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#i can help anyone!
hey the "it's ok this person is doing [weird but harmless behavior] bc they're autistic" attitude isn't actually helpful. The behavior itself needs to be destigmatized regardless of who's doing it.
I'm autistic, and:
I sure as hell don't feel like having to constantly whip out my Autism Membership Club Card™ to justify my atypical quirks to strangers. That's private medical information, actually? No one should have to choose between being seen as autistic or as a jerk/weirdo.
I don't enjoy being made self-conscious and having to wonder "if this weird thing I'm doing is wrong when allistic people do it, does that mean there is something inherently wrong with being autistic? is my 'bad' behavior excused bc I am already assumed to be a bad person, who can't help being bad?" That's ridiculous and I don't need that energy.
And what about the many people who are undiagnosed? The many allistic people who have other mental health issues? Are they just weirdos until a medical doctor says otherwise?
What about neurotypical people whose behavior is non-standard for a thousand other reasons, medical and nonmedical? HoH people with unusual speech patterns? People from different cultural backgrounds? People who just have some random weird habits, because it's actually normal to deviate from the norm in some way? At what point is someone no longer required to seek your permission to behave weirdly? Who qualifies and who doesn't?
These are absurd situations.
There's an easy solution: destigmatize weird but harmless behavior, period. People who speak, act, walk, or otherwise behave in a way you find unusual are still people (whose diagnoses are none of your business btw), and we deserve to exist in the world without you judging or punishing us. Choose your battles wisely, because I see a lot of you attacking people who are already walking wounded.
TLDR stop being a judgemental asshole and the world will be a slightly nicer place. mind your own business and let people be weird.
#my Autism Membership Club Card™ gets me reward points at grocery stores and movie theaters#which is weird because my autism specifically prevents me from watching movies in theaters#the grocery store thing is nice though#actuallyautistic#long post#not a shitpost#and also like...if someone's weird behavior is unintentionally bothering other people#(and i mean in a 'that is a reasonable thing to be bothered by' way not a 'this thing doesn't affect me but I'm still gonna complain' way)#then the issue isn't that it's weird. the issue is...that it's causing an actual issue. focus on that part.#and when that happens#the first step is not to dismiss that person as an inconsiderate asshole?#the first step is to politely inform them of the negative effect their behavior is having and ask them to alter it#because people aren't mindreaders and most of us (autistic and allistic alike) are sometimes genuinely unaware of these things#yes it can get awkward but politely asking someone to speak more quietly or not stand so close to you#or to change the topic or share the conversation etc#is infinitely preferable to living in a world where we exclude & abuse people behind their backs#without actually giving them helpful feedback or the opportunity to do better#it's not fair to neurodivergent people but it's also just not fair to ANYONE#if you're planning to avoid or exclude someone bc of a behavior they don't know is causing an issue...#in most cases you owe someone a polite explanation before doing that.#btw i am going to be adding ko-fi links to some of my mental health/autism posts from now on#bc I spend a lot of time writing them (bc i think it's important) but it takes a lot out of me#for instance I'm a slow writer and this post took about an hour to write and edit#and this blog is my only source of income and the main use of my time#so please be aware of that before criticizing#it really bugs me when people will say things like 'i find your posts very helpful/educational/entertaining they mean a lot to me'#and then ask why i include a ko-fi link#because... because i work hard to make this content helpful or meaningful or entertaining...#because it takes a huge amount of my time and the only income i make from it is through ko-fi...#and bc i am not consistently getting paid anything near a living wage for that... despite the fact people seem to value what i do
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deanlovescasblog · 3 months ago
dean fucks me up so bad. he fucks me up so bad. he took the angel. of the lord. soldier of god. and he said. ill call you by this little name. you're cas now. you're huggy bear. you're sunshine. he took the angel and he said i'll show you my favorite movies :) and I'll put a silly hat on you. come here. I'll take you to a bar cause I know bars, and I'll take you to a strip club, cause i know strip clubs and thats how I know how to show you something I deem important, something I understand. he said I'll call to a messenger of god on a cellphone and i'll chuckle about it. 'cause it's funny. 'cause he's funny. cause I like him. he said I'll pray to you, Cas, even though I don't like the whole praying business, I feel stupid doing it. You know I'm not one for praying. but I'll pray to you. in an empty parking lot. in the middle of the apocalypse. in the land of monsters. in a hospital church, on my knees. even when you can't hear me. I'll pray to you. and when you're gone. I'll pray to you then, too.
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toebeens · 2 months ago
Hey so it’s not easy asking for help like this, but my first paycheck from my new job was incredibly messed up. It was missing 75% of my hours, all of my time and a half pay I’m supposed to be receiving and all of the overtime that I worked. My manager has reached out to HR, and is waiting for a reply from them but told me most likely it will be added onto my next check. I’m praying that won’t be the case, because I’ll need to pay my car payment before the next paycheck as well as get my medication. I don’t know how to make this work with the $240 I have. If there’s any way I could get the $360 I’ll need for the bills/medication and just a little extra for gas, you can even let me know your info to pay you back when I get paid if you’d need.
For those who don’t follow me, my parents passed away (mom was diagnosed w terminal bone cancer, dad passed unexpectedly from respiratory failure from his sleep aid and blood pressure medication interacting, and mom passed a few months after) so I don’t have any family I can turn to for help (only child) and am just trying to get by until I’m on my feet with this job. My PayPal is and you can message for Zelle. Reblogs are always appreciated!!! Thank you for any help and your kindness.
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transbian-technoblade · 6 months ago
I just think it would be really funny if origins!Techno was fully human and his superpower was being cracked at Minecraft. Imagine you’re like an explorer or a lone warrior and during your travels you stumble across this place where hybrids of all kinds congregate and live in semi-harmony, and they see how good you are at fighting and survival and gathering resources and are just like “Yes, you’re one of us now.” And you don’t really get it cause you’ve been alone all your life but you decide to humor them anyway, and before you know it for the first time in your life you start to feel at home in a pub in the sky made for everyone except humans.
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doodleodds · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
So the twilight corridor in maruki’s palace has a lot of stairs in it. like a LOT
Hey guys, long time no post! I’ve been really busy trying to finish my senior project for much so that I really haven’t had a lot of time to draw things for myself :( But!! Here’s something kind of experimental I did to unwind a little in my downtime! I’d like to add (full) color to this eventually, but knowing me there’s a very high chance that I won’t! So I’ll just post this now, I guess.
Also, here’s the original sketch I was going off of before I realized “shit man I can’t draw backgrounds, how tf am i gonna animate/color that” and changed it:
Tumblr media
#p5r spoilers#persona 5#goro akechi#kurusu akira#does this count as akeshu if i was thinking about akeshu while drawing it?#this is actually meant to be from an au I started a comic of but haven't finished lol#it always bothered me that in maruki's palace you just!! you just get your team back!#like. i understand gameplay-wise why they'd give you your entire team back. but i really wanted. like.#only the teammates you maxed your confidant link with to be available to use because they're they only ones you could get through to#and if you didn't max anyone out you (by default) have akechi and sumire to fall back on (and akechi stays the navigator lmao)#so my au was p much just that they hadn't been able to wake any of the other thieves and had to go through maruki's palace as a trio#BECAUSE I WANT MORE ROYAL TRIO CONTENT OK??  I THINK THEY HAVE GOOD SYNERGY#catch me working on that akechi/sumire showtime idea i had from a while ago again soon lmao because i am interested in it again#but uh yeah.  just an experimental little thing here. hope you guys enjoy it! maybe i will finish it lol#this was almost incomprehensible without color. and only gray-scaling the people didnt help the background lol#so. i gave generic orange shading a shot. sorry its so shitty lmao but i think you can see by the bottom panel i ran out of patience xP#i actually originally wanted the text boxes to move a little bit? like they do in game? but i thought it might be Too Much (tm)#maybe i'll edit that in at a later date lmao. we'll see! we'll see#also NO i dont know why the panels are weirdly colored. bought csp recently and am still figuring out the comic tool lol ^^;#ANYWAY thats all! sorry for the rambling lmao. hope u have a lovely day/evening :)
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palipunk · 2 months ago
An oil container in Lebanon exploded just a few hours ago and there are already dozens dead, Lebanon is already facing a severe fuel, medicine, and electricity shortage nation wide and the Lebanese Red Cross needs all the support it can get, if you can donate, please see the link below:
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lipstickleatherdyke · 2 months ago
Disabled Black Nonbinary Trans Person in Urgent Housing Crisis
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hi hi, my friend Evergreen is currently homeless and needs some immediate help keeping her sheltered!
donations help most, but if anyone in the state of Arizona (pref the valley and surrounding areas) can help keep her sheltered temporarily please send me a message! It's still blistering hot here and our shelters are not the greatest nor is it easy to guarantee their safety as a trans person there. here's their links:
V*nmo: @Queenside_Castle C*sh*pp: $hottransmess
Solidarity friends 💝
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pathologising · 2 months ago
hi angel and im ebegging bc my savings arent enough 😐!!! I'm leaving an abusive household and turns out moving expenses are....more than anticipated + some unexpected things have come up so I need some help getting outta this shithole!! If anyone can spare some cash I'd be eternally thankful but please don't feel guilty if you're not in the place to donate pls! pls rb if u can n Thank u so much. <3
cshapp n venmo r both tendernessed !!!
Tumblr media
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thoodleoo · 2 months ago
So in here we stan ancient misogynists just because they were not hetero? How many of those homoerotic men paticipated in our opression? How many of them were our pimps and trafficked us or used us as baby machines? Why are there not accountable for that? You think you fight hetero patriarchy with gay patriarchy? We have cancelled so many historical figures for their bigotry, but men can get away with that if they ride some d*ck. Tired of all those women in here with zero class conciousness, thinking they fight patriarchy by reblogging some ancient homoerotic meme. Please, educate me.
i love misogyny and sucking dick actually. thanks for understanding
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sweetheartgrips · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
please for the love of god help me that garlic bread on tuesday was the last solid meal i ate. I was supposed to receive 5k in backpay that keybank and unemployment services completely LOST. I have no money for food or bills. if u could help pls reblog or consider donating. my cashapp is $cruelmercy
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bakuhoes-dumbass · 4 months ago
I was perhaps wondering if, since so many of the boys are so protective, how they would react while the reader is on her period, and keeps flinching and whimpering in pain in the middle of interviews. This is definitely only if your comfy writing it, your super talented!!!❤
Awe thank you so much ^^ that really means a lot~
I was debating about this one but decided I don't mind trying to write something. I hope you don't mind that it's general reactions vs individual.
Warnings: Uhhh, period stuff. Mild yandere themes.
I wrote this Gender neutral ^^
When they see you constantly flinching and groaning in pain, their brows furrow, worry washing over them. They ask whats wrong and you tell them it's nothing, just cramps. Their hands twitch, desperately wanting to comfort you and give you tummy rubs but their restraints prevent that. So now they're sad psychos 😔:
BAKUGO, Shoto, Tokoyami
They start to freak out a little bit, worried something was seriously wrong. They ask you why you keep making those noises and when you told them it was cramps, they whimper and reach out to help you. Their restraints stop them and their anxiety spikes. Their precious darling is in pain and they can't help???:
Kirishima, TAMAKI, Denki, Midoriya
They see you double over a few times and ask what's wrong, slightly worried but not really. You tell them your pains are just really bad today and they kinda smirk. Start teasing you a little, telling you that they could end those cramps easily with an orgasm or 2 or 5:
Seeing you in pain doesn't bother him. Almost not at all, actually. If he did have to see you in pain, he'd rather be the one to cause it 🙂:
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