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#i call this me challenging myself to use C O L O R
gm--requests · 9 months ago
Love Grows - Soft Dom! Jung Jaehyun
r e q u e s t s - closed
g e n r e - s m u t & f l u f f
w a r n i n g s - fingering, oral (f. recieving), fuck boy Jaehyun at the beginning, breeding kink, size kink (kinda), praise, light! body worship, a mentioned by never explored Daddy kink
o r i g i n a l  c o n t e n t - i did write this
w o r d s - 4425
a / n - i did not proof read this. i feel like this fic took me 40 years to write... i don’t know why but fuck i had no motivation for this so i really apologise if it isn’t any good. MERRY HOLIDAYS BTW. n e ways this is written with a plus-size reader in mind. anyone, of course, can read it, and i highly encourage it because i worked hard on this piece, but there needs to be a common understanding that there will be no dramatic throwing of anyone through a wall or anything lmao. like the plus-size community is hella underrated and i hope that i do all my babies justice.  also please leave feedback if you have any. also please do not engage in unprotected sex unless you are in a long term relationship with a trustworthy partner.  that being said please enjoy sex as much as you want with the use of aforementioned protection!
You disliked a lot of people. Your eighth grade science teacher who called you out for falling asleep one day in his class, the three boys who bullied you from the second grade until senior year, Selena Gomez based completely on the fact that she dated Justin Bieber and now you’re too far into your life to feel any different. But never in your life had you ever found an enemy. Never had you ever stumbled across someone that you would go as far as to say you hate, until you met Jung Jaehyun. 
The two of you had met in college, long after you’d gained confidence and well into the final stage of frontal lobe development. Meaning he had no excuse to be the way he was; obnoxious and cocky but in a more flippant way, having apparently had too many girls toot his horn for him. If life were to ever work in your favour you wouldn’t have ever met him, but there he was in every single sociology class you had. Of course this was due to the fact that two of you shared a major, but you’d be damned if it didn’t feel like he was taunting you on purpose. 
Every, single, day this overly charismatic , 90s rom-com image of a man would walk into the room and make a beeline for you. A smirk that you had grown to hate more and more every day, plastered to his face. He knew he pissed you off, of course he knew! That was why it was so much fun. Your immediate microaggressions felt more like a challenge to him, not to mention, he couldn’t stop now. Not when the two of you had been playing, what he considered, a nice game of cat and mouse, for almost a year and a half now. 
“Hey Princess, I can tell that you’re already happy to see me,” he purred as he slid into the seat next to you. He couldn’t help the way his smirk widened into a smile as you rolled your eyes at him, opting to open your notebook instead of answer. He rested his head in his hand as he watched you grab your pencil case from your bag and begin outlining for the lesson. 
“Always a good girl,” he said cheekily, “so prepared and ready.” 
A slow heat crawled across your cheeks, “Do you always have to talk to me like that? There are literally twenty-three other girls in this damn class.” 
“But all these other girls don’t let me play like this,” he responded. 
“Jaehyun,” you say as your turn to look at him properly, “I feel like I tell you this every single day, but I really can’t fucking stand you.” 
He bites his lip, “God I love it when you play hard to get.” 
Your face hardens, “There really is no getting through to you is there?” 
“I just know you don’t mean it,” he answers, placing his large hand on yours. You snatch your hand away quickly and bow up at him. Jaehyun laughs, “Plus, I really feel like I can just be normal around you.” 
“Harrassing me until I’m ready to beat you up, is your normal?” 
“C’mon Princess, you can’t possibly hate me that much.” 
“You’d fucking be surprised,” you mumble as the teacher walks into the class room. 
Class goes normally, Jaehyun taking every chance he had to turn around and wink or grin at you, sometimes pretending to scratch the back of head, but really hiding his large hand to make finger hearts at you, and just like that the day moved forward like clockwork. 
You walking to your classes, working hard to ignore his presence while he followed at your side, saying hi to what seemed like every human who walked by, hims, hers, theys, and everyone in between, at one point he even stopped to hi-five a little kid who was with his mother. For every second in between those random greetings, he was talking to you, well-- talking at you. About school, about his sports practice, his next game, his job, everything, and your responses were short, if they happened at all. 
Right in front of your next class he stops you. His arm shooting out and caging you against the wall next to you. Your eyes shoot open in shock and he grins widely, his dimples making small concaves on his cheeks. Before you can even open your mouth to talk, he is speaking. 
“Go on a date with me.” It isn’t a question and yet you don’t struggle at all to say no. His smile fades a bit, but his eyes stay determined. 
“I’ll make you a deal, give me one month,” he brings his free hand up and shows you his index finger, “just one. Be my girlfriend for one month, and if you don’t end up catching feelings for and falling hopelessly in love with me, I’ll leave you alone forever.” 
He watches you as you contemplate the idea. It would be so nice to finally not have to deal with him following you class to class or annoying you in said classes, but it all seemed too good to be true. I mean one month passes like it is only 2 days when you’re a busy college student. Not to mention, he was an overachieving shit head. Being on the football team as well as having a part time job and being in the drama club, how much time would you really have to see him off campus?
“What are the stipulations, and hurry up,” you say glancing at your phone, “we only have 5 minutes until class starts.” 
His smile widens again, “We be a normal couple. That means holding hands, hugs, dates, the whole nine,” this time you cut him off by holding up your index finger. 
“Try the whole 8 or 7,” you say dryly, “I will not kiss you, I will not have sex with you, and you will not distract from my studies, I’m barely passing calc as is and I’m not going to let this little game of yours get in the way.” 
Somehow his face lights up with more excitement, “Okay! Is that all?” 
You try to wrack your brain for more, but nothing important comes to mind, “Yes, for now, if I think of any other boundaries I’ll let you know, I guess.” 
He grabs your phone from your hand and turns around quickly so that you can’t grab it from him. Jaehyun taps on the screen a few times and eventually you hear his phone ringing in his pocket, “I took the liberty of adding my contact to your phone, I even gave myself a cute nickname and some emojis,” you glare at him as he passes your phone back to you and you read the contact name Daddy 💞💞 , “Also your password probably shouldn’t be all zeroes… that is super predictable,” you roll your eyes and go to walk away from him, but he calls out to you. When you stop, he grabs your small chubby hand in his large veiny one and you freeze, “Does that no kissing rule apply for cheek and or forehead kisses?” 
You notice the other student rushing to classes staring at the two of you and your brain malfunctions, “N-no, I guess not.” 
“Awesome!” he exclaims, before dragging you through the doors of your next class right as it’s beginning. 
“I can’t believe that is how our relationship started,” you mumble in embarrassment as he grabs your hand from across the table, giving it a loving squeeze. 
“I knew you liked me y/n, no one can resist me,” his words are cocky, but his voice is oozing with love, “I really am glad I asked you to go out with me for a month. I had never wanted a relationship so badly,” you look up to meet his eyes and he grins. You look at those dimples you used to hate when you were younger, that now were one of your favorite things about him. 
“You were such a nuisance, but somewhere down the line I realised that I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have you to annoy the ever loving shit out of me,” you tease and his smile turns to a pout. 
“How are you still so bad at saying that you love me? It’s been 3 years now,” he says with a laugh and you giggle back. 
“I do love you. I think I loved you about a week and a half into that one month, and that is so ridiculous to admit. I was so confident that you’d never get to me. I was also convinced that you were the biggest player in existence.” 
“To be fair, I was,” he says with a sigh, “but the day I met you, I was hooked. No girl had really ever told me no or put up a genuine fight. The fact that you didn’t want me was the thing that made me want you at first, but then I realised that I was actually falling… Super fast, might I add,” You hide your cheeky grin behind your glass of wine and he rolls his eyes, “You were funny and hardworking. You were a challenge in every way possible and to this day you still are. You teach me something new every single day and I really don’t know what I’d do without you, y/n.” 
Jaehyun lets go of your hand and shuffles out of his booth seat, your eyes narrow in confusion as you watch him stand beside your table. He shoves his hand into his pocket and pulls out a black satin box and you get light headed. Your brain takes 10 extra seconds to process each one of his movements and the syllables coming out of his mouth as he kneels next to the table, his eyes sparkling brightly. 
“Y/n, since the first day I met you until this moment and forever into the future I have been and want to continue to be captivated by you and your endless beauty and brilliant mind. Would you make me the happiest man alive and be my wife? Will you marry me, y/n?” 
You know everyone in the dimly lit 5 star restaurant is turned around staring at you, waiting tensely for your answer. You don’t know when your hands came up to cover your mouth or when you decided to speak, but it didn’t matter. You nod quickly, “Yes, yes yes, a million times yes.” 
The restaurant erupted in applause as Jaehyun slid the engagement ring on your finger and you slid yourself from the booth seat in order to be wrapped up in his strong arms. He squeezes your plushness into his toned body, in a grip that is almost suffocating, but you don’t mind. He pulls away to kiss you lovingly and soon the claps and cheers die out leaving you two standing beside your table. 
“C’mon let’s go home, I already paid,” he said with a grin. You reach back to the table and chug what is left of your wine and he laughs, before dragging you out of the restaurant. 
The entire walk out to the car and the ride home you are staring at the beautiful ring on your finger, watching it glitter as it catches the light from the bustling city passing by.
“Ya like it?” Jaehyun questions, taking a quick glance at you from the driver's seat. 
“Mhm” you hum happily, a small smile on your face. 
You look over at him and the smile grows wider. He’s so handsome, one hand on the wheel, the other gripping your thigh, his gaze focused on the road. When you guys hit a red light he looks over with a devilish smirk. 
His grip on your thigh tightens, the flesh spilling out around his fingers, “Keep looking at me with all that love and I’m gonna pull this car over and take you in the backseat.” 
Your eyes widen as you sputter some type of excuse and look away, he just laughs, “Three years and you’re still just as easy to tease,” his hand moves in between where your thighs are pressed together and you automatically respond to the touch, sliding down a bit in the seat to spread them a little further apart, “and call me a crazy man, but knowing that that ring on your finger came from me and that you’re gonna be taking my last name really makes me wanna fuck you.” 
You think your eyes bug out of your head at the confession and he just laughs before retracting his hand and placing it normally again on your leg. You stare at him in bewilderment as he calmly hums along to the song on the radio like nothing had happened at all. 
Despite how you thought it would be once you got home, it was the opposite. There was no aggressive pushing of your body up against the nearest surface or haphazard throwing of clothes, instead it was all slow, sensual kisses and roaming hands. 
Jaehyun held your hand in his as he led you through the front door of your shared home and into the bedroom. It was cheesy and romantic, the way that there were rose petals delicately covering each surface and soft lighting casting dark shadows over both of your features. 
You would have loved to ask him how he had all of this arranged, but didn’t have the chance to as his lips found your own. Pressing softly against your own, setting what would be the tone for the night, slow and full of love. He cradled your face in his large hands, leaning down to pull your face closer to his. His tongue swiping against your bottom lip as his right hand trails down to your neck, his fingers wrapping around it. Though he doesn’t apply any pressure, your breath hitches and he smiles against your mouth. His tongue slipping between your parted lips and into your mouth. He kisses you as if this is his first time being allowed to have all of you, tongue roaming around your mouth, as you do your best to put up a bit of a fight. The hand placed on your throat squeezes a little as his left hand comes down and taps your butt gently in warning. 
Jaehyun pulls away, his pupils blown out, much in the same manner as yours, and his voice deep, “Just let me take care of what’s mine tonight, m’kay, princess?” 
It isn’t really a question and you know that, so you respond with an almost nervous nod and he smirks, “Good girl,” he praises as his hands grab the soft rolls of flesh at your sides and pull you closer. His lips are once again back on yours, except this time they don’t stay as long. As he turns your bodies, his lips find their way to your jaw and then to your neck. He sucks on and nips at your throat with purpose, aiming to mark you as he backs you up to the bed.  
His dangerous lips end at your ear, his hot breath sending shivers down your body, “I’m gonna take real good care of you baby,” he whispers before pulling away from you. His hands come to the bottom of your dress and he slowly pulls it up, watching with hungry eyes as your soft skin becomes visible for him. Carefully he pulls it over your head and discards it before he wraps his arms around you. His nimble and practiced fingers remove your bra leaving you in only your underwear. 
“So damn beautiful,” he all but growls as his hands come to cup your breasts. They are large and skilled, massaging as his thumbs swipe over your hardening nipples. A soft sigh leaves your mouth before he uses his own to smother all other sounds at the source. Backing you up to the bed, he pushes you down, the backs of your knees pressing up against the bed and buckling quickly. His large, muscular body towers over yours long enough for him to bask in the glory of your tiny, fleshy body.
Jaehyun abruptly climbs off of you and removes his clothes. You ogle him as he pulls of his shirt slowly, giving you a show. Next is his belt, followed by his nice fitted slacks. Finally he is left in nothing but his Versace boxer-briefs. His lip twitches as he fights to the urge to tease you for staring so brazenly, instead he kneels on the floor, at the end of the bed, and places your thick thighs over his shoulder, his face lined up with your panty covered pussy, “You’re already excited baby,” he says smugly as he drags his tongue over the visible wet spot on your crotch and your breath hitches, “Gonna make sure you get real loud for me, m’kay? Don’t hold back any of those pretty sounds, understand?” 
“Yes sir,” you pant out as his hands grab at the elastic band of your underwear and rip through it, the sound makes your eyes widen and your grip on the bed sheet tighten in anticipation. Jaehyun doesn’t keep you waiting long, dragging his tongue through your folds haphazardly, before wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking gently. The immediate pleasure surprises you and your hips jerk up. You can feel his lips curve into a smile against you before his tongue is back to lapping at your glistening folds. 
Your moans flow out freely as he pushes his tongue into your sopping hole, slurping obnoxiously. Your hands find their way to his hair as you try to bring him even closer to you, wanting more of him. Instead he pulls his tongue out of you and flicks it against your clit. A high whine leaves your lips along with pleas for more and on a night like this one, he isn’t in the business of denying you anything, so he pushes a long finger inside of you. 
All you can do is cry out his name as he nips at your clit and fucks his finger into you, “Gettin’ close, Princess? Want another one?” 
“Please, please, more,” You moan out. Jaehyun obliges, stretching you out a bit further as he adds a second finger, except this time after two pumps, he slips in another. Three fingers are stretching you open, spreading and curling, before he decides to press them against your g-spot. Almost instantly you’re seeing stars, pulling at his hair and screaming out his name as you cum all over his fingers. He keeps moving them in and out of you until your high finally dissipates. 
“You took my fingers so well pretty girl, can’t wait to watch you take my cock,” he purrs before shoving his messy fingers into his mouth one by one, cleaning them off. Your body heats at the action. 
“God, have you no shame?” You try to tease, but find your breath leaving your body as he lets your thighs fall off his broad shoulders and crawls back over you. 
One hand holds him up while the other grips harshly at your love handles, he grins, “Nope, none at all,” pressing his lips to yours chastely, “scoot back and get comfy, Princess.” 
 He climbs off of you, removing his boxers and you turn around, crawling towards the headboard. Jaehyun’s eyes can’t help but fall to the curve of your ass and the glisten of your first orgasm that still resides on your thighs. His gaze is followed by his hands, before you can lay comfortably he is squeezing at the expanse of flesh, smacking at it lightly. All he does is hum in satisfaction as his hands keep jiggling your ass. You open your mouth, but he takes it upon himself to flip you on to your back, so a small yelp leaves your lips instead and he chuckles. 
“I know I tell you this everyday, all the time, but fuck!” he exclaims and you smile, “You’re so damn perfect I don’t know what to do with myself,” he straddles you again, his fingers gently trailing over your body, “everything is just so pretty. You’re so soft. The curve of your body is captivating, I want to be touching you at every moment of every day and I’m so glad you’re mine.” 
He grabs your left hand in his own, bringing it to his face. Jaehyun kisses your palm, each finger, and then the ring, “Jung y/n, has a real nice ring to it,” his lips kiss from your wrist up the length of your arm, his hands gently resting on your plush stomach, “And after tonight, give it two weeks, and we’ll have a third member of this Jung dynasty.” 
You laugh, “Most people call it a family, y’know? And what makes you so sure there will be another member of this,” you pause and fight back another giggle, “dynasty?” 
Jaehyun smiles, but the glint in his eyes is dark, “Oh after the way I plan to fuck you, I don’t think there is anything to worry about,” his large hands rub small circles on your stomach, “There might even be two in here when I’m done,” his smirk is cocky. 
You look at him flustered and unamused, “Oh hush! That isn’t even how that works,” you murmur and break eye contact, as he laughs this time and says something about how cute you are when you get worked up. 
The intensity returns as his grip on you tightens and his mouth goes back to kissing each inch of visible skin. Pulling your thighs apart, he slots his body between them, his fingers finding their way to your wetness. His thumbs rubs slow circles on your clit until your breathing is staggered, then the same three fingers that were in you before, are pushing into you once again. Your eyes almost roll back at the sudden intrusion a loud groan falls from your lips. 
“Had to make sure this pretty little pussy of yours was still ready to take me,” he says matter-of-factly, removing his fingers and wrapping the hand around his painfully erect cock. All you do is huff in response and he smiles. Jaehyun watches your face contorted in pleasure, as he lines himself up and pushes into you. His movements are slow at first, making sure his entirety is resting inside of you, a low moan leaving him as you pulse around him. 
He grabs your legs and wraps them around his waist before pulling out slowly. You aren’t even left with enough time to beg him to speed up before his hips are snapping against yours. Your eyes shoot open as you’re quickly filled with him once again. He sets a pace quickly, a slow pull out, allowing you to feel the drag of his cock, and a harsh thrust back in, making you feel so full that you swear you feel him in your throat. 
Your moans are rapidly resorting to pleasured babbling and whimpers, which fuels his ego and arousal. He soon has you all but folded in half. Your knees pressed to the sides of your head as he stuffs you full over and over again. 
“S-so good,” he stutters as you clamp around him, “You feel so fuckin’ good y/n, wanna feel you cum around me.” 
His praises are coming out in winded huffs and that makes you fulfill his desires even faster. You cum on him seconds later, but his hips never falter. 
“Pretty baby girl, takin’ me so damn well,” he says with a hint of adoration, “You look so stunning when you cream on my dick like that, can’t wait to fill you up, make you cum again so you can milk me dry.” 
Your face heats up at his words and you can’t help the lewd noises that leave you as he speeds up his thrusts, “Please gimme your--” you begin begging, being cut off only by his cock hitting the perfect place inside you. 
“Give you my what, princess?” he questions cockily, repeatedly aiming for that same spot. 
You try to answer but it all comes out jumbled and unintelligible, leaving him chuckling above you, fucking into you with an unending fervour.
“C’mon baby what did you wanna say? Want me to fuck you full of my cum, knock you up real good? Is that what you want?” 
“Please, J-Jae, Jaehyun please,” you cry out, your nails dragging across his back, leaving angry red scratches in their wake. He hisses at the slight sting, but like everything else, it only spurs him on further. 
He humps into you with obvious purpose, “I’m- fuck, I’m gettin’ close princess, gonna, gonna fill you up real nice, gonna give us a real pretty baby,” he voice is broken and labored. 
His eyes close and his hips stutter, eyebrows furrowing as a long, low groan leaves his mouth. He slams his hips into your once more as he pumps you full of his cum. You clamp down around him involuntarily at the feeling of his hot arousal filling you up. 
As his high finishes washing over him, he opens his eyes and releases the mating press he had you in, instead opting to wrap your legs back around his waist. He presses his sweat dampened forehead to your own. A content smile dusting across his soft lips.
“We gonna just stay like this?” 
“Of course we are, princess! Can’t let any of this leak out of ya, defeats the whole purpose.” 
Jaehyun carefully rolls to his side, pulling your plush body along with him, still buried to the hilt within you. 
“I think I should tell you to get used to this, as my wife you should know that I want a never ending dynasty.” 
“Stop calling it a dynasty,” you chastise and he laughs, “and maybe when you have to harbor these children for nine months and then push them out of your pee hole, we can talk.” 
Jaehyun laughs a bit louder, “Okay so maybe we will take a good break time in between children then.” 
You roll your eyes and bury your head in his chest, his hands coming to cup the back of your head as he plants a kiss on the top of your head, “Yeah, maybe.” 
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sketchguk · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hey, friends! It’s my one year blogiversary! 🎉✨
I thought it would be appropriate to spread a ton of love to some of my favorite blogs!! In the last year, I’ve come to know an amazing community, and it’s all thanks to you!! Thank you so much for walking on this flower road with me!! Even if we have never personally spoken to one another, I’m very thankful for your presence on my dashboard. Whether you reblog content or create content of your own, I appreciate you all the same!! 
Seeing some of y’all pop in and out of my inbox and activity page means the absolute world to me!! Perhaps you came across my blog because of my fanfics, or maybe you have no idea who I am or what I do. In that case, hi, my name is Teresa! It’s nice to meet you!! 🥰 My inbox is always open, and I would love to get to know more lovely people like yourself! 
Tumblr media
To my lovely mutuals, you always make my dashboard so bright and beautiful!! I love seeing your posts, whether they’re just reblogs or personal rambles of your own. I’m always sure to read your tags because they crack me up like no other :’) Although we may not have spoken, or maybe we’ve spoken casually, I still consider you my dear friend. I may be a little shy, but my DMs and my inbox are always open, so please know that I’m always here for you!! 
#, a-e
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I’d like to say a thank you to all the gif and gfx creators!! Your content is so beautiful, and I’m always in awe of your talent! And to be very honest, when new bts content is released, I make a beeline to Tumblr so I can check out the GIFs before I even dive into the full video. So please know that your hard work will never go unnoticed by me!! I appreciate you all so much for your dedication. Your contributions to the bts Tumblr community mean a lot to me 💗
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p.s.: I’m so sorry if you’re taking a look at my banners and judging me hardcore haha
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Hey, y’all! The reason I started my blog was because I love reading fan fiction, and I thought I would give it a try. In the past year, I’ve come to know the loving and supportive writeblr  community, and it’s all because of you!! Your stories, moodboards, and/or social media AUs have inspired me to no end. 
I want to let you know that you’re greatly appreciated for all your hard work whether you have dozens of fics released, or maybe you’re planning to release your first one in the near future. Please know that you’re an amazing writer whether you write 10k words in a week or 10 words every other business day. Even if you’re on hiatus or perhaps you’ve retired from writing, I will never forget your stories and the impact that they’ve had on me as a writer myself. Your beautiful visuals, whether they’re moodboards or banners, are unbelievable to an aesthetic junkie like me. If you make audio or video edits, I applaud you for your efforts and contribution to the fandom. 
With that being said, I sincerely thank you all so much for welcoming me into this warm community. To be surrounded by awe-inspiring talent is truly a blessing. I hope that your passion for story telling lives on and transcends beyond this little corner of the internet. 
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Tumblr media
💌  @btssmutheaven​
Madi!! I adore you so much, and I hope you’re doing well 🥺❤️ I’m 100% sure I listened to your audios before I even made this blog :’) I’m always in awe of your talent, hence why I was surprised you even followed me and bothered to hit me up, ahh. You’re so kind, and you crack me up so much. You’re so funny, and I love every single one of your posts!! I even keep up with your asks and other posts that generate discourse because I think you’re very wise for your age, and you always have something interesting to say!! I love you, and I hope you’re doing amazing, sweetie!! I’m always here for you, ready to chat, even if I’m an awkward bean 🥺
💌 @flowerseok
Minny!! At times, you honestly feel like my little sister :’) You are so kind, so smart, and you’re so mature for your age. I appreciate your rants and all of your quarter life crises. You always have something introspective to say, and it challenges me to think about those things myself 🥺 I hope that you find the things I have to say in response worthwhile and perhaps even comforting to you!! Aside from that, you always have such funny stories to tell me, usually about some kind of clumsy thing you did, and I keep hoping that you don’t hurt yourself!! 😓 Please wear bubble wrap or something so I don’t have to worry about you!! Regardless, you know how to make me smile without a doubt!! Te quiero tanto!! 💓
💌 @gukniverse​
Lenlen!! I love your blog sm, and I really adore your aesthetic!! I think it’s reflective of your personality :’) As in you’re an absolute sweetheart!! Your demeanor is so soft, and you radiate such gentle energy 🥺 I enjoy hearing about your day, even if it’s the most mundane thing!! You can always hit me up whenever, and I promise I’ll be here for you 💗 I love you, angel!! I hope that you’re having a lovely day just like yourself!! 
💌 @kitsutaes
Yas, if I haven’t told you I loved you recently, please smack me 😔 I miss you so much, and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I can’t wait until we’re both free again so we can talk about anything and everything again. Whatever it is from bts, nct, boy talk, fanfic writing, art and tv shows, crazy philosophical stuff, life, etc. I remember back in January, I would stay up until 3 in the morning so we can talk. That was such a vibe, bro. I’m still waiting on a Netflix party invite LOL. I’ll watch any k-drama of your choice!! 💖 You’re my fave, talented human bean, and I adore you like no other. I love you, I love you, I love you, and you will forever inspire me to continue my passions, even if it’s on this hell of a website 😌 Thank you for being my hype woman, you are forreal the best 🥺
💌 @moominyg
Kelda, my long lost twin flame 🥺💖 We get along so well, and we honestly share the same brain cell. You always know how to make me laugh, and I’m sure it’s because of our inner clown 🤡 I’m convinced that I must have done something right in this lifetime to have met you?? I use the term “met” loosely because our encounter was pried away from our cold hands 😔 We could have gone to Yoongi’s cafe event(s) together?? And commuted to MetLife together?? But the world doesn’t want to see us win?? And on tOP OF THAT, you had to fly back to jkt?? 😭 Come back home soon :-) New York is calling you and claiming you, hehe. I’ll even go to Peacefood with you and turn vegan for a day if that’ll make you happy 👉🏼👈🏼 (I might regret saying that so pls don’t hold it against my will). Uhh.. ok I’m not tryna me sappy, but I L word you. 🤡 See you when quarantine ends 🤪
💌 @moonpjms
Isabella, you are such a bundle of sunshine!! You always have so much positivity to spread around, and I love you so much. Everyday, you’re constantly sending love out to your mutuals, and I hope you know how adored you are in this community!! Your kind messages never fail to make me smile!! You really are the sweetest angel. Not to mention, your drabbles always have such cute concepts. Seeing your tags in my activity is a for-sure way to brighten my day!! 💞 We’ve only chatted here and there, but I promise you, I’m always here for you!! 
💌 @mykths
Gleda, my cute, precious sis!! I hope you know how much I adore you!! I’m always here for you, cheering you on!! You are always so kind to me, and I treasure our chats so much 💘 You bring me so much happiness, and I hope that I can do the same for you!! I miss you, and I know school is hectic, but I believe in you. I hope for nothing but bright days ahead of you. You deserve all the love in the world!! I’m always thinking of you!! xoxo
💌 @onherwings
Jo, I can go on and on about how much I adore you. You’re my smol, 99′ liner, and we are pretty much one and the same LOL. Our chats are the best because talking to you is what I imagine talking to me is like sksks. But meanwhile, you’re so sweet, so kind, and so caring (and I’m probably the more vindictive one 🥴). I aspire to be more like you in those regards, but also, your work ethic is out of the roof :’) You’re a talented and amazing bean, so know that you’ll have my support whenever and wherever. You’ll always be in my thoughts, so please be happy. Not a day goes by in which I don’t hope that you’re smiling!! 💖
💌 @oteaseven
Kiara, oh my love!! Have I told you I loved you lately?? If not, I’ma say it right now. I love you!! 💘 You’re the first friend I made when I started my blog, so perhaps we’re not too far off from a year of knowing one another? I can’t imagine how my life would be without you aghh. You’re so kind to me, and you’re always sharing bts content to help me catch up :’) When new bts stuff drops, you’re definitely one of the first people I go to and scream to!! Agh, there’s so much to love about you, but you are seriously so lovely. Don’t fight me on this. Take my word for it, hehe.
💌 @slutdropjin
Marci, dude, do you realize how much your messages make me smile?? You are so funny, and you always send me the best memes sksk. You’ve always been so supportive of my writing, and since day one, you’ve shown me nothing but kindness 🥺 Thank you so much, ahh I absolutely adore you!! But sometimes you’d have the audacity to send some thirst trap content. The disrespect!! 🥴 Admittedly, I’ll always see a Seokjin post, whether soft or feral, and you’re the first person I will think of :’) 
💌 @softguks 
Laurie, my lovie! You are such an amazing friend to me, and words can’t even describe how much I love you. You’re the sweetest, kindest angel ever, and I wish I could give you the biggest hug. You have a heart of gold, and I wish everyone could see you the way that I do!! Your never ending support means so much to me, and I hope that you feel my love in tenfold. I literally don’t deserve you, nor do I ever deserve your baby spam 😭 (but it’s still greatly appreciated). You are so bright and so hardworking, and I admire you for all that you are!! I know we always talk about meeting up, so I pray that you can come to New York and we can have all the friend dates you want!! Please know that I think about you often, and I love you so much 💖
💌 @strawbinnie
Mirelle!! The last time I made a follow forever, I wrote you a message, but I think you deactivated right after LOL. I’m not sure you even saw it, so here’s a part two 💞 I love you soo much. You radiate big sunshine energy, and I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten into the habit of using an excessive amount of emojis because of you!! You seriously say the sweetest things in the world, and it makes my heart flutter like no other. I know we don’t know each other too well, but I know for a fact that you don’t have a bad bone in your body. Everything about you is sugar, spice, and everything nice!! ☀️☁️🌼🌈 Thank you for thinking of me and tagging me in posts because they genuinely make me smile. I hope that I could always return the favor to you, my love!! ✨ You deserve so much happiness, and I wish I could offer you the world!! For now, I’m sending you all of my hugs and kisses!!
💌 @yourdelights
Dee, I saved the best for last, hehe 💗 I’ve said it a million and one times before, but you are the most inspiring woman I know!! You are so kind, so intelligent, and so talented. You have a heart and a mind of gold. Do you happen to be Midas? Every time we chat, I’m literally in awe of the way you speak. Are you even aware of how smart you are?? Not only are you so wise with your advice, but you’re also absolutely hilarious. The duality?? Immaculate. You are such a sweet angel, and talking to you is like taking a shot of instant serotonin. I don’t know how you do it, ma’am. Name a person more amazing than yourself, I’LL WAIT. But then I’d be waiting a lifetime because nobody can compare!! I love you, and I love your talented and oh so colorful brain (even if you geek out over the tiniest things like history, languages, and the not-so-new array of emoji options 🥺). 
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necccomancy · a year ago
Bro I’m still not over the last request I sent about a girl w/ a quirk like Mirukos. U ever smile so much u cry? yeah. So If U don’t mind u think u could write another but this time she’s about to fight a b*tch for spreading rumors and stuff about her & her boyfriend? Or like training sessions with them? for Tamaki, Kiri, and Bakugou? (Just wanna see how they would be during sparring/drama but if u don’t want do it bc it’s like the other request it’s fine 🥰 hope your doing good love ur work💞)
u ever smile so much u cry?
🥺 bro- i would be d e l i g h t e d fdshkljk idk how well i can escalate a conflict but i’ll try my best 💪🏼
i couldn’t really think of a cool scenario for Kiri tho 😥
i DO think Tamaki and Bakugou’s turned out nicely lol
was definitely blasting Juice the entire time i was writing to pump myself up 🤣
jus like last time we goin ALL bunnies (🐍 = liar liar pants on fire girl in case it looks confusing)
🐇 Tamaki 🐇
Tumblr media
🐇 concerned™️ precious bunny isn’t about confrontation but he also isn’t about the lies this 🐍 is telling, issa struggle
🐇 your words, not his ofc- he would never call someone what you called her … out loud at least, if he could even manage thinking it
🐇 “how are you not offended?” you stressed, “after everything she’s said about you? You’re so much stronger than she says you are- hell, you’re part of the Big 3 and everyone knows it- shut her down!” “well… it’s like you said. Everyone knows the truth. And I don’t want to fight her, tho she is… unpleasant. If anything, me being in the Big 3 would just make confronting even worse” “well I’m not in the Big 3 and I have some words for her.” “…just words?” “…” “oh no…”
🐇 actually holding you back as you stomp towards all “bunny, let’s just drop it, okay? she’s not worth it”
🐇 stare-down at the gates: 🐍 “ugh, ‘bunny’? even his little pet names are weak- not to mention uncreative.” 🐍
🐇 to his… relief. you didn’t end up throwing the first punch but only bc she went ahead and made that call for herself, and if there’s one thing he won’t stand for, it’s you getting hurt, so he lets you go to restraint her with his Quirk
🐇 🐍 “tHis IS diS GUsTinG ge Tyou r TentACLeS OFf ME you F R E A K” 🐍 you grit your teeth and stretch your legs “i’ve been waiting to do this all day”
🐇 Tamaki’s about to protest you bicycle kicking her into the atmosphere, tho being called a freak was far from enjoyable, but you settle for flicking her nose r e a l l y really hard, ppl were already watching the situation anyway and their reactions, hers included, were j u s t priceless
🐇 you get a surprised snorty laugh out of your boyfriend too tho he quickly hid it w/ a cough and withdrew his grip on her- not that he needed to pretend considering everyone else in the general vicinity was losing their shit
🐇 “was that a good compromise, bunny?” and he nods, “can we go home now?” “mhmm!”
🐇 Bakugou 🐇
Tumblr media
^^ by kikuhikou, original post linked here
🐇 he respects Uraraka more than enough to not go easy on her in a fight so why ? would he hold back against a girl he doesn’t respect one bit ?? twisted logic but Baku-logic nonetheless
🐇 ofc, no one believes 🐍’s rumors about you and Katsuki having a falling out jus bc you 2 fight all the time- like yeah ? you fight all the time ? sparring dates are dates too wth ??
🐇 it’s v out of proportion, not to mention context, but that doesn’t stop lies on social media about Katsuki having “a new and better-for-him girlfriend”
🐇 admittedly, her Telekinesis Quirk is a bit tricky to deal w/ but you love a challenge and hate the situation so you get her to do sparring match (“say it in the street, that’s a knockout, but you say it in a tweet, that’s a cop out” AF)
🐇 to Aizawa’s dismay, it has to be “supervised” by him thanks to SOMEBODY’s fight w/ Deku but if it means he doesn’t have to deal w/ 🐍 giving you 2- and by extension: everyone else- a hard time, he’s like k fine
🐇 she’s not above fighting dirty as she uses her Quirk to slam you down into the ground before shoving her foot between your shoulders and tearing your hair back um- O U C H
🐇 regardless, Katsuki’s cheering you on and damn if he can’t feel that headache
🐇 🐍 “got any other smart things to say? well don’t you!” 🐍 “just that I like it better when your so-called boyfriend yanks my hair”
🐇 the Bakusquad c h o k e d on their tea- meanwhile Katsuki just fell all the more for you as she lost her cool and you roundhouse kicked her out of bounds- Aizawa called it off at that point bc he was n o t expecting that savagery, also it was a OHKO
🐇 “i need a haircut” you sigh afterwards while he cards his fingers gently through your roots “what happened to liking when your boyfriend yanks your hair” “if you ever yanked my hair that hard, we would actually break up” “yeah yeah”
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tragicblood-a · 10 months ago
So, I have decided I'm going to try giving myself sort of a challenge. I'm going to try and go down the ABCs and draw someone's muse (thats interacted with faye) that starts with that letter. Could be a first name, last name, nickname, whatever. Please don't take offense if your muse doesn't get chosen. It's nothing against you or your muse. I went to the names that came to my mind first which are people I’ve been RPing with longer and who talk to me OOC. ;; There’s always other chances for art.
I will be trying to not use characters from the same mun but if they have characters who have interacted with Faye with uncommon initials like X or Q then I will go with it. I'm not 100% sure what all the images will entail. Could be flats could be shaded could be half bodies could be dynamic posing. I haven’t a clue yet. If I don't have a letter I will skip it and if someone with that letter pops up I'll double back and do their image. 
A - Antonio Abrams @fatherly
B - Bender, John @thecrxmxnal
C - Chance @peritxetxinvenit
D - Devil @luciferian-drama
E - Eugene Porter @inxthexshadows
F - Fuijin @heamatic
G - Gaspar de Passa, Hugo @manifcst-o
H - Haruko @crimson-warrior
I -
J - Javier Escuella @vendettacanons
K - Kekipi Sauvage @thxwxlf
L - Lena Oxton @pilgrimms (i mean we interacted on her old blog LOL)
M - McQueen, Danny @taezr
N - Nahvee @devilsdecade
O - Oscar, Hugh @a-drunk-vampire
P - Patricia @childrenoftherosx
Q -
R - Rick Grimes @mercyprevaild
S - Samuel Silas @frontierbound
T - Toad @tolcnsky
U -
V - Valerie @vixxrd
W - Wavefall, Obi @tidesborn
X -
Y -
Z - Zisa Ruggen @thx-new-memorabilia (shh, you’re always super nice to me. so exception LOL)
This took longer than I thought trying to get as many characters as possible from diff people. I’ll do this after I get the doodles for my last two art calls first.
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survivorcrystalkingdom · 4 months ago
Ep 9 Confessionals | "Why Do People Gotta Lie So Hard?" - Linden
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ik i haven't done one of these in a hot minute (don't yell at me RTP) but ASKJHFJSA phew. don't like how much my game kinda exposed with 3 votes in a row but....hoping people didn't perceive me too much and i can just slide into this merge eatin my salad NNNN Jarod and Sam both have given full allegiances to me til the end, but have some tensions between each other that I've been hoping to exaggerate (oops). I feel like I'm pretty good with Emily too??? And it sounds like Nic R has his sights on Jarod/Eve first and with Sam and his bond, or whatever the hell it is, I'm hoping I can make it to f7 without anything drastic. Jarod did tell me about his idol nullifier and sapphire idol so that's CUTE although scary as hell because I love him to death but I know I lose at F2 to him so :( I didn't go through all this rocks and surprise double councils to sit at the end and just be okay losing 9-0. BUTTTTT for now it's a good safety net bc it protects TWO people and combined with an idol nullifier - and having the ability to make another - is as close to a guaranteed vote as we can get. I am scared tho bc I haven't talked much to Lindy/Lindsay/Nic R/Ruthie and now they make-up 4/9 of the merge so....once again, I have to start leaning on Jarod to keep me out of any crosshairs until I can get my own standing in this new team. But I did it once all by myself on Moehog so I can do it again! *shakes in trepidation*
Tumblr media
I MADE MERGE ANNNND THE JURY STAGE!! I am really excited! I'm currently working and talking game the most with Jarod. We have both told one another that we want to go to the end with one another and I feel like he seems legit about it. The only thing about that is that if we make it to the end together I feel like he would win at this point. I still think I'm close to Nic R and Lindsay but at this point Jarod is my number one. I think that I'm currently in a pretty good position with pretty much everyone on my team but we'll see. My biggest fear is that I'm going to flop in all the comps and people are going to drag me to the end as someone 'easy' to win against. Everyone has been kind of quiet so I need to try to make some more connections. I'm going to be out of town next weekend and I'm trying to decide if I should tell the merge team or just... not tell anyone I'm out of town.
Tumblr media
Okay!! I lost the immunity challenge, but that's (mostly) okay!! I've still had some very important things happen in the past 15 hours!! So, right off the bat, Lindsay's name is being thrown out. I'm fine with that I suppose, because Lindsay and I only started talking once merge hit, but I still feel like she could be a better ally than plenty of people in here. Unfortunately, I still don't feel like I have anything too crazy solid, so I can't rock the boat too much. But, that didn't stop me from doing something very extremely important!! In an alliance chat with the former members of Moehog, no one seemed to want to give a name suggestion, so when Sam asked me who I wanted, I went with Eve, giving the reasoning that I don't want them pissed at me for taking them out at immunity. This was a great opportunity to see where Crow and Eve's relationship in this game stands, and I think it worked well for me! Crow said they wouldn't mind since they hadn't talked to Eve since swap, but it wouldn't be their preference, so we settled on Lindsay. But then, ~m i r a c u l o u s l y~, this morning I got a message from Eve for the first time since merge hit. Very very very interesting, and maybe this can be something I can use in the near future to split them up. Something very-extremely-not-good is that SUPPOSEDLY my name is being thrown out. Not good!! I've only heard that from Lindy, who heard it second or thirdhand, so idk how much validity that has. Scary!! Definitely going to do what I can to look more into this, and to confirm votes not landing on me. Maybe I'll do something bold?? Probably not tho tbh LOL
Tumblr media
[is the first person eliminated in the challenge] "you're a target tonight" [shocked pikachu face]
Tumblr media
Considering stirring more stuff on Eve, because I realized it could result in me being higher on people's lists. I feel like Eve is in a pretty decent position socially, but maybe I could convince Sam that Crow's loyalty lies more with Eve than with us, tell Lindsay about people wanting to vote her, and then that gives me 3 + whoever Lindsay can talk to. Then, I could go to Jarod and mention Eve going around maybe The issue is... I *JUST* told Eve I wouldn't vote for them. It would be a dick move to go against that now UGH. But if I did do that, it could result in me having much closer allies. Maybe I'll just test the waters with Sam, and go from there !
Wait okay, old plan is stupid, Sam and Crow and Jarod have been on the same team for a million years now. New plan is Cool and Good: simply tell Lindsay her names out there and have her help me figure it out LOL
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am SO not sure what to believe. Why do people gotta lie so hard?? But what Sam says seems to be true, and I know Jarod and co will be a force to be reckoned with once we get a little further. This isn’t exactly in my original plan but hey, moves are fun right? I hope I survive the night.
Tumblr media
So.... fairy council is going to be interesting tonight! Most people want to vote Jarod and I am NOT okay with that and I tried to come up with other possibilities but Jarod and I had a call and.... he has a sapphire idol! So anyway, I've told Nic and Lindsay I am not okay with voting him but that I keep thinking about it and I tell them that maybe it will be a good move for me because we have to use this thing the right way. I really hope that this all works out and both Jarod and Lindsay stay. Apparently Jarod is going to throw a vote on Sam and Sam will be the one going home. I just hope this all goes by without a hitch and that no one uses an nullifier. I feel like 9 is never going to get here.
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lovejoykilljoy · a year ago
my reactions to the marble hornets stream part 3
we are starting on the season 2 part of the live, also tobys back sorry but i couldn't front for a bit for safety reasons
back to your regularly scheduled shitposting :D
Holy sHit he actually wore the shirt- that shirt is the most iconic mh thing ever and you cannot change my mind sorry
*typing* "marble sTaRt-come watch"
marble cum
marble horny
this chat wiLD
he sounds like a teacher trying to get the class under control
*rythmic beating* "mM"
tim sipping mango applesauce is the single purest thing ive ever seen
we back with the "hOOtin"
hahahaha my master plan to trap @commiecorgi in the fandom may just work ;)
also "sHe wAs A pAiD aCtOr"
thats actually really pretty scenery tho ngl
i bet tim cuffs his jeans
how did he strap a WHOLE ASS camera to his chest "randomly"????
the ramada kinda reminds me of the backrooms
tim casually admitting to cRimes
why is he stripping
the concern he has for the pool in December tho
hes also calling out brands lmao
man hands, thats all i have too say
"tHeIrS tHe HaNd mOvE!!"
doctor tim
this is lowkey starting to vibe like a mix of that one fire game jacksepticeye played and legend of zelda
why is season 2 so s m e x u a l
random girl: whats that camera for?
Jay: yknow...makin videos n stuff
*awkward pause*
Jay: i mEan for a d o c u m e n t a r y-
w o w pretty inconspicuous jAy
supernatural jessica
and we're back to the tim asmr lmao
also,,,,if you find a damn bloody rag dont f u c k i n tOUCH IT
"i am still having technical problems with the DVDs 5 years later"
"tHaTs NoT wHaT yOu SaId EaRlIeR"
*cue dramatic backstory*
"sorry i dont want to talk about it" "thats like my catchphrase"
okay once again out here with the fnaf vibes
i also stan supportive homie sutton
jay is autistic and bisexual change my mind i dare you
*tim silently mouthing jay's lines*
and sassy tim is back-
pretty woods tho
why,,,,why did you ask the mysterious man following you if he had games on his phone
im dissapointed jay
you sound like me
"strikin that siCk poSe"
okay,,jays kinda a simp
"sorry you all had too see me lick the mustard on camera..i like mustard okay >:(("
someone get this man a nice nAP
why is the chat chanting slendersimp i-
Jessica calling everybody out on their bullshit for like all the entries part 1
"I cant remember anything that didn't just happen and im always anxious and twitching! somethings wrong with me!" Me, someone with generalized anxiety, tics, and a disassociative disorder: damn i must have slender sickness
life advice from tim sutton: "folx if anybody asks you to leave your door open dont do it"
also an important serious scene going on and hes just cracking puns into the mic softly
'hootin and hollerin' mention #3
o shit he back-
oh lawd he RUNNIN
that flashlight really said Y E E T
jay rlly shoulda used a damn vpn
*shoulder shuffle*
his smile :")
did someone just crawl thru that window and he not notice-
*laughing at dick art*
"penises mostly i think"
oooo is that a lizARD
my soul at 3am
jay is scared of spiders bet
hes gonna turn around and-
oh its just alex
okay where tf did alex come from
how did he know masky was there
why did masky suddenly turn into a limp noodle
and was that a r O c k-
"yOu BrOkE hIs LeG wItH a BlOcK oF cEmEnT"
oop the boyfriends are fighting
tim is still sassing jay over this vpn
great at doing whAT?
this reminds me of the candleverse
alex is colorblind trenderman is gonna come and kick some fashion sense into you dammit
why does alex know this??
i feel like it was masky
is that a baby
oh shit
itS bEeN sO loOOOOoOoOoOoonNNnG-
phat phinger
dark woods in a horror series? check
i agree with you Rat_Lord420, alex kralie does indeed fuck rocks
*loud leaf crunching*
more wholesome homie sutton which i stan
once again that phone really said yeet
sexy palm
boomer car
alex "my friends are idiots" kralie
he also has some pale ass arms lmao
sometimes i forget all of them are from the south-
"you got lost in woods youve never been in??"
"is the cAmErA a couple miles in the woods??"
"hElP mE, jAy"
"W H Y"
they literally sound like a mom and her emo teen
i feel like their are some jalex vibes here
tims evil smirks and laughs deadass scare me
okay that truck kinda scared me
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the chat is singing country roads
and they were rOOMATES
give them the legal rights to say shit
i actually swear ive seen that scenery before??
keepin it family friendly with the marble hornet lads
wHy is he walking into the rANDOM AsS dAnk cAVE??
that looks like the shit our science teacher would pull out,,
wholesome mama sutton sending him an easter gift is also pretty fluffy i stan
i dont even know myself man
is that the hype house
look at this poor man give him some RIGHTS
"you need to get some hEff behind those bad boys"
those are some
i n t e n s e a l l e r g i e s
you got there alex
"what if instead of coughing it was sneezing....or they just burped really loud"
"just rIppin iT"
and they runnin
and more tim quoting vines
is it just me or is that violently homoerotic
oh shit where they goin?? is it slendersimp??
he lowkey got vibe checked tho smh
tho alex looks like me waking up from a coma nap
oooo edgy
the trees are prolly annoyed as fuck tho lmao
hoodies lazer eyes
*loud stomping*
tim calling alex out doe
oh boy theres gonna be a jumpscare i can feel it
he really said "NONnNnONoNONONnnO"
i thought jay was stripping for a second wtf
slenders trolling rn tho
tHey kEy
the iconic font
tim get good sleep challenge
he called it his "gaymer chair"
"alex cAlm dOOwn"
"imma whOOp ya in the aSs"
"look, im not gonna s a y tax fraud was involved but-"
ooooooooooo he angey
actually jay also has adhd
look alex dont blame your boyfriend hes just concerned
"just give him a lil slap"
oooo are they breaking up-
alex u rlly need to secure ur keys buddy
jay trying to sound intimidating kills me
those keys said Y E E T
also jay cannot roast oml
"he just hUcked em ba d boy s on the ground!"
keys dont bounce tim
damn hes looking crustier then me
also have i been pronouncing "kralie" wrong this eNTIRE TIME??
its kral-lee,,yall say Kray-lee??
concerned bisexual noises
and jays trying to throw shade again-
"straight" huh?
tim and the chat dissing them part 2 electric boogaloo
"thats rite~"
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo he on the road again-
vaguely woodsy
big stalker vibes j a y
"awe jeez"
tim imitating the south even tho this was filmed in alabama KILLS ME
that aint no bear jay
chill dude hes just doing a photoshoot
actually scratch that alex is just taking a phat shit
wow, r e a l quiet jay
sorry no can do
that kinda looks like shaq ngl
bro those are ENTIRELY differant woods?? was that a mf portal??
"i tOld yOOOOOU"
f in the chat lads
okay but in like the tunnel scene where alex attacks the guy tim says that that's one of his coworkers,,,,and imagine just being like "hey uhhhhh can you come down to this abandoned tunnel so i can pretend to kill you?..for like.....5 dollars?"
did you just murder a whole ass lad
im p sure he has like...a thing for cement blocks smh
it kinda looks like this aint the first time hes vibe checked someone with a cement block o.0
dark hallway time
what is it with slenderverse protaganists and thinking if you run and scream hard enough he'll go away??
"whats that....sAtChEl ThInG-"
that sounds real s u s p i c i o u s jay
yes, that is exactly why your out here
that also sounds real s u s p i c i o u s alex
"mmMMMMmmMM the sOUndS of the sOuTHh"
tim against cicadas
[heavy breathing]
for someone who runs around screaming in the woods you sure do have asthma vibes
if your rat_lord420 in the stream i like your sense of humour
someone get a mh cough count
"if we dont watch season 3 we can pretend brians okay"
the moral of marble hornets is "film students don't get rights"
we also stan tim suttons wife
good boy brian
good innocent baby boy brian who definately dosent kill people in his spare time
tims mock voice
my good baby boy is so concerned hes such a smol uwu bean baby boy and its not like hes murdered anyone before hes just a smol baby innocent boy
t i m ? a l e x ?
is that a bear trap,,,,,,,,,and broken glass-
give this man an inahler
then why are you meeting him alone in the woods,,
just dont follow alex into the woods dUmBaSs
you literally dont even have a plan and your going to meet someone who has committed and got away with 2 murders??
a lil masked lad
i think i remember this
"i sneaky lil cheeky lil peek"
damn i do remember this, this is that one scene
how did literally no one notice masky lmao
[heavy southern accent] "mEeT mE iN tHe HoTeL nExT tO sHiT cReEk YoU kNoW wHeRe It Is"
alex steals shit count: 3
hootin and hollerin count: 4
why did jay literally jump into the operators arms wH-
i deadass thought that was an old lady but nOpe its tim
okay so i finished s2 and so were gonna go onto all 2? 3? parts of s3!!
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battleaxe-proficiency · a year ago
Rules: Find a song for each letter of your URL
oh god my url is longer than i realised. i also added an additional challenge to myself by only choosing one song from each artist
Tagged by @theinvisiblespoon and tagging @platypuslovesblue, @barley-st-band , @books-and-gays , @space-meg , @demon-lord-satan , @memoriuh , and anyone else who wants to do this
B- Benaz by Riz MC
A- Alone Together by Fall Out Boy
T- This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco, Regular Version (Piano Version)
T- The Queen and the Soldier by Suzanne Vega
L- Lollipop by MIKA
E- Elsk Mig Nu by Marie Key
A- Adam’s Song by Blink-182
X- X&Y by Coldplay
E- Extraordinary Girl/Letterbomb by Green Day
P- Pearl Diver by Mitski
R- Revolution Lover by Left at London
O- Only Us, from the musical Dear Evan Hansen
F- From Eden by Hozier
I- I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance
C- Come With Me by Chxrlotte
I- I’ll See Your Heart And I Raise You Mine by Bell X1
E- Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears (Ninja Sex Party Cover)
N- No One Else, from the musical Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812
Y- Yuri on ICE by Taro Umebayashi
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fortheheavenssake · a year ago
Nanny Anon 2
Nanny Anon 2
Sept. 17
Tumblr media
Sept. 18
NANNY ANON, well’ I’ve packed and ready to go ,himself came to say goodbye and thank me for being in the wee-ones early development, It was quite touching. The mistress had the maid drop off a card reference last night and left this morning without a word. ( no surprise there). M and her mistress are looking forward to next week when I move in to the P. And I can’t wait to start a new chapter with a loving family. It sounds wonderful and never again will I have to utter the words ‘ all too…………”
Sept. 22
NANNY ANON, hello darlings ‘ I’m having a wonderful day with little C&L , M is taking G to see Star Wars so I have the the wee-one and little C. This afternoon we’re going to bake fairy cakes , although little C wants to make Unicorn cookies and take them to school tomorrow … it’s a privilege to be in a loving home with such a wonderful mistress and adorable children, last night I cried with joy. And M and I have such a history of professional duty together. What a joy for a white Lady TTFN 😌😌
Oct. 3
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, we have been Sooooo busy with the little ones while the mistress and W have been engaged on royal duties. The mistress is such an understanding and compassionate woman she insists on the nannies as being part of the family and treats M and I the same. We have such fun with the little ones , there’s a tree house in the gardens which C seems to have turned into a Unicorn palace with daily visits from her school chums ‘ it’s a hoot ‘life is good for a white Lady TTFN.
Oct. 5
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, both M and I are getting a program together while the mistress and W are away, we both want to take them on a scavenger hunt at high grove with C&C. Unicorns will probably be involved and G is into Star Wars. So it’s going to be a full itinerary. Little C is platting her hair at the moment and loves the tree house playing with her school chums. It’s a wonderful life for a white Lady. TTFN.
Oct. 6
NANNY ANON, Hello Darlings, Little G came back from the match with a football signed by the team , and C had a book explaining the women’s World Cup. G is now officially a fully fledged supporter, such a fun day, the children are so exited I can see bed time will be fun. M and I are getting ready for an outing with the little ones as soon as the mistress and W depart for the tour. There off to the in-laws today so M and I are go into F&M for tea …… TTFN.
Oct. 15
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, M and I have just returned with G&C from Thorpe Park ‘ I’m exhausted!! We went on all the rides, Little C wanted to have another ride on the Big Dipper ‘ o dear I nearly lost my breakfast ……… they had toffee apples and candy floss and G had to have tree rides on the water Shute ‘ I came over all emotional remembering Diana doing the same ride with W&H. O DEAR ‘ all too much for a white Lady 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 TTFN 😢😢😢😢
Oct. 19
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, The mistress and himself returned to a rapturous welcome from the children ‘ lizards ,Unicorn costumes and hugs lasted for over an hour , it was a joy, I think the first stop was BP so we waited a while but it was an exiting evening. This weekend M&I have the time to ourselves as the whole family are going to the country. We shall have a spa weekend in Bath and indulge in a lot of R&R. All To much for a white Lady. TTFN
October 20
NANNY ANON, hello darlings,” O joy and jolly japes”Tonight we all trip over to the in-laws to watch the“ Docudramarama” the mistress has asked her sister to come and himself is off to pick up C&C ! M and myself are busy making savoury and sweet popcorn 🍿 boss baby is having fun strapped in the Bouncer and G&C are playing 🦎and🦄 , it’s a joy to be part of a loving family ‘can’t wait for the fun to begin. God bless the future monarchy. TTFN.
Oct 27
NANNY ANON … hello darlings, still about ,things are hotting up for Halloween 🤡👹👻 the children are expected to wear their creepy costumes and my darling mistress is taking them and other little ones around the the village with the parents. M and I are going as the Markle Sisters 👯‍♀️ So don’t expect to return without egg 🍳 on my face 🤣🤣🤣all too much for a white Lady TTFN
Oct 28
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, WELL, WELL, WELL, I’m flabbergasted absolutely stunned darlings, I’ve just received an invitation from my previous mistress and himself to a private meeting in SH London for the opportunity of returning to her employ. Apparently the wee one is missing his nanny!!! and this is causing a lot of headaches for the mistress as she wants to be able to leave the wee one with a nanny she knows will be a bonding influence. I’ll keep you all updated as to my decision darling.
Oct 29
NANNY ANON, hello darlings ‘ salutations to all who grace the blog of our beloved Skippy. 🐼. WELL , I’ve made the decision I was debating on yesterday. I’ve decided to remain at KP in the employment of the present mistress ( god bless her and himself) because I ‘ much like M have fallen in love with little 🦄🦎And 👶. It’s a constant privileged challenge to be part of this family, The Sunday night gatherings looking at the social media laughing at the ageing train wreck. Love to all. TTFN. 🤣🤣
Nov. 1
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, Little C is refusing to change out of her Halloween costume 🦄, and we’re all going down to Sainsbury’s to buy some giant marshmallows to roast for the rugby match. When C digs her little feet in there’s no movement. The mistress is having quite a debate with the little one trying to see reason. In the end the RPO got her to change by promising her he’d find a police helmet as a substitute. All too much for a white Lady. TTFN
Nov 4
NANNY ANON, hello darlings ‘ O joy!! Today M&myself take little C and G (with their poppies) to RP zoo with RPO. ( one of the zoo keepers are going to fix a Unicorn to a zebra 🦄for little C.) and G will gain access to the reptile house to look at all the 🦎🦎 “ what larks pip old chap” the mistress is having some down time back at KP with little L. Afterwards we’re all of to Harrods for 🍨🍦. So much joy for a white Lady. TTFN.
Nov 9
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nov 11
NANNY ANON , hello darlings, my day off with M. We are exhausted darlings, absolutely knackered. Little C had a sleepover with four friends (fiendish demons) , OMG it was the sleepover from hell , first’ we put them all in the nursery, made up beds and lots of 🦄🧸🛴🏓🍪🍿🧁🍕👧👧👧👧stuff to play with and favourite eats. Only problem they didn’t want to sleep, himself had a few words to Little C at one in the morning because of the screams. All too much for a white Lady. TTFN. Bless.
Nov 18 (Royal Variety)
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, tonight M and I had too draw lots as to who went to the RVP. I lost , so I’m looking after the little ones. The mistress spent the afternoon getting ready as the dresser fitted the last tucks to the bodice. My goodness she looked magnificent when she walked down the stairs all the little ones cheered and clapped. Tonight it’s a treat, we’ve ordered 🍕 PIZZA and knickerbocker glory’s such a joy. All too much for a white Lady. TTFN.
Nov 19
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, a wonderful evening was had by all at the the RVP. The mistress and himself stunned all who met them with there relaxed countenance, early that evening the little ones started to write a present list to Santa. Little C was the most vocal inquiring how Santa arrives on his sled and parks his reindeer on the roof of KP and shimmy’s down the chimney ( she’s now asking to sleep near the fireplace to meet Santa ???? ) all too much for a white Lady,TTFN. 🎄🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅
Nov 21
NANNY ANON, M and I went to see “ The sound of music “ tonight, we both love the film. We spent the day with the little ones and C had somehow got hold of one of the mistresses cameras 📸 and was ( would you believe it) taking photos of M G boss baby and me. I asked her to give me the camera as it was mummies and all I got was , NO !! later I saw the snaps she took and was surprised. I returned the camera to the mistress who looked amused. Little C been watching mummy. TTFN. 📸📸📸
Nov 22
NANNY ANON, haddow darlig 😷🤧🤧 I dink I got vlue, my node I’d all blogged up , god a rodden hed and snoddy node. The lidda wonds is so fuddy, lidda C broughd be up bregvast od a tray. Bledd, da midredd called he dogta ad he gave be sum pawasetamol , M Id doig grate. Ib dink I’ll ged sub shudii , ord doo buch for a wide Lady, DDFN.
Ohhhh flu has hit KP! Hope you have a quick recovery 😔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nov 23
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, still a bid bunggd up, but I’m sure I’ll be ok within the week, M and I are looking after little G and boss baby today,the mistress has gone to a shopping mall outside London with little C for Christmas shopping. Things are hotting up for the holidays and this weekend they bring the Christmas 🎄. Then we can have real fun dressing it. Back to wee boss baby 👶. TTFN.
Dec 3
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, M&I very exited,tonight is the school nativity play and the mistress and himself has invited us. G is a wise king and little C is an “angel on high” …… M wickedly suggested boss baby could be baby Jesus 😱😱, But I don’t think the school is ready just yet. Little C has to say “and behold ‘ the three wise Kings” can’t wait, it’s going to be a hoot!! We all helped to make the costumes , G wore his this evening and looked very regal ( prophetic), and little C with wings.
Dec 7
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, is the mistress pregnant ‘ all I can say is little Lottie wants a pony for Christmas and himself has quite rightly affirmed that she’s much to young. I think in a couple of years great auntie Anne would be the first to help her into the saddle. We’re all looking forward to the forthcoming banquet ( I wonder if the mistress will wear the emeralds)’ enough gossip, all too much for a white Lady, TTFN.
Dec 8
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, Lottie has just returned from a visit to the “stables” at the royal mews. (Enough said) , himself has retired to the lounge after breakfast 🥞, pancakes and crispy bacon 🥓 with maple syrup to laugh at the Sunday tabloids. The mistress is having a “late morning” so M and myself are busy with boss and George who is finishing his homework 📚. Another Sunday joy. TTFN.
Dec 10
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, it’s manic at KP , in a good way !! the mistress is becoming enthusiastically involved in her tennis lessons, ( several professional players lining up to coach her) my lips are sealed, Little Lottie is on a mission … it’s a day long mantra from the darling girl , anyone who she thinks will have sway with W&K is propositioned about the “pony”. I think some of her older school chums ride out. I bet Gan Gan soon enters the equation. All too much for a white Lady. TTFN.
Dec 11
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, busy this morning ,decision to choose what C&G will wear for the Christmas walk to the service , winter coats and warm socks are the key. It’s going to be a joy seeing them for the first time at the Sandringham service with W&K. M and I are going home for Christmas M has invited me to Spain with her family, wonderful and the food darlings, I’m in for a real treat. Little Lottie will certainly have a pony ride for Christmas I’m sure, Such joy!! TTFN.
Dec 13
NANNY ANON, hello darlings , we have cancelled our holiday In Spain 🇪🇸, duty calls darlings, we had a chat with the mistress and himself last night and decided we’re going to accompany the family for Christmas, it’s our love for the children and to help the mistress, a joy really. Also the BP PR are briefing the DOD of C about forthcoming commitments. On a lighter note, tonight’s Blog night 😂😂😂 skippy,pg,and troll the colonial Banshee. All too much for a white Lady. TTFN.
Dec 16
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, Little Charlotte is Bewildered as to why there are no unicorn pony’s. The answer Zara gave was Unicorns are different , pony’s are special, clever Zara!! Lottie is full of questions, ( that age) it’s a daily challenge of wits. Last night was blog night, such fun ,all the usual suspects, where is @printskylie ? Never miss pg and her interpretations, so clever , the mistress loves skippy and Hunnymae , duty calls!, all too much for a white Lady, TTFN.
Dec 16
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, O’thank you all so for your messages, the unicorn presents 🎁 look fab. I’ll pass on your message, but I’m sure the the mistress has all information directed to her MPC. ( amazing device). W&K are both very high Tech. My life is full of love and joy, I’ve got Lottie a picture edition of “ The night before Christmas”
Dec 17
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, the children all sat watching TV, and watching mummy and daddy make cup cakes and roulades. EPIC . The kitchen is now centre of the universe, Lottie and George M and I making cup cakes and roly poly Christmas chocolate logs. Lots of mess and icing sugar. 👦🏼👧👶🧁🍰🍪🎂🍩 it’s boss baby, “ Mary Mary” Christmas 🎄 we are blessed, TTFN
Dec 18
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, himself is taking C&G ice skating this afternoon, I think this is another diversion from pony’s. It’s a dismal afternoon,raining in London so I think the little ones will enjoy the outing , the mistress is off to play a few sets of tennis with her coach. M and I are going to check online for some new clothes for boss baby, he seems to grow by the day!! This is a busy time leading up to a family Christmas, I think it’s Sandringham this year but arrangements are 
Dec 29
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, such a busy Christmas, the little ones were so exited with presents and gifts from the public. The mistress had a clearinghouse Of presents 🎁. A large amount of them go to local hospitals. Believe me they are talking thousands!! There’s a pink Flamingo in Little Lotties bedroom though.M and I are going to have a wee holiday over the new year, it’s been a wonderful Christmas. All too much for a white Lady,TTFN. ( sorry for no posts) been V. busy with the little ones.
Dec 31
NANNY ANON, hello darlings, M&I and a bottle of celebrity plonk, our night off so it’s on with a movie,feet up and relax. All the i are crossed and the Ts are dotted , o dear the drink 🥤 has taken effect ………… we both wish shoo a happy new year and prosperoush , prosperoust, positives, O you get it , we never normally celibate like this , o dear, all too much for a white Lady ,TTFN. 🍹🍷🍾🍸🥂……………☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
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Tumblr media
[A6A6I5] ====>
NANNASPRITE: Thizzere you be! Nigga get shut up or get wet up. NANNASPRITE: I have bizzeen hatin' forward ta meet'n you, dear. :B
JANE: You hizzave? JIZZY: Who be you?
NANNASPRITE: I'm you! NANNASPRIZZLE so bow down to the bow wow! But most knizzay me as John Nizzanna. Hoo hoo!
JIZZANE droppin hits: Oh, yes! JANE: He told me 'bout you. JIZZLE: Gosh! JIZZAY from tha streets of tha L-B-C: Pleaze' ta meet you... Nanna, I gizzy I should call yizzy?
NANNASPRITE: Sizzuits me!
JANE: Call'n yizzle Jane M-to-tha-izzight feel a bizzay strange to increase tha peace. JANE: Nigga get shut up or get wet up. Also, perhaps disrepectfizzle?
NANNASPRITE: N whizzle be that? Tru niggaz do niggaz. NANNASPRITE: It is mah name afta all cuz I put gangsta rap on tha map.
JANE: Yes, biznut, JIZNANE: You be mah senior by many decades, I motherfucka. JANE: Relax, cus I'm bout to take my respect. N you hiznave so many more yizzay of L-to-tha-izzife experience, n wizzle, n you... Fo'-fo' desert eagle to your motherfuckin' dome. JANE: Seem ta be dresze' like a clown?
NANNASPRIZZLE cuz I put gangsta rap on tha map: :B
JANE: Not ta disparizzle yo' fanciful attire. I quite lizzike it. JANE: I just mean T-H-to-tha-izzat... JIZZLE: You been through more than I can imizzle. JANE: I couldn't C-to-tha-izzall you by mah name. It would fizneel wrong n flippant ta trizneat you lizzike my eqizzle ya dig?
NANNASPRIZZLE: But rizzle, Jane, tha hizzle of meet'n you be all mine! NANNASPRITE: I have bizzeen look'n forward ta it so mizzle sizzince I learned of yo' existence. NANNASPRITE: Put ya mutha fuckin choppers up if ya feel this. Brotha since I spent that one day saggin' Jizzohn through his session, there haven't B-to-tha-izzeen many reasons fo` me ta feel particularly worthwhile sho nuff. NANNASPRITE: Yes, I tended ta him n his sista fo` several Y-to-tha-izzears, baked fo` thizzay, lent a sympathetic ear when needed... NANNIZZLE: But 'n a wizzle, it been a lonely life fo` me S-to-tha-izzince mah ashes fell 'n dis silly old sprite. NANNASPRITE: I've bizzle strictly an auxiliary actizzle, there only ta serve otha even dur'n mah greatest moments ta sizzy! NANNASPRIZZLE: Slap your mutha fuckin self. So when I heard of you, a version of myself whizzay was a tizzy hizzero, so yiznoung, empowered, n set ta embizzle upon a life filled wit consequential deeds... NANNASPRIZZLE: I was absolutely giddy. I knizzay thizzay we hizzy ta meet!
JANE: Oh... mah! JANE: Yizzy, JANE fo my bling bling: Yiznou really fizneel thizzay way 'bout me? You'se a flea and I'm the big dogg.
NANNASPRITE: Yes, Jane! NANNIZZLE: I do not M-to-tha-izzean ta suggizzle I regret tha way mah life has gone, of courze ridin' in mah double R. NANNASPRIZZLE: I lived a very hizzumble life, as friznee of intrigue n adventure as possible, by choice. NANNASPRITE: Yizzou see, I grew up in dangerous circumstances. I knew hiznow cruel tha woman whizzay raize' me cizzay be, n what shizze might do ta me or tha thugz I loved if I made waves, or demizzle any senze of dizzle. NANNASPRITE: So I lived simply sho nuff. I startizzle a famizzle, n operated a quiet joke shop. Though I alwizzles knew trizzle was brew'n, they were tha biznest years of mah lizzay. NANNASPRITE: Yet I alwizzles hizzay a shawty mizzay knowledge thizzay I crazy ass nigga lizzy on, n used mah straight trippin' 'n sizzay wiznays ta help thoze ta whom tha torch would be passed 'n dis bootylicious fight. NANNASPRITE n shit: But then, I mizzy tha transition from know'n some th'n 'n life, to know'n a bootylicious deal more 'n death like old skool shit. Bein resurrected as a sizzy endizzle me wit a very dizzeep knizzle of tha gizzle n its broada circumstancizzles. I was 'n pizzay form, a trizzle harleqizzle wisewoman, n there was nizzle a qizzle I couldn't answa. NANNASPRITE: Death row 187 4 life. N then, tha D-to-tha-izzear kids scratched they session, n cizzy themselves into tha unknown. NANNIZZLE, ya feel me? I venturizzle wit them, n so I tizzoo lost mah ridin' on tha nature of whiznat lizzy ahead. NANNASPRIZZLE: I wizzle from mah prime, a state of all-understand'n, ta a state of absolizzle uncertainty. Fizzor tha fizzy time in 'bout as lizzay as I could rememba, I had no idea what to expizzle niznext. NANNASPRIZZLE: It wizzay quite chillin' 'n a way! Keep'n it gangsta dogg. I hizzy a wonderful tizzy years on that ship wit thoze lovelizzle children. I thought L-to-tha-izzittle of what challenges wiznere aheezee cuz this is how we do it. NANNASPRITE: But when I did, mah thoughts would always drift toward you, Jane. NANNIZZLE: Think'n 'bout yizzay, n dis advizzle yizzay were 'bout ta begin, it made me fizzy like a chizzild again. Death row 187 4 life. NANNASPRITE: It gave me tha feel'n I uze' ta have fo` tha limitless potential of L-to-tha-izzife, before my stepmotha snizzle thizzem out, messin' me wit tha reality that lizzy W-to-tha-izzould hizzave to takes a considerably miznore limitizzle shizzape if I wished ta survive aww nah. NANNIZZLE: So when I look at you nizzay, I see tha potentizzle I hizzle as a child finizzle being realize'. It's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg. NANNASPRITE: But in a much mizzy special way than I eva would have imaginizzle bizzy thizzay! NANNASPRITE: It makes me so proud ta see you as a heroic yizzoung womizzle, ready ta mizzake a difference, n forge yo' own destiny. NANNASPRITE yaba daba dizzle: I jiznust wanted ta tell you dis before yiznou go off ta biznattle!
JANE: Oh J-to-tha-izzeez. JANE so jus' chill: Nanna, I don't knizzay what ta sizzy. JANE: They call me tha black folks president. Thank you so mizzy fo` thoze inspirizzle words!
NANNASPRITE: Hoo hizzle fo gettin yo pimp on!
JANE: I thizzay Jizzle wizzle really lucky ta H-to-tha-izzave you as a sprite. Nizzot to mention, a motherfucka, of courze cuz I'm fresh out the pen. JIZZAY: It no brotha he appears ta H-to-tha-izzave his act togetha in all flavas. JANE: Maybe I would have been baller off if I had someone liznike you to advize me from tha start of all dis cuz this is how we do it. JANE: Slap your mutha fuckin self. Maybe I wizzouldn't have felt so lost.
NANNASPRITE: It normal ta feel lizzle, though. NANNASPRITE: N believe me, need'n ta find yo' own way 'n time will make you a lot wisa than hav'n an old lady around ta S-P-to-tha-izzoon fee' y-aw tha rappa. NANNASPRITE: Nigga get shut up or get wet up. 'n anizzle caze, you have me now! Fo'-fo' desert eagle to your motherfuckin' dome. NANNASPRITE: I think it's B-to-tha-izzeen quite a long time since John has needizzle mah guidance. Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. NANNASPRITE: Tha boi has grown so miznuch since he clobberizzle me witta joke B-to-tha-izzook on that fateful day. NANNASPRITE: From now on, I'd be pleaze' if yizzou would consida me yo' sprite.  in all flavas:B
JANE: Wow fo' real! :O JIZNANE fo all my homies in the pen: Oh mah goodness, yes, pleaze!
NANNIZZLE: 'n fizzay, I heard from tha cat girl thiznat you n shizzay be on healing dizzle 'n this spectacular fray com'n up, betta check yo self. NANNIZZLE: It so happens that heal'n is mah specialty. Next ta bak'n of courze in tha hood. (N pranks.) NANNASPRIZZLE: Whizzay diznon't I assist?
JANE: Thiznat would be bootylicious tizzy!
NANNASPRITE: Oh cuz Im tha Double O G! N Jane, one mizzle th'n. NANNASPRITE: Jizzy so you know...
> [A6IZZLE5] ====>
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timeittookus · a year ago
I've been on the journey
I have 9000 thoughts n feelings
Here's like 19 of them that I can put into words
...... Golden dude. Do do do do
he sounds so oddly young. honeydew and summer evening insects hum. Comforting
idk if I'm just not used to my new earbuds but the mixing seems to be favouring the left channel throughout the tracks. Or I have hearing loss? Other than that, excruciatingly detailed gorgeous production
WS AY LU are gonna be some jambops of the century can't wait to embarrass my grandchildren singing walk through fire for you just let me adore you in 50 years
B and C sides...... 🌾🐛🦋🌻
the way this musically is . Everything I've ever loved and
Oh I wish I could listen to this with my sister n brother in law. How we would have Got It together. Sang and jammed and danced Together. How this sound would become a memory of a time and a place :( but i will do it myself and I will be alright
absolutely insane that it is winter rn and for another four months here
Cherry felt right. It was entirely not the mood i was expecting but it just Belongs
those Falling vocals though. Baby 's really singin. gonna take a few more listens to like reconcile that it's him? idk this is the only one that didn't quite click. like it's almost too simple but I imagine that's why it will be good later
sv6. Exactly . As. It. Is. 👌 the perfect amount of kooky and fun and challenging and Paul Simon and aquarius energy dbdjdnd (the whole album has that)
how as the song faded out and all i could hear was my own laughter in my bedroom in the middle of the night.. cherishable
[oh she] (She!) feelin pretty vindicated on this one tbh. Claimed her early on. Knew exactly what I was getting. She served it
Canyon moon should be 10 minutes long idc that she and fine line are 6 minutes and for good reason holding more significance or w/e. Canyon mooOoOoooOn. I was worried about it listening to it live but I get it now and I need more
Uhhhhh. Oh tpwk. Good. Escaped being preachy. I too. Have big life changing feelings about hslot. and. #Brave to have that kind of hope. I do wish it got a bit bigger sonically. But I was grinning into the dark by the end so. It's accomplished. Also. Only song to have other voices?
Oh yeah! My main recurring thought throughout was that. The whole album's BVs are Masterful. flawless wonderful beautiful showstopping spectacular . Which is a little :o after hearing some live stuff where they were. Well not him. But also just. Not. As above. It's like getting spoiled
Reminds me of the Ceremonials fatm era. That was a record with impeccable BV creation and mixing which never translated live
Anyways. I wanna go backpacking to B&C sides
Fi ne fucki ng L in e 🎁
closers Get me. and harry Gets closers.
I'm so tired my lyric retention is like 5% but mostly. Alright. We'll be alright. It's alright. Hey. It's alright. If it makes you fekrbfhdjd. All right. The kids are alright . A L R I G H T
It built on itself so delicately. So magnificently.
It will be a crime if they don't tour with a small brass section (even if there's only a handful of songs that call for it). Two fingers to my eyes two fingers to your eyes Harry. A crime. tpwk
Amazi g that I went in with low hopes, but came out with music I'm gonna carry with me my whole life?
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miscellaneous-oxy · 2 years ago
steady. (Aug 2018)
English translation of the article in steady. (Aug 2018) (6 July 2018 on sale)
Tumblr media
steady. August 2018
 Acting: Which scene in your previous works made your heart flutter the most?
To me, there isn’t any scene that does it. I’m sometimes surprised at my own acting when I watch myself on TV, though, as it happens that I don’t remember why I did what I did in such a way.
 Bond: When did you feel the bonds among 2PM members?
The moment the last stage of 6nights concert in Korea finished, we spontaneously hugged each other and started crying. Everything that happened over the decade came back to us, and with our fans calling out our names, we couldn’t help but get emotional.
 Chansung: What kind of person is Chansung?
Though he’s the maknae, he has profound thoughts. But he thinks and worries too much, too. (laugh) I’d say he’s a lot mature for his age.
 Desire: What is your desire?
It’s more like a dream than a desire, but I’d like to live on like this – singing, acting, and being loved by you. I guess you can say I have a massive desire in a sense.
 Eat: What is your favourite food?
Now I’m into having Thai food delivered. Once I like something, I tend to keep on eating the same thing. (laugh) I’ve always had Chansung grill meat for me, for I felt even that was too much of a bother, but I’ve learned to cook at last to prepare for the role of a chef for the drama Wok of Love. I’m pretty good at making fried rice!
 Future: How would you be 10 years from now?
I really don’t want to think about it. Not yet.
 Graduate: What do you want to quit doing?
(the term “graduate” is used metaphorically)
I’d like to put an end to my tendency to get addicted to things. It goes for my eating Thai food all the time now, and the same goes for my choosing the same clothes to wear even though I have tons of other clothes. It’s even a mystery to me, too, why I’m like this. (laugh)
 Hottest: What do fans mean to you?
They are the best. I’ve been trying to be more active on social media so I can communicate with my fans.
 Impact: Was there anything that shocked you recently?
While I was preparing for my tour in Japan, Chansung dropped by with some chicken for me without notice.
 Junho: What kind of person are you?
(after giving it some thought . . . ) I suppose I’m not bad. I can’t say I’m a good person, but I’m not that bad either. (laugh)
 Jun. K: What kind of person is Jun. K?
He is a “kawaii” person in many ways. (laugh) He shows his emotions and affections openly, but he also demands us of the same show of affection.
 Love: What are your views on love?
Love is something with no answer. (Love is something from which you shouldn’t expect results.) It means you love this person unconditionally. When you fall in love, you experience a change in your character. You become someone “no one has ever seen before.” (laugh) I don’t know how I would be myself.
 Moment: Which moment left you a strong impression on you?
There are many moments, but I’d say the moment when we went on stage at Tokyo Dome, the moment I had a solo concert, and as an actor, the moment I was awarded a prize last year stand out.
 Nichkhun: What kind of person is Nichkhun?
He is kind, but not in the sense that he is just nice: He’s sometimes strict, too. As he is a true professional, I have lots to learn from him.
 Only One: Your image of the ideal woman?
I really can’t say. I guess the person I fall in love with will become my ideal woman. I’m not trying to be evasive here. (laugh)
 2PM: What is 2PM to you?
My family. Although it’s much more than that. (I cannot express how I feel about them in just this single word.)
 Question: What would you like to ask your fans?
Are you eating properly? Are you doing okay? Will you come to my concert? Will you stan 2PM forever?
 Rest: What eases your mind?
Spending time with my cats at home. Being with my cats somehow makes me feel and act like I’m taking care of a baby. (laugh) I didn’t talk at all at home before, but having cats made me a talker.
 Sleep: Do you wear pyjamas at night?
I’m not particular about sleeping attires. But I always try to sleep with my arms and legs sprawled out. I heard it’s good for your health. The problem is, I can’t move much because my three cats sleep on my legs.
 Taecyeon: What kind of person is Taecyeon?
He’s cool-headed and realistic. One more thing! He acts cute!
 Underbelly: What are your shortcomings?
Being too focused and addictive. When I focus on something, I get hooked on it so hard that I won’t be able to do anything else.
 View: The view you cannot forget?
The sea and the sun in Hawaii when I went to film my music video for “SO GOOD.” I remember it was really hectic, too.
 Wooyoung: What kind of person is Wooyoung?
He has his own worldview, but he doesn’t impose it on others. He doesn’t ask us to understand it either. You could say he’s a free spirit. And that’s who he is.
 XXXXX: Something new that you want to try?
I’d like to get the licences for sailing a yacht and flying an airplane.
 Young Boy: What kind of relationship do you have among the Young Boys?
They are friends of same age. I don’t know why but we resonate with each other very often. Even when the six of us go out for dinner, the Old Boys and the Young Boys automatically choose to sit together at the same table, respectively, if we need to sit at two tables.
 Zest: What spices up your life?
I’m always craving for new challenges, and I love challenging things. If focusing on one particular thing is me in the present, challenging new things would be my future. I always imagine a future: Imagining things is really inspiring. It motivates me, too.
Tumblr media
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A to Z favourite TV show challenge! Or # to Z?
# - 30 Rock (Liz Lemmon! This is just all kinds of hilarity).
A - Ally McBeal (there's not enough of this on Tumblr btw. I loved it before I understood it - my brother watched and I followed. And then I watched again and I loved it more) / Arrow (so years ago I started watching this because of Tumblr. You guys were obsessed with Olicity and I was too even though I hadn't watched the show. So I watched it. Thank you for ruining my life btw) / Accidentally in Love (Asian Series, sup, @netflix - thanks for getting me addicted to Asian series - I liked them before but now it's just there and begging to be watched AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF - YOU'VE ADDICTED MY MOTHER TOO).
B - Brooklyn Nine Nine (best thing to happen to me, thank you Tumblr - the nine nine fandom. Also started it a couple years ago and fell in love hard. This show makes me laugh no matter what and it's pure and I love it so much. It's really a show I needed because when I watch series I get really emotionally involved and certain shows leave me so stressed that I have to take a break and all I can watch is comedies for a few weeks. Or months. Depends on how big my heart break was. B99 always makes me laugh and feel lighter). / Buffy the Vampire Slayer (another one from my childhood, you know when you're too young to really understand but old enough to remember it? So yeah, my brother got me hooked at a young age and the addiction stuck. Because I've never been able to forget Buffy. And I've recently been rewatching it with my mother - she too is a bit addicted).
C - Charmed (Original series, not reboot - I haven't even watched the reboot. But yes, Charmed. I remember being up til 10PM on a Monday while I was in primary (middle) school just to watch it. Halliwell sisters are another drug I never could kick - Leo was one of my first ever crushes - my very first crush was Shahrukh Khan and if we're ever talking Bollywood movies he'll be all over that post).
D - Doctor Who (Okay! I only started watching from season 5, again cos NETFLIX - the Doctor and Amy Pond - man, just lock me up in the TARDIS and take me away already. ALSO one of the series that broke my heart enough that rendered me incapable of watching any other series except comedy).
E - Ek Hazaroon Mein Meri Behna Hai (Hindi series; my sister is one in a thousand - I assume it's the name because that sounds better in Hindi than one in a million or billion. There's something about Hindi series that sucks you in and tortures you until you're on the brick of exploding from suspense - the build up is both infuriating and renders you unable to tear your eyes away).
F - Friends ('Cause it's been there for me and how can I not? Again, childhood. Also. Heroes get remembered but legends never die. And I've watched every episode like a gazillion times and laugh just the same - I think even more 'cause I know what's gonna happen. I'm one of those people). / Fairy Tail (Anime. Magic. Friendship. Friendship. Friendship. It's one of those rare shows that has a lot of characters and manages to make you love each one of them. I found it after high school but I love it to bits).
G - Gilmore Girls (I remember the first time I watched this as a kid, Rory and Lorelei were sitting at Luke's diner and chatting about something and I though they were sisters. I was at my cousin's house and I just couldn't stop watching them. Loved it ever since. And it's strange how a randomly watching TV can just change your life - 'cause you know, I obsess) / Gossip Girl (at first, I'd watched it because Kristen Bell was the voice of Gossip Girl. And I needed anything related to anything Veronica Mars. And then I naturally loved it like everybody else. Also disappointed at who GG really was. So yeah.)
H - How I Met Your Mother (At first I really, really loved it, now though it's not so high on my favourite list but it does still make me laugh - cos Barney. The final episode was so disappointing). / Hannah Montana (because if I was 13 or 16 this would have made the list. And I still love the show. My heart swells everytime my bestie sings True Friend to me. I still love Hannah Montana music okay).
I - iZombie (Rob Thomas. He's the reason I tried it out. Liv is the reason I stayed. Also Ravi. And also Major. Okay, dude, characters and plot is right on point) / Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Hindi series; what name do I give to this love? Its unnecessarily complicated but gosh those complications kept me on edge, staring at the screen, waiting for those idiots to realise the truth. Opposites attract. Hate to love to hate to love. They did it so well).
J - Joan of Arcadia (okay so I remember really loving this when I was younger - I haven't rewatched it as an adult but I feel like I'll still love it. I mean, come on, what if God was one of us?)
K - Kim Possible (Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me? Ultimate cartoon. Hands down. Second best is The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - she's basically the cartoon Buffy - the Chosen One - though it's hereditary instead of random? And also more fun and less heartache 'cause it's a cartoon).
L - Lucifer (Man, Lucifer. You got the guy telling everyone he's the devil and they think he's talking in metaphors? It's just hilarious to me. Detective. Romance. Snark. Supernatural. Also, Hello, Adult Tom Welling - can I even describe how excited I was to see him? Smallville, man).
M - Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (One of the few new cartoons that I watch and love. This is just so cute and the love square is just so cute and everything is just so cute. And like we need cute stuff in our lives. Frustrating cos how oblivious can one be but also why you so cute Marinette Dupain Chang and Adrian Agreste aka Ladybug and Cat Noir)/ Malcolm in the Middle (Childhood. Childhood. Childhood. I'm not the middle child but I relate).
N - Naruto (Anime. Okay, childhood yes, also teenagehood and adulthood. Guy's been with me through everything, believe it. This show just means so much to me and I'm thankful that I got to grow up with him. Thank you, Kishimoto).
O - One Day At a Time (THANK YOU, NETFLIX! This is just one of the greatest shows on right now. I love comedy. I didn't expect it to be so emotional too. But damn it gets you right in the feels. My brother claims I'm exactly like Elena and our nephew is like Alex. I honestly don't mind. Elena is badass and strong as hell.)
P - Psych (It's just awesome? It's clever, it's funny, Shawn and Gus. The dramatics in extremely serious situations will never not make grin like a mad woman. Also private investigation shows seem to a weakness of mine. ) / Parks and Recreation (okay I never thought I'd like a mockumentary kind of series but this happened and proved me wrong and I just love this show and it's characters). / Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara (Hindi Series; the pain of love is sweet and loveable. When your parents set you up with someone and you're like no way in hell and they're like okay but they you become best friends and fall in love and yeah. The name says it all, really). / Pinocchio (Asian series - one of the more complicated ones but I simply just loved these characters and actors to bits after watching it).
Q - Quantico (it's not really one of my favourites but I couldn't think of anything else and I do enjoy it. Priyanka Chopra has always been a fav since forever - Bollywood was life before I was even old enough to understand English - but it's because of this that I can understand Hindi without needing subtitles).
R - Rizzoli & Isles (who wouldn't love a show with two best friends kicking ass in the work place). / Revenge (I watched it cos I liked Emily from Everwood but the story was so intriguing and I just got addicted. It wasn't like anything I've ever seen). / Refresh Man (Asian series - officially my favourite Asian series of all time - again, thank you Netflix. Also ever since I've loved both Aaron Yan and Joanna Tseng and I'm on a mission to watch everything they've ever acted in - do you see my obsessing tenancies?).
S - Supergirl / Supernatural / Suits / Smallville (Okay! There's too many shows that start with an S. Smallville was my gateway into the superhero show - movie - comic obsession. And also I'm getting tired of commenting on everything).
T - The Good Place / The Office (US) / The Flash/ Teen Wolf (also too many with a T!)
U - Ugly Betty
V - Veronica Mars (of all time!! Man, again, random TV viewing = life changing TV show that sticks with you forever and Veronica Mars has definitely affected me way more than any other show. I couldn't get it out of my head ever since 2007! I waited for every Thursday just to watch it and naturally Thursday became my favourite day of the week - not Friday like normal scholars - nope. I think it's the way that it ended that contributed to my obsession - so much questions left unanswered and to a 12 year old girl the most important thing is of course that LoVe hadn't officially gotten back together. My mind wrote and rewrote endings and scenarios. Then I discovered fanfiction. And then I started writing. Veronica Mars made me a junkie but also helped me discover my passion. It's not just the show that makes it my #1 but the journey it's taken me on while it was on air and especially when it was off air. ALSO THE SHOW IS SIMPLY AMAZING EVEN WITHOUT ALL MY EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT - also one of the shows that I started watching and then my brother got hooked onto it).
W - What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? / Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo/ W: two worlds apart (all Asian series - OKAY, NETFLIX IS BLAMED FOR ALL OF THIS)
X - Is there anything but X-Men? I wouldn't really put the series on my favourite list but I do watch the X-Men cartoons and I have enjoyed it so imma let it be.
Y - Young Sheldon (Too smart for his own good Cooper.) / Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (Asian series - okay, this one can't be put on Netflix. It's the first Asian drama series I'd watched because of a manga that I loved).
Z - Zoey101 ('Cause there's nothing else I can think off and I enjoyed it when I was younger. I remember putting 101 after all of my usernames for everything).
So when I thought of this I thought I'd put one name for each alphabet but it didn't work out that way 'cause I obsess over everything.
I would love to get to know more about everyone's favourite shows. I'm tagging based on the Tumblr likes thing (also on my @marshmallowatheart account) and also urls I remember seeing often on the activity cos I wanted to tag as much people as possible. I'd have been cool if I could have went with the a - z for tagging but it's not working out like I wanted so next best. (Also if I didn't tag you and you wanna do it, please go for it, I'm really into this).
Anyone who wants to do this can and whoever doesn't want to it's cool! It takes time to think especially when you have to pick between things so if you want to, add as many as you like. You don't have to add comments on it if you don't want to, I just got carried away! And then got tired.
@poppy-in-the-woods @risssaar @stephaniecatlover @ihaveathingformeninwaistcoats @write-to-feel @mediocre-mee @jenilyn2000 @lalacristina18 @cainc3 @mrskissytaylor @anilcadz91 @elliebear75 @troublescout @hanitjemars @susanmichelin @cheshirecatstrut @firedragonmon
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katzuyas · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been tagged in so many things over the past couple of weeks that I honestly don’t even have much more bookmark space left in my browser RIP so I finally decided to do all of it at once, hence the title and the rest of this longass post under the cut
bc there’s a lot of the tag games down there and tagging a million people would be annoying, I’m gonna tag 10 of you to grab a dice and roll it to figure out which meme you’re tagged for ^u^)b if you roll the same number twice, count that meme as the start from which to count and roll again! I hope you like this idea, but it’s only a suggestion so feel free to do whatever you want tbh?
@sweet-vitya, @gabzjones, @and-then-yoi-happened, @etherealalchemist, @joeys-piano, @quadruplyyours, @yuliaplisetskaya, @dreaming-fireflies, @teekettle, @iwritebetterthanispeak, @chessala
enjoy, if you want! 💕💕
tagged by @endlesscloudsoftime, thank you for the tag!!
rules: answer 20 questions, then tag 20 bloggers that you want to get to know better.
1. Name: kat
2. Nicknames: same tbh
3. Height: 170cm
4. Orientation: who knows who cares (it’s pan)
5. Nationality: polish
6. Favorite fruit: mango, cherries, I love watermelon too but the seeds piss me off too much to fully enjoy it
7. Favorite season: anything that doesn’t make me sweat off my skin but isn’t also freezing my toes is more than fine with me ^u^)b
8. Favorite plant: I don’t think I have any favs here
9. Favorite scent: I have this yankee candle ‘sweet candies’ and I can just DIE wrapped in that scent holy sheet (when it comes to perfume tho I’m a sucker for the original chloe, but I also love calvin klein’s euphoria bc it’s just Fresh)
10. Favorite color: any pastel really
11. Favorite animal: MY SWEET PUPPER HINA (so yes, dogs)
Tumblr media
12. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee sometimes, TEA AND GREEN TEA AND VANILLA CHAI!!!!!!, hot chocolate is a nope
13. Average sleep hours: I always try for 8h bc otherwise I’m a zombie, but it doesn’t always work out so... I’m a part-time zombie anyway lmao
15. Favorite fictional character: victor nikiforov. that’s it. that’s all. we can all go home now
16. Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 + a duvet bc I like being cosy
17. Dream trip: japan, always. but another one would be a trip to the harry potter universal store or the noble collection store I guess
18. Blog created: who even remembers this pffff (somewhen in august 2011 I think)
19. Number of followers: I’m just gonna say it’s a four number figure ;3c
20. Random fact: I’m currently rewatching lord of the rings and procrastinating writing so YES I’M A NERD AND A BAD PERSON AHAHA //sweats
tagged by @story-kat -- thanks love, I actually really like these so it was great fun to do 💕
Rules: using only song titles from one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag people
artist/band: one ok rock
what is your gender: stuck in the middle
how do you feel: jaded
if you could go anywhere: start again
favorite mode of transportation: mighty long fall
your best friend: wherever you are
favorite time of day: taking off
if your life was a tv show: liar
relationship status: hard to love
your fear: bombs away
tagged by @endlesscloudsoftime, thanks again!! ahaha I feel like I’ll be saying this a lot today, but you spoil me /)u(\
Rules: tag 9 people you want to know better or just because you feel like it.
Relationship status: taken ;3c
Favorite color: any pastels, really
Last song I listened to: still the lord of the rings ost
Last movie I watched: lord of the rings lol two towers ^u^)b
Top 3 tv shows: game of thrones (bc I love my fantasy shit), rein (bc I love my history shit), and american housewife (bc I love laughing and this show is Hilarious with the capital H)
Top 3 characters: victor nikiforov bc I adore him, hinata shouyou bc he’s my sunshine son and I gotta mention miyuki kazuya bc his smirks still keep me awake at night 😍😍😍
What I’m currently reading: honestly? my own writes bc I have no time for anything other than editing orz
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A - Age: 26
B - Birthplace: poland
C - Current time: 11:50am
D - Drink you last had: just some coke
E - Easiest person to talk to: nowadays it’s gotta be @saniika and @and-then-yoi-happened bc I know I can be as salty and upset as I feel when I talk to them and that it’s alright to just let it all out which is something I wish for everyone to have 💕
F - Favourite song: don’t have one tbh
G - Grossest memory: back in elementary school my class was in warsaw to see the big zoo there and one of the chimpanzees just projectile shat all over our teacher and it was simultaneously the most awesome and the fucking WORST bc she smelled like shit the whole trip back home ugh
H - Horror yes or horror no: depends on what kind of horror but generally? meh
I - In love?: no idea tbh but definitely comfortable in my relationship
J - Jealous of people?: you’ve no idea. jelly and bitter.
L - Love at first sight or should i walk by again?: walk by and actually tell me you’re interested bc I’m a blind pan who is easily confused
M - Middle name: magdalena ;3c
N - Number of siblings: 0
O - One wish: Been keeping Salty’s answers here - yes, to learn to love myself.
P - Person you called last: my mom lol she’s the only one I call, really
Q - Question you are always asked: "so when will you start looking for a job?”
R - Reason to smile: VICTUURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S - Song you sang last: oh man I don’t even remember, I don’t really sing out loud
T - Time you woke up: these days? 6:30am
U - Underwear colour: sea green-blue, turquoise?
V - Vacation destination: I’m going to japan next year to see ice adolescence even if it kills me
W - Worst habit: biting the inside of my cheeks bloody
X - X-rays: my hand when I had a small accident playing badminton, my jaw for my braces
Y - Your favourite food: PIZZA HELLO
Z - Zodiac sign: gemini ;3c
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1st RULE: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better:
we’ll be skipping this one bc of reasons //sweats
2nd RULE: BOLD the statements that are true.
APPEARANCE: - I am 5'7 or taller - I wear glasses - I have at least one tattoo -I have at least one piercing - I have blonde hair - I have brown eyes - I have short hair - My abs are at least somewhat defined - I have or had braces
PERSONALITY: - I love meeting new people - People tell me I am funny - Helping others with their problems is a big priority of mine - I enjoy physical challenges - I enjoy mental challenges - I am playfully rude to people I know - I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it - There is something I would change about my personality
ABILITY: - I can sing well - I can play an instrument - I can do over 30 pushups without stopping - I am a fast runner - I can draw well - I have a good memory- I am good at doing math in my head - I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute - I have beaten at least 2 people arm wrestling - I can make at least 3 recipes from scratch - I know how to throw a proper punch
HOBBIES: - I enjoy sports - I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else - I’m in a orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else - I have learned a new song in the past week - I exercise at least once a week - I have gone for runs at least once a week in warmer months - I have drawn something in the past month - I enjoy writing - Fandoms are my #1 priority- I do some form of Martial arts
EXPERIENCES: - I have had my first kiss - I have had alcohol - I have scored a winning point in a sport - I have watched an entire TV series in one sitting - I have been at an overnight event - I have been in a taxi - I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year - I have beaten a video game in one day - I have visited another country - I have been to one of my favorite bands concert
MY LIFE: - I have one person that I consider to be my Best Friend - I live close to my school/work - My parents are still together - I have at least one sibling- I live in the United States - There is snow where I live right now - I have hung out with a friend in the past month - I have a smartphone - I own at least 15 CDs - I share my room with someone
RELATIONSHIPS: - I am in a relationship - I have a crush on a celebrity - I have a crush on someone I know - I’ve been in at least 3 relationships - I have never been in a relationship - I have admitted my feelings to a crush - I get crushes easily - I have had a crush for over a year - I have been in a relationship for over a year - I have had feelings for a friend
RANDOM: - I have break-danced - I know a person named Jamie - I have had a teacher that has a name that is hard to pronounce - I have dyed my hair - I’m listening to a song on repeat right now - I have punched someone in the past week - I know someone who has gone to jail - I have broken a bone - I have eaten a waffle today - I know what I want to do in life - I speak at least two languages - I have made a new friend in the past year
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I will most often hum or mouth lyrics when I’m writing and my brain gets distracted so it usually is some sort of acoustic cover of a rather popular song, like despacito? lol WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE FLOWER/TREE/PLANT?
I don’t have one tbh FAVOURITE COLOURS?
anything pastel!! WHAT DO YOU ALWAYS DOODLE?
I don’t anymore but it used to be some random squigglies??
2.5 teaspoon of sugar into both + 1/4 milk/cream into the coffee and 1/4 cold water into the tea FAVOURITE CANDLE SCENT?
sunrise bc I don’t even see sunsets anymore (I’m asleep then lol) WHAT PERFUME DO YOU WEAR?
the original chloe is what I like most but I would die for dior’s j’adore, it’s so nice 😍😍😍 in the summer I’m wearing masaki’s fluo tho bc it’s sweet and summery
butt wiggling? maybe? idk man I never really thought about it? lol FAVOURITE QUOTE?
“Because people don’t have wings, we look for other ways to fly.” -- somehow this one always sticks with me bc it’s so beautiful and vivid that you’d never say it’s from a japanese cartoon lmao
sleeping, kicking back and watching some dumb movie that won’t make me think of anything but how dumb it is
both? I like fuzzy socks in winter but in summer I go barefoot but sometimes u gotta have something between your skin and the floor so = slippers WHAT COLOUR ARE YOUR EYES?
I don’t honestly care but blue eyes when they’re very light creep me out somehow FAVOURITE SEASON? WHY?
don’t have one but as long as it’s not too hot or too cold I’m good NECK, CHEEK, OR NOSE KISSES?
depends on what you want to achieve? neck kisses will have me melting, cheek kisses smile and nose kisses giggle and possibly blush so YEA THERE’S THAT
it’s my room. that’s it. this is my happy place
idk, I mean yes I’d like to be married one day but I’m not really in any hurry to get there? CURSIVE OR PRINT?
I don’t honestly care
cloudy but not too cold
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Rules: bold what you prefer and tag 10 people.
coffee or tea
early bird or night owl
chocolate or vanilla
spring or fall
silver or gold (BOTH! BOTH IS GOOD)
pop or alternative
freckles or dimples
snakes or sharks
mountains or fields
thunderstorm or lightning
Egyptian or Greek mythology
ivory or scarlet
flute or lyre
eyes or lips
witch or fairy
opal or diamond
butterflies or honeybees
macaroons or eclairs
typewritten or handwritten letters
secret garden or secret library
rooftop or balcony
spicy or mild
opera or ballet
London or Paris
Vincent van Gogh or Claude Monet
denim or leather
potions or spells
ocean or desert
mermaid or siren
masquerade ball or cocktail party
tagged by @endlesscloudsoftime, thanks for this omg I actually wanted to do this one!! 💕💕
869 938! holy sheet I’m so close to 1mil???? wowowow o.O
I try to write every day, but these days (with renovations going on and my sleeping schedule all fucked up) it’s really hard to find the time and focus to do it orz
I actually do! or I did when I was still regularly writing lol it was something like this: cracking open an energy drink, lighting up my fav scented candle, booting up itunes and my writing playlist and generally just spending 5-6h just writing 💕  
kinks: pet play, public or semi-public play, voyeurism, doggy style, also actually BOTTOM VITYA,      
tropes: reverse au, time travel, famous aus,
pairing: victuuri. no seconds. we die like man and only stan one (1) gay ship
I don’t necessarily have an absolute fav but a fic that I still remember fondly and am beyond sad that got little to no attention is: if there’s a will, there’s a way bc I worked my ass off for it and I love every bit of it so? give it a read if you want to?
dazzle me with gold which will be getting an update this weekend ;3c
recently? everything. I’m just broken and idk how to fix it bc I can’t even find a good moment to try so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
how sweet and soft everything is when I’m in a good mood bc victuuri deserves this kind of love and I’m so happy writing it for them 🙏🙏🙏
tagged by @amaanogawa, thanks so much ems!!!
1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress?
one actual wip and like... 5 more that just sit and wait their turn? //sweats
2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
rip that’s all I write too... tbh I used to write original fiction before but I find myself much less constricted by fanfic? I can explore the characters here more than I can in original fiction where worldbuilding takes most effort
3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?
oh definitely paper! if I could I’d buy printed out fanfic too!
4) When did you start writing?
I was about 12 I think? it all started with harry potter, like everything else has, and I regret not a second of it!
5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
sometimes when i get very excited about what i’m writing i’ll tell my fandom friends about the specific AU that i’m writing about but in terms of reading the full length fic, i don’t have anyone that i let read before anyone else. it’ll be on ao3 for everyone at the same time.
6) Where is your favourite place to write?
my desk, my pc. I can write on my phone but I like to edit as I go and it’s hard to do on the phone.
7) Favourite childhood book?
do I even need to say it? harry potter
8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
for fun, but with the aim of possible future publication maybe?
9) Pen and paper or computer?
always computer. i have only recently begun writing fics on my phone because i’ve been traveling a lot and i don’t always have my laptop on my person, but it’s still much more comfortable to sit down and type on a proper keyboard.
10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
at my uni, yes. and it completely sucked bc they didn’t teach anything, just had us write random shit for 3 years so eh
11) What inspires you to write?
everything? like, any random thing or thought I’m instantly trying to weave into my writing, turn it into a prompt. every new experience is just a basis for me to write on.
but if you’re asking WHY I write: I don’t even know, I’ve never thought about it? it’s kind of like asking why I breathe ahaha I just do? it’s a part of me? idk man idk
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7/7/7 tag
The rules are as follows: Go to page 7 of your WIP, go to the seventh line, share seven sentences, and tag 7 more writer-bloggers to continue the challenge.
oh wow ok this is a difficult one bc I don’t think I even have a wip 7 pages long //sweats let me see... aha, okay, I found one! from back in march when I asked people to send me over some numbers for one of those writing memes and @theexitgarden I believe (??) sent me the prompt “I don’t think anyone could be as lovely as you” for victuuri and I kind of got a blind!victor au from it?? wELP here’s the fragment of it:
His music is vibrant in a way that he couldn't play on his piano alone and the clap of the blades that he can hear from the speakers of his TV makes him only more certain – this boy, Yuuri Katsuki, is skating to the sound of Victor's soul as if it's his own.
He never notices the tears that well up in his eyes until they roll down his cheeks and Makkachin presses against his side, whimpering in concern. Victor runs a trembling hand through her soft fur and takes a deep breath. And then, he decides.
"Yasha," he says when his former coach, his father in all but blood picks up Victor’s call. "I want to do this."
And he does it.
tagged by @endlesscloudsoftime again, boy you spoil me ahaha
1. Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?
I have no idea tbh bc even the characters I don’t like wouldn’t be exactly boring, so??? I honestly don’t know
2. What problem or situation did TV / movies make you think would be common, but when you grew up you found out it wasn’t? (i’m lowkey taking a jab at hsm because thanks Disney for making me think high school would be awesome)
hooking up with people ALL THE TIME when you’re in your 20s bc wtf what a bold-faced lie omg
3. What would be on the gag reel of your life?
"how many times can kat click her tongue at random strangers who piss her off by breathing the same air?” and a manip of all the eyerolls I do bc let me tell you... THERE’S A LOT
4. What does “infinite” mean to you?
my love for victor nikiforov
5. If your life was a movie, what songs would be on the soundtrack?
definitely lots of acoustic vibes and harry potter tunes and I can bet your ass that I’d have the yeah yeah yeah ost from yoi bc it’s such a banger and I LOVE IT but also dramatic classical violin and piano bc they pull on my heart and I am weak
6. What item would be your top choice to make into a horcrux?
honestly? my phone probably. I don’t necessarily have other things close to me that I’d use with enough heart to be of any significance to me
7. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
??? no idea lol I’d love for it to be katherine mcnamara bc 1) we share names, 2) her red hair is gorgeous and I’m a redhead, 3) SHE is gorgeous and I’d love to be portrayed by someone that hot 😍😍😍
8. Most relatable scene from any book/movie/anime/etc.?
yuuri’s little gasp when he first saw victor skating bc HARD SAME MY SWEET SON HARD SAME
9. If you were shrunk down and somehow got stuck in a blender, how would you get out?
I’d jump from side to side of it to try and rock it a bit and see if I can flip it over and get out that way? idk man what is this question lol
10. Would you count manga as a piece of literature? Why or why not?
ofc I would? honestly, some manga have even better storylines than written fiction why WOULDN’T it be counted as a piece of literature
11. compliment yourself. (joey, you’re just to freaking good to at making up questions).
oh man... //sweats umm??? good job me on not breaking down yet bc the renovations keep being awful and you’re handling it well?? maybe lol
tagged by @theexitgarden, thanks love, once more!
RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions, then tag 10 people you want to know better.
Three Fandoms:
Yuri!!! on Ice
Ace of Diamond
The First Character You Loved:
victor. he’s voiced by suwajun, do I really need to say more?
miyuki!! gosh I do love my asshole sons snarky and mean
hinata bc he’s a ray of sunshine and I even named my doggo after him 💕
The Character You Never Expected To Love So Much:
I gotta copy you garden bc chris took me by surprise too! my love for him started from that little sad look he gave us in the kiss and cry and it blossomed beautifully over time ahhh
sanada omg?? he is literally baseball kuroo so I was not expecting it but I fully embraced it lmao
iwaizumi bc I’m not one to like the mothering types but he’s??? actually so kind and sweet under all that harsh Manly facade it’s so cute
The Character You Relate To The Most:
victor, I’d say, or so I like to think
honestly? miyuki. just look at my url lol
oikawa, probably...
The Character You’d Slap:
I wouldn’t actually, but yurio deserves a good kick on the butt
early tsukki bc he’s could use it tbqh
Three Favorite Characters (in order of preference):
victor, yuuri, chris
miyuki, eijun, mei
hinata, kuroo, oikawa
A Character You Liked At First, But Don’t Anymore:
no one like that in yoi tbh, my love is only growing
kataoka lol
umm???? idk
A Character You Didn’t Like At First But Do Now:
seung-gil, I’d say. he grew on me lol
raichi, I guess??
to say tsukki, I’d have to actually like him now but it’s more difficult than that bc I didn’t like him at first but now can tolerate him so?? does it count?
Three OTPs:
victuuri, phichimetti, and the third would be very problematic bc I honestly don’t ship anything else in yoi?
miyusawa, chrisawa, sanasawa
tagged by @sleep-furiously, thanks for the tag, love!!
post five facts about myself ❤
I have a sweet doggo who is the light of my life 💕
I write good shit sometimes
I believe I have good taste
I’m a snark machine when certain buttons are pressed
patience levels run at 0%
wow ok this was A LOT to go through and it took me like 3h to do this holy sheet but at least I had fun and now I have my firefox bookmark free so that’s awesome ahhh!! thanks so much again to everyone for the tags, you guys are amazing and I’m lucky to have you 💕💕💕💕
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syphiria · 3 years ago
Makai Ouji Pillar 95 (final) Translation
Sorry for the wait. Here is the finale~~~~~!!
RAW via Michelle. Thank you.
Note: Mobile line breaks seem to be broken. Please switch to a browser to see proper formatting.
1 (A splendid palace once stood here) (The fact that it used to be a paradise for demons, now no one knows anymore-) ([Makai Ouji: devils and realist] at last the finale-!!)
2 (Each and every one’s path continues to tomorrow-…) (Volumes 1-14, on sale now!!) (Makai Ouji devils and realist) (Final Pillar)
3 (Finally, the emotional finale!!!!) (Utako Ukihiro) (Author: Madoka Takadono)
4 S: You are Lucifer’s child? Were you after this ring just to challenge him? What a foolish and pitiful soul This is nothing like what you want C: Are you…… going to make me a slave?
5 S: I’m just going to make you sleep Until those wounds heal Everyone is doing that Here, there is no one who will harm you (Not even Lucifer) (Power unattainable even by that Emperor) C: Even I will be able sleep here?
6 (I found relief in those pillars many times) (By his side) (That’s why I tried to create this time So that this time, I may receive him) B: O new Emperor of ours Lead this Hell
7 C: I swear to fulfil my duty
8 A: In the end, with Lord Sitri in Heaven Dantalion in Limbo The one who gained the most from this battle seems to be His Lordship Beelzebub B: Your Majesty is still young From here on, it is likely that we will be required to assist C: With the disappearance of Samael and Baalberith The West and the East are missing Kings Thus, to make sure the land of the Gauls is governed, I myself will take over the ruins B: -As you wish J: To think that even after becoming a demon, I can’t cut ties with the United Kingdom B: Though if I may, there is something that I would like to ask Your Majesty
9 Leaving the command of roles of the Four Kings at that What do you plan to do with the positions of the Four Princes? J: With a new regime do you plan to assign a ‘substitute king’ and an ‘elector’? That being said, both you and we Anyone will eventually slumber The position of the Emperor cannot be left open C: That’s true… However, let’s end the conflicts from the last generation Both illogical and unproductive I’ve painfully experienced enough with this time’s case J: …… ?
10 C: It seems like I’ve been infected by that realist J: My Imperial Majesty C: Stop with that address J: Come on now, I’ve brought some good intel Hear me out ‘til the end C: ?
11 SFX dash B: Your Majesty!? J: Would you please let him go? Because he’s lived until now for this very moment
12 M: Sorry I’ve become a demon C: It’s fine No matter what form You will always be you
13 So please don’t go anywhere else…… M: Let’s bake pizza again, the three of us and invite many guests Because I want people besides us to know too of how kind you are
14 My Imperial Majesty [-One year later] [United Kingdom King’s College of Our Lady of Stratford beside the Avon Also known as: Stradford College] (TN/ The Japanese says Stradford rather that Stratford)
15 T: Graduate representative, the dux- Mycroft Swallow! W: (nihility) T: Congratulations to our new generation of graduates!!
16 Damn it… Damn it…! SFX stomp stomp If it wasn’t for the couple’s quarrel between those annoying old men I wouldn’t have been treated as missing by the house!! (The holiday ended while he was in Hell so he was treated as a missing person) I: (That’s what William makes of arguably the greatest event in History that is Lucifer’s destruction?) W: Curse them How dare there leave a scare in my glorious future diary… I: It’s fine, isn’t it W: What!? I: You’re going for further study at Oxford, right? Yet I can’t even graduate-! [Finally Sixth Form] W: Isn’t it good that you managed to advance to the next grade?
17 (This is supposed to be a view that I’m used to, yet I wonder why I feel as if something is missing-) M: Hey, congrats W: Mathers! M: E-a-r-l!
18 From today, my teaching career ends Since I thought that I’d go travelling with them E: Congrats! B: Happy times! W: Whoa!? What’s with you M: They wanted to thank you for saving Stradford’s forests If you hadn’t bought back the land, this place would have also become a polluted town W: …It’s nothing; I just used the money he left behind appropriately [After Uncle Barton died Arthur Christian disappeared some time from the school] [According to Mathers, the role of the Four Horsemen may have ended…]
19 But the council hasn’t yet passed a law regarding smog restriction M: This you’ll have to ask the person himself I: [After the said day that the old world was destroyed ‘They’ became scarce] [I heard that Sitri became an angel (at the same level as that Metatron to boot)] [Camio ascended the throne of Hell (he’s Lucifer’s son, so to say that was expected)] [Dantalion-] [is apparently slumbering in Limbo]
20 [Injured demons sink themselves into a slumber similar to death for hundreds of years] [That’s why no longer Can he and William meet] (Ultimately, he didn’t even go to Camio’s coronation) At this rate, will he continue and become a normal human? William M: Those notes have become quite thick I: Mr Mathers I’m considering eventually compiling it into one volume as you suggested, sir
21 M: You can stop with the sir I’m no longer a teacher here The Order of the Golden Dawn remains as a secret society for now I: Are you not doing what the Freemasons did? M: Are you interested? I: Of course! I’m thinking of eventually joining the Rosicrucian Order too!! M: If that’s the case, you can use this if you like I: Really!? M: I doubt I will use the name Mathers again You can go ahead and use it as a pen name MacGregor isn’t my real name anyway
22 Isaac, you’ll be the second-generation Mathers, so to speak Alter ipse amicus. ‘A friend is another self’ I: [After that, I never met the ‘Count of Glenstrae’ again] [Perhaps, maybe once] [The one who appeared in England during that horrific world war may have been him]
23 [Regardless, I succeeded his name And went on to record all the odd events that occurred around William] (‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’) […The truth is, saying that nothing strange happened around William after that would sort of be a lie] K: Young Master~~~!!! Thank God I made it on time- W: Kevin, you’re quite late K: I applied for leave just for today But my superior piled up work
24 [After Kevin took Dantalion to Limbo Right when he was about to fall from using up all his power] [It’s hard to believe, but apparently, he was saved by Michael] [He got his wings back and was able to return to Heaven] [Apparently, his current superior is that Sitri For better or for worse, they seem to be getting along well]
25 [The aforementioned Sitri still visits the human realm from time to time Even after becoming an angel] S: Still watching Even now…
26 Sign: Go die, Freemasons!!
27 SFX grab
28 M: I’ll find him Definitely
31 I: Graduation, huh A lot has happened but Can we no longer gather together and have tea like before~ Ah- T: By the way, I forgot to mention, William There’s actually a transfer student W: What? It’s the graduation ceremony today
32 Who on earth would transfer at a time like this- …Dan talion…? D: Congrats on graduating
33 W: …Why What happened to sleeping for a hundred years!?!? D: I’m shocked myself too To think that I’d awaken so soon W: In Limbo …… never I thought we’d never be able to meet again…… D: Because I wanted to see you
34 -plus I felt like you were calling me
35 K: SFX stab Let go of those filthy hands right now! D: What the heck Jerk who nearly died! K: And who exactly is a jerk who nearly died?! (I can chuck you back into Limbo again if you want!) W: Oi… S: I made it!!! William!! I’ve come by Pegasus Express!
36 C: Hey, William W: Camio too!?!? Is it alright for the Emperor of Hell and the Representative of Heaven to be casually hanging around… (Second-generation Gabriel) (Second-generation Lucifer) S: You’re going to be in a dorm in Oxford too anyway, right? In that case, I’ll occupy the common room again C: Maybe I’ll be a student again W: You guys…
37 There’s no more Substitute King selection Neither is there Solomon’s ring S: This has nothing to do with contracts W: Wha D: I like you so I want to be by your side That’s all W: L L Like…… What are you sayin……
38 S: Choose me any time you feel lonely, William Heaven’s quite a nice place (the annoying obsessed-psycho is no longer here) D: Shut-up angel The one whom William will choose is me! C: Don’t pay attention to those two, William I would love for you to come to my wedding ceremony with Maria (Maria’s bridal state is so beautiful you could die) W: My graduation ceremony My glorious day of departure!! D: You’re at fault W: What did you say S: That’s right We’ve known each other for so long, yet we still haven’t heard that crucial thing
39 D: William Who is it that you like? W: W who…
40 All: -Choose me, William!
41 SFX snap K: Get away from the Young Master’s side!! I: An angel, a demon, and a nephilim It really is rare for a human to be proposed to by everything in this world As expected of you, William W: Listen up I’m telling you this one important thing that you guys seem to have forgotten despite our long acquaintance… Open up your ears and listen carefully!
42 In this glorious life of mine Neither angels Nor demons Nor magic is needed -I am a realist!
43 All: I know!! (Thank you for being a reader for this long time!! Utako Yukihiro’s new series starts next issue!! Please look forward to it!!)
That’s it! As always, please point out any mistakes if you spot any. Thanks for sticking around for so long~~ And for those who still want more, don’t worry, I am still working on the translation for Isaac’s Fortune-Telling Diary; I will probably translate that extra booklet regarding Heaven too.
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Tumblr media
You Take My Breath Away~Reddie Fic
Summary: When DJ job opens at the local roller rink Richie takes it not knowing he would meet the possible love of his life.
Chapters: [Chapter 1], [Chapter 2], [Chapter 3]
Notes:  Thank you everyone for bearing with me on this chapter!  Life has been hectic and school hasn’t made it any easier, but the chapter is finally here!  I hope you all enjoy it!  Major S/o to @cestleprobleme for beta reading this as usual I couldn’t do it without her <3
WC: 3,553
Chapter 4
After dropping Eddie off at his dorm Richie sat in his car, heart racing, lips tingling, and euphoria racing through his veins. He laid back in his seat, tilting his head back letting out his shaky breath, and he began to laugh. He can’t believe that had actually happened. He could still feel Eddie’s soft lips on his; he could still taste them, they were a mix between vanilla and berries. Smiling a bit, Richie sat up and put the car into drive and headed to the parking lot near his building.
            As Richie made his way into his dorm room he was greeted by the dark silence that resided there. He flicked the light on and went over to his record player and placed the needle on the record that was already on the turntable. As the record began to spin static came through the speakers, and then the familiar chimes of Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon hummed throughout Richie’s dorm room.
            “I tell myself that I can't hold out forever I said there is no reason for my fear 'Cause I feel so secure when we're together You give my life direction You make everything so clear”
                       Richie flopped on to his bed and closed his eyes and let the music wash over him. Each lyric hit him and would bring his swirling thoughts straight to Eddie. Since meeting Eddie, Richie has been the happiest he has ever been. He hasn’t felt alone, he has been inspired to be the best person he could be, and he even gave up smoking for the damn boy.
            “My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you I've been running around in circles in my mind And it always seems that I'm following you, girl 'Cause you take me to the places That alone I'd never find”
             As the lyrics swarmed Richie’s head he knew he had to do something about his feelings for Eddie. He wanted-…no, he needed to ask Eddie out on a date, a formal date, like a movie and dinner or something, something even better.
            Richie’s train of thought was interrupted as his phone started ringing. He looked down at it and saw that Bill was calling him.
            “Aye, whats cracka-lackin?” Richie answered.
            “Hey R-Richie! How a-are you?”
            “Oh you know, just visiting your mom,” Richie said with a humorous ring to his voice.
            “S-seriously, Richie? Beep b-beep. I was c-calling to a-a-ask you to juh-join us at game night wi-with the rest of the sq-squad.” Bill responded.
            “Wait a fucking second, did you just beep beep me!? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
            “It means sh-shut up, Richie, now a-are you d-down for tuh-morrow or not?”
            “Ouch! I am hurt, Billiam!” Richie gasped into the phone, clutching his chest despite the fact that Bill could not see him do so. “But I guess I’ll make an appearance, as long as we play monopoly.”
            “Psh, g-good fucking l-luck, Eddie will k-hick you’re a-ass.” Bill said derisively.
            “I’ll be there, what time does the party start and where at?”
            “P-probably around s-seven ‘o clock, and at B-bev’s a-a-partment on c-campus.”
            “Okay, I’ll be there, see you tomorrow, get ready to fucking lose!” Richie said in a rush before hanging up the phone before Bill could fire back.
            If Eddie was going to be at this get together tomorrow, it would be the perfect time to ask him out on a formal date. Richie could feel his gut turning in anticipation and nervousness, but he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his lips at the same time. Richie grabbed his phone and looked at the time and saw that it was getting close to one in the morning. Sighing, he plugged his charger into his phone, ripped his shirt and pants of, and went to bed.
            Richie had slept in well past noon the next day. It was typical of him to sleep this late, hell, he could probably sleep until one or two in the afternoon without anything to rouse him. After getting up, Richie spent most of the day in his bed playing video games until it was time to get ready.
            As the time to leave got closer he got ready, putting on a what he hoped was a clean band tee shirt, his ripped black jeans, and a grey and black flannel to top it off. He grabbed his leather jacket as he left his room and headed towards Bev’s apartment.
            It wasn’t too long of a walk, maybe ten to fifteen minute, but the cold evening made him walk a bit faster in hopes he would reach Bev’s all the sooner. As he got closer to the apartment building he saw Stan and Eddie walking into the complex. Quickening his pace, he made it in just before the door shut and saw Eddie and Stan make their way up the stairs.
            “Hey buckos, wait up!” Richie yelled.
            “Oh hey, Richie.” Eddie turned around, smiling and waving down at him.
            “Did Bill invite you?” Stan asked turning around as well to face Richie.
            “Yup! Get ready to get fucking destroyed during monopoly!” Richie said making his way up towards Stan and Eddie.
            “Not possible! I have won every game since we started game night.” Eddie said proudly puffing out his chest a bit.
            “Get ready to meet your match, Kaspbrak.” Richie looked down at him and gave him a sly smile with a wink.
            “Oh god.” Is all Stan was able to say as he made his way down the hall towards Bev’s apartment.
            Richie and Eddie walked side by side down the hall. As they reached the door Richie stood there motioning Eddie to go ahead and enter first. Eddie looked up at Richie and just smiled softly as he made his way through the doorway into the apartment.
            Richie made his way across the apartment to find Ben and Bev in the kitchen fixing bowls of chips, and Bill and Mike in the living room getting the first game: Twister. A smile spread across Richie’s face. He loved twister, it was super easy for him, one of the (only) benefits of having long, gangly limbs.
            His thoughts were interrupted when Mike turned to look at Richie and said, “You in?”
            “Get ready to lose!” Richie said taking off his jacket and shoes, and made his way over to the mat.
            The rest of the losers joined them in the living room and Bill took the spinner and started the game with the first spin, “Okay, l-left hand red.”
            The losers sat and watched as Richie and Mike progressively became a human pretzel, and Mike would try to elbow Richie to get him to fall but Richie was quick to twist out of the way. Bev and Stan started to make a bet on who would win, Bev standing her ground cheering on Richie and Stan telling Mike to take Richie down.
            “Left f-foot b-blue!” Bill shouted.
            Everyone was sitting on the edge of the couch as Richie twisted above and around Mike to get his left foot on blue. As he set his foot down he wobbled and almost slipped but managed to still stay up. He looked over at the couch and could hear Bev and Eddie cheering Richie on. As he turned his head he felt Mike move to get his foot on a blue, he had to almost do the splits to get to the closest blue. Mike reached and reached but as soon as he put his foot down he collapsed in a fit of giggles.
            Richie shot up and started whooping and hollering over his victory. Looking down he saw Mike laughing and Richie lowered his hand to help him up. “Damn Richie, you made that look so fucking easy!” Mike said patting Richie on the back.
            “Practice makes perfect, and I get plenty of that.” Richie winked at Mike giving a soft chuckle. “Would anyone like to challenge the victor?!”
            “Let’s go.” Eddie said immediately after.
            Richie’s eyes shot open and watched as Eddie made his way off the couch towards the mat. “You’re going down, Spaghetti Man.” Richie said playfully to Eddie.
            “We will see about that.” Eddie shot back with a bit a playful smile on his lips.
            Bev took the spinner from Bill and gave it a flick, “Right hand red, boys!”
            Richie slapped his right hand down on the closest red, and Eddie followed by slapping his hand right above the red Richie’s hand was on. Richie looked up at Eddie and saw him smiling devilishly at him. Richie swallowed as he heard Bev shout the next position, “Left foot blue!”
            Richie twisted his body to get his left foot comfortably on blue. He looked at Eddie, nodding at him and waiting for him to make his move. Eddie elegantly moved in, positioning his left foot right under and next to Richie’s left foot. They were slowly becoming intertwined and Richie could see what Eddie was attempting to do.
            “Right foot yellow!” Bev shouted looking down at the boys, giggling at where this was going to lead.
            Eddie was the first to move to Richie’s surprise, he slyly snuck under Richie swinging his left leg to let his foot comfortably rest on the yellow for a second. Eddie swung his hips up to position himself better, allowing his side to graze Richie’s side. His breath hitched a bit as Eddie looked at him from the corner of his eye with a sneaky grin peaking through.
            Richie took a deep breath and swung his left foot in front of Eddie’s positioning himself over top of Eddie. “Looks like we are giving everyone a show, huh Eds?” Richie whispered down at Eds.
            Eddie whipped his head around and said, “Only if you make it a show.” And with that Eddie stuck his ass out and bumped it against Richie’s lower thigh.
            “Jesus Christ, you two!” Ben said laughing a bit.
            “If you two wanted to play that kind of twister the room is down the hall!” Bev responded flicking the spinner again.
            “This calls for me to go get a drink.” Stan stood up, grabbing Bills hand and leading them towards the kitchen.
            “Right hand yellow.” Bev shouted with a grin.
            Richie took his right hand and placed it behind him to give himself some leverage and Eddie took his hand and placed it in front of him. Bev flicked it again and called various other positions. Soon Bill and Stan made it back to the living room to see Richie and Eddie still intertwined but in a less provocative position.
            “Right foot green!” Bev said.
            Richie was already in a nearly impossible position to get out of and Eddie was making it more difficult than usual. Eddie had already moved his foot and was waiting on Richie to make his move. Richie took in a deep breath and tried to wiggle his way around Eddie, it was increasingly difficult to sneak around him every way he turned to place his foot. Eddie had his body positioned in a way that made his stomach tighten and could feel his blood rush to his lower body.
            Richie bit his lip as he tried to place his foot in the green spot but lost his balance and fell. Eddie shot up, jumping up and down celebrating his victory. Richie lay on the mat taking deep breaths smiling a bit trying to get himself to calm down before sitting up.
            “Take that, Tozier!” Eddie shouted still celebrating his win.
            “You may have won the battle, but you haven’t won the war.” Richie responded slowly, standing up.
            “That’s what you think.” Eddie spouted back, poking Richie’s shoulder playfully.
            “Now now, boys, no fighting in my house!” Bev said standing next to Richie.
            Richie just laughed and headed over to the couch and flopped down grabbing the closest snack bowl. Eddie came and sat next to Richie on the couch and snuck his hand into the snack bowl grabbing a couple of chips and popping them into his mouth. Richie and Eddie sat and watched as Bill and Stan challenged each other at twister, which didn’t last very long before Bill fell after only the fifth position was called. They watched as Ben and Bev played a round that went on for quite a while before Ben’s hand slipped while moving his right foot.
           “Can we play monopoly now?” Eddie asked as Mike and Ben were folding up the Twister mat.
           “The last time we played you left crying Eddie.” Stan said.
           “So? Let’s play, please!” Eddie pleaded.
           “Huh-how ab-bout UNO? “ Bill offered up
           Everyone nodded, all agreeing on playing the game UNO. Richie sat down on the floor and everyone join in, forming a circle around the deck of cards, and Mike began to deal out the cards to each of the losers. The game started off slowly, but started to pick up pace as Richie, Eddie, and Bill had two cards left. It had come up on Eddie’s turn, he looked over at Richie and gave him a shit-eating grin as he placed a draw four card down, “UNO.”
           “ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME RIGHT NOW?!” Richie shouted.
           “Sorry not sorry.” Eddie shrugged.
           “You are going to pay for that, Spaghetti.”
           Everyone took their turn and it came to Eddie and he smiled and slapped his card down. Richie threw his cards down, “Fuck, are you serious!?!”
           “Yeah, someone a sore loser?” Eddie said, smiling back at Richie.
           “Yeah, actually I am, I want a rematch!” Richie exclaimed.
           "No, I think we should watch a movie.” Stan interrupted.
           "I ag-gree, i-it’ll be a g-good way to eh-end the n-night, don’t you think?” Bill added.
           Everyone else nodded and had agreed they’d like to watch a movie. Richie sighed and caved in and agreed as well. He helped clean up the game with Eddie; they collected all the cards and put them back in the designated box. Once they had cleaned up the game they made their way back to the living room where the TV was already set up with the movie the losers had chosen to watch, The Goonies. The couch was taken up, so was the love seat, all that was left was a rather large beanbag chair that could fit two.
           Richie walked over to the beanbag chair and sat down in the middle of it, and he looked up at Eddie with a smile and patted the side of it motioning for him to sit down. Eddie grabbed a blanket on the side of the couch, wrapped himself up and then sat down next to Richie. The movie started and they all fell silent as they watched the 1980s classic.
           After the movie had gone on for a bit of time, Richie could feel something fall against his shoulder softly. Looking down, he saw Eddie quietly asleep with his head resting on his shoulder. Richie carefully maneuvered his arm to wrap around Eddie’s shoulders, hoping it would be a bit more comfortable for him, and Eddie sleepily shifted his head so that it was now against Richie’s chest. The result was a softly snoring Eddie tucked under Richie’s arm, and the lanky boy couldn’t help but smile down at him throughout the rest of the movie.
            As the movie was coming to an end, Eddie slowly began waking up, shifting slightly beneath Richie’s arm. The credits began to roll, and Bev flipped the lights on and everyone groaned and covered their eyes.
           Damn, Bev, you could’ve warned us you were turning the lights on!” Richie said, rubbing at his eyes.
           “Sorry!” she said, not really sorry.
           Richie stood up carefully and stretched as Eddie was still curled up in the beanbag, rubbing at his eyes against the harsh light. Richie looked down at Eddie and said, “Did you sleep well, little prince?” with a slight smirk on his lips.
           Eddie flushed bright red and responded, “Shut up.”
           Stan made his way over to Eddie and whispered in his ear, something Richie couldn’t hear, but Eddie just nodded and told Stan he’d see him later. Stan then walked away toward Bill and they grabbed their coats and shoes and left, thanking Bev for a wonderful time and wishing everyone a goodnight. Shortly after they left Mike asked to stay the night at Bev’s knowing they were going to Bill’s room.
           Richie saw Eddie grab his shoes and coat and begin to thank Bev for the game night and food, and slowly back out the door after saying bye to everyone. Richie quickly grabbed his shoes and coat and hugged Bev hastily before heading out the door to catch up with Eddie.
           Eddie luckily hadn’t made it too far, and Richie was able to catch up easily. He walked up to Eddie’s side and kept quiet for a short while before piping up, “You want me to walk you to your dorm?”
           “Thanks, but I think I’ll be fine.” Eddie responded with a smile.
           “Are you sure, Eds? You don’t sound so sure.” Richie nudged.
           “I’ll be fine, Richie, seriously.”
           They continued walking, the only sound being exchanged was the crunch of gravel under their feet. Richie took a deep breath, he knew that this was the time to ask Eddie out. Richie stopped in his tracks to see Eddie had stopped walking a while ago and wasn’t to far behind him, just standing there looking at Richie.
           “Everything okay, Eds?” Richie asked with a bit of concern in his voice.
           "Uh yeah!” Eddie said quickly back, his hands worrying the fabric of his sleeve, clearly looking a bit nervous. He began to walk back up towards Richie.
           “Spaghetti man, something is up. You always fidget with your sleeve when you are nervous.” Richie said while walking up to Eddie to meet in the middle.
           “I do not!” Eddie fired back in a huff, crossing his arms across his chest.
           “Hate to break it to ya, kiddo, but you do. It’s cute, not gonna lie.” Richie said shrugging.
           Richie watched as Eddie looked up at him, smiling that small smile that sent Richie’s heart aflutter. Richie was about to pipe up and ask Eddie out but was taken back when Eddie spoke first.
           “I was wondering…if you’d like to go on a real date? I mean if you want to. You can say no if you don’t want too…” Eddie said blushing, looking up at Richie with his big, round, dark eyes.
           Richie could feel his heart beat go straight up to his throat as he stood there speechless for a second or two, but when Eddie started to look a little crestfallen, he snapped back to his senses. “YES!” Richie shouted emphatically, a wide grin taking over his features.
           Richie could see Eddie smile back, clearly looking beyond excited to see that Richie had said yes. Richie was shocked that Eddie had beat him to the punch on this one, but kind of glad he did. It only reassured him that Eddie was having the same feelings for Richie that he was having for the smaller boy.
           “What day works best for you?” Eddie asked beginning to walk again this time a bit closer to Richie, soft warmth radiating off of him and brushing Richie’s skin.
           “For such a cutie as yourself? Anytime works for me, babe.” Richie said with a wink and a smile.
           “Wednesday?” Eddie said with a soft voice, looking up at Richie with a smile.
           “Sure thing, hot stuff.”
           Richie could hear a soft giggle escape Eddie’s lips, and he swore that the sound of that giggle sent his stomach into an instantaneous fit of butterflies. They continued to walk towards the dormitories, each exchanging glances at the other when neither of them were looking. Eddie soon piped up, “So, you want to do like, dinner and then go skating after?”
           Richie could feel a blush rise to his cheeks, “Dinner sounds great, but ya boy here can’t roller skate.”
           “WHAT!? Richie Tozier can’t roller skate?” Eddie gasped, in mostly real horror. “You work at a skating rink!”
           “What, I never learned!” Richie responded throwing his hands up in defense.
           “Well, I guess someone will have to teach you, huh?” Eddie said walking closer to Richie and nudging him with his elbow while wiggling his eyebrows.
           “As long as the teacher is hot.”
           “I think I can handle that.” Eddie said blushing a little, looking up at Richie with a cunning smile.
           After the short walk they ended up outside Eddie’s dorm. They stood there looking at the dorm for a short while before Richie said, “Looks like I ended up walking you back.”
           “I guess so.” Eddie chuckled.
           “Well, Mr. K, I bid you a good evening.” Richie said taking Eddie’s hand bowing down to give it a soft peck.
           “Goodnight Richie.” Eddie giggled as he backed away into the dorm.
           Richie stood there as he watched Eddie walk into the dorm safely. He exhaled a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and grinned like an idiot to himself as he began to walk away to his own dorm.
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   Before we start, let me say this: “I AM A TRUE MASOCHIST”, so don’t blame for whatever happens from now on for it ain’t worth it. 三⊂( っ⌒◡| Some time ago, week or two to be more precise, I have set myself on an impossible anime challenge. Maybe it’s not as tedious as rolling that goddamn rock up the hill, but still will consume a lot of my time and energy. Ekchem, anyways… I have decided to watch each, and every anime produced since Winter Season 2015/2016 till now and review them all, oh boi! ゞ◎Д◎ヾ
Tumblr media
   First up for the task is Divine Gate, which I thankfully, bless my stupid ideas, watched at work while no one was paying attention. (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄ The creation of Studio Pierrot, which has some quite big fishes swimming in their garden pond, such as Bleach, Naruto or Tokyo Ghoul as well as one of my all time favourites Greatoooh Teacheruu Onizuka!!!! (┌゚д゚)┌ (┌゚д゚)┌ (┌゚д゚)┌ (┌゚д゚)┌ has decided to make an anime out of a game, and as I have previously discussed while reviewing Caligula it is never easy. Once again, I did not play the game and I’m pretty sure that after watching this anime I don’t feel like playing it even more. (◎ー◎;)
T H E  P L O T 【 TV 】    -o(. ̄  )
   Hmm… (ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ) What is the actual point that this story? I have absolutely no f**king clue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Zero, empty, brain dead, error, you name it. It generally resolves around the idea that there is some miraculous entity or object known as Divine Gate and that only those, at least according to one annoying little twat in XVIII century grade school uniform, who have suffered great despair have right to attain it. The Gate is supposed to give its’ conqueror an immense power and right to shape the reality according to their whim. (p〒д〒q) While, all that sounds sweet and sugar, it’s pretty much bullshitu.
   The story, I presume, was supposed to keep the viewers at the edges of their seats watching the main characters struggle with unjust and cruel word, until finally while standing just ONE TINY STEP away from fulfilling their desires, to see the— ┏( ゜)ਊ゜)┛Unfortunately, the delivery was as flat as Krul Tepes’s chest. F**ck, now my eyes are bleeding, halp. ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`) Hence, not only the final moral, which is probably something like “no one has right to shape other people’s life for them”, doesn’t land, but also half of the story itself makes no sense in correspondence to it.
Tumblr media
   Sigh. On top of all that, those who have the right to seek the gate, known as “Adapters” have developed superhuman abilities (supposedly at birth, but it doesn’t look to be the case with Aoto, or I am an idiot ∑(。・Д・。)??? – both could be true) and although they can use them without any device, but at the same time, they need objects called “Drivers” in other to shape them. …..φ(〃∇〃 ))) And when I say they can use their powers without a device, I am pretty much referring to Aoto, because if I understood correctly freaking GODS are USELESS without it. 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸 Can someone please explain what the funk is happening here?! Even Mortal Kombat makes more sense than this show.
Tumblr media
T H E  C H A R A C T E R S 【 TV 】    -o(. ̄  )
   I am one of those fangirls, that always find their own favourite character in each series, welp guess what? Not today Satan, not today. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ The characters were flat, one dimensional and pretty much boring from tip of their heads to their toes. In Divine Gate we follow three main teenage characters, what were their names again? Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) Well, I only remember Aoto. There was also this “overly moral oblivious kid” and “spoiled female character whose biggest issue was that one friend who left her”, so let’s just skip them! ヽ( ˘ω˘ )ゝ
Tumblr media
   I will admit, however, that I quite enjoyed the toxic relationship and interactions between two brothers, Aoto and hmmm… ( *´罒`* ) His name sounded similar, hmm... (*≧▽≦) Whatever, let’s call him “emo Aoto”! Anyways, the tension between two brothers, with one being overprotective to the point that he’s willing to sacrifice almost everything to protect his ototo without noticing how harmful that is to his secreted little brother and another becoming emo and twisted to the point that he believes death to be their only salvation, is slightly fascinating. Although, both are somewhat extreme in their own characteristics, at least something was finally happening! Щ(・`ω´・Щ)
Tumblr media
    As a desert in this meaningless dinner we have almighty and famous Knights of Round, but round what? Eyeball, planet, ass maybe?! ( ಠωಠ) Let me name them all first before we go, hmmm… I don’t know, nope, neither… ( ゚ー゚) Something is coming to me, but nope, still nothing. The old guy is a butler, right? Who is that chick? Hi there, nameless lady. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wanna have a drink with me? I’m pretty sure he was called... Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) Still nothing. Is this guy mafia? OH, LANCELOT! ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧ Okay fine, I admit I knew Gawain and Mordred as well, but the point which I was trying to make, was that most of the characters are easy to forget and made no contribution to the series WHAT-SO-EVER. I know, I know, that they were supposed to be a background and reasoning behind Arthur’s choice, but couldn’t it be made more like this:
Tumblr media
   I’m sure their deaths will contribute as much to the story anyways, so just turn them in dots and kill with one Madara blow and secondary characters can still mourn their loss. ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯
T H E  R E F E R E N C E S 【 TV 】    -o(. ̄  )
   Finally, we have reached my main point of this God-forbit-lengthy essay, which are references to characters of Mythology and literature. We have infamous Knights of Round, ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ please lemme give you a table to fix this shittu, as well as Nordic Gods with Loki up the front and a Dragon, but what for? ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯
Tumblr media
   I have nothing against using elements of culture, history or literature in anime, for instance look at Bungou Stray Dogs, that one is priceless, but Divine Gate… Kill me, please.八(^□^*) Leave alone the fact, that Merlin and other Arthurian Legends related movies are my blessed childhood memories and I am big fan of latest creation of this sort, namely Legend of the Sword, but FFS STOP FORGETTING THE GODDAMN TABLE, WITHOUT IT MAKES NO SENSE! IT COULD BE KINGTHS OF ROUND BOOBS, FOR ALL THAT I CARE!! ( • )( • )ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ) AND I’M LINGUIST, DAMNIT, THIS MISTAKE HURTS ME ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL!! (╬゚◥益◤゚) [deep breathing] But did you also have to make “that” out of my beautiful Loki?!!
Tumblr media
S C O R E S 【 TV 】    -o(. ̄  )
ART: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
PLOT: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CHARACTERS: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
SOUNDTRACKT: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
GENRE REALISATION: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
TOTAL POINTS: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
F I N A L  T H O U G H T S 【 TV 】    -o(. ̄  )
    Pardon, my loss of temper in previous paragraph. Thankfully, I am all calm and collected now. However, I must say that watching this anime at work was the greatest idea I have ever had. Why, you might wonder. Because otherwise I would have regretted wasting my free time on this piece of shi—. (;゙°´ω°´) To sum it all up, the references were used poorly and painfully, plot made little sense and the characters were either flat or completely useless, hence came my score of only 3/10 stars. How low you have fallen Loki, how low… 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! m(。≧ _ ≦。)m
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