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#i am sick but this made me go :) i almost forgot abt my headache
dinosaurtsukki · 7 months ago
⸻𝕔𝕙. 𝟟: in which an exciting afternoon happens
i stole my neighbor's wifi password | a fyodor x gn!reader bsd smau
a/n: forgot to mention that this chapter has a short written part abt what happens after so i hope you guys enjoy that !
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fyodor didn’t know what was more embarrassing: the fact that he almost fainted in the hallway when he tried to go out to buy some food, the fact that this happened in full view of his neighbor who also left their apartment, or the fact that he was lying on the floor with his feet propped up on the wall beside his neighbor who insisted on staying until sigma came.
normally, fyodor would have been able to argue his way out of this situation but his vision literally almost went completely dark earlier before he was leaning his weight against the wall. and then he was hearing a string of ‘oh my god, oh my god, are you okay?’ from you before being helped down to the floor.
“thank god my friend’s a med student,” fyodor heard you say. “is that a bit better?”
“yeah...” fyodor mumbled. he was starting to see a bit better despite the headache and could even make out you sitting on the floor beside him. “are you sure you don’t have somewhere to be?” he asked.
“don’t worry, i can spare some time,” you shook your head. “all-nighters are rough and my friends always take care of me when i get sick from them so i don’t mind helping out.”
even though you did get his wifi password without permission, fyodor could definitely tell that you were one of those people who were needlessly kind. especially with the way you’d sometimes bring him food if you ever made too much. ‘with the kind of bank account balance you have, i suggest not doing that,’ fyodor thought on numerous occasions when you showed up at his door. but, he knew that would be impolite and decided against it.
besides, you cooked quite well.
on the other hand, you didn’t find the situation any less awkward than he did. you were glad you were there to help but now you kind of wished fyodor’s friend would already show up.
while thinking about a conversation topic, your gaze fell on fyodor’s legs that were currently resting on the wall beside you and you couldn’t help but think about how comical you two looked. “your legs are really long,” you ended up blurting out.
“thanks, i grew them myself,” fyodor quipped. you bit your lip to stifle a laugh only to be caught off-guard when your neighbor chuckled.
“i am definitely light-headed right now,” he said.
“if i may ask, why did you pull two all-nighters in a row? one is understandable but two?” you asked.
“flooded with work. and i’m not the type to let go of what i need to do until it’s done,” fyodor sighed. “at least i’m on break for the rest of the week.”
“make sure you rest up by then.”
fyodor nodded before pulling his phone out of his pocket to check a message. “my friend is just downstairs already. you can go ahead now if you want.”
“are you sure?” you asked. now that you had the opportunity to leave, you kind of didn’t want to.
“yeah,” fyodor nodded again. he could tell you were still uncertain so he went ahead and said “if you want, i can save your contact info and message you if something happens.”
now why would he do that? what was your peace of mind to him? and yet, what was he to you that you would take some time out of the day to make sure he was alright? fyodor didn’t have time to dwell on it too much when he saw the relieved smile on your face before adding himself as a friend on your phone.
“let me know if something happens, okay?” you wave one last time at him before going down the stairs. fyodor feels much better now but for some reason, he still remains seated in the middle of the hallway until sigma finally arrives.
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⸺ 𝕗𝕦𝕟 𝕗𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕤:
↠ this was actually inspired by the time i also almost fainted in the middle of a building hallway and a security guard saw the whole thing on cctv
↠ chuuya has the best-looking apartment out of everyone in his friend group and he’s definitely a neat freak
↠ sigma gave fyodor an earful as soon as his friend told him what happened 
↠ hearing y/n freak out kind of kept fyodor conscious and he doesn’t know why
⸺ 𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥:
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