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#i can’t imagine locking a CHILD in prison
gavin-screaming · 6 days ago
chills. fucking chills
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farfran · 5 months ago
/rp ok but seriously though, take a second to remove yourself from ranboo’s pov and imagine this interaction from sam’s perspective, keeping in mind everything he knows about ranboo
all of a sudden ranboo comes up to him, speaking erratically, insisting that he’s fine, but begging sam to lock him in prison for something that he can’t even explain. here’s several things ranboo says to sam during this time:
“i can’t make you undestand, sam, but... please, just for a little bit. just for a couple... couple years! just, maybe, just for that long. kay?”
"sam, there is a reason. there are so many reasons, there’s- 93 of them, sam! 93 of them, and i don’t even- there could be hundreds of reasons. thousands.”
this sounds completely irrational without context. it sounds like catastrophizing, which ranboo is known to do.
this is the same kid that said he thought it was his fault that tommy got exiled because he didn’t stop him from burning down george’s house. sam had to write down, in ranboo’s memory book, “TOMMY WAS NOT MY FAULT. WHAT HAPPENED TO TOMMY WAS SAM’S FAULT. SAM IS RESPONSIBLE” because the kid wouldn’t stop blaming himself for things that were out of his control
in that moment, sam thought ranboo was catastrophizing again, that he would be fine once he had a chance to calm down. sam refusing to lock up a child that is breaking down in front of him in a prison that sam knows is inhumane because it’s purpose is to hold one specific supervillain is a good thing, actually. sam made a mistake by underestimating the lengths to which ranboo was willing to harm himself if left alone, but he absolutely should not have locked him in the prison. everything sam did in this scene makes perfect sense if you look at it through his pov
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yandere-daydreams · 4 months ago
imagine a Yandere Emperor who is arrogant and spoiled, who gets what they want especially by force and he has his Darling locked in the palace until the wedding
tw - non-consensual touching, manipulation, slight dehumanization, physical abuse, threats of violence.
I think it’d be fun if the darling was a noble, too, obviously not royalty, but someone with enough responsibility and experience within the confines of the imperial court to know there’s no tradition in the kingdom that can justify your imprisonment and to be angry about it, even if your rage is only really good for starting arguments and making your living conditions far worse than they should be, under a host who claims to be so generous. It doesn’t help that your ‘engagement’ was so sudden. There’s no build-up, no generous prelude, only a series of lingering touches, of soft, breathy laughs, of long nights spent by your emperor’s side as they reviewed legislation and went over strategies for upcoming invasions and idly threatened to have your family and friends beheaded if you didn’t kiss them back, next time they cup your cheek so lovingly and show such benevolent self-restraint. There’s no warning, no threats you would’ve known to take seriously. There’s just a ring slipped onto your finger, a sterile announcement made to the royal court. There’s just you, and wedding date, and a monarch you’re expected to fall in love with some time before that. Or not. They don’t particularly seem to care whether or not you actually grow fond of them, not as long as you’re close enough for them to be fond of you.
They don’t really seem to understand why it might be wrong. A child born in the lap of luxury, brought up as the sole heir to the throne, taught to let other soldiers fight their wars and other farmers grow their crops and other, more deserving people suffer in their place, if only because they have the power and the means to do so. As their advisor, it was annoying. As their friend, it was frustrating. As their lover, their betrothed, their prisoner, it’s infuriating, it’s devastating, it’s cruel. They don’t understand why they can’t have you, why you wouldn’t be able to give up your position and your status for the sake of their happiness. They don’t understand why you wouldn’t want this, the riches, the status, a list of responsibilities that starts and ends at keeping your emperor content with their new-found domestic bliss. They don’t understand why you react so violently when they touch you, when they pull you into their lap, when they press their mouth against your neck and start muttering such awful thing, such bloody things, all the terrible thoughts they had while you worked at their side and all the urges they had to fight while they were still playing coy and all the things they plan to do once you’re married once you’re bound to them, once you don’t have an excuse to hide in your chambers and push them away and act like they can’t take what they’ve earned just yet. They’re spoiled, and they’re touchy, and they refuse to listen to you, even after making such a show of doting on the bruises their rough affection so often leaves. They’re a child waiting to open a present, and they don’t understand why their shiny new gift keeps biting at their fingertips.
They don’t understand what love looks like, what it is, what it should feel like, and yet, they seem more than happy to choke it out of you the moment the moment they decided they’re allowed to.
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beigehearts · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I actually really like this idea and have been thinking about it but was wondering if it was too- sensitive? But now that I know others want it I will write it. Please please please do not read this is you are sensitive to the subject. 
TRIGGER WARNING  CONTENT WARNING attempted s uicide, mentions of s uicide
Yandere Adult Trio when you try to commit s uicide drabbles 
Tumblr media
You were desperate to escape this sadistic and cruel kidnapper. He took you from your home, and into somewhere unknown. It took you a while to realize why he wanted you at all... The reason shook your entire being- he claimed that you were meant to be his. That no one else could have you because you belong to him, he is the only person capable of loving you. He has drilled this into your brain but you never let it stick.
Nothing has worked, you tried attacking him, pretending to be sick, escape attempts: it all ends up with you in pain. How can someone who claims to love you, and holds you so closely, hurt you in the ways he has. It’s hard to admit but he had to put a splint on your wrist, after breaking it when you tried to run. 
There’s only one option left. You can’t make it out of here alive, so you won’t. the place he has you is very confusing, the door is locked, and you can only assume there is a hallway outside of it. But when you look out of the window, you can barely see the ground because of how high up you are. That’s your escape.
It’s a large window that you will have to pry open. Hisoka does leave you alone occasionally but also leaves no room for escape. Though you don’t think he’s factored in self sabotage. 
You have no idea where he is, but the moment he left you ran to the window. You grip the edge with your fingers and pull as hard as you can. Your hands begin to go white against the pressure, until you here a tiny “click”. You go flying back when the window shoots open in front of you. This is your chance. And on the off chance you survive- you’ll figure something out.
The wind is blowing, and is quite chilly. When you step out on the slight edge of the outside wall, your heart begins to pound. It’s time.
Wind whistles in your ears and your heart is pounding so hard you wonder why it hasn’t popped out of your chest. For a moment it feels like you’re flying- and you feel peace at last. This was never how you expected to go out, but it will have to do. You close your eyes and accept your fate, falling so fastly that you look like a blur. 
‘Glump’. You bounce upwards and all the air in your body is knocked out of you. You’re left hanging outside of the building, still unable to see the ground despite how long you had been falling. It feels as if someone is holding your leg, the rest of your body dangling upside down. Just barely you manage to crane your head upwards- you’re floating? 
You take a closer look, at the window which you fell from, is Hisoka waving down at you as if you didn’t just jump off the building. There is no escape... There is no escape from this nightmare. You’re pulled upwards until Hisoka grabs your body with his hands and pulls you back through the window. 
You’re gasping for air, shock setting into your body and leaving you shaking. He smiles down at you, and sets you down on the shared bed. “I didn’t think you would go that far my pet.” 
His gaze is burning holes through your head, but you’re more worried about not hyperventilating. He sits down next to you, a smile still on his face. Before you know it, there is no chance of catching your breath. His hand is wrapped tightly around your throat and you let out a weak excuse for a gasp.
“Oh my sweet pet. Please don’t do that again. I might have to punish you, but I’ll let you off this once since you look so cute this way.” 
Tumblr media
Illumi (fem!reader)
You just can’t take it anymore. The torture that he calls training. The extreme punishments that have left you with scars. The promise that you will be the mother of his child. And if not, you are useless. Your back is covered in scars, all from whips and chains that he has used as ‘discipline’ even if you were doing as you were told. Eventually he said, “I love you. My wife to be. The future mother of my children. It is only natural that I try to make you be better.” 
If his version of making you better is torture then that’s not happening. At this point you would rather die than endure what he has put you through. He is thorough in keeping the room you are in “baby proofed”. There’s not a single sharp corner, no sharp objects, and no weapons of any kind. The lights are implanted in the ceiling so it’s not like you could use a lamp for anything.
The thought of attacking him is out of the question. You must find something for yourself. Eventually you find something that might work. He brings in plastic plates for you to eat off of. You’re sure if you attacked him with a plate he would make you eat off of the floor. You already have to eat with your hands. 
You take the plate and bend it until it cracks, and splits in half. You continue to break it up into small pieces until you have something resembling a triangle with two soft edges and one sharp. Luckily he gives you hard plastic plates and not styrofoam ones, he has some class it seems. 
Might as well get comfortable. You put some pillows and blankets down on the soft carpet and make a small bed to lay on. You sit up and find that you’re shaking. Your hands are shaking- but that’s to be expected. You put the piece of plastic against your wrist, it’s cold.
Does this mean you’ll be reborn? Or is there nothing after this? Either way, it must be better than this. You imagine a beautiful field where the grass is as soft as pillows and the sun shines just enough for you to feel warmth. There’s nothing for miles except for grass and you. The grass is cushioning you, making it comfortable to lay. You close your eyes and begin to move your hand downwards. Get it over with.
You pull your arm up so you can make a quick motion downwards but before you can... A hand grabs your wrist holding the plastic so tightly that you hear it crack, and are forced to drop the plastic.
You open your eyes and look up at the man above you. His face continues to show no emotion, but the grip on your wrist does. He is very angry. He lifts you up by your wrist and you hear another loud crack and squeal out in pain. You’re face to face, he’s holding you above the ground so your feet don’t touch, but all the strain is on your one wrist. If it’s not dislocated and broken by now, it would be a miracle.
In his usual commanding but monotone voice he says, “I cannot allow anyone to hurt the future mother of my kids.” He drops you on the ground and your knees take all of the force. “Even if it is the mother herself.”
He huffs and pulls a needle from his shoulder, “I suppose I must control you until you are stable. Or until you can bare my child.”
Tumblr media
Honestly it could be worst. Though being held against your will does take a large toll on you. You’re fed everyday and can bathe and can read whenever and whatever. It’s like free living, though prison is also rent free. He is always so soothing and kind, offering to do things for you, get things for you, make things for you. It really seems like he wants to make you happy. 
He has been very honest and open with you. He claims he loves you and that he couldn’t let anyone else have a moment in the presence of your beauty. He seems normal until you realize you’ve been kidnapped. You wonder if you would have every suspected him to be crazy if you met him on the street. Truthfully, probably not. 
There are probably people in the world who would be grateful for what you have even if it is completely and utterly against your will. But that’s not the full picture. He’s so kind and says such nice things to you. Until you upset him. He never hurts you, and he never touches you aggressively. His threats are what destroy you, his threats that are not empty. 
One day you had pushed him away and told him to ‘fuck off’. He became very angry but continued to smile. He walked up to you real slowly and said in a calm voice “I’ll kill your ex and leave their corpse here.” He was not lying. The very next day when you woke up, there was the corpse of your ex. Laying on the floor, staining it with blood and what remains of their organs.
After setting that example he became more subtle. If you could even call it subtle. Whenever you upset or pissed him off, you might find a finger in a bowl, with a ring that you gave your friend on it. You had seen many dismembered body parts- but that’s when you learned to keep your silence and obey lest everyone you love die. 
There’s one way out of here and it’s not by escaping. You ripped up some towels and tied them into a noose. Somehow it seemed like it would work.
You stand on the wooden chair, taking long deep breaths, accepting your fate. The makeshift rope hangs from the ceiling, you grab onto it and get ready to put your head through it. Right as you go to reach your head through, the chair underneath you buckles and you fall to the ground with a loud thud.
You feel strong arms wrap around you. How did he get here? When did he get here? He pulls you onto his lap and begins rocking you. 
“Oh it looks like you’ve split the back of your head open.” He touches the back of your head and shows his bloodied hand to you as proof. “I had no idea you were feeling like this. You could have told me.”
He kisses your forehead gently but you already know that these actions will accompany something else.
“Unless you were trying to escape me.” He chuckles and holds you firmly against his chest. “Then we would have a problem, wouldn’t we?”
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bxnnywriting · 7 months ago
You’re mine
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid x Fem reader
𝘋𝘰 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘱𝘺, 𝘳𝘦𝘸𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦, 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘬 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦. 𝘕𝘰 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘤𝘰𝘱𝘺, 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦, 𝘳𝘦𝘸𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘺 𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴.
𝘗𝘭𝘴 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦,𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 (𝘪𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘺)
Warnings: cm case level violence (talk about suffocation) absolutely filthy smut,possessive Spencer, jealous spencer, daddy kink ,breeding kink (kinda), dom Spencer ,sexual harressment by detective, swearing,bad writing guaranteed 
Spencer Reid Masterlist
Requests are open
summary: The team head down to New Jersey for a case. the lead detective James Wilson starts flirting with y/n. The last straw is when he touches her so Spencer shows y/n who she belongs to.
A/n: thank you sm for the notes on the announcement and all my new followers it’s absolutely crazy ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
Tumblr media
It’s been the best six months of my life, I never felt so loved and accepted. I met someone who doesn’t find my rambling annoying instead she actually listens with a smile plastered across her face.
Y/n is absolutely stunning,beautiful y/c/e eyes, Her smile is the most beautiful one I have ever seen.
It makes me want to forget the world - it’s cruelty, greediness, violence, every negative factor and feel that this place is heaven filled with just happiness and Innocence.
The only problem is y/n doesn’t see how beautiful she really is. The way men look at her, their eyes dark with lust. The audacity some men have to think they can flirt with her.
It really bothers me that she can’t pick up when men are flirting with her.
“No he was just being nice” she would say to me. As much as I love her but she can be so dense at times.
After getting out of prison, I felt myself become easily aggravated and the violence I wanted to inflict on any guy who looked at y/n too long was strong.
Y/n was the only reason I didn’t give up, I would often fall asleep dreaming of her staring back at me and her hands out to whisk me out of the nightmare and take me into our personal paradise.
I haven’t felt this murderous rage this strong in a long time, the team and I head down to New Jersey.
Three where college girls around 18-21 years old were found bound to their bed and suffocated by plastic bags.
We had to work with Detective James Wilson, head of the Homicide unit. He is a slimy,misogynistic pig. The way he talks to the women in the BAU and how invalidating his is to the victims.
Ever since we got here he’s attention focused on y/n. The way he looks and talks about her is revolting .I walked past the kitchenette and overheard his conversation with the other detectives.
“You know that agent y/n? God you see how good her ass looks? Fuck man I just want to shove my dick so far in her pussy she won’t be able to walk” he laughed obnoxiously, I felt my jaw tense up.
Who does he think he is? Talking about y/n like she’s nothing but a piece of meat!
The last straw was when we were wrapping up the case and y/n was taking down evidence off the board.
I walked in and saw y/n about to fall backwards but before I could get to her none other than detective James Wilson already 10 seconds behind me his hands on her lower back steadying her.
Even after she got her balance back he wouldn’t let go, his hands squeezing her hips.
I felt rage bubble deep indside my bones.
Tumblr media
Back at the hotel I couldn’t stop the feeling of built up rage. My adrenaline was going crazy and I couldn’t just stay in my room.
I made my way down to y/n’s door, 6, my distorted reflection staring back at me from the gold-plated number.
I knocked on the door, my fists clenching. I just couldn’t brush off this anger. All I needed was her.
Y/n opened the door, I felt my pants tighten. She was wearing a silk kimono dressing gown,her hair was damp like she just got out of the shower. Fuck, I wonder if she’s wearing any clothes under her robe.
“Spence what’s wro-“ before she could finish I gripped her face with my hands. Pushing back into the room kicking the door shut with my foot.
I pushed her into the wall,my leg between her thighs. My hands gripping her hands above her head. Y/n moaned in pleasure as my tongue dominated her mouth.
She grinded her soaking heat on my thigh. I pulled away, y/n looked so beautiful, her eyes glossy,her damp hair sticking to the sweat on her forehead.
I slid my hands up her body, one of my hands undoing the belt of her dressing gown, ripping it off her body.
My other hand slithered around her throat applying light pressure that made her gasp. I licked a long stripe on her neck before halting her ear.
“I can’t believe I saw you let another man touch you, I'm very upset princess” I sighed, biting her ear lobe.
“Mmm I’m sorry daddy” she whined squirming against me rubbing her wet pussy all over my pants like a desperate slut.
I stared into her eyes gripping her throat tighter “I’m only allowed to touch you ” I growled
I pushed my fingers into her mouth forcing it open. Once I was satisfied I spit into her mouth.
“Swallow” I demanded
Y/n moaned as she swallowed “thank you daddy”
I pulled down my fly, releasing my aching hard cock. I gripped myself stroking before lining myself up. rubbing my cock head against her throbbing clit.
“Please daddy” y/n begged pathetically
“You really think you deserve to be fucked by daddy’s big cock after what you did?” I scoffed
“I promise it won’t happen again” y/n whined
Without our warning I bottomed out. Y/b’s eyes went wide at the sudden intrusion.
“Fuck daddy you're so deeeeep” she screeched
“I can feel your womb maybe I should cum deep inside you and get you swollen with my child to show everyone you’re mine” I said gritting my teeth, pounding harder into her.
“You would like that wouldn’t you?” I asked gripping her chin forcing her to look at me
“Oh yes please spencer breed me” y/n cried
“Oh daddy I’m going to cum!” Y/n screamed
“Cum for me princess!” I panted
I felt my hips begin to falter, y/n came her body trembling against mine, if I wasn’t holding her against she would’ve collapsed on the ground.
Her pussy quivered around me, I came with a roar my cum painting her walls, she was utterly filled with me.
Y/n clung to my body catching her breath, my head was in the crook of her neck.
“Y/n?“ I whispered . She grunted in response
“Tell me you’re mine” I pleaded. Desperation filled my voice as insecurity clouded my mind.
“I’m yours” she replied, her fingers running through my sweaty curly locks.
I felt all my anxiety dissolve, all I need is her reassurance and touch to feel soothe my mind.
I could never imagine my life without her.
Tumblr media
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abimess · 4 months ago
My beautiful, hurtful secret // Part 1
Therese Raquin x Reader
Tumblr media
Read on AO3
Summary: In the 1860s, love can be dangerous for people like you. And it gets even more dangerous when it involves a married woman. But Therese loves you just the same, so you're willing to do whatever it takes to have her.
Word count: 2.356 || 2.356
Warnings: period story; angst; fluff; smut (18+ only!)
A/N: For me, In Secret is one of Elizabeth Olsen's best movies, and it is very sad that there are no stories about it here (I only found one), so I wrote my own hahaha
Good reading!
All parts || (Read on AO3)
Therese hated her life.
When she was just a child, the brunette lost her mother and was left in the care of her aunt by her father. There she was treated almost like a slave from an early age, forced to take care of her sickly cousin, Camille, and act like a lady, even though that was the last thing she felt she was.
The only things that made Therese's days worthwhile were waiting for her father's return and reading the poems in the daily newspaper.
It was a short session, with only two or three poems, but for her it was like a light in the darkness that was her life. She treasured them all, but there was one author she liked in particular. Cameron. No last name. Just Cameron. It was all she had, but it was enough for Therese to feel close to this mysterious writer.
The way the words were chosen made her travel to all the places described and meet all the people mentioned. It was a daily escape from her constant prison. And Therese clung to those poems as if her life depended on them.
When not reading, Therese would reminisce about her favorite poems or imagine what Cameron would be like. In her imagination, Cameron had many faces and many shapes, but one thing was certain. The eyes were always sincere and the smile was always warm. At least that's what Therese felt through the poems, and that's what she spent most of her days dreaming about.
Although she doesn't like her life, one day a series of events destroys her routine and Therese finds herself wishing that her life would remain as it is.
Therese receives a letter saying that her father has died and that he has left her an inheritance. Soon after, Camille announces that they’re all moving to Paris because he got a job there and her aunt announces that Therese will have to marry her cousin.
The idea does not please Therese one bit, but her aunt provides her with enough reasons to accept the marriage, so she reluctantly does.
So here she was, looking at the street outside through the window shop and thinking about the excruciating life she would have from now on, trapped in an unwanted, unhappy marriage.
Therese would stay in that position forever if she could, but her aunt is calling for her so she sighs, knowing she can't miss her obligations, and gets up.
It's dominoes night and Therese couldn't be less interested. So the brunette sits down away from the table and next to one of the windows, watching the street. The world outside that she so desperately wants to know.
The others were only interested in the game, not caring a bit about inviting her to join them. Not that Therese cared, she didn't want to join them either.
Her aunt has been complaining worriedly for several minutes that Camille is late. But when the blonde's voice is heard from downstairs, both women sigh. Her aunt because her precious son has arrived and Therese because she won't have to listen to the elder's complaints anymore.
Her aunt gets up and immediately calls Therese to accompany her, so the young woman gets up and does so, the lack of enthusiasm always evident on her face.
As they go downstairs, Therese frowns when she realizes that Camille is accompanied by two other people. A man and a woman, the latter wearing garments considered quite inappropriate for a lady. Therese looks curiously for a few seconds at this unusual woman wearing pants and a suspender, but soon she is back to showing complete disinterest for everything that’s happening around her.
Camille chats with her mother, introducing the two strangers. Therese doesn't pay much attention to the conversation, but understands that the man, Laurent, and you, (Y/n), are siblings and are former family acquaintances.
The blonde then introduces the two siblings to Therese and she doesn't understand why she feels a deep urge to look away when your eyes meet hers, but she does anyway, and she doesn't see the small smile that forms on your face at her action.
You exchange no words, and as Camille and your aunt guide you and your brother upstairs, Therese follows the group in silence, her eyes avoiding your figure at all costs.
You greet the other guests, exchanging brief conversations, and Therese allows herself to look at you once more. You smile politely, but your eyes seem to scan each person in the room intently.
Looking at you makes Therese's stomach act in a completely unfamiliar way and she doesn't like it at all, so she looks away once more and returns to her chair by the window.
You and Laurent join the game and soon the conversation is intersected by several moments of silence of concentration. Therese returns to watching the street below, and she doesn't like how her eyes insist on constantly seeking you out.
For some reason that Therese wasn't paying attention to, the group starts talking about yours and your brother’s professions and everyone is visibly excited when they discover that you’re both artists.
When Laurent tells them that he is a painter, Madame Raquin immediately asks him to do a painting of her son. But when you mention that you are a writer, you receive several discreet judgmental glances, especially from the men.
"But for whom do you sell your writings, miss (Y/l/n)?" The man with the gray mustache asks the indelicate question and you laugh politely. "For whoever wants to buy them." You say simply and the man you are almost certain is named Olivier prepares to speak. "But you are a..."
"A woman? Yes." You interrupt him and the man looks visibly disconcerted, but you smile once again. Therese doesn't want to, but she listens to the conversation intently. Your unassuming laugh having an effect on her that she prefers to interpret as irritation.
"I write under a pseudonym. No one knows who I am." You explain as the people around you exchange curious glances. You risk a glance at the young woman in the corner of the room. But as soon as your eyes meet hers she immediately looks back to the window and you contain a smile.
"How does this work?" Madame Raquin asks curiously and you smile before answering. "I write my works and sell them under a false name. People pay me and that's it." You say, shrugging and Madame slowly nods, a thoughtful expression on her face.
"But that doesn't seem advantageous to me." Oliver comments, thoughtfully, and you smile amused. "If you publish under a name that isn't yours, then you don't get credit for your work." At his remarking, some of the group murmurs in agreement, and you smile once again.
That is not the first time you’ve had that conversation and it certainly would not be the last. Next to you, Laurent tries to hold back a smile, knowing very well the direction this conversation will take.
"It's not about the credit. I write because I love it and I love what I write." You say, and the clear passion in your voice causes Therese to lock her eyes on you, admiring you for a brief moment. But soon she comes to her senses and, shifting uncomfortably in her chair, she looks out the window again. But her ears are attentive to your words.
"On the other hand, I'm not naive. I know I have to pay my bills, so I sell my writing under a pseudonym." You explain, but the bespectacled man in front of you doesn't look convinced. "But why?" he asks, and you laugh again. Either that man was very foolish or he was pretending to be.
"In our society, something done by a man is valued a thousand times more highly if the same thing is done by a woman." You explain and are not surprised by the strange looks the others give you. Still, you continue. "Men are constantly coming up with gimmicks to subjugate us women. So we have to come up with our own gimmicks to fight back."
At your words, the group exchanges murmurs, some of approval, some of disapproval. Beside you, Laurent smiles amused, accustomed to your way of thinking, and squeezes your shoulder gently reassuring you and you smile at him.
You turn your gaze back to the game in front of you, but not before looking at Therese again. But this time, the brunette holds your gaze briefly before turning her eyes once more to the world outside. The exchange of glances lasts less than a second, but it was already enough to make your heart beat faster in your chest.
The conversation soon changes direction but stays on the subject that you and Laurent are artists. The whole conversation irritates Therese deeply. She doesn't even understand why, she just knows that every time you share your experiences, the brunette's hatred for you only increases.
At the moment, Laurent is telling a story that is highly amusing to everyone but her, about how he was getting involved with a woman and in the end discovered that this same woman was also getting involved with you, but neither of the siblings knew it.
When this last piece of information is revealed, the guests exchange curious glances with astonished sighs escaping their mouths and Therese immediately clenches her jaw.
"So you are...?" Oliver comes once again with his questions, but you don't let him finish. "A woman who doesn't limit herself by standards? Indeed." You answer with a comradely smile and the others watch you intently, as if expecting a more elaborate answer and you laugh softly. In the corner of the room, Theresa's jaw is so harshly clenched that her teeth threaten to break at any moment.
"Don't misunderstand me, gentlemen, and please don't be offended, ladies." You say, looking at everyone with your hands slightly raised in an appeasing motion, and then you lower them again. "But there's something about women that's just... too delightful to ignore."
With your last words, you risk a glance at Therese. It's quick and discreet, and no one else notices. But Therese did, and as soon as your eyes land on her, the brunette feels an intense wave of warmth take over her whole body. making her feel warm especially in places she is not supposed to be.
With her breath hitched, Therese stands up suddenly and starts trying desperately to open the window in an attempt to relieve that unwanted heat that has consumed her.
Noticing her strange behavior, Camille gets up and walks over to her. "Therese?" he asks, but the brunette doesn't look at him.
"I have to open the window." She informs and the man asks what's wrong and Therese lies, saying that the air is stuffy and keeps struggling to open the damn thing.
"Come join us at the table. The (Y/l/n) are here, isn’t it lovely to have a lady friend?" The blonde asks excitedly, but Therese continues with her attention on the window that seems to be stuck shut. "I don't want to." She retorts impatiently and the man frowns.
"Therese, Miss (Y/n) will think you don't like her." He says, slightly irritated, causing Therese's own irritation to increase. "Well, I don't." She says through clenched teeth and with a sharp movement finally opens the window.
She takes deep breaths of the cold night air, trying as hard as she can to pull herself together and Camille returns to the table.
From your chair, you watch the interaction attentively and discreetly, but you cannot hear the conversation so you soon return your attention to the people around you.
The evening continues for a while longer, with stolen glances from both of you. With each glance, Therese's irritation with you only increased and your curiosity with the young woman in the corner only grew.
But soon the night is over and you and your brother say goodbye to everyone. The brunette's hostile feeling towards you was visible in all her features, so you limit yourself to saying goodbye with only a nod and a sincere, polite smile.
Therese didn't want you to approach her. But when you say goodbye from afar like that, she gets even more annoyed than if you had come close.
The young woman's conflicting feelings towards you make her blood boil. So she sighs heavily and tries to control her anger as she clears the table.
"You liked her." Your brother says with an amused smile, waking you up from your thoughts.
Ever since you left the Raquin residence you haven't been able to stop thinking about Therese. So innocent and reserved, it was impossible not to wonder what was hiding underneath that cloak of silence with which the young woman seemed to cover herself.
But you’re not willing to reveal your thoughts to your brother, at least not yet. So you frown. "What?" he chuckles, not at all convinced by your answer, and you chuckle too. You could never fool him.
"You spent the entire trip quiet." He remarks as you both get out of the carriage and walk to the inside of the building. "Oh, and what happened to my observant personality?"
You retort, quoting with your fingers the term your brother loves to use to describe you, and he giggles. "Well you spent the entire trip quiet and looking at your shoes. So I imagine that the image you’re observing is inside your head."
He answers with a knowing look and you giggle with slightly flushed cheeks as you open the door to the apartment you share. "What can I say, brother? Some things are too precious not to be relived."
At your words, Laurent chuckles but falls silent. You each go to your respective rooms, but you can't sleep, your head overwhelmed with thoughts of Therese.
So you sit up in bed and decide to do what you do best. Holding the fountain pen firmly in your hand, you write.
Part 2
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griffintail · 5 months ago
your parental imagines are so cool! can i request dreams teenage child breaking him out of prison with the help of technoblade ( bc yknow techno owes him a favour 🥴) but you don’t have to add techno or do this request:))))))
Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy!
Prison Fight
Pairings: Parental! Dream x F! Teen! Reader
Warnings: Mentions of blood, Mentions of Explosions
        Her father was a lot of things. She had her opinions of him.
        One of them was he was an idiot that managed to get himself locked into a prison by the one guy he’s kept under him since the beginning of his land. Tommy Innit was even more of an idiot and yet her father managed to get locked into prison by him.
        She needed to get him out now though she supposed. They took everything from him and she was the only one that could get him out. The annoying part was, she was Dream’s child and everyone was keeping an annoyingly close eye on her. She knew they wouldn’t just let her into the prison so easily either. So, she’d need a right man in this endeavor and she figured she could cash in one of her father’s favors.
        Knocking on the door, she wore a dark green cloak with her mask on as she looked around to double-check she wasn’t followed. She came unarmed so no one had a reason to follow her. The door opened and Technoblade crashed his arms as he looked at the teenager in front of him.
        “I’m here to cash in a favor.”      
        “If I remember correctly,” Techno walked into his house, (Y/N) quick to follow as she closed the door. “I owe Dream a favor, not Dream’s daughter.”
        “My father can’t exactly do shit right now. He can’t even get himself out and I can promise you, he’s tried.” She said as she rolled her eyes at the art of himself on the walls. “And everyone has an annoyingly close eye on me. They know I’ll figure something out.”
        “So that’s why you need me.” Techno leaned on the wall with crossed arms. “I don’t know if want to give the SMP land another reason to hate me.”
        “Ah, but with this plan, no one will know we organized. Mr. Blade, how good are you and Mr. Minecraft at lying?”
        Techno raised an eyebrow. He had to give the kid props; she came with a plan.
        (Y/N) caught the letter the crow dropped to her and smirked. She owed a certain Mr. Minecraft a few bits of netherite and diamonds and a promise to break him out if a time ever came, but the information he gave was invaluable. Opening the letter, she had a detailed recounting of how the process to get into the prison went and everything she needed to know about the magical effects to weaken its prisoners and visitors.
        She jumped off the roof of the home she made for herself away from the people of the SMP that hated her. She’d give them a real reason to hate her now.
        (Y/N) counted the time away as she stared at the clouds in the sky.
        It was a rather beautiful day today as she sat on the black roof. One hundred and twenty-eight pieces of TNT ready to blow at the mark behind her…
        “One thousand and forty…Three!” She flipped the lever before diving into the water below.
        The TNT blew and it blew up big as she grinned wickedly behind her mask at the clouds of explosions and the sound it gave.  It really was a nice day.
        Techno would have been in the cell for two minutes if he didn’t piss around as she told him and according to Phil’s timing. So, taking out her trident, she ran from the scene and hid, once more counting away the time as the prison went onto a panicked lockdown protocol. She needed to give Techno time to make it seem he wasn’t making a plan and to explain the plan to Dream.
        After an hour and a half exactly, she made her way to the prison. Sam would no be preoccupied and this was the moment. She slipped the codes from her pocket, smirking.
        “Thank you, father dearest.” She giggled, having raided Dream’s space to find anything useful.
        Useful indeed.
        Using what Phil saw and the codes Dream had from Sam, she practically waltzed right in through the guard’s entrances. Sam was nowhere in sight and the lava wall was down, which meant Techno already did his part.
        “Seventy-two-degree angle and…in we go.” (Y/N) threw her pearl through the lava, landing on the other side in front of the cell barrier where the pearl shattered into sparks.
        “He wasn’t lying.” Dream laughed, his hands and clothes slightly bloodied.
        “What did you think, he simply came to visit to have a go with you? Honestly father, use your head.” She laughed, handing him some pearls.
        He used one to get on the other side of the barrier and grinned as she smirked behind her mask.
        “Now, seventy-two degrees exactly.” She told him before they both got out of the cell. “And out we go!”
        Both of them ran through the access points, (Y/N) closing them all behind them before they managed out into the night air.
        “Freedom.” Dream laughed. “Techno’s not going to be very happy though about the fight.”
        “He better be happy; I’m paying him with my own rewards on top of relieving him of his favor willingly.” (Y/N) huffed as she took off a spare trident, handing it to Dream.
        “It was a very clever plan and no traces left behind.”
        “I learned from the best.” She bowed mockingly. “Now, I have a home where the fools of this land won’t find us. Let’s get there and you can assume your power once more.”
        He trained his daughter well and she would easily rule the people of this land. They didn’t know what was about to hit them.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 3 months ago
Mon 7 June ‘21
Liam’s podcast with Steve Bartlett is out and while I still don’t care about that guy I’ll give him this-- he does great at getting out of the way and letting Liam talk. And boy does Liam talk! Liam says A LOT and let’s all just pause to send him some big hugs before we get into right? And then look to the future- Liam’s routine is to say ‘things have been terrible but it’s fine, it’s fine NOW’, always, even when that is absolutely obviously not true, and today is no different but for once I actually believe some of his hopeful bits too which is so great! I hope things really are shifting for him and I can’t wait to hear this new song of his. But there’s a lot that’s hard to hear too, oh Liam. He said that he and Maya have broken up (so yes, presumably why he just moved again such a short time after they moved into their haunted house), talked about his struggles with his alcoholism (and said he’s been sober for a month right now, go babe!), shared the usual distressing stories about his time in the band and what that was like for him (and how it still impacts him), and he talked about his new song and how it feels different for him than his past solo music. Truly though there is SO MUCH more than I can get into here or then you can get from the UA highlights- I HIGHLY recommend actually watching at least parts of the video, also because the attempt to summarize so much erases all the charm and humor, of which there is much. If you don’t think you want to watch Liam’s interviews, it has to be because you aren’t watching Liam’s interviews, they’re delightful! Plus really if you care about 1D and want information about what it was like for any of them, listen to Liam, he’s the one who’s out there talking about it.
About Maya he said, that yes, he is now single, and “I’ve just been not been very good at relationships,” and “I’m a proper perfectionist… at the start of the relationship you put out this complete false character like I might as well go in in costume, I’m like putting out something that is not there... kind of like encompassing someone else’s life with your crap rather than just doing your thing and laying out your store from day one. That’s my biggest problem is that I feel like I don’t lay out my store... and then I’m annoyed when they don’t like what I like,” and “I think my problem is I struggle to be on my own sometimes... I dive in and out of relationships too quickly. I’ve not spent enough time on my own to relearn about myself.”
He laughs about his tendency to ask his manager things during interviews; “My fans think that Steve is doing something to me, they’re like liberty for Liam because he always looks to Steve, but that’s because I like him. It’s not because he’s harming me as a person. There’s like a hashtag Liberty for Liam because they think I’m some like prison child,” and he also said “my manager’s my best friend,” (and he’s said in the past he is a big support for him) and mentioned stuff they’d talked about recently around his therapeutic awakenings.
He talked about therapy being something you have to want to do and be ready to do rather than being pushed into, like getting sober, and says that this time around with his own therapy work he’s really felt that and thrown himself into it and he talked a lot about his relationship to therapy in connection with band days. “I mean one of our old managers went to therapy from being a manager of One Direction. So if you can imagine how that feels like the rest of us definitely need some.”
“We were young,” he said, “What I found was I didn’t know I was the boss until like a few months ago, I still don’t even feel like I am now, like I’m such a child. And everyone I work with now is older than me and wiser than me and I’m like what the hell am I doing here with these people. When we were 17 I thought the security guard was like in charge of me so I was like Can we leave the room? No? Oh ok then,” and “when we were in the band, the best way to secure us was just lock us in our rooms. And of course what’s in the room? Minibar. So at a certain point, I thought Well I’m gonna have a party for one and that just seemed to carry on throughout many years of my life... You know I spoke to somebody about this in child development as a teen, the one thing you need is freedom to make choices. That we could do anything we wanted it seemed from the outside but we were always locked in a room at night and then it would be car, hotel room, stage, sing, locked. So it’s like they pulled the dust cloth off, let us out for a minute, but then it’s back underneath again,” and “the day the band ended I was like thank the lord for that. And I know a lot of people are going to be mad with me for saying that, but I needed it to stop. It would kill me.” Anyway, he said, because it wouldn’t be Liam without an upbeat coda, “I don’t want any of this to get lost in translation. I’m not 100% moaning about my life... it’s had its ups and its downs, but I would rather talk about it and it’s therapeutic for me.”
And what about that exciting new song? Liam said, “We have a really cool song in the pipeline... one of the first ones I’ve actually written myself- with some other people, I didn’t write it by myself, but it’s the first one I’ve really liked. And I think I got so used used carting around other peoples songs and not embedding myself creatively in what I do because I was so scared to find out who I was,” and “I don’t really know how I would tour again. I really want to” [on discord today he said he would be touring next year] “I always said throughout my solo career I’d let my song book speak to me. And I don’t think my song book spoke to me to get off my ass. I only became a solo artist because I had Strip That Down. I wasn’t gonna do it, I was gonna leave it alone. I was like, I survived it once thank you very much- but I’m back in now. Because the song, I knew it was right. It felt right with that song, I hadn’t had that. This year, the song we have I feel really really great about. So I’d rather let the music do the talking than me come out and force it. We don’t need any more useless music in the world, it needs to mean something,” and he mentioned the new song on the discord a lot too, most notably picking out a long comment that thanked him for making the fan feel supported and safe and for “putting your heart in everything you do” and for his support of the LGBTQ community to respond to with, “I think you will really like the new song.”
A few other random bits, he said that he thinks there should be a system to make therapy available to musicians in the industry, “I think I’m definitely gonna get a dog because I need routine,” and “I recently started jujitsu,” yeah you and everyone else huh, so do him and Louis and Oli go to the same gym or ???, and he acknowledged that as an addict he may have just transferred that to working out “but there’s a lot worse things to be addicted to then looking after yourself” hmm but he does seem to say that he’s doing better around body image stuff; he talks about having put on weight during lockdown and seeing himself in the BAFTAS performance- “I saw myself... and I was like ‘oh my god I’ve completely let myself go in this’. And it was fine...I feel so much more secure in myself now.” Oh and that he’s written a comedic movie script “based around AA” and his experiences there, such as how “I had a really weird AA experience the first time that I went. My first experience was with Russell Brand.” LMAO yes! Cannot wait, bring on auteur Liam please! Anyway as if ALL THAT wasn’t enough he’s also dove into the lead up to his NFT release; he said “I'm almost ready to share my NFTs with you guys... Who wants to see them?” and posted a tiny preview that tells us its (their?) title for the first time- Lonely Bug.
Niall and Anne Marie perform on Jimmy Fallon tonight, and the hype is already a go! I guess it’s prerecorded, as we’re already seeing pictures from it; they’re singing to each other with the cute car from the video in the background. Niall signed on to a letter to Boris Johnson asking for changes to music streaming revenue rules and signed by 232 artists (including all the artists Johnson recently named as his favorites, haha). Zayn signed on to a Billboard petition to the US senate calling for gun safety laws. The bar Zayn got into the fight in front of posted “Zayn's a regular at Amsterdam Billiards and he is a true gentleman. On Thursday night he was confronted by an inebriated passer-by outside on the street and was called a homophobic slur. We support Zayn & condemn homophobia in the strongest terms!” And also PS omg again because it just isn’t going away: Harry’s beauty company is called Pleased As, his name is Harry Edward Styles so yes when listed last name first, as legal documents do, it spells SHE but it is not a “feminist abbreviation” (WHAT? even??) nor the name of the business.
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millers-planet · 5 months ago
The Vice and the Virtue - Part One
Pairing: Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader (later established as F following more parts)
A/N: i appreciate you guys so much for how quickly you blew up the sneak peak i did. it really motivated me to writing this
POV: Reader
Warnings: Fluff. Use of "Y/N". Angst?
Words: 2.3k
Description: How does one live a life of virtue when past vices begin arising after a successful jailbreak with untied ends?
Tumblr media
It was terrifying as I watched my home be stripped of everything it knew, it was as if with every furniture upturned or removed, a piece of me was taken with it. It was the couch, the tables, the side-tables, the food from the fridge, everything. By this point, it wasn't our home anymore, it was the home. Everything was out of my control, I had no say in what the strangers robbed me of for their 'investigation'.
I was questioned for days about what he did, about why he did it, and if I was an accomplice. Fingers were pointed at me without any real reason behind them. I didn't even know what they were talking about, he simply told me it was a business trip or some family thing-- I don't remember but I wish I did. If I had, I might've been able to save myself the hassle of convincing everyone else that.
Zemo always wanted and always was isolated and by himself. While he had friends, or contacts as he called it, he preferred to be lonesome. By lonesome, that means either in a crowded place with no one with him, or at the house with me. It was something odd to get used to, but I never wanted to trade a day with him for a day with some people who call me their friend, only to turn around and talk bad on me.
Now, I'd trade all my days for just one more with him.
With the sun having just set and the aroma of freshly brewed tea filling the air, it became a good day. Until I saw on the news of a jailbreak that just occurred, several prisoners being injured and one-- a highly dangerous prisoner (as the news described it)--escaping. I saw that it was in Germany and I believed for just a second that it could've been him.
I was fortunate enough just to keep the home, after a few months of it being held hostage from me. With every night I slept here, the more desolate I began to feel, for I can't dare try and show my face to the world. I'm too afraid people will talk and say that I'm "the one who dated the man who destroyed the Avengers". Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but something doesn't feel right if I go out without him or if I just go out in general. It feels as if I've been under house arrest or exiled from the public for years.
It was another simple night, a warm one just cool enough to keep the windows open. I love hearing the sounds of the crickets outside the large bedroom windows accompanied by the occasional whispering the leaves made when wind made them rustle. The moonlight gazed perfectly onto the door, illuminating a path outward if I had to get up at some point; which I usually did because sleeping soundly was no longer an option. Though, I was almost asleep until the large hum of the garage being opened startled me.
Quickly, I turned on the bedroom lights and walked into the large, open main room that had stairs leading to the garage. I flicked on the lights and saw the shadow of a figure grow as it climbed to the top, the breath staying stagnant in my lungs. Should I grab a weapon? Should I find an escape route? All of these life-determining questions crossed my mind until I could comprehend who really was climbing the steps.
His eyes scanned the room, as if he was a child lost in the store looking for their parent, until his eyes finally met mine. All of his concerned features dropped into something softer, something kinder, something I never saw from him before. “Wha- Why are you here?” The ends of my mouth rose into the biggest smile I could possible create, without even realizing it.
“Didn’t I tell you I’d be back?” His strides were wide and swift as he made his way to me, cupping my face into his gentle hands and pressed a kiss to my lips. A kiss I have never felt before, it had a different feeling behind it, a different motive…
…He missed me.
I placed my hand over the one that laid carefully on my face, taking in every bit of him. I forgot how small wrinkles came down from the corners of his eyes, or how his cheeks curved in slightly. I forgot how when his features softened and when he gazed into me, my legs felt weak and butterflies filled my stomach. I forgot how much he loved me.
He pressed the smallest kiss to my forehead and looked back down to me. "I have some people for you to meet. We have guests." I didn't know what he meant until two large men came up the same steps. The small bubble of comfort and renewal was broken when Zemo's attention drifted from me and onto them. Despite those few moments being a few measly seconds, it felt longer than the years past.
The two men grew tense and one of them shouted, "Zemo who the hell is this?" Almost instinctively, as the two strangers approached me, he placed his arm in front of me. "So you're telling me not only are you rich, but you had a girl waiting for you the whole time?"
"You could say that, but I never asked her to wait or stay." He looked to me and the corners of his mouth rose ever-so-slightly. "Y/N, this is Sam Wilson and James Barnes, or Bucky." The metal-armed man raised his flesh hand when his name was called, almost like taking attendance.
I passed out cups of tea and coffee for the three men and sat down on the couch next to Zemo, trying to comprehend what the three of them were telling me. "Then after we realized that neither Sam or I really knew how to handle or hunt the super soldier serum, we decided to contact the one guy who does."
I looked at them clueless for a second, "but didn't Zemo frame you for assassinating a king? And cause the Avengers to break up?" Zemo looked at me and nodded, with a look that essentially said 'really? you had to bring that up?'
"Yes, yes the man did." The other man, Sam, was now talking. "After that, Tin Man over here decided to break Zemo out of jail, which I had no part in. Frankly, I still don't see why we need him." Bucky just stared at Sam from the metal remark. They looked like they were good friends but argued like a couple with marital problems.
The three of them went back and forth about what to do next, throwing out different names and places. I pulled my knees up to my chest and placed my drink down on the chestnut side-table next to me, remembering the way policemen ripped open the table and threw it around, the scuffs on the sides to prove it. The tugs they made on the drawers tugged on me as-well, making me lean my head against Zemo's shoulder. After all this time, he still kept his muscles, but to be fair he also had a lot of time on his hands the past few years.
Suddenly, a yawn escaped my mouth and I tried to stifle it. His attention quickly shifted to me and put the conversation at a pause. "If you would like, we can go to bed," the words made my heart simply explode. It was a simple action that I didn't even notice I missed so much, it had been so long that the idea of sleeping with someone else feels so foreign. Although, it's a humbly welcomed foreign experience.
I nodded quickly and stood up, realizing I should probably be a good host and give the two guests a place to sleep. "If you guys want to follow me, I can show you to your rooms." I led them down the hallway, trying to keep my feet of the floor as much as I could because it felt like ice. I don't remember the last time I was down here, I didn't really have a reason to. Opening two doors, I turned to face them, "here are your rooms. Bathroom is first on the left." Bucky smiled and nodded quietly.
Sam, on the other hand, went and said, "so is there a breakfast in bed option or will we have to go out there to a chef?" Bucky rammed his metal elbow into Sam's stomach and glared at him.
"Thank you, Y/N. And please ignore Birdy over here."
As I began to walk away from them I heard a quiet exchange of cursing. Looking back, the two were pushing each other and fighting to get towards the bathroom. Bucky eventually pushed Sam against the opposite wall, then ran into the bathroom, with a subtle click of the lock. Sam locked eyes with me, nodded his head down and shuffled into his room like a dog with his tail between his legs.
"Those two are quite the duo," I murmured softly as I pushed open the bedroom door. I fully expected to see Zemo passed out from his endeavor from earlier, but it was a welcomed surprise when I saw him and the same look of bliss spread on his face as he sat on the end of the bed, having just changed into a simple t-shirt and sweatpants. Those same quick strides closed the gap between us, but this time he was softer and slower, as if he wanted to make up for lost time.
Starting at the bottom of my earlobe, his fingers traced my jaw, his eyes following them and scanning each and every one of my features. The way he stared and touched me reflected how touch-starved he really was all this time, turns out we were in the same boat but different countries. His gentle hand flowed from my ear, along my jaw, and when it reached my chin, he cusped my cheek. I leaned in nearly automatically into the touch, finally making eye contact when he looked at me.
With a small movement, he pressed a loving kiss to my forehead. "I never thought I'd be able to see you again. Or do that. Or do this," his other hand reached my cheek and brought me in for a kiss on my lips that was full of longing. "Or do this," he nudged my thighs and I jumped into his arms, now truly aware of what I was missing these past few years. Zemo set me down in the bed and got in next to me. "Or do this," he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in gently, holding me as tightly as he could without suffocating me.
Laying on his chest, I took in everything and couldn't imagine how I went so long without him. It felt like night and day. For so long I was living in the dark, completely isolated from the outside world and anything that could possibly hurt me anymore. Once he returned, he turned on the lights, he brought me back into the sunlight. I know he just got home but it feels like everything is back where it's supposed to be, like nothing ever changed. Somehow, with his return, the bed also feels softer.
"Why did you wait?" His sudden question caught me off guard. "I mean, I cannot say how excited I was to see you--but why didn't you move on?" I looked up and saw a confused expression, with his eyebrows furrowed together and lips pressed.
I didn't know how to answer him, how do I express everything I've felt these past years? How do I accurately tell him that after seeing my home destroyed and ransacked, the only thing I could think or do was to picture rebuilding it?
"When you were arrested, men came and took everything. They destroyed the house and didn't leave a single thing unturned. It was months before I could step back into the house and I think almost two years before I could begin the process of restoring it." I could feel his breathing slow down and become deeper, reminding me to pull myself together. "When I could finally put the pieces of the home back together, it didn't feel the same, because you weren't there. I wanted to try and go out but it wasn't right to go into the open world without you.
So, I waited. After watching strangers destroy the things I loved, and the things I had so many memories of, I could only think to fix it all and rebuild it all. But, I couldn't do that without you. I needed you. I need you."
With one movement, he changed our positioning so his face was now over mine, leaning over me. "What did I do to deserve you, meine geliebte," he spoke softly and pressed one final kiss to me and whispered with a smile, "shall we go to sleep now?" I nodded slowly and watched him get up to turn off the lights.
When we were sleeping, or when he was sleeping, all I could think to be was wide awake. Last time, he left suddenly during the day and promised to come home, I didn't know that previous night that he'd be disappearing from me. So, while he was in bed with his arm draped around my waist, holding me close and occasionally moving his arm to pull me closer, I was remembering every single thing.
I savored the way the sheets felt hotter than usual with him being home. I savored the way his breath against the back of my neck made me ticklish. I savored the way he moved his thumb in circles against my skin every few minutes, even when he was asleep. I made sure to remember how his heavy arms made it more difficult to breath. I couldn't bare to forget any of these things, so when he leaves again, I'll remember.
But right now, he's home.
He's back at our home.
part two
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ENHYPEN Mini Series
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‎E N H Y P E N ‎‎ ‎‎as ‎‎ ‎‎Royal Princes‎
pairings: jay park x reader
summary: the most stubborn prince and a perfect daughter who knows nothing but to obey her parents, what will happen if destiny made them meet?
word count: 7.2k
a/n: He was inside my mind for a bit long. I hope you enjoy Jay’s story! I had fun writing this and very excited for this plot. Finally, I wrote this. Have a nice day! (tag-list open)
tag-list: @rubyanne @crjwon @heuningkai-hour @danyxthirstae01 @izneos @dreamykkoo​ @sunoosh1ne​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You look so beautiful, your highness.” your eyes moved from your face up to the servant who’s busy combing your hair. You looked at her through the mirror as you smiled warmly.
“Thank you.” and you were once again silent.
You are now getting ready to meet your supposed to be husband. Yes, since your kingdom happen to have two princesses and no prince, one of you shall go marry somebody from another kingdom and live there.
You’re not the eldest daughter so you have to be married off to someone who’s eldest and have a kingdom to rule. You don’t really care because ever since a child, your opinion doesn’t matter in this palace.
For your family, you’re like a puppet. If your mother says that, you have to do that. If she said you can’t do this, you can never do this. You lived your life basically like a prisoner. Locked inside the castle and only have limited people who can encounter with you.
It is said that your parents is more strict and cautious about you because you’re the youngest. Also, one fortune teller had once told your mother that you’ll be the one who’s gonna be successful. The one who will bring pride and joy to your parents.
Your head slightly snapped over at the side when you heard a light knock at it. Two knocks and it opened, another servant was there from the other side.
“Is the princess ready? The Queen asked for her.” she said as she lay her eyes on you. The other servant did a last comb over your hair as she looked at you through the mirror, smiling.
You did smiled a little as well. Honestly, you don’t want any of these. To be married? You think you’re still too young for it. A lot of things in this world you still want to explore. You often envy those who aren’t royal. Aren’t there lives a lot more easier? Having the freedom to decide for yourself sure sounds interesting.
“Are you ready, your highness?” she asked you softly. You nodded, not really having much of a choice but to go and meet that prince.
Aa you gracefully head out of your room, you happen to encounter your older sister. Her eyes darted over you as a slight smirk got plastered over her face, lifting up her chin a bit, she raised her eyebrow at you.
“I guess you’re meeting your fiancé, sister?” she said almost mocking. You pursed your lips as both of your hands settled at both sides of your elegant dress.
You’re never close to your sister. Having so many things uncommon, you two often don’t get along well. Arguments followed by another arguments. You just can’t stand her opinions and beliefs in life. But since she’s older, respecting her fully became part of you daily life.
The servant behind you stayed quiet, lowering her head. She was also used to this kind of scene. If she’s gonna be asked, she feels bad for you because you’re being picked on by your own sister most of the times. And you’re just too nice to talk back.
Your sister can’t seem to be satisfied by that one sentence because she walked closer to you as her own personal servant was behind her, silent too. She scoffed starring at you with those rude eyes of her.
“I can’t wait for you to get married and move away from this castle... my castle.” she said making sure you heard the word my pretty well.
You gulped and kept your posture and my mind together. Trying all sorts of way to calm yourself down and remind yourself that she’s older and that you need to pay respect to her even if she didn’t do that for you.
“Princess y/n?” your head snaps over at the side as one of the servants suddenly calls you out.
Thankfully, you were saved by her and you can now escape that horrible atmosphere. Before, you used to want to try and be close with your sister but now, you changed your mind. Maybe marrying you off and moving out of this castle is a good thing after-all.
You did a small bow at your sister first before you started walking away from her. Even if you’re already facing back at her, you can still feel her piercing eyes behind you. Trying to shrug it off, you just focused yourself in the more important matter. Your fiancé.
You aren’t really always around a lot of people so interacting with them sure is challenging already for you. Just thinking about meeting him for the first time and getting to know him already makes you nervous. Of course, you’re parents wants you to do your best and to leave a good impression to the prince. They knew you will never disappoint them. And that’s what you hate the most. Can you just disappoint them?
“The princess is here,” the servant announced, maybe to inform them that you have arrived.
With a pursed lips, you tried breathing heavily before you walked inside. Eyes from people at the room darted over you and it automatically got fixed on you. Since you’re not often shown in public, most of their reactions whenever they see you at the first time was priceless. Lips, a bit parted, a prince wearing an elegant suit was starring at you.
You looked at him in the eyes as your parents introduce you to him and to his parents. They were all smiling, especially your parents. Both of their faces have that expression of being proud in showing you off.
“Nice meeting you, princess y/n.” the prince in front of you said as you curtsy for him and he carefully took your hand over his lips.
You smiled, blushing a bit because of his gesture. “The pleasure is mine, your highness.” you kept your smile.
The prince in front of you sure is attractive and you can tell that he is indeed a royal. Both of your eyes starred at each other never leaving them. Your parents starred at you with big smiles, satisfied at how you two keep it up.
“You two look perfect with each other.” your mother compliments as you both faced your parents. You felt him politely placing his hand at your back.
You felt comfortable with him for some reasons and beside, you have no choice but to get used with his presence. You have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of him from now on.
On the other hand, Prince Jay struggled as he carefully makes his steps entering the very quiet palace. He just sneaked out and now, he went back ealier than he usually does because they have a family breakfast early in the morning. He will be caught if he’s found missing in his room.
“You’re early today.” prince Jay almost let out a shriek as somebody suddenly talked from behind.
He shut his eyes, calming his now racing heart. The other person smirked at him, wearing his usual robe. He walked closely then he hand him a glass of water and he looked at him with confusion over his face.
“Why are you up, hyung?” prince Jay asked his brother Heeseung as he decided to chug the water he just handed to him.
“I got thirsty and figured you will be back earlier because of the family breakfast.” he answered as his eyes traveled over the prince’ body like as if he’s examining him.
“You have lipstick stains all over your neck, Jay. Get a grip of yourself.” prince Heeseung huffed a frustrated sigh.
Prince Jay seemed to be not too bothered about it as he walked over to a mirror at the hallway and checked his reflection. He did saw stains and wiped them off naturally like as if it’s something normal.
“Seriously, you need to stop playing around too much. Mother’s gonna introduce your soon to be wife one of these days.” his brother as Jay looked over at him through the mirror. His hand were still over his neck, lightly rubbing it to remove some of the remaining stains.
His mind wandered through somewhere else as he opened that topic up. He knew that the time will come where he will be introduced to a princess and marry her off. He will settle down and rule some kingdom. But for now, he will enjoy his freedom.
Doesn’t really giving it a big deal, he just shrugged what his brother had said. He was often labeled as the most stubborn out of all the seven princes. He didn’t care actually since it was true anyway. He always gets the things he wants and always do things on his way. He feel like his parents also gave up trying to manipulate him because it’s no use after-all. He’s never the type who listen to other people.
“I’ll head to my room now, hyung. Thanks for the water.” he smiled at his brother and entered his room.
As he head towards the bathroom, prince jay’s mind was occupied. The thought of what his brother had said once again entered his head. He can’t imagine settling in. One girl for your whole life sounds boring. He just can’t imagine himself being committed to a single woman. Whoever that is promised to him, I bet they can’t handle him easily.
Tumblr media
The day of meeting a princess promised to him isn’t really that far because just a week after that conversation with his brother, Prince Jay was introduced to a princess.
“I heard you were introduced to a royal, brother?” one afternoon, during one of their private classes together with his two other brothers, Prince Jake had decided to ask his prince Jay about it.
The prince glanced at him and nodded his head, sighing heavily right after. “Is she pretty?” he added.
Prince Jay nod his head as answer. It was true, the princess was indeed pretty. He just doesn’t know why he feel so plainly uninterested.
Prince Jake scoffed and starred at his brother, “Then what seems to be the problem, brother? You like pretty girls.” he stated with a smirk plastered over his face.
Even their other brother---prince Sunghoon was smirking silently as he listens to them. Prince Jay rolled his eyes and looked over his brother.
“I don’t know. She just didn’t look like interesting.” he said. They are pretty close, being a triplets requires to be together a lot so despite having different personalities, they manage to get along pretty well.
Prince jake chuckled as he looked over what he was doing, “Of course it will be like that. What would you expect? Even our parents didn’t felt that spark because of arrange marriage.”
“Our parent’s case is different, Jakey. They’re soulmates.” prince sunghoon interrupted that made both of them look at him.
“Sunghoon’s right, Jake. But do you guys think if I found my soulmate they’ll let marry her?” prince Jay asked so sudden.
Prince Jake and Prince Sunghoon looked at each other before they faced Jay at the same time. “Not every beautiful young maiden is your soulmate, Jay.” they almost said at the same time that made prince Jay wear his poker face. His brothers laughed because of his reaction and he can’t help to be a bit pissed.
“How’s your servant by the way, Sunghoon? I saw her the other day at the hallways, she really is a beauty isn’t she?” prince Jay smirked when he saw how his brother’s expressions changed.
His brother, Sunghoon, is always very protective over his servant. It isn’t new to them and they know how he feels about her. They aren’t against about it, they actually think it was amusing. They’re brother tends to not get along well with other people but with his servant, it’s a different thing.
“Leave her alone, Jay.” prince Sunghoon muttered in a serious voice. It’s now prince Jake and prince Jay turn to laugh.
Soon they’re topic drifted over something else that took away prince Jay’s mind from the princess promised to him.
“A royal ball? Mother, that sounds amazing!” your sister sounds so happy when she heard about a royal ball that will be held at the Belift Kingdom.
You were silent as you enjoy the food in your dining. Your mother eyed your sister with a warm smile. You were used to it. They way she looked at the two of you is different. It isn’t a big deal to you, life’s just that way.
You failed to see how your Mother looked over at your direction while you try and eat your food.
“You can go with your sister, y/n.” your head snapped towards her with a surprised expression. It isn’t always your mother let you go in a ball.
If you look amused, your sister have a complete different reaction. Her smile fell as she looked at you with anger in her eyes. She had always envied you for some reason. You actually find it odd because there’s nothing really to be envy about. Her life was even easier than yours.
“But mother...” and of course she wouldn’t let you go with her.
Trying to shut the excitement you felt moments ago, you just lowered your head as you wait for your mother’s response.
“Prince (name) will be there so it will be just okay for y/n to go.” your Mother said and once again, you’re excited.
Your sister was left silent, only her piercing eyes over you was left. You can’t suppress a smile spreading your face at the thought of going out of the castle. It’s been a while since the last time you left the palace so you’re really excited. You didn't even know what the royal ball was for but anyway, you'll just enjoy it.
The day of the royal ball came and your mother had prepared for you an elegant ball gown. You can’t help your excitement that even the servant that was always with you noticed it. She smiled, actually glad that you look so happy.
“Are you excited for the ball or to see prince (name), your highness?” your eyes drifted from your crown that was being fixed over your head to her eyes. You saw how she’s smiling at you.
“I’m actually excited for both.” you answered. Even if honestly, you're excited to go outside the castle, you just decided to say that you’re looking forward to seeing prince (name) as well.
Your sister and you were silent at the carriage. None of you was talking to each other and it was okay with you. Fidgeting with your fingers because you can’t help the excitement, your eyes looked over outside the carriage.
Hours of traveling was all worth it as your carriage enters and elegant palace. A lot of carriages was already there. Probably some of the royals were already inside, having fun.
Your sister presented the invitation so you two can enter the ball now. Being escorted, your eyes wonders around their castle. You loved how elegant it was and even think that it was more beautiful than your own home. Just imagine living here as a princess, it would feel magical. Too bad the family have seven sons.
“Princess (sister’s name) and princess y/n of (kingdom).” you two were introduced as you enter the hall. Your sister was all smile and you tried to smile as well but it was a bit difficult because a lot of people was starring at your direction. Unlike your sister, you aren’t used to it.
Eyes remains at you as you two tried blending through the crowd. Your sister greeted some of the people she was familiar with. You aren’t familiar at any of them and just stood there silently. Feeling a bit anxious that some eyes were still focused at you, you tried so hard not to make it a big deal.
You can’t believe that you're actually wishing that prince (name) arrived any minute now so you won’t be all alone.
“princess (sister’s name), i’m glad you arrived.” your head snapped over to an elegant woman as she approach closer.
Your eyes grew a bit at the sight of her. You know her since she’s often the talk of the royals because of her beauty. The queen of this palace.
Your sister did her curtsy and you did too to pay respect to the queen herself. Her eyes darted over your direction and a warm smile spreads through her lips as she eyes you in wonder.
“My my, who’s this beautiful princess that is with you?” even her voice sound so elegant.
Your sister tried so hard to suppress her emotions and gulped in front of the queen and smiled. “She is my sister, your highness.” she introduced you to her.
You don’t know but the Queen’s eyes settled at you for a while before your sister decided to interrupt. She started asking about the ball and told the Queen about how great the whole royal ball was.
“Shall we go look for Jay?” the Queen then suggested and you saw how excitement took over your sister’s face.
Maybe that's her fiancé? She met him a month ago, you think? You can still remember how happy she was after meeting him that day. She really might like this prince because of the way she acted.
You just silently followed behind them, tailing them as they talk to each other. You were left no choice but to go with them since you don’t want to be left alone.
Finally, they had stopped and in front of them was a very fine prince. You even had to slightly shake your self off because you were stunned at how handsome he is. This was the first time you ever saw someone looked this charming.
The two was introduced and as you feel eyes on you, you felt a bit conscious so you approached them a bit closer causing the Queen to once again acknowledge your presence. The prince as well happen to look over at your direction, his eyes meeting yours.
Your heart beats like crazy the moment the two of you look at each other. Odd, because that’s not how you react whenever you meet a prince and the moment you met prince (name). It’s different as you met him.
Your eyes never left his and his never left you as well causing a bitter feeling spread over your sister’s chest. Trying so hard to maintain his composure, she manage to pull you two out from your own world and went in between the two of you.
Right at time, prince (name) had arrived and accompanied you. Talking to him, you unconsciously looked over at the direction of your sister and to your surprise, you saw how intense prince Jay was starring at you. He didn’t even flinch a bit when you two met eyes, like he’s not scared that you caught him starring.
You gulped and quickly glanced away. Trying hard to focus yourself to the prince beside you, you felt a bit nervous for some reason. Whenever the piercing eyes of prince Jay enters your mind, you don’t know but you feel like he will cause trouble.
That night, even after the whole royal ball, Prince Jay didn’t leave your mind. You can’t understand yourself because that never happened before. You can’t deny that he really looked handsome but those eyes... it gives you butterflies.
It is the same for prince Jay. He can’t get you out of his mind at all. Even if the whole castle were in a whole mess because his brother--prince heeseung, is missing, all that is inside his mind was you and how he can get you.
Prince Jay turned his head over at the door of his room when somebody entered after two knocks. It was prince jake and he was smiling brightly as he approach him.
“Did they found hyung?” prince Jay asked him. Occupied by the thought of you, he’s still worried for his brother and to the mess he’s currently facing.
Prince Jay knew about the young maiden living at the end of the town that made his brother crazy. He ain’t against it, really. He’s just worried for his brother because since he’s the oldest and the next inheritor of the throne, it was like already given for him to marry a princess.
“Yeah, he’s now talking to mother and father.” prince Jake answered with a bright smile. He furrowed his brows at him and noticed how he’s in a very good mood.
Well, out of all seven of them, Jake is the most bright one. The one who always smile and kind. But today, he seems to be in a very very good mood.
“You like your princess that much?” prince Jay asked him raising his brow at him.
Prince Jake was smiling at his brother. “You don’t understand, Jay. I met the most beautiful girl.” he looked dreamy as he described her.
Prince Jay would probably gagged if it weren’t for you. He did met the most beautiful girl too last night but unlike he’s brother, she isn’t his princess.
Tumblr media
“Why is everyone seems to be busy today?” you asked wondering as you roam your eyes around and noticed how a lot of servants were cleaning the castle.
Your servant then leaned towards you to answer, “The prince from Belift Kingdom said to be visiting today, your highness.” after hearing about it, you can’t help but to feel butterflies rummaged all over your stomach. Just the thought of prince jay already makes you feel nervous! He really does have that effect on you, huh?
You were silent after that and your servant noticed but she remained silent as well not minding it. You continued with your day, following your schedule.
You tried so hard to occupy your mind with something else. After hearing he arrived the castle, your mind kept thinking about him even more. You hated how he occupies your mind. It was irritating especially because you know it's wrong to think about your sister’s prince.
“Y/n,” your head snapped towards the entrance of the library when you heard your Mother called out your name.
You stood up and did a curtsy to greet her. “Mother,” you greeted her politely.
“Have you greeted prince Jay, yet? He arrived moments ago.” she said, eyes piercing at you.
She was always the strict type towards you. Unlike to your sister, she was warm, always smiling and like a normal mother. To you, she’s very strict causing you to be not close to her.
“I still haven’t greeted him, mother.” you said lowering your head. You kind of want to avoid prince Jay. You also don’t know why, but maybe because he makes you feel things that you know won’t end up with good things.
You look how strict your mother looked like when she furrowed her brows at you, “How impolite. Go greet him this instance.” she said and turned gracefully to leave you standing.
You stood there for a bit while before you decided to follow her order. Fidgeting with your fingers, you trailed over the long hallway of your castle. You were informed that he’s here with your sister so you went here.
But you felt like backing out when you find him alone at the room. His eyes darted over your direction and you felt the butterflies over your stomach right away. Blushing as his eyes once again pierced at you.
“How do you do, your highness?” your voice echoed at the vacant room. Shaking a little, you did your curtsy a bit distant from him. Your servant had closed the door and left the two of you.
Prince jay was silent but he took advance towards you. Taken a back, you were about to step back but he gently grabbed your hand and placed a swift kiss at the top of it, eyes starring right at you.
“I’m doing fine, my princess.” even with his piercing eyes, his voice sounded so gentle as he said those to you.
You gulped, feeling nervous. Trying to gently pull away your hands from his hold, you tried so hard not to make it obvious and look rude. But prince Jay didn’t let go of your hand.
“Where were you?” your eyes snapped from his hand that was holding yours up to his eyes.
“At the library.” you answered shortly trying to pull away once again.
You’re starting to feel a bit suffocated. This room is very spacious but why do you feel like it’s too small for you to share it with the prince. You gulped and as you successfully pull away from him, your hand rested over your dress.
Your heart was still beating like crazy even after pulling away from Prince Jay.
“Do you love to read?” he asked curiously and you can’t stare at him straightly. You’re glancing away from time to time then looked at him as you answer to avoid being rude.
“Yes, I do.” one of the things that you love doing is to read. Something you develop while growing up because your Mother wanted you to be smart, instead of playing with dolls like your sister, you grew up holding a book.
Prince Jay smirked as he find you really interesting. He’s not gonna lie, reading bore the hell out of him but just thinking about watching you while you read sounds fun for him.
“Where is my sister?” you tried shifting the topic. Prince Jay leaned over a table as he put his arms over his back, still starring right at you.
“Went out.” he sounded not really interested because he is.
“U-Uh, I should go.” you stuttered as you bowed a little at the prince before you turn your heels to leave the room.
But even before you can reach the door, prince Jay talked once again that made your hand stopped in mid-way.
“I went here for you.” he straightly said. You didn’t expect him to say it but you’re quiet not also surprised about it.
With all the looks you two had been exchanging, deep inside you knew what’s up. It's just you’re the one who’s trying to block or stop whatever that is there.
You shut your eyes tightly before turning again to face him, “This is trouble you’re seeking, your highness. I am promised to somebody else and you are too.” you reminded him.
Prince Jay was silent as he stare at your beautiful eyes. Slowly the corner of his lips lifted as he started walking closer to you, “Do you think I will come here without knowing that, your majesty? It hurts me a bit knowing that you think of me that low.” he mumbled as the gap between the two of you became smaller and smaller.
“You must stop.”
The prince hand extended over at you as his hand carefully caress your face, both of your eyes were looking at each other, once again closed to your very own world.
“Tell me how, y/n... because I’m afraid I won’t stop until I have you for myself.” he said.
You gulped, finally back to your senses. Stepping away from him, you now gave him a look with a firm expression.
“I have to go now, your highness. It is nice seeing you again,” and with a bow, you left him dumbfounded.
Later on, Prince Jay broke into a light smile as he let out a small chuckle while still looking at the door where you went out. He knew this wouldn’t be easy but seeing you now just made him want you more. It’s not the thrill anymore.
Prince Jay went to visit most of the times at your castle causing for you and him to encounter a lot of times. He visited again and again with one intention, and that is to get close to you. But you made it clear to him that you are firm with your decisions.
Prince Jay isn’t a very patient person. He’s used to get whatever he wants right away and seeing you almost in reach but still far away from him frustrates the hell out of his whole existence. He never wanted something more than he wanted you to became his.
And so, as you wait patiently inside your room one day, your head snapped over your balcony because you heard some sound coming from there. Brows furrowing a bit, you started approaching in a slow pace. Eyes grew big as you saw prince Jay climbing out of it.
“Your highness?” you were completely surprised because of him. He smiled cockily at you as he entered your room through the balcony.
Still confused and out of words to say, you just watch as he roam around his eyes at you room. “So this is your room?” he mumbled sounding so amused.
Snapping back to reality you approach him a bit irritated, “What do you think are you doing here?” being formal slipped out from your mind as panic took over you.
There’s big chance of being caught because your servant can enter any time soon announcing you that prince (name) had arrived.
Prince Jay smirked at you and gently tugged your hand to kiss the top of it. “You were avoiding me so I came here to see you.” he said like it was nothing.
“My sister will look for you!” you sound in panic because you are. You can’t even imagine how she’ll react when she knew her prince was inside her sister’s room.
“Then she can look for me. It’s a big castle after-all, I can just say I got lost or something.” he even shrugged his shoulder.
“You can’t always do this.” you sounded tired.
The pressure of your marriage and everything else is just slowly getting unto you. And now, to think that slowly, you’re also wanting Jay for you added fuel to the fire. Your want to obey your parents is now slowly vanishing. You hated how prince Jay can shaken up your good daughter image.
Your eyes grew big as two faint knocks can be heard from outside of your room. Out of panic, you pushed the prince towards your bathroom together with you.
“Your highness?” it was your servant.
You bit your lower lip as you looked back over to prince Jay and he was just there behind, towering over you with his usual smirk.
“Yes?” you tried hard not to sound suspicious in order to avoid being caught.
“Prince (name) had arrived.” she announced. You let out a sigh as your shoulder fell, not really excited to see him.
You failed to notice how prince Jay’s expression changed drastically just by hearing the other prince’s name. He hated him and how he can be with you freely.
“O-Okay. I’ll follow you shortly.” you said and waited until she left the room.
You turn around and faced prince Jay. You sighed heavily before you shut your eyes tightly. After a couple of seconds, you opened them and looked straight to his eyes.
“You need to stop this your highness.” sounding so firm, Prince Jay was a bit dumbfounded and surprised by how you talked to him.
He smirked, trying to mask the pain that subsided him for a while. He took advanced and without any warning, he connected his lips over at yours. As he pull away, you looked at him with worried eyes.
“Look at me straight in the eyes and tell me you don’t want me. If you convince me, I’ll stop.” he was serious as well.
Heart aching so hard you know what’s the right thing to do. After letting out a heavy sigh, you starred right to his eyes and tell him the most unsincere words that you ever said in your whole life.
“I don’t want you.”
He let out a small scoff before he pull away and his eyes became dull and blank. “Alright, have fun with your prince.” he moved away and opened the door of your bathroom.
“You too, with my sister.”
He looked straight to your eyes, the familiar warmth wasn’t there anymore and you find it odd looking at his eyes. It was almost like it's not him.
“Oh I will. Watch closely, princess.” he said with a smirk then left.
Tumblr media
You had never regretted anything in your life this way. To see him smiling sweetly towards your sister hurts so bad. You’re out of words as you starred down at the garden where the two were having their small picnic that prince Jay said to prepared.
You never envy your sister but today you must say, you wanted what she have. You wanted prince Jay so bad. Your heart ache as the memory of that day flashes back through your mind.
“Y/n?” your head snapped over to the prince beside you. He was worried as he looked over at you, smiling a little you tried assuring him that you’re just fine.
“You were saying?” trying to shrug off the thought of Prince Jay out of your mind, you tried focusing towards prince (name) instead.
“I was just asking if you want to visit my palace next day?” he smiled warmly at you.
He’s very charming, you can say. He’s handsome, gentlemen, nice and from a royal family. Perfect for you, as your mother always describes him. But why can’t you find the urge of liking him? He’s indeed a perfect prince for you but how come you still want the one who isn’t for you.
“Sure, prince (name).” you answered that put a smile over his face.
After he bid good-bye, you were escorted back towards your room and happened to encounter with your sister and prince Jay.
They were laughing together and you kept your head low to avoid seeing him. It was painful enough to see him from afar and to think that you’ll see him up-close, hurts even more.
“Aren’t you greeting us, y/n? How impolite of you.” out of all days, your sister chose to mess with you today.
After letting out a small sigh, you raised your head and did a curtsy in front of the two royals in front of you. Trying to get rid of the sudden lump over your throat when you met eyes with him, you gulped.
“Good afternoon,” you greeted. Your sister didn’t said anything else anymore as she started walking away from you.
Prince Jay stares remain and you as well. You don't know but seeing his blank eyes stare at you hurts so much that it made you teary. You quickly wipe them off and started walking away.
As you arrived inside your room, you dismissed your servant and told her that you wanted to be alone. She followed your order and left silently a bit worried.
You don’t know for how long but you’re just starring over at the ceiling of your room. You were snapped over to reality when a sound suddenly invaded your silent room.
Head turning at the direction of your balcony, your heart thump at the familiar scene. Hoping a bit, you stood up and approached it closer.
Your eyes watered once again as prince Jay appeared in front of you. “Y-Your highness...” was the only thing you can mutter out of your mouth.
His brows were furrowed hardly as he approached you at a fast pace. Left stunned, you were unable to back away. His hands were already cupping your face, “If you don’t want me, why do you have that kind of look over your eyes? Why do it seem like you want me as well, y/n?” his voice was soft and sounding a bit desperate.
You gulped then started letting out small cries. Right there, you knew for yourself you couldn’t let go of him anymore. You are in love of him to the point you are willing to disobey your parents and ruin your perfect daughter image.
You raised both of your hands and held unto his hands that were cupping your face, “Because I do. I do want you, your highness.” you confessed.
He was dumbfounded as he starred right at your crying state. He doesn’t know what to react at the moment. He isn’t expecting this actually. He already lose hope when you told him you don’t want him. He was frustrated and hurt but still tried to do his duty. He thought to himself that if you don’t want him, he’ll just settle with your sister. You kind of look the same but who is he fooling? The moment he set eyes on you, his world started shaking once again. To see a small hope of you feeling the same way as him, made him go crazy of you once again. Just like that, he’s now here in front of you.
“Y-You do?” he cannot believe it.
You nodded continuously, “But I’m afraid... I’m very afraid, Jay.” you said as you shake a bit. Just by thinking what your family gonna say and how will they react, frightened you.
Prince Jay’s joy took over his whole system. He doesn’t care anymore. He’s not afraid of what other people’s gonna say and he’s willing to face whatever it is just to have you.
“It's okay, I will fight for you. I will fight for us.” your eyes looked over at him.
“What if they hated you?”
Prince Jay let out a small chuckle as he dropped a kiss over at your forehead, “Bold of you to think that I care about other people. I only care about you, my princess.”
He then slowly leaned towards you and kissed you passionately. You shut your eyes and enjoyed the small intimate moment. You’re still afraid but being wrapped around his embrace made you feel safe.
“What are we gonna do now?” you asked, worried.
“Just hold unto me, okay? I’ll do the rest.” he said and even before you can process it, he’s now starting pulling you towards somewhere.
Heart beating so fast, you can’t process anything through your mind. All you can think is that you want to be with him no matter what. Eyes from the servants followed you as Prince Jay held unto your hands so tight.
“What’s the meaning of this, y/n?” the anger in your mother’s eyes was very visible as you entered the room where they were.
Together with her was your father and your sister. Both of them were also confused as to what was happening. Your sister’s eyes darted over at your intertwined hands with Prince Jay and she got it right away.
“I am going to marry, princess y/n.” Prince Jay said bravely. The queen and king eyed him with disappointment in their eyes. Your sister started to cry now, her eyes darkly darted over at you.
“That is impossible, prince Jay. You are to marry my daughter, (sister’s name).”
Your mother took advance and pulled you away from him while Prince Jay was held by some of the royal guards. To your mother’s surprise you pulled away from her.
“I’m sorry mother, but I love prince Jay.” you said while eyes started pooling of tears.
“You ungrateful--” she didn’t even finish her sentence when suddenly your sister hovered over you and started slapping and scratching you all over.
Prince Jay got mad and manage to free himself to get you away from them. He put you behind him as he eyed your family with madness.
“Who told you that you can lay hands on her?” he was scary as he stare at them with blank eyes.
Instead of talking to him, your mother’s eyes settled on you. Trying to regain her composure, “We will disown you if you leave with him.” she sounded a bit confident. She thought that all that matters to you was your crown and this palace.
They were clueless that all you were seeking was freedom and sincere love. You already found sincere love with Jay and now you’re gonna get your freedom with him.
You gulped and slowly took off your crown above your head as you watch how horror took over your mother’s face.
“Good-bye, Mother.”
Tumblr media
“Are you okay?” prince Jay’s gentle voice ringed over your ears as he carefully cares your cheeks.
You’re now riding his carriage on your way to their kingdom. You’re still caught up with what just happened and you’re nervous to meet his parents once again.
“I’m okay, just nervous to meet the queen.” you said.
“Nah, my mother is nice.” he assured you and you do indeed remember her to be nice and elegant. But you doubt if she will still be the same if she knew her son was back together with you.
As the carriage stop, your heart thump louder and louder. Prince Jay guided you inside, servants eyed you in confusion. Probably because you look like a mess.
“Prince Jay is back, your majesty.” one of the servants announced as you were guided inside a room.
There you found both of his parents standing, waiting as their son approach them. His mother’s eyes soon darted you.
“Y/n?” her voice was filled with worry and confusion as she approach towards you.
“I took her with me, mother. I wanted to marry her, not (sister’s name).” you looked at Jay in disbelief, a bit amused how he can easily blurted that out to his mother.
She looked amused and you started feeling nervous when she started looking serious. Silence filled the whole room until she called out one of the servants.
“Can you take princess y/n and dress her with a new dress then clean up her wounds?” she said seriously.
You’re afraid that she’s send you back so you eyed Prince Jay but he just gave you an assuring smile. Trusting him, you smiled a little and followed the servant that the Queen had ordered.
Prince Jay’s eyes remained at you as you exit the room.
“What is happening, mother?” his eyes soon darted over to prince Heeseung who just entered the room.
“Your brother took a princess here. A promised princess to be precise.” the queen sounded frustrated because of what’s happening right now.
First, her first born refused to marry a royal and now, her second born took home a princess promised to another prince.
Prince Heeseung looked over his brother and Prince Jay just shrugged his shoulders off at him.
“I love her, Mother.” Jay said convincing his mother.
She sighed, “Son, I know that you want thrill in your life but this is different. Love is a strong term.”
He clenched his jaw as he starred straight to his mother’s eyes, “I know very well what love means, mother that’s why I used it.” prince jay said.
His parents never seen prince Jay this serious. They’re actually amused seeing him this determined on getting something.
His mother sighed heavily before she called out someone. “Please prepare some food and tell all the prince that we will have family dinner later tonight.”
“Let’s talk again later, Jay. You can rest for now.” his mother dismissed him.
Prince Jay left the room and quickly went to see you. You just finished and saw him entering the room you were in. He smiled warmly at you and you did as well.
“Did she get mad?” you asked really worried. You realized that you two had caused so much trouble but you don’t plan to back out.
Prince Jay shake his head softly as he carefully cup your face then starred at you lovingly. His brows furrowed a bit as his jaw clenched because of some bruises over your face.
“I'm sorry I couldn’t stop her from hurting you.” prince Jay mumbled at you sounding so disappointed over himself. You chuckled as he leaned closer and kissed you over your lips. It was short yet sweet and his nose nuzzle over your cheeks.
“It isn’t your fault.” you assured him and he moved back a little so he can stare fully over your eyes.
“I will be just here for you, no matter what.” he said sincerely and he showers your face feather like kisses.
The night came and you were called to join the dinner with their whole family. Feeling really intimidated because some of prince jay’s brother’s were clueless what you’re doing at their palace and why are you with Jay.
The dinner started and for some reason, they were quiet. You noticed a girl beside the eldest son and she isn’t wearing any crown. As your eyes met, she smiled softly and you exchanged smiles with her as well.
Your head snapped over to the Queen when she decided to break the silence. “So tomorrow morning, we will go to their castle and correct the mistake you two had done.” she said that made your heart sank.
“Mother..” Prince Jay quickly said to interrupt her but she raised her hand at him, stopping him. The prince pursed his lips and clenched his jaw, hand extended to held yours.
“We will ask for her hand in a proper way, Jay. It’s not right for you to just take her away from their kingdom.” she said. Relief took over you, for a moment, you thought she was going to give you back to your parents.
“And if they still refused?” prince Jay asked.
His mother’s eyes soon was darted to you now, “If they still refuse, are you willing to leave your kingdom and stay here with jay, y/n?” she asked you.
You gulped and looked over Jay before smiling at the queen, “yes, your highness.” 
She then flashed a happy smile, “Great then, welcome to the family. Let’s have a toast for them everyone.” she said and raised her glass.
They cheered and raised their glass for Jay and you. You chuckled as Jay leaned over you to kiss you at your temple.
“I love you, prince Jay. Thank you for fighting for me.” you said sincerely.
He smiled at you, “I love you more y/n and you are always worth it.”
Tumblr media
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royal prince teaser
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makeste · 8 months ago
BnHA Chapter 298: The Angstermath
Previously on BnHA: AFO was all, “you know what’s better than having one all-powerful, nigh-invincible body? Having TWO all-powerful, nigh-invincible bodies, even if one of those bodies has a face that looks like a ripe avocado.” And so he coordinated this whole big prison break operation while the heroes were all too busy licking their wounds to stop him, and on the way he decided it was also a good time to stock up on some new minions since he is currently running low. And so he also busted out Muscular, Moonfish, Overhaul, and a new Lady Villain whom we know nothing about except that fandom has collectively decided to make her our new favorite character. The chapter ended with AFO trying to narrate the story out loud because this guy really thinks that he is actually the main character. Oh, AFO.
Today on BnHA: “But enough about Villains, we know that what all of you REALLY want is just to see the kids” -- dude?! Yes?! Holy shit, wait, you mean you could have just done that all along? So why on earth was this option just being tabled until -- you know what, okay fine, whatever. So we cut away from the villains (after establishing that they are, in fact, winning by every conceivable metric here) and over to Some Hospital Somewhere, where all of our favorite U.A. kids (and senseis) are doing things like Waking Up, and Being Worried And Sad. It’s all very angstiful and good, by which I mean very bad, but in such a way that I enjoyed the shit out of it. Anyway but the two major highlights are Shouto deciding he needs to be the one to deal with Touya, and Kacchan deciding he needs to leap out of bed moments after waking up in order to rush to the unconscious Deku’s side. This chapter really did have everything you guys.
what is this?? a flashback to Skeptic whining to the LoV about everything the Liberation Army has done for them??
Tumblr media
I mean, that’s exactly what it is, I guess. but why is more the question here, lol
also, (1) r.i.p. Twice, and (2) Horikoshi, really?? is there going to be a flashback of Midnight next?? trying to rub in that pain over here or what
oh my god. can it be that we’re having a flashback to possibly the thing I’m least interested in out of all of the possible flashbacks in the entire universe
Tumblr media
welp. fans of Re-Destro, now is your time. I genuinely hope you’re enjoying this, lol (because that way at least someone is). preemptive apologies for all of my forthcoming bitching
god. wtf is he rambling on about. ADHD DISINTERESTED MODE ENGAGED. I feel like a video game fighter pilot swooping in and getting the target in my sights and mashing away at the “fire” button hoping that I can get its health bar down to zero in a single pass, but it doesn’t work, and now I’ve flown on past it and so I have to turn ALL THE WAY AROUND and swoop back down at it again to finish it off. that is what it was like reading this page for me. I read it and it was like “blah blah blah two faces, hero commission, joint venture...” and then it was over and I was like “not a word of that made any sense to me.” and so now it’s like, SIGH, I HAVE TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY BACK UP AND READ IT AGAIN?? MORE SLOWLY?? who even has got the time for that??
okay fine, so in plain English he’s basically saying that he tried to keep his identity as a commander in a Villain Terrorist Organization a secret from the HPSC. sjdfkjkl. you don’t say. what a bold and shocking strategy that we really needed you to explain to us lmao
(ETA: okay but one thing I missed here was that when he says he made his two faces into “two separate people”, he meant literally, thanks to the help of clones.)
Tumblr media
lmaooooookjlkjlk haha okay. well, there goes basically every fandom conspiracy theory about the HPSC ever. unless somebody had “RD’s clone just says Fuck It and goes and murders HPSC Lady and bloodies up Tired Mera, and that’s the end of it right there” on their prediction list
Tumblr media
you guys. omg, you guys. so does that mean we’re done with the prison breakout already?? DOES THIS MEAN WE’RE FINALLY GETTING TO OUR MUCH-ANTICIPATED AFTERMATH. OUR LONG-AWAITED ANGST. OUR ANGSTERMATH???
-- son of a
Tumblr media
IT’S JUST SOME OTHER PRISON NOBODY CARES ABOUT LOL. so what, are you just hitting up all of the prisons, then?? what about the villains who were taken captive during the battle earlier in the day? does this mean some of them were broken out later that same evening? the LoV under AFO’s leadership is pretty efficient, I gotta say
hey Kacchan they named a prison after you
Tumblr media
and it’s not like I can figure out what this is named after, in any case. it’s not a Star Wars name that I recognize. anyway but is that important? no. so why am I still talking about it? good question
oh my god is AFO mind-controlling this random guy to fly a helicopter
Tumblr media
look me in the eye and tell me this man couldn’t have escaped prison any fucking time he wanted. him and his games
and now we’re cutting back to TomurAFO who has reunited with the rest of the gang!
Tumblr media
and Horikoshi has remembered that Skeptic exists, and that Dabi’s hair is white now lmao. man is probably counting down the days until volume 30 comes out so he can pretend like that never happened
Tumblr media
so AFO is all “not to worry, I have the utmost respect for Tomura’s wishes,” which you’ll note is NOT actually a promise to return the body back to him. so I’m just saying, Spinner. maybe worry just a little
Tumblr media
“our desires”?? does Tomura even have a single desire of his own that hasn’t been Inceptioned into him by you since he was a young child? man, get bent, AFO. I can’t fucking wait until you get yours. hopefully Spinner will be right there by Tomura’s side when it happens. the power of friendship and all that. it’s one of the biggest advantages Tomura still has left over AFO, and as usual AFO underestimates it. good luck with that
Tumblr media
Horikoshi did you draw this panel specifically for me?? did you know that “Kacchan waking up dazed in a hospital bed in preparation for some angst” is my favorite genre of all time?? oh my god. but please, don’t mind me, go on and continue this scene so I can compare it to all of the fanfics I’ve written in my head
hot damn that’s a big hospital room
Tumblr media
one has to imagine that pain kicked in as soon as he began trying to sit up. and yet he stubbornly finished sitting all the way up anyway. and then immediately took off the oxygen mask. that’s my child everyone. Lord Master King God Explosion Dynamight IV
Tumblr media
AH YES. KACCHAN’S BEST FRIENDS. SERO, BAKING BOY, CANCELLED BOY, AND U.A. TRAITOR. I assume the rest of the class is spread out amongst the various other wounded, though. glad Sero was here to stop Hagakure from murdering my son in his sleep
wow is this still Mineta talking?? I’m kind of shocked by how worried he seems to have been
Tumblr media
of course it could be any of them talking though. but still, even the “ah! you’re awake!” was pretty emotional. I admit, I do like Mineta when he’s not being the Perverted Caricature version of his character that Horikoshi for whatever reason always eventually insists upon. who knows, maybe all of the trauma from the recent arc will finally convince him to turn over a new leaf. one can always hope
Tumblr media
no!! what the hell!!! don’t make those faces!!!
Tumblr media
HE’S GOING TO THINK THEY ALL DIED YOU CHUCKLEFUCKS!! oh my god, and he doesn’t even know about Midnight yet either. oh my god. and how Endeavor was forced to retire and move to a remote village in Greenland. and how Aizawa is now a pirate, and Deku now has little green pipe cleaners for arms
Tumblr media
this little old man just REFUSES TO DIE lmao. IS THE GRIM REAPER AFRAID OF YOU OR WHAT. oh my god Tomura, you fucking suck at killing people bro
is this doctor really one of the koopa troopas from Super Mario Bros
Tumblr media
that’s some bold copyright infringement there
Tumblr media
“thanks to Rock Lock” four words I never expected to hear after that last arc! my man out here frantically trying to take credit for something. anything. and they just let him. they’re so nice
Tumblr media
(ETA: also there’s no getting around the fact that Mic is just straight up hot here, is there? even with him looking like he’s about to cry. holy shit. anyways.)
IS THIS TODOROKI?? this kid is more bandage than boy right now omg
Tumblr media
Horikoshi trying to mix things up putting Mina and Kirishima in Shouto’s room while Kacchan deals with his new best friend Mineta lol. some next level trolling at work here
(ETA: actually in all seriousness I think this makes a lot of sense. because you can see how freshly traumatized they are still, looking like they haven’t gotten any sleep at all in the past two days, and randomly bursting into tears. I think they really needed to feel like they were doing something useful, as opposed to sitting around feeling helpless. and Shouto is the one who’s already awake, and who really, really needs friends by his side right about now, as opposed to Kacchan who was stable but dead to the world until just a few minutes ago. so yeah, I think the emotional logic holds up.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“what’s wrong?? isn’t this what you wanted?? you asked for sad, traumatized kids, I gave you sad traumatized kids!!” okay listen up Horikoshi you guilt-tripping bastard, what I need you to understand, even as I am typing this through my tears, is that YES IT REALLY IS WHAT I WANTED!! I DON’T REGRET IT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. I’M LOVING THIS, OKAY. IT’S A LITTLE ANGST, AS A TREAT. I’M ALLOWED TO HAVE THESE TWO COMPLETELY CONTRADICTORY EMOTIONS OF WANTING TO SCOOP THEM UP AND HUG THEM AND SPIRIT THEM AWAY TO SAFETY, AND ALSO WANTING THE ANGST TO GO ON AND ON FOREVER WHILE I FUCKING BASK IN IT. just let me have my fucking hurt/comfort chapter that I waited an entire fucking arc for. let me savor it
Tumblr media
I swear I don’t actually feed on these fictional children’s tears, all right?? THAT THIS IS MY FAVORITE CHAPTER SINCE 285 IS PURELY A COINCIDENCE, MY HAND TO GOD. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY
ah fuck it really is the media
Tumblr media
this fucking giraffe man though. new favorite quirk alert. and he’s got a baseball cap. gotta keep that sun out of your eyes you know?
“everyone would like to know his relationship to Dabi” uh I’m sorry, did Dabi’s nationally telecast interview with Oprah not make that abundantly clear. man had the fucking DNA test results. for fuck’s sake. ~~eVeRyOnE wOuLd LiKe To KnOw~~ fuck off lmao
Tumblr media
so after that whole dramatic encounter with the brother he long thought dead, Shouto’s thoughts are consumed not by Touya, but by his father. that’s definitely interesting. man I can’t even begin to unravel my tangled web of thoughts about all of this lol, I’ll just wait for everyone else’s analyses
oh okay lol maybe not 100% consumed with JUST dear old dad
Tumblr media
“he’s me.” well, now. thank you for summing it up so succinctly, kid. so basically for you it was like seeing a version of you that could have been, huh. seeing someone else consumed by that same hate that was eating you up too before Deku came along
Tumblr media
lmao just to clarify, that was not a “shocked” gasp, but moreso an “excited” gasp. PROMISES OF MORE ANGST TO COME. EVERYONE’S GOT SOMEONE THEY’RE TRYING TO REDEEM NOW, HUH. THAT’S GOOD SHIT
Tumblr media
(ETA: holy shit I completely missed the shadow person standing behind Fuyumi. is that Rei??? klkjllk you know what, I couldn’t have handled that emotion just then, I’m almost glad we cut away sob.)
TODOFAM REUNION AHHHHH. but how is it this seems to be the first time they’re arriving at the hospital and it’s already been two days. were they not allowing family members in earlier?? Kacchan’s parents weren’t there either you know. don’t think I didn’t notice. we better see them soon, and also Inko. ASSUMING WE EVER CUT TO DEKU LOL but I assume that’s gonna be the cliffhanger at the end
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All Might is fucking CLINGING to that bandaged hand I fucking can’t ffff. I can handle all of the angsts except Sad Might angst you guys
but seriously though so is Recovery Girl like. stuck in traffic, or. like, I get that right now there are literally ALL THE CASUALTIES, and that’s probably keeping her pretty busy. but you would think these kids would still get priority healing on account of how THEY MIGHT LITERALLY BE THE WORLD’S ONLY HOPE?? like, do you see any other hopes around here?? no?? NEITHER DO I
what are the odds that Deku is off somewhere on another of his OFA Spirt World Escapades right now. getting some of that Avatar-style mentorship. maybe next chapter the fourth can show up and get us started with that whole plotline
very considerate of Deku to (presumably) wait until Kacchan woke up and ran to his room to finally wake up himself. very considerate and polite and extremely, extremely gay. JUST RIVAL THINGS
you guys. I can’t. and this just in, breaking news from our sources, apparently it’s going to be another seven?! days until we get the next chapter?? like are you kidding me?? you guys
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a-dorin · 9 months ago
pairing: din djarin x reader 
word count: 1.402k
warnings: angst, cursing, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers for chapter fifteen (u have been warned !!!) a lil bit of crying, some yelling, slight canon divergence from chapter fifteen 
a/n: hey y’all. i don’t really have much to say about this one other than to avoid it because it contains spoilers from chapter fifteen. this is a very self-indulgent blurb/fic too ahah. i hope you guys like it! :’))
Tumblr media
“you know,” an elbow gently digs into your rib-cage, “he’s quite the looker. you got yourself a good one.”
you pause, nearly tripping over your own two feet, “what are you talking about?”
migs mayfield arches a brow, “oh shit. i -- uh, uhm.”
“you were the one who retrieved the coordinates, right?” 
mayfield hesitates, bringing a hand to the back of his neck, “yeah, yeah. i was the one who retrieved the coordinates. your uh -- lover boy was the one who stood guard.”
your gaze darts over to the mandalorian only a few steps ahead, the beskar gleaming as rays of light filtered in through the leaves, “mayfield, is there something you’re not telling me?”
a twig snaps under his foot, causing him to stiffen, “no, no. the mission was a success. we managed to get what we needed, then we got out.”
“right,” you affirm, “was there a reason why you complimented di-- mando, then?”
“oh you know,” mayfield shrugs, “you know what they say. there’s always beauty beneath the helmet. he probably has some luscious locks of golden--”
“no one fucking says that,” you snort, readjusting the blaster situated in your belt, “listen, if there’s something you’re not telling me, i won’t hesitate to tell them to take your ass right back to garbage planet.”
“garbage planet,” mayfield scoffs, “yeah, i’m jumping for joy to return to that shit show.”
clenching your jaw, you can’t help but notice din as he strides towards the two of you, fennec and cara in tow. fennec is quiet, lips etched together in a solemn frown while cara carries a smug smirk on her face. almost as if she was about to deal out a brutal blow to the prisoner now turned comrade. 
boba fett’s ship was stationed nearly a few hundred feet away, hatch opened, ready for the next step of the plan. as much as you wanted to focus on retrieving grogu, as much as you needed to maintain a level-head, you couldn’t. 
there was something about the way mayfield seemed so sincere only minutes ago that had your mind reeling, anxiety, confusion, and hurt bubbling up. 
did din really break his own creed? 
fennec shoulders past the huddle, sharing a brief moment of eye contact with you. her brow furrowed with concern, but she kept moving, sauntering over to the ship. 
“i wanted to thank you for your help,” din’s tone is nearly monotone, yet, you can sense an inflection of gratitude. 
“it wasn’t a problem,” mayfield dips his head. 
“i never realized that you were such a good shot,” cara chuckles.
“oh, you saw that?” mayfield’s eyes widen, lips curling into a cheeky grin, “what happened back there was from a lot of pent up stuff. besides, don’t you have to arrest me or something? you guys got a kid to save.”
“not any kid,” cara cuts in, motioning her head towards din, “his kid.”
“well no shit officer,” mayfield rolls his eyes, droning on, “good luck, and i mean that.”
“you know,” cara swivels on her heel, folding her arms across her chest, “it’s a real shame that the prisoner died in that explosion.”
in an instant, you notice the way mayfield’s entire demeanor shifts. his lips part, the smile broadening, “w-what? what are you talking about?”
“yeah,” din adds, placing a hand on mayfield’s shoulder, “what a shame.”
mayfield gives the three of you once last look of gratitude, cara clearing her throat, “so, what’s our next move?”
din exhales, “we move forward.”
within minutes, boba is punching in coordinates to your next destination. however, something about the aura that filled the air told you that you were not traveling for grogu quite yet. the air was still, almost stagnant, nowhere near the static, adrenaline-inducing battle preparation you were used to. the tiny ship was quiet, the hum of the engine white noise in your ears. 
it feel as if there were just a few more loose ends to tie up. a few more pit-stops. 
the quiet before the storm. 
din was in close proximity, one hand on your thigh, the other resting on his helmet. fennec sat in the cockpit with boba, filling him in on the run-in while cara joined them, providing you and din with a little bit of privacy. 
which, you already knew what happened. there was almost nothing to say. 
“you’re quiet.”
his voice, so calm and cool, brings you to reality, away from the thoughts tormenting your mind. 
“it’s been a long day,” the words were nearly silent, barely a mumble. 
din coughs, hand squeezing your thigh, “you don’t have to lie to me.”
“mayfield said something,” it takes everything in you to keep your eyes off him, to keep staring at the metallic floor, “it just rubbed me the wrong way.”
“what did he say?”
you bite your lip, formulating some sort of way to say it. to say what you want to say without sounding selfish. 
“um,” you inhale sharply, “he said you were good-looking. and that i was lucky to have a man like you.”
you stiffen as din chuckles. yet, it’s strained, almost forced, “did you believe it?”
“i don’t think he’s a liar.”
“he’s a--”
“was there a mishap back there? did something happen that no one else is supposed to be aware of?” 
tears brim your lids, shame burning through you. maker, were you so selfish for this. for accusing din of abandoning a creed he’d known his whole life. the hand slides off your thigh, settling on his own lap. 
silence overcomes the space, eerie and unforgiving.
there’s a clink of beskar as din leans his head back, his posture so painfully still. 
“there was a mishap. things weren’t going as planned. i had to--”
“you don’t have to continue,” you shake your head, “i knew it the moment mayfield let it slip. i can’t imagine how awful that was.”
“i’m surprised you’re taking it so well,” his voice is hushed, “you’ve been begging me for months to see one glimpse of my face. just one. yet, it was a necessary cause. it was so that they could get a scan of my face, for the coordinates.”
“so the imperials know what you look like too?” a single tear rolls down your cheek, splattering on the fabric of your trousers. 
“i’m not sure about that one.” 
“i see,” you whisper, shifting away from din. 
“hey,” his hand hovers above your knee, “you can tell me how frustrated you are about this. i know it’s a sensitive subject between us. if anything, i wish it was you in there with me. but it was just the cards we were dealt, okay? there was nothing i could do.”
lifting your head, eyes connect with the inky black visor, “were you scared?”
there was something about his voice, how it seemed so broken and vulnerable. this was a man donned in one of the most resilient, most strong material of the galaxy, who was stripped away of his familiarity, a simple, three-word creed that had shaped his entire existence. 
your heart shatters at the mere thought of how utterly terrified din must had been, how he flinched when the imperials spoke to him. how his eyes probably darted between mayfield and the nearest exit, desperate and guilty.
a way out. a way of the gut-wrenching feeling that was threatening to consume him whole. 
yet, din sacrificed those mere minutes of vulnerability in order to save his child. grogu, the tiny creature who he had grown an immense attachment to. 
and maker, how you loved din immensely for making that sacrifice. 
leaning forward you press your forward, nearly flinching at the cool sensation, “i’m sorry.”
a hand cups the back of your skull, “you don’t have to be sorry.”
“i just can’t even imagine how surreal it all felt to show your face in front of--”
“it’s over now,” he murmurs, “it was nothing compared to the fear that consumed me when i left you with grogu at those rocks. i thought they took you too. i was petrified, cyar’ika, absolutely petrified.”
“they still have him, ya know,” your lashes flutter as you let out a shaky breath, “we still have a long road ahead of us, din.”
“i know, and as long as i have you by my side, i know i can do anything.”
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dreamsclock · 5 months ago
Imagine Daisy starts unlocking admin powers and George is just like "...okay just don't do that where people can see you"
decided to make this one a little more Angsty TM because we can’t have nice things, and this is ALSO very relevant to the plot line !!! pog !!!
warnings: death, mentions of pandora’s vault / the prison arc, fear, repression
Daisy Lore is not a normal child.
When are any of the Lore children ever normal? When does anyone ever expect normal from a child with the last name Lore? Everyone knows a Lore child is destined for something — be it greatness, be it fame, be it adventure or glory or prosperity. All Lores have a destiny.
George had been destined for heartbreak. He tries his very best to ensure Daisy is destined for something better.
And it’s hard, considering her beginnings. She’s his child, but she’s also his — she’s his so much that it hurts sometimes, that he can’t breathe when he hears her laugh, that’s so Dream he has to pinch himself to ensure he’s not dreaming, that he hates to see her so filled with restless energy like him, that he feels a knife twist in his gut when she looks at him with her eyes, her green eyes, his green eyes, because it’s easy to forget, because she brings Dream rushing back to him like George isn’t trying to move on from him.
And then he finds Daisy hovering in mid air, rather perplexed, but more at peace than he has ever seen her, and he realises in horror what this means.
All Lores are destined for something. George had been destined for heartbreak. Daisy seems destined to follow in Dream’s footsteps — at least, that’s what it will seem like to the rest of the server if they ever see her tapping into her admin powers. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and admin control is nothing short of absolute power.
“You can’t ever do that in front of anyone,” George tells his daughter urgently that day, firmer than he’s ever been in his entire life, “promise me.”
Daisy stares up at him balefully. “Why?” She asks. “It’s only playing.”
“I know that.” George closes his eyes, remembers the stories he’s heard about Dream in the finale of the disc war. Remembers the rumours that spiralled, turning him from deranged and desperate to cruel and deranged and dangerous, an admin tapping into his powers to destroy Tommy and Tubbo, remembers how wary everyone already is of Daisy and of her obsession with the Monster. “I know that, but others don’t. People are scared of power, Daisy. It makes them do.... bad things.”
He crouched to her level, solemn.
“Promise me you won’t use your powers again,” he tells her, “unless the world instructs you to.”
Daisy fidgets, looking defeated. “I promise,” she sighs, “but that’s not fair.”
Life isn’t fair, the breeze whispers as it blows by them, and in George’s mind, it almost sounds like Dream, and neither are people.
And Daisy keeps her abilities under lock and key. George has a sneaking suspicion she uses them for people’s birthdays — “that’s an awful lot of gold, where did you get that much of it?” He asks on Michael’s birthday, and Daisy only grins at him — but for the most part, it’s harmless. She’s harmless. She shows no signs of corruption, no indications that she’s going to turn into Dream; George even lets her play with Quackity without him there when she gets older (it’s not that he doesn’t trust Quackity, he does, but Quackity had never quite recovered from Dream’s death, and George doesn’t think he’d hesitate before locking Daisy in a miniature Pandora’s Vault if he ever thought she was going to turn out like Dream— or maybe he would, George doesn’t know). Daisy keeps a tight grip on her powers, and George is glad.
He’s less glad when she gets sick easier; when the world seems drier, weaker; when the universe stares back at him in disgust for what he’s doing to its precious admin. How can you suppress part of her like this? It screams silently, trapped behind her cheerful green eyes. How can you do this to her? It’s not fair!
George swallows, looks away. Life isn’t fair, he wants to say childishly, because it’s true, and neither are people.
And not for the first time, watching as Daisy skips out of the house and heads to the flower field, George gets the feeling that excuse won’t be strong enough one day.
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 6 months ago
From Eden: Three
Tumblr media
Warnings: noncon sexual acts, mentions of mental illness, grieving, trauma, panic attack; tags to be added throughout series
This is dark!Bucky. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Summary: The mc suffers from agoraphobia. After a new neighbour moves in across the street, her home becomes even more of a prison.
Note: I know it’s been a while...
Thank you so much for your patience! And support!!
As always, if you are so inclined, please like, reblog, and comment. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
When Dr. Tisha and Lorena left last night, they were still angry with me. I didn’t care much as both of them lectured me again over that man. I told them the same things I had before. I don’t want to know him.
 They suggested at least that I save the money I made for a day out. Lorena said it would be good for me to try to go into town and do some shopping myself, for myself. The thought made me choke but I just smiled and said, “we’ll see.”
 Now I’m awake, early again. I keep hearing things in the yard. I tell myself it’s a raccoon or something else, maybe even a bat! One got in the house last year and I locked myself in the bathroom until I was brave enough to grab the broom and chase it out. Looking back, it’s sort of funny.
I looked out the window but I just saw shadows that made me nervous. The bird bath was eerie in the dark and the shed looked decrepit. I thought I saw something move along the wall but I’m sure it’s only me being tired.
 I did try to go back to sleep but then I started thinking about things I haven’t thought of in a long time. About the things I told Tisha I never want to think or talk about ever again. 
Then I thought about grandma and mama. Why did they have to leave me?
I was in the garden when it started to rain. It started with a big crack of thunder and I almost screamed at how scary it was. It came so fast I barely got inside before I was soaked through. Then I giggled at myself as I stripped out of my muddy jeans and wet tee shirt.
When I was a kid, I used to love to dance out in the rain, or just stand and let it wash over me. When my mother died, it stormed and I sat in the downpour until I got sick. The drops hid my tears and numbed the pain of that lonely ten-year-old. I’m older now but sometimes I still feel like a kid.
 I watched the sky darken through the window and the smell of the rain in the dirt was comforting. I made tea and kept watching. The sky would flash, a cacophony of awe, and I felt as if I was living in an old Hitchcockian shot. I liked to think there was a camera there to catch the perfectly framed scene, the frightening and frantic swell of the storm that reflected the suspense of the human catastrophe about to take place.
 Then the horror was no longer just in my mind. I cleaned my cup and turned. As I passed through the dark hall I saw a shadow flash at the window of the door. I gasped and rushed forward to check the latch but the figure was gone. I peeked out and there was nothing.
 Now I’m still awake and I think I just got carried away with my imagination. I’m watching The Wizard of Oz but the colours aren’t as bright as they used to be. At least, they don’t seem like it.
I don’t remember falling asleep. It must’ve been late, or early depending how you look at it. I woke up to the blue screen as the VCR had stopped and rewound the tape. It was still dark, the sky hungover from the wild night.
 I made blueberry tea. It was too sweet after I let it steep for too long. I watched the morning birds bask in the full bird bath and slowly the sun began to shine down. It’s brighter now and I’m going to try to fix the shed window.
I couldn’t write anymore yesterday. Not after what happened.
I can’t.
On Monday, I
He was here.
 I was hammering the board back into place and I hit my finger into the nail. The metal left a painful blister and my knuckle split and bled. I cried out and dropped the hammer as I held my hand and tried not to tear up.
“You alright?” he asked and I looked at him, afraid.
He was at the gate. Had he been there, watching me? I nodded and wrinkled my nose in pain. I couldn’t bend the top of my finger. I hid my hand and left the mess on the ground as I rushed to the front door to hide inside.
“Hey,” he called as I whimpered, dumbly trying to turn the handle with my hurt hand, “you’re hurt. I can help.”
 I shook my head as my finger throbbed. I looked at it and cringed. It was really bad.
“I just want to help.”
“Why are you here?” I watched the door creak open and didn’t look back at him, “why are you bugging me?”
“I was just walking by and I heard you,” he said, “I know how to set your finger… or I can take you to the hospital.”
I didn’t want to go to a hospital. The thought makes my stomach hurt. I hate hospitals.
“I can deal with it.”
“You’re bleeding a lot,” he insisted and I was getting really annoyed.
“What do you care?” I don’t understand him or why he kept bothering me and hanging around my gate!
“Well, I won’t lie to you, your friend, Tisha, she told me to keep an eye on you,” he said through the bars, “so yes, I was watching you.”
“She’s not… not my friend,” I was so angry. Why would she do that!? She doesn’t even know him, I don’t know him, “she’s my doctor.”
“Can I help you with your finger? I’ll stop watching but you need to get it set and soon.”
“I don’t care. I got nine others.” I was mean and didn't care.
“Then I can call your doctor? She gave me her number in case--”
“No, no,” he couldn’t call her. She’d be mad at you and she’d make you go to the hospital, “don’t call her, please. Just… stay here.”
 I went inside and with one hand, I searched under the counter for the dinged old white chest. I pulled it out by the thin metal handle and went back outside. The way he watched me made me nervous even though he was so calm.
“If I let you in, you have to leave right after,” I said as fearsomely as I could, “and this is the only time you’re ever coming in.”
“You’re shaking really bad, that must hurt,” he looked at my hand and ignored my warning.
“Do you get it!? You have to promise to leave after.”
“Sure, just let me help,” he nodded.
 unlocked the gate and slowly opened it for him. We sat at the patio table as he searched through the old box of first aid gear. He took out gauze and found two straight sticks from the garden. He tested their strength and sat back down.
“Give me your hand,” he said.
 I reluctantly put my hand on the table and hissed at the pain in my finger. He cleaned it carefully and I looked away as he went about his task. It hurt less not seeing it. When he finished wrapping it up, I pulled away and stood.
“Good, now go,” I pointed to the gate.
“That won’t be good for more than a day,” he stood, “I have some real splints at my house. I could come back-”
“I told you, no,” you jabbed your hand towards the gate, “out.”
He was quiet and he looked around. His jaw set as he considered the thick garden and his eyes narrowed.
“The flowers are doing good,” he said.
“Please, leave,” I begged, he was making me nervous. 
I was still shaking but not from the pain. I remembered that night, it wasn’t just one, it was several, and they laughed as they stood over me. They were smaller than him, just teenagers, like me, but they still hurt me.
“Go!” I shouted, “go! Go! Go!”
 He grabbed my shoulders as I began to hyperventilate. I hadn’t been so worked up in a long time and I could stop as the fit began. I chanted the word over and over as my body shook so violently and my voice became only deep and painful breaths. My chest burned so bad.
 I didn’t remember what happened after that. I only remember him in my house. I was on the couch and Dr. Tisha was there too. 
When I could speak again, I asked her to make him go. She ignored me and said that he helped me, that he had kept me safe by calling her. 
 But I saw his smile and how he looks at me. I saw the way he paced around the house and noted every inch of it. I watched him as Tisha fed me chamomile tea.
 She didn’t want to leave me alone, she said. She thought I should go to the hospital for my finger and for a mental evaluation. I sucked up the panic in my chest and told her I was okay, that I remembered the exercises and it wouldn’t happen again. I could tell she didn’t really believe me.
“I’ll stay with her,” Bucky offered and my eyes rounded.
“I’ll be fine,” I told Tisha before she could respond.
“You’re not fine,” she said, “in good conscience, if you won’t go to the hospital, I need someone here to monitor you.”
“She’s off-the-clock. I can’t expect her to come here right now, she has other clients.”
 I frowned and crossed my arms and crushed my injured finger, “why can’t you stay?”
“Well, I left a session for this and I have others waiting on me. I would stay if it was an option. Listen,” she sat and spoke to me like I was a child, “this man is a public servant. He is a good man, in fact, I think he’s a lot like you. Now it would be wrong of me to go into detail about his experiences but I have it on good authority that he knows better than even me what you’re going through.”
 I shook my head and pouted, “I won’t hurt myself. Not again.”
“I wish I could believe you,” she said, “but recently you’ve shown some serious regression. If you keep arguing with me, I will be obligated to have you escorted to the hospital and kept for seventy-two hours...
Or Bucky can stay until Lorena comes by tomorrow and I can return.”
“I didn’t do anything. I got nervous.”
“I won’t ask again.”
“Fine, fine, he can stay,” I gave up. The thought of another hold at the hospital was enough to make me give in. I couldn’t do that again.
So Bucky stayed and I didn’t sleep. Again.
And I didn’t write and I can’t anymore. I don’t feel good.
There’s a lot to catch up on but I don’t want to write about it. I never want to think about it again.
Bucky’s gone, Lorena and Tisha made their visit on Tuesday, and I’m fine.
I’m fine.
 feel him still. He’s watching me. I know he is! 
 He was in my house, he slept on my couch, he walked through my halls. I smell him still and it makes me sick.
 I see him through the gate, he doesn’t try to hide anymore. I called Tisha for my daily check-ins. I’m back to those again. I told her he was watching and she told me he was only concerned. She said I was exaggerating. She thinks I’m crazy!
 The walls used to protect me. I used to hide behind them but now I just feel trapped.
 He’s watching again. I see him through the window. He’s at the gate, his metal hand on the bar as he searches for me. I’m going away before he sees me. I’m turning out all the lights and locking the doors.
The gate is broken again. The face of the lock fell off and one of the bars is bent through several others.
 The lower hinge is busted and I found footprints in the dirt. There are tulips missing from the garden, the pink ones. I got those bulbs from grandma, her last gift to me. I’m sad.
 The doors are still locked and all the curtains are closed. I can’t even turn on the TV.
He was in the house! I know he was! The window to my bedroom was open and the blankets on my bed were all messed up. I woke up on the couch as I usually do. I feel asleep reading a book with only a candle. The candle was out and the pages of the book were bent.
 I got up to go to the bathroom. I felt weird. My shorts were damp with sweat. The house is so hot with the windows shut. I stopped when I noticed my bedroom was open, I always closed the door.
 It’s really hard to write because I’m still shaking. It wasn’t just the window or the blankets. There were pink tulips on my pillow. 
I know it’s him. He’s playing a game with me, a game I don’t like.
 I’m scared and I hear someone in the garden. I can’t remember if I locked my bedroom window. I was so afraid, I can’t remember.
I can’t remember.
I can’t~~
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tickle-bugs · 4 months ago
Life’s Distractions
Summary: After Eddie babysits Dan’s niece, Venom catches wind of a strange human quirk. What else is there to do but conduct research?
@happyandticklish: Hey, I noticed that you opened prompts and that you would potentially write for Venom. I was wondering if you could do something, maybe where Eddie either teaches Venom about tickling or Venom keeps tickling him in public where he has to stay quiet?
I love your stuff btw, and congrats on the followers!
Game night was a sacred institution in Eddie’s life. Every Saturday at 8pm his life got a little bit brighter. Between the mess of job searching and the logistics of feeding a symbiote with an endless appetite, it was his little moment of peace among the chaos. Hell, even Venom seemed to like it--though the news of his return wasn’t quite public.
So imagine Eddie’s crushing disappointment when he entered Dan’s apartment and there’s no Dan. Or boardgames. Or liquor. 
“What’s going on?” Eddie bumped the front door shut with his hip. Anne was sitting on the stairs, texting at the speed of light. She all-but-threw her phone once Eddie came in. 
“Oh thank god, you made it. I need a huge favor.” Anne rested her palms on his chest in that way she did when she needed him, really needed him, and he put his hands over hers. He could never say no to her. 
“What’s wrong? Where’s Dan?”
“He had an emergency call from work and my client just asked to meet with me about something big. I can’t skip it.”
“I can come back next week--”
“No, no, you need to stay here.” She clutched his shirt as if he might bolt. 
“Anne, what’s going on?” He pried her hands from his shirt and held them, giving them a squeeze for good measure. 
“Dan’s sister dropped off her niece. We told her we’d watch Rosie thinking we’d have game night, but, well--” She gestured vaguely at the air.
“I can watch her. S’no problem.” He patted her shoulder. 
“You’re a life-saver, Eddie. Thank you. I’ll be back in like, two hours, tops.” Anne pulled him over to the dining room and he got his first glimpse of the baby. 
She was goddamn adorable. Her hair was still growing in, marked by the wispiness of youth, and it rested across her forehead in choppy bangs. Her eyes lit up when she saw Eddie and she instantly reached for him, hopping up and down in her seat. Eddie cooed at her. 
“Hey, sweetheart.” He picked up Rosie and balanced her on his hip. He waved at her and she babbled enthusiastically. Eddie offered her his hand and she took it, absolutely fascinated with the size compared to hers. 
“What’s wow?” He looked up at Anne.
“I didn’t expect you to be good with kids.” She huffed, looking between the two of them, and he turned a little pink under the attention. 
“I’m full of surprises, Annie.” He winked at her and she rolled her eyes. She gathered her things quickly, sending lingering glances at the two of them. 
“You can watch her? Safely?”
“Mhm.” Eddie twirled in a circle and Rosie giggled in delight, tiny fists twisted in his shirt for balance. 
“Eddie, are you sure?” Anne hesitated at the door. 
“Yes! Shoo! We’re not gonna burn anything down. Right, Rosie?” He shook her a little and she squealed, clapping her hands in a resounding ‘yes!’. Anne booped her nose. 
“Okay. I’ll be back soon. Thank you.” She squeezed his shoulder and slipped out the front door. He stood on the stoop and waved. Once her car disappeared from view, he kicked the door shut behind him and locked it. He carried her over to the living room and gently set her down near the couch before taking a seat himself. She wobbled on her chunky legs, nothing-but-thrilled to be in Eddie’s presence. 
“This human is small.” Venom’s head rose from behind Eddie’s shoulder and peered at the baby, rumbling softly. Rosie reached up and cradled Venom’s face with her tiny hands. 
“Did it just call me a pussy--”
“Watch it! She’s just a kid.” Eddie covered her ears. 
“Why are you shielding her from new vocabulary?”
“Pussy.” Rosie nodded sagely, looking between Eddie and Venom for their thrilling input.
“That’s why,” Eddie sighed. “At least you didn’t say fuck. That’d be worse.”
“Fuck!” Rosie cheered and clapped her hands. Eddie pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled slowly, deeply. 
“Alright, kiddo. You’ve caused enough trouble. Nap time.” He reached for her. Rosie’s eyes widened and she took off, toddling away at an unexpectedly high speed. It wasn’t that he was losing her--that’d mean he was a bad babysitter, and he was a fucking fantastic babysitter--it was just that Rosie had pretty much mastered ducking under furniture at the right time, which meant Eddie kept slamming his knees and toes into the stupidest things. 
“A little help here?” Eddie huffed, just missing Rosie as she slid under the kitchen table, squealing as she went. 
“This is very entertaining.”
“Fine.” A black tendril shot forward from Eddie’s chest and snagged her by the ankle, lifting her up into the air.
“You are something else,” He grinned, tickling her stomach quickly. 
“Noooo,” she giggled, slapping at his hands. He held his arms out and Venom dropped her into his waiting grasp. Eddie carried her over to the couch and threw her on the cushions, soul singing at the way she laughed at the bounce. He pulled a throw blanket up over her and tucked her in as best as he could--she was asleep in under a minute. 
“You are fond of this tiny creature.”
“I always wanted a daughter.” Eddie smoothed her hair. She murmured sleepily at the touch. 
“You can take this one.”
“I can’t steal someone’s kid, V.” Eddie stifled a chuckle. 
“You can if you’re not a coward.” 
“Touché. I don’t want to go to jail, though.” Eddie stretched and popped a few things, sighing at the spread of warm, easy muscle through his body. 
“No human prison could hold us.”
“You’ve got that right.” 
 Dan’s sister swung by an hour later and took Rosie home, singing Eddie’s praises all the way to her car. He tried not to let it go to his ego, but it felt pretty damn good to be appreciated. Anne returned a couple hours after that, bearing takeout and wine as an apology for her disappearance. They spread the food out over the table, putting the spring rolls, egg rolls, and crab rangoon into various bowls for easy plucking. It’d been a while since the two of them had spent time alone, but they clicked into it like clockwork. 
“So, new job?” 
“Nothing yet.” He finished the rest of his wine in one smooth gulp, licking his lips to catch the last droplets. She’d always known how to pick a good red, damn. 
“You’ll find something,” Anne patted his arm and smiled sympathetically. 
“Yeah, yeah.” Eddie slurped up some noodles and Venom hummed in his head.
“I mean it, Eddie. You’ll find something.”
“Thanks. How’s work going for you?” He loaded a few egg rolls onto his plate. 
“Oh, y’know,” Anne waved her fork dismissively. “Well, actually, this case has been a doozy.” She started telling him about her new client and their affairs, probably breaking a few confidentiality laws as she did, but they’d already established that Eddie was terrible about making judgements on those things. 
“Shh,” Eddie hissed mentally, passing off his drawn eyebrows as an aborted sneeze. Anne passed him a second glass of wine as she talked and he took it gratefully. 
“What did you do to the child?”
“Earlier. You touched its stomach and it laughed.”
“Oh, that? It’s just tickling.” Eddie ate a bite of his food to quell any accidental facial expressions. 
“So, your new client is annoying.” He’d missed a good chunk of what she was saying, but her nose always crinkled when she was annoyed, so he figured that he’d made a good bet. 
“I’m not even at the best part!”
“It gets worse?” He laughed.
“It always gets worse.” She groaned and took a generous sip of her wine before continuing. 
“What is...tickling?”
“It’s a human thing. Don’t worry about it.” 
“I want to know.” 
“I’ll tell you later. Now, hush.” Eddie smiled and nodded at Anne, hoping he didn’t look as annoyed as he felt. Concentrating on two conversations at once was ridiculously difficult--Eddie could barely concentrate on one. Plus, he was really trying to hide that Venom had returned, but at this rate, she’d know within the hour. 
“Tell me now.”
“Just be patient.” Eddie snapped. Anne giggled at something and he joined in, completely having missed whatever she’d said. Venom thankfully went quiet.
One second, Eddie was successfully ignoring Venom, and the next, Venom was curiously scribbling up his ribs. He slammed his knee into the table and yelped. 
“‘Scuse me. Bathroom.” He all-but-sprinted from the dining room, leaving Anne to swallow the rest of her sentence. So much for preserving their cover. 
“V, what?” Eddie slammed the bathroom door shut and locked it. 
“You ignored me.”
“I was talking to Anne!”
“Talk less.”
“You are the neediest, most high-maintenance--” 
Two clawed hands raked gently down his chest, down to his sides, and pressed experimentally into the perpetual softness just above his waistband. Eddie choked on a laugh and toppled backwards over the edge of the tub, wrapping his arms around his stomach as his self-preservation wires crossed. Venom caught him and pushed him back up to stand, but not without an experimental squeeze to Eddie’s sides. 
“Stop it!” Eddie doubled over in a fit of wheezy giggles, arms vacuum-sealed to his torso. HIs breath caught on a snort and he covered his face, trying to stifle his laughter in the heels of his hands. 
“Do that again.”
“No! It’s embarrassing.” Eddie bit his lip and snuffed out the laughter bubbling in his chest. 
“See? Needy, high-maintenance, dramatic as hell--” 
“Do not test my patience,” Venom rumbled directly into his ear and Eddie jerked away, snapping his ear to his shoulder. God, even his breath tickled. It’d been a while, sure, but he never remembered being this damn sensitive. 
“Alright, sorry. Can we get through dinner, please?” He tried not to sound as breathless as he felt.
“Hurry up.” 
Eddie squirmed through the rest of dinner and excused himself before Dan even made it home. Venom was all in his head, sure, but Eddie could feel him looming and it was driving him up the wall. The walk home was surprisingly quiet, and the quiet felt ominous, so Eddie did what he did best--he ignored Venom.
He snagged a soda from the fridge on his way in the apartment, perhaps shutting the door a bit too hard. The quiet had settled into some semblance of peace. Maybe Venom’s silence was genuine. Huh. 
He flopped on the couch and took a generous swig of his soda. He scratched at his stomach idly and Venom, weirdly thoughtful, took over for him. It would’ve been sweet if Eddie didn’t keel over, trying to scoot away from the sensation as giggles queued up in his throat. 
“Oh?” Venom loomed over him, grinning evilly. Nevermind, the silence was still ominous, the bastard was just waiting for an opportunity to strike. Venom plucked the soda from Eddie’s fingers and set it aside--again, weirdly sweet. 
“No, no oh, there’s nothing to oh about.” Eddie shoved Venom’s face away, cheeks blazing bright pink. Venom laughed and dragged the hem of Eddie’s shirt up, trailing tendrils just barely over his skin. Goosebumps rose on his quivering stomach as the shadow of a laughter-filled future loomed over him. 
“W-Wait, let’s talk about this.” He was already snickering from the one touch, and he hid himself behind his hands as if it’d make Venom disappear. 
“Your species is strange. I see no purpose to this besides your hatred of it.”
“It’s not that I don’t like it, I just--eep!”
“Just what? Speak up.” Venom pulled his hands away from his face and pressed them down on either side of his head.
“Look, I will buy you like six chocolate bars if you drop this.” He was a little breathless already. Venom laughed darkly and it sent his heart into a gymnastics routine. 
“Ten! Make it ten! Super sweet deal.” Eddie squeaked as a sea of black ooze, all shaped vaguely like hands swept down to hover just above his stomach. A few nervous giggles bubbled out of him, but it was far too late to save his pride. 
“How about we do both? Yes, that is a...sweet deal.” Venom grinned. Eddie’s eyes widened and he spluttered. 
“That’s not how this works--no!” Eddie yelped and dissolved rather quickly into bubbly giggles as Venom returned his attention to his stomach. He seemed fascinated with the slight plushness there and wouldn’t stop squeezing, immediately pushing him into the kind of belly laughter that simply couldn’t be stopped. 
“You are more tickleable than the child.”
“Ticklish! Ohoho, you fucker!” Eddie threw his head back into the couch, accidentally arching up into the touch, and Venom snaked a hand beneath his spine to keep him there. A special zing of playful panic rushed through him. The best he could do was suck in his stomach, and even then, it wasn’t really helping. 
“My mistake. Ticklish,” Venom purred. He looked Eddie up and down, taking his sweet time deciding where to strike next. 
“I’m--ohoho man--I’m so ticklish it’s not even funny, dude! Please!” He forfeited the last of his dignity through frantic giggles. He wasn’t above begging. He could feel Venom’s lack of mercy in his bones. 
“It’s hilarious, actually.” Oh no, abort mission, abort mission--
Eddie kicked and thrashed as if it would help. Venom wrapped a tendril around Eddie’s thigh to hold him still, digging just so into the muscle, and Eddie shrieked with all his might. 
He thought it couldn’t get worse, but it could and it did when Venom poked curiously at Eddie’s hipbone. He thrashed, nearly flying from Venom’s grip altogether, but of course he wouldn’t be that lucky. Venom poked again, then again, then in a continuous rhythm, and Eddie’s laughter skyrocketed past endearing and straight into wild hysterics. He was yelling more than laughing, knees jerking like he was being electrocuted. 
“I’m gonna die!” Eddie giggled violently, voice stuck in the highest possible octaves, and Venom stilled his touch for a moment to leer at his host. 
“I won’t let you. Stop whining.” The prodding started up again, just in the crease of his hip, and good lord it tickled worse than anything he’d ever experienced. Anne used to lovingly bully him over his ticklishness, but this was something else entirely.
He kinda liked it. 
“V, it’s so bahad! Please!” Eddie wheezed, lashes wet with tears. His entire right hip was whited-out with tickly sparks. Every nerve stood at attention, completely overloaded, and Eddie may have been an eloquent writer, but there were no words for the depth of his senses at the moment. Venom played his muscles like harp strings, and every pluck left him gasping for breath, writhing on his horrid couch for some sort of purchase. 
Eddie Brock was not a religious man, but when Venom turned his attention to his left hip, he prayed. He’d thought he understood unbearable before but this was a new plane. There were no barriers to Venom’s touch--he had full access to Eddie’s bare skin and he was using it in ways that needed to be illegal. He distantly registered the unhinged cackles in the room as his own, but he was too far gone to do anything about it. He knew logically that Venom wouldn’t kill him but god this was a valiant fucking effort. 
Venom finally stopped after what felt like years and Eddie could do nothing but lay boneless on the couch. He wore the slight burn in his lungs like a medal of valor. 
“That was fun.” Venom’s face rose from Eddie’s stomach and hovered over him. 
“Easy for you to say. I did all the work.” Eddie shoved Venom’s face away. Venom growled lowly--a warning--and Eddie stuck his tongue out--a dumbass move. Venom scooped him up with no preamble, tendrils and fingers digging into every spot within reach. Eddie apparently had plenty of laughter left in him because it all came out in a panicky, high-pitched rush. 
“Ahalright, you dick! It was pretty fun.” Eddie screeched, thumping Venom’s head until he set him back down and finally relented his attack. 
“I look forward to the next time.”
“Count your days. I’m actively plotting.” Eddie leveled a threatening finger at Venom and he nudged it aside. 
“Are you? It sounded like you were giggling.”
“Shut up.” Eddie threw his arm over his forehead, but not without a smile. 
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fruitcoops · 6 months ago
Part 3 of the disowning fic where Sirius calls Reg and Remus tells James (with Sirius’ permission ofc) and when Walburga calls Reg, he rips into her like never before. James rushing to Sirius’ house and basically having to be restrained from going to her house with Reg in tow.
Hopefully that makes sense. Sorry it’s probably really badly phrased
This makes a ton of sense--thank you for sending it in! Writing Regulus is such a neat challenge, since he and Sirius are so similar and yet so different. Sweater Weather credit goes to @lumosinlove!
Part 1 II Part 2
TW for disownment and past child abuse (mentioned)
If Sirius ever met the person that invented showers, he would kiss them on the mouth. With tongue, if requested.
His phone hummed on the coffee table; when he made no move to grab it, Remus reached over and flipped the screen up. “Reg is on the way.”
Sirius hummed and cuddled into his chest, tightening his hold on his waist. Gentle fingers combed through his damp hair and he was warm all over in the best way. His face and eyes still itched a little, and his throat was raw from crying so hard, but at least he finally felt clean. The ache in his gut had dulled.
Remus pressed his lips to the space just above Sirius’ ear and wrapped his arms around him, tracing patterns on his upper back beneath his shirt. The skin-to-skin contact was something he never knew he needed so much—he couldn’t imagine living without it now. “We should go on vacation sometime this summer,” he mused, absently braiding a few locks of Sirius’ hair.
“I dunno. Somewhere warm, where we can swim and you can get all sexy and tan.”
Sirius laughed against his chest and breathed in the honey-lavender smell of his soap. “As long as you promise to freckle.”
He could feel Remus smiling. “I’ll do my best. It wouldn’t have to be a long trip, either—maybe a week in Florida, or California.”
“Alabama?” Sirius teased.
“Honey.” Remus kissed his forehead. “If you take me to Alabama—” Another kiss. “—I will take the biggest spider I can find—” A third kiss, so sweet in comparison to his playful threat. “—and put it in your shoe.”
Sirius snorted. “Just divorce me, that would be nicer.”
“Mmm, no, you’d miss me too much.”
“Put a spider in my shoe and we’ll see if that’s true.” Remus’ shoulders shook under him as they laughed and Sirius kissed his collarbone, then closed his eyes. “Do we have time for a nap before Reg gets here?”
“Maybe. How fast does he drive?”
“Not as fast as Pots—”
The doorbell rang, and then kept ringing; someone knocked insistently on the door, and Sirius groaned as he untangled his limbs from Remus and wandered over.
Regulus was not alone on the porch.
“What’s her phone number?” James demanded, practically smoking with fury as he and Regulus stormed into the house. He let out a furious breath when he saw the open envelope on the kitchen counter.
Sirius raised an eyebrow at his little brother. “Did you call him?”
“Of course I called him,” Regulus scoffed. “We also called Logan.”
“Isn’t he in Canada for the rest of the week?”
“Yeah, but he said he’d be here on Friday.” Regulus gave him a quick once-over and a stormy look came over his face. “When did she drop those off?”
“She didn’t. The mailman did, just after five.” Something bitter tinged Sirius’ mouth. “That was after she tried to make Remus give them to me.”
“What a bitch.”
“It’s true,” Regulus snapped, though his anger was clearly directed elsewhere. “She’s a horrible coward and you deserve better.”
James held his phone up to get Sirius’ attention. “What’s her number?”
“I’m not giving you her phone number, J.”
“Reg, what’s her number?”
Regulus bit his lip for a second, then shook his head. “She won’t know who you are, and she would sue your ass faster than you could blink if you lost your temper on her. Me, on the other hand…”
Sirius put his hand over Regulus’ phone. “Don’t do this. If she disowns you, too—”
“If she disowns me I’ll throw a fucking party!” Regulus all but shouted. The room went silent. “I am sick and tired of hiding and watching them hurt you. She doesn’t control me anymore.”
“I’m not letting you get hurt for me.”
“And I’m not asking for you permission.” Regulus stepped back and dialed a number; in the kitchen doorway, Remus and James watched them in a mix of shock and concern.
The call connected and Regulus’ whole face went stony. “What is it, Regulus?” a tinny voice asked.
“Is it true?”
“Is what true?” Walburga sniffed. “Please, Regulus, we’ve discussed this. You have to clarify your intentions—”
“Did you disown my brother?”
“He’s not your brother anymore.” Disdain dripped from her voice and Sirius’ throat constricted as cold fire lit in Regulus’ eyes.
“He’s more family to me than you ever were.” His tone was even and deadly.
“Don’t be ridiculous—”
“Shut up.” A protective urge jolted in Sirius’ gut and he almost smacked the phone out of Regulus’ hand. “Just shut up.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“You’re a coward and a liar, and I hate you.” A fine tremor slipped through and Regulus gritted his teeth. Remus touched Sirius’ elbow gently, and he gripped his hand tight.
“Listen here, you silly boy—”
“You don’t get to hurt him anymore. Sirius is a better person that you could ever dream of being and the fact that you can’t accept when your own son is happy—”
“He disgraced us—”
“You disgraced us!” Regulus snapped. “You and your rules, your blood money, your parenting that belonged more in a prison than a house! I’m not stupid, Mother, I know what you did was wrong!”
There were a few beats of silence. “I did what I did to prepare you for the real world.”
“The real world doesn’t give a ten-year-old a black eye for breaking a plate.”
Sirius closed his eyes and clenched his jaw as Remus inhaled sharply next to him; James cursed under his breath. The plate had been one of his grandmother’s, part of a twelve-piece set that they were using for Thanksgiving. One flipped corner on the rug had sent him flying, but the porcelain shard in his hand had hurt less than Walburga’s fury.
She was breathing hard on the other end of the line. “The world is a cruel place, Regulus.”
“No crueler than you.”
“Watch your mouth, you ungrateful child, or you’ll find yourself in the same shoes as that stain on our family tree.”
A flinty look came over Regulus then; if Sirius didn’t know better, he’d say he looked almost smug. “Do it. I dare you to look the media in the eye and tell them you disowned one son for being happy and the other for calling you out on your terrible parenting.”
“We disowned him for being a failure and a disgrace.”
Grey met grey as Regulus spoke next, his gaze never flickering from Sirius’ eyes. “Happily married to the love of his life, youngest captain in the league, with two Stanley Cups under his belt? Doesn’t sound like a failure to me, and far from a disgrace.”
Remus squeezed his hand as Sirius swallowed back a few tears that had started to gather. He offered a weak smile and the corners of Regulus’ eyes crinkled slightly.
“I’m hanging up the phone now,” he said, smooth and collected. Walburga was utterly silent. “Never contact me or my brother again. If you disown me, at least have the dignity to do it in person.”
He hung up and slid his phone into his back pocket. “Jesus,” James half-laughed behind them. “Remind me never to get on your bad side.”
“That was really brave, and really stupid.” Sirius said as he walked forward. Regulus met him in the middle, tucking his head under Sirius’ chin in a tight hug. “Thank you.”
“Brave and stupid, huh? I’m turning into you already.”
Sirius flicked his ear with a grin, but never loosened his hold. “Brat.”
“Love you.”
He closed his eyes and felt Regulus’ heartbeat through his palm. “Love you, too.”
“Will you at least give me her address so I can egg her house?” James asked once they separated, already moving to give Sirius another hug. He melted into it; James had the incredible ability to make him feel completely and utterly safe, like the world couldn’t touch him as long as he was there.
“As amazing as that would be, I’d rather not see you arrested.”
“Fair point.” He pulled back a bit and James searched his face. A wrinkle appeared between his brows. “How can I help?”
“This is nice.” Exhaustion made Sirius’ limbs heavy and his head was starting to throb from his earlier breakdown. James pulled him back in and two more sets of arms followed, forming a shield all around him. He felt Remus kiss his cheek and Regulus’ hand splay over his ribs; James was steady, an anchor in the storm. “How am I going to tell people about this?”
“You don’t have to,” Remus murmured.
“If I don’t, she will.”
“Then tell them the truth,” Regulus said. “Maybe not everything, but the relevant parts.”
“We’ll be here with you.” James’ voice was soft. “Us, and the rest of the team. Anything you need.”
Sirius didn’t say anything, but he did sink into the warmth of their embrace and let the weight of fear and unease lift off his shoulders. The burden wasn’t his alone; it never had been.
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kpopscruggles · 5 months ago
Nct reaction to you walking into the shower while theyre showering.
Requested? Yes
Request Open? Yes
Some are spicy, some aren't, I tried to add a little comedy but I don't know how that turned out...I also couldn’t add pictures because there’s to many..
Taeil - "I'm not about to have sex all over this house.." " wanna bring your cute self in my shower.." he spoke raising a brow "A shower is for bathing" "But our shower is magical.."
Johnny - "If your a pervert just say that" He laughed "If you're that desperate you leave the bathroom door open just say that" "Okay..okay..I got you next time" He smirked before wrapping his arms around my waist.
Taeyong - "oh..hello.." he spoke turning to me as he continued to wash his body "So your just gonna bathe?" I asked winking at him as looked down at my body before back up at me " is a shower but you could bend over for me..".
Yuta - Looking at him with wide eyes once I get into the shower to see him already facing my way with a smirk "I missed you.." He spoke only for me to smirk back "I missed you too.."
Doyoung - " rest was fun while it lasted" He spoke looking at the shower wall before I watched him turn to me.
Jaehyun - "Why can't I stay in the shower with you?" I asked laughing at him "If you don't get out I'll do the lightskin face.." "Jaehyun I see that every day!"
Jungwoo - "hey cutie.." I smirked only for him to turn to me "I don’t know what to do” “respond normally” “okay..” he turns back around and doesn’t speak before handing me the body soap “there you go..”
Mark- "Mark..It's just me..I've seen you naked multiple times" I explained as I watched him gulp while still trying to hide in the corner "I just don't want you to grab my butt again.." He added as he kept his loofah to his chest "What if I poke it?" I added as he looked around "Maybe.."
Renjun - "Get out." I froze looking shocked as he stuck his head from the shower curtain "D-don't you miss me? I just wanna come in" I smiled playfully "I already have to share a bed with you..If it's not you then it's others..." I raised a brow "So what have they done!" I whined "They've come in here?" "You'd be surprised at how courageous Haechan can get now get out."
Jeno - "Better than Jaemin I guess.." "Excuse me? When was he in the shower with you" "I was single for a while..." ..Silence...
Haechan - "OH MY GOD!" he screamed causing me to look at him with wide eyes "I thought I was being mugged...but hey sugar nipples.." he smirked causing me to just get out "COME BACK! IM SORRY FOR CALLING YOU SUGAR NIPPLES!"
Jaemin - QUIET AS HELL WITH JUST A SMILE! "Jaemin your smiling isn't making this better.." "Y/n your boobs in my face is making this shower very filthy.." he added as I gave him a smirk "The devil is alive" He spoke before turning back around his back facing me.
Chenle -"what are you doing in my shower?" he asked as he sat his body soap back on the shower shelf "Umm shower sex? what else could I be in here for?" I asked in slight confusion as Hendery looked at me strange "I don't know last time you were performing a talent show.." "to who? I can't sing in the shower?" "I just thought I was dating someone very imaginative.." "says the one who played tic tac toe by himself on the glass door"
Jisung - "Let me in I left my deodorant in there!" "NO! GO AWAY!" he screamed causing me to groan "I'll cover my eyes!" "IF YOU COME IN THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OVER!" rolling my eyes I stare at the door "Can Chenle come in and get it.." I spoke as I watched Jisung poke his head out "You can't trick me this time! Chenle is nowhere near you.." He then shut the door again before locking it.
Kun - "Go away!" he screamed as I stood in his shower putting on lip gloss "I'm just wanting a kiss!" I yelled back "YOUr SUCH A CHILD!" he yelled causing us to both laugh before I started leaning closer "AHH!"
Ten - "why are you ignoring me and still showering?" I whined "Oh you in my business? don't do that.." he added looking at me with a brow raised before turning back around to the showerhead.
Sicheng - "Your boobs kind of look like Garfield's eyes.." "I'm leaving.."
Xiaojun - "can you stop looking at me like that..showering together is normal!" I spoke before gasping as I felt the rag lightly slap against my arm "Get back! Get back I said!"
Lucas - "So asking for shower sex is funny?" I questioned only to see Lucas covering his bright red face from his hysterical laughs "No..I DONT KNOW!" He panicked
Hendery - "Well hello pretty lady~" shaking my head at his tone I then open the shower "This ain't gonna work.." never. again.
YangYang - "I'm showering with you.." I spoke walking in as I watched the soap bar his the shower floor "At least I'm, not in prison..maybe this is worse.." He spoke causing me to put my hands on my hips "It was an accident!" "Putting the end of a shower brush in my butt was no accident!"
Shotaro - "should I play Touch You by yarichan.." "DONT EVEN FINISH THAT SENTENCE!" "I mean I don't have a dick but.." "STOP!" He laughed as he covered his face
Sungchan - "I'm excited for no reason..even though it's like normal sex I guess..." I added stepping into his shower "If I slip..Like if my tall ass slips I will never do this again.."
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wayward-blonde · 3 months ago
Title: Heal
Pairing: Nomad! Steve x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of self-harm, p in v, oral (male receiving), angst - hopeful ending though
A/N: Sequel to Ghosts. Partly autobiographical. Except, I don't have a Steve. But I could really use one. All mistakes are my own.
For those that may be interested @labella420 @thatsthewrongwallcraig @stargazingfangirl18
Tumblr media
Steve kissed your scars; the faded white ones from long ago, to the fresh ones, blood still bubbling to the service, even after spending all that time in the rain. It was hours ago, but you still felt him inside you. A stranger until he wasn’t. You still felt the bruising force of his own pain lingering on your hips.
Hours ago you would have been crying at his touch. You didn’t want to be made love to. You wanted to fuck the anger away. Fuck the pain away. But as the sound of the key locking the door to your no-tell motel room, you turned to face him. Steve watched you for a moment. His eyes heavy on yours, taking in the sight of you, properly, for the first time. His eyes travelled down your body - still wet from the rain - then back to your face. You’d tell him it was raindrops that trickled down your face, but he knew better. He barely glanced at the table beside the door before throwing the keys on top of the chipped fake mahogany table.
Steve closed the distance between you two, taking your face in his hands, your eyes closing involuntarily at the tender touch as his thumbs brushed the skin of your cheeks. “I know fucking helps and makes you feel alive and I promise I can be that person for you.” Your eyes opened at his words, doing your best to ignore the choked feeling in your throat. “But touching...” Steve let a finger slide down your cheek, then back again as he brought a thumb to brush across your bottom lip. “...feeling everything so deep - will make you want to keep on living. And I want that for you.”
You couldn’t help the tears that fell any more than you could help yourself as your legs gave way to grief, your body nearly meeting the floor if not for Steve catching you in time. He didn’t try to cop a feel. He didn’t push you up against the door, taking you from behind. And he didn’t ask questions. His words sneaking into your ears like whispers across the skin, barely there, but felt with every hair bristling up.
“You don’t have to tell me. But if you choose to, I’ll listen.”
Your sobs painted his shirt in tears, but his touch remained the same. Comforting and gentle, as if he’d known you for years; not fucked you by the side of the road moments after meeting. It stayed that way through the night. The lingering touch, the soothing circles across your arms and cheeks remained until your mind drifted off to sleep.
You dreamt of happy times. Happy times then melted into nightmares as you sank deeper beneath the service until heavy arms pulled you back onto shore, your eyes squinting at the light that pulsed from the corner of the room. The blurring cleared, your eyes zeroing in on the large brass lamp with its sun-bleached shade.
You sighed into the warm body next to you. Steve, clad in a white shirt and jeans, jacket flung over the chair in the corner of the room, held your body to his as he slowly traced the lines on your arm.
Steve knew you had woken, his gentle shhing pulling you from your nightmare, but he didn’t dwell on it. Didn’t make it any more than a hand extended to a person that stumbled.
You appreciated that.
Your eyes followed his, his thumb crossing over the raised marks on your skin. Marks, like etchings on a wall in a prison, proclaiming time served. But your prison wasn’t a place on some map. It was four walls painted inside your head, colourings of memories and images that plagued your thoughts in never-ending torture of what could have been.
“I can’t deal with pain,” you said without looking him in the eye. Your eyes focused on his restless thumbs.
“No one can. Not really.” Steve spoke offhandedly as if discussing something as simple as the weather. “Not all scars can be seen.”
“I can only imagine,” you said softly, your words catching in your throat. “I read all about you. I remember the stories.”
Steve smiled. Not to you, but to the moment, his eyes never leaving your skin. “Not all stories are meant to be told in the Sunday Times. Some are more for…” he pursed his lips, “nights drowning in vodka.”
You laughed, “You drink vodka? Does that actually get a super-soldier drunk?”
Steve finally broke his fix on your arm, looking down on you, “If you drink enough…”
There was a long silence that should have held in the air like a heavy cloud, threatening to open, but it didn’t. There was a peace to the silence, a suspension of pain.
Steve raised your arm to his lips, kissing the scars softly. It wasn’t a request for more or a hope to change the subject. It was just a desire to heal the pain, if only for a heartbeat.
You let Steve’s lips linger on your wrist. The heat from his body clawing at your skin, merciless in its pursuit to scorch your flesh. You pull your arm free, raising up and pulling your tank top over your head. Your breasts fall free, nipples puckering in the cool air as Steve cups your breasts, thumbs rolling across your hardened peaks.
He lets you take the lead as you dip down, taking his lips in yours. Sucking and nibbling, a narrow street on the pathway to fucking. But Steve slows you, his hands holding your face, slowing your kiss, making you feel - everything.
His lips are plump, wet, and unforgiving as he pushes his tongue past yours. He wants you, but he wants you to feel it. All of it. He may be on the run, and he may look like a man that has nothing left to lose, but he does have something left. His humanity. And right now, that humanity starts and ends with you.
Your nails scratch the sides of his beard, pulling him in deeply. For every fuck you want to get out of this man, he will make you crave his touch more. And you already are.
You grasp at the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head, his long hair falling to frame his face as you claim his mouth with yours once again. Steve lets you take control. Let's you take what you need to numb the pain. To heal the scars.
But they’ll never be healed. But maybe, just maybe, they’ll fade with no new ones to join them.
Steve leans forward, his mouth clasping around a nipple, suckling like a newborn yearning for sustenance. His tongue flicks, teeth nipping before his lips close around your taut pebble once more.
Your body grinds against the bulge in his pants. Your pussy throbs with the memory of his cock inside your body. It begs and pleads with your mind, screaming at you to take comfort in his glorious body. Begs you to show you how a super-soldier can truly fuck. You want him to fuck you. You want him to bruise your insides, leaving marks on your body you’ll feel for days. Weeks. But you also cry for his soft touch. The one that sends prickles of desire up your skin. The one that simultaneously calms your mind and inflames your soul. You want to feel him from the inside. Feel his cock fill you with seed as he pumps into you, filling your womb with his spend.
It’s everything and nothing all in one. The desire to feel him fill you - his seed taking root as your belly swells with his child. The need to feel your body claimed - over and over - by a man that seems to know every touch that sends you flying through the heavens as you weep in ecstasy.
You hastily unbuckle his belt, dragging his pants and shorts down his body as you edge the bed with your body, pulling him free from the restraint of everyday conformity.
Your pants and panties are next, tossed aside like yesterday's milk as you climb back up his reclining body. Steve holds your arms as you straddle him, but doesn’t push, letting you take the lead. His cock is hard and ready. It’s always hard and ready. You lean over, taking him in your mouth in one gulp, your lips grazing the hair of his crotch. You don’t move, the sounds above you inflaming your desire and need for control as Steve’s fingers run through your hair. Mumbles of - so good. So fucking good - falling from his perfectly pink lips.
You can feel the blood fill his cock, thick and solid down your throat. Your gag reflex holds back, letting you take him as far as he will go, before you slowly pull up, releasing him with a pop before holding him up and diving underneath to his beautiful heavy and full sack. You suck each one in your mouth, feeling the weight of him in the palm of your hands, rolling his salty testicles between your fingers. He tastes like redemption and sin rolled into one. Your body comes alive as you pull his balls in your mouth like it just snorted a line of cocaine. Nerve-endings on edge as you feel every pulse of heat - every pump of hot white liquid beneath the surface.
Your mouth slobbers around his cock more than a five-dollar hooker using tried-and-true techniques, but in your case - it’s fucking real. You love the feel of his balls, weight full and heavy on your tongue, throbbing with need.
It’s purely selfish, as you free his balls with a pop, to take his cock between your lips once more. You love the way it fills your mouth, the salty tang tickling the back of your throat. You know he’s close, and Steve knows it too as he pulls your mouth from him, dragging you back up to his waiting mouth, claiming your lips. Partly to feel you against his lips, partly to slow the oncoming tide of his orgasm as your mouth works so eloquently on his cock and balls. You crawl back up his body, raising up on your knees, fist gripping his cock by the base, you slowly sink down - his cock stretching you, angry and unforgiving - even in tenderness.
But, of fuck, does it feel so fucking good.
The pain inside you wants his cock to tear you apart. Wants him to jerk off above you, coating your body in his seed, degrading your body as if you were a two-bit whore, strung up and high on drugs - only to be used for degradation.
But the grief. The fucking grief wants him to fill a void. Fill up every hole every loss has left inside you. Loss from death. Loss from suffering. You want some twisted and fractured sort of love to fill your holes, sealing the seams like silly putty.
Steve’s hands find your hips, gripping you with bruising force as you fuck him. He desperately wants to thrust up into you. Drive his cock straight into your cervix. But he lets you take control.
For now.
A man can only last for so long, and Steve lasts longer than most, before he leans up, lips wrapping around your nipples once more, hands raising from your hips to your breasts, kneading and clasping for life, as he suckles the life from your body as you ride him.
Your body is covered in sweat, thighs thick with your slick and his pre-cum as your ride Steve hard. You want it to simply be a means to an end. An unrelenting fuck that hits every spot so deliciously.
But it isn’t.
He may be a stranger, but Steve’s fingers know your body. And when he reaches down, finger pulling back the hood of your clit as his thumb rubs harshly against you, he knows your body like no man ever has. As if he studied you in class, a doctorate to be sure to be earned in the art of your cunt.
It doesn’t take long for your body to convulse in desire, his fingers and thumb so eloquently touch the perfect spots of your body. You bounce on his cock - your tits, right and left - being passed between his lips like a ball on a football field.
You cum with a cry to the Gods - tears spilling your eyes but not quite quenching your thirst.
Steve’s hands wrap around your waist, flipping your body over so he towers above you - all brute - little force. Steve fucks you hard, the sound of your juices squelching the cool air. Your mouth falls open - no sounds able to permeate the room as you feel every inch of his goddamn cock scratch across your walls.
When your orgasm hits, it punches through you like a brick wall blasting through an office cubicle - easily and with little finesse. But your cries are more akin to wales of agony and grief clawing their way to the surface, than of relief and contentment.
You feel Steve pulse inside you, your walls choking his cock as he fills you with his seed. Grunts and moans from his body bellow through the room as if his body is nothing but need and want. His seed feels your womb and there is nothing that feels like it as he latches his teeth around your throat, biting down, not enough to make you bleed, but enough to make you clutch at his skin in exquisite need.
Steve fills your body twice more that night, never getting over the need to be inside you. He paints your belly - once - with his desire for you, and you drink him deep inside at least once more, as his mouth falls open, cries falling from his lips before he takes yours with his.
Steve may not be able to take the pain away. In fact, he's certain he can’t. Some things even he is unable to do. But if he can take it away long enough for you to have a peaceful sleep and to leave the blade alone, at least for a while, it’ll remind him of the man he knows he is and always wants to be. A man who doesn’t like bullies. Even if that bully is in your own mind.
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dadplease · 4 months ago
girl | chapter one: just a little girl.
series masterlist | next chapter →
summary | A story in which America’s favorite Captain gives a new life and family to a five-year-old girl who has suffered well beyond her years at the hands of Hydra.
warnings | AU similar enough to OU to include spoilers to many Marvel movies (Age of Ultron and beyond). mature themes related to child abuse/neglect, ptsd/trauma symptoms in a child (developmental discrepancies, de-humanized behavior, detachment, extreme fears). somewhat evil!Tony Stark.
"Holy shit!" the charismatic voice of Tony Stark exclaims through my earpiece as the bottoms of my boots hit steadily against the uneven ground beneath me. "How many Hydra freaks are in this place? Did we know we were hitting a total jackpot?"
Huffing out a large puff of air, I try to steady my breathing, focusing on the single task of running through the halls of the mysterious underground site while keeping an eye out for possible targets. The entrance to this place was difficult to crack through. In a little mountain preserve right outside of Seoul, we were finally able to shift the boulders around in the correct manner to reveal the secret door.
We've been storming the place for about an hour now. We've already rounded up dozens of high-ranking Hydra officials, and about twenty or so "experiments." I've only dealt with three of them so far; to say it's a devastating situation is an understatement at best. While we've all grown to know the evils of Hydra, these prisoners seem to have had it particularly rough. The worst part is that they can't recognize we're here to help. All they know how to do is fight, which leaves us with no choice but to take them by force.
"We’ve hit gold," Nat responds to Tony over our interconnected wire. "None of the other locations were ever this huge."
I continue to dash around the huge main room, watching as my teammates destroy the enemy. At this point, I’ve learned that Hydra isn't necessarily hard to fight. The most challenging part is the sheer number of guards and other members they have stocked here. Nat, Clint, and Thor are all in the main segment with me, mostly tackling guards and shuffling survivors out to the entrance where Hulk and Tony are waiting to throw them onto our ship.
Suddenly, an angry-looking man with slick black hair and icy blue eyes dressed in a crisp white lab coat charges at me, catching me off guard. I quickly brace my shield and grab him by the wrists, hurling him through the air. Stumbling back, he bumps up right against Thor. "Ah, another one. Thank you, my friend," the large man chuckles casually as he grabs the Hydra scientist and tosses him by his hair to Clint, who ties his arms and throws him by a few others who are dressed and bound just like him.
"Hey guys, how many prisoners was it?" Clint asks.
"Just grab as many Hydra members as you can. This site should have twenty-four experimental prisoners. How many do we have now?" Tony yells, clearly wrestling with something (or someone) as he replies.
"We've given you twenty-three!" Nat chimes in. "There's just one more. Someone should go look for him and the rest of us can finish up these bastards."
"I'll go," I offer, making my way to the holding cells. They're pathetic little rooms with glass doors, no more than a handful of feet both wide and deep. Each has a metal bed topped with a thin mattress and sheet, thick padded restraints tied to all the corners. The rooms are empty besides that. I sigh, making my way down the hall of the sad and depressing cells. Coming up to the final door, I notice that a white curtain has been draped over the glass, almost appearing to offer some privacy to whatever’s being held inside. I look back at the other doors and see that above each, there's a plaque with a number and letter coding on it. Looking back at the door in front of me, I find a similar plaque, only there’s no identification code. Just a single word: girl.
"Uh- guys?" I buzz in over the earpiece. "Why doesn't the last prisoner have a code?"
"What do you mean?" I hear Clint responding, "they all have codes. They serve as their names."
"I know, but this one doesn't. The sign above the room just says 'girl.'" There's a long silence before I hear someone turning on their microphone to speak.
"Girl... I've heard of that before," Natasha says slowly.
"Wait, I have too," Tony butts in. "I was briefed on her once. Apparently, she's not an assassin like all the other experiments."
"Not an assassin? Then what does she do?" Nat asks.
"She heals people. And supposedly brings them back from the dead," Clint says coldly.
I freeze, unsure of what to think or say. Brings them back from the dead? I wonder how she acquired that power, or maybe if she was simply born with it.
"That's right; that's what she does. I remember that now, she's been used to revive some of Hydra's top officials and assassins," Tony adds. "Also... don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure she's just a kid."
"Cap, just grab her; we can investigate more once we get her on the ship," Nat decides. "You need backup?"
"He won't," Thor cuts in, "if she's indeed just a child."
I take a few more steps towards the door, leaning up against the curtain to try to hear inside. There isn't any noise, no growling or groaning like I heard from the other prisoners. I sigh, almost feeling the need to... knock? Or at least give some warning of my presence. It doesn't feel like I'm about to meet a dangerous killer. Probably because I'm not, at least, according to the team.
Cautiously, I reach out with a shaking hand, slowly moving the curtain aside. Peeking into the room, it looks like the others. The metal bed sits empty in the left corner with the straps hanging down sadly to the floor. Bright lights illuminate the space, reminding me of a hospital. My eyes drift over to the right and settle on the surprisingly tiny figure in the corner. She doesn't look like she could be much older than five or six. Something else that surprises me right away is that she's chained to the wall and blindfolded. The other experiments weren't held like this; they were just loose in their cells. The girl has long brown hair that falls all around her pale face. She's emaciated. While the others we rescued were wearing battle gear and armor, bulked up and ready for battle, she wears nothing but what appears to be a thin hospital gown over her bony form. She hasn't noticed me yet, given that she can't see. I sigh, taking a few more seconds to breathe and take in her depressing state.
When I gather enough courage, I twist the locks and pry the door open. The sudden noises startle her and she jumps, shoving herself back up against the corner she's curled up in. I clear my throat, realizing that she probably thinks I'm just another member of Hydra, here to do... well, whatever it is they did to her.
"It's alright. I'm not with Hydra," I begin, my voice coming out firmly, as I'm not completely sure what kind of powers this girl possesses or what she could do to me yet. "You're being liberated. I'm going to bring you with me to safety."
She doesn't respond, her blindfold covering too much of her face for me to properly read her expression. It occurs to me that maybe my language is too sophisticated for her to understand, given the fact that she's so young. The thought even enters my mind that she might not know English. But I don't want to assume anything; I can't take any chances. She might be a child, but she's a child who's been programmed by Hydra.
Swinging the door closed behind me, I take a few steps towards her. She can sense me approaching and her body quivers, her arms coming up to cover her face. Resting her hands on top of her head, she swallows hard. A terrified whimper rises from her throat and at the pathetic noise, my body immediately softens. What on earth did they do to her?
Still several feet away, I decide to kneel down, even though I know she can't see me. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you," I say, my voice coming out surprisingly gentle and almost soothing in tone. "I'm just gonna help you out of your chains; I can take your blindfold off, too."
I inch myself a little bit closer so that only a foot or two separates me from the shaking child. Slipping off my red gloves, I shove them into a pocket on my belt. My strong hands reach out and meet the ends of the cloth that are covering the little girl’s face. She cowers, her breathing escalating rapidly. I wish there were some way I could calm her down. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for her. More than anything, I just want to get her out of this place; surely it has been unforgivably cruel to her. As gently as I can, I unravel the tightly bound blindfold and pull it away, revealing two light green eyes full of tears. She only meets my gaze for a moment, but the amount of pain held within her expression is enough to fill an entire lifetime. She squints for several seconds in the light, and I wonder when the last time was that she was allowed to see. She looks me over and becomes confused, clearly not recognizing me.
"My name is Steve Rogers. I'm Captain America," I tell her, not knowing if she'll know either name, "I'm here with the Avengers. We're taking down Hydra and we know they've hurt you. We're here to help."
"Don't hurt Girl." Her soft voice surprises me in the silence. "No lab, n-not again, please," she adds. As her words hit me, it truly sinks in just how little and afraid she is. She's still young enough so that her pronunciation of certain words is off, making "please" sound more like "p’ease," and it just breaks my heart. At this point, strong, intimidating Captain America is gone, a much softer and warmer version of myself left in his place.
I shake my head, quickly assuring her, "No lab, I'm gonna get you out of here. I'm not with Hydra." She eyes me warily, clearly not convinced. "Your name is... Girl?" I ask, trying to show her that I'm a friend, not a threat. She nods. Offering her a gentle smile, I tell her, "My name's Steve. I'm gonna help you out of here, Girl," I repeat. "It's gonna be okay."
I reach down and take one of her tiny wrists in my hands, only for her to recoil instantly in fear. Quickly, I soothe, "Hey, hey, it's alright. Let's get you out of these chains, okay?" She doesn't seem any less uncertain, but can't stop me as I pry the metal apart with my bare hands. It appears she senses my abnormal strength, and I can tell that it only instills more uncertainty within her.
Once the chains are removed, I scoot back a few inches, waiting for her to stand. When instead she only continues to tremble and look up at me, it occurs that she may be too weak to get up.
"Do you need some help?" I ask as softly as I can. She lowers her head submissively, not saying anything to me.
I look around the room, my eyes landing on the thin sheet atop the bed, which is what I'm assuming she was given as a blanket. I retrieve it and quickly kneel before her again, carefully draping the sheet around her shivering form. "I'm gonna pick you up now, Girl," I tell her gently as a warning. My arms reach out and gather her close to me. Her body stiffens, and she lets out a frightened sound. “It’s okay,” I remind her, “not gonna hurt you.”
Standing, I notice that it feels like I'm carrying nothing. As I frown over her malnourishment, she begins to grow a little bit more restless in my arms, not exactly trying to escape but clearly scared out of her mind.
"No lab, please- please don't bring Girl there, please don't," she begs repetitively, tears rolling down her cheeks, causing her skin to shimmer in the bright lights.
"No lab, it's okay," I tell her warmly, "we're going somewhere safe. Not a lab, I promise." She looks up at me, obviously doubtful, but I think she knows that she doesn't have a choice whether or not to come with me.
"Hey Cap, you alright in there?" Nat buzzes over my earpiece.
"Yeah, I've got her," I reply, still talking rather softly. "Tony, grab a blanket and have it ready. And everybody, listen up: she's not an assassin. She doesn't seem to be dangerous at all, but she's in pretty bad shape. Be nice."
"Wait a minute, we have no idea what she could be capable of," Clint responds, seeming unconvinced.
"No, I'm telling you. I'm gonna carry her out now. Just- just be nice, okay? She's just..." Tears are suddenly welling in my eyes as I look down at the young victim in my arms who’s quaking with terror, her own cheeks damp as she cries softly. "She's just a little girl."
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rockforthedead · 8 months ago
din’s first kiss
request: since you asked for drabble requests, could you do din having his first kiss?
summary: Things are better confessed in the dark.
Words: idk because this was typed on my phone so please excuse the typos!!!
Warnings: major fluff, kissing, i think that’s it!
When Din had told you that you were stopping in Hoth, you had thought that it was just to rest for a few moments.
What he had been hiding from you; was that it was because the Razor Crest was running out of fuel, and Hoth was the closest planet in the Outer Rim that they could land on.
You could feel the cold rush of air through the ship as he landed, the child wrapped tight in your arms. The glass immediately became fogged over from yours and Din’s warm breath.
“Not exactly the ideal place to take a rest, considering how close to sundown we are.” You started. All there was around the two of you was snow, and the faint cries of wampas, you hoped far enough that they wouldn’t see the ship.
“Yes, but we need to get fuel.”
Your heart dropped. “Where are we going to find fuel on Hoth?”
“I don’t know, we’ll have to go looking tomorrow. It will be dark soon, so we rest tonight.”
His voice sounded nervous through the modulator. The child let out a squeak, and wriggled in your lap to nuzzle closer.
“I know it’s cold,” You whispered to him. “But it’s just for a night...” You looked up at Din. “Right?”
“Right.” Din nodded. “We’ll isolate the ship,” He flipped a few switches, and visors went over the windows of the Crest. “Keep all the cold air out that we can.”
That was what lead to the three of you moving to the cockpit, where it was warmest. Though cold, the child fell asleep quickly, wrapped in two different blankets, along with being underneath your own.
Din was on the floor behind the seat, his own blanket covering his long body.
You found yourself unable to sleep from the temperature, though nevertheless soothed by the sound of Din’s breathing.
“Can’t sleep?” His voice interrupted your frustration. You jumped, sure that he was asleep.
“Cold.” You mumbled, standing up and setting the child in the seat. You wrapped the blanket around your shoulders and moved to sit across from him against the wall, your boots flush against his thighs. He paid no mind to it.
“Yeah,” He sighed. “Sorry.”
“It’s alright. Not your fault.” You reassured him. “We both haven’t been making enough units for a single bowl of chowder.”
Din’s beskar helmet knocked against the wall with a gentle clink.
“What are you gonna do... when we find a safe place for the kid?”
You frowned. You had once been someone he had been assigned to hunt, but after seeing the kid, you offered to help care for him until you found his home.
You supposed it was true that you were still his prisoner, but you didn’t see it like that. You knew he would let you leave anytime you wanted. But you didn’t want to.
“Well, I haven’t anywhere else to go.” You explained. “I’ve got a pretty cozy home right here. Cold or not.”
You could feel Din staring through his visor.
“If you’ll have me.”
You could hear the breath Din took to respond, but it was cut off short by the sound of the ship powering down. They were officially out of fuel, and the lights turned out one by one. All you could see now in the cockpit was the slight reflection of Din’s armor, but nothing else.
Neither of you moved. It was only a matter of time before that was bound to happen.
“You’ve never asked me about all this before.” Din acknowledged. “My helmet.”
“Yeah, didn’t think I should. I don’t like when people ask about me either.” You responded, desperately trying to make a shape of him in front of you.
“You can ask anytime you want.” He said after a moment. “I don’t mind.”
Feelings sparked up in your mind at that, mostly remarks of gratitude. You were honored that he trusted you enough to answer questions of the Mandalorian, however certain things just felt wrong for someone like you to know.
“I have one question.”
“We’ve got some time.”
“How much have you missed? How many opportunities have you had to leave because you can’t take that off?”
Din was silent, and you were almost scared you crossed a line until he shifted, the side of his leg now pressed quite snugly against yours. You smiled in the dark, feeling secure.
“I haven’t taken this off in front of a living thing since I was young, maybe six or seven.” He began. “So I’m sure there is plenty I have missed. No one I am fond of has ever seen how I look.”
“Yes but specific moments.” You asked, resting a hand on your chin. “Has there been a specific moment where you just wished for a single second you could have taken it off?”
Din hummed at that question. You could hear the sound of leather rubbing together, his fingers twiddling, and the metal of his helmet moving from side to side against the wall.
“There was this beautiful woman on a distant planet, I helped save her village. I think the day I left.. I would have-“
“Kissed her?” You said, amusement laced in your voice as you visualized the scene in your head.
The Mandalorian sighed. “Maybe we should get some sleep.”
“No!” You sat up. “I’m not laughing. It’s just- since you were six or seven when you were sworn in, have you ever kissed anyone?”
“No,” Din said, disappointment evident. “I don’t think I have.”
Your heart ached for him. Even with your small, less adventurous life, you had experienced the excitement of a first kiss when you were fairly young. It was one of the joys of becoming a young adult.
Din had never felt the heart-pounding fear of wanting to kiss someone desperately, but you had. You knew it like the back of your hand, and you could feel it then.
“Din,” You swallowed, crossing your legs and scooting yourself closer to him. Your right leg was almost on top of his now, though you really couldn’t tell with how dark it was. “You trust me, right?”
Your hands gently lifted to touch the bottom of his helmet, and he gently grabbed your wrists with his gloved hand.
“I can’t see anything.” You reassured him, and after a few moments, his hands were gone from your skin.
You chewed on your lip, resuming the removal of his helmet carefully. Once it was fully off, you set it down at your side, enjoying the metal echoing off of the floor and around the cockpit.
The first thing you did once the helmet was gone was touch the sides of his face. You didn’t think you had ever touched his real skin before. It was smooth and warm, probably from the fluster of the situation, but as you felt deeper you realized just how beautiful he probably was.
His nose felt as if it was sculpted, his eyelashes long and fluttering, and his cheeks soft and plush. Perfect, you thought, for leaving lingering kisses on. His jawline, which you found to have bits of sandpaper scruff, was sharp and rigid, and just as square as you had imagined it. His hair, though you didn’t risk running your hands through it, felt wavy, with a wisp running across his forehead softly before disappearing behind his ear.
It made you smile embarrassingly wide.
“I bet your eyes are dark, but gentle.” You queried through your grin. “Your face... the softness of it. It feels like home.”
“You’re exaggerating.” Din teased, and your eyes rolled for a moment. You pressed a nail lightly into his cheek.
“I’m serious. You’re beautiful.”
“How can you know?”
“I just do.”
It took a while before Din’s hands lifted to do the same thing to your face, his gloves suddenly gone.
“You know what I look like.” You exclaimed, your thumbs just at the corner of his mouth, so you could feel it open as he spoke.
“I do, but how could I get tired of it?” He asked quietly, and your cheeks flushed.
His fingers ran down your nose gently. His fingertips were rough and calloused and tickled the skin, but in a pleasing way, that had your face running hot as his ran his thumb over the shell of your ear to your jawline.
“I was taken aback the first time I saw you,” He explained. “You were beautiful. Then... you offered to help me with the kid just after I had a blaster to your head.”
His fingertips ran over your closed lips.
“I wondered how a soul so beautiful as yours ended up with one as ugly as mine.”
You frowned, pushing on his neck to bring your faces closer together.
“Din Djarin, people would line up and pay to kiss you if they could.”
All you felt was his hot breath against your face before your lips were melded together in a delectable manner. A small sound left his throat but never made it past his lips as you captured it, clinging to him like he would float away any moment.
First kisses were never nearly as good as this one was, or filled with as much emotion, whether you or Din knew it or not. His hands were stuck in your hair, and yours on his cheek and jaw.
It was full of unspoken words that had now been said through one lock of lips. It was how the two of you stayed for a long time that night, blankets and legs merging together with small giggles of encouragement.
The freezing temperatures of Hoth had been long forgotten until the sun rose. By then, Din Djarin was willing to do anything for you to keep you safe. The feeling of your lips on his still lingered long after the beskar helmet was back on his head.
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