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#i can hear the panic in his messages
patchwork-rambles · 39 minutes ago
I am Rewatching “A Deck of Cards with a Green Smile on them” for Reasons, so here are a few notes on c!Wilbur in that stream:
“Oooooh, spooky! What insidious plan could Wilbur have now?” Answer: Nothing. He has no plan. Man asked Tommy to get stone and forgot. There was no greater reason for it. Upon finding Quackity, he immediately tries to find a role/purpose with him in Las Nevadas. And when that fails, he impulsively decides to become his neighbor and vaguely provide “competition.” 
“Tommy, my destructiveness knows no bounds. *breathes heavily* Someone’s gotta stop me. Someone’s gotta-- anyway, anyway...” Hahaha, funny bit over accidentally destroying a bit of wheat. Funny... Funny bit... Hahaha... 
Okay, maybe it’s just me but... Wilbur lying about the contents of Quackity’s book doesn’t seem insidious??? Just sounds like man didn’t want to divulge what he felt was a very... Personal, private message. Later on, he’s more comfortable revealing it to persuade Tommy because at that point it had lost a bit of its perceived affection-- it felt less personal after Quackity’s rejection. So while it is cool that Tommy calls him out for lying, and the face Wilbur makes is funny... It’s not really as big a moment because the lie Tommy is calling out is insignificant. It doesn’t hit me as hard as the rest of the times in this stream when Tommy calls out Wilbur and Quackity on their bullshit.
When a creeper approaches, Wilbur does not move, and he silently stares at it for as long as it exists, eyes glued to it even as Tommy knocks it back. He doesn’t move or speak until it’s not just dead, it’s poofed completely.
Wilbur really panics when the Llama spits at them.
It’s when he’s talking about how people aren't gonna be happy to see him that he claims that the three people he cares about most have been the nicest to him. And when questioned over his care for Jack Manifold, he deflects. Considering his later musings that it’s for the best that some people don’t know he’s back and the implication that it’s for their sake... Yeah, it seems pretty clear that claiming he cares most about only those three people is his way of coping with everyone’s perceived hatred and his decision to keep himself away from them for their sake. He says it because thinking about the reality that some of the folks he cares most about are better off without him and dislike him is painful. Not because he doesn’t care about them.
Q, talking about his scar: “I don’t like to talk about my conditions anymore-- I think I’ll leave it at that, Tommy.” W: “I know how you feel, I know how you feel. *briefly shifts to 3rd person to highlight his appearance*” Hey. Hey Wilbur. The fuck does that mean? I mean, it can clearly apply to your unwillingness to discuss your emotions and mental health but also. Mainly. What the fuck is with the arm injury????? Stop teasing!!!
Wilbur, even after hearing that Quackity is President of Las Nevadas, says it’s his dream place. And though he tries to convince Quackity that he needs him because he’s useful, it quickly devolves into Wilbur earnestly revealing to Quackity that he’s the one who need this-- that he needs Las Nevadas and Quackity. And based on my understanding of Wilbur and how he views leadership, I’d theorize that Las Nevadas may in part appeal to him even more after learning that he would not be the sole authority. He cares for Quackity and to some extent even trusts him, so he might find value in co-authority or even subservience to Quackity. It wouldn’t be as stressful as sole authority, and it would still give him a role to fill and it would provide secure and reliable attention from Quackity.
Oh my god, Wilbur is so desperate for Quackity’s affection and attention, a sense of safety, a home, and a new purpose. 
Quackity cites L’manberg as his reason for rejecting Wilbur from Las Nevadas. “I saw what you did to L’manberg, and I’m not gonna let Las Nevadas have the same fate as L’manberg.” Wilbur interprets this as Quackity being upset over the election, not the explosion. He could be purposefully acting obtuse, but he could also just not... Understand that thought process. Wilbur blew up L’manberg and died for very specific reasons tied into his beliefs that his visions, his ideals, his nation, and himself had been irrevocably corrupted. He has no logical reason to do the same to Las Nevadas. So he might not understand Quackity’s concern that he’d blow up Las Nevadas.
Wilbur’s idea to act as Quackity’s competition reads very much like “I need to have some kind of relationship with you, so if being antagonistic and playing the villain/competition is the only way to secure your attention and ensure our interaction, so be it.”
Wilbur asking Tommy if Quackity is gonna hurt him is not a manipulation attempt. This is clearly one of the times he's being genuine. He cannot see what’s happening with them, but he can hear Tommy repeatedly asking Q for personal space while Q talks in a low voice about how Tommy needs to know Wilbur isn’t allowed. From the outside, it does sound threatening. And when Tommy’s only response is that he can “take care of whatever,” not denying that Q might be hurting him, Wilbur goes to break things up. He may play it up a bit later, but that’s genuine concern in that moment.
I do not understand how some folks can view Wilbur standing by as Tommy kills zombies insidious or evil. “Ooooh! It shows Wilbur is confident in his control over Tommy!” Like. Man has a stone sword. We watched him struggle to fend off three zombies while Tommy was away-- he sucks at fighting and is weak. Tommy has an enchanted bow. Tommy is simply more capable in this situation. And if anything, it just seems like Wilbur feels safe with and trusts Tommy. This is not the scene to point out if you want to discuss Wilbur being a shit.
As soon as Quackity gives him attention and allows him to visit Las Nevadas, Wilbur’s demeanor becomes less abrasive. Is this in part so he doesn’t look bad in front of Tommy? Probably. But it also comes off as so clingy and starved for affection-- he feels soothed to some extent by Quackity’s acknowledgement and attention.
Once again, this stream cements that Wilbur’s great fears are 1. Not having a purpose and 2. Being alone. He absolutely says some shitty things and pretty heavy-handedly tries to keep Tommy close, but he also shows concern and care for others and makes jokes and laughs. He’s not like. Pure evil, 0 redeeming qualities, sadistic man. I would not call him “Only the Worst Parts of Wilbur.” (hint as to why I’m rewatching the stream and what my next post will be about because a lovely ask derailed my attention and now I need to talk about this)
Also uh. I. Am very unsure about this. Tone that creeps in at the end. Wilbur talks about “tying up loose ends.” He tells Tommy to “think of [me visiting Dream] as a funeral. I’m saying goodbye.” It could be read as meaning a funeral for/saying goodbye to Dream, but with Wilbur’s mention of tying loose ends and the slight thread that that is common language amongst suicidal folks... It could very well also imply the death of Wilbur, likely in a metaphorical sense. Visiting Dream is set up to kill the old Wilbur and usher in a new era.
Bonus Quackity notes: The wedding area? The fact that he advertises it as being notably fast? The knowledge that he’s engaged but not married? The implication behind him seeing marrying fast as good? My heart hurts.
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melancholy-pal · 9 hours ago
Boyfriend really struggling with depression, how can I help him?
Im hoping for some good advice with how I can help him. I too struggle a lot with mental health including depression however our struggles are different. My bf tends to disconnect himself from everyone, he says he does not message anyone apart from me, and sometimes it will be hours with not hearing from him, and he won't open any of my instagtam posts or anything unless I remind him to days later. Im not too bothered by this as I know he's struggling. I've spoken to him about it today and he said he's going to try and get some therapy like I do, however I just want some advice on how I can motivate him to message others and help his social batteries as they run out incredibly quickly. It does not help that I have really bad anxiety and paranoia so sometimes I panic to myself that hes just ignoring me and doesn't care when I logically know this isn't the case. I guess for me even when im in a deep depression I still love to reach out to him and reply to his messages and others messages, so even though I logically undersgand his struggle id like to hear some advice from someone that has this kind of depression and how I can go about helping him heal. And what i can do to help his social batteries and making him feel loved and supported without overwhelming him etc. I love him so much and I just want to see him thrive For info: we do not live together, I am 19 and he is 18, 19 in a few days. Thank you :)
submitted by /u/Mezyka [link] [comments] from Mental Health
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cluster-fandom · 15 hours ago
you can’t sleep without them: part two
uraraka, jirou, denki, and tokoyami x reader (separately)
a/n: uhhh i wasn’t expecting people to like these so much, so here’s a part two! i hope you enjoy :)
warnings: none (just some soft girls and bois), fluff, gender neutral reader, these are video calls btw
part one
• listen, she can make herself float, but sis sleeps like a log
• when your third call manages to wake her up, she’s groggy
• does her best, but is basically incoherent
• between your sleep deprivation and her drowsiness, you’ve made your own language
• while it’s mostly random words and noises strung together, the message gets through
• she passes out after 25 minutes
• she’s cute though so it’s fine
• once you’re both properly rested and functioning the next day, you try to recall what you talked about
• neither of you can remember
• when you tell you can’t sleep without her, she genuinely needs like a solid two minutes to recover cause that’s the cutest thing she’s ever heard
• once her heart is beating normally again, she’ll ask what you want to do
• you quietly tell her that you want her to sing for you
• face flushed, she’ll grab her guitar and softly hum her favorite love songs to you
• when she thinks that you’re out cold, she plays an original song that she wrote for you
• as she finishes, she looks at her screen and is met with your wide eyes, and she stills
• then hangs up in a panic bECAUSE YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO HEAR THAT
• you screen recorded it though, and now you play it every night when you go to sleep <3
• Literally the second before you were about to hit the call button, he calls you
• He looks so sad
• He missed you so much and couldn’t go to bed without seeing your face
•god I love him so much
• you’re both just saying how much you love each other and it devolves into an “I love YOU more” battle
• it goes on for like…. 45 minutes
• you eventually give in and let him win
• he has the biggest grin on his face, which makes it worth it
• you both fall asleep on call
• when you wake up, you have the rest of the Bakusquad complaining to you
• apparently he spammed the group chat just saying how much he loved and missed you until Sero finally told him to just call you
• he may or may not have been listening to his Sad Boi Hours playlist
• but when you called he flipped off the switch
• when he hears that you can’t sleep without him, he’s grateful that you can’t see the deep blush beneath his feathers
• he’s flustered so the conversation is awkward for a bit, but it’s endearing
• when you’re both comfortable again, Tokoyami goes into a deeply philosophical speech about life
• you accidentally fall asleep while listening because….. you did not have the brain power for that
• after a while of no response from you, he realizes you’ve fallen asleep
• smiles at you…. then picks up his notebook and begins writing poems because you are his greatest inspiration
Tumblr media
reblogs, likes, and comments are appreciated!
//do not repost, edit, or plagiarize// I do not own My Hero Academia or the characters//
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writer-akihiko · 2 days ago
Quarter After One - Otoya X Reader
A present for my dear friend Cheese, and this is quite late but I hope you enjoy this Cheese!
Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Self-Deprecating Thoughts
Otoya wasn't so sure of himself anymore.
He was tired from practice, tired from singing and tired of trying to put a smile on his face every time.
Otoya holds the phone in his palm, his fingers ghosting over your number.
"It's a quarter after one..."
He whispered in the air, a single tear creeping out of his eye.
"I'm all alone," He murmured, scrolling over the gallery of pictures of you and him. "And I need you now..."
He felt the hot tear searing his cheek, wondering if what he did meant anything. The past few days, his head was muddled, unable to concentrate on his singing and his idol work. He'd thought he was over the burn out, but there was no escaping it this time.
His mind focused on every detail he'd miss out on and every mistake he made, his hands shaking at the thought of his dancing slip-ups and the times he went off-key. He slumped to the floor, his hand reaching to his phone.
"No…" He murmured, in self-denial. "She wouldn't care-"
Before he could continue his self-demeaning sentence, his phone flashed to an image of you, blushing at his cheeky kiss to your cheek.
YN is calling…
[Accept Call]
"Otoya?" Your tired voice could be heard from the other side. You must've had a late class today…
"Y-YN?" He called out, suddenly nervous to talk to you. "Are you at your dorm?"
You hummed, the rustling of your papers almost disguising that lovely voice he loves so much. "Yeah, you didn't respond to my message in the morning, so I thought I'd check up on you…"
The notion of you wanting to see how he was doing touched his heart, and Otoya couldn't help but sniffle, letting his tears flow freely. The sounds of his crying reached your ears, sending you into an immediate panic.
Your shaky voice called out to Otoya immediately, repeatedly pestering him, "O-Otoya? Otoya, my dear are you okay?"
His continuous cries caused him to choke on his next few sentences, wrenching your heart as you listened. "Y-YN… You asked h-how I was…" He sniffled. "You care so much f-for… me Even though you don't have to…"
The sounds of your warm sigh soothed him. "Otoya, I love you. Tell me what's wrong."
He let out all of his worries and fears, trusting you with his concerns. He didn't miss out anything, wanting you to fully understand him. "I… I don't know if I can do this YN. I need you here. I really do…"
"I want to be with you too, Otoya," You said, letting out murmurs of comfort for your anxious boyfriend.
He needed to hear your voice. It was the only thing that made the noises disappear. He just... needed to make sure you were there.
He sniffled, curling more into his blankets. "Y-YN? Can you... sing something for me?"
"But I'm not a good sing-"
"Just until I doze off?" He pleaded.
"I wonder if I ever crossed your mind…" You began.
His low, subtle voice continued. "For me it happens all the time."
"It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now…"
"Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now," He hummed. "And I don't know how I can do without… I just need you now…"
You went on to sing to him, humming song after song. "Otoya, I'm not good at singing as you but… Did it make you feel better?"
Otoya approved, letting out a little laugh. "Can you at least sing me to sleep?"
The crackle from the phone worried him, but you went on, singing him his favourite lullaby from you. His eyelids grew heavier, and his breathing steadied. Soon, you heard him snoring, to which you still finished the song.
"Otoya, I love you more than you'd know."
After saying your goodbyes to which there was no reply, you hung up the phone.
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foodieforthoughts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: You want to reach home before Chris's birthday but there is this one thing you need to get done before you travel home.
Pairing: Chris x Reader
Warnings: Fluffy emotional
A/N: Continuation to Make it Work. I cannot even begin to imagine the longing of couples separated due to the pandemic and the happiness when you find out you can finally go back to them. 🥺
*Gif credit @rainbowkisses31
Tagging (let me know if you want to be added or removed) :
@christhickevans @toomanyfandomsshreya @luclittlepond @eldarwen333 @avengedwritings @twhstuckylover @the-soot-sprite @diegos-butt @mariestark @cheyentjj @zealoushound @blueberrynonnie @princesssterek @enchantedbytomandhenry @denisemarieangelina @evans-sims
Title: I'm coming home
You were scared and anxious, pacing in your living room with near tears in your eyes. You glanced at the wall clock one more time, something you had been doing the whole day, before you sat down on the chair in front of your computer.
You knew what you needed right now to calm down your nerves. You had to hear his voice, see his face and the tranquility that came with talking to him. But that would mean you would have to give him the reason behind your nervousness; that internal debate had kept you from calling him already.
After a few more minutes, more crazy thoughts swirling in your mind, you decided you couldn't do this alone. His name was on speed dial and before you knew it, his contact picture appeared on your screen whilst the call was getting connected.
"Hey, babe."
Tumblr media
His voice, the reason for peacefulness in the whirlwind of your mind, instantly caused your racing heart to slow down. Dressed in a red jumper, looking cozy and safe, Chris's mere image could brighten your life. You managed to smile by looking at his face, trying to blink away the tears pricking your eyes and threatening to overflow.
Worry masked his face as soon as he realised you were about to cry.
"What's wrong, honey? Is everything okay?"
"I'm scared." You sniffed through the tears, reaching for the box of tissues to wipe away at your eyes. "I'm freaking out."
There was no other choice for you other than to tell him. Besides revealing a plan you had in place for the past few weeks, you were also bracing yourself to seem foolish for the cause of your predicament.
"I'm waiting for my test results."
Tumblr media
"I need to take a test before boarding the flight. And I need to obviously test negative for it." You grabbed your phone to check if there were any messages from the testing center, informing you about your result.
"What flight? Are they sending you someplace else? In the middle of a pandemic?" His voice rose a little, anger beginning to shimmer in his eyes.
"No. Flight back home." You finished the sentence with a smile, waiting for him to respond.
"You're coming home?" He asked, his expression remained undisturbed, causing you to panic even more. You nodded to his question, confused by his reaction. "And you didn't think you should tell me about it?"
"I am coming home for your birthday. I wanted to surprise you. But I have been waiting for my results and I'm shit scared, Chris."
You weren't exactly sure why Chris looked pissed. It was you who was terrified of what was to happen next and you wanted a solace. But he looked like he was trying to mask his emotions.
You wondered if probably he didn't want you to come home. It had been months since you both had physically been together and you had never stopped to think that maybe the distance had finally pulled you both apart. The thought frightened you immensely, spreading a dreadful cold throughout your body.
Tumblr media
"Are you mad at me?"
"No." His curt reply, the way his eyes seemed like they were boring into you, was opposite to what he was saying.
"Chris," You began, running your hand through your hair. "I wasn't even sure I would get a flight home..." Resisting the urge to burst out crying, you took a deep breath before speaking again. "Don't you want me to come home?"
"What?! Ofcourse not! There's nothing more that I want, other than for you to be here with me." He instantly replied, leaning forward closer to the camera.
"Then why do you look pissed?"
"I am not pissed. I am just-" He sighed, his eyes turning soft and gentle. "I worry about you. I have been worrying ever since you left, and now you're going to be travelling... And you didn't even tell me. You have no idea the panic that is already beginning to settle."
Chris was supportive of every decision you had taken in your life, career and otherwise. He hadn't stopped you from moving across the pond for work assignment. But he had also never openly declared how fearful he was for your safety.
"And now I'm worried about your test result too." He chuckled more to himself, sighing and running his hand over his face.
The last you wanted was him to be getting a panic attack. You started to speak, provide some comfort, when your phone vibrated on the wooden table, causing a disruption to the conversation.
"It's the test center." You whispered as you looked at the sender's name, feeling the anxiousness return as your heart picked up a pace. Something similar was evident in Chris's eyes but he only nodded with a straight face.
Tumblr media
You gulped and took your phone in your hand. Chris stayed quiet too, resting his face on his hand and waiting patiently. If you knew the man, you were sure Chris was feeling as agitated as you were right now.
Swiping your finger across the screen, you tapped onto the message to open it. The scream of joy that elicited from your mouth was loud and overzealous. Jumping up from your chair, you did a happy dance even if it made you look silly. Judging by the nervous laugh coming from your speakers, Chris was clearly happy too and enjoying you being overjoyed.
But as the excitement passed, you felt the tears return to your eyes. The test result meant you could board the flight, travel back home and be with the person you wanted to be with most. Your body was covered with goosebumps as the realisation sunk in. Taking a seat back in the chair, you looked at your man for probably one last time on a computer screen.
"I'm coming home, Chris." You chuckled through your tears, feeling like fast forwarding to tomorrow when you will be in his arms again. He nodded with a smile and even through the unclear video quality, you could see the tears brimming in his gentle eyes.
He ran a finger under his lashes as discreetly as he could and choked out, "I'll be waiting for you, sweetheart."
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deaan · 3 days ago
Imagine being Deaf and wanting to feel Dean’s throat as he speaks but he takes it the wrong way
Pairing: Dean Winchester X Deaf!Reader
Words: 419
Warnings: This was a unique request for me. Please know that this was just my interpretation as I do not know how it feels to have hearing impairment. On that note, I don’t want you to ignore any mistakes I may have made or written something that is rude or impolite or just wrong to those who have hearing impairment, PLEASE POINT THEM OUT so that I can understand how to be better! Xx
Request: Hi!! This one's weird but can i request an imagine for Dean W where the reader is deaf and likes to feel people talk by putting her hands on their throat, and Dean's reaction to her doing it him for the first time? I love your writing and would love to see this written in your style.
A/N: repost of my own // dividers by @firefly-graphics // I hope you like it Xx
Main Masterlist • Supernatural Masterlist
Tumblr media
Watching Dean speak was your favourite things to do.
Ever since you had joined the brothers in hunting, they had been very welcoming and always asked questions on how to make everything easier and more accessible for you.
Sam, thankfully, had learnt ASL when he was in Stanford and Cas knew it ever since it had originated in the 19th Century.
Dean, however, had a long way to go to be fluent, but he always made sure to grab your attention first and then clearly, but slowly spoke as he looked directly at you even if he was talking to Sam or Cas. The effort he made was invaluable.
You smiled as Dean was talking to you and Sam about a witch and how much he hated them like alwats. His gaze was fixed on you as his lips moved and you interpreted their movements.
You often wondered if Dean’s vocal cords vibrated more than Sam’s, curious if his voice was deeper than his younger brother’s.
Today was a good opportunity to know. Dean was sitting next to you in the library chair while Sam sat opposite to you two.
Not thinking much about it, you extended your arm towards his throat.
His reaction was not what you had expected. Focused on his lips when you had reached out, you didn’t see his eyes widening in confusion and panic until his mouth had fallen open in surprise and his hand had caught your wrist in defence.
Bewildered, you gaped at his younger brother for an explanation. Sam told Dean to leave your hand while facing you so that you could read his lips.
Then, he shifted to sign language to explain that his older brother had thought you had wanted to strangle him.
Holding your hand up near your forehead, you bent your index finger so that the tip of the index finger touched the pad of your thumb and flicked your index finger so that it pointed up to sign that you understood.
You motioned that you wanted him to tell Dean what you had wanted to do. Sam, usually being the interpreter between you both relayed the message properly
Nodding at him, Dean repeated the sign that you had done a few moments before to tell you that he understood now as well and spoke that you were welcome to do so in the Bunker only but you had to let him know first.
You beamed as you gently placed your palm against his Adam’s apple and now, you knew that Dean indeed had a deeper baritone.
Feeling Dean speak was now your favourite thing to do.
Tumblr media
I’d love to hear what you think of it! Please like, reblog and comment to let me know Xx
Wanna read more of my works? Check out the masterlist linked at the top!
If you wanna be added to my taglist, click here!
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shemarmooresfedora · 3 days ago
Rebuilding Family
Summary: Y/N and Spencer were college sweethearts at Cal-Tech but once Spencer got accepted to the FBI Academy, he ended things deciding it was not fair to make Y/N wait for him. When they meet again years later, he discovers something unexpected.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Warnings: mentions of gun violence, PTSS
A/N: before you have a heart attack, the angst is resolved by the end of the chapter
Chapter 35
“Elephant,” Spencer read from the list.
“E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T,” Jo recited.
“Correct!” Spencer picked her up and hugged her, “That’s the last word on the list your teacher gave as practice. You’re my little genius.”
“This spelling bee is going to be a P-I-E-C-E of cake,” Jo beamed.
“Speaking of cake, what kind do you want, Baby J? We have to celebrate your last day of 1st grade.”
“Chocolate!” she smiled.
“You got it,” you gave her a thumbs up, “Daddy and the babies are going to go with you to school to watch the spelling bee and I’ll be there as soon as I pick up your cake. I need a final hug and kiss from my first grader before I go though.”
“Bye, Mommy!” Jo kissed you on the cheek.
“Remember you don’t have to win. Just have fun, baby,” you reminded her.
Jo nodded.
“Bye, love,” you gave Spencer a quick kiss, “Save me a seat!”
“Can I get a chocolate cake that has ‘Congrats Jo!’ written on it in purple frosting?” you asked the baker.
Once the cake was decorated, you headed to the front to check out.
All of a sudden, two men with black ski masks burst through the door with guns.
One of them fired off two shots towards the ceiling to get everyone’s attention. You dropped Jo’s cake in sheer panic.
“Everyone, get to the floor now! If the cashiers cooperate, this will all go smoothly and no one gets hurt,” one of the men yelled.
You couldn’t get enough oxygen to your lungs as you dropped to the floor. The events from Jo’s seventh birthday party kept replaying in your head.
Then, you felt something warm seeping down your front. You looked down to see your white shirt quickly darkening into red.
Spencer dropped the cake on the ground, running over to you, “Y/N!”
You fell to the ground just as he caught you. You could hear the muffled sounds of screams, kids crying, and people running away.
“Jo, your word is environment,” the teacher announced.
Spencer looked around the crowd in the auditorium. It was already the second round and you still weren’t here. He would have texted you but unfortunately, carrying both twins inside, he managed to leave his phone in the car.
What he didn’t know was it was blowing up with messages from the team who were at the hostage situation and had seen you on the security footage.
“E-N-V-I-R-O-N-M-E-N-T,” Jo stated into the microphone.
You were trembling on the floor with the palms of your hands covering your eyes.
The robbers must have planned their timing wrong because the cops showed up earlier than expected, turning the robbery into a hostage situation.
They didn’t have a plan though so they denied all forms of communication. You were trapped.
“Okay, we are entering the final round between Jo and Mason.”
“Mason, your word is neighbor.”
“N-A-B-O-R,” Mason said.
“I’m sorry, Mason. That is incorrect. Good try though. Jo, the word moves on to you. If you get this correct, you will be the winner.”
“N-E-I-G-H-B-O-R,” Jo stated confidently.
“That is correct! Congratulations to Jo!” the teacher cheered as the audience applauded.
They handed her a little trophy and Spencer ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug he could with his baby carrier on.
“Where is Mommy?” she whispered.
“I don’t know, Princess, but I’m sure she has a good excuse because she wouldn’t miss this for the world,” he whispered back.
“JJ, can I use your phone for a picture? I left mine in the car,” Spencer asked.
“Sure, hold on. I just need to power it back on, I didn't want it making any noise during the competition.”
They waited for JJ’s phone to turn on and her face noticeably shifted to concern as she shuffled through the missed calls and texts.
“Will, watch Jo and Henry please,” JJ said, pulling Spencer into the hallway nearby.
“Spence, I need you to take a seat.”
“Why?” Spencer asked, slowly sitting down with the baby carrier holding the sleeping twins.
“There is a hostage situation at the nearby grocery store and Y/N is inside. She is physically okay but she seems to be having some sort of breakdown.”
“Well assuming the unsub or unsubs have a gun, that would make sense because her last encounter with a gun, she was shot at Jo’s birthday party and almost died. She is most likely suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. We need to get down there right now,” Spencer stood.
“Okay, leave the babies with Will and he’ll watch the kids for now. I’ll explain it to him later.”
Glass shattering. Yelling. Gunshots fired.
You closed your eyes tighter and pressed your hands to your ears to block out the sound.
Someone put their hands on your shoulders and you screamed loudly. The hand began to rub your back soothingly.
You opened your eyes to see Spencer crouching down in front of you. He was saying something to you but you couldn’t hear because of the deafening ringing in your ears.
You opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out. You were still paralyzed in fear even though you were now safe in your husband’s arms.
Spencer’s lips were moving again but you couldn’t make out a single word. He scooped you up and carried you outside to one of the ambulances. They placed a blanket around you and you curled up into yourself again, putting your head in your knees.
Spencer’s hand never left your back.
It had been a day since the incident and you still hadn’t talked. You wanted to but it seemed impossible. You had only left the bed to use the bathroom, barely touching the food Spencer brought you.
“I want to show Mommy my trophy but she isn’t leaving her room,” Jo frowned.
“Mommy went through something really scary so that is why she missed your spelling bee and why she won’t leave her room. Two bad men tried to rob the store she was in and it reminded her of when she got hurt before and had to be in the hospital for a while,” Spencer spoke softly to her.
“Oh. What can I do to help?” Jo asked.
“How about we all go in there and just lay with her? She might not be in the mood to talk but you can talk to her, Princess,” Spencer had Ollie on one hip and Ophelia on his other.
He was right behind Jo when she knocked on your bedroom door.
“Love, can we come in and sit with you for a bit?” Spencer asked, cracking the door open.
You slowly sat up and extended your arms, inviting Jo in for a hug. Jo ran into your arms.
“Hi, Mommy,” she whispered.
You kissed her head in response. Jo laid down in your lap and proceeded to tell you all about the spelling bee as you stroked her hair.
Spencer took his spot in the bed with Ophelia on his chest and Ollie in his lap. He smiled softly when you reached for Ollie, cradling him in your arms.
Jo put some Looney Tunes on to cheer you up. Spencer ordered pancakes from the local diner and you all ate in bed together. Spencer couldn’t stop smiling when you finished your entire stack of pancakes.
By late afternoon, you all had moved on to ‘Tangled’ but all the kids were napping on top of you. You grabbed Spencer’s hand and interlocked your fingers. Spencer brought it up to his lips and kissed the back of your hand.
“I love you,” you croaked.
“I love you too, my brave brave girl,” he whispered with happy tears in his eyes.
A/N: congrats, you made it through the last angst plotline in this fic!!! i hate to say it because i’m so attached but i will probably be wrapping this fic up soon (maybe 4 more chapters or so). also, send me some asks! i’m bored!!! i have been writing all day!
taglist (just ask to be added or removed!): @samuel-de-champagne-problems @g0lden-cth @spencerreid9 @averyhotchner @coldlilheart @k-k0129 @ickleronniekinsemotionalrange @harrystylesandthegoobs @cmily @jswessie187 @rem-ariiana @hoodpankow @mochionly @doctorreiding @reidsfish
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Soft as Bread, Sweet as Honey, Chapter... Idk, 4?
Hi folx! I guess there is more to this story. I’m working on what will be chapter 4 on here, and chapter 2 on AO3. You can read it below the break if you want to, or you can hop on over there and just read the whole thing properly. Beelzebub x Female Reader
Cooking duty is one of the chores at the House of Lamentation that you mind the least. You’ll certainly take it over cleaning the common room. It never ceases to amaze you how much of a mess fully grown men- demons- whatever- can make. Like all chores in the house, everyone takes turns cooking. Unlike other chores, people usually double up on cooking duty on account of there being so many mouths to feed-- especially when one of those mouths belongs to Beelzebub. Your cooking partner this semester is Levi, and though he does more talking than cooking, you’re generally fine with that. His constant stream of anime and game related chatter puts you at ease as you cook.
It had taken some time for you to get familiar with some of the more exotic Devildom ingredients, but you had found many that bore a close resemblance to food you were familiar with from the human world, and whatever you were unfamiliar with you were pretty good at researching on your DDD. You’d found a few Devildom dishes that you were comfortable cooking, but most often you ended up making food inspired by things you’d loved eating in the human world. Tonight you have decided to make okonomiyaki, a personal favourite. It would be easy enough to prepare a large quantity of, and allowed for enough customization of toppings that everyone would end up happy. Plus, you figured, Levi probably wouldn’t mind actually helping-- his fondness for everything Japanese outweighing his innate laziness.
When you enter the spacious kitchen, Levi is nowhere in sight. No matter, you think. You’ll start without him. You busy yourself washing vegetables and preparing a large pan of Covetous Cod fillets to bake. The mild fish, you think, will pair well with the tangy sauce.
You’ve almost finished peeling a pile of yams when you hear a voice behind you.
“Uh, hi.”
That is most certainly not Levi’s voice. Slowly you turn around, meeting Beel’s eyes from where he stands, large frame taking up most of the doorway.
“Hi,” you say back, your stomach fluttering.
This is the first time you’ve been alone together since the incident in the alleyway a few days ago. Between your project with Sibyl and his brothers’ constant presence, you haven’t been able to say two words to each other in private, and thanks to another one of Mammon’s pranks backfiring, the brothers’ texting privileges have once again been temporarily revoked. You briefly considered texting him anyway, but shuddered at the thought of Lucifer finding out and reading your messages. Though you haven’t had any alone time, it hasn’t stopped him from holding your hand under the table when nobody's looking, or smiling at you in the halls.
“Sorry I’m a little late.” A rosy tinge crept into his cheeks. “I got Levi to switch with me, but, uh, I got hungry on the way home and stopped for a few doughnuts.”
You can feel a grin spreading over your face. “You got Levi to switch. How did you manage that?”
“It wasn’t hard. He doesn’t like making anything more complicated than instant noodles.”
You laugh, running the peeler over the yam you’re holding. “So I’ve come to realize. But why did you ask him in the first place? Isn’t this just more work for you? Are you that tired of Ruri-chan Ramen?”
“Instant ramen is good, but I like variety in my meals. I get a little bit bored with just one flavor. Not,” he says, panic on his face, “that your cooking is boring. I like your cooking very much...” he trails off, cheeks on fire.
Your grin widens and you turn back to your task, beginning to grate the yam into fine strips. “I agree. It’s better when there are different, complimenting flavours.” If he doesn’t have a problem with your cooking, could he have come here just to see you? Your heart beats a little bit faster.
“Are you okay with my plan of making okonomiyaki? It’s a human world dish, but it’s really versatile. I think it will work well with the ingredients we have here.”
“Ah, yeah, I’ve had that before when I visited up there,” he says, pointing at the ceiling.
“Is it really “up” from here? Like, if I sprouted wings and flew straight up, would I get to the human world eventually?”
“I’m not sure,” he laughs, “I don’t know if anyone has ever tried getting there without using a portal.”
“Maybe that’s for the best,” you say, gathering the grated yam into a bowl and beginning to thinly slice cabbage. “The cod is already baking. It should be done in a few minutes. Do you want to start on the batter for the pancakes?”
He nods, coming to stand beside you at the counter. “I can do that. Can you tell me how?”
“I actually wrote the instructions out over here,” you say, gesturing to a piece of paper.
“So...” you trail off, keenly aware of how close he’s standing to you. “What kinds of things do you like cooking?”
“Oh, um. I don’t think anybody has ever asked me that before. Usually they only ask me what I want to eat,” he says. When you glance over at him, he’s got a finger in his mouth. You suspect he’s just dipped it in the flour. You can’t help the smile that pulls at your lips again, or the memory of how his skin tasted. Thankfully you don’t think he’s noticed you peering at him, because he keeps talking. “I guess I like grilling best. It’s pretty quick, and you get to watch the whole thing. It’s not like baking. That’s frustrating.”
“I don’t have the patience for baking either,” you say, resting your hip against the island as you watch Beel begin to crack eggs into his bowl. “One wrong measurement and the whole thing is ruined. Oh, hang on, you’ve got an eggshell in your batter.” You reach over, plucking the tiny fragment of shell out and wiping it on a teatowel.
“Sorry,” he mumbles.
“It’s completely fine, it happens. That looks good, now just stir it all together.”
“Is it supposed to be kind of... runny?”
“Sure,” you say, carrying over the bowls of vegetables, “if it’s too thick, it won’t cook through properly. Here,” you reach into the bowl, transferring handfuls of cabbage and yam into the batter. “Make sure the vegetables get well coated. I’m going to take the fish out.”
“Thank you for letting me help,” he says.
“What do you mean?” you ask, sliding protective mitts over your hands before opening the oven. It smells incredible, and your stomach rumbles. Normally you’d cut off a big chunk and snack on it while you finished cooking-- Levi had usually wandered off by this point in the process-- but you’re acutely aware that it’s not Levi standing behind you.
“Well, usually my cooking partner is Lucifer. He likes things the way he likes them. And...” he trails off, bringing the batter over to the stove. He looks a little dazed, eyes locked on the pan of cod. “That smells incredible.”
“Thanks. I hope it tastes as good as it smells. Wait- no!” Your warning comes too late, he’s already reached out to pinch off a corner of the flakey flesh. He hisses in pain, pulling his fingers back, shaking them vigorously.
“That’s another reason he doesn’t like me in the kitchen with him,” he says bashfully.
“Come here,” you say, taking his other hand and leading him across the room to the faucet. You turn the cold tap on and test it with your own hand before taking his injured one and running it under the chilly water. “Is that better?”
“Yeah, thanks,” he mumbles, cheeks pinker than his fingers. “I have a hard time controlling myself. It’s like I know better, but I forget when there’s food around.”
You chuckle, rotating his hand under the stream. “I get that. Normally I snack while I cook. I don’t like waiting either. Then I end up eating way more than I should.”
He nods along with your words. “I do the same thing. There’s this one soup that Belphie really loves, but every time I try to make it for him, I end up eating it all before it’s ready and have to start all over again.”
“It’s the thought that counts,” you say, turning the tap off. You gently dab his hand dry with a clean teatowel. “I’m going to go get the first aid kit from my bathroom. I’ll be right back.”
“No, wait,” he says, catching your arm as you turn away from him. “Stay here with me.”
“But your fingers-”
“Already feel much better,” he says, drawing you back to him. Now his eyes are glazed with something other than hunger. He cuts off your protest with a kiss. His lips are so soft and warm; you melt right into him. When your lips move against his he scoops you up in his arms, sitting you on the counter, bringing your face level with his. “I missed you,” he whispers, pulling back to kiss your nose.
“I missed you too,” you whisper back, resting one leg on either side of his hips. You wrap your arms around his neck and your mouth back to his. His hands find your waist and he holds you tight as your tongues explore each other’s mouths. You hadn’t realized how badly you’d wanted to touch him these past few days, and now that you are you can’t get enough. Your hands find their way under the collar of his jacket, fingers running over his broad shoulders. You’re in the process of sliding his jacket down his arms when a familiar voice cuts through your haze.
“- getting hungry, do you need any help in- oh.” Breaking apart, you look to the source of the interruption to find Satan standing in the doorway, one hand on his hip and a smirk on his face. “So dinner will be quite late, then.” he says.
“Beel burned his finger,” you blurt.
“Uh-huh,” Satan nods. “And to sooth it he had to stick his tongue down your thro-”
“Get out,” Beel yells, seizing a nearby piece of fruit and throwing it in his brother’s general direction.
Satan steps to the side, smoothly avoiding it. He chuckles. “I’ll tell the others dinner will be a bit late.”
Face absolutely on fire, you hop off of the counter and cross back to the stove. “I’ll just heat up some oil,” you say.
Beel follows after a moment, resting his hands on your hips as you begin cooking the pancakes. “Can we finish that kiss after dinner?” he asks
It takes all your willpower to continue spooning batter in the pan. You don’t trust your voice, so you just nod.
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bravefire · 3 days ago
Feel your words
Chapter 2 of 8
Summary: Beel feels very bad for what happened. He missed both MC and Luke, so he decides to make it up to them before the guilt takes over
Trigger Warnings: Past bullying, implied eating issues, angst, Beel feels very guilty and sad, serious conversation, a reference to a later chapter, and Luke being sad in his room for two seconds
I've decided these following chapters will be all the boys apologising and Luke tries to cope with his own feelings and MC kicks ass and sticks up for him. This is probably the fluffiest chapter you'll get because were going from easiest to most difficult to forgive. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Beel nearly choked on his food when he heard a sob escape from Luke. He had already eaten the majority of contents within the fridge before he turned around to face the scene in front of him. 
The brothers stood in shock for a moment, staring at Luke as he desperately tried to hide his face through the tears. The young angel's shaking making Beel's heart sink within an instant.
Beel still stood frozen in panic, even as he began to hear laughter coming from some of his brothers. He truly hadn't thought that had pushed the child that far.. or, more accurately, he hadn't paid enough attention to see that they had pushed him too far.
He felt guilty already.. His hunger had distracted him from helping his friend. And now he we just standing there as everyone-! 
Why was he just standing there?
Quickly snapped out of his thoughts he was thrown back into the chaos of the scene. He dropped whatever he had in his hands and rushed over to the still crying child.
"Oh no- Luke we really didn't mean it! Look I'll be nicer, I really never wanted to make you upset... Luke I'm so sorr-"
He missed MC. He wanted to hear MC's voice and rest his head on their shoulder while he ate. He held them in the high regards of one of the few people who made him feel full on the inside and the knowledge that they were so upset at him tore a hole through his body. 
He was cut off as MC walked into the room.
It had been three days since the incident.. MC had been staying with the angels and Solomon, sometimes even staying with Barbatos and Diavolo, but they never came back home... He had already switched through stress eating, to being too upset to eat, that then back to stress eating again. The house was running out of food quick and Beel was starting to get sick to his stomach..
Not only that, but it was also fair to say that he missed Luke a fair amount aswell. Luke was a nice kid, he made tasty treats, and Beel just couldn't get the image of how frightened he looked out of his head..
He took to the gym to try to work through his thoughts. Beginning to lift a rather hefty weight, he ran through his options.. 
He wanted to apologize. He felt like he owed it to them, but he didn't know how he could.
What if he showed up uninvited and got rejected?
What if seeing him only made MC even angrier?
What if it only dug up painful memories for Luke?
Beel let out an exhausted sigh and put his weights down, just trying to think. Guilt ate him up from the inside; it was making him really hungry... But then again, every time he thought of the cupcakes Luke left on the counter, he lost his appetite. It was getting to be a tiresome cycle and he wished it would stop...
He looked down at his D.D.D, scrolling through his DevilEats app to order a few things, when he suddenly got an idea. 
Quickly returning to his homepage, he went to his contents, hovering his thumb over MC's icon.
His hands shook slightly. What would he even type? Before he could make a decision, given that he had big hands, his shaky thumb hit the button before he could make up his mind.
He took that as a sign that perhaps he should just give it a shot..
He began to message them, typing 
"Hello MC... I really feel bad about what happened.. And I miss you a lot. If you're okay with it, can I come to wherever you and Luke are and say sorry?"
Beel gave the screen puppy eyes as he waited for a response, anxious of what was to come. He was wondering what was taking MC so long to respond, but as soon as they started typing back he'd almost wished they had left him on read longer.
He almost bit his bottom lip in anticipation before remembering what happened the last time he'd done that and quickly stopped himself just in time for MC's message to send.
He read over it carefully, nervous that MC would be cross with him again. But to his slight surprise the message read calmly.
"Okay Beel. I'm staying with the angels and Solomon right now, you can come over and we can talk."
Instantly the avatar of gluttony stood up and rushed to his room. He changed out of his gym clothing, tugging on a new shirt after throwing his tank top in the laundry basket, before passing through the kitchen briefly to grab a quick snack.
He wanted to show MC that he was on his best behavior, and he knew very well how distracted he could get when he was hungry..
He walked to where MC said they were, his mind full of worry and his stomach full of food, or, as full as Beel could be. He knocked on the door, and waited patiently to be allowed in the house.
Solomon opened the door, looking a bit shocked to see Beel standing at the entrance.
"Oh.. Beel, you're here?"
He said, almost as if it was a question. He must have heard of what happened.. or at the very least that the brothers were no longer in MC's good graces. He quickly clarified
"MC invited me over-! They said it was okay, I'm just here to talk.." Beel pouted slightly, not used to being in an unfavorable position when it came to his favorite human.
Solomon nodded a bit awkwardly, stepping aside and letting Beel in. "They're in the first guest bedroom down that hall.." He directed, unsure of how to respond to this interaction.
Beel quickly thanked him and approached the door, taking one last deep breath before knocking on the door.
There was no more than a moment of uncertain silence before MC's voice rang through clearly.
"Come in Beel.."
Beel followed those instructions swiftly. He turned the knob and opened the door, only to see MC's eyes already set on where he stood in the doorway. 
There was a moment of stunned silence and Beel realized he didn't think about exactly what he would do once he got here. Words were never exactly his best tool..
He bowed his head slightly, a guilty look on his face.
"I'm really sorry..." He said, that having been the only thing to come into his mind.
He heard MC sigh quietly before they spoke up aswell.
"I know you are.. Come inside and close the door, I'd like to talk to you.."
Beel didn't hesitate to shuffle in the door. MC was sitting on the edge of their bed. They patted the space next to them, inviting Beel to sit down. The bed shifted under his weight.
MC sighed quietly. "Beel..." The demons gaze shifted from his feet to MC upon hearing his name.
"I understand that you did not want to hurt Luke. You're a very sweet guy and you're very susceptible to guilt. I know that you and him are actually somewhat close... But that's one of the reasons it hurt so much that you didn't say anything."
MC could feel the guilt in his eyes. It was difficult to scold someone you knew was genuinely sorry, but they knew Beel needed to hear this.
"Luke thinks you're the nicest of all your brothers. He may not trust demons but.. he's just scared.. He is only a child Beel. You know he was incapable of taking that mistreatment. Anyone would be at his age."
Beel simply bowed his head once more, nodding. He did not want to make MC feel as though he wasn't paying attention, but he felt quite ashamed of himself. He flinched as MC put their hand on his shoulder, though it was gentle.
Their eyes seemed unfocused as they looked to the demon. He furrowed his brows in worry, just about to check on them when they began to speak again.
"I know how it feels to be bullied at such a young age... and you've confessed to me that you've been through something similar.. around his age. Adults have a lot of influence over children.. So you have to show him that he can trust you."
Silence filled the room. It was unclear to both if the other was comfortable in that silence, but it was there nonetheless. Beels voice broke through this stillness.
"I need to apologize to Luke.."
MC smiled slightly, nodding at Beels words.
"Does he even want to see me?.." Beel asked, looking to the human with the same big, guilty eyes that he had carried into the room.
Luke sat in his room, focusing on his school work and attempting to get his writing done. The room was still, quiet, and honestly a bit dull, before he heard a knock on his door.
"Well.." MC sighed, gently holding his cheek to soothe him. "There's only one way to find out.."
"MC? If it's you, you can just come in."
He said, not looking up from his desk as he continued to work. There was a still silence and a hitched breath from outside the door. 
"No.. It's not MC.."
Luke paused involuntarily, setting down his quill next to his half-finished paper. For a moment both boys were silent. Beel waited quietly,anxious as if he had already failed, while Luke just silently waited to get his words out. 
"What do you want, demon?"
It wasn't exactly what Luke wanted to say, but those were the words that made their way out of his mouth.
"I came here to apologize.. I can go away if you want me to.."
There was yet another shared silence. Beel was just about to turn away before he heard footsteps approaching the door. Luke cracked the door open, peering up at Beel through the door, surprised to see him with his arms full of baking supplies.
"I'm really sorry Luke.. I wasn't trying to be mean. I wasn't thinking of how me and my brothers were effecting you and I should have stepped in. You are a very nice young angel and I never wanted to make you feel bad..."
He looked down to Luke with big pleading eyes as the child opened up the door fully. Luke was still staring silently at the baking supplies. Beel took a moment to catch on but once he did he quickly explained.
"I bought these for you. I thought maybe we could do baking.. to make it up to you. We can invite MC, they're good at making me not eat the batter.."
They stared at each other for a moment, before Luke could be heard quietly responding.
"Yeah... we can go baking. We should probably invite MC though, I'd like to get the cupcakes in the oven."
Beelzebub was shocked for a moment at Luke's response, before he smiled brightly, processing the forgiveness. It finally felt like the weight of guilt had been lifted off of his shoulders, and he hoped that this meant both MC and Luke were no longer upset at him.
As they began to walk to the kitchen, Beel commented.
"We probably should call MC now.. I ate some sugar on the way here, I was hungry.."
"Why are ya back so late?" Mammon asked from the couch.
Luke sighed, still smiling slightly. "Silly Demon.."
He felt the room pause, until Belphegor asked "Are they finally over the teasing thing? It was dumb of them to get mad about it.."
The brothers were gathered around in the common room, playfully bickering as usual when Beel arrived home. He hesitated to respond, unsure of how his brothers would react, but directly put, stated.
"I was with MC and Luke.. We were baking."
Beel swallowed hard. He looked down to his feel for a moment, before looking up, now with a noticeably more serious expression.
"I apologized.. what happened with Luke is wrong.. And MC actually told me to tell you all something too."
A silent shock fell over a few of the brothers, and after a moment, Lucifer stood to ask,
"And what message would that be?"
Beel responded without hesitation,
"They will not return until all of us have made things right."
(Tags: @ricemp4 @rainbowcaterpillarlucy @crystal-freak24 @o-o-l-o-n-g @simeons-muse @ivoryclive @yothatsimp @averyaviary @greenlit-mess @gallantys @secretdiplomatspyknight @kaijindesu100 @blessyblade8 @bucky-is-a-gift @royalelusts @gojochan @dragonromes if you'd liked to be tagged in the next update, just comment)
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mhafanatic07 · 3 days ago
The Sun Can Also Burn                                 Part 2
TW: Stalking, Obsessive and manipulative behavior, sexual harassment, brief scenes of violence, descriptions of a panic attack, also in this AU Eri learned how to control her quirk and was able to give Mirio his quirk back, when ever a person is speaking it will have these ( “ ), whenever the narrator speaks it will be in bold ex: She spoke, whenever someone is thinking it will be in their POV and will be regular text, if some one is talking over the phone it will be in these (), and this story  will also be an omega-verse AU if you are uncomfortable with any of these  please do not continue to read.   Part 1 > here!
As Tamaki awoke the next morning he checked his phone only to see multiple text from Mirio most of which were the regular good morning texts that he had always received but one in particular stood out to him “You really should go to bed earlier Tama it isn’t healthy for you to stay up so late and then get up so early!” Tamaki then got the same sickening feeling after reading the message but then quickly brushed it off as he knew Mirio the literal personification of the sun could never be the one responsible for these months of constant anxiety or at least that is what he convinced himself to believe.
                                                 Tamaki’s POV:
I shouldn’t over think the message Mirio is just naturally a caring person and he knows me as well as i know him so he probably just guessed that i went to bed late last night and i always get up around the same time anyways so he was just being considerate right? Little did Tamaki know that he knew very little of his best friends true behavior Oh Mirio is calling “hey Mirio” (Ah good morning Tama how did you sleep?) “I-I slept fine” (I see then how about i come and get you in a few minutes so we can go out and enjoy ourselves today?) “S-Sure thing Mirio I’ll get changed” (Or you could just wear your pajamas you look adorable in them) “W-What?!” Tamaki then felt a burning blush rush to his face and ears as he quickly turned towards a wall out of pure instinct (Haha I’m only kidding Tama! but if you do want to go in your pajamas i will gladly join you!) “N-No I’m going to change Mirio I’ll see you in a few” (Alrighty then Tama I’ll see you in just a minute) When Tamaki was finished changing he told his mothers that he would be hanging out with Mirio that day “Oh~ Mirio huh? you know sweetie I’ve been wondering when your ever going to just tell him you like him or have you two already began planning the wedding?” Tamaki’s alpha mother teased as poor Tamaki turned as red a tomato “M-Mom!! No and w-why would you ask such a thing i-i mean m-marrying him?! W-We aren’t even dating!” “Tani! leave our poor boy alone besides Mirio would have told us already if they were dating much less engaged if Tamaki was too shy to!” Tamaki’s omegan mother scolded her wife as she lightly hit her on the arm “M-Mama m-mom please stop...” Tamaki argued weakly as the door bell then rang as Tamaki answered Mirio stepped in and happily greeted the Amajiki’s “Hello Mrs Tani hello Mrs Naji!” “Hello there Mirio how have you been dear we haven’t seen much of you sense U.A put in the dorms! And we got so worried after your father told us what had happened with the whole Yakuza incident” “Oh I’ve been just fine and i got my quirk back thanks to the little girl named Eri so there is nothing to worry about Mrs Naji” “well that is a relief and Mirio dear please you don’t have to use the whole Mrs nonsense we have known you for the past decade” “Haha of course Naji i guess some old habits never die” “well that must be true because Tamaki over here has yet to- MMHF” Tani was then cut off by her wife quickly shoving a pillow into her face and pushing her into the couch “w-well w-we are going to go now bye mom bye mama” Tamaki said quickly as he then pushed Mirio out of the front door and closing but not before hearing Tani yell “One of you better do it or i will!!” “what does your mom mean by that Tama?” Mirio asked slyly as he leaned a bit closer to Tamaki’s ear with a smirk plastered his face as he took notice of how Tamaki’s body shuddered in return with a bright read blush across his cheeks and on the tips of his ears “N-Nothing sh-she meant nothing l-lets just go maybe get some breakfast?” “sounds good to me Tama!” As Tamaki and Mirio left the cafe where they ate breakfast they began to walk to the park though Tamaki couldn’t stop thinking about that morning and how that sickening feeling resurfaced after he received the message from Mirio “Hey Tama you okay there?” “Y-Yeah I-I’m fine but Mirio can i ask you something” “Sure Tama ask away” “h-how did you know i stayed up late last night?” “Oh well Tama you do the same thing whenever you get overly anxious and i just know you better than anyone else so I was sure i was right!” “O-Oh okay” “But now its your turn to tell me something” “A-Alright what do you want to know?” “What was your mom talking about this morning when we left and she yelled “One of you better do it or i will” Tama” Tamaki’s face then immediately went to a dark shade of red as he debated if he should try and morph into a wall “W-Well i-i sh-she m-meant th-that-” Tamaki was then interrupted when a loud voice echoed towards the two “Damn nice body you got there baby mind showing me?”
                                                        Mirio’s POV:
What the hell did that guy just say?! I know damn good and well he wasn’t talking to Tama “W-What? M-Mirio is h-he-” “Oh come on now baby don’t be shy besides I’m sure i could show you a much better time than this guy” The stranger said proudly as he walked closer to Tamaki and Mirio but before he could get within 5 feet of Tamaki Mirio stepped in front of him as he released very angry and very dominant pheromones that made the man falter ever so slightly “I suggest you leave now because i know good and well that he doesn’t want to be any where near you and i personally don’t want you anywhere near MY mate” “oh really “your” mate well are you sure about that because hes an unmarked omega its clear as day from his scent and-” “LEAVE NOW” Mirio then shouted angrily as his and the other alphas pheromones began to mix together creating a suffocating scent of dominance, alphan rage and challenge in the air in which it began to choke Tamaki as he coughed and gasped for fresh air while he tried to keep his grip on the back of Mirio’s shirt though Mirio immediately took noticed of Tamaki’s distress which caused him to weaken his scent and look back at Tamaki to insure that he was alright but then the other alpha took this as a chance to catch Mirio off guard as he then punched Mirio in the jaw successfully making him stumble a moment to recollect himself as the alpha then grabbed Tamaki and began trying to drag him away with him into a dark alleyway “LET ME GO YOU CREEP” Tamaki shouted as he released distressed and angry pheromones much to the alphas displeasure as he roughly shoved him into a wall and began to choke him while releasing angry and dominant pheromones in which with every breath that Tamaki was able to struggle to breathe in he would only choke on the alphas scent, then Tamaki felt the alphas free hand moving under his shirt causing Tamaki to go into a panic while he tried to kick and punch at the alpha his vision was going dark and with having eaten so little that day and with the lack of oxygen that caused him to barely be able to focus on the alpha above him his quirk was rendered quite useless in this situation as he felt tears start to cascade down his face then all of a sudden he felt the alphas hands be ripped from his throat and from under his shirt as he slid down the wall onto the ground as he tried to regain his breathing he saw Mirio holding the man by his neck while his feet dangled a foot or two from the ground he then buried his head into his knees as he tried to stop the horrible ringing in his ears while his breathing was shallow and labored, he then slowly looked up only to see Mirio punching the man repeatedly with a horrifying and unreadable expression on his face while the man looked horribly bloody and unconscious Tamaki then quickly reburied his head into his knees as he screwed his eyes shut and just tried to regain control of his breathing he then felt a gentle hand be placed on this shoulder as he quickly looked up he saw Mirio with a sympathetic look on his face much different than the look he saw only moment before as he then helped Tamaki up and began walking him out of the alleyway while making sure he didn’t look back and see the now bloody, bruised, and broken body of the man laying unconscious on the ground behind them they both walked silently the rest of the way to the park but Mirio’s grip around Tamaki’s shoulders and around his hips never faltered even for a moment and finally when they sat down at a bench underneath a willow that shielded them from anyone that may be passing by. “Are you okay Tamaki?” I hated that Tama had to see me like that but I couldn’t let that disgusting bastard get away with what he had tried to do to MY Tamaki though he better be grateful that Tamaki was there or, today would’ve been his last. “I-I....I-I’m o-okay Mi-Mirio b-but w-what happened back th-there why did you-” “Tamaki don’t you dare ask why i did that for you!!” Mirio slightly raised his voice as he grabbed Tamaki’s face in his hands has he pulled his face up to look at him “I know exactly what that man was thinking of doing to you and i can never forgive someone for thinking such things of you let alone touching and hurting you in such a way!” Mirio said with a small flame still burning inside of him that had yet to be extinguished due to the fact he couldn’t make 100% sure that that man would never harm Tamaki in any way ever again “b-but why d-did you call m-me y-your mate?” “Because Tama from the day i first saw you i knew you were special and when we presented in first year i knew right then and there that you were always meant to be mine Tama” “W-Wh-What b-but y-you...” Tamaki trailed off as his face grew hotter by the second until he looked like a tomato You’ve always been so cute Tama just like you’ve always have been MINE “Tamaki i know you better than anyone else in this entire world and I know I’m the only one who could ever protect you at all times from someone like THAT” “M-Mirio I-I..” “Tamaki you know how much i love you right and that i would do anything at all for you so please say that you’ll be my mate” “Y-You r-really w-wa-want me to be your m-mate?” “YES more than anything Tama! Besides I’ll be so sad if you aren’t my mate sunshine....Your my whole world” Tamaki could feel himself somehow become even hotter and despite this being the very things from his dreams he couldn’t stop the small red flags that were going off in the back of his head though he once again chose to ignore them as he blamed it on the fiasco that had happened not even an hour ago “Please Tama please be mine i can’t imagine a world without you with me sunshine i love you so much so be my mate Tama don’t you want this too?” Mirio said as he moved one of his hand to grab tightly around Tamaki’s waist while the other gently rubbed his tear stained cheek “I-I...Y-Yes i want to b-be your m-mate M-Mirio” Mirio’s mood then immediately changed as he wrapped both arms around Tamaki’s waist as he pulled Tamaki onto his lap to where Tamaki was straddling him causing Tamaki to let out a shriek at the quick movement as Mirio then pulled him into a deep kiss that caused Tamaki to flinch slightly but then easily melt into it and as they came up for air Mirio had a wide and happy smile on his face while Tamaki had a smaller smile resting on his lips while his eyes showed that he was in a complete daze so adorable my adorable mate “Tamaki can i mark you please” “m-mark me? a-are you s-sure Mirio i-i don’t want you to-” “I’m completely sure Tamaki besides this will show other that your MY mate and it will keep other alphas like HIM away from you” “th-then y-yes you can i want y-you to please” Tamaki then said timidly as Mirio smile and eyes turned to something darker than that of what they were before instead of a sweet and happy aura his now only showed a sense of possessiveness and obsession “Well then i gladly will my sunshine” as Mirio sunk his teeth into Tamaki’s scent glad he could already smell their scents mixing together and a sense of pride washed over Miro over the fact that now all those months of watching and all those years of pining had been paid off with one simple fact
Tamaki was now his and his alone and he would be damned if anyone would ever take away his omega from him
                     “My beautiful sunshine all mine”
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meltwonu · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
|     𝖓𝖊𝖔𝖓 𝖉𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒     |     CHAPTER 2
pairing; camboy!seokmin x female!reader
this chapter’s notes; camboy!seokmin, university!au, the tiniest hint of softdom!seokmin, masturbation, sex toys, dirty talk, sending of sexual audio messages!!??!? 🥴 Welcome to ch 2 of neon dream! Will Seokmin finally break out of his shell!?! Tune in to find out hehe~ 😉 Also, thank you so much for all the interest in chapter one! It really means so much to me! 😭💕I’m not too sure how many chapters this’ll be but guess we’ll just have to see huh? Heh~ 😗 For now, enjoy ch 2 and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow to catch up with msgs again! Have a good rest of your day and remember that I love you~! 💕
*sorry this went up a hr late, I'm still trying to figure out what’s goin on with the water in my apartment ☠️
chapters; 1 - 2 - ?
Tumblr media
Seokmin can barely sit still in his Monday morning lecture - too scared that somehow he’s already been found out despite not a single person even hearing more than 15 words coming out of his mouth during his livestream.
“Hyung! Hyung!!”
A hand waves in front of his face as he shakes himself from his thoughts; his hand clutching onto the strap of his bookbag for dear life as Chan’s brows furrow.
How long he’d been standing in the same spot in the lecture hall just staring off into space, he had no clue.
“Are you okay? You’re weirdly quiet today and it’s freaking me out.” The younger male comments.
“Huh? Yeah, it’s just been a weird weekend, is all. I--um, requested more hours at work so…” Seokmin trails off, knowing that Chan knew about his recent desire to take Jihoon’s expensive vocal lessons.
“Oh, shit, that’s right. Do you know if you’ll get them?”
Seokmin laughs nervously, ‘Not if I keep fuckin’ it up’, he thinks to himself.
Once he’d finished having his panic session after ending his stream, he’d been too embarrassed to reply to the message he’d gotten and so he left it alone - choosing to forget about the entire thing until Jihoon had approached him earlier in the day.
‘Don’t forget, I need the deposit before Friday if you wanna start your lessons soon,’ the older male had said.
It’d sent Seokmin into a cold sweat - sure, he had the money for the deposit, but he was already scrambling to keep up with the future payments and he hadn’t even technically started any lessons, much less agreed to them.
But he nodded, a small, ‘Yeah, don’t worry! I’ll have the deposit by then!’ tumbling from his numb lips as Jihoon turned to walk away.
In the present time, Seokmin chuckles nervously as he readjusts his denim jacket before he gestures to Chan to leave the aisle first.
“Um, I’m gonna speak to my manager at some point tomorrow and, uh, see what they can do about getting me more hours or at least start paying me more or something.”
Chan lets out a sigh before going in to pat Seokmin on the shoulder reassuringly.
“I’m sure you’ll get paid, hyung. You’re a hard worker and deserve to be compensated for your efforts.”
Seokmin mentally screams; lips easing into a shaky smile.
“I hope so.”
Tumblr media
The second the door closes to his apartment is the second Seokmin lets out a panicked noise - toeing off his shoes and throwing his book bag onto the closest flat surface before shuffling to his computer.
He doesn’t really know where to begin, again, and just simmers in his own panicked thoughts for a moment before he loads up the camming website and logs in.
What do I even do, he thinks - palms sweaty on the computer mouse and keyboard as he searches for answers that don’t seem to come.
If he was lucky, he could at least make a few extra dollars and from what he’d seen, even the smaller channels managed to rake in a few donations here and there despite being amateurs.
“God, what the fuck. Should I just be a sperm donor?” Muttering, he scrolls his homepage - nothing new in the notifications tab other than the singular follow he’d gotten.
His shaky pupils linger a little longer on the days old notification as he bites his bottom lip.
Whoever ‘b@d_dream’ was seemed to know at least a thing or two about the camming website and seemed to be enough of a regular to have an actual username and not just an anonymous one.
Weighing his options, he decides it’s worth a shot - fingertips flying across the keyboard before hitting the ‘send’ button before he starts to think twice.
‘Hey! Thanks for the follow! I really appreciate it as someone new to this site. I had a few questions as a beginner, if I’m being honest. And if you were free, I’d love to chat? I could use some help.
- Dokyeom’
Tumblr media
The notification email catches you off guard as you raise a brow - up to your shoulders in classwork when you’d receive it.
You decide to take a break from the work to log into the camming website to entertain the message instead.
Admittedly, you weren’t always on the camming website; just once in a while to relieve some tension or pass some boredom when you had the free time.
But a lot of the streams had gotten repetitive to you and so Dokyeom’s tiny thumbnail that had read ‘Audio Only’ piqued your interest - up until he ended the stream after only a few minutes.
You thought it was cute; his shyness making you giggle from behind the screen.
And he did have a nice and somewhat familiar voice that had you clicking the ‘Follow’ button in hopes of him not deleting his channel before you could find out more about him.
‘I’m free whenever, just shoot your questions over. :)’
Tumblr media
dokyeom: do you think it’s easy being on this website?
b@d_dream: nope, not at all, it probably takes a lot of guts to be on here tbh
dokyeom: what do people like to see?
b@d_dream: what don’t they like to see lol you can sell anything on here
dokyeom: is there anything that’s more popular than others?
b@d_dream: it really just depends on what you’re into
dokyeom: and what are you into?
You talk to Dokyeom a little longer - him telling you his struggles to make ends meet before you tell him you need to get back to work and he thanks you and lets you go, but not before asking you if it’d be okay to talk again the next night.
You agree.
Tumblr media
“Seokmin-hyung, did your manager end up giving you the extra hours?”
This time, his smile is a little less nervous.
“I think so!”
Tumblr media
The next night you make sure to be done with your classwork before the sun is even completely down - just in case Dokyeom decides to message you sooner than later.
It takes a good, few hours before he does.
dokyeom: hey, sorry, I was at work. I should’ve given you a time so you didn’t wait!
b@d_dream: it’s okay! I don’t mind :)
He’s surprisingly very friendly and makes sure to ask about your day, groaning over the stress of university classes with you before he detours and starts asking his questions again.
dokyeom: i don’t know, i just feel like I don’t know what people want to hear? I guess... people say my voice is nice but I'm a little awkward I guess lol
b@d_dream: don’t you watch porn?
dokyeom: well… yeah but is that what people want to hear?
b@d_dream: depends on if you can sell it well haha
dokyeom: if i send you some test audio clips… can you critique them? I really hate to ask but I’m really struggling here lol
You raise a brow; fingertips hovering over your keyboard.
Why were you being so friendly again?
b@d_dream: sure why not
Tumblr media
‘Ah, you really like it when I touch you there, hmm?’
‘Mm, thrust that toy into your pretty cunt like you’re fucking yourself on my cock…’
A thrum of arousal pours down your body, brows furrowed at the voice that floats through your headphones.
‘Such a good girl for me… Why don’t you add another finger, huh? I know your pretty ‘lil cunt can take it.’
Dokyeom’s voice is smooth and honey-like - pitched a little lower as he whispers into the mic.
‘That’s right, nice and slow, sweetheart… You know I like it when you move slow for me…’
You can’t help but rub your thighs together as you start to get aroused by his voice; biting your bottom lip before clicking on the last voice message he’d sent.
‘You take my cock so well… Your pussy is stretched around me so tightly… I can fuck you all night, sweetheart…’’
You let go of a shaky breath you didn’t realize you were holding - sweaty hand gripping onto the computer mouse for dear life as your left hand sneaks into your lap.
Would it be wrong?
Letting out a tiny squeak, you let your fingers glide over your panty-clad mound as you bite your lip again; shivers rolling down your spine when you realize you’re wet.
But the notification that pops up on your screen has you retracting your hand in a flash - harsh breaths making your chest rise and fall as you click on it.
dokyeom: how were they? Bad? 😭
Tumblr media
You can’t help it.
‘You take my cock so well…’
You press the vibrator against your clit; legs up on the armrests of your computer chair as you get off to Dokyeom’s audio messages.
Was it a mistake?
‘...I can fuck you all night, sweetheart…’
You scissor two fingers knuckle deep inside yourself - letting the audio video loop in a cycle as you get off to them. 
He said everything in a drawl; dragging out certain words that had your toes curling in the air as you only pressed the toy harder against your clit. 
Dokyeom definitely had the talent - he was just shy. 
Tumblr media
b@d_dream: they’re not bad honestly 
dokyeom: really? they’re not cheesy? I watched some videos to get inspiration but I dunno... I'm so awkward lol
b@d_dream: why did you decide on camming like this anyway? couldn’t you have picked something... different lol you have such a nice voice? why not voice acting or singing?
dokyeom: I just wanted to challenge myself I guess? and trying to find a place to hire me takes weeks when I could just make an account on here by myself and at least be my own boss or something 
b@d_dream: true... 
Tumblr media
‘...Why don’t you add another finger, huh?...’ 
You curl your fingers right into your g-spot; breathy moans on your lips as you get closer and closer to an orgasm. 
There’s a part of you that feels bad for taking his clips and using them like this but you figured as long as he didn’t find out - this would be the only time before you deleted them off of your computer. 
‘...You know I like it when you move slow for me...’
Your breath stutters as your orgasm crests; thighs shaking over the armrests of your computer chair as soft hurried whines spill from your lips. You keep the toy pressed to your clit as you continue to thrust your fingers into your cunt - Dokyeom’s audio clips continuing to loop in your headphones and aide you in riding out your pleasure.
If he could get past his initial awkwardness, you knew he could make some serious money and gain a lot of followers if he kept at it; somehow, he seemed like a natural when it came to it. 
“Fuck...” Whispering, you slump further against the chair before you turn off the toy and toss it onto the computer table next to your classwork. 
The time reads 3:33AM on the computer screen as you mutter a series of curse words - you were severely behind on work and you had your theatre class in the morning. 
Tumblr media
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noonaishere · 4 days ago
Work of Art [J.JH] - nine | dump out your bag
“Anna!” You shouted as you jogged over. 
She turned. “Heyyyyy! Nothing to say about all the shit I told you about my date?”
“I’ll have an opinion once you tell me about it, you turd.”
Anna pretended to be offended for a moment as the two of you walked into the campus café. 
“Did you send me a message about it?”
“I sent you several, my good dude. I’m a little pissed you didn’t read any of them.”
“Like I said several times in the group chat, I was in class.” 
The two of you paused your conversation so you could order your drinks and food.
“I’ll get a seat,” Anna said and left. You watched her sit near the window and turned back to wait for your food.
Tray with food and drinks in hand, you wove through the crowd around the counter and made your way to the table she picked. “Nice call on the getting a seat, it’s packed in here now.”
“I realized it was lunch as we were standing in line,” she laughed. “Now read my fucking messages, goddamnit.”
You laughed and reached into your coat pocket for your phone. It wasn’t there. You reached into the other pocket. Not there either. Trying not to panic, you reached into your bag. Past the point of panicking, you started feeling around in every pocket of your bag, wondering where it could be.
“Uh oh,” Anna said as she pulled her drink away from her mouth with wide eyes.
“Ican’tfindmyfuckingphone,” you mumbled as you kept looking.
Anna watched you with a look of pain on her face.
“Fuck. Fuck. *Fuck.*” You whispered as you kept looking. 
“Dump it out.”
You looked at Anna for a moment before she moved the tray of food and you upended your bag onto the café table. 
Everyone turned to look at the noise.
“This can *not* be happening. I can’t fucking afford a new phone right now and I didn’t save all the contacts to the sim card-- that doesn’t even matter because I have no fucking contacts because there’s no sim card, because there’s no phone. *Fuck.*”
Anna’s phone buzzed and she looked at the screen before answering it. “Hi, Eunji, can I call you back? Y/n lost her phone and she’s look-- someone found it?”
You looked at Anna frantically. “Are you serious? Is she serious?”
Anna nodded and waved at you to calm down. “Oh, someone in class found it and picked it up.” 
You heaved a sigh and looked at all your shit spread out on the café table and started putting it away.
“Yeah, send me his number and we’ll give him a call. Thank you so much, you’re a gem. Y/n says thank you too--”
“Thank you, Eunji,” you sang towards the phone so she could hear.
“Bye bye.”
You sighed again. 
Anna sighed with you as she waited for the text. “You need some help?” She chuckled at the contents of your bag.
You nodded, feeling tired from the adrenaline rush of thinking you had lost basically *everything*.
Anna’s phone buzzed again and she looked at it. “Here, you talk to the guy, I’ll clean this.”
“You sure?--” you tried to ask as Anna shoved her phone into your hand and the person on the other end of the number picked up. 
“Uhh… hello?”
“Hello? Who’s this?”
“Y/n. I was told you have my phone?”
“I do. I’m glad Eunji could get in touch with you.”
“Are you still on campus?” You asked *really* hoping he didn’t do something like leave early with your phone in his possession.
“I am. Where are you? I’ll bring it to you.”
“I didn’t say I was on campus.”
“...Why would you ask, otherwise?”
You thought for a moment. “True. Sorry, I was just panicking because I thought all my contacts and info and everything was gone and my brain isn’t working right.”
He laughed. He had a deep, smooth laugh. “Don’t worry about it, I’d freak out too if I suddenly found everything missing.
You nodded, not like he could see you.
Anna looked up from cleaning up your mess.
“So, where are you? I’m with a friend but he doesn’t mind if we make a detour.”
“We’re at that café on campus. The one that’s pretty close to the Engineering building?”
“Ooh, you’re way out. Okay, we’ll be over in a few minutes.”
“We’ll wait outside for you guys.”
“Alright. See you then.” You hung up and handed Anna’s phone back to her. She took it and you finished putting your stuff in your bag.
“We’re heading outside?”
“Yeah, I don’t want to inconvenience him anymore than I already have by making him walk all the way over here.” 
Anna nodded. “Let’s take our food out with us then.”
Tumblr media
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Tag list: @tansyfleurwhisper​
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Hi! I'm the one in recovery who went swimming in a bathing suit. I've gone every day since and honestly... I've only been feeling better. Every now and then, I get a twinge of guilt and panic, but I often check out your art and I relate to it and feel better. I've had a lot of really good food and I've been spending so much time in the sun! I'm actually about to buy a few of your stickers so I can put them on my mirror~ Thank you for your blog. Also, thank you for showing me that fish doodle on my last ask. That made me grin so much! Finding things to smile about are super important when healing, I think. So I hope you get to smile a whole lot!
I am so, so happy to hear this! Please keep treating yourself well, it sounds like you are having an awesome start to summer.
Remember that guilt and panic or normal as we change our behavior. Just tell diet culture to eff off, that you deserve to wear what you want, eat what you want, and enjoy every second of this life! This ain’t a dress rehearsal.
Sending you so much love. I hope I adequately expressed how grateful I am for you and your messages. You’re really such a light in my world.🖤
Tumblr media
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baelpenrose · 5 days ago
Arcadian Inquisition 74: Watchful Eye
Ash deals with the issues of his childhood, and the fallout from Violet's revelation 2 chapters ago. He also starts pondering the next steps. Thank you to @canyouhearthelight for her phenomenal beta-reading and a huge technical advice bit that improved this chapter.
TW for emotional neglect Oh and @lavcircuts who reblogged the last several and kept them circulating and @ladyhavocinc who has been liking these and following them and did a binge a while back - you're both seen and appreciated.
Druids weren’t immune to corruption.
I knew that. Intellectually and emotionally. No one was. No human being or organization was above corruption. It was one of the things that got pounded into you over and over in the Inquisition: “You are Gaia’s watchers in the dark. You walk the roads no one else will and uncover secrets others don’t dare. That’s your function, your duty to Gaia. To understand that, to ferret it out, even in the face of other Druids, in everything.”
Other societies didn’t have that. The Old World burned in part because it let some people be above the law if they were high enough in churches, in businesses, in governments. There was some risk of that with a unified government or authority structure - that was the point of a dualistic structure like Arcadia’s, in theory. That two different chains of authority would result in a watch structure that made sure no one was above the law: no one was outside the reach of the Inquisition. Not even the Grand Steward, the Senate, any of the Archdruids, if high crimes were being committed that violated human rights or went against the foundational teachings of Gaia, the Inquisition could put you on trial.
I was preparing to move against an Archdruid. I had dragged more than one other druid of both Faith and Ecology circles out of their positions for trial and in one case execution when they’d abused those positions.
So why was the letter I had just gotten from Violet about my mother so shocking?
Ran into your mother. She tried to talk me into warning you off taking risks with strange plants in dark places. Says you’ll get yourself killed, and throw away years of work for both of you in doing so. I don’t think you can trust her advice - she seems pretty well wrapped.
I know it’s going to be hard for you to hear this Ash, and I know you think you’re pretty well hardened, but I know this is probably hard. Please be careful and send a message for me if you need my support, alright?
Gaia go with you, Ash. I didn’t know how much trouble we were in.
It wasn’t even like Willow and I were close; I’d known for years her work had always been a higher priority than me. But really? We had a job to do and now the institution was supposed to come first? Our whole JOB - the ONE THING she’d always put above everything - was to discard the institution in pursuit of what was right.
And she was violating that.
I didn’t think I could be hurt by Willow.
I didn’t think I still had feelings for her.
I had been wrong.
And I was scorching furious.
Violet was supporting me. But my mother? She wasn’t.
I knew, on some level, that if I ever asked her to choose between me and the Inquisition’s work, I’d have lost. But this was the first time I’d had proof that she’d choose Belladonna - the woman who’d probably been more responsible for my isolation within the Circle than anyone else, the person who’d actively sabotaged my apprentice, over me.
And over the entire reason - our sacred oath as Druids - she’d left me alone most of my childhood.
I knew, intellectually, that what I was feeling was a child’s rage. I knew that. A saner person might have gone to talk to someone. I wiped the message.
Dear feelings: You know full well why you never get to see the light of day. You know what you did, you know what you’re doing now. I saw what happens when I listen to you too much when I enlisted, and again on the Crusade.
Forcing down what was either a scream of rage or a panic attack, and taking another deep breath, I stood up from the computer in the Archive and began stalking out. Meditation, maybe? Finding someone to spar with? If I got lucky, maybe Pike. Maybe I could get especially lucky and one of us would slip….
No. No, that was the wrong thing. Wrong time. River had left to go on that mission to Bay Hills, right? To oversee the opening of the Hydroponic greenhouse because they’d wanted Inquisition eyes on the project. Right.
Reed? No, I didn’t know him well enough, and there was no way I wouldn’t be drawing Pike’s attention - and that murdering bastard had definitely gotten his hooks into the poor boy hard enough that Pike would be able to drag any information out of him.
I could write back to Violet, but I really did not want to do that at the moment. I needed space to figure things out and I needed to yell at her in a minute for her lack of understanding of ciphers. I idly considered writing a letter to either River’s older brother or the caretaker woman for advice since they seemed like the most emotionally stable people I knew at the moment who I could trust to not bring it up again, but I discarded those thoughts almost immediately - I didn’t want to burden them with my troubles when they already had more trauma than I did. It would be selfish to do so.
I thought about approaching my own mentor, Sage, but after the betrayal of Willow I was really sure I wasn’t ready to trust an older Inquisitor - especially given that Sage himself had never really been great with emotions to begin with. Which begged the next question:
Who did I want to inherit the post of Archdruid of Inquisition when Belladonna fell? I didn’t want the Inquisition to fall entirely - I still believed in our role, to some degree. Our job.
I just wanted to make sure it was done right and fairly and apparently that was seen as a threat to the overall institution. Which was, itself, proof that the concept of an Inquisition was a sound one - a watchdog force to keep corruption from taking root, the idea that nothing should be above the law.
Though. Now that I thought about it. It did seem to indicate that a hierarchical Circle for that watchdog force might be a mistake. That perhaps having an Archdruid of Inquisition might be a mistake. The institution was too easily controlled if it had an overall command structure - too easily defined by one person’s personal prejudices and bigotries, not appropriate for something that would guard the future.
Wait. Personal prejudices and bigotries defining the future. That sounded familiar. I needed…
I sprinted back to the Archive and frantically began writing a message, putting it into the cipher I had developed for myself and my trusted companions - and still referring to everything vaguely, just in case.
Then I hesitated. Was I sure that I wanted to look closer at those texts? That looking at those wouldn’t ultimately confirm to me that the first founders had straight-up lied about Gaia to keep everyone under control? Was I sure…
I was an Inquisitor, scorch it. I was above such petty things as hiding from the truth. My job was to make sure people practiced what they were preaching and things actually lived up to the ideals they were supposed to - and I couldn’t do that if I was hiding from truth.
No. If I was hiding from what I was afraid of. As I looked out the window of the Archive and saw the redwood studded hills of Aborrea, sweeping up and down, warm in the setting sun, swaying in the wind, with the sea shining past the hills, with the sense of peace it brought me, even in the face of the news of the latest, hateful betrayal from my mother, I realized that maybe it didn’t matter. I had something here, something that mattered. In the land I’d wandered, in the home I’d made here, in the beauty of the Earth Mother I served, in the Apprentice I’d trained to serve Her after me.
I began writing to Violet - opening with a slight reprimand for her amatuer level ciphering because - Salted Ground, woman, learn what discretion means. Euphemism means nothing if context looks nonsensical.
Dear Violet
That certainly sounds like mom, always making sure I understand certain things about the way the world works and how I should see them. She always has had a bit of a preoccupation with such things - did even when I was a kid. Drove me nuts, occasionally left me with some scars when I didn’t understand her obsessions over it. Thanks for passing on the warning so I know what to watch out for. Can I suggest phrasing things somewhat less dramatically?
Oh, did you happen to remember where you put the history texts we were looking over a while back? For our little research project? I had a new angle that occurred to me and I wanted to dig a little deeper. You’ve done enough of these special Druidic Archival research projects go, how it gets. Care to help me out?
Oh, and don’t worry that I’m losing my way. I’m really sure we’re on the right path this time.
I thought about my next steps. Depending on her reply, I could well get some of the information I needed from history. Get the answers about some of the initial intent for the Inquisition’s establishment, how it was built.
Though, with the number of people now swearing to me that the things I’d drag to light might doom the Inquisition as an institution, I was beginning to wonder if more people than just me knew of the “shameful” secret - that the founders saw our role as an unhappy necessity and that some of them, at least initially, hadn’t liked the idea at all. Or perhaps...and this was what I was truly banking on….
Perhaps the Inquisition was intended to run very differently than it currently was, and old documents had been hidden generations ago, somewhere secure but obscure so that they wouldn’t be discovered. Or maybe it had been intended to be more open to alteration over time than it had been for the purposes of adaptation - at least one Founder had been a committed Iconoclast and had pushed for active destruction of Old World symbols or institutional markers, so it wouldn’t have been out of character to set up any institution to be as fluid as possible.
The Archivist who’d found the documents with Eckhart had said, after all, that they’d found them following some old trail of notes they’d found about a cache from ages ago. I wondered who had put those notes there. And why. I’d have to ask her. Maybe offer to help her get her job back if she turned up something interesting enough.
I walked back outside, limping slightly, and took a deep breath of the autumn air. I’d have to meditate to get over the anger I felt over Willow - but now that the initial surge had subsided, I realized I mostly just felt some degree of hurt, mostly angry at myself for still caring. I’d unpack that later. For now...I mostly felt oddly satisfied. I could feel something as the wind swept my jacket around me. Gaia was with me on this one. I had a few more tricks yet, ones Belladonna didn’t know about. Answers out of the past, from when people were first finding Gaia again.
I wasn’t done. Neither was the Inquisition. But Belladonna’s days were going to come to an end.
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alastarz · 6 days ago
haikyuu characters as different classmates i’ve had
Tumblr media
notes: waiting for suna to private message me on a zoom meeting bc he thought i was super sexy...
warnings: nothing just me. crying. and school i guess
Tumblr media
suna — always chewing gum. don’t ask him for any, he “ran out”. asks for answers and to copy your work. him and atsumu will do that casual flirt thing for answers if they sit next to you. either he’s that student that tugs your hair gently sitting behind you, or literally just does not give a fuck during class. brings like a single pencil that he trusts with his entire life to school. loses it and panics internally until he finds it.
bokuto — answers questions if nobody is raising their hand. sometimes gets them wrong but the teacher loves him for trying. someone def made a compilation of him coming in class and greeting the teacher everyday. pls hes such a sweet student. sometimes you hear him bickering with a very tired akaashi at the end of the day in the corner of the room.
ushijima — only talks when the teacher asks about volleyball and how the seasons going. writes pretty good essays and is relatively responsible with his homework. when he talks everyone listens super intently bc he rarely ever does. ushijima definitely silently laughs to himself or into his hand when people are being dumb in class LMAO
atsumu — god he is such a jock. is a victim of the jock walk where they look like they’re in pain. asks for a pencil everyday. def leans over and says “wait what’re we doing?” takes his sweatshirt off and ‘accidentally’ lifts his shirt with it. not an accident. laughs when the word “breast” pops up. pls he’s insufferable. sometimes he accidentally curses and you just see him go 😟 and cover his mouth.
oikawa — god he’s so nice to every girl in that class that it looks like he’s flirting but that’s rlly just his personality. they all laugh whenever he talks or answers a question. the teacher makes a comment like “ladies...oikawa” everyday bc they talk to him so much during class. he’s like freakishly good at memorization so he does pretty good in class regardless.
iwaizumi — semi popular and some girls who haven’t seen him before are like...okay damn muscles 😵, and stare at him from the side of their eyes. he’s so unaware please. he smells so good when you sit next to him you a get a whiff. pls why did i start talking about his scent i’m so down bad for him. but yeah always knows the answers when he gets called on. when he’s paying attention in class his hand always rests in his palm and it squishes his cheek a little. okay i need to stop.
akaashi — hes so smart but nobody knows that because he doesn’t like answering questions or participating (same). but his teacher knows bc his grades are rlly good. has rlly organized presentations, color coded, everything!! has rlly good analysis’s on the reading material, good annotations and uses so many colorful pens and highlighters. he will blush if you compliment his notes.
kageyama — bye i feel like he drops things during class and he’s like oh shit PLS 😭😭 hes the guy who carries his jacket to every class like damn you don’t have a locker?? the 😧 emoji during math.
kuroo — if you look confused he’ll lean over and look at your work and tell you some answers. really good at answering questions after presentations he’s so well spoken and in his element lmao. super competitive in class games and stuff
yachi — babe always has lotion and will offer it when she uses it. goes to the bathroom with you during free period to chill LMAO everytime there’s a presentation she’ll reassure you and say “you’re gonna do amazing it looks so good” but she’s freaking out even more pls. she’s so organized but still loses her place in her notes i love her.
kiyoko — gets told “i thought you hated me at first” all the time but she’s a sweetheart. you will have to deal with tanaka’s shameless flirting occasionally during lunch. god. brings little snacks to share and says you can eat them all. will go with you to buy food if you don’t wanna go alone. perfume sharing <3
the ones that bring food and share with you: sugawara, tendou, osamu (but don’t tell anybody else!), iwaizumi (he probably brings like. nuts.)
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yugisamma · 6 days ago
Yoosung: starts to panic and thinking what did he do wrong, started searching to solve it, but couldn't find anything useful. Will think he's too busy playing games that he doesn't give you much attention "Y-Y/N? Did i do something wrong? Please tell me I'm getting nervous now"
707: he will ignore it first because he thought you're just busy. 'don't be nervous, don't be nervous' he will start to overthink because you kept ignoring him. "... Hello! Earth to Y/N!!!" will whine and kept calling and annoying you just to talk to him, he'll kept texting you and video chatting you even tho you're in the same room.
Zen: he thought you didn't hear him so he called you again, after calling you and tapped your shoulder he realized you we're ignoring him. He thought you're jealous about his fangirls or his not paying much attention to you "Y/N? Is there something wrong? Babe~you need chocolate? Food? Chips?"
Jumin Han: will call your name again just to make sure you hear him, will though you're just pranking him "Y/N I know this is prank" will chuckle, but realize that you're ignoring him "......" he was silent "assistant Kang what should i do Y/N is ignoring me? "
Jaehee Kang: she thought you were just tired so she gave you time to take a nap. She'll call you, but you didn't answer, she tapped your shoulder but no reply... 'What happened? Did i missed something? Did i do something wrong?' she thought those things and have a therapist wanna be convo with you.
Saeran Choi: he just think you're too busy. Will start to get nervous and overthink, will message if you're okay even tho you're in the same room, will tear up a bit "Y/N????? DON'T IGNORE ME!!! AHHHH!!!" will hug you and you'll eventually gave up and cuddle him to sleep.
V/Jihyun Kim: honestly calm, will play with your hair and talk to you about his photography stuffs, but realized you weren't listening and responding. Will hold your face and try to make you talk to him "Y/N? Something wrong? You can tell me what happened... Did i miss something?"
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yateez · 6 days ago
Twisted Chemistry 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seonghwa x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Word count: 10.3k
Warnings: Teasing, fingering
Taglist: @marigold-mika , @sunwooyoung​, @nevieatiny​, @nseeteaa​, @alecanal93​ (If you want to be added let me know :]) 
Tumblr media
“Y/N, when you’re done with what you’re doing, let’s talk about what’s gonna happen on the trip ok?” I look up from my laptop to Seonghwa staring at his computer. His eyes move towards me, I nod lightly and he smiles.
“I’ll be done soonish.” I look back down at my work trying to make the new schedule as organized as possible. However, a flashback of what happened last night comes flooding back for the thousandth time today.
*Last night*
“No one?” He squeezes my thigh a bit more, his hand slightly coming up my skin and eventually under the fabric of my dress. I catch my breath at the contact, my eyes still on him, our lips still a breath away from one another. I swallow thickly, this is really happening. We both naturally lean in slightly when..
“Y/N?!!!” I hear Taeoh scream my name from the hallway. I jump and Seonghwa turns his head towards the door. Before I can even panic, Seonghwa pulls me with him behind a wall that was sticking out from the side of the house. However it was not the best idea as there is a whole window giving into the main room for everyone to see. Our eyes widen at all the people inside that could have seen us before ducking as fast as we could. Suddenly, I receive a text from Taeoh asking me where I am.
*From: Me* -Still in the bathroom. - 7:56pm
*From: Taeoh💛* -Damn it woman. - 7:57pm
*From: Me* -Woman me one more time and I’m spending the night here. -7:57pm
*From: Taeoh💛* -Sorry, sorry take your time~ - 7:57pm
I look up to Seonghwa sitting in front of me. His eyes look towards the door to see if there’s anyone there. He sighs lightly before looking back at me.
“Some people just came to sit outside.” He says in a whisper and I can’t help but to laugh lightly. He looks at me confused. “You think it’s funny?”
“Honestly, yes and no. The funny thing is how dumb we look right now. The not so funny thing is the rest.”
“Yeah..” He says lowly as he tries to sit a bit more comfortably next to me. “Hum.. So..” I hum turning my head to look at him. “Should we like.. talk about what almost happened?”
“Did you drink tonight?”
“I haven’t.”
“Yeah, I haven’t either. So we can’t blame it on alcohol. I guess you’re right, I am really attracted to you, and I think it’s the same for you towards me.” He hums lightly not even hiding it at this point. “I just turned 20, you’re gonna turn 49 soon. I am your son’s girlfriend at the eyes of everyone. You’re my boss. These are just a few reasons why this should not happen.” We both look at each other for a bit. “It’s just physical attraction right?”
“Yeah.. We can totally just.. get over it. You’re going through a non-divorce divorce, and I’m really stressed with paying my rent and finals.”
“We’re both stressed.”
“It’s most likely that.”
“Once things get better, I’m sure we’ll think that it was just some ridiculous..” However, here we are, trying to convince ourselves that it’s just a dumb ‘in the moment’ crush, while his eyes can’t seem to focus on my eyes.
Looking down every time to my plump lips and I seem to be doing the same. Once again, his pants tighten just at the idea of finally kissing me and feeling me. While I am almost rubbing my legs together as I feel myself getting wet just by being so close to him and so close to kissing him, finally. The more his eyes look at my lips, the more we both lean in once again. His hand this time comes up to my face, holding onto my chin to tilt it lightly and as our lips graze ever so lightly, the loud message notification of my phone resonates in our ears making us stop right away.
*From: Taeoh💛* -Come on Y/N.. :( - 8:02pm
I sigh at the message, and Seonghwa has a faint blush on his lips as he tries to look away, rubbing his neck lightly. I curse at Taeoh internally but also thank him. Sure there was nothing more I wanted than to make out with Seonghwa right here and there. However, like I said, this was just some superficial physical attraction that should be avoided.
“I’m gonna go join Taeoh.. He’s wondering where I am.”
“Yeah, no problem. I’ll stay here for a bit..”
“Here.” I give him back his jacket as we both stand up.
“Thanks, I’ll see you inside.” I smile at him before walking back inside of the house. Seonghwa stands there for a bit both feeling excited about everything that just happened, but also disappointed in himself. For having so little self control around me. All he was able to feel was my inner thigh and a faint touch of my lips with his, and yet, when he looks down at his pants, there was no way he could go back inside.
Now back to the office with Seonghwa, we were both a bit quieter than usual. However, our gazes were still trailing along one another, it being inevitable at this point with small smiles being exchanged. I eventually finish the schedule that I needed to do and look up to Seonghwa that is blanking staring at his screen. Probably doing nothing.
“I’m done, I just sent you the new reorganized schedule for the next two weeks. Please let me know if that looks good to you and if I need to make any changes.”
“Ok~” He hums lightly. “Alright then, let’s go over the trip.” He turns his chair lightly towards me. “So, you have classes on Friday right?”
“I don’t.”
“What about your last class on Thursday?”
“I actually have a night class Thursdays. It ends at 9:00pm.” He hums lightly.
“Alright, how about we flight out Thursday night, because our first schedule will be Friday afternoon and I do want to rest a bit before going there. Does that sound good to you?”
“That works.”
“Alright then.” He looks back at his computer to officialize the depart date and time. “We’ll be leaving Thursday night at 11:00pm. I’ll come pick you up at 10:30pm.”
“Only thirty minutes before the flight?”
“Yes, it’s a company jet. I travel a lot like I mentioned so it’s only normal.”
“Yeah, normal.” I say half sarcastic at that rich statement. He looks back at me and sees my expression making him laugh lightly.
“I can sense your sarcasm Y/N.”
“It’s not everyday that I hear someone tell me, it’s normal to have a jet.”
“My bad, I let my rich come out.” We both end up giggling dumbly at our conversation. “Alright.. So we have the flight down that’s that. I also already have the hotel room. So we’re gonna be there Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We’ll be flying back on Tuesday morning. Do you have some classes after that?”
“I technically still have some, but because most of my finals are gonna be this week, I don’t have to show up. My Tuesday will be completely free. The last final I’ll have will be Thursday I believe, then I’ll be done with school for this semester.”
“Oh, good. Right Taeoh wanted to go somewhere warm for winter break.” He mumbles lightly to himself. “Do you have any plans for the winter?”
“For winter break?” I think for a bit, with the money I’ll be getting for working here. I could probably afford to go home for the winter. Although, in all honesty it’s not something that felt like a good idea. Maybe go somewhere with Garin.
“I guess.. I’m still thinking about it.” I smile at him and he nods lightly.
“It would be a great time for you to rest. You’ll obviously still be working for me but, I usually take breaks when Taeoh is home from school. I would also not mind giving you days off.”
“Thank you.” I smile at him lightly before he looks back at his screen once again. The way we talked to each other was so much more natural, and his tone always had a hint of care and softness in it.
“So like I said, Friday after noon we will be meeting with Hongjoong and Yeosang. They’re the heads of the company in Paris. We’re launching a few new products for next year, so we’re gonna be meeting with models and designers to try and sign with them.”
“Yes, designers also need good skin products to make sure their models have good skin. Plus we also produce makeup and that’s also something they need. For runway shows and for photoshoots.”
“I see..”
“So that will be the first and last meeting of the day actually. This meeting should be the most relax one as it’s only gonna be the four of us. However, Saturday, that’s when we’re gonna start meeting designers and some models. That’s most likely gonna be an all day thing. Probably gonna need to attend one of their shows too. I would recommend bringing Tylenol or something, they give me a headache every time with their loud techno music.” He mumbles lightly sounding already annoyed by the event. I giggle lightly at his emotions peaking out.
“Then onto Sunday, Sunday should be more relax because the French do not work on Sundays. As everyone should, so I was thinking we could go sight seeing for a bit? It really depends on you too, it’s gonna be your free day but I don’t mind showing you around the city.” I raise an eyebrow at his statement.
“I was born not even twenty minutes away from Paris, you seem to forget that~”
“So.. would you be the one showing me around?” He raises an eyebrow with a small smile on his lips. I end up laughing with a small blush creeping on my face.
“I was too young to remember anything really.. I think I was like three when we left.”
“Then, I’ll make sure that you have a good time there.” He hums in a low voice that makes me squeeze my crossed legs together.
“How considerate of you Mr.Park.” He gives me a side glance before smiling.
“I told you to stop calling me this.” I end up laughing lightly as he looks at the schedule for Monday. “Alright, so Monday will be also a bit busy. Monday we will be having meetings within the company to review some of the packaging of the new products together. Also we might need to talk about the new merger. We took in another company recently and there will be some new employees sent to the location in Paris. Just like when we do it here, except everyone will be present. Don’t feel pressured, just take your notes like usual ok?” He looks back at me and gives me a soft smile.
“No problem.”
“Alright, then finally, Tuesday morning we will be flying back. The weather in France in December is quite cold. I would recommend taking something for the rain too, and scarfs. Maybe also boots instead of little sneakers.”
“Ok, noted.”
“Because it’s a private jet, I want to say that you can bring as many bags as you want but.. it’s always better to travel light.”
“Oh, well.. I don’t even have a suitcase, so I’ll most likely travel with only two bags.”
“Alright, good. Wait do you have a passport?”
“I do, don’t worry.” I laugh lightly at his sudden panic after he remember that I had never left the country.
“Alright.” He chuckles. “Well, I think that’s the extant of it. If I remember anything, I will either text you or call you.”
“No problem.”
The day then goes by rather slowly. Sundays are always less busy and more relaxed. We attend a few meetings. I write a few reports, try to solve a few problems and it’s already lunch time. Seonghwa then comes up to me with a weird request.
“You want me to what?”
“I haven’t cooked in so long I just want to—“
“See if I die eating your cooking before cooking for Taeoh?” I say dramatically making him roll his eyes with a small smile on his lips.
I could not help but to find that extremely endearing. Taeoh and Seonghwa were slowly spending more time together and now Seonghwa wanted to cook for Taeoh tonight. So Seonghwa had just asked me if I could let him cook me something. I walk into his little studio right next to his office, my hands behind my back, feeling a bit awkward. I join him by the small kitchen which was on the opposite side of his bed and shower. I take a look around, it’s like a small apartment but in one room.
“There’s no toilet?” He turns around giving me a surprised look at my sudden question.
“Mhh.. I just use the one after the elevator.”
“Ohh ok. That’s good, it would have been a bit weird to just have a random toilet next to your bed.” I laugh due to the shower being next to the bed.
“That’s very true. What do you want to eat Y/N?” I walk towards him, he has the fridge open. I peak inside and raise an eyebrow. I pinch my lips together trying not to laugh.
“There’s not much in there hu?” I end up laughing lightly and he just smiles.
“I did move out of here recently.. Kinda. How about ramen.”
“No, from scratch.”
“Then, get the vegetables.” He points to the bottom basket of the fridge. “I should have carrots, green onions and spinach.” I reach down and directly find the ingredients that he’s talking about.
He takes a step back to get what he needs to make the sauce but his eyes get distracted by my high waisted pants. I stand right back up with everything I need and his eyes directly turn away. He gets the ramen noodles ready on the side and starts to prepare the sauce.
“Would you mind cutting the vegetables?”
“No problem, knife?”
“Right here.” He points to the drawer right in front of me.
I start to cut the green onions easily. Separate the spinach without cutting it, then onto the carrot. Due to how thick it was, I find myself struggling a bit. Seonghwa realizes my shaky arm as I try to press down with the knife and smiles at how endearing the view is. He finishes up the sauce real quick before coming closer to me.
“Here, let me show you.” He takes the knife from my hand and I step aside. “You cut from top to bottom, because it’s for ramen. Then you press from the top to bottom. It’ll cut more easily.” He shows me how, then gives me back the knife. I try to do as he showed me, but my hands are still clumsy. The carrot moves and I try to reposition it with my other hand. “Be careful.” His arms come around me slowly to not startle me and he rests his hands over mine. “This hand that’s not holding the knife.” He makes me fold my fingers so only my knuckles are out. “We don’t want you losing your pretty fingers.” He hums lightly in my ear as he takes a hold of my other hand properly over the knife.
I feel my face heat up not only because of his words, but because he his completely taking me against him. His hand firmly hold mine as he starts to show me how to cut the carrot. I try to focus on his instructions, but all I can think about is his body being pressed against mine and his voice so close to my ear, making my head dizzy.
“Just like that.” The carrots are done on the cutting board. I drop the knife and he steps back. “Good job.” As the words drop from his lips still close to me, his hand comes down to my hips to give it a faint tap before going back to the ramen. “Now that all of that is ready, we can start with the vegetables and the sauce, then we’ll add the ramen at the end.”
“I thought I was suppose to rate your cooking, not get a cooking lesson from you.” I end up chuckling lightly making him laugh lightly.
“It’s always good to know, no?”
“Sure. I know I’ll never make Taeoh ramen. Maybe Garin?” I then think about my best friend who happens to love ramen.
“You mentioned her a few times, and I think Taeoh also talked about her a few times. Is she a friends or you guys?”
“She’s my best friend yes. We’re really close, and I guess.. You could say she’s also a friend of Taeoh’s. Garin is the best. She’s a little intense but once you get used to her it’s the best every time.” I smile just thinking about my friend.
“That’s good, I’m glad to hear that you have such a good friend.” He smiles after hearing me fangirl over my best friend. “Did you meet her in college?”
“I did not, no. We’re from the same hometown. We were good friend back then but then we got really close when we got here together.”
“Oh I see. She was the only familiar face from home so you guys stuck together?”
“In a way? I mean we made other friends but.. I think in a way it was meant to be.”
“Mhh? Do you believe in that?”
“In what?”
“Meant to be relationships?”
“I guess I do? I do feel like some people are just meant to be together, but it does not mean they will end up together. Do you know what I mean?”
“Yes, I understand.” He hums quietly, his eyes focused on the ramen slowly cooking. I get curious and move closer to get a peak at the bubbling dish. I lean a bit and slight bump into him.
“Wait.. that actually looks edible.”
“Why do you sound so surprised?”
“I don’t know, but it’s a good thing.” He laughs a bit before dipping a spoon into the sauce and bringing it up to me.
“Here.” He says in a nice low voice. He holds his other hand under the spoon and my chin as I open my mouth to take the spoon in. I lick it clean inside of my mouth before sliding it out. “Good?”
“Yes, it’s really good, wow..” He smiles before bringing his hand up to my mouth. He swipes a bit of sauce that had stayed on my lower lip before licking it off his thumb. I look at him do the exact same thing he did yesterday with the cream from the little puff. Feeling myself get weak between my legs.
“You’re right, it’s really good.” He smiles before looking back at the meal that is almost ready. “Alright, it looks ready. Bring it to the table, I’ll bring bowls, spoons and chopsticks.” I do as he says, my head still stuck on his last act.
After what happened yesterday, he was not even trying to hide his subtle flirty acts anymore. To be fair, I was not either. We both sit down and start eating in silence at first. The meal was actually surprisingly good. Seonghwa looks at me with endearment in his eyes as he watches me trying to not make a mess while slurping on the noodles.
“You know in some countries, you have to make as much noise as you can to show that it’s good.” He hums lightly making me laugh with my mouth full. I swallow what I have before chuckling.
“Are you trying to tell me that I’m too quiet?”
“You want me to be louder?” I raise an eyebrow, only realizing after how a bit too indecent this sounded. He ends up smiling lightly, his eyes fixated on my lips and eyes.
“That would mean it’s good.” He responds in a soothing low voice making me almost drop my chopsticks. I smile lightly before putting some more noodles in my mouth, and slowly eating making as little noise as possible. His eyes widen with an amused smile on his lips. “Seriously..” He ends up laughing as I keep on eating the noodles slowly having a hard time not to laugh. He slowly kicks my foot and I kick back. Before I knew it we were kicking each other playfully like two kids at a family restaurant. “Stop it..” He whines lightly sounding annoyed but still an amused smile on his pretty lips.
“Then stop kicking me~”
“Ok fine.” He stops then gives me another smile. “Is it good?” I end up giggling at his face. I take more noodles and start slurping as hard as I can this time still laughing at his face that now has a huge smile on his lips.
“Is that good enough for you Mr.Park?”
“It is, thank you Ms.L/N.” It felt so natural to just laugh with him.
For some reason his laugh sounding a bit more mature than mine, but still so endearing and slightly awkward. As if this man hadn’t laugh in so long. The day then goes by smoothly. I finish some paper work and some last minute things for the trip next week. Once Seonghwa hangs up his last phone call of the day, we both walk down to his car. On the way back to my apartment the car ride is lively. We chat about some random things and laughing together. When he pulls up in front of my apartment, I wish I could spend more time with him and so does he.
“Alright then Y/N. I’ll see you Thursday night?”
“Thursday night Seonghwa.” I smile at him. “I’m excited, I can’t believe I get to leave the country.”
“Are you not nervous at all?”
“A little but.. You’ll take good care of me right?” I lean in slightly smiling at him. He leans in lightly too.
“I will. Now go home, you have exams tomorrow.” He says smiling at me, his eyes focused on my face.
The way his eyes looked at me and the faint smile on his lips, still leaned in closer to me. He looked like a teenager dropping off his crush. The way I smiled a bit too dumbly at him, my eyes feeling like they are literally twinkling at him, I felt like my high school crush was dropping me off home after an amazing day together. Before we knew it, we were once again looking at each other, our eyes and lips. I could feel my breath slightly hitch up, and his lips lightly parted. I can see him swallow thickly, both of us once again starting to slowly lean in. This time, this time it’s happening right? His hand slowly comes to rest on my thigh. I shiver under his touch and the moment I feel his breath right on my lips.
We both stop right in there, so close to finally closing our lips together. His eyes turn lightly to the car’s navigator, Taeoh was calling. He sighs sounding a bit annoyed, his hand squeezing my thigh before going up to the screen to answer the call.
“Dad, can you come pick me up in like thirty minutes? I—I drank and I don’t think I can drive~” He says in his sweet voice. The one he uses to get people to do things for him.
“I’ll send you the address thank you!!!” He hangs up. I stare at the navigator, this was just ridiculous. How many times did me and Seonghwa try to kiss without success.
“Alright, I’ll see you Thursday.”
“Ok.” He answers lowly watching me stepping out of his car. I walk as fast as possible to my room. I let everything fall on the ground then me on my bed.
“What the FUUUUUCK!!!” I scream into my pillow. “I JUST WANT A FUCKING KISS. THAT’S ALL… I’m asking for. He was so fucking close. I could feel it!!! SO WHY???” I turn around in my bed. Frustration had never been that fucking painful before. “Ugh.. This man is driving you crazy Y/N.. What’s happening to you.” Not only was he driving me crazy, but he would also get tight in his pants at also anything I did.
We’ve been working together for only three days and we had so much trouble keeping our hands of off each other. Me, Y/N, who always had a cool facade and never let a boy get to her that much. But maybe that was the actual issue. Seonghwa was not a boy, he’s a man. He’s a full grown man, and maybe, that’s what excites me so much.
Monday goes by slowly, just like Tuesday. Three out of my five exams are done and there’s definitely a weight taken off my shoulders as I take a break on Wednesday. It’s now noon and I’m just still chilling in the comfort of my bed. A huge smile on my face as I just scroll through my phone. Suddenly my door bangs loudly, meaning it could only be one person.
“Garin, the door is open..” I mumble lightly and indeed, the door flies open.
“BITCH!!! TWO THINGS! FIRST! You, me, tonight, cute guys and a bar. We’re gonna go have some FUN!”
“SECOND! You’re leaving tomorrow, are your bags ready??” She looks around to see that no, my bags are not ready. They’re not even out of the closet. “Bitch what the fuck?”
“You what the fuck? I was planning on doing my bags tonight, in the peace of my own presence.”
“In the peace of your ow— Y/N..” She sighs and comes to sit on my bed. “Listen to you and the things you say, you need someone in your life. Now, I don’t guarantee you’ll find a significant other as amazing as me BUT, we have to find you someone.”
“Gariiin..” I end up whining. She knew damn well I hated going out, but she also knew I ended up having fun once I was out.
“Y/NNN, come soon..” She whines back as we both shake each other before laughing together. “Come, on, seriously, this really cute guy invited me and I’ve had a crush on him since last semester. I can’t lose the opportunity.” I raise an eyebrow.
“Alright fine..” She squeaks and opens her coat.
“Perfect!!! Because I’m all ready, and we’re going there at 8:00pm.”
“It’s barely 1:00… why are you all ready?” I squint at her.. well not gonna lie, amazing outfit.
“Because, I don’t know. I wanted to get ready and then spend the afternoon at your place and leave from here.”
“You could have brought your stuff here and then get ready here.”
“Mhh.. Well.. No because then I would need to leave so much stuff here. And because I will most likely not be spending the night at my place—“
“You’re rambling and saying non sense Garin.. You were just too excited, admit it..”
“I was yes.. I just started and I couldn’t stop getting ready and before I knew it, I was ready.” I end up laughing with her at her excited behavior. “Well, how about we help you do your bags for tomorrow.” She stands up and walks up to my closet. “What kind of clothes should you take? How many bags are you allowed to take.”
“We’re taking the company jet, so technically, as much as I want, but two should be enough.”
“Oh ok..” She looks around my clothes for a bit before she whips her head around. “A jet??!! A company JET?”
“Y—Yes.. I was a surprised as you.”
“No.. No.. Y/N.. You’re about to take a jet, for a certain amount of hours.. with Mr.Park, or Seonghwa~ As you call him.” I swallow nervously. At first I just laughed it off when she mentioned things happening with Seonghwa, but with everything that happened recently. Her mentioning that only made me imagine things that did not seem as ridiculous before. “It’s your chance, to not only loose your precious virginity with a living aged up god.”
“He’s only 38.”
“Ouh?” She raises an eyebrow. “Well, if he’s ~only~ 38 Y/N, not only losing your virginity to a dilf god, but also joining the mile high club and in the comfort of being alone in a jet.”
“You’re ridiculous..” I roll my eyes, but my slight change of tone compared to before makes her raise an eyebrow. Garin was quick to catch my expressions. Before, I completely shut her down while laughing. Now I was laughing nervously and avoiding her eyes.
“You’re different.”
“You’re different, did something happen?”
“What? Did what happen?”
“You know exactly what I’m talking about, and you know I’m good at knowing you like that. Y/N.. Look at me.. Did something happen between you and Seonghwa.” I look at her for a second before looking away, which is exactly what sells me out directly. “Oh.. my.. god..” Her words come out of her mouth quietly. “You’re.. You’re actually getting some from the dilf???”
“I’m not! I’m really not.” That was the truth, and she could tell.
“Ok.. But you guys are definitely far from being entirely professional with one another, am I wrong?”I sigh lightly before giving up. She was my best friend, and I knew I could tell her everything. Even whatever adventure I was having with a man almost twice my age.
“You’re not wrong..”
“Oh?” She raises an eyebrow with a small smile on her lips. “Well.. As much as I want to know the deets, I won’t ask for them.” I raise my head actually confused by her statement. It was Garin we were talking about, the deets queen. “You obviously don’t seem 100% comfortable about it yet. Just as long as you promise me, that he is not forcing you to do anything. Then that’s a different subject and I will need to break some balls to make sure there is no further reproduction on his side. Maybe break Taeoh’s too it’s sometimes genetic.”
“Oh my god, Garin no.. It’s,, he’s not forcing me to do anything. It’s actually..” I couldn’t believe I was gonna say those words. “It’s mutual attraction.”
“Oh~” She squeaks all excited. “Wait.. And you guys are going on a trip.. TO FUCKING PARIS???”
“And you’re just relaxed in your bed looking like a chewed up potato.”
“A simple potato would have been good too.. Also, I’m not leaving until tomor—“
“Are you shaved? Like down there? What about your legs? Your armpits?”
“What? Wait, what do you think is gonna happen there Garin? We’re going for work!”
“I’m just looking out for my girlfriend jeez..”
Just like always, we end up bickering like an old.. very very old couple for the rest of the afternoon. The truth is, I don’t know what I would do without her. My bags are now ready to go for tomorrow, once again we feel closer to one another and I also look flawless to go out tonight. It’s arm in arm that we walk towards the downtown areas, where all the bars were.
“Fuck the line..”
“Maybe we should have left earlier.”
“We left thirty minutes earlier.. Wait let me text him real quick to see if he’s inside.” We get in line as she looks down at her phone. “It looks like they’re already inside.”
“I don’t think it’s gonna take us too long. The line is actually moving fast.” I look ahead and realize that a whole group trying to use fake IDs were just taken out of the line. “Yeah we should be there soon~”
“Ahh.. Y/N, thank you so much for coming with me tonight.” She smiles at me after hugging me tightly.
“Don’t worry about it Garin. I was suppose to spend the long weekend with you, soo.. this is like our last crazy night of the semester together.” We both look at each other, the fact finally hitting us.
“Oh my god..”
“Wait, it’s not the moment to cry, not here.”
“No, you’re right this is ridiculous.” We both stare at each other before hugging each other tightly and dramatically. “Oh my god I’m gonna miss you!!!”
“Garin, I’m gonna miss you too!!!”
“This Mr.Park is stealing you away from me..” She leans in close to my ear. “The D better be worth it.”
“What!? It’s not 100% impossible now~” She winks at me and I regret telling her. We both end up laughing and soon we’re allowed inside.
We join Garin’s friends, who happen to also be in some of my classes. Which made me feel a bit better, that they were actually familiar faces. The night starts off amazing. The guys insist on getting us the drinks. So I drink, I dance and overall have so much fun with Garin and the guys. With just the right amount of alcohol in my system, I feel comfortable enough to dance with one of my classmates, who happen to be rather attractive. As my eyes are focused on him, I don’t realize a pair of extremely surprised eyes on me.
Wooyoung did not take no for an answer tonight, and after my words from the other day. He thought why not go out with them tonight. San, Wooyoung and Seonghwa walking into the bar with more casual clothes than their usual tie and suits. Wooyoung directly goes to talk to some friends as San and Seonghwa walk up to the bar. It’s as he sits down that he sees the familiar face in the middle of the crowd. My smile so bright on my face as I dance, with a boy. With a boy my age. His hands on my hips, and my arms around him. My cheeks are flushed and my eyes sparkling thanks to the lights of the bar. He bites the inside of his cheek, wishing he had never seen that.
“Mhh? Isn’t that Y/N?” San says with a small smile forming on his lips. “We should go say hi~” He says joyfully ready to stand up from his sit.
“That— That would be unprofessional. If anything, I hope she doesn’t see us..” He mumbles lightly as he hold tight onto San’s wrist before he went further.
“What? Oh come on, it’s Y/N. Well.. Do whatever, I’m gonna say hi to her.” He smile as he walks up to me. Not even caring about the guy I was with, he taps down on my shoulder. I turn around, both surprised and happy to see the familiar face.
“Hey Y/N~” He leans in a bit and I naturally fall into his hug, leaving my dance partner a bit lost. There was not comparison. Sure my classmate was attractive, but San at the age of 37 made him look blend and boring. “Did you come here with your friends?” He looks around and says hi to everyone before looking back at me.
“I—Yes, tonight’s kind of my last night in town with my friends. So, we wanted to have fun together.”
“Oh right, your trip with Seonghwa, then finals right?”
“Exactly..” I sigh lightly and he laughs, making his nose wrinkle.
“Well, have fun Y/N, you deserve a good break. I’ll see you next time at the office.” He coos before walking away.
I follow him with my eyes, realizing how good he looked in more casual clothes. However, the moment he reaches the bar, my eyes cross with someone more than unexpected. My eyes widen at the extremely familiar face and his equally surprised face. Seonghwa, his dark locks falling down on his forehead. A simple white T under a darker jacket with jeans and black boots. This look was so different from his usual fancy attires at work or at the dance. He looked so incredibly good, but what the fuck was he doing here. He tries to look away and I do the same. Did he see me with.. I feel hands coming back to my hips.
“Hey, wanna go back to my place?” My classmate whispers in my ear.
“Actually, no, not really.”
“What? Oh come on..”
“Don’t make me repeat myself. Especially not to a law student.” I turn around to him giving him a nasty eye and he directly backs off.
I turn my eyes to Garin, she’s having the time of her life with her little crush who seems a bit more decent than the guy hitting on me. I sigh then decide to just go for it. I walk up to San and Seonghwa, pulling the chair next to him.
“Can you get me something?” I ask him shamelessly and he raises an eyebrow, while San just smiles amused.
“Hum.. Yeah.” He calls the bar tender. “Whatever she wants.” He says still a bit shocked by my sudden boldness.
“Sprite and vodka please.” I smile at the bar tender that directly starts to make the drink. Suddenly the high pitched voice of Wooyoung calls San away and here I am alone with my boss at the bar.
“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” He ends up saying.
“Mhm.. I think I need a bit more.” I smile at him as I take my drink from the bar tender.
“Really? Don’t you have classes tomorrow?” He says in a low caring voice. Weirdly enough, I felt so good being with him around this chaotic bar. It felt like home and it felt comfortable. I felt so much more secure and safe. His low voice, showing his concern towards me.
“I do, but.. I can hold my alcohol just fine. It’s not the first time I drink on a school night.”
“Oh really? I didn’t imagine you to be like that.”
“It’s exceptional. Tonight might be the last night I spend with my best friend Garin before next semester.”
“Garin?” He turns around and I point to her. “Oh.. She’s certainly having fun.”
“Don’t stare pervert.” I end up giggling and he gives me a surprised look.
“Don’t call me pervert.”
“Aren’t you? Like a little bit though?” I giggle a bit more and his eyes widen.
“I’m not!” I lean in towards him, just enough so he’s the only one that can hear me.
“I think you have to be a little bit of a pervert to try and make moves on such a young girl Seonghwa~ Too bad you’re not good at it.”
“I’m not— What does that mean?” He looks taken aback by my sudden boldness thanks to the alcohol.
“You’ve now tried to kiss me what… three times? Failed miserably every time.” I laugh a bit more before sipping on my drink again, a huge blush over my cheeks. He ends up smiling at my teasing behavior.
“I don’t think I’m the only trying though.”
“Mhh? What do you mean?” He leans in a bit more, our knees touching, our feet playfully bumping into one another, his fingers almost playing with mine on the bar.
“That, I’m not the only one trying to get this over with.”
“Get over with what.” I smile at him lazily. He looks around, as much as he liked playing that game with me. There was so many people around. Not even talking about San and Wooyoung that could come back at anytime. He looks back at me, I was getting a bit too drunk.
“Y/N.. Let me take you back to your apartment.”
“Mhh? Wait no, I’m gonna go dance with Garin for a bit first!” I leave my drink on the bar and leave as fast as I got there, I had left him alone.
He watches me go to my best friend and we directly start to dance together, the guys joining us once again. And it’s back, the weird pinch in his heart that makes me seem so far to reach. Sure, I was obviously attracted to him, but there was nothing stopping me from just going home with one of those guys tonight. If anything, this would be much more normal than kissing him in the car after he dropped me off of work. Hooking up with guys my age instead of twice my age. He sighs and takes my drink to finish it in one go before asking another drink.
The night goes on. San and Wooyoung have fun. I have fun with my friends, and at some point we even end up having fun all together after introducing them as my colleagues. Garin asked them maybe too many questions. Wooyoung said too much, and San tried to control him as much as he could. But in the end, we were just all laughing together. For a moment, I had almost forgotten about Seonghwa. I turn around to still see him sitting at the bar, just playing with the ice in his drink before sipping it slowly. He looked out of place and although I’m not the one that brought him here, I felt bad.
“San.” I call softly as I get a hold of him so he can actually hear me.
“Yeah?” He leans in, curiosity on his face.
“Did Wooyoung force Seonghwa to come out?”
“Mhh?” He looks up and understands why I asked. “Mhh, actually not really. Wooyoung asked him multiple times but he ended up saying ok. He does look a bit depressing.” He says with a smile amused smile at the view of Seonghwa just looking around.
“Y/N!! Oh my god, this is our song!!!” Garin scoops me back with her before I can even do anything. After dancing to a couple of ‘our songs’ together.
Garin ends up whispering to me that she’s gonna go back to the guy’s apartment. San and Wooyoung ended up leaving around ten minutes earlier, so I decide to just go home myself. We walk out together and I wave them good bye as they walk to the opposite direction of my apartment. I hug my arms due to the cold and look down at my phone, it’s 2:34am.
“Wow..” I mutter to myself. I don’t remember the last time I stayed out so late. I look straight ahead, the streets are a bit too dark for my own comfort. “I’ll.. just get an uber I think.” I turn around to go stand outside the bar and pull my phone out.
“Mhh?” I look up, not really sure from where my name was coming from. Not gonna lie, I was not in the best state right now. I turn around and see a concerned Seonghwa. “Oh my god, hey cutie~” I giggle before realizing what slipped out of my mouth. He can’t help himself but to laugh before wrapping his arm around my waist. I’m surprised by the sudden move, and my cheeks burn up right away.
“I’ll walk you home. You’re not too far from here, right?”
“You don’t have your car?”
“I’m not really sober.” He ends up saying, but next to me, he looked just fine.
“Ugh.. Fiiine..” He chuckles as we start to walk the streets together. I ended up wrapping my arms around his as he makes sure my steps are careful.
“You’re pretty whiny when you’re drunk.”
“I’m whiny all the time, I’m just not as good at hiding.” I start laughing my heart out and he laughs at my interesting state.
“Be careful.”
“I am being careful, but it’s fine because you’re here. I could just—“ I leave his arm and start to run down the street.
“Y/N!! Wai—“
“Race me to my place!!” I yell down the street and he tries to keep up with me.
“What? No, Y/N!! Come back here!!”
“Catch me if you can~” My giggle fills the street making him smile brightly at my behavior.
Yeah, I was not the most athletic person, but alcohol was definitely my go go juice. As much as he is concerned that I might hurt myself, he can’t help but laugh at my own laugh resonating in the street. He could not believe this was happening. He could also not remember the last time he had such simple fun. Once I get in front of my apartment, he catches up to me.
“Mhh?” I turn to smile at him but he squeeze my cheeks together with one hand. “Ouch!!! Seonghwaaa that hurrrtsss!!”
“Listen to me you little brat. Don’t ever do this ok?” He says with a nervous smile one his lips, showing off his beautiful pearly whites.
“Wow..” I say, his hand still squeezing my cheeks.
“You have pretty teeth.”
“I— Than— Wait no! Y/N.” He gives me a slightly more serious look, he was actually worried.
“Ok, fine sorry.. You’re not gonna spank me right?” I get away from his hand and his jaw almost drops at my sentence. I end up laughing. “What? What’s with that reaction?” I raise an eyebrow leaning towards him. He doesn’t know what he hates the most about that sentence. Whether how turned on he got after I said it, or that the last person that asked him that, was Wooyoung. He closes his eyes before speaking up again.
“Let’s take you upstairs.”
“What? Not yet, I still want to hang out~”
“Come on Y/N.” He says with his more serious dad voice which makes me bite my lower lip.
“I like it when you use that voice.” I sigh as I start entering the building and he follows right behind me. “It’s hot.” He raises his head right at my sentence.
He was trying so hard to control himself right now but I was making it harder and harder for him. In all senses of the way. His jeans just felt too uncomfortable right now and he knows he’s not gonna be able to go to bed without getting himself off. He looks around, feeling a little bit out of place as he sees me starting to go up the stairs.
“Mari’s not here. She’s in bed.” I say as I slowly go up the stairs struggling a bit too much for my own good. Seonghwa sighs at the view before coming to help me.
“You’re something else Y/N.” He whispers as he pulls me to him and helps me come up the stairs. Once we’re on the second floor, I walk up to my door.
“Just come in, I’ll call you a cab or something.” I say having trouble opening my door. “Can you help me first, I can’t see the hole.” I give him my keys and after only a few seconds he has the door open. “Oh my god!!!” I whisper yell. “You got it!! Seonghwa you’re so fucking amazing!!” I laugh as I take him in my arms.
“Careful Y/N, wait—“ He stumbles over the mat and falls over me into my apartment. The door slowly closes after us. I groans lowly while I start to roll around still laughing. “You’re—“ He grunts before taking me in his arms so I could stop moving. “The worst!”
“No I’m not!!” I wiggle in his embrace making him laugh.
“Stop it, let’s get you in bed.”
‘Wait.. I have to pee first.”
“Hu?” I start to stand up and he sits up. “Y/N, close the door right?”
“Yes, yeah..” I barely close it making him turn around right away as I start peeing.
“This girl..” He sighs still sitting on my floor.
Now that he had time, he looks around my room. Weirdly enough, it’s a lot like he had imagined. Clean but not really. Things are clearly organized, but not specifically where they are suppose to be. Tones of notes on paper laying on my desk. He stands up to look at them and the complexity of them surprises him. I get out of the bathroom after washing my face as hard as I could. Seonghwa raises an eyebrow the moment he sees me before letting a chuckle out.
“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?”
“No why?”
“You have makeup all over now.”
“I do?” I walk back into my bathroom and he follows me. When I look up to the mirror, mascara is smeared under my eyes and I’m sparkly all over. When I look just a bit more up, Seonghwa is standing behind me with an amused smile. “You’re right, I do.”
“Do you have makeup wipes?” He asks as he starts to look through my drawers.
“I don’t know. I should, I wear makeup sometimes.”
“Do you take it off before going to bed?”
“Not all the time..” I smile at him making him chuckles as his eyes are now focused in my cabinets.
“Bingo, a pack of very much unused wipes.”
“Yay!! Ok, do it for me.” I close my eyes and I can hear him sigh. “Sound a bit more annoyed please, the emotion is not totally there.” I open an eye and see a smile on his lips as he takes a wipe out of the pack. He carefully wipes away the remaining makeup and soon I was all done and glowing. “Thanks~” I say almost above a whisper, giving him fluttery eyes.
“You’re welcome.” He answers as lowly as me while he puts the pack away and throw the wipe into the small garbage can. “Alright now Y/N, tomorrow is a big day. I’m gonna need you all nice and rested yes?” He looks back at me and directly sees the way my eyes are admiring him.
How could I not. This man had walked me home, taken care of me, made sure I was safe all night and even wiped away my ugly makeup. Now he was standing there, wanting me to go to bed. While all I wanted now was really to jump his bones if I was honest with myself. His attire making him look slightly younger, which made the whole situation feel a bit less wrong and way more appetizing.
He loses himself in my eyes. Feeling himself twitch in his pants just because of the way I looked at him. Eventually, him also not having all of his head due to the alcohol in his system, he allows himself to really admire me. I was not specifically dressed sexily. I had baggy pants which were ripped up front showing off the fishnet that was hiding under. There a large cropped top shirt, which allowed him to see my waist and the skin looking oh! So appetizing. He couldn’t believe his thought, but he wanted to kiss down my body. See how that fishnet looked without the pants. See how that waist looked without anything else on but maybe the underwears. Slightly hoping that I had the matching white lace from last week.
“You’re staring~” I coo lightly and smile at him.
“I am?” He asks his eyes going back to my eyes then my lips.
“I’m not even wearing something that nice Seonghwa.” I giggle running my hand through my hair, for some reason it was getting hot. Maybe a mix of the alcohol in my system and the heater on.
“Believe me, everything looks nice on you.” He says before even thinking of how the things he had said could affect the outcome of tonight. I wanted to laugh but a breathy laugh sounding more sensual come out.
“You’re too nice~” I lean into him giggling, my eyes starting to eye fuck him and he gladly reciprocates it.
He furrows his eyebrows, like a part of him knew that that’s when he was suppose to put me to bed and leave. But instead he puts one of his hand on my waist, looking down at me before bringing his other hand up to my chin. Just like that one night, when he almost kissed me for the second time. His eyes look at my face carefully, his thumb runs along my lower lip lightly. I feel his hand squeeze my skin lightly making me slightly shudder. I had hooked up with guys. Guys had touched me before. But no one had made me feel that way over a such a simple touch.
He looks at me for a bit before smiling. He tilts his head to the side, then looks back at my room, before looking back at me.
“I don’t think anyone’s gonna call. Right?”
“Call? Why?” He raises an eyebrow at my confused face. “Seonghwa.” I whisper making him lean a bit closer.
“What?” He whispers back.
“You’re hard.” I could feel it against me due to how pressed I was against him now. “Again.”
“Mhh..” He hums lowly his eyes focused on my lips before looking back up to my eyes obviously filled with lust. I smile at him.
“Except you’re lucky, this time you don’t have to walk back into a room filled with people.” I slightly press myself against him and without control he lets out a low grunt. It was not just the fact that he got pressure against his painful boner, it was the fact that I was putting pressure against it. “It’ll be our secret~” I coo at him making him clench his teeth lightly. “And you’re right, no one’s gonna call.”
He raises an eyebrow when he sees that I had caught on to what he implied a minute earlier. No one will call, there was no interruption. It could finally happen, right? His hand on my hips becomes firmer, he leans in lightly and I do the same. Once again, I can feel his breath against my lips.
Both our hearts beating so hard, it was exciting and scary at the same time. Once this happens, there needs to be a talk about everything. Or maybe like we said, it’s purely physical and we can just entertain each other for a bit before parting ways. Suddenly the ring of my phone makes me jump.
“What the fuck..” He swears lowly.
“What are the odds..” I say awkwardly before going to my phone. I answer, it was Garin wondering if I was home and safe before she went for round two. After letting her know that I didn’t need to know that I hang up and turn back to Seonghwa. He has his hands in his pocket and is standing next to the door. “You’re leaving?”
“Men are not allowed here, I’m not trying to risk it. Especially not as your boss and at such an hour.” He smiles. I walk up to him with an obvious expression of disappointment on my face.
“Ok..” He turns to look at me and smiles at me.
He comes closer to me to get some strand of my hair out of my face. Tucks them behind my ear, then cups my cheek very slightly. Before I knew it, we both just go for it. At this point just desperate for anything before anyone calls or needs either one of us. Our lips finally connecting, dancing together. The sound coming out both nice and lewd. The clashing of lips filling my room up as his hands start to bring me closer to him by my waist. Without knowing, he pushes me until the back of my legs hit my bed.
His tongue swipes across my bottom lips ever so slightly and now our tongue play against one another. I feel my face burn up as I get to feel him so close, taste him like that. Both our mouth still tasting like alcohol, it was still the best feeling in the world. His hands start to come up my skin, and then soon under my shirt. I moan into his mouth when I feel his hand get to my bra. His hands working a bit too well on my breasts, feeling the lace material of my bra.
“Can I take this off?” He whispers against my lips after slightly pulling on my shirt.
I nod at him and the shirt is off of me. His lips find mine directly as he takes his jacket off leaving him only in this simple white T that made him look godly still. I bring my hands up to his shoulders and neck. His hands come back down to press my hips against his as he grunts lightly into the kiss. I could feel how hard he had gotten and it felt painful at this point. I bring my hands down to his pants and start to slowly unbutton it. He ends up resting his forehead against my shoulder, as he looks at my hands getting rid of his pants slowly. His mouth agape due to kissing and how horny he was, gasping for air. He felt ridiculous being this affected and with little to no composition around such a young girl.
“Take your shirt off now.” I whisper lightly as I get on my knees. He does as asked as his eyes watch carefully my movements. I palm him lightly over his black boxers. He grunts out of pure pleasure at the contact making me smile. I get closer and lick a long stripe against the fabric.
“Fuck.. Wait Y/N, get back up.”
“Stand up.” I do as he says and he takes me in his arms.
The feeling of his skin against mine making me feel so giddy and making my underwear wetter. At this point, they were appropriately drenched. He drops me on my bed before hovering me and kissing down my neck. His lips go down slowly, to my chest, the valley of breast, my ribcage, stomach and waist. He drops kisses on my hip bone making my moan at the simple contact. My legs felt restless trying so hard to get anytime of contact by rubbing against one another.
He comes back up to catch my lips into a lazy makeup session. He wanted to do so much more but right now, he just wanted to feel me against his lips like he wanted to for a bit now. He slowly undoes my pants in the process and I kick them down. His hips then dropping down between mine. I gasp at the feeling of his length against my core, our underwear being the only thing between. Our lips still dancing together, lewd noise coming out of both our mouths, he slowly starts to grind his hips against mine. I could properly feel his length go up and down my drench and aching core.
“Fuck..” I end up cursing in a breath. His hips were skilled and I could only imagine how good he could be once inside of me. Rolling so perfectly against mine, it was driving me absolutely inside. I run my hand through my hair as he kisses down my neck once again.
“Feels good?” He mumbles against my skin, biting it slightly. I can only moan as an answer and he presses his hips harder against mine.
“Ahh fuck~” At this point, I was not only ridiculously wet, I was a complete mess.
My head was buzzing with pleasure, my face felt so warm due to how much pleasure this was giving me. And all he was doing was grind himself against me. As he brings his lips back to mine, one of his hands comes down between our hips. I then feel his fingers press against my core over my panties making me moan loudly. He pushes lightly against my aching bud making me almost roll my eyes. My hips bucking into his hands as he skillfully presses against my aching core.
“You’re so wet..” He says sounding pleasantly surprised. “Shit..” He sighs before pushing my panties aside to insert a single digit.
“Seonghwa~” The name, his name, so naturally rolling out of my tongue with so much pleasure mixed in it, almost made him lose his mind.
“Fuck, you’re so tight..” He curses as he starts to pump his finger in and out of my drenched core. The lewd squelching noises were now filling my room up. Just those sounds coming out of me because of him could get him off. He adds a second finger making me arch my back as he pumps a bit faster.
“Fuckfuckfuck..” I clench my teeth at the blissful feeling between my legs.
His lips back on my collar bones and neck, kissing every patch of skin he could making my head dizzy. If I thought he was driving me insane before, this was ridiculous. I start to feel an unfamiliar knot form in my lower stomach. My aching bud that he starts to press with his thumb only gets warmer. I can feel myself clench around him.
“You close?” He asks before connecting our lips again, and that’s when I feel it.
A shock of pleasure running through my whole body. My back arches violently, and I can’t help the moans slipping out of my mouth against his. His name coming out of my mouth like it was my job. My toes curling uncontrollably and seeing white dots flying around my room, like I was actually going crazy. His fingers slow down as I come down from my obvious high. He smiles against my lips before taking his fingers out of me, glistening with my juices.
I see him reach over my bedside for a tissue as my eyes become heavier by the second. He then let’s himself fall next to me, wrapping his arms around my form, after that I’m not sure.
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whitedofu · 7 days ago
❀ summary: as an idol, it can be challenging forming romantic relationships when the risk of getting caught can lead to disastrous consequences. however, despite all that, you’re willing to take those risks for xiao dejun. ❀ word count: 1k ❀ warnings: mentions of blood 
Tumblr media
When you receive the notification bubble informing you that your Uber driver has arrived, you quickly grab your purse and head out the door. It only takes you a couple minutes to make it outside, and you immediately spot a red car matching the image and description on the app parked at the front of the building. 
You approach the vehicle and wave at the driver to let her know you’re here, but she doesn’t respond, too focused on her phone. You try alerting her again, but by knocking on the window this time. Your second attempt succeeds in catching her attention because she stops typing on her phone to look in your direction. 
When she notices you standing there, her eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. She frantically shoves the small device back into the mount attached to the dashboard and then rolls the passenger window down. 
“I am SO sorry,” she apologizes. “I was responding to an important message and didn’t notice you were already here.” 
You shake your head. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” 
“Thank you..” She glances at her phone before addressing you by your real name. “That’s you, right?” 
“It is.” You open the back door when you hear it unlock and seat yourself behind the driver. 
After fastening your seatbelt, you pull your phone out and scroll through all of the new posts on your Instagram feed. Most of them are just selfies of other idols, and you’re just aimlessly liking every single one you see until you stumble upon a 10-minute behind-the-scenes video of Jisoo and Jeonghan messing with their castmates. You decide to watch it until you reach your destination. 
When the driver stops at the restaurant, you thank her for her service and proceed to unbuckle your seatbelt. You take a quick look outside your window as you’re in the middle of doing that, and when you don’t see anyone nearby, you return your attention to the video. 
Your eyes are still focused on the screen when you’re pushing the car door open until a loud BANG reaches your ears. The sharp sound causes you to tear your gaze away from your phone, and you nearly drop it when you see a broken bike right outside the door. 
Your heart almost stops when you realize that you’ve probably just made a terrible mistake, and you immediately shove your phone into your purse before getting out of the car. You almost trip over the busted bike in the process, but it hardly bothers you because you’re more concerned about the man lying flat on his face a few feet away from you. 
‘Holy shit.’ 
You immediately sprint to the man’s side. The first thing you consider doing is flipping him on his back until you realize that may not be the best idea if he broke a limb, so you opt for rapidly tapping on his (hopefully, not broken) shoulder instead. 
“Are you okay?! Did you break anything? Are you dying? Should I call 911? The ambulance—wait, no. That’s the same thing.” You can already feel tears beginning to form at the corners of your eyes as you continue to panic over this stranger’s well-being. “Are you even alive? I-I honestly can’t tell if you’re still breathing or not. Oh my god, I can’t believe I just killed someone—”  
“I’m… not dead,” the man interrupts you, his voice slightly muffled. 
“Oh, thank god,” you let out a big sigh of relief. 
“Ugh.” He manages to slowly push himself upwards and shifts his body back a bit so he can lean against the side of the car. 
Now that his face wasn’t pressed against the concrete, you take a good look at him. The first thought that comes to mind is that, despite the blood and scratches littered all over his face, he looks attractive. Probably the most handsome man you’ve ever seen, honestly—and you’ve seen and been with a lot of handsome men before. 
He groans and it snaps you out of your thoughts.  
“You’re bleeding,” you blurt out.
“I am?” His brows—which you now realize are pretty big—furrow. “Where?” 
“Your nose—and on some areas of your face, too. But mainly your nose.” 
He swipes a finger under his nose and mutters out a light “oh,” when he sees the fresh blood on his skin.  
“Um, besides that, is there anything else that hurts? Should I call the ambulance?”  
“Uhh… besides the cuts, my head hurts a little bit. It’s not too bad, though, so you don’t have to call them,” he says while rubbing his temple. “I’m so sorry, this is all my fault. I wasn’t focusing on the road while I was riding my bike and—” 
“NO!” you shout before immediately apologizing when you see him wince. “It’s all my fault. I should’ve paid more attention before opening the car door.” 
“I—” he tries to argue, but you cut him off again. 
“Please let me fix you up at my place!”  
The man gives you a wary look, but you’re quick to reassure him that you only have good intentions.
“I promise I won’t kidnap and murder you or anything like that! I’m responsible for your injuries, so I think it’s only fair that I take care of them.” 
He chuckles at your words, and the cute grin on his face causes your heart to beat just a little bit faster than usual. “Alright then.” 
“Good.” You smile before rising from your spot and allow the man to wrap an arm around your shoulder as you help him stand back up. 
You turn to your Uber driver and find her frozen in her seat. Well, this explains why she wasn’t helping you earlier.
You knock on her window with your free hand, which snaps her out of her shocked state. 
Before she could question what happened between the two of you, you quickly ask, “Could you drive us back to my place, please?” 
“O-Of course,” she stutters out and begins driving back to your apartment complex once you’re both safely buckled up in the back of the car.
Tumblr media
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mattsunbae · 7 days ago
Hi I’m shy but can I please request the Hq!! boys reactions to you showing up at their door at 2 am in tears? Thank you
ahh no need to be shy :,) i’m friendly, i swear <3
Tumblr media
characters — osamu miya, issei matsukawa, kiyoomi sakusa, hajime iwaizumi
warnings — slight panic attacks :(
song —
Tumblr media
awoke to a string of texts that immediately caught his attention. a thread of saddening texts in separate messages, making his heart drop into his stomach. osamu quickly but quietly made his way down the stairs and outside — only to see you standing there with tears streaming down your face, gasping for air as you choked on your tears. "samu, 'm so sorry. i know it's la-" he didn't let you finish as he wrapped his arms around your torso, pulling you in for a tight, suffocating hug. "i was boutta come get you." he sighed with relief as he knew you were alright in his arms, where you belonged. "'m so sorry. i was just so upset and i didn't know where to go." you choked as the tears kept pouring out of your eyes, soaking up his shirt. "shhh, angel. don't apologize. parents are outta town n tsumu's with aran tonight, come in." osamu kissed the top of your forehead before directing you in the house. "yer with me now. everythin's gonna be alright." he whispered before shutting the front door.
phone rang on his nightstand, invading his ears. he groaned with annoyance before picking it up to see your name flashing across the screen. all the sleep escaped from matsukawa as he quickly accepted the call. his heart shattered as he heard you babbling about all the things that were upsetting you. he hated hearing how broken you were. “are you at home? where are you, babygirl? i’ll come get you.” he was already downstairs as he questioned you. “outside.” you softly spoke. the front door swung open to reveal you looking up at him, eyes red and puffy. “oh gosh you’re here.” mattsun breathed heavily as he hugged you, feeling your warmth. “what’s on your mind, babygirl?” he didn’t let go as he kissed you gently, rubbing your back. “um —“ you had to catch your breath in order to have a legible conversation. “‘s alright, later. come inside. i’ll make you some tea, yeah?” issei gently spoke as he guided you in the house.
sat up in bed and looked down at his phone with blurred vision, the machine buzzing nonstop. groaning with irritation and frustration, kiyoomi read the messages you were sending him, rubbing his eyes to see if he was seeing them correctly. he in fact, was. kiyoomi quickly called you as he got out of bed, already slipping a hoodie on. “omi-“ “tell me where you are and i’ll come get you.” he demanded your location as he slipped down the stairs before sliding his shoes on. “‘m outside.” you meekly answered just as he swung the door open. kiyoomi’s expression softened at the sight of you in tears. “hey, beautiful.” he softly spoke as he cradled your head in his arms. “why didn’t you tell me, y/n?” kiyoomi let go and cupped your chin, still speaking at a gentle tone. “i didn’t wanna bother you with my feelings.” you admitted. “you might be a nuisance sometimes,” he pecked your lips, “but your feelings aren’t. talk to me when you need to.” kiyoomi’s lips stretched into a small smile as you nodded. “let’s get you inside. you’re spending the night.”
rolled his eyes as he ignored the nth call that showed up on his phone screen. he assumed it was oikawa blowing up his phone again until he did a double take to see it was you calling him. “yeah? are you safe, honey?” iwaizumi’s voice was like honey, smooth and calming as he flew down the stairs. “i-“ you were cut off by the front door opening, revealing you in a vulnerable state. he sighed with relief as he basically tackled you into a hug, suffocating you. “iwa, ‘m so sorry.” you hiccuped as the tears just kept flowing, eventually soaking up his shirt. “for what?” he looked down at you with genuine confusion. “for being annoying with feelings and everything.” your eyes were glued to the floor as you shyly spoke. “oh c’mon now, you know that’s not true, baby.” iwa slightly chuckled at your words, confused on why you would even think you were being annoying. “come inside. you can have one of my shirts and we can cuddle, alright?” he swung the door open again before shutting it gently.
Tumblr media
© please refrain from copying my work. copying/editing is not allowed.
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