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#i am thinking about it though
terezis · 2 days ago
“How is this possible? I watched you die.” + Taakitz perhamps?
"Well, I am Death," Kravitz says with a little smile. "Nothing can keep me down for long."
"That's - you -" Taako's expression is wild with fury for reasons Kravitz doesn't really understand, and exhausted for reasons he thinks he does. When he reaches up to thumb at Taako's cheek, his face is sticky with dried tears. 
"I'm sorry I worried you, love."
Taako's face falls. His lip wobbles even as he leans into Kravitz's touch, which hurts Kravitz's heart more than the dagger through his aorta did. It's all he can do to press their foreheads together and watch Taako breathe.
"... And I'm sorry I stained the rug," he says after several minutes. "Do you think we can get it dry-cleaned?"
Taako leans back to scrub at his eyes. "You are the stupidest man I have ever met," his boyfriend tells him. "You're a fucking imbecile. Do you think we can get it dry-cleaned. God."
"Is that a no? Are we going to have to go shopping for a new one?"
Taako scowls and pushes at Kravitz's shoulder until he's lying prone on the floor. "You're not going out for at least a year," he says, glaring. "If you so much as think in the direction of the Astral Plane, I am going to chain you to our fuckin' bed. Lup and Barry are taking all your active bounties. You're on a strict diet of healing potions and paperwork until you remember how to not fucking beef it."
Kravitz laughs, which makes his chest sting. He can't quite manage to hide his wince. Taako frowns.
"The, uh - the necromancers who followed me through the portal," Kravitz asks, which is a shitty non-sequitur as far as distractions go, but Kravitz didn’t see any bodies among the remains of their living room. "Did you -"
"They are deader than dead, homie. They're scraping their souls off the walls of the Eternal Stockade. And I'm sending the bill for the damages to their fuckin', uh, cult leader, so you can't reap 'em until they pay up. Fuck those guys."
"Fuck those guys," Kravitz agrees, extending a hand towards his boyfriend; Taako ducks underneath and curls up against his side. His weight is a warm and welcome balm for the pain. He should probably take a potion, or at least get up off the floor; he doesn't want to move.
"Next time, portal into the kitchen," Taako says. "I've been waiting for an excuse to remodel."
"I'll try to plan my murder accordingly," Kravitz tells him. Against the crook of Kravitz's neck, Taako smiles.
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vampyrefemme · 7 days ago
international lesbian day and I don't even get to fuck my butch's face😔
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mooncakedeanarchive · 3 months ago
@marlborodean niko has not been here and so i can’t discuss the merits of takeshi!dean with a small ponytail with them. 🥺
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jackklineolantern · a month ago
sam and dean arguing about cas saying yes to lucifer in s11 DOES infuriate me actually because it’s like. so characteristic of both of them? dean’s classic “it was a stupid choice i know best” shtick and sam’s “autonomy over everything” thing but neither of them get it!!!! they’re both so busy arguing and trying to apply their own moralities to the situation that they both manage to miss the crucial question of why cas said yes. because it doesn’t matter. to dean it doesn’t matter why, it was stupid and should be fixed. to sam it doesn’t matter why, it was his choice and should be respected. but neither of them stop to actually critically think about why their best friend would voluntarily house satan!!! like maybe it’s indicative of some deeply-rooted self worth issues because neither of you have done a good job of making him actually feel like family!!! have you ever thought of that!!!
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stopitjon · a year ago
I guess it’s just screaming into the void day for me, but one other thing I really wish people would get through their skulls is that critical thinking and literary criticism are not “critical” in the way that your mom is “critical” of your outfit. Critical analysis of media is a lot more involved than thinking up half-baked ideas for why said media is shit, actually.
Thinking critically about a text requires that long before you think in terms of good and bad, you consider intents and outcomes, you understand both the immediate and wider context of what you’re looking at, and you acknowledge that fiction is subjective. It’s about thoughtful examination of all aspects of the work.
What function does this element serve in the work? Why might the author have included it? How was it incorporated, and how does it interact with other elements? Setting aside possible intents, but looking closely at context and execution, what impact does this element have on the work as a whole? On different possible audiences? How does all of this play into or deviate from greater patterns across media?
And for the love of god please stop forgetting:
What lens or framework am I using to examine this text? What are the limitations or problems with that framework? What are my biases? (<-Americans do this challenge) If I choose to examine this through a different lens, how does that change what I see?
...That’s barely a start, but the point is, if your idea of “thinking critically about the media you consume” starts and ends with picking any number of random things you heard are bad and seeing if they show up or not in said media, you’ve done the critical thinking equivalent of tripping at the starting line and really have no place telling other people to follow your lead whilst you are, quite obviously, face-down in the dirt.
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June 27, 2021 - After about an hour break when Supernatural wasn't on the trending wall, it's back again. Fourth day in a row. I love running this blog. Previous episodes posts here: June 24, June 25, June 26 part one and part two.
Tumblr media
Over the past 24 hours a lot has happened. But let's start from the beginning.
Eric Kripke deletes both tweets related to the Twitter Drama. The first one was him congratulating on the prequel, the second one - explaining he didn't know Jared was involved and that he'd already apologized to him.
Tumblr media
Jensen, who has virtually zero media presence, posts two more tweets. He links to this article that, despite being quite lengthy, brilliantly explains what we know about the prequel, touches on the Twitter Thing, and analyzes Mary and John's relationship and their characters in detail. Excerpt can be also found here: [x]. Jensen's tweets are here and here.
Tumblr media
Jensen also changes his Twitter header to one relating to Soldier Boy. Both his previous one and the new one can be seen below:
Tumblr media
After three days of people's begging Misha for a distraction from the drama, he posts a video. It's to promote GISH and features him in a bathtub with a dog [x]. Sources claim that he says "good boy" which makes some fans kinda lose it. I'm just reporting, please don't shoot the messenger.
Tumblr media
Two more scripts are released: 12x15 and 12x16. There are some interesting bits that caught the fans' attention, mainly the internations between Crowley and Dean; confirmation that Cas texts by sending chains of emojis; the fact than when distraught, Claire debates calling Cas or her step-sister Alex; Claire calling Jody her mom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fans discover that Jensen's aunt has been very active on Twitter, fiercely supporting her nephew and discussing with people who were attacking him. Link to the post here. Others notice that a former advisor to Trump has been defending Jared's reaction to finding out about the prequel from Twitter [x]. I usually try to refrain from inserting my own comments, but considering how much mess the last few days have been, please remember that the actors have no control over who comments what on their tweets. So discuss, comment, criticize, but please don't attack people, especially on Twitter where they can see that. And I mean it about both Jensen and Jared.
And to sum up - Sebastian Roche (Balthazar) likes a tweet that describes what a lot of people are probably feeling right now:
Tumblr media
#i know that there's some repetition regarding the news considering i've already posted about some of it in a recent ask#but i wanted to put everything together in an actual posts. hope that's all right#i also know i kinda brushed over the aunt and the former trump advisor thing#i was quite conflicted on that one. i linked to it as i want to deliver the news and it was explicitly mentioned in one of the recent asks#but i am well aware of how that looks and i don't want to look biased against anyone#and i know that especially because of the recent chaos many people are tired and fed up#and i've seen how messy it is on twitter. so i'm just trying to avoid being a cause for more anger and attacks#and i mean it. i have my opinions on the events and the actors and their reactions but i'm not gonna share them here and i want the posts t#reflect that#i know that most people are reasonable about these things but some do go after the cast and people who were pulled into this whole chaos#and attack them. not criticize because criticism is a whole different thing. but attack and threaten. and that's what i'm trying to avoid#causing here#i'm babbling i know#but yeah - tumblr is a safer space here but twitter can be vicious#so again - comment and criticize and discuss and honestly. post about what you want. but don't go after people on the platforms where they#can see it. you might disagree with me but i think there's been so much drama lately that we all deserve a break#so yeah. that's what i wanted to say. and if you're frustrated and tired because of the recent events feel free to scream or rant in my#messages. okay. PSA over#one more thing though!#some of the pictures are kind of glued together in this post. it's because i can't add more that 10 photos#all of these can be seen separately though in an ask that's almost right below this post so feel free to check it out#it's also linked at the top#why is supernatural trending#spn#jensen ackles#misha collins#jared padalecki#spn cast#eric kripke
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plottwiststudios · 2 months ago
A Fun Little Tumblr Game
Tumblr media
EARLY ACCESS ITCH.IO < -- I keep 95% of the profit
I want to see how well this does! For every like this particular cost nets, I will divulge some fun little factoids about the visual novel “Women of Xal”’s production throughout the years. But wait, there’s more!
Tumblr media
I will be keeping score of how people interact with this post! Certain actions net this smol fandom group points, which will be auto redeemed once milestones are crossed by you lovely fans. It’ll make sense once you see the point system!
For every like: 1 Point
For every reblog: 2 Points
For every new follow: 3 Points
Fanart/Animation of Women of Xal: 10 Points Each
For every reblog, ask, and/or reply with commentary discussing what you like about WoX (Early Access or generally) : 5 Points (10 points max!)
Join the fan Discord server for the PTverse: 10 Points
For any fun “essay” on the game and/or its characters/plots/themes: 15 Points (Be sure to tag me and/or “Women of Xal” so I can count it!)
For every copy of Women of Xal sold on Steam or from now until the 22nd of August 2021: 20 Points
Silly Bonus: For every $1 you give to my Ko-fi page: 2 Points :’3
Tumblr media
150 Points: Raffle for 1 Steam key for Women of Xal
300 Points: I’ll let the character Velvet back on Tumblr for a day
500 Points: Raffle for Steam Key. I tell everyone the next big project(s)
1000 Points: I’ll let Liz take over my Tumblr for a day
2000 Points: Raffle for Steam Key, .mp3 and MIDI for WoX’s OP
5000 Points: I’ll let Xuna take over my Tumblr for a day
9000 Points: Raffle for Steam Key. Fan Vote For Secondary Reward
10,000 Points: Early Access Vol.1 Soundtrack Free For Tumblr! 
15,000 Points: Raffle for Steam Key. Fan Vote for Secondary Reward
25,000 Points: I’ll. I’ll... appear on video on the internet to thank you all.
30,000 Points: I’ll livestream a game (fandom choice via vote!) Raffle
The rules are VERY simple: No bots, no takebacks!, no negativity, and most importantly, this is a team effort. When you earn a point, everyone does! To be incredibly clear, that means if one person gets 3 points, and another gets 2, then the fandom has 5 points in total. 145 points away from the first milestone. The rewards above are given to all who follow my blog, at the same time, and cannot be subtracted. If for some wild reason the likes outnumber the interesting factoids of the game’s development, I’ll convert the rest into points (5 likes in the surplus group = 1 point) What fans can vote on will be determined by the team. Though you can always pitch ideas.
There is no clear deadline; it’s whenever I feel like not doing this anymore. However, I will say that I will only reblog this two times for timezones. We are 2,500+ fans strong. I know we can do this! >3
Thank you for reading, and LET’S HECKING GO! 
Tumblr media
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koshercosplay · a month ago
PLEASE do go off about one of the coolest jewish women in modern history, i've never heard of her and i want to know
Tumblr media
*evil laughs* I AM HAPPY TO OBLIGE.
it's time for everyone to learn about the incredible, badass, and witty sephardic Jewish woman named Dona Gracia Mendes-Nasi.
the first thing we start with is the spanish inquisition, which nobody ever expects.
she was born into a family of recent conversos in Portugal in 1510. she grows up, marries her rich uncle, and then ten years later he dies and leaves her half of the family business, and leaves the other half to his brother (her other uncle and also brother-in-law? told you this story was interesting)
so then she moves to antwerp with her family (because it's portuguese inquisition time yay) and five years later that guy ALSO dies, leaving her basically in charge of a massive spice trading, precious gems, and banking business empire.
she becomes enormously wealthy, and gains a worthy reputation as a shrewd businesswoman that nobody wants to fuck with. everyone thinks she's going to remarry after losing her husband but nope she's like I don't have time for men I have a business to run and Jews to save.
yeah you read that right! she has popes and sultans and the literal caesar on speed dial. she personally owns and commands a fleet of ships that bring with them wealth and knowledge.
but what does she do with it all?
yeah you heard me!
she establishes a secret route with safe houses along the way for marranos and conversos and Jewish people seeking a safe haven to practice Judaism. she has numerous scouts who report directly back to her on the nature of foreign politics and affairs, and she arranges houses for Jews to settle in once they reach safer countries.
she singlehandedly saved HUNDREDS of Jewish lives.
and that's not even all!
Dona Gracia becomes the first woman EVER in the Ottoman Empire to own her own printing and publishing company. she commissions and publishes numerous Jewish writings on Torah and the Talmud to purposefully counteract the book burnings and theft happening in Jewish communities around Europe. she was so influential that the ladino version of tanakh (called the Ferrara Bible) is literally dedicated to her.
she ASKED the literal SULTAN to give her the city of Tiberias in then-Palestine to run as she sees fit and he was like sure bestie go for it and then she DID. she sponsored tons of Jewish families to go live there and built it up as a safe haven for Jewish communities.
when she found out that a city in Italy was about to hang a group of Jews for the crime of practicing Judaism she was like fuck no and pulled her ships out of that harbor and sent all those goods to a different city, which had INTERNATIONAL REPERCUSSIONS.
she sponsored yeshivas and synagogues and schools in Italy, in Constantinople, and in Tiberias, and she was a fierce advocate for the Jewish way of life.
and she did all of this while living as a Jewish woman in the 1500s.
in short, she was a BADASS. and everyone should know about her.
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