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#i can not even laugh at this tbh
doctorhoe · a month ago
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Tumblr media
did this age like fine wine or spoiled milk I literally can't tell
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stinkrascal · 3 days ago
one thing i’ve especially always hated about the gays who say shit like “you chose the wrong side!!” when referencing your “straight passing” relationship with a men as a bisexual woman, it always feels so fucking dismissive of my life experiences. like, no offense to the people who live in SoCal, but have you ever considered for maybe two seconds that perhaps dating women as a woman/female aligned person who lives in the deep south perhaps... isn’t a great idea? it just goes to show me how little these people consider others’ life experiences, like growing up and dating in high school, it was literally safer for me to pursue relationships with men than with women. i’m from fucking louisiana man!! you think that shit’s gonna fly in louisiana? IT JUST MAKES ME SO MAD when people INSIST you’re not really bisexual because you chose to date a man, when it’s like 1) statistically speaking there are more straight people in the world, so yes my chances of dating a straight man are higher than dating a bisexual/lesbian woman 2) im literally from one of the most conservative states in the fucking country? like im sorry i wasnt flaunting rainbow flags and dyed half-shaved hair and flannels and making out with every girl i saw during my childhood, i was just you know Literally Trying Not To Be Kicked Out/Shunned From My Family/Physically Assaulted By My Peers. but like! whatever i guess! homophobia doesnt exist anymore because SoCal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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protectbrowngirls · 2 months ago
Protect brown girls who have been gaslit by their family
Protect brown girls who are told they’re overreacting or being sensitive or acting crazy if they express hurt, confusion, anger, a desire for accountability, or other negative reactions.
Protect brown girls whose families shout at them, insult them, ignore them, curse them, and then turn around an hour later and pretend nothing ever happened.
Protect brown girls who are accused by their own family of gaslighting, blackmailing, or being abusive themselves when they’re simply trying to voice their feelings.
Protect brown girls who feel like they can’t trust their own memories and emotions because they’ve been told so often that they’re simply wrong, or that they must be lying.
Protect brown girls who no longer feel safe or comfortable being authentic, expressing their emotions freely, and asking for what they need from their family because they know they won’t be listened to. Protect brown girls who feel guilty for experiencing this discomfort, or for having emotional needs in the first place.
It’s so difficult to reconcile how your family who purport to love you could simultaneously put you through so much pain. Please know that you are not wrong for having emotional needs, for wanting to be heard, for wanting accountability from your family, for seeking help from the people who you’ve been told your whole life can be trusted to help you. I encourage you to seek emotional support from other sources, and I encourage you to keep a record of your own experiences to look back upon and reassure yourself that your memories, your emotions, were real. I wish you luck in finding a support network and resources that can help you heal.
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I know I said I would stop perceiving actors, but the Hell Ones commercial. Adam starting off with harsh accusations towards Michael, only to laugh it off, but continuing to bombard him with questions that make him uncomfortable, but always in a way that he can go, "Calm down, buddy! I'm just joking! You're so easily offended, you're no fun at all!" if Michael takes issue with it. Jabel said dark Midam, toxic Adam rights <3
#he's so mean#like there's fun teasing but that just didn't have that kind of energy. i think teasing should be both people equally teasing each other#maybe not both at the same time‚ but it'll even out between all their interactions. give as good as you get‚ etc etc#but that was Adam doing all the teasing and Michael just dealing with it 😔 i don't like that energy for ships...#unless it's meant to be mean and toxic :3c#Dark Midam#“were you in love me?” Adam asks‚ but everything about him is ready to laugh at Michael. he was just asking Michael what was wrong with him#Michael gets to sit there‚ wondering if he'll be ridiculed for answering yes#it's a different flavor of toxic Midam tho because my dark Adam would encourage Michael to love him and be happy when he admits it#Michael is so loyal to the ones he loves <3 the only thing that could get him to turn against his loved ones is if his Father commanded it#but Adam knows he can replace Michael's God. God isn't there‚ hasn't been for years. but Adam is. Michael knows now that Adam is all he has#so Adam will be the most important person to him. eventually. soon.#and then nothing will be able to take Michael from him. and then nothing will be able to hurt him.#he'd never ridicule Michael for loving him#he would only ridicule Michael for loving anyone else. none of them care about Michael the way Adam does#at what point do i need to start talking tagging these#abuse cw#?#i think it should be a given for my Dark Midam tag tbh
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sherlock-is-ace · a month ago
#i've been in a weird mood for so long now that i actually thought back to when this started#and i think it has been most of the year tbh...#like i always pride myself on watching things till the end#and now i CANNOT for the life of me finish a show even if i'm enjoying it#(that might be why i'm so attached to granada holmes and shitt's creek... because i actually managed to finish those)#i have always had artblock and moments when i couldn't draw#but now is all the time#even when i can phisically draw i hate it and don't even want to do it#i'm not having a good time#and it's weird because whenever i feel like this i usually have like high anxiety and i'm in like a really dark place mentally#but right now? there's nothing going on#head empty#heart empty#no emotion#there is like a dark veil on my days but it's not as noticable as it was years before#if this was idk 2019 i would say this feels like depression but honestly i don't know anymore? cause i'm not misserable in the normal sense#i just feel like i'm in a dream...#i do NOTHING all day. i don't know where the hours go i honestly feel like i'm living in a weird timeless reality#and like it's not a nice feeling at all don't get me wrong. but also i can't say with certainty that i'm bad either?#i have no emotions... i laugh at jokes and memes and i can enjoy a good song but real emotion and connection to things and people? none#i can also cry on cue so i guess i'm not fine... lol#idk i just wanted to put my thoughts somewhere and i guess screaming into the void is as good as anything else#¯\_(ツ)_/¯#who knows#personal#angel talks
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osferth · 4 months ago
who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favourite 
my opinion on him changes literally every two seconds but above all he is the most problematic fav of all and i miss him a LOT. its a love-hate relationship but i understand where he is coming from sometimes in terms of ambition, bc if i was the son of the king and my uncle took over instead id be mad as hell, even if at the end of the day he's irresponsible as shit
(he does have some banger lines tho. my fav is probably either the tit speech or when he said "perhaps a hole in the ground" for ceolwulf, who then immediately died)
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starlatte27 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for this!
It's honestly really sad that this blog blocked me due to the dumb Stolitz drama within the fandom. Because I agree with this 100% and sometimes I still wonder why people cant realize that not wanting the mother to be demonized should not equal "rooting" for her since she's not the main worry in the first place. It's Octavia! Octavia should be the concern in all this! NEITHER Stella or her child are "evil" though and I feel as if going to those extremes only encourages said unnecessary drama further. And honestly, im sorry if any of ya'll thought I didnt mention her enough and I wish that I could have mentioned her more in the past months.
Even then I JUST mentioned her recently and how this situation is effecting Octavia as well:
Tumblr media
Either way, when you boil this down to the real life implications, they only reason they made Stella and Octavia like this was to push them to the side to favor Stolas and Blitzo's relationship, that's about... Stella isnt in the right here and neither is Stolas, but no matter what the ONLY reason they made her like this was to favor Stolas within the situation, why do you think that they keep pushing Octavia to the side and refuse to address the other things that were harming her but made Stella the "villain" to make this as one sided as humanly possible. It's why it disturbed me as it REALLY reminded me of how my father would demonize my mother before he divorced her.
The only reason ive discussed Stolas so much because he is the MAIN one causing the relationship to have gotten so downhill, yes, Stella contributed, but here's the thing... it's not because "she's a woman" because people demonize the woman all the damn time in this shows. Its ironically BARELY ever the man who's held accountable its always the "evil step mother!" or the "office bitch" of the series who's shown to be the villain for the past decade.
Tumblr media
They're "sassy" or "the tomboy" and theyre considered the "good guy" but whenever they're ultra feminine or pink suddenly theyre a "slutty bitch" or a "bimbo" of the show. This ALWAYS happens, the "evil feminine bitch" isnt anything new ffs! 🙄
Either way, Octavia deserves better, Stella deserves better than Stolas. And Octavia deserves better than BOTH of thier racist asses.
We can have solidarity over this! We can admit that demonizing the wife for being cheated on is NOT a good thing and that the daughter ALSO does not deserve the father's bullshit either.
Again if any of you felt as if I wasnt mentioning Octavia enough ummmmm... some feedback would have been nice :/
I dont see why this had to result in a full on block. Honestly, this ship drama is so fucking dumb and now people be ending mutualships over it. Wow...
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princessnijireiki · 7 months ago
some people in this life do not have enough genuine self respect, enough of a sense of dignity & their own worth, to not be truly, viciously nasty to people. like you don't feel like that's cheap material scratching up the glass surface of your soul, babydoll? you don't feel that polyester rayon spitefulness itching & biting at your skin on your throat? sticking to the back of your soul's legs like cheap pleather on a hot day? you wasn't raised better than that? you don't believe in moving like you have any higher purpose or light in your body or your mind at all? okay.
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safetycarz · 3 months ago
oh btw im back besties :)
#hellooooo it's been like. 2 days idk why i'm acting like i've been off for a month. anyway i'm back from the expedition thingy !!!!#it was okay i guess. the evening was really fun because we all played games and sat and chilled on the hill at the campsite and the view#was incredible bc u could just see the sun setting over the rolling hills and fields as i vibed with my friends and i've just locked that#moment in my memory tbh. some of the walking was also really#fun esp on the first day bc it was sunny and warm and we went through lots of beautiful fields and hills and i remember one particular#moment when i was walking through a lavender field w my expedition group and the guy at the back randomly started running so the rest#of us started running through it as well n it was downhill so it was really fast and we were all just laughing and running through this#field of light purple like we were little kids so i've locked that in my memory too <3#however the rest of it was shit. i've now got what i like to call the 3 Bs - blisters bruises and burns 💀#tw injury#tops of both my pinky toes have no skin left there's just massive painful red blisters. arms have gone multicoloured with bruises. burnt my#fingers tryna cook porridge. my whole body just aches and aches from carrying that massive ass bag around and wall king p#*walking (can't type ffs) with it on my back for 6 hours straight on hills for 2 days. i can barely lift my leg and my back.#my fucking back man 😭😭😭 im so physically and mentally exhausted rn especially bc i'm not very fit so i don't walk for that much very#often. anyway luckily i got out of doing triple jump prelims for my house tomorrow bc of the blisters so i guess that's a good thing#anyways. had fun kind of didn't but whatever it's all character building innit#mwah <3
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dreamquackity · 10 months ago
Uhhh you realize that if you make a post about r*ylo and don’t censor it, that counts toward the fandometrics, as does every reblog? It doesn’t discriminate between people who like or hate a ship. Right now you’re actively helping it get more traction.
bro i don’t care. the year end fandometrics already came out. me making a post AFTER that fact doesn’t make them the “top ship” any more than it already was. anyway who really won here. they’re cringe as shit and half their ship died and it was awfully executed. why bother about whether the ship itself gets traction when the concern here is that the people who ship it are aligned with a group that are notorious for being straight up racist, amongst many things
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mjvnivsbrvtvs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love and Marriage: Emotion and Sexuality in the Early Medici Family, Karen Burch / Between Friends : Discourses of Power and Desire in the Machiavelli - Vettori Letters of 1513 - 1515 by John M Najemy
#the renaissance has it all!#so here's a terrible sentence: you know the whole brutus/lucilius 'don't you want to know youre loved without having to beg for it'#theme ive been going on about?#it started from uh. the.#there's a very specific kind of emotion happening in the poliziano-lorenzo-clarice situation#that is like. the same emotion going on in the machiavelli-politics-vettori dynamic#and its been HAUNTING me because no one! gets a satisfying! conclusion! no one gets what they want!!#caligula voice: men die and they aren't happy!#and its all history so there's no way to ever get a satisfying resolution to it outside of like. creative playfulness and fictionalization#sometimes there is no closure but i want SO BADLY for there to be closure here. there's a permanent ache in my chest over it#there's a wound that wont ever close and EVERY time i open up machiavelli's letters i shove my hands in it all over again#anyway the brutus/lucilius dynamic is the closest resolution i could get my hands onto. its lucilius act of devotion given freely#but even THAT doesn't fit right. its not a clean fit. its misapplied. the thing! that haunts me! is still! there!#anyway it's about the later correspondence and how machiavelli stops talking to vettorri bc he woudn't have become so....#obsessed. i guess. with the prince and it's end goal as an object representing desire. without vettori's replies to his letters#that haunts me#BUT I FOUND RESOLUTION to this thing that's been plaguing my waking thoughts for months now! so now i can begin posting about it#(the resolution. and i am so sorry for these tags. please know im laughing at myself as i type this. the resolution to this thing that's#been occupying my thoughts like a thorn was: the harry-jean-kim dynamic in DE. listen. hear me out. i can explain this----))#(technically the order should be jean-harry-kim but tbh it doesnt matter. what DOES matter is that i can sleep at night again#instead of staying awake re reading the same three books and wishing so badly for a different ending for something that happened 500 years#ago. u know?)
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oceanxveiined · 4 months ago
She’d be the kind of person to be screaming something like ‘I’m a fucking GOD’ while simultaneously having a moderate to severe emotional breakdown tbh
#hc#//God complex + severe repressed issues is fun#;mun has spoken#//Acts like she owns her shit; that she's too damn strong to be brought down by 'some little childhod trauma'#//Is practically (1) failure away from having a complete and utter emotional detonation at all times#//Usually that manifests at sheer rage or hysteric laughter; sometimes a heaping mix of both; depending on what exactly triggered it#//Tbh; she's safest to approach when she's in a rage. Bc laughing can lower guards and gets HELLA moodswings that make it worse#//The shift from her laughing and over-performing lightheartedness is so startling; even to those who've seen it time and again#//Especially when watching her face contort back to rage right before she flings the nearest thing or her power makes a pipe or smth explode#//At least if she's outright enraged; you KNOW she's gonna throw/break shit and riot. Plus she IS a lileasier to talk out of it/appease then#//Either way; she'll still be looking to IMMEDIATELY wreck whatever set her off; be it a failed project or even a person#//It's Not Good. And it's notably worse when it's a person she 'loses to'; especially considering her upbringing#//You know it's BAD if she ends up sobbing/just crying at some point through. Bc she just LOATHES showing vulnerability like that#//And so she's GOT to regain some sense of control. Destroying anything and everything that broke her composure is her best bet; she feels#//Which ofc end up making things WORSE if she doesn't succeed; for her emotional state and anybody who comes across her then#//Bc she WILL take out her emotional issues on them and claim that as her 'win' to calm down; whether they were even involved or not#//She won't care; she'll just be so desperate and do whatever it takes to seek a scapegoat to erase her failure from her mind#//I guess it's not even exclusive to that time tbh. Her picking and choosing a scapegoat definitely at its worst when she cries#//But it happens when she's angry or hysterical too. There's just less of a chance of her snapping out of it when she's in tears#//And there's more of a chance of her doing someone REAL irreversible if she's in tears. It's like she needs to ERASE anyone and everyone#who's seen her cry. She will not stop at just beating them down or wounding. She WILL be out for blood for real#//Idk; watched Azula's breakdown and it Resonated enough to prompt a hc#//Only got to explore this aspect of her character once awhile back with a friend#//She doesn't actually feel remorse for what she does during a breakdown; no matter who she's hurt. Even if she's TOLD what she did#//'They were just taking a chance at an open shot at me while I was VULNERABLE; weren't they? Serves them fucking right for trying'#//She'll never be convinced otherwise; even if the person was genuinely trying to help. She can never trust that would ever be true#//Definitely owes all this to her mother. Can't have a healthy coping much less a sense of morality when the most influential person didn't#//And she's too damn proud to even START to change. Someone's gotta have a real BIG impact on her to get her to even CONSIDER it#//Mostly notable in her descendants/bnha aus. And those are verses where she's with like-minded folks; so there's ENABLING too#//But ye. Patience is key with her. Also reassurance that failure isn't the end for her. Bc that's the mainreason why she explodes like this
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honteuzaikonfu · 4 months ago
ig its a little stupid but theres like, this clashing feeling within me of wanting to hide my pain but also wanting everyone to see it & know it. wanting to hide it bcause, yknow the usual. i dont wanna be a burden or annoyance, i dont deserve help, i dont have it bad enough so itd just be awkward, etc. and wanting to showcase it because, well, yikes, im in pain, please help, please care for me and think abt me, and feel bad for me, right.
and the other night at a party i got really drunk. i mean puked for two days drunk. and i cried a lot. like, i was in the park, screaming my lungs out and a neighbour came down to see if i was alright kinda crying. and there were lots of ppl i knew there who saw me like that ! and i was really drunk but somehow there was this catharsis to it. "look at my pain. see my pain, see how bad it is, feel bad for me, help me." right ?
but i dont think anyone really saw anything. today a good friend asked me why i was screaming like that; not in a concerned way, just in a puzzled way. it felt so weird, because this release i was craving so bad, in the end, it brought me nothing. i fulfilled my exact desire of displaying my raw pain to everyone and it really brought nothing. (im not blaming them, i mean, just vomiting and crying on the ground at 2am isnt exactly the best way of opening up to the ppl you care about.)
it made me realise how little i tell anyone, while i feel that i overshare abt my feelings all the time. i dont think ppl know how much i hate myself, or suspect that i self harm, or that im suicidal. i really dont think anyone knows, or very few people at least 🤨 but i still feel so pathetic for being that way and i still feel like everyone knows just how pathetic i am.
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startledstars · 5 days ago
La Palma Update 10/16
Tumblr media
For those who don’t know, there’s an active volcano in the Canary Islands. Seismic activity along the Cumbre Vieja ridge could trigger a large landmass to slide into the ocean, causing a mega-tsunami that would reach the US East Coast. Coastal Europe and Africa would also be affected.
I believe this tsunami is imminent; days, weeks, or months from now. Regardless, this is a good time to move away from the East coast. Get at least 50 miles inland. At the very least, prepare a bug out bag. Keep your gas tank full. Keep an eye on what’s happening.
A source says land slides/steam appear to be generating on the unstable landmass. This is a very bad sign. Excerpt below.
The fact that these small landslides are happening, on their own, in the center of the unstable land mass indicates that the rest of the landmass is also capable of beginning to slide on ITS own, from what is taking place with the ongoing volcanic eruption.
Moreover, the INVOLCAN team, which is the official government volcano team on the Canary Islands, mentioned they responded to that area because of "reported gas emissions."
Translating from Spanish to English, "gas" could also mean steam.
Whether it is gas or steam matters little because clearly SOMETHING is emanating from the ground.
If it is gas from the volcano, then that would mean lava is headed there too. If it is STEAM coming out, then lava has already made it there and has begun superheating the groundwater, causing steam.
It is THIS PRECISE MECHANISM that could result in steam actually "lifting" the unstable land mass, and allowing it to glide on a cushion of steam and ground water, right into the Atlantic Ocean.
Either way, the development is VERY BAD and people along the east coast of the USA must now keep watchful eye on events taking place there.
Scientists who personally traveled to LaPalma in the 1990's found a fracture, almost 9 miles long, at the top of the 6,000 foot tall ridge, where this unstable land mass SLID 13 feet down toward the ocean during a previous eruption, then stopped.
The fact that there are now micro landslides on that same landmass is a huge danger signal.
I encourage anyone reading to research the Mt. Saint Helens eruption, which also triggered a tsunami. There are many similarities between the two volcanoes.
As always, I’m not sharing this information to spread fear. It is important to stay informed about major world events, especially those that could impact you and those you may know. If you’re afraid, unsure, or in need of discernment, please take it to Jesus in prayer.
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