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screaming--agony · 3 months ago
Dear Diary,
It hurts.
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bunsblr · a year ago
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What is going on with cc lately? I mean @serenity-cc‘s Bohemian Child collection is like actually perfect. 
Hair, top and jeans by @serenity-cc Glasses by @pralinesims Necklace by @enriques4
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dana-chan-the-control-brain · 3 months ago
if you see me in ur notifs
I told u this would happen again one day & guess what happened what the fuck
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luvr--boy · 4 months ago
guys it's happening again..the trans inside me is coming out again...😖😖
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man, fuck you.
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jktones · 16 days ago
root beer and mint choco ice cream belong in a place where sunlight does not exist sorry to all mintcho lovers 😽
my mouth actually dropped open at this oh my goodness 〣( ºΔº )〣
these are sTRONG WORDS-- we can let the lovers of our dislikes sit in their corner and we sit in ours, okie? okie.
-dodgey eyes- ahem. does that mean i sit in the middle because i don't like mint choco chip ice cream but i like root beer? (°ロ°)
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pleasemeosaur · a year ago
Apparently the Nine fansites are not over Saturday's fansign either because this shit keeps rolling in 🙃
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maxsix · 10 months ago
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snowraincloverflower · 7 months ago
The 'Goodnight my lady' though... I loved them so much 😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖
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niallandtommo · 4 months ago
today is one of those days where i can't stop thinking about how much i miss one direction
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catella-ars · 11 months ago
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@1small-frogs @cryptixmoth @sunsable
Did I miss anyone?  Hope y’all are proud of yourselves, because I am.
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thundergrace · 4 months ago
Hey, fic writers, did we know about the elephant?
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screaming--agony · 6 months ago
Dear Diary,
An energy drink doesn’t cure my type of tired.
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indecisiveartform · a year ago
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Yall I’m really trying to keep up, theres so many and more keep getting posted!! Which is Amazing.
BUT it’s distracting me from making my own art and participating. It’s like I want to participate but new interesting fics keep getting uploaded and I’m like, just one more.
Here’s my zukka day 1 piece if you wanna check that out     
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spookygibberish · 5 months ago
Sorry I haven't posted much I'm feeling extremely uninspired and disinterested in art lately...
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gingerninja8 · 2 months ago
Is there another fucking Yugioh series coming out?(Or already out) Yugioh Go Rush?
They’re still making new Yugiohs? When did sevens come out? It wasn’t that long ago was it? Like last year? And we have a new one already? I remember a post about rush duels. I thought that crap came from sevens. I’m thinking it might be from go rush.
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ringchollyandfriends · 15 days ago
At first, the idea of having to care for Puppy, considering that he's very fearful of people scared me. Then the idea of six months scared me. Then the idea of two months scared me. And now I'm at a point where even getting through today is too hard.
I don't know how to do this.
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tay-words · 10 months ago
Thank you Portwell Nation for the recent article shares. I would be not as knowledgable about such important matters without you all. 😉😊
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herewegobebe · a year ago
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Taemin - Knowing Brothers with SuperM  (8/29 @ 9 PM KST )
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hbhg-archive · a year ago
they're taking hannibal off of netflix in june 😭😭😭
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1eos · 7 months ago
i think leo saw me saying i would do the digital equivalent of a petrol bomb in his replies nd did exactly that to my inbox
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