#i am not able to stop drawing her
kinschi · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Pepa mi amor ⛈♥️
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von-eldritch · 3 months ago
//well everything else in the drafts is suggestive and I don’t feel like writing smut right now so, otherwise, drafts are done until probably sunday and I am so pumped I got my muse back <333
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retconomics · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
combining that “character from HS then and now” thing from twitter except i pick something from college instead hajsdbjasbh
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theofficialpeanutgallery · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Merry Christmas, @angeedogee! I heard you like Fenro!
For the @ducktalessecretsanta2019 exchange.
This isn’t my best work, sorry, but I do like how Gyro’s eyes turned out. Actually, scratch that his whole face is priceless.
Lil’ Bulb’s on Manny’s shoulder holding the fishing pole with the mistletoe on it, as is tradition lol.
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chrisscrossart · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
So like, I love all the new cosmetics we got sneak peeks of for Dead by Daylight, but my heart still belongs to any Pig cosmetics. So yeah, finally took a break from just binge gaming DbD to sketch this up real fast which is why it’s so simple and no Pig mask cuz I am bad at animals.
Also, yeah just kinda my headcanon of her face too I guess cuz I always liked the idea of her having permanent RBT scars.
Really need to get back into drawing girls, been doing nothing but drawing awful dudes has hampered me I think.
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smolghostings · a year ago
Me: *thinks about tma characters* *has Many Feelings about tma characters* *most of my own and my favourite hcs for the cast from other people are asian* *thinks about my own trauma and issues* *thinks about tma characters -*
Me: ahahahaha what do you mean I'm projecting of course im not - HEY LOOK OVER THERE *grabs my hcs and runs*
#look what i mean by this is that i have been drawing *consults list* #martin tim daisy melanie agnes etc etc #look its a podcast i can do whatever i want and jonny sims cannot stop me from projecting his characters iTS UNDER A 4.0 SHAREALIKE LISCENCE #fillipino!martin has me in tears ill have you know #i read about chinese!martin making dumplings and unlocked a primal part of my childhood psyche that made me Yearn so hard i made dumplings #extreme parental dissaproval? all tea every day? constant need to please? #i know that doesnt encompass chinese culture but im chinese so whAT I SAY GOES #asian melanie is just me trying to come to terms with my own personal fears about losing my sight #also i just need my angry asian rep please #daisy too #do i have very biased feelings against cops? mayhaps. #am i hcing daisy as asian bc of her character development from Cop to Not Cop and i need hope that maybe the cops i know can change too? #yes. #agnes? unreasonably high expectations from birth and not being able to realistically comprehend a life outside that? #but still trying so hard to seek out and develop a life outside of the harmful expectations set on you by authority figures and peers? #GEE I WONDER HOW THAT WOULD RESONATE WITH ASIAN TEENAGERS WHO HAVE BEEN LAUNCHED INTO CONSTANT ACADEMIC COMPETITION FROM BIRTH #THAT ALMOST ALWAYS LEADS TO SEVERE MENTAL REPRECUSSIONS #ill never know #also i saw someone make a throwaway tumblr post hcing agnes as korean and i will defend this concept with my life #tim? i just hc him as looking like tadashi hamada motherfucker thats literally the entire reason for me #never mind the fact that he also has a little brother he adores and dies in an explosion bc of his ideals #I HAVE MORE BUT IM NOT COHERENT ENOUGH FOR IT NOW SO ILL LEAVE THIS HERE #ghosttalkstoomuch
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cherrycheridarling · 9 months ago
tic-tac-toe | mcu
marvel cast x actress!reader
warnings: one swear, fluff, no plot
summary: you play aphrodite in the MCU and it's time for the press conference for infinity war. based off of this press conference
wc: 2.7k
Tumblr media
"Tom Hiddleston!" Jeff Goldblum introduced the man who was sitting on your right.
Everyone applauded before Jeff moved onto you, "Y/N Y/L/N!" more applause rang through the room.
"Sebastian Stan!" you looked to your left where Sebastian waved to the crowd as you clapped with everyone else.
"Anthony Mackie!"
After Jeff finished with the introductions, he explained how the panel would work. He would pull a ping pong ball out of a container and it would either have a name or category. The audience would be able to ask a question to that person or a person in that category after Jeff called on them.
As he pulled RDJ's name out of the container, Tom leaned over towards you.
"Does your water taste funny, too?" he whispered making you stifle a laugh.
You nodded, "Kind of like lemon, right?"
He shook his head, "Mine tastes like mint. Can I taste yours?" he held his hand out as you passed him your water bottle. He took a sip and spent a moment analyzing the taste, "Yours does taste like lemon! Why does mine taste different? Here." he passed you his water.
You took a sip and were hit with a strong mint flavour, "Woah. I think they're trying to drug you." you joked making him laugh.
"As I am answering this question, Tom Hiddleston and Y/N Y/L/N are discussing the flavours of the water behind me." Robert exposed you and Tom to the audience making the room burst out into laughter.
"They have fancy water. Mint and lemon." Tom spoke into a mic drawing more laughs. "Sorry. Carry on!"
As Jeff pulled the next name, you adjusted your dress. A white, long sleeve, blazer dress with gold buttons down the middle, the dress ended mid-thigh. The v-neck cut showcased your subtle gold necklace. Black stiletto heels covered your feet.
You unconsciously began bouncing your leg up and down in a fast motion. Sebastian placed a hand on your thigh, stopping your movements, "You're gonna drill a hole through the floor, Y/L/N." he chuckled.
"Sorry." you laughed quietly.
Sebastian pulled out a notepad and pen, "You need a distraction. Tic-tac-toe?" he offered.
You smiled with a nod before making your move.
"You absolutely suck at this." you chuckled as you won the third game in a row.
Sebastian scoffed, "You can't suck at tic-tac-toe."
"And yet, you do." you smirked.
He rolled his eyes playfully before you continued playing.
After two more rounds, your attention was back on Jeff as he pulled a new ping pong ball. "Ooh! You can ask a God or Goddess." Jeff announced, "So, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth or Y/N Y/L/N." he reminded the crowd, "Okay, yes, you!" he picked a woman in the front row.
"Hi, I'm Alexis with Forbes. My question is for Y/N." the room applauded as Jeff tossed the ping pong ball at you and you caught it with one hand.
"See, Robert! It's not that hard!" Jeff exclaimed making everyone laugh.
"Screw off, Goldblum! You chucked that shit at my head." Robert joked back. "Sorry, Alexis, go ahead."
"Um, I wanted to ask about Aphrodite's powers. We all know that she is the Goddess of Love and can seduce anyone with her beauty. We see in the trailer a small clip of her seducing men. How many people did you seduce in the film and were there any funny moments filming those scenes that you can share?"
Her question drew a mix of reactions from the cast. Some laughed, some furrowed their eyebrows and others were just confused. You took in the question before opening your mouth to reply, until you remembered that you weren't wearing a body mic. The cast laughed again before Sebastian passed you a mic.
"Sorry. Um, how many people did I seduce in the film? None." you stated drawing more laughs, "How many people did Aphrodite seduce? All of them." you chuckled, "I'm kidding. Although, I'm not sure what I can share because I don't know what's in the trailer." you confessed, "Kevin, Joe, Anthony, what's in the trailer?" you asked them making everyone laugh again.
Kevin picked up a mic, "I believe it's you seducing Spider-Man, Starlord, Drax and Iron Man."
You nodded, "I do have a funny moment that I'm sure Mister Holland will kill me for sharing, but it's too good to not tell." you smiled thinking of the memory.
Tom immediately grabbed a mic, "You wouldn't!" he exclaimed making the audience and cast laugh.
"I would," you retorted, "We were shooting that scene and, as you know, they have to act like they are falling in love with me. Like I'm putting them in a trance. Well, Tom took that a bit too seriously." you paused at the laughter that your sentence caused, "They're all on their knees in front of me, looking at me as if I'm their queen, because I am." you joked, "And then Anthony calls 'cut' and Dave, Chris and RDJ all get up and start chatting, but as I'm turning away, Tom doesn't move. Still on his knees, looking at me as if I hold the world in my hands." the room filled with amused laughs and chuckles as Tom covered his face with his hands.
"No, it was so bad because I just looked like a creep that couldn't stop staring at her!" Tom laughed at himself.
Robert grabbed a mic, "Very true. I was watching and it honestly had me convinced that Y/N had real powers."
"I have to say, I understand the kid's reaction. Y/N's costume for Aphrodite and the way they transform her only enhances how gorgeous she already is." Anthony Mackie spoke up causing the crowd to gush and clap, "I'm pretty sure we all had the same reaction when we first saw her while filming Civil War." he looked around as the cast nodded.
Scarlett picked up a mic, "Yeah. I remember her walking on set in this stunning white dress which made me extremely jealous," she confessed, "Because, one, it's so gorgeous and she looks absolutely amazing in it," the crowd and cast applauded again, "And two, it's made of the softest silk while my suit is leather and spandex!" everyone laughed at her comment.
Benedict picked up his mic, "Although, it wasn't Tom's first time seeing Y/N as Aphrodite. He was in Civil War and still could not contain himself." he teased making the audience and cast laugh again.
Robert spoke again, "Yeah, he did that during the filming of Civil War, too." the room hollered with laughs.
Tom's face was bright red, "I'm just a very committed actor. I really give all of myself to my work." his comment drew more laughs.
"That's why Sebastian despises Tom. It all started when Tom couldn't take his eyes off of Y/N." Chris Hemsworth added making everyone double over in laughter.
"I feel so loved," you held a hand to your heart as the room chuckled, "These are genuinely the best people in the world and I guess you could say I seduced one person during filming." you joked as the crowd continued to laugh, "Sorry, Tom. I'll buy you some juice, don't be mad." Anthony and Benedict laughed loudly. "Thank you for your question!" you thanked the lady as the cast clapped before Jeff picked out the next ping pong ball.
Next was Scarlett. You sat back and silently judged the man who asked about fashion. Scoffing with Sebastian at his question and laughing at Scarlett's sarcastic and witty responses.
Sebastian leaned over again, "I have to piss."
You stifled a laugh at his abrupt confession, "Go to the washroom, then." you nodded your head towards the exit.
"We're not allowed to leave." he frowned.
You chuckled and reached over, patting his thigh with your hand, "Don't piss yourself."
He rolled his eyes playfully before Jeff called out the next name.
"Anthony Mackie!"
"Hi, I'm Tiffany with Times Magazine. With such a star studded cast, do you find it difficult or any obstacles in developing your character with all theses amazing stories being told and struggling for screen time? Like, are there any obstacles or special difficulties or is it all just amazing?"
Before Anthony could answer, Joe Russo picked up his mic, "Are you asking Anthony Mackie if he has a hard time getting attention?" his comment caused the whole room to erupt in laughs.
Anthony nodded slowly as the laughter died down, "Touché, touché. Uh, well, Tiffany, a wise man once said that some men need an hour to make their presence felt and some need thirty seconds." there was an uproar of laughter and hollering at his comment as he dramatically dropped the mic on the table.
"Who are we asking next?" Jeff squinted at the ping pong ball, "Ooh! Back to the Goddess of Love herself, Y/N Y/L/N!" the room applauded for you as Jeff threw the ball to you.
Sebastian intercepted the toss and caught the ball himself with a smug smirk. You rolled your eyes, but smiled as Jeff picked a lady out of the dozens who had raised their hand.
"Hi, I'm Amy with Esquire and I wanted to ask about the relationship between Bucky and Aphrodite. We see in the previous films their awkward tension from their past history. They have a very special romance and their love story is a fan favourite in the Marvel fandom. What was it like building that bond and relationship on screen? And what do you think of the choice to match the two characters together, how did you react when you found out? Did the pairing of the two help build your bond off screen?"
Jeff spoke again, "I said 'one question', that was at least twenty." he teased the lady drawing laughs from the room.
You chuckled and nodded slowly as the laughter died down, "Excellent questions. Umm, I honestly really like the pairing of the two. I think it gives a great dynamic to both characters and reveals sides of them that we never would've seen without their relationship. It's a very 'good girl falling for the bad guy' trope. And if I'm being honest, I've always wanted that." you confessed causing the room to chuckle, "Their relationship is, without a doubt, one of the most complicated ones in the MCU, but I think that's what makes it so loved by the fans since there's not a dull moment between the two. It's nice to see Bucky have a sentimental side, in his own awkward way of course. And you get to see Aphrodite fall for someone who's not a God or a Titan." you turned to Sebastian, "What do you think?"
You offered him the mic, but he didn't take it, letting you hold it up for him, "Yeah, I agree. I never thought Bucky would have a love interest, if I'm being honest. But I'm glad he does because Aphrodite brings out the soft side in him and he brings out the fighter in her. They really balance each other out and Y/N portrays the character in such a unique way, it really brings a whole new fresh persona to Aphrodite and it's amazing having her as a partner on screen." the audience applauded at his words, "When I first found out about Bucky having her as his love interest—"
"—He called me screaming about how hyped he was." Anthony Mackie cut him off making the room laugh. "Anthony! Anthony! Bucky is gonna be with Aphrodite! That's gonna be sick!" Anthony mocked his voice as you were hunched over with laughter.
Sebastian nodded with a smile, "I did. Won't lie, I did. It's a really refreshing relationship and I'm glad that the fans love it as much as I love playing it. Back to you, you haven't talked about the development and our bond." he gave you a lopsided grin.
You chuckled, "I feel like I'm rambling, but yeah. Their development is definitely," you paused, trying to find the right words, "A development?" you settled on drawing more laughter. "Well, as I said, it's very complicated, but awkwardly adorable at times. Since Seb complimented me, I feel obligated to say something nice about him," you joked making them laugh again, "Kidding. He really does play Bucky with such passion and commitment, it's truly inspiring. And working with someone who loves what they do as much as Seb, it definitely motivates you tremendously and yeah. Um, I won't lie, I honestly was dreading working with Seb," you confessed drawing laughs and a gasp from Sebastian.
"Why?!" he exclaimed making you laugh.
You sighed, "Not because I think you're a bad person or anything, but you come off as very intimidating to people who don't know you very well. And I knew nothing about you before filming other than the films you'd already done, so you scared me." your confession caused everyone to laugh loudly.
Sebastian smirked jokingly, "I am extremely frightening. I understand." he shrugged.
You scoffed with a laugh, "I caught you sleeping with a stuffed turtle and whale noises playing." the room roared with laughter again, "That's when I knew you were a big softy."
Sebastian rolled his eyes playfully, "She's joking. I am the toughest man alive." he deepened his voice.
You shook your head with a chuckle, "Sure. Thank you for your questions." the room clapped for you as you set the mic down and relaxed back into your seat.
"Nailed it." Sebastian held a hand out for a high five and you chuckled before hitting your hand against his.
For the rest of the press conference, you sat back and listened to your friends answer questions. Laughed at jokes made and clapped when appropriate. Small tic-tac-toe games went on between you and Sebastian. Your attention was fully on your nails when Tom Hiddleston got called on.
"Hi, I'm Samantha with Daily Mail and I was wondering, since Loki is a very closed off and mysterious character, we never explore the aspect of him having a love interest. So, if you could choose anyone from the MCU for Loki to end up with, who would it be and why?"
You turned to look at Tom as he pondered on the question, crossing his arms and rubbing his chin, "Very good question. Umm, who would I choose for Loki? Let's see," he paused again and looked around the room until his eyes landed on you, "Ah, I'd steal Aphrodite from Bucky." he answered making the room laugh and Sebastian chuckled with a nod.
"Why Aphrodite?" Jeff asked.
Tom chuckled again, "Well, it's Aphrodite." he simply answered drawing more laughs, "They are so different yet similar in so many ways. Loki is never fully evil nor fully good, but I think Aphrodite has the best chance of turning him good. And who wouldn't want to end up with the Goddess of Love?"
The cast nodded understandingly before Chris Pratt grabbed a mic, "If you were to ask any person on this stage that same question, I guarantee the answer would be Aphrodite." the whole cast nodded.
"They're all trying to steal Sebastian's woman." Jeff teased.
Sebastian scoffed jokingly, "They're all jealous." he wrapped an arm around your shoulder.
You chuckled with a shake of your head before Robert spoke up, "Adding onto the conversation. Miss Y/L/N, who would you want Aphrodite to end up with?" his question drew excited reactions from the crowd.
You let out a bark of laughter before looking from Tom to Sebastian, "Hmm, excellent question, Mister Downey." you rubbed your chin, "Stop doing that, Holland." you chuckled as you saw Tom point at himself in the corner of your eye.
He raised his hands in surrender before Anthony Mackie spoke up, "Spidey is five years old, kid." everyone laughed at that.
"I'd have to stick with Bucky. He is her true love." you shrugged as the crowd cheered.
Sebastian smirked from beside you as the men of the cast faked disappointment.
As the panel came to a close, you looked around at the family you were surrounded by. Friends you love more than anything. Hundreds of memories with the most amazing people you'd ever met. Your home.
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twinklelilstarkey · 5 months ago
“bite me” ‘if you insist’ with my favorite sunburnt rafe please
For blurb thursday!! *this is set over a few weeks after the fic*
Tumblr media
"I'll be right back!" Sarah says as she runs out of the pool, "Don't miss me too much!"
You watch as she soaks the concrete floors that are around the pool and as she snatches the towel from her chair. And that's exactly when she almost slips while walking through the gate.
"I'm okay!" She screams without looking back at you.
She throws her towel over her shoulders, covering her wet body before continuing on her way through the rock pathway to the house. As she's almost getting to the side door, it opens and none other than a shirtless Rafe Cameron walks out.
You always got to appreciate the daily eye-blessing that this man can be, and he, honestly, just makes it easier by the day.
You're standing in the pool, fighting off the island's heat with the cold water that rests by your waist, and you walk up to your phone, which is on a towel right by the corner of the pool. Probably close to being overheated.
The squeaky sound of the gate is heard not too long after you start peacefully scrolling through your social media and you look over your shoulder to see Rafe walking into the fenced area with his towel in hand, still folded, and phone in the other.
"Long time no see." He says with a smile.
"Sure has been a long hour." You answer back with the same smile.
He walks closer to where you're standing in the pool and throws his stuff over to the chair closest to you.
"Starting to think you knew about the whole Sarah-coming-home-early thing all along." He teases as he walks over to the stairs of the pool.
You watch him as he walks carelessly - acting as if he's not one of the hottest men alive - and steps foot into the cold water.
He curses comically as he tries to reach where you are, yet stops to have his hands by his hips and take a breather to regain his confidence to be able to be in this ice-cold water.
"I wouldn't risk us getting caught, unlike you, mister."
"That was an accident." He says defensively, "I never meant to say 'yes' to Kelce's hang-out question and you know that."
You give him a look if you're not buying what he's saying, and that gets him enough strength to keep on walking towards you.
Knowing Rafe, you should already be swimming away because he can tackle you in minus 2 seconds underwater, but you like to seem strong.
With, now, the water resting by his hips, he gets to you and you let go of your phone, slowly getting cornered and easily accepting your faith.
"I think you're the one that wants to get us caught..." He pauses, "Because you should be acting like you hate me, yet you keep teasing me. All. Day. Long."
"As if, Cameron." You try to say and continue your teasing like the strong woman that you are, but his cold hands quickly grab onto the warm skin of your waist, making you gasp and him smile.
He steps closer and you're then suddenly leaning against the wall, his dry chest glued to your wet bikini. He still has a smile on his face, but his whole demeanor has changed.
His smile is already slowly turning into a smirk.
"Am I being too mean to you?" You tease again.
His hand rests on your shoulder slowly as he admires you for a bit, and his fingertips draw lines over your skin. You smile as he brings his hand to the side of your neck and his thumb brushes over to your jaw.
"Do you know by any chance how long we have before Sarah gets back?" He whispers.
"I think... About 5 minutes?"
Before you could think about anything else, he connects your lips and begins a kiss. You hold in your smile at the sudden action and bring your hands up to his sides, making him tense up under your palms due to how cold they are.
He pulls back from the kiss and looks down at you right away.
"Think I can make you come before she comes back?"
You let out a gasp at that and smack his chest.
"You can't say things like that! She's right in there." You point over your shoulder, whisper yelling at him.
"But we have 5 minutes until she's back, right?" He says before giving your lips a peck. "Come on, baby. Thought you liked playing it risky."
You let out a chuckle in disbelief and you look over your shoulder.
"She can literally just look out of the window."
You look back at him and tilted your head to the side.
"We can't do-"
"We can." He interrupts, making you smile, "But if you keep talking, we won't have time."
You think for a second and you feel both of his hands by your neck, completely taking your mind off things. You look back up at him and he lifts his eyebrows slightly as if in question.
"You're really about to refuse an offer that good from me?" He teases and you chuckle.
"You're a traitor, Y/N." He nods slowly at you. "Thought you loved me."
As you laugh, his hands move back to your waist, holding it securely.
"And what are you going to do about it? Bite me?" You ask him playfully.
"If you insist."
Your laughter gets muffled as soon as Rafe brings his lips back to yours and quickly, the two of you are kissing again. Lips moving in sync, tongues only touching once before it deepens enough to drag out a moan from your throat.
Rafe's hands move down from your waist so slow that you swear that you can't even feel him. While still deep into the kiss, one of his hands moves over to your stomach and slides under your bikini.
You pull him closer as he does it and he pushes you further against the wall.
His fingers slide in between your folds and he pulls away from the kiss to hear you gasp. You look at him with half-opened eyes, and Rafe starts laying kisses down your jaw over to your neck.
You cling onto his hair at the nape of his neck, as his finger starts working circles around your clit and breathe heavily by his shoulder.
Rafe speeds his movements, peppering wet and slow kisses in every inch of skin you have on the right side of your neck. An idea in his head makes his lips curve into a grin and he opens his mouth, nipping at the spot right in the middle of your neck.
You whimper at the feeling of his teeth sinking slightly into your sensitive skin and Rafe's finger moves down to your entrance.
His finger enters you without any warning and he reconnects your lips, muffling your sounds once more. Small thrusts are able to make the fire at the end of your stomach ignite and you fight to take back control of your body.
Rafe pulls back from the kiss, nipping at your lower lip quickly, and a teasing smile appears over his lips.
Just as you're about to pull him into another kiss, the side door of the house opens.
Rafe retrieves his hand from you quickly, and as you look over your shoulder, you bite down on your lip at the sudden lack of touch and Rafe's warmth as he steps back, away from you.
Over your shoulder, you see Sarah looking at the ground while playfully jumping from stone to stone with food and various water bottles in her hands.
"Sorry, it took me so long!" She says as she looks up, "Couldn't find the chips that I wanted."
She steps inside the gated area and drops most of her stuff on her chair, right beside yours.
Rafe is now standing on the whole other side of the pool, pretending to look through his phone - which he was quick enough to grab from his chair. Looking more than innocent.
Sarah walks over to the corner that you're standing in and sits over the ledge with her chips in hand.
"Hope he didn't annoy you too much." She says while cringing.
"Just the usual." You answer with a shrug.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed this, guys!
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arodabi · 11 months ago
okay, i’m finally getting around to writing this, and uhh ill say its for aro week too. this is written as an aro person directed at alloromantic people. when i refer to writing, i’m kind of using it as a general term for creative works. Here’s me throwing my hat in on the question:
Can you ship aromantic characters?
and my answer is,,,,, actually a question. Why do you want to ship aromantic characters? 
I want alloros to realize that for a lot of aros, we do not get to see ourselves represented often. I can actually count on like one hand how many popular canon aro characters there are, and on the whole, none of their identities are respected. people constantly try to weasel their way out of actually writing aro characters, or they just ignore or deny their identity outright. fandom spaces (hell creative spaces in general) are at best not welcoming to aros, and at worst actively hostile towards us. So when the first question brought up when a character gets canonically confirmed as aro is “okay cool but can i ship them???” or “that’s nice but how can i still write about my fave ship that involves them??” i want to fucking scream. its a slap to the face and it shows that people really do not give a shit about aros. you say stuff like that and all i hear is “my fictional ship is so much more important than representing your marginalized minority identity” so instead of me just sitting here and saying “yes you can totally ship aro characters, as long as you’re respectful!!!” i’m saying “can you stop and think why you want to shove an aro character into a romantic relationship at the first chance you get?? maybe you have some arophobia you haven’t worked on?? maybe since we live in an amatonormative world, you’re letting that influence your views??” because that question being the first thing out of your mouth when you see a character you like confirmed as aro? that’s already disrespectful towards aros in my book.
So back to my question, Why do you want to ship aromantic characters? is it because you can’t write characters without them being in romantic relationships? or because you think a character without a romantic relationship is boring? Because if so, that’s a bad reason and it sounds like amatonormativity is rotting your brain. 
Is it because you just really like a ship with the aro character? Because you can write two characters with a strong relationship without writing them as a couple. A strong friendship can hold just as much power as a romantic relationship.
Is it because fuck aros, i will write what I wanna write and I don't wanna write this character with their canon identity? because then you’re just an arophobic asshole that needs to work on your shitty opinions. aro representation is just as important as any other lgbtqia+ representation.
Now if you’re reading this and thinking “well i heard aros can be in queerplatonic relationships!” I want you to think for a second. Are you writing a qpr or are you writing a romantic relationship with the serial numbers filed off? Have you talked to aro people or read stuff actually written by us? because, yes, some qprs can look a lot like a romantic relationship from the outside, but that’s just it, you’re looking at it from the outside. qprs are more than just “romantic relationship with extra steps”, and i think it’s really telling how many times i see alloromantic people saying they’re depicting an aro character in a qpr, not a romantic relationship, but then they never ever make any effort to distinguish the qpr from any other romantic relationship they write or draw. It just feels like qprs are getting used by alloros as a gatcha any time an aro person objects to how they depict (or don’t depict) aromanticism. if you want to write a character in a qpr then go for it! but you need to actually do research, talk to aros, get multiple opinions and not just take the first opinion that agrees with you and run with it.
“But what about headcanoning a character as arospec?” now i will say before i go into this, i am aro, not arospec, so if an arospec person wants to come in and correct me at any part here im happy to listen. but my problem when alloros bring up arospec identities is a very similar problem to how qprs are often depicted. I remember when Peridot Stevenuniverse got confirmed aro (she did, do not argue this with me) people were jumping over themselves to assure everyone that “a character getting confirmed as aro just means they are any arospec identity” which,, uhh,, not true? i mean if an arospec person wants to see a canon aro character as, say, aroflux, i’ve got no problem, aro and arospec people can do what they want really. but, i do have a problem with all the alloro fans who were spreading this. because, do you really see the character as demiromantic? or are you using that identity to deflect criticism from erasing aro identities? are you actually trying to write a good depiction of a demiro person? or are you just writing normal ship stuff and slapping a “uwu ive never felt romantic attraction until i met you! and now i will act exactly like any alloromantic person!” at the beginning? being in fandom spaces, i do see the occasional fic actually depicting an aspec identity (i say aspec her because aro is so rare that most of these examples i’ve seen have been acespec identities rather than arospec) but like 99% of the time, that’s written by someone who actually shares the identity. before you use our terms and identities to cover your ass when you erase us, consider not fucking doing that. consider listening to all aros and getting our thoughts and input. 
And last here is “but what about romance positive aros?” now i think most of what i’ve said previously can be applied here. the only thing i wanna add is, i think its very interesting that almost every time i see non aros depict aros, they always write them as very into romance, very open to be in romantic relationships, and very quiet about their aro identity. despite the character in canon not showing any of these traits. romance positive aros are good and important, but not every aro is romance positive. there’s quite a few of us that are romance repulsed, and alloros only depicting aros as super romance positive no matter what is suspicious to say the least. if an aro character is shown to be open to participating in romantic activities in canon then of course write them that way. but if an aro character is shown to be uninterested in, or even actively against romantic activities then respect that too.
so, to wrap up my thoughts in this ramble: please ask yourself why you want to ship aro characters so bad, because if the only reason is that amatonormativity has brainwashed you into not being able to write, or draw, or do anything with a character without them being in a romantic relationship, then you uhhh need to work on that, that’s honestly a writing/creative flaw imo. if you like the relationship dynamic between an aro character and another character, consider making them friends. friendship is not less powerful than romantic relationships. nobody is ever too old for the power of friendship trope. If you’re erasing an aro character’s identity because fuck aros, then fuck off somewhere far away from me and work on your bullshit. qprs, arospec identities, and romance positive aros are all very real, very important parts of the aro community, but please talk to other aros about them and actually make an effort to understand how these things work, dont just assume. And also don’t use these things as a way to erase aro identities and cover your ass if get called out. its disrespectful towards all aros.
The most important thing to do before writing or creating work with aro characters is to talk to aros, and not just the aros that agree with you. look up what a qpr actually is, learn how aros experience their arospec identities, talk to aros with multiple outlooks on romance. and if you can’t bring yourself to reach out, at least read through our own writings, whether that’s fiction, or informational posts, fuck, look through our memes if u wanna. Just please actually make an effort.
So, Can you ship aro characters? its complicated. look at trends in your fandom, question why you want to, and do research. Be an aro ally, listen to us. That’s really the most important thing.
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junova · 6 days ago
after midnight — steve rogers
Tumblr media
pairing: college!steve rogers x reader, college!peter parker x reader
forewarning: 18+ only, friends to lovers, cheating, smut (if you squint), asshole!peter (ooc peter), sexual themes throughout, spiderman exists and cap doesn't bc i wanna
wc: 1.8k+
summary: you're left scorned by your lovers betrayal, but maybe there's always been someone right under your nose who can pick up the pieces.
Tumblr media
“He won’t like it.” You were sitting on his lap, trying to stay engaged even if his arm was wrapped around your body keeping you in place. The group of people at the party were increasing and the odds of your ex showing up was causing your nerves to skyrocket through the roof.
“If you’re involved, I’ll be more than happy to comply kitten.” His breath causing a tingle to draw up your spine, his body pressed more than tightly against yours. “Who gives a fuck what the asshole likes? It’s not my problem he was dumb enough to get his dick wet by someone who wasn’t you.”
It was true, you had caught him spearing into his best friend who he told you to never worry about. Until you found them fucking in his bed. It was comical really. You arrived early from visiting your family over the holidays, anxiously excited to see your boyfriend of two years.
Until you walked into his apartment, the scene setting the tone for what you’d find. His clothes and hers’ lead a path into the bedroom to find them tangled, sweat and regret were written all over their guilty faces when they finally acknowledged you. It took them a minute or two as you watched as he fucked her. You wished it would have been hard and fast — a means to a horny end. But it wasn’t like that at all.
It was slow and passionate as you saw him whisper in her ear like he meant to be there and not anywhere else. You listened to her whines, chanting his name over and over again — her pants and his moans burying you in the grave.
Then, he saw you.
Tears were the first thing he noticed, the stained ones on your cheeks and new ones that you couldn’t stop from coming out. Not a word came from you as he slid out of her and rushed to find some clothes. She grabbed the sheet from the bed and walked straight past you, too shameful and embarrassed to meet your eyes.
“I think I should go.” You whispered, too shocked and betrayed to fully process what he’d done to the both of you. “Please don’t. We should talk about this.”
“Talk about what, Peter? How we’re having issues of you not trusting me with Steve, who is the only family I’ve ever had, and then you decide this would be a great time to fuck your best friend?”
He was speechless, no words were able to fall from his lips. There was no apology or redeemable line he could spit because he knew you hated him. He hated himself and now you did too. It wasn’t like he meant for you to find out this way, but Gwen knew he was spider-man. He could confide to her in ways he couldn’t with you. Paired with his trust issues with you, Gwen was there to wipe away every stressed tear.
Then, there was Steve Rogers — stupidly muscular, star wide receiver standing at 6’4”, and a smile that everyone fell for. He’d known you since you were fourteen and would always know you in ways Peter could never measure up to and it infuriated him.
It didn’t help that women threw themself at Steve, yet he always ended up rejecting them all. Peter had an inkling on why and it was the reason for why the two of you had been fighting for weeks.
You love Peter more than anything and you just wanted him to see that, so you got an early flight out wanting to surprise him. Mentally agreeing to take a step back on your friendship with Steve if it's took to make your relationship work in the long run, it’s what had to be done. In time, you tried to convince yourself it was the for the best.
Now, you realized Peter had just been projecting his own guilt.
“I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for making you feel like Steve was more important, but I guess you’re the one who should be.” You allowed yourself to meet his doe brown eyes like he was caught in the headlight. He was crying too and it made you feel better it some sick, narcissistic way.
“I never meant for any of this to happen. I love you. She means nothing to me, I promise.” He tried to plead, but he could tell you were more than fed up with him.
“Peter, you realize how incredibly absurd you sound? You love me? You don’t do this to someone you love. Gwen is your best friend and clearly she means more to you than I do. If you even respected me at all, the least you could have done was break up with me first.” The calm tone you spoke in was sending chills down his spine.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what else I can say to fix this.” He tried to step forward but you just took two steps back.
“I just hope she was worth it.” You left and he didn’t follow you — didn’t call and didn’t text you. You spent the next three weeks crying your eyes out, mourning what you thought might have been your forever.
Steve was there for you, wouldn’t leave actually. He’d been bringing a bag every time he came over, filled with goodies for you, and an extra change of clothes for him to change into in the morning. He held you as your cries vibrated his chest, doing his absolute best to calm you down. It was really taking everything in him not to pummel Peter but you had wished him not to so he didn’t.
The days were starting to get better, you had stopped crying and calling out Peter’s name in your sleep.
Your roommate, Nat, had been making herself scarce ever since her and Bucky started dating a few months ago. Leaving Steve and you to be alone. You were thankful for it, you didn't need anyone else to see the heartbreak you were constantly wearing on your sleeve.
“Come with me tonight. It’ll be fun.” Steve’s attempt to coax out of the four walls of your home. Besides class, you hadn’t really gone anywhere no matter how much he begged you and he was doing quite a lot of it lately.
Part of him only having his selfish agenda in mind, but the softer, kinder bits of his soul just wanted to see you happy again. You’d been tense, a bit bitter even. Anyone who knew you in the slightest could tell, and Steve was fortunate enough to be one of those few you happened to let in.
Maybe he just wants to see the light in her eyes shine again and hear your big, bright filled laugh dance on his senses again. You were pulling from within yourself, practically drowning and he was holding onto you dear life but you can only save someone from themselves if they’re willing to accept it.
“I don’t know, Steve. What if he’s there?” You asked him, trying to summon up the best excuses you could come up with. “Then we’ll make him regret cheating on the most beautiful woman alive.” The cheekiest of smiles etched on his face as he flashed you his dazzling blues. So full of hope almost like he knew what was coming.
Truth is, you could never say no to him — never have. It’s how you ended up here perched on his lap surrounded by his friends and yours. With liquor in your system and the devil’s lettuce coursing through you, making you feel lighter than the heartache Peter had served you.
You knew Steve was a flirt by nature, it was practically in his blood, but he was laying it on thick tonight. He wouldn’t let you leave his side, not that you were against it. His touch was intoxicating, even more so knowing how many women came up to him tonight wanting a piece of him. He didn’t even entertain it though. Not tonight, not when you were single and for the first time since ever timing was aligning just right for him.
It was like he wanted for you to know he was the one touching you, the one making you feel better. It was all him and no one else.
Three in the morning is when everyone seemed to funnel out, the people who were sticking around were the frat boys who lived here and their girlfriends. The two of you had barely moved all night, your ass practically glued to his lap.
You were playing with his hair, raking it through your fingers as he hummed out in acceptance of your touch. Just like he’d been doing all night and you weren’t sober enough to dismiss his low moans making every part of you want every part of him.
“Stay the night, kitten.” His thick fingers finding home on your hips, delicately rubbing his thumb against the thin fabric of your pretty, lilac dress.
“The both of us know that’s probably not the best idea.”
“I think it’s a great idea. I think you do, too.” Fuck.
“Stevie, I just broke up with him and it’s not even about Peter. You are everything to me — one night of drunken, hot sex isn’t going to take my pain away. I need you in my life, always.”
“I really want to hear more about this hot sex we’d be having, just a tad bit intrigued, but who said anything about one night?” He had you cornered, his words making stubbles incoherent words fall from your lips. Of course, causing him to laugh like a fucking angel.
“Steve, I will literally kill you and everyone in this house if you ever tell anyone what I just said. Let’s just forget this conversation, okay?”
“Why would you think I wouldn’t want more than one night?” He questioned you, but you looked away from him. Trying to pull away but he wouldn’t let you.
“I-I’m not sure. You’re just…you’re you and I’m me.” You moved your hands to your sides wanting nothing more than to vanish into thin air. He smelled so good and his touch felt like a scolding hot fire, burning you up from the inside out.
“Plus, you don’t exactly seem like you’d want more than that. Not like I’m looking right now, I’m the last person that needs to be diving into a relationship.”
“Who’s to say I’m not?” His voice reaches an octave lower than it should, sending wanted waves down to your core.
“Come on, be honest. It’s just me.” You felt anxious now, the moment turning into something you never expected — a side you’d never thought could be viewed from your eyes.
Carefully and calculated, he brought his thumb before tugging at your bottom, plump lip. Fighting his own urge to choke you with it.
“I would want more than one night with you.” His free hand moved so it rested on your ass, his touch so soft you weren’t even sure if it was there. “But I’ll take it if that’s all you want to give.”
He was waiting for you to make a move, to do something, anything.
“Let’s see what that mouth can do first, Stevie.”
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randomshyperson · 2 months ago
Right answers, Wrong questions - Wanda x Reader - Part Three
Tumblr media
Summary: The one where you and Wanda are part of the trivia team, and have hated each other since first grade. Or, enemies to lovers in high school (again). / Requested by @abimess
Warnings: (16+), Bottom!Reader, Jealous Wanda (she's also kind of mean? so hot),reader is a total dork, emo wanda, mentions of trauma and familiar toxic environments, minors drinking, kissing, teasing, a lot of cursing.
Part One | Part Two | Part Four | AO3
All Works Masterlist
Chapter Three - About Jackets and Stolen Kisses
You were wrapped up in a blanket, in a living room that was bigger than your house.
Tony's parents were traveling, as usual, and he made a blanket fort for you, as he used to do when you two were little.
"Here, I brought chocolate." He said as he held out the mugs. You chose the one with the star design, and he smiled, commenting that he got the amount of sugar right then.
"Thanks, Tony." You murmured. Your eyes were swollen from crying, but you weren't even sure why you were crying anymore.
"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it anymore." He started half uncertainly. "But I'm a little lost on the subject yet."
You had told Tony about the study session with Wanda. And about what she told you, too. He was much more concerned that you hadn't stopped crying for about thirty minutes.
"I'm an idiot, that's the problem." You muttered annoyed. "Wanda is right, and I deserve to die alone."
Tony frowned, and let out a short laugh. "Jesus, where did that come from? Nobody is going to die alone."
"I am because I hurt Wanda, and she deserves better." You sniffled, leaving the half-empty mug on the floor and curling up against the covers. Tony let out a nasal laugh, and gave your shoulder a gentle nudge.
"I had forgotten how dramatic you can be."
"Don't be insensitive now, Tony." You grumbled. He denied it with his head, setting his mug down on the floor.
"I won't be." He clarified. "I just think I was right."
"About what?"
"About you two finally being honest with each other."
You let out a grumble, sinking your face into your knees. Tony laughed, reaching up to stroke your back.
"Now that you two have gotten the lies out of the way, you can work it out."
"What lies, Tony?" you returned annoyed. "I had no idea that Wanda liked me. I didn't know we were going to kiss. I had no idea about any of that! I wasn't lying!"
Tony sighed wearily. "Y/N, that's enough. If Wanda can be honest, so can you."
Then you started crying again, and Tony rubbed your back.
"It's alright, dear." He whispered. "Take your time."
It took many moments of gentle caresses and words of reassurance for you to be able to speak again, "I am in love with Wanda."
It was a weak, tearful whisper. Tony didn't interrupt, and you wanted to say thank you, but you were busy with the memories flying around in your mind.
"I..." You began, taking a deep breath to try to control yourself. "I've been in love with her my whole life."
"I know, dear." Tony spoke softly. "Do you remember why?"
You hiccupped, nodding. "She... She said my drawing looked nice."
Tony smiled, also remembering. "And what did you do?"
"I told her to mind her own business."
"Yeah, I remember that." Tony commented. "And how old were we?"
"Six." You whispered, wiping away tears. "I was six."
"Y/N, why did you treat Wanda like that?"
You choked. Tony didn't rush you, and you had to take a few deep breaths to speak. "My mother."
"What was she saying to you?"
"That I shouldn't feel that way."
"When did she say that?"
You hiccupped. "When I left."
Tony sighed, interlacing his hand under the blanket. "And when you left?"
"When I was 13." You recounted, letting the tears flow. "When she...when she kicked me out."
"And where did you go?"
Tony smiled, squeezing your hand a little tighter. "Can you tell me everything that happened?"
You nodded, and took a deep breath. "I didn't allow myself to love Wanda." You say. "Although I have since I met her, I have not allowed myself to. I have...I have loved her since I met her, but I grew up in a home where that couldn't happen. I was trying to run away from what I felt for her, trying to hate her. Hate her like mom said I should.”
Tony began rubbing your hand with his thumb to try to give you some reassurance, and you swallowed dryly.
"And then?"
"Then I got good at faking it." You stated with glazed eyes, the memories flashing through your mind. "But I don't think people can run from the truth for long."
"Y/N, do you remember what happened in the last year?"
You shook your head, holding back the cry. "I said.... I said I was in love."
"You drank too much." He spoke up. "On Clint's birthday, remember? You drank a bottle of wine all by yourself. And came into my room in the middle of the night."
You hiccupped, nodding. Tony continued. "And you told me you were in love with Wanda Maximoff since she said your blue whale looked nice. Y/N, what did you do then?"
"I pretended I didn't remember anything." You said between one sniffle and another, "And I didn't let you bring that subject up again."
Tony sighed in relief. "Finally, honey."
You sobbed, exhausted. Tony held you until you fell asleep, but that didn't happen quickly.
You were left remembering your childhood. Your religious mother and your older sister, who left home before you started school. The one who left with a girl older than her, and matching rings on their fingers.
You remembered how your mother seemed to know that you would be just like your sister. The way she treated you, suppressing any sign she could identify.
How she tore up the drawing that Wanda complimented, saying that you seemed too pleased with a simple comment. And how the next day you told Wanda to mind her own business, and threatened to push her in the playground.
And the next week, Wanda was the one who took the class bunny home, and when you told your mother, she warned you that she didn't want you talking about that girl again.
You made friends with boys, and your mother seemed to approve of them better.
Wanda became your breaking point and combustion. She was like a spark, her presence made you explode.
When you can no longer ignore your urges, you kissed a girl who looked like her under a ladder at your first party.
Gossip travels fast for as long as you can remember. You don't know how your mother found out, but you remember well the bags on the sidewalk, the sore feeling in your feet when you ran.
And the hot chocolate Tony served you when he let you stay until your aunt and uncle found out about everything.
That's why Tony needed you to admit the lies you hid. Because he knew you better than anyone else, and even if you wouldn't let him talk about it, he remembered well the day you broke into his room in the middle of the night after coming home late from a party he'd left early, and confessed what you'd been holding back since the first grade.
Tony didn't mind waiting until you were ready, but he sure hated to watch you suffer.
When you finally fell asleep, even after days since it happened, you dreamed of the feeling of Wanda's lips on yours.
You wanted to skip school on Friday, but Tony only let you skip the first few classes.
It was half past ten when he pulled the blanket off your body.
"Come on, you've had enough sleep." He commented ignoring your grumbles of protest. "I know facing trauma is bad and exhausting, but today is the final. You need to go to school, earn your college points so we can go to New York together."
"I think I'll consider your financial aid, Tony." You murmur against the pillow, making him laugh.
"As if." He returns. "I've been offering to pay for your college since we were 15. I know damn well you wouldn't accept. Heartbroken or not."
"I hate you."
He laughed, pushing a clean towel over his face. "Yes, yes, now get ready soon, we have to leave."
You didn't take long, but you hadn't brought a set of clothes again.
"Shit." You muttered. "Tony?"
"Yes?" He answered from outside the bathroom, probably breaking down the fort while you were in the shower.
"Do you have any clothes of mine in your closet?" You asked.
You heard him going through some drawers. "I think that's your panties."
You stuck your head out the door, frowning. "You think?" You joked, making him chuckle. He tossed the item into your hand, and continued to check the closet.
'I reckon that's your shirt, too." He continued. "But you don't have any pants here. You can wear some of my sweatpants, I know they'll fit you. Well, there's some of Pepper's stuff here, too."
"I'll pass." You mocked, not wanting to wear any of your best friend's girlfriend's sex clothes.
You put on the items of clothing he handed you, and swallowed dryly as you stared at Wanda's red sweater folded on the bed.
"That's hers, right?" Tony asked, noticing you staring at it. You nodded. "Are you going to return it?"
"Yeah, when I see her at the game." You say. "I think she's liable to punch me if I try to talk to her before, and I would totally give her the right."
Tony shakes his head, and pushes you gently. "Shut up, nobody wants to punch you. Well, not most of the time at least."
You laugh, mimicking his movement. Tony goes back to the closet, and rummages through his jackets.
"I can lend you something of mine." He comments. "Or you can have my team jacket, you've worn a lot."
You remembered Wanda's words in the hallway, and bit the inside of your cheek.
"No, it 's okay."
Tony knew you better than that. "Why did you turn red?"
You looked away immediately and Tony raised a suspicious eyebrow.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Alright!" You exclaimed embarrassed, feeling Tony's gaze on you. You took a deep breath, and kept your gaze on the floor as you spoke. "Wanda asked me not to wear your jacket."
He frowned in confusion. "And why is that?"
"She said..." You started embarrassed. "She said if I was going to use a name, let it be hers."
"Jesus, that's the gayest thing I've ever heard." He laughs. "And I'm your best friend and all you do is say gay things."
"Shut up."
"Wanda has game, you should date her."
"Urgh, Tony, shut up." You repeated, throwing a pillow at him, but the boy only laughed, raising his arms to defend against your next attempts.
"It's just the truth. 'Don't use any other name but mine'? What a gay thing to say. But it's hot, I admit. I imagine you got all flushed. I'd certainly say something like that to a girl."
"I swear to God I'll punch you if you don't shut up."
He laughed, deflecting your new attempt to hit him with a pillow. "I bet you're dying to embroider the name Maximoff on that old jeans jacket of yours, huh? Walk around with everyone knowing you have a big crush on her?"
You ran toward him, but Tony shot away laughing.
You just ended up missing another period of class.
The school seemed as tense about the final as you were.
Your classes went by like a blur, and the only thing you remember is turning into a complete mess in history class when you saw Wanda come into the room.
But she didn't even look at you, and sat in the back, as far away as she could manage. You thought of the red sweater on the inside of your backpack.
At lunchtime, some girls from the cheerleading squad came to wish you good luck in the trivia club. You were having lunch with them because Steve wanted everyone to practice before the final.
And even though you were sitting at the same table, Wanda didn't exchange more than two sentences with you, so cold and methodical that you felt embarrassed to try to ask anything.
Fortunately, Bruce, Steve and Cho kept the conversation flowing during the meal.
When competition time finally arrived after the last class, you ran to the changing rooms to put on your competition uniform, trying to ignore the growing anxiety in your chest when you noticed the number of guest cars that were pulling up outside the school.
To add to your growing anxiety, you met Wanda in the changing lockers.
She was already fully dressed, but was just finishing putting on her shoes.
You swallowed hard, and walked over to your locker, without saying anything.
And when you opened your bag to store it, you saw the red sweater inside.
With trembling hands, you grabbed the item, and turned, walking a few steps toward the girl sitting on the bench.
Wanda raised her eyes to you, but you were already talking before she asked, "Here, this is yours."
You couldn't keep her gaze, and she stared at you for a good moment before taking the sweater back.
You sighed, and tried, "Wanda, I-"
"Don't." She warned, and looked exhausted. You think you were imagining the swelling below her eyes. You wonder if she cried for you.
"I just want-"
"I don't care." She cut off with a sigh, turning her attention back to her shoelaces. You clenched your fists.
"Wanda I'm sorry."
She kept tying her boots. You swallowed dryly.
"What can I do to make you forgive me?"
She gave a dry laugh, and finally looked at you. "I don't know, something stupid? I really don't give a damn."
"Okay, something stupid then." You muttered to yourself, walking away. Wanda grimaced, but added nothing.
You put on your uniform at lightning speed, and left the locker room shortly after she did.
The auditorium was gradually filling up.
You joined the team in the back, Steve looked anxious like everyone else, but forced a smile and tried a few reassuring words.
Wanda appeared right after you, and it didn't take long for the competition to begin.
You would be professional, at least in the final. The team didn't have to pay for your problems with Wanda after all.
The rounds went by quickly. You were slow, but at least you were responding correctly.
At the first break, Steve asked if you were feeling well, because you had missed your chance to answer first four times in a row.
"Sorry, I..." You began, and swallowed dryly as you caught Wanda's gaze on you from across the room. "I'm fine."
"You're a little distracted." He insisted with a frown. " Let me and the others push the button from now on. You just have to make sure you know the answer when we do."
The penultimate round was pretty difficult. It was the topics that you and Wanda studied together, but all you could think about was the discussion you had.
When you got one of the questions wrong because you remembered Wanda crying, and the team was at a disadvantage, Steve asked for a break.
But he wasn't the one who screamed at you.
"What the fuck is your problem?" Wanda accused angrily as you all walked out to the back of the auditorium. You cringed, and she almost took it back. Almost.
"S-sorry." You muttered with red cheeks, affected by the closeness of her body. The other team members stood back with confused looks at your reaction. Never in years of school had you bowed your head to discussions with Wanda. "I'm distracted."
"And what the hell are you thinking about if not the questions?" She questions enraged, analyzing your face. You stare back, and she understands.
Sighing, she turns to Steve. "Cap, can you give us five minutes? I know how to help Y/N."
Steve just seemed to want to win and agreed. Wanda took your hand, and dragged you out into the hallway.
"Wanda, I'm sorry I-" You started but she cut you off with a kiss on the mouth, so hard it made your legs shake.
She kept her hand on the doorknob, holding the door closed, and pressed you against the corner of the wall, her other hand on your waist, keeping you in place.
But then she pulled away, breathing out of rhythm as you did. Your face was burning, and all Wanda did was smile.
"Better?" She asked in a husky voice. You swallowed dryly, staring into her darkened eyes.
"Why did you do that?"
She shrugged. "I guess you needed me to."
"Does that mean you're not angry anymore?"
She gave a short laugh, shaking her head. And she kissed you again, now more slowly. It made your body shiver, and you sighed as you felt her tongue ask for passage.
But Steve's comment from across the room about why you two were taking so long made her pull away.
"No, Y/N." She started as she put some distance between them. "I am angry. And I get even angrier with every question that you know the answer to but miss it. I need to win this competition."
You swallow dryly, nodding in understanding. Wanda strokes your cheek, smiling softly as she sees the skin warm under her touch. "Now, be a good girl and get the questions right, okay?"
You bite your lips, feeling a twinge at the tip of your belly at her words. "Yes, Wanda."
She smiled, and kissed the corner of your mouth before pulling away and leaving.
Alone, you can breathe properly.
You heard Wanda let Steve know that everything was settled, and you took a deep breath before joining the rest of the team.
Hopefully, the fear of disappointing Wanda would be enough to make you answer everything correctly.
Your team won with an eight-point lead.
You didn't miss a single question, and every time you got it right, you looked at Wanda, wanting her look of approval.
She was not mean, and smiled at you every time.
When the judge announced the victory, the team had a group hug, and she embraced you around the waist.
There were not only NYU scouts at the competition, but many others.
Wanda gave you a wink before she went to talk to a woman in a suit, and you noticed that Bruce and Cho were called by men with Oscorp Labs badges around their necks, sure to get an internship or something.
You hadn't really chosen your college yet, so you didn't send out any admissions letters. Therefore you were surprised when a representative from Columbia University came up to greet you.
"Congratulations on your performance, Miss Y/L/N." Spoke the woman politely. You smiled awkwardly, shaking her hand. "You really stood out in that last round, it was quite impressive."
"Thank you." You said. "But it was really a team effort."
"Yes, yes, of course." The woman said. She fiddled with her jacket, and pulled out a contact paper. "If you are interested in studying in New York, I represent Columbia University. We have scholarships for students like you. Call me when you can."
You nodded quickly, and the woman then left.
Tony was jumping up to hug her the next moment.
“Dude, you ruled that game!” He congratulated excitedly. "And what happened in the last round? You came back from break looking like an evil genius."
You laughed, pushing him lightly by the shoulders. You looked around the room, finding Wanda's gaze occupied with a conversation for a moment before turning your attention back to Tony.
"I had some encouragement." You spoke, and he raised his eyebrows.
"I know that face."
You blushed, and he laughed.
"My god!" He exclaimed with amusement. "Don't tell me you and Maximoff hooked up behind the auditorium?"
"Could you keep it down, please." You asked embarrassed, but Tony only laughed, impressed.
"I should have known you weren't as saintly as you pretended to be."
"I'm not telling you anything ever again." You grumbled crossing your arms, but Tony smiled, throwing his arm across your shoulders.
"Grumpy." He teased. "Come on, your nerd friends are going to celebrate at Wilson's and I'm going with you."
"Wow, Tony Stark hanging out with the school geeks. It's an early Christmas miracle." You joked, making him laugh.
"You're such a dork."
The two of you walked out of the auditorium giggling, on your way to the parking lot.
Steve had a red pickup truck, and the award trophy was in the back.
"What happened to going to Wilson's to celebrate?" You asked as soon as you caught up with the group, noticing that the blondie was distributing a few bottles of soda.
"Sam changed his plans, said the restaurant isn't open today, so he's bringing the food here." Steve clarified.
No one seemed to mind this, and you accepted one of the bottles that the blond guy handed to you and Tony.
You were in the middle of laughing about the sarcastic comment Tony made to Steve when Wanda joined you all. You almost choked on the intense look she threw you, noticing how close you were standing to Tony.
"Hey, now that everyone is here, I have a surprise." Steve announced as soon as he handed a soda to Wanda, Nat and Maria, who arrived with her.
The blond turned to fiddle with the back of the car, and pulled out a small paper box from there.
"I've been working on this since the game last week." He recounted smiling. "I know our club isn't technically a sport, but every team has a jacket, and I thought why not get one for us."
Bruce helped him spread out the clothes, they were very nice. Dark jackets with the "Trivia Club" logo embroidered on the front with the school mascot on top on the right side. And on the back, the last names of the participants.
"So that's why he wanted your size." Tony commented beside you. You frowned as you put on your jacket.
"So you didn't even ask what he wanted it for? And just gave my measurements?" You asked with an amused expression. Tony shrugged.
"I don't know, the guy's your friend."
You laughed, shaking your head. When you looked forward again, Wanda was staring at you from the other side, and you felt your face heat up.
Natasha whispered something to her, and she relaxed her grip on the can she was holding, looking away quickly.
"We're practically athletes now." Bruce commented next, making the group smile. Tony gave a wry laugh muttering "As if," and you elbowed him.
The group engaged in random conversation for several minutes, until Sam, a friend of Steve's who studied in another neighborhood, and was the son of the owners of the Wilson's, a very popular home cooking restaurant in town, arrived with the food.
He smiled, greeting everyone as he carried a portable table and a cooler, which he arranged in the middle of the group, behind Steve's parked truck.
“Finally Sammy, I thought you got lost along the way." Steve joked after hugging his friend.
Sam laughed, and commented on the temporary traffic because of the people who were leaving the competition.
Wilson was a funny guy. You were laughing at a strange joke, and Tony was exchanging messages on your side, not really paying much attention to any of the conversation.
A few minutes later, his teammates, Bucky and Quill arrived in the parking lot with girls you didn't know. You knew that the bottles in their hands were of alcohol.
Tony became immensely excited, putting his cell phone in his pocket, and it occurred to you that he was the one who should have invited the others.
You didn't understand the tense atmosphere in the group after that.
Quill and Bucky were polite, greeting everyone with kisses on the cheeks. The girls didn't do that, and you recognized one of them from the classroom, making mean comments about you the other day.
"Tony, why did you call these people?" You couldn't help whispering to him, as the boys put a beer bag in Sam's cooler.
Tony frowned, but was smiling, "They're my friends."
"I thought you wanted to spend some time with my friends." You commented. "For once."
He laughed awkwardly. "Come on, relax. They're cool."
You tried, but there was history there.
Steve, who was usually the friendliest of all, looked uncomfortable. Sam, who you didn't know well enough to know, too.
But Tony was wrapped up in his own bubble with Quill and the girls who came with him, and you were busy dodging Bucky's flirtations.
"You really looked very pretty up there on the stage." He remarked softly next to you, smiling as charmingly as he could. Bucky was indeed very handsome, but you were fully aware of Wanda's gaze burning behind your back.
"Thank you." You half-heartedly replied, taking a long sip of soda. He leaned in a little closer.
"If you want, I can give you a ride to the party tomorrow." He suggested next. "I can get your number from Tony."
"I guess so..."
Bucky smiled contentedly, and drank as well. You cleared your throat, trying to think of an excuse to flee.
You risked a glance to the side, only to see Wanda whisper something that made Natasha frown and come toward you, not looking pleased at all.
"Can we talk?" she asked, ignoring Bucky's presence completely.
The problem was that he answered before you did. "We are talking actually."
She tilted her head with a deadly look on her face. "I did not speak with you."
Bucky gave a lopsided laugh. "Relax, Maximoff, we're just arranging to go out."
"Oh, you're going out, but you're going out alone." She warned, and Bucky raised an eyebrow.
He looked like he was going to complain, but Wanda slammed her hand on the bottle he was holding and the liquid spilled all over his shirt. You let out a surprised exclamation, because of the proximity, the beer landed on the sleeve of your jacket as well.
The group was silent, watching the scene in shock.
Bucky let out a short laugh in disbelief. "Damn, what's your problem?"
"Go on, weren't you just leaving?" She sneered.
Tony was pulling Bucky away before the scene got any worse. He turned to you.
"Are you going to stay with them?"
"I..." You hesitated. Tony let out a wry laugh.
"Fine, whatever." And he turned his back on you.
As you watched him walk away, Steve cleared his throat.
"Okay, I think it's time we call it a day."
He cleared things so quickly that you were impressed. Natasha and Maria left first, arms wrapped around each other, and then Sam said goodbye, offering a ride to Bruce and Cho. Steve was the last to leave, he looked at you and Wanda with an upset expression.
"I don't know what's going on with you two." He began as he put away the empty bottles in a garbage bag. "But you gotta work it out. I think this has gone on long enough."
Wanda was standing back, sitting on the sidewalk. You handed your bottle to Steve.
"I'll put an end to it, Steve." You spoke to him. "Sorry for ruining the party."
"It's okay." He forced a smile. "I guess everybody's used to it. And maybe that's the problem."
You sighed, agreeing. He said goodbye and got into the car, and you crossed your arms as you walked toward Wanda.
"Are you going to yell at me?" She asked with her gaze on the ground, but you only spoke as you sat down beside her.
"No, Wanda." You spoke. "I'm tired of it."
"Of what?"
"Yelling at you." You clarified. She looked at you, but you popped your elbow on your knee, and your chin in the same hand, keeping your gaze on the dark street. "I'm tired of a lot of things actually."
"I'm sorry for scaring your boyfriend." She sneered next, making you laugh softly.
"You're so jealous." You returned. "It suits you."
Risking a glance at her, you enjoyed the soft redness in her cheeks.
"I'm not jealous." She retorted stubbornly.
"Oh, really? Is it okay if I accept Bucky's invitation then?"
Wanda let out a grumble, and pouted as she looked down at the floor.
"Do whatever you want."
You couldn't hold back the shy giggle that escaped. "I want you."
She bit back a smile, hugging her knees. "Idiot."
You were silent for a moment, it wasn't exactly comfortable because you could feel your heart racing in your chest, but it was better than fighting.
"Did you mean it?" She whispered then, unsure.
Without answering, you got up.
One stupid act.
You stood in front of her and held out your hand.
"Dance with me?"
She frowned in confusion. "There is no music."
"We don't need it."
She grabbed your hand, and stood up. Standing up, and so close, your heart missed two beats in a row, and you swallowed dryly. "You lead?"
She smiled, nodding before wrapping her arm around your waist.
One step at a time. And many spins for a few minutes.
You rested your face on her shoulder, trying to relax.
"Your jacket smells like beer." She commented good-naturedly.
You held back your laughter. "And whose fault was that?"
Wanda pulled away to spin you around, and you laughed as you attempted the movement.
When you returned, she just waved your hands together before letting go.
Staring at you, she moved her hands up to the collar of your jacket to take it off. You swallowed hard, but allowed it.
Wanda threw your jacket to the sidewalk, and took hers off next.
She helped you put it on, and her hands landed on your shoulders when she was done. "There you go."
"Wanda I-"
"It's all right." She interrupts sadly. You frown in confusion. "I really don't need a coup de grace."
You shake your head, raising your hands to her wrists. "Stop jumping to conclusions, and let me talk, please?"
She hesitated, and then nodded, pushing her hands away, which was great for you to concentrate.
"Okay, I..." You started with flushed cheeks. She waited, with a raised eyebrow in amusement. "I kind of have to tell you some things."
"Can I kiss you?"
She interrupts before you begin, and you giggle. "Wanda, I'm not going to say anything that will break us apart."
"God, I hope not." She confesses, making you let out a shy laugh. "But I want to kiss you because you look beautiful in my jacket."
"Oh, okay."
"Close your eyes." She ordered softly, you swallowed dryly as you obeyed. You were trembling in anticipation, and held your breath as you felt Wanda's presence approaching.
Her face hovered beneath yours, but she kissed your cheek. Soft and slow, and you pressed your lips together to keep from panting.
You were about to protest, but her hands found their way around your waist, pulling you closer, while your hands landed on her shoulders.
Wanda kept your faces close together, and whispered against your lips, "I want to remember you like this."
You kissed her. Soft and gentle for the first time.
It was even better than how you remembered it.
She didn't prolong, pulling away with her jaw locked, as if she were fighting her own will to continue.
"Please, Y/N." She sighed with her eyes closed. "Don't break my heart again."
You kissed her again, intense and strong this time, trying to make it clear that you wouldn't.
Wanda really seemed to want to keep you like this. She kissed you back the same way, squeezing your sides, until her hands started to move down.
You gasped against her lips as she squeezed your ass, forcing your hips forward against her.
"Does that mean we'll talk later?" You questioned breathlessly, when she pulled away.
She smiled with her eyes ajar, her pupils dilated, and she looked irresistible. She didn't answer, just brought your lips together again, and this time she didn't even wait for permission to curl her tongue around yours, making your head spin.
You exchanged passionate caresses, and at some point you ended up pressed against one of the parked cars.
Wanda attacked your neck, kissing all the right spots, and you felt your legs weaken.
"Wanda... the alarm..." You tried to warn her, and she grunted against your skin, unable to let go of you.
But she jumped when the car alarm in the car where she pressed you triggered.
"Fuck." Grumbling, she pulled away. You both let out shy giggles, and she grabbed your jacket off the ground before taking your hand. "I think we'd better run."
You did, laughing.
You stopped only two streets past the school, in front of a gas station. Wanda pulled you by the hand and kissed you against a wall.
Hard and passionate, more desperate than before. You melted.
But it was still a public place. "Wanda..." You started between one gasp and another, feeling her hands scratch under your shirt, at your belly level. "We are... on the street..."
She kissed a sensitive spot on your collarbone before whispering, "Wanna go back to my place?"
She smiled against your lips, pulling away to use her cell phone to call an uber for you two.
You couldn't keep your hands away, and hugged her from behind.
But she suddenly tensed up. Before you could ask, she was calling.
"Pietro what happened?" she asked, and you frowned, curious and troubled by her serious tone. "No, don't leave him alone. I'll be right there."
She hung up, and spun her body around. "What happened?"
But Wanda kissed you, quickly but strongly. You sighed, but she pulled away in the next second. "Sorry, I have to go. See you Monday."
And she moved away, walking out and turned the corner.
You stood for a good few minutes staring at the empty street, while hugging your own body, sudden cold without Wanda's presence.
You thought about calling Tony to give you a ride, but remembered that he sounded angry earlier.
So you walked back toward the school where you knew there was a bus stop, going over the latest events in your head.
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temptationsbrew · 3 months ago
Can I request something? so Leigh is calling/texting matt's phone even after his death to telling him about her life but suddenly one day her call/text is answered by reader who just got that phone number, obviously it's awkward at first but they just keep talking through the phone (probably reader has been in the same situation or just want to help her through grieving) and start feeling something basically strangers to lovers (yeah I got the idea from the episode)
Or if you want to do it with Wanda it's totally fine (she fits the role too)
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Rating: Hurt Comfort, Fluff
a/n: I went back and forth from Leigh and Wanda in my mind but it landed on Wanda. Hope you like it and it's what you were wanting! I tried to make it shorter but my fingers wouldn't stop typing. It's so hard for me to write things short sometimes lol
4,286 words | Masterlist | Requests open
You woke up groaning as your phone went off on your nightstand. The clock showed it was four am and you wondered who could be texting you at this hour.
I'm not sure why I’m doing this Message received
I was told it would help Idk it still feels stupid Message received
I'm trying I really am but I don’t know how I’m supposed to do this without you I miss you Message received
You quirked your brow in confusion as you read the texts. It was clearly someone who had the wrong number and you felt yourself feeling bad for the person on the other end. They seemed like they wanted to reconnect with someone.
You decided to ignore it thinking maybe they would realize once they got no response they would find the right number.
You figured you should stay up, knowing you weren’t going to be able to go back to sleep and start your day. It was monotonous like all the others. Clock in, lunch, clock out and go home. You thought about going out but quickly decided against it curling up on your couch to read a book.
You immersed yourself in the story and got lost in the pages when your phone went off. You thought maybe it was Carol trying to guilt you into coming out but you saw it was the unknown number again. The bubbles appeared as more messages came through.
“What the hell?”
Last night was harder than most I couldn’t sleep so I decided to take a walk. I had no destination in mind but I ended up at the little shop on the corner with the baklava you loved Message received
Steve said it would get harder this time of year, close to the anniversary Message received
I can’t believe it’s almost a year since you’ve been gone Message received
Tasha suggested I try drawing again It didn't completely suck so I'm calling that a win Message received
I miss you Piet and I hope that you’re in a better place Message received
You reread the words feeling an ache in your chest when you realized they didn’t have the wrong number at all. It clicked for you that you just got this phone a month ago. You weren’t sure how to handle this. Ignoring it now just seemed cruel but you also didn’t want to take away what seemed to be apart of their healing process.
Hi. This number-
“No that’s stupid.”
Hey there, I-
Delete. Delete. Delete
You sighed trying to come up something hoping that whatever you sent didn’t upset them. You knew what it was like to lose someone so you also knew that whatever you sent would be unsettling regardless.
Hey, I got this number a month ago I just thought you should know in case you tried to call Message sent
That wasn't terrible, but it was the best thing you could come up with. You called your sisters phone when she passed just to hear her voice. You laid down holding the phone to your chest not really expecting to get anything back. When it dinged you looked at it in surprise.
Oh. I'm sorry Message received
It’s alright Message sent
I won’t text again Message received
You sat there, a feeling nagging in your chest as you stared at their words. You don’t know what possessed you to type and hit send but you couldn’t take it back now.
Your friend Steve is right The anniversary is always the hardest but over time it hurts less and less Message sent
Minutes went by and you figured they weren’t going to respond. You decided to go to bed and try and get some sleep.
One week later
You decided to take a walk in the park before you went back to the office. You always felt suffocated being there too long and the white walls made your head hurt. You sat at an empty park bench when your phone buzzed in your pocket.
You coming out tonight? Message received
Carol was relentless. You were an introvert, everyone knew that but it never stopped your friends from inviting you out to mentally draining events.
Earth to Y/n. I can see that you read my text Message received
Only a psycho would leave their read notifs on Message sent
You comin or not? Message received
You were exhausted and the day barely started. You checked the time and sighed knowing you would have to start the walk back to the office.
I don’t know. Maybe next time Message sent
I’m holding you to that Y/l/n Message received
You’ve lost someone too haven’t you? Message received
You froze mid walk, clutching your phone in your hands at the unknown number you kind of wished you had a name for. Time stood still as you typed out your reply.
My sister four years ago Message sent
That sucks Message received
You don’t know why but you found yourself laughing at their response. Normally people would say the usual spiel but you guessed since they were going through it too they knew how meaningless the words could become.
Were you close? Message received
She was my best friend the only one who understood me really Message sent
Your friends walked on eggshells whenever she was brought up so you didn’t talk about her much. It’s been three years since she’s passed. They didn't talk about it much when it happened either but you understood, she was their friend and every one handles loss in their own way.
I know the feeling Message received
Your friends don’t understand you? Assuming you have friends Message received
You chuckled continuing your walk.
I have friends And they do but not like she did What about yours? Message sent
They try It’s not like I open up much though Message received
I can understand that I’m not one to open up either Unless you get a few drinks in me Message sent
I’m not much of a drinker Message received
Neither am I But when I’m in an awkward social setting I need a few to take the edge off Message sent
You could always stay home Message received
Fair point Message sent
Don’t take this the wrong way but I don’t know why I’m talking to you Message received
You smiled down at your phone chuckling at their honesty.
Maybe because it’s easier to talk to strangers? Message sent
Maybe Why didn’t you ask me about who I lost? Message received
I’ve already received messages from you that weren’t meant for me to see I didn’t want to pry Message sent
The clock dwindled down and you didn’t receive anything back from the stranger you felt yourself wanting to know more about. You were finally able to get home and took the hottest shower your body would allow and settled in for the night to continue your rerun of Bewitched.
Your phone buzzed on your dresser startling you. When you saw the unknown number you smiled picking it up.
My name is Wanda Message received
Y/n Guess that means we aren’t strangers anymore Message sent
Yeah, I guess not Message received
2 weeks later
The two of you continued to text each other. Wanda had a dry and slightly dark sense of humor and normally something like that would be hard to articulate through text but you just seemed to understand each other.
One night she opened up to you and you learned that she lost her twin Pietro to a stray bullet meant for someone else. It was hard for her to talk about so you didn’t push. Only listening when she wanted to talk. You shared things about your sister when she asked and the ache was still present but no longer paralyzed you. It was weird that it wasn’t weird. For some reason, it was so easy with Wanda.
You got home from a long night out and tore off your shoes as you collapsed in bed. Carol kept her promise and held you to your word. The party wasn’t too crazy but it was still mentally draining.
Are you as tired as I am? Message received
You laughed sinking into the mattress. Wanda got talked into going to a company party and you both wished each other luck as you went to your respective events. You both tried to text each other during but you learned your friends were very similar and you were both threatened to have your phones taken away.
Exhausted Message sent
Is it ok if I call you? If it’s weird you can say no I’ve just been wondering what you sound like Message received
You swallowed thickly staring at her message. You wondered the same. She told you she was originally from Sokovia and you wondered just how thick her accent was or if she still had one at all.
It’s weird I shouldn’t have asked Message received
Wanda, It’s ok You can call me I’ve been curious too Message sent
Ok Um, just give me a minute Message received
You didn't know why you were nervous. It was just a phone call, but what if you couldn’t think of anything to say. What if it was awkward. Texting was easy, if there was a long pause it was ok, but a phone call was direct and if you said something stupid you couldn’t edit it or take it back.
Suddenly your phone rang stopping your mind from spiraling and her contact lit up on the screen. You took a deep breath and answered, willing yourself to be normal.
“Hey, Wanda.”
“Hey.” She said, chuckling, “You sound as nervous as I am.”
Her voice was not at all what you expected but It was nice. You ignored the way the it made your heart flip in your chest.
“You’re nervous too?” You asked.
“Yeah, but I don’t know why. I feel a bit better knowing that you are too though.”
You chuckled and rubbed the back of your neck. Her accent was very faint but still present and you wondered if she spoke sokovian much being in the states as long as she has.
“H-How did the party go?” You asked. You could do this, you could make conversation like a functioning human being. Her groan made you laugh as she went in to detail of how elaborate and extra her co worker could be when it came to his parties.
“We’ve really got to start saying no to these things.” You chuckled.
“Hey, mine was mandatory. You could have stayed home.”
“Carol would never let me live it down.”
“Sounds like Carol needs to learn the bliss that is staying home and watching sitcoms.”
You both had more in common than you thought. The worry and nervousness eased quickly and you talked for hours. You didn’t realize it got so late until the sun started to rise but thankfully it was the weekend. After that, you fell into a routine and called each other every night before bed.
Two weeks later
You were currently sat next to Carol on the couch watching a movie when your phone rang. You saw that it was Wanda and Carol teased you about your smile as you made your way to the kitchen to have some privacy. When you answered, you could hear her labored breathing and you could tell she was crying.
“Wanda, what’s wrong?”
“I - I can’t.” Her sobs made your chest ache. You knew from experience she was starting to have a panic attack.
“Hey, its ok. Just breathe, Wanda.”
You ran up to your room and put on a pair of shoes and grabbed your keys.
“I - y/n.”
“Can you text me where you are?” You asked, waiting by the door hoping she was able to. When your phone buzzed you sighed in relief when she shared her location.
“Is everything ok?” Carol asked.
“Later.” You said, not looking back as you ran to your car.
“I’m going to stay on the phone with you ok. Just try to breathe.”
You were shocked when she wasn’t far. You talked her through a breathing technique until you arrived at a park, not even bothering to park in the lines.
"Hey I'm here, can you tell me where you are?"
"By the swings." She choked out.
You walked through the grass seeing someone huddled on the ground in the distance. The closer you got the more it started to sync with your phone and you hung up kneeling beside her.
“Y/n? Wh-
“Hey, It’s ok. I’m here.”
Her knees were pulled to her chest and her chin was tucked in as tears streamed down her face. Her eyes met your’s and she sobbed throwing herself into your arms. You held her close, rubbing her back as she tucked her head in your shoulder.
“It’s ok. I got you.” You mumbled.
You stayed like that, holding the redhead in your arms as her sobs evened out. When you heard her sniffle, she shifted in your arms pulling away as she wiped her cheeks.
“This is so embarrassing.” She mumbled.
“It’s not. I promise. I’m glad you called.”
Her bottom lip quivered as she took steady breaths. Her green eyes met yours and she smiled shyly wiping your cheek. You were confused when you felt wetness being wiped away. You hadn’t realized you were crying too.
“Thank you for coming.” She whispered. “I don’t know why I came here.”
You looked around the children’s park and put two and two together.
“Is today the anniversary?” You asked. You wanted to tread lightly knowing her emotions were raw right now.
She nodded looking at the swing set and you settled beside her.
“We came here as kids. He would always try and swing higher than me,” She began. Her eyes were glazed over as she let out a wet chuckle wiping her cheek, “He bet me once that he could jump the furthest. My mom almost had a heart attack watching us fly through the air.”
You smiled at her memory, picturing a mini Wanda jumping off the swings.
“Who won?”
“I did.” She chuckled, “but we were both grounded for a week so we both kind of lost.”
Her tears started up again but calmer than before. You wanted to comfort her but you didn’t want to overstep. When she started to shake you decided to listen to your heart and wrapped your arm around her. She leaned her head on your shoulder and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
“Tell me more about him?”
You knew from experience that it helped. She talked about him for hours. Her chuckles turned into laughs and her tears went away as she thought more and more about the good times they shared. When silence fell, Wanda reached out to hold your hand and you smiled as you intertwined them.
“I feel better. It - It hurts less.” She mumbled, looking up at you. “Thank you, Y/n.”
”Always.” You whispered, and you meant it. Wanda had only been in your life for a short while but you cared about her. More than you realized until this moment.
“Guess we got the first face to face meeting out of the way.” She said, biting her lip.
“Yeah. Looks like we did.” You felt your blush heat up your face and Wanda smiled squeezing your hand.
One month later
“When I asked you to come over and help me make this, I didn’t mean for you to just sit there the whole time.” Wanda said narrowing her eyes. You chuckled walking over to her as you bumped her hip.
“I told you I was a terrible cook.” You jested, faking a pout.
She rolled her eyes mixing the items in the pot and you chuckled when she tried to stay annoyed with you.
“You don’t have to be a cook to chop veggies. Get to work.” She said, pointing at the cutting board.
“Yes, ma’am.”
You’d normally come over when the food was already done but Wanda asked you to come over earlier this time. You didn’t really mind, you loved spending time with her.
“Is this ok?” You asked, smiling down at your handy work. Wanda snorted and you frowned. You thought you did a good job.
“It‘ll do, milaya.”
Your chest warmed at the endearment, still not used to it and the way it made you feel.
“What’s next?”
“Well considering you sat there for most of it. Nothing.” She said, smirking.
“Hey! I entertained you, did I not?”
Wanda’s laugh was your favorite sound and you made it your job to make her laugh as much as possible.
“You did, you dork.”
You wrapped your arms around her and leaned your chin on her shoulder.
“Be honest, you just invited me over for my company.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just put up with you because I get bored.” She retorted. You fake scoffed, moving to pull away but she held onto your hands keeping you against her.
“You’re so mean.”
“You like it. Try this.” She mumbled, holding the wooden spoon up to your lips. You moaned at the taste. Wanda was an amazing cook. Ever since she learned about your eating habits she cooked for you often enough to have left overs to take to work. You would get teased at the office about it but you didn’t care. They were just jealous all they had to eat were sad turkey sandwiches.
“It’s amazing, Wanda. Everything you make is delicious.”
Her smile made you melt but the way her eyes dropped to your lips made your pulse quicken. You licked them out of habit and the redhead bit hers and turned to look back at the pot.
“It’ll be done in about ten minutes. Want to pick the movie tonight?”
“Hmmm, or we could watch I love Lucy. I’m not really in the mood for a movie.”
“Sounds good. I need to babysit this but you can wait for me in the living room and I’ll bring it in.”
You nodded against her and kissed the side of her head without thinking. You blushed walking away not knowing what’s gotten in to you. You were never this affectionate with your fiends but you had been with Wanda from the beginning. You learned very quickly that she liked to cuddle and normally you would tell someone that you weren’t really into it, but it felt natural with her. Her touches were soft and gentle and it made you feel warm and you soon found yourself initiating rather than receiving.
That kiss was a first, it came from a place you weren’t sure you were ready to name. You weren’t stupid, Wanda was beautiful. She was loving, smart and she made you feel like you were understood again.
Maybe it was just a crush. You've had crushes before but this was different. You knew she was grieving and it’s not like you were the most stable person at the moment either. You tried to convince yourself it would fade over time. It had to.
“Hey, are you alright, milaya?”
Wanda sat both bowls down on the table and sat beside you with a look of concern. She cupped your cheek and you swallowed thickly as your pulse quickened under her gaze. You were screwed.
“Y-yeah. I’m fine.” You said, clearing your throat.
“Ok. Did you not want to watch the show anymore?” You blinked confused and noticed the tv was still off.
“Yeah, sorry. I was just lost in thought.” You said, scrambling to turn it on.
“Want to talk about it?”
“Um. No not really. I’m fine though, promise.” You said, smiling tightly and hoping she fell for it. The look in her eyes told you otherwise.
“I know something is wrong but I won’t push. Just know I’m here if you want to talk about it.” She said.
“Thank you, Wands.”
One month later
Your crush never went away in fact it grew. It was hard to stop and you were starting to feel bad every time Wanda could tell something was up with you. She knew you better than your friends and sometimes you felt like she knew you better than you knew yourself.
“Just tell her you have feelings for her.” Carol said.
“I can’t.” You groaned.
“Why not?”
“Because it‘ll ruin our friendship.” You said, huffing when you couldn’t get your eyeliner right.
“Well you should say something because you know the minute Valkyrie catches on she will.”
You were really starting to regret inviting Wanda to hang out with your friends.
“Stop, here I’ll do it.” Carol said grabbing the pen, “She’ll tease you regardless though. It took you how long to introduce us to Wanda?”
You groaned closing your eyes.
“I just - leave me alone.”
You liked the bubble you and Wanda were in. If felt nice and most of all safe from your crazy friends. You met hers at a work event last week and they were nice. Crazy in their own right but they seemed a lot more sane than yours.
“Will you relax, It’ll be fine. Besides you’re having the party here so it’ll be chill.”
“It’s not a party, it’s a game night.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
Everyone showed up before Wanda and you ignored their stares and smirks when she arrived and pulled you into a hug. The more your friends teased you the more anxious you grew that Wanda would catch on. Valkyrie's knowing eyes taunted you from across the room when Wanda kissed your cheek in thanks for her drink. That was new and your heart hasn’t beat the same since.
At the end of the night everyone left but Wanda stayed behind to help you clean up.
“I like your friends.”
“They liked you too. Valkyrie was surprisingly on her best behavior.” You mumbled.
Wanda filled the last of the trash and put it in the kitchen before walking over to you.
“Come sit with me?” She asked.
You hated this. You wanted to go back to before where you could act at least semi normal around her.
“Y/n? Can you look at me please?” She asked.
You nodded, turning towards her and the way she looked at you made your chest tighten.
“I’m not fragile, milaya. I’m still grieving but you don’t have to hide your feelings or thoughts from me.”
Your eyes widened as she lifted her hand to cup your cheek.
“I um - I’m not hiding anything.” You squeaked.
“Hmmm. You’ve been acting different around me.”
“I - I’m sorry. I just - I didn’t want to freak you out with my stuff.” You mumbled.
Her knowing eyes narrowed as she ran her thumb over your bottom lip before pulling her hand away.
“I have feeling for you Y/n and I think you have feelings for me too.” She stated.
Your mouth opened in shock. That was the last thing you expected her to say.
“You do?”
“Yes, milaya. I don’t know for how long but the moment I realized it, it felt right.”
You cursed your brain for malfunctioning and not being able to say anything other than a few words, but the way she was looking at you wasn't entirely helping. You blushed as she grabbed your hand, rubbing the back of it with her thumb and you started to relax.
“It was the first night you came over. You brought me my favorite snacks and we cuddled on the couch watching Bewitched. I felt safe in your arms and I didn't want the night to end.”
“For that long?” You asked.
Wanda chuckled shyly and a blush rose to her cheeks as she nodded. You remember not wanting that night to end too. That and all the others you've spent with her.
"You've helped me so much these past months. You've been there for me when ever I needed you and you always put a smile on my face even if all I wanted to do was cry. I was scared at first too but when I thought about it, it made sense. Even when all we did was text you just felt special to me somehow. The more I got to know you, the more I knew I wanted you in my life.”
You felt the same way. Wanda was special, you just couldn't believe she thought you were special too. You felt like an idiot that you thought you couldn't share your feelings with her.
“I thought that you might need time or that I would ruin our friendship. I’m sorry.”
“It's ok. I understand, but if there's anything I learned from Pietro’s death is that life is too short not be with the person you love.”
“Y-you love me?” You gasped.
“Try and keep up, milaya.” She chuckled.
You smiled shyly as the red head cupped your cheek again.
"I love you too, Wanda."
“I’m glad or that would have been really awkward.” She said, pulling you close.
Her lips hovered over yours before kissing you chastely. They were soft as they moved against you and you held her waist as she deepened it.
All of your worries and doubts melted away as you kissed the woman who came into your life so suddenly and quickly made a home in your heart. You decided to trust that fate brought you two together for a reason and as long as your heart continued to beat in your chest you wouldn't take it for granted.
I tried to make this short I really did lol To the amazing person that requested this I hoped you enjoyed it! Masterlist
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adorerdraco · a year ago
Not My Type (Like You) ✧ Draco x Reader
Request: you should like do a one shot or even another mini series about amortentia/love potions in general. i’d soooo read that
italics are for flashbacks <3 i love them if you couldn’t tell 
Warnings: mean!draco, cursing, more mature themes/ideas, little bit of spice towards the end teehee but not too much bc idk how to write smut to save my life
Words: 4.5K
A/N: I saw a tiktok that kinda inspired this and i couldn’t get the idea out of my heaaaad if anyone knows which one im talking ab send it my way so i can show !!!! ALSO I LOVE THIS ONESHOT I LOVE DRACO AND I AM IN MY FEELINGS this might be my new favoriteeeee
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy was insufferable.
The Prince of Slytherin was unbearable for many reasons, things you've been taking notice of since your first year at Hogwarts when you accidentally had the ”pleasure” of interacting with him when he called you stupid in a class for reciting a spell incorrectly. That day, a hostility blossomed. A hostility that ensued nothing but teasing, mocking, and criticizing that would sometimes go too far and you'd both have to be pulled away from each other by your friends’ before either of you said anything excessively harsh that had no return.
You often felt like Malfoy sought you out to bother you and only for that. You could be sitting in the Quad with friends, conversing and laughing like nothing in the world mattered, and a few minutes later you'd be hurling insults towards the blond across the courtyard after he would yell something infuriating to you with that smug smirk on his face and his goons laughing wildly beside him as if he just said the most hilarious thing they've ever heard. 
On the days you’d ignore him, not having the patience or the energy to deal with him, he would still somehow find a way to push your buttons. Little things here and there like passing you in the corridors and tugging at the ends of your hair gingerly like a child but enough to tick you off or sending you notes from across the class in the form a small fluttering bird with a lousy drawing of you usually with a message along the lines of, “Y/L/N, hopefully, this note finds itself in the nest of hair you have today xx DM.”
In all honesty, there wasn’t a day you didn’t encounter Draco and it’s been that way for seven long years. Neither of you ever gotten tired of mildly or spitefully bullying each other and neither of you ever dreamed of stopping. He was one of the few constants in your daily life, and you in his. It was like you both lived on annoying the other, and in the midst of all the chaos that you brought to one another; there was a small, teeny, tiny acquaintance - not that either of you would ever admit it. You may have noticed it the time you bet each other ten galleons for who would win in the Triwizard Tournament your fourth year and he bet on Viktor Krum while you on Cedric Diggory. (he’s very much alive i refuse to think otherwise.)
“So you’re telling me, your mother is the reason why you’re not at Durmstrang,” you scoffed. “This whole time I could have been saved four years of headaches.”
“You’re just jealous some of us have more opportunities than others,” he snarks back pompously. “Unlike you, I hardly believe you would be graceful enough to even be considered admission into Beauxbatons.”
You had gone to see the last task of the competition just like the rest of the schools, all packed tightly onto the stands and watching carefully the exit of the maze. Naturally, you had arrived with your own friend groups, but somewhere during the time of sitting there and even being a few rows behind the blond and his minions, the two of you had met in the middle bench after he was trying to prove something wrong to you. 
When Cedric appeared back in front of the stands with the glowing Triwizard cup held high over his head in victory and every Hogwarts student loudly celebrating, you had jumped up from your seat and shook wildly an irked Draco beside you. He roughly shrugged your hands off his stiff shoulder, looking up at you with a sneer that you met with a bright beaming smile.
“Pay up, Malfoy!” You held out your hand towards him, opening and closing your fingers to receive the bet money. “I believe it was ten galleons you owe me.”
He begrudgingly reached into his coat pocket and fished out the coins, counting them defeatedly before tossing them into your palm. “What a waste of galleons.”
“Hey, you made the bet,” you reminded him with a still very bright smile. You shoved the money into your pockets, keeping one of the gold coins in between your fingers, and gave him a small hair ruffle that he harshly recoiled from before you turned to jump back up towards the level of stands your friends were originally sitting at.
“Were you really sitting with Malfoy this whole time?” One of your friends questioned when you reached them, a goading smirk on his face.
“Ooooh, she definitely was,” another friend piped up, wiggling her eyebrows. “They’re obsessed with each other.”
“Shut up,” you smack her arm casually, showing the pair the one gold galleon you were holding. “We are not. I was only sitting with him to get my bet money.”
“Sure,” they drawled in unison, sniggering when you threw your head back in annoyance.
You looked down the rows to see the mop of white hair you just sent into disarray. He was slowly descending the stairs of the stands with Crabbe and Goyle following closely behind him. Almost as if he felt your eyes on his back, he turned back to look at you, his cold gray eyes gazing into yours. It was like everything around you went quiet, the only thing in your focus was him and all you could do was stare back. It wasn’t until your friends started stifling laughter and whispering “aww’s” that you snapped out of the short-lived and odd few second trance you were in. He waited for you to do something before he turned back around, and you did - by holding up both hands; the one golden galleon on your left and your middle finger on your right, grinning to yourself when he rolled his eyes throwing you the finger right back before he finally disappeared into the mob of people below.
You were briskly walking down the corridors, books held tightly to your chest with your friend at your side while you made your way to Advanced Potions with Slughorn after Snape finally made his way into the DADA position. It was an easy class, potions being something you had a knack for and it gave you enough leisure to mess with your “favorite” Slytherin who shared it with you. 
“Look there goes your boyfriend,” your friend teases, elbowing your upper arm roughly and nodding her head down towards the hall to the tall blond appearing around the corner and entering swiftly into the class.
“He’s not my boyfriend,” you hiss. “I’m tired of everyone saying that. I hate him and he hates me, end of story.”
“You know when you say you hate him, it just sounds like the opposite,” she says tauntingly. “Besides, hate is a strong word and very misplaced. Maybe, it’s just years of built-up tension that both of you have been too nervous to do anything about.”
“Tension? Yeah, I want to strangle him,” you laugh to yourself at the thought.
“Not that tension, idiot,” she shakes her head, “I mean sexual tension...clearly.”
You gave her a horrified look mixed between being disgusted and being offended. You held your hand over your mouth and pretended to gag as dramatically as you could. “I am appalled that you would even say that. I would rather be locked in a room with Filch and Peeves and hear them argue and fight all day than to be with Malfoy like that.”
“Come on, think about it,” she encourages, stopping the two of you a little ways away from the classroom. “You guys 'hate' each other?” She finger quotes the hate, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. “When you hate someone, you don’t go out of your way to talk to them every day.”
“It’s not like that,” you wave a hand dismissively. “Also, this isn’t a cliche, this is real life. We hate each other, that is all there is to it.”
You picked up the walk again, your friend to following behind you while letting out a deep and exhausted sigh. You couldn’t help but think about what she said, sure, perhaps at one point you thought Draco was attractive with his bright silver hair, his glittering gray eyes, his little button nose that he would crinkle up every other word he spoke in his charming haughty voice, or the way he’d tower over you in the middle of a conversation gone wrong and he’d be talking lowly to you but all you’d be able to focus on was the sweet scent of apples and cologne that radiated off of him.
“No,” you whispered almost silently to yourself, forcing yourself out of your thoughts and shaking your head from side to side as if it was going to get the image out of your head. He was mean, disrespectful, arrogant, and insulted you daily - even if you both laughed about it or gave props for the perfect jabs.
The first thing your eyes landed on when you walked into the dingy Potions classroom was Draco, his focus trained on the ceiling as if he was deep in thought. Just as his eyes were about to flicker down towards you, and sensing that he was about to, you quickly avoided his gaze and concentrated onto Slughorn who was waiting patiently by his desk with a bubbling cauldron for you and your friend to join the crowd in front of him.
“Great! Now that we’re all here,” Slughorn began excitedly, fixing the sleeves of his robes as he grabbed the ladle in the cauldron and began stirring it while continuing his lecture. 
You were trying to listen, capturing only the professor’s last sentence as he called on someone who raised their hand. All attention was thrown out the window when you realized Draco was standing near said classmate, a look of annoyance suddenly clouding his features when his pale eyes met yours.
“What?” He mouthed. You ignored him, trying to turn your concentration back onto Slughorn but nothing he was saying made sense, and right as you caught a word you did understand, a shuffling and an abrupt arm knocking into yours threw you right back out of the loop.
“Watch it,” you snap hushedly when you notice who it is. “Why are you over here?”
“I can’t say hello to my number one fan?” He whispers back, snickering slightly when you scoffed quietly.
“Fan? Says the one who shoved his way through the crowd to come over here,” you grumble, crossing your arms. 
“I hardly shoved,” he mutters. “I only moved because I couldn’t see Slughorn from where I was standing. Not everything’s about you.”
“Really? Because to me, it seemed like you came over here for my attention.”
He let out a breathy chuckle, a patronizing smile making its way onto his face. The type of typical boy smile where his mouth is half agape with his tongue smoothing over his teeth as he stared off across the room with his fingertips rubbing thoughtfully against his jawline as he thought of what to say. You stood still as he bent down, nearing his mouth towards your ear and whispering hotly, “you wish, darling.”
Slughorn sent everyone to their paired tables, and as everyone began moving and Draco sauntered off away from you, you stood stuck there, shocked with the lingering chills that were sent down your spine from your archnemesis’ comment.
“I told you, you’re into each other,” your friend sang expectantly from behind you, grabbing onto your sleeve and directing the two of you towards your table. 
You were working peacefully at your workspace, cutting up, peeling, and crushing the ingredients that your friend was sliding across the surface to you. In the table behind you was where Draco was working annoyingly quiet, tossing the stripped stems of the roses at you that you had to peel, tiny thorns pricking at your ankles through your socks since the bigger thorns had been taken off for the potion. As payback, you would throw back loose extra pearl dust you ground up, giggling tauntingly when he would frown at you for getting the coarse white powder all over his Italian leather shoes and most definitely inside of them as well.
When you, and seemingly the rest of the class, had finally thrown in all the ingredients and the potion promptly finished brewing, beautiful clouds of white and pink smoke began rising from the cauldrons, each one having a lovely scent of first; freshly pressed high-priced linens, then a faint smell of a brand new racing broom out of a box with a freshly polished wood handle that then quickly transformed into a sweet harvest of apples, green specifically, and finally...
“Ugh, gross,” you pinched your nostrils closed, turning your body around and sending a scowl towards Draco’s way. “Malfoy, we get it, your cologne is expensive, now stop spraying it. I was smelling all these wonderful things and you ruined it.”
He arched an eyebrow at you, looking at you as if you were crazy. “Are you mad? I didn’t spray anything, I think you’ve finally lost it.”
“Well you laid it on too heavy this morning then, it reeks in here.”
“You’re one to talk, Y/L/N. Did you bathe yourself in that dreadful perfume you wear just now? And that ghastly lip shiner thing you use,” He sneers, crinkling up his nose. “I can’t even think straight, I might vomit.”
“Lip shiner? It’s called lip balm, you prat,” you retort, crossing your arms angrily. “Either way, I haven’t used or sprayed anything either so-”
“For Merlin’s sake!” Your friend suddenly exasperated loudly from beside you making you briskly whirl around to look at her, a look of pure annoyance etched onto her face. “Are you two really that daft? Honestly? Have you been paying attention to anything other than each other? For instance, the potion we just made?”
This gained the attention of your classmates around you in the surrounding tables, turning their heads slightly but not obviously with small knowing smirks on their faces while they snickered quietly and listened. It was soundless as you reached towards the book in front of your friend, pulling it painstakingly slow towards you in fear of the words that were written on the open page.
“Amortentia,” you muttered glumly as you read the page, pushing it away from you dejectedly as everything began to click.
“The reason you’re both smelling each other is because you’re what the other desires and is attracted to. Wow, what a revelation! As if the whole school didn’t already know.”
You were afraid to turn around. You could feel the cold and hard pair of eyes burning holes onto your back and the immediate amount of whispers and giggles of the people around you. Luckily, Slughorn was busy at the other end of the room, working diligently with another pair of students who managed to mess up their potion. 
“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Draco announces finally.
“What’s so ridiculous about it?” You questioned, your heart falling to the pit of your stomach when you turned again and took notice of the way his lips were curling upwards as if it was the most disgusting thing he could have ever heard.
“Think about it, Y/L/N,” he deadpans. “Why would I ever desire someone like you?”
There had been occasions over the years when you were in this situation. None as drastic and as revealing, but there would be times when friends and others would poke fun and say the exact same thing your friend told you earlier. The usual, “they got the hots for each other!” and you would always brush it off and joke about how you could never, and he’d do the same. It was always amongst laughs and jokes, but as you looked at the Slytherin in front of you - there wasn’t a hint of amusement on his hardened face.
“Piss off, Malfoy,” you seethed, biting down hard on your lip to refrain from lashing out either in tears or in insults, you couldn’t decide. “If I’m so revolting, leave me alone from now on, I mean it.”
“I never said that,” he argues. “You’re just simply not my type.”
For some eerie, awful reason, the words tore into you like a sharpened knife going easily through butter. You were used to his insults, his mocking, his comments about your appearances - but this hurt, and you couldn’t explain why. You thought, for a second, possibly, that maybe your friend was right. Maybe there was a hidden attraction you had for the platinum blond that you buried deep away and one that he had for you. There was no way that was the case now, not at all. 
And for the first time in your life, you couldn’t be more sure of a simple little fact.
You hated him.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
You don’t know how long you spent sitting in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, back against the cold tiled wall with your knees brought up to your chest. Your friends had tried to console you after the public rejection and humiliation, but their words only made you feel worse. You felt silly for being so bothered about being rejected by Malfoy, he wasn’t exactly someone you fancied, to begin with.
After dinner, you went off the grid and found yourself where you’re now sitting. The ghostly girl flew restlessly around you, popping out of her stall now and then to chat but then going back into her abyss of nothing when she learned you were still upset. You noticed it made her a little too pleased, considering the fact it was always her who was miserably wailing about her problems in the bathroom. She tried to hide it and let you talk to her about how you felt, but she gave terrible advice most of the time. 
“Well, if it was me, I would have never started fancying someone who was mean to me,” she mumbled. “Like when Paul Wighorn made fun of my hair for a whole year and laughed when I cried. I hated his guts then and I still do now.”
She had a point, but she was also Myrtle. Nothing about the overly dramatic ghost made sense.
“I don’t fancy him, It’s just weird,” you trail off. “I can’t imagine a day without him, even if he is a complete arse. We always joked about how we hated each other, but I didn’t think he actually meant it, I guess.”
“I think you do fancy him, though,” she whispers knowingly in your ear, making you flinch from her cold draft. “Stop denying it, it’ll only keep making you feel worse. Amortentia doesn’t lie, silly. Maybe when you drink it, but before that, all real feelings are there, whether you know it or not.”
You sat quietly, taking in her words before something came crashing down onto you like a wall of bricks.
“I suppose that means he’ll have to stop denying it too,” she adds thoughtfully. 
“Myrtle,” you rush to get up, smoothing your hair down profusely and fixing the wrinkles in your clothes. “You’re a genius.”
“I am?” She asks excitedly. “What did I say?”
You waved her off, giving her another thank you before rushing out of the bathroom and into the empty corridors. You were trying to go back to your dorm to sleep, hoping that when tomorrow came you would be bold enough to confront the Slytherin Prince but it was thirty minutes past curfew, something you didn’t notice until you were bustling down the steps in a rush and came face to face with the man of the hour himself doing his Prefect patrolling duties.
“Go to your dorm, Y/L/N,” he sneers. “I’ll take away house points, don’t test me,”
“I don’t believe you.”
“That I’ll take away house points? Watch me. Five-”
“No, you twat,” you groan, swatting his arm with your hand. “I don’t believe that I’m not your type.”
He stayed wordless for a moment, biting the inside of his cheeks and clenching his jaw as he peered down at you from his lanky height. “Why not?”
“Because I didn’t think you were my type until the amortentia made me aware of it,” you answer quietly. “Actually, my friend had a hand in it, but it was mostly the potion.”
Silence, again. Still and deadly. You could hear the large clocks around the school tick and tock, the hundreds of paintings snoring peacefully or chattering quietly. You avoided looking up at the boy in front of you, all of a sudden feeling small under his gaze until you felt cold fingers brush against your cheekbone and then softly through your hair causing you to finally look up into the soft wandering almost blue eyes. 
“I didn’t find out with the amortentia,” he muttered almost reluctantly as if it was the most difficult thing he had to reveal. “I’ve known I’ve liked you for a while.”
“How long is a while?” You curiously wonder aloud.
“I’m not telling,” he smirks. “Perhaps you’ll figure it out one day.”
Both hands came up to rest on your cheeks, slightly cold but soft and tender. It sent chills throughout your body as he took a step closer to you and then closer, backing you carefully into the diagonally ascending stone wall that went in the direction of the stairs. Your breathing was getting uneven, you noticed the way you accidentally switched to manually forcing yourself to inhale and exhale normally when he leaned down with his face now being mere centimeters from yours. It was torture, having your eyes closed and feeling the way his nose was brushing against yours, minty breath warm against your lips as he ghosted over them with his. He was so close, you smelt everything that was in the damn potion that got you here. It sent flutters of warmth down your body, trickling down and seeping deeply into every bone in your body as if this is was the remedy its been needing. This is what you’ve been missing.
When you finally felt a soft pair of lips being pressed into yours, it felt almost unreal that you were there. It was awkward the first couple of seconds, both of you wondering how in the world had you gotten yourselves in this position, but after you relaxed and he found his Prince of Slytherin confidence - it was magic. His lips moved languidly against yours, affectionately and full of longing. He kept his hands on your cheeks, still timid to move anywhere else while you kept yours resting lightly on his sides. It scared you a little, how fast and how easily you melted into each other, like if this was something you’ve been doing with him for years rather than torment the other for laughs. 
You hated the feeling when he pulled away, a gust of freezing castle air passing through the space between you and cooling your lips and face from his contact. His hands dropped down to his sides and he looked down at you with a small smile, a teeny bit smug, but happy. You wanted to feel the same way, but a question still loomed over your head, overpowering the giddiness you were vividly feeling.
“Why did you lie earlier?” You question softly, directing your gaze to the floor. “In class, I mean.”
He thought about his answer for a second, sighing deeply when he realized he had to uncover more truths about himself to you. You took a mental observation at that, he didn’t like to talk about feelings. “You didn’t say anything. Didn’t even look at me. I thought I’d beat you to it and reject you before you could reject me.”
“What made you think I’d reject you?” You coaxed. “Other than the fact that I made you a sworn enemy at eleven.”
“Exactly that,” he laughed lightly. “You’re unpredictable, Y/N.”
You smiled to yourself at the realization that he finally used your first name. “So are you, Draco.”
“Not really,” he grins. “Like in just a few moments, for example, I’m going to start snogging you.”
You opened your mouth to encourage him but shut it quickly when he closed the space between the two of you again, this time much closer than he was before. He was flush against you, and when you say you could feel everything; you could feel everything. You were almost begging for him to lean down and kiss you again by the time you felt his hands on you again, running delicately around the exposed skin of your hips when your shirt hiked up an inch on accident. He leaned down again, and with the advantage of his lowered height, you let your hands slide up his arms, biceps, and ultimately the nape of his neck where your fingers continued up into his hair. The breathiest gasp escaped his throat as you tugged at the ends gently, smirking to yourself when he closed his eyes in delight at the touch.
His lips came down onto your fast this time and hastily, pressing himself impossibly closer into you. You could feel his grip tighten against your hips, his hold moving upwards onto your waist as he continued to kiss you fervently. His teeth bit down softly on your bottom lip and you wasted no time in parting them slightly for his tongue to meet yours. You tugged at the platinum strands of hair again, feeling triumphant when a low groaning sound emitted from his throat at the sensation as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss further.
You knew you were done for when one of his hands slowly slid up your upper body, stopping first at your collarbones with warm fingertips fluttering over the skin, before he moved it upwards completely and he now had his large hand wrapped comfortably around your neck. You gasped in delight into the kiss, a swarm of butterflies going directly to your lower stomach as he squeezed against the artery in your neck meticulously, the coldness from his Malfoy family crest ring only adding fuel to the fire. He tore his mouth away from yours with his hand still clutched firmly around your throat and you were almost sent into orbit with the look he was giving you. A look filled with desire, adoration, and intensity - his pale gray eyes were much darker, almost a dark blue that resembled the starry night sky on a summer night.
Lips reattached themselves roughly and feverishly against your jawline, peppering long and tender kisses all the way towards your ear and then down towards your collarbones where he was beginning to undo the rest of the top buttons of your school dress shirt. You felt him smile against your hot skin when you’d writhe underneath him, emitting weak whimpers that you couldn’t hold back that he ended up having to clasp a free hand over your mouth as he whispered into your ear to stay quiet.
It didn’t matter that you were in the middle of a poorly lit corridor where anyone could walk past and see the frenzy that was unfolding, nor did it matter to Draco that his Prefect duties were long forgotten. Your friend was right, and everyone else for that matter; it wasn’t hate you felt for the blond at all, it was years and years of a craving and a hidden yearning packed with displaced tension.
And now, you were both exactly where you wanted to be; together.
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buckys-bug-archive · 8 months ago
(So to be 100% honest I did send this request to another writer a while ago but I never got an answer so I assumed the request was disturbing/triggering to them or tumblr ate it. Just don't want you to think I'm going around sending the same stuff to every writer, I swear I'm not. I respect y'all. If that makes you uncomfortable or you don't like the ask altogether please feel free to ignore it. I'd still love you & your writing forever and ever.)
So I'm into this idea that has a bad daddy good daddy typa thing and I was thinking of daddies!sambucky kidnapping reader and forcing her to be their little, sam is the softer daddy and bucky is mean. she keeps attempting to escape & one time she's actually real close to getting away & it sets Bucky off. So when they get her back home he drags her to the bedroom, ignoring her begging & the way she holds onto sam's leg. He throws her on the bed, locks the door & fucks her raw with no foreplay so she 'remembers who owns her'. From that day on she's very quiet & avoids Bucky as much as she can. Sam notices how she tenses & trembles in his lap every time she sees Bucky's hands going to the waistband of his pants because she thinks she's gonna get the same punishment again even if she didn't do anything. He tells Bucky & they show her they'll never hurt her as long as she's good & its all fluff & manipulative reassurance & stuff?:')
Very sorry if this was too long. Thanks in advance! *sends you hugs and a huge amount of love*💞
summary: bucky punishes you after another failed escape attempt.
pairing: dark!daddy!sambucky x reader
warnings: smut (noncon), violence, abduction and kidnapping, abuse (mental and physical), soft!dark!daddy sam (he’s a warning okay he absolutely kills me), mean!daddy!bucky (like really mean), manipulation, descriptions of injury (i’ve tried to list everything that i think is triggering but if i’ve missed anything please tell me!!), pls only read if you’re 18+
w/c: 2.5k
note: your wish is my command ;) i had a lil too much fun writing this so i hope you enjoy it💞 and nonnie, i lub u, ur too sweet <3
Tumblr media
Quiet. You remind yourself as you sneak through the silent house. You have to be quiet or he’ll hurt you.
This is your dozenth escape attempt since being abducted by Bucky and Sam, and this time you’re sure that you can pull it off. You tiptoe through the living room and nudge the window open gently, careful not to make any noise. Shuffling through, you manage to squeeze out of the small gap and land on your feet. Shit. How am I supposed to close the window? Shaking your head, you decide that it doesn’t matter once you’re out and far away. You start running, not even bothering to look behind you. A deafening thud sounds through the night as the window falls closed and you wince. Your eyes widen as panic sets in and you begin to sprint even faster - as fast as your legs will take you - through the cold night.
You hear a roar of anger and the door slamming, although it’s faint and somewhat muffled from the distance, and you swallow the rising lump in your throat. You know that if Bucky gets to you you’re done for.
Of course, with his enhanced abilities, he catches up to you in no time, grabbing you by the waist as you scream and thrash.
“What do you think you’re doing, little one?” his voice comes out as a low growl and it’s laced with fury and venom. You shriek as he lifts you over his shoulder, storming back towards the house.
“Put me do-down!” you sob, trying to wrench free of his grip. “I want to g-go home.”
“You ungrateful little bitch!” he shouts, throwing you through the front door; you land with a dull thud and scramble away, latching onto Sam who is standing in the hallway, watching the entire thing play out. You hang onto his leg for dear life, sobbing hysterically as Bucky advances towards you menacingly.
“Pl-please, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Daddy!” You glance up at Sam and his heart splinters at your expression, but he remains stoic. He knows you can’t be allowed to get away with this.
“Pumpkin, you can’t keep doing this.” he mumbles quietly to you, running a hand over your hair. The gentle touch only makes you cry harder as you’re reminded of your unfortunate situation. Bucky’s hand closes around your arm and you cling onto Sam tighter, wailing.
“No! Stop, please! I’m sorry.”
“You really think I care?” he snarls, lifting you up and carrying you up the stairs as you scream. He throws you onto the plush bed in your shared bedroom, locking the door behind him before crawling until he’s crouched above you.
“You need a reminder of who you belong to, dollface.” His eyes are dark, pupils blown so wide that the only blue you can see is a thin ring around the edge. You’re fucked.
He rips your skirt and panties off in one go, leaving your bottom half bare; when you try to turn away from him, he slaps your pussy hard, eliciting a yelp from you through your tears.
“You’re gonna take this like a good girl. If I hear any complaints from you, you’ll get much worse. Understand?”
“Y-yes, Daddy.”
Whilst he was talking, his trousers and boxers had been discarded somewhere, leaving his leaking cock on display, red and angry. With no warning, he spears into you all the way to the hilt, bottoming out immediately; you scream in pain, tears streaming from your eyes as he tears you open. He doesn’t give you any time to adjust to his size, instead setting a punishing pace from the start, each thrust hitting your cervix and leaving you seeing stars. A choked moan leaves your lips as he continues to rut into you at a terrifying speed, the pain mixing with pleasure until you’re begging him to stop.
“Please, it hurts- it hurts!”
“I don’t care, baby.” Bucky grunts, sneaking a hand between you to rub at your clit until you’re clamping down around him and your body is convulsing as your release rolls over you in a wave. When it dies down, to your horror, Bucky doesn’t slow. He picks up the pace even more - more than you thought was possible - until you’re shrieking and kicking at him weakly.
“Maybe now you’ll remember who you belong to, huh? Who do you belong to? Say it.” Bucky’s hand clamps down around your throat, blocking your airway; you claw at his hand although it does nothing.
“Y-you, Daddy.” you rasp as loud as you can with your lack of oxygen.
“That’s right, baby. I own you.”
He doesn’t let go until your vision tunnels and your eyes roll back into your head, another orgasm sneaking up on you as you finally take in a breath. You choke on air as your release sweeps over you and you squirt all over Bucky’s abs and the bed; he moans in response, his hips stuttering before emptying his seed deep inside of you, coating your velvety walls.
You wince as he pulls out, already feeling bruises forming all over your body from his manhandling. You don’t think you’ll actually be able to walk any time soon. He gives your pussy another slap just to see you jerk away from him, sobbing, before yanking his boxers and trousers back on and leaving you on the bed, lying in a puddle of tears and cum. You make no attempt to move, staring vacantly at the ceiling. What’s the point of fighting? I always lose. The throbbing ache between your legs reminds you of that.
Time loses meaning as you lay there, your eyes glazed over as your will to live slowly slips away. You don’t register Sam in the room with you until he’s sitting on the bed and pulling you into his lap.
“Shh, pumpkin. I’m right here, baby.” he coos, rocking you in the safety of his arms.
“Hurts.” you cry, tears once again pouring down your cheeks.
“I know. It’s alright, I’ve got you.”
“‘M sorry, Dada. ‘M so sorry.” you sniffle, balling your fists into his shirt and clinging to him like your lifeline.
“I know you are. It’s alright, punishment’s over.” You bury your face into his chest, wrapping your shaking arms around him. “Pumpkin, I need to get you dressed, okay? Let’s get you into something real comfy.” He sits you against the headboard, his face softening when you whimper in pain, kissing your forehead before pulling a soft pair of sweatpants and a sweater out of your wardrobe.
“Alright, baby. Gonna get you dressed now.”
“M’kay, Dada.” Your voice is slurred from exhaustion and Sam cringes as he moves your bare legs, littered with purple bruises from Bucky’s abuse. He slides the sweatpants over your legs and speaks to you softly.
“Okay, pumpkin. Arms up.” You oblige, lifting your arms although your muscles scream in pain. He slips the soft material of the sweater over your body and you reach out for him, grabbing onto his shirt and whining quietly. He lifts you into his arms, carrying you out of the room and down the stairs.
“You hungry, baby? Want something to eat? Some nuggets?” You perk up slightly at his suggestion and give him a weak smile.
“Yes please, Dada.”
“Alright.” He kisses your cheek and sets you down on the couch. “I’ll be right back.”
“M’kay.” He strolls into the kitchen to prepare your food and as soon as he turns the corner, Bucky saunters in and seats himself next to you.
“Hi, dollface.” Your muscles draw taut and you can’t even bring yourself to look at him.
“H-hi, Daddy.” you stutter, unconsciously withering away from his gaze and curling in on yourself. He rests a hand on your thigh and you whimper, a tear escaping your eye and rolling down your cheek.
“None of that, sweet girl.” he croons, brushing the hair out of your face as a strangled whine escapes from the base of your throat.
Sam appears back through the doorway, eyes softening at the panic stricken expression painted across your face.
“Buck, leave her alone.” he reprimands. “She’s been through enough for one night.” He glances at you, holding his hand out for you to take. “Come here, baby. Food’s in the kitchen.”
You push yourself up off of the couch, a soft sob leaving your lips as you stand and stagger into Sam’s arms; you can barely walk and Sam’s eyes widen in horror.
“Come on.” He lifts you onto his hip, letting you hide your face in his shoulder as he carries you to the kitchen and sits you at the table, sliding a plate of chicken nuggets and ketchup to you.
“Thank you, Dada.” you mumble quietly, taking a nugget and nibbling on it slowly.
“You not hungry anymore?” His brows furrow, lips turning down worriedly.
“Jus’ don’t feel so good.” Your body trembles violently and Sam lifts you to sit on his lap, placing the plate in front of him.
“Try to eat one and then you can go to bed, okay?”
“M’kay.” You pick one up with shaking hands and bring it to your mouth, taking a small bite. Sam praises you, eliciting a small smile from you; he keeps whispering sweet nothings in your ear until you’ve eaten the whole thing.
“Good job, pumpkin. You tired?” A yawn forces its way out of your mouth and your eyelids droop as you rest your head on Sam’s shoulder. He carries you out of the kitchen and into your bedroom, tucking you under the covers and kissing your forehead; you whimper as you feel him drawing away from you and clutch onto him desperately.
“Stay, Dada. Please.” Your chin wobbles as you try your best to push the tears back; he hums, shuffling in next to you and letting you press yourself against him. His heart breaks as you begin to sob; your entire body is on fire and it hurts to move even the slightest bit.
“Hurts so bad. Make it stop.” you whimper, wetting the front of Sam’s shirt with your tears.
“I know. Just try to sleep, okay? You’ll feel better in the mornin’.”
Soon enough, exhaustion overtakes you and you begin to softly snore against Sam’s chest; the heavy blanket of sleep is eagerly welcomed after the night’s traumatic events.
Tumblr media
After that night, you avoid Bucky like the plague, clinging to Sam at all times like your lifeline.
Sam has started to notice how you tense and tremble every time Bucky walks into the room, especially so when his hands travel down to rest on his belt buckles or even near his trousers. You’re terrified that you’re going to get the same punishment again, even when you haven’t done anything.
You’re so quiet, never speaking unless spoken to, doing everything you’re asked to do without a fuss. It’s so uncharacteristic of you and Sam just wants his sweet baby girl back; you don’t play anymore, you’re dull and empty. Lifeless.
He pulls Bucky to the side one afternoon, bringing your odd behaviour to his attention.
“She’s terrified, Buck.” he says, glancing at you curled up on the couch, covered in blankets and staring vacantly at the wall. “She barely talks. She thinks you’re gonna punish her even when she hasn’t done anything.”
Bucky frowns, his lips down turning into a pout.
“Let’s talk to her, yeah?”
“Just be nice, please. I want her to speak again.”
“Yeah, ‘course I will be.”
They walk into the living room, catching your attention immediately as your eyes flit between them.
“Can we talk to you, baby?” Sam asks gently, crouching in front of you and taking your hand in his.
“I-I didn’t do anything. I sw-swear!” you whimper, beginning to tremble in Sam’s hold.
“Doll, you’re not in trouble.” Bucky murmurs, sitting next to Sam on the floor. “You’ve got nothing to be scared of, okay?”
You nod hesitantly, tears building in your eyes.
“I’m sorry I was so rough with you the other night.” Bucky says, holding his hand out for you to take. Your eyes snap between his face and his hand, a look of pure confusion on your face. “But you have nothing to be afraid of now you’re being good. I’d never punish you for no reason.”
“You’re such a good girl, pumpkin.” Sam reassures you. “We just want our sweet, happy baby back. You’re so quiet. I miss talkin’ to you, bubba.” Your lower lip trembles at his soft words and you slide off of the couch, crawling into Sam’s arms and burying your face into his neck. Bucky presses his chest against your back, peppering kisses along your cheeks and jaw.
“As long as you’re good, you have nothing to be scared of, okay?” Bucky murmurs against your skin and you peel your face out of your hiding spot in the crook of Sam’s neck to look at him.
“M‘kay, Daddy.”
Bucky smiles, holding his arms out for you.
“Can I have a cuddle, princess? Miss holdin’ you.” You shuffle out of Sam’s lap and into Bucky’s, wrapping your arms hesitantly around his torso. He rocks you back and forth gently, kissing your cheeks and forehead.
“I love you, baby.” he mumbles, stroking your hair with so much care and affection that you don’t even care if he doesn’t mean it.
“I lub you too, Daddy.” Your words are beginning to slur as you sink deeper into your littlespace, melting into Bucky’s warm embrace and letting him hold you. “‘M sorry for bein’ bad, Daddy. ‘M so sorry.”
“I know you are, dollface. It’s okay, I forgive you. You’re such a good girl.”
A yawn escapes your lips and your eyes become heavy as Bucky rocks you and before you know it, you’re fast asleep against his chest. He chuckles lightly and stands with you in his arms, setting you back on the couch and draping the blanket over you. When you feel his warmth retreating, you whine and grab into his wrist, tugging him gently back towards you.
“Daddy…” you mumble.
Bucky smiles and shuffles under the blankets with you, pulling you into his side. You settle instantly, your thumb slipping into your mouth for comfort as you sleep. Sam smiles at the sight of his two favourite people, kissing your cheek and then Bucky’s before walking to the kitchen to make dinner. A grin tugs at the corners of Bucky’s lips; now you can be a happy family. You’ve finally accepted him.
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wooloo-inc · 9 months ago
Honestly,recently my brainrot is about how C!Technoblade soulmate would be doomed,if his "soulmate au" would be "talking inside they head".Techno wouldnt assume he has a soulmate considering how many voices he is able to hear screaming for Blood for the Blood god,but Technos soulmates also hearing it,and unable to stop hearing it,making them staying up all night.
I’m a major simp for soulmate aus
. . . 
You weren’t quite sure how he was able to handle hearing so many voices at one time. They all sounded so different and will clash and mingle with each other randomly. They could scream the strangest things, words that left your head pounding. Or, they could be faint whispers, mumbles that are barely coherent. 
Before you met your soulmate, you assumed that they simply were always thinking about something. Sure, it was strange how his thoughts move so quickly, but you weren’t one to judge. You tried to get used to the voices, ignoring anything they could mention about murder, gods or heaven-forbid their obsession with the letter ‘e’. Most nights were spent awake and days were ignoring the cries of all their words. 
You didn’t exactly want to meet your soulmate. Not at first. You didn’t want to know why they spoke in their head so often or why they called themselves “The Blood God”. Continuing your travels alone seemed like the better choice anyways. You tried talking to them, multiple times. But it seems that your voice would always get trapped behind the others. You heard stories of people having multiple soulmates, but this is far too many. 
But, then you heard of a nation farther from the rest. The Dream Smp, contained multiple citizens and smaller nations within it. You didn’t plan to visit the lands at first, even though you’re a traveler. Yet, when someone spoke of The Blood God residing in the lands, you knew you had to visit. Whether to just find your soulmate or punch them for talking so much, you weren’t sure. 
So, here you are roaming through the forests to try and find the smp. It took far too long to travel there, your potions and supplies running out quickly. Without the potions you couldn’t sleep too well at night, your body becoming reliant on the effects to even get a wink of sleep. You stumble upon the lands after weeks of searching, spotting tall buildings and bamboo in the distance. For such a great nation, it’s rather hidden. 
You jump an oak fence, to trudge along a wooden path. Your hands dig into the fabric of your backpack, bringing the object closer to yourself. This place is certainly strange. Random craters litter the place and red vines grow across the ground wildly. You step over the vines cautiously, not wanting to harm the plant or really get any of it on your shoes. 
You wince when the voices start chatting loudly, talking to each other about random topics. You nearly shout when they start chanting ‘e’ again, already tired of their antics. You rush over to the first person you see, almost tackling into them. She takes a few steps back in surprised, her hand drifting to her sword. 
“Do you know where I can find The Blood God?” She looks confused by your hurried words and the question. 
“Who are you?” You stop for a second, reminding yourself of manners. Rather quickly you give her your name and get hers in return: Puffy. 
“Do you know where they are? I really need to find them.” She furrows her eyebrows, head tilting to the side. 
“But, why?” You run your hands through your hair, shuffling awkwardly in place. She keeps asking questions and the voices are only making you more frustrated. 
“They keep talking about The Blood God. The voices-” you pause trying to think of ways to not sound insane, “I’m their soulmate.” Her sheep ears flick back at the news and she stands up a little straighter. Her eyes widen and look over your form a few times. 
“He’s usually in the tundra but he visited today. He might be near the portal if you didn’t miss him.” You don’t wait to listen to what else she has to say. Instead you turn and sprint towards the direction she pointed to. Your shoes tap against the oak path harshly, heavy with each step you take. You take a turn on the grass, avoiding going through the brick building. Finally, you see a large nether portal with two males in front of it. 
You shout for them to wait, taking the stairs up two at a time. They pause but draw their weapons as you near. Once close enough, you stop in front of them panting. You take a few seconds to catch your breath, the backpack on your shoulders feeling heavier. 
“Are either of you The Blood God?” You huff between your words, face still flushed from running so fast. They look at each other, gazes narrowing. The blond shuffles the sword in his hand, his grip tightening. The hybrid mimics his stance, his axe gleaming in the light. 
You’re right in your assumption. The voices proved that already, chattering away about your presence. Some of them mumble compliments others threats. You glare at the two, waiting for one of them to step forward. 
“Who’s asking?” The blond asks, his wings ruffling behind him. You give them your name, waiting for some sort of reaction. 
“Look I just need to find The Blood God. He’s my soulmate.” Techno laughs at your words, sending you a harsh glare. He shifts his stance to appear taller, his axe hanging by his side. 
“I don’t have a soulmate.” You dart your attention to the hybrid, holding his glare against yours. The voices get louder. 
“You obviously do, because I'm right here.” You gesture to yourself, lazily. He rolls his eyes, his piglin ears flicking back with annoyance. 
“I already told you that I don’t have a soulmate. They never spoke to me.” You scoff, crossing your arms. 
“How am I supposed to talk to you over all the other voices?” He looks shocked by your words, his jaw dropping a little bit. The other man whispers his name quietly, turning to look at Techno. 
“You hear the voices too?” He returns the axe to his inventory, taking a step closer hesitantly. 
“Yeah, they won’t shut up.” 
“What are they saying now?” He inches closer, his eyes carefully watching your every action. You sigh, closing your eyes to pay attention to the voices. After a moment, you repeat after them. 
“Who is this? Blood for the blood god. Not now. Soulmate? Poggers?” You scrunch your nose up at that comment. “They look cute. Did you see that? Let’s bring them home. Let’s…” You trail off, face flushing as you hear some of the comments they make. He blushes too, coughing into his first to divert your attention. 
“Well, this is slightly awkward.” He pauses, shrugging when the other man gives him a pointed look. “I’m Technoblade.”  
All thoughts of punching him fly out the window when he gives you a soft smile. You return the smile giddily, feeling slightly excited. After all you did just meet your soulmate. 
“Do you want to join us?” He nods to his companion and to the portal behind him. “We’re heading back home and we can chat there. Get to know each other?” You don’t need to hear any convincing from the voices to agree to that. You take his outstretched hand, walking by his side. You wince when the voices cheer loudly to themselves. But, then they go quiet and all you can hear is Techno’s voice. He grins. 
“I figured you didn’t want to hear them while we’re chatting. I’ll teach you how to suppress them in the future.” With more eagerness than before, you follow him into the portal. His grip on your hand tightens but not in a harmful way. Rather to assure himself that you’re here with him. To reassure, that you’re real and he isn’t dreaming. If he is dreaming, then this is by far the best dream he’s had yet. 
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imthebadguyyy · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing - lewis hamilton x reader
fandom - f1
summary - all of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting, my hands are shaking from holding back from you
warnings - smut
a/n - highly inspired by the lines only bought this dress so you could take it off, and made your mark on me, a golden tattoo happy new year lovelies ♥︎
2021 had been a rollercoaster year for sure, especially for lewis. although the ending had been a rough one, he was glad for the moments throughout that were the happy ones.
so trying his best to push through and come out stronger, he flew both your families out for christmas and new year's. it was a change in atmosphere, a calm, relaxed, happy environment with the people he loved, and the people who didn't judge him and loved him for all he was.
cuddling up on the couch with you, watching some movie his brother had chosen, he felt happy, something he hadn't been able to feel in a few days.
you were glad that lewis was finally relaxing and strengthening himself for the coming year. christmas had been fun, with all the kids and adults having a good time together.
smiling softly at lewis from your seat at the vanity, you continued swishing the tube of red lipstick around your lips, watching as he made his way behind you, pressing a soft kiss to your back as he let his chin rest on your shoulder. gently playing with your hair, he watched as you finished, standing up and meeting his lips in a soft kiss.
breaking apart softly, he let his forehead drop against yours, eyes closing as he inhaled the scent of your perfume, the one he had bought you on your birthday. "as much as i'd love to sit here and just keep kissing you, we've got dinner reservations we'll be late for" he murmured, hand reaching to grab your own.
"as happy as i am that we're going out on our own, i kinda feel bad for abandoning everyone" you whispered back, hearing the low chuckle rumbling in his chest. "i'm sure they won't mind, it's just for tonight, we'll spend the night in the cabin next door, and then we'll come back in the morning, we'll only be gone for like less than half a day" he replied, kissing your nose before picking up your purse.
the restaurant was fancy, lit up with warm lights and slow jazz music that had your heart fluttering. lewis was the perfect gentleman, drawing your chair back, and holding your hand as you got out of the car.
“what’s gotten into you? aren’t you hungry?” you asked, twirling your pasta, popping a bite into your mouth, moaning slightly at how good the food was, even letting your eyes roll a little, "that's really good," you said, unaware of the effect your actions were having.
lewis dug his fingernails into his outer thighs to prevent himself from grabbing your hair and fucking you into oblivion. you raised an eyebrow at him, utensils hovering above your plate, awaiting a reply. he glanced at his plate, clearly untouched except for the small spoonfuls he scooped of his peas. “i am,” he replied, taking a small bite of his potatoes.
“why aren’t you eating then?" you asked, taking another forkful.
"hungry for something else," he said in a low drawl, making you widen your eyes, freezing at his statement. "we’re in public!" you whispered harshly
he shrugged, before saying nonchalantly, "and? you can't tell me you don’t want my head between your thighs," he leaned back against his seat, one arm resting on the white table cloth draped over the table. "that you don’t want my tongue" he bit his lip, watching you take a sip of your wine nervously, heart beating a little quicker, palms a little sweaty.
"stop it, lewis," the waver of your voice telling him that she was being affected. your thighs squeezed tightly for the slightest bit of friction, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, your face suddenly too warm, feeling the growing wetness between her legs. the material of your satin black dress suddenly felt too restricting. warmth began to crawl up your legs, despite the shortness of your dress.
"don’t you?" he continued, watching your tensed body.
you heaved a deep breath, stabbing your pasta in frustration for letting his words affect you so strongly. “no, i don’t.” you managed to grit out, hating the way his smirk deepened with the curve of his lips  
'liar liar" he whispered, pushing his elbows forward, making you instinctively rest back against the seat in intimidation. "i know you’re squeezing your thighs right now. wanting to feel something touch you, hmm? bet you’re wet, soaking your panties," his tongue darted out to lick his lips, glistening his mouth and making it almost impossible to not want to smash your lips against his.
your fork clanged against the plate, as a flood of arousal flooded your body. you wondered if it was a good idea to tell him you weren't wearing anything underneath your dress. 
"i, um" you stuttered, "i'm not wearing anything underneath" you whispered softly, well aware of your current environment.
"holy fuck" he practically seethed through his teeth, head falling back at the thought of you bare under the tight, body hugging dress you were wearing,"you're making it hard not to drop on my knees right now" he gritted out.
"just.. wait till we finish eating, then we can leave" you whispered back, finishing your remaining wine in one gulp.
by the time you got back to the cabin across from the one your families were staying in, you had a pretty good idea of how your night was going to go.
pressing his mouth against yours roughly, he reached around to drag the zipper of your right dress down, dragging the material of your dress down your body quickly. leading you back to the bed, he let his thumb trace your lips and then brought it to your mouth. letting your tongue trace it, you looked up at him with doe eyes, before taking his thumb into your warm mouth, moaning as you sucked on it, would if you were taking his cock deep down your throat.
he let his other hand press into the skin of your cheeks, making you hollow out your cheeks, making you stop. spread your legs. now" he ordered, feeling a rush of arousal again as you complied.
"you’re so fucking wet." he groaned as he saw your slick-covered center, moaning at the sight of your engorged clit, begging for attention. taking pity on you, he shoved his tongue in between your thighs and took your bud into his mouth. moaning at the feel of him sucking your clit, you let your head fall back, thighs closing around his head in ecstasy, nearly suffocating him. but as good as his mouth felt, you knew you needed something more.
"baby, please fuck me, it's too much" you cried as desperately as you felt your arousal grow. you were too strung foreplay. lewis moved back, softly biting your thigh, before standing up straight. you turned around, resting on all fours as you began to rock yourself against him, hearing the sound of him pulling the zipper of his pants down.
your eyes closed as a whimper left your swollen lips, as you felt him rub harshly against your wetness. "for fucks sake lewis, please, just fuck me" you grunted out, too strung up for coherency. taking your words as affirmation, he thrust his hips forward, pushing fully into you, bit by bit, letting you adjust to his massive size. the swollen head of his cock stretched your walls, his hand took your messy hair, twisting it into a ponytail, yanking you back up to his chest.
he had barely begun, and yet, you were already shaking. his lips curved into a smile, pressing against the shell of your ear before muttering, "you with me darling?"
"yes daddy" you moaned, throwing your head back again. your nails dug into his thigh, as you held onto him tightly, feeling so full with him inside you, it was euphoric. he pressed soothing kisses to the back of your neck and your ears, before catching you off guard and neck tightening his grip around your throat, making your eyes roll back.
" such a good girl, taking me so well, hmm? he tightened his grip around your throat, cutting the airflow slightly, so all you could do was let out a strangled moan, no word leaving your lips." you feel so good you know, so warm and slick and tight" he groaned against your ear, relishing in the whimper you let out.
he began to fuck you hard and fast, any softness disappearing. he pounded into you, your body shaking and your cries becoming louder and louder. your nails dug into him even harder, leaving little crescents on his skin, the burn increasing his pleasure. you could feel your release approaching, his cock hitting spots in you that had you seeing stars.
"oh yes, yes, oh fuck! daddy! fuck!" your body began to shake harder as he squeezed your hip and throat harder, but lewis didn’t want you to cum so soon, oh no. he pulled out, earning a groan of disapproval from you, before pushing you onto your back, before he sank his cock into you again, making you back arch off of the bed as he let your leg rest on his shoulder, pushing the other a wide distance away, nearly making you making touch your ear, so far was the stretch.
you couldn't help the cries leaving your lips, feeling him so deep in you. "fuck, fuck! you’re so deep daddy, oh fuck!" you moaned as his thrusts became animalistic. "do you want me to stop, baby?" he asked, knowing full well you would sob if he did, when he was fucking you so good, fucking deeper into you.
you shook your head, eyes rolling back at the intensity, as tears began to pool in your eyes, making you bite your bottom lip so hard you could almost taste the metallic taste filling your mouth. the smirk on his lips told you that it was gonna be a long night and that lewis wasn't done with you just yet. your shaky legs wrapped around his waist, squeezing it. he grabbed your face, fingers digging into your cheekbones, before pushing your face sideways into the silky pillow, making you close your eyes at the sensation.
he was hard, throbbing inside your silken walls, and you could feel every inch of him, making your head spin, while your heart threatened to just leap out of your chest.
although your moans were slightly broken and muffled, lewis could hear them, and they fuelled, him, as he continued snapping his hips into you, nails digging into your thigh, the pleasurable sting sending you spiraling. you could feel his tight muscles ripple in his back, scratching downwards before digging your nails into his back, making his hips falter and stutter slightly as he let out an animalistic growl. he allowed himself a moment to bask in the burn of the sting before regaining his pace and thrusting back "you're so, so fucking good, just squeezing me so well hmm?" he growled out, watching as your walls squeezed him harder and your eyes shut.
"oh, shit, shit, oh yes, fuck right there, lewis, right there baby, please, oh fuck i'm so close" you managed to get out, words begin to slur as you began to near your end. the pleasure in the pit of your stomach began to tighten, making you pant. your words just made him fuck deeper into you, which you didn't think was possible, and the filthy sound of your wetness and the sounds of your skin sapping together echoed across the room. boy were you glad he had rented out a different place for the both of you tonight.
"yes, yes yes, oh FUCK yes" you moaned out, just before your eyes rolled to the back of your head once again, mouth falling open in a silent scream of pleasure. for a second, you thought you lost your hearing, as a low hum filled your ears, and you could feel your heartbeat in your head, and through the blinding pleasure, you heard lewis moan your name, before letting out a low grunt, feeling him release his chokehold on your throat and hips, watching as you squirted all over him.
"that's it, baby, let it go all over me, so fucking gorgeous. this is all for me hmm? you're mine, aren't you darling? all mine" he concluded, watching as your body shook with the aftershocks of your orgasm.
a series of "oh fucks" and "moans of lewis' name left your lips. you thought you were done, but just as you began to come to terms with the force of your orgasm, you felt lewis’s thumb on your clit, making you jerk your hips away, shaking your head. "daddy please, no more, i can't, not anymore" you whined out, feeling your pussy throb.
"yes you can, one more baby, just give me one more" he murmured, leaning down to kiss you again harshly, in a rough, dirty, demanding kiss. you could feel his hips stutter, his thrusts becoming sloppy, signalling he was close to his own orgasm. ou moaned into his mouth, taking the opportunity to suck his tongue.
"come on sweet boy, cum for me won't you?" you asked through hooded lashes, looking up at him with doe eyes. at your words, his head dropped into the crook of your neck, his tongue poking out to lick patterns on the skin there, and you could hear his low, soft grunts as he chased his release, making the veins in his neck and his hand pop slightly. you could see his body glistening in the layer of sweat that had covered him, his tattoos appearing smooth and glossy, the compass on his chest tempting you to lean forward to lick it (i adore that tattoo and have an unhealthy obsession with it okay)
“Please baby. Please come for me, pretty please daddy?” he continued to thrust into you, before a deep groan left his swollen lips, before a deep moan of your name echoed in your ear, as he came in you with a groan. moaning in pleasure as the warmth of his release spread through you, enveloping you in a warm daze. panting softly, he rolled off of you.
he brought you to rest on top of him, as you let l your head lay on his chest, listening to his heartbeat slowly come back to a normal pace. you trailed kisses up his bare tummy, up his chest, before meeting his lips with yours. you basked in the moment, enjoying the passionate kiss and the warmth of his lips and body against you. you felt his teeth tug your bottom lip into his mouth once again, letting his tongue trace your lips. you let out a soft whimper before positioning your legs on either side of his waist, feeling him entering you once again, still hard.
lewis groaned softly, moving his hands to your ass, letting his hands trace it, before delivering a harsh smack to it.
"it's been a while, since we've done that, but fuck i wanna go again" he moaned out, as you felt the wetness grow between your legs again.
"then go ahead and take me again baby" you whispered, watching as he lifted his hips to meet yours once again.
it was going to be a long night.
a/n - happy new year lovelies!! 🤍🤍 i hope the new year brings you nothing but happiness, success and love 🤍 thank you all for making this year so wonderful and for reading and reblogging my work. i love you all ❤ p.s - this photo was one of my favourite fits of this season so here's some smut to begin your new year ; ))
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tbzhub · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
12 Days of the Boyz Eric
Pairing: Eric x reader
Summary: you got the worst person for secret santa
Warnings: cursing
Genre: fluff, enemies to lovers au, co-worker au
WC: 1.8k
Tagged: @kpophoe-22
Artist Note: Hi! Just a few Christmas themed drabbles for fun! I’ll post one every day-ish from Dec 6th - 24th! (weekdays only) minors dni with the smut drabbles! If you want to be tagged let me know :) Submitting this for the holiday event @ficscafe
Towards the end of your shift, you heard your manager call for a team meeting in the back of the retail shop where you worked. Putting down the shirt that you were folding, you followed after some of your co-workers to meet your manager
“Hey.” You heard a familiar voice whisper in your ear and turned your head to see your friend standing beside you. “What do you think she wants today?”
You shrugged, “No idea, let's hope she’s in a good mood. I am so over being here today.” You crossed your arms as you waited for your manager to speak.
“Okay guys, it’s that time of the year again”, your manager sang and she pulled out a small bowl with folded up strips of paper in it. “Secret Santa. Remember, don’t tell anyone who you have. Let’s make it a surprise. If you get someone you don’t know, use this as an opportunity to get to know them better!”
As your manager passed the small bowl around in a circle, you whispered in your friend's ear, “I hope I get you. I don’t know anyone else.”
She chuckled, eyes on the bowl that was being passed around. “Maybe we’ll get lucky. I hope I don’t get the girl who works the cash register. She’s mean.”
You shushed your friend, not wanting anyone to hear what she said. “Don’t say that.”
“Oh, stop. It’s just like how you wouldn't want Eric.”
Your face flushed, a sheepish grin on your face. “You’re right. But at least I’m vocalizing it. If I get him I’m screwed.”
Your friend grabbed the bowl from the coworker that was beside her and plucked a small piece of paper out of it. She handed you the bowl and winked, “I’m sure you’ll get me and I don’t need a gift, you can cover my shift for New Years.”
“Sure, you bet”, you joked while you put your fingers into the bowl, rifling through the pieces of paper until you grabbed one all the way at the bottom.
You gave the bowl to the next person and turned to your friend, “Wanna switch before we look?”
She pondered on it for a moment before shaking her head, “Nah, I feel like I got a good one.” She opened the piece of paper, covering it with her hands so you wouldn’t be able to read the name.
“Alright, let’s see who I got”, you mumbled to yourself while opening the paper.
Eric Sohn
“Dammit, she jinxed me”, you thought. You crumpled up the paper, shoving it into your pocket as you looked over to observe the guy that you got.
Eric was talking with his little clique of coworkers, goofing off as usual. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him, you were sure he was nice but he rubbed you the wrong way. Everything he did at work annoyed you, from the way he folded shirts to the fact that he could never seem to get to work on time, always arriving a few minutes later than when he was supposed to come in. He talked a lot and he was loud. Every time you had to close the shop together you would get overwhelmed by just how much he talked. Sometimes going home at the end of a day with a headache, thankful for the silence.
“Guess who I got.”
You turned to look at your visibly excited friend, “We aren’t supposed to talk about who we got.” You walked away from the cluster of people still chatting about Secret Santa and went to clock out, ready to leave this place for the day.
The next few days you tried to get to know Eric from a distance, paying attention more to the things he would say in the break room and during closing. You only had a week to find him a gift but you were drawing blanks. You couldn't even get him a gift card because you didn't know what he liked. You knew nothing about him besides your perception of him and his personality.
Coming in to open the store one morning, you saw that you had been paired with Eric according to the schedule, making your shoulders sag with dread. “Ugh, him again.”
“Wow, am I really that bad, y/n?” Eric walked over to the cash register to get ready for the day. He was on time, leaving you stunned by the unusual change.
“I’m sorry. That was such a rude thing to say.” You bowed your head, feeling guilty for what you said.
“It's alright.” Eric patted you on the arm before walking over to unlock the door at the front of the store.
You went to lean against one of the mannequin displays by the entrance as you waited for customers. It was always dead in the morning which was why you preferred opening versus closing. One day you plan to ask your manager if you could just open the store by yourself, it wasn’t necessary for someone to be there to help you. No one wants to shop for a shirt at 10 in the morning.
Eric popped up behind you, starling you out of your train of thought. “Pretty boring this morning, right?” He sat on a table next to you, pushing aside the clothes on top of it so not to ruin the folded stack.
“Mmmhm.” You wanted to enjoy the quiet this morning, not in the mood to talk to Eric at all.
“So, are you excited for Secret Santa? Did you get someone good?” Eric wore a smile on his easy face as he tried to make small talk with you. You did find him a little endearing, especially since he’s not bouncing off the walls like usual.
“I have no idea what to get the person that I picked.” You shifted your body so that you were facing Eric. “What about you? Happy with who you picked?”
Eric blushed, looking out the large glass window panes at the entrance of the store, “Yeah, I got someone that I really wanted.”
“Lucky you”, you muttered under your breath before hopping off of the display and walking away from Eric to go organize some boxes in the back.
Over the weekend you searched the mall looking for a gift that would be good for Eric. You thought about giving up and getting him a book, but you were sure that would be a lame gift. So here you were, walking aimlessly through the mall waiting for something to jump out at you.
You were looking at a bracelet through a shop window when you felt a tap on your shoulder.
“Hey, y/n! I knew that it was you I saw walk past me earlier.” Eric waved at you with a friendly smile on his face. “Christmas shopping too, huh?”
“Uh, yeah… I still have a few gifts to get.” You were surprised to see him outside of work, you didn’t know he lived in the area.
“Want to walk around together?”
You stared at Eric for a while, he seemed genuinely interested in hanging out with you. Figuring this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know Eric so that you could finally get him a gift that he would like, you nodded your head. “Sure, sounds fun.”
You walked into your job on your day off, a wrapped present in hand. Your manager planned for everyone to come in an hour before the store was set to open to exchange gifts. Normally you’d be irritated in having to come to work on your day off but your manager was closing the store for a while and giving everyone the week off for the holidays, so you didn’t mind today.
Standing next to your friend, you both waited with your other co-workers for your manager to call everyone together.
As you were chatting with your friend and another co-worker you heard the sound of jingle bells and looked over to see your manager waiting for everyone to pay attention to her.
“Okay guys! I have all of the gifts here behind me, thank you all for participating. You all work very hard and I appreciate everything that we do as a team. Look for the gift with your name on it first and then try to find the person who gave it to you.” She stepped away from the table, there were gifts lined in a row, all with the same wrapping paper so to not give away who brought what gift.
You walked up to the table looking for a gift with your name one it, eyes scanning across the table until you saw a tag that read, “y/n”, on it. You picked up the slender rectangular box, shaking it with curiosity. Walking over to the hide behind a rack of clothes, you opened your gift in private.
Tearing open the paper, you uncovered a small black box and took off the lid revealing the bracelet that you were eyeing for a few days ago. You gasped, looking around to see if anyone saw you. You opened the box again, pulling the bracelet out to admire it. A smile spread across your face as you realized who might have been your Secret Santa.
“Did Eric get me this?”
You turned around to find Eric, bumping into him the second you moved your foot.
“Oops— I’m sorry.” You looked down at your feet, suddenly feeling nervous in Eric’s presence. You held out the bracelet, making eye contact with him one more time. “Were you my Secret Santa this entire time?”
He grinned, “Yeah, I had to switch two times until I finally got you. I hope you like your gift, I saw you looking at it the other day.” He touched your arm tenderly, making you blush.
“Y-yeah. I really liked this bracelet. I can’t believe you got it for me. Why did you switch to get me, Eric?” You looked at him in the eyes, gnawing on the inside of your cheek anxiously as you waited for his response. You didn’t know when the butterflies started to show up but you felt them in your stomach now, fluttering as you stared into Eric’s eyes and down to his lips as he talked.
“I— I just really wanted to get you a gift.” He scratched the back of his neck, looking down to conceal the light flush that was appearing on his cheeks.
You smiled brightly, finding his shyness cute. “I got you too, you know. I’m glad I did too because it made me realize how sweet and fun you are. I’m really sorry that I’ve been so cold to you the entire time we’ve worked together.”
Eric laughed, “No way, you got me that video game?” You nodded, “I had no idea what to get you, I heard you mention this game when we were at the mall. You don’t have it already, right?”
Eric hugged you, wrapping his arms around you in a warm embrace. “No, I don’t. Thanks for getting it for me.” He let you go, leaving you feeling overwhelmed by how shy you felt around him. Who would have thought that you would have developed a crush on Eric Sohn?
You held out your bracelet placing it in his hand and holding out your wrist. “Can you help me with this?”
Eric nodded his head, quickly fiddling with the clasp of the bracelet and wrapping it around your wrist, and fastening it into place. As he tried to pull his hand away from yours you caught his fingers, intertwining them with yours. You tilted your head to the side as you asked, “Are you working today?” You watched as a smile spread across Eric’s features.
“No, why?”
You pulled him towards the front door, “I need to make up for lost time. We’re hanging out, it’s our day off.”
Eric chuckled, a bit surprised by your enthusiasm. “I’ll follow you any where you want, y/n.”
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jamalflanagan · 2 months ago
A Holiday Read
Tumblr media
Characters: demon!Andy Barber x woc!reader
Summary: You finally introduce Andy to your family at Thanksgiving, things go left as expected.
Word Count: 5.9k (I really didn't want it to be this long wtf)
Warnings: general language warning, soft dark demon!andy, car sex (ft. holding onto Andy's horns while reader rides the d), mentions of cockwarming, terrible parents being hypocrites, abortion mention, drama at the dinner table, mentions of reader being pregnant, judgmental church folks, her parents are really not great people, one bad joke about stuffing
A/N: It's only a couple days after Thanksgiving so it still counts, anyways I made an attempt at proof reading but I probably missed some things so excuse any errors or typos. The moodboard is by me, divider is by @firefly-graphics
DO NOT repost or translate my work anywhere. If you like it don't forget to reblog and share with others who might enjoy it as well.
Tumblr media
You’ve spent the majority of the car ride to your parents house in silence. Occasionally Andy would draw you into a short conversation but ultimately your nerves and hormones were doing a number on you mentally. “Relax, little angel.” Andy says from the driver's seat, turning onto a familiar street in the gated community. You sigh heavily when your parents house comes into view, it’s a perfect mix of showy and humble that screams intentional but none of the neighbors are likely ever to put that thought together.
You on the other hand know all your parents dirty secrets and how the holier than thou mask they show the world is hardly close to their true selves. Once upon a time they had you firmly under their thumb, but then you met Andy and now things are much different. The feeling of obligation to be seen at this holiday family dinner is replaced with a sense of dread. You already know that this night is going to go terribly wrong, it's just a matter of how long it’s going to take and how far Andy will take retribution if he feels disrespected.
Worry plagues you as the car comes to a stop. You can see from the cars in the driveway and on the street that it’s going to be a full house and it has your stomach flipping with anxiety. “We really don’t have to go inside, we can go home and I can make us a nice dinner—” You don’t finish your statement because unfortunately the car’s been spotted, and someone is crossing the yard. You curse under your breath, recognizing Cynthia (or as you call her, Cici), one of your nosier aunts coming to see who’s parked outside the house.
“Too late, looks like we’ve been spotted.” Andy says with a grin, turning off the vehicle before exiting. You huff in frustration, a hand resting on your stomach in an effort to self soothe before Andy comes around to the other side to open your door. You’re just starting to show at two months in, and thankfully your stomach is still able to be hidden easily under a black dress with enough flare to it that it’s still flattering but hides the small swell of your belly. Still you pull your coat around your body carefully when you let Andy help you out of his Audi. Immediately your aunt gasps, shocked to see you showing up with a man. She pulls you into a hug when she’s close enough, telling you how good you look, and casting a sideways glance to Andy before she returns her gaze to you.
“Do your parents know you brought a boyfriend?” Cici questions, arching a brow. You nod, they know, in fact they’re the ones that insisted you bring the man that you’ve been ‘shacking up’ with to meet the family. You suspect it’s just going to turn into an attempt to shame you into either breaking up with him or pressuring Andy to put a ring on your finger. “Mmm, well this should be interesting. Especially since that bitter ass Mary is here too, and in one of her sad synthetic wigs at that.” Cici informs you, and to your surprise Andy snorts in laughter beside you at her blunt read of your least favorite Aunt Mary. “Anyways, don’t be rude. Introduce me to this fine ass white boy you brought with you.”
Despite all your trepidation you can’t help but duck your head with a laugh. “This is Andy, Andy this is my Aunt Cici. Surprisingly enough she’s related to my mother.” Cici scoffs at that, and you try to suppress your smile at knowing that of your mother’s three sisters Cici is the one that likes her the least.
A sound from the porch draws everyone’s attention and whatever good mood you were starting to feel evaporates at the sight of your mother standing there looking down her nose at the three of you in the yard. You curse under your breath, and Cici gasps in genuine shock at hearing you say something so harsh. Then she smiles and shoots you a wink as if she’s proud of you. “I guess I better get the pies out of the car, no turning back now.” You mutter, and Andy stops you before you can move back towards the car.
“I got it, little angel. Just head inside.” He says, dropping a kiss to your temple and that of course draws a little high pitched “mmmm okay” from your aunt.
“Viv and Stella are going to try and eat him up for dessert, you better watch those two.” Cici teases, and you feel yourself smiling again. Your mothers other two sisters are going to love him, you have no doubt about that. It’s your uncles and cousins that can go either way. As for your parents and aunt Mary…well those three aren’t going to be happy no matter what you or Andy have to say. “So tell me, is he treating you right? Is he making you happy?” You smile and nod, and you’re glad that it’s the truth. Despite his stubborn persistence at times he does treat you well, and he does make you happy. You love him regardless of knowing what he is and what you’ve seen from him. You glance back at Andy, and he smiles at you with a genuine smile that makes the corners of his eyes crinkle.
Who knew a demon would be the one to sweep you off your feet.
“Well it took you long enough to come inside.” Your spine straightens at the drawl of your mother’s voice, it’s that same tone you’ve heard before when she was looking for any and everything to pick apart about you. You just force a smile onto your lips and say nothing when she pulls you into a hug that’s more for show than anything. Thankfully she doesn’t linger long or press in close so she doesn’t feel the slight swell of your stomach. You think you might be in the clear but when she steps back she fixes you with a discerning gaze that makes you uneasy. “You’re looking a little round in the face dear, putting on weight?” Her eyes drift down pointedly to your stomach and the urge to press your hand against it almost overtakes you.
Clenching your hands into fists you just sigh heavily. “Mother, you know I’ve always been a little thick.” You remind her, and she just utters an unconvinced, “mmhmm” before she turns her attention to Andy stepping into the house behind you carrying the three pies and the cobbler that you’d made for this dinner. “And you must be Andy.” She says, and Cici just shakes her head before gently taking the desserts from Andy’s arms so she can go set them on the dessert table. “Sweetheart,” she turns to you after giving Andy an up and down look. “You failed to mention that your friend was…”
Oh god… you think, eyes nearly bugging out of your head at your mother when she sniffs in disapproval and let’s the unspoken word linger for a moment. “Well, let’s just hope your father chooses to mind his manners.”
Andy gently puts an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his side and letting his hand run up and down your arm to calm you. “A pleasure to meet you, I’ve been dying to meet the people responsible for raising my little angel.” He aims a disarming smile at your mother and for a moment she seems enchanted. Andy looks like a well off man, and you’re willing to bet money that your mother is already thinking of ways that she might be able to spin this to benefit her reputation. You think that perhaps she might play nice but that’s before the sound of your father’s voice is booming through the house. His voice cuts off immediately when he sees you standing there with Andy’s arm protectively wrapped around you while you shamelessly lean into his embrace.
“So this must be the man that convinced my baby girl to move out of our house and into his.” He says by way of greeting and it’s clear that he’s not happy. Andy’s grip around you tightens when he feels you starting to shrink in on yourself, a subtle reminder that he’s here with you. “Nice of you to finally come and face me.” Your father says, chest puffing up like it’ll make him seem taller as he stands in front of Andy’s six foot five stature. You somehow manage to stifle your laughter at the ridiculous sight in front of you.
“She’s an adult, I figured she was free to make adult choices.” Andy says back, a pleasant tone masking his annoyance with your father. To Andy it’d be like swatting a fly, and he’s certainly done worse for less but you’re standing here beside him and somehow he figures throwing your father through a wall or two might not go over well. Still he doesn’t like being challenged, and something must be done. You feel Andy’s hand drop to your waist, and that’s enough to get your father more irritated than he already is. You’re sure things are about to go bad right then and there but then you hear the sound of heels clicking against hardwood, and the voice of Aunt Vivica comes floating through to cut the tension.
“Silas, will you leave them alone,” she starts, brushing past your mother to pull you into her warm embrace. “Let the girl get out of her coat before you start with your judgmental nonsense.” She admonishes, and you can see how both your parents bristle at her dismissive tone. Andy just smirks, and introduces himself to Aunt Vivica before he goes to help you out of your coat. It’s then that you become painfully aware of your dress. Your father looks like he’s sucked on a lemon, your mother looks scandalized, and your aunt looks...impressed. The dress is far from risque or inappropriate, but the fact that it’s cut above your knees, and there are several cutouts along the top of the bodice is enough for your parents to complain. Before they can, however, your aunt steps in and diffuses yet another bomb. “Oh, darling, you look absolutely beautiful. It’s about time you stopped dressing like you don’t have a shape.” She shoots a look over at your parents, almost daring them to say something to disagree.
They won’t, not in front of Aunt Vivica who has no problem taking your side every time. Your father says nothing, simply shakes his head and stomps off to join the other family members gathered in the living room. He takes some of the tension with him, but your mother supplies the rest. “I suppose it’s a nice dress, even if it is more revealing than what we raised you to wear.” She says, as usual, finding a way to slip her disapproval into a compliment. Aunt Vivica waves her off, dismissively and your mother sniffs and turns her nose up, muttering something about going to check on the greens before leaving the three of you standing in the foyer.
“You really do look lovely, darling. Now come on, Stella’s dying to meet your beau.” Vivica tells you, and you groan slightly but can’t help the smile that spreads over your features.
“Auntie Viv, please tell me Cici hasn’t been talking.” You plead, and she just laughs. Lord knows what Cici has been saying to her sisters, but you can only imagine that whatever it is was colorful. In any case the two of you are being led away by your aunt and the second you all step into the living room a hush falls over it. Nervously you shift on your feet, you know there’s been talk since you moved out overnight. Looking around the room you see a few cousins, your uncles, your father is sitting in his chair pointedly not looking at you and trying to focus on the football game that’s playing. And then there’s your Aunt Mary, your father’s sister and his biggest instigator, looking at you with that pinched expression that just lets you know she has something foul to say.
“Is that my grandbaby?” Your eyes fly to the sofa, and there sits Nana Rose beckoning you to come over and sit next to her. You separate from Andy, leaving him to be scooped up by your three aunts, Cici, Vivica, and Stella. “They told me you moved out, and I didn’t believe it, but here you are showing up with a man. My little baby’s finally acting grown.” She teases you, and squeezes you tight when you settle in next to her. Her hand discreetly lands on your belly with a soft pat and for a moment you panic. “I thought I noticed something different about you.” She says with a wink, and your mouth drops open out of shock. “Oh don’t give me that look, sugar. I’ve been around the block a few times, I know what to look for. Not to mention you’re glowing.”
“Nana Rose can we just keep this between us? I don’t want tonight to turn into a bunch of yelling and drama.” You ask, and she nods, taking both your hands in hers and sets them in her lap.
“I won’t say anything, it’s not my place. But I will say that if you’re going to have to start standing up for yourself, I know your parents can be overbearing. Lord knows I tried to raise your mother differently but she was always self centered and sly, and that man she married...hmph, well I’ve made it clear over the years that I don’t care for him. The one good thing they did right though was give me you, now you just need to stop letting them do and say whatever they want to you.”
She lets you mull over her words for a moment, and you feel like there’s a bit of a weight that’s been lifted off your shoulders. She’s always been supportive, always done what she could for you within reason. Most importantly she’s always loved you unconditionally and that alone gives you a bit of a confidence boost. “Do me a favor, go fetch that man of yours and send him over. I think it’s time he and I have a chat as well.”
You blink at that, curious as to what she might have to say to Andy but you know better than to ask her. She wants to talk to him privately, and she won’t be telling you what she has to say to him. You nod with a “yes, ma’am” and stand up to round the sofa. Looking over to where Andy stands with your three aunts makes you smile, whatever he’s saying to them you can tell he’s charmed them thoroughly. He’s even gotten your usually stoic Aunt Stella to crack a smile at him. He feels you watching him, and turns his attention to you and for a moment he’s all you focus on as you stride towards him. Unfortunately, you only make it halfway across the living room before you hear the nasally voice of Aunt Mary picking at you. “So you’re just going to walk by and not speak? I know you got better home training than that little girl.”
A hot streak of anger shoots through you all of a sudden, you don’t know where it comes from but you know that Andy senses it because he breaks away from your aunts who are now glaring at Mary. “I’m fine,” you tell him, waving off his questions and redirecting his attention to your grandmother who is waiting for him on the sofa. “Please go, she’d like to speak with you. I’ll be fine.” You tell him and he nods, leaning in to press a kiss to your temple.
“I know you hear me talking to you—” Mary continues, but Cici pipes up before she can finish.
“We can all hear you, now shut up and leave people alone. If she doesn’t want to speak to your old bitter ass then she doesn’t have to.” She snaps, causing Mary to gasp as if she’s been slapped. “Need to be worried about them bad ass kids of yours anyways, you know they be stealing.” She adds under her breath but still just loud enough for Mary to overhear. You’d laugh if you weren’t currently trying to calm down. All your life Mary’s been a thorn in your side, and even now she insists on picking on you and trying to get a rise out of you. Your grandmother’s words replay in your head and you glance over at the woman as she discusses something with Andy that has his full attention.
An arm curls around your shoulders and you shift your focus to his owner. “Hey Aunt Stella, sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hello earlier.” You say and she waves it off before she starts to grill you for information about how you’ve been, how you met Andy, how your relationship is. She nods and listens to everything you have to say, happy that you’ve found someone, but she still warns you to be cautious.
“Don’t let him have too much control over your life. These men will run you ragged if you let them, and that’s not the life I want for you. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t want that for you.” She tells you and you nod, giving her another hug just because it’s nice to know that she wants the best for you.
At some point Andy rejoins you, and the rest of the night seems to go on well enough. You stick close to your three aunts, occasionally venturing off to talk with your cousins. From time to time your mother makes her rounds offering drinks to each guest. You choose the nonalcoholic options and she eyes you suspiciously but says nothing of it.
Your uncles manage to lure Andy to the dominoes table, calling out to him “Hey, why don’t you come on over here young buck and throw some bones!” Both you and Andy chuckle at that, and he gladly goes to sit at the table with the older men amused at their assumption that he’s younger than them. If only they knew. You think to yourself, shaking your head with a laugh. Andy let’s them think he doesn’t know what he’s doing long enough for them to start putting money on the table. A few of your cousins even join in on the next few games, and try to hustle him only to find out that Andy’s no novice and he can trash talk with the best of them. He fits in well with your family, everyone loves him except for your parents and Aunt Mary.
You do your best to ignore it, and it works for the most part right up until the moment everyone is gathered around the dinner table for the prayer. The prayer which your father leads, and he wastes no time in using it to air his dislike of Andy and your choice to be with him. It goes a little something like this,
“Dear heavenly father, we come to you humbly asking that you not let this be the last time we can all gather and fellowship like this. We thank you for our good health, and sound minds...and even though some of us have strayed from your righteous path we know that you are a forgiving God and will welcome us back into your warm embrace. Lord, we ask that touch the minds of our young folk that are here tonight, especially those that have chosen to live in sin and forsake your word…” You don’t hear the rest, a loud static suddenly fills your ears and you just tune it out as best you can while gripping harshly onto Andy’s hand. To his credit, Andy doesn’t laugh out loud during the prayer, though you can feel the way his body shakes from time to time and it lets you know that he finds this all comical. Probably because while your father is trying to use this prayer to shame and pressure you, you’ve been Andy’s since long before he fucked you in your father’s church.
All too thankful when the prayer finally ends you just set about making a plate for yourself, and point out which dishes Andy should avoid. There’s only one of course, the deviled eggs that Mary insists on making every year. They’re always nasty, and your father is always the only one that actually eats them. Seeing you tell Andy not to put a couple on his plate she scoffs, and that pinched expression of hers tightened even more. “Back in my day we made our men’s plates as a sign of respect, but I guess we can’t expect that from these fast lil young girls.” Comes Mary’s nasally voice, and this time it’s Andy that checks her.
“I’m sure things have changed a lot since the forties, but trust me I’m more than capable of fixing my own plate.” He tells her, smiling in a way that clearly says he knows she’s not that old but he’s petty and willing to stoop to her level. The way her expression cracks at his dig has you biting back a grin. Cici on the other hand isn’t as covert and shamelessly lets out a loud laugh as Stella and Vivica grin and smirk. Oh they really like Andy. Meanwhile your father looks like he’s about to burst a blood vessel.
Somehow, some way, everyone’s plates get filled with food with no further incidents or comments, and you think that it’d be the end of your worries with everyone focused on eating. You have no such luck because the moment your glass of juice is empty, your mother is standing up from the table and offering to bring you one of her cocktails to replace your empty cup.
“Um, no thank you. I’ll just get some more juice.” You tell her, but she doesn’t take no for an answer.
“Oh come on, sweetheart. You should have at least one, it’s not like you have a reason not to drink.” She says, smiling at you. You can see the subtle edge to her grin, and in an instant you know exactly what she’s doing. She’s figured out your little secret, and now she’s trying to force your hand so it's you that has to reveal it to your father in front of the whole family. Your eyes dart to Nana Rose sitting on the other end of the table, and she gives you a knowing look and again her words from earlier run through your mind.
You’re going to have to start standing up for yourself...
“No thank you mother, I don’t want any alcohol.”
“Well why not, everyone else has had at least one.”
“Why not, sweetheart? I spent all that time making them, don’t be rude.”
You sigh. Closing your eyes, and lifting a hand to rub at the spot in the center of your forehead.
“It’s just one drink, you’re really being dramatic.”
“I can’t drink, okay!” You snap, hand slamming down onto the table hard enough to make everyone jump except for Andy.
This time it’s your father that speaks, “What’s going on?”
Your mother’s grin turns slightly mean before it drops and she just shrugs as if she hasn’t instigated this entire moment. You can see Nana Rose shaking her head at the woman that brought you into the world, and beside you Andy is silently fuming and you’re just thankful that his eyes haven’t bled black yet.
“I said what’s going on! Answer me!” Your father demands, and it’s then that you decide that you’re done with this whole avoidance game. If it’s drama that they want then you can give them that, you’re hormonal and agitated enough not to care at the moment.
“Fine! I’m pregnant.” You shout, throwing your fork down onto the table with a clatter. “Happy now?” You aim that last comment at your mother, and she feigns shock as if this wasn’t exactly what she wanted when she started pressuring you to have a drink.
Your father sputters, the vein in his forehead protruding like it always does when he gets himself worked up and you know hell is about to break loose at the table. You get up without a word, head into the kitchen and grab the roll of foil. By the time you come back, Andy and your father are going back and forth across the table about how Andy defiled you according to your father, and how according to Andy he didn’t do anything other than give you the freedom your parents never did. You’re content to not say anything at all as you wrap up both yours and Andy’s plate so the two of you can leave, but then your mother says something that finally sets you off.
“What freedom? The freedom to bring a bastard into the world?”
You hear a quiet “Oh hell no.” From Aunt Stella, and you can see from the corner of your eye Nana Rose placing a hand on Cici’s arm to keep her youngest daughter seated. Auntie Viv just shakes her head in disapproval and disgust at your mother. And you? Well you’re seeing red and all bets are off.
“Yeah well we all know how you feel about bastards, don’t we mother?” You say, and now all eyes are on you, and your mother suddenly looks uncomfortable.
“I don’t-I don’t know what you’re referring to, I just know that you—”
“Oh so you didn’t find out about dad messing around with Miss Olivia’s daughter from the church choir, or her getting pregnant and wanting to keep it?” A loud collective gasp sounds around the table. “And you didn’t go to Miss Olivia’s daughter after choir practice, and pressure her into accepting money to get an abortion that she didn’t want in the first place?” Your mothers face is one of shock, anger, and embarrassment now that you’ve just exposed one of her many dirty secrets.
Your father, as always, is quick to jump to her defense. “Now you watch your damn mouth, young lady. You might be grown but—”
“But what, dad? What are you gonna do? Beat me? Please try it,” Andy, who is now standing, shifts closer to you, cracking his neck and crossing his arms over his chest. It’s a clear challenge, and unlike your father did earlier, Andy actually looks intimidating. “You lay a finger on me and I’ll just go tell everyone how you’re skimming from the church funds.” Your father opens his mouth to say something but you just keep going. “You been collecting that building repair fund for as long as I can remember, and the roof still leaks whenever it rains too hard. Yet somehow you were able to afford this house, all this fancy bullshit that you keep in it, and that Cadillac sitting out in the driveway. Yeah I might be pregnant out of wedlock, but at least I’m not a criminal.”
You hear a “and that’s why you shoulda just sat there and ate your food.” From Cici who is clearly enjoying this.
Mary doesn’t take the hint that you aren’t playing them anymore and just like always she has something to say. “See, now I always told you this girl was disrespectful.”
“Mary worry about your husband and that life insurance policy he took out on you. Out here pretending like you’re better than everyone else just because you have a husband and kids. Everyone knows those kids each have a different father and he’s not one of them. He doesn’t even like you or them bad ass kids you let run around unchecked.”
That stuns her into silence for all of five seconds and then she opens her mouth again to start spewing insults. The look you level at her is murderous, and you don’t know how it happens but one second she’s telling you exactly what she thinks of you, and then in the next the smell of burning plastic is overtaking the room and then someone is screaming and pointing at Mary’s head. That’s when you see it, her wig is on fire and smoke is billowing from it as she starts to panic. You and Andy look at each other with equally stunned expressions before shaking it off just in time to see your father snatching his sister's wig off of her head and dunking it into the bowl of gravy.
“Grab the pies, we’re leaving.” You tell Andy, and he doesn’t question your pettiness. He simply goes to the dessert table, picks up the pies and cobbler that you’d made. You head towards the door carrying both of your plates with you, choosing to stop and say one more thing. “Oh, and I’m actually having twins. You have nine months to get your acts together or you will not be a part of your grandchildren’s lives in any way shape or form.” You turn your attention back to Mary. “You can just go to hell, because if you ever say a sideways word to me again Cici won’t have to get you. I’ll do it myself.”
“Period.” Cici says, cosigning your threat and getting up from the table along with your other two aunts who follow you to the door. Outside you all say your goodbyes, and your aunts fawn over the fact that you’re pregnant before they finally let you climb into Andy’s car and drive off.
He’s silent for a moment, still looking at you curiously. You don’t notice because you’re still thinking about everything that went down, and the fact that Mary’s wig spontaneously caught on fire.
“Andy, did you do that back there?” You question, and the look on his face is one of pure confusion as if he doesn’t know what you’re referring to. “The wig catching fire.” You clarify and he laughs.
“No, little angel, I believe that was you channeling our babies.” He reaches over to press a hand against the slight swell of your belly, “And I have to say, watching you get worked up like that was a pleasant surprise.” You feel his hand drift slightly lower, and when you glance over at his lap you can see the bulge under his pants. You’re still keyed up, hormonal, and now you’re aching for him to do more than just touch you.
“Pull over.” You tell him, not caring that you’re still close enough to your parents house that someone can see the car and likely the two of you in it. Andy smirks, already knowing where this is going, and pulls the car to the side of the road. The moment he has the car in park you’re climbing over the center console to straddle his lap. “How pleasant a surprise?” You ask him, reaching down to undo his belt and work his pants open so you can pull his cock out. “Because that was really exciting for me, and now I’m all worked up with nowhere to put this energy.” You tease, pulling your panties to the side so you can drag yourself over his hard length with a mewl. You’re already wet, your slick making it easy for you to glide back and forth over his shaft before you give into that carnal need to be filled by him. Andy hums, his big hands gripping the thick globes of your ass.
“Take what you need, little angel.” He coos, “You deserve it.”
You lift your hips, lining him up with your entrance and with a shuddering breath you drop your hips and let him fill you up just like your body needs. You’re breathless for a moment, body wracked with sensations as his length splits you open just how you like. “Fuck, daddy.” You whine, hips giving a filthy grind while your hands grip tightly on his arms. That’s not what you want to hold onto though, and Andy knows that. He knows exactly what you need without you needing to say so, and when you open your eyes next you see those shining black eyes looking back at you, and most importantly you see his horns.
The second you lay eyes on them you don’t hesitate, reaching up to wrap your hands around them so you can hold on while you ride him. Your moans fill the car as you start to move, hips rocking you up to the tip of his length and back down. “Fuuuuck, that’s it. Ride this fucking dick.” Andy groans, head falling back against the headrest as you squeeze tight around him.
You ride him with reckless abandon, feeling bolder and more confident than you have in a while and it has the pleasure feeling heightened as you bounce against your demonic lover's cock. The sound of your squelching cunt mixes with your moans and Andy just uses his grip to bring you down harder on his length.
“So good...fuck you feel so good!” You cry, already close to the edge and ready to tip over at any second. Andy moves under you, thrusting up to meet you each time you drop down onto his cock and it hits you even deeper. You cry out, not caring if anyone down the street might be able to hear you. If they do then so be it. The only thing you care about right now is how good Andy is making you feel, and you know he personally doesn’t care who sees you taking his cock. All you can do is keep your grip on his horns as he takes over and bounces you on his cock while his hips snap into you on every downward movement of your hips. He knows you’re close, he can feel it in the way your walls are strangling his cock, and he wants nothing more than to have you fall apart right here and now.
“Cum for me, little angel.” He moans against your mouth when you bring him in for a kiss. “Cum for daddy, let me feel my perfect little pussy making a mess for me.” He urges, and you fall apart and go tumbling over the edge with a loud sobbing cry of pleasure as you cum. Your juices flood his lap, and you tremble against his chest with shaky breaths.
You know you can’t linger here like this for too long, but you don’t want to move just yet. Not until Andy makes you an offer that you can’t refuse.
“Be good and don’t move, you keep daddy’s cock warm the whole way home and I promise I’ll keep you full and dripping all night.”
You move your hands to drop to your sides, and give him a nod. Wanting nothing more than to get home and have him make good on his word. “That’s one way to get stuffing on Thanksgiving.” You tease, laughing softly at your own terrible joke while Andy just shakes his head with a chuckle and starts the car and begins the long drive home.
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sweet mystery of the sea. (2)
Tumblr media
part one here.
# — pairings: xiao x gn!siren!reader
# — characters: gender neutral siren!reader, xiao
# — summary: "sirens lurk in the dark depths of the pupils as they lurk at the bottom of the sea... i am searching still for the profound and plaintive gazes in whose depths I might be able, like hamlet redeemed, to drown the ophelia of my desire." - jean lorrain
# — warnings: mentions of blood, injury
# — tags: hc/drabble format, first kisses, angst, brief hurt/comfort, curious reader returns, usage of xiao's real name, soulmates, canon divergence
# — notes: yes, i did get started on this as soon as i saw @s-kiyomi 's art, which, by the way, is REALLY FUCKING GOOD, GO LOOK AT IT RN. i've never had anyone draw anything based on something i've written, so it's just.. really special and very well done, so! go look at it! that said, as always, reblogs and reactions are always appreciated, and i hope you enjoy!
wanna join the tag list?
Tumblr media
✧ — 🍃 — ✧
nothing really changes for xiao after your first meeting
xiao doesn't exactly sit and stew over your words for some time because he's a busy yaksha; he's got things to kill, a nation to protect
but that doesn't mean he doesn't think about you
your eyes that shone like gems, the warmth that sparkled in them when you said his name
there is a day where xiao stops and wonders what you meant when you said "your people" were grateful to him
in all his years of life, he couldn't recall a time when he'd saved a race of... whatever it is that you are.
you were an ocean creature of some kind, right? did he ever do something near the ocean that may have spared the life within it?
xiao's thoughts end there, mostly because he thinks it absurd; his duty was to the people of liyue, not to the ocean
hell, he didn't even know you existed until that night.
another day soon comes where he's mulling over the concept of soulmates.
xiao's too prideful see out human librarians for something as elementary as soulmates, so he sticks with what he knows, which isn't much
but if you had stayed just a bit longer, would you have explained it to him?
xiao tries not to think about it. the odds of him seeing you again are little to none anyways.
...or so he thought.
on another rare visit to liyue harbor, xiao's drawn to the docks. he personally isn't too keen on the pungent stench of fish that emanates from the area, but there's some commotion, so he heads over despite himself.
to see a crowd down here is pretty normal, considering how popular liyue harbor is amongst the nations. but there's something about the energy that goes the yaksha a peculiar feeling, so he perches himself on a high structure, watching the events unfold below him.
"there was a big catch today!" xiao hears a fisherman exclaim. the yaksha's face scrunches a bit at the volume. this is part of the reason why he hates coming here. "we think the scales of this one will sell for a very high price."
scales? xiao listens closer. to his knowledge, fishermen don't sell only the scales of their daily catches. the odd feeling only grows stronger.
a woman crosses her arms in disbelief. "why would we want the scales? we end up taking them off, anyways. what value is there in the scales of a fish?"
the fisherman laughs haughtily. "oh, but it's not just a fish, ma'am." he turns to a group of his colleagues and yells for them to bring it over. everyone's heads, including xiao's, turn in the direction of the other fishermen to see what's got them so riled up.
the onlookers below gasp loudly when they see what's trapped in the net that the men drag over. xiao would have, too, if he weren't so confused by the anger that sparks to life in his chest.
because, tangled in the large net was none other than you, the odd creature xiao had met a few moons prior. your lustrous scales are easier to see in the sun, but the colors are stained with a mysterious silver liquid. it's smeared all over you; splattered on your face and oozing out of a long cut on your tail. it's not until xiao hears your pained cry when the fishermen toss you in front of the crowd that he realizes what it is.
it's your blood. you were hurt, and very, very severely.
the spectators crowd around you within milliseconds, each of them reaching out to touch you somehow -- some pull at your fin-like ears, others grab at your hair, and some even touch your blood and marvel at it.
xiao doesn't move an inch.
he'll come to regret it later, he's sure of it, but for the first time in a long time, he doesn't know what to do. if he acts now, it would be out of pure rage, and he's not exactly the most cautious when fighting, nor is he good at containing such emotions. it's been a long time since he felt something like this to begin with. his rage would not only draw demons to the area like moths to a flame, but he could potentially harm the citizens he's sworn to protect.
if xiao were to hurt them -- be it purposely or accidentally -- just to save you, a creature whose origins he knew nothing about, there would be no end to his suffering.
but he can't deny the fury that broils deep within. something visceral claws away at his sanity as he watches you be manhandled by the citizens of liyue. more and more people start to swarm the scene, and xiao balls one hand into a fist at his side. there's so much noise -- it's so, so loud -- but your agonized warbling cuts through it all, prodding away at something inside xiao that he can't identify.
what is he supposed to do?
the yaksha breathes in slowly in hopes to calm himself. he's losing his mind -- he has to be. there's no way he let this go on for so long when the answer was clear. xiao bargains with himself: your existence may be unnatural, but you were still a living being residing in liyue. therefore, he has every right to take you away from here; it was so easy. he exhales calmly and dons his mask, setting aside the turmoil inside himself for another time, and disappears in a wisp of jade and obsidian.
it happens very quickly, as most things do when xiao's involved. he appears before the people and takes you into his arms with ease and disappears again before any of the mortals can process what was happening. in and out; simple.
xiao didn't give the destination much thought, so he's a little surprised when he sees that he took you to the exact place you two had met. he steps down onto the stable rocks that were closest to the water.
he can feel your blood starting to dampen his shirt. you're still tangled in the net and your entire body is shaking, tail and all. xiao makes a face beneath his mask, though he's well-aware that it's not one of disgust. you're conpletely still in his arms but you're silent.
disturbed, xiao forces himself to ask: "are you alright?"
you shake your head wordlessly. something sharp twists itself in xiao's stomach. for you, a creature with such a lovely voice, to be so quiet--
the yaksha is quick to rest you on a rock and start to remove the net to distract himself from the intrusive thoughts. now isn't the time for that. when the ropes become tangled, the yaksha huffs in annoyance and rips them apart, frustrated by everything that's going on. still, you say nothing. once you're free, xiao eases back to look at you again.
your scales and upper body were still smeared with your metallic blood, and there were scrapes and cuts littering just about every part of you -- probably from the coarse rope. your ears look as if they're drooping and something flutters on your neck as you take some time to breathe. xiao's surprised he hadn't noticed that before; if memory serves him right, the little flaps on the sides of your neck were gills.
but what sticks out the most is the missing cut on your tail.
when he saw you earlier, it looked as though someone had tried to slice your tail clean open, but looking at you now, the wound was nowhere to be found -- in fact, it looked as though you hadn't been cut at all.
"you must find me interesting," your voice is hoarse, making xiao's eyes snap to your face, "since you're examining me so closely."
xiao fights back a scoff. "hardly. it's common for me to look someone over when i've saved their life. however," he squints at you from behind his mask, "your worst wound disappeared. how is that?"
you take a deep, slow breath, the gills on the side of your neck fluttering once more. you turn your eyes away and dip your hand into the water below, wincing with the movement. "i fear that you wouldn't believe me if i told you, alatus."
xiao flinches. that name again. "there's a lot of things that are hard to believe regarding you." he bites. "it'd be best for you to start explaining before i consider you a threat to liyue."
the smile you give him is obviously forced. your opalescent eyes are even brighter in the sun, and yet they seem so muted. "are you threatening to kill me again, alatus?"
for some reason, that makes guilt start to blossom. "i will do what is necessary to get you to speak."
he's not lying; he would do anything if he had to, but something -- that strange thing from earlier -- screams at him not to. you don't answer him this time, preoccupied by the water in your webbed fingers. you make a soft clicking noise as you skim the water before you slide off the rock and dive in, the base of your tail nearly splashing xiao when it flicks the water.
thinking that you were going to escape, xiao summons his spear on impulse and points it at your face when you re-emerge. again, you smile at him, but you look more at ease this time. "ah," you muse, "this seems familiar."
"if you try to run while i'm trying to get answers--"
"may i see your face, alatus?" you ask abruptly. xiao's grip on his weapon tightens, and you take notice. "oh, was that improper of me?"
if xiao was honest with himself, he had no idea you hadn't seen his face yet. even still, part of him didn't want you to see. somehow, the mask acted as a wall between the two of you -- one that granted xiao peace of mind. if he removed it, then he would have to face you in earnest, and by extension, his feelings as well. none of that sounded appealing. "is there a reason?" he asks gruffly.
you tilt your head in question. "am i not allowed to see the face of my savior?"
the yaksha huffs through his nose. "i have a weapon in your face," he seethes, "and you call me a savior? don't be absurd."
you still look unfazed by his scalding behavior. you swim even closer, doing the same as you had during the night you met. you're so... reckless around him -- either you're reckless, or just plain stupid. he could kill you right here and now and yet you're approaching him as if he's the safest person you've ever met.
"you're very hard on yourself, alatus." you muse. "may i ask why?"
"you may not. enough with the questions," xiao holds his spear tighter in fear of jostling it. one wrong move and he could impale you. "you still haven't answered mine. your wounds; how did they heal?"
you grin and grab the tip of the blade of his polearm without warning, squeezing it tightly. xiao makes his weapon disappear immediately as silver blood trickles from your hand and drips into the water. "are you insane?" xiao hisses. "why would you--?"
"show me your face, alatus." your voice is melodic; almost as though you're singing to him. xiao's thoughts halt. again with that sensation of being enveloped -- what are you? "please. i will show you the truth. do you trust me?"
a firm no sits on the tip of his tongue, but never makes it out. xiao isn't sure where the sudden apprehension came from, but he can't bring himself to answer. he knows he shouldn't say yes, because truly, he can't trust you -- he has no idea who or what you are -- but even so, he's tongue-tied. why are you confusing him so? does this have something to do with the song you sang the last time you met?
your eyes suddenly widen and your cheeks seem to darken. xiao internally curses when he realizes he spoke that question aloud. you glance at your bleeding hand. "it does," you confirm, "but in order to receive that answer, i need to see your face, alatus. please."
why were you saying 'please' so desperately? you sound like you're begging him to trust you. not understanding why guilt is starting to tear away at his conscience, xiao crouches and wills his mask to disappear, showing his face. you don't look much different to him this way, but your expression shifts into one xiao can only describe as awe when you see his. golden eyes look past you.
"this is what you asked for, is it not? you have to answer my questions now." he grimaces a little to himself. perhaps he should have bound you to a temporary contract in pure liyue fashion, because you're not saying a word. annoyed, xiao sighs. "what kind of game are you--"
xiao's words are halted by your lips pressing against his. it's startling and new, something the yaksha has never felt, nor ever dreamed of feeling before. your lips were soft and cold, yet there was an unmistakable warmth that set the strange feeling inside him ablaze. but kisses were the actions of humans in love as far as he knew, so why? why?
the kiss is over as quickly as it started and you inch backwards, your opal eyes still half-lidded. xiao blinks at you, his mind trapped in a muddy haze. "forgive me, alatus, but," you put your injured palm up for him to see, "this is the answer to your question."
before xiao can question you, he sees your wound -- and any other lingering wounds that are visible -- close itself as though it never existed. you're completely healed.
the yaksha doesn't recognize his own voice when he speaks. "how?" is all he can manage.
your gaze softens. "the song you heard me singing that night," you practically coo, "was canticum animae; the song of the soul. my people sing it during the night to attract the one whose soul perfectly matches our own." you swim further back, shame and regret both flickering across your features. "my knowledge of human customs is very limited, but i am aware that my actions must have been shocking to you. you have my sincerest apologies, alatus, but... i feel that this was the only way to get you to believe me."
your explanation is completely rational, as is your apology. if xiao's head was clear, he'd write it off. but what's keeping him from understanding is the idea that he, of all beings on teyvat, has a soulmate. him, the renowned conqueror of demons, has someone who is fated to be with him for the rest of his life -- someone who is fated to love him. he inhales sharply to try and stabilize himself.
xiao's frown is deep. "why, then, were you captured by the fishermen?" the answer comes to him as soon as he asks the question. "don't tell me you were trying to find me."
you nod sheepishly.
it's too much. it's far too much for him to handle. it doesn't make sense -- none of this makes sense. you, your people, the kiss, soulmates -- none of it.
xiao stands up straight and puts on his mask again, ignoring the way you call his name. he needs to get as far away from you as possible. that's the only way he can escape this. he disappears in a flash of jade without another word.
for the first time in his seemingly everlasting life, the vigilant yaksha flees.
Tumblr media
✧ y'know, i was gonna write kazuha's part as well, but i think that maybe kazuha should get his own installment, since their stories are going in completely different directions.
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j0succ · 9 months ago
Please could I get poly Nanami and Gojo working together to overstimulation their fem s/o? Thank you nat!!! 🥵
do not look at me
teamwork - nanami x fem reader x gojo (5.4k)
it’s not surprising that satoru gojo wants to turn everything into a competition. even this. still - you’re not exactly complaining. 
(warnings: afab reader, fem pronouns. cunnilingus, fingering, overstimulation, use of toys, deep-throating, threesome, coming inside)
Every time you end up with either one of these men, you wonder how it happened. But this time . . . with both of them beside you, hungrily eyeing you, your bedroom feeling very small and warm . . . this time, you decide not to look a gift horse in the mouth. 
Gojo’s fingers brush across your cheek, turning your face so you can’t look anywhere but into his crystalline blue eyes. You know what they look like under his blindfold, of course – but every time you see them feels like a surprise, like the wind is being knocked out of your sails. He’s too handsome for his own good, and the worst part about it is that he absolutely knows that.
From the other side of you on the bed is a long-suffering, world-weary sigh.
“It’s not a fair competition if you monopolise her,” comes Nanami’s voice.
“Aww,” Gojo complains, not breaking the eye contact with you. “Come on. You’re around way more often than I am, you get more of a chance to monopolise--”
“If we had to see even more of you,” Nanami says drily, “I’m not sure we’d survive.”
“C-competition?” You breathe, even as you feel Nanami’s hand feather light on your leg. “I didn’t realise that was what happening--”
Maybe you had been too breathlessly caught off-guard by the suggestion that the two sorcerers take you home. Too distracted by how handsome they both were when they had kissed you in turn, by how you’d opened the door and tumbled into your bedroom.
You’ve only ever had them one at a time before, their schedules never quite lining up, their various duties calling them away and depositing them back in your bed at a whim. Having both of them on your bed, touching you, looking at you – that feels like a novelty, despite how long these trysts have been going on.
“Satoru’s nature makes him want to turn everything into a competition,” Nanami murmurs, leaning in – you start as you feel his lips on your calf, gently drawing a path higher and higher, feather-light and reverent.
Gojo huffs out a laugh.
“I just know I’ll win,” he tells you. His face comes very close to yours and you feel like you could drown in the starlight of his eyes, his lips curving into a smirk. “Nanamin’s acting like this because he knows it, too--”
He kisses you even as Nanami snorts against the back of your knee. Gojo’s lips press against yours hungrily, as good at kissing as he is at everything else – suckling your lower lip into his mouth, nipping at it with his teeth, a taste that’s unmistakably sugary sweet flooding your senses. You’ve learnt from much experience that Gojo always tastes like sweets. The hand on your cheek strokes across your face to grip your hair, tugging it hard enough that a gasp escapes from your mouth to be caught in Gojo’s in turn. Nanami’s kisses have not stopped a moment, higher and higher, on the soft flesh of your inner thigh now--
Gojo pauses to pull back, drinking in your widened eyes and the swollen jut of your lower lip. He’s far too pleased with himself. You manage to put some of your thoughts in order, as strong fingers stroke up the thigh that isn’t being lavished with Nanami’s kisses, to say;
“W-what’s the competition?”
“Aww,” Gojo’s hands are at your shirt, pulling the fabric up over your breasts. He whistles when he sees them; it’s been so many times, and you’re still not over Satoru Gojo being impressed by the way you look. Your cheeks flame at the appreciation raw in his gaze. “It’s way more fun if you don’t know, princess.”
You’ve almost forgotten Nanami is there until you feel lips firmly press against the fabric of your underwear, hot breath obvious even through the cotton. You whimper, your back arching up to seek out more sensation and friction. Gojo sighs, tugging off the fabric of your shirt and throwing it off the bed (possibly to never be seen again).
“You’re wet,” Nanami murmurs, through a mouthful of fabric, at once sinfully close to your slit and too far away from it. Gojo raises his eyebrows.
“Of course she is,” he says, “hot guy like me here, and everything--”
Yes. Too handsome for his own good, and far, far too smug about it--
“Don’t you ever shut up?” Nanami asks, raising one eyebrow, pulling back from between your thighs. You make a soft mewl of displeasure at the movement, and he turns his stern gaze to you. “Be good, sweetheart. I had to take these off, didn’t I?” Big, calloused fingers slide under the waistband of your underwear to tug them down your legs. For a moment, the cloth clings uncomfortably to the slickness of your folds – and then, you’re bare to Nanami’s hungry eyes (and Gojo’s, though he seems far more interested in your upper half right now. You guess Nanami is having his turn at whatever this competition is first--).
“Look at you,” he murmurs, soft and low, admiring. He’s not the kind of man who throws out compliments willy-nilly, but you can still hear it in his tone, and it makes you go all over hot and needy.
“You’re gorgeous,” Gojo says, not to be outdone – and there’s a man who does throw out compliments. Nanami is right in that he really doesn’t shut up; but when the things spilling out of his mouth are about how good you are around him, how nice you feel, how pretty your face looks when you’re about to come – you’re much less bothered by Gojo’s habit of running his mouth. “I’m going to make you feel so good – you’re not going to be able to walk for a week after I’m done with you, doll--”
“We’re going to,” Nanami corrects. His hands land on your inner thigh, thumbs gently teasing the outer lips of your sex apart so that the slick folds are exposed to the cool air and the eyes of the two men in your bedroom. You shift, both uncomfortable and aroused by being so open and revealed to them – but both of them are looking at you hungrily, like two predators who are about to pounce.
You forget how dangerous they are, sometimes. You are so used to them as colleagues and friends – Gojo’s occasional childish whims, his laughter, his schemes, and Nanami’s sternness, the surprisingly caring heart beneath all of it – that you forget that their bodies are all raw power, their minds sharply trained weapons.
“Is that a promise?” You breathe, and for that you win a bright laugh from Gojo and a tilt of the lips from Nanami, a huff that would pass as laughter in a court of law.
The latter settles himself between your legs and you can’t help the rush of electricity that goes through you seeing him there, a fizzling spark that settles low in your stomach. His shirtsleeves are pushed up to reveal corded muscle in his forearm, his tired eyes still hungry as they drink in every inch of you like you’re a meal that he’s about to very much enjoy.
(Coincidentally, you’ve seen Nanami before he tucks into a meal he’s looking forward to, and it’s very much the same appreciative air – you, food, a piece of art . . . his gaze is equally appreciative).
“You’re very slow,” Gojo says, a lilt of laughter in the back of his voice. Nanami doesn’t rise to the bait as his face comes very close to your sex – you twitch under the gaze, the hot wash of his breath over your sensitive folds.
When Nanami’s tongue darts out to taste you, it sends a spiralling shock wave that you feel from your shoulders to the tips of your toes. You exhale softly – and, clearly spurred on by the soft little noise, Nanami’s tongue darts out again for a longer lick.
Gojo sighs, but when your unfocused eyes stray to him, his own gaze is locked upon where Nanami is bent with his mouth against your sex.
The tip of the latter’s tongue flickers over your clit and you mewl, heart skipping a beat. He’s being so slow – teasing you, making you incredibly aware of every wash of his breath and slight flick of his tongue. Your stomach ties itself into knots at just how good it feels – Nanami is always good at this, but having Gojo watching is clearly making him want to impress even more. This is far slower and more teasing that he usually is with you.
It’s not bad, by any stretch of the imagination – you’d argue it’s better than usual – but that doesn’t absolve the fact that you want more. You move your thighs so they’re over Nanami’s shoulder, intending to try and pull him against you – but big strong hands come to rest on them, Nanami’s grip stopping you from doing anything so rash.
He pulls back from between your legs for a moment, the glimmer of your slick on his lips, as he says;
“I told you to be good. Let me be in charge.”
There’s authority in his words that you can’t argue with – so instead, you let out a frustrated little moan. Nanami’s smirk is obvious as he presses a kiss to your clit.
He teases you for a few minutes, his tongue slowly lapping at you with nowhere near enough pressure for you to be satisfied, until you’re flushed and squirming under every brief twitch of his tongue. Only then does he pull you in a little closer and let the broad flat of his tongue slide across your sex entirely, making your toes curl and your thighs twitch and your eyes flutter closed at just how good it feels to finally have his full attention.
You’re surprised that Gojo isn’t complaining more about having nothing to do – from your experience with the man, he likes to always have himself occupied. He’s not usually prone to sitting still – at least, not without much complaint. When you do manage to look at him through the hazy veil of ‘oh, fuck, Nanami’s mouth feels amazing’, though, he’s watching Nanami with eyes of a hawk.
They’re having some kind of competition, and you know that Gojo hates to lose--
Nanami does something with his tongue, a flourish over your clit like he’s painting calligraphy, and your eyes snap shut as your hips stroke up to meet him and you come for the first time, a pleasant wash of heat and snapping pressure making your entire being feel light and floaty for a moment.
Nanami’s mouth does not stop for an instant. You know he must feel the wetness coat his chin and the twitch and flutter of your sex, but your peak does not stop him – his tongue just moves lower, pushing inside of your quivering entrance--
“Fuck,” you whimper aloud. Your toes are curling. Your hands fly up to Nanami’s hair, twisting within the strands, dishevelling him. “K-Kento, I’m-- I already--”
He pulls his tongue out of your channel only long enough to murmur;
“I know,” and then he is continuing the onslaught, the tip of his tongue imitating the action that you wish his cock were taking, thrusting in and out of your sex. Your walls try and tighten around it to suck him further in, but his tongue does not act in the same way as a cock and it’s not enough--
He alternates between the two, moving from clit to entrance to clit again, flickering his tongue and thrusting it until you’re wondering how he can even manage to keep moving it, he must be aching . . . Occasionally, he wraps his lips about your clit and sucks and you just about lose your damn mind from how it feels.
You lose track of how many times you come, weakly pulsing around him. The glide of Nanami’s face against your sex is so wet that you think it will be a miracle if you don’t have to change your sheets after this. You must be a puddle between them, every flicker of his tongue and puff of his breath against your overstimulated slit making you whine and whimper and moan.
Tears bead in the corner of your eyes as Nanami finally – finally – surfaces for air. His face is soaking wet, the aftermath of your various orgasms also staining the collar of his shirt dark with damp. You don’t know if Nanami is really done, even then – but Gojo takes the opportunity to bounce, unrestrained energy, and push Nanami away so your thighs fall from his shoulders.
“Come on,” Gojo urges. “It’s my turn--”
“Satoru,” you say, weakly. “I’m—I need a minute-- I don’t think I can--”
But his fingers are already on you. He swipes them through the mess of your sex (half with Nanami’s saliva, half with your own slick, both of them so mixed together you can’t tell what’s you and what’s not), delighting in the way your form twitches under the onslaught of sensation.
“Sure you can,” he says. “You’re so good for us--”
His fingers are cool against your heated skin. The hand that isn’t resting over your sex moves over your breast, squeezing the curve of your skin – you sigh, arching into the touch, letting him pinch your nipple between thumb and forefinger at the same time as he gently slides one of his fingers inside you.
It’s still not enough. He fits inside you without a single ounce of resistance, knuckle deep – more solid than Nanami’s tongue, reaching further and deeper, but still not filling you up as much as you want to be filled. You thrust your hips to make sure that he’s buried in as deep as he can go and he chuckles, giving the pinched nipple a good-natured tug that sends an electric surge to the pit of your stomach where another orgasm is already building.
You didn’t know you could come again. You thought that Nanami had pulled every ounce of pleasure you were capable of from your body already, but here is Gojo Satoru to prove you wrong once again--
“You want another?” He murmurs. “I thought you couldn’t . . .?”
The last words are said mocking and smug, and if you didn’t want even more of his fingers inside of you you would slap him. Instead, you simply moan and hope that he takes it as the permission that it is. Gojo knows you too well to misunderstand, and can see that you’re enjoying yourself too much to withhold (not to mention Nanami, watching him – he can’t help but want to assert his dominance even more when the junior sorcerer is around), so with the next thrust of his fingers he scissors you open with a second.
You whimper, but your body greedily welcomes them inside of you. They’re long and good, rubbing against all of the patches of your inner walls that have you seeing stars. You’re incapable of real thought right now, with Gojo’s fingers buried so deep inside of you. All you can think of is the stretch of him, the feel of him, his knuckles. With every thrust of his fingers your sex makes wet, slick noises that would be shaming if you weren’t so far gone.
You’re not ashamed of how good you feel right now. You’re not ashamed of the rocking of your hips as you help him along, fucking yourself on his fingers just as much as he’s fucking you with them. He bends his head and wraps his lips about your nipple, his teeth grazing the sensitive little bud, at the same time as his thumb strokes across the swollen pearl of your clit and the string inside of you snaps.
You don’t know what number orgasm this is, but it feels like the first one all over again as you cry out Gojo’s name into the ceiling. His lips leave your nipple with an audible pop, turning to where Nanami is sitting on the bed. At some point, he lost his ruined shirt, and your eyes blearily fixate on the scars on his side and the muscles in his shoulders. God, it’s unfair that he hides his body like that--
“She never said your name,” Gojo says, smugly. You want to reprimand him, but you can’t speak – your throat feels dry and sore, your heart beating loudly in your ears. Gojo must be able to feel it, too, where he’s still deep inside you; the heartbeat feels like it’s reverberating all through you until you can’t think of anything else. Gojo lets you ride out the final pulses of your orgasm with his fingers buried inside you.
If you think that he’s going to pull his fingers out of you, though, you’re deeply mistaken. He lets your body stop weakly pulsating around him, and then his thumb is back to drawing circles around your clit. He knows better than to touch it straight off – but the feeling is still half-good and half-ache, more than you can handle so soon after coming so hard. Your hips wriggle beneath him, your breath coming in short gasps. He slides his fingers half-out, and then pushes them back in, already halfway to establishing a rhythm.
Oh, oh, oh. It’s so much. Gojo leans his head to kiss your neck, teeth scraping across the sensitive hollows of your throat, spending a moment to suck a lovebite into your skin that you know you’ll have to cover up tomorrow. Three fingers are inside you, and Gojo is just getting faster.
His thumb stops being so delicate and drags across your clit, leaving a trail of fiery hot pleasure. Tension coils in your gut all over again.
Too much, it’s too much, all of your body is on fire – you can’t, you can’t, you can’t--
You want him to stop. You don’t want him to stop? You’re trembling all over like a tautly pulled violin string, ready to snap. How is he going so fast? How are you taking it? Three fingers stuffed inside you and you’re ready to fall into pieces--
Nanami moves, pulling your head onto his knee as Gojo continues to fuck you open with every pump of his hand.
“C-can’t,” you whimper, arching up into Gojo’s fingers. You’re soaking wet everywhere – your brow is beading with sweat, your sex so slick that it’s a wonder those fingers don’t slip out of you with every hungry flex of Gojo’s hand. “I can’t come again, Satoru, please--”
You don’t want him to stop despite the protestation, hips still hopelessly pumping up in greedy search of friction. His thumb has not ceased the assault over your swollen clit, every brush of the digit sending shocks throughout your body. Your mouth is open to take great hungry, gasping breaths – it’s a wonder you managed to form any syllables. Nanami is bent over you with a hand stroking your hair, but there’s a hungry frustration in his gaze as he watches Gojo fuck you with his fingers.
You know that the other man wants another turn – but you’re honestly not sure if you can take it.
“Aww, don’t be like that!” Gojo chirps, and his hand gets faster, which you didn’t even realise was possible. Your fingers fist into the bedsheets below you throwing your head back, panting. “Of course you can come again, princess! You’re just about to, actually--”
You hate him for being right. The ball of tension in your stomach is so tight it’s almost painful, pulling at you from all angles ready to unravel once more. One little mean grind of Gojo’s thumb against your clit has you falling again, slick walls of your sex clamping about the three fingers buried inside you, a gush of wetness soaking him even further and making Gojo exclaim in delight.
Your chest heaves with effort. Gojo pulls his fingers out of you with a weak pop, followed by a little pour of your slick that he was plugging inside you. The white-haired man brings his fingers to his mouth, tongue darting out to taste you – he tilts his head back, savouring the taste.
“Sweet,” he tells you, with a grin. “I could get drunk on you.” He turns to Nanami with a challenge in his face. “Did I win?”
As competitive as Nanami can be sometimes, you also know that he’s willing to admit when he’s beaten. You’re expecting the younger sorcerer to sigh but ultimately agree with Gojo’s words – you’re not expecting, above you, Nanami’s face to become something that’s all fervent ruthlessness.
Nanami moves to your bedside drawer and opens the second one down. Your face grows heated. He knows what’s in there, because you’ve experimented with using them in the bedroom before – but still! Having him go in there of your own accord!
Despite the panting and the sweating and the fact that you feel like you’ve been pushed to your limit already, seeing Nanami holding the bulbous headed magic wand toy sends a jolt of arousal right to your poor swollen sex.
“That’s cheating,” Gojo says hotly, pouting as Nanami gently pushes him out of the way to settle between your thighs instead. “I win by default!”
“If you want,” Nanami says, measured. You gasp as he presses the smooth head against your clit without turning it on, the cool, smooth sensation making you squirm even without the vibrations that you know are coming. “Perhaps it would be more fun if we worked together.”
A flash goes over Gojo’s face, as he tips his head to one side in consideration.
Nanami moves the toy again, still turned off – sliding it along the wet slit of your sex, to where your opening is pulsing and fluttering to be filled by something more substantial than Gojo or Nanami’s fingers and tongues. You shudder at the bolts of heat that it sends all through you. You’ve come – what, four times? Five? Almost too many to count – but you still feel so achingly empty, you still feel as though you need to be properly held down and fucked. You’re at once overstimulated and nowhere near stimulated enough, and your hips jerk with every slow measured rub of the toy against your slit.
“You admitted it,” Gojo crows, but he watches Nanami’s slow teasing of your heated body nonetheless. “I’ll remember that. But . . . if you really think we should work together . . .”
“Alright,” Nanami says agreeably, far more entranced by you and unwilling to be pulled into Gojo’s games.
Gojo moves onto the bed, over your head. You watch him undo his pants with hazy, unfocused eyes – still too far gone to make sense of anything that’s happening around you except how good the cool head of the wand feels on all of your slick, hot folds and how your entire body is still fizzling with pleasure.
When he pulls out his cock, it’s clear to see that you’ve had an effect on him – the swollen head, all pink and slick, the pulsing shaft.
“Is that for me?” You ask, and Gojo laughs at just how out of it you still sound. He supposes that the best way to describe it is ‘cockdrunk, only you haven’t taken any cock yet’ – pleasure soaked, unreal, all satisfaction and greedy arousal.
“Do you want it?” He asks, teasingly. “I’d like to give you it, but I’ll wait until you use your words, pretty girl--”
You open your mouth to speak at the same time as Nanami flicks the switch on the toy, and whatever affirmation is about to spill out of your slack mouth is lost in the wail.
It’s too fast, too soon, against your poor clit that’s had enough stimulation for a year – and you can feel your orgasm hovering at the edge of your vision in moments. You try to clamp your legs shut to stop it being so overwhelming, but Nanami is too settled in between them.
Gojo uses the open-mouthed moan to slide the head of his cock into your open mouth, groaning as if in relief when your lips seal around it. Anything to distract you from the persistent buzzing of the toy between your thighs. Anything to stop you coming again, embarrassingly quickly--
Gojo’s hand strokes through your hair tenderly as he murmurs softly;
“Good, fuck, you feel amazing--”
Your body and heart do a flip at the praise. From the glint in Gojo’s eye, he’s remembered how well you respond to praise – and your sex clenches hungrily around nothing in response. You drag your eyes from Gojo to look at Nanami, still between your legs, his bottom lip caught between his teeth as he studies your sex and how it’s clenching and pulsing and dripping even with the toy pressed against your clit.
You can see the thick outline of his cock pressing against his slacks – but Nanami is far more focussed on your pleasure than his own right now. He’s always been better at holding himself off than Gojo is.
“Hey,” Gojo says. “Keep your eyes on me, let him do whatever he wants . . . I deserve that, for winning, huh?”
You drag your eyes back to Gojo as you keep sucking at his cock. You whine around it – and there’s Nanami again, flicking up the intensity the barest notch. You whine around the shaft, making his cock vibrate with your hums, your tongue sloppily sliding along the salty slit. “Oh, fuck – you’re gonna come again? Ha-a, guess both of us is . . . a bit much--”
You do. You come again, your back arching – Nanami grabs your waist with one hand to keep you anchored against the bed, your thighs still unable to close as a pleasure-painful orgasm is wrung out of you. You’re not going to be able to walk for a week, Gojo was right.
Somehow, there is still enough liquid in your body to soak the bed beneath you again, though you feel like after the amount that the two have brought forth from your body you ought to be a dry husk where you lay.
“Good girl,” Nanami purrs, and you’re helpless under the onslaught of him turning the toy up one more time. You can’t come again, you can’t you can’t you can’t--
And moments after the last orgasm you do, your legs shaking wildly. Nanami has the sense to pull the toy off you this time and he’s treated to the full view of your empty hole clenching around nothing. The scream of pleasure is lost to Gojo’s cock – his hips thrusting against you, the head bumping against your throat. You wish you could concentrate on anything but the fire between your legs. You’re in pieces, feeling like you’re floating through stars, not properly anchored down anywhere--
Maybe you pass out for a moment, but your tongue is still moving against the meat of Gojo’s shaft and your heart is still beating a frantic rhythm and aftershocks are still ricocheting through you when your eyes manage to refocus and you remember where you are.
“I need to--” Nanami murmurs softly, and you hear the zipper and button of his trousers. He’s almost apologetic as his cock rests at your entrance. You make a soft noise of encouragement around Gojo’s cock and Nanami seizes upon it with relief, your entrance welcoming him inside its wet, tight embrace without a fraction of resistance.
You’re still utterly overwhelmed in the best possible way, sore from coming over and over again, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to leave the two of them high and dry. You redouble your efforts on Gojo’s cock, tongue tracing line where his cock head and shaft meet and winning a groan from him. You hollow your cheeks and suck as Nanami begins to establish an even pace, the slick glide of his cock inside of you sending pleasant shivers all through your body.
Gojo’s hips chase every suck, his breath beginning to sound unsteady in his chest. His mouth is moving and you know he must be talking to you, but all you can hear is the slick wet sound of Nanami’s cock driving in and out of you and the pound of your own heart in your ears.
Gojo’s cock twitches in your mouth as the only warning before he’s coming, thick spurts down your throat. You swallow reflexively, practically sucking him dry and making Gojo groan and whisper your name like a prayer. Part of you feels smug about the heated way his voice sounds as you suck the very final shivers of his orgasm out of him, wondering if he feels even half as drunk on it as you did after all the times he’s made you come tonight.
He pulls out of your mouth in time for Nanami to grab your face and kiss you, seemingly uncaring about the fact you must still taste like Gojo. Nanami always likes to have his mouth pressed somewhere against you when he comes, almost as if he’s embarrassed of the breathy groans he makes as you push him over the edge. His hips stutter, his even strokes turning into ragged plunges of his cock into you, and you use your energy to give his lip a nip as you feel him come inside of you with weak pulses. The way that his pelvis grinds against your clit with his final thrust is enough to push you over the edge one last time, your channel throbbing feebly against his as the final, quieter orgasm washes over you like waves lapping at a seashore.
He stays there for a moment, gasping against your lips. You suppose he did wait longer than Gojo did to finally be touched, even after touching you first, and you wonder just how much he was aching to be inside of you by the time he finally got there.
You’d be willing to let him lay there forever, if he wanted to – unfortunately, that feeling is not mutual on the part of everyone in the bedroom.
Gojo clicks his tongue.
“You can’t stay there forever.” He says. “I want to cuddle.”
Of course he does. Nanami groans as he rolls off you, his softening cock popping out of you with a wet noise. You should clean up – the bed beneath you is already soaking wet, your thighs soaking and uncomfortably sticky, Nanami’s come oozing from your hole as press your thighs together. But . . . if you do stand up, you think you will just fall over. And Nanami’s chest looks inviting, perfectly positioned for you to just shift an inch or two and rest upon it . . .
Cleaning up can wait. You stifle a yawn, the bed dipping as Gojo chases the way you move towards Nanami, as if he cannot bear for there to be space between any of you.
“Do I get to decide who won?” You ask, sleepily, resting your head on Nanami’s chest as he sighs and allows it, running his fingers through your hair. Gojo grumbles, locking his arms about your waist and pressing his cheek against your bare back despite the fact you know you must be sticky with sweat. Despite the sigh, Nanami’s hand is fond, his posture all relaxed, a quiet kind of satisfaction in every line of his body.
“You’re probably the best judge,” he says.
“I thought we already decided,” Gojo whines. “Nanamin cheated--”
“I think,” you say, ignoring what Gojo is saying (which you have long learned is one of the best ways to deal with him when he gets prideful and arrogant). “You both won. Teamwork was definitely superior.”
“Hmm,” Nanami says. “You know what? I think you’re right.”
Gojo shifts, hugging you tighter, his body pressed as close to you as is humanly possible. Your bed isn’t really comfortable for all three of you to embrace like this, but in between them you can’t bring yourself to care.
“Say whatever you want to make yourself feel better,” he says, all dignity. “I definitely won.”
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