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Ressurection: Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
Stiles Stilinski x Female Reader
Something sinister has plagued Beacon Hills and the Pack must figure out the reason for the mysterious sacrifices around town - before one of their own becomes a victim.
warnings: dark themes containing – blood, murder, violence, description of dead bodies, character death + more
word count: 4.7k+ (holy moses batman that's long)
Resurrection Masterlist
series themes: angst w/ spots of fluff (if you squint)
"And it's over I'm going under But I'm not giving up I'm just giving in Ah, slipping underneath Wooh, so cold, but so sweet"
~ Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machine
Chapter Seven: Blood
You continued to shiver as you sat in the bath, feeling the water against your skin as it sprayed down from the shower above. You knew that the entire bathroom was filled with steam - and normally - you'd be warm. But instead, your body still felt like you were sitting in an ice bath with your fingertips turning pale and nearly blue.
You pulled your knees to your chest a little tighter as you silently prayed for the cold to go away.
You sat alone in the bathroom back at the Stilinski household. The moment the Pack knew that whatever hold Geillis had on you was gone, they rushed you out of the Preserve and collected you back at Stiles' home.
The entire drive back, Stiles kept his arms wrapped around you and held you tightly against his side. A blanket he kept folded in the backseat of his Jeep was wrapped around you - while Scott drove back towards the house. Stiles rubbed his hand along your body as you rested against him, feeling every bit of strength leave your body.
But it was like the moment you got to his home all you wanted was to get warm and to get clean. You tried not to focus on the fact that once your friends found you naked in the woods covered in blood. But as you sat there in the assumed warm water memories of the last few weeks began to come back to you. All you could assume was that whatever spell Geillis put on your memories either faded or wasn't as strong as before.
You could hear their screams.
Feel their blood beneath your fingers.
Taste their fear on your tongue.
You remember the things Geillis said to Stiles in order to hurt you and weaken you more.
I'm a murderer, you thought to yourself.
Tears quickly began to cause your eyes to burn as the memories continued to flash through your mind over and over again like a horror movie. You bit down on your lower lip to keep the cries in.
A soft knock sounded through the nearly silent bathroom, causing you to gasp and jump slightly in shock.
"Y/N?" Stiles' voice sounded from the other side of the closed bathroom door. "I-I...I got some clean clothes for you...again"
You scrambled forward and reached for the faucet knobs and turned off the water, before pushing the shower curtain to the side. Your legs were still shaky as you stood, wrapping a towel around your body, and opening the door.
Stiles stood on the other side with an eager look on his face. His large honey brown eyes looked towards you with a sort of softness that made your chest warm. But the moment Stiles saw your face come into view, it caused a twisting in his chest. The deeply saddened look on your face made his heartbreak for you. With the blood and dirt washed away he was able to see more of the tole Geillis was having on your body.
The dark and heavy bags beneath your eyes, the sunken look on your face, the bruises he could see marking along your body.
You seemed to pull on your towel more, holding it against your body, as you moved past him.
With a shaky hand, you unfolded the clothes that Stiles had thrown onto his bed, dropping to the towel and quickly getting dressed. A soft curse sounded from behind you. But you didn't care. Stiles seeing you naked was not on the list of worries for you currently.
"D-Did the shower help?" Stiles asked, clearing his throat and turning slightly away from you.
"Not really," You spoke with a soft chatter to your voice, moving to sit on his bed once you were dressed in a pair of his sweats and another one of his hoodies.
Stiles moved toward you and knelt down in front of you between your legs. His larger hands enclasped yours and cursed again when he felt how cold your hands were. A small shiver ran through your body as you moaned at the warmth of his hands.
"You're ice cold," Stiles kept one of his hands holding yours while the other caressed your face, causing your eyes to focus on him. "How are you feeling?"
"Like my limbs are made of ice, and like I need a nap but also a sandwich," Your voice was soft and lethargic.
Instantly Stiles remembered how it felt when he was split with the Nogitsune. Like with every second the life was being sucked out of him. Death gripping right at his throat.
"W-where's Scott and everyone?" You asked with a trembling bottom lip.
"Downstairs." Stiles answered, "They didn't want to bombard you too much." He chewed at his bottom lip slightly. "Y-You don't...is she...s-still...um..."
"Is Geillis still there?" You answered quickly, the look in his eyes a silent answer. "Yes."
There was a tense and heavy silence settling between you two.
"I-It's like an ache sitting at the base of my skull," You explained. "She's still there but it's...i-it's not like before."
Stiles' brows pulled together in confusion, "What do you mean?"
You paused and debated for a while before speaking, "Before she would take my memories of what she was doing, that's how I didn't know what I was doing...but now...now it's like I know what happened. I know what she did."
Tears quickly began to water your eyes again.
"I can see their f-faces...as she killed them. I can feel their blood on my hands and begging for their lives." You sobbed
"Oh, baby." Stiles frowned and moved quickly and wrap you into his arms. Your arms clasped around him tightly and cried into his neck as every emotion within your body seemed to let go right at that moment.
"I'm a murderer," You cried, "I'm a killer."
"No. That wasn't you...you didn't have any control over what happened" Stiles spoke firmly. "You are not a murderer."
"I almost killed you, Stiles" Your voice cracked as you said his name, your body shaking more with each cry. "Oh, m-my god...I almost killed you...I-I...oh..."
Stiles just held onto you tighter, before pulling you back so he could stare into your eyes as he spoke.
"Come on baby, I am right here. You stopped her, do you understand. You stopped Geillis from hurting me," Stiles spoke, his words calming you down slowly. "You are so fucking strong, do you not see that? You were able to break from her hold and come back to me...to us."
"She's still there...I can feel her." You whispered brokenly.
"And we're going to get her out. I'm to let anything hurt you, ever again, understand me?" He paused "Not when I just got you."
You nodded your head holding tightly to his words. Praying and hoping that they were true.
A small whimper sounded from your lips before you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his softly. He sat frozen for a moment before leaning into the kiss and deepening it slightly. Stiles' fingers moved to grab the back of your neck, gently tilting your head back as his tongue moved to dance against yours.
Being wrapped in his arms and feeling his lips pressed to yours seemed to have the demons fade from your mind. Even if it was temporary.
The two of you pulled away from each other slowly not wanting to be away from the other now that you knew what kissing each other tasted like.
"I don't know if I'm ever gonna get used to that," Stiles spoke dreamily
You giggled softly, "To what? Us kissing? Should I stop?"
"Don't you dare, if anything I need more of you. I never thought a day would come where...w-where I told you how I felt. Where I heard you say that you love me. That you feel the same."
You shyly smiled and ducked your head down slightly, "I never thought so either. Was convinced you were still in love with Lydia."
Stiles shook his head, "Just in love with you,"
He reached to pull you back into him and kissed your lips softly before pulling back again.
"What don't we head down to the others? Figure out what we need to in order to get you back...fully."
You nodded your head, "Just give me a second? I'll meet you down there?"
"Of course,"
Stiles pecked your cheek before standing up and heading out of the bedroom. You sat on his bedroom floor and let out a heavy sigh as once again everything started coming back to you.
Stiles walked back down onto the main level and into the living room where he heard the voices of his friends. Everyone spoke in rushed hurried whispers but stopped the moment Stiles walked through the doorway.
Scott was the first to walk towards him, a worried look still on his face. "How is she?"
"Better. Not...fully back to normal. But better. She's just getting dressed and settled before coming down."
"We sure that was wise seeing as a murderous witch is still possessing her body?" Malia spoke as she stood standing behind the couch.
"Geillis is gone, for now," Stiles answered, "From what she's told me...it sounds a lot like how I felt once I split with Void. Only this time there isn't another bodily form of Y/N walking around."
"We need to get her back to the clinic," Lydia spoke up from behind Scott. "Not only is Deaton there and the only one with the answers to what is going on. But the Moutain Ash should help us more if Geillis decided to come back."
Scott nodded his head and rubbed along his jaw as the stress of everything continued to weigh down on his shoulders. Because the only thing on his mind was Deaton repeatedly telling him the only solution.
"You know what's going to eventually happen, right?" Scott spoke with a heavy sadness in his voice. "What Deaton said is our only option..."
Stiles' eyes hardened as he stared at Scott, his body becoming rigid. "Don't even go there, Scott."
Scott looked away from him with shame as the tension between all of them began to become thicker and heavier.
"No one wants this to happen, Stiles. You have to know this?" Lydia stood from where she sat and spoke with a gentle tone. "We want Y/N to be safe and well just as much as you do."
"No, I don't think you do," Stiles snapped
"You say the type of power Geillis came to wield, that's not something that we can take a chance with," Malia spoke up. "We need to get rid of the threat in order for everyone one else to be safe."
Once you felt like you were ready to face everyone downstairs, you made your way down to join them all. But the moment you were able to turn and walk into the living room, you stopped at the sound of voices. Specifically, Stiles yelling at everyone. Your heart leaped into your throat as you stood right outside the doorway and listened to them all.
"This is Y/N we're talking about. We have known her for years." Stiles began to argue. "You guys aren't even giving her a chance! She's showed us that she's stronger than Geillis."
"We aren't denying that..." Scott interrupted
"No, you just want to kill her instead." Stiles spat out. "When...finally...I get to know that she feels the same for me? That she loves me too and you want to take that away from me?"
"We can't let emotions get in the way." It was Malia you noticed speak up.
It was then that you remembered what Geillis mentioned before leaving Stiles. How Malia was Stiles' first. And there was a part of you that hated Malia for that. The two of you never really get along. Now you're wondering if she's backing to killing you only to get you out of the way.
You pressed your back against the wall and felt that familiar tightness return to the back of your throat with tears watering your eyes once again. You were really getting tired of crying. But you fisted your hands tightly, digging your nails into your palm, willing them away.
"Let's just chill for a second," Lydia, seemingly the voice of reason. "Why don't we have her choose?"
"We're not killing her," Stiles spoke. The way he looked at them all gave the indication that the conversation was over.
You stood against the wall and counted till twenty before making it known that you were there. Turning the corner into the room with a fake small smile plastered on your face. Everyone's head turned towards you the moment you came into view. You visibly watched as Stiles' body relaxed when his brown eyes fell on you.
But you fought back the flinch you felt when Scott stepped in front of you. Knowing only seconds ago he, and the rest of the pack, were speaking of killing you. Deep down you knew Scott was only speaking of what was best. But it didn't hurt any less. Instead, you stood there huddled in Stiles' larger clothes.
"How are you feeling?" Scott spoke, his eyes moving along your face looking for anything that was wrong. Out of place. A sign that Geillis was standing in front of him and not you.
It broke Stiles' heart further to see you standing there looking vulnerable.
He moved on instinct and walked around Scott to stand beside you. Stiles wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you tightly into his side. Stiles could feel your body relax the moment he was standing beside you.
"I'm fine." You whispered, "Shower helped a little...feels good to no longer be covered in blood."
You looked around and stared at every single face of the Pack, before settling back on Scott.
"What is the game plan now?"
Scott ignored the stern look that Stiles was sending him, instead, Scott kept his focus on you.
"We're gonna get you to the clinic. Have you looked over by Deaton and then come up with a game plan on how to get rid of Geillis once and for all."
You nodded your head knowing full well that Scott had already come up with a plan on how to get rid of Geillis. But you didn't let that be known right away. Instead, you followed everyone out to the cars, crawling into the backseat of the Jeep beside Stiles, as Scott drove towards the clinic.
The entire drive there you kept your head resting against Stiles' chest, your hand holding tightly to his as the rest of the car sat in silence. Scott began to feel more and more guilty with every glance he shot from the rear view mirror. Seeing how the two of his best friends seemed to not let go of the other. He knew Stiles loved you. Fuck, he knew the two of you have been in love with one another for years.
But like Malia said, he couldn't have emotion come into play with this.
"There you go," Stiles spoke as he moved to set you down on the examination table in the middle of the clinic part of the vet office.
You shivered again, the cold metal not helping with the loss of heat you were going through. "Tha-thank you."
"Still cold?" He spoke, stepping closer and grabbing your hands once again.
You moaned softly and nodded your head. A small wince as the ache in the back of your head began to grow. "Bright lights aren't helping the headache much either."
"I'm sure Deaton has something," Stiles whispered as his thumb rubbed against the back of your hand. "T-That's not Geillis is it?"
"I'm not sure," You shrugged "Maybe. She liked to use my migraines against me."
"Once all this shit is done and over with, we're taking a break from this supernatural stuff." Stiles spoke with a heavy sigh, "We need it?"
You laughed lightly with a playfulness in your gaze. "I think after this you need to take me out on our first date."
"Oh? Do I now?" Stiles smirked, stepping closer to you, the smile on your pale chapped lips growing wider. "I have no arguments against that. Gonna make sure I whoo you."
"Whoo me?" That made you laugh harder. "Oh my god, I think you've already got that part covered."
"I don't know...I can be an idiot sometimes, always gotta make sure I work on impressing you." Stiles shrugged.
"I've been in love with you since the fifth grade, Stilinski. I don't think you could have me more if you even tried." You pulled your hand out of the grasp he still held, reaching up to caress his face softly. "You own my heart and soul."
Stiles leaned into your touch and felt himself melt into you more. He felt like for a moment his chest was going to explode with how hard it was beating against his ribs.
"Fuck...I-I...I don't know what to say after that." Stiles whispered
"Have I rendered the Stiles Stilinski speechless?" You smirked
He shook his head before bending down and kissing your lips sweetly. A small gasp was muffled between the two of you before you wrapped your arm around his shoulder. The kiss was slow, tender, and sweet. As he stood there, all Stiles could think of was how he wanted to do that forever. Have you in his arms forever.
But a throat-clearing drew the two of you away from each other.
The two of you pulled apart to see Deaton standing in the doorway of the clinic doors. Stiles' cheeks turned a deep red as she flushed with embarrassment.
"Stiles, why don't you step outside so that I can look over Y/N," Deaton spoke.
"I think I'll sta-" Stiles started, but stopped the moment he felt your hand squeeze around his.
"I'll be ok...promise. Plus, it'll be good for me to talk with the doc alone."
Stiles stared down at you like he was seeing if you'd give a sign that he wasn't sure. But instead, you just looked at him with a stoic, calm face. Stiles nodded his head before bending down and pressing a kiss to your forehead, before walking out.
Deaton waited for the swinging double doors to stay closed before walking towards you. "How are you feeling?"
You groaned, "I am really getting tired of that question. It's like everyone is waiting for the moment that I'm not me anymore."
"After the past few days...can you really blame them?" Deaton slipped on gloves before grabbing his stethoscope. "I think they are just scared but also worried about you."
You gasped when you felt the cold metal piece against your back. Taking a few deep breaths, knowing exactly what Deaton was looking for. The two of you sat in silence for a few seconds, before he pulled away.
"There is a slight falter to your breathing," Deaton frowned. "Have you always had this cold touch to your skin?"
You nodded, "Well ever since Geillis came into my life. I tried taking a warm shower to get my body temp up, but it didn't really help."
He looked at you with an inquisitive look, before grabbing his flashlight and checking your pupils. Deaton's frown deepened when he saw how small your pupils were.
"Do you have a migraine right now?"
You flinched back from the light, "Yes...well, the starting of one."
Deaton steps back from you and sighs with a heavy sadness. You fidgeted with your hands.
"Deaton, can I ask you something?" He looked at you for a moment before nodding his head. "I overheard everyone talking earlier...when they thought I was still upstairs...they...they said that there is the only way to get rid of Geillis." You nervously paused, "And that was to kill me?"
Deaton's eyes softened "Yes...unfortunately. Looking through old books and research I've collected over the years there isn't much that comes up about the Dark Pagan, and how to defeat them. The only thing that comes up is with driving Moutain Ash blend into their heart. And since you're the host for Geillis..."
"It would my heart that you'd have to stab." You finished off. "Fuck"
"Correct," Deaton confirmed
Your shoulders sagged as the realization finally settled. "A-And where is this blend?"
Deaton stared at you for a moment, "You might want to think about this for a moment..."
"I've thought about it. I can feel this ache in my head and I'm pretty sure that's only a sign that Geillis is going to be able to take control again. And we got lucky this time with me being able to break from it. But I'm not so sure we're gonna get that chance again." You shook your head and tilted it back as you felt tears coming again. You sniffled before continuing. "So if I have to sacrifice myself in order for her to never come back again. Then I'll do it. I won't make them have to decide and make that decision."
Deaton walked across the room towards his small desk that sat in the corner. He went through the drawers for a moment before coming back with a small vile and a knife. He slowly walked to stand in front of you, holding the items out in front of you.
"Are you sure about this?" Deaton asked.
With shaky hands, you reached out for both items and slid them into the front pocket of the hoodie.
"I'm positive." You spoke as a single tear moved down your cheeks. "They are going to try and stop me...s-so it would be helpful if you kept them here."
Stiles paced back and forth across the lobby while everyone else sat waiting in random seats throughout the room. He chewed nervously on his nails as he felt his anxiety grow more and more with each passing second he didn't see you or Deaton.
"Everything is going to be fine," Scott spoke from the chair he sat in, leaning forward on his knees as he watched his friend.
"We don't know that...we don't know what the fuck is going on." Stiles stopped and looked down at him, "You've already made your choice on what we're going anyways, Scott."
"Stiles..." Scott sighed heavily and closed his eyes for a moment.
Before Stiles or Scott could say another word, Deaton pushed through the double doors. Everyone seemed to rush towards him as they eagerly awaited any type of news. But with the heavy saddened look on his face - Stiles knew that it was nothing good.
"What's the news, Doc?" Scott asked
"Sadly not good. Like we all thought, Geillis isn't gone. Only dormant. It's only a matter of time before she comes back. Y/N is strong, but I don't think she's going to be able to hold off for long."
Stiles' shoulder sagged as he helplessly looked towards him, "So that's it? We give up on her?"
"We're not giving up on her," Scott spoke
Stiles stopped and looked around before he noticed that you never followed out from behind Deaton.
"She still back there?" Stiles asked.
"Not exactly," Deaton sighed. "She...She wanted you to know that she didn't want you to have to make the decision. That she accepted what needs to be done."
Stiles looked at him confused, "What are you talking about?"
"She just asked that I give her some time."
Stiles felt like ice was pumped through his veins before pushing around Deaton back into the back area.
You stood against the back wall, in only his sweats and your bra, as you shakily held a silver blade in your hand. Your chest was heaving with every harsh breath that passed through your pale lips, gripping tightly to the side of the exam table. Your eyes popped up towards Stiles as he broke through the door.
"YN!" He screamed for a moment as he stood there frozen in shock. "No! Please..."
"I'm sorry," Your voice cracked before you took the small bit of courage you had left and plunged the knife into your chest.
Scott reached for his friend as a crippling cry came from him, his knees buckling from beneath him and unable to hold himself up. At that moment Scott regretted ever suggesting this. For not looking for another option. For letting him believe that this was the only solution Deaton could find.
"We could've found more...we could've done more..." Scott thought.
You stared at the blade that stuck within your chest, your eyes wide with fear before your body bent back. The Pack stood back and watched as your jaw opened and black smoke danced from your mouth. An ear-splitting shriek came out with it and causing Scott and Malia to cry out in pain.
Your body stayed like for only a moment before collapsing down to the floor beneath you. Stiles pushed off from the floor quickly, reaching to catch you before you smacked against the cold ground. His vision was blurred as he looked over you and brought you into his arms.
"No...no, no, no..." Stiles cried as he looked down at the blood pooling around the blade. "No...why...why"
"I-I...I couldn't let er c-co-come back." You struggled to speak as you felt the pain branch out across your chest. Suddenly the cold you felt before didn't compare to how you felt now. You couldn't feel your fingers, or your legs, everything felt numb.
"We need to make it better. We have to make it better." Stiles spoke, mostly to himself, before picking you up from the floor.
You cried out as he placed you down across the exam table, hovering over your body and placing his hands around your chest. In his mind, he had to stop the bleeding. He had to put pressure on it.
"Fix her!" Stiles screamed to Deaton. "You did this! Fix her!"
"Stiles..." Lydia whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks.
He looked to Lydia and shook his head, knowing the look on her face. He had seen that look before. "No...don't you dare..."
"The voices...they call for her...I-I can't stop it." Lydia cried, feeling the urge to scream. Her powers became stronger with each second.
"No," He cried and looked down to see you still staring up at him. Eyes glassed over and breath barely coming out.
His bloodied hand reached to caress your face. "I need you."
"I-I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." You struggled to speak, trying to grip at his hand, but the grasp was barely there.
"I know." Stiles pressed a shaky kiss to your forehead, "You did what you thought was right."
You groaned and let out a violent cough, blood starting to pool around the corner of your lips. "I lo-lo-love yo-you..."
Stiles closed his eyes and sobbed softly, "I love you too."
Stiles makes sure to keep his gaze locked with yours as the second's pass. He make sure to whisper sweet nothings in your ear as he slowly watched the life fade from your eyes. The eyes he loved so much. The eyes that always seemed to keep him calm and center him whenever the world started to feel too much.
But now they held nothing.
No light.
No life.
Lydia must've stepped out of the clinic cause he could hear her scream your name, her own pain evident in her voice. That was the final thing to break him.
Stiles buried his face into your neck and cried. Feeling like a piece of his heart was ripped out of his chest.
He thought he knew pain before.
When he lost his mom.
When he went through the pain of the Nogitsune. But nothing compared to the hollowness that settled inside him now.
"I just finally got you," Stiles cried out, his head still buried into your neck, hating how stiff and still you felt with his hand still over your chest. "I-I can't...I can't do this without you...please...oh god...please...I need her...I need her."
"And it's peaceful in the deep 'Cause either way you cannot breathe No need to pray, no need to speak Now I am under Oh, and it's breaking over me A thousand miles out to the sea bed Found the place to rest my head"
~ Never Let Me Go, Florence + the Machine
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Mitski, Goodbye My Danish Sweetheart
Tumblr media
Mary Oliver, We Should Be Well Prepared; Red Bird
Tumblr media
James Joyce, Exiles: A Play In Three Acts
Tumblr media
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Annelyse Gelman, Everyone I Love is a Stranger to Someone
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Lemony Snickett, The Beatrice Letters
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Nicole Homer, Underbelly
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Taylor Swift, The Archer
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Sally Rooney, Normal People
On Losing Love
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Vulcans are probably the freakiest little bitches to ever exist. You show me an emotionally repressed touch telepath species that has a fuck or die party every 7 years and expect me to believe they aren’t the kinkiest weirdest species in the known universe? 
Vulcan pornhub has more terabytes of hand fetish porn than we have data storage capacity on the entire world wide web.
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i'm too old, can you remind me why we stopped talking? the days are getting shorter again - i wake up before the sun, i finish work after she has already hidden again.
i saw you got a dog - i think. i saw you dyed your hair - maybe. i saw that you like the same television series i do - well, it seems. anything could be happening, i guess. it's hard to tell just looking at a screen.
i'm too old - why did we fight? i can't remember what exactly happened. i can't remember what came up. i've been getting better. i'm sorry, if it's my fault. i'm sorry even if it's not. i'm sorry even if neither of us did anything wrong.
someone mentioned you the other day, and asked me - do you know her? as if we'd never even been friends. i had to think about it. no, i guess not. i once cried on your shoulder for half an hour about a boy who wasn't even, like, hot.
for old time's sake, wanna come over? it's halloween. it used to be our season. we used to clomp through the leaves together. wanna come over? i just moved, i want to show you my tiny skein of a yard. wanna come over? my dog can meet your maybe-dog and we can drink mulled cider and get over the hard part.
i dont remember who drew the line. i don't remember if there was even a line ever drawn, or we just grew apart, the way adults sometimes do. i think to text you sometimes - but what if you're angry?
you used to come to my birthday parties. i used to throw parties for you. it's kind of hard to picture, these days, as if through a fogged windowpane. a lot has happened since then. a lot has changed for me. probably for you too.
i can't write today. i wasn't ever really good at writing for you, specifically, anyway. i felt something too mottled. something that scalded if it wasn't handled properly.
anyway. i'm too old. i hope you reach out. i am glad you look happy. i am glad that i'm happy too. i am glad we are both busy adults with our lives sparkling like glitter glue. i am glad like ice cream dinners and theme park tickets and closing a book. i am glad to my roots.
but i kind of wish you were here so i could share it with you.
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ummm this has been done already right
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Chris Evans - MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet
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Change one line of dialogue and ruin and entire scene: check.
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Reverse Au
Malleus: Mc * start floss * Is this human's perception of dancing?
Mc: *start cough* M-malleus stop please.
Malleus: *dap* And what does this mean?
Mc: Malleus why??? Where you learn this?
Malleus: Oh Idia show those to me. He found them in a place called ti-tiii-tiktok yeah that was it and he called these memes. What is meme?
Mc: Idia don't you dare show Malleus memes that have been out of date for a long time!!!
Idia: *start laugh in other room*
Mc: Malleus if we agree now that you don't go online alone. You can find any cursed pictures there.
Malleus: Cursed pictures???
Mc: like this...
Tumblr media
Malleus: Aaaw this pet is really cute.
Mc:... Malleus no just no
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Its because I love you~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⚠️WARNINGS(please do read it)⚠️: dub/non-con(i am confused but it's one of em) i suggest you ignore if this causes you the slightest bit of discomfort, obsessive behaviour, use of aphrodisiacs, kind of stockholm syndrome, smut
Side notes: reader is male, mXm, i recently read a yandere story so i wanted to make one too i am sorry if this was uncomfortable :')
Tumblr media
•Okay but imagine yandere boyfriend who loves you so much that he basically kidnapped you so you would only love him.
•Yandere boyfriend who fucked you right on the spot when he found out that you loved him back.
•Yandere boyfriend who loves you so much to the point that he is ready to hurt YOU if you as much as even help somebody-
"Ughh" you groaned as you were thrown on the floor
"Wtf? What happened to you c/n?" You asked quizzically
"What happened to me?" C/N chuckled in utter disbelief
"YOU FUCKING TALKED TO HIM M/N. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!!" C/N shouted making you flinch hard
"But i was just helping him WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" You asked raising your voice.... That was a big fucking mistake.
He placed his palm on your cheek and caressed it gently
"You're making a grave mistake baby, you know I don't like it when you disobey me" he said in a disappointed tone that sent shivers down your spine making you tremble in fear. You saw him took an injection and you knew you were in big trouble.
"No wait- don't please- uwaghh!!" You groaned as you felt the injection pierce you. A similar thing once already happened to you and that's why you were scared you still had brusies and marks left from that time, but this time... It was different... Your body felt hot and you started to feel weak with each passing second
"Wha... What did you... Gi-give me...?" You managed to slur out
"An aphrodisiac, don't worry it will start to feel good enough soon, till then see you" He said and left you there, like you didn't even matter, as a mere piece of pawn used to lure your enemy and then wiped away once you're used. But why did it feel good? Why did it excite you? Was it the aphrodisiac? Yeah it probably is, but, What will happen afterwards? Those thoughts kept lingering in your mind until you blacked out.
You woke up with a jolt as you felt water spalshed onto you
"Did you sleep well my love?" C/N asks
"My-my body feels numb...." You whispered barely audible
"Aaah- so the drugs are finally starting to work. This will be fun♡" he commented with a sadistic smirk plastered all over his face.
You felt a strain in your pants and when you looked down it was obviously you were hard, you felt hot and you started to sweat. It was like you were in heat you needed some kind- no- any kind of skin contact just something you were desperate and c/n definitely noticed that
"Are the drugs finally making you lose your mind my love?"
"Please c/n i need it please..." You begged you were so desperate that you didn't even care anymore you couldn't deal with it your whole body felt weak.
"You're so cute♡ you're mine forever♡"
"Aaangh- oh gosh!! Aaangh!!" You were moaning constantly for the past few hour having cum atleast more than 3 times, your body fell meek and you couldn't say anything, you couldn't move, you couldn't breathe all you could do was lay there and take it countless 'stop's' and 'no's' came out of your mouth but to no avail c/n kept going.
"C/N please- i- aaangh can't- no more please mnnngh- please" you begged even though you knew it was useless
"No more, no more but yet your hole-ugh- clenches around me whenever i take my dick out- aggh-" he huffed as he felt you tighten around him
"It's- it's because of the aphrodisiac..."
"Aah! There you're wrong babe, it's not the aphrodisiac it's you who still want's it" he whispered into your ears thrusting into you
"Please- aaaangh!!!! No more....." All your moans fell into deaf ears as the tears won't stop falling from your eyes.
God knows how many more rounds you all did before it finally came to an end but instead of taking care of you helping you clean up like he usually does he left you there alone in the bed not giving a fuck what happened to you and left you locked in the room. All it mattered to him anymore was that you were still with him and never left him every again
"You're not the man I fell in love with anymore..."
Tumblr media
The End~
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jestroer · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I think am the funniest human on earth
Fanart for This is about a stuffed bird by @theminecraftbee
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enigma-the-mysterious · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
More like Skull Dukat :D
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mega-ringsandthings-world · a month ago
At this point, why are people still fucking around with the fantastic beasts series? If you want to watch a romance between a genocidal maniac and a lite!liberal professor, Magneto and Professor X are literally right there.
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lavendercloxds · 2 months ago
you can do a headcanon about having a daughter with klaus mikaelson
I added twins ik it's kinda self indulgent but it was must after i came up with that cute baby name also Idk what's this sorry !? 🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Nik I'm pregnant ”since the day you shared the good news with him you saw a complete different man who definitely looked like your husband Klaus but kind and more softer than he already was with you.
“Hello little warrior ” “corrections mister husband it's warriors”
“Does that mean I'm going to be a father of twins ?” his blue eyes glimmering with happiness
“gonna have Twin daughters ” you said biting your lips being overwhelmed with happiness.
His happiness knew no bounds after this and he showed his affection through showering you with daily bouquets of roses and lavenders,love notes and paintings of you with kids.
“ you don't know how happy you've made me ,love.” , “i know it's the thousandth time you're telling me Nik.” you giggled
Klaus having Daily conversations about how much he loves you and he cares about you and your babies as he gently rests his head on your abdomen listening to the little heartbeats of his princesses.
His love for you seemed to get doubled since you got pregnant
your pregnancy made Klaus more serious about listening to your needs and wants more than ever.
Him Taking care of you , giving you meds /herbs on time that your personal witch doc aka your sister in law Freya prescribed.
Taking note of your every need became a routine of his life “ don't move ,love ask whatever you need why on earth you've got a husband for ” when you just moved to fetch a glass of water
Whole Mikaelson family panicking when you started having labour pain .kol contacting Davina , Rebekah and Freya holding you while you whinced in pain as they took you to the bayou doc
And finally there they were your cute twin daughters in your husband's arms when you came back to your senses
“Elijah has named this one HOPE and this one FAITH ” Klaus tells you with Teary eyes and a wide smile.
Parenting never seemed to be a task with him.
Every day was so smooth with you having Klaus by your side because he was so good with kids even better than you could ever be.
Him Spending all his time with you and your children while Marcel took care of the city.
Those who saw him as fearsome MONSTER would never believe that a heartless man like him Can be this soft if you ever told them that Klaus goes all emotional if any of your daughter fell ill.
typical day in your life Starts with you waking up with the sight of Klaus playing with HOPE and FAITH and Ends with Him telling them bedtime stories.
Your daughters are the light in the darkness of his life.
Each day you see him being a better man just so that he can give his daughters a perfect future with no danger waiting for them
Him quitting on drinking from humans and opting blood bags because he's done with violence.
Hope and faith clearly love their dad more than you and the evidence is their constant whining when you take them in your arms while they were peacefully playing with their dad.
No doubt that makes you feel a Lil bit jealous of your own husband because damn that man is getting all the love from your twins but your heart swells with love too because he clearly deserves all the love he's getting.
“ You go back to sleep sweetheart, I've got this ” he tells you when Hope starts crying in the middle of the night and he takes hope in his arms and sways her till she stops crying and drifts in a sound sleep.
“How many more hours you're gonna adore them ? They're sleeping ” you cooed in his ears when he stood there near the cradle looking at his sleeping babies.
“they give me a kind of feeling i thought i would never feel again , After all this time with them i have realised I can literally do anything for them even if it means walking through hell fire ” he tells you without looking away from them while you hug him tightly from behind as you too joined him watching your daughters sleeping peacefully.
All in all your life is perfect with you having Klaus as your husband and two beautiful daughters as the token of your love.
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canonical-transformation · 26 days ago
Anyway let's talk bad news.
Yelan's amazing J-jazz almost-city-pop theme really drives home the "classy mobster, lady of leisure and thrill-seeking" theme. And the bits of her character story and trailers that we have suggests that she revels in her otherness, loves to put people in weird situations to make them squirm.
Motif-wise, there's a bit of a dice theme going—playing into the risk-taking that's apparently been a character not-quite-flaw since childhood, but also with a lot of silly "your luck's run out!" lines and stories about her stacking the odds in her favour. There's also a motif of... hmmmmmmmm let's see........
Tumblr media
...well, between that, and the blue string 'entangled in web' vibes of her character design, are kind of arachnid, and that's not even getting into the way that white fur collar on black body suit gives a very spidery image. Not enough to explicitly conjure that mental image the way Kokomi screams 'fish', but the allusions are there.
And in the character teaser we see her multitasking several different covert operations! Yelan is a woman with many irons in the fire. All of the irons. Aaaaaaaall of them.
She's a blue-coloured water-themed Scorpio ♏ is what I'm saying 🥲🥲🥲
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milkovichy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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