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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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what if kim settles jean & harry’s fights by working them like mini cases so his notebook is 90% homicides and 10% stuff like
the defendant (HDB) is accused of drawing dicks, and also balls, on paperwork belonging to a fellow officer (JV)
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Amber Heard’s testimony, part 8.
Day 16. Day 17. cross examination
Amber explains why Depp is not a victim of doemstic abuse.
the pictures that were shown in court: 1  2     3
Amber expalins why she didn’t seek medical treatment after Australia.
more pictures.
Amber sent pictures of Depp passed out to her friend Raquel.
Amber says she donated/pledged 7m to charities. She consider those words synonyms. Heard says: "I have not been able to fulfil those obligations yet." Heard says the reason she hasn't yet donated the full amount was because Depp sued her. She told the court: "I fully intend to honour all of my pledges. I would love for him to stop suing me so I can".
Amber agrees that their relationship started in October 2011.
The lawyer shows a knife Heard gave Depp while he was allegedly abusing her in 2012.Heard says: "I wasn't worried he was going to stab me with it that's for certain."Asked if this is the same knife she gave Depp as a present, Heard says: "This is the same knife that I gave him as a present in 2012."
The lawyer asks about the sexual assault in Australia.
Amber denies throwing a bottle at Depp and cutting his finger off.
Heard's texts read in part, "I don't know if I'll ever be able to change."
The pictures of love diary. The note reads: "I am sorry I can get crazy, I am sorry I hurt you. Like you I can get wicked when I am hurt, when I feel provoked, shattered." 
pictures:  1    2    3
 Heard testifies, "I think it's important in any relationship to apologize when you're trying to move past fights." She goes on to say, "I tried everything ... I couldn't change my relationship."
A picture of the bed. (December 2015). according to his lawyers allegedly with a knife.
She asks if Heard stopped taking drugs and alcohol amid concerns about Depp's use of substances.Heard replies: "I did not use drugs when I was with Johnny, in his presence, aside from the times I testified about with you." She asks: "So you planned to have drugs at your wedding to someone you characterise as a drug addict?"Heard replies: "To be fair we were going to have separate parties as I mentioned, so a bridal party before this. The schedule ended up changing quite a bit and this was a draft sent before, there were a lot of changes made."
Amber explains the text messages. (running away from the troubles).
Heard says that it looks to her as though the picture on the left has a vanity light while the one on the right does not.The lawyer asks: "Isn't it true you just edited these photographs?""No I have never edited a photograph," Heard says.
pictures from Bahamas December 30, 2015.
Amber says her op-ed is not about him, but about what happened after. The only person who thinks that was about johnny, was johnny.
Amber says there’s a smear campaign against her. The lawyer asks whether she has proof of it. Amber responds: Just look me up and you'll see. 
The court is now shown a tweet Amber Heard sent to Johnny Depp's lawyer in March 2021.
Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez asks Amber Heard whether she enjoys being a mother. Heard has a one-year-old girl.Heard replies: "More than anything".
Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez asks Heard: "You said on that recording you hit Mr Depp?"Heard says: "Yes."Ms Vasquez says: "You accused him of being a baby?"Heard says yes, she called him a baby after he hit her and pushed past her while she was barricading the door.We are played another piece of audio that seems to be from later in the couple's argument about the bathroom door. Ms Vasquez says: "You punched the door into his head didn't you?"Heard says she did not, but that Depp had pushed the door into her toes, hurting her, and she responded on instinct.
Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez asks why Heard roles her eyes and "sniggers" during the video. She asks: "Do you think it's funny to hit your husband in the head? Is there something amusing about punching your husband in the jaw?"Heard says no, there is nothing funny about that, but says she was sat with a large group of lawyers at the time, who she says were rolling their eyes at her and laughing. (but that’s okay for Depp smiling, smirking, being rude to the lawyer, gotcha!)
Heard says no, as she was not the one who had leaked the scoop on her divorce, going on to say: "If I had wanted to leak things about Johnny, I could have done it in a much more successful way, a bigger way over the years."
Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez refers us to an article in which it is claimed Heard assaulted Ms van Ree at a Seattle airport in 2009. Ms Vasquez says this shows Depp is not the first partner she has assaulted.Heard says the article, which claims Heard "struck" her then-girlfriend, "was planted after I got a restraining order against Johnny". She says it is another example of what she calls "the smear campaign" she claims Depp and his team launched against her after she filed for divorce.Heard goes on to say: "I've never assaulted Mr Depp or anyone else I've been romantically linked to, ever."
the redirect:
Heard says she saw an ear, nose and throat specialist in 2016/2017, and says she has "a significant amount of trouble breathing at night". She tells the court: "I have been putting off getting surgery for it."
Bredehoft asks Heard why she believes Depp cannot look at her. Heard: Because he's guilty. He knows he's lying. Why can't he look at me? I survived that man and i'm here and I'm able to look at him.
the end!
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Hi! i see your requests are open, i was wondering if you can do some timothee angst? anything would be fine, maybe he ir i are jealous about something?
idk if this is super angsty but i hope you like it!! i might start including more celeb cameos in my famous!reader fics
also i ended this suddenly bc this was supposed to be a short blurb and it was getting long, maybe i’ll do a part two
Tumblr media
“Babe, are you ready to leave? I have to make it in time for soundcheck and rehearsals before people start arriving.” you spoke distractedly, calling out to Timmy from the kitchen downstairs.
Timothée had travelled with you all around the world during your tour, and tonight was the final show. It was your first time performing at Madison Square Garden and you were opening for your best friend, Harry Styles.
Timothée absentmindedly yelled a response as he sat on your shared bed, his eyes glued to his phone while he watched one of your interviews from years ago, long before you met him. He can’t remember how many times he’s watched it now, but here he was, etching it into his brain once again.
“And Harry I’m so excited that you’re here—and apparently you are also excited?” James spoke as Harry scratched the back of his head and nodded sheepishly.
“No, yeah—I am, I wanted to thank you, for this tonight.” he told James completely seriously as he reached over to his right and grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers as the crowd cheered loudly. You played along and nodded gratefully. “It’s just, you’re so kind.”
(IYKYK LOL, this is from a sebastian stan interview)
“Hang on, are we witnessing the start of something here?” James inquired, an amused yet surprised smile forming on his lips as Harry stared at you.
“Well, we should probably talk about this later, but we’ve been wanting to meet for a while.” Harry grinned and sat up a bit straighter, “No, I am geeking out a bit because, um, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while,” Harry shifted his head to face you again, “for probably around ten years, but I feel like I’ve seen you all my life, and here you are in person and you look so great.”
The crowd went wild as you laughed bashfully, covering your mouth with your hand to muffle your giggles while James slapped his hand to his knee and laughed at Harry in shock, “You’re ridiculous, you’re fully going for it! I love it, this is exceptional!”
“I was just gonna say there’s hope yet for us.”
That’s how your friendship with Harry began. You kept in touch and built a strong, playful bond. Although you and Harry played up your flirting in public during interviews for the fans, you never became anything more than friends, and neither of you ever tried anything on the other.
You and Harry even started helping each other write music. You both had featured in each other’s albums and everyone loved your friendship. Some fans even shipped you. The public as a whole assumed that you and Harry were in a relationship, so when you went public with Timothée, the internet went insane.
He tried to not let the articles and tweets get to him, but it was extremely hard for him when the whole world seemed to prefer you with another man.
Y/N looks so much better with Harry than Timothée.
Harry & Y/N forever. That homewrecking a*shole Timothée Chalamet can go f*ck a peach.
Y/N can do so much better. Better—meaning Harry, and only Harry. They’re so in love and you can see it in their eyes, try and tell me I’m lying, you can’t—
Those were the latest, nicest comments Timothée could find under your most recent Instagram post, a picture you uploaded of Timothée kissing your cheek as you smiled bashfully with your eyes closed.
His eyebrows furrowed together in a tight line as he continued to watch the old video, tying his shoes to stop himself from ripping open the pillow or throwing his phone at the wall. It’s safe to say he had a little jealousy problem.
“God, you’re really sticking with this, aren’t you?”
Harry shrugged and raised his hands up, “why not? This is the time!”
Timothée pressed his phone to move to a different part of the interview. He pressed play again once he saw you beginning to talk back to Harry and his eyes bored into his screen.
“Okay but you are pretty cute, I will throw that out there.” you admitted and jokingly grabbed Harry’s thigh. Harry’s eyes beamed with delight as his eyes flickered from your hand on his thigh back to your face.
“Just for that, I can assure you all the love songs I write for the next five years will be about you.” Harry joked and placed his hand over yours.
“Harry, you cheeky bloke, I’ve known you for years and you’ve never been this bold? How would Harry Styles go about asking the Y/N L/N out on a date?”
“Kind of like this,” Harry made a swift move to bring his arm around you behind the couch and crossed his leg smoothly as he leaned in closer to you and showed off his dazzling blue eyes, sending you a smile that would make any person—including you—swoon.
He didn’t even have to say anything, he had you under his trance in an instant, just like magic. “Would you bite me in the neck.” you stated—not asked—seriously, making Harry’s eyes widen like saucers.
He exhaled loudly as he took a glance towards the audience, “oh my god.” he practically fanboyed before leaning in extremely close to you and tilting his head to place a kiss to the side of your neck before pulling away quickly, both of you laughing loudly as the audience practically screamed.
Timothée had to stop watching, if he let the interview play for any longer, surely he’d end up breaking something. You called for him again, snapping him out of his thoughts as he made his way downstairs.
“You good?” you asked him curiously, watching as he practically trudged towards you. Timothée was surprised that you noticed his change in mood, you never picked up on his mood swings whenever he was feeling this way. That was unless, he lashed out on you. But that was before. Now, you’ve seemed to ease up on him, and he hadn’t done it since.
He couldn’t blame you for not noticing either. You’d been on tour with Harry for almost six months now. Although Timothée insisted he’d come along with you on the road, that didn’t change the fact that you were still extremely busy—with Harry.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s get going, hm? Don’t want you to be late.” Timothée snatched his keys off the kitchen counter and moved towards the front door, making sure to press a kiss to your neck—right on the spot where Harry had several years ago—possessively before passing you.
Timothée loved watching you sing on stage. It didn’t matter if you had an audience or if you were just making sure that the microphones worked properly, you were fascinating and brilliant.
He stood in front of the stage in front of the metal bars that blocked fans from passing as he watched you rehearse your songs and choreo. Even while you were moving around and doing difficult choreography, you still managed to sound like an angel.
You finished up your song and right when Timothée was about to jump on stage to compliment you and give you a hug—a tradition, something he’d do after every single one of your rehearsals—Harry appeared from the side of the stage and ran towards you, stealing your attention.
“Darling, that was amazing!” Harry cheered excitedly, leaning in to hug your slightly sweaty body. You chuckled breathlessly and nodded at Harry.
“Thank god—I thought I’d never get that choreo down.” Timothée watched with intrigued eyes, envy swirling through his hazel irises as he watched Harry interact with you. He could feel his jaw clench instinctively as he balled one of his hands into a fist.
“Well you and your dancers are on point—I could never dance and sing like you do. You’re truly brilliant.”
Before Harry could continue sweet talking you, Timothée jumped onto the stage and jogged over to you, placing his hand on your lower back as he flashed a fake smile towards the british singer.
“Hey, ma chérie,” Timothée flaunted his french accent that he knew you swooned for, “you looked stunning up there. Like a goddess.”
You laughed shyly at his compliment, tilting your head to press a kiss to Timothée’s cheek but he made a last minute move by moving his lips in front of yours, kissing you deeply in front of Harry.
You pulled away stunned a few seconds later, you opened your eyes and Harry was no longer in front of you both. “Tim, what was that?” You weren’t mad, but you were a little confused. Timmy wasn’t big on PDA. At least not when there were people watching or so close to you.
“Hmm? Can’t kiss my girl?” Timothée pondered aloud in a teasing manner. You rolled your eyes and nudged his shoulder with yours.
“No, I liked it. You know I love your kisses, but you’re being a bit more.. touchy than usual.” you smoothed your hands up from his chest to loop around his neck, “you okay?”
Timothée brushed off your comment with ease and leaned in to press a shorter kiss with the same amount of passion to your lips and swatting your butt lightly when nobody was watching before letting you carry on with work.
Before the concert, you had outfit fittings and photo ops to attend to, but it was kind of hard to stay focused when your mind kept wandering back to Timothée and the unusual stunt he pulled.
“I don’t think your boyfriend likes me very much.” Harry startled you as he joined in to take some photos before the fans were allowed inside the room.
You furrowed your eyebrows at Harry’s reflection through the small mirror that was hung against the concrete wall as you touched up your lip gloss, “What makes you say that?”
He shrugged and adjusted his top, “I don’t know, maybe it’s the way he tried to eat your face off in front of me?” he inquired sarcastically, sending you a sickeningly sweet smile.
You placed the lip gloss applicator back into the clear tube and turned to meet Harry’s eyes. “That was weird, right? I was wondering about that.”
Harry chuckled and shook his head, “I would’ve done the same thing. Maybe with a little less tongue though,” he joked, shrugging and nudging your shoulder as you continued to stare at him in confusion, “you don’t see it? He’s jealous.”
And that’s when it all hit you.
Timothée wasn’t possessive in a toxic way, at least not at first. But he would get jealous quite often. His green, envious side started showing a couple months into your relationship. It started reasonably, you had to admit you would also get jealous from time to time whenever a female costar or a fan got a little too handsy with your boyfriend. But then, Timothée’s insecurity and jealous behavior started becoming exhausting and impulsive.
You would be shopping together and occasionally you would head up to check out without Timothée, and when he caught up he would immediately send daggers towards the poor cashier, who hadn’t even done so much as speak to you as he rung up all the items. He would pull you in close and stare down the cashier until you paid.
If a waiter at a restaurant handed you the check with so much as a polite look, Timothée would interpret it as them being flirty and without fail, it would cause another argument between the two of you.
You grew tired of it, and you nearly called it quits with Timothée. But then, he swore that he wouldn’t get obsessed with his jealousy anymore. And surprisingly, Timothée had held up to his promise.
He hadn’t been crazy jealous since, and even if he did, he wouldn’t let it affect him or act on it, he wouldn’t lash out on the person or release his anger through an argument with you.
Until now.
“Oh.” you gaped and stared at Harry blankly, whose eyes shone with concern and a small bit of amusement.
“You okay?” Harry inquired, tilting his head as he towered over you, even in your heels. You recovered quickly, fixing your posture and standing up straighter as you put a smile on your face, nodding up at him.
Harry nodded and continued, “yeah, I thought you surely would’ve already noticed it. He’s been like this since the beginning of tour! Just a bit more noticeable now that we’re at the end,” he chuckled, unaware of the gears turning in your brain, “it’s probably why he took such a long break from work to join you on tour, to make sure no funny business goes on.”
Harry’s words were completely playful and joking, but it made you come to the realization that nothing had changed. Timothée was still the same person from years ago.
And it was only proven when Timothée snuck up behind you and pulled you by the waist into his chest, almost making you lose your balance in your heels.
“Hey, babe,” Timothée spoke up and pressed a large, noisy kiss to your cheek. His face was angled in a way where you could tell that he was staring at Harry the entire time. You could already imagine the smug, snarky look on his face as he held you close, “whatcha guys talking about?”
You sent Harry a pleading look and he seemed to take notice of it, quickly mustering up an answer before you could. Timothée rested his chin against your shoulder as he listened to Harry suspiciously. Timothée hummed in response to Harry’s short response and the crew members started swarming the three of you, calling you to the photo op room.
“I’ll be there, just give me a second with my boyfriend, please.” you promised, sending the person a polite smile. She didn’t seem pleased but nodded anyway, scoffing silently to herself as she left to tend to something else.
Harry sent you a quick look and a wink to say ‘good luck’ before treading over to his mark, leaving you to deal with Timothée, who was staring back at you expectantly when you turned around in his grip to meet his eyes. “Is there something you needed to tell me?”
This was your chance. You didn’t have enough time to plan how you were going to approach the situation with Timothée. You weren’t even sure how you were feeling. You recognized the first waves of anger, confusion, and shock by your sudden realization earlier, but now that you were in front of your boyfriend, it was like you were speechless. All of your emotions were attempting to grab the wheel and take over.
Instead of automatically accusing him of anything, you decided to step up and ask him, internally hoping that he wouldn’t lash out at you.
“Timmy, have you been jealous recently?” you inquired, fumbling with the hem of your outfit as you awaited his response and prepared yourself for what was to come.
His eyebrows raised and furrowed together. “Jealous? Of who?” his eyes shifted across the backstage floor and landed on Harry, who was talking to one of the photographers, “Harry?” Timothée scoffed and subconsciously tightened his grip on your waist.
He was hoping you wouldn’t notice, but you did.
“No, I—maybe.. yeah.” Timothée sighed and dropped his forehead onto your shoulder, disappointed with himself. “I just, I don’t know. You’re mine.”
He must’ve thought that would’ve make you melt in his arms and forgive him. It didn’t. “That’s why you decided to take a break from acting during the tour, huh? It wasn’t because you wanted to spend more time with me, it was because you didn’t trust me to be around Harry!”
“Well I wouldn’t have had to follow you around the world if you weren’t so clueless and close to him!” Timothée raised his voice, catching the attention of some of the people frantically walking around.
You ripped away from his grip and took two steps back, staring at him with hurt and shock in your eyes. “I can’t believe we’re doing this again.” you whined exasperatedly, rubbing your temples as you stared at Timothée hopelessly.
“Excuse me, Ms. L/N.” one of the crew members called, snapping the two of you out of your intense glares. “You have to be on your mark now. We still need to start letting in the first batch of people and you’ve got to be over there in two minutes.”
You widened your eyes and nodded, brushing your hair behind your shoulders. The crew member began to lead you over to your mark by Harry, craning your neck at an angle where you could see Timothée’s face, filled with an envy that was all too familiar.
“We’re talking about this later.” you called out to him.
“Can’t wait.” he yelled back sarcastically, raising his arms sluggishly in the air. A member of the crew came up to him and began leading him across the opposite side of the floor, over to the gated pit, where he would be watching you perform with Harry for the next two and a half hours while he waited for your inevitable argument.
All this time Timothée had been waiting for this tour to be over, but now, he really didn’t want it to end. He would rather have the concert, you singing with Harry and acting so flirtatiously on stage than have it end and continue the discussion that with no doubt drop the curtain on your relationship.
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So i’ve been blocked by op but I still wanted to get my reply out there about how « orihime was afraid of ichigo » and how « there can’t be love with fear » because once again I am astonished at the way the ichiruki fandom thinks.
I mean the situation is the following :
Girl is in love with boy.
Girl has a trauma about her brother turning into a hollow and trying to kill her.
Girl sees boy she loves turn into a hollow.
Girl fears FOR boy that he lost himself to his hollow the way his brother did.
Girl is reminded that boy is fighting for her.
Girl gets over her fears despite her trauma and makes boy understand she supports him no matter what.
Boy wins fight.
Boy and girl have shared a trial and come through and are now closer and more intimate because of it.
I mean it’s CLASSIC STORYTELLING. The protagonist have got to have conflict and resolve those conflict in order for it to be a story!
Like that one tweet said « Every story cannot be a 15k+ cofee shop AU »
Conflict is good. Conflict is what makes the story what it is. If the characters are always of the same mind there are not characters they are caricatures.
You cannot chose to take the conflict and ignore the conflict resolution when analyzing a story. You CANNOT chose to point that orihime was afraid of ichigo’s hollow form and ignore that orihime overcame her fears and that ichigo won the fight because she encouraged him to.
Without orihime fearing ichigo, ichigo would not have his ass handed to him by grimmjow which would have make for a lame ass fight.
Without orihime encouraging ichigo he would not have gotten the final powerup needed to beat grimmjow
Ichigo would not have felt apprehension, nor pain nor doubt nor relief nor love during this fight . He would just have clashed swords.
Without Ichigo being affected by this reaction of orihime there would be no story.
So instead of stopping at « oh my god orihime is afraid of ichigo what a terrible person » why don’t you push it a little further.
Ask yourself why she’s afraid. Ask yourself why ichigo is SO AFFECTED by her reaction.
Analyze the whole scene. And maybe then you won’t bitch so much about how « ichihime makes no sense »
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marzipanandminutiae · 14 days ago
I am also pretty sure it means "credit scores" and I agree, some people are stupid enough to think it means "all forms of credit". You are really preoccupied with misinformation on the internet though. It's... kind of a losing battle. You might be happier if you just let idiots be idiots and stop trying to be Snopes yourself.
I mean, here's the thing:
I work in museum interpretation/education, so this is literally my job offline. And it's the sort of job people get into for reasons like Feeling Strongly About It, since the pay is laughable and the public appreciation minimal.
It may be a losing battle, but I've had multiple people tell me that they appreciate the fact-checking and that it's helped them learn to dig further into historical information they see online before believing it. Which is a massive incentive for me to keep doing it.
I don't think it's stupid to take the tweet at face value. The person said "credit started in 1989," and so many institutions associated with American capitalism ARE relatively recent. It's unfortunately a somewhat plausible statement. I think the Twitter OP was being rather unreasonable to (as I've heard) come back with "HOW could you NOT KNOW I meant CREDIT SCORES?!" or similar.
If they meant "credit scores," they could take five seconds to type the extra word, or not get pissy when they were misconstrued. The fault rests squarely with them, to my mind, not with the people who took them at their word.
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i'm so excited about you taking asks again ahhhh okay so. if you'd absolutely had to choose. what would be your top 5 cockles moments, and why? thank you ily <3
here’s the thing: there are so many routes i could go down with this, because cockles moments come in all shapes and sizes and formats. these include moments from their panels, their bloopers, the footage we get when they don’t even know they’re being recorded, stories being passed down from photo ops & autographs(one of my personal favorite ways to get cockles, tbh, because they’re all insane), and social media(tweets to each other, instagram posts & comments, etc.). 
SO! since many a list like this has already been made, and i want to stand out from the crowd, what i’m gonna do is definitively give the number one spot to each of these five categories.(i might even throw in honourable mentions because they’re so despicably in love that they warrant that. i really put my whole pussy into this, guys, i hope you’re happy.) 
disclaimer: these are my own personal opinions. but that also means i’m right. so. enjoy. 
number one: top cockles panel moment
so we’re starting off with a bang, because how do you even BEGIN to rank what atrocities jensen and misha commit at jibcon. every single one they’ve had is damning in it’s own right, for different reasons.
however, considering just how much unabashed fuckery they’ve given us to sift through, it’s a good thing i do have a personal favorite despite it all. it’s heartwarming, the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen, AND it’s jarringly cinematic - mainly because it has a whole ass arc to it that was years in the making. it might even be surprising to some people, but my favorite cockles panel moment, and what i consider the one that encompasses their entire gut-wrenching journey from 2008-2013 in the most sweepingly romantic gesture possible, is this one.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i want this burned into my retinas. i am not even joking. when i'm through with my explanation, let me convince you why this is thee most romantic cockles moment of all time.
first, some history: people call this the resume off, but many seem to forget the botched attempt at a resume off a year prior. and yes, you guessed it: it's during their break up. it's a juicy time period for a reason, guys. it came across as exceedingly one-sided and VERY awkward. let me refresh your memory as to just how bad it was, and just how hard jensen was trying and ultimately failing at winning misha over: the funniest part of the whole resume off in 2013??? every joke/bit had literally already been made/done. they were just going through the motions again, but the difference THIS time...is that misha reciprocated jensen's energy. it. is. fascinating. i want to get into it more detail in another post, and i'll link it here when i'm done, but the main takeaway, i think, and the main difference that showcases how much they've grown in a year, is that in jib 3, misha flat out refused to do an accent, and this time around, he indulges jensen for literal minutes. when i tell you they're crazy, they're crazy. i can't wait to actually dive into it later.
ANYWAY, the resume off culminates in this moment here. and, like, a million things happen in this gifset. actually, more like a million and one. the music starts playingneediremindyouthatthesongissingingintherain(h e l p), misha starts dancing, jensen 'perpetually fake grumpy' ackles lets misha think he's not going to join, misha sits down defeated, but no!!! that was jensen's plan all along(look at his stupid fucking smirk) and he offers his arm to his dance partner who immediately grins like a fool, jensen then leads misha into their kick step, they perfectly synchronise and let loose, and are then very clearly having the time of their lives, hanging off of each other with joy and ease. from their expressions alone i can tell that this moment is so. so. so. so! much more than what initially meets the eye. i mean-misha is fighting back the biggest smile i've ever seen. to me, it reads like jensen is offering something to misha, something that misha kind of gave up on expecting, and him offering his arm like that is like, a surprise to him in the best possible way(and it's so not platonic, let me just say that.) as soon as jensen did that, it ushered in a new era of cockles. this panel is jensen and misha's favourite for a reason, and i think this moment is the biggest clue as to why.
whew!!! ok. that took a lot out of me and that was only point one. moving on,
number two: top cockles blooper moment
cockles bloopers hold an extremely special place in my heart, because it shows just how fucking disastrous jensen and misha are. they are so goddamn infatuated with each other that they HOLD UP PRODUCTION ALL THE TIME TO FLIRT WITH EACH OTHER(???). let me repeat. let it sink in. jensen ackles; arguably one of the most professional actors on that show who puts everything he has into each scene, with mountains and mountains of notes to prove it: would rather hold up production to flirt with misha collins. this sounds fake. it's not. he does it. all. the. time. and here's the thing guys!!! i'm gonna let you in on a secret!!! misha loves it. he loveesssss it. on top of that-misha collins: overlooked because he's pranked and people assume he's unprofessional as well, but his only pranks are in retaliation/off-set, and he rarely if EVER causes problems if he can help it....lets himself get carried away when it comes to jensen making kissy faces at him!!! are you actually kidding me!!! i mean. misha. it's just a face. you've seen it a million times. i don't buy that it triggers something in you that strongly....you like it, and you like jensen's reaction. you can't fool me!!! lisa berry's face in that one gifset shows just how fed up the crew is with their gross, coupley boyfriend antics.
i could pull up so many examples. sooooooo many. but my favourite was sealed since the moment i saw it.
Tumblr media
i actually already wrote an analysis on it but i can't find it :(((( which SUCKS because i really unpacked the whole thing. i'll try to summarise.
basically, a backstory is part of this too!!! jensen and misha both had a really really hard time with this scene(because it's explicitly romantic there i said it), they sat down for hours and poured over their scripts together, they were super super nervous going into filming, both of them, jensen especially, were super hard on themselves for their performances not being true to their characters but they both complimented the other's work(boyfriend moments fr). so, yeah. they weren't confident going into shooting. and how do they get themselves to feel better???? by cuddling each other, apparently.
a lot. a LOT. happens in this specific blooper. to the point that i saw it years before i knew about cockles and it raised all sorts of flags for me.
1) stop pulling my face towards your crotch(as a thinly veiled request that misha would, in fact, move jensen's face towards his crotch, considering it was jensen moving himself there in the first place. also, why so comfy down there guys???) 2) you're my baby daddy i know(in the most intimate voice i've ever heard please) 3) i know, i know, i love you too i didn't say i love you i know but you wanted to say it etc. misha's right, of course. that's what jensen meant.
it just reeks of comfort, familiarity and intimacy between the two, and it's a moment that is extremely sweet and silly at the same time. they're so <3
number three: top cockles found footage moment
WONDERFUL category. truly the culmination of the cockles experience. many people have said that shipping cockles doesn't work because 'they're just onstage you dummies!! they're playing it up for the audience!!!' here's the thing, love. i could not disagree with you more. once you climb your way up the cockles ladder, you soon learn that they are, in fact, playing their dynamic DOWN, not up. they really are just Like That™, and they could not care less about the paying audience, if we're being honest, considering how much time they take to giggle with each other and refuse to let the audience in on the joke. and i love them for it <3
anyway, my point is that this category is for all you naysayers out there, all you 'jensen and misha's relationship is just for show and is real life queerbaiting'(?????lordhelp???) oh yeah? ok, explain this.
Tumblr media
he. he. he calls jensen sweetheart. literally enough said. there's nothing to really add here, except, misha and jared then immediately engage in damage control. jared's method is distraction and misha's is retconning('get out of the car, dude') this was what got me to buy into the cockles dumpster for GOOD good. you don't call your buddy sweetheart accidentally and sound so completely earnest while doing it! especially not when that buddy is jensen ackles!!! you think he would let any of his friends call him that? do you?
one more thing; if it was a slip of the tongue, little mouth thing or whatever, you think jared wouldn't have jumped on it immediately??? i can hear it now. 'did you just call him SWEETHEART???' yeah. that's what i thought. you know why he didn't? because it was too revealing.
number four: top cockles autograph moment
i mean, i think we all know what it's gonna be, and if you don't, well, do i have the piece de cockles resistance that is gonna send you over the edge.
if you haven't heard of this story by now, as a cockles, truther, i'm gonna go ahead and get you to read it, because there is no possible heterosexual explanation for any of it, and you're fooling yourself if you think otherwise.
spoiler alert: it's the story where phones weren't allowed in an auto session, jensen nuzzles himself in misha's hair, leans his full body weight onto him, holds his hand, etc. etc. i'm imploding just repeating this back, actually. also, just, the sheer amount of stories from photo ops where they tackle hug each other or slap each other's asses or sing romantic songs to each other or almost kiss is, frankly, a lot. if i could wish for anything, it would be to witness them in person.
and finally,
number five: top cockles social media moment
this one is super difficult, because there's obviously a lot to choose from. but you know what? full send, i'm going with this one:
Tumblr media
i just. what to say about this. how often do misha and jensen watch sunsets together for it to qualify as ‘always’ ??? why are sunsets synonymous with their relationship??? that’s like??? a very romantic thing????? ‘this guy’??? the fact that it’s a CANDID??? i don’t know guys.
that could have been better but i am TIRED so. there you go rose ily
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l + ratio + you're an abled person refusing to draw mobility aids and then pulling the "some disabled people are fine with it card" so. go think about why you as an abled person are so eager to draw disabled characters without their aids (before anyone says anything I am literally a physically disabled person who has difficulty walking)
I chose to stop responding publicly to asks related to the topic, but since this one is a negative one, it needs to be addressed.
Where did I ever say that? I never spoke on their behalf, not even once. I let them give their own opinion on the matter and they did. I literally said that it wasn’t my place to give my opinion on the disability topic and how it should be handled in medias. I’m not pulling any card, it’s called listening to the concerned people, and the majority voiced their point of view. Why would their opinions matter less than your own? Like Op on Twitter who blocked and insulted every other disabled person that weren’t agreeing with them under their little tweet? You can’t preach for tolerance and acceptance if you insult people on their disabilities yourself. Ah let me guess: since they’re themselves disabled, they have the right to be insulting towards other disabled persons. How convenient. Not at all hypocrisy at its finest.
Back to Viktor’s topic, I would have been thinking about it, and would have made a mea culpa if your allegations were true. « Refusing to draw mobility aids » wtf are you talking about, do I ever said that I do not want to draw them?? You’re twisting my words just to fit your agenda, and it’s fucking petty. I refer you to my response to the other anon.
Anyway, this is the last time I will respond publicly to an ask concerning this issue, may it be supportive or accusatory. I will answer them in private now, it’s been 2 days and I’m tired to keep bringing negativity and drama in people’s feed. As usual, huge thanks to people who took their time to give their support, and If you want to express your disagreement with me, come talk about it by private message or by anon ask that will answer privately. I do not block, and I will listen to anything you have to say, as long as it is respectfully made.
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bundibird · a year ago
Hey I know you’re a big spn fan and I tried looking it up but couldn’t find anything so I thought maybe you might know. I use to be in the fandom but quit forever ago, I’m watching the J2 thing rn and I’ve seen some posts theorizing that maybe they fell out because of deancas and Jensen supporting it but Jared not? I am confused because it seemed like way back when in the fandom Jensen came off as being kind of homophobic/uncomfortable with the idea of a non straight character, has he like changed his mind or something?
Oh yeah, Jensen's come a LONNNG way from where he used to be. He used to be really uncomfortable with the concept of destiel and really defensive, but in recent years he's had a significant change of heart. He's always been really supportive of LGBT+ folks (soooo many one on one stories of queer fans meeting him and him being super supportive, delightedly doing photo ops with various queer flags, etc) but he DIDNT like the concept of destiel. But more recently he's been much more openly supportive of the LGBT community -- including a recent comment on Danneel's pro-LGBT insta post where he said he's holding up the rainbow in spirit -- and more on board with destiel too.
They didn't want to go through with canon gay cas unless jackles was on board with it, and he VERY much was, apparently. Its also the only part of the end of the show that he's spoken about with happiness and pride. He's sooo proud of the confession scene and how much love went into it and what it meant for fans. Plus, he's made references to destiel and various pro-destiel comments, like when someone asked jared at a con what he thought of Sam/Cas as a ship, and jared was like "absolutely not. Sam has much better taste than to be interested in cas," and Jensen replied with "Dean has no taste, clearly," as in "Sam might not be into cas, but dean very much is." So, yeah, he's come a long way from the dude who was wildly uncomfortable with destiel. It appears that he's pretty on board with it now.
The j2 fallout theory is less about destiel and more about the end of the show overall. Jensen made no secret of the fact that he didnt like the finale and was basically forced into it. Jared, on the other hand, really did like the finale, and has been really public about thinking it was great.
The fallout theory suspects that they fell out over the direction the finale went in. Jensen made it clear before the finale that he thinks dean should get to retire and that killing him would be reductive and a tragedy.... but then killing him off is exactly what they did. Jen has been open and frank about struggling with it and Kripke having to "talk him into it," and there have also been comments that imply that he tried to talk it through with people and was basically told to shut the fuck up and do his job, which is to act the lines he's given, not to have opinions on the character or story.
Jen and JPad were pretty active on each other's social medias before filming wrapped, as were their wives, both active on their hubby's friend's pages and also each others. But the day filming for spn wrapped is pretty much the day the social media interactions stopped. None of the 4 of them were liking each other's tweets or instagram posts anymore, when previously they almost always did, and also, the Ackles literally packed up and moved across the country, when previously they lived really close to the Padaleckis and saw them often.
Pretty much the only social media interaction they've had since filming wrapped was Jensen wishing jared luck with the premiere of his new show - a post which jared neither liked nor responded to.
But there's been nothing concrete, til now, with this whole shitstorm. All the other stuff could be waved away -- people are busy, theyre probably not spending as much time on social media, they have each other's phone numbers so they're likely interacting privately instead of in a public forum. There was also the J2 panel a month or two ago where they seemed to be perfectly comfortable with each other and happy to have the opportunity to do a virtual con together.
But now all this has dropped, and --- I dont think you can slice "jared didnt hear anything about the prequel plans until he saw the announcement on twitter; an announcement to which he passively aggressively responded to" in any way that doesnt come to a J2 fallout confirmation.
What happened between them? We dont know. We can only guess, really. But I think that Jensen hated the finale and was being vocal about it, and Jared, who had Walker already in the pipeline with the same network that employed him for the last 15 years, was very PRO the sam-centric finale, and they disagreed over that, and its all gotten bigger and bigger since.
There also seem to be some personal and political differences that may have contributed, but again, no one but them knows anything for certain. It's just speculation and wondering on our part. But yeah it looks like the fallout theory was correct in the fallout part, at least, even if not the cause.
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nika324 · a month ago
Tumblr media
My non-QOTS babes said I have to stop tweeting about the show and move on so I guess I’ll start spamming y’all here. 😂🥹
Thinking out loud…
My thoughts. ⚠️
Reddit is a fucking cesspool and I promised myself a while ago I’d stay off of it. But no… here I am. 🤡 Pissed at 10pm. I’ve talked about this here briefly and on A03, regarding Teresa trading in Dumas and how she can actually quite literally rot for it. From 0503 to 0506, I called her every name under the sun. (Will continue to do so. 😌) Never in my life did I think it’d come to that. Anyways. (I was fake mad for awhile) Skksks. What I’m actually annoyed with is I’ve seen two recent posts on Reddit plus quite a few on Twitter, mainly black ppl, expressing how disappointed they were with Tere/Marcel. What is pissing me off is the fact that there are people who think that one, they can explain this and two, they can explain this away to black people. Be very clear, this is a storyline that shouldn’t have happened, especially in this racial climate. Epi 0502 showed the judge accepting kickbacks to incarcerate mainly Minorities. How insane to write an epi like that that touches on this very realistic issue then turn around & have a WOC throw an innocent dark skin black man in jail? (Studies show that darker skin ppl receive harsher prison sentences than those of lighter skin.) THEN have her bring him money like she’s some White Savior? The optics of that is crazyyy. So my beef is not even with the character, it’s with the writers for this shit. I was tweeting about this while watching live and ✨certain✨ ppl were attempting to tell me “it wasn’t about race” and “what If Marcel wasn’t black then what?” We not gonna play a game of What If, we gonna talk about what’s on the TV right now. It is about race when there’s an interview from Alice pre season 5 saying the judge brings this racial element and that Dailyn & Ben created the character before the BLM movement and she said “I'm really proud that what we discuss in season 5 amplifies this important conversation." Alice said. (Btw, I’m not dragging Alice & this is not on her. I’m just trying to make it more obvious for ppl.) Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but stop speaking over minorities, specifically black people, is what I’m trying to say. A simple “Hm. I can see how you’d feel that way” goes a long way. To have that one BTS person on Reddit respond to the OP & say “keep watching” as if anything made up for what Tere did to Marcel? I’m annoyed. Remember: it costs $0.00 to shut up sometimes. * Completely separate but since I’m talking about social media, I’m also recalling how Dailyn pissed me off last year. Someone tweeted a celebratory tweet ahead of 05x09’s love scene. Another person found it, tweeted it to Dailyn with the caption of something like “Thank you Dailyn for always showing Teresa in respectable positions of power and not just on her back.” Dailyn & Barry interacted with that tweet. That’s sooo problematic. Anyway. Sometimes I wish I never got this heavily involved in the fandom shit bc this is the annoying side of it. 😭(obvi not anyone here lol)
At the old age of 27 😂, I’m too old to be starting arguments online with ppl but these two issues? Whew!
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mmarkle · 5 months ago
Thank you!! I didn’t know how to articulate the global Britishness vibes I was getting in that Sun op-Ed.
And sorry to my British friends but I wonder when they’ll realize the UK is seen as a joke on the world stage now. like,, even FIFA ain’t fucking with England, and they’ll take money from any ol dictator. That’s bad.. really bad for them lol
It’s like British commentators and people in power are still clinging onto when Britain had actual power and relevancy… that stopped a while ago. Dreaming of Churchill waking up from the dead if they had their way.
The ones with sense (aka, pretty much anyone who didn't vote for Brexit) are pretty aware of how the UK — England, mostly — look on the world stage. I do feel terribly for those people because they don't deserve what's happening to them and they don't deserve the politicians who currently represent them. They didn't deserve to be dragged out of the EU over David Cameron's stupid, performative gesture that changed the direction of British history, seemingly for the worse, and they don't deserve what's coming (or what's already transpired). Still, all of my European friends call them the America of Europe and as an American I couldn't agree more. That's a brutal, and accurate, assessment, even if they do have the NHS and less guns. They think they're superior to us. They are not.
Alongside the white nationalism and almost unique sense of superiority that they have, I think another piece of the puzzle is that they likely never saw the end of their empire coming, and how do you come to terms with something you never saw as a possibility?
Disclaimer: My thoughts below do not mean that I believe that American hegemony is a good thing or something that we have earned or deserve, I am simply stating (often unfortunate) facts.
As a citizen of a superpower now, I have a very hard time seeing a world where the US isn't still a major player in at least a handful of things. Even during the Trump administration, which saw our national reputation and trust from allies plummet from the high of the Obama years, governments around the world still waited with bated breath for Trump's next tweet, policies that were implemented here still had far-reaching effects beyond our borders, and our media dominance continued with no gaps, and continues to this day. (This global dominance, by the way, is the #1 reason why the British Royal Family is keen on improving their approval in the States, because it goes beyond wanting the adulation from Americans, and into the fact that if you're famous and well-liked in the US, that spreads across the globe. The US and our media acts as a platform for people to reach the far corners of the rest of the world).
The same cannot be said for the UK on most things at this point and I think they're still having a very hard time accepting that their "golden years" (to nobody but themselves) are over. They lost Churchill and Thatcher and they slowly lost their empire as their colonies gained their independence (which have since been refashioned in to the "Commonwealth" which they now claim has nothing to do with racism or colonialism and simply appeared out of nowhere). They seem, in my opinion, to have always sort of loathed their EU membership and are now dead-set on going it alone via "Global Britain" (which is not, and will never again be, a thing).
It's also always seemed quite obvious to me that they cling to this "special relationship" between the US and UK as a sort of coat-riding endeavor. Yes, we have history, but the UK, especially at this point, is not our closest ally, despite what they may think. They are an important ally, but not more than France or Germany. And then we have Canada to the north of us and Mexico to the south. And with the UK out of the EU, Ireland — which the US, with a large Irish diaspora — is quite close to, is quickly becoming our English-language link to the EU in the way the UK was before. At this point I think their memberships in the G7, G20, and NATO are what keep them relevant. If not for those groups (which many of the same people who go on about "Global Britain" hate) I fell like the UK would be... largely irrelevant.
There is no global British hegemony. Those days are over. But from the way the public, their politicians, and their press behave, you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise. It's giving very much "death rattle".
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misstrashchan · a year ago
Ah beans I just realized Cinder had her "You don't deserve to be called Greed" moment last episode. And in the OP Cinder clutching her Grimm arm like how Greed does when Ling starts speaking to him.
...yeah I'm starting to think the "some lives will end much too soon" lyrics in the OP is in reference to Cinder cutting Pyrrha's life short and her manifesting in Cinder's head.
Like I don't want to get my hopes up and just assume that's happening on the horizon, but Neath's tweet about something huge happening next episode that we should be super careful not to spoil for others just has my Pyre gears turning like crazy, because I really can't think of what else it could be. There isn't anyone else besides Ironwood that I can see being a significant death this volume, and I don't see that happening next episode. The only other huge thing I can think of is finding out what happened to Summer, but I also think we're going to hear about that from Salem to Ruby, and I don't think she's coming back until the finale, if she does at all.
Then again, there's always Raven. That seems like a good possibility too. But my Pyre loving heart is pounding and I cannot stop it so I'm just gonna be
Tumblr media
Thinkin' bout it like the little fool I am
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beautifully-excused · a year ago
On why I am upset and will rant on my blog because I can
For my sanity I will start with what I have understood from the two least biased translations (towards either side) of the original pann post that I found. These translations were tweeted by a native Korean speaker. I won’t include details on them because they were having a really rough time and they said that because of past experiences they couldn’t translate this particular issue but shared translations they found correct.
Links to those translations:
So from both of those here’s what I understood:
1) OP went to school with Mingyu and they were in the same class.
2) Mingyu would tell her to “shut up” whenever she tried to participate which led to OP not trying to speak anymore.
3) Mingyu and friends would make dirty/sexual jokes. It got to a point where he would do it in front if the teachers and they told him stop. He only stopped in front of teachers but would continue once they left.
4) Also when teachers weren’t there, him and at least another friend would joke with a pun that could mean “you are conspiring!!!” or “you even decorated the pubes(?)!!!” because pubes and conspiracy sound similar in Korean and would draw pubic hair on the board in the classroom.
5) OP does not recall who would draw the pubic hair but Mingyu definitely participated in the jokes.
6) The jokes made OP uncomfortable.
7) Eventually Mingyu left and OP heard he was scouted but expected to never hear from him again.
8) OP mentioned him in therapy because she does not feel comfortable speaking of idols when someone who played a part in a hurtful experience for her is precisely an idol.
9) OP was NOT going to mention what Mingyu had done but chose to because her therapist suggested that it could cause her future harm to keep quiet.
Now some things to keep in mind:
1) OP NEVER accussed Mingyu of the sole reason for her going to therapy. In fact the photos of her therapy and her diploma were included in a previous article OP posted (where she talked about the SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT and that she wrote to make it clear that the school both her and Mingyu went to WAS NOT idyllic because people had been saying nothing bad happened at that school).
2) In the first post I just mentioned (which I’ve only found a very brief translation of https://twitter.com/RENJULYS/status/1365015372596879361) OP talked about how it was possible for bullying to occur in their school as she had been a victim. She even has a scar given to her by a former classmate. Then made a COMPLETELY SEPARATE post specifically for the situation regarding Mingyu.
3) There was no sexual assault mentioned in the post about Mingyu (yes that does not make it any easier to diggest).
4) The proof OP posted were her diploma from the school and a copy of her therapy papers. She also included drawn layouts of the school and the seating arrangement.
5) OP never stated that she was singled out in the jokes they made (her or any other girl in the class), just that Mingyu and his friends would make them despite who was uncomfortable.
Leaving something clear, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” because as a girl I’ve met too many dicks in my life. I’ve been made to feel stupid by my “friends” and classmate. I’ve been in conversations that have touched uncomfortable topics (though in my culture it’s much more relaxed and barely anyone cares and it’s a normal thing to have dicks drawn on the boards). Passing it off as a “boy thing” just makes people not understand that you have to fucking educate a child so they have basic decency and humanity. It’s not ok to make others uncomfortable or to intentionally do something that hurts them.
That being said, the question is, do I believe OP?
The simple answer is yes. It’s clear from what OP said that Mingyu did bully her (I do consider his remarks to get her to shup up as bullying). I was never in a situation as bad as hers but I was made to feel stupid when I spoke and I can tell you it hurts. It’s very hard to get it out of your head that you are stupid. It fucking sucks. Other than that he was pretty much a dick with dick friends. He made jokes he shouldn’t have in front of people that were clearly uncomfortable but didn’t direct it to anyone in particular (that we know). Other than the teachers, it is not stated if they were told to stop but still they probably knew and didn’t care.
HOWEVER, and I have to add this, while I believe Mingyu is at fault and needs to acknowledge his past actions (we all should if we’re being honest because I don’t believe there is a single person on this earth that has never hurt another), I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT IS THE MOMENT OF HIS LIFE THAT DEFINES HIM. 
The fucking witch hunt that has gone up against him and the amount of bullying and pressure towards people that declare themselves neutral is sickening. IF all of this is a lie, then we have created another victim. How would anyone ever repair the damage done to Mingyu’s career or life for that matter? BUT ALSO IF it is true and he apologizes and acknoledges things like an ADULT SHOULD then he has probably grown up and changed. The incident was about 10 years ago (going by the age he joined Pledis which is when OP said she stopped seeing him but correct me if I’m wrong). I believe Mingyu could have changed. How he reacts to everything will show a lot about if he has or has not changed.
Believing he has changed from other people’s words for me is equal to believing he was probably shitty at one point of his life from what someone has said.
If it’s too much and you think you need to leave the fandom, go ahead. You’re more than allowed to be hurt. WHAT YOU FEEL IS VALID. You’re not bad, mean, fake, or guilty for how this affects you personally. You know how you need to deal with this. Don’t let anyone else make you feel guilt. 
If it’s false and you choose to come back, don’t let others make you believe you’re unloyal, untrue, or fake because you are not. You felt you needed to go and you can or cannot choose to return as long as you feel safe. 
But REMEMBER TO grant others that same freedom whatever their choice may be. If it’s all true some of us might choose to stick around because we believe people change. Let him prove he has changed and grown. You have no idea how important that can also be to somebody. Speaking for myself, I hurt somebody I deeply loved when I was 13. I was shitty and I will never be proud of the things I caused. She forgave me. I am thankful I had that luck. She’s my best friend and I still love her. I am thankful I was able to prove myself. I learned more from having the chance to change than I did for being made feel guilty by being constantly reminded of my mistake, both things were done to me by the way. 
Don’t take that from him yet, HIS PRESENT SHOULD HAVE SOME WEIGHT TOO. If you can, if you’re not too hurt, if it doesn’t break you, if it doesn’t put you in danger, then try to give him the chance all of us as humans deserve.
One last thought on OP: Don’t you guys dare to expect her to accept the apology or to be fine with it. She has her own healing process and only she can determine when she is free from the scars of all that happened to her (not just Mingyu’s part). He can apologize and she can still be upset over the situation. Her forgiveness is not what this is about.
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holycow99 · 9 months ago
石田お寿司 12/9/21 stream translation Part 1
This is not the full translation of the stream. I only translated the parts I could understand & interpret or parts I found interesting/important. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, so the translations may not be accurate. If you want to repost, please repost at your own risk.
I: Hello. Can you hear me? Good night. (t/n: He’s replying to a comment.) You can hear me? Hello. Welcome.
I: My tone sounds great today, ***-kun? (t/n: OP commented that his tone sounds great.) Of course I’ll be excited in the beginning of the stream. But only in the beginning.
C: Your voice somehow sounds young.
I: It’s because I just slept.
*Typing on twitter
I: I finally did it. This is a simultaneous worldwide stream. Do you understand it? Ah, I’m so tired. I’m tired of sleeping.
I: I’ll be drinking my coffee. Itadakimasu.
I: It was a long vacation, wasn’t it? When was the last time you guys heard from me? On September…Well, it doesn’t matter.
I: I don’t have anything particular to do for this stream. I just felt like it.
C: I’ve been listening to your streams repeatedly during holiday.
I: Thank you.
C: We last heard from you at the end of August.
I: I see. Thanks.
C: Thank you for your hard work on the manuscript!
I: I did the rough sketches first. I was brainstorming.
*Someone commented on Animal Rap.
I: Animal rap? I actually wanna try this. Actually, I’ve done recording for one video, but won’t it be scary if suddenly in the middle of the stream, animal rap video is uploaded. Without saying anything, suddenly there’s a new animal rap video being uploaded. Won’t it be scary stream?
(t/n: I’m not sure if the translations for this part is correct. He said something more but I haven’t reached this level of Japanese understanding skill. Forgive me.)
C: Animal rap itself is scary, so it’s okay.
I: What a hilarious thing to say. Are you actually afraid of animal then?
C: Have you got vaccinated?
I: Nope, since I’ve been locked up in my house. I want to though. I want to get injected a lot. Around 10 times.
C: Sensei, did you read Berserk chapter 364?
I: Is it the final chapter?
Y****: Let’s inject the head.
I: Nice one, Y****. Well, since Y**** is an introvert at school, he must be a non-popular kid. Because he doesn’t have any friends, he can’t wait to meet me. Is it like that? Hahahaha.
I: I’m not even aware of the things happening around me. I don’t even know when the exhibition in Osaka will open. I want you guys to tell me about me.
C: I’m aiming to be a mangaka, but having someone that can be a mentor for me to learn from is better, as expected?
I: I don’t think so. It depends. In some degree, it’s better to do it by yourself. If you really wanna write a manga and you wanna create an environment that allows you to do so, if there’s a chance to be an assistant, I think it’s better for you to grab it. Because you’re still not familiar with how these things work. I think it’s better to be an assistant first. You don’t have to be one for a long time though.
C: I want to diet. Where should I start?
I: Record your weight. Measure your weight and record it in calendar. Doing that makes you feel conscious about your weight. You’ll probably can lose weight that way.
C: Are you still eating oatmeal?
I: I’ve been eating Onigiri only. 
C: I wanna change job, but I’m anxious to because of the economic situation. Please encourage me!
I: It’s better for you to change job, since you said you wanted to. I think everyone is anxious. There’s no one who isn’t.
C: I’m happy that the JJ illustration that you posted on twitter will be made into goods!
I: Yeah, without my permission. Hahaha. When the illustration was made into goods without my permission, I was like “Eh? This is…”. I’ll stop talking about this. Hahaha. I won’t talk about this.
*Someone commented about Kingdom exhibition.
I: I wanna go to the Kingdom exhibition.
I: What I said just now (about JJ illustration) was a lie. Please forget about it. Are there companies like that? Of course not. I was just joking. If that’s the case, then anybody can freely turn my illustrations into goods. Though there’s a person who sent me the PugMax t-shirt.
C: I wanted to be a mangaka when I was small. As I got older, I only immersed myself in the real world. I’ll be a civil servant starting from next year. I don’t have the courage to challenge myself, so I want to give my unconditional support to those who are.
I: I don’t know how old you are, but you can still draw even if you become a civil servant. Just draw one if you really want to.
C: You have to collect royalty.
I: I do get royalty. I get 5 yen in total.
C: How old will you be this year?
I: 250,000 years old.
C: How are you?
I: Like usual. But I made progress on the manuscript, so I’m relieved. I kinda forgot how to draw it.
C: I thought you were in your 30s.
I: Nope, I’m far older.
C: You haven’t started game streaming?
I: I’m haven’t decided yet for today.
*People were discussing about his age.
I: Doesn’t matter how old I am.
C: Do you prefer women with long hair or short hair?
I: Short hair.
*People commented about Heavy Rain.
I: Oh, you want to see me playing Heavy Rain? I’m okay with that. I’m okay with playing games or anything. I’ll be a yes-man for today. Everyone’s yes-man & toy, Ishida Osushi.
*Someone commented about Animal Rap again.
I: I wanted to say something about this. I’ve done the animal rap video. I only upload videos I’ve received from the animal themselves, not me. But I was afraid to upload it, so I refrained from doing so. I wanna try uploading the video while streaming. That’s what I wanted to say. Well, it doesn’t really matter. I just upload it after I finish streaming. I don’t understand the need to upload the video and streaming at the same time.
(t/n: He said something more, but again, info on Animal rap is hard for me to decipher. I’m really sorry.)
C: What did you watch recently?
I: Movies.
C: There were people who got scared by the fact that Ishida Sui raps.
I: No, you’re wrong. Ishida Sui doesn’t rap. Ishida Sui doesn’t do streaming as well.
C: Do mangakas have the chance to meet women?
I: It depends on the person. The ones who’re locked up in the house won’t. But…That’s right. You might if the workplace has mixed genders. You also have the chance to meet people during party or some sort. I’ll always be at the corner every time I go to parties. It’d be nice if the party was fun and the staffs could enjoy themselves. I also said that I went to parties to take a break, but I hated it.
C: You’re not going to parties?
I: Nope, I won’t. The company doesn’t hold them as well because of the current situation.  Even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do. I don’t really eat the food, and introducing myself to people is tiresome.
I: S****** is here.
S******: Ishida Osushi can become a pro mangaka.
I: I’m aiming for it.
C: Fukuoka suits you, sensei.
I: Somehow, I feel grateful. It’s like you’re telling me that it’s okay for me to live in Kyushu.
(t/n: Kyushu is an island where Fukuoka is located.)
C: Sir Osushi, what do you think of Sir Sui?
I: I have a murderous intent towards him.
C: Does the thumbnail hold any meaning?
I: It does. Look forward to it.
C: Being a streamer suits you (Osushi) better than being a mangaka.
I: Hahaha.
C: The drawings of Neji (JJ character) by Ms. Towada were wonderful!
I: That’s right. Neji drawn by Ms. Towada. I want you guys to tell me something like this. I want you guys to tell me about my current situation. Things like, “would you retweet this?”, “This is JJ’s…”, “The CD’s also…”. Let me change my twitter account. First is Ms. Towada, right? Let’s retweet Ms. Towada’s tweets. I thought of drawing something like this. She drew quite a lot. She drew him more than me. I feel bad having her to draw it. I feel grateful rather than feeling bad. She drew a lot of them. Yonaga’s illustration looks nice. I see… There’s like an incomplete rough drawing. I thought of copying and drawing that illustration. I’ll just retweet this. Tell me what should I retweet next.
C: Is Ms.Towada doing well as well?
I: I talked to her a few days ago.
I: Do read Fool Night.
C: Do you like Aespa? (t/n: Aespa is a kpop girl group. Ishida had drawn one of the members.)
I: The girl caught my attention. I thought she was beautiful.
*Someone commented about his illustration of Ano-chan. (t/n: Ano-chan is a Japanese singer. Ishida had come to her radio programme once, and he did the album cover for her latest album.)
I: Ano-chan! What happened to that? Have you seen the album cover? It’s already out?
*Someone commented about Fool Night.
I: The world in Fool Night is super amazing. It was quite a while ago, the person in charge of the Superior magazine watched one of my streams and asked me if I could write some comments. I was like “Don’t tell me that!” (referring to watching his stream). I hate being seen. But then, I was like “whatever.” I usually turned it down, but I just wrote for this one.
*Someone commented about Wooma (t/n: an illustrator.)
I: Who’s Wooma? Let me check it.
C: Sensei, I’m a good child. So, is it okay for me to sleep?
I: Yes, of course.
C: Sensei, do you smoke?
I: No.
I: Ah, Wooma is the illustrator for the song ‘Usseewa’. Sorry for the lack of knowledge.
C: Do you watch Christopher Nolan’s works?
I: I’m not that familiar with movies, but I may or may not watch it. I’ve been getting into movies lately. I searched for the movies Takahashi Kunimitsu told me about. You tend to watch anything when you’re obsessed with movies, right? I was also obsessed with history for a while after I learned how fun it was from Takahashi Kunimitsu. I’ve been reading 2-3 books on history a day lately.
C: Until what time are you gonna stream?
I: Today is infinite as well. We have another 12 minutes left. Haha. I’ll keep on streaming today. I won’t end the stream today. It may end tomorrow. (t/n: He definitely kept his words.)
C: Sensei, do you like itzy? (t/n: Itzy is another kpop girl group, and Ishida had also drawn one of the members.)
I: Yes.
I: Tomorrow is a holiday? There are people who are not working tomorrow.
C: What are you drinking?
I: Coffee.
C: You only need another 800 people to reach 30,000 subscribers.
I: Yeah. It’s gonna reach 30,000. I have to make an appreciation stream or video for 30,000 subscribers. A lot of youtubers are doing this, so I have to do it too. I wanna do it. Feels like a youtuber. Isn’t it fun? I wonder what should I do for it? What would be fun? Let’s go with this concern first. I get lost if I don’t go one-by-one. It’s one of my bad habits.
*They’re planning on what Ishida should do when he reaches 30,000 subscribers.
C: Show your nails.
I: I don’t do manicure.
C: Heavy Rain.
I: Wanna play Heavy Rain as well.
C: Please let us hear your sneeze.
I: There is such person sometimes. Creepy.
C: Why don’t you play Ghosts n Goblins for now?
I: After the stream, I felt like playing the game. They had something like magical clock, though I forgot the name. The one that double the speed of the game. I really wanted to play that, honestly. Though, it wasn’t suitable for streaming. I thought of playing it in my own time. I really like that kind of games.
C: Will you sing when you reach 30,000?
I: During the previous silent stream, Queen Bee’s song was playing. Those who watched may know. I thought of appearing for a moment and sing and then end the stream. I wouldn’t do it, but I just thought about it. At that time, I wanted to try having just an illustration stream.
C: I’m waiting for an autograph session after the Corona ends.
I: The pandemic probably won’t end for at least 2-3 years.
*Someone wanted him to sing Gaston’s song.
I: Gaston. Singing, huh? Hahaha, why am I having second thoughts? I thought I’m okay with anything.
C: how about a karaoke battle?
I: Karaoke battle, huh?
C: Do you have any piercings?
I: I’m not wearing one right now, but I do have it. (t/n: I didn’t expect him to have a piercing. He’s really different than what I imagined a mangaka to be. XD)
C: I’m hoping for JJ’s song covers!
I: JJ? JJ’s songs are difficult. It was super hard during the time I did the covers. Seriously, when I heard it back…The cover for the opening theme was scary. I thought my singing ability had increased since I recorded this one the last. A few months ago, I listened to it after a long time, it was…what should I call it? A sutra, no, a curse. Me and JJ’s opening theme. I forgot the title of the song. Jack and something. There were parts in the songs where the female and male characters had to harmonise. To convey that part, I had to cover the song multiple times. I multiplied into 7 people, since I had to record as Kisa as well. When I was recording Kisa’s part, the other version of me at the back, probably Kai, was harmonising with me. I was told to deepen my voice by Mr.Kasama. So embarrassing. The voice was really low. I was drawn by Mr. Kasama’s voice. His voice was really good when he said ‘Broccoli’ for the cm.
*Ishida imitating Mr. Kasama.
I: It’s cooler than this.
*Imitating him once again.
I: I was like “So cool!”
C: Invite the animals that appeared in Animal rap as guests.
I: That’s a good idea. But what would the guests be doing? It’s absolutely hard to do that. It’s hard to invite the animals because of corona.
C: The title is “Jack & Jeanne of Quartz”.
I: Right. Thank you.
C: Won’t you invite Hanae?
I: I won’t. That’s impossible. (t/n: I want to see him playing horror games with Hanae Natsuki.)
Part 2
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starryemeralds · a year ago
**angst warning: major character death mentions**
I cant stop thinking about RNBW’s reaction to learning about Ironwood’s plan of bombing Salem’s whale. Like think about it: they all have people to lose from this and have unfinished business between them.
Yang is Ruby’s sister. They’ve been through hell and back together; but imagine Ruby’s guilt from thinking that the last conversation she has with her was an argument in which Yang questioned her leadership. I have a gut feeling that Ruby is not going to take Penny’s hacking well, especially considering she was the one who told her that she’d be safer with Petro. If she finds herself in a similar situation with her sister.... just, poor Ruby :(
While the Bees have been flirty in the last couple of volumes, it still seems like the two have things that are yet to be said. We know that Blake is worried about Yang, so imagine her reaction to finding out Ironwood’s plan and how Yang might die without knowing Blake’s true feelings. For extra angst, it is also possible that Blake could recall her promise to Yang. She promised her that she would never leave her, but in the short time that they are apart, Yang comes so close to dying and Blake wasn’t there to fight with her. (let’s not forget that Arryn has tweeted about doing a lot of screaming and crying in the booth,,, oh god)
Similar situation with Ren and Nora. They’re in a confusing spot in their relationship right now and still need to talk (and Ren’s semblance upgrade would be great with this). But even not even looking at them from a romantic perspective, these two have been inseparable for almost all of their lives. They have faced so many battles together and hardships... I couldn’t begin to imagine Nora’s fear when imagining a life without her best friend.
Also, if Jaune and Ren were to die, that would man that Nora is the only member left of JNPR. It hasn’t been too long since Pyrrha’s death, but to lose the rest of her team memebers in that short time frame is a pain I couldn’t ever imagine.
Winter and the Ace Ops have been ordered to deliver the bomb by foot, and judging by Winter’s expression to the order, she sees it as a suicide mission. Weiss has had a complicated relationship with her family, but Winter was someone she always admired. I also am suspecting that with (a hacked) Penny landing in front of the Schnee Mansion, the family is going to suffer from a lot of loss; Winter’s death would just add more pain, especially since she is the one Schnee that Weiss relied on most.
BONUS: while he isn’t with RNBW, Qrow is already out for Ironwood for the death of Clover. Imagine how furious he’ll be to find out that he also is so close to blowing up his niece.
I’m sure that there are more that can be said but it’s past 1:30 am and I’m a little tired; I’m sorry if none of my thoughts are coherent. If you want to add more, please feel to do so and rip my heart out. I probably deserve it. But with this being said, I sincerely apologize for putting angst on your timelines.
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kwangyadetective · 9 months ago
⭐️ The Dreamers: NCT Dream’s Past (1)
Tumblr media
A theory on NCT Dream’s past story in the NCT Universe.
(!) WARNING: This is a theory as it is not confirmed by SM entertainment nor members of NCT, so please don’t believe this 100%!
Theory/Part 2
tw// mentions of death and accidents, ghosts, spirits
The original theory of this is from this tweet (thank you user @sueetchenle on Twitter!), however I am here to tweak it a little based on what I gathered. Again, credits to the tweet but there will be some parts that are from me. But don’t worry, I will tell you which one’s from me :)
The theory from the tweet explains that; the members in NCT Dream have died due to an accident that happened in their shared house. In Episode 3 of NCTmentary, the members of NCT Dream stayed or lived in the same house. I assumed that this house is the same house that Renjun and Chenle ran into,
Tumblr media
The tweet explained that the cause of accident is hinted from a QR code that was flashed in NCT 127′s Superhuman MV.
Tumblr media
If you scan it, it takes you to a Wikipedia page of Ashton-under-Lyne. It is assumed that the members used to live in that place. OP also mentioned that the place has a history of a fire accident,
Tumblr media
This is connected to NCT 127′s Firetruck MV since the members there are using water hoses, but they can’t extinguish the fire because they are in a dream. The origin of the explosion was also shown in the MV.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jisung knew about the accident because he dreamt about it, this was shown in the NCTmentary video.
Now this is the part where I take over :)
I do agree with what the tweet explained, so lets start with why I do.
Tumblr media
First, I want to interpret the dream that Jisung had. The first scene shows that he is in a dim room. Initially Jisung was walking into it, however, when he got into that room, he stopped and seem confused. I see this as Jisung is trapped in that room because he is destined to have his journey stopped there. He can’t go any forward because his future got cut or stopped... do you get what I mean? The dream he had is a visual symbolism, an imagery. Same goes for this dream he had,
Tumblr media
His tracks stopped there because he doesn’t have a future anymore. Unlike in Kun’s dream or in Dream Launch’s MV where they encounter a door to another place, he doesn’t. He just stopped his tracks there.
Tumblr media
This is the part where I tweak a little.
The tweet explained that not everyone in NCT Dream died as Chenle and Renjun weren’t in the accident, they also mentioned that it is because of Mark’s doing. But to me, it’s different. My theory is that all of them got into the accident.
Tumblr media
If you look closely to this scene, the light from the other room was bright then it became dim. I assumed that it is the fire or the explosion. Then if you look at where Ten is standing in the NCTmentary video, the house resembles their house...
Tumblr media
I know you’re probably thinking that they don’t look the same (I mean Ten’s kinda look bigger). But it’s not like SM will ACTUALLY tear down the same house for the video :”) I mean as long as the roof of the house is green it’s still implying the same house. and I’m also not saying it’s Ten doings that made the house got burned down, Ten is there after it happened. 
In the video too, in the timestamp between 1:10 to 1:28 (Haechan’s part), there is a sound of a heartbeat rate slowing down and gradually it stopped. Plus, if you watch the part when Jaemin is talking about having the same dream as Jisung, there is this ring.
Tumblr media
If you watch Inception, there is this thing called totem. Totems are personal items that determine if the person is in a dream or not. An example in the movie is a spinning top, if the object spins, it means that the person who belongs it is still in a dream. If it stopped, then the person is in reality or awake. In this case, it looks like a ring but it is spinning like the spinning top; which indicates that Jaemin was actually saying that in a dream, not in reality.
The tweet also explained that NCT Dream found life in an alternate universe, but for me, I think they found life in the Dream world. In the scene when the fire happened, I believe that they are in the process of an experiment. They are in the middle of sleep. So when it happened, they are not aware of the accident happening and their unconscious selves stayed in the Dream, while their real bodies are being swept by the accident. So the parts in the video where the members were running around in a smoke, smiling, they aren’t aware of what was happening in real life. Chenle and Renjun may not be in that scene, but when they ran into the house, the sky turned into a galaxy. I interpret this as them slowly transitioned into the Dream world.
I know all of this don’t make sense but I believe this has something to do with ether. Using ether, that is a “limitless medium” that can connect “dimension to dimension”, it bends the rules of reality. You can read more from this post.
Again, this is just a theory; Even I myself have difficulties in explaining the ether part😭 Just leave out the ether part for now, I think the explanation before it are more believable. Plus, it all make sense if you watch We Young where the members look like they go to different dreams of people (the part where they depart with the girl and numerous doors were shown) and why the teacher from My First And Last looked like she wasn’t even bothered by them. BTW I have crazier stuff to add :D
My Personal Experience
When I was scrolling through Twitter months ago, I’ve seen several tweets talking about NCT Dream’s Hello Future photo shoot... some say the photos hold some negative energy. I don’t mean to bring down their repackage, or upset those who bought the Future ver. of the album, but some photos are peculiar according to people who can see spirits. Coincidentally, my relatives (except for me) can see them too so I decided to ask them.
The following pictures are said to have presence of spirits.
Tumblr media
Actually, all of them came from the photos taken around this place. My relatives said that there are many figures of spirits in the woods and inside the house (I’m glad they didn’t take them in there :”)). But the ones that hold the strongest presence of it are these pictures of Chenle and Jisung.
Tumblr media
I will not point where exactly (though I’m pretty sure you can already guess...) but there is a figure of a woman and a man in these pictures. The man is only in Jisung’s picture, but the other figure is present for the other two pictures.
Honestly, even without the help of my relatives, I could already tell that the location of this shoot is eerie. The only thing that came into my mind was, “Why would SM choose this place?” like WHY??? It’s for Hello Future, aren’t they supposed to look cheerful? (I mean they do but) Why does it have to be taken in front of a haunted place? But if I were to connect it with my theory, it honestly make sense. Also these tweets ties everything together.
Tumblr media
You can read the tweet more on here.
I need you guys to remember this is just a theory and NO its not confirmed by SM nor the members. I would also like to be honest, though. The biggest limitation of this theory is that, it doesn’t explain about Mark and Haechan’s situation since they are also in NCT 127. If they are d*4d in NCT Dream, then what about in NCT 127? Another one, understanding and interpreting the NCTmentary video is pretty much subjective, like it really depends on how you understand that video. It was kinda tricky too for me to make it make sense haha but please do tell me or correct me if I make any mistake🙏🏻
I think that’s all from my theory on NCT Dream. If you read this until this part, THANK YOU.
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occamshipper · 9 months ago
So anyway, recently a friend started reading a book about the origin of abusive personalities and I looked into it, and everything from physical abusers of the past to the nonsense in fandom, things really took shape.
It talks about, basically, narcissistic, sociopathic and abusive personalities essentially being born out of lack of attention as kids, which establishes a mix of people pleasing behaviors (actions not believed in or felt, but performed to fit in with a crowd), attention seeking behaviors (for validation, since narcissism is actually the lack of confidence), the inability or lack of empathy and so on.
So anyway I was sitting here watching the bog standard antis yet again crawl uninvited on a post that isn't theirs to pitch the same broken lines and pretend they can't see emotions, suddenly, on a certain scene, you know the one.
And of course, they want people to argue, because arguing verbally about emotions much less over the internet doesn't translate well. And like, I'm not your dad. I'm not liable to explain how emotions work to someone who is clearly unplugged from the source. And most of them don't even really need it explained due to lack of actual belief in what they say, they just live for the drama and trying to bother people, hence being so pressed about it they patrol other people's walls begging for attention and for their POV to be given validity by someone arguing with them.
It's like picking fights saying that the sky is usually neon green at all times of the day and then pretending you can't see, or don't even acknowledge the very concept of, blue in spite of your own colorblindness or argue on the principle that sometimes it gets kinda greenish during tornados so obviously the sky is green and even NEON green and not blue, and then some poor logical person trying to explain to a grown assed adult what "blue" is. And the grown assed adult acting like they're right because another grown assed adult stops trying to educate them on something that their parents should have taught them before kindergarten.
Then it hit me. And I passively mentioned this in a tweet and one of them flipped about "attacking their childhood", which would be a weird automatic response for someone who's parents actually did give them attention. You'd think the impulse would be to, you know, defend your parents and say the psychology behind it is wrong. But like, I am not your parent. Why are you constantly begging for my attention. If someone failed you at some point I'm sorry but like this ain't it chum
So anyway, they obviously want attention and validation. So, since they're behaving, clearly, on some lack of fulfillment at some stage in their life, youth or current, I figured it's time to give them the attention they deserve!
So anyway some time next month I plan to get a printer and start hanging up their boldest takes they come cloying for attention with on my fridge with little gold stars for effort and everything, and maybe then they'll feel like someone paid attention to them or whatever. Or at least will be so mortified they fuck off. Take your pick. It's Fridge art and we can be very proud of them for managing to put letters together, even making some words, even if the point itself is as well sketched as that mommy n me crayola piece.
So if anyone has receipts of particularly pressed-ass gold from antis and wincels, send it to me one way or another.
Keep in mind: this is only for attention seeking behavior, not general stupidity. That means by and large, it should be someone coming to someone else's OP on a social platform just to pick a stupid fight with bad logic.
I will bend this in the cases of egregious attention-seeking on their own wall, like when Kelios consciously posts things so fucking stupid attacking strawmen she made up in her own cuckoo clutch she's just hoping people validate it instead of mock her.
So we've tried arguing with them! We've tried ignoring them!
Let's just give them the attention someone clearly didn't! Maybe they'll finally fuck off.
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crazylocaldreamer · 2 months ago
Camilla The Sixth - Memes and References Wrap Up
I’ve seen a few fic writers do these and think they’re a lot of fun! So here’s mine, now that I’ve wrapped up this series.
Through the Eyes of the Sixth
“If they hadn’t, and I’d dueled Tern, then I would have switched my rapier and my offhand mid-fight and said ‘haha, I’m not even right handed, you dick!’ Tell me the look on Tern’s face wouldn’t have been worth it.”
A reference to the iconic “I am not left handed” scene in The Princess Bride
“I should clarify. Idiots — affectionate —“ she said, forming air parentheses around idiots.
From the tumblr (affectionate) or (derogatory) memes. Nobody actually does air parentheses with their hands though, pretty sure I made that up.
“I saw what I saw, Pal. Quothe the ancient tomes, there was only one bed.”
This tag on AO3 and a meme in it’s own right.
Two Corpses Are We
Their final moments together were straight from the pages of epics, but now they looked like two children, once ardent for some desperate glory.
A quote from the truly heart wrenching poem Dulce et Decorum Est
This meant Camilla was getting excellent marks in being interrogated, something that was both normal to want and possible to achieve.
The meme that sprung from this viral tweet.
Thank you wouldn’t kill you, Camilla thought to herself. But go off I guess!
Judith Deuteros literally challenged the Sixth House to a duel without cause but go off I guess! AKA, From the 2018 “OP did x but go off I guess” tumblr meme.
All Camilla knew was that she was not going to have similar success, unless the Edenites got real cool about a lot of stuff really quickly.
From the John Mulaney Comeback Kid quote, “I’m never gonna be president, not unless everyone gets real cool about a lot of stuff really quickly.”
Coronabeth surveyed her work and apparently decided that it was good.
A biblical allusion and a reference to The Locked Tomb, since the quote is used in Gideon the Ninth as well.
“Stop tempting me, Judith, because one of these days I might. I am just trying to help and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now.”
From the 2014 tumblr meme, “I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.” This is by far the stupidest one, I have no defense for myself.
“I’ve connected the dots,” Palamedes said.
Camilla peered over his shoulder at his notes. “Nope. End result is still the same. You haven’t connected shit, Warden,” she told him.
“I’ve connected them,” he muttered, mostly to himself, while furiously scribbling out a few more lines.
From the Buzzfeed Unsolved bit, I love this one and I am very proud of it.
Leave Our Tracks Untraceable
“Okay,” Camilla said, thinking to herself, this is fine, though she felt like the forest around her was on fire.
A reference to the “this is fine” dog comic. Also probably how Camilla has felt for the entirety of the series.
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chiribomb · 8 months ago
WOW a Black person tweeted about how their post-op pain was undertreated, and a white disability advocate/healthcare student really jumped into the fray to say race is not a major factor at play, actually the fear of opioid prescribing harms disabled people of all races, and it’s “fucking ableist” for people to talk about race being a primary driver of underprescribing pain meds because they’re not “letting space be open for other marginalised people.” Then when called out by someone, called them a “fucking tool” and “denser than a neutron star” WOW DUDE white people really will choose whiteness over almost anything else.
Dude. Dude. The whole reason this opioid paranoia exists is in the first place is because there were many deliberate, massive propaganda efforts to heavily stigmatise drug use and addiction in order to justify increased policing and incarceration of PoC, especially Black people. Racism is not a driver, it is THE driver. The horrible ableist effect it has had on disabled people is real, but it’s a side effect. The restrictive rules that agencies and institutions have put into place are the result of racism. The CDC is not the reason doctors don’t want to prescribe pain meds. The actual CDC guidelines argue against many of these practices, which people would know if anyone actually bothered to read them. Those guidelines were made because people were already panicking about increased law enforcement efforts against drugs, which only came about as a legal way to harass PoC and keep those communities down, and having guidelines was meant to take the guesswork out of prescribing specifically so doctors would not just completely clam up and refuse to treat pain. Blaming the CDC means you are blaming medicalisation for this problem, conveniently allowing you to make it all about you, cut race out of it entirely, and “all lives matter” the issue, as this commenter said.
This is no different from the chronic pain patients who blame their lack of access to adequate treatment on street drug users, as if by making sure the medical establishment knows that they, too, look down on recreational users, it will somehow help them. In reality, that same attitude of moral superiority that fuels your little tirade against people who use drugs for different reasons than you is exactly the attitude that allowed this whole situation to get to the point where you as a disabled person find it hard to get meds. That attitude that you should get meds specifically because you are different from other users is built on the assumption that it’s ok to overpolice, harass, torture, and let die the people who use drugs recreationally vs to treat a condition as sanctioned by a doctor, and that attitude is further built on the assumption that recreational drug users are morally bereft criminals who are responsible for your suffering. That’s the exact propaganda that the powers that be put a lot of effort into making people believe, because as long as they’re immoral scum, it’s ok (even good!) to torture them. The handling of drug offences is not about rehabilitation, it’s about punishment, and it’s wildly disproportionate, and it’s clearly and repeatedly shown to be racially imbalanced. Drug use is a capital crime in most people’s minds; maybe they don’t want the state to execute drug users but they’re sure happy to do everything in their power to stop harm reduction efforts and to make sure drug convictions follow a person forever and prevent them from getting stable housing/employment or food. The state is using that attitude against you. THAT is why you can’t get pain meds, not because the guy shooting up behind the building is stealing them from your medicine cabinet.
As far as being racialised with respect to drugs, I’m white. I face stigma as a young person, as someone on public healthcare, as someone with invisible disabilities. But my race is not a barrier. My providers aren’t under the assumption that I am less sensitive to pain than they are, or that I must be a drug dealer. I face the ableism, but I don’t face the racism. But I’m also not so brain-rotted that I believe that my experience is the end-all experience or that as long as I throw other people under the bus hard enough, I’ll get a pass and a prescription. And I’m not so white that I genuinely interpret a member of another group talking about their oppression as being an unforgivable exclusion of my own problems, because not every social ill has to revolve around me at all times. Istg, sometimes the white disabled people are the ones I least want to deal with. I wish I could say that all disabled people by virtue of their marginalisation knew how important it was to stand with other marginalised groups, that everyone outraged at restrictive drug policies was outraged because they knew how far these injustices go and not just because they personally couldn’t get meds, and that this issue is very complex and can’t be meaningfully separated from the issues it’s tangled up with, but they’re not. The street drug user is more on my side than a lot of disabled people.
I thought this guy was ok and so I’m especially annoyed at this because I feel stupid for optimistically thinking he was on the right side of things. But white people will choose racism over and over and over. And then they won’t even know the basic history of the “War on Drugs” or the content of the things they’re blaming it on but will feel astoundingly entitled to go on posts about Black people not getting adequate pain meds and claim that actually, Black people thinking this is racism is ableist and doesn’t let disabled people’s experiences be heard and also that you’re really stupid if you disagree with them. Just fucking astounding.
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mysticdragon3md3 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Damn it. I guess no more Crunchyroll for me.😢
Some posts explained that Sony buying Funimation and consolidating it with Crunchyroll gave them a monopoly, and without competition, they could charge what they want and take away the free version of Crunchyroll. Well, at least now I know why I won't be able to watch anime on Crunchyroll anymore.
I guess now is a good time to admit to myself that maybe I've stopped watching anime. I just never get around to watching it anymore. Every once in a while, I watch a series or 2, if it's good, I'll binge, even get super obsessed and buy Nendoroids for it. But my habit tracker space for watching anime has been empty for MONTHS. Maybe it's time I come to terms with maybe I don't watch anime anymore. ;_;
Someone recently said that they watched kids' shows as an adult because they were just too anxious for "emotional labor". That Tweet got a lot of likes, so it must be very common, without any of us realizing it. I remembered I did the same thing. Lots of Max & Ruby. But nowadays, I find myself only watching YouTube. There could be tons of anime series to catch up on, lists and lists for my backlog, even series I heard about and got a little excited and interested in, but still I end up watching YouTube instead. Just video essays, documentaries, op eds, movie reviews, character analysis, reaction vids, and lots of let's plays. I think that's why my past few big fandoms have been videogames without me realizing it. Persona 5, Fire Emblem 3 Houses,... It was easier for me to keep up with the videogame community, than to sit down and watch anime. Sure, I'd become emotionally invested and impacted by a videogame eventually, but there's so much gameplay space between story beats, that is just background noise while I multitask, before the story continues. Maybe videogame let's plays blunt the emotional intensity of a story, compared to my experience of anime, where every frame and dialogue is important, and every 20min of its content spurs me to write 2-5 hours worth of thoughts. I have intense reactions and maybe I just can't do that anymore. Maybe compared to watching others play videogames, anime has higher concentrations of me becoming emotionally invested, and so emotionally effected that I'd waste hours just writing my reactions, thoughts, and analysis. I think I just can't do that "emotional labor" anymore. Maybe my brain just subconsciously avoids it now too. Maybe it preemptively makes me suddenly disinterested in watching anime, even when I'm about to choose something from Crunchyroll. (Which happens to me a lot.)
What a shame. Earlier today, some clips of Dress Up Darling and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 were on Twitter and it started to get me interested. It reminded me how much I love anime, how beautiful the animation is, and how much simple fun it can be. But who am I kidding? I am a very anxious, neurotic person, and I probably can't deal with fictional emotional drama beyond detached video essay analysis anymore.
I'm pretty sad at the idea of losing Crunchyroll. I mean, I remember what it was like before Crunchyroll. I promised to not go through the black market anymore, once a got a job and Crunchyroll had that free viewing ad-supported option. But if it's gone, I guess I'm watching on YouTube now. And actually now that I think about it, Crunchyroll did crash on me so often, even when I sat down to watch it, that I would often end up watching on YouTube instead! That's right, now I remember! That's why I got stuck on ep 3 or 4 of Jujutsu Kaisen for like 2 days! Once again, YouTube proves to be the superior viewing platform. (Even Twitch crashes on me, but YouTube is always stable.)
I was going to say that if I had no more venues to watch anime, maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing, because it would force me to finally catch up on my manga and videogame backlogs. Not to mention that my recent ship got me back into reading fanfiction, semi-regularly. There's lots to do besides watching anime. And honestly, I'll probably spend more time watching YouTube anyway.
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