#i assume this is what you meant???
quietbirdee · a month ago
that eye......sans undertale.....
he's just a little guy
Tumblr media
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andstuffsketches · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[comic of Yor and Loid from Spy x Family.  Yor says, “we need to practice kissing to avoid future suspicion” and Loid agrees.  They both look at each other, blushing, with words behind them (cut off by the art and panel) showing their thoughts. Yor is thinking about kisses on TV and that Loid has experience she doesn’t because he was married.  Loid is thinking about his mission and that he hopes this time will be less boring since he actually enjoys Yor’s company.  Yor reaches in, blushing, and pulls Loid in for a kiss.  They awkwardly press their lips together, then break apart blankly.  Yor smiles and says in confusion, “That’s it? Oh, I mean... that was-- easy?” Loid beams at her and says, “In my experience, yes! Great job, Yor!” the bottom of the page says “Normalcy achieved”]
oblivious aspec twiyor 💚💜
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gin-juice-tonic · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
fool me twice shame on me
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spectacledraws · 4 months ago
Time sensitive question: is deltarune asriel a himbo?
LOLL that’s a tough one, i like to think he’s kinda responsible/thoughtful due to being the older sibling of kris the weird kid?? But he’s definitely also silly judging by all the little stories we hear about him so..
I’m not an expert on the qualifications but I’ll say.. maybe.. sure.. he’s probably silly enough to be a low-end himbo..🧐
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rowanthestrange · a month ago
Do I hate all this revolving around Ten’s era? Yes. But again, it is an objectively and outstandingly good decision by RTD to do this, now on even more fronts. Because not only is it pulling in a huge amount of old viewers to watch and they might bond with Ncuti at the same time, now you’ve linked in the old stuff even more to get them to stick around, and you’re exposing them to trans themes, and it’ll make it so much harder for the BBC to cancel both on numbers and because of said trans themes. If you want Ncuti to have a second series, you’re gonna have to put up with normie-baiting.
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ri0thouse · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy pride to little richard, and also to this gay watch party where jimmy drunkenly tries to put his head on robert’s shoulder but is thwarted by the center console
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elaena · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It did not matter. He was the Damphair priest, beloved of the god.
(for @hoodedwayfarer)
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skunkes · 2 months ago
assuming that the world doesnt explode sooner than we'd hoped (🧿🧿🧿) does anyone else get ^_^ wondering how humans of the future will make art. Like. Drawing tablets are fairly recent. I cant imagine my life without the freedom of digital art. I wonder if any New Art Tool will come out in my lifetime or i wonder how the hypothetical ppl of the far future will be making art or how tablets will evolve and if older drawing tablets will be a niche old school interest etc etc ^_^
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idolomantises · a month ago
sorry not to bring up lily orchard again but she is seriously the only person ive seen get mad at the critic’s speech scene in ratatouille
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shmaroace · 13 days ago
im sorry but i like do not understand your most recent post lmao… can you elaborate?
okay. first of all i made this post solidly like,,,a week ago and it's only come out just now bc of how i have my queue set up. i don't fully know what was going on in my head but i have a vague idea.
comments on aro posts about not liking relationships/love are always like "yeah but you can still date (even if you're aro!!!)" or "some people do feel love!" or "aros aren't emotionless!" have you considered that you're missing the point
ok. this is what the post said. to be clear, i do understand that aros can still date. aros are not all emotionless. many aros do feel love. HOWEVER. there are loads and loads of posts that say those exact things. people generally agree underneath them.
when posts directed towards loveless/low-empathy/etc. aros say things like "some aros are emotionless" or "some aros don't love" people are automatically like "but they can!!!". it's derailing the post and drawing focus away from aros who are part of that group (who are usually a minority in the aro minority in the minority of the lgbtq+ commmunity).
the point of those posts is to bring attention to aros who are low-empathy or loveless or don't want romance at all. if you are trying to point out the opposite of it, then you're not getting the point of the attention towards that group in the aro community.
this post from like two weeks ago kinda talks about this a little? it might help if you look at that too. (a bit of a tag rant here too)
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rosignoelle · 7 months ago
everyone’s modern capri aus: laurent is an elegant parisian who likes fine wine
me: laurent is a filthy cégep grad who crushes miller’s light and plays for the habs
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skepticalfrog · 5 months ago
Can I say I like your Sam characterization of being like. Well meaning but a bit homophobic unintentionally (especially at dean). It’s my favorite Sam characterization re lgbt issues besides trans het dude Sammy because some people get SO overzealous with ally sam being in the know about every possible label despite being a forty year old white man who is almost always straight n cis in these scenarios. Best Sam has the spirit but doesn’t know shit beyond the word bisexual (when jack comes out as nb he’ll be just as lost as dean unless you’re writing Sam as someone who is also nonbinary and aware of that or a version of Sam who would have a tumblr, you know? I’m worried that came out weird for reference I’m nonbinary it’s just. It’s difficult to explain to people who haven’t been exposed to that a lot, which Sam and dean are in canon)
And sometimes people we love hurt us or we hurt people we love unintentionally because what we call “acting weird” is our brother constructing intricate rituals with the love of his life. That’s real that doesn’t make Sam a villain just because he’s making a mistake
thanks for this!!!! OBSESSED, as always, with thoughts and specific readings of this fic!!!
and yeah! I think it's so real to be hurt by someone well-intentioned, for us to hurt people through ignorance alone. It's such a reality that like... Coming out is a rough ride. That there's so much pressure on it and it's usually the culmination of years and years of feelings and that often it lands flat. Like.
I suppose what I wanted from Sam and Dean was the vibe that. Coming out isn't an end point, a relief, a release – it's, more often than not, the beginning of a conversation that, more often than not, starts off in a rough place and can get better!!
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pencilscratchins · 10 months ago
My brain is like “Cobb calls people Hoss and has questionable banjo skills.”
i think that’s just canon honestly
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other-peoples-coats · a month ago
Hey like.
what the fuck is a Mandalorian war crime, and/or what the hell do they consider a crime against humanity. (against sentience? not really sure how that generalizes in space with aliens, tbh)
Like they use flamethrowers on people, and uuuuh seem to not really give a shit about things like ‘not killing non-combatants’ or ‘not killing medics’ or like, ‘not just wholesale razing somewhere to the ground’, etc, and even the ‘we love kids protect children’ is, mmmmmmm questionable, given the ‘yeah this kid’s 8 we gave him a gun and told him to kill this is good parenting’ sort of stuff.
but also, they do have demagolka, which is from someone who experimented on children and is generalized to be like, A War Criminal, so clearly there’s some things beyond the pale, even for mandos, aka ‘who gives a shit about not causing unnecessary suffering, flamethrower etc look cool’ but. what the fuck is that.
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milagrosen · 11 months ago
Lady KO as Mary Jane Watson. She said "Face It Tiger you just hit the jackpot." To bumblebee
Tumblr media
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bleeding-letters · 3 months ago
A hero and a villain (or their sidekicks?~) trapped in a small space (and maybe crushing on each other)? (@creweemmaeec11 just made a list with situations and they seem cool, in case you feel like writing something like that!)
Have a nice day✨
I’m going to give the sidekicks names so the writing flows better, is that alright? Hero’s Sidekick can be Ember, and Villain’s Sidekick can be Riptide I guess. Those are cool names, I think? But fire and water have a… tendency to make a little steam, do they not? Anyway, hope y’all enjoy!
Anyone But You
“How long have we been trapped here?”
“5 minutes, Em. It’s been 5 minutes since the power went out.”
If someone had told Ember an hour ago they’d be trapped with the one person on the planet she shouldn’t be in love with, she would’ve laughed and walked away.
But here she was.
How was she supposed to explain this to Hero? Hey Boss, don’t worry about where she’d been or why she hadn’t bothered to even clock in. No worries, yeah, she was just with her sworn enemy checking on a hunch that an even bigger sworn enemy had evil plans in their mansion. Yes, the one on the outskirts of town where the next closest house was a quarter-mile away. Yup, that’s the one. No no, it’s all good. Nothing to worry about.
Riptide had started searching right away, his face scrunched in concentration as he threw papers through the air. Ember walked off to look in another part of the house, silently searching for Supervillain’s plans. The pair had not been searching for thirty minutes before Riptide came running in to the kitchen, a panicked mess. He said he heard the front door open. And that was how the two of them— albeit without thinking — ended up in the tiniest hiding place possible.
A dumbwaiter.
A freaking dumbwaiter.
Oh, and then the power went out.
So here she was, stuck in a dumbwaiter, with her crush laying in her lap, in the dark.
“Would you mind um, getting off me, for a second?”
“Oh right! Sorry, I’ll um… I, uh-” Ember stopped listening for a hot second as the other continued to mumble and go on. Why all of a sudden was Riptide, a normally brash and cocky charmer, now a bumbling mess?
Cold air filled the space where he’d been. And as much as she wanted him close, Ember had to shake off that feeling. Her priority right now was escape, not Riptide. She called upon her powers, feeling that familiar heat flood through her veins and up her arm, igniting a small flame in the palm of her hand. Now she would be able to see.
Well, she would have been able to see… if Riptide didn’t immediately put out the flame. Ember tried again, only for her nemesis to do the same thing. A hissing noise filling the air as the two elements made contact. Why was he acting so strange? It was really starting to get on Ember’s nerves. “I’m trying to get us out of here. If you shoot out my flame with your freaking water blast again, I’ll make you regret it.”
And suddenly one of Riptide’s hands slammed into the wall beside her. “Will you now? Do tell me, how do you plan to do that?”
She would’ve come up with some snarky or witty comeback, but her brain stopped functioning. He was flirting with her. Actually flirting with her. Was that why he’d been acting strange? It was the only reason, right? Well, two can play at that game. And so she brought her hand up in front of her face, and ignited the tips of her fingers.
Was that— Was that a blush on his face? Before she had another moment to contemplate, his hand wrapped around hers and the flames died with a quiet hiss. He pulled her forward, right into a searing kiss. Slow. Claiming. Possessive. Everything she’d ever imagined and more. And when he pulled away, she realized how badly she had really wanted him.
She’d give just about anything to see. The walls, her suit, him, anything other than the dark. She could feel his smile though, cool against her burning skin. Taunting her.
“You put out my flames. I can’t let you go unpunished, now can I?”
“Mmm, I suppose not.”
His lips found her neck in a breaths notice, leaving a trail of kisses in its wake. She gasped when he hit a soft spot, his grin then turning feral against her. “You might want to cool it down, darling. Your fingertips are sparking.”
She lost control of her emotions. Crap. She needed to get him away. If she hurt him with her fire…Ember tried to push him back, only for him pin her wrists over her head.
“Ah ah ah, I don’t think so,” He was close again, his breath fanning over her neck. “You’re not running from this. You know I can take the heat~” As if that wasn’t the cheesiest thing he could’ve said. Ember shivered at the sudden drop in temperature as Riptide took over. 
“My my, I didn’t think you were supposed to feel that way about your nemesis. Aren’t you supposed to hate the bad guy?” She rubbed circles into his palm, biting back the reply held on the tip of her tongue. The dumbwaiter rumbled to life through the wall behind her. Something was happening. “Rip-”
His fingers brushed the hem of her shirt, Ember bristling at his touch. “Rip. We’re— someone’s coming! Rip listen, I’m serious, the powers’ back. We’re going up. And if it’s-” The dumbwaiter door flew open.
“Well well well, what do we have here?”
Oh, they were in trouble. And it wasn’t the kind either of them wanted.
Tumblr media
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latinposeidon · 2 months ago
I always love the idea of Luke completely not realising Willie and Alex are dating. Like he realised they’re into each other but never noticed when it crossed into an actual relationship. Coz just the idea of them having clearly been dating for years as Luke’s in the background going ‘wow… when are they gonna finally start going out already it’s so obvious they like each other’ is so funny to me
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drumsalongthemersey · 7 months ago
So I've done so much reading on Paul's and John's thoughts about each other, and wondering, and lately (from the Lyrics excepts I've seen as well as reading a Beatles bio and just thinking) I'm wondering if maybe Paul doesn't really love John in the same way John loved him, maybe all the longing and regret is actually the PR extraordinaire giving us what we want to hear when really he didn't like John any more than he liked anyone else, or even more importantly, that they didn't have any kind of
Tumblr media
Answering your questions kind of backwards, but: I don't think the romantic feelings were exclusively John's, no. I think they both created mechanisms to actively NOT examine those feelings, and I think the breakup scarred them both precisely because those mechanisms had started to get rusty, but they were still psychologically stuck in the same dynamic they'd built as teenagers. What happens when you have been carefully avoiding looking at certain things for 10 years, and then you kind of want to open that box, but you're also afraid that poking there will literally kill you, because not looking into it is all you have ever known how to do?
I agree that Paul is a "real puzzle", but at the same time -- and I have said this before somewhere -- I don't think John had a particularly clear-headed vision of their relationship either. He was certainly very good at bullshitting people into believing he believed what he was saying, which makes it easier for us to, well, trust him at his word. Also, the kind of relationship to the press he cultivated, and the kinds of personal things he revealed in those interviews, certainly appeal more to us as a 21st century audience than Paul's (often) more subdued and self-effacing brand of PR -- which, again, makes it easier to believe John knew what was what. But I don't think he ever truly allowed himself to look straight at his relationship/feelings for Paul, either. I think he felt deep sorrow and confusion and longing for what they had had, up until his death, and I think Paul has spent the past 40 or so years trying to parse his own way through those same feelings, but with the confusion in his case compounded by grief.
The idea that Paul liked John "just the same" as he liked anyone else is just ludicrous to me. You don't get your entire sense of self and nervous system blown up by someone you're just regular buddies with. Paul is very good at dodging his own emotions, particularly in public (which I don't fault him for! Celebrity is Panopticon!) but I don't think there's any denying that the breakup destroyed him. That it kept destroying him for a very, very long time, from what Stella has implied in interviews published this year. And the intensity of that says a lot, I think. The fact that he acknowledges it at all. You have to remember, there was very little he had to gain, socially, when he talked about how he had considered just suffocating to death in Scotland. Paul is not that type of artist. For all that he adores the "ordinary", he does not speak plainly at all, particularly about his own strong and negative emotions. So no, I don't think the longing and the regret are "played up" for an imaginary audience that is thirsting to hear him talk about John, partly because he has been doing so since people actively hated him when he mentioned John at all.
There's obviously pride and ego (and money) involved when he tries to push back against the "Paul broke up the band" narrative -- he is an ancient celebrity, after all -- but I think a lot of it too is about regaining his sense of self, of the shared self he had for so long. I think he talks about John the way he does, and as often as he does, because he has been doing it since before he was a person. And it's a way of carrying John forward with him through the years, despite everything else.
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raenprabhaker · 8 months ago
—people say "i love you" so frequently that i've no idea if they're being friendly, flirting or are being serious. like tell me pls i've a very very fragile heart
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i-have-doubts · a year ago
when I say that dean is canonically bi (and in love with cas) I mean it just like how when people talk about old timey hays code era movies that had gay characters. those movies were never allowed to say it, but no old film buff/media analyst/or fucking cinema historian is going to deny that so and so from x black and white film was gay. like the guy in psycho, a really commonly used example of a coded gay character in an era where characters could *only* be coded.
dean could *only* ever be coded bi but it's also not something anyone engaging in even semi-serious analysis of his character would deny. you don't stand up in a film studies class and say that the two guys with the murder boner in hitckcock's Rope *weren't* gay, that they were straight actually. the film teacher would probably laugh at you because the only way you could think that is if you chose to watch the movie blindfolded.
dean is coded bi and I suppose it's never "confirmed" (though I actually would argue with that), but also there's literally no real question that he bi. he big bi
and like...I think given enough time actual film and media classes will discuss the phenomenon that was/is supernatural and they'll talk about dean being bi with the same confidence the themes of plenty of classic works, like the plays of Shakespeare, which had subtle, subversive themes for the times that we now openly talk about as fact (not comparing spn to Shakespeare here), are talked about.
this isnt actually a debate. there's a long history of queer coding characters in fiction and when you find one such character who is blatantly so, it *IS* canon. that's how themes and tropes and metaphors work, and it's also inherently how media analysis works. if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably, for starters anyway, a goddamn duck
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