don't agree with the majority.
I'm going to be the "bad guy" here because I need to get it off my chest.
First topic, writing smut for characters under the age of 18 or aging up. We're talking about fictional characters here, right? And anime characters at that. Now, I want you to look at an anime character that's 15 years old and then I want you to look at a real 15 year old. Artists have very obviously exaggerated some qualities, no? I don't think it's reasonable to believe that just because someone is sexually attracted to a DRAWING of a minor that they are also sexually attracted to minors in real life.
My next point; in most of these works, it is two minors engaging in sexual intercorse. If it were a minor and their 30 year old neighbor I'd probably be weirded out, yet still would not step on the authors right to produce that content. Anyway, minors fuck. Teenagers are hormonally charged and curious. You can walk into your local book store right now now and buy a book, legally published by a real publishing house, where two teenagers fuck. And you know what? People don't usually make a big deal about it because they recognize the reality of that situation. I'm not saying anyone has to be comfortable with it, but I am saying there's nothing wrong with it.
It's especially when it comes to aging up characters where I get confused. I've only seen this once, but...something along the lines of "if a pedophile said its okay I pretended they were 18". And imma just say that is not the same thing. The jump between thoughts regarding fictional characters and physical crimes committed against real children by adults is absolutely astronomical here. It's like saying if you write about killing people you might actually do it.'re kidding. Or you're misguided. Or you never properly dealt with your own personal trauma and now you're making everyone's life hell.
Most importantly. My biggest problem with this line of thinking. It. Is. Fiction. There are no rules. You can do whatever you want and there are, and should never be, any limitations whatsoever. People on tumblr shouldn't be slammed for writing a sex scene between two minors when published content in a physical book you can hold in your hand is SO MUCH WORSE. Allow me to enlighten you.
"All the Ugly and Wonderful Things" by Bryn Greenwood is the best book I've read in probably the last five years. What is it about? A romantic relationship between a young girl and an adult man. Am I okay with that kind of relationship? Uh, no, not really. That didn't stop it from being a great book though, now did it?
"Flowers in the Attic" by VC Andrews is an incestuous romance including long term abuse. And it's one of the most memorable books of a generation. It was my mom's favorite book when she was growing up.
"Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov is a classic novel about pedophilia. A classic. Novel. Does that make Nabokov a pedophile? No it does not. And it is still printed and distributed for a reason.
"120 Days of Sodom" by Marquis de Sade. Now, I'll give you this one. Pretty sure de Sade was a piece of human garbage. And this book? The most vile work of literature in existence. But you know what? It has every right to exist. Because art should know no limitations.
I do have other examples, but I think you probably get my point by now. You can write whatever you want and it is both legal and safe. Sometimes even celebrated. And just because you write about rape, murder, and pedophilia does not mean you would ever commit those acts or even consider it.
This is more like a PART 2.
Minors, do not interact. I only approve of this to an extent. Here's what I'm not okay with. Minors shouldn't be messaging people online and talking about sexual content. THAT is something an adult can get in legal trouble for. But the content creators of tumblr take it much further than that.
I see no reason minors shouldn't be allowed to follow blogs with sexual content, especially if they're of the age of consent (usually 16 in the US). That same minor can walk into a Barnes & Noble and purchase smut with their own money. That same minor can click on the PornHub link and have thousands of pronographic videos at their fingertips, unrestricted. And most importantly, consuming pornographic material is NOT going to hurt a minor. There is no reason they should grow up and regret it, nor should it have a negative impact on them early on.
On top of all that, people block blogs that just don't state their age in the bio. What if I don't want your nosey ass knowing how old I am? That's none of your business. You don't have to be out here looking out for the "safety" of other people.
In conclusion.
Do whatever you need to do to be comfortable with your online interactions, but make no mistake. There's nothing wrong with writing content about ANY illegal or illicit behavior and doing so does not indicate the author may commit a similar offense. There is also nothing illegal (or at least enforceable) about minors consuming pornographic content, nor is it an unhealthy practice.
Now, if you will excuse me, I will go back to screaming internally.
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kimberly-spirits13 · 19 days ago
Not trying to come for you or anything but you’ve kinda missed the point in both of those anons about Damian. Imagine if someone started creating content about a real life middle schooler but aged them up so they can put them in sexual situations, it would be weird. It’s like all the creepy dudes who had countdowns until Billie Eilish turned 18 so they could sexualize her as if they very concept of the countdown wasn’t already doing that. Teenagers do kiss and that’s ok so why does Damian have to be aged up?
And I don’t really know what you’re talking about when you say Damian is mainly shown as 18+? He is almost always shown between 10-14 and it’s only in the few comics that take place in the future that he is shown older. And those storylines aren’t to justify Damian’s physical/sexual relationships, him just being older is a consequence of a larger story.
I really did understand what they were saying. I just don’t think the topic seriously applied to the point. It was literally a fic where the reader and Damian kissed. Not sex, not truly sexualizing him. Yes, people write teenage Damian and adult Damian. The point was not everyone ages him up just for sexualizing him or whatever. It hasn’t seriously been a problem when anyone else has done it and I personally, I’ve looked it up. Besides for a series I also write for either Damian Apokolips war where we was 16-17 and then injustice where he’s 20-22. I didn’t say that the original writers only put him into a different story line just for making him more romantic or interested in characters, I was pointing out calling me disgusting and saying you can’t age up a character who is literally different ages in multiple universes doesn’t make sense especially when minimally right now in cannon in which I obviously write for (as by gifs and content) he’s 16-17 which in many states is legal age of consent even though I don’t write smut. Honestly if the anon had rather voiced their opinion without calling me disgusting in the butt crack of the morning, I wouldn’t have very suddenly been so upset but I was following a request, not forcing a character to something they couldn’t consent to in real life by law, and personally, I don’t agree with anon but for the fact that some people write smut for a 13-14 year old Damian but I chose not to write smut in general and I just skip pat those. Some writers age characters up and that’s never bothered me but I get it does some people, I’ve just chosen not to read things I don’t like and not personally call them disgusting. I just Am not going to stop writing what I want for a character who in the canon I use is totally legally allowed to have sex even though I write it. I do appreciate your feedback though, I just chose to not longer dwell on the matter and would rather move on to something more productive..
For the Anon, I do appreciate your opinion but definitely not the way you presented it. Take the words above as you chose, but I recommend scrolling past what you don’t like unless it’s truly disrespectful to an original writer, truly damaging in any way, or harmful to readers. 💜✨as for the f bomb dropping and such, I do personally apologize, there was a more productive way to handle the comment please understand however that I hadn’t had coffee yet and it was 7 in the morning with a screaming 9 year old in the back seat. Lol, I hope that we can remain internet friendly even if we do not know each other, stay safe and have a good week.
Have a wonderful week, I no longer will answer asks or comments about this
Oh also anon who wrote this I remember the Billie Eilish thing and ew child that was gross. Are you a fan. Excited for the album??
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annelaurant · 21 days ago
I'm still thinking about that modern AU fic idea in which young Rhen and Dameon move into a new town, following the marriage of their parents.
They find out that their next-door neighbors are the Tenobors and the two quickly become frenemies with the rich couples' son. The story follows how Rhen grows up noticing the changes in the Tenobor household, including how Mr. Tenobor just one day leaves and never really comes back, and how Lars frequently comes over to distract her from doing anything productive and have hushed conversations with Talia, sometimes with Dameon. Rhen discovers, true to her fears, that Lars was being abused by his mother.
Rhen spends some time trying to help him escape, but he mostly brushes her off. Eventually, Talia, who comes from an abusive relationship herself, explains things to Rhen and tells her to simply let Lars choose for himself. Rhen feels powerless because she feels she could do something, which she admits to Lars, and Lars admits to her that her being by his side is more than enough for him.
Lars later comes up with a plan to finally escape his house - to grab a scholarship and get into a college that allows for dormitories. Rhen helps him study for Aveyond College and promises him that once they leave town, they're never coming back. She even goes to learn how to drive a car.
Naturally, Rona is against Lars' plan, so Lars asks for Devin's permission to list the Perry's house as his current address, so he can have his acceptance letters mailed there instead. It wouldn't also look too suspicious because it could be brushed off as a typo error. Also, Lars applies for a college that sends out acceptance letters later in the year, some weeks after his 18th birthday, basically legal age, yada yada, so Rona won't be able to do anything about his decision.
Dameon warns Lars that he should have a failsafe, but Lars is adamant on making his plan succeed. Rhen the reckless is also bent on helping Lars get extra credit for just about everything, too. There's a lot of scenes involving Lars and Rhen crying together the bad way and the good way. The plan succeeds, and yes there's crying in the good way, because I am not willing to spare extra drama there.
The final step in Lars' plans is to leave Rona's house. He tries to talk things out with her, but there's no arguing with her. She's also reminded that Lars is about to gain his independence, and she tries to rush her own plans. Rhen worries for Lars when she gets radio silence from him for a few days.
However, Lars has already anticipated this. He slowly but surely acquires stuff to be moved to the dormitories, which he asks Dameon/Devin to transport for him. On his final night at Villa Tenobor, he sneaks out of his room and straps himself onto the passenger seat of Rhen's car. Dameon, Devin, and some other friends of Rhen help her quietly push the car to the edge of town, so when it starts, the engine noise won't wake Rona up.
At the edge of town, everybody bids them goodbye. Lars is quiet the whole time. Rhen congratulates him for freeing himself. Tears flow again, and Rhen promises him she'll be with him forever, as a friend, a classmate, an annoying voice in his head, whatever he wants her to be...
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melancholy-pal · 25 days ago
I think I'm a bad person
I don't often do anything on reddit so I might be asking this in the wrong place, plz don't hate much. For the longest time now I'd like to go after things I "can't have". Either because they are actually (near) impossible, or just not available to me for whatever reason. This alone isn't necessarily bad, in some parts of life it can even come in handy. Over the years, however, it turned a little darker and took more and more place in my relationships. I find my self quite often going after the "prize" that's hard to get. That is, in better cases. I'm willing to go to... well a lot further than I like to admit even to the smallest sign of rejection/abandonment/if something just can't be for whatever reason. Now this alone wouldn't even be that scary with my background (*) what really gets me wondering about wether I'm a piece of trash human is that I am in fact... not really interested in these men. I just want them, because I was said no to -either directly or indirectly. I never go and try to pick up guys or anything like that and if someone expresses their dislike in me I'm obviously not throwing my self on them bare naked. But I won't rest until I get what I want and I'll just... honestly, don't know. Things just seem to work out for me I guess? I think there might be a lot of manipulation in there from my end. In my defence it's not even something I do conciously. At the time I totally tell my self how I'm so so soooo much in love and whatnot. But if I allow my self some honesty I usually end up realizing that I kiiiinda couldn't give a dead flying fck about these men. But I want them to want me, and want me above anything and everything else. Initially I thought this is something "hurr durr you said no to me so now u gonna suffer tee hee" kinda thing but even I'm not that twisted. This is specific to men I find somehow intriguing. Either because they are in a life situation in which being with me would be very difficult/weird/wtv, or are in a very different position of power, or otherwise a different world from me. But 90% of the guys I've ever had I only had because I wanted to get it.
And then I get it, and lose interest. If I had very good and serious intentions I'll lose interest in a few months but that's a very good case. Most of the times it's immediate/few weeks.
*I figured that this might be somewhat related to the fact that when I was 7 or 8 or so my parents were divorcing. It was not a civilised thing and I've seen a lot of shit no one should, especially not children. One of those was me randomly finding a paper in the typewriter (yes, I'm that old lol) in which my father "gave up" on us, naming each of us individually. I was extremely close with him before the whole divorce thing (he died a year later). Of course even back then they tried to explain that this is just a formal thing for the court only meaning that he doesn't want to fight over us with my mom, but to me it was nothing other than him giving up on me. I had a day or whatever time to make this up in my head back then and I already was a little weird kid. So it stuck with me. I do know and understand that it was just a legal paper but that feeling I felt standing there reading that thing will never leave and no matter how much I grow up, it's just there. Also after they separated and then with him later dying I was kinda "alone" in the family. My mom and brother were always some weird little alliance I had no place in and my mother has definitely abandoned me, even if not physically. She's a whole different story, I think she could be a model for pretty much any mental disorder you can name and that didn't leave us unaffected either of course.
As you have probably guessed it's that feeling all over any time I feel like I'm being rejected/put down/abandoned/whatever similar thing. I'm generally an absolutely asshole of a loser, can lose in card games and such but for life stuff I'll usually just keep going until I get things my way, but with people there is this additional feeling. I think I might have some quite extreme anxiety around abandonment and I might have certain issues identifying actual abandonment. As in I might take some things worse than they actually are. But when it happens I just "go with the flow" and just keep being me and it takes me some thinking to realize it's that thing happening again... and I'm also not the best at stopping it because I just don't know how to. The only way I can kill this feeling is if I get the guy that said no, or get to do the thing I was told I couldn't do. I'm a lazy useless piece of human but come and tell me I'm too shit to run up a marathon and I'll prove you wrong if it's the last thing I did, just you push the right buttons in me. But I feel like I'm "using" men to feed a demon that won't leave me alone and no matter how many men I feed to it, it won't stop getting hungry. This shit was ok when I was 25 but I'm pushing 40 and feel like maybe I should, you know, grow up? But I have no idea how. Yes, I've tried therapy NotEvenOnce but probably had bad luck with the therapists.
I would just like to know if this is something specific to me and I'm an absolute piece of shit that deserves the rope/bullet, should I just really stop talking to people overall, can this even be fixed? I know it's wrong with all my existence, it's wrong because my urge to prove my self The Most Important Thing In Your Life is making me incapable of a decent human relationship. I'm not the type that will bitch on my guy for dunno wanting to go out for beers with his buddies, I'm the bitch that makes him voluntarily not want to go anywhere without even passive-aggressive manipulating him into it. But I hate this with all my heart. I don't want to do this, it doesn't even fill the void so it doesn't make sense to do it either, I get nothing from it but I lose chances for good things. Is this "normal"? (like... normal withing being fucked up) Can this be fixed somehow, anyhow? I know when something isn't going my way I should just "well then forget about it" but I jsut go batshit crazy and am unable to "let it go". I'll stick to it even if it sucks the living soul out of me... and I'm so, so very tired of all this. Please help
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