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#i can drop out
modmad · 17 hours ago
how the fresh hell do you do an entire dnd session in 3 hours or less? the last battle I was in with friends took us 6 hours??? tho it was a big battle with a boss with 2 forms
it's HARD man! And we run over sometimes with the bigger games (I've had to split two of the taffy fam games into two parters before now), but yeah for a one-shot game I try to give it five beats and keep things very simple. Eg: beat one - intro problem beat two - investigate/find problem beat three - mini encounter beat four - puzzle beat five - boss but even that can run over! sometimes I cut out extra puzzles or drop a henchman if I know the battle could go on too long. A lot of DMing is about being flexible/improvising, and part of that is adapting to the time limit in our case.
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landofnorris · 6 hours ago
listening to dan(ticktum btw) actually makes me sad seeing so much hate and so much laughing at his expense. no matter what, mental health is mental health no matter how much u dislike someone. theres a difference between being critical and just full on hateful. theres only so much hate and negativity some people can take. idk how can you preach about mental health then go and spread unnecessary hate and negativity to someone else without thinking how it could affect them too
idk like its okay to not like him but some of whatever is going on rn is so unnecessary
theres some things to keep in mind:
-hes actually a good driver
-he just lost what he worked towards to for so many years
-not everyone is a pr marionette why cant we just accept people as people. if you dont like him you can easily just not bother with him
-mental health
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ask-edd · 13 hours ago
And now that you’ve corrected the season I was born in, I WILL FORCE YOU TO DELETE THIS BLOG HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH
just kidding c:
I only skimmed through this blog but from what I saw, this is just inoffensive au which is absolutely fine by me. Just really shows how much you guys love the characters and the world they live in. So yeah, have fun haha!
Joking aside, this whole blog really is my love letter to Eddsworld as a whole, granted I've taken a few liberties in terms of character relationships and interpretations, but it's all in good fun.
Well over a year of work and planning has gone into this thing and I couldn't be more proud of how far it's come 💚))
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casnextdoor · 8 hours ago
Hi love!! Dropping this here because I can't seem to get it out my head. But I need a drabble and you're the best person for it rn. Tattoos. I need absolute focus on tattoos. Gimme sweet loving aftercare where member x reader reminisces tattoos, why that tattoo, and traces their fingers! lips! bodies! against each other during the aftersexiness. Have fun 😉
let the record show that she sent this in a little while ago and i am just getting around to writing it !
warning; mention of sex, slight possessiveness, jk is a lil jealous but not over the top, mention of tattoos and piercing (one)
His hands were gentle. Soft in the way he touched you; a stark contrast to the way he took you just moments earlier. His words were nurturing, wrapping you in a verbal blanket of comfort. You couldn’t help but smile at the code switch, remembering how just moments ago you were his dumb little slut. Jeon Jungkook was something else.
His fingers traced lightly over the cluster of black roses inked into the skin of your thigh, following the curve of your ass and hip, stopping at your waist. He was there the night you got it on a whim. He remembers you promising that he could color it in with markers when the swelling went down. He remembered the way your face contorted in pain and the way you squeezed his hand tightly. He remembered watching the tattoo artist rub vaseline on it, mesmerized by the way the skin rippled under the artist’s touch. He remembered the way he took you in the back seat of his car for what felt like hours. He especially remembered the swell of pride that set off in his chest as he watched you limp around the house in a pair of his boxers.
Next was the Japanese kanji tattoo on the arch of your spine dragging all the way up to in between your shoulder blades. He hummed in recognition as he traced the tattoo he’d touched thousands of times before.
“Baby, what’re you doing?” Your eyes were closed and you were curled into his side, enjoying the post-nut clarity and the musky glow that remained after a beautiful night. He smiled fondly, watching you mindlessly do the same thing he was just doing.
“Reminiscing, my love. Do you remember when you got this?” His fingers continued their tracing, writing out the lines of the kanji from muscle memory.
You smiled a little. Remembering well the way Jungkook had stared, threateningly, at the tattoo artist the lower he went down your back. You remembered the little threats he whispered, as if you couldn’t hear him. You remembered him making you take your shirt off and wear his jacket backwards out of the shop so you wouldn’t irritate the swollen skin.
“Of course I remember. You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself afterward. Had to pull over into an abandoned gas station.” He remembered clearly, having had his way with you on the hood of his car. Seemed to be a reoccurring theme with Jungkook; tattoo then car sex.
“Mm, I got my birth year tattoo the next day.” He grimaced at the memory, making you laugh loudly into the crook of his neck. His skin heated up in embarrassment, but his grimace quickly became a smile at the sound of your glee.
“In my defense. I forgot I made the home call to get it matching with the guys, so when they showed up, I was a little surprised.” The memory of BamBam, Mark and Yugyeom showing up late the next afternoon for their home call tattoo appointment, to find you bare and sprawled out on the fur surface rug, a black silk sheet stopping just above your ass, giving them the perfect view of your newest piece of body art.
You remember a loud collection of gasps and Jungkook yelling woke you up from your sleep, only to be thrown into a loud fit of laughter at Jungkook whose arms were flailing animatedly at his friends.
“Baby,” He had said, “Please wrap the sheets around you and go put clothes on.” He had sounded defeated and disappointed in himself, so you wrapped the sheet around your body, past him with a kiss and when he’d seen you again, you were fully clothed. Still, you’d sat in his lap his entire appointment, ignoring the possessive arm that hung loosely over your legs.
“It's okay, my love. Pussy slapped the memory out of your brain.” Jungkook only laughed and continued his tracing.
He had worked his way up your back, across your arm, over your neck, where you had the word Euphoria tatted in a fancy cursive, up your throat and stopped at your lips.
He traced the curve of your lips, thumb pressing down a bit on your cupid's bow, where a little sapphire jewelry piece sat, beautifully.
When his finger came around to your bottom lip, he pulled down, giving him a perfect view of what he was looking for.
Jungkook .
It was small and written in his handwriting. He’d licked this very piece of ink more times than he could really imagine but seeing it, reminded him that you were his. It reminded everyone that you were his. That you belonged to Jeon Jungkook just as much as he belonged to you. Hearing you say it wasn’t enough. He needed to see it. And maybe that was selfish. Because he knew that you would do anything to prove yourself to him. But he demanded anyway, and like the good little girl you were, you’d gotten it done without a second thought.
He let his hand drop to your neck, squeezing just a bit before speaking.
“Who do you belong to?” He’d pulled you closer by your neck, lips lightly skimming yours, keeping them just out of your reach.
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dadzathechaosgod · 5 months ago
I get that some people are upset with a) the way tommy’s stream went and 2) tubbo’s reaction to it
but i’m like 95% certain this was not planned
literally everybody basically froze, and tubbo and ranboo were so obviously surprised (and didn’t think it was canon at first)
and i just wanted to remind people that this is still a video game
unplanned things like this happen
and not all ccs are as good at improv as others, especially when they didn’t expect to have to do that at all tonight 
basically: unless a ccs goes “yep this was all scripted and planned” dont you dare give them shit for not immediately knowing the best way to roll with this
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seizure-seven · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm furiously doodling possible Soldier24 concepts out of anticipation. IDK I put in lots of those circlepatches that remotely report readings and stats to the SEP scientists?? AHHH
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accidentalglomp · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
(plays Southern Nights by Glen Campbell)
no thoughts, only Sambucky teaching each other how to dance :,)
Bucky is a bit outdated and Sam makes fun of him for it but secretly he thinks it's romantic...
#sambucky#my art#tfatws#sam wilson#bucky barnes#okay listen ive been listening to SO MUCH old music recently and im getting really emotional. it's all so happy and i'm projecting on them#but this really took way longer than i intended. it was supposed to be like a little sketch or comic or sumn but.....#idk how to draw cartoonish anymore....#point is here are my sambucky songs: too late to turn back now by cornelius brothers & sister rose#brandy (youre a fine girl) by looking glass...yknow cause boat#DECEMBER 1963 (oh what a night) cause OF COURSE IT IS. LISTEN.#it's a beautiful morning by the wipe outs bc it makes me grin#the oogum boogum song by brenton wood because look i can just see it. i can envision it. so well. it fits the sambucky vibe#come on eileen...... also#and y'know lets just throw in Soulful Strut. just cause. jazz#my jazz history is poppin out... i played trombone and i was vibin#OKAY AND NOW TO THE SAMBUCKY SIDE.... i can totally see sam and bucky both thinking each other's dancing style is silly...but still#dancing with each other because like. they care ab each other. and it makes them laugh a lot and make fun of each other (fond)#and bucky does a bunch of old stuff. like buy roses for sam and do old timey gestures like that and sam is like :o every time because YEAH#he aint expectin it. and on sam's side he just keeps dropping hints but neither of them want to their friendship#and everybody thinks they're dating ofc. so eventually they start living together and sam and bucky just turn on some music and start#jamming out to each other's favorite songs and ofc it ends up in dancing together.......classic pining.#LOOK they just smile so much around each other i'm too invested in this. i gotta write something out. sambucky rly is something else.
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