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#i can not reach the unmute button
justsaysiri · a month ago
god i fucking hate the new mobile video player
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gismonews · 7 days ago
This 8.4” HANDHELD Gaming PC Is Amazing! ONEXPLAYER
I am super excited because we’re going to be taking the first look at the 1x player from onenet bug now i’ve had this in my possession for the last two weeks. I’Ve had some time to mess around with it, and this is an absolutely amazing little handheld gaming pc and i use the world little lightly, because this is actually a pretty big handheld pc. When you take a look at the other stuff that’s on the market, because what we have here is an 8.4 inch ips display at 2560×1600 and as you can see, we have these built in controls. They are non detachable and that’s totally fine with me, because they work really really well now, like i mentioned, i’ve had this in my possession for about the last two weeks, i’ve been able to do a lot of testing with it. This is not my full review that will be coming in the next few days. This is just kind of a first look we’re going to test out some games and some emulation i’m also going to run some benchmarks, but here it is the 1x player. Now they will be offering a few different variants. All of them will have this same layout here, but really the internals change the one i have in my possession is powered by the tiger lake i7. 1165. G7. They also offer one with the tiger lake. I5. 1135. G7 and they also have a top the line model with the i7 1185 g7 prices on these will range from the i5 to the i7 anywhere from 819 up to 1500, depending on your configuration, so let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this thing over Here, on the left hand, side, as you can see, we have an analog stick and a d pad.
This is a bit of an oversized d pad, but it does work well. With fighting games, i’ve been testing a few. The smaller orange button closest to the d pad will bring us back to the desktop and if we take a look at the button closest to the analog stick over here, this is actually our select button. Moving over to the right hand, side we have another analog. Stick a b x y up above the a b and x y buttons. We have our start button. We also have a keyboard button. If you press it once it’ll bring the on screen keyboard up. If you hold it for three seconds, it’ll actually turn the built in controller into a mouse and right below that keyboard button. We have one labeled turbo, and this is pretty awesome because, just with the click of a button, we can turn the tdp up to 28 watts on this i7 chip or the i5. Depending on the version you get, we have two shoulder buttons and two trigger buttons. So when it comes to these trigger buttons, these are actually linear, so they’re, basically analog buttons. You can press them just a little bit to get a little bit of gas out of it. If you’re playing a racing game, you can press it a lot to floor. It – and this does come in really handy if you’re playing something like forza on this thing, taking a look at the back of the unit.
We have two intake vents, because this does have a dual fan setup: to keep that i7 cpu, nice and cool. We have easy to reach volume buttons over here and we also have a mute and unmute button. Now. The power button is a small circle on the back here, but it also doubles as a fingerprint reader. So you can log in very quickly to windows. 10. Once you set it up, and you might have noticed, we also have a built in kickstand, which makes it really easy just to set it down if you want to watch a movie or even use a separate controller and play a game. While this is on your desk, all the hot air produced by this cpu will be vented from the top out of these two vents. Here. Like i mentioned, we do have a dual fan setup in this thing: they’ve also added a micro sd card slot, a headphone jack, a single usb 3.0 port up here and two usb 4.0 thunderbolt 4 ports. So we can add any gpu to this unit and stay tuned to the end of this video, because i did test it out and it works. Amazingly, with the one x player like i mentioned, they will be offering a few different variants, but we’re going to go over the specs of the one that i have in my possession for the cpu. We have that tiger tiger, like i7 1165 g7 up to 28 watts.
We can hit that turbo button or you can just turn it to 28 watts from the bios four cores. Eight threads base clock of 2.8 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.7, since we have that tiger, like cpu that says, built in iris, xe, graphics, 96 execution units up to 1300 megahertz 16 gigabytes of non user, replaceable lp ddr4x ram running at 4, 267 megahertz, a Beautiful 8.4 inch ips display at 2560 by 1600 and a built in 59 watt hour battery with 65 watt quick charging. It does come with that 65 watt charger in the box. So before we get right into testing, i wanted to show you some built in features. Now, if you ever want to get back to the desktop real, quick, just press that little orange button on the left hand side, it doesn’t close it down, so you will have to manually close it, but it brings you right back to the desktop it’ll. Take anything out of the way we have that turbo button it’s on now, just turned it off back on we’re at 28 watts. This is how i like to run it now. This does have a nice touch screen built in, but uh you might want to use a mouse with this and not plug something in so we have this little button over here to bring up an on screen keyboard. If you hit it one time, we can close that back down, but if we hold it three to five seconds, it actually turns the built in controller into a mouse.
So we can actually navigate with a mouse cursor using that left analog stick and to bring the on screen keyboard back up just hit it one more time and you’re good to go. They will be offering an attachable keyboard, it kind of acts as a keyboard and a folio case to cover the screen up, but i wasn’t able to get one for review just yet. We will be getting into some pc game testing, but the first thing i always like to do is run a couple benchmarks, so the first one we have here is 3d mark night raid. We came in with a total score of 17 227 and you know i’ve tested a lot of these xc chips. Even the 1185 g7 i’ve never been able to score this high in any of my tests. Yet next up we have fire strike with a total score of 5027 and finally time spy coming in with a 1752 if you’re a regular viewer of the channel. You know i do a lot of amd. Apu builds and reviews and tests i’ve never been able to get these kind of scores out of any mobile amd apu that i’ve tested on the channel so far and i’ve actually even done a test on the new 5800u, and with that one the highest score, i Could squeeze out of it was 1517 in time spy so for having integrated intel graphics, the one x player is looking pretty good, but those are benchmarks now it’s time to move over to some real world performance.
First up we have forza ryzen 4, but before we get into some gameplay, i just wanted to show you these analog triggers here. They actually work really well. Um i’m really used to using the xbox one controller, and these have a little more throw to them. So it actually makes it a little easier to control that throttle and it’s really helpful in racing games. Applause next up we have gta 5 900p textures on high and everything else on normal. It looks really good like this and we got an average of 71 fps out of it Applause, Music Applause. Here we have street fighter 5 1080p 85 resolution scale and a mix of medium and low settings. It runs really well on this unit every once in a while, when there’s lots of effects on screen. I do see it dip down to around 58 but uh. If you wanted to lower a few more of these settings or even take that resolution down to 900p, it would run at 60 all day no problem. Csgo 1080p high medium mix. We got an average of 112 fps out of this one skyrim special edition. 1080P. Medium settings it’s holding really steady at 60.. Now every once in a while. I do see it dipped down to around 59 but uh. If i didn’t have that frame counter on i’d, never notice it overwatch 1080p 100 resolution scale with a mix of medium and low settings, we got an average of 81 fps cyberpunk 2077.
You know how hard this game can be to run so right now: we’re at 720p low settings at 80 resolution scale and we’re getting an average of 32 fps it’s, not great by any means. But this is just a newer game and it’s super hard to run on these integrated graphics. I will have a full emulation video coming up soon, but i just kind of wanted to show this off. We have ps3 using rpcs3 skate 3 running at 60fps. This is a very cpu intensive game here and it’s running great. So, in my opinion, i think this thing does a great job in handheld mode on the go. Gaming is really great here now you do have to drop some of the settings down, but the great thing about this is it does have thunderbolt 4 built in so on the go gaming you’re going to use it in handheld mode. When you get back to the house, you can plug in your egpu and up that gpu performance. This is a 2080 ti and we’re gon na test out doom, eternal and here it is we’re, now running doom, eternal at 1440p ultra settings and we’re getting an average of 95 fps. So this is turning out to be a really awesome, little handheld gaming pc and it does an amazing job of emulation. Like i mentioned, i will have a full emulation, video coming up and i will have some more pc gaming in the future.
So keep an eye on the channel. Ips 8.4 inches it does get pretty bright. It’S got a little bit of a glare to it. When you got a light right on it, but overall, if you hold it at the right angle, it’s perfectly fine built in controls are great. I wasn’t sure about that oversized d pad until i started using it actually works out really nice, because the way you have to hold this thing. But there is one complaint that i have and i’d love to see this fixed before it officially releases and that’s the built in sound to me. It doesn’t get as loud – and i understand that this is a handheld console. There’S really no base to this thing, and i can overlook that. But when it comes to the sound itself, i would love to see it get a bit louder and not distort i mean at full volume. The way it sits right now it doesn’t distort but it’s just not loud enough for me, so that’s going to wrap it up for this video. I really appreciate you watching my full review. Video will be coming up soon. I’Ll also have an emulation, video and some more pc game testing. So if there’s anything you want to see running on the 1x player, let me know in the comments below, if you’re interested in learning more about this, i will leave a few links in the description.
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amelialincoln · a month ago
Prompt: Amelia calls home (either mom or sisters) on the Bluetooth in the car home except she has one of Mer’s kids with her who completely exposes Amelia
yes but its scout instead 
Past in Present 
“It’s not that I don’t want to tell anyone.” Amelia sighed, playing with her seatbelt uncomfortably. “It’s just that last time we told everyone immediately...and we lost it...and everyone was walking on eggshells around me for weeks. If that happens again I want to be able to grieve alone with you in private, not with the whole freaking hospital’s eyes on us.” She played with the tiny ultrasound scan in her lap absentmindedly. Link nodded, staring straight into the traffic in front of him. They barely brought it up and she could tell that the topic upset him by how hard he was clutching the steering wheel. “Hey.” She placed her hand on his rigid shoulder. “I’m not trying to be negative.”
“I know,” he whispered, glancing at her and giving her a small smile before pulling her thigh towards the driver’s seat and resting his hand atop of it. “You just know how bad I am at secrets.”
“Yeah, I mean you told Jo like an hour after I told you the first time,” she joked.
“Well, I was in a state of shock,” he chuckled.
“Auntie Jo?” Scout squealed from the backseat, apparently suddenly awake and full of energy. Amelia grinned, turning to face the giggling toddler in the back. She was sure that he’d gotten every last bit of her ADHD.
“Yes, bug, we’re talking about auntie Jo.” She reached to tickle the small boy’s feet and he erupted into happy screams in response.
“Inside voice, Scout,” his father winced.
“Sorry, Dadda,” Scout whispered almost comically, causing Amelia to stifle a laugh.
“Hey, your sister is calling.” Link motioned to the car’s audio display. Before Amelia could ask which one he added, “Liz,” and answered before she could tell him otherwise. “Hey, Liz, It’s Link. You're on speakerphone in the car.”
“Hi, Link,” Liz gushed, causing Amelia to roll her eyes. “Can you hear me, Amy?” 
“Yep,” she replied, forcing enthusiasm. “What’s up?”
“Oh, nothing really. Just wanted to see how you were holding up out there. Also, you know me being the planner I am, I was wondering if you guys were planning on coming for Christmas? Just trying to get everything sorted.”
“That’s like six months away,” Amelia replied, giving Link an exasperated look.
“I know,” Liz laughed. “It’s just we’re deciding whether to stay in the city or book a getaway in Colorado for the whole family and it all depends if you guys are coming or not.”
“Well, I mean--”
“Sorry, Liz, we’re just going under the tunnel so you might cut out for a sec.” Link pressed the mute button on Amelia’s phone.
“Link, what’s up? I can tell her that we aren’t coming just--”
“No, I think going would be fun, it's just you shouldn’t be flying that late in your pregnancy,” he reminded her, rubbing reassuring circles on her thigh as he watched her confusion pass.
“Mommy’s preeganant!” Scout sang from behind them. Amelia would do anything to go back to the night that they told him to witness the look on his face for a second time. To say he was excited was an understatement.
“You’re right, big guy.” She laughed as Link gave the babbling toddler an awkward backwards high five. “It’s fine, babe. We’ll just say no and they’ll understand when we tell them the news another day.”
“Okay,” He sighed. “But if she gets mad, you’re taking the blame. She scares me.” Amelia rolled her eyes, unmuting the phone.
“Hey, Liz. Can you hear us now? Sorry, there was some traffic as we were going under.”
“Yep, all good,” Liz’s voice rang from the other end. “Back to Christmas then.”
“Yeah, it might be a little too much this year. I think Maggie and Winston are flying in from Chicago and Scout hasn’t seen them in awhile.”
“Oh, wow. You’ve really got it all planned out in advance then,” Liz teased, her tone was evident that she knew Amelia was making excuses, as always.
“My Mommy is having a baby!” Scout took the silence as the perfect time for his big announcement. 
“Scout,” Amelia hissed, as the couple turned around to stare at their son in horror. Link burst out laughing and Amelia swatted him angrily.
“Um, congratulations?” Liz’s voice came from the other end. “Nice to hear from you, Scout. Wanna clear anything up, Amelia?”
“Uh, eight weeks along but obviously there’s a chance I could miscarry so I don’t want to give a concrete no for Christmas yet.” She bit her fingernail nervously.
“That’s amazing! You actually have a good excuse this year then,” Liz laughed. “We were all worried you had decided to stop after Scout, with him being five. We just remember you going on as a kid about wanting four kids over and over.” Link grinned at that, squeezing his wife’s thigh excitedly. “Obviously Scout is perfect on his own but we just hoped we were going to get another niece or nephew,” Liz exclaimed happily. Amelia groaned, imagining how many family dinners that her and Link’s lack of babies had been the topic of conversation. “Have you gotten a scan? You know we’d all love to see pictures.”
“Yeah, I’ll send some over,” Amelia sighed, her enthusiasm wearing out. “Well, it was really nice to talk to you, Liz. Just try to keep the baby news on the down low until we’re sure that everything will work itself out.”
“Oh, Amelia, stop fretting. It’s unlike you. I already texted Mom and she’s over the moon.”
“Grandma!” Scout babbled happily, confused by the glare he was receiving from his mother.
“Yes, exactly, Scout. Amy, we all really need to see more of your little angel.” Amelia could her slightly condescending tone through the phone. 
“Alright, Liz. We’ve got to go.” Her finger hovered over the end call button as Liz said her goodbye before ending the call and bursting into tears.
“Mia, what?” Link pulled into their driveway and parked quickly before enveloping her in a hug.
“I’m hormonal and tired, it’s fine,” she mumbled, pushing him away limply.
“Momma, why are you sad?” Scout asked quietly. “Did I say something bad?”
“No, baby,” Amelia sighed, removing Scout from his carseat and picking him up into his arms to console him.
“Give him to me,” Link ordered. “We’ve talked about carrying heavy stuff. He’s too big now.” Amelia sighed, passing the wiggling boy into his fathers arms, not in the mood to argue.
“Hey, I finally got him into bed, are you feeling better?” Link winced as Amelia threw up in response. “Pizza didn’t sit right?”
“Please don’t talk about pizza,” Amelia begged, laying down on the cool bathroom tile. “Just leave me to die.” Link chuckled, sitting down beside her and running his hand through her sweaty hair.
“Baby number two is causing a lot more grief than Scout, huh?”
“Link, this is baby number four,” Amelia sniffled, moving slightly to lay her head on his lap and letting a wave of dizziness pass over her. “Just because Christopher and Jake didn’t make it doesn’t mean...”
“I know, Mia. I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry,” he sighed, trying to read her distant expression. “You want to get in the shower?”
“Maybe, I think that was the last of it,” she grimaced, allowing him to tug off her crewneck and sweats.
“I was talking to Jo and she said she started showing earlier with her second baby,” Link beamed as he stepped into the steamy shower behind her. The topic of Jo being able to get pregnant twice so easily in the time frame that him and Amelia had been trying for one usually set her off but instead his wife smiled softly.
“Yeah, I read that somewhere too. Maybe sometime this month then.”
“Are you upset about the conversation with Liz?” He asked, pouring shampoo on the crown of her head before doing the same to his.
“I just don’t like the idea of them gossiping about our lack of children. Scout is perfect on his own, he doesn’t need a sibling,” she replied, rubbing the shampoo angrily into her scalp.
“Okay, can you have a little bit of faith here though?” Link sighed, tugging her around to face him. “I’m not asking you to get your hopes up or throw a party, I just want a little reassurance that you’re actually happy about this.” Amelia softened.
“Of course I’m happy,” she brushed soapy water off of his forehead, absentmindedly. “We’ve wanted this for years.”
“ we still want it? Cause I’m confused here, Amelia.” He glanced down at her hands resting on her midsection.
“Link, I want this baby so bad it’s literally tearing me apart and I don’t know if I can handle going through what we went through again. I honestly...” she trailed off not knowing how to find the right words.
“I’m here, Mia. I’m always going to be here,” he assured her, wrapping his arms around her waist and planting a kiss on her wet forehead. “No matter what, we’re going to have each other.”
“I know,” she smiled softly, letting out a long exhale. “It’s just been hard, these past couple of years, watching everyone around us give birth to beautiful, healthy babies. Maggie, Jo, Maya...and everyone keeps asking us if we’re planning on having more and I have to keep saying not right now as if we haven’t been trying for years.”
“Carina said the heartbeat was strong,” Link reminded her with a sense of pride that was usually only associated with Scout.
“I know,” she replied, tiredly. “That’s good.” Link nodded, leaning back under the stream of water to rid his hair of suds.
“Alright, let’s get you out of here. It’s boiling and you look like you’re about to pass out,” he teased.
“I honestly might,” she yawned in response, allowing him to wrap her up in one of their fluffy, white towels and carry her to bed.
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thran-duils · a month ago
Lost In Zero Gravity (P.3)
Title: Lost In Zero Gravity (Part Three) Summary:  Fem!Reader x Mob Boss!Tony Stark x Mob Boss!Steve Rogers.  Reader is a call girl who runs high end parties. She catches the attention of Tony Stark who invites her back to his room with his friend. She might have performed too well because she becomes their new favorite play toy and they don’t like to share. Words: 2,574 Warnings (for the fic in entirety): Smut, prostitution, infidelity, angst, domestic violence, stalking, possessive behavior
Part Two || Part Four || Masterpost (mobile) || Fanfic masterpost
There were hands on you and you tried to push them away, frightened.
A man’s voice said quickly, “Sorry, sorry. I’m here to help. I’m gonna get you some help.”
“I… no, no ambulance,” you got out.
“You do not look good at all, love,” the man said, his hand cupping the back of your head to keep you steady as you tried to push yourself up off the ground. “You should stay down.”
You shook your head, “No… I live close.”
You stumbled getting to your feet, falling back against the wall. You groaned painfully, holding your head and slid back down the wall to sit back down on the ground. Your vision was swimming.
“You can’t walk on your own. I’m calling an ambulance.”
“It’s okay,” the man said, and you heard him saying, “Yes, I’m on Newman Avenue—”
Tony was calling again. He had called a couple days ago, texted yesterday, and you had not responded. You were too afraid to speak to him; you knew you would probably cry because you would have to explain why you could not meet up with him. It went to voicemail again and you sat there staring at your phone. You did not want to lose him permanently as a customer; you liked his attention. You were actually starting to develop feelings which was a big no-no but you could not pull yourself away.
It had only been a week since Jared had messed you up in the alley and your face did not look great. Your eyes were black from your broken nose and he had left quite a shiner on your cheek. Your ribs were still sore too from where he had kicked you, bruising them.
You crawled off your bed and walked to the door, throwing it open. You made your way downstairs, passing one of the other girls on the way down, who rubbed your arm affectionately. You gave her a small smile before continuing on to Tatiana’s office. You knocked on the door lightly, seeing her through the crack of the open door.
“Yes?” she said, looking up from her desk.
“Can I come in?”
“Of course, stellina,” Tatiana said, sitting up straight at her desk. Her eyes ran over your face and you saw her expression tighten. “How are you feeling?”
“Like shit still.”
“I can imagine.”
You shifted and asked, “Can you do me a favor?”
“What is it?”
You held up your phone and said, “Tony called me a couple days ago… texted too. And he just called again. I… I don’t think I can talk to him about it. And I don’t want him to think I’m mad or anything or that I’m done with them. Could you call him and explain?”
Tatiana nodded immediately, “Of course. I have some time now.”
You grabbed a piece of paper off her desk and copied his number down for her. You pushed it across the desk, “Thank you.”
She held up her hand and said, “Wanna sit here while I do it? Just in case… something comes up.”
You hesitated but nodded and sunk into one of the chairs across from her desk.
“You know this is mutually beneficial for me to do this,” she told you. “If they like you as much as they seem to, maybe they will shower you still with gifts.”
“I’m not worried about that,” you cut in quickly.
“Regardless, having them keep up pay possibly in the meantime will help out. Not to be crass.”
You nodded, “I understand.”
Tatiana picked up her desk phone and dialed the number you had written down. “He might not answer,” she said as it began to ring. “Won’t recognize the number.” She sighed, hearing it go to voicemail. Briefly, she left, “Mr. Stark, please give me a call back at this number regarding my employee that you’ve been trying to reach. Thank you.”
She kept it vague. Smart.
When Tony called her back almost immediately, she smirked. “Looks like I was clear enough…”
“Hello, Mr. Stark,” Tatiana said, answering the phone, putting it on speaker. “This is Tatiana Bianchi.”
“Did I get blacklisted?” was the first thing out of his mouth.
Her face scrunched, “No, you didn’t.”
“Then why is Y/N not responding to me?”
“Y/N is not working.”
There was a pause. “Did she leave the service?”
“Kind of. She is taking a break.”
Tony’s voice was rougher this time, “So she’s on vacation? She could have at least told me that.” You flinched at that. “I’ve called a couple times and texted.”
“I don’t know how to put this lightly, but her ex found her,” Tatiana said. And added quickly, “Her asshole of an ex. He left his fucking mark. Broke her damn nose, bruised her ribs. Gave her a concussion. I think he would have done worse if some Good Samaritan hadn’t intervened before he could do anymore damage. Bastard stole her money too and her purse. The job she was working was close to here and he said he had been following her, so he knows where this place is. She doesn’t want to see anyone, understandably. I wouldn’t put her out there either right now. And in regards to her responding to you, she asked me to talk to you about it because she’s upset. Again, understandably.”
Tatiana was watching you across the desk as she spoke. You were chewing on your lip, listening to her explain it to him.
“I wanna see her,” Tony said tightly after a few moments.
“Mr. Stark—”
“I want to see how bad it is. Talk to her about it.”
Tatiana locked eyes with you and she asked, “Can I put you on hold?”
“Sure,” he said curtly.
She pressed the hold button and looked at you expectantly.
“I don’t want him to see me looking like a trainwreck.”
“Y/N,” Tatiana said in a quiet voice. “You know why he’s asking to talk to you.”
“Yeah, he feels bad and I get that—”
“No,” Tatiana cut in, shaking her head. “I think he wants to talk to you about it for a reason. A very specific reason. You know what he does, you know who he is. You really think he couldn’t handle that little dickhead?”
You shook your head, “I… I don’t think that’s what he means.”
She gave you a knowing smile, “Okay. So, maybe he does just want to come and give you flowers. Is there anything wrong with that?” You stared at her for a few moments, and she pressed, “He seems like he’s a pretty stubborn person. What’s to say he won’t just show up anyway? Why not do it on your own terms and permission?”
Unmuting the call, Tatiana said, “Sorry about that. I needed to talk to her to see how she felt about it. She agreed.”
“I can come early in the morning. Like 5. Before it gets light.”
“I’m sure that would be fine.”
“Alright, I’ll be there. Thank you for the call,” Tony said.
“Goodbye,” Tatiana said to him before he hung up the phone.
“God, that’s so early,” you muttered, slumping back in the chair.
Tatiana quipped, “You better get a good night’s rest then so you’re up and ready.”
You pushed yourself out of the chair and said, “Easy for you to say. You’re essentially a vampire.” That caused her to smirk. You thanked her, “Thank you for doing that.”
She nodded, “Of course.”
There was a loud knock on your bedroom door that drug you from your sleep. Your eyes snapped open, and you quickly realized you must have turned your alarm off completely when it went off. You swore under your breath, checking your phone. It was 5:07am. You got out of bed, rubbing at your eyes and walked over to your door.
When you opened it just a crack, you saw Tony and Steve standing there with a couple of their men standing behind them in the hall. You saw their jaws set seeing you, taking in your face. Even if it was just illuminated by the light coming in from the hall, you were sure the bruises were visible enough.
“Um, morning,” you stammered. “Sorry, I didn’t get up in time. I’m still in my pajamas…”
Tony rose his brows, “You wanna let us in?”
You swallowed sharply but opened the wider, stepping back to let the two of them file in. You turned from them and walked over to your bed, flipping on the lamp to give soft light in the room. Their men stayed in the hall and Steve closed the door behind him.
There was no way to hide now, and you turned back to them, playing with the hem of your t shirt, shooting an embarrassed look at them.
“Christ,” Steve muttered upon fully seeing you.
You eyed the large bouquet he was holding but before he could hold it out to you, Tony came up to you. He was staring down at your face and you could see the fury in his expression. He reached up, turning your face gently to get a better look at your cheek.
His jaw clicked before he asked, “He found you on the street, Tatiana said?”
“Yeah. He followed me, I guess. Has been following me it sounded like. I hadn’t seen him in a year and a half almost.” You gestured at your face, explaining honestly, “It’s not anything new. I didn’t leave him for no reason.”
“You wanna give me a name?” Tony deadpanned.
Your heart race increased. Tatiana had been right. “Not really,” you told him quietly.
“A name, Y/N” Tony repeated.
“I just won’t walk alone,” you tried to reason and side step it.
Steve snorted, shaking his head and your gaze was drawn to him. He shook his head again when he saw you looking. “No. That’s not how this is gonna work. This,” he gestured at your face. “is fucking unacceptable at best.”
“I don’t care to give you a name. Really. I appreciate—”
“Y/N,” Tony’s voice was firm as he cut you off.
You were pleading practically now, “I’m serious. I don’t care and I don’t want to deal with him.”
“I came here before dawn to figure out how I’m gonna kill this little prick. I would appreciate it if you would help me out, darling,” Tony told you tensely. “I don’t take lightly to men hitting women. Especially women I’m invested in. And you won’t be dealing with him. We will be you. You don’t have to be involved at all.”
Tatiana was right about him being stubborn, although you already knew that. He was not going to leave without the information that he wanted.
“Jared Easton. I don’t know where he lives now though.”
“Where did he live last you knew?” Steve asked.
“We lived in Chelsea. I don’t know if he’s still there.”
Tony took his phone out of his pocket and opened up his note app. He held the phone out to you and said, “You can put the address in here.” There was no room for a discussion, he was telling you to do it.
Grinding your teeth, you took the phone reluctantly. Your hands shook slightly as you typed in the address of the townhouse that the two of you had shared. When you handed the phone back to him, Tony’s demeanor relaxed. His hand came up to hold your neck, staring into your eyes.
“You don’t have to be afraid of him,” Tony told you softly. You nodded, tears pricking your eyes and you tried to hold them back desperately. Tony sighed, reaching up and wiping away one that escaped with his thumb. “We will see to that. We promise.”
He gave you a hug and your heart skipped a beat as he kissed the top of your head. This was a different kind of intimate than normal. You liked it, despite all the warnings to not get attached.
When he stepped back, he said, “There’s breakfast downstairs for you whenever you get hungry. I know a lot of people don’t like to eat super early. But Steve’s smart, thought it would be good to bring it. He remembered you liked that place in Williamsburg. I think he only remembered because you liked somewhere in Brooklyn.”
That caused you to give a little laugh which is what Tony had been aiming for you guessed.
Tony’s eyes ran over your face and he gave a small smile. “There. That’s better. I don’t like it when you look sad, baby.”
He stepped back and Steve stepped up, holding the flowers out to you. You took them and you thanked him. Steve leaned forward, giving you a kiss on the top of the head as well.
“When you’re feeling better, let us know,” Steve said as they made their way back to your bedroom door.
After they left, you brought the flowers out to the dining table, putting them in the center.
Elisha appeared in the doorway and looked around. She was still in her pajamas but she did not look tired; like she had been up. That was odd because she loved sleeping in. But you got your answer soon enough.
“So, they did come.” You nodded. She smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, the knock woke me up and I waited up to talk to you about it. If you want to.”
“It’s fine.”
“They brought flowers?”
“And breakfast.”
“Aww,” Elisha said coming over closer and leaning in to smell the flowers. “That’s super sweet of them. So… did they do what Tatiana thought they were going to do?” You nodded and her eyes widened. “Did you give them anything?”
“They forced me to basically. They weren’t going to let it go.”
“Why are men so goddamn protective of whoever they’re bedding?”
You shrugged, “I hope nothing bad comes from it.”
“You should be happy.” Tatiana’s voice startled the two of you. She walked further into the room, and said seriously, “They’re doing you a favor. You should relish in that type of protection. Not many are afforded it. And don’t worry about them messing it up. They’re professionals, Y/N.”
“I just don’t want anyone dead because of me,” you said. “Even if it’s him.”
“Well, then let them do it for me. Because when I came into that ER room, I wanted to find the little bastard and gut him myself. So, better them than me getting my hands dirty. Assholes like him won’t stop with a restraining order or charges against them, so this is the best course of action.” She paused before forcing you to look at her directly. “Y/N though, my dear… just know what this means. This is big. A very, very big favor they’re doing. Sure, it is going to satisfy them but they are killing someone for you. That is not something to brush off. You need to show appreciation for it. Elisha is right. Men are very protective of whoever they are bedding and they also like to be praised for it too. Do you get that?” You swallowed sharply, giving a curt nod. “Good.”
She clapped her hands, her mood changing quickly. “Now, let’s get you some of that breakfast because I saw what it was and it looks delicious. It’ll cheer you up. Go, go!”
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Fic tags: @icant-hangout-imdrumming, @oceaniamaddness, @multifandom-superlover
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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right
Just a Villain!Puffy and C!Foolish Angst piece I wrote to spite my friends, cross-posted from AO3. 
Characters: Villain!Puffy, Foolish, Warden!Sam, Dream, Tommyinnit (mentioned)
!! Content Warning: Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death, Angst, Arguing, Spoilers for Tommy’s stream from 3/1/2021
Summary: After Dream kills Tommy while trapped in prison, Puffy realizes something must be done about Dream... and Foolish is a witness to all of it. (1.8K words)
It didn’t take Sam long to realize that something was off once he went back to the security room, monitoring Puffy’s visit with her son, Dream. It had only been a few days since Dream killed Tommy in the cell. Sam was torn up, but the prisoner needed watching no matter how much grief the warden was experiencing. Normally, it would be against protocol for him to let a visitor see Dream so recently after an incident, but Puffy was insistent. She practically stormed into the prison lobby and demanded that Sam let her in. He only let her in because he was too tired and too upset to deal with Dream’s hysterical mother. Obviously, he should have waited until he was in a better mental state because he slipped up on the protocols, not checking Puffy’s inventory nearly as closely as he normally would have for a visitor.
Once Puffy started raising her voice, that’s when Sam decided to intervene. “Puffy, if you don’t calm down I’m going to have to ask you to get back on the bridge.” he said flatly into the intercom.
“Oh shut up for once in your life Sam!” Puffy yelled out to nowhere in particular before getting back to scolding Dream. “I can’t believe you would do that to him. He was a child. He-” She started, although her voice had much more resentment than one would expect to hear from a mother speaking to her child.
“Oh come on mom, are you serious? You really think Tommy didn’t have this coming?” Dream scoffed, rolling his eyes.
As the screaming match continued, Sam decided that it would probably be best to get ready to intervene in this interaction. This really could prove to be a security threat. But he couldn’t be the one to go in for her. That would be a breach of protocol and a security risk he couldn’t take. Plus, he didn’t think that Puffy would listen to him anyway. The two had already been at odds lately over the egg, and he didn’t think his guidance would be effective at all in this situation. So he grabbed his communicator and decided to call someone who he thought would be helpful.
“Hello?” The totem’s cheery voice rang from the device.
“Uh… hey Foolish. Is there anyway you could make your way up to the prison? Puffy is visiting Dream and she is making me... nervous.” he started, hesitating slightly on the word. He didn’t want Foolish to think that Sam wasn’t doing his job well, because he was. Puffy was just being difficult. “I just need you to be ready to talk to her if I need you to.”
“Yeah sure. We can have a little family reunion in the prison.” Foolish replied, a laugh behind his voice. The joke obviously didn’t land with the worn out warden. Sam let out a slightly annoyed sigh, causing Foolish to clear his throat to fill the silence. “I can be there in five minutes, is that okay? I’m at my summer home.”
Sam’s eyes flicked from the monitor to press the unmute button on the intercom, listening to their fighting for a moment before muting it again. “Just get here quick, okay?” Sam said, his voice maintaining its bland tone despite the worry he felt.
“Of course Sammy. Be there in a few.” The totem said, oblivious to Sam’s discomfort before ending the call and heading into the nether portal to L’Manberg.
Sam put the communicator on the desk, waiting a few moments before unmuting the intercom once again to hear their bickering once again.
“I don’t care how annoying Tommy was while you were trapped in here, that doesn’t give you the right to kill him.” Puffy yelled, seeming exasperated with her son. Hell, Sam would be too. Dream had opened up about what he did to Tommy during his exile, and not only did he open up, he seemed proud of it. The thought made Sam sick to his stomach.
“Listen, you have no idea what was going on in here so I don’t think you can tell me whether or not I am justified.” Dream spat back, crossing his arms. Then he looked like he realized something. “You know what, let’s ask Sam. He overheard some of it. Sam, was Tommy being a little-”
Sam cut Dream off before he could finish. “Don’t drag me into this.” He said sharply. He leaned back in his seat, nervously waiting for Foolish to show up.
“You do understand that you took a human life the other day, right? Tommy is never coming back, and his blood is on your hands.” Puffy said. She didn't even seem upset about Tommy anymore; she just seemed angry. She was just so angry.
Dream scoffed, rolling his eyes. “One: that’s not entirely true. Two: you do understand that I don’t care, right?” He mocked his mother’s tone with his final words, which only seemed to infuriate her further.
Sam was about to speak up and tell Puffy that he was coming to get her before he heard Foolish’s voice over the intercom. “Uh... Overworld to Sam?” He trailed. Apparently it wasn’t the first time Foolish tried to get his attention.
The warden flicked a switch on the control board. “You can go through the portal.” He said, his voice starting to display an edge of the anxiety that felt like lead in his veins.
“Roger dodger that.” The totem said, oblivious to Sam’s sudden change of tone. Sam quickly made his way to the lobby of the prison. This was breaking so many protocols but this was an emergency situation in his eyes, and Sapnap and Punz were unreachable. Sam entered the lobby just before Foolish did.
“I’m not going to lie; this is going to be very different than if you would visit the prison on a normal day, okay? Just don’t tell anyone.” He said, opening up locker two.
“Yeah, of course. Are you okay Sam?” Foolish asked, entering the locker to dump his items into the chest. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He said, putting a slight emphasis on the word ‘I.’ He handed Foolish the forms once he exited the locker.
“I hereby assume-” Foolish began reading off the form before being cut off by the other in the room. “Just sign the form.”
Foolish looked up at him with a confused look but complied anyway. After all, Sam was the sole authority on the prison grounds. He certainly was not going to question him. Sam led Foolish through the prison, skipping most of the safeguards put in place which only confused Foolish further.
“Uh… hey Sam aren’t you supposed to like, kill me a lot right now or something?” Foolish asked, partially to remedy his own confusion and partially to lighten the mood. Sam simply ignored his question, pressing the button to lower the wall of lava.
“Make sure you walk with the bridge.” Sam said firmly. Foolish definitely seemed a little on edge, but he tried not to show Sam. After all, he really did want to see his family together again, and if Sam were to doubt whether or not he was fit to visit the prison, he might not be able to go in.
As the lava receded, the yelling began to be unmuffled. The bridge started moving and Foolish took small steps to stay with it.
“Mom, you have no idea why I do the things I do, so I would suggest you mind your business!”
“Don’t call me that. Don’t call me your mother. You are no son of mine. You’re a monster”
“If you say I am then so be it. Have you ever thought that this is your fault that I’m this way? You did raise me after-” Dream started to retort, but clearly there was something about Puffy’s movement that made Dream lose his spunk.
That’s when Sam realized his mistake when he saw the notable glint of enchanted netherite.
“Mom, how did you get that in here?” Dream asked, his voice smaller now, realizing he went too far.
“You aren’t my son. You will never be my son again.” Puffy’s voice was eerily calm despite the circumstances, and she was completely oblivious to her second son’s arrival.
Foolish was frozen. The bridge had stopped and he was locked in place. He was watching the scene play out in front of him like it was a scene in a movie. He felt so incredibly helpless even though he had the ability to stop it.
Sam had run to the control board to lock the prison down. This was an extremely vulnerable situation, and the last thing that needed to happen was a serious security threat.
“You know what, Dream?” Puffy asked, running her finger along the flat side of the blade. “This is my fault. Something I did made you this way. I don’t know what it was, but I know what I have to do to stop it.” She said. Her voice was still calm, although it began to develop an edge as she continued.
Before Dream could protest, Puffy ran the blade cleanly through his stomach, clenching her teeth. Luckily, his mask hid the look of horror and pain from Foolish’s face as he watched hopelessly, but there was something much worse watching a blank smile as your brother died by your mother’s hand. Once her son went limp, she removed the blade and let his body fall to the floor. She stared down at her blood covered hands, a smile starting to grow before she heard a broken sob from behind her.
Foolish felt like he was going to be sick. His knees felt weak, but he made sure to stay upright to avoid falling into the lava around him. He covered his mouth, eyes nervously scanning his mother’s form.
“Foolish…” Puffy trailed, reaching out towards her surviving son, face falling as he flinched away from her touch. “Foolish it’s not what you-”
“Sam, call back the bridge!” He yelled, not breaking eye contact with her. He was scared what would happen if he took his eyes off of her.
Sam, too, was frozen. He cleared his throat, muttering a soft “you got it” into the intercom.
“Foolish, please.” Puffy said, tears biting at her eyes. The totem shook his head, taking small steps backwards with the bridge.
“I did the right thing! I was protecting you from that monster.” Puffy yelled. Foolish didn’t react. His emerald eyes just stared with fear at the person he used to consider his mother.
The bridge jolted to a stop but Foolish didn’t move. He was frozen listening to Puffy call out. “Come on Foolish. Don’t leave me here. You know Papa Puffy loves you!”
He didn’t move until the lava finally enclosed the cell. He fell to his knees and let himself cry for the loss of his family.
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whispersafterdusk · 2 months ago
Lost in Time - ch 16
It was hard to take his eyes off the contraption attached to his wrist.
The Hi-Def was a tiny computer that was held to him with a comfortable canvas and leather wristband; the screen was two inches square, sleek and shiny, and edged with a polished steel casing.  The device had two small buttons on one side but, as Eli was demonstrating, the majority of the computer's functions were controlled either by touching the screen, poking at the hard light projection that came from the screen, or using voice commands.  So far the only button function he knew how to set whether the device operated exclusively with screen-touched commands, hard light commands, voice only, or any combination of any of them; that had been the first thing Eli had taught them, even before they'd finished the elevator ride down.
They were now all gathered within the facility, standing together around a computer console on what they considered the "ground" floor (which was the bottom-most floor the main access elevator could reach) and on the monitor was a larger image of the Hi-Def's screen.  Eli was frequently switching between projecting out of her own Hi-Def and using the computer monitor, depending on what she was instructing them to do - it was a lot easier for them to see on the larger monitor than it was in the projection without crowding one another. ((Continued below cut))
"So here," Eli said, gesturing with her free hand at the monitor, "is the communications panel.  You can set up a quick-response voice command to open it without needing to manually navigate here in the same area for all the other voice commands I showed you earlier.   It's fairly self explanatory on this landing page -- you can see the list of Hi-Defs in range here.  I've already programmed in the "names" of your Hi-Defs, using your names, to make it easier."
Asher looked down the list and could see his name along with Eli, Arlo, Sam, Remington, Adam, Mali, and Gale's name was there as well (though Gale wasn't presently in the room with them - his name was outlined in bright red).  There seemed to be loads more empty spaces left but he knew Eli had only made nine of these so far...she must have thought ahead and programmed with the intent of making more in the future.  Neat.
"I've set it so, by default, it'll always broadcast to all Hi-Defs within range.  If or when I ever add more to the network I'll start programming in some set group defaults but for now we don't need that."  Eli turned away from the screen briefly and rapidly navigated to the communication page on her own Hi-Def, then set it to project into the air in front of her.  "If you aren't wanting to talk to everyone all at once you can select a specific person or group from the default list, or create your own personalized groups of people -- and, like everything else, you can set up voice commands to get here quicker.  Anyway..."
He watched as she reached out and "tapped" (it was so weird to be tapping on light that was solid...) Arlo's and Sam's name, which highlighted them in a bright green.
"So I've got my recipients selected," Eli said, smiling a bit as they turned toward Sam and Arlo - her voice was coming out of their Hi-Defs now (it was a weird effect hearing her from multiple places at once).  "All you have to do then is just talk.  It's pretty decent at picking up your voice even if your hand is down at your side as well as filtering out background noise but there's still a chance other things might be heard through it so be mindful of that.   You can adjust your incoming and outgoing volumes here-" she indicated a double pair of up and down arrows, "-and there's an element of proximity when it comes to outgoing broadcasts." She raised her wrist to her mouth then.  "If you need to be very quiet, for example," she went on in a bare whisper, "just get it closer to your face if you can."
Asher couldn't hear the words coming from her lips but could hear her clear as day coming through on Arlo and Sam's Hi-Defs - a whisper that was coming through at a normal volume.
Eli then reached out to tap Arlo's and Sam's names again, returning them to the dull tan color they'd been before she'd selected them, then demonstrated sliding both incoming and outgoing volumes down to zero.  "If a Hi-Def is out of range the name will be in red and if you try to select it it'll give you its best estimate as to how far away you are from being in range.  This will be based on the last time you WERE in range, so it's not going to be completely accurate -- normally these would be tethered to a satellite and could give you measurements down to the inch but we're in short supply of those.  One thing to keep in mind for the future is even if we get all the signal towers up there may still be areas where you're considered out of range because the signal can't reach. Places like being in deep valleys or underground, or if you're somewhere there's a lot of metal or 'things' between you and the towers like trees, dirt, concrete... Again, wouldn't be much of a problem if we had satellite support too but we'll have to make do."
"Can these be accidentally turned on?" Asher asked.  He waggled his wrist slightly.   "I'm not going to start broadcasting my snoring if it turns on while I'm asleep?"
Eli shook her head.  "Accidentally?  No. It can detect heart and respiration rates so if you hit a certain threshold it'll assume you're asleep or unconscious and will disable all outgoing broadcasts and turn on a tracking indicator.  If I NEED to I can turn the outgoing back on from here-" she patted a hand on the computer console "-so we can get audio of your surroundings, assuming you're within range.  Incoming broadcasts won't be muted if you're asleep or unresponsive however."
"Neat. Can we set up alarms on this thing?"
"You mean to wake yourself up, or to alert others?"
Eli pointed to a spot on the projection that had a large exclamation point on it.  "That there will send out a distress signal by default if you double tap on it.  If you press and hold..."  She jabbed it with a finger and held it there; the button flashed from red to yellow, then expanded out into a new menu that was overlaying the communication page.  "It opens up this secondary menu where you can set up custom ones with your own messages and sounds.  If you're looking for an alarm clock that's in the clock and calendar functions."
"Wait, you said there's a tracking indicator?" Arlo interrupted.  "Even if we're asleep?"
She nodded.  "Yes. There's no way for these to tell the difference between sleep and unconsciousness so a tracking indicator will turn on no matter what."
"That's...a bit weird, isn't it?" Sam asked, looking between her Hi-Def and Eli.  
"Is it?" Eli asked.  "I know where you all live so I already know roughly where you sleep."
"...true," Sam replied.  "I guess it's not so weird when you put it that way.  Does it track you any other time?"
"Not automatically, and it's not something that just anyone would've or will have access to," Eli answered.  "I can, from either this computer or my Hi-Def, track any of you at any time.  Normally I'd have no reason to and there were really, really, REALLY strict rules on how and when you could use the tracking function and, if we were back in my time, you could be thrown in prison if you were found to have misused or abused access to it.  It's meant to be a safety feature - if someone goes missing or silent unexpectedly I can look to see where you are and if need be we can head out to do a rescue."
"So not everyone will have access to the tracking thing but will WE have access?" Asher asked, gesturing to everyone standing about.  "It's not much use if you're the only one who can and you're the one who goes missing."
"I'm giving you all permission to do so but only from here," Eli said, patting the top of the computer.  "It's another security thing - if someone takes you out and gets your Hi-Def we wouldn't want them figuring out how to track the rest of us - which is also why I want you all to definitely set up the voice lock command like I showed you.   That'll minimize the risk even further."
"Could Paulina do the tracking if asked?" Sam asked then.
Ha...Paulina.  Pauline's successor, in a way.  Technically Paulina was an altered copy of Pauline that didn't need a name (because it wasn't a living AI) but they'd all agreed to renaming the working console just so they could refer to it and have everyone know exactly what was being discussed. Paulina ran both the computer as well as all of their Hi-Defs - one big copy of Pauline and nine more tiny ones.
"Yes, and no," Eli finally replied.  "I'd have to program her to be able to do that.  As of right now no, that's not something I have her set up to do because of all the variables that would have to go in to it.  She SHOULD, in theory, be able to do it just fine since Pauline tracked people within the facility but there'd be a difference between the check point sensors and signal towers that -- well.  I'm not going to get into the technical aspect.  Let's just leave it at 'yes, possibly' for now."
Out of the corner of his eye he could see Sam nodding, looking satisfied with that answer; he looked up again as Eli turned back to the computer.
"A couple other things here - this button will mute your outgoing, double tap it to quickly mute both incoming and outgoing, and then double tap it again to unmute them.  This one here opens the menu to set up your own communication groups.  Press, hold, drag and drop, then hit the title bar here and either verbally or manually name it.  When you do that it'll appear here..."
Asher watched as she backed out of the new menu and landed back on the main communication page, then she gestured at a smaller button that had what looked like a capital V on it; when she poked at it another menu opened and it had blank text fields on it that looked identical to the ones on the main page.
"This is where your created groups will be stored - like with individuals you can set up quick or verbal commands to broadcast to a group."  She let them all get a good look at it then closed it, and then quickly flipped all the way back to the main screen of the Hi-Def.  "That's all for now - don't want to overload you all with information.  Feel free to play around with it, there's nothing you can do to these that I can't reverse."
Remington tapped a few fingers against his screen.  "How sturdy are these things?  I'm worried I'll scratch or break it somehow."
Eli chuckled.  "You'll probably break the casing its in before you actually damage the screen.  I don't have access to the alloys the casings were originally made out of so they're not quite as indestructible as they used to be. -- but don't get me wrong, breaking them IS a possibility, just not a very high one.  You don't need to treat them like spun glass but also don't be using them as hammers or whatever - just wear them normally like you would any other article of clothing and you'll be fine." As she spoke she set the computer into a stand-by mode; the screen went black but not the dark black that indicated it was powered off entirely - that had been another concept to get used to...a "black" that still put out light.  
" do we start mapping Portia?" Asher asked after a pause.  "This thing has some sort of scanning function, right?"
She nodded at him.  "It does but we're not going to worry about that right now.  We only have two signal towers up at the moment - the one here attached to the elevator platform that's interfacing with the working sensors in the facility and one that Selene attached to the schoolhouse's roof that currently is too far away to communicate with anything here but will still work if YOU all are within its range.   Until we get the other towers up and figure out how to power them you'll be relying only on your onboard storage and, when it comes to mapping, that's not going to count for much because the data that generates the maps -- ...ok, again, not going to get technical, but suffice it to say that it won't be possible until we get the entire thing up and running."
"Gotcha," he replied.  Honestly he was most looking forward to the mapping'd give him an excuse to pick a direction and start walking during those times he wasn't on guard duty.
Asher had been born in Ethea and raised in Highwind; in a few ways Portia reminded him of Highwind - of home - so he assumed that was probably why he liked it here so much, and why he was itching to go poke around.  All the wide open spaces, the beach access and harbor, the neighboring desert...all of it was something he'd been hoping he'd get a chance to fully explore before he had to go back to the Pigs's headquarters in Lucien.  Now that he was carrying a Hi-Def it seemed like he had a really good reason to stick around even longer - once he'd helped get this spy problem under control he'd then be free to help map out Portia and the surrounding region, and then if these things got expanded across the continent...
Eh, well.  He shouldn't get ahead of himself.  The only reason he even had one was because Eli had the parts to build it; they could cover the continent in the needed signal towers but that wouldn't make more Hi-Defs appear out of thin air.  And if expansion was out of the question then he probably wouldn't get to take his Hi-Def out of Portia -- and even if he wanted to keep it and leave there'd be zero reason to since all the useful stuff he was excited over wouldn't work once out of range of the signal towers.
He tapped his screen to turn it off and looked around; the others were fiddling with their Hi-Defs and Eli was still sitting on a stool next to the main computer console - she didn't seem to be paying attention to anyone or anything in particular at the moment though she had one hand resting idly across her own Hi-Def's screen.
After a few breaths she looked up suddenly and met his eye - must have sensed he was looking at her, or something. "When do you think the rest of the towers will be up?" he asked.
She took a moment to consider, then shrugged.  "Hard telling.  Selene is having to make molds and cast some parts, then we'll have to test strength and durability.  We could technically make do in the short term but we can't guarantee we can dig up the right parts forever.  And I'd rather not have to dismantle a ton of things," she added after a moment, waving a hand around herself to indicate the facility.  "I'd like to...actually utilize this place.  Don't know what for just yet but..." She fell silent then offered up another shrug.  "We were always taught to use whatever we had at hand if things went south...I'm as far south as someone can get but it feels like tearing my own house down.  I want to keep this place standing - find a reason to bring life back to it."
"Maybe as a school?" Remington offered, without looking up from his Hi-Def.
"Nah.  We're moving Stewart to the clinic, remember?"
Now Remington did look up.  "I remembered, yeah, but medical stuff isn't the only thing folks could learn."
Asher looked between the two of them as they spoke and was able to watch the slow progression of Eli's expression from confusion to a guarded curiosity.
"What do you mean?" she went on finally.
"Well..." Remington started, drawing out the word as he closed all the menus he was perusing.  "You're teaching all of us some ranger things, and fitness and strength training.  And you know all about the Old World since you lived in it.  I bet people would flock from all over the continent to meet and learn from you."
Eli's expression went neutral.  "True.  But I'm not exactly a school teacher.  I'm a soldier, and I imagine your church would have more than a few things to say about my teaching anyone on a large scale."
"They don't hold any authority within Portia or the rest of the Free Cities," Arlo said into the brief pause that followed.  "They can hold all the opinions they want but they'd be inviting a lot of trouble if they tried directly interfering in a town's business or with their citizens."
Eli shrugged again.  "Even still, I'd rather not kick the proverbial hornet's nest.  Just because they don't have authority doesn't mean they can't or won't try something, whether that "something" is them riling up the populace against me or directly taking action to remove me from the picture - which is what would have happened in my time, and often did if someone was trying to incite something without regard to the laws."
Asher clenched his jaw at that last part; the Church Enforcers were a...particular lot.  They traveled around and destroyed relics they deemed dangerous (which usually meant ANY relic they could get their hands on) and had been known to get into conflicts with civilians on the regular.  The conflicts were violent at times but not usually fatal on either side; he couldn't think of any accidental deaths that had happened within recent years but could see the potential for them if the Church thought Eli, her knowledge, and anyone she shared that knowledge with was a threat.  If similar had happened even back in Eli's time when, as history detailed, the world had been living in what amounted to a utopia...guess humans really hadn't changed much in three hundred years.
"Yeah, well, we just make sure that doesn't happen," Asher found himself saying, and then immediately stopped as all eyes shifted to him.  He'd...not actually intended to say that out loud since it was only a half-formed thought but too late now.  "Not...not that I'm suggesting we pick a fight with the Church or anything.  Or have a gaggle of body guards following Eli around-"
Eli snorted.  "By the Three I'd hope not."
He grinned at that.  "-BUT, what we CAN do is take some steps to make sure a confrontation doesn't happen, or doesn't have a reason to happen.   That means keeping people away from places they don't belong - which is something we do now anyway - and also not turning a blind eye to churchfolks who like to make up stories about things or people.  I know Arlo's dealt with that here already," he added after a breath, looking to the man.
Arlo in turn nodded and crossed his arms.  "I have.   Thankfully Lee understood early on exactly where Gale and the Civil Corps stood on the topic -- the few things he spread around were squashed quickly and, to my knowledge, he's back to his usual sermons without 'embellishing' them."
Asher looked back to Eli.  "Yeah, that - squash the lies, and just be careful about things - Portia might have opened all her other ruins for exploring but there's a lot of them across the continent that're closed, period, because they're too fragile, dangerous, or too many people rely on whatever's in them to be fairly distributed. It'd be up to Portia to set rules on who gets to come in here and why but if you end up turning this place into something everyone can use then we'd know who's here and for what reason, and anyone without a good reason can be shown the door.  An Enforcer is going to stick out like a sore thumb if they come anywhere near Portia anyway. And the Church HAS come around on stuff like water filtration, powered tools, electric generating gadgets...they're definitely trigger happy on everything they come across but even they can be made to see the benefit to things eventually."
"And besides," Sam picked up, "it's not like the enforcers are assassins or anything.  At most they can arrest people in the regions they have jurisdiction in, and at best they get arrested themselves for causing problems."
Adam grunted. "Threat of jail hasn't stopped 'em from arresting in places they don't have power in.  There's a lot of bullhonk out in the world that you lot don't see in a town like this.  They're not friendly."
"They're NOT murderers though," Asher interrupted, shooting Adam an annoyed look.  "But accidents do happen when they get a bit...overeager in their work and yeah, sometimes they do try to step out of bounds if they feel threatened or justified."
Eli looked between the two Pigs.  "I think we need to have a chat on what these enforcers are, what they do, and what they're SUPPOSED to do.  Are they reigned in by law at all?"
"Of course.  Doesn't mean they stick to it," Adam answered.  "Same as anyone."
Mali shook her head and gestured for Asher and Adam to quiet.  "WE," she said, gesturing to the Pigs, "would be happy to discuss the politics and laws of the wider world.  Whenever you'd like to just let us know."
Eli nodded.  "I appreciate it.  I'll be busy this afternoon so maybe later tonight, or even tomorrow."
Asher could see her glance over to Arlo and give him a barely perceptible nod; guess whatever she was up to this afternoon included him, or the Civil Corps, or both.  After another pause in the conversation Eli stood up and again invited them all to play around with their Hi-Defs, reminded them to set their voice locks, then headed out of the room with Arlo following along a few moments later.
For one brief moment he contemplated following them; everyone else had their attentions back on their Hi-Defs so he doubted they'd even notice if he slipped out.  But, it was pretty clear, when neither Remington or Sam moved to leave, that whatever Eli's plans were for the afternoon they included Arlo and just Arlo...if others were welcome she probably would have said something.   He looked around at everyone again -- whether he followed Eli and Arlo or not he did know he wanted to get back out on the surface and into fresh air; the Research Center, with Stewart's help, had fully repaired the air system down here so he logically knew that fresh air was always circulating but it didn't stop the feelings of mild claustrophobia and stuffiness he got when he was down here for awhile.  He'd give Arlo and Eli time to get back to the surface then would head that way himself and tuck himself into a quiet corner of the tent while he fiddled with the Hi-Def.
Asher flipped through the screens back to communication and sorted Mali and Adam into a separate group he labeled "Flying Pigs," and then slid all three of the Civil Corps members into their own group as well.  Setting up the voice commands were easy ("call Pigs" and "call Civil" respectively, since Eli had suggested "call" as a command word to use) and then he found his fingers hovering over Arlo and Eli's names; after a moment to consider he slid the two of them into another custom group.
Adam and Mali might be his fellow Pigs but he wasn't especially close to either of them - before now he'd not even had a chance to talk to them much since they were always doing their own things; he was closer to Greg than he was to anyone else in the Flying Pigs but only because they'd shared a bunk room at headquarters up until Greg got married and moved in to a house with his wife.  Arlo reminded him of Greg in a lot of ways and, despite having watched him fail the entry exam multiple times, Asher was still convinced that Arlo would make it eventually and was looking forward to being there when he finally did (and hey - he hadn't had a bunk mate since Greg moved out and Arlo would be expected to spend his first two years living at headquarters as a rule).
And, when it came to Eli... Well.
He titled their group "Buds" but held off on setting up a voice command.  For now.
"Hey you!"
Harrison took a moment to reply (he hated being interrupted mid-sentence when reading) but found himself smiling up at Lily as she leaned over his pile of books.
"Hello there - I didn't hear you come in."
She giggled and patted a hand on top of what was basically a barricade of reading material lined up along the outer edge of the little table he studied at.  "Gee, I wonder why."
He felt his face go a bit red but he laughed quietly all the same and quickly moved a few stacks of books down to the floor near his feet.  "Sorry.  What are you up to today?"
"I came by to ask if you had any letters or anything you'd like me to take back to Lucien."
"Back to Lucien?" he repeated.  A sinking feeling hit him - she was leaving?  
Lily nodded.  "Uh huh.  It's about time to head back home to check in with mom - I try to stay away only a couple months at a time. If I come home at regular intervals then she worries less."  She paused and squinted at him, then waved her hands frantically.  "But I'm coming back!  I'm going to come back!" she added in a rush.  "I just have to let her know I'm ok!"
"Oh," he said, letting out a loud breath.  "Ok.  Yes, that - that sounds like a good thing to do.  Um..."  
He'd had a pad of paper here somewhere...  As he started sorting through the folders and remaining books on his desk Lily stood there and rocked back and forth from heels to toes, like she usually did when standing still (well, not STILL - she seemed incapable of not moving some part of her when standing around idle) and then she bent to yank something out from under a pile on the corner.
"Here you go-" she held out the writing pad to him with a grin.
"Thanks."  He grabbed it and leafed through the pages inside; there was a half-completed letter in here somewhere...ah.  Carefully he pulled the page free and flipped it around to show her.  "I sort of do.  When did you plan on heading home?"
"I'd planned on heading up to Sandrock today and catching the bus north but I can wait until tomorrow."
"I can have this done here in a few minutes if you really want to leave today."
Lily wrinkled her nose and sighed.  "I don't REALLY want to leave but I have to.  BUT, like I said, I'm going to come back.  I even have a job lined up for when I come back, too!"
Harrison blinked at her.  "Oh?"  How long had she planned on leaving without mentioning anything to him...?
"Mmhmm.  That old lady farmer is willing to hire me on as an extra farmhand to help with the spring planting and all the little baby animals that'll be born or hatching here soon.  That'll earn me enough that I wouldn't have to worry for awhile."
"How long will you be gone?" he asked as he fished around for a pencil.
"I'll probably be back within a week."  She hummed to herself for a breath, then spun on a heel to face the door.  "I'll be back in a bit for that, ok?"
"All right."
Harrison watched her skip out of the clinic and huffed out a sigh.  He shouldn't be too surprised or disappointed that she'd be going home but logic and sense rarely went hand in hand with... The "L" word felt a bit too much at this point but he was definitely interested in her, and she in him.  It was highly unfair for him to expect her to stay here, just because he was here, without giving any thought to her own needs or obligations.
Quickly he skimmed over the letter; he'd been halfway through detailing everything he'd done so far in Portia - this wouldn't take long to finish.
Not long after Lily had left the doors opened again; Dr. Xu came in leading someone with a heavy bandage taped to their chin.   Harrison paused in his letter writing and watched as Xu led the man over toward the Uplifter, and lifted the machine's dust cover while directing the man to pull over a stool.
"Would you like a hand, Dr. Xu?"
"That would be welcomed, Harrison, thank you."
He got up and came around to help the patient position the stool in front of the Uplifter.  "Here, just sit here and -- yes, like that, and sit up straight.  Dr. Xu will lower that part there that looks like a plate and adjust it near your face."  
"And this thing'll be able to fix it?" the man asked.  His voice was obviously pained and also slurred, as he didn't seem willing to move his mouth and jaw more than he had to.
"It'll close the wound and there shouldn't be any scar visible, yes," Xu answered.  "Go ahead and take the bandage off while I get the last few steps completed. This will sting briefly as it starts up but will numb soon after-"
Harrison looked from the man to Dr. Xu as Xu cut off mid-sentence; the doctor was patting at the side of the machine and looking confused.  "What's wrong?"
"Hmm.  The manual for it isn't in its usual slot.  Have you seen it?"  Harrison shook his head and Xu hummed to himself.  "Well.  I have the steps memorized but I had wanted you to follow along in the manual as I worked."
"Perhaps it accidentally got mixed in with Phyllis's things when she moved to her new practice?"
"It's possible," Xu replied, nodding to Harrison.  "When we finish here would you mind walking out there to check?"
"I need to finish something quickly before that but otherwise I don't mind at all."
Xu smiled and began to input the commands into the Uplifter's computer panel; Harrison leaned over to help the man on the stool remove the bandage, and then winced when he saw the injury -- it was a deep wound, with jagged edges, and he could see the white of bone beneath it.  Once Xu had all the commands in place he settled the headpiece of the Uplifter over the man's head fully and hit the Start button.
"No talking," Xu said then.  "This will take several minutes."
Harrison could see the man flinch as the machine whirred to life but afterward the man sat calmly, unmoving, as the Uplifter did its work.
Since there would be some time to kill while the machine mended the injury Harrison returned to his table and went back to his letter.  Assuming there weren't any other emergencies or distractions he should have this done well before Lily came back for it.
"How many keys were on the keyboard I was using?"
"Fifty six.  Fifty seven if the secondary power button counts."
"Good. How many birds over there?"
"Fo- no, five."
"And what are they?"
"Sounds like common house sparrows."
"Right. Cows in the field?"
"Unfair question - McDonald said one was in labor."
"Assume the calf hasn't made an appearance yet."
"Three.  The rest were in the barn still."
As they walked along Eli nodded approvingly at him; these early techniques she was teaching him were hard to describe but when put into practice Arlo found they weren't so impossible as he'd initially thought.
"How far off is the Dee-Dee?"
Arlo paused; he was certain he hadn't seen or heard the Dee-Dee that ran between here and town yet but if Eli was asking, then...
All right, so maybe he shouldn't feel so confident in himself just yet.
Harrison's letter was safely in her pack; he'd written out his parent's address and on the back of the envelope he'd even given her a crudely drawn map of how to get there from Lucien's town square.  
It was going to be a really simple matter to find his family.
The bus had dropped her off at the stop just outside of Lucien's border; a group had gotten off with her and as they all filed through the little turnstile to get off the platform Lily tried to tamp down her irritation at being jostled by all the careless people around her.
And then finally she was out into the night, and free.  No one in the near vicinity, and no one paying any attention to her when she passed.
There was a run down shed on the northern side of Lucien that held old, rusted gardening equipment.  The padlock looked equally as rusted but she knew that was just for looks; her key turned soundlessly in it and, after making sure no one was around, she slipped inside and picked her way among the clutter until she came to an empty workbench with a heavy burlap rug pinned underneath the bench's front two legs.  She flipped the rug aside to reveal a trap door and used a second key to open it before sliding down the ladder and into a cramped, barely lit tunnel that led to a considerably more comfortable room with padded chairs, a few bunk beds, and a tiny kitchenette.
Normally there would be three or four people here, waiting; tonight there was only one - a dark haired man, short and squat, with a ruddy complexion and face dotted with pimples and acne scars.  He was listening to a small radio and when Lily stepped into the room he spun around with one hand going for a gun holstered at his side.  When he finally registered who she was he visibly calmed, then an instant later growled at her angrily.
"What are YOU doing here?  Captain Xan didn't-"
"Shut up," Lily snapped.  She stomped in and yanked Harrison's letter out of her pack before letting the bag drop to the floor.  "Through sheer dumb luck I stumbled on something that we can't pass up.  Call him down here."
Grunting and puffing the fat man got up out of his chair and shoved passed her to go back up the tunnel she'd just come from.   Lily yanked the envelope open, took the letter out and flattened it across a table, then carefully opened the envelope's seams so it too could lay flat.
She waited longer than she wanted to but soon the scarred man came back, huffing and puffing and with his face even redder with exertion; behind him trailed a rail-thin man with a shaved head, seven piercings in his left ear, and what could be mistaken for smile lines at the corners of his mouth and eyes.  He was dressed in old, stained clothing, and had a heavy apron tossed over one arm -- it would seem Xan was still working his cover job as a butcher over on the southern side of Lucien's market district.
"What brings you back early, Lily?" Xan asked.  His tone was smooth and calm but Lily could tell by the way his jaw bulged a bit that he was gritting his teeth -- she didn't know what he'd been told by the fat messenger but it was clear he was mad at her.
"An opportunity fell into my lap," she answered.  With a light touch she turned the letter and envelope with its map around to face him, then pushed it across the table toward him. "There's a doctor in Portia, with a student who sounds just like him. And that machine we've heard of exists and does exactly as rumored - I have the manual to prove it.  Doctor and student are roughly the same size and height as well."
Xan's face broke into a cold smile as he gingerly picked up the envelope and studied the map; that was one thing Lily liked about Xan -- he understood her ideas and plans without her having to painstakingly spell it out for him.  "Have you acted on it?"
"Not yet.  I think it best if we have some bargaining chips first.  I've charmed the student so it won't be odd for me to be seen in and around the clinic -- and besides, the lock on their doors as well as on the doctor's desk are ridiculously easy to pick.  We can take out the doctor and force the student to replace him once we have the appropriate motivation in place for the student."
Xan nodded slowly, tapping the edge of the envelope against his lower lip as he thought; it was several minutes before the man spoke again.  "We'll prepare a place to hold everyone -- we will, after all, need ready access to the doctor so we can feed information to the student, so that the illusion holds.   When will the All Source be moved into the clinic?"
"That I'm not sure.  I found all the information about their plans to expand the clinic but construction hasn't started yet, nor was there any hint as to when it would."
"Wait until construction is under way, then you may act," Xan ordered.  "I'll send Marcus and Evangeline to back you up directly, and will have others standing by to get the All Source secured and away when the time comes. Leave the hostages to us."
"What do you want me to do in the meantime?  They know someone has been keeping an eye on the facility."
"Do whatever you have to to keep your current cover intact," Xan replied.  "Is the suit secured?"
Lily jerked her head toward the pack on the floor.  "I need a few replacement wires - one of the Flying Pig bitches shot me in the arm."
Xan turned around toward the ruddy-faced man.  "Tell Steven we need the filament wires, immediately."  When the man nodded Xan turned back to her.  "You've done exceptionally well -- I'll make sure you get a bonus.  Take some time, rest - actually visit your mother if you so choose.   Leave the suit here for Steven though."
Lily nodded.  "Understood.  Is anyone staying here tonight?"
"Just Howie," Xan said, gesturing toward the fat man.  "-who SHOULD have already left to fetch Steven, yet here we are."
At that Howie about fell over himself to scramble from the room again; Xan let out a short chuckle that trailed into a sigh.  
Lily wrinkled her nose and picked up the letter, offering it to Xan who took it and carefully folded it with the envelope.  "I will go home then.   I'm in no mood to share a space with an ugly idiot."
"Fair enough.  Tell your mother I said, thank you for the chamomile.  It made a very pleasant tea."
"I will. You know where to find me."
Wordlessly Xan nodded and turned to leave; Lily gave him plenty of time to have disappeared into the night before she too left the underground hidey hole and headed out into the evening air.  Steven had repaired the suit before so she wasn't concerned about leaving it behind.
She took her time walking home and stopped at the front gate to take a steadying breath and get her mind back into "happy go lucky airhead Lily" mode.   It was so exhausting to keep up that facade but knew if she didn't play the right part then her mother would ask questions she'd rather not answer.
With an inner grimace but an outward smile Lily pushed the gate open; the front windows were open to let in the night breeze and the lights were still on.  "Moooooom," she called out as she walked up the path toward the front porch.  "I'm hooooooome!"
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yinses · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he reminds your ex who you belong to
gojo satoru ft. f! reader + exhibition ( technically phone sex ¿) + some hair pulling + unprotected sex  wc: 2.3k
a/n: trying to get better with my tagging. i realize the community has it’s own sensitivities and i often fall short on that thought. i still owe some prompts and a few other asks but this has been siting in my drafts for a few weeks and i finally finished it up. 
Tumblr media
it never fails to come as an interruption in your life, the shrill call of your phone blaring at inopportune times. each one conveniently impeding on time with gojo.  
your boyfriend of four months would give you that tight smile, blue eyes swimming with annoyance, but never concern. because not once did you pick up the call, always reaching out blindly to silence it without even acknowledging the accompanying messages. 
the number changes, but you learned not to accept any call from one you didn’t recognize. important communications were typically followed by voicemail and that was how you dealt with that. but the duration was becoming more tedious than either of you imagined, reaching above the white noise decibel it had been reduced to. 
“maybe i should just change my number, “ you suggest forlornly. it would ensure that he had no way to contact you freely, but it would also force you to reestablish connections with all your friends and family. it seemed like an extreme measure but when push came to shove. 
only a few moments pass before the phone picks up again, hammering down the final nail in your resolve. 
“i think you should answer.”
gojo’s unexpected intervention comes from the edge of the bed where he flips the said phone carefully from one palm to the next. his fingers brush past the two blinking options just short of selecting. 
you shift from foot to foot, not sure how to accept that response. gojo was as irritated as you were but you didn’t expect him to cave first. 
frowning, you shake your head. “i’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”
“why not?” his gaze sweeps over your face, somewhat amused by your discomfort. there is a swirl of mischief alight in those bright blue eyes.  “apparently he needs a little more than a simple no.”
he holds out the device, voice taunting but firm.
“if you don’t answer you’ll miss the call.”
as if there wouldn't be a dozen more to follow. 
your mouth feels dry, hand heavy with the weight of decision. it wasn’t as though you couldn't deal with the situation, so much as if you were prepared to. ignoring had been the more appealing option over confrontation but perhaps it had been your hesitation that had been the problem all along. ultimately your thumb taps to accept the call. 
‘baby, i’ve been trying to reach you for ages.’
the bed creaks but you’re too focused breathing evenly to notice. you weren’t familiar with the etiquette of many break ups, which was why this one was the hardest. it had been a long love that had followed you into the early years of adulthood before spark began to fizzle out. 
“i just answered to tell you to stop calling. i’ve already blocked your number once.”
the attempt to revive the romance before it all fell apart had been one-sided. he’d been quicker to discover other fish in the sea before you had. it seemed as though in your patience, you’d found something better while he spent his time chasing minnows without satisfaction. 
‘yes, but you didn’t give me the chance to explain. we don’t have to be over.’
you should have seen it coming. 
your shoulders tense at the press of his lips at your neck. gojo had a propensity for creating opportunities out of every little divot in life. he lived the role of a jester but held the mind of a genius. gojo had been kind in biting his lip to bare down on the jealousy simmering down beneath.
he gives you a brief grace period as his slender fingers tap the mute button then his lips return to your ear. “if you want this, get onto the bed and place the phone above your head with the speaker on.”
an immediate protest flies to your lips but doesn’t quite make it to fruition. what he’s suggestion goes beyond sexual barriers you’d set up thus far. gojo had a knack for pushing them and helping you discover new fantasies and hidden pleasures. 
at the first hint of a pout against your throat, you cave. 
so weak for him.
your ex seems none the wiser to the hitch in your voice as you press one knee to the bed, then the other before carefully rolling onto your back. swallowing the waning confidence before it leaks from your body, you seal the deal by placing the phone just above your head after activating the speaker. 
“good girl.” the words come whispered for your benefit as gojo crawls onto the bed. as if his intentions weren’t already clear enough, the prominent hardness in his pants as he slots between your legs is. you can’t help but grow dizzy at the thought of your premeditated actions, all while your thighs tighten around his form. 
his hands warm the shivers from your sides as he slides up your shirt and kisses down your navel. gojo delivers a sharp nip just before muttering a brisk,” unmute.” in reminder. 
the command comes just in time for your expected response though you’re no more prepared to deliver when gojo unbuttons your pants and works them over your hips. 
‘maybe if we could just meet somewhere?’
the sincerity coupled with your actions makes it all feel more one-sided with you playing the role of the villain. he’d been an ass, yes, but surely he didn’t deserve this. 
“it doesn’t matter, were-mmph.” no part of you expected gojo to play this fairly. you choke on the response when his tongue licks a firm swipe against the fabric of your panties. 
‘what does not matter? speak to me. lets talk this out.”
funny how he chose now of all times to acknowledge the issues you had and attempted to resolve in the past. 
gojo words feel condescending as he mimics what’s heard against your cunt. there was no doubt in your mind that he’d completely written off your ex from the beginning. the same confidence from your first date dripped from his touch as he worked down the fabric from your hips. 
not once did he promise to watch his volume as he sloppily wets his fingers. he’s is ruthless as he plunged in two in on the first thrust, palm curling up to rub friction against your clit. any other time you would have revealed in his ability to make you come apart so easily, now you were more embarrassed by how much easier you felt. 
‘is this a bad time? you seem distracted.’
every time was a bad time. that was the point. 
gojo’s tongue wet the inside of your thigh, “don’t let him hang up. you want this to be his last call, remember.”
at this rate he was going to make this your last waking moment. 
somewhere between a squeak and a whimper, you managed to form words against the friction of gojo’s touch sliding in and out. “no, let’s just-i- yeah, no, we should talk it out now. i’m tired of going back and forth.”
the line pauses briefly. and you almost hope for a second he reaches clarity and saves you from the embarrassment. ‘alright then. are you really not willing to give it another shot?’
your groan of arousal is disguised by disappointment but the opposite warms gojo’s breath against your damp skin. “i didn’t realize you were dating such an idiot. how can he be so dense.” his lips smack, shiny with your stimulation.” you must just really have a thing for pretty faces, willing to look past so much.”
you were willing to look past his deviousness right now, ready to let him desecrate you over the phone like this.
“you’re pretty, toru.” you try to jab but are countered with the addition of a third finger as he starts a relently pace. the sounds are so dirty, reckless suckling sounds that had to carry. gojo made sure of it as he twisted his wrist in retaliation over every shift of your hips. 
“i am much prettier than they guy. much better at a lot,” he enunciates sharp smack to your thigh. 
then he curls just right and you turn for face into the phone and keen.
‘seriously what is going on you sound- strained.’
gojo’s chuckle vibrates within you. “poor guys don't even know what you sound like on the verge of an orgasm.”
your voice is impossibly hoarse and not very convincing as you choke out,” i’m fine. n-no look … i only answered because i wanted us to-fuck-no sorry.” gojo wasn’t making this easy. “- wanted us to reach some closure and move on.”
gojo pulls out just short of your building orgasm and you gasp breathy at the loss. 
‘we were together for two years. surely that amounts to more than just moving on.’
it did. way back when the unexpected break up had torn your hearts to shreds. the misunderstanding and lost connections had eaten you out from the inside. left you failing in the unknowns of what you did wrong and why he wanted to slow down your progress.
now it all seems insignificant in comparison the sight of your current boyfriend slowly fisting his cock. 
‘you wanted to use the break to decide if you were ready for a future together and i think we both realized that we weren't-”
gojo had chosen the right moment to intervene in your life and the moment at the head of his cock pushes through the first ring. he follows through in one motion, filling you to hilt as his hand reaches up to fist the short of your hair. 
‘baby, no one knows you like i do.’
the sharp sting of his fist clenching as he hips rock back is the last warning you get before he slams back in. there was more to the familiar precision as he ruts into you. gojo was the better man, but even he felt short to the green-eyed-monster. 
he was relentless with his pace, fucking into you harder with each new whimper you give up. your consciousness is a fleeting cloud, wafting high out of your reach as your mouth opens up to sharp cries. 
‘are you working out right now? your words sound broken.’
gojo’s hand presses into the curve of your back as he leaves over you. “fuck, you should just tell him. get this over with. let him know that you belong to someone else now. someone who is currently fucking you better than he ever could.”
your protests mirror your resolve and you can already feel your lips forming those exact words before you catch yourself. “i-i cant.” that was too much, right?
gojo didn’t seem to think so. he suddenly pulled out just enough to turn you over, hand still holding your hair hostage as he pushed your face into the mattress effectively ruining your ability to speak properly. 
“tell him, or i will. and i’ll add in every dirty little thing we’ve done leading up to this moment. you don’t belong to him anymore and he should know it. properly.”
‘hey, should i just come over?’ comes that voice again, a constant glutton for punishment.
“no!” you cry out. “i-we can’t- i’m.”
gojo decides to help you out. no longer willing to be a spectator as if he could be called such. “fuck, baby. make those pretty noises for me.”
‘is that someone else? are you with someone right now.’
gojo snatches up the opportunity, hand curling around the phone to place it against the tacky sweat accumulating against the skin between your shoulder blades. you can feel it teetering with each jerk of your body. 
“yeah, she is. apparently she needs help getting her point across. if she wants to contact you  she will do so on her terms. “ he huffs peevishly,“ until then fuck off or you can listen to me fuck her doesn’t matter to me.”
his commanding tone shouldn’t sound so hot. you can’t help but moan as he hits that spot just right. 
a high pitched ‘what the fuck’ grates unpleasantly against the mood you’re so desperate to build to its peak. 
“i take it back, hearing you screech is going to make me go soft. don’t call again.”
‘wait don’t-’ his protest comes a moment too late for gojo’s waning patient as he abruptly cuts off the call and flings the phone somewhere above your head. 
“I imagined that going much smoother in my head,” grunts as he picks up the pace.
your mouth falls open but nothing comes out. you’re unable to blink past the flood of light as you melt into the roll of his hips. there is nothing left for you to do but squeeze around him as you absorb each thrust. 
“i don’t know what i was expecting thinking you could form coherent sentences when i fuck you stupid like this.” his voice is markedly softer now, still agitated but gentler in his touch as he loosens his grip. your head turns without instruction, eagerly catching his mouth in a sloppy kiss. 
the tell tale tremble shudders from one end to the next as you dig your knees into the mattress and gyrate your hips. the angle rewards you with an opportunity to ride his cock straight into nirvana. gojo comes to shatter the already broken cry of release by manipulating speed and precision while you chant his name all the way over the edge. 
his breath comes in short rasps as he follows you over, body drawn up taut as his orgasm washes over.  
gojo’s weight is unforgiving, but thankfully brief when he collapses on top of you before rolling onto his side. he gathers you into his arms and rolls you in against his chest. his fingers chase yours and he brings them to his lips to kiss each one. 
“maybe you should have just gone with your idea and changed numbers.”
somehow you find the air to laugh as your head falls back against his sweaty shoulder. he shares your humor, smile sharp with a new prospect.
“or perhaps we can try again? maybe repeated exposure will do the trick.”
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0nlythrowharrybeaux · 2 months ago
Flash Warning**
Okay, so I FINALLY downloaded TikTok and saw a thing and it inspired this smutty thing. Hope you guys like it....
WC: 2.4K
Harry was back in London and one of the first people he wanted to see was Y/N, his longtime friend and occasional flame. She was more than thrilled to have him nearby again and clearly he had been too since as soon as he saw her he skipped the hug and went straight for a kiss to her lips that ended with both of them giggling and confessing how much they had missed each other. After some food and catching up, Harry had asked her to stay with him for a few days and how could Y/N decline?
Just because he’s back home it doesn’t mean he isn’t busy. With the grammy’s coming up and just his own boredom, he’s been rehearsing and having meetings over zoom and long phone calls and well Y/N is currently laying in his bed scrolling through TikTok when she sees a video of a woman who flashed her husband in the middle of a meeting. At first she’s giggling along with the woman watching her flustered husband. But as the video loops she focuses her attention on the husband and takes in his reaction. The way his eyes widen before darkening and how a mischievous smirk takes over his face and suddenly she’s turned on and it got her thinking that in their occasional hook ups, Harry is the one with the confidence.
Harry always flusters her. When he’s needy or in some kind of mood he’s always the one to reach out and make things interesting. He knows exactly what buttons to push and what things to say to make her hot and sticky between her thighs and get her throbbing for him. Maybe it’s some time for pay back. She bites on her lip, contemplating her idea for a moment before she’s pushing herself off of his bed and snapping her bra off from under the t-shirt of his she’s wearing. She decides on a change of underwear and a little lip gloss before wandering down to his home office.
As she makes her way down the first floor hallway she can hear his muffled voice through the closed door and she grows a little bit nervous at what she’s about to do. She takes a deep breath as she stops at his door and hopes to god that he doesn’t get angry at her. She carefully twists the doorknob and pushes the door open quietly. Harry glances up at the motion of the door and he sees her. Y/N offers him a smile as her fingers mess with the hem of the shirt she’s got on. He glances back to his laptop as the conversation continues and she just sinks her teeth into her bottom lip as she raises her top over her chest.
The next happens within ten seconds. Harry does a double-take as he sees Y/N’s breasts just there, in plain sight. The first thing he does is bite down on his lip when he feels his cock come alive in his sweatpants. His eyes darken as his mind is suddenly clouded with lust as his eyes drift over her breasts and up her face once more, her lips looking so juicy and slick. He wants to have those same juicy lips stretched around his cock at this very moment. When their eyes meet she giggles quietly before stepping out and shutting the door behind her once again. He swallows the lump that somehow formed in his throat and unmutes his mic.
“Hey sorry guys, something’s come up, I need t’go.”
“Sorry, I really need to go.” He rushes before leaving the meeting and shutting his laptop.
He rushes out of the room, looking up and down the hall for Y/N and sees one of the fuzzy socks she was wearing down the hall. As he walks further he finds another one at the end of the stairs. He grins in excitement as he climbs up the stairs and finds his t-shirt discarded down the hall and as he glances up he sees her panties hung on his bedrooms door knob. At this point Harry’s blood is boiling with need for her. He can’t believe they actually haven’t done anything since his arrival a few days prior. He can’t ignore the throbbing of his cock as he lifts the panties from the door knob and pushes it open gently. She’s sat, crosslegged, on the edge of his bed with a little grin across her lips.
“You are a fucking trouble maker.” He chastises playfully through a chuckled and she shrugs through a giggle.
“You’re being a bad host.” She responded and he cocked his head to the side, nodding in understanding through his smirk.
“Right… sorry, lovie.” He said and she smiled sweetly.
“S’alright, H. I get it, rock star, movie star… you’re busy.” She said as he approached her, taking in her body. When he stood before her his hand came up to the side of her face, holding it tenderly.
“But not too busy for you. Ever.” He assured and she smiled, “I really missed you, y’know. You and your body, I mean…fuck,” he huffed, “look at you.” He hummed as he took her in. She felt her face grow hot at his gawking, “Is this where your little plan ends?” He teased and she shook her head. She stood and pressed him down onto the bed where she sat on his lap and tugged his shirt off of him. She leaned forward and just as his lips were about to meet her own she pressed her lips to his jaw and he grinned as her hand pressed his head a bit back, his hands squeezed at her thighs as her lips sponged down his neck, kissing, sucking, and nipping down to his chest. The slow burn of it all had him reeling and groaning as her tongue traced down his abs. “Fuck…” he groaned silently as she tugged down his sweats, he wasn’t wearing anything underneath and as soon as her warm palm circled his length his eyes shut tight. Then it was her lips on his thighs as she spread his legs open a bit, his fingers tightened up in the sheets as she started sucking at his inner thigh, her hand slowly stroking at him. His breathing was shallow and he swallowed hard at the pressure from her sucks on his thigh.
“Sorry… may or may not have left a little mark.” She hummed and he grinned, caressing her face with his hand once more. She knelt up a bit further and just slipped the tip of his cock between her lips, sucking gently.
“Shit. Love the sight of my cock between those lips.” He moaned, watching her take a little more of him. She started building a rhythm that made his body feel on fire. He was thrusting up into her mouth, moaning uncontrollably as she took him without a complaint. “Fuck, you’re so good with that mouth, lovie.” He was so close to withering, but he didn’t want to finish yet, “I need to get in you, love. Wanna fill you up with my cum.” He groaned and she pulled off of him, stroking him with the same rhythm.
“Yeah?” She asked with a grin.
“Yeah, baby. Please, please.” He pleaded and she pressed herself up on his knees and straddled his lap. Her wet and throbbing center was right up against him, so hard and ready for her. His lips met hers in an urgent and needy kiss. She was certain that this was the hottest and most hungry kiss she’d ever had with anyone. The way his hands were squeezing her ass and trying to pull her closer, it was making her even more needy for him. She moaned loudly ass his teeth sunk into her breast, sucking at her skin as she’d done to his thigh. After leaving a mark there, he did the same to the other side before licking and sucking at her pert nipples eagerly as her fingers tangled in his curls and as his cock rubbed against her center. The friction was delicious and she wasn’t even embarrassed that it was bringing her to the edge as he kissed her lips once more.
“I’m coming.” She gasped against his lips, their foreheads pressed together as she shook in his arms, moaning out the pleasure he had brought her. As she came down he hugged tight around her waist and dragged their bodies up to the top of the bed, where he pressed her into the soft mattress and grabbed his cock and ran it against her folds.
“Ready for me?” She nodded eagerly, eyes desperately searching his. With her nod of confirmation he pushed himself inside her tight, little hole. They both groaned at the pleasure of finally being connected in that way. Right away, he started with a slow pace, but his thrusts were deep and making her tummy tighten up. “Love the sounds you make for me, baby.” He grunted through his movements, “Love to hear how much you love me being inside of you.” She whimpered his name as his words made her body feel like it was slowly but surely combusting.
He pulled out of her for a second and knelt on the bed, she knew that he was about to give it to her so hard and fast. When he thrust back into her it was with a lot more power now that he had more range of motion, his large had was pressed against her lower tummy and the other was right by her core, thumb gazing over her clit at a steady pace.
“Fuck…” he panted, “Can feel my cock right… here.” He muttered, adding more pressure to her tummy.
“Oh fuuuck!” She cried out as the pleasure started building. She could feel the tickles spreading from her core all the way to her finger tips and her skin to burst with goosebumps as it started getting stronger. The groans that were flowing from his mouth were adding to her pleasure and the sounds of him fucking her into oblivion were incredibly sexy.
“Come f’me.” He panted and it really didn’t take long for her world to pause for a moment as the pleasure exploded inside of her. She was moaning his name as her legs attempted to shut around him, but instead he kept thrusting into her even harder than before, she was ready to come undone again, it was all too much. He was thrusting so hard and far too deep, right into that spot that ensured that walking be a challenge for her for the rest of the day. Her clit was too sensitive as he rubbed it gently to the point is made her body tremble and her eyes tear up.
“Oh fuck, H, please!” She whimpered, feeling her body become weak beneath his.
“One more, baby, just one more and I’ll fill your little cunt with my cum.” He panted tiredly. The idea of him even doing that… this was beyond anything they’d ever even done, but feeling him.
Really feeling him was enough motivation for her to focus on that little lick of pleasure. She was getting so close and she knew that this would be intense, so much over stimulation, such a hard fuck, she was done for. Her body froze and her breathing hitched before the moans and curses started falling from her lips. Harry quickly pulled out of her, rubbing her clit fast as her cum gushed from her entrance. Her body was writhing as he stuffed himself inside of her again, feeling and hearing her continue to squirt around him, he grunted and his eyes shut tight as he sunk as deep as he could and came undone. Thick white ropes of him filling her in a way he’s always dreamed of. Once he was done he kissed her despite them both being out of breath and hazy from the pleasure.
“Fuck… I’ve never done that before.” She whispered tiredly and he smiled, eyes still closed because quite honestly, he felt a little light headed after coming so much and so hard. They lay there in silence, recovering for close to ten minutes, all she could feel below the hips was her core throbbing steadily after taking such a rough pounding. Just thinking about it was making her skin prick with need again despite how fucked out she was, “H…” she mumbled as she glanced towards his face, his eyes opened to acknowledge her, “What the fuck was that?” She giggled and he chuckled before his face went all pink in some embarrassment. They had only had sex twice before, their encounters usually consisted of other forms of pleasure, not actual sex. And the other times it had been sweet and giggly, oftentimes on the influence of some alcohol and gargantuan amounts of sexual tension and he had never even tried to actually finish inside, even with a condom. Her eyes searched his and he shrugged.
“Just missed you so fucking much.” He said simply, “Wanted to feel close with you.” He reason tiredly and she smiled.
“I missed you too.” She hummed before they kissed gently, “Gotta change the sheets… made a proper messy of’em.” She grumbled against his mouth.
“In a bit, I need a nap.” He hummed and she turned away from him and he pulled her closer to him.
“Did you finish your meeting?” She asked softly as her fingers interlocked with his over her stomach.
“No. Not after that little stunt ya’pulled.” He said as they laughed softly.
“Hope it wasn’t too important then.” She sighed tiredly.
“It was just for planning the next tour, so only one of the most important meetings but-”
“Oh my god.” She interrupted with a groan and he chuckled, “I’m so sorry, Har.” She giggled.
“No you’re not. And quite frankly neither am I, was about to say that you’re more important.”
“Lies. I’m not and you know it.” She responded, being a workaholic herself, she knew he was just saying it to make her feel not so bad.
“Fine, fine… but at least equally important. I’m not lying. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t have ended it.” He reasoned and she stayed quiet, happy with his answer. “You do know that you mean the world to me, right?” He asked quietly against her shoulder and she smiled.
“Y’mean the world to me too.” She whispered softly and smiled when he kissed her bare shoulder before hugging her close.
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myhusbandsasemni · 3 months ago
Rescuing Ash - Underground Hero: Part 2
Part one here
Idea generated as a continuation of @morallygreyprompts writing Here
Whump warning: General description of injuries from torture
WC: 2119
Underground was more nervous for this mission than he had ever been before. He knew Eldar by reputation and had once prayed that he would never have to face him. It was quite funny that Underground was willingly going up against a man he had once feared. He was even fairly certain that the plan would work. Yes, he was nervous, but not for his own sake. He was nervous about seeing the true state that Ash would be in. 
Underground silently watched Justin walk down the road after getting out of his car. The villain looked to be alone, but that was because Underground, Andrew, and Elliot were hiding. Underground didn’t know where the other two heroes were in the tangle of buildings and trees, but all he would have to do was ask Foxfire and she’d let him know. Speaking of which.
|Eldar is here,| the blue blob said from where she was wrapped around his chest. Well, she didn’t really speak. It was more like sending vibrations through your body so they would echo in your ear and say the words she wanted you to hear. It was quite like having someone speaking to you from inside your own head. 
Underground reached up to his mask, muting it so his voice wouldn’t be thrown outside the material covering his face. “How many men does he have with him?” Underground asked as he prowled through the trees on silent feet.
|I’m counting 12.|
“We can take twelve.”
|We can, but this is about saving Ash,| Foxfire replied, somehow giving the impression of scrolling through camera feeds as she spoke. 
“Of course,” Underground said seriously. “No way am I losing sight of that, love.”
Foxfire burbled in her form of a giggle. |Alright. If you approach from around that lamp there,| she said, circling the post on the screen inside the mask, |And then go to the left a little that should give you the best approach.|
“Thanks,” Underground said softly as he followed the suggested route. He crouched beside a concrete barrier, listening intently for the conversation happening on the bridge. Foxfire clipped one of the surveillance camera feeds into the mask and Underground watched as Justin fidgeted nervously, several dark suited men coming through the darkness towards him. Two of them grabbed him by either arm and forcefully led him across the bridge and into the darkness. Underground jumped over the barrier smoothly and followed. He stopped again when Foxfire found him a good place to hide and watch. There were no cameras covering this part of the bridge, so Foxfire dropped a small piece of her gooey flesh so it could roll along the ground and see what it could see. She clipped the footage from the small blue blob to Underground. It was hard to follow as the blob would roll and the perspective was subject to change, but Underground had been working with his partner for so long that he found it easy to follow along with the rolling. 
Several black vehicles were parked on the side of the road, under a thick growth of pines. Justin was forced to stand in front of them. He rubbed his arm nervously as a door of one of the cars opened. 
Eldar stepped out of the car with a grin and nodded to the villain. “I wasn’t sure you’d come,” the demonic man said with a mocking tone. “You’ve always been quite cowardly. I was actually surprised it took you so long to go hide behind one of those heroes.”
Justin glanced down and nodded. Underground studied his pale face for a moment before turning his attention to Eldar again. Eldar grinned, putting his hands behind his back. “You know, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you fight,” Eldar said as he circled Justin, his footsteps silent on the gravel. Justin shuddered.
“How about I cut you a deal,” the demonic man grinned, stopping behind Justin menacingly, one hand on the lesser villain’s shoulder. “I’ll tell you that your sidekick is in the empty water cistern over in the warehouse district.”
Eldar removed his hand from Justin’s shoulder to pull out a small remote and then put his arm around Justin’s shoulders. He clicked the button with a sadistic chuckle. “And this button just opened up a channel for the cistern to start filling with water.”
Justin’s eyes widened and his hand shot out to try and grab the remote. Eldar danced away, tsking. “None of that. After all, you only have so much time to fight off my men before you can dash off to save your beloved sidekick.”
The men around the cars had circled up menacingly and Justin had a wild panic in his eye as he spun around, trying to see them all at once. Underground tensed up, ready to dash out. Before he did, Andrew and Elliot appeared from out of nowhere and immediately knocked down man after man, having surprise on their side. 
With a sigh of relief, he left it to their capable hands and snuck out back across the bridge, Foxfire having already pulled up the map of the warehouse district. He wasn’t big on vehicles, but he jumped into Justin’s car, which had the keys left inside just in case someone needed to use it in an instant. Underground started it up and raced off down the roads, Foxfire in his ear giving him extra directions. The two tried to hide their nervousness, as there was a large possibility that Ash was already dead.
Underground slammed to a stop outside the cistern. He didn’t even bother to turn the car off as he jumped out and ran up the sides of the concrete container. He found a door at the top that he ripped open, glad to find it unlocked. As he rushed down, he could hear the sounds of rushing water echoing up the dark staircase. He broke out onto long walkways and slammed against a railway due to his momentum when he stopped to look down. Water was indeed filling the cistern through a modified opening and someone was tied to a fairly tall step ladder of some kind. Though the figure was tied about eight feet up, the water was already to his middle. Underground studied the drop for a moment before lifting himself over the railing and dove into the cold water. Due to the suit that covered his top and disappeared under his cargo pants and boots, he didn’t feel the cold except for on the back of his head and where the water soaked through his boots and socks. 
He winced as he felt the mask seal to his face tighter but pushed up through the water and the currents, coming up fairly near to the young man who had a bag over his head and ropes twisted around his already soaked body. 
Foxfire lit his work with a blue glow from her own body and unmuted his mask as he said, “Ash, I’m here to rescue you.”
He put a gentle hand on the young man’s shoulder, finding footing on the step ladder for a moment before pulling out a knife and cutting the ropes free. 
Ash flinched under every touch, but leaned forward onto Underground as the bindings were released. Underground hoisted the young man higher out of the water before looking around for a way out.
|Grapple?| Foxfire suggested.
“Yeah,” Underground muttered, reaching into a pocket on his pants to pull out the grapple in question. The gun was probably too wet to use, but with an impressive throw he got it up over the railing. He pulled Ash around himself to his back. Ash draped his arms across Underground's shoulders, but it was obvious he was too tired to hold himself on or to pull the hood off his head. Foxfire took care of it, though, sticking onto him and acting as a bit of a harness between Ash and Underground.
Underground hauled all three of them up the rope, panting and berating himself for eating so much stir fry earlier. He would never bemoan a victim’s weight, of course. Most of them were much too light for his tastes and Ash was definitely no exception. 
He pulled over the rail and grabbed the grapple, stuffing it back into his pocket before putting his hands under Ash to support his weight as he climbed back up the stairs.
“Signal Andrew, please, Foxfire,” Underground said. 
Foxfire bubbled and did as he asked with a small pulsing light from within. Underground got out of the cistern and scrambled down the side. He left the car where it was and started walking through back streets and alleyways to one of his nearby hideouts. Foxfire would let Andrew know where they were supposed to meet. 
Underground slipped into the house through a side door and closed it with his foot. He went to the couch and carefully deposited Ash there. Ash was still conscious, though shaking badly from the cold and exertion. Underground pulled the bag off gently, wincing behind his mask at the wounds in the young man’s face. 
“I’m Underground,” the hero said warmly, quickly grabbing the blankets folded on top of the couch to wrap around the poor man. “Justin will be coming here very soon. You're safe. Is it alright if I clean some of your wounds?”
Ash stared at him with half vacant eyes. He blinked twice before he seemed to register what had been said. He nodded very slowly and Underground grabbed a medkit from under the couch. He didn’t start with the face, as he didn’t want to spook the young man. He carefully pushed back Ash’s sleeves and gritted his teeth.
“Can you pull your shirt off?” Underground asked gently. Ash tried to, but didn’t get very far, so Underground had to help. There were all kinds of markings across Ash’s pale skin. Slashes, punctures, bruises, burns. Most all of them were healed to various degrees and the newer wounds that looked like they had occurred yesterday had stopped bleeding. If Ash weren’t so swollen from bruising, Underground was sure he’d be able to easily count the young man’s ribs. He was dressing the multitude of wounds on Ash’s arms and upper body when there was a knock on the door. 
Underground put the roll of gauze down and went to the door. Foxfire cheerfully announced to him that it was the heroes and Justin. Underground pulled open the door to let them in. Justin pushed past Underground and slid to his knees in front of his sidekick. 
Ash looked up at the man from his raw hands and froze, tears welling up in his eyes when he saw Justin.
“Ash. I’m so-” Justin tried to say but was cut off when Ash threw himself forward with a cry that was half pain and half absolute relief.
Justin hugged him back, crying into his sidekick’s matted hair and rocking back and forth. Underground watched for a moment before turning and going into the small kitchen to get some glasses of juice. He came back with the juice to find Justin still holding Ash, but now looking at all of his wounds with a horrified expression.
“I’m fine,” Ash said softly, trying to pull the blanket up and hide the old and new scars and wounds. 
“No you’re not,” Underground said, passing both Justin and Ash a cup of juice. “I’ll finish cleaning the bigger wounds, if that’s alright.”
Justin nodded and sat on the couch beside Ash. The villain helped his sidekick drink the juice as Andrew and Elliot sat down on some of the other chairs. 
Underground finished with Ash’s torso and sighed. “Alright, I wanted to clean some of these before I took you to the hospital, but I’ve put it off for as long as I could.”
Justin paled slightly. “You’re just going to take him to a hospital!?”
Underground nodded. “I know you don’t have the crew to have good medics anymore. I’ll be taking him to some doctors I would trust with anyone’s lives and I’ll pay for it. I’ll even make sure you can be there with him.”
Justin bit his lip and glanced at Ash, but Ash was completely out of it at this point having gotten something into his stomach and some small pain medication on board. Justin looked back to Underground and nodded.
Underground picked Ash up carefully, formally thanked Andrew and Elliot for their help and opened the front door to disappear into the night with Justin, the band around his chest glowing ever so slightly as if filled with pride. 
Underground Hero Taglist: @doubi-ixi @my-dump-of-whump @thethistlegirl
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dr-spencer-reids-queen · 3 months ago
Broken Mirror: Part Three
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Word Count: ~2k
Warnings: canon violence, canon language, canon talk of death, methods of kill, and angst
Author’s Note: I do not own anything from Criminal Minds. All credit goes to their respective owners. If there is any warnings that exceed the normal death/kills from the show, I will list them. If you’ve seen the show, then it’s the same level of angst unless otherwise stated.
Feedback is gold, and it’s the only currency I take
Tumblr media
“Everything will be done by Cheryl. Cheryl will gather the money packets. Only she will touch the money. Cheryl will make the drop. If she is wired or if you use a look-a-like, Patricia dies. Cheryl will get in her car. No one is to be in the car with her, no one is to follow her no air surveillance, and no car surveillance of any kind will be tolerated. I will give directions over a cell phone as Cheryl drives. She must make the drop at exactly 3:00 A.M. She will follow each instruction to the letter.”
The unsub’s message was clear, and Cheryl did just that. She packed the money into one duffel bag, making sure to fill it to the brim with every single stack. Just for good measure, Derek and Hotch were going with her to make sure that everything was in place. The unsub might not do what he says or there could be more than one person so it was smart to take the two agents.
Spencer was hooking the computer up to the GPS in Cheryl’s car so he could track it wherever it went, even if she got lost or the unsub hijacks her in any way shape or form. No matter what happens, Cheryl will be covered in every way there is. As soon as the trio left, you called Derek on his phone just to keep in contact with your teammates.
“Cheryl's car has GPS. We'll be able to track her,” Spencer said as you leaned over his shoulder to look at the computer screen. The phone was close to his mouth so Derek heard every word he said.
“The first thing he's gonna do is have her switch cars. Where are we headed?”
“Where are they headed, Spence?” you asked.
“Let's see,” he muttered, typing on the computer until the map popped up. “An address which appears to be a rental car lot.”
“Keep an eye out and be careful please,” you told Derek right before hanging up. Sighing, you fell into the seat next to Spencer and looked at him with careful eyes.
“Nothing, just trying to figure you out,” you muttered to yourself, but he heard you loud and clear. All you could do at this point is wait, but you couldn’t help but notice something odd. Evan’s security team was inside the house, but there was one person who keeps missing all of the action.
“What’s wrong?” the doctor asked, noticing the look on your face.
“Isn’t is kind of weird that Vincent is missing all of this? He seems to disappear right when the calls or something important is happening.”
“You’re right. Where is he?”
“That’s what we have to figure out.”
Tumblr media
Just like you predicted, the drop didn’t go as planned. Instead of it being about the money, it was set up as a second kidnapping. Cheryl was almost taken from the car lot if it hadn't been for Derek and Hotch there. The unsub got away, and the first thing they did was bring Cheryl back to her house where she was safe. When her father heard about this, he visibly and emotionally freaked out until he could see her for himself.
“Cheryl’s alright,” Derek assured when the trio returned. Evan immediately went to his daughter who held the duffel bag of cash in his hand. It was never about the money. The phone started ringing and you knew who it was and what they had to say. Everyone headed over to the machine, and you made sure the room was silent before pressing the button.
“That was fun, wasn't it? A little running around and getting our pulses racing. Are you there, Cheryl? Are you there?! Tell me you didn't feel a slight tingle, a thrill run up your spine. Huh? But those clever and cunning FBI agents deduced my little plan just in time. They figured it out. If they hadn't, I would have had you both. The whole set. The matching pair,” the unsub laughed. Looking over at Spencer, you noticed he typed ‘collector’ since he was trying to take notes on the unsub the more he revealed about himself.
“Why are you doing this?” Cheryl blurted out.
“Because you asked me to, Cheryl. You asked me with your glances. The way you talk. Those little gestures.”
Reaching over, you pressed the mute button which only confused the young girl.
“What are you doing?”
“Do not answer this man.”
“You asked for this! You asked for it, Cheryl!” the unsub yelled. She jerked away from you and pressed the button to speak. Derek reached out for her, but she managed to evade his capture at the last minute.
“Cheryl!” Derek hissed, but covered his mouth when the call was unmuted.
“What do you want?” she screamed.
“What do I want?! You! It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but I promise you, we will be together!” he yelled back and hung up. Sighing, you scratched the back of your neck and looked at Gideon for further guidance.
“We can not let Cheryl speak with him any further.”
“Why not?”
“It's only feeding his psychosis to allow your interaction,” Spencer answered. “Was Trish involved in any serious relationships prior to the kidnapping?”
“With the boy that was killed. They were together for 2 years,” Evan answered.
“Trish didn't want me to tell you. They were getting engaged,” Cheryl sighed.
“Well, that certainly could have been the unsub's stressor,” you pointed out.
“What does that mean?” Evan asked, but nobody answered him. “Will someone please tell me what we're dealing with here?”
“De Clerambault's syndrome, otherwise known as erotomania which is the belief that someone, usually of a higher social status but not necessarily a celebrity, is in love with you. Erotomanics believe that the objects of their affection are subtly professing their love for them through looks, gestures, and glances. The unsub truly and full-heartedly believes that Cheryl and Trish are in love with him. They don't tell him this with their voices. No, with gestures and looks. He's obsessed with them.”
“What does this mean?”
“He’s the most determined kind of criminal,” you stated. “Which is the most dangerous since there isn’t anything that they won’t do.”
“Crime of obsession. Your specialty, your lead, Morgan,” Hotch said from the other side of the room. Leaving the group you were with, you approached the other one to voice your opinion on what should be done.
“I think we should recheck everyone on Davenport's staff against the profile of a stalker,” Derek said once you got there.
“No need. Just do one: Vincent. I don’t like him,” you shrugged.
“That may be, but we need to be open minded here,” Hotch dismissed.
“Aren't stalking behaviors pretty diverse?” Elle asked.
“There's overlap. Narcissistic, inflated sense of self-worth, and history of bad relationships.”
“What do we know so far?”
“He's probably white, and obviously male sophisticated speech patterns.”
“Sophisticated, yet bizarre. He rarely uses contractions. It's not ‘you're’, it's ‘you are’. He’s pretentious,” Gideon added in his two cents. “He wants to sound smarter than he actually is. Whatever position of authority or level of success this guy has, he had to struggle for it.”
“We also have to face the possibility at this point that Trish may already be dead,” Hotch whispered so that Evan couldn’t hear him.
“I don’t feel it, though. She’s close, and I can feel her fear, Hotch. She’s not dead… not yet.”
“You know, so far he's called every play. I say we apply some pressure, make him sweat,” Derek suggested.
“Well, there's only one way to do that,” Gideon smiled. As if on cue the phone started ringing, and everyone gathered around it. Gideon was the one who was in charge here, and he let it ring, and ring, and ring, and ring. Evan was getting impatient and went to answer it, but Gideon interjected him.
“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” Gideon muttered, answering the call but hanging up right away.
“What are you doing?” Evan asked. The phone rang again, and you could sense the anger coming from the unsub through the phone. When the older agent didn’t answer, he tried again. “Agent Gideon.”
“Hello?” Gideon asked once he answered the call.
“Tell me there was a technical issue with the line because if you actually just hung up on m--”
“What the hell are you doing?” Evan screeched. Gideon hung up while the unsub was talking which would surely get him angry enough to reveal something important about himself.
“Are you gonna answer it?” Cheryl asked.
“Why is he doing this? What is he--what--you're gonna drive this guy crazy!”
“Just, quiet. Please, quiet,” Gideon whispered.
“Cheryl, he knows what he's doing,” Elle tried assuring her. The phone started ringing again, but Gideon made no move to answer it.
“Somebody has to answer it!” Cheryl shouted.
“Just answer the phone, for god's sake!” Evan yelled, reaching for the phone. Gideon was on him in seconds because it was important that he doesn’t touch the phone.
“Don't touch it!”
“He knows what he's doing!” Derek held Evan back from touching it.
“Davenport residence,” Gideon finally answered.
“Are you out of your mind? You do realize, you do understand, that I'll kill her?! Do you--”
“You're killing my daughter!” Evan cried. He didn’t understand what was going on, and you were kind of overwhelmed by the amount of emotions that were in the room. The phone started ringing once more, and Evan almost lost it. “Pick up that phone!”
“Get him quiet. Mr. Davenport, get a hold of yourself.”
“Answer the phone!”
“Quiet him!”
“Evan! Stop! Trish isn’t dead! Please, let us do our jobs!” you stated, putting yourself between Gideon and Evan. He could only whimper at this point, and Cheryl was a silent mess all on her own. However, she had Elle there to lean on in case she needed to. Gideon finally answered the phone, but the unsub was the one to speak first.
“She is dead! You hang up on me again, and I rip her open!”
“I'm sorry. You must have the wrong number,” Gideon chuckled, hanging up once more. Evan was a crying mess, but Derek helped him try to stay on his two feet.
“Come on, Gideon,” Derek sighed.
“You killed her.”
“No, he isn’t.”
“Oh, yeah? Then what--what the hell does he think he’s doing?” Evan directed his question at you.
“I'm saving your daughter, Mr. Davenport. Have a little faith,” Gideon answered. The phone rang for the last time, and Gideon gladly answered it.
“Put Cheryl on the phone.”
“No, you're finished talking to Cheryl.”
“Listen to that tone of authority. Just like your published work, agent Gideon. Fascinating to hear the same arrogant quality in your own voice. You are a bit of a pedant, Jason, a bit didactic.”
“Well, that's a very interesting conclusion. You sound intelligent, and you certainly sound educated, but we both know that's not true.”
“Oh, I know all about all of you. The ambitious agent Hotchner? Do you wanna be director of the FBI someday, agent Hotchner? Would you step on Jason Gideon to get there? I think you would. Posttraumatic stress is a very good excuse. Even your sick, pregnant wife can't get you to leave your post.
“Jason Gideon, an expert in the criminal psyche yet unable to diagnose the autistic leanings of the very insecure Dr. Reid. Well, maybe he can make money counting cards in Las Vegas. The lovely Elle was promoted too soon. She doesn't have what it takes to make it in the B.A.U. Boys club. Let’s not forget Y/N and that gift she calls psychic when we all know it’s pure shit! She is overcompensating for something truly terrible, isn’t that right? You're no threat to me, you're no threat to anyone!
“And Token Derek Morgan wants to be taken seriously, but he is just a pumped-up side of beef. I know who you are, I know how you think and I know what to do next! Do you?” the unsub finally finished, slamming the receiver down. Everyone was in shock that he knew this much about you which could only mean one thing…
He was one of you, and you were right.
Tumblr media
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machinegunbun · 3 months ago
What about reader is the manager/assistant and fucks up some bug career opportunity for them?
Mistakes can allways happen but that was something really big
Maybe even gets fired for it?
Fucked It +
TW?: Mostly angst but theres some very slight smut with readers S/O
A/N: Not to age the writing but Im writing this as colson tweets that he’s gonna play at the halftime show in the next few years. S/O= Significant Other. I wanted to keep it kinda gender neutral cause bi people exist i dunno. 
Word count:1.8k A little longer than a blurb, but just as dialogue-y
This year had been stressful, to say the least. There was the release of tickets to my downfall, and along with that the cover scandal, the bloody valentine music video, downfalls high, the snl episode. It was like every second of your day was filled with something, you rarely got the chance to spend time with your S/O.
That’s right, you had an S/O. Being Colson’s manager wasn’t your entire existence, although you’d seemed to have forgotten that recently. Their name is Devin, and they are not very happy with you.
They’d broken down in tears your first full night home, telling you how under appreciated they had felt while you were away. Devin had a life of their own too, though, and considering the pandemic at hand had chosen to go stay with their family to avoid the covid hot spot that was LA. You understood, and as much as you hated to admit it you barely even realized they were gone. You didn’t know what that meant, but you knew whatever it meant wasn’t anything good for your relationship, but, you loved them and you wanted to recreate that spark.
You wanted to put work into them, and you, and most importantly your relationship. You’d gotten through the emotions, but as for the spark there was only so much you could do thousands of miles away. So, you decided to put in the work and devise a plan. Your plan started about an hour and a half ago, beginning with a shower and ending with your favorite lipstick.
You love Devin and you want nothing more than to wrap them up in a soft blanket and kiss them on the forehead and take them on picnics, but you also wanted them to look at you and touch themselves. You could do one of those things in your current situation, and you felt both would help to replenish your spark.
You looked good too, dressed in your lingerie with your hair all done. You felt so unbelievably sexy just looking at yourself in the mirror, you wished they were here to witness it.
You stood in the doorway of your bedroom, your LED lights set to red, your phone set to start recording in 
You tried your best to pose sexily in the small frame, arching your back and playing with your hair, slowly slinking down the wall. You were sure when you sent this Devin would be calling you within seconds. You checked the video, editing it to the length you liked and saving it to your camera roll.
Butterflies began fluttering in your stomach as you looked at your message app. You had seen Devin in so long, what if the spark had really gone? What if they didn’t want you anymore? Or what if they just didn’t want you right now, what if this wasn’t the right thing to do?
You took a deep breath, looking yourself in the mirror and quickly clicking through your messages, sending it before you could think too much and clicking your phone off. You moved from the bathroom, moving to your bed, staring at your phone and waiting patiently for a response.
After thirty minutes you gave up, too nervous to check if they’d seen it. You were cool.
Well, you were cool now that you had cried and and picked yourself apart piece by piece, ending up on the couch in a heap of blankets eating a family bag of your favorite chips to yourself. Family guy played on the TV, the episode only really meant to drain out the noise of your thoughts, and momentarily the bling of your phone. You would’ve missed it entirely if it weren’t for the flickering of your flashlight that you’d enabled to make sure you didn’t.
You rushed from your comfy blanket fort, spilling your chips on the way, your hand wrapping tightly around your phone. You turned it around, seeing that the notification that had popped up was only from Dylan, the guy that got Colson a place at the halftime show. 
Work, great, the thing that started this all. Was this the universe telling you it was over? You read on.
It simply said “Call me.”
Your eyebrow raised, considering waiting until tomorrow. You opened your messages, seeing that you had accidentally sent him the video of you in your lingerie. Fuck, thats why Devin hadn’t responded.
You opened his contact, calling him quickly, each ring feeling like needles being inserted into your brain.
“So I hope you understand why we wouldn’t want to be associated with that unprofessionalism.” He said, you’d zoned out through his lecture
“I understand, I do, but I hope you’d be willing to reconsider as this was a mistake on my part and not Colson’s. And seeing as this isn’t public I hope we can just brush this all under the rug and forget it ever-”
“I hear you, but I don’t think that will be possible. Mistake or not it was unprofessional on so many different levels
“But, sir-” You tried, your fingers thumbing over the buttons of the remote to mute the tv.
“It’s over, I’m afraid.” He responded, a beeping noise signalling the call had ended
Oh, nicer, you thought sarcastically, it wasn’t the universe after all, it was the manager.
Tossing your phone on the couch beside you, you retreated to your blanket fort, unmuting the TV.
Colson and the boys had been looking forward to performing at the halftime show since you’d met them. They’d been so excited when you told them you’d got them a spot. Although it was the last thing you wanted to do right now, you knew you had to break the news to Colson. 
You stared at your phone, willing yourself to reach over and call him, eventually drifting off into an unsatisfying sleep.
“Oh good, you’re here! Okay, so I was thinking for the halftime show-” Colson began, but you cut him off before he could continue
“Oh, yeah, about that.” You say, rubbing your head in hopes it would soothe the dull ache that had begun to rear its ugly head. You opened your eyes in time to watch the excitement drop from Colson’s face.
“I…” You began, not sure how to start “I fucked it.” You began to laugh, taking a moment to acknowledge how ridiculous the situation had really been.
“What do you mean?” He asks, knitting his eyebrows together in confusion.
“Devin and I are going through a bit of a rough patch with them being away and all, so I decided to try and,” You made a vague shimmy movement with your shoulders “spark things up a bit. You know the silhouette challenge on tik tok? I did that, but I got nervous when I sent the video and I was on the couch for like hours crying too scared to see if they even looked at it, next thing I know I’m getting texted by Dylan asking me to call him.” You paused, partly for dramatic effect and partly to let yourself laugh. You buried your face in your hands, Colson watching in amusement, eager for the end of your clearly hilarious story.
“I accidentally sent him my nudes. It was so fucking embarassing, oh my god!” You finish, looking up from your hands to realize no one else seemed amused.
“What’s that got to do with the halftime show?” Rook questioned.
“Oh, right.” You’d completely lost track in the midst of your rambling “He said it was completely unprofessional and he wasn’t interested in working with us.”
Colson remained silent for a moment, looking over to the other boys before responding “He isn’t interested in working with you.” Your eyebrows furrowed at this, looking between the boys..
“What’s that mean?” 
“This is the gig of our lifetime. I’ve- We’ve wanted to play the halftime show since… forever. This was our one chance and because of you we got booted out. And you were laughing about it.”
“I’m sorry, it was a genuine accident, I thought you’d find it funny. Some corporate guy saw my tits ‘cause my relationship is failing, if I don’t laugh I cry.”
 “You’re the one who sent him the nudes. This is your fuck up.”
“Yeah, okay. But I work for you, so by association he won’t work with us.”
“Then you aren’t a part of ‘us’ anymore.”
“Colson, seriously? It was a fucking accident. You’re being ridiculous.”
“Watch your tone, I think you’re forgetting you work for me. I’m a nice guy, but this isn’t my shit to deal with.”
“I’m sorry.” You repeated, your voice lowering. It was easy to forget Colson was your boss, he never treated you like an employee. There was more respect between the two of you than any boss/employee relationship you’d ever seen before. You’d never even seen him mad before today. You were genuinely lucky to have had this experience, to think that it was about to come to an end broke your heart.
“Is sorry going to get us this gig back?” The question was rhetorical, but you shook your head “Then I’m sorry, I can’t let this pass me up because of something you did.” Colson says, staring you down. You stood like a statue in your place, unsure whether or not you should leave. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife.
You took it upon yourself to make the decision to turn and leave, driving to the nearest gas station, where you sat in your car, crying in the parking lot.
Everything was fine and in the matter of a week it had all gone to shit. How did this happen?
You were in a happy relationship, and now they were living with their parents for who knows why and telling you they felt neglected. Your career was going amazing and you’d ruined it completely with one mistext.
You started your car back up, settling on the hope that maybe Colson and Dylan would come to their senses, and come Monday morning you would still have a job.
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btsracket · 3 months ago
Breakout Room M JJK
Tumblr media
He asked you to bring the plug... Jungkook x Reader Smut ⭒ 1K ⭒ D/s, brat sub oc feeling mischievous and JK’s in a Zoom meeting, spanking, brat taming, all consensual, all enjoying  
Tumblr media
"No, no, no!" 
Jungkook's morning takes a turn for the worse. He knows that he charged up his tablet last night for this early Zoom meeting. 
"Oh?" Your voice is light through the air. "Is your tablet not ready?"
Jungkook fusses as he pulls down the menu to see exactly how little of charge is left. "How did you know that?" 
"I stayed up late playing on it. Aren't I bad?" you ask, not sounding sorry, but impish. 
"So naughty," Jungkook scolds gently, almost smirking at how much that is you. There's no real harm. You're playful. "Can you grab me a plug?"
"Sure! One minute I'll bring it right over."
Jungkook’s mind is trying to settle into work or else he would see that was too easy.
Jungkook doesn't want to be late and signs in, getting in his first round of hellos before you're walking towards him with the wrong thing in your hand. It's a very, very wrong thing- much shorter and much thicker than the one he'd wanted.
"Here's the plug!" you sing happily, knowing that his mic is on.
Hitting mute, Jungkook's voice lowers when he says, "Not that one. I meant the tablet's cord." Unfortunately, now its corkscrew design and the jeweled end won't leave his mind. He's going to plug that in next. "You're being such a brat."
It's your favorite butt plug in your hand.
"I don't want to. " You challenge, "Maybe you should make me."
If Jungkook had to muster a polite 'Please excuse me," or 'Just one moment,' to bend you over the table and show you where things should be kept....
"Maybe," Jungkook plays along, his feelings stirred, but he has to get through this meeting.
Jungkook watches you retrieve the right plug from the kitchen cabinet, hidden between the coffee mugs and cereal bowls. This was premeditated. With a shake of his hair and a click of his tongue, he knows this changes everything.
But he could never stay mad at you. You're so fun, so spirited. You look so cute dancing while you clean to pop hits, singing into whatever's in your hand at the moment. But this meeting. Jungkook's foot taps anxiously underneath the table.
"Hey! I'm still in this meeting. Can you be a little quieter for me?"
It's so easy to pretend you didn't hear. It's so fun to sing along to the music a little louder. It's such a good song; you need to turn it up for full enjoyment. 
"I know I told you not to be so loud. Come on. We're going into breakout rooms to work now."
"You asked. You didn't tell. You asked."
"You're asking for it."
"Yeah?" You try to keep your voice steady, but this is what you live for: a tug-of-war of sex. "So what are you going to do about it?"
Did you hear that right?
"Yup, nothing." 
The hidden cord was a dead giveaway that this was all to push Jungkook's buttons and make him tame you. Jungkook goes back to focusing on his meeting cooly, entering breakout room 2. He wasn't kidding. You get nothing. 
That's unacceptable. 
When you can't take it anymore and crawl to him on your hands and knees beneath the table, he still ignores you. Jungkook unmutes and adds his opinion on the line in question. After it's back to the red mic sign, and he knows he's free to talk, he begins.
"What is it you think you're doing?"
"I don't think, I know I'm getting you hard through your pants."
Trusting technology, Jungkook doesn't check that he's still muted or his camera hasn't flipped, even as you take his cock out and stroke.
"Why don't you just stay there then," Jungkook drawls. "Show me on your knees how sorry you should be until they've got some rug burn."
One lick is all you give Jungkook's cock. He chews on the side of his cheek and then casts down a look showing you his disapproval.
"What?" you feign innocence and then deliver a blow. "That's how sorry I am."
Jungkook's arm reaches, and he tugs your hair, harsh, right above your ear. "Start thinking about your apology."
"You'll never get one," you shoot back, stars in your eyes because you know this is the fine line. Jungkook is about to take back what you have borrowed with his pound of flesh.
'This meeting has been ended by host' has never looked so good.
Jungkook pins your stripped naked body to the bed.
"Are you a brat first or second?"
"I can't remember."
Slapping across your breasts, Jungkook knows it's his job to remind you. With a hoist, his entire weight is over you except for the stiff inches he's inserted through your core in one motion.
"Oh! Fuck me!" you cry out as the stretching sting burns pleasure deep inside.
With his hand shoving your head into the mattress, Jungkook repeats his question one more time for you. "Are you a brat first, or second?"
When you feel Jungkook spank down the side of your ass with his cock shoved inside plugging you, it's easy to come clean.
"Second! Yours! I'm yours first!" 
"That's right. You're mine."
"Sorry! I'm so sorry,” you could cry, “I just-"
"Shhh. I know, I know," Jungkook stops you from unnecessary words as he shifts his legs over yours, holding your knees out and down, your cunt exposed for reminding.
Your shoulders keep pulling, trying to make yourself raise up for kisses, back to the brat that thinks they can push push push. But with Jungkook's forearm crossing your upper chest, maneuvering until it's locked just below the line on your neck that would be too much, you're bound. 
"I love you," you choke out, lips turning into a sly smile.
Seeing Jungkook smiling back over you, and feeling him pound harder means everything to you. 
Maybe you’ll remember to forget again.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did my mreow reow meow feral best but it all hinges on a butt plug joke so there’s that. ha Thank you for checking on me. Holding it all together.
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axl168 · 3 months ago
Where It All Began (Chrislex x child!reader)
Tumblr media
Request: Hello! I have been reading and re-reading the Chrislex * child reader stories. They are amazing! Would you consider writing one on how their little family got started?
A/N: Some things might not be accurate. Also, this got a lot longer than I thought it would. Third POV btw.
Prequel to Our Baby
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Christen and Alex have been thinking about this for a while. They went through the whole adoption process of being house checked, interviewed, etc. Right before they left for the SheBelieves Cup, they started looking into some of the kids that were brought up to them.
“Babe, come here.” Christen says, reaching out her hand while looking at the laptop on her lap.
Alex hops onto the hotel bed, scooting in next to Christen, “What’s up?”
Christen motions to the screen with her head.
“Are these all the kids?” Alex asks.
Christen nods.
“There’s so many of them,” Alex frowns, “I wish we could find a place for all of them.”
“I know,” Christen smiles softly, squeezing Alex’s hand, “We’ll make an impact one at a time.”
Alex grins, “Hell yeah we will!”
Christen giggles, “Getting a little excited here, are we?”
“Maybe.” Alex responds with a laugh.
“What do you want from Starbucks?” Alex asks as she stands up from her seat.
SheBelieves just ended the day before so Alex and Christen are now heading home to Utah. The two athletes are currently in the airport waiting for boarding time.
“Umm, tea and a croissant, please.” Christen smiles.
“You got it!” Alex says, giving her finger guns.
Alex walks a couple gates down to where the Starbucks she saw is. She waits in the long line of airport customers, periodically checking her phone for the time. Around 10 minutes later, she orders herself a coffee and a muffin as well as what Christen wanted.
As she’s waiting to get her food, she receives a phone call from an unknown number. She figures she should pick it up just because you never know what it could be.
“Hello, this is the adoption agency in Salt Lake City. Is this Alex Press-Morgan?” the lady on the phone asks.
Alex’s eyes widen, wondering what the adoption agency needs to tell them, “Yes, this is she.”
“Great! As you know, you and your wife were approved for the adoption process a few weeks ago.” the lady says, waiting for a response.
“Yes, that’s right.” Alex replies quickly, mouthing a thank you to the Starbucks worker who hands her the drinks.
“Well a few days ago, one of the foster families that was housing some children was found to have an unsafe environment. As a result, we had to find other placements for the children.” the lady explains.
Alex nods, even though the caller can’t see her. She grabs the food and drinks, balancing it in her arms as she speed walks over to where Christen is sitting a few gates away.
“Due to the little amount of space in these foster homes, we have a little girl here that still needs a home. I know this is very sudden, but she really needs a loving household. You and her wife could be her home.” the lady continues softly.
At this point, Alex is full on sprinting to Christen to tell her the news.
“Chris!” Alex yells, covering the phone speaker as she reaches her wife.
“We’re in the middle of an airport. Why are you shouting?” Christen stares at Alex like she’s crazy.
“Hi, one second, I just need to talk to my wife really quickly.” Alex says into the phone. Christen looks at her, waiting for her to explain.
“Of course.” the lady responds.
Alex mutes the phone call, putting the food and drinks down before looking at Christen.
“Who are you on the phone with?” Christen asks, confused.
“The adoption agency.” Alex sits down on the seat next to her.
“The adoption agency?” Christen repeats back.
“Yeah, there’s a little girl that needs a home and they’re asking us to take her in.” Alex explains.
“Wait, really?” Christen fully turns to face Alex, her mouth opening in shock.
“Mhmm.” Alex nods.
“What else did they say?” Christen leans in closer.
“I don’t know anything else yet. I put them on hold.” Alex shakes her phone.
“Well take them off!” Christen says with urgency.
“Yeah, yep.” Alex nods to herself, pressing the unmute button and putting the phone close to her and Christen’s ears.
“Hi, I’m back with my wife.” Alex says.
“Oh, great! Hello Mrs. Press-Morgan, I’m guessing your wife has caught you up with everything?” the lady answers sweetly.
“Yeah, she did, and we would definitely like to adopt her.” Christen smiles, glancing at Alex.
“Awesome! We would have to go through some papers and have you meet her in the office first. We would prefer to have this done as soon as possible.”
“We’re currently in Texas about to fly back, but we could get there in a few hours.” Christen proposes.
“That works just fine. I look forward to seeing you, and when you get to the office just tell the front desk that you are the couple looking to adopt Y/N.” the lady says.
“Sounds good. Thank you!” Christen grins.
“My pleasure and congrats!” the lady replies before hanging up.
As soon as the call hangs up, Christen and Alex both take a deep breath.
“This is really happening right?” Christen asks, looking down at the phone before connecting her eyes with Alex’s.
“Yeah, it really is.” Alex smiles watery.
“Y/N,” Christen states, biting her lip, “It’s beautiful.”
Alex nods in agreement.
All of a sudden, Christen gasps, “We don’t even know how old she is! And we don’t have any stuff for her or a room, a carseat! We’re so unprepared!”
“Hey, hey,” Alex says, clasping her hands around Christen’s, “We’ll be okay. Amy’s in Utah right now. I know she would be more than happy to help us out, and it doesn’t matter if we’re unprepared. There’s you, me, and that little girl, and that’s all we need right now.”
Christen nods rapidly, “I know, I know. It’s just,” she sighs, “Are we really ready for this?”
Alex puts her hands on Christen’s cheeks, looking directly at her eyes, “You are going to be an amazing mother and we’re gonna make sure this girl has the best life she can.”
“Yeah,” Christen mumbles with a weak smile, holding onto Alex’s wrists, “It’s happening faster that I thought.”
Alex smiles, “I know, but we’re in this together, okay?”
"Mhmm,” Christen nods, “I love you.”
Alex kisses her forehead, “I love you, too.”
Alex and Christen spend the flight messaging Amy about what to buy and calming each other’s nerves.
As soon as the plane lands, the two of them rush out to get their bags and head to the office. They drive 20 minutes to the agency, not bothering to head home first.
They enter the office, Alex squeezing Christen’s hand reassuringly, and walking up to the front desk, “Hi, we’re the couple here to adopt Y/N.”
“Ah, yes. The Press-Morgans,” the receptionist smiles, “Follow me.”
The receptionist leads them to another office. The lady sitting at the desk, looks up and grins, “Hi there. I’m Mrs. Elker, the person you were talking to on the phone.”
Alex nods, “Nice to meet you in person.”
“To you two as well,” Mrs. Elker responds, “I’m assuming you want to get right into this.” she smiles.
Alex and Christen look at each other before nodding affirmatively.
“Great! There’s some papers you need to sign and then you can meet your new daughter.” Mrs. Elker turns around to grab the papers and sets them on the desk.
Christen’s eyes widen, “Just like that?”
She smiles kindly, “Just like that.”
“Wow, okay.” Christen mumbles.
“Having second thoughts?” Mrs. Elker asks kindly.
“No, of course not. I just thought it would be more in depth than this.” Christen explains.
Mrs. Elker nods, “I know how you feel. Some many years ago, I was in the same situation as you two.”
“Really?” Alex’s eyebrows furrow.
“Yeah, my husband and I were having trouble conceiving so we decided to adopt. All of it happened so fast and I was so nervous.” Mrs. Elker looks back at her memories, smiling at the two athletes listening intently, “But once I saw him... my son, I knew it would be okay, and all I had to do was live in that moment.”
Alex and Christen are speechless, listening to somebody else’s experience.
Mrs. Elker smiles softly, “You ready to meet her?”
The two women nod, getting up from their seats slowly.
“I’ll tell you about her while we walk.” she leads them out of the office and into the hallway, “So as you know, her name is Y/N.” they nod, “She’s four years old and has been in the foster system since she was born. Mother gave her up and father was never around. Like most kids, she hates broccoli, loves ice cream. Anything to do with astronauts or space fascinates her and her best friend is Simon.”
“Simon?” Alex asks.
Mrs. Elker chuckles, “Her stuffed hedgehog,” she smiles before moving on, “All these kids in the foster system have some belongings of their own. Usually some kind of bag of sorts.” she turns the corner to another hallway, “Y/N has a backpack that consists of everything important in her 4 years of life. There’s baby pictures that’ve been taken by us when she was little and some toys that she likes to play with. We’ll also put her adoption file in there so you can look at that later.”
Alex and Christen both smile, happy that they could see some of her baby pictures.
Mrs. Elker stops in front of a glass door, “Y/N’s right in here. You ready?”
“Yeah, I think we are.” Alex says, looking at Christen’s smile.
Mrs. Elker opens the door, allowing them inside, “I’ll give you three some time to get to know each other.”
Alex and Christen turn towards the open room, examining the room. It’s like an indoor playground with an alphabet rug, a slide, and a bunch of toys.
They look towards the coloring table, noticing a small little girl with a stuffed animal, drawing with crayons. Christen approaches her first, crouching down and introducing herself, “Hi, I’m Christen and this is my wife, Alex.”
Y/N looks up from her drawing, mumbling a ‘hi’.
“Can I sit here?” Alex asks, motioning to the chair next to Y/N.
She nods.
“What are you drawing?” Alex questions softly.
“Astwonaut.” Y/N smiles a little, looking up slowly at Alex. Christen grins, watching their interaction closely.
“Ooo, that’s so cool. Do you like space?” Alex continues.
“Yeah! Stwars!” Y/N responds excitedly.
Alex’s eyes widen dramatically, “That’s awesome! Maybe we should go outside one night and look at them.”
“Weally?!” Y/N smiles widely.
Alex nods, “Yeah, definitely.”
Christen smiles, glancing at Alex before looking back to Y/N, “Who’s this little guy?” she asks pointing to Simon.
“Simon!” Y/N shakes the hedgehog, “Best fwend!”
“He’s your best friend?” Y/N nods, “Wow, that’s a big title. Can I be your friend too?”
“Fwend!” Y/N grins.
“Well now that I’m your friend, can I ask you a question?” Christen continues.
Y/N tilts her head with a look of curiosity.
“Do you want to go home with us?” Christen asks softly.
“Home?” Y/N’s eyebrows furrow.
“Yeah! You can have your own room, toys, and we’d have so much fun. Alex and we will take care of you forever.” Christen explains with Alex nodding along.
Y/N looks down at her lap in thought. After a few seconds, she looks back up with her eyes glistening, “Otay!”
“Wanna go now?” Christen questions, getting up from the ground and reaching her hand out.
Y/N nods, taking Christen’s hand. Alex smiles from the other side of the table, picking up Y/N’s backpack.
The three of them walk out of the office, hand in hand, beginning their journey as a family.
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c4pricornc4ts · 4 months ago
Where’d The Hours go? - DadSchlatt College Au Chapter 1
Read it on ao3 here 
“Sir, a toddler is a lot to take on. Not to mention he’s going to need even more care to help him recover from two years in a bad home. You should consider taking a day to think it over.”
“He’s my kid, just tell me what to do or sign. Please.” The back of his head collides with the wall and he closes his eyes. He has to at least try.
Or; Schlatt finds out he has a two year old son, and Quackity is about to win friend of the year.
Schlatt had always been a bit of a mess. He went to messy parties with even messier people. Specifically the group he filmed videos with, the self-appointed ‘Lunch-Club.’ He didn’t mind being a mess, not knowing what he did the night before, waking up in someone else’s room, he never really cared.
So here he is for what feels like the hundredth time, drunk and strung across his friend Charlie’s weird tree pillow. Laughing harder than he should at another one of Charlie’s bad puns.
They’re playing a game of jackbox and Schlatt can no longer keep the words in focus long enough to read. He ends up just typing in something random and lying down.
His turn comes around and everyone shoots him a concerned look when they see his submission. Ted nudges his shoulder.
“Schlatt what the hell does SRHBF even mean?”
“Figure it out Ted, I shouldn’t have to give you all the answers.” He pauses to think and everyone stifles a laugh but waits patiently to hear what else Schlatt is gonna say. “You’re smart, not smarter than me… but smart.”
“Smart enough to know Stal is a good music disc.”
“You take that back.” He goes to get up, his hand sliding across the floor. It’s harder to stand than it should be.
“Or what?” Ted gets up and crosses his arms, standing over Schlatt who’s still kneeling on the floor.
“I-I’ll fight you.” He reaches his arm out to try and push himself off the floor and sighs when he can’t do it. “Later. Is it always hard to stand? How are you doing it so easy? Is it the glass?” He reaches his hand up and grabs Ted’s glasses.
Charlie gets up off the couch next and takes Ted’s glasses from Schlatt. “Alright grandpa let’s get you to bed.”
Charlie helps Schlatt stand up and Ted puts his glasses back on and grabs his other arm.
“I’m not that old, I can-” He jerks his arm out of Charlie’s grasp. “I can walk.”
The shorter throws up his arms in mock defense and rolls his eyes, but stays close incase Schlatt does fall.
He manages to stay upright the whole two block walk to his apartment. Though he leans heavily on Ted. He’s laughing at the way his breath clouds in the cold but stops when they start dragging him up the stairs. Schlatt hates living on the fourth story.
He loses his grip on the rail. “Charlie, Charles slow down I can’t- oh fuck.” He falls up the stairs.
Charlie realizes Schlatt is no longer behind him and hurries back to him, Ted just laughs from the top of the staircase. Doubled over while Schlatt glares at him.
“I hope you remember all this in the morning.”
He gets up with the help of Charlie and the rail before stumbling past Ted to shakily grab his keys out of his pocket to unlock the apartment door. Practically falling against it as it swung open.
He breathes out a sigh of relief, happy to finally be home. Smiling, he turns to the pair. “Same thing tomorrow night? I’ll bring… something, probably.”
“You won’t ever want to do that again when you feel the migraine from it tomorrow.” Ted laughs.
“Bull. Shit.”
Ted closes his door for him and Charlie hurriedly tells him to “Put a painkiller and some water by your bed! Sober you will be grateful!”
His friends can be a lot, but sometimes they give good advice. It’s usually a good idea to take Charlie’s advice, so he opens the cabinet for a cup.
He opens the fridge and pulls out the container of filtered water and, with minimal spill, pours himself a glass.
He wants to turn off the kitchen lights but with the way the wall was moving he wasn’t sure he should bother. Instead just opting to go to bed, throwing his jeans and shirt on the floor and practically falling on the twin bed he had stowed in the corner.
He finally gets comfortable when his phone rings from his jean pocket on the floor. Assuming it's just a spam call or Quackity wanting to do a late night stream, he leaves it to ring.
The problem is once the ringing finally stops, it starts again. Whoever this was must really need him.
So he gets up reluctantly and uncovers his phone from the pile on the floor. Answering it without even checking the ID. Which is never a good decision. “Mm’ hello?”
“Hi, this is the department of social services calling. Is this Mr. J. Schlatt?”
“Yeah that’s- uh me.” He drags his hand down his face in embarrassment. He really wasn’t in a good place to have a professional call right now.
“I’m sorry to call this late but we have custody of your toddler son, Tubbo Miller.”
“You got the wrong number, I don’t have any kids.” He sits on the edge of his bed, feeling nauseous.
“It’s your name in his files, and this is the number the mother gave us for you. I’m sorry if this is a bit of a shock but we need you to make a decision. Tubbo’s mother, Amy Miller can no longer maintain custody of the child due to severe negligence.”
He hasn’t heard from Amy in years. Not since they woke up in the same bed. Schlatt mumbles out a quick, “Hold on.” before going to vomit everything that could have possibly been in his stomach. Thankful the phone had a mute button.
He’s coughing and wiping his mouth with a washcloth when he unmutes himself. Choosing to stay on the cold bathroom floor for the rest of the phone call. And maybe the night. “I- I yeah we- he’s my kid. I just didn’t know he was… born?”
“Then this is probably quite a shock to you.”
“Let me tell you your options; we can put him in the system, until someone can adopt him. Or I can come over and we can discuss you getting custody. Neither of these choices make you a bad parent, and you don’t have to decide right now-”
“Are you fuckin’ kidding? I’m his, he’s my boy. I want custody, just tell me what I need to do.” He feels rude for interrupting her, since she sounds so nice over the phone.
“Sir, a toddler is a lot to take on. Not to mention he’s going to need even more care to help him recover from two years in a bad home. You should consider taking a day to think it over.”
“He’s my kid, just tell me what to do or sign. Please.” The back of his head collides with the wall and he closes his eyes. He has to at least try.
“I’ll come over in two days for a house inspection then. I’d advise you get supplies and start baby proofing the house till then. And don’t worry, most people in your situation do end up with custody”
“I can do that. Thanks.”
He can hear sniffling in the background, the lady’s voice getting further away as she shushes what Schlatt can only assume is Tubbo gently. “I’ll send you a text confirming everything in the morning. Get some rest while you can, toddlers won’t let you.”
He laughs weakly, trying not to throw up again as he hangs up the phone and goes through his contacts to call Quackity. Though the younger played a loud and chaotic persona, he gave surprisingly good advice. And that’s what Schlatt needed right now.
Thankfully he isn’t streaming when he answers, as Schlatt doesn’t need the whole world knowing he has a kid when he hasn’t had time to process it himself.
“What type of shit do babies need?”
There’s a pause on the other side of the line, Schlatt holds the phone far away from him and waits.
“WHAT?” Quackity shouts, his voice breaking up through the phone.
“Apparently I’m a fuckin’ dad now, what type of shit do babies need?” He knows he should elaborate more but he's exhausted at this point.
“It’s way too late for this. I’ll be there in the morning, and you better explain yourself, Schlatt.”
“Let yourself in, keys are under the mat.”
“Spare no detail, I gotta know exactly how big Schlatt has a little kid.”
With that Schlatt laughs and hangs up without saying goodbye. Quackity never cared if he hung up abruptly.
He passes out on the bathroom floor, not even bothering to turn off the light.
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hyuckshaze · 4 months ago
zoom shenanigans - l.dh
Tumblr media
✩‌ haechan ‌x‌ ‌fem!reader‌ ‌|‌ boyfriend!haechan | smut | ‌1.6k+ words ✩
SUMMARY‌ ‌⇾‌ you don’t quite know how hyuck convinced you to sit on him while in a class zoom call
WARNINGS‌ ‌⇾‌ exhibitionism, unprotected sex, dom!sub themes, asphyxiation, edging/overstimulation, spitting, slight humiliation, degradation (use of words such as whore, slut etc.), dumbification, slight dacryphylia, salirophilia, dirty talk - basically pure and absolute filth!
AUTHOR’S NOTES ⇾ i couldn’t stop thinking about this throughout the entirety of my online classes today, so i just had to write about it to get it off my chest. i am an absolute slut when it comes to dom!hyuck, so this is just self-indulgence really. enjoy! not proofread so please message if there’s any errors, or anything missing from the warning list! - lex
You don’t quite know how Hyuck convinced you to sit on him while in a class zoom call. 
He’d driven you insane. You’d been sat on his cock since the start of your lesson, for which your teacher, thank God, had decided that cameras did not need to be on. The class only lasted an hour, with you sitting on his lap in his gaming chair because ‘your desk chair just isn’t comfy enough, Y/N’, according to him anyway. You thought your desk chair was perfectly comfy, but he insisted. 60 minutes doesn’t seem all that long in the grand scheme of things, but with a boyfriend as evil as Donghyuck, of course he knew just how to make that hour feel like an eternity, teasing you relentlessly throughout. His lips brushing against your ear as you tried your hardest to complete the set work, whispering unspeakable promises into your ear and sending dark shivers down your spine. Though you couldn’t see his face, you knew the exact expression that was plastered on his face as his wandering hands roamed your body, squeezing and pinching all the spots that he knew would have you squirming in his hold. By far, the most infuriating thing he would do, though, was to snake his hand around your body whenever you had to turn your microphone on, fingers rubbing your clit in circles that had you biting back loud and sensual moans, managing to suppress the noises down to sighs which, as a University student, were not all that uncommon to hear. 
It’s when the time hits 11:50am, exactly 10 minutes before the end of the lesson (you know because you began checking it, what seemed like, every few seconds, sensing his growing impatience), that his self-control evaporates. With a raspy grunt, his hand wraps around your neck and he thrusts up into you, hard, fast and rough. You gasp, face contorting in pleasure at the sudden movements which have you crying out and grasping at the desk in front of you in order to stay upright. You whine as his grip on your neck tightens, pulling you back towards his chest in one, swift movement. A yelp escapes your lips, now blindly grabbing at the armrests on either side of the chair in order to stop your legs from giving out. Not that you’d go anywhere, Hyuck’s rigid grip on you made sure of that. His hot breath against the back of your neck caused goosebumps to form on your exposed skin, a shudder going through your body at the overwhelming amount of pleasure. His hand on your neck pushes your jaw backwards, the back of your head resting on his shoulder as he looks down at your flushed face, tears of pleasure collecting at the corners of your wide and innocent eyes, perfect pink lips parted so beautifully, not to mention the dream-worthy sounds escaping them. How could he have ended up with such a perfect little girl? His hand moves for only a split second from your neck, squeezing your cheeks together in order to open your mouth. He spits harshly into your now open mouth, pressing your cheeks shut again afterwards. You let out a sudden and uncontrollable moan at the sound of him doing such a filthy thing, feeling his spit hit your tongue forcefully. You know what he wants. You close your mouth and swallow, his hand creeping back down towards your neck as you show him your empty mouth.
“That’s my good girl.” He rasps, giving a tight squeeze to your neck once more.
With your eyes squeezed so tightly shut, you almost forget that you’re supposed to be listening to your Biomedical Sciences lecturer drone on about Haematology and Transfusion. Almost.
“Right, now that’s done, everyone turn your cameras on for this last task. We’re going to be going through the homework assignment that I set for you all last week, don’t think you can get away without speaking either! I’m gonna be asking you all questions about the task.” His words barely register in your mind, your head fuzzy and body shaking at the feeling of your boyfriend rearranging your insides so delectably. After a few moments, his words seem to sink in and your eyes shoot open, urgently whispering Hyuck’s name. There was no way you could turn on your camera, you’d have to lie. I dropped my laptop; my WiFi is lagging; my room is a mess. A thousand ways to excuse yourself ran through your mind, albeit at a much slower pace than usual. You could only focus so much through the feeling of Haechan fucking into you so hard and fast. Your desperate whines of his name are interrupted as he hums into your ear, not slowing his hips or showing any sign of stopping. If anything, it becomes even harder to think at his words.
“We both know that’s not what you call me when I’m fucking you, baby.” He growls into your ear, pounding into you with even more force, rendering you barely capable of thinking, let alone talking. Your walls clench tightly around his hard cock, a string of curses escaping your boyfriend’s pink lips as he grunts loudly at the feeling.
“M-my professor s-said-” You start, barely able to string a sentence together.
“I heard what your professor said, baby. Turn on your camera. Show your entire class how much of a filthy little slut you are for me. Show them how this perfect A* student cums all over my dick, huh? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Everyone seeing the perfect little teachers pet coming all over her boyfriends cock during her class? Everyone seeing how fucking dumb you get for my dick?” You bite your lip, holding back a scream. You can’t, however, stop a broken whimper from escaping you.
“Fuck! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please, oh my God!” The hand that isn’t clutching your neck so tightly moves downwards, fingers brushing your clit so delicately.
“Please... Please what, slut?” He spits, tears now leaking down your face, chest shaking as you hold in overwhelmed sobs.
“Please Daddy!” You cry out, mascara beginning to smudge as you clench your eyes shut so tightly. You no longer care about your waiting professor, you no longer care about the entire class, it’s only Haechan. He is all you can feel and think.
“Y/N, we’re waiting on you to turn your camera on...” Your professor presses, but you don’t even hear him. It’s only when your boyfriend stops all of his movement, hand slipping away from your throat, reaching down and reclining his gaming chair into a laying position, that you realise what he wants.
“No, no, no. Please, Hyuckie!” You whine, head spinning at the loss of movement. He’s laying practically flat now, out of view of the camera. You try to move, rolling your hips atop his dick but his fingers dig into your hips hard, almost painfully, as he holds you in place, smirking up at your shaking figure with mirth.
“Go on, baby. Turn on your camera.” He warns, fingers digging even harder into your hips. You send him an exasperated look, to which he gives you the look. You know what that means. ‘Do as I fucking say, or you’ll regret it’. 
Your shaky hands reach over to the laptop, clicking the camera button as you let out an uneven breath. After a few seconds, your face appears on the screen. Your eyes widen. What your boyfriend had failed to inform you, was that your face was flushed and sweaty, mascara smudging your cheeks in obvious tear streaks, a drop of his spit glittering as it sat upon your chin. You wiped your face on your sleeve as soon as you catch sight of yourself, moving forward to pretend to be sorting a non-existing wire behind your screen as you try to make yourself look more presentable. As you do so, you hear his voice whisper.
“Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you called me just then and don’t think you’re getting away with it. ‘Hyuckie’ doesn’t fuck you the way Daddy does.” His low tone causes you to clench around him, taking a deep breath at his teasing words. He scoffs at your silence, squeezing your ass, hard, so that you let out a small whimper. He hums in satisfaction as you plaster an obviously fake smile onto your face before leaning back, clicking on the unmute button for only a moment before abruptly turning it off again, barely having finished your sentence, as Haechan’s rock hard dick twitches inside your sensitive pussy.
“Sorry, Professor. I had tech issues.” 
✩  ✩   ✩
Those last 8 minutes of class felt like an eternity, and your boyfriend made sure of that. You thought you’d done a pretty good job at hiding it, though. Not one person gave you a funny or disgusted look as you answered the Professor’s questions and kept a small, albeit forced, smile on your face. You couldn’t help but feel a twisted form of pride at your ability to pretend as though nothing was happening as you sat atop of Hyuck’s dick, enduring his endless verbal and physical teasing throughout.
It wasn’t until after the two of you were finished, long after the class had done so, that your boyfriend checked his phone
“Y/N...” You heard him call from the bathroom. You couldn’t find the energy to move, simply humming in acknowledgement at his hesitant-sounding call. He enters the bedroom in all his naked glory, carrying a small, wet cloth in order to clean you up in one hand, his phone in the other. Your eyes trace his naked body, focusing on the smooth, tanned skin. He really was a sight for sore eyes, somebody that you could never get tired of looking at. You’re disrupted from staring at his body when he holds his phone out in front of your face. You reluctantly tear your eyes from his torso, focusing in on the brightly lit screen, squinting slightly to read the text upon it.
fucking your gf during her zoom class, nice one bro. though, you might wanna make sure that you actually hang up next time. the whole class was still there, apart from the prof. not that they’re complaining, i saw their faces. they’re gonna be getting off to that for the entirety of lockdown, i swear! 
Needless to say, nobody in class called you the Teacher’s Pet anymore.
✩   ✩   ✩ 
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mentallydatinglukehemmo · 4 months ago
Can you do a imagine where Y/N make a little lapdance while Luke have a zoom call 🤓 smutttt
Zoom calls (Luke Hemmings Imagine)
Okay, this request was sent in a while ago, I’m so sorry it took so long. I hope you like it though!
Also, I couldn’t stop thinking about that interview when Ashton sat in Luke’s lap and the interviewer was like “Lap dance, right now.”🤣
Tumblr media
Warnings: smut, cursing, unprotected sex in established relationship.
Word count: 2K+
Quarantining with Luke was an experience, to say the least. Even though you were practically locked in a house for most of the time, it was always entertaining, you'd always figure out something to do, whether it was redecorating the living room countless times, learning new food recipes, practicing your makeup skills on each other, helping him write songs or simply cuddling in bed with Petunia all day, you always found something to entertain the both of you. Obviously, things would get heated countless times and neither of you would do anything to stop it, it's not like you had anything to do anyway.
At this point, you had some sort of a routine for the days. It always started with waking up a little later than the both of you liked, Luke would pull you into him so you were laying on his chest, you'd sit in silence for a while since neither of you was a morning person. After that, you'd be in the kitchen, messing with whatever ingredients available as you attempted to create a decent breakfast. It always ended in a mess.
Today was different. You woke up in the morning to find Luke's side of the bed empty. You checked the time to see it was almost noon. Yawning, you got out of bed, the cool air flowing in from the window hitting your body as you were dressed in an old oversized shirt you liked sleeping in.
You searched the house for Luke, eventually finding him stretched out on the couch in the living room, the voice of a rather serious man sounding from his laptop. He was laying down, barely awake, his hair was all over the place and he was still dressed in just boxers as he watched the screen of the laptop sitting on a little table beside him. He was literally fighting to keep his eyes open, making you chuckle, therefore catching his attention.
"Finally you're awake! I'm bored to death!" He said in relief.
"What are you even doing?" You asked, yawning as you walked up to him, kissing him briefly. You noticed he was on a zoom call and you quickly made sure he was muted and the camera was off.
"Management wanted to talk to us, something about starting to work on a new album."
"Oh. Well, i'm gonna leave you to your meeting, i'm in the kitchen if you need anything."
"Y/n, no... I'm so bored, i might faint."
Rolling your eyes at his dramatic behavior, you walked out of the living room, ignoring his complaints and the fact that he just told the guy on call to "shut the fuck up".
You were sipping on a cup of coffee when you realized that maybe entertaining Luke while he's in a zoom meeting wouldn't be the worst thing to do. In fact, you had a couple ideas about how that might go, all said ideas seeming more than appealing.
Leaving your cup on the counter, you made your way back to the living room. Luke was now sitting, facing the screen, hugging a cushion to his chest. It looked like he was trying everything to concentrate on whatever management had to say but the dazed look in his eyes made it clear that he was nowhere near focused.
Luke was quick to notice your presence in the room. You lifted your arms to tie your hair, the shirt rising in the process and exposing your panties to the look, catching his attention rather quickly as he watched you travel across the room to stand by the couch he was seated on.
"Still bored?" You asked him, gesturing to his laptop then grabbing the cushion from his hands.
He nodded with no hesitation.
"As fuck." Luke replied.
"Good." You responded, leaning down to kiss him, pushing back his shoulders, making him sit up straight before sitting down on his lap. His hand instinctively found your waist, wrapping around it as Luke pushed your hair to the side, kissing the back of your neck before biting the skin lightly. He was surprised to feel you moving your hips, teasingly grinding against his crotch, making him inhale sharply.
You continued moving back and forth against Luke with him hiding his face in your neck, placing butterfly kisses against your skin. He was getting harder with every movement of yours, you could feel his length against you, pushing against the thin material of his boxers as his grip on your waist grew tighter.
"Shit, baby... What are you doing?" he moaned into your ear.
"Entertaining you." You replied, getting up and turning around so you were straddling him and crashing your lips against his in a lustful kiss.
You ran your hands up his chest, up to his neck, tangling them in his hair briefly before sliding them back down slowly, reaching the hem of his boxers, teasing the skin there and pulling lightly on the waistband before removing your hands and resting them on his shoulders, making him moan into the kiss.
"Such a tease." He whispered to you, making you chuckle against his lips. His own hands found your waist, lowering you so you were sat properly in his lap. You moved your lips down to his jaw then his neck, kissing the spot under his ear then trailing down, biting onto the skin on his collarbones, leaving a dark mark there as you kept moving your hips in figure eight motions, his hard length poking against your now wet core.
"I've been wanting you all morning, y/n." He told you as you noticed his hard on rubbing against you.
"I can see that." You responded, grinding your crotch against his. He locked eyes with you as you began circling your hips, moaning at the feeling. Using his shoulders as an anchor, you moved faster, circling your hips, teasing his throbbing cock.
"Fuck, stop teasing me. Please, y/n..." He whimpered, tilting his head down to rest against your chest.
Luke slipped his hands under your shirt, discovering your body as if he hadn't done this countless times. You pushed his hand away once he started tugging on the shirt. Making sure to look deep into his eyes, you pulled the item of clothing over your head, letting it fall to the floor before resuming your movements.
"God, y/n." Luke breathily spoke, tugging on your bra, letting you know he wants it off. Before you could do anything about that, Luke's manager addressed him, reminding you that the meeting was still going.
"Luke? Are you with us?" The man spoke. Luke gestured for you to stop your movements for a minute as he leaned over to unmute his microphone, telling his manager that he was with him.
"I believe i asked you if you had any potential songs ready? I didn't exactly get any answer."
You watched Luke as his eyes widened, trying to gather his thoughts so he could answer. He seemed lost for a second, trying to remember a couple things about the songs he had written.
Smirking as a thought creeped into your head, you waited for him to start speaking. His eyebrows raised momentarily before he went to answer the question. He expected anything but to feel your lips on his neck again as you started palming him as he spoke.
He was trying everything to keep his voice normal.
"I've written a couple songs, 3 of them are... love... songs. The others are very... guitar driven, I don't... I don't know how the band... will feel about... them." He said, taking heavy breaths between his words, pursing his lips together so he wouldn't moan out loud.
"Okay... Luke are you alright?" He manager skeptically asked, making you giggle silently against Luke's skin.
"Uhum. I'm fine. I might need to hang up though, it's an emergency." He said, clicking on the red 'leave' button without even waiting to be dismissed.
"You're gonna regret this, y/n." He said, shifting his position so you were laying on the couch, his body on top of yours. His hands reached behind your back, swiftly unclasping your bra and tossing it away. His lips wrapped around your nipple, his fingers lightly pinching the other, making you moan and arch your back.
"Luke, please..." you groaned, making him chuckle, the vibrations erotically coursing through your body.
"It isn't nice being teased, now is it?" He taunted.
"I'm sorry, just... just please do something." You said as his fingers continued playing with was your nipples.
"Something like what?” Luke smirking, making you nudge his shoulder in annoyance.
“God, Luke... You know something like what.” You said as his hand trailed down, tracing circles on the skin under the hem of your panties.
“Do I? I don’t think i do, sweetheart.”
“Fuck, just... please.” You groaned as his fingers traced over your clothed clit, his eyes studying your face attentively before he let out a chuckle.
He lifted his body a little slipping off his boxers and going on to take your panties off, his fingers teasing you for a moment. He then pushed in a finger, moving it expertly inside you, causing you to moan.
“More Luke, please.” You said.
He leaned down, attaching his lips to your neck as he pushed in another finger, starting to pump his digits in and out rhythmically, his thumb stroking your clit at the same time. Luke added pressure with every move, hitting your spot perfectly every time, making you clench around his fingers as you felt the pleasure beginning to build up.
“You like that, babygirl?” He spoke.
“Fuck, feels so good.” You moaned in answer, feeling him speed up the movements of his hand, pumping in and out faster, making your body arch under his as you felt your orgasm nearing.
“Oh fuck, Luke.” You moaned as you released onto his fingers, taking deep breaths as your eyes closed in pleasure. Luke watched your reaction, loving his effect on you.
He stroked your hair softly, giving you a little time to come down off your high. You looked up at him, pulling him down to kiss his lips as you felt his hand push your legs apart again, his hard length poking against you.
“Ready?” He asked, breaking the kiss.
You nodded, feeling him line himself up with your entrance. Luke pushed in slowly, both of you moaning at the feeling. He gave you a few seconds to adjust before he started thrusting in and out agonizingly slow. However, he was so deep inside you that his pace was a painfully teasing torture.
“Luke, just - please faster.” You whined into his ear. He was more than happy to comply, picking up the speed drastically fast as an endless string of moans and cursed words left his mouth, only adding the pleasure you were feeling.
“Shit, baby... you feel so good around me.” He moaned.
He was hitting your g-spot with every thrust, turning you into a whimpering mess under him as you felt the pleasure slowly building up again. His fingers found your nipples again, pulling them lightly before traveling down to your clit, rubbing circles over it, intensely adding to the euphoric feeling coursing through you as he thrusted in and out.
It was mere seconds before your walls tightened around his cock, making him whine in pleasure.
“Oh god, y/n.”
Your vision blurred as another orgasm washed over you, making you dig your nails into Luke’s back as you moaned out his name. He gave a few more thrusts, his whimpers growing louder with every move. You admired his face in awe as his lips parted, his eyes closing as he scrunched his nose, releasing inside you before collapsing on top of your body as he struggled to catch his breath.
You ran your hand through his bleached hair, planting a kiss on his forehead. He looked up at you, smiling at your gesture.
“Can we stay like this for the rest of the day?” He asked, referring to the position you were currently in as he pulled out.
“I don’t think so. Plus, you might have some explanation to do to your manager.” You reminded him, earning a long, dramatic groan of annoyance from him.
“Yeah, we’re staying like this, it’s settled.” Luke decided, nuzzling his head into your neck as you giggled.
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