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#i believe you all know where i'm looking
futureheadnerd · a day ago
unparalleled media experience especially because there is no equivalent to jacting joices in any other media. i'm serious. it's some combination of winchester derangement syndrome + an ever-changing list of writers and directors + 15 seasons' worth of material and it means that at many points jensen knew dean winchester better than anyone else in the room. and i know, i know some of the joices were likely suggested by directors or producers or the scripts or other cast members. but every time we get a new script there's something on the screen that's different, something better, some missing piece of the 4d puzzle that is dean winchester.
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damagecompiilation · 4 days ago
tag dump cuz tumblr broke - tv muses pt 3
- korra / kuvira / mai / ming (avatar) - ganta / senji (deadman wonderland) - nezumi / tora (juuni taisen) - zack foster (angels of death) - nishinoya yuu (haikyuu)
#;out of worlds#;no matter what happens no matter how crazy things get i’ll always try to restore balance. (interactions - korra)#;even though we should learn from those who came before us we must also forge our own path. (character study - korra)#;something you should know about me....i always get what i want. (interactions - kuvira)#;i was cast aside by my own parents like i meant nothing to them! (character study - kuvira)#;please tell me you’re here to kill me. (interactions - mai)#;there really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for this place. (character study - mai)#;had to hustle just to make it through the struggle but i still won't let that get me down. (interactions - ming)#;out of all the starving artists they could hear my hunger (character study - ming)#;some of us don't have time to die cause people count on us to survive (interactions - ganta)#;i want to be strong enough to punch out the wimp i am now! (character study - ganta)#;my bones may be broken. but i'm not. (interactions - senji)#;only frustrated adults and naive kids believe themselves to be special. (character study - senji)#;i’ve never thought about a reason for fighting let alone a reason for living. (interactions - nezumi)#;warrior of the rat - killing all. (character study - nezumi)#;it got to the point where i didn’t care if i was alive or dead anymore. i was nothing and no one who could stop me. (interactions - tora)#;warrior of the tiger - killin’ in a drunken rage. (character study - tora)#;nobody controls me. if anyone tries to - i kill them. i decide what i want to do and then i fricken do it. (interactions - zack)#;people with happy faces like those are always the ones that end up bein' monsters. (character study - zack)#;you guys just keep looking straight ahead. i'll guard your backs with my life if i have to! (interactions - nishinoya)#;to just accept defeat so selfishly -- that's something i cannot forgive! (character study - nishinoya)
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july-19th-club · 24 days ago
two writing things ive done in the past week that im not sure are Helping but also seem to be not not helping -
write exclusively at the time between 7am and 7:30am when i then immediately have to get up and get ready for work, because it’s a built-in deadline that forces me to focus if i want to get anything done, and also it’s only really about enough time for 400 words, which is my daily goal, and then anything i write after that at work or later is gravy despite being really a stupid tiny amount of words to write, so i feel more confident
any time as im writing i want to make a note and know it will get me distracted but it’s like. a worldbuilding thing or a motivations thing or a ‘theme to keep revisiting that you don’t want to forget about’ thing instead of stopping and putting it in a second doc which i will inevitably forget about until it’s too late to use the stuff that’s on there without like.....massively changing work ive already spent time on....instead of that i’m making all such notes in bright red text right there in the narrative doc so that i can’t ignore them if i tried. during all subsequent re-reads and edits these worldbuilding deets, motivational reminders, and themes will be interrupting me until i deal with them or make sure they’re consistent which. with my inability to see stuff that’s in Another Location, is probably the only way i could ever achieve complexity and consistency
#i see all kinds of advices like 'keep a separate document for blahblahlbah' you know what's gonna happen if i keep a separate document?#i will write down really useful stuff on it for like four straight hours one weekend and then i'll never look at at the right time again#also i was reading an interview w coleson whitehead at work and he was talking about how like. first person shores up a narrative#where the plot is not complex. so you get the complexity through internal narrative. the more busy your plot and world are#the more you'll need an omniscient narrator to get the scope across or at least a couple limited-third perspectives#whcih. seems so obvious that THAT'S why some things work in first and some don't#and fantasy is hard to get in first unless the world is familiar or intuitive#it seems so obivous but id never thought about it in those exact words before so i always bristled at the idea that id have to cut#my braided first in order to make the world big enough to be interesting#also i'm just now arriving at a point in my writing ability where i can do. characters NOT telling us everything the minute they think of it#and i was scared i just wouldnt be able to do that. it doesnt come naturally. im a natural oversharer and the 'unreliable ommissive narrator#is like.........very fun to read but hard for me to wrap my brain around when writing . so hopefully i figure it out#i'd LIKE to#and there was a time when i didnt think i could write anything funny and i think im a fairly funny writer now :)#these are. i think. the major things that my garbled neurotype makes hard about writing#it's hard to conceive of characters believably deceiving the reader when i can't even do that . or them having different viewpoints#and it not all being some viewpoint I personally actually hold
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pocketramblr · 28 days ago
I can't believe I've been asking for months where Snipe was in the war arc and he finally shows up in a flashback interview just to say "ah ha whoops anyway here's why I'm not actually that reliable and usj was luck and why I wasn't a given for the planning in the war bye now" like.... What... Ok...
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askhubertvonvestra · 2 months ago
I do understand your reasoning, thank you for answering me. Actually I believe that humans cannot speak for a deity (in my world it caused more suffering than you can imagine, as my god is pictured as a far worse entity), and that He leaves us the freedom of believing or not believing. That is my belief, anyhow, and I fully respect yours.
Tumblr media
Likewise, I’m grateful for this conversation remaining civil. I’ve not often encountered someone of the faith who is not personally affronted by my willful lack of it.
I’ll admit, I find myself conflicted over your stance. On the one hand, stating that humans cannot speak for a deity implies they are beneath them. That this god or goddess is beyond reproach or critical examination when that path only leads to the oppression of humanity. On the other... If the deity were to speak for themselves rather than bestowing power on a select few to do so, would that not circumvent corruption and confusion alike? Words could not be twisted; power could not be abused in the deity’s name.
Or, as in your case, the very nature of a god cannot be distorted. Imagining you feel as devoted to your god as I do Lady Edelgard, it must be exceptionally painful to have his character altered by the greedy to further their goals.
While I do not share your belief and never will, I believe it’s accurate to say I respect your right to hold it. There is a certain serenity to perceiving the deity watching over your realm as mindful of freedom in the people to choose. Presuming there is no wrathful retribution for it, I suppose.
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trekkele · 3 months ago
ok I'll be honest, Hakoda taking one look at Zuko, realizing 'shit we gave this fucked up country to a traumitized teenager and told him make sure another war doesn't happen and then just. expected him to do that, wtf, ok ok someone needs to Dad him, ok we can do this' makes 100% sense to me
And then he looks at Aang is like 'WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHILDREN IN THE GOVERNMENT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE' while Iroh hands him more calming tea.
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mercurie-and-me · 5 months ago
#i don't want ppl to find my ranting posts on twitter so imma do it here bc it feels more anonymous#but listen i CANNOT believe that harry went to a wedding during a fucking PANDEMIC and the big takeaway for everyone is to come after the-#-woman he was seen with because he's supposedly dating her??#like wtf what are you doing where are your priorities#first of all: please don't send hate to ppl just because they might be dating someone you stan or whatever like that's so gross#for the het!harries: he's never gonna sleep with you get over yourself#for the l*rries: it is the year of our lord 2021 and y'all are STILL on your bullshit?? harry could be seen on his wedding day with a woman-#-and you people would still yell 'stunt!! coverup!!! management!!!!!!' from the sidelines like chill#also i saw so many ppl slam jeff for this as if he somehow set this up for h to be seen as the womanizer again and ???? i don't think you-#-know how any of this works#also second of all: it's none of your business anyway who he wants to date so can you please take a step back and re-evaluate your morals#he is a PERSON not some fucking character in a tv show and we don't know a lot about his personal life BY CHOICE so respect that#and third of all: don't you think the reason you SHOULD be upset right now is because your favorite white boy went to a social gathering in-#-the middle of a fucking PANDEMIC when some cities have no icu beds left and some ppl have not seen their loved ones for A YEAR like don't-#-you think that's a more pressing concern right now?? than who the fuck he's canoodling???#like yes i love harry so much but i'm honestly really disappointed in him especially because he has been so vocal about following social-#-distancing rules and stuff like that and then he goes and does shit like this like no that's not okay and that's what people SHOULD be-#-upset about and call him out for#jesus i'm sorry i know no one even cares but i just needed to get that out of my system thank you#(btw he does look rly rly good and olivia does too and i wish i could appreciate those photos without feeling guilty about it)#harry styles#olivia wilde#/pers
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thevalleyisjolly · 5 months ago
But what if Cody has a crush on Ricky.
#i'm just saying that cody is trying to impress ricky a lot and he's looking over to see what he thinks all the time#and he brings up in conversation a lot the parallels and connections between them#don't even get me started on the whole 'we're like naruto and sasuke' thing#i just think that maybe cody has a little bit of a crush on a ricky but because he is a good guy and he knows that ricky is dating esther#he doesn't make a move#but he's still maybe crushing hard#it's definitely not mutual but that's where the angst comes in#because even though ricky doesn't like him he's also one of the few people on the dream team to spend time with cody#other than pete (and pete/cody is EXCELLENT); no one else has really spent time actually with cody#and before the whole questing blade thing; ricky spent a week just going around with cody and helping him do paladin stuff#and it's like jj was talking about this past episode - it's easy to be lonely in the big city when you don't have family or friends near#and cody doesn't seem to be close with his family and until recently he's been in a rough patch with his roommates#so imagine being cody walsh - alone in the city and the mall (the only place that really feels like home) is gone#no one believes you about gladiator or is willing to fight with you#you're so desperate for help that you're willing to sign your soul away to the first demon you come across#and then ricky matsui; this warm and comforting person; starts helping you figure out your new powers#and maybe you start to feel not so scared and alone anymore#(and maybe you have the slightest crush. but. it's not gonna happen so why bring it up?)
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teablade · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
k i think this is as done as I’m willing to be lmao i tried its okay i finally added most of everything aaand i actually kind of like it rn which is a rarity for me sO 
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citricacidprince · 6 months ago
Imagine S5 of TMA but instead of fear and suffering Jon and Martin turn into the McElroys on Monster Factory and bully every abomination they run into
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hotgirlrry · 6 months ago can you believe what this mf is saying
‼️ stop giving that blog and blogs like that attention when they’ve made a number of people uncomfortable and the very nature of this discourse is about headcanoning a stranger‼️
#oh my god where's that post about real people??#i should've liked it when i had the chance and now its gone forever#again no this behavior doesnt surprise me bc ppl are looking for rep in irl people#they're not static they have lives and sure as hell aren't going out of their way plotting secret messages for some in group on al gore's i#internet#okay? okay i'm done#im blacklisting his name that blog’s name any of the various other blog’s names and deleting holy shit do y’all rest??#does anyone ever fucking rest?? I’m about to make a recommendation to the apa to add stanning in the dsm-6#because this behavior this ongoing discourse is not normal!! none of it is fucking normal the fact that y’all go to war every fucking day#from bloggers answering 100 asks about it furthering triggering themselves#to bringing people outside the fandom for their opinion#and just not having a life!! it’s dr stangolden my treatment is getting y’all to touch grass twice a day for a week!!#and down to the root cause of all of this which tricking yourselves into believing every single thing they do has a hidden message#or an ulterior motive it’s watching brain rot in real time I can’t stand it#y’all camped in ppl’s inboxes to either send them hate or complain about them to blogs that encourage ppl to send hate#you’re going through ppl’s blogs and archives waiting for them to ‘slip up’ so you can attack them for what?? FOR WHAT???#y’all saying people are doing transmisia for not agreeing with you!! making bold ass claims we don’t know you can make!! DEPLATFORM THEM PLS#Anonymous#talk t me
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novelconcepts · 7 months ago
So in your post yesterday, “all of these are textbook filmmaking tricks to Introduce The Love Interest.” I looked it up, because honestly, I couldn’t see how they had chemistry or how Dani showed it before the whole “I’m glad you” stayed scene. Even then, my brain couldn’t process the fact that Dani had an interest in Jaime. I didn’t know what to think when they showed Dani seeing Jaime sleeping over on the couch. It makes me sad of the preconditioning of not assuming, how does one get over it?
Well, I guess it’s important to recognize that not everything is going to work for everyone. Even with all the effort in the world by a filmmaker to get something across, people are still going to miss it (or see it, and not like it). That’s okay. In the same way that everything in a movie can tell you the leading dude and lady are in love, but you just can’t feel it. That’s just a personal thing a lot of the time. 
Getting over the preconditioning thing is, for me, a matter of sort of...learning how to trust again. Like we’ve been talking about, LGBT folks are pretty used to getting burned. Even if all the pieces are there, even if the actors have chemistry, even if it feels like it’d be crazy not to watch a love story play out, so many shows and movies have just gone, “But that’s not us, though. And you’re just looking too deeply into it. And that’s on you.” Worse, so many of them intentionally play into that chemistry or those tropes and then tell the audience they’re crazy. Getting over that happening over and over, teaching yourself that it’s not actually insanity to look for queer romance in stuff that isn’t explicitly marketed as queer, takes time. And it’ll take more Blys, frankly. More shows and movies that prove it by doing it. 
But if you’re curious about some of the explicit elements I was talking about (and if you’re not, I’m sorry for over-explaining here), there are just some things film tends to use as shorthand. For example, the bit where Dani walks out to find Jamie asleep on the couch: the camera does a slow pan down, and the violin music rises, and they intentionally cast Jamie in the softest, warmest little light. All of that is meant to be how Dani is seeing Jamie in that moment. And things like the tension in holding moments just a little longer than is natural if you’re not drinking someone in--it’s especially visceral in the scene about love and possession, with them just stopping and looking at each other, with the way you can see them swallow, feel the way the breath catches--only to have the spell broken by the very intentional “they really ought to be in bed” double entendre. 
And a lot of it, for me--especially on rewatches--is looking at the very small things Victoria Pedretti is doing in these scenes. Very small twitches of the mouth, very small blinks. She’s meant to be subtle, at first, because this is something she’d be trained into hiding--maybe even from herself. But, as it becomes clearer that Jamie’s feeling these things, too, the body language opens up a bit. So much of the relationship chemistry hinges on that performance, and on what Amelia Eve is giving back in the way Jamie’s body positions toward Dani in scenes, and how closely they stand, and so on. 
Again, this doesn’t have to work for every viewer. It is very intentional, though, so it’s sort of the opposite of what we usually get to work with, where the chemistry is “accidental” (with film, that’s always interesting to me, because chemistry is largely fabricated by story and camera angle and lighting and music, but accidental is what a lot of these showrunners claim, so...). 
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