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yourwonkywriter · 6 months ago
The silent treatment
Pairing: Bishop Losa x reader
Requested by: @angelreyesisdaddy04 I’m sorry this took a me a billion years, but I hope it’s something like you had in mind! ☺️
Warnings: Unprotected sex, mentioning of bodily fluids, language and Angel being his regular self.
Tumblr media
“How was I supposed to know that? It’s not like I’m able to be around here every second”
“That’s the problem, Obispo! I can’t even remember the last time I fell asleep with you next to me, or even woke up with you. I’ve tried to see things from your point of view, but when are you going to start seeing things from mine?”
“I will, querida, I promise. It’s just a rough time right now, but I’ll work on things between us, okay?”
That conversation was exactly two weeks ago, and so far, Bishop has yet to fulfill that promise. To say you’re angry would be quite the understatement, as today was the day you finally had enough.
If Bishop couldn’t understand how you were feeling without him, you would have to find a way to make him understand. And what better way to do that, than to give him the silent treatment?
He returned home a little earlier today, and you could hear him call out for you, but you just ignored it completely. Instead, you just continued folding the laundry in front of you, while listening to his footsteps getting closer.
“Hey, sweetheart” he leans in to give you a kiss, but you just swerve out of his reach, not even acknowledging his presence.
He gives you a confused and almost offended look, as you never turned down a kiss. “Everything alright? Why can’t I kiss you?”
After having to physically refrain yourself from scoffing, you walk out of the room and into the living room, taking a seat on the couch.
“Did you lose your tongue? I’m trying to talk to you here” he says, keeping his eyes trained on your face, looking for any signs that might explain what’s going on. When he doesn’t find any, he moves to touch your cheek, but you’re quick to dodge it. “Seriously, querida? Aren’t we a little too old for the silent treatment?”
After a good five minutes of trying to get your attention, he realizes you won’t budge. Bishop gets up from the couch and lets out a loud sigh, not out of annoyance, but because there’s nothing he finds worse than not being able to talk to you or make you laugh. You keep your focus on the television, as he makes his way over towards the bedroom again.
A part of you feels like running after him, like you should make sure he’s alright, but the other part knows he should experience what you have been through all this time, to really make him understand your feelings.
The next day you woke up to a little note that Bishop had left behind, something about how he had to take care of some things at the clubhouse, and even in your tired state, you managed to find the energy to roll your eyes. Surprise. Throwing away the little paper, you decide to enjoy your free saturday without him.
The hours went by rapidly, and right as you’re about to change into something more comfortable, your phone starts to ring. You notice Angel’s name on your screen, and you frown lightly, before picking up.
“Hey Angel, what’s-“
“There’s something wrong with Bishop, he says it’s his heart, please just come to the clubhouse!”
Time seems to stand still as you process Angel’s panicked words, your mind going through a thousand awful scenarios. Not giving him an answer, you bolt outside, not wasting anymore time to find your man.
You practically kick open the doors of the clubhouse, where you’re met with all of the guys. “Templo”, is all you need to hear.
Sliding open the door, you find Bishop in a perfectly fine condition, along with a big grin plastered on his face. Your worry gets replaced with pure irritation, not believing this idiot.
“What the actual fuck, Obispo? They said there’s something wrong with your heart, how can you lie about such a thing?” You say, smacking him on his shoulder, making him laugh loudly.
“It wasn’t a lie, querida. My heart’s breaking, and it’s because of you pretending I don’t exist!”
“Wha- have you completely lost your mind, old man? You should’ve been an actor, instead of a part of this club”
You reach out to smack him again, but this time he catches your wrist and pulls you onto his lap. He grabs the back of your hand and presses his lips against yours. Your pride begs you to push him away, but after barely touching him the past few weeks, the lust convinces you otherwise.
The hands that were now settled on your waist, move to pull up your skirt, before palming either side of your ass, giving it a loud smack.
“You have to stop ignoring me, sweetheart”
“You have to stop giving me reasons to do so” you murmur, while pressing yourself against the growing bulge in his pants.
He groans at the sudden sensation, making you send him a small smirk. He raises an eyebrow in amusement, and without warning, Bishop tears your panties from your body.
“How about I give you some reasons not to” he whispers, pulling your bare pussy over his still clothed erection.
His lips were everywhere, trailing fire in their wake and you’re sure he could hear your heartbeat inside your chest the second he sucked on that sensitive spot on your throat.
A familiar feeling built inside of you, making you disregard the anger you were feeling all this time.
You needed to touch him, feel him.
Your fingers interlaced in his hair, and you watch him shiver from your touch. His large hands are groping every part he could possibly reach, while you're grinding against him, staining his jeans with your dripping pussy.
“I need you inside of me” you tell him, a small sigh leaving your mouth.
“Then take what’s yours, querida.”
Not needing to be told twice, your hands move to undo his zipper, taking him out completely. You give his cock and a couple of brief strokes, before lifting yourself up on his lap.
Rubbing him back and forth through your slick folds, you make sure to get him nice and wet, and guide him towards your entrance.
The second you sink down onto him, both of you let out a loud and desperate moan, savoring the feeling of him stretching out your walls. It didn’t matter how many times you’ve fucked before— it always managed to feel like the first time.
"I missed this," you tell him, and he groans again in agreement, while tightening his grip on your hips. Bishop begins to thrust up into you, and you sink down a little harder, letting him know it was you that set this pace.
"Fuck.. Me too, sweetheart" he grunts, and you decide to move faster.
Bishop follows the pace of your movements, and it wasn’t long before the sounds of loud moans filled echoed through the room. You’re holding on to his broad shoulders, as both of you are building more rapidly towards your climaxes.
“You feel so fucking good wrapped around me” Bishop groans, while pulling up your shirt to have a taste of your hard nipples. His tongue worked skillfully, paying both of your breasts the same amount of attention they deserved.
It wasn’t long before you were close to the edge, and you allowed Bishop to give you that final push. He rubbed his fingers in short, hard circles over your clit, triggering your orgasm. The mind-blowing feeling had you crying out his name, your back arching into his touch and your toes curling with pleasure.
The screaming of his name, and your walls suffocating his throbbing cock, had him burying his face into the crook of your neck. With a couple of more thrusts, he came inside of you.
Neither one of you spoke while catching your breaths, so it wasn’t long before reality had set in again and the anger was starting to return. Bishop immediately caught on, though, and pulled you in for a soft kiss.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I know I fucked up” he began, placing multiple kisses against the side of your face. “And I know I’ve said that before, but this time I truly mean it.”
“You broke your promise, Obispo”
He notices your eyes aren’t on his, so he gently grabs a hold of your chin, signaling for you to meet his gaze. “Hey, look at me”
“I’m a fucking idiot, and I messed things up. I used the club as an excuse, but the truth is, you’re my number one priority, and it’s time I start acting like it.” He says, making you nod your head in agreement.
“For starters, I won’t be home later than eight, no matter what happens. Also, sunday’s are our new movie nights, and you get to pick every single movie you want to watch.”
“Even the Notebook?”
“Yep,” Bishop says, trying to sound confident, but the pain in his voice is too evident. “Even that atrocity. So, am I forgiven?”
You take a quick moment to consider the offer, which to be honest, is almost too good to pass up. Bishop pokes at your sides, anticipating your answer.
“Fine, you’re forgiven.”
A big grin creeps up on his face, and he pulls you in for another kiss. You can’t help but smile against his lips, but before you can actually enjoy the moment, you hear a loud knock on the door.
“It’s nice to hear that the two of you found a way to make up. You’re welcome, by the way!”
Fucking Angel.
Tumblr media
If you’d like to be removed from/added to my Bishop (or general) taglist, let me know!
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oh-for-fic-sake · 8 months ago
So I have a massive headache like for more then a week now. So could you write a drabble/headcannon of Henry giving her a head massage or something.
Summary: Henry helps his little through PMS/Headaches
Warnings: Adult Situations, 18+, Smut, DDLG, Shower Sex, Period Sex? (Clit stimulation)
A/N: Gonna mix two in one here ladies, headache and pms!
Tagging: @viking-raider @isitmine @tinabean37 @loserrlauraa  @msblkfire84 @henrythickcavill @plainbrunettelbl @dummiesshort @cynic-spirit @pandaxnienke  @two-unbeatable-beaters @libbymouse @wolfieash @eldarwen333 @princesssterek @mom2000aggie @blackestpinkworld  @kebabgirl67 @luclittlepond
Tumblr media
Henry entered the bedroom frowning when he didn't see you there he'd thought you were having a lazy day today and come up from his workout.
His frown deepened when he realised not only were you not in bed but the bed was bare, the new sheets he'd put on yesterday were gone.
He padded into the bathroom following the sound of the shower wanting to check on you.
He froze by the door seeing the small unicorn pouch on the back of the toilet, the unicorn pouch used to house your reusable pads you'd switched to recently.
After finding having a scare with a tampon string getting loose and almost snapping you'd moved solely to pads.
But you ended up getting sore from the plastic sides of the pads as they rubbed your bikini line raw.
After spending your third period complaining he'd checked the day you'd finished and was appalled to find two red blister like marks either side of your princess parts.
He'd cooed at you sweetly putting some bepanthen on you and kept you bare for a few days to air you out and let the redness go/
Two days later he'd sat you down letting you pick out your own reusable pads each cute and durable, basically the same as your pampers he kept for when you were really little
He frowned looking in the bath and saw the sheets he crossed the room and pulled at the satin and sighed seeing the small stain.
Now that would explain why you were avoiding him.
"i-im sorry daddy!" you whimpered pitifully from inside the shower, resting your forehead on the cool tile sniffing.
"oh poppet don't be sorry it cant be helped, daddy will clean these up in a jiffy don't you worry" he said smiling to you.
He'd never be mad at you for this, it was an accident, sometimes you were caught unaware he wont scold you for it.
You whined at him nodding knowing he wont tell you off, but that didn't make it less embarrassing!
He waved off the sheets choosing to leave them i the bath, they wasn't hurting anyone there.
He looked past you to the shower controls and frowned. It was blue, the digital display reading 32.
"baby why is that so cold? You'll freeze!" henry asked a little too loud making your head throb
You'd come in here having a cool shower to sooth your aching head.
Your pms was bad this time, not only didn't you wake up with cramps and back ache, you were constipated too.
And then your head started hurting! It was bad all round!
"head sore daddy" you muttered twisting on the spot pressing your whole forehead to the tiles letting the cool water drum against your scalp in a strange uncomfortable but soothing mix.
"oh gosh poppet? Really?" henry asked only now realising how tuckered out you looked. He could see you were in pain. One hand holding your tummy the other rubbing the back of your hip.
"okay poppet, but daddy doesn't think a cold shower will do any good"
"i-it wont?"
"no poppet, can you turn it up for me nugget? I don't want you to get a cold" he asked just loud enough to be heard over the water.
You moved a hand out twisting the nob slowly letting the water heat up not wanting to burn yourself.
Whilst you were doing that henry was quickly ridding himself of his workout gear.
"good girl that's it 36 is much better~" he cooed at you before opening the glass door and slipping in with you.
"n-no daddy its dirty! I could-"
"hush you, there's nothing dirty about it, a little blood isn't going to hurt anyone now budge over" he scolded lightly pressing you further into the corner as he took up the space.
You sniffled shuffling back a few steps only being halted as he wrapped himself around you one huge hand kneading your back trying to help the ache.
"d-daddy I hurt" you said before tipping your head to his chest crying, feeling completely miserable!
"I know love, shh its ok turn around and daddy will help okay?" he said kissing your cheek lightly before spinning you the face away from him.
You hiccupped closing your eyes as you spun around in the spray of warm water.
Henry pulled the showerhead free and flicked it to the left making the spray powerful, he ran his hand under it testing the heat knowing it rose a little on this setting.
37, 38... 37 okay that's not too hot he grinned placing the showerhead back and angled it just right for what he had planned
"head back, let daddy wash your hair" he said slowly fingertips splayed over the sides of your head tilting it back.
"d-daddy?" you whined hands moving out to the wall before you trying to steady yourself.
"shh shh just close your eyes and relax poppet" he hummed
You did as you were told closing your eyes a few seconds later the scent of your shampoo filled the space, sweet summer fruits that smelt like the 'fruit salad' sweets you used to eat as a kid
You moaned his fingers were dragging through your hair pressing just right into your scalp massaging the tension
"ah there we go nugget~ see sometimes you just need daddies magic fingers~" he chuckled at his own little joke
"I love daddies magic fingers" you hummed purring pressing further back into him chaseing his hands as they mover lathering your hair
"oh I know poppet~" he scoffed before really pressing, covering your scalp with his huge hands and squeezing and rubbing making sure to knead out the tight knots on your head
"d-daddy~ please harder~" you whined trying to make him dig his fingers in to the pain, it hurt but was a good hurt.
"alright alright princess settle down" he cooed before pressing harder making his blunt fingers dig deep.
You winced but moaned turning your head left and right forcing your head back into his hands.
He pulled you slowly easing your hair under the spray rinsing still rubbing circles into your tense scalp.
"oh-oh? Daddy more it still hurts!" you whined frowning as you now only hand one hand rubbing the pain away.
He sighed but continued to rinse your hair much to your annoyance, the powerful spray was good, but not as good as his own hands.
He scoffed as your hand moved behind you grasping the hose connecting the showerhead to the unit and tugged trying to make him put the shower head back and keep massaging
"ah no, come on nearly done, then we get to condition in and daddy will rub your sore head again" he scolded lightly at you holding the showerhead tight.
You huffed but released the hose letting him finish up. Just to start the process all over again.
Slowly but surely he chased away the pain in your head and rinses the conditioner away.
Then he got to work on your other aches, namely your back.
He flicked sprayed your back letting you wriggle around funding the spot that hurt before holding the spray still and began kneading the dip of your back.
The shower lasted a good twenty minuets, him lathering you up and washing you massaging your aches and pains away leaving you with just your menstrual cramps.
He faltered looking down, he was of two minds whether to continue of not he read that it helped? He was you daddy, and honestly it didn't gross him out in the slightest
He finally decided to give it a go, besides you were in the shower everything would go down the drain.
He flicked the shower head to a lower setting once again testing the water temprature before directing it on your skin.
You were relaxed eyes closed half asleep when it happened, two fingers moved between your thighs pulling your petals open slightly, a third ghosting your bud
"D-Daddy?! No you- its dirty daddy no!" you squirmed worrying about bleeding on him.
"shh shh no its not stay still...See?" he cooed at you moving the water over your now exposed clit letting it stream across you in a steady pleasant motion.
"a-ah oh wha-daddy?" you mewled slowly rocking on the water unable to stop yourself.
"everything will be washed away, daddy read this could help your cramps" he hummed quietly into your neck drawing long strips along your slit letting the water wash over your core and his hand.
"b-but im bleeding!?" you whined still fretting over what he had planned despite panting and swaying your hips chaseing the fingers and the water.
"shh I know its okay just lean back- ah no, back poppet don't watch" he corrected using his arm to pull you against his chest.
He moved in precise movements pressing you to that all important high, curbing his own need that was growing thick behind you.
You were lost, maoning and gasping at the new sensation, the water beating on your clit in pulsing movments as his hand rubbed firmly over you.
Your legs widened and you moaned louder and louder crouching, squatting slightly trying to move closer to the sensations that held you on the edge.
"come on sweetly let go" he coaxed feeling the way you tried arching away still torn between your thoughts
"let go baby girl" he said again as you shook your head and tried jerking away, far to scared of making a mess
"it's dirty!" you sobbed as he didn't relent, forcing you faster to a high you craved and feared/
"well its a good thing were in the shower, cum... Daddy want you to cum! You can do it baby"
You whined as he still held you tightly, ushering you forward pinning your front to the tiles, hands still tucked between your legs
"let go little one, you want daddy to count you down?" he asked knowing your little praise kink would probably be the final push you needed
"no-noo I cant stop- please its- cumming!" you shook trembling trying to get free and avoid the water but he was a mountain of a man.
"5, come on you can do it" you moaned as he began counting you down, something he only did when you were holding back trying to fight your orgasm's, normally after being in a strop with him
"nooo! Stop-" you mewled hips gyrating wildly trying to run and hide and sail across the finish line all at once.
"4 cum for me princess, give in to me, let daddy see his good girl~" he coaxed sweetly into your ear nipping at it lightly.
"3 daddy can't wait for you to cum for him" he purred tucking his nose being your ear kissing your wet skin as you panted still trying to argue but your words failed each becoming a moan, desperate and needy.
"2 oh that's it soo close your so ready poppet, i know, oh i know my prefect girl that's it cum!" he praised moving his hand with renewed vigour as you tensed and arched widely, the sign of you finally hitting that peak.
You cried out rocking and trembling as you came, your vision turning black as your body tingled all over
"oh there we go! Good girl I'm so proud of you princess" he gushed littering your neck with kisses moving the shower spray away and rinsing his fingers that were tinted pink. Not that you needed to know that.
"oh see everything's okay, no accidents look" he said moving his clean hand up so you could see.
You groaned head lolling back unable the think let alone move.
He chuckled and hoisted you up, flicking the shower off
He got out of the shower whispering sweet words into your ear crossing the small bathroom
By this point you were putty in his hands grabbing the black towels you used whilst on your period.
"come on you, a nice cup of tea is just what the doctor ordered" he added unfolding your towel with one hand.
"d-daddy?" you said slowly yawning a little, rubbing your eyes cutely, ready to take a nap after being up early with back ache.
"yes poppet?" he asked eyeing you as he wrapped you in the towel
"my aches all gone" you hummed blinking at him shyly cheeks flushing pink
"Good love I'm pleased daddies fingers worked their magic, now lets get you dressed before you get cold" he hummed moving to the bed room grabbing one of your pads on the way out
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xsarcasticwriterx · 6 months ago
Wonderwall-part 5
Summary: Steve get closer to you the more your pregnancy advances and tony tries to keep his distance as he come to realize his feeling
Pairing: Tony stark x reader x Bucky barnes, some stucky x reader
Warnings: swearing, alcohol , some minor angsty angst, 
Notes: Ok i really like wonderwall right now so i'm going to update this more frequently (i say and watch i suddenly just hit a wall for this story)
Wonderwall masterlist
Tumblr media
It had been a month since your ultrasound and tony had been so distant but steve had been very close with you and bucky. if bucky was away he was everywhere you were caring for your every move. Bucky appreciated it  and loved seeing you and his best friend so close.
You currently were laying in bed with steve watching a movie. your head was on his stomach and he was playing with your hair. you two were eating chips and really only half watching it as yall kept joking around. 
Bucky was on a mission so steve has been caring for you these past few days. “you feeling ok?” steve asked and you chuckled “for the tenth time yes i promise i'm ok” you said tilting your head looking up at him. he smiled down at you and booped your nose. you laughed and smiled “just checking you've been silent for a while” steve said going back to playing with your hair.
“I was just thinking how nice its been being with you” you said reaching up and stroking his cheek. he smiled softly down at you. he cleared his throat “uh y/n-” steve started to say but the bedroom door opened. “oh hey steve figured you'd be in here” bucky said walking in “hey babe” you said. bucky walked over and kissed your forehead and gave steve a side hug.
steve's head landed on bucky's chest as he kept messing with your hair. “heard you've been taking care of her these past few days” bucky said. “he's been a perfect gentleman” you said with a small giggle. bucky laughed and out his stuff down sliding next to steve. you laying on both of them your legs on steves lap and head on bucky's.
“Tony said he's planning a party to celebrate our return” bucky mentions. you turn your head at the mention of tony. He had been avoiding you recently. Anytime you came near him or tried to speak to him he ran off in the other direction or suddenly had things to do. 
“tony spoke to you?” you asked. bucky knew how tony was avoiding you more so because he was also avoiding bucky. “nope he told nat and also told her to tell me something about him being too busy planning to do it himself. i don't know” bucky said with a shrug
“he still avoiding you two?” steve asked and you and buck replied with a simple nod. you were hurt by it, he had started this vow of silence to you since you had told him your past. you started to wonder if maybe he saw you were too broken. did he even want to be in the baby's life anymore? you sighed before shaking your head “lets go tony cant avoid me there” you said sitting up. 
“sweetheart honey you can barely spend an hour without puking or getting nauseas at least” bucky said stroking your hair “ill be fine. were going no if ands or buts about it” you said huffing and standing up. you walked to your closest and steve turned to bucky “there's no point in trying to change her mind” steve said and they both chuckled. you found a dress and set it up on the door handle. “now what time is it at?” you asked with a small clap. 
bucky gave a small laugh before speaking. He knew that he had no choice but him and steve would be on your tail the whole time making sure your ok. “9pm” bucky said. you gave a small nod looking at the clock which said 5pm in glowing letters. only 4 hours then tony has to speak to you.
at 8:00 you walked into the large bathroom attached to your room.stripping down you looked in the mirror touching your small stomach bump. you were close to the 2 month mark and your stomach was starting to prove that. you walked into the shower letting the warm water wash over you. you closed your eyes relishing in the warmth. you soon felt arms wrap around your waist, one human one metal. letting your head rest on bucky's chest he gave an approving groan before reaching for a bottle of soap and washing your hair. “how are you feeling today?” bucky asked massaging your scalp “mmm good steves been so much help and such a great friend when your away its nice” you said with a small smile. 
Steve was almost always around you and bucky. Anything you needed he got you any help you needed he helped. whenever you got sick he kept your hair out of your face. he’d always help you wash up after. he cared for you when your emotions got too prominent and took control. he kept you still doing small exercises and even researched what you should do when you got self conscious of all the weight you were gaining. He slept in your bed holding you close on days bucky was gone and you couldn't sleep. He cared for you, more than you or bucky knew. 
This isn't just for you though, he spent every moment not with you with bucky. they researched on the baby together things to do once their born how to be a good parent. They even tested how to make baby bottles even thought you had almost 7 months to go before the baby was born. you often walked into the room to find the two boys joking around, laughing. There was the one time you walked in on them slow dancing together to music from the 40′s. They said it was from the last dance they had gone to. You of course recorded it and kept it no matter how much they begged you to delete it. Steve cared for you two and would put his life on the line for you two even if it meant it'd be the end for him.
You stepped out of the shower and bucky followed after wrapping you in a towel. “steve is great isn't he” bucky said with a soft smile. “yea” you replied with a soft smile of your own but also a smirk. you looked at bucky's soft reaction to hearing your approval of steve. how his eyes glistened in happiness and a small smile stayed pressed on his face.
When bucky had first showed up at the compound the connection him and steve had lead you to believe they were together. One night you asked steve and he gave a small laugh before telling you otherwise. Not long after you started seeing bucky. You were honestly shocked nothing was going on between them and nothing had ever gone on. The chemistry they had was unbelievable and the sparks was as if someone was trying to start a fire.
Thou bucky had also thought you had a thing for bucky when he returned into steves life. The way you two smiled and laughed with one another. He saw it as a couple, he was never jealous just happy his best friend finally found someone. That was till you asked him out and he was confused. That lead to you telling him how you thought him and steve were together.
You slipped into your nice dark blue dress. you and bucky walked into the loud living room at 9:00 seeing everyone dancing and drinking. steve spotted you two immediately running over. “hey you two” he said with a large smile. “have you seen tony?” you asked. steve pointed to the bar where you saw tony drunkenly flirting with two girls. rolling your eyes you strolled on over leaving the two boys together.
 “shes gonna beat his ass if she has two isn't she?” steve asked and bucky patted his shoulder “that's our girl” bucky said before walking into the group chatting with other, That remark ‘our girl’ caused steve to chug down the rest of his strong drink. He wanted more no needed more but he really didn't want to enter the warzone known at you and tony.
You grabbed tony's jacket shoving him against the bar. the girl ran off in fear and tony put his hands up in surrender. you slapped him across the face before grabbing his jacket again “listen here stark your not getting away anymore ok. not happening nope. now your going to tell me why your avoiding me or ill keep slapping you till you do” you said pulling him forward and slamming him against the bar again. 
Steve had walked over to natasha stealing her drinking downing it too. “jesus what's up with you?” she asked seeing her tipsy friend. “thor you have any asgardian alcohol on you?” steve asked. thor nervously handed his friend a small shot of it. steve immediately downed it feeling the tingly sensation down his body “them” was all steve said “both of them” he said dropping his head onto the table. they immediately got it “so you finally admit it huh?” nat asked rubbin steves back steve lifted his head “you knew?” he asked. and thor laughed “of course we knew everyone did except tony,y/n, and bucky obviously” thor said. steve groaned and rubbed his face “what do i do?” he asked. nat patted his shoulder “tell them dumbass” and with that steve asked for another shot from thor.
You were still interrogating tony “I told you i cant say”  he replied and was hit with another slap. at this point his face was numb. “Bucky will slaughter me if i do and ill never be able to see my baby” he said tears brimming his eyes. “tony just tell me i wont let that happen” you said releasing your grip on him. “i cant” he said. you slapped him once more. tears fell “tony” you huffed out. he looked at you before rolling his eyes shaking his head “i'm in love you” he said tears flooding out, and with that he walked off. you felt your whole body freeze. you sat on the couch in the corner.
bucky walked over sitting next to you “you get your answer?” he asked. you cleared your throat trying to act natural “uh no no he would say i dont know” you said with a shrug. bucky groaned kissing your temple before walking back to the people. about an hour later a drunk steve plopped next to you. “heeeeeey” he slurred. you laughed before replying “hi stevie” you said ruffling his hair. it had grown out a little sense he'd been so busy caring for you he never had the time to cut it but honestly you thought he looked nice with it a little longer. “your so prettyyyyyyyyy” he said falling into your lap. you laughed and smiled down at him “your pretty too” you replied. steve pouted and you were confused but also adored it, he looked like a sad puppy. “what wrong stevie?” you asked rubbing his torso
“I have an issue” he said squirming and groaning. “what is it?” you asked tilting your head “i am in love with your boyfriend” he said. you laughed a little leaving steve confused. “I know” you replied. “huh?” he asked sitting up. “well yea i mean i knew” you said with a shrug “is that it?” you asked and he shook his head “i love you too” he said his head falling back. “me?” you asked with a small smile. “yes youuuuuu i am in love with 2 of the most perfect people and they love each other” he said slurring. “wait” he said looking at you “your not mad.” he stated. you laughed “no stevie a little shocked you love me? sure but i knew you love bucky always have and its not like you can control who you love” you said with a  shrug. “look tomorrow when your sober tell bucky just trust me. tell him. ill deal with him after” you replied. steve fell into your lap again.
once he was asleep you gave a small smile to him “i love you too stevie” you sai combing through his hair. bucky walked up to you “he asleep?” he asked. you nodded with a small smile. bucky lifted steve bridal style starting to walk to steve's room “where are you going?” you asked. bucky looked at you dumbfounded “to put him in his room” he said confused. “come on” you said entering you and bucky's room. bucky shrugged walking in, he layed steve down and he immediately curled into a pillow. “why here?” he asked. you gave a small shrug and smile “cause he has something to tell you tomorrow” you said leaving bucky confused.  Of course you still had no clue on what to do about tonys confession but that was another problem for another day. maybe one where bucky wont slaughter tony for it.
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julesclues · a year ago
fake dating
“hallelujah, my ass” // chapter 2
warnings: mentions of sex
pairings: jj maybank x reader
word count: 2.16k
Tumblr media
you had always loved eating dinner with your family. the talks, the laughter, and lets not forget the food. but today? today, you hated it. today, skipping dinner didn’t seem so bad. why?
because jj maybank was here too.
“so jj,” your dad starts, making your palms sweaty. you and your father were never close. he was really mean to you, and only you. to others, he would pretend like he was the greatest father in the world. but alone, he was the complete opposite. “i heard you’re dating my daughter. what are your intentions? are you just trying to get into her pants?” choking on your food, you look at jj to see his face a little red. “dad! what’s wrong with you?” you speak up, causing your dad to fling his hands in the air. “i’m just asking! he was always so mean to you, y/n. you would come home crying an–“
“i love your daughter sir.” your head snaps in jj’s direction after hearing him cut your father off. “i know i was mean to her in the past, and i will never forgive myself for that. honestly, i’m surprised she even gave me a chance. i can’t change the past, but i know i can change the future. and i know i want y/n in my future. i want her there. it would mean everything to me if you approved of us. but with all due respect sir, even if you didn’t, that wouldn’t keep me away from y/n.” jj looks at you and smiles softly, but you look down at your food, playing with it using your fork.
you couldn’t believe what jj just said. sure, all of it was fake but you couldn’t help but feel butterflies. you felt your heart skip a beat as your dad stayed quiet. he was never quiet.
“if you’d like me to go i can ju–“ you cut jj off as he tries to get up. “you’re staying,” you whisper to him, grabbing his wrist. “no jj, stay please!” your mom exclaims, taking a sip of her drink. “i can tell you love my daughter, so i am definitely in favor of this relationship!” she squeals, hitting your father in his arm. “and i need to have a talk with you.” your little sister laughs and taps your arm, causing both you and jj to look at her. “go upstairs, they won’t notice. i’ll just say you got sick or something.” you move your hand to the top of her head and kiss her. “thanks sis.” you grab jj’s hand in anger and run upstairs with him. closing the door, you turn to him.
“hallelujah,” he sighs. “i really saved our asses back there, huh?” you punch him in the chest but considering he was much stronger than you, he only grunted quietly. “hallelujah, my ass!” you yell. “what was that? this is supposed to be fake! there’s no way you’re that good at improvising!” jj scoffs, sitting on your bed and running his hands through his blonde locks. “don’t be so self centered y/n! of course it was fake. i was just sucking up to your parents to make them think i was in love with you!” you sigh with frustration and look away. for some strange reason, you felt a little hurt. sure, you hated the maybank boy with a passion, but hearing him say all of that was fake.. hurt.
“whatever,” you mumble, pacing back and forth. “you need to sleep over,” you say, making him smirk. “shut up!” you say, throwing a pillow at him. he catches it, and throws it back at you, hitting you in the stomach. “i didn’t say anything!” he protests. “you were about to!” you yell back. “would you shut up?” he stands up, walking closer to you. “make me maybank!”
with the arguing and heavy breathing, you didn’t realize how close jj actually was. you take a step back, recollecting yourself. “can you just sleepover please?” you mumble, not wanting to fight with him right now. “fine,” he huffs. “but i get the bed.” you turn your head towards him and run your tongue along your upper teeth. “no fucking way.” you clench your jaw as he starts to prepare the bed for himself. “i said no jj!” he stops what he’s doing and turns towards you. “you always have to be difficult, don’t you?”
“listen to me you little shit,” you start, putting your pointer finger on his chest. “i know you’re helping me, and i thank you for that, but i am paying you $100 maybank. so just shut up, listen to me, and make your bed on the floor because there is no way we are sleeping together, and i am not about to sleep on my bedroom floor.”
jj looks at you intensely before grabbing pillows again and propping them on the floor. “i’m only letting you talk to me like that because it was hot,” he says nonchalantly. “shut your mouth,” you reply, walking over to your drawer to get pjs. “here,” you say, throwing sweatpants at him. “why do you have men’s sweatpants?” he questions, but you walk into the bathroom. before closing the door, you reply with, “it’s none of your business, asshole.”
fifteen minutes later, both you and jj were laying down in your assigned spots. you on the bed, him on the floor. scrolling through your phone, you cant help but keep thinking about what jj said during dinner. you had no feelings towards the maybank boy, but for some reason, your mind kept drifting to his sweet words. for you, this is going to be harder than you thought.
jj speaks up, bringing you back to reality. “aren’t we supposed to know everything about each other?” you put down your phone, now the only light in your room being the moon shining through the window. “what are you talking about?” you say, but it comes out in a whisper. “you know, like how boyfriend and girlfriends know each other’s favorite color, or food. that stuff.” you chuckle slightly, and so does jj. “oh and what’s the deal with you and your dad?” jj asks, and your smile drops.
“oh i’m not– i’m not going to get into that with you jj,” you say softly, and he sighs. “but i–“
“i said no jj. goodnight.” mad, you roll on your side, your back facing where jj is laying. you didn’t like talking to anyone about you and your dad’s relationship. your dad was a mean guy to you, but no one knew it. he put on this facade in front of others, so when you used to try to tell people the truth, they would call you a liar or an attention seeker. so now, you refrain from ever talking about it.
it was quiet for a couple minutes. hearing jj shuffle and move, you roll back on your back. “green.” he says out of nowhere. “what?” you ask after a couple seconds. “my favorite color is green because it reminds me of frogs, which are my favorite animal.” you smile to yourself as he continues. “i love the clouds.. um..” he pauses, thinking of more to say. “as much as i drink beer, my favorite drink is actually hot chocolate. um.. i– uh..” he stutters, not knowing what else to say. “oh, i have a birth mark on my butt.” you laugh loudly, making him chuckle. “nice to see you’re still with me princess.” you exhale and reply with a soft “yeah.” silence falls through the air once more before you speak up this time.
“i love the rain but hate thunder.” jj smiles and closes his eyes. “how could you not like thunder?” he asks, playing with his rings. “i don’t know,” you chuckle. “just the loud noises make me nervous i guess. i know it can’t do anything to me, but i’ve had rough experiences with loud noises. you know, like yelling and stuff. nothing ever comes good after a loud noise.” jj noticed how you started to open up to him, but decided to not mention it. if he did, you probably would have gotten embarrassed and you guys would’ve been back at square one. he didn’t want to admit it, but hearing you open up to him about stuff you haven’t even done with the pouges, made him feel important. like someone finally trusted him.
“you still there?” you ask, grabbing jj’s attention. “yeah,” he says softly. “i’m here.” you think some more, and continue to tell him little things about you. “i like the slower version of songs better, i play with my fingers and hair when i’m upset in public because i don’t want to act on my emotions, and i’ve always wanted to go to paris. there’s a lot more, but that’s all i can come up with right now.” both you and jj find yourselves smiling widely. “i can’t wait to learn a lot more about you then, babygirl.” you chuckle. “babygirl?” you question the nickname. “was that not one of the nicknames i could call you?” jj asks sincerely. “no,” you say, but quickly add on, “but i liked it.”
“goodnight jj,” you say with a wide smile. “goodnight babygirl.”
the next morning was a rough one. you woke up with both the sun and your hair in your face. you look at the time and see how it’s 10:28am. you slept in. you roll over to look at jj and notice how he’s still sleeping. you giggle to yourself when you see how his mouth hung open, and his hand was entangled with his hair. you grab your phone, going to take a picture, but before you could, theres a knock at the door. “guys? it’s me, i have breakfast!” you hear your mom’s voice from the other side of the door and panic. if you and jj were supposed to be together, why was he sleeping on the floor?
“uh, one minute!” you scream, throwing a pillow at jj. “jj!” you whisper, as he opens his eyes widely. “my mother’s at the door!” groaning, he rushes to get up on the bed. he grabs the blankets and pillows that were on the floor and throws a pillow at you, hitting you directly in the face. “can i come in?” your mom asks, growing impatient. “n-no!” you stutter, as jj tries to fix his side of the bed. “why?” you mom asks. “i– uh,” you look at jj, and he shrugs, picking up the pace to put the stuff on the bed. “we’re having sex!” you yell, causing jj to try to hold in a laugh. “y/n,” he says with a small laugh. “what the he-“
“shut up just get in bed!” you whisper yell, your face red like a tomato after hearing your mom gasp. “you can co-come in now,” you stutter, as you rest your head on jj’s chest, hearing his heart beat kind of fast. she comes in and sets the food down on nightstand next to you, and walks to the foot of the bed. she eyes you two, putting her hands on her hips. “i hope you two used protection?” she asks, as you groan and hid your face further into jj’s chest. “mom, please,” your raspy voice mumbles. jj laughs awkwardly and looks at the food, hoping to change the subject. “what’s that?” he asks, eyeing the food. “i made you two cinnamon rolls! sure you’ll need some food after working up an appetite, huh?” she says innocently, but that only makes you blush more. “oh my god mom! please leave!” she chuckles, and heads to the door. “thank you ma’am,” jj says politely. she puts her hand on the door knob but before leaving, she turns around. “i don’t want any grandchildren just yet!” she says, and shuts the door.
jj looks down at you and smirks. “we’re having sex, huh!” you push off him and groan in disgust. “i panicked, okay?” you grab your phone as jj continues to lay down, taking in the comfort of the bed he was denied the night before. “i got a text from kie,” you say aloud. “she wants us all to meet at the wreck in an hour.” you look up at jj to see him already staring at you. “what?” you ask and he shrugs. “what do you mean what?” he asks. this is how much of your arguments always start. “i’m not in the mood to fight with you,” you say, looking back down at your phone. that’s when you get an idea.
“let’s tell the pouges that we’re dating.” jj gets up and walks over to the cinnamon rolls your mom made, taking a big bite out of one of them. he looks at you, thinking, and that’s when a big smile appears on his face. “i like that idea.” you smile back at him, feeling those butterflies appear back in your stomach.
oh no, you think to yourself.
whatever you do, do NOT fall in love.
🏷 tag list: @spencereidbasis @lonely-kermit @pankow1218 @octopus1284 @downbytheouterbanks @softtfordrew @maybanksbaby @teamnick @diverrdown
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sickyoonminie · 5 months ago
— Hoseok vs Water
A.N : here we go, hope you like it ! thank you for the anon that giving me this idea, i almost forgot this ep 😹
TW : emeto
Tumblr media
Hoseok bites his lower lips, hands reaching to Namjoon beside him, squeezing it, and grip it tightly as it's his lifeline. Namjoon that was laughing at how Jimin launch himself on the floating ball, turning his head, confused with the sudden touch. But all he saw is Hoseok laughing and smiling widely. Maybe later, Namjoon figures as he turns his attention back.
When the camera turns off for a quick break, that's when Hoseok's demeanor changes. He squeezes his eyes shut as his hand scrambling to find Namjoon's hands again, "Seok-ah, what's wrong?", Namjoon panicked voices trickling Hoseok's clouded mind. He's so dizzy. This waterpark was fun at first, but of course after all the run and jumps he needs to do on the camera and on top of that, on the floating board, his balance system begging for mercy.
"Joon-ah ...", Hoseok whimpers when he could feel warm liquid start creeping up and how his stomach suddenly become numb with all the sloshing and swirling inside. He tightens his hold on Namjoon's, " Nauseous .. dizzy", he adds. His breath becomes quick-paced and he keeps gulping, he's trying his best to not losing his food now. He faintly could hear the PD-nim shouting to continue the filming followed by a shout from Yoongi, "HOSEOK IS SICK". He definitely would giggles at Yoongi's shouting if he's not one second from losing everything in his stomach. He puffed his cheeks as putrid gas erupts from his stomach, making nausea inside him intensifies. He's sure he's gonna be sick right now.
"Seok-ah, can you stand up?", Namjoon asks, gaining a frantic shaking head from the older. The idea of moving terrifies him as he couldn't see straight right now and his stomach ... it will definitely wreak havoc.
"Lean on me, Seok-ah, I will hold you, okay? Let's move to more stable ground, the wave here just gonna make you feel worst", Namjoon proposed again. Hoseok bites his lips harder and swallow thickly before slowly opened his saliva-filled mouth, " Cant .. i'm so nauseous and dizzy, i would fall if i try to move", he murmured. He closes his eyes shut, feeling like his body riding along the wave and his stomach going up and down just like that.
Hoseok gasps lightly, "Joon-ah", he gulps down a warm liquid, " Can you hold me? I'm gonna throw up now"
When he feels Namjoon's steady hands wrapping around his shoulder, he opened his mouth slightly, letting the saliva drool to trigger another material. "Don't hold it back Seokie, you will feel better if you let it out", Namjoon's soft voice evaded his ears again. Hoseok could feel another hands start massaging his nape, the pressure making him more nauseous and it works, he finally let out a wet gag. He winced when he could feel his insides gurgling and liquid creeping back up before spurts from his lips to the water below, " That's it Seok-ah, you're doing well", Oh, that was Seokjin.
Hoseok tightens his held on Namjoon's arms when his body leaned further forward as a rush of the liquid rushing up and some of it comes out from his nose, making him choked up before another rush comes again right after. "Joon-ah", he croaked out as he gulps down another round of liquid, " Sick..."
"Its okay, let it all out", Namjoon's words muffled as his ears ringing when a deep heave erupted from his body, sending more of his breakfast today. Hoseok's stomach is eager to be empty as it keeps bringing more liquid after liquid out. Namjoon still steadily holding on to his shoulder and Seokjin massaging his nape, urging the process to come faster and preventing the younger to choke on his own vomit.
5 minutes went like a blur for Hoseok—as he only could feel his stomach spasm and then next thing, wave after wave spilling from his mouth nonstop— and he finally managed to lean back, completely exhausted after letting out everything inside his body. Someone rushing to bring him water, and he accepts it gladly. He uses it to rinse his mouth and calming down his burning throat.
"Can you move now, Seokie?", Seokjin asks softly, hands still massaging his tense muscles. He nods slowly. He couldn't be on this floating board anymore longer, the up and down from the wave just become too prominent to his liking. He shakily stands up, Namjoon and Seokjin immediately slide their arm under his, knowing that the younger would fall over they didn't support him. They made it to the camp, " Now lay down and rest, Seok-ah. We need to continue filming.. is that okay?", Hoseok studies the older and his leader's expression, that must be a shock to them both, "thank you", he weakly says before staff and medic starts rushing on him.
Resting definitely does good to his balance system as his head is no longer spinning and his stomach is not swirling like a washing machine anymore. He sits up, right when one of the staff checking on him, "Are they still filming?"
The staff nods, "Hoseok-ssi, how are you feeling?"
"Better, sleeping does help"
"Do you want to join them? They are eating dinner now, the last segment of filming"
Hoseok stays silent for a minute, evaluating his stomach. He figures that maybe one of two spoons of ramyeon wouldn't do bad, he needs another energy after all.
"Okay, i will join them"
The staff smiles, "That's a relief, I will send the makeup staff to do the retouch, okay? I'm glad you're feeling better"
Hoseok mustered a soft thank you and preparing himself. He laughs when he greeted with a loud, "J-HOPPEEEEE" from the members as he stepped his legs to the set.
Yeah, he's back.
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tlou-1 · 8 months ago
Joel x Reader (Home) - Chapter 13
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6| Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13| Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 | Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19 TBA
Tumblr media
Chapter 13 - You have some news to share with Joel, but how do you tell him about the potential of a child in your lives? He has a big secret to share also, one that he has been keeping for a while. Will you be able to reconcile once you know these things about each other? 
‘How were you supposed to tell him this?’ You think to yourself as you walk back home. The Doctor had promised you had her complete confidentiality, so that you had time to think about what you wanted to do. What did you want to do? You remember the conversation you had with Joel over month ago and he never sounded sure if this was something he wanted but could you bring yourself to get rid of it? It was part of you and him, this little thing inside you. 
“How’d it go?” Joel asks looking up from his almost read book. You were so caught up in your thoughts you hadn’t realised you had made it all the way home and through the front door. 
“Like I said, foot was perfectly fine” you smile at him. Could he tell something about you was different? Could he tell you knew something he didn’t?
“I have dinner ready, if you’re hungry” Joel moves into the kitchen to ready the table, guess he couldn’t tell. 
“That sounds great” you reply as you remove your shoes and boots. 
Dinner is pretty quiet between you both, Ellie wasn’t joining you tonight and was off with her friends. 
“So there was something I wanted to talk to you about” he sits back in his chair putting his knife and fork down. Joel begins tapping his foot and rubbing his hands along the top of jeans, a sign you knew meant he was uncomfortable or nervous. You feel your heart in your mouth, 'he knows’ you think.
“I wanted to tell you this before we got married but there wasn’t much time” he sighs. Growing impatient with your own nerves you push him to spit it out “Joel, what’s going on?”.
As far you were told since you met him - he and Ellie had met after her friend Marlene died. He from then on looked after her and they set on a path to get here to Jackson, where he knew his brother Tommy had created a safer community, somewhere Ellie could grow up. 
Joel leaps into the story, the real story that he never told you about Ellie being bitten, her immunity, trying to get her to the fireflies, what happened when he did, what he did and how he lied to Ellie. Once he finishes you sit for a minute, maybe more trying to let everything sink in. 
You sit forward and put your finger on the table, emphasising each word that comes out your mouth 
“You’re telling me, she has no idea what happened?” You ask.
“No I told her immunity meant nothing. I couldn’t let them - I saved her.” Joel says in a pleading tone.
“I can understand what you did Joel, I cant say I wouldn’t have done the same.  I love that girl… but to lie to her and to me” you trail off. It was all too much, knowing you were pregnant and being burdened with the knowledge of this too. You get up from your seat to put some space between you and Joel, he tries to follow but you put your hand out signalling him to stay put. 
“I didn’t want us to have secrets between each other, christ Y/N you’re my wife!” His voice breaks slightly. You look at Joel, his body stiff, his eyes watery and his hands shifting uncomfortably as he wants to reach out to you. 
“Oh so we can’t have secrets between us but its okay for you to pull me into this huge lie with Ellie? No” Your voice breaks and you start for the door.
You begin putting on your jacket and boots, “Where are you going baby?” He asks standing sheepishly in the doorway. 
“My sister’s, I can’t stay here right now. I will only say something I regret” you gulp. He protests, offering to sleep on the sofa, to give you space but you are resigned that you won’t be spending the night here. 
The Next Morning ____________
You wake up lying across from your sister, tucked under a blanker. You had sat up with her all night, of course you couldn’t tell her about what Joel had told you but you did let your other secret slip, you were pregnant. 
“It’s not so bad Y/N, I always wanted to be an aunt and you’d make a great mother. If that’s what you want of course” Molly said rubbing your arm.
“I know - It’s just been a shock and well Joel…” you decide to stop there, explain you’re tired and would like to go to sleep.  
Before either of you could get up there was a knocking at Molly’s door. She offers to go get it whilst you get dressed, you had patrol today with Joel and as much as you didn’t want to go, you would have to, how could you explain why you didn't want to? Molly answers the door to find Joel standing, looking tired and slightly dishevelled. 
“Morning Molly, Is she here?” He asks quietly. 
“She is, she’s just getting ready for patrol” Molly sighs. Joel replies with a simple okay and it falls silent between them for a bit as you head downstairs.
“You’re her husband Joel, you have to support her with whatever decision she makes. You got to look after“ you sharply make your way to the door so Molly cant say anymore. You thank her for having you for the night and you Joel set off on patrol in complete silence. 
When you finally reach the post and are signing in Joel finally breaks the silence “What was she talking about back there?” He asks leaning over the paper not making eye contact. 
“Molly? Nothing” You say dismissively looking out the window, the hills were covered in white snow. 
“You’re a terrible liar, Y/N. Always have been” Joel exhales and crosses his arms. His eyes staring at you waiting for you to break.
“At least one of us is” you mutter under your breath at him.
“Why don’t I get to lie like you hmm?” You question.
“I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell your the truth” he says perching against the table. 
“Oh, pshh. You think you are going to get out of this on a fucking technicality?” You scold him and he has nothing to say again. You don’t know why but you just blurt it out “I am pregnant Joel”. Maybe it was out of anger or to get a reaction from him.
He uncrosses his arms slowly and puts his hands on the table to steady himself, he looks as shocked as you did last night. 
“And you didn’t think you should tell me? Now who’s been lying to who?” He blurts out.
“You Bastard! That’s different and you know it. I wanted to tell you - I was about to tell you before you dropped this bomb on me!” You shout waving you hands in exclamation. 
“I am sorry” Joel exhales placing the bridge of his nose between two fingers, shaking his head. 
“Do you want to keep it?” He asks quietly looking up from his hands, and for the first time you had to give an answer “I think so. Do you want this baby? Your opinion matters too”. You ask him. Were you mad at him? Furious. Could you forgive him? Eventually, in time. Did you love him? Completely, even when you were furious with him.
“I - It’s not exactly the ideal environment for a child…” he says almost as quiet as a whisper. 
‘Oh god’ you think, “You don’t want to do it, do you?” You sit yourself down on the seat at the table putting your head in between your legs… you feel you might be sick.
Joel sighs and crouches in front of you so as that he is looking up at you, “It’s not as simple as that Y/N, it’s not that I don’t want us to have it. I can’t think of anything better, its just in these circumstances… we really got to think this through”.
“I know that” you say finally lifting your head from your legs. 
“I love you” he smiles softly and all you can say is “I know”.  You head for home. 
A couple days later and you and Joel still hadn’t decided together what you were going to do. Yes you wanted to have the baby but not on your own and you didn’t want to force Joel into it either. He has left to meet with Tommy and Ellie outside of Jackson, something about Ellie needing new guitar strings. Things had been slightly off between Joel and Ellie but the last thing they would need is you getting involved. Looking at the clock you would have expected them back by now, it had been almost two hours longer than you would have expected.
“Where are they boy?” You ask Bruce who is sitting at your feet, tail wagging. You paced the house trying to find something to do for half an hour before you say “Fuck this” and head for the stables. You sneak in and take one of the horses, if Maria heard you were setting out on your own she would have stopped you. 
You find the usual path to the music store blocked off and Ellie and Joel’s horses tied up outside a hotel. ‘They must have tried to make their way through here’ you think. 
As you enter the hotel, you can hear gunfire from a far and make your way towards it just hoping you could make it to your family in time to help. You keep quiet to avoid any infected but move swiftly. You can hear Joel and Ellie now that the gunfire had stopped, their voices were slightly raised at each other. “Is there something else you’d like to rehash?” You hear Joel say in a stern voice. 
You are about to enter the room when an infected comes running at you in the hallway, you aim and put a bullet right through its head just as Joel and Ellie come busting out the room guns pointed in your direction. 
“What the hell are you doing out here?” Joel yells at you, “We could have shot you!”. 
“You two had been gone for way too long, I was worried you had ran into trouble. Obviously you did” you sigh putting your pistol back in your holster. 
“You shouldn’t be coming out here in your condition, what if something had happened?” He exclaims, he seemed pretty frustrated. Ellie is looking between you both confused “Her condition?”, but you don’t respond to her question and Joel gives her a look.
“Joel, enough nothing happened. We are all still in one piece” 
“I will sort the bodies to take back to Jackson” Ellie leaves you both in the hallway to talk. She is still in earshot, as if Joel would let her leave his sight otherwise but you lower your voice.
“Bodies?” you ask and Joel explains that he and Ellie had found the young couple that left Jackson.
“Oh, their poor families.” You whisper.
“Yeah and we are still in one piece for now but we still have to get back. Were you even thinking about the baby when you rushed out here?” He huffs with arms crossed.
“I thought - we haven’t even decided what we are doing yet. I couldn’t not come after my family thinking something had happened to you” You say taking a step closer to Joel.
“Lets just get back home” He turns on his heels and goes to help Ellie. 
When you arrive back home after breaking the news to the family of the kids you had found, you feel heavy and tired. Joel is still taking his jacket off when you crash onto the sofa, leaning back into the soft cushion comforting your sore back.
“You scared the shit out of me Y/N” Joel says from the hallway. You close your eyes and exhale deeply. There isn’t much more you could say on the matter, you would always protect Ellie and Joel.
When you open your eyes Joel is standing right in front of you “I wasn’t just worried about you… I - I was worried about the baby”.
That afternoon had been the first time he used the word ‘baby’ when talking about the situation. You stand up and take his hands “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make you worry, alright”. 
“Y/N I think I do want this child. Today when I thought something might have happened to either of you” but Joel can’t finish that sentence.
“Really, we are going to do this then?” You couldn’t help but smile slightly.
“We are doing this” he says pressing his lips to your forehead.   
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The Twisted Threads Of Time
Neil × reader
Chapter 4: Deal Or No Deal?
Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3
Summary: gravity is physics. But anti-gravity? That's a whole different story
Word count: 1.8k (yes only because this is a bridger chapter)
Warnings: idek anymore
Authors note: I've been writing this all day. And I really think Neil is the cutest boy I've seen. Protect him lord. 🥺
Tumblr media
"Obviously!", you repeat, banging the table once before you fall back against your chair. The two men in your company jump at the sudden thud, watching you wearily as you process their words.
"You know, it makes way more sense why you came to meet me today."
Ives smiles at you, his uncertainty heightening with the funny smile on his face. The Protagonist almost mirrors this trail of emotions, still looking around in confusion.
"No no. Just relax. I get it now. But I mean. Why did you even come for him yesterday then? Just increased your own effort.", you quip, laughing out your relief as you wave a hand in the air. "And mine as well."
"Oh. Haha."
Its surprising how the tension is still thick in the air when everything is finally making sense. But maybe it's just hard for them to believe that Neil would let you pull him away from this.
"Ok wait you're actually ok with this?", the Protagonist asks, his hand bouncing a couple of times on the table as he emphasises the immediacy of the situation.
"Saving Neil from this godawful mission? Why wouldn't I be ok with that?" You laugh a little louder this time, already worried that you had missed out on a crucial link in the picture. "I'll just go back home and tell him this was all a mistake! And it'll be like this nev-"
"Wait! (Y/n)? I dont want you to tell him to quit!" The words are spoken in the lowest decibel but their urgency almost echoes through the room.
"Then how else do I *save* him from this mission?" Your eyes start to narrow, the air quotes still dangling from your fingers as the eerie silence prolongs.
"Oh my god." Covering almost the entirety of his face with his palms, the Protagonist buries himself in a moment of thought, emerging seconds later with no clear improvement.
"(Y/n).", he repeats, his tone as tired as the wrinkles on his forehead.
"Oh." Your voice is a whisper as the realization floods in. The saving wasnt from the mission. The saving wasnt from going in with these people. Because that he was going to do. In any case. It was his inevitable death you had to save him from. They hadn't called you for damage control.
They'd called you to look for a cure.
"I cant do this." Your voice is barely audible even in the absence of a background white-noise. You swallow back your tears, willing them to not brim over at least till you reach home.
"You're our only chance to save him." Ives reaches out a hand, placing it on your shoulder. He bends his head to the table, trying to meet your eyes but you're still too much in shock.
"Hes right (y/n). I've never seen anyone as thorough in this subject as you are. Yes there may be other people. Other visionaries and I'm sure you are about to name a few. But none of them will have the one thing you do."
"What is that? An increasing hate for the two of you?"
"A real motivation to save Neil."
You look up from your lap, the two men watching you with a tiny spark in their eyes - hope. It desperately clings to their visages like a mask used to conceal their deep-rooted fear of rejection. The fear that a no today can lead to ultimate failure. But the longer you look, the stronger that spark becomes. They know they've hit home.
"You're the only one who knows what's at stake."
"And how much it matters.", Ives adds with a smile. For moment you almost believe that Ives could be your friend, a partner in crime. Or victory.
"And why do you think I can do this?" A small restrained sniff emanates from your lips as you busy yourself with the scab at your elbow.
"Because you want to."
Even before you hear the words, you know they are true. Of course you want to protect him. And save him. And be with him forever and ever like they say in those childish fairy tales. And if adulting tells you that such a thing cant happen, then you want the next best available - a lifetime.
And if you cant save him from himself today. Or tomorrow. Or any time in the near future. Then you know you'd give anything to afford yourself another opportunity. As distant as it may be.
Clearing your throat in an attempt to clear your mind, you lean forward against the table, locking your eyes with the Protagonist. A fire burns behind them now and the change in your mood impacts the surrounding. Ives moves back into his seat, shifting uncomfortably.
But the other guy stays put. So you continue. "I hope you know this right now. Dont say I didnt tell you before. But I am only doing this for Neil." Your voice hangs on to every single word, drawing out each syllable as if this explanation was meant for a 3 year old. "If at any point I feel that this is going to compromise my life. Or his. I'm telling him everything- let me finish."
You raise your hand to silence him, turning up the intensity in your glare so the severity is conveyed. "I will tell him everything and leave you to your fate. The future. The world. And whatever else it is that you may be keeping from me. If you have my word, I must have yours."
"What word could I possibly give that could make you do this?", the Protagonist says, his voice almost completely devoid of emotion. Whether this is rhetorical or a genuine query, you already know the answer you want.
"Promise me that no matter what. No matter why. Neil wont be on the frontline unless you need it. He will never be told he is going to die. Nor will he be asked to. You let free will play its role and whatever little part destiny has to be fulfilled. If you can promise me this. I give you my word and my full commitment. I will walk you through thick and thin. But I... need... your word."
The emphasis on the sentence lasts for a couple of seconds longer than usual. The entire air feels charged with a certain breakableness. A fragility.
"I know what my word means. I would never promise you something I cant give you. But you have my word. Neil will be protected until the last moment I can try." You raise your hand upon the wooden counter, shaking the one he offers.
"Now if we're done with these solemn vows, what do ya say we go do some inverting, eh?", Ives jumps in with a mischievous grin. Although neither of you is still ready for the humour, at least the sudden interruption breaks your trance. You move back in your chairs, relaxing for the first time in the last half an hour.
The reality might take a moment to sink in but you knew you'd never want to back off. Neil's life meant too much to be left in unknown hands. And secondly, if Einstein couldn't have experience the relativistic phenomenon himself, the least you could do was experience it in his stead.
Shaking off the pressure of the situation, the Protagonist buttons his suit as he stands up, Ives following his lead. "Alright. That's all for today. We'll set up the next meeting soon."
"Wait whoa." You get to your feet in a hurry, the stool creaking loudly against the floor. There's a moment of silence as the entire restaurant looks around for the chaos creator but none of them seem to have much time and are soon back to their business.
"I thought you were taking me there today?" It's more of a demand but you end up posing it as a question.
"No I think tomorrow would be bette-"
"Yeah. No. Today is best for me." You pick up your bag and walk out the door, standing at the entryway, expectant and unrelenting.
"This chick is gonna get on your nerves.", Ives says, a proud smirk forming on his lips as he closes the gate behind him. You reach out a hand and straighten out a crease on his coat. "Be more professional, Ives.", you smugly reply, the Protagonist laughing as he shakes his head and leads the way to the black Sedan waiting outside.
"Hmm. Power suit. Power tie. Expensive restaurant. Sedan? Something doesnt add up here." The sarcasm still dripping from the edge of your lips, you laugh lightly. You're not usually like this. Your friends probably knew you as the *nice girl*. But only so much could be expected on a day when you are informed of your boyfriends death and your probable failure to save him.
"Yeah we need to be out of the public eye. Going under the radar, you know." He speaks without making eye contact, covertly ducking into the car as you follow suit. It's a half hour drive as far as you can tell, a half hour filled with Ives eating your head with stupid questions about Neil.
"Wait so does Neil just have a million doors in his house? You know so he can keep opening them. God love him but that lock obsession is bloody annoying."
"Yes but it's also what's going to save you guys.", you point out. "And the world, you thankless prick." You laugh at the hurt look he gives you, glancing at your watch once again, in a wait for the car ride to end.
Two minutes of walking and you finally reach the place that seems to be the real beginning of all your questions. It's a metallic giant of a building, towering massively over the rest of the void landscape. Theres guards standing outside, guns the size of your torso held firmly in their hands. It seems like you were the last one to be recruited because the rest of the corridors are bustling with activity.
There's an aisle packed with men engaged in combat practice. But something in their movement seems quite off. You halt to a stand still, watching as their motions fluidly defy any possible physics, flowing through the air as if gravity is pushing them some other way.
"One of those fighters is inverted. So his movements are actually seen the other way around.", says a whisper in your ear. You just nod in a daze as Ives drags you along through the passage, not wanting another delay.
You end up finally, in a room identical to the one in the picture you had seen. Theres a glass wall separating it into 2 halves, the two cylindrical cubicles at one corner of each. Theres equipment scattered on the floor - gas masks and shelves of weapons. But none of this really catches your eye.
"Oh. Hi, Neil.", you squeak out, your eyes only taking in his lean figure in a far corner. He was already here.
Next chapter.
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Flesh & Blood | Part Four
Tumblr media
Series Summary: A mysterious stranger with ties to your past shows up in your small village
Pairing: Count Dracula x reader
Word Count: 2280
Warnings: none
A/N: as always spelling and grammar is not my strongest skill so please be kind :) if you want to be added to the taglist please drop me a message in my ask box
Masterlist | Part Three 
- - - - -
You look around frantically but all you see is darkness.
“Please remain calm Y/N” a gentleman’s voice in the distance. You turn to face the direction it came from. Slowly the sky above you grows lighter, turning a shade of deep red creating silhouettes of the bare trees around you. Then you see him walking towards you, almost gliding through the liquid around your feet. 
“there really is no need to panic” Dracula looks right into your eyes as he comes to a stop before you.
“Where am I?” You ask, annoyingly unable to stop the nervous shake in your voice. 
“People keep telling me a lot lately that I’m safe, but I don't feel it” 
“You're home” 
“This isn’t my home”
“No. This is a dream” he gestures to the world around him.
You notice the tiny drop of blood on the side of his lips.
“It’s not yours” he says, taking a handkerchief from his pocket and wiping the blood away. 
“The man from the pub..”
“It’s not his either. Foul men have foul blood.”
“But you killed him?”
“He hurt you. He was about to do worse. I stopped him” he waits for a moment “You're welcome” 
He actually expected you to thank him for murdering someone? 
“You didn’t have to kill him! I never wanted that-”
“Then what is it you want?” He interrupts, stepping forward and closing the gap between you. He searches your eyes as his hand comes up to gently cup your cheek, his eyes flicker down to your lips.
“I want answers.” You say firmly, ignoring his attempt to seduce you. He huffs slightly.
“You haven’t asked me any questions”
“Would you answer honestly if I did?” 
He pauses, watching you curiously. 
“Another time” he turns and walks out into the darkness.
“Wait!” You shout after him “Dracula! Where are you going? Dracula!”
— — — — 
“Dracula!” You shout, sitting up suddenly in bed. You look around confused and to your surprise find yourself back in your own room. Could that really have just been a dream? It felt so real. And how did you get home from the alley? Had that been a dream too?
A notification from your phone pulls your attention and you pick it up from the bedside table. You read the text from Maggie:
‘Y/N please let me know you're okay! I’m worried about you love. xxx’
Then you notice the time. Shit! You were supposed to be in work almost two hours ago. You jump out of bed and run around frantically getting yourself ready.
You leave the house in a hurry and start running down the hill to the high street. You’re in such a rush you don't notice the black car parked outside your house which Zoe gets out of when she sees you.
“Y/N?” She calls.
“Cant talk. Late. Sorry!” You shout back as you continue running. 
Running down the high street you stop suddenly when you see police cars and a group of people crowded around the pub, staring into the alley. You approach slowly and join the group, trying to see what they can see. 
“What’s going on?” You ask, standing next to Roger. 
“Awful business. You know Donald, runs the weekly pub quiz? Found him dead this morning, throat cut.” He explains as he continues watching the police investigating the scene.
“Oh my god” you say breathlessly, realising that the events in the alley last night were not part of the dream.
“I know. I don't know what’s happening in our little village lately but it feel like something dark has moved in” he says before turning and walking off toward his shop. 
You stand there paralysed, staring in horror. 
“Y/N!” Zoe calls your name, making you jump as she comes to stand next to you, out of breath from chasing you down the street “sorry I didn’t mean to startle you… are you okay?” She see the look on your face. 
“This is my fault” you say quietly “he’s dead because of me”
“What makes you say that?” She questions as she leads you away from the crowd, studying your face carefully.
“Because it’s the truth.” You finally look at her “I bumped into him last night, I spilt his drink. He was drunk, and he got really angry and he tried to.. he tried to hurt me. But Dracula stopped him. Cut his throat open with his bare hands. I watched him bleed out. Because of me.”
“Y/N this isn’t your fault-”
“If I’d have been more careful, watched where I was going, or if I’d stayed with you at the foundation when you asked me he would still be alive now. You can’t deny that.”
Zoe just looks at you, not knowing what to say. Then she realises something. 
“Dracula didn’t drink from him?” she says, more thinking out loud than asking a question.
“Foul men have foul blood” you say mindlessly.
“What?” She looks at you confused.
“Something he said”
“He spoke to you?”
“I think so. I mean, not much but I don't even know if it was real.” 
She looks confused.
“I kinda blacked out in the alley after, you know…” you gesture to the crime scene in front of you “..and I woke up at home in bed this morning, I don't know how I got there. But I had a dream about Dracula and that’s when we talked. You must think I’m mad.” You laugh embarrassed but she shakes her head. 
“Not at all. In fact I think I’ve had the same kind of dream.”
You look at her with relief that someone understands and she smiles reassuringly. Then you hear someone shouting behind you.
“Y/N?! Oh my God!” Maggie yells as she runs to you and throws her arms around you, sobbing “you're okay! Oh I’m so relieved! When I saw the police this morning I thought.. well it’s not worth thinking about now you're here” Then she pulls away suddenly and hits you on the arm “don't you ever scare me like that again, my poor old heart cant take it”
“I’m sorry Maggie, I didn’t mean to worry you. It’s been a mad 24 hours” 
“What happened? Where have you been?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” You let out a laugh.
— — — — 
“so… he’s a vampire?” Maggie asks after you explain everything that happened yesterday.
“Yes. But this has to stay between us. No one else can know about this or there would be panic” Zoe says.
“I cant tell anyone? Not even Jan?” 
“Maggie! If Jan found out then the whole village would know within the hour. You can’t tell Jan, or Carol or anyone. Okay? If the villagers found out there was a vampire among us they would hunt him down and start a war. A war they would lose.” 
“Trust me, it’s safer for everyone if they don't know.” Zoe adds and Maggie thinks about it for a moment then nods her head in understanding. 
“Right, I need to go back to the foundation to sort some things out but I’ll be back later to discuss our next step with you” Zoe says and you nod before she heads out the door, leaving you and Maggie alone. 
“what do we do now?” Maggie asks and you move to grab your apron.
“We keep calm and carry on” 
— — — — 
It was a slow day in the cafe, you spent most of what was left of the morning in the bakery washing up and cleaning the ovens to keep busy. When you finished that you ended up flicking through the pages of the many recipe books Maggie kept in the kitchen. You were reading through the ingredients list of a creme brûlée when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You pull it out and your heart stops when you see Dracula’s name on the screen. You don't know how his number got saved in your phone but there it was, with a message underneath: 
‘Still want answers? Meet me on the beach at midnight.’
You stare at the message on your phone in disbelief. How had his number even got in your contacts? Why did he want to meet today? What was he planning?
“Everything alright love?” Maggie asks, walking back into the kitchen.
You open your mouth to tell her about the text but stop yourself. If you tell her she’ll tell Zoe, and they’ll both tell you not to meet him. If you don't meet him you don't get answers. But if you do meet him secretly and he kills you no one would know. You think then quickly slide your phone into your pocket. 
“All good. Is it busy out there?” You ask, changing the subject. 
“No I’ve barely seen any customers all day. I think the shock of last night’s murder has people scared.” She says, taking a bite of a muffin. You nod and hum in agreement. “You should go home love. There’s only a couple hours left til closing and you look like you could do with a rest. I can handle things here for the rest of the day” 
“I’m fine-” you begin to protest but she interrupts 
“No arguments, go home. Now.” 
You sigh, removing your apron and picking up your bag. 
“Thanks Maggie” you give her a hug. She hands you a box of muffins and cakes.
“Take these with you. They’ll only go to waste here” 
You take the box and smile before leaving and heading home. As you walk you pull your phone out and send a reply. 
‘I’ll be there.’
He replies almost instantly.
‘It’s a date’
— — — — 
When you got home you went straight to bed and tried to sleep but you just couldn’t. Your mind too busy thinking of every possible outcome of your meeting tonight with the vampire. After an hour and a half of lying awake in bed you give up trying to sleep and go downstairs just as Zoe knocks on your door.
You welcome her inside and she carries in a box of files labelled Dracula. You sit together at the kitchen table and look through them as she brings you up to date on everything they know about the vampire and his history. She tells you about Jonathan Harker and how he met Dracula. How he ended up at St Mary’s and how his fiancé Mina and your great great grandmother, Sister Y/N, had escaped to England. How Mina decided to set up the research foundation in her late fiancés name. She explains more about what the foundation was set up for and the work they’ve been doing. Then she notices how late it has gotten and she decides to call it a night.
“I know this must all be quite overwhelming right now but I want you to know I’m here for you, my phone is always on if you need me.”
You thank her as you open the front door for her and she steps out. You notice a black car parked outside with two men sitting in.
“They’ll be here all night watching the house to make sure you're okay” Zoe says before saying goodbye and driving off in her own car.
You give a small wave to the guys in the car before closing the door and heading upstairs. There’s still a couple of hours till your meeting with Dracula so you decide to have a bath to relax yourself first. Once you’ve finished you get ready and leave the house through the back door, sneaking out the back garden gate so the guys in the car don't notice you. If they found out where you were going they would either stop you or follow you and either way you wouldn’t get the answers you wanted from Dracula. 
When you arrive at the entrance to the beach you look around but there’s no sign of him anywhere. You are 15 minutes early though so maybe you just got there before him. You take a seat on a bench that overlooks the beach, watching the sea and the way the moonlight sparkles through the waves. It must send you into a daydream because you don't realise someone is standing behind you.
“You're early” a voice whispers in your ear, making you jump up from your seat. You spin around to see Dracula standing there, smiling a devilish grin at you “and you're alone. How very brave of you.”
“I’m not scared of you” you say, trying to sound believable despite actually being nervous around him.
“Why not? You should be. I am a vampire… I could kill you right here right now” he moves and suddenly is standing right in front of you, his hand brushing your hair away exposing your neck to the brisk evening air. He runs his up from your collar bone, gently stroking your neck “I could sink my teeth into this pretty neck of yours and drain every last drop of sweet blood from your body.” His hand suddenly wraps around your throat. He doesn’t apply any pressure but you know he could if he wanted to “I could break you so easily.” 
He looks into your eyes, his face inches away from your own. You feel your breath hitch in your throat. “You’re heart is beating rather fast for someone who isn’t afraid. Is this the effect I have on you? Hmm?” He lets out a mighty laugh and releases you, taking a step away “I’m just playing with you. Come on, lets go”
“Where?” You breathe.
“To get your answers” 
Part Five
Taglist: @agent-smulder​​ @kandomeresbitch @a-dorky-book-keeper @angeli-fucking-cat​ @linakeroline​
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<— masterlist for previous/next chapters —>
Tumblr media
Kismet - Chapter Eight: Helping Hands.
“Shit!” Jesus curses under his breath as he trips over the trash can next to the trailer door, creating a truly obnoxious crash that jolts you and Daryl awake.
Daryl immediately jumps into a standing position, on full alert, but you take ahold of his arm and gently bring him back down to sit beside you. Jesus smiles apologetically, the last thing he’d wanted to do was to disturb the utterly adorable scene of you and his dear friend snuggled up on the couch together. He decides to leave as quickly as possible in order to avoid making the situation any worse.
You rub slow circles in Daryl’s back through his shirt, resting your head on his shoulder. For a few minutes, that’s all you do, because he sits beside you so rigid, breathing so heavily, and he doesnt ever have to ask for you to help. Once Daryl has visibly relaxed, you speak up, keeping your voice quiet, because you dont know how long it’s been since someone has treated him with care.
“Im so sorry about what happened to you.” You tell him, your heart aching at your own words.
Daryl shakes his head, his voice coming out gruffer than you’ve ever heard it as a result of him being asleep not too long ago. “Don’ be, Im alright.”
Lifting yourself from his shoulder, you keep your other hand on his back, and Daryl turns to face you, but his head hangs in a way that shields his eyes from yours. If your heart was aching before, it’s shattering now.
“You can tell everyone else that, you can even tell yourself that, but you cant tell me that. You’ve been so strong for so long, I promise you that you dont need to keep that guard up when Im around.”
Your words hang in the air, they surround him, and you know Daryl isnt going to reply, so you stand up from the couch, grabbing your knife and tucking it in your belt. Daryl sits, staring blankly at the table in front of the couch, your words weighing him down in a way that feels...good, to him.
Today is officially the start of your Hilltop runs, and you’re more than happy to play your part. One of the Hilltop residents was kind enough to make you a ramp for your bike so that it’s easier to move to and from the basement, and you thank them graciously before you leave. Jesus waves you off, and Daryl stands a fair distance away. He cant risk standing any closer to you, he’ll end up going after you or at the very least trying to convince you to stay. You already know that he doesnt want you going out there alone, he doesnt need to voice it to you again. But that doesnt mean that you cant reassure him a little. Just before you put your helmet on, you offer Daryl a beaming smile and an excited wave, a wave so dramatic that even from a distance you can see Daryl smiling and shaking his head as he strolls back into the trailer, making you laugh. With that, you stuff your head inside your helmet and ride out of the gates, Jesus waving you off and wishing you luck very loudly, probably still feeling guilty about waking you and Daryl up.
Considering the distance between the Sanctuary and Hilltop, the local search areas are the same, which is convenient for you, because it means you know where to get things from. A small amount of guilt eats away at you, though, because you realise that you very well could’ve been scouting these areas for supplies that the Hilltop needed far more than the Saviours do. That cant be changed now, and you’ll have to make it up to them by finding everything on the list they’ve given you. Much to your surprise, their first list to you is particularly short, and you wonder whether they’re testing what you’re able to get them, if they’re too kind to ask for you to get more, or if they simply arent in need of much at this particular time. Whatever their reason, you know that their short list can be completed in less than a day, and that brings a smile to your face as you enter the first store.
The sun is just starting to set, casting a beautiful pink glow over the streets and through the glass store windows on either side, as you load the final bag of supplies into your sidecar. You swing your leg over your bike, and you’re just about to put your helmet on, when something catches your eye from one store window in particular. You bite your lip, is there enough time to do this? Is it even worth it? That thought goes as quickly as it comes, and you’re running across the street. It’s been a while since you’ve entered a clothing store, you’d completely forgotten the feeling of flicking through the clothes on the rails. After making a very difficult decision between black, navy blue, and grey - which ended in you choosing all three - you leave the store, not even casting a glance at the women’s section.
By the time you arrive back at the Hilltop, it’s starting to get dark, but it isnt dark enough for you to be unable to see Daryl pacing at the top of the wall again. You blush beneath your helmet, watching him shout down at whoever’s near the gate to open it for you, and then you ride in. Daryl’s at your side in the time it takes you to remove your helmet.
“Hey stranger!” You greet him cheerfully.
“Ya alright?” Daryl asks, choosing to skip over greeting you back.
You roll your eyes, but cant help smiling at how sweet he is. “Im fine, Daryl.” You look to the small crowd of people forming on the other side of you, and your smile widens. “And I got everything!”
The grins and cheers of the people of Hilltop warm your heart, and Daryl watches in awe as you hand the bags of supplies to them, all of them thanking you and hugging you. When you turn back around, Daryl’s still staring at you, and you blush.
“Wha’s that ya got there?” Daryl asks, gesturing to whatever you’re suspiciously hiding behind your back.
“Close your eyes!” You tell him giddily.
“Why?” Daryl questions, but he’s already got a small smile on his face from seeing you so excited.
“Just do it! Trust me!” You’re practically jumping up and down on the spot, how can he resist?
Daryl closes his eyes, and it’s not a second later that your hand gently takes ahold of his, making him flinch slightly. You lift his hand, then turn it so that his palm is facing upwards, and you do the same with the other, having to do both with just one of your hands since the other is still holding your surprise. Something is placed in Daryl’s hands, something soft, and then your giddy voice is back again.
“Okay, open!”
Daryl opens his eyes and looks down at his hands, finding a small pile of neatly folded t-shirts. His gaze flickers between you and the shirts, and you hold your hands behind your back nervously.
“I thought that since this isnt where you usually stay, almost all your clothes will be back in Alexandria, so I decided to get you some new things to call your own. If you dont like them or any of them are uncomfortable, you dont have to-“ You start overthinking aloud, but Daryl stops you, reaching out to hold your shoulder.
“Thanks, I love ‘em.”
You beam at him, and he cant help being amused at you being so visibly excited by giving him a gift. Even if he doesnt know how to show it, your thoughtfulness has definitely had a profound affect on Daryl. Nobody has ever really gifted him anything before, let alone for a reason as sweet as yours. Jesus runs up to you to ask about the run, and Daryl stands there, just staring at the folded shirts in his hands, smiling.
That night, Daryl heads into the trailer to find you sitting on the couch, with the pile of shirts that he’d originally left on his bed, now in your lap. You have a pencil in your hand, and you’re sticking your tongue out in concentration as you scribble into the shirt collars.
“What’re ya doin’?” Daryl questions, completely bewildered by not only what you’re doing, but the fact that you went to his bed to retrieve the shirts to do whatever you’re doing.
“Writing your name in all these, it’d be a whole lot easier if I had a pen, especially since pencil is gonna wash out, so I’ll be re-writing this in no time.” You tell him, as if what you’re doing doesnt really need explaining, but to Daryl, it does.
“Why ya puttin’ my name in ma shirts?” Daryl asks, even more confused.
You look up at him then, and a realisation hits you. The school memory that you and so many others have experienced of their parents putting their name in all their clothes, Daryl had never had that, had never seen it on anyone else.
You smile at him. “These are yours, so they shouldnt be randomly distributed every time laundry’s done. Having your name in them means they’ll always come back to you.”
Daryl is once again taken aback by your thoughtfulness, and he doesnt quite know how to respond. You understand, though, and you dont press him for a reply, you just go back to writing his name in his shirt collars.
Once you’re done, you hold a shirt up at Daryl.
“Can you try this on for me? They’re all the same size, so if one doesnt fit I’ll just replace them on the run tomorrow.” You explain, and Daryl nods, taking the shirt from you.
He doesnt have to ask for you to cover your eyes, thank goodness. But of course, you even find your own way of doing that. You lie back on the couch and use another shirt to cover your entire face, rather than simply using your hands. Daryl appreciates it, because you cant exactly peak through a shirt, but you could definitely peak through your fingers. Still, he strips free of his shirt and puts the new one on as quickly as possible.
“How’d ya guess my size?” Daryl asks curiously, flexing his arms and pulling at the material of the shirt, liking how it feels. You’re about to answer, but you still havent moved the shirt from your face, so Daryl leans forward to pull it off you, and your eyes drink in his form clad in a plain navy blue t-shirt. Even Daryl cant deny that you are literally checking him out, right to his face.
“Oh, your size!” You remember that Daryl had actually asked you a question a few seconds ago, and you get to your answer. “It’s kinda stupid, but the best way I could think of guessing your shirt size with regards to length was to imagine you standing in front of me, and then holding the shirts up to the imaginary you. When it came down to width and comfort, I imagined what it would be like to hug you, and then used that loop of arms as a weird and very vague diameter. It was very awkward to try and measure that way, but it worked in my favour apparently!” You explain, like you havent just told Daryl the absolute cutest thing he has ever heard.
He’s quiet for a moment, pondering an idea, and then he nods to himself. “Stan’ up.”
You stand up.
Daryl opens his arms out to you. “C’mere.”
The way your face lights up is something Daryl will never forget, and you run into his arms, wrapping your own around his middle. Daryl rests his head on top of yours, enjoying the feeling of his arms surrounding you, shielding you from any potential danger.
You look up at him, your chin pressing into his chest. “You give good hugs.”
The corner of Daryl’s mouth twitches into a smile, and then he laughs, properly laughs. “So d’ you, now ya dont gotta imagine huggin’ me no more, ya can just come get one, alright?”
You close your eyes and turn your head, snuggling back into Daryl’s chest. “That’s more than alright with me.”
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yourwonkywriter · 9 months ago
Wrong number
Pairing: Angel Reyes x reader part two
Warnings: besides the slight mentioning of getting rid of a body (not literally), none!
A/n: I changed the idea of this story like a hundred times, my bad👀
Word count: 1019
Tumblr media
After listening to a 15 minute lecture from your boss, which consisted of him criticizing every little thing you did, you knew you needed to find someone to vent to.
As you pull out your phone, you quickly realize your friend had a new number, which you had put into your contacts last night, after a glass of wine or two.
📱”I’m so fucking done with this bald, wrinkly, old ass man I have to call my ‘boss’. I swear to god, I might commit a murder.”
📲“Damn. Just remember, it’s better to burn the body, than to bury it.”
Raising an eyebrow at your friend’s response, you can’t help but double check the text. You definitely expected her to tell you to ‘calm down’ or to ‘think positive thoughts’, not give you tips.
📱”Aren’t you supposed to talk me out of it, as my friend?”
📲“As your friend? Yeah. But as the stranger you’re texting right now, not so much”
It takes you a moment, but your body is quick to switch from confused, to horrified. Not only did you save the wrong number, but you texted a complete stranger about wanting to murder someone.
📱“Oh my god, I must’ve messed up one of the digits, I’m so sorry. Also, I’m not a sociopath, I swear!”
📲“Nah it’s all good. So what did he do?”
📲“Your bald, wrinkly old ass of a boss”
Let’s just say you spent the entire evening talking to someone about your god-awful day, and if you’re being honest, it felt nice. Sure, you didn’t know him, but that’s the great part about it all. There wasn’t any judgement, or even any embarrassment. Just two strangers, talking about their usual shitty problems.
Apparently, it was something the both of you needed. Which might be the reason the two of you were still going at it, a week later.
📱“No he didn’t! I would’ve totally beat his ass up, seriously!”
📲“Trust me, I was tempted. But he’s just a dumb ass, he can’t help it. His mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby”
📱“Jesus Angel. And which brother was this? Coco or Gilly?”
📲“Coco, but don’t get me started on Gilly today”
📱“You’re going to take him to the cage?”
📲“Stop saying it like it’s a sexual thing.”
As time progressed, you were starting to enjoy Angel’s company more and more, even if it was by just a simple message back and forth. There hasn’t been a single day where the two of you hadn’t texted to each other, which resulted in Angel deciding he wanted to take things a step forward.
📲”Can I call you?”
You stare at the notification for a good minute, too nervous to even open it. A part of you was insanely curious about what he might sound like, or if he sounds even remotely similar as how you had imagined him to. But what if things got awkward or uncomfortable? You can’t just leave the person you’re calling with on ‘read’ whenever you don’t know what to say.
A thousand scenarios run through your mind, but you decide to leave those behind and just go for it. If the conversations you had were going great before, it should go just fine now.
A minute passes while you’re sitting on your bed, fidgeting with your fingers as you wait. The feeling of doubt is about to set in, bit before it has a chance to do so, your phone starts ringing.
You take in a deep breath, gathering all your nerves, not wanting your voice to match the way you were feeling, before picking up.
“Hi” you manage to bring out, already cringing at the way that came out.
“So that’s what you sound like, querida”
A hand covers your mouth, trying to keep yourself from squealing at the sound of his deep voice and the familiar petname.
“Damn, it’s a little quiet over there. Not what you expected?” He asks you.
“No, I mean yes- I just” a train of rambling leaves your mouth, causing laughter from the other side of the phone.
“You just what? Didn’t expect me to sound this hot? I get that all the time, don’t worry”
You roll your eyes at the cockiness in his voice, but you can’t stop yourself from laughing.
“Easy there, just because you sound hot doesn’t mean you are hot.”
“Of course it does. I’ve never seen your face, but I know you look good”
“That doesn’t even make any sense! How would you even know that?”
“I'm like a babe magnet, that’s how”
”God you're lucky. I'm more of a 'dumbass' magnet, they just keep coming”
“Shit, it's a good thing I arrived th-" he stops his sentence, letting your words sink in. “Hold up, you’re talking about me?!”
Throughout the entire call, you’re a smiling and giggling mess. All your fear had been for nothing, as Angel turned out to be the most spontaneous person you’ve ever met. Even when the conversation fell silent, he found something random to talk about.
“There’s actually something I’ve been meaning to ask you, but don’t feel pressured to say yes, alright?” He starts, and you feel like you know where this is going.
“I’m not sending you nudes”
“Wh- what? No, that’s not-“ you laugh at his panicking, resulting in Angel mocking your laughter.
“I’m sorry, go ahead” your laughter dies down, allowing Angel to ask you whatever it was he wanted to ask.
“So there’s this party at the clubhouse, the one I told you about, and I was wondering if you wanted to come. Again, you don’t have to say yes, It’s just that I really enjoy talking to you, and I would love to do it in person sometime”
The line is silent for a moment, and you could swear Angel heard your heart racing through the phone.
“When is it?”
“It’s this saturday at 10, but again, if you don’t want to come it’s okay, really-“ Angel tries to reassure you, but you cut him off.
“I’ll be there.”
Tumblr media
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oh-for-fic-sake · a year ago
Trophy Chapter Eleven
Tumblr media
You try thinking for yourself and Daddy isn't to pleased and its going to end in tears.
Warnings: Adult Situations 18+, Smut, Angst, DDLG, DOM/SUB, Punishment, Spanking, Tawse, Crop, Ass play, Pacifier gag, Wetting, Wedgie, Toys, Humiliation, Overstimulation? and finally FLUFF cos we all need a bit of a cuddle after this shit.
A/N: So I am super nervous about this one...More so than anything I've done before just because of the wetting but it is what it is I've warned you all so read at your own peril. And this is long hence why I couldn't have it in the last chapter lol I hope this makes up for the last one though... I hope you all enjoy
Taglist:  @havenoffandoms​ @aphrodites-punch​ @charlieferret​ @thatgirly81​ @two-unbeatable-beaters​ @fitnees-motivation-2020​ @viking-raider​ @iloveyouyen​ @black-ninja-blade​ @strangerliaa​ @sofiebstar​ @thefangirlsblog​ @thatdamncutegirl
Tumblr media
You fidgeted in the seat as Luke sat there smugly, he was pleased you had decided to come. Just a few more weeks and he would be free! free from that tyrannical mad man! no. He couldn't get to excited yet, weeks...It would be at least two before they drag him in to court and you'd sing on the stand! you'd come clean letting them know just how terrible it was to be kidnapped, to be forced into becoming a sex slave for Henry! God! Luke was so giddy he could taste the freedom...And maybe, just maybe if some of Henry's empire was left standing he could take the reigns himself. He looked over to you, you were quiet and different like you were on a mission it was slightly unnerving. You were angry and scared and confused... He could tell but there was a calm that he had only seen on Henry, he must have rubbed off on you...In more ways then one. Unable to take it anymore he broke the silence trying to dig for info. "You holding up there Princess?" you growled clenching her hands into fists still facing forward gulping, you looked wound tight ready to burst. Excellent. Hopefully you'd burst into tears as soon as they got there! what a show that would be! you come running in as a damsel in distress hell if that happened you'd be put into witness protection and he wont see you until the trial! he flinched as you snapped him out of his thoughts snipping at him in a tight angry voice, like a little hell cat hissing at him. "Don't! do not call me princess ever!" "Okay okay I'm sorry...That was thoughtless of me... I suppose you don't like that name huh?  I don't blame you though what he put you through and all" you turned to him rolling your eyes at him. Really? but once he started he couldn't seem to stop, unable to shut him self up. "Not-not that I'd ever understand what he has done to you..We hear it but... We try to stay away-" "Then your complaisant in it? you knew but never helped...You know what it's like? You ever think what it feels like to have someone use you? Play with your body like a fucking toy?...To force themselves on to it? into it? no, no you don't, you try not to don't you? You would rather just turn a blind eye and ignore the screaming girl up in the bed room...You run and hide away like a coward" your words were cold and bit into him, there was an animosity there that he had yet to see in a female was this it? the famed 'girl power' that reared its head in the most dire of circumstances...Shit you were holding up to well,all previous thoughts of a simpering damsel died at your sharp tone...Like ice picks cold and biting, he had to know what you were going to say before he got there to come up with some bullshit excuses. He moved uncomfortably at your words...They hit a little to close to home. "..You decided what your going to tell them?" You gave a tight smile he had no idea what you were about to do, that you'd already figured him out, the man new nothing of subtlety...He was nothing like Henry, he was trying to be but...No there was only one king in this city and he was currently being questioned, you turned to him again and nodded wanting to placate him for the time being. "Yes I have...Do you have the bail money...I don't want to be here to long" "Well that depends of what you tell, them-"you interrupted him he was to be quite frank doing your fucking head in and you needed to focus anything you said today was going to have to be perfect and vague, You shook your head tutting and looked at him exasperated. "I don't have much to say I won't be in there long" you moved your head looking out the window as the building passed you by you had to hold your nerve in there. Had to tell them what you wanted them to know...Nothing else, nothing more. Go in a quick statement and get out with Henry... And when he gets angry; which he will your going to drop Luke in the shit you've had enough of the lies. "Look I can-We can help each other if you'd just tell me what your going to say-" you growled out in annoyance and finally snapped at him. "Could you shut up? for two minuets?  just two fucking minuets?! fuck sake I'm going to deal with it okay..Just don't wanna wind up dead okay just ...Drop it" He got the message and kept his mouth shut the rest of the way not making a sound as he pulled up at the station you got out before Luke could stop you on a mission. You entered and made your way yo the front desk. "I'm here for Cavill are they done yet?" Luke staggered up behind you trying to figure out just what the fuck was going on. Why had you asked about Henry? Wasn't you about to throw him in the shit? you were supposed to throw him under the bus and set Luke free...Or was this cover to get an interview or something?The officer blinked looking to you then Luke before continuing in a bored tone. "And...Who are you exactly?" you steeled yourself trying to be more than you were, wanting to be taken seriously as an adult and...It had been a while since you had that, it was a little daunting. "His girlfriend and this is our driver...What's his bail?" The officer looked at you frowning then to the screen she began typing away giving you sidelong glances as if she knew you. a few moments later she turned back to you. "Err well nothing...Mr Cavill hasn't formally been charged he is still in questioning" you nodded and leaned forward slightly that didn't make sense Luke said? Oh shit!fuck fuck fuck! You should have just stayed home! You faltered realizing just how gullible youd been, if he wasn't arrested then that means the police really didn't have anything on him, you didn't need to make a statement to help Henry out! You quickly decided you needed to get out of here. Try to go wait in the car or something. "When will he be done? its been hours " The woman at the desk shook her head "I'm afraid I can't discuss that with you-" you nodded gojng to walk back out side but Luke gripped your arm in a tight grip, he would not let you walk out of here not when he was so close to getting his way! "I thought you wanted to give a statement about last night you are a witness...I'm sure they would like to here your account of what happened y/n" you swore panicked and tried wriggling out of his grasp but no i was too late. The officer blinked at Luke then to you slowly seemingly remembering something and pointed to you her face lighting up. "Wait Y/n? Your y/n y/l/n?" You frowned at her unsure how she knew who you were but nodded slowly uneasy you looked to Luke who just smiled at you. "Yes how did you?" She nodded to the missing persons board you were there dead center, that hadn't been there previously did they know? "I? What?" The officer got up walking around to your side she looked smug like the cat that got the canary as she came to a stop before you clasping your hands in hers. "We definitely need to take a statement from you, follow me" Luke gave a hard shove making you fall in step behind the officer, you glared back at him but he just stood there stuffing his hands in his pockets he looked pleased with himself as you sent one final glance over your shoulder as you were taken into a room alone with an officer. They would break you, you’d squeal, Henry would go inside and he would be free and take a decent retirement for Henry's stash!
Tumblr media
Henry chuckled as he sat there refusing to answer the questions choosing to invoke his right to remain silent...He'd been here hours but he knew they cant keep him long. They have nothing, absolutely nothing on him! they never do. Stephan was mentioned so he knew that little twat was the one behind it..most likely pressing charges, or trying to press charges on him. nothing would come of it he wasn't there he was at home. "Did you have any contact with Stephan last night?" "No comment" was the droll from the bored man. "You did you were seen having an altercation with him last night at your restaurant...a miss Y/L/N was there to" that got his attention the officer smirked as Henry sat up now meaning business, but Henry stopped himself and smirked at the cunt infront of him. "No comment" "...did you know she has been reported as missing for nearly five months Mr Cavill?" "You fucking leave her out of it!" the officer smirked "So you do talk Mr know shes going to need to be questioned Stephan named her as an accomplice...did she know about this incident Mr Cavill?" Henry growled low and leand forward glaring angrily at the officer who flinched back suddenly not feeling so safe in his uniform.Good he shouldn't "No comment" "What is your relationship with miss Y/L/N?" "No comment" "Ah right that’s a shame... She said that your her boyfriend...Should I go tell her you wont even own up to that? it’d only take a moment...Shes giving a statement in the room over" "Bullshit she's at home" "Home? Your home because she isn't at hers" fuck Henry snarled at the little man trying to play a big game...officer rook by his tag...Officer Rook was going to have a nasty fall after all this. Henry's face must have said it all as something else was wrote down then looked up again smirking and carried on.
"So a missing woman you have no ties to is living in your home and calls you her boyfriend?" "Your tricks wont work on me shes at home" a sly smiled crept across officer Rooks face, he knew something Henry didn't and Henry wasn't happy. "Oh no your driver brought her here..Been in that room for just under twenty minuets...I wonder how much faith you have in her" Henry jumped up swearing loudly "Fuck you!" the officer smiled at him "Right well that’s all we needed today Mr Cavill your free to go we will be in touch" Henry was quick to stalk out of the room wanting to get to Luke asap he stopped short as you were escorted out of the room next to him a female officer patting your shoulder. "That’s all miss Y/L/N thank you for your cooperation..We will be in touch if we need anything else" Henry froze his blood ran cold as he watched you move away from the officer you turned and lit up.You little Bitch
Tumblr media
You were escorted into a room sitting down with another woman a kind looking woman. She was down giving a convincing smile but you didn't buy it they wanted you to throw Henry under the bus. She offered you a drink but you refused and took a seat instead. "Now..Miss y/l/n we are going to just ask you some questions today about last night? Okay? And if...If there is anything anything at all that you want to let us know we will listen...We have...Ways to keep you safe...Okay?" You nodded deciding it'd be best to play meek little woman for the time being. "Right did you see Stephan last night?" wow she wasn't wasting any time was she? you nodded no point in beating around the bush you wanted this over. "Yes I did" she moved shuffling her papers getting ready for some juicey info no doubt. "Can you tell me about that? What happened?" "He came to the restaurant...Must have followed us there wanted me to take him back, groveling really I said no" she nodded writing down your answer "And by us you mean you and?" "Henry..Me and Henry were having a date night somehow Stephan found out and got in, he wanted me to go back to him...He is my ex and can't move on...He was escorted out after I told him to leave...I don't want to see her again" she hummed writing down everything you said. "So Henry is your boyfriend?" and here we go, twisting the topic trying to find out as much on Henry, last nights incident a ruse to get you in here, just as you expected. You fluttered your lashes like a woman in love, excited and happy you didn't want her to know you knew what she was up to. "Yes! we have been together for a few months...Its serious..Think he might be the one! But Stephan is bitter over it, he doesn't like Henry would do and say anything to split us apart...Stephan and I ended on a bad note" she nodded fraighning a sympathetic look she didn't really give a fuck she wanted dirt on Henry. "A difficult break up?" you shook your head at her this was not going to fall on you! "Sudden...I he had been lying to me and using me I found out and left he wasn't happy...He followed me about scared me then one day he saw me with Henry and I was happy and he got worse" she quickly scribbled down a few more sentences. "And you said you'd been with Henry for a few months...Does that have anything to do with your disappearance?" You faltered heart pounding away did you? Should you? Your mouth went dry.This was it...the moment you frowned should you do it? You came here to get him out, you had no real reason to protect him or give him loyalty.? Accept you loved him...Did you? Was it real this time....There was a painful jab that hit your chest when you thought about never seeing the beautiful man again, it was fleeting but it solidified our resolve. As you opened your mouth to answer she spoke quickly trying to sway your decision. She moved placing a hand on yours on the desk. "Y/n? Are you okay? You can tell me...We can help you" you blinked and slipped your hand back and down into your lap. "No I'm fine I-I was hiding from Stephan... I knew he wouldn't stop bugging me, looking for me and Henry he offered me a place to stay and I've been there ever since we...We fell in love and that was it..." you took a deep breath she didn't believe you but she couldn't discredit you. "So you live with Mr Cavill consensually? Of your own free will?" "Yes I do...I love him..." her face went tight and twitched she wasn't happy. She quickly changed her tone sounding a little snippy with you. "And why now? Why come out here now?" "Because Stephan is trying to ruin my happiness... As far as he is concerned if he can't have me no one can...I'm not sure what he is accusing Henry of...But he didn't do it he was with me all night" she perked up at that looking at you intently "All night? are you sure that he didn't slip away? For ten? fifteen minuets?" you shook you head at her giggling a little. "No he didn't, I'm never left alone when we play" she faltered not understanding what you meant. Good, this will make for an awkward conversation that she will want to end. "Play?"  you smiled blushing a little at her and shifted in your seat. "We have a particular interests... But I can tell you he was with me last night...We had a very intense night" that made her even more confused...And you thought you were being pretty clear so shes either innocent or just fucking dumb! "I don't understand? I'm afraid we need more then that...We need a reason" You looked around the room sighing fuck, fuck fuck! Your gaze traveled back to her your eyes squinted she was pissing you off. "I err...Its embarrassing" you went silent for a few moments looking to your lap picking at your skirt your confidence draining did they need to know...but it was the truth. "Everything is confidential? Right...just-just you and me no one else?" She lightened up sitting a little straighter in her seat thinking you’d changed your mind and was about to tell all.
"Yes, yes of course no one, not even Mr Cavill will know what has been said in here, this is a safe space for you y/n I promise" you blinked and let out a breath "Henry and I we...are into kinky sex...Bdsm...We had a very long and intense BDSM session last night Henry doesn't leave the room when I'm tied up incase things go wrong that's how I know he didn't do anything we were at it most of the night" you watched the woman flush as you spelled it all out for her and make her embarrassed you smirked a little happy that she now felt just as uncomfortable as you did. You knew that face though, she was picturing him naked...You can't blame her for getting all flustered your daddy was a fine specimen~ "So he didn't leave the room?" you bit your lip to stop your giggles when she spoke trying to salvage herself and be professional and finish the interveiw. But instead of making her squirm any more then she obviously was you spoke. "No he didn't" "Not even after you fell asleep? How can you be sure?"" wow this bitch was persistent! You stopped for a moment pausing...Why are you so sure? How could you know for certain that he didn't leave? think! think! she smirked leaning back thinking she had you but suddenly there was an idea out of nowhere and you blurted it out...This will fucking show her! "He fell asleep with his cock in me...Henry is...Large as I'm sure you can imagine...If he had pulled out I'd have woken up.....Now is that all?" You sat smug as she stuttered over her words shaking her head and swallowed dryly. Thats it bitch suck it up Daddy is coming home. "Err yes... Well just to clarify you and Henry were together all night .And you disappeared because you had a bad break up with Stephan and felt unsafe...Y ou moved in with Mr Cavill; of your own free will, and this Stephan has been looking for you,  he found you last night and tried to reconcile?" You nodded as she read back the basics "And you refused him then Mr Cavill had him escorted out?" "No security escorted him out, it was reservation only and he was causing a scene then me and Henry finished our meal and went home where we both stayed all night can I go now?" She nodded placing her pen down "Right... You may need to testify in court if Henry does get charged, or new evidence comes to light" you smiled and nodded to her she was trying to get a reaction...Anything to use you'd give her nothing! She sighed scrunching her face sourly before speaking "I will take you off the missing persons list as well" you stood thanking her as she escorted you out of the room. You followed and looked down the hall at the sound of foot steps seeing a brooding Henry stalking towards you from the next room. Your face lit up as you saw him and the two officers in the hall watched tryingnto notice any little strange details. But you ignored them both.
Tumblr media
Henry! he was okay! You smiled turning to him and ran he looked angry but in that moment you didn't care you were just happy to see your daddy unharmed...Not that you thought the police would touch him but you had your doubts. He returned your hug stiffly rubbing your back tucking into into the crook of your neck and whispered harshly in your ear "What the fuck are you doing here little girl?" You pulled back ignoring his anger for a second knowing the officers were still watching you closely. "Shut up and kiss me" you lunged forward catching him by surprise he quickly played along moving his lips against yours moaning kissing you deep putting on a show for the police... It worked as they cringed looking away. You pulled back slowly and gasped whispering quietly. "Are you alright?" "I'm fucking livid! You are in so much trouble you have no idea whats in store for you little girl now move it!" You gasped looking up at him hurt why was he mad? Did he think you’d betrayed him? "Your..I thought you'd be happy to see me daddy... I came to help" he frowned and began walking down the hall ushering you out of the exit. "I didn't need your fucking help! I needed your obedience...You've made it worse no doubt! Just be quiet you've done enough!" You whined as he marched you to the car opening the door for you letting you climb in, you turned to him as he went to shut the door. "H-Henry please I was-" he raise a hand pointing a shaking finger at you trying to curb his anger and slapped a hand harshly on the roof of the car hissing at you. "Enough! ....E-fucking-nough!  Not a word!...You hear me?! not a single fucking peep! I'm so angry with you!" You flinched leaning back looking like a kicked puppy, why wont he listen? Why isn't he giving you a chance to explain? You had to try you moved looking up blinking away the tears blurring your eyes. "But daddy-?" He growled and leaned into the car pushing you to sit properly shoving and twisting you to face forward showing restraint he didn't want to hurt you yet. "What did I just say? Not a word! I don't want to hear a peep out of you! Not a whine whimper or sigh! You will wait until daddy wants to talk to you and not a second before!" You whimpered looking down trembling your bones shaking under the force of your fear ,he slammed the car door with an angry grunt and stalked around the back of the land rover getting in sitting next to you. He shut the door bringing a hand up to his face rubbing the bridge of his nose with a sigh he had a head ache coming. He cast you a severe look "Stop it...Little one stop your sniveling you know I wanted you at home....Put your seat belt on...Put it on now!" you ignored him to upset to really register what he said you just shivered replaying his dark angry tone controlled...Barely had you fucked up? you squeaked as he swore and lean’t across you tugging the seat belt and clipped it in harshly "Put your fucking seat belt on and stop fucking crying!" he moved tilting your head to face him, you jerked back at the cold fury lurking in his eyes. "Just wait until we get home!" you whined and quickly covered your mouth in panic not meaning to make a sound you were trying to e a good girl but it was hard when you felt so put out.
Tumblr media
The ride home was quiet you glared out of the window feeling put out. You just wanted to help. Henry sat next to you his fist at his side on the seat you turned feeling more upset by the second. You shuffled forward to him but he didn't look at you just glowered out the window. You looked down, you shouldn't have let Luke get to you, you sniffled wiping at your eyes in vain as tears began to fall. Henry tutted at you as you cried quietly.Luke finally pulled into the garage and got out he looked back noticing that neither of you were moving. "Drop the keys and fuck off out..Everyone I want the house to myself now get fucked!" Luke sighed and nodded dropping the keys on the back seat between you and left quickly without a word. You both sat there in silence for a few seconds you were to afraid to move and Henry was to angry. He was fuming you, how? How could you go in there and tell them anything? Did you? was he wrong about you? He loved you so much, had he been blind sided? He spared you a glance it broke his heart seeing you so upset but, he was just to angry with you. He wanted to know what was said. The flicked his gaze over to where Luke had disappeared to. That was another question, the officer said Luke had brought you there. So just what the fuck was he playing at? Had you and Luke settled your differences to frame him? Or was there something more... Did you like Luke? Was he fucking you behind Henry’s back? All these thoughts raced around his head making him angrier by the second. He couldn't stand it anymore. Henry’s dark voice made you jump when he finally spoke "You embarrassed yourself today and you embarrassed me...I'm very disappointed in you and very very angry" You froze as he said this looking to him, even in this intimidating state  you couldn't help admire him, he was just to perfect to handsome and strong. His jaw twitched flexing the muscles in his shoulders and neck, his eyes had become a dark royal blue fury blurring the normally bright irises. You took a deep breath before trying to do some damage control. "I-I'm sorry I just thought-" Henry snapped his head to you and sneered menacingly, he looked like a bully like a cruel man...He looked like a mob boss all cold and fierce. "You thought what? That I needed you? That you had to come and save me? They had nothing until you opened you stupid fucking mouth!" You flinched whimpering shrinking back into your shoulders you couldn't find any words that could help calm him down but nothing you thought of would help. "I-I didn't mean to... I'm sorry" "You fucking better be little girl! Let me make something abundantly clear to you...Last night was wonderful! A step in the right direction....But nothing has fucking changed...Absolutely nothing you are not my equal! You are not even fucking close, your a baby girl, my a pet, my little fuck toy! And you have got a hell of a long way to go before I think of you as anything more then that...You just want to hope that these charges are dropped!" His word hit you hard, the most spiteful thing he'd ever said to you. You gulped trying to brush off the hurtful comments, telling yourself they were said in anger. But the damage was done, it felt like a hot poker jammed in your windpipe hitting you with a crushing force...Nothing had changed? Last night this morning? It had meant everything to you and...Nothing to him just another game, just another round in this whole shit fest you hiccuped through your quiet sobs. "Daddy I just wanted-" he growled at you flexing his fingers as he snapped at you again throwing his arms out in anger slapping the leather of the seats. "Oh I know what you wanted and for your sake I hope you fucking chickened out or you have got hell to pay!" you looked to him wide eyed did he really think you'd rat him out? that you'd leave the station with him if you'd told them everything? "I didn't tell them about...I just said last night you were with me and that Stephan came to the restaurant..That’s all" "That’s all you better have said little girl! You better be telling the truth and trust me I will have a copy of your statement by the end of the week and if your lying things are going to get very very unpleasant for you... So if I was you I'd think long and hard about what you need to tell daddy" you blinked up at him trembling his voice was tight and firm, low he had that terrifying calm and collected anger...You-almost felt impersonal...It sounded like when he spoke to Fletcher, even though he called you by your pet name you felt like you'd stopped being his little girl and was now just business, something he had to put up with, rather then something he cherished. The thought of losing him despite lying for him made you cry harder you still tried keeping your sobs quiet wanting to still be his good girl, he told you to be quiet and you couldn't even do that! You just felt so bad. He was angry so so angry your stomach twisted you were scared, scared of what he was going to do when you get upstairs, scared of what the police would do if they would try to use you against him? But most of all you were scared that in some stupid miscalculation you'd just destroyed the relationship you had with this awfully addictive man. You panicked apart of you debating whether you should run but you stayed looking down ready to face what ever Henry was going to throw at you this time however you felt like you deserved it...You'd take anything he through at you and once his anger had settled and you proved how sorry you was you could explain, what you said why you were there...Tell him about Luke and how he had tricked you and put you on the spot. After that all you could do was hope he would believe you. You'd be his good girl until he forgave you....If he ever did. "Now go wait in the office daddy has to get a few things...Wait in the corner hands on your head" you trembled again and moved slowly unbuckling the seat belt, you gave him one last pleading look but he wasn't looking at you instead he was fiddling with the car keys luck had left on the seat. You were distraught he really wasn't even going to let you explain? He was just going to punish you? You jumped out of the car then ran up the stairs into the house crying your heart out as you realized that maybe you truly meant nothing to him? that this man who you fell in love with was just toying with you and was going to throw you away once he was bored.
Tumblr media
You cried the entire time standing in the corner your hands twisting the sleeves of Henry's sweater nervously as you had them placed on the top of your head, one slipped down occasionally to wipe your face. You were on edge terrified...What if he getting the ginger out again? the thought made you bottom clench painfully.... What if he had something worse? you shuddered at the thought was there worse? you shook the trembles making you panic and struggle to keep your breathing steady hiccuping and freaking out but you stayed standing as still as you could, you wanted to be good, you'd take everything he decided you needed then...Then what? would things be as good as they was this morning? Even though it wasn't real and he didn't mean it... Another wave of tears started and you coughed wiping your eyes and nose not wanting to be a snotty mess when he came up here. Thankfully or... Regrettably? You wasn't alone too long maybe twenty minutes or so Henry came into the office, you didn't peek you didn't want to. You heard a few items being moved and closed your eyes pressing you forehead to the wall sobbing louder. Henry turned snapping his fingers at you in warning. "Hey!...That’s enough you knew what you'd get...Now stop your pathetic crying you don't have a reason to yet little girl..." you took a deep shaking gasp biting your lip trying to curb your almost hysterical crying long high whines still crept front you against your will. You heard rattling and something being spread out over the sofa and something like a pot being place on the hard wood floor. He was calm it seemed ,well he wasn't slamming things. It wasn’t long before he came up behind you you shook knees knocking as he stood right close, his thighs skimming your ass you took a deep breath closing your eyes you dared not even breath! Henry shushed you moving your hair back combing it with his fingers gently until it was all behind you then pulled it into a ponytail still hushing you. The soft words and slow fingers did nothing to calm you, it made you anxious he was preparing you for something. "Hush now...Calm down pet, that’’s it good girl...Now you know daddy doesn't like to hurt you...No no no he doesn't but when you are naughty; and you have been very naughty he has to correct you...doesn't he pet?" The words were slow and collected a deep voice made deeper by his mood it was a tone that commanded obedience and the power to sway ones opinion with clever words. You jumped whimpering when he moved his hands from your now secure hair drawing faint lines down your back placing his large palm to your lower back then drew his hand down to the hem of his sweater that drowned you. "Today you will learn to mind me~ learn that when I put you somewhere,  when I tell you to stay you will stay there until I call you or collect you." He bite his lip at your tremble as much as he hated scaring you and much as he knew what he was about to do would most likely set you back a week or so he couldn't help be aroused by our fear. It did delicious things to you, your whole body trembled goosebumps rose across the plains of your soft supple skin and your breathing became shallow, labored whines and mewls wrapped up in each soft pant...And your eyes stunning beautiful and deep made lighter when all glassy wet with tears. As much as he would love to see them right now he needed you to obey to prove yourself, be his good little baby. He needed to know he could trust you. He also needed prove a point. "You are a pretty little thing like this, so sweet and innocent...Naive, but very very stupid much like a doll pretty to look at but nothing behind the eyes" His words were a baritone growl but what frightened you was you sounded like a thing...Not a person, he had always called you baby girl, little one..Pet but never, he had never objectified you like that before you were never just a thing. Never a doll, dolls were objects, things they were lifeless.The word coiled tight digging its way into your chest biting and ripping making you sob and panic. "Did you think daddy would let this go?..." he moved pulling the sweater higher drawing out gosebumps as he went, you were naked below no vests or bra...You didn't need them you were meant to be indoors all day. He growled when you didn't answer and tugged the sweater harshly slipping it through your fingers and dumped it carelessly on the floor. He grabbed your neck making you squeak and shake your head but fought the urge to grab him moving your hands back into position, planted firmly on your crown fingers interlocked and digging into each other. His fingers dug into your neck slowly cutting off your airway. He moved his face closer grunting in your ear a viscous whisper the words sharp and taunting. "Answer me princess! Did you think I'd let your naughtiness go? That I'd fucking let you get away with being such a back stabbing little cunt!?" You yelped as he shook you harshly you had to shift your feet to keep from tripping over your feet as his brute strength almost pulled you off your feet. But hearing a pet name did make you feel better not much but you were almost sure he wasn't going to kill you, which in your eyes became a real possibility when he sent everyone away. "No-o! No da-daddy I DIDN'T-I..I DONT DADDY PLEASE I'M SORRY PLEASE I DIDNT TELL THEM I SWEAR! PLEASE DONT-" you curled down sobbing louder fighting the urge to move, to turn and clutch at him all you wanted was in that moment was him. For him to reassure you, but what you got was biting words as he snapped at you. "Enough! Your getting what you deserve! Think you can best me do you? Well daddy has ways of keeping his little girl in line! You are mine! You hear me? Mine your mind body and soul belong you me!" In his rant he had released your neck all but ripped your skirt off and froze snarling. You did to knowing he had seen the panties you'd stupidly forgot to kick off when you came up here. "What are those?..." you went to twist to look at him but he snapped his fingers at you with a growl making you snap back up straight looking at the wall. Henry shook his head, had you been allowed to look at him you’d have seen his blue eyes blazing with disbelief and glee? Like he was happy he had another thing to punish you for. Despite what he said about not wanting to punish you he did, in his mind there was nothing better then punishing a naughty pet. He licked his bottom lip and pointed at the thin cotton, then snapped his head up? When he didn't say anything more you did turn tilting your head around and down to peek at the offending undies. "No don't fucking look at me! I asked you a question! Get your nose in the corner! What are these?" He moved a hand to sit on your covered ass and pinched the fabric you hissed as he caught a tiny bit of skin and whined jumping forward. "I..D-daddy please! I'm sorry" you jumped when he moved swiftly landing a hot slap to your bottom more followed heating your cheeks quickly making you squirm and jump trying to stand still yet wanting to throw yourself tighter into the corner to escape his palm. The tutted at your twisting hips and grabbed them in bot hands jolting you back to stand straight. "Keep your ass still! Now what are they? Hmm because they look like a pair of big girl panties on a little baby! what are they? You better start talking little girl!" He gave a few more strikes to your tender bottom then smoothed his hand over the cheeks smiling at the pink marks that frames the tiny undies, you bounced on your tip toes hissing and yipping at the light burn.
"P-panties! P-PANTIES I'M SORRY!please please daddy I'm sorry daddy" he tutted at you and pulled the elastic around one of the leg holes and plucked it stretching it letting it snap back making you yelp louder as it left a strip on your already sore bottom. He smiled at the cute sound. He wasn't to angry now,  he hadn't been since he took a quick breather in your bedroom but he was annoyed in fact he was having fun. He wouldn't be touching you if he was truly angry but you didn't seem to know that, and you didn't need to know either your fear would make his punishment sink in. "And what the fuck are they doing concealing that little cunt from me? Huh? What have I said about them?" His voice was almost teasing daring you to play up ,to ignore him and answer him. He plucked at them again letting it snap back painfully in the same spot as before making the tiny red welt raise throbbing. "I'm n-not allo-wed th-them o-on daddy" you shook trying to catch your beath your ass already alight and stinging the nerves warmed by his impossibly hard palm. "That’s right but if you want them on? fine you get to fucking keep them on!" He moved forward quicker than you could react fisting his hand in the back of the panties and pulled them high. You screamed moving your hands to the wall in front of you trying to stabilize  yourself. You screeched high and loud as he lifted you up by them, your weight falling into the gusset the undies crushing painfully on your cunt slipping violently between your lips then went back. It hurt as the thin cotton disappeared up between your cheeks stinging and burning your insides from the friction. You felt like you were going to be split in half when he tugged higher your toes just skimming the floor but couldn't take any of your weight. "No-daddy please stop-it hurt's daddy!" He clicked his tongue and moved his hand that held your panties side to side rubbing on your little pucker making it throb painfully, you wasn't sure what was worse the panties crushing your mound and clit or the burn of your panties rubbing the sensitive skin on the inside of your cheeks. "Kick off your shoes" you obeyed hoping he would let you down afterwards, quickly flicking the shoes off but he didn't let you down he held you there making you wince and cry out in pain panting and hissing through your teeth fat tears streamed from your squinted eyes. "This is what happens, daddy doesn't want to have to go over this with you again, if he does I will hang you up by them on the coat pegs in the foyer for everyone to see a naughty baby's cunny get its just deserts" he threatened in a deep voice sending chills down your spine. You nodded agreeing to anything if it will make him set you down. You panted taking deep breaths between your whines and pleas slapping at the wall. Trying to stop your feet from scrabbling around for purchase, each movement made your weight rock on the uncomfortable hold he had. Henry smirked and lowered you slowly and sighed at he let your feet got back to the floor he held your panties taught still. "You will not wear these again without permission if you do I'm going display you and then give you the injection and you will have no need to have any panties at all ever understand?" You nodded crying into your hands just thankful you wasn't still being held up by your ass.
Tumblr media
Henry smiled and let go, good now that was out of the way he could move on. He captured your hands at they crept back to peel the cotton from its wedgie position he slapped them just clipping your hands with his fingers creating a swift sting. "Leave it you wanted them on remember now face me and keep those hands on your head" you turned whimpering hands back on your head. Your stomach dropp at what he was holding, an adult pacifier locking into the center of a long lilac piece of leather. You cringed shaking your head as him whining. "Nooo! no ple-please daddy I'm not-I'm not a baby please!?" He just tilted his head at you as if to say 'really?' And moved forward holding the nub at your mouth the kept your mouth shut tight but he just huffed at your reluctance.
"Open or I will open it for you, you need to be reminded that your not a big girl...But you don't want to be a little girl either it seems so now you are a baby; my baby now open your mouth" you mewled and opened up a tiny bit not really sure you wanted to see how he'd open it for you. "Good girl~ You see daddy has decided you have spoken quiet enough for one day pet he doesn't want to hear you~" Henry smiled a wicked grin nodding to you and forced the large nuk into your mouth he chuckled watching you cringe as you got your first taste of the rubber, he chose this particular  pacifier because of its size, large with an orthopedic tip that flattened out. It would pin your tongue down keeping your voice muffled and you'd sound just like a cute little baby girl! He gave a lopsided grin as he secured the gag around the back of your head watching you carefully as you eyes widened, ah there it was you really were getting a taste now. But the other plus with the tips size was it held quite a lot of fluid. You’d find in a few moments that the tip wasn't meant to be a murky golden color oh no.
That was the watered down vinegar and bitter lemon mix, not strong enough to burn your tongue but it tasted vile and the pin prick hole on the bottom would drip feed the concoction onto your taste buds, a fitting punishment for a tattle tale he thought.
"You will learn to keep your mouth shut after this pet" You pouted around the rubber in your mouth unused to the feel of your tongue being so restricted. Your eyes snapped open as you could taste something, sour and bitter it was...disgusting you whined shaking your head and gagged again as the bitter taste got worse you moved your tongue trying to escape the awful taste but soon found it was coming from the trapped rubber teet....It was being drip fed into your mouth coating your tongue. You spat trying to spit it out but is was to late as Henry had made sure it was firmly wedged between your teeth. "There she is just a little baby...A little naughty baby now go kneel on the sofa and put your head on the seat...Off you go... go on shoo" You cringed as he patted your bottom as the waddled slowly making your way over to the leather suite. It was slow going taking baby steps as each step made your ass and pussy rub against the trapped cotton. Henry didn't seem to mind trailing behind you probably admiring the view.
Tumblr media
The journey was painful and pleasant all in one confusing messy of sensations, the thin fabric had slipped either side of your clit and pinned it tight to your pubic bone your steps made it move, the undies massaging the little bud from either side. By the time you got to the sofa you wasn't sure if the throbbing was from pain or not. You whined uncomfortably as you got into position slowly praying that he couldn't see the slight we spot you knew you left on the cotton, your pussy weeping slowly becoming needy. You tipped your head placing your forehead on the seat and looked at your legs. You squeaked as he came over and spread your knees so you could see him standing there just behind you. You whimpered embarrassed by having your undies still stuck so far up your hiney bending over had just made the material press tighter on your pussy your clit felt bruised throbbing and alive. Through the pain and humiliation you felt it, your arousal body coming to life under his harsh treatment. The beginnings of humiliation on a completely different level, you bit your lip trying to will away the sensations but it was hard. You turned your face to the side and wept. "Aww whats wrong little one I thought you wanted them on? You want daddy to take them off now baby girl?" He smoothed his hands over your back as he taunted you pulling at the loose fabric that hung over your lower back. "I-it hur-tss daddy! I'm my...Its ssore daddy Pl-pleasse take them off daddy pleasse" you begged around the bitter plastic in you mouth you flushed as your words came out distorted like a baby you had a lissp and just like a baby you were dribbling all over your chin you tried sucking it up but it just made more of the disgusting taste from the paci seep into your mouth closing your eyes as you wept quietly into the leather sofa "Aww baby whats sore? Your little clit? Hmm is it pinching? Or is your pucker thats sore?" You bit your paci and nodded squirming and pressing back trying to ease the tension. "B-BO-FTH DADDY!'s ss-sore pleasse pleasse! I don't like it!" He smirked and moved his hands over your back then down chuckling as he went. You grimaced as he pried apart your cheeks whistling low running his thumbs along the inner skin of your cheeks making you whine your holes twitching. Your pussy muscles coiling around itself empty and unsatisfied you groaned feeling another small rush of arousal coat the cloth stuffed against the wanton hole. "Ah ah! No chewing your pacifier~ if that nub comes off my little baby might swallow it and choke.....Now lets see about these panties....Oh my they have gone quite high haven't they baby?... Panties aren't as good an idea as you thought? Are they my little love?.... But no, daddy will not take them off yet. Your going to get your spanking with them right wear they are and when I do finally pull them off trust me you'll wish they were there to protect your little pucker." You sobbed shaking slapping at the leather weakly tears dripping down your face joining the spittal that covered your cheeks smearing around the guard of the pacifier. You peaked through your legs as he moved stepping back releasing your cheeks letting them snap back into place you hissed the action made the cotton move again clenching tight in instinct trying to push away the discomfort. Henry moved the few feet over the room to the implements he had brought down, he had chosen the most severe your punishment wouldn't be long, he could easily split skin with some of these. No it wouldn't be long but it would be effective, you will learn that pain is not the worse of punishments no, now humiliation that was a very effective tool. And to top it off he wasn't going to restrain you, you would hold position or he would start again. He smirked picking up his first choice, a tawse. Painful and biting it left deep red welts that lasted days you'd be a very sore baby. He would have to be careful no more then ten he ha decided this implement was very unforgiving and with the others he planned to use today he didn't want to over do it. You quivered staying as still as you could knowing that anything  you did out of turn would make him even angrier. You held your shuddering breaths cringing as you almost blew bubbles in your own saliva as he approched...What is that? What the fuck is that!? You almost jumped up when he stopped a breah away from you, the long strip was tucked out of sight but you knew what you saw that was a strap or-or a belt!
Tumblr media
Henry could feel your panic and placed the tawse on your bare back letting you take a few guesses at what it was. You trembled panting panicking he frowned, he wanted you on edge, frightened not panicked and nearly passing out. He sighed and picked deciding it was best to ease some of your worries he moved it up letting it fall with a resounding slap on the leather by your side
"Look...Now this~ is your tawse but daddy will be calling it your strap, it stings and has a very nasty will get ten and then we will move on daddy has a few things he wants to make clear in this little correction, not everything is fixed with a spanking." You whimpered shifting as you turned to look at the long implement of your own doom. It was long about fourteen the fifteen inches long, about six of them was a flat sturdy handle the rest well, it was a strap long and flexible made of durable old leather. Despite looking old it was well maintained shiny like it had been oiled recently. The strap itself was two inches wide a small long v cut from the tip down to the handle, it'd swing faster. You couldn't explain the dread as he picked it up quickly looking between your legs seeing him ready himself.
"Count...You can do that cant you baby? Count to ten that’s how many daddy wants to give you... but its really up to you, being the big girl you tried to be daddy will let you decide....If you move-If you can't hold still then daddy will start all over~ So I should hope you do stay still as daddy doesn't want to be here all evening remember no biting that paci either~" you squirmed shuddering with new cries terrified.
You heard the movement, the swish as the strap cut through the air. Then he slap it was loud and sounded viscous...almost as viscous as it felt. You rocked forward and screamed high around the rubber the hit had been high on your rump and most hit the panties that gave no protection what so ever.
"Count Baby what was that?" You heaved deep breaths in shock of jus how bad that stung.
"One! It-I daddy I can’t pleassse Itss bad!" You sobbed digging your nails into the lather suite moving side to side.
"I’m sure it is but baby I can see your wet little pussy~ so it cant be to bad can it my love now ready? Daddy wants this over with, you have this and one more spanking and if your god daddy will make you feel better afterwards now straighten up the next few will be faster" you groaned catching your breath barely as he moved striking you in three quick consecutive slaps each lower then the one before. You called out the numbers two three and four screaming and bucking rocking wanting to get away but didn't want to start over, your cheek hotter than ever, the burn was extreme. You could feel the welts rise in an almost pins and needles tingle that remained. You kicked your foot up and through your hands back.
"No nonono DADDY PLEASSSEE I CANT STOP PLEASE" he simply moved your hands away.
"Well don't do the crime if you can't do the time...haha well that applies to you anyway...Now put those hands down...Now little one....In fact place them under your head...That’s it like that if I hit your fingers I could break one now you stay right there!"you whimpered putting your hands under your forehead as he waited he tugged the panties up a little more ad smiled
"Oh baby? Look a little wet spot? Are you excited? Its very cute that even when I’m spanking your naughty little bottom you still want me~" you whined as he peppered another four strikes up and down the legnth of your ass and thighs the same stinging lighting a fire on your skin.
"Noo Da-ddYYY SSTOP!" You cried harder almost choking on the pacifier. Humiliated that your pussy clenched with each hit making you cringe knowing he was looking, you could feel his eyes on it. You wailed as loud as you could with the rubber teet in your mouth every movement and sound making your mouth flood with the nasty taste that was still dribbling out onto your tongue making you cough as it went down your throat forcing you to swallow and suckle more out a nasty cycle. Henry grunted as you got louder kicking your feet before screaming as he landed another harder strike.
"Stop that noise this instant!! Honestly screaming the house down because you ended up having a well earned spanking....You know to damn well deserve it little one!" Henry's scold made you quiet down more out of fear of making him start again then actual obedience. "Two more than we are done with your strap... The final two fell and you sobbed into the leather below you adding to the puddle of dribble and tears that had formed already. He sighed rubbing your back moving his hand down to your still wedged undies and tugged slowly you sighed in relief as he pulled the trapped cotton from your ass quickly threading your legs out of the cotton with ease.
"Thank you, thank you daddy!" You sobbed Henry hissed a breath looking at your blistered ass the welts were bright and thin littering you ass in clean sweeps he could count the number of strikes he had dealt. He pressed a palm you them. You leand forward trying to rock away but he didn't let you instead rubbed softly barely grazing the strikes. "Tch Shh shh I know little one you are being a good girl... That’s it love all done see daddy hasn't got your strap now he put it away~....So so brave, brave little baby girl....But you need to learn your not Your not all grown up are you? Say it...come on tell daddy" you flushed at his words but moved to look up at him. He had nothing in his hand he moved to stand behind the sofa letting you sit up on your knees to see him.
"I'm a-a little gi-girl...A bad litt-le girl daddy!-I'm bad! I'm sorry!" He chuckled at the despair in your voice he moved forward kissing your head wiping at your tears he smiled when you moved nuzzling him sweetly trying to savor the affection. "No baby no your not were naughty and your nearly all finished...But daddy is happy that you understand your not grown up...Your not a big girl... you are a horny little one though whats all this?~" You shivered as he moved around you again holding out his hand glistening from the arousal on them. You flushed at him and moved your face away whining he chuckled wiling the fingers on your back and stepped away. "We will deal with that after this baby girl now spread your legs a bit wider...Come on now don't play up now when we are soo close to finishing my love...That’s it good girl I promise you behave just a little while longer and daddy will help with your little tingles" you flushed at the matter of fact way he had blurted it out. You spread your legs and not a few seconds later his hand appeared placing a small decorative bronze pot under your spread aching legs.
"Da-daddy? Whats? What are you-" you frowned as he disappeared from behind you making his way around the sofa as he spoke.
"Shh love this is just incase you make a mess you'll see now hold still you'll get ten on your little pucker and that's all your spankies out of the way and then we can move on, daddy will give you a little reward for being such a sweet baby and doing as your told and you can tell daddy exactly how you betrayed him~" you looked up at him over the back of the sofa blinking at him then frowned not sure you heard him, he was going to strike your actual asshole? He couldn't mean it could he? You shifted your eye to the long slim crop knowing he definitely meant it. You panicked as shifted starting to plead with him not wanting to go through something that sounded to painful. "NO NO PLE-PLEASE DA-DADDY I DONT WANT- I'D NEVER-" You jolted but he was ready quick to capture your jaw and pull you towards him and the back off the sofa straddling the bronze pot. "Oh no little one...Daddy has to know to teach you a lesson because daddy loves you...He loves his little one so much...And because I love you I have to teach you these hard lessons...Its for your own good" You moved back but he moved holding your jaw lightly moving tucking the tip of his thumb under the pacifier sheild running over your wet lip pressing up ton the tiny sliver of teet you whined as he action squirted the last few drops of the nasty mixture from it onto your tongue he smiled and shushed you. "That's it baby I know...I know its scary but I'm not going to be to hard on you..I promise just this then your punishment is over and you can have a reward for being such a good girl...Does that sound nice yeah?...Yes I know and we can get this icky paci out and clean you up" You moaned pitifully nodding resigning yourself to his final punishment praying he kept his word and wouldn't hit you as hard as he had with the tawse you don't think you could stand it
"That’s it good girl stay down...Your being so good, such a good girl just ten baby girl and you wont have to count...That’s it back down stay still"you crouched down he wasted no time swinging the crop making the end flick across your ass just clipping he tight ring of muscle, you could tel it was more of a wrist flick than a full blown swing but it was enough. You jolted up again trying to close your legs but couldn't with the bowl sat between them. Henry sighed capturing the back of your neck and pressed down keeping you bent your head on the back of the seat.
"Stay still love nine more...Just nine then its all over" you shook your head at him heaving deep breaths groaning and mewling as your ass burned that was torture you never realize just how tender it could be you felt the ring of muscle contracting against the sting that lingered.
"Now now you asked for this~ you disobeyed your daddy...I did warn you last time I had gone easy on you this time you are not as lucky now nine more" he moved quickly flicking the crop across your pucker then moved making it curl around to your front. You whined bucking away terror struck you as you quickly felt the need to go  realizing suddenly why he had placed the bowl under you, it wasn't a bowl it was a chamber pot, you shook as he struck the same way again making that terrible feeling grow you couldn't even protest. A harder strike landed just on your pucker then another even harder well placed strike. You cringed trying desperately to hold it but it was difficult each strike made you buck and tense your stomach contracting placing more pressure on your bladder. One final vicious sounding snap of the crop was all it took you cried out sobbing loudly as you began peeing into the pot below you.
Tumblr media
Henry stopped at the sound mission accomplished. He wanted to show you how much of a little girl you really were, to humiliate you and show you just how small you were and how much control he could have over you if he wanted. He grinned looking down as you sobbed embarrassed and heart broken he moved tilting your head up to face him, eye contact was key here you couldn't forget he was here watching listening he shook his head tutting. "Oh whats this? Oh I thought you were daddy’s big girl? I thought you wanted to be a big girl from the way you went and spoke to those officers....Daddy thought his little girl was all grown up! And could handle her spanking?....But no your not a big girl are you? Big girls don't wet themselves" you cried out in pain and humiliation as once the trickle started you couldn't stop, you cringed looking down as your peed into the small chamber pot he had tucked below you. You squinted your eyes shut trying to remove yourself wanting to ignore your surroundings but it was hard you could hear your humiliation as you continued to empty your bladder into the pot. Henry smiled at your discomfort he knew this would happen, fuck he planned for it to happen many subs couldn't handle there bladders when struck so precise on their little pucker's... Especially on their firs asshole whipping. "Oh baby look you must really needed to go? no self control at all huh baby...Maybe your not a little girl? maybe you are a baby?" you pouted and whined shaking your head and gagged again as the bitter taste was still being drip fed into your mouth coating your tongue this was something altogether different just knowing he saw you peeing was mortifying a punishment in itself, you cried out pitifully. "See! Your just a silly little baby can't even ask to use the potty~ such an embarrassing little girl!...Hold on daddy has some we wipes to clean up his little one stay" you shuddered sniffling in and whining when you left him come back behind you taking away the now quater full chamber pot. You hissed as he moved a cool wet wipe over your folds but he didn't top there moving up and down cleaning your arousal from your labia making sure to be thorough. "Oh sweety that was only seven! But you did have an accident so daddy will let you off the other three... wouldn't want you to wet yourself again would we?" You sniffled ashamed nodding as he Continued to wipe around your privates then threw the wipes away out of sight. And walked back behind his desk taking a seat deciding to give you a few moments smiling when you stayed perfectly still. A good obedient girl who knew her place, waiting for him to give the okay for you to move. As it should be.
Tumblr media
Henry twisted in the seat staring at your down turned head the way you curled up on the sofa embarrassed and heartbroken you were a very sorry little girl as you should be!. He rolled his fingers flexing them leaning his elbow on the desk watching your body shudder from the shock of his rough punishment...A part of him...A very cruel sinister part wanted to leave you there alone in your despair to deal with the aftermath by yourself. Make you beg him, realize you needed not just his love and his comfort  but also his permission...But he couldn't, he loved you despite what you'd done, despite how hard you'd just made things he couldn't leave you alone in this state no self respecting daddy forgoes aftercare not even for the worst offenses.Sighing he rounded his desk pouring himself a scotch he felt better but was still on edge. Once the crystal tumbler was half full he walked to the leather sofa placing it on the table beside it stepping over the chamber pot he'd covered and left by the desk out of sight. You shivered and whined hoarsely as he shifted you ,you wriggled wanting to be left alone but he wouldn't let you.You wept sorrowfully as he patted your bottom again and tipped you up sitting on the sofa beside you quickly seating you on his thick thighs you hissed at the friction of your welts on his soft trousers hiccuping. He tilted you bak a little one arm around your back holding one of your arms drawing small circles on your skin pulling goosebumps. One hand unbuckled the pacifier letting it fall to the floor and he wiped across your mouth cleaning you up with his disguarded sweater you'd been wearing. "Shush...That's it such a good girl its all over now all over love now can daddy have a peek? I know I caught your little pussy my love let me see....Come on baby girl open up... That’s it good baby" you let him pry your thighs apart the hand that was on your arm now holding your still quivering thigh. You blushed and whined when he lowered his head to look. Henry bit his lip he really had caught you, no wonder you were squirming and crying as you were. You were red and swollen, the hood of your clit supported a red outline of the crop. There was no cuts or grazes though which was good he moved his fingers prodding at you. Despite your wailing you had found some pleasure in the ordeal...He would have to explore this little masochistic side of yours at a later date for now he would reward your good behavior. "Not to bad darling, its not to bad a little pink but its hard to see around all your mess! Look huh? Your reward wont take long love" you shook your head trying to clamp your legs shut having had just about enough. He chuckled as you tried fighting his hold. "No no! Now come on earned it being so good for daddy and taking your punishment like a good little girl!" He maneuvered you holding you open you panted at him as you felt the cool air on both holes again. Your pussy was alive  twitching trying to find something to latch on to. You jolted when his other hand moved to you clit holding a standalone rabbit ear clit simulator,  it was tucked in his hand snugly. "No no ple-PLEASE IT'S SOOOORREE no no no no! I can’t da-daddy pleas i want a nap no nooo" he shook his head ignoring you and smiled placing the soft rubber to your erect throbbing clit and pressed it on you bucked yelping not realizing just how aroused you were it must have been lost in the stinging and heat! Only now just noticing the state you were in horny, hot, sweaty and panting. You rocked against his hand as he held the small powerful device a tight on you.He chuckled again kissing at your neck as you through your head back one hand fisted in his shirt the other on the wist prying you open for him. You whined curling up as he clicked it up a notch and made just the tips graze the tender hood of your clit. "AhAH NO-DADDY FUCK PLEASE fuckfuckfcuk NO IT HURTS DADDY TAKE IT OFF! IM NOT NOO!" You panted harder moaning letting your head fall back looking up at him moaning trying not to buck or grind as it hurt your stinging ass. "Thats a lot of adult words for such a sweet baby~" he taunted and began running the ears across your folds moving so you don't have to. He twisted his hand managing to somehow plunge three fingers in to you and balance the toy his thumb poised at the button.You grunted gasping mouth agape looking at him pitifully trying to chase your end that was building. You loved and hated the feeling all at once. His finger moved in individual rhythms twisting and curling this way and that stretching you. Drawing patterns on your insides avoiding that one spot he knew you needed him, you mewled quietly as he lowered his head mouth just above yours staring at your glazed eyes as he growled working your pussy for all its worth. He opened his mouth and laughed breathing you in.
"Come on love~ so good be a good girl and cum I know you want to~" you moaned and moved tucking your head in the crook of his neck as your walls clenched wanting to keep him inside as all costs. Your indies felt like they were being treated to a Pampering as his finger pads stroked them making your nerves buzz under his perfected ministrations. You mewled loudly into his eck as he finally relented twirling his fingers inside you rubbing your spot harshly forcing you to tighten around him you yelped and twitched curling your abdomen as you trembled his finger moving firmer and firmer circling and tapping as he thrusted into you the sloppy sounds made you flush and whine again gasping as your body shuddered uncontrollably you could feel it. Just with in your grasp! Our insides were hot and wet twisting around his fingers as they moved faster slapping the vibrator against your clit with each deep determined thrust.
"Ah AH AH FUCK-YES PLEASSSEE-I DADDY!?" you fisted your hands in shirt turning to clutch at him bucking trying to ride his fingers. Your ass burned and your insides twitched. You grinded faster grunting at him when he flicked the vibrator higher that was it! You burst comming undone on a loud moaming and withering. "DADDY!~ AH FUCK FUUUCK PLEASE DADDY UGH YES ITS -so good so-thank you thank you daddy I’m sorry! Im sorry I didn’t it wasn’t-" Henry just held you removing his now drenched fingers, youd cum hard. He could feel your body go slak cagainst him s oothing your hair back kissing your cheek and neck.
"Thats it my precious good baby , perfect little one its all done....thats it all done my love so good" you wept into him eve rything catching up to you you hugged his neck breathing him in just hopeing he now forgave you, calmed down enough to listen not that you thought you could say much you were just to messed up. He held you for what felt like hours rocking and shushing you.
Tumblr media
"I-Im sorry but I really didn’t tell on you daddy...I really didnt i wouldnt...I love it here...even when this i feel good after...better" Henry held his breath for a few seconds and smiled. He kissed your head and wiped your tear stained face.
"Do-do you forgive me daddy?" Henry took a deep breath and didnt answer that made your heart clench your tears coming back how you had any left to cry was a mystery to you. You placed your hands over your face and sobbed. He didnt he still hated you, he would find out what you said and throw you out you just knew it!. Henry noticed his mistake to late as you broke down in his lap again, he moved to pull your hands away from your face but you jerked shrugging him off. He frowned and pulled this time using his strength removing your hands his blood ran cold at your devestated face. You struggled to make him releas you but he didnt only held you tighted "Now now little one shh its okay...i do forgive you i love you -hey enough of that don't be so stubborn...Daddy forgives you will make it better...Shh shh you took your punishment very well...Now come up sit up for daddy" you wept not believing him as he tilted you cradling you to him. You grabbed his shirt crying harder hiccupping still a sorry mess your body throbbed you were exhausted and your nerves were shot. And your mouth still had that vile bitter taste. "D-Daddy I'm-I'm sorry so-o sorry daddy please- don't leave! Dont throw me out please i dont i want tobe here with you! I didn't he told me to! He-he pushed me...told them I knew!" you babbled still frantic trying to calm down Henry rose a brow "What baby zIm that what this is about oh honey im not going anywhere and im not getting rid of you love.....okay? Your here with me and everything is all better but i need you to tell me exactly what happened Who pushed you baby? Hey hey shush thats it baby doll who told you- what did they tell you?" You sniffled loo,ing at him for a few seconds and took some deep breaths still jnsure of where you stood but you had to talk, to help him you could fix this, you could. "L-Luke...He he sai-d that you needed m-me...That I wa-as going to prison with you!" Henry growled and you flinched away again but he was quick to console you stroking your hair you were still shivering and trembling...probably getting cold now. He moved pulling a small fluffy throw he kept in here for you and wrapped it around your shoulders concealing you completly in the heavy blanket. He rubbed your arm lightly trying to encourage you. He moved his drink to your lips. "Come on a small sip...Thats it good girl..haha oh I know its strong huh? shh thats it now daddy needs you to tell him what Luke said to you princess" you looked up at him and shook your head as another wave of tears started and you tuccked into him leaning your weight on him resting your head at his heart letting the soft thumping sooth you. "Hey hey its okay little one...You can tell daddy...Daddy isn't mad anymore he just wants to know what was said...You can do it your such a good baby...I need to know were you plotting against me?" You looked up at him through your tears shocked and gasping your heart shattered at the broken look on his face cracking his gaze was so defeated another wave of panic washed over you.No he can't you have to tell him! tears fell as you shook your head. "I-I didnt! I swear daddy I didn't say anything! They wanted me to make a statment..She recognized me! Luke told her daddy! I didn't have a choice-" Henry growled moving the drink to his mouth taking a long sip the plced it on the side table with a soft thump. Yhen with a loud intact of breath he began speaking irritated and exasperated. "And you know what? He wouldn't have if you'd been here at home like daddy told you! would he baby? noo you wouldnt have been in this situation now if you'd just been a good girl!" You wriggled back whimpering quivering at his dissapointed tone feeling scared and small. You clutched at him worried he was starting to get all wound up at you again. "Now..What else happened now that your calmed down I can make sense of it all" he lifted you perching you on his knees, for a second he smiled at you naked and quivering wrapped in the throw, your red tears stained face and guilty pouting expression made you look the part of a very well punished little girl. He moved his hands across you gently rubbing you trying to ease your tight acheing muscles. "I-I Luke..he said I'd need to be there!" Henry frowned "What did he say love? I don't think you'd fall for just that" "Af-after they took you away...Said you were going to prison...That I'd go to prison to....he said that they had something big and-and that I needed to make a statement, tell them about Stephan last night or you'd be put away...And-and to pay bail money!" He hummed tucking your hair behind your ears and froze moving his fingertips down your jaw lightly frowning. Bail money? "Bail money? baby I didn't need bail..They I wasn't arrested my sweet girl" "I didn't know that till he got me there! I didn't-please daddy he made me! He said I didn't have a choice! That you were arrested and if I didn't come pay the money I'd never see you again!..He scared me! he was mean! He called me names to making me cry- a-a sexy doll and slut! and-and when I was upset he started saying I'd go to prison to cos I'm your girlfreind! thats all that's why I came there! He said I had to...To save you!...That you needed me..."Henry eyed you carefully and tilted your face up again you were determined to avoid his gaze and he didn't like it. But then again he didn't like the fact he had jumped the gun and wailed on you before hearing you out you either. Yes he stood by his punishment....Well some of it you should have stayed here. But maybe you didn't deserve such humiliation, it was a god send you were now telling him everything after what he had just put you through. He motioned for you to continue wanting you to explain. "He-he wanted me to...Tell them...About how I got here...He didn't say it...But thats what he meant...and then he told the police i wanted to tell on you..i didnt i realized then and just wanted to wait in the car...Luke pushed me to go with her to that room" Henry hummed he believed you it wasnt hard, Luke wanted a way out, and the man didn't like you one bit hed have no qualms about sacrificing you to save his own skin. But it was risky pinning all his hopes on you and fucking stupid did he really think you wouldn't tell your daddy what luke had been up to? could Luke really be that stupid? Henry cursed watching the tears fall from your eyes and you trembled. "Please-please daddy you have to belive me I'd never- I don't want to leave...I don't want you to leave me daddy please..." though pitiful as your pleas did sound sincere henry felt a deep pit forming in his stomach. he had just put you through hell, he made you fucking piss yourself! and used the most painfull of his arsenal. He felt like a right cunt!
"Shh Shh it's alright baby...Daddy believes you daddy believes you baby girl....He frightened you into going in? So Luke's trying to set me up now? Along with Stephan heh... You sure your not going to join them pet?" He meant it as a joke but your reaction was instant You shook your head holding your tender neck smoothing your cool fingers over it. "No...Stephan wants me to go down to...Luke said he is bitter...Stephan knows I slept with you last night" you mumbled slowly wanting hims to believe you, you needed him to believe you, to understand you were helping him! He looked up confused he began rubbing the back of your neck his warm palm helping eamse. the pain his other hand rose and scratched your scalp slowly letting you move your head angling it to get his hand where you wanted it at the side of your head.   "What was that love?" you hummed twisting your head again as his strong fingers massaged your scalp harder in slow circles making your tension headache fade. You licked your lips before starting to explain to him what had been said. "Luke told me Stephan knows about us..That he was angry when they dropped him off..Was really mad- should I not have known daddy?" Henry cursed and chuckled shaking his head fucking unbelievable. You flinched as Henry moved collecting you in his arms again holding you tight kissing your head breathing you in.Henry was quickly starting piece everything together, it wasn't Stephan... Well not really it was Luke manipulating everone trying to play in a kings game!.  Your whimperes pulled him out of his thoughts and he spoke soothing you. "No it isn't that....Babygirl I just I know whats going on Luke told him about us...Luke provoked Stephan and You... He was using you both...He was counting on you telling them everything...I?- did you? Tell them everything?" you cringed at how uncertified he sounded he small his voice ended up being, it made you feel uncomfortable. You shook your head smileing at him shyly. "No-no daddy I didn't, I said that Stephan came to the restaurant, that he is an ex who can't get over me and has a grudge against you...And that I didn't go missing I found out Stephan was using me to left cos I was scared of him and you offered me a place to stay...And...And that I-I'm in love with you.." Henry blinked sighing flopping back into the seat with a sigh maybe you did help him then. If you could both make it out to be a jealous ex lover it'd explain your sudden disappearance and why Stephan was so determined to pin this on him. "Anything else? I need to know" you twiddled your fingers at him and nodded feeling slightly embarassed but you knew he had to know...It's was he going to handle you telling the police about your sex life? you flushed just remebering it, it had been so fast you hadn't really tought about the fact they now knew that you got tied up and spanked. Henry furrowed his brows at you as he watched you go pink...What the fuck had you said? "Th-they want me to testify... About Stephan....They took the statement about what happened last night...And after that she- the lady tried to say you'd have done..What ever they think you did, once we got home I said you couldn't have cos...Well you never leave me alone in a scene...She didn't understand so I had to tell her...A-About the err BDSM thingy... She carried on saying youd have left when i was asleep and ...I had to say something...So I told her...I said that you couldn't have slipped away during the night cos err... well i kind of said you slept erm in-inside me so...I'd know if you...yeah" Henry grunted trying to bite back a chuckle as you flushed brighter. "Cockwarming? Thanks for that....How'd you even? Do you? Do you want to try that baby doll? Want daddy to keep you full all night?" you flushed brighter he chuckled relaxing feeling much better he didn't think you had dropped him in it..Not yet anyway but he would have to keep you on a very short leash they would take this to court its the closest they have come to getting him. he sighed into your hair kissing your head again, you hadn't handed him in, and Luke... Yes it made sense Luke would have known that he didn't need bail but you wouldn't, it would make sense to you you didn't know any better. Just that alone made him believe you. He moved forward making you squeak and hold him tight as he heaved you up in to his arms and stood moving the blanket to cover your form and keep you warm then made for the bedroom wanting to give you a shower and put you down for a bed. An early night was what you needed now after a day like today.
Tumblr media
Henry smiled looking at you curled up in the bed, you'd been good letting him take control and look after you. You'd only whimpered when he was washing you as he moved across your swollen bruises and welts he'd left across you. He felt guilty but what's done is done.  He can't take it back no matter how much he wanted to, he tried making it up to you by lathering each and every mark with kisses as he massaged lotion into your damp skin afterwards, being careful to rub away your tension it was that; that had sent you off to sleep and somehow he had dressed you in fussy pajamas and tucked you in whilst you were in a deep sleep. He was happy even in his guilt, he would admit he jumped the gun but he now had a new target.
One that had no idea he was coming for him, one who had a very high price to pay, no one upset his baby girl, no one scared her. He couldn't tell if he was more angry over the fact Henry himself had missed the signs or if he was angry over the fact he had taken it out on his little girl before letting her explain.
Once he was sure you'd be safe and sound up here he moved to the side whistling in a high pitch through the house hearing the tapping of claws. Kal climbed the stairs panting happily making him smile at the bear. "Kal come on you lazy boy time to earn your keep...In" he motioned the dog to enter the bedroom with a flick of his head, the akita followed Henry's instructions and entered the room then turned to look at him as if to say 'now what?' Henry reached out ruffling his ears and scratched the dogs muzzle before moving cupping Kals chin making him look at him. "Now you look after your mother....You keep her safe boy understand?...Good now go give her snuggles she needs a bear hug" kal gave a quiet 'boof' then got up and pounce onto the bed curling up between you and the door making Henry grin before closing the door. Once in the hall he took a breath and locked the door, no one was getting in tonight. He did one final check making sure his knife and gun were both concealed once satisfied he pulled the tight fitting suit jacket around his abdomen and fastened the button then began walking,  his polished shoes echoing off the floor he tried to be well dressed when being out on business, he pulled his phone from his pocket as he made his way down the stairs. "Hello Liam how would you like a promotion? oh you would? great meet me down at Pearls..Bring Luke...Oh your there already? enjoying the new girls I take it?...Theres no need to thank me...And Luke's there to? Excellent Keep him there I will be with you very shortly!" he hung up grinning tonight was going to be very smooth and clean by the sounds of it. It was time to take care of a rat.
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bubblegum-bby069 · 6 months ago
17|Target (p.2)
Tumblr media
After finally changing into your new hero costume, you walk out to the training grounds.
You were the last one to arrive since you were held back praying to whatever god there was to just kill you right at that moment so you wouldn't have to face that asshole again, but then again, no god helped your atheist ass.
Walking late was already humiliating and everyone looking at you was a guarantee, but the fact that you were wearing your new hero costume for the first time didnt help the fact that everyone stared at you up and down as you held your head high, chest out, shoulders back as you walked confidently towards your classmates.
"Goddamn girl who you trynna seduce?" Momo teased, smiling at you.
"Me!" Denki, Mina and Mineta said in unison.
You smile at Mina and Denki, and you glare at Mineta, who was drowning in a pool of his own drool.
Mina wrapped her arm around your waist, bringing you closer. "You look so good girly, if only you weren't taken." She said, pouting
"I'm not taken?" You chuckle, confused.
"Well doesn't seem like it from the way he's staring at you." She whispered, pointing to the left as you turn around, and you see bakugo, and unreadable expression on his face.
Bakugo almost died when he saw you walking.
Hair and hips swaying gracefully, curves and dimples on display as you smiled at your friends, and when he saw everyone checking you out he felt so annoyed, so angry.
Specially when Mineta had the audacity to even dare look in your direction. When he saw Mina wrap her arm around your waist his hands twitched, jealousy clawing at his mind.
You stare back at bakugo, and you wink, licking your lip and you turned around towards Mina.
"I'm not taken baby, dont worry." You whisper, but everyone heard you.
Mina squealed and kissed your cheek, poking her tongue at bakugo when she caught him glaring at her.
"You'll be training individually today, as you can see the teachers will be observing you and helping you improve and prepared for your final exam. Now get on with it!" Midnight said, and everyone complied, finding their own space and practicing.
You were practicing with your own blood, extracting it, inserting it, hardening it and shaping it as you also practised self defence.
The teachers observed all of you, silently taking notes of everyone's strengths and weaknesses.
Everyone was focused, but bakugo would glance at you from time to time, to make sure you weren't exhausting yourself.
"Okay everyone, take a break. Next, you'll individually practice with a teacher." All might said.
After a few minutes of break and a few of your classmates battling with teachers, it was your turn.
Your classmates were lined up by the rectangular fighting ground, cheering for everyone who went against a teacher.
You were versing Aizawa.
"Sorry if I beat your ass old man." You say, and everyone cheered. Aizawa shook his head and you both took a fighting stance, and motioned for you to go first.
You knew he'd erase your quirk, so as you were running towards him and when you felt your quirk disappear, you jumped and grabbed his scarf, he wrapped it around your wrist and slammed you to the ground, so you took the opportunity to slide under his legs and stand up behind him as you kicked him.
He moved forward a bit and turned around, throwing a punch as you dodge and attempt to punch him aswell, but to no avail. He was too fast, and he smirked when he got a hit on you.
"Watch out for your blind spots." He said, wrapping his scarf around your arms, tying them together.
A second later his hair fell, you smirk and you use your quirk to slam him to the ground as you control the blood in his vains and make him loosen his grip on his scarf.
On one of the rooftops, a man dressed in black stood, a gun in his hand as he aimed, smirking as he pulled the trigger.
You were about to use your quirk again, but a gun shot sound rang through the air, and following that, a force like a ton of bricks hit you in your neck.
Your whole body froze from shock and pain, hot blood seeping out of the wound on your neck as you shook, your eyes wide.
Aizawa seemed frozen too, his eyes widened than ever as his hand slowly reached towards you.
Everything seemed slow motion. Your hand travelled up to your neck, as your blood burnt your finger.
Dark spots stained your vision as Aizawa stood up, yelling something that you couldn't hear, screams and yells of the people around you seemed so far away, as your legs gave up and you fell backwards towards the ground.
The sky above you seemed dark as if it was night time, your body shaking as you took broken breaths.
Out of nowhere, your heart clenched painfully, the blood in your veins so hot that it burned you from inside out, your mouth gaped open as your body seized on the floor, your scream breaking through everyone's ear drums.
Your body was in so much pain, and you couldn't take it anymore.
Bakugo was frozen on the sidelines as he watched your body seize and the ground uncontrollably, black lines appearing all over your body and face.
Your veins were turning black.
Your blood was also black instead of red, as your screams of agony rang in his ears. He watched as Aizawa towered over you, not knowing what to do as you cried and kicked hopelessly, dragging your hands and legs across the floor as your back arched, your eyes also turning black.
What was happening?
"Everyone go back to your class right now!" Midnight said, standing infront of the students and blocking their view.
No one moved.
"Now!" She yelled, and that seemed to snap
Everyone out of shock as they ran back towards the main building. Bakugo was being dragged by kirishima, as he struggled to be set free, he didnt want to leave, he didnt want to leave you.
"All might come with me! Whoever shot that bullet must still be on school grounds!" Midnight said, and both of them left to look for the intruder.
Aizawa felt so helpless as he knelt over your shaking body, trying to hold you still "Akari!" His voice cracked as he desperately tried to get you to stop trembling, you were struggling to breath and he didn't know what to do.
Black tears ran down your face as you clawed at your neck, eyes wide open.
He lifted you up, and ran towards the infirmary. He pulled you closer to his chest when you coughed up some blood, whispering his name as you cried again.
He'd never felt so terrified in his life.
9:38 pm
In the room, teachers and doctors stood silently, a thick and heavy tension looming over everyone.
You were unconscious on the bed, recovery girl had tried to heal you but she couldn't, your blood burnt her and she couldn't even touch you. So they had to call an emergency squad of doctors, and they had to do surgery on you to take out the bullet.
"So?" Aizawa asked impatiently
"We had to transfer lots of blood to her body, we almost replaced all of her blood. Now, what I'm about to say is pretty strange, I should say."
"Please, go on." Principal Nezu said.
The doctor nodded, taking out a platig bag, containing a damaged, black bullet.
"Whatever was in this bullet, had made a chemical reaction that had turned her blood into acid. And by acid, I mean the dangerous kind of acid, that no one touched without wearing protective gear." The doctor explained and some of the teachers gasped.
"We dont know much about what this bullet contains yet, we're sending it to a lab to do more experiments on it. But her blood was turned acidic. Whoever shot her must've chosen her neck on purpose, because if she was shot in her heart she would've died painfully and slowly, but she was shot in her neck, the place where blood travels fast, but isn't deadly." The doctor explained, handing the bullet to a nurse.
" She was definitely the target. The bullet seems to only react with a certain blood type. Which in this case, is AB negative. She has quite a rare blood type, she's so lucky we had enough in the blood bank for blood transfusion. She'll be fine, this doesn't have any permanent damage on her physical ability but she will have to refrain from using her quirk from now on. Who's her legal guardian?"
"Her mother."
"Well where is she? I'll need to talk to her." The doctor said.
"Uh..I did contact her, but she didn't seem concerned enough to show up." Midnight said hesitantly.
"She'll be staying with me for a while. I'm her godfather. What do I need to be informed about?" Aizawa sighed.
The fact that your mother didnt even bother showing up made him furious. How can she just not care about her own daughter?
"The wounds on her neck were pretty deep, so you'll need to change her bandages often and disinfect them, specially the bullet wound. If it gets infected there'll be an issue."
"There are more wounds other than the bullet wound?" All might asked.
"Yes, poor girl seemed to be in so much pain, as I've been informed she was clawing at her neck. So there are minor scratches and cuts from her fingers." The doctor shook his head in empathy, feeling bad for the girl laying lifelessly on the black stained bed.
"She never seems to get out of the hospital, does she?" Nezu commented, and Aizawa instantly glared at him.
Nezu clears his throat and turns towards the teachers. "Whoever shot that had access to school grounds. This must be connected to the traitor, we need to do more research about this. For now, we'll increase security all over school and restrict foreign access to the school grounds. For whatever reason, this just seems to be a warning. This means we have to keep an eye out."
As the teachers discussed the matter further, the boy standing outside the room by the door clenched his fists, his throat drying up.
Bakugo was furious, and he promised to himself to find whoever was behind this, and end them.
Also, enjoy my beautiful drawing of the hallway scene.
Tumblr media
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kinkandkreep · 6 months ago
Enemies of Everywhere: Chapter 9
A/N: Hey hey y’all, here’s chapter 9! Just like the last chapter things get a little spice between our two main characters, but it’s not quite as explicit as last time. We finally begin preparations for prom this chapter, and Kendra has to confront some unrealized feelings. Alrighty, enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
Kendra awoke with a start, her room uncomfortably cold, the air dense. She was groggy, groaning and pushing the heels of her hands into her eyes forcefully, trying to wipe away the crud that had accumulated there overnight.
She shivered both from the cold and as she recalled what she’d assumed to be a very lewd dream. In it, Alaric had snuck into her room in the early morning and had gone down on her, whispering words of love and affection and being a tease all the while.
Kendra sighed, flipping her comforter, which had been neatly tucked around her, over her legs, pausing mid yawn when she realized her sleep shorts had been pulled down. A thick, clear substance had cooled and left a mostly dry, somewhat tacky mess along her inner thighs. As quickly as her foggy mind would allow, Kendra put two and two together, coming to the conclusion that her dream had in fact been reality, and something risque had occurred between her and Alaric the night prior.
The girl worked to maintain her composure, unsure what to feel about the situation. She realized that before she must have agreed, seeing as she knew Alaric would never even dream of forcing her to do something she didn’t want to. She entertained the idea that her sleepiness may have left her more susceptible to suggestion, but that sounded just as terrible and placed the responsibility (blame?) solely on Alaric.
Finally, after some minutes of contemplation, Kendra was forced to face facts and accept that she had secretly wanted what had happened between her and her best friend. She’d still meant what she said about not being sure that she loved him in a way that was romantic, but a part of her couldn’t deny that Alaric was attractive and had many desirable traits, and that most likely influenced a large part of her decision to let him please her.
“Geez Alix, the predicaments you put me in,” Kim shook her head, having accidentally exasperated herself. Quickly, the girl hopped up from bed, heading into her en suite bathroom to clean up and get ready for the day.
Today was a weekend, so Kendra’d dressed comfortably in some sweats and a cropped sweatshirt, shoving her chilly feet into her fluffy slippers. Grabbing her phone, she slipped downstairs for breakfast, deciding to take the initiative and shoot Alaric a quick good morning text.
By the time she got to the first floor of her home, Kendra’s mom had already whipped up a hearty morning meal consisting of omelets, hash browns. sausage links, an assortment of fresh fruit and a choice of either apple or orange juice, and coffee.
“Wow, if I’d known you were going to fix all of this, I’d have invited Alix over.” The boy was a big eater, and loved Imene’s cooking.
“You still can, though you’d need to hurry, as we wouldn’t want everything to get cold before his arrival. How does he like his omelets?”
“Do you have mushrooms?”
“I do, in fact. I bought some just yesterday when they were on sale at the supermarket.”
“Good, he’d appreciate a healthy heaping of those. He also prefers melting cheese specifically over regular cheddar.”
Kendra’s mother nodded and set to work. While she did that, Kendra shot Alix another text inviting him over for breakfast. He still hadn’t answered the first, but she figured he was simply still sleeping. Putting her phone away, she began setting the table, greeting her father as he descended the stairs.
The tall man replied with a grunt, meandering over to drape himself across Imene’s back. Kendra smiled despite herself, secretly finding her parent’s relationship adorable, though she’d never admit it.
Suddenly, an image of her and Alaric superimposed itself over Imene and Amaru. The soulbound pair were being just as if not more affectionate than Kendra’s parent’s, swaying slightly as imaginary Kendra laughed at something imaginary Alaric had said.
The image remained for a few seconds before disappearing once Kendra stumbled over on one of the legs of the dining room table, catching the attention of both her parents.
“Kaya? Are you alright,” her mother inquired, slightly concerned.
“Yeah Ma, I’m fine. Just stumbled there for a second.”
Just then, a knock sounded at the door.
“I’ll get it,” Kendra called as she headed towards it.
Opening the door, she was greeted by a closed-eyed Alaric leaning heavily against the doorframe. He was rocking slightly, apparently still sleepy.
“Um, Earth to Alix, wanna come in?”
He nodded without opening his eyes, making his way into and through the house on muscle memory alone.
Kendra chuckled, shaking her head and closing the door behind her.
About thirty minutes later the Desai’s and the youngest Ashford sat once again around the former family’s dining table. Alaric could barely keep his head up, and he sat the entire meal nodding in and out of coherency.
He was, however, conscious enough to ease his hand along the length of Kendra’s thigh, teasing around the inner portion of it. He stealthily circled a finger around her clothed pussy, pressing a finger in gentle pumps against her covered hole and clit.
The girl squirmed, trying her best to keep her noises of slight pleasure down. She was enjoying the feeling, and figured this was nothing compared to what she and Alaric had done the previous night.
This lasted until breakfast ended, about 10 minutes after it began. Once it was over, Kim and Alix headed upstairs to the girl’s room, the pair getting comfortable on her bed as they began to chat idly.
“That was real slick what you pulled earlier Emery,” Kendra spoke through clenched teeth as she playfully swatted at Alaric’s arm, chuckling along with him as he dodged.
“Yeah, yeah, but I knew my pretty girl could handle the situation. You always have exhibited such excellent self control after all.” He brushed his nose against hers, grinning when her own scrunched up cutely.
“Sure. And what’s with the nickname? Pretty girl? That’s a new one.”
Alaric’s smile faded slightly. “You don’t like it?”
Kendra canted her head to the side, appearing to contemplate the name for a second.
“Hmm, I suppose I could let it slide. It is a factual statement after all.” Kim shrugged matter-of-factly, a self-satisfied sort of smirk curling her lip.
Alix laughs. “My Kimmy, always so confident in her skin.”
“Speaking of confident, you know prom’s comin’ up, and we need to start thinking about what we’re going to wear. I kinda wanna get something tailored but, I feel like that’ll be a lot of work.”
Kendra stood, heading over to her closet to absentmindedly ruffle through it.
“But, if that’s what I decide, I need to go ahead now and see about the tailoring being done so that the seamstress has ample time.”
Kim sighed, placing her hands on her hips as she thought.
“Hey, no need to pop a blood vessel over it. Prom’s not for another month or so. Besides, you’ve got me here to help.” Alaric sat up in bed, fluffing up one of Kendra’s downy pillows behind him.
“Do you know how to mend and sew?” Kendra raised a skeptical eyebrow.
Alix chuckled awkwardly, absently scratching the back of his neck. “Well, no, I can’t actually be much help in that department. But I do have an eye for fashion, and I’ve known you as long as I’ve known myself, so I believe I’m quite equipped to help you choose something that will be both flattering and comfortable.”
Kendra thought about it, deciding that he had several valid points.
“Ok, you’re right. But let’s be honest; you wouldn’t have even let me go to prom without knowing what dress I’d wear down to the type of fabric used to make it.”
“Of course I wouldn’t. Someone’s got to supervise you you know. And for as much as I love mama Sai, she’s a bit of an enabler when it comes to your more lax dressing habits.”
Kendra snorted. “I’ll pretend not to be offended by that. For your sake.”
Alaric nodded. “Much obliged.”
The pair of soulmates spent the next hour or so scrolling through Pinterest and other websites, searching for prom attire inspiration and researching different fabrics and seamstresses in the area.
“Ooh, what about this one?” Kendra held up her phone to Alaric’s face. On it was displayed an image of a shimmery, midnight blue fabric. The site advertised 6 yards of it for only $15, and those who’d used it previously left mostly positive reviews in terms of the fabric’s quality.
“I really like this color. I feel like it’ll compliment my skin and eyes well.”
“Looks to me like someone’s going for Prom Queen this time round.” Alaric lifted a quizzical brow.
“No, not really, I just decided to take your advice to heart and go for something a little unorthodox for me this time. I mean, it is our Senior Prom we’re talking about. Go big or go home right?”
Alaric smiled, pleased with this latest of developments regarding Kendra’s attitude.
“That’s right Kimmy, go big or go home. Which, speaking of…”
Placing his phone down, Alaric leaned closer to Kendra, soft lips brushing against her cheek.
“Uh, Alix? You wanna do this in broad daylight?”
He shrugged. “Why not? As long as you keep down the noise, we shouldn’t have a problem, right, pretty girl?” Alix smirked as he felt Kendra shiver at his words and the sensation of his warm breath and moist tongue trailing her ear.
“U-um, well, I uh...I suppose this is ok. But you have to be quick. If we’re quiet for too long, my parents might get suspicious.”
Alix nodded, left hand ghosting over Kendra’s chest.
“I didn’t get to play with these last time. We should remedy that, don’t you think?”
Kendra didn’t answer, too preoccupied with her own thoughts to register anything more than what she was feeling physically.
The boy wasn’t deterred by her lack of an answer however, and instead he, with some gentle encouragement, maneuvered Kendra’s shirt and bra up and off, his tongue subconsciously licking lasciviously across his lips.
“You’re such a perv,” Kendra groaned, rolling her eyes.
“Yeah? And you’re my pretty girl. Seems we’re in the same boat, my sweet Kimmy.”
Kendra could feel her cheeks heat from sudden embarrassment. Shyly covering her chest, she looked away, mumbling beneath her breath.
“Stop with the nicknames bastard, and get on with it.”
Alaric pouted playfully, gently coaxing Kendra’s arms away from herself. “There’s no need to be shy Kendra. You know I could never think of you as anything other than beautiful.” He spoke lowly, leaning closer to place a chaste kiss on Kendra’s lips.
Despite herself, Kimmy’s lips lifted into a small smile.
“Yeah. Would it be narcissistic of me to say that that’s one of the things I love about you?”
Alix laughed at that, shaking his head. “Not at all Kim. Now, lay back, relax, and let me make you feel good yeah? Just like before.”
Swallowing and nodding, Kendra leaned back against her many soft pillows, eyes closing in bliss as Alaric’s lips closed around one of her pert nipples.
Alaric bit gently at the sensitive flesh, soothing his tongue over the bite immediately after. He created a pleasurable suction around the dark bud and the areola, suckling like an infant hoping for milk.
Kendra, seemingly on instinct, moved to cradle Alaric’s head, scratching her fingers in soothing drags across his scalp.
“Good boy Alix,” she whimpered out, not sure whether or not he could hear her.
He could, in fact, and hearing those words directed at him and whispered breathlessly from Kendra’s pillowy pink lips as he pleasured her gave Alaric a heady sense of euphoria and power.
He didn’t leave the other nipple unattended for long, inching his right hand teasingly up her ticklish sides, nails dragging over the thin skin there, and eventually settling near her other breast.
He began to tenderly knead the soft mound, fingers coming to lightly pull at the nipple and massage it between his fingers.
Kendra was squirming now, steadily becoming desperate for more stimulation.
Alaric released the flesh in his mouth with an audible pop, mouthing across Kendra’s chocolate skin to the breast currently being fondled by his hand while maintaining eye contact with her.
“Aw,” he pouted, resting his head on her chest. “Does Kimmy want more?”
The girl nodded, too caught up to use anything more than gestures.
Alix grinned, beginning to grind his own clothed cock against Kendra’s covered sex, his lips placing soft kisses along the length of her neck.
“Al-Alaric,” Kendra moaned, hips subconsciously pushing up to meet Alaric’s small, full thrusts.
“Kendra, please,” Alix whined. He momentarily stopped his movements, leaning his forehead on Kendra’s shoulder. “Please let me make love to you.”
This gave Kim pause. She’d been so lost in the pleasure of their fooling around that she’d forgotten what motivated this all in the first place.
‘That’s right. Alix has feelings for me.’
“Alix I-...I’m sorry, we can’t. I still don’t know how I feel and that’s not fair to you and-and frankly i'm just not ready and-..."
"Hey, hey, it's ok Kimmy, I understand. That was pretty sudden of me anyway, I'm sorry." Alaric gave Kendra what he thought was an apologetic smile, but that really looked slightly more like a pained grimace.
Kendra sighed, feeling so terrible that she'd inadvertently been leading Alix on.
"You weren't leading me on," Alaric spoke quickly, seemingly reading Kendra's mind.
"Are- are you sure Alix? You don't have to be so complacent; it's perfectly ok if you're upset at me. I deserve it anyway." Kendra moved to put her clothes back on, & as she did, Alaric remained silent, wanting to comfort her but also conflicted by his own feelings.
Once Kendra was done, the two sat in a tense silence, both quietly contemplating the state of their relationship.
“Alix?” Kendra began timidly.
“Y-yeah?” Alaric responded in a voice just as small, mind racing with visions of Kendra breaking to him the news that she no longer desired to be his friend, that things had become too complicated between them.
“Do you still...have feelings for me? Like you said before, I mean. I haven’t...taken that away from you, have I?”
Alaric was shocked. Did Kendra really believe that a couple fun romps which he fully consented to and even encouraged, could cause him to fall out of love with her?
“, not even close.”
The girl let out an almost comical sigh of relief. “Oh, that’s good. I wouldn’t want to be a heartbreaker and a thief.”
The two friends chuckled, simultaneously flopping back onto Kimmy’s bed.
“So,” Alix started. “About that midnight blue.”
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fandom-imagination-ss · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Author note: hey!! Sorry it long! Between Christmas and a nasty cold I got (and honestly having massive writers block on how too end this lol) it's been a long year already Haha
Warning: none
Rating: PG 13
Bad writing / did I proof read : No sorry lol
Tumblr media
The biggest problems with small towns . Everyone knew everyone’s business, for example when Nancy and Jonathan got together the entire school started talking about it. And by the next day the entire town knew! It surprised you. Not them getting together you saw their attraction for each other a mile away. But Steve’s reaction shocked you.
Mr. Popular turned mushy. All cause of Nancy! It stunned you seeing Steve heartbroken over Nancy. You never were close with Steve. Especially since you werent popular or pretty so Steve left you alone.
That all changed the moment you stumbled upon monster or “Demodogs “ as they called it. You screamed, cried in fear and spent the night in terror running around ans seeing your cousin Dustin and his friends. Basically being bad asses with a girl who can move things with her mind! It was a Night too remember. But it did lead you too become friends with Steve something you never imagined. Or did anyone else could imagine.
A lot of things happened after that., learning about the fucked up things that was your town, Elle dying too protect the town. What stunned everyone was your bubbling relationship with Steve Harrington! The hottest guy you ever met. Once getting over your annoyance of great hair Harrington. You both ended up falling madly in love.
The summer hit and Everything changed.
First week of summer you discovered you were pregnant. With Steve's baby.
At first you thought he was happy. Steve acted like he was blissfully happy. Unknown too you how terrified he was. Begging Steve too be with you too tell your parents. He agreed but ended up not showing up. A common problem lately. He was flakey. The one time you needed Steve he wasn’t their. Thankfully your grandpa decided on the spot too take you in, he was being more helpful then your boyfriend and all you could think about was if your dad was right that Steve was a good for nothing who would abandon you and the baby the second he could. And unfortunately Steve wasn’t helping his case by not showing up or calling you back.
You would call him and he would call back. Two days later. He has cancelled every plan you set up. Saying it was “work" so far . Grandpa is the best support you had. And it was driving you crazy!
Today you had enough! You decide after puking for the third time and it’s only ten am! You had enough with Harringtons behavior So you left and headed too the new mall. You knew Steve worked today. Robin has been complaining about how moody Steve has been lately.
Getting too the mall. You headed straight too Scoops Ahoy too see Dustin your cousin pushing Steve into the back. Arriving too your destination seeing Robin calling out too Steve. He jumped out plastering a big smile on his face. All the anger disappeared seeing his pearly white. Seeing the boy you love standing there it made you burst into tears. Steve dashed toward you gripping your face tightly. “hey baby whats wrong? Are you okay?”
You just cried harder pushing Steve away. You ran away. Steve chased after you. You beeline too the women’s bathroom. Knowing Steve couldn’t follow you. However you didn’t expect Steve too barge in after you.
“baby what’s wrong? Is it the baby?”
You whipped your cheeks fast turning too Steve. “No! It’s you Steve! Your ignoring me! Flaking out! Your being a dick!”
Steve stepped forward. Looking at you, “its complicated y/n! This-this wasn’t the plan! You weren’t suppose too have my baby for another ten years! When I wasn’t working in a shitty job that makes me dressed like a fucking sailor!”
“Oh I’m Sorry! Well maybe If you didn’t sneak me out of my house and we didn’t go on top of that ridiculous stupid Hill! We wouldn’t of slept together under the moonlight! And I wouldn’t be pregnant! I had plans too! But we can’t change the fact it happened!! This is happening Steve! “
Steve kicked the garage can hard making it move across the bathroom. It made you Yelp . Steve instantly apologize. Taking a deep breath in.
“it’s humiliating Y/N… god this whole thing.. sucks.!”
Looking at this Steve reminded you of Steve from high school before Nancy. The Steve who was Mr. cool and a dick.. the Steve who you hated! Who wouldn't say anything but let his dick friends mock you as you walked passed. The Steve who was a dick!!
“Who said you were in this alone Harrington?”
That caught him by surprise. You haven’t called him “Harrington” since English when he was trying too charm his way too get the answers from you about a book he was supposed too read. Tears streamed down your face as you snapped. “if your so embarrassed about having a baby with me! Forget it! I don’t need you involved Harrington!”
You ran passed him this time Steve let you run away mainly because he felt like you just kicked him right in the heart. After work Steve went too your house. With Rose’s. Too only see Dustin coming out of the house.
“Y/N isn’t here man. My aunt kicked her out.”
The moment Dustin said it. Steve remember you mentioned that too him he groaned rubbing his face. “ shit-where does your grandpa live?”
Dustin offered too take Steve. They drove too a large house seeing Dustin and your grandfather sitting on the porch. With some ice cold lemonade. He spotted the flowers and Knew Steve was Steve.
“Y/N isn’t here- some curly hair fellow took her too the movies"
Steve cursed knowing who would do that. Billy! He bolted back into his car as Dustin followed. They hurried too the Mall. Searching for you and Billy. With No luck.
For a week nothing. You just disappeared. The police figured you ran off. Dustin tried distracting Steve with decoding a Russian secret message. When they figured out the message. And stumbled into the Russian base, too be captured.
You were sitting in a chair unchained, thanks to your grandparents you knew a Tad bit of Russian enough too say you were pregnant. Some of the guards treated you better then others. It was your ears that got you in this mess! You went too the movies with Nancy and Jonathan. You heard the Russians talking about a secret base and you ended up following them. Mainly because you couldn't believe what you heard! "Secret base" could easily mean "scoops ahoy!"Your Russian was Rusty.. apparently not that rusty since you got captured.
A week passed, of being in the room and being questioned over and over. When the doors opened you jumped high too see two similar faces Robin and Steve were thrown into the room. Steve’s eyes grew large seeing you. Steve scrambled over too you hugging you tightly. You hugged him back tightly digging your head into his shoulder as you both started crying. Steve pulling back cupping your face tightly as he quickly touched down too your stomach touching it softly . “ Are you and the baby okay?”
Nodding your head fast he reached over squeezing you tightly. ‘God. I thought you ran off!”
Steve pulled you into a hard kiss. Before wrapping his arms around you again. Holding him tightly you rested your head on his shoulder soaking in his scent you never thought you would see him again. “I went too the movies with-"
“Billy I know he’s MIA everyone thought you ran off with him.” Robin spoke up you forgot she was in the room as you shook your head. “with Billy? No! I went with Nancy and Jonathan! I overheard some Russians talking about a secret base so I followed them.”
Steve rubbed his face hearing how reckless you were. He couldn’t help but snap “what the hell Y/N! Your pregnant !!! you cant be doing stuff like this!”
You wanted too snap at him . But his tears rolling down his face. Stopped you. Hearing a banging you all jumped ass Steve leaped in front ready too attack anyone who enters. Non of you expected it too be your kid cousin. You never been more happier too see Dustin in your life! Following your cousin and he’s best friend kid sister you couldn’t help but smile at their bickering it reminded you of you and Steve in the beginning of your relationship. Getting up too the top of the mall. You noticed someone with a ice cream cone. A chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. You stopped in your tracks as everyone ran off. You walked too the ice cream scoop. Steve turned around looking around for you. Catching you walking into the scoop Ahoy he bolted too you grabbing your arm.
“Baby what you doing?”
Looking at Steve you rubbed your stomach. “I’m hungry and I need a ice cream cone .”
Hero rubbed his face. Steve snapped. “We have Russians after us! I’ll get you a ice cream cone later!” Steve dragged you out. Catching up with the group. A wave of anger rushed over you. It wasn’t a simple craving. You could substitute a normal craving. This was a Need. People needed oxygen, water too survive. In your mind you were convinced you wouldn’t survive without a chocolate ice cream cone. It was all Steve fault! He denied you your ice cream cone.
Getting into a movie theater too hide he turned looked worried .”yea babe?”
“Later.. when were safe and not in Danger I need you too do something for me.”
“Anything! Baby whatever you need”
You dig your nails into his lap as you spoke calmly. “get me a chocolate ice cream cone with sprinkles!”
You freed his leg grabbing his hand again reaching over kissing his cheek.
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lady-une · a year ago
Enough extra: E-Day
Hey y’all so with the news of enlistment me and my group chat had a talk. I jokingly said what if Glory was the one to see SEUNGRI off and it was requested for a little one shot. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a stand alone or add it to a current story. I decided to add it to enough since I was working on it anyways. As much as I hate to even have to say this because you would all know by now but I am ot5. But anyways. As always leave me some love, comment and share.
Tumblr media
With everything that has happened he thought they would still be there for him. What is he supposed to do other then move on when the “Family” he had is no longer there. Enough is enough. It is time for him to be happy.
Theme: angst
Word: 3221
The rain hitting the window was a calming noise to Seungri amidst the silence of the room. The letter laying on the coffee table was like a bomb slowly ticking down until it would explode. Seungri knew this day would come, it was a day most men in Korea hated but knew it was inevitable. Their life would be put on hold for two years while they did their duty and enlisted. Having known so many people including his hyungs who have already gone through it Seungri knew it wouldn’t be too bad.
The phone ringing on the couch next to him brought him out of his stupor, reaching down he picked it up and saw that it was Glory.
“Hyung, want to get Italian tonight? I have a craving for spaghetti but I don’t want to eat alone.”
Glory was like this little ray of sunshine since the scandal, no matter how dark the clouds were he always found a way to punch through and lighten his mood. “Of course. I will come pick you up around 7 ok.”
“I cant wait hyung, see you then!”
The phone clicked silent and Seungri smiled as he stood from the couch. As Seungri walked back to the bedroom he started to call his hyungs in hopes they would be able to join them.
“Hyung can you make it out to dinner? I have something important to say.”
“Sorry maknae, I have dinner tonight with my in-laws. What did you need to say?”
“I have my enlistment date, will you be there to see me off?”
Seungri waited for Youngbae to respond but could hear his wife talking to him at the same time.
“Hyung?” Seungri called out.
“Oh sorry maknae, yeah yeah of course I will be. Look I have to go.”
The phone went silent. Seungri dialed Daesung next.
Seungri pulled the phone away from his ear at the loud shrill of a drunk Daesung. “Hyung are you busy?”
“I’m of at a certain Bingu’s house, he had a new bottle of wine.”
“Oh ok. Well I wont bother you two but I wanted to let you know I got my enlistment letter. Will you be there to see me off?”
A loud thud followed by even louder laughter could be heard.
“Hyung are you ok?”
“You elder hyung fell over trying to pose like a ballerina. I will talk to you later maknae.”
Again the phone went silent. Sitting on the bed Seungri dialed the one person he was sure would join him tonight.
“Hello?” A groggy Jiyong answered his phone.
“Did I wake you?” Seungri replied in a whisper.
“Yeah, I was at the studio late.”
“Well I wont keep you up, but I got my enlistment letter.”
“Oh. When do you go?”
“In a week. Will you be there?”
“I will have to check the schedule.”
“Ok, get back to me.”
“Good night I lov..” Seungri didn’t get to finish his sentence before the phone went silent.
Pulling up to Glory’s apartment Seungri waited in the car. Not long after arriving the door opened and in slipped a bubbly Glory.
“Did I keep you waiting?”
“Of course not silly. Ready?”
Glory nodded his head and the two took off. The car ride to the restaurant was spent in laughter as Glory sang along horribly out of tune on purpose to the songs on the radio. It was a thing the two would do, they would do their best to out sing the other in the worst possible way.
Pulling up to the restaurant they handed the keys to the valet and entered the building. It wasn’t busy at all and no one was there to hound them. They got a few looks here and there and Seungri could hear the whispers and glares. So many people saw him as a guilty man. No matter what was said to clear his name, society didn’t care. The media did a bang up job painting him as a bad man and smearing his name, connecting him to things he had no true connection to. Knetz only believe what they are fed by the media. The media could tell them the sky is green and birds are actually fish and they would believe them.
After finishing dinner the two sat and ate desert. Seungri swirled his glass of ice water before clearing his throat.
“I have something to tell you.”
Glory put down his fork and looked up at Seungri while he chewed his food.
“I got my enlistment letter today. I have to enlist next week.”
Glory harshly swallowed his food, “That was quick. Usually you get a little longer from the day you get the letter.”
“Yeah but I should have enlisted along time ago.”
“Who is going to take you?”
“Taekgu will of course take me. I am sure one of my brothers will go with me.”
“Well I will be there for sure! I wouldn’t miss this.”
“Thanks, I knew I would have you there in my corner.”
The two finished their meal before paying the bill and leaving.
Over the next couple of days Seungri spent them with his family. Enjoying the time they had before he would be stuck in a room with strangers who probably didn’t even like him. The anxiety of his debut years were coming back. He had the same fear when he first joined BigBang. He was alone and had no one while starting a new chapter in his life. The others were already so close and he felt like an outsider. He knew this would be the same thing all over again.
Seungri laid on the couch with his had in his mothers lap like when he was a little boy. His mother was singing him a song like she did when he was little, a comforting tune that always helped ease away his fears.
“My sweet boy, you know this will all have to go.” His mother said as she played with his long hair.
“I know. I am going to go tomorrow.”
“Are your other members going to go with you?”
“I was going to text them tonight and ask.”
“It’s been so long since I have seen any of them. You tell that Jiyong that he better bring himself around more.”
Seungri laughed and sat up before kissing his mother on the cheek and heading towards his room. Once inside he flopped on the bed and pulled out his phone. Sending a message to the group chat he asked if the others would be free to go with him to cut his hair. One by one they each viewed the chat but no one responded back. Seungri assumed they must be busy in the studio and put his phone on the charger before getting ready for bed.
After eating breakfast Seungri went back into his room and again flopped on the bed before grabbing his phone. Still there was no reply from his brothers, the message still sat on read. Sending them another message with the time that he would be at Taehyun’s place. Again the message was read but nothing was said.
After getting out of the shower Seungri got dressed and waited for Glory to come grab him. It wasn’t long before his phone alerted him that Glory was downstairs waiting for him. Seungri kissed his mother goodbye before walking out the door. The ride to the hair studio wasn’t long at all and as much as Glory tried to get Seungri to sing he just wouldn’t play along.
Arriving at the studio the boys walked in to find more friends already inside and waiting.
“My sweet chubby boy, it’s finally your time!” Taehyun walked up to Seungri before pinching his cheeks and hugging him.
“Noona.” Seungri said as he embraced her.
“Come now sit down. Let your noona work her magic.”
Seungri laughed, “Noona its not like its too hard so shave a head.”
“My boy I wont let you go into the army with an uneven cut. Now sit.”
Seungri sat or rather was pushed into the chair.
“Now where are your hyungs? I would assume they would want the honor of making the first cut. It’s customary.”
Glory watched as Seungri’s face fell at the mention of members who were absent as usual.
“They are busy with work of course.” Seungri said trying to force a fake smile on his face.
“Ok, well who wants to take the honor then?” Taehyun asked as she looked around to what friends Seungri had there.
One by one the boys there each took turns shaving off a small amount of Seungri’s hair. After each shave they ruffled his hair and kissed his head wishing him luck. Finally it was Glory’s turn and he slowly went over Seungri’s head cutting off the rest of it. He watched Seungri’s reflection in the mirror as he cut, watching the tear slowly slip passed his eye and fall onto the cape. When Glory finished he set the clippers down and brushed off his head before laying a gentle kiss on his cheek.
“They might not be here but the people who truly care for you are and we always will be here hyung.” Glory whispered into Seungri’s ear.
“Alright now its my turn to finish this up.” Taehyun said as she hip bumped Glory out of the way.
Music was turned on and laughter was soon filling up the studio. Seungri grabbed his phone and opened up instagram deciding to do a LIVE now to help lift his spirits. The fans quickly logged on to watch and were wishing him luck and telling him to stay healthy. Seungri turned the camera around to show who was all there and it wasn’t long before the fans caught onto the lack of BigBang members. Turning the camera around Seungri began to sing along to some songs that came on and Glory took the chance to get right next to him and sing along. Fans were enjoying seeing Seungri smile again and laughing. Soon the lack of BigBang members were gone from their minds.
“Glory little boy if you don’t move I will shave off all that hair too!” Taehyun said jokingly.
Glory laughed and moved back to his chair to allow her to finish what she was doing. When Seungri was done he stood up from he chair and hugged Taehyun thanking her.
“Now you hear me Lee Seunghyun, you better not let any of those boys push you around in there. You need to stand up for yourself. You are an innocent man free of all those charges. Do not let a single person make you think otherwise or try to hold that scandal over your head. I don’t know what is going on with those stupid hyungs of yours but you have some good friends here for you. Do not go through anymore hardships alone, you need to lean on others when you need them.” Putting her hand under Seungri’s chin she raised it up. “Now go forward with your head held high, do not put it down anymore. Do not let society dull that inner spark of yours. Be the great Seungri again. Rise again like the Phoenix you are.”
Seungri looked down and kissed Taehyun’s cheek before thanking her and walking out of the studio with his friends. As it was his final night Seungri spent it with his friends eating all his favorite food for the last time as it would be a long time until he had them again. They all joked about how the army had no idea what they were in store for. If they thought the fan boys were hard when he was there for the other members events then they hadn’t see anything yet. Each of his friends knew that when Seungri was his normal self no one stood a chance against his charm. That he could get anyone to become his friend by just talking with them, there was just something about him that made him so likable and easy to get along with.
After dinner Glory went back with Seungri to his house as he had decided to spend the night so he would be there when it was time to go. Laying in bed the two both tried to sleep but were unable to.
“Hyung you need to sleep.”
“I know but I cant.”
“What is on your mind hyung?”
“Things are about to change again and I am scared.”
“Hyung it isn’t that bad, before you know it you will be out and able to move forward with the other half of your life.”
“Yes but that also scares me. The future. What if the country doesn’t forgive me still? What if everyone is still hating me?”
“Then we say screw them. You don’t need them! We can do other things with your life.”
“I know but I want to be back with my other members. I want to be back making music. The country has to forgive me by the time I’m done. They just have to. Once I am done I will be able to come back to my members and we will be able to make music together just like before. They wont abandon me. They would never do that.”
“But hyung, they weren’t there today and they haven’t been there lately.”
“They have been busy that’s all. Just you wait and see, they will send me some kind of message wishing me luck if they cant make it. I bet they will be there tomorrow. They wouldn’t let me go alone in this. I bet they all said they had plans just because they wanted to surprise me.”
“Ok hyung, I will believe you. Now sleep.”
Seungri rolled over in the bed and looked at the wall, a silent tear escaped his eye. Were those words just for Glory so he would believe them or were they for himself in hopes that he would believe himself.
The next morning the two woke up bright and early to get ready. Seungri’s mom had made a large breakfast and packed them in containers for the boys to eat on the road. Seungri kissed his mother goodbye and hugged his sister and father goodbye. As the door closed Seungri could hear his mother’s soft sobs. Seungri did his best to hold back his own tears, now was not the time to break down.
Once in the car the driver drove off, Taekgu was in the front passenger seat while Glory and Seungri sat in the back. Glory was trying his best to get Seungri to eat what his mother had made but Seungri’s anxiety was back and his appetite was gone.
“Hyung you need to eat, your mother would be sad to know that you went in with an empty stomach. You wont get a chance to eat anything until they call dinner and even then its nothing appealing. Please don’t make me bring all these full boxes back to your mother.”
That seamed to do the trick and Seungri started to slowly eat what was handed to him. He ate as he slowly watched the city flash by him until all he saw were other cars and trees. It was awhile before he would reach the base and the whole way there he kept checking his phone hoping that the others would have sent him a message but there was nothing. He still had hope then that they would surprise him there.
At some point Seungri had fallen asleep on the drive there. Glory softly shook him awake and watched him stretch out like a cat.
“Hey we will be arriving shortly. Here are some wipes if you want to freshen up a bit.”
Seungri smiled and took the wipes offered. It would be a shame to show up on his enlistment date with a crusted up trail of drool on his cheek. The car soon came to a stop and Seungri took a glance at everyone there. There was a large crowd there mixed of men enlisting and their families but mixed in there was also the media. Seungri was now a civilian and it was supposed to be a closed enlistment but those vultures never let him be.
Sensing Seungri’s stress about the media Glory grabbed onto his hand. “Hyung I am here for you don’t worry.”
Seungri smiled and still looked around, hoping to see another vehicle near by that would hold his brothers but didn’t see anything.
“Taekgu hyung, did the guys say they would be here?”
“No they didn’t tell me anything. Are you ready to go?”
Seungri chewed on his lip trying to hold in his tears.
“Hyung?” Glory called out.
“Yeah lets go.”
Taekgu got out of the car first and opened the door to let Seungri out while Glory got out from the other side of the car. People shouting could be heard in front of Seungri as he put his back pack on. Walking towards the loud crowd of people had Seungri’s heart rate speed up. Seungri looked on either side of himself and saw Taekgu to his left and Glory flanking his right side. This gave Seungri a bit of relief to know that they were still near him. As Seungri got closer to the media and their flashing lights Seungri shoved his hand in his pocket holding onto the little plush dragon he was given by Jiyong years ago.
“Seungri!” Reporters shouted at him.
Seungri took time to stop every now and then to smile and bow at the cameras. As much as Seungri hated the media for how they destroyed his life he still needed to play nice with them. Once the last bit of media had been finished and he was finally safely in the spot for friends and family to say goodbye, Seungri turned to Glory with tears rimming his eyes threatening to spill over.
“Hyung?” Glory whispered as he grabbed his hand.
“I don’t know if I can do this.”
“Hyung you just say the word and I will enlist all over again!”
Seungri laughed, “Don’t be silly you know you cant.”
“I will find a way to enlist if I need to.”
“They must have been busy right? Work had to have kept them. Why else would they not have come or even sent me a message.”
“Of course, they wouldn’t miss their maknae enlisting. Don’t worry about it. I am sure you will get some message from them apologizing a million times for not being here.”
“Yeah what am I thinking, they wouldn’t let me down like this.”
“Of course not. Now you cheer up and go in there. You show them exactly who the great Seungri is hyung!”
Seungri wiped his eyes and smiled. He hugged Glory one last time before turning around and walking towards the gate. He wanted to look back but knew if he did he would break down in tears and that wouldn’t be a good look. Instead he held his head high and walked through the gates doing his best to ignore the fear that was bubbling up in him. Things would be different after this day he thought.
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Lunch with the family was an event that all three of the girls couldn't care less about. It was something zeen had to hide from Drew because it was just too soon for him to deal with her parents have not so long ago met her notorious sister.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she saw him walk into the apartment at 10:30 after finishing his morning run. She had freshly gotten out of the shower and was getting ready to go to mass in a lovely plum jumpsuit while he looked like a gorgeous mess in his slightly sweat slicked hair and almost wet clothes making him look even hotter.
Good morning darling she says to him a smile on her face.
Walking up to her he hands her a cup of coffee with a kiss to her fore head. She closes her eyes and breathes his neck.
I missed you.
Me too. He answers back.
He hands her the coffee and sits down next to her.
What are we doing today.he asks enthusiastically.
Umm I have to go to mass and then a thing I have to attend .
Ohhh. What thing.
Just a small personal thing nothing important.
He looks un sure but tells her he might go into work later since she went be here. However she tells him to not change his plans at his account
Later during the day.
He nodded slightly and felt the colour draining from zeen's face. Was she embarrassed of dating him. As far as he knew he was on the satisfying to look at spectrum and sure she didn't exactly know how much money he had he still didn't expect it to be an issue.
Having had enough he walked up to the table to introduce himself. Reaching the table he saw the couple who were unmistakably her parents. He put on his charming smile and introduced himself.
After she left her house he decided to go to one of his hotels that was closest to her house and work in that office . He dresses in a blue pinstripe suit. One of her preferd ones and worked for what seemed like 40 minutes.
once done he walked outside to the grounds to sit by the pool for a while when her laugh caught his ears. He turned to the source of that sound hoping she had surprised him at work only to see her at a table with 4 other people. Two of whom he he met before and one he was sure he hated. He sat close by observing her behaviour. She looked relaxed and at ease. But upon further inspection he concluded all three of the girls having stif postures and talking about random things and at an extent things he was definitely sure she hated. Tirza looked around and caught sight of him before elbowing her sister slightly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good afternoon. My name is Andrew Knight, I own the hotel and the restaurant.
I apologise for interrupting his fantastic meal but I had to come say hello.
Not at all Mr. Knight .The man replied.
Christina looked at the tazeen but was wise enough to keep her mouth shut.
He went to speak but was interrupted by tazeen.
Mr.knight works in the building of the firm Christina works for. She says. The parents immediately start to coo and talk about how proud they are of her and her accomplishments and both the sisters share a fleeting look. After about 5 minutes of meaningless conversation and recognition for the terrible relation zeen and her younger sister he decided to excuse himself. Irritated and mildly hurt that she still hadn't introduced him.
Mr.vincent he said looking at the father. Might I please borrow tazeen for a minute I have a position in my management team that might be available and would like to introduce her to my manager. Christina had spoken fairly well of her. Te father nods and she cautiously steps up and follows me I turn and smile at the family before walking away with her following me. I grab her forearm as soon as we are out of sight and hear her flinch. I turn around to look at her and for the first time our relationship she seems unsure of my reaction.
Would you like to explain that.
She remains quite.
Are you embarrassed of me. He asks flat out.
Of course not. she sounds genuinely surprised he would think that.
Why hide it then.
He reluctantly agrees and walks her back to the table but she stops him before reaching and plants a chaste kiss to his lips.
A promise .
I don't know. Can we please discuss this later. He knows what that means, she'll avoid the topic now and ignore it completely later. He looks around noticing people are out of earshot and whispers in her ear.
Alright but take care of yourself.
He sits down in his previous spot and she joins the table. Telling them that the previous spot had been filled already and she is happy with the job she has. He hears her parents tell her she should have worked and talked harder or have been more persuasive in order to get the job and he hears christina say she is happy she didn't get the job. A statement which the parents completely ignore. He makes to get up and walk towards them again but she shakes her head at him. Thee parents start talking in a language he doesn't quite understand. By the end of the meal he realises why they have such a terrible relationship. The parents do nothing to stop Christina's antics while they argue amongst themselves trying to up one another. Tirza pays the bill while tazeen walks the family out. The parent get into a car and Christina gets in the driver's seat they hug goodbye and she walks back to see tirza and Drew talking. She notices Tirza Pat his arm and tells him not to be harsh. He let's out a deep breath and walks over to see tirza off. He kisses her cheek and closes the door for her. Telling her to convey his greeting to Oliver. (Tirza's boyfriend and a very good friend of his)
She leaves and tazeen starts walking inside only stopping when she realise she doesn't know the way
She falls limp in his arm and quietly agrees to talk about it later.
He takes her hand and guides her to a path that leads to a calm secluded section of the garden where no one is.
Tumblr media
What the fuck was today. He asks her.
That's not only the real problem
It didn't look like nothing to had lunch with your family. I get that but why did you not talk about us.
What do you mean.
Why won't you let me protect you. I have to watch your parents complain and talk about their lives without once asking if you were okay or needed help.
Look you don't know what they're going to do if they find out we're together.Dad has told us since day one. No one white and I know this was kinda weird but that's what's up and let's say If this does happen and they're okay with this the constant questions of are we ready for marriage will start and I don't want to put you through that.
Tumblr media
Oh really. I agree but it's clear enough that I don't like what I know and have seen. I'm just saying I still don't like the fact that Christina was with you .I don't trust her and since you won't tell me why I feel that , there isn't nothing much I can do about it.
. Look I really don't want to talk about this and I hate to say this but I need space I feel overwhelmed and crowded.
With that she walks away.
Later that night around 8 30 the concierge rings the intercom telling him that zeen is here.
You don't know anything about them.
He feels slightly vexed knowing that she is one of the 2 people on the access list other than him. But still instils on announcing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is sitting in the living room still in his suit from this afternoon working away as she walks in.
Hey she says.
Hello he greets back. Setting his laptop on the table he stares at her as she figets. Somehow finding a slight sence of pleasure at making her nervous.
Have you though about today.
She nods .
Would you like to discuss it. He offers still not having touched her. He sees her fingers twitch slightly before setting in her lap. She draws a deep breath
I'm sorry she says. I realise the position I put you in and apologise for this afternoon. I know you're angry at me not introducing you and I'm sorry I just cant deal with them. They have a very superficial place in my life and that's all that is important.
He nods once more.
Please say something she asks him.
He looks around noticing people are out of earshot andThere isn't much but I will say that is your decision to tell me when you are ready but that isn't my problem. She feels the immediate change in his body language before she feels one single finger caress her face.
I trust you you know. More than you might believe it. My parents had the strongest marriage in the family. But by their 34th anniversary they were done with each other
With us
With life in general.
Ultimately I decided that I couldn't deal with something like that and I'm not scared of it because I want something like that. I'm scared because we might have a chance and I don't know if I want that
you don't trust me.You not trusting me doesn't make me feel bad he tells her looking directly in her eyes.
It hurts right here he says putting her hand directly over his heart and here he says dragging it slightly upwards towards his windpipe. I need to provide for you and protect you because you've already had enough shares of bad experiences In life and it makes me feel like maybe just maybe you'll care about me.
No she let's out with a sob. I care for you more than you know.
He pulls her to him and she stays there for a moment before pulling away and getting up. She starts walking towards their room. And he follows her into the shower striping as they go.
She let's out a breath and turns the shower off while he grabs them towels
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They're both standing under the hot shower holding onto each other he grabs his soap from the shelf and begins to scrub himself and her paying special attention to the scars on the left thigh. They go back to holding each other before she starts speaking.
He wraps one around he hair and gives her her robe. In her mind she whispers I love you to him and she whispers it back. In reality a slight fear settles in that he might let go once he finds out the truth
But that isn't important now.what is important now is that we're together and i won't let anything hurt you
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incrediblysadstudent · 2 years ago
Video Diary
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bruce Wayne x protege reader teen!
Description: Read part one here
Authors Note: yeah basically tony stark and peter Parker in the dc verse because well their iconic and I want to make it like for Bruce Wayne even though he basically has five million children... yeah that’s really it, enjoy. Part 2 of many
Today at school was even worse than yesterday. You had a stain on your shirt from where Lindsay, the cheer captain, threw her ice coffe on you. God you hated cheerleaders, but when you started walking home they began following you in their car throwing terrible insults at you. God you wish you could just blast her stupid car across Gotham. You sighed fiddling with your camera you had for photography class trying to block out their rude comments. You were so distracted fiddling with the camera you almost didn’t notice a black Mercedes drive up next to you. You stared confused at the tinted windows, watching in suspense as the window slowly rolled down revealing an older man with gray hair. “Miss (L/N).” The man greeted you with a British accent.
“Uh who’s asking?” You replied back completely unaware of who this man is. He didn’t seem bad but you can never be sure.
“Oh beg your padon Miss, I am Alfred Pennyworth. Better known as Master Wayne’s butler. He instructed me to bring you to the manor, said something about having a lot to discuss.” You smiled so excited to finally know what the hell this mission was about.
“This is so cool!” You exclaimed hopping into the car as if no one has ever mentioned the word stranger danger to you. An idea popped in your head as you turned your camera on and hit the record button and holding it so it faced you. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N) here and the coolest thing just happened-“
“What are you doing?” The butler asked in a wave of confusion as he put the car in drive.
“Oh well I had my camera from photography class with me and this is a really big deal so I thought I should film it so I won’t forget it. Don’t worry I promise I won’t show anyone. It’s just for me!” You said smiling innocently and doe eyed at the older man. Ah children, he forgot how excitable and full of life they are. Maybe some of that will rub off on Master Bruce he thought to himself. “Anyways the coolest thing just happened. Mr. Wayne’s butler just came and picked me up in this super nice car.” You said turning the camera to show Alfred and the interior of the car. “So what’s it like working for Mr. Wayne? Is he really smart? Does he have any hidden talents? Oh oh I know, who’s his favorite member of the Justice League?!” You bombards Alfred with questions causing him to chuckle, gosh you sure are a character. The complete opposite of what he’s use to.
“Well I’ve been working for Master Wayne all his life, I practically raised him. And yes he is very smart, even as a young child he was a fast learner. My dear, Master Wayne has a whole hidden life but I’m sure you know that. And as for favorite member, he’d never admit it but I’d say it’s Superman.” Alfred enjoyed your eagerness and excitement, it was very refreshing to him.
“Superman? No way Batman is way better!” You giggled, yes even though Bruce is Batman you always had seen Batman as a hero in Gotham and a true inspiration of yours.
“Ah so your a fan of Master Wayne’s alter ego?” Alfred asked
“Well duh! Batman is the bravest of them all. He has no powers and constantly puts his life on the line and always manages to come out on top.” You said with your childlike sense of admiration and wonder. “I hope I can be half the hero he is one day.” You said smiling.
“You’re on your way miss (Y/L/N).” Alfred said smiling at you in the rear view mirror. The rest of the car ride was filled with you asking Alfred so many questions but he didn’t seem to mind as it has been a long time since he’s had a teenager on his hands, he almost missed it. “We’re here Miss (Y/L/N).” You looked at the huge mansion in front of you in amazement, you quickly pointed your camera at the huge mansion.
“Holy cow!!” You said completely astonished “it looked smaller in pictures.” You said out loud to yourself causing Alfred to chuckle at your astonishment.
“Right this way miss (Y/L/N)” Alfred said walking ahead of him making you run a little to catch up to him.
“Hey wait up Alfie!” You said running whit your camera shaking as you ran getting completely terrible footage. “You’re really quick aren’t you?” You said as you matched your pace to Gotham most famous butler.
“I suppose I am.” Alfred said as he opened the large doors to the manor, revealing the palace it is on the inside.
“Holy crap! This place is huge!!” You said spinning around to get an interior shot of the foyer. You heard footsteps coming towards you and you spun around to see Bruce walking in the room, looking confused as to why you were pointing a camera everywhere. “Hey Mr. Wayne! Sweet digs you got here!” You said directing your camera to him.
“Uh Thanks?” He said confused by your slang. “Why are you recording me?” He asked pointing to your camera.
“Oh uh I’m recording a video diary. You know to document my first time here and all that.” You said smiling as you flipped the camera to you missing Bruce’s annoyed eye roll.
“I’ll erase the chip later.” Bruce said out loud. This kid is something else Bruce thought to himself as he saw your smile fell as you looked to Alfred for help, only receiving a witty remark about how Bruce can be strict. “Follow me.” Bruce instructed bringing you through the hallways of Wayne manor into his study. You pointed your camera around the room stopping at Bruce who was standing in front of a grandfather clock.
“Nice study Mr. Wayne, but uh why are we here? I mean not that I don’t like seeing your mansion, it’s like the best mansion I’ve ever seen. Well it’s the only mansion I’ve ever seen-“
“Good lord kid catch your breath. Do you always have this much energy?” Bruce asked interrupting your rambling.
“My mom tells me it gives me character and makes me charming.” You said confidently recording his reaction and catching Alfreds amused chuckle.
“It makes you something alright.” Bruce said back, slightly amused by your charisma but refused to show it in any way. “I’m taking you to the cave.” He said as he went to fidget with the hour hand in the clock bring it up to 12.
“You have a cave here? Geez this place is huge- Oh my god! Alfred did you see that? He has a hidden room behind there? Wow Mr. Wayne this is like something you would see in one of those old James Bond movies!” You said catching the whole thing in a blurry video clip as you were completely spazzing out in amazement. You instantly ran past Bruce into the elevator “Okay! I’m ready!” You said excitedly as Bruce sighed following you in the elevator with Alfred close behind him. You flipped the camera around to you so it was on your face as you smiled “This is so cool! I cant believe you have a hidden elevator Mr Way-“ you were cut off by a loud creek in the elevator system causing your face to go from excitement to panic. “Hey uh Mr. Wayne, are you sure this thing is safe?” You said gulping nervously, turning the camera to look at the long way down you had to go.
“It’s perfectly safe kid, just don’t move around too much.” He said in a serious tone, making you overlook the fact that he actually tried to make a joke. You stood completely still the rest of the ride down, holding your breath and not saying a word. When the elevator came to a stop you ran out of it and gasped loudly for air.
“Next time I’m taking the stairs.” You said looking slightly green making Bruce feel guilty about his joke a few moments ago. But the green cleared from your face as you looked around the room, holding your camera up to capture what your eyes were seeing. “Woah.” You said as you were left speechless by the immense amount of tech and machinery in the room. Your eyes landed on the bat mobile in the center of the room making your eyes light up “The batmobile!” You exclaimed running over to it with your camera making sure to get a perfect shot of it for your video diary.
“Alright kid, put the camera down and let’s get down to business.” Bruce ordered as he went to sit infront of the large set of computers. You nodded turning the camera back to you before smiling saying
“Alright duty calls, Mr. Wayne needs me so I gotta go!” You said causing Bruce to softly smile to himself, your mom was right Bruce thought to himself lots of character and oddly charming. You clicked the button to stop recording and placed the camera in your school bag you’ve been carrying this entire time running over to where Bruce was. “Alright Mr. Wayne! I’m ready! Lay it on me, what’s our mission? Is it the Joker? No he’s in Arkham. Wait did he escape Arkham?” You asked a series of question making Bruce’s head spin just trying to keep up with you.
“What? No. We’re dealing with something bigger than the Joker. The person we’re dealing with is from a whole different league, here watch this.” Bruce said as he pulled up the video of the woman flying above a city in the Middle East turning it to dust with the point of her finger. You stared at the video in shock and disbelief. “I’m creating a plan with the League to stop her but your teleportation powers could come in handy for this particular mission.” You watched as the video played again completely unresponsive to what Bruce just said. “Hey kid? You okay?” Bruce asked clapping to get your attention. You snapped out of your daze looking at him.
“Sorry Mr. Wayne, we just- we gotta stop her before she does more damage.” You said being the most serious Bruce has ever seen you.
“We do. That’s why we’re going to train right now.” He said seeing your very serious face turn into a hopeful smile.
“I’m gonna get to train with you?” You asked standing up unable to sit still “Mr. Wayne this is a dream come true, it’s incredible it’s- oh shoot.” You said stopping in your tracks once you realized you were missing something important. “I don’t have my suit.” You said bummed out remembering you left it under your bed.
“Those old rags you wear?” Bruce asked referring to your handmade suit.
“Hey! There not rags! I tried my best okay.” You snapped defensively. “My suit is iconic, and one day it will be in one of those glass cases like yours.” You said pointing to the displayed Batman costume.
“The only place that thing belongs is in the trash.” Bruce said remembering the horrific stitching you did on that suit. “But it doesn’t matter, I made you a new suit. Alfred please go fetch the new suit.” He said standing up to go get his own suit. You trailed behind him in disbelief.
“A-a new what? You made me a new suit?” You asked in pure shock that he’d go out of his way to make you a new suit. He ignored your comment not willing to answer a question he already answered.
“Go with Alfred so you can change and then meet me back out here for training.” Bruce ordered, you nodded grabbing your bag and running to catch up with Alfred.
“This is so cool!” You whispered with your new suit on with your camera pointed to you, continuing your video diaries. Your new suit was a dark black matte full body suit with gold stitching on it and a gold firework looking thing in the middle that resembled your gold blasts you were able to make. The suit came with a very revealing mask only covering your eyes. But none the less you love it. “Watch out criminals! Miracle just got a whole lot cooler.” You said fiercely into the camera, a knock on the door pulled you out of your thoughts making you almost dropped your camera but catching it before it could hit the floor. “Uh ye-yeah?” You asked as your face began to heat up with embarrassment.
“Is everything alright in there Miss (Y/L/N)? Master Wayne has been waiting on you for quite sometime now.” Alfred asked and your eyes widened so much they almost fell out of your head.
“Uh yeah Alfred! Sorry I’ll be out in a minute!” You said turning your attention back to your camera “Alright I have to go now! I’ll be back later!” You whispered to the camera before turning it off and throwing it in your bag. You walked out of the room and Alfred eyes you suspiciously.
“What were you up to in there?” Her questioned with a hint of amusement in his eyes. You smiled innocently at him and said
“Oh nothing, just really admiring the new suit.” He nodded and you both continued to proceed your way to Bruce.
“Finally! What took you so long?” Bruce questioned as you and Alfred approached him. He was fully dressed in his Batman suit and has been waiting for at least 15 minutes.
“Sorry Mr. Wayne, new suit and all.” You said making him raise an eyebrow in confusion “Uh it’s nothing Mr. Wayne! The suits great, I love it!” You said as you began to nervously ramble.
“Let’s get down to training kid. You gotta put in some serious work tonight if you want to impress the League tomorrow.” Bruce said as he began walking to the training area.
“The league?!” You yelled following to the training area.
“Yup. So let’s work on sharpening your skills. First things first, hand to hand combat.” He said as you two faced each other, this should be fun you thought.
God were you wrong, hours of training later you have decided it was not at all fun. Bruce completely kicked your ass, he did teach you some new things and fixed your form for you making you much better than you were before, but you could not surpass Mr. Wayne in a day. You both took a break and Alfred brought you refreshments. You drank the water as you reached for your bag and Bruce sighed as he thought you were gonna pull out that damn video camera again, but was surprised when you pulled out a textbook and note book instead. You noticed his curious gaze on your school supplies so you decided to explain “Today in class I missed half the lecture trying to get coffee out of my shirt, so I’m trying to catch up on what I missed for my test tomorrow.” You smiled sadly thinking about how Lindsay threw her coffee on you right before class started, how you went to the girls bathroom with tears in your eyes trying for half an hour to get it out.
“Coffees not very good for you, you know.” Bruce said as he took a sip of his water, his cowl off exposing his face.
“Trust me I know, I’ll never understand how some people just run on coffee. What weirdos, right?” You said laughing and Bruce smirked nodding his head in agreement. “It wasn’t my coffee, it was some girl Lindsay’s, she threw it on me before class.” You said making Bruce’s smirk fall back into his usual unemotional face.
“Why would she do that?” Bruce asked, he didn’t show it but it ticked him off that someone would treat such a happy kid like yourself so poorly.
“I don’t know.” You sighed. “I’m not a very popular kid in school, I don’t have any friends there. They all think I’m a loser. So I guess that’s why they treat me like one.” You said quietly thinking about school, god you hated it there. “Anyways Mr. Wayne, is that it for training today? I gotta get back home before my mom starts to worry” you said, it was already 10 o’clock, you had to be home soon.
“Uh yeah kid, go upstairs and change Alfred will be up there in a second to take you home.” You nodded getting all your stuff, slowly hesitating when it came to your camera, you sighed sadly holding it out for Bruce to take so he can erase the memory card. Bruce looked down at your sad expression and internally sighed, you’ve already been through a lot, if a video diary makes you happy then so be it. “Don’t worry about it kid.” Bruce said shooing you off but you were so happy about keeping your video diary that you didn’t even think twice before hugging the extremely tall man around his waist taking him and Alfred by surprise.
“Thank you Mr. Wayne.” You said as you hugged him tightly. Bruce was completely stiff under your embrace that he had kept his hands up not sure if he should hug you back or if he should push you off him. Hell Alfred was shocked he left you keep the video diary but he didn’t think there would be a moment in time where you hugged Master Wayne and he didn’t yell at you immediately for it.
“Alright Alright, now go before I change my mind.” He reprimanded and you let go smiling shyly at him whispering a quiet ‘I’m sorry’ Bruce just nodded accepting your appology and you were off running to the elevator. When you got to the elevator Bruce yelled across the cave to you “And don’t forget to study for your test tomorrow!”
“You got it Mr. Wayne!” You yelled back throwing up a thumbs up as the elevator doors closed.
“Well. She surely made an impression.” Alfred said to Bruce feeling a certain joy in his heart to see that Bruce isn’t so cold hearted all the time.
“She’s a good kid.” He said as he turned to the computer to resume is work. Alfred went to turn to leave but stopped when he heard his name. “Alfred. When you get a chance find out the number to (Y/N)’s school. I’d like to put in a phone call to them.” He said leaving his butler confused but of course he agreed before leaving the cave.
When you got home you had to calm down your worried mother, saying you had to work late at Wayne Enterprises. She eventually let it go and reminded you to call her next time. After your mother was asleep in bed you put your textbook back in your backpack, taking out your camera instead, turning it on and flipping it so you were recording yourself. You took a deep breath before smiling in the camera.
“Today was the best day of my life!” You said happily. “I mean working with Mr. Wayne is a dream come true, but it’s different you know? I feel like I belong there, like I Uh fit in, yeah that’s the word, fit in. I’m not a freak or a loser there, I’m just part of the team. Speaking of team, I’m getting to meet the Justice League tomorrow! I better get some rest. (Y/N) out!” You said throwing up a peace sign at the camera, shutting it off and getting up to tuck it safely away in your sock drawer with your batarang. You went to lay back down in your bed soon falling asleep.
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Title: The Intern | Part One
Tumblr media
Summary: You move to New York to focus on your art but end up working as an intern at Stark Enterprises
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader (friendship)
Word Count: 2800 and something
A/N: for the purposes of this story Stark Enterprise is set out like an office building in New York and the story does not follow the same timeline as the movies. Reader does not know Peter is SpiderMan. Also, spelling and grammar is not my strongest skill so please be kind :)
- - - - -
“Of course sir, I’ll transfer your call over for you now. Have a great day.” you said in your best professional phone voice before pressing the necessary buttons to pass the call on then putting the phone down. A few seconds later your met with the same ringing chime you’ve become so familiar with and you pick up the phone again.
“Good Afternoon, Stark Enterprise. How may I help you today?”
You’d only been working as an intern at the company for a few weeks and if you were completely honest you didn’t really like working the front desk but you were just grateful to even have a job. Let alone a job working for Tony Stark, although you hadn’t actually met him yet.
As you sit at the desk listening to the caller on the other end of the phone you notice a man walk in to the building. He caught your attention because unlike anyone else coming and going through the busy reception, this guy took a moment to look around a take in his surroundings. It was as if he was studying the building, looking for something particular. Until he spotted you watching him. He approached the desk confidently as you finished up the phone call.
“I’m here to see Tony Stark”
“Do you have an appointment?”
“No but its urgent that I see him”
“I’m really sorry but I cant let you up without an appoint…”
“I really need to speak to Tony today” he interrupts, getting more frustrated.
“I understand sir but Mr Stark is a very busy man and without an appointment I’m afraid I cant let you in”
“You don’t understand, I need to see Tony now” he startles you with this sudden loudness. A few people in the reception stop to look over. “I’m sorry, I just, me and Tony are old friends and I have to talk with him about something important. You see, I cant leave until I’ve seen him”
“Sir I...” the phone ringing again interrupts you “look, if you take a seat over there I’ll see what I can do but I cant guarantee anything”
He looks over to the waiting area, then back at you. He takes a moment to think then turns and starts walking over toward the chairs. You take a deep breath and pick up the phone.
“Good afternoon, Stark Enterprise. How may I help you today?”
But as the voice on the other end of the phone starts talking the man suddenly makes a run toward the stairs.
“WAIT!” You shout after him “I’m really sorry please hold the line” you drop the phone and start after the man. “WAIT, SIR I CANT LET YOU” he’s so far ahead of you already “SIR YOU REALLY CANT” you follow him as he runs constantly looking around searching for something and then he spots it and he sprinting at full speed in the direction of Mr Stark’s office. Confused workers are looking up from their computers, watching the carnage unfold before them. The man knocks over a trolley full of papers as he runs past but you leap straight over it.
“SIR PLEASE YOU CANNOT GO IN THERE” you shout in one last attempt to stop him as he pushes through the doors into Mr Stark’s office and you just hear him say “not again” before the door is slammed shut. A moment later you’re barging through the doors in a panic as you see Mr Stark sat at his desk looking very unamused as the intruder is leaning over his desk panting angrily.
“Mr Stark, sir, I am so sorry” you apologise breathlessly “I tried to stop him but he ran and I am so...”
“Who are you?” He interrupts.
“Oh, I’m Y/N sir.” You reply sheepishly. “The new intern. I work down on the front desk. Again sir I am really sorr…”
“Okay Y/N, that will be all”
His response takes you by surprise and you give him a shy apologetic smile and nod before turning and opening the door
“Oh and Y/N”
“Yes sir?” stood in the doorway turning back to look at him.
“I’ll speak to you later.” And with that his attention moves from you to the man who just invaded his office. A feeling of dread hits you as you shut the door and head back to your desk.
As you walk past the workers who had just witnessed the event you can feel their eyes on you but you don’t dare look up at them. You get back to your desk and take a moment to steady yourself before picking up the phone again and putting back on your fake “happy to help” voice. Around ten minutes later the intruder is being escorted through the reception by two security guards. He looks to you with a manic grin.
“See you around Y/N” he laughs and the way he says it sends a chill right through you.
What does that mean? And what did him and Mr Stark talk about? Whatever it was it clearly didn’t go well. Then you remember Mr Stark said he would speak to you later, and again you feel a dread hit you. Are you in trouble? Is he going to fire you? You lean forward, elbows on the desk and let your head fall into your hands while you take a few breaths. Its not long before your disturbed by the sound of the phone ringing again.
- - - - -
It’s almost the end of the day, you’re still sat at your desk shutting down the computer for the night. Mr Stark hasn’t spoken to you yet and the stress of waiting has given you a tension headache. You slump back in your chair and bring your hands up to your face, rubbing small circles into your temples with your fingertips in attempt to relieve some of the pain.
“Hey Y/N, are you alright?”
You open your eyes to find Peter stood in front of you, backpack hanging over his shoulder. He was looking at you with concern. Peter was a couple of years younger than you, but you two had become good friends in the short time you started working there.
“Oh, hey Peter. Yeah just got a bit of a headache, thats all. I’ll be fine. How was your day?” you reply with a smile, trying to hide the fact that you are actually super anxious.
“It was okay, nothing compared to yours by the sound of it”
You look at him embarrassed. Was everyone in the building talking about you.
“ah you heard about that then?” You laugh in an attempt to cover how embarrassed you actually are.
“yeah Mr Stark was telling me about that guy, sounds like they’ve met before.”
“wait, Mr Stark told you?” Peter nods “did, um, did he say anything about me?”
“not really, just that you had run into his office trying to stop the guy, which I thought was super brave by the way” Peter replies casually.
“Its just, he said he would ‘speak to me later’ but I haven’t seen him since and not gonna lie I’m kinda freaking out little bit here. I’ve got this horrible feeling he’s going to fire me”
“no he wouldn’t do that, Y/N” Peter, hating seeing anyone upset, desperately tries to put your mind at ease.
“I let a guy run into his office Peter, without an appointment. And then I also ran into his office and panic rambled at him. I don’t even kinky what I said to him. I’m so embarrassed.”
You feel the tension in your head getting worse again so you lean forward and rest your face on the desk. Peter just awkwardly pats your head. Suddenly you hear another voice from across room.
“Peter what are you still doing here?” Your head shoots up and you see Mr Stark walking toward you from the bottom of the stairs. You take a deep breath as you feel the dread return. “Ah I see you’ve met Y/N”
“yes sir, we actually met a few weeks ago when Y/N started here” Peter replies
“and you never introduced us?” He brings his hand to his heart and does a fake offended gasp before which makes Peter laugh. From the stories Peter had told you you knew him and Mr Stark were pretty close.
“Right you, get yourself home before your aunt sends out the search party” he says pointing at Peter, then turns to face you “and you, come with me.” Then without saying anything else he’s already walking towards the stairs.
You look at Peter desperately, who just smiles and gives you a thumbs up before heading towards the exit. You take a breath and chase after Mr Stark who is already halfway up the stairs. You catch up but still have speed walk to keep up, the man walks fast.
“you're very quiet” he questions, startling you slightly.
“long day” is all you can reply.
He just hums and continues to walk till you both reach his office. He opens the door waits for you.
“In you go”
You give him a shy nod and walk into his office. He walks past you, sits down on one of the arm chairs by the window and nods at you to sit in the other chair opposite him.
As you walk toward the chair you notice the view of the city outside. It was already pretty dark out there so there was a lot of lights on. It looked beautiful. You thought to yourself how you wish you’d seen it earlier in the daylight but you were kinda distracted at the time.
You sit and look at Tony who is also looking out the window. When he turns his attention to you, you feel like your heart is about to pound out of your chest. Then suddenly he just stands up.
“I want a drink. Do you want a drink?” He asks walking over to a side table which displayed a few bottles of drinks you didn’t know the names of and some glasses.
“no thank you, I uh…”
“are you even old enough to drink?” He gets out two glasses and starts pouring an golden colour drink into the glasses.
“yes I am, but I don't want one thank you. Sir I..”
“please, we’re not in work now. Call me Tony” he hands you a glass and sits back down opposite you.
“Tony” you take a breath “I just wanted to say I really am so sorry for what happened today. I…”
“huh? Oh that, don't even worry about it. Thats not the first time he’s tried to get my attention and it certainly won’t be the last. Although it is the first time he’s turned up here instead of just harassing me in the street. Honestly I’d forgotten about it already” he laughs and takes a sip of his drink.
You look at him confused.
“what’s wrong? What’s with the face?” He says, taking another sip of his drink.
“well its just, when you said you’d ‘talk to me later’ I thought that was because I didn’t stop him running into your office so, well, I kinda thought, I don’t know, maybe you were gonna fire me or something”
“Are you serious? Oh my God you're adorable. No, of course I’m not gonna fire you. You did the right thing. You told him I was busy, you told him he couldn’t see me and he took it upon himself to run. It wasn’t your fault at all. No, I meant I’d talk to you later because I hadn’t met you yet and I like to get to know all my employees”
You just stare at him dumbfounded. Then relief hits you and you let out a laugh. “I've been so worried all day” you keep laughing, but then you realised something “wait, how do you know what I said to him”
“Oh, I have access to the whole buildings surveillance on my computer over there. The system alerted me as soon as he entered the building so I watched the whole thing. Figured he would make a run for it, but I didn’t expect you to run after him. The speed you ran, you shouldn’t be working here you should be at the olympics.” You both laugh and you shake your head.
“I think I’ll stick to working here thanks” you laugh
“Its your life” he takes another sip of his drink and smiles at you “So tell me about you. You’re not from New York are you?”
“No I'm not, I moved here a couple of months ago. Ran away from my old life with plans to become an artist but art doesn’t pay the bills and keep a roof over my head” you laugh awkwardly but Tony continues looking at you curiously “so I decided I needed a real job and well here I am. Look, I know I’m just a receptionist and I may not always love what I do but I want to do the best job I can. Even if that just means being a helpful voice on the end of a phone or a smiling face that greets everyone who walks through the doors.”
“you don't like working here?”
Your eyes widen as you realise what you just said “oh my god no no, thats not what I meant I just.. I mean I don't totally love working on the front desk thats all. The company is great, and I feel so lucky that I have honour to work for Tony Stark. Even if I’m just answering his phone.”
He just looks at you and you cant tell what he’s thinking but he almost looks touched by what you said.
“well from what I saw today you seem to be doing a great job Y/N, I really mean that. It’s not often you see someone so dedicated to being professional at something they don't enjoy”
“Thank you sir, I mean Tony. Sorry.”
“But you've got to stop apologising”
“Sor..” you bring your hand up to cover your mouth and laugh “I’ll work on that”
You smile at each other as you both finish your drinks.
- - - - - -
“How are you getting home?” Tony asks as he walks with you back through the reception towards the exit.
“I get the Subway”
“Nonsense, we’ll drive you” as you walk out the doors and see a very expensive looking black car with a man who you recognise as Happy Hogan standing by.
“Oh no no, you really don’t have to do that it’s only a couple of train stops”
“I insist, its my fault you’re here so late” he says opening the back door waiting for you to climb in “Y/N, do as your boss says” he winks
“Okay fine” you roll your eyes and get in the car and Tony gets in next to you. Happy gets in the front and starts driving.
“Where to madam” Happy asks and you give him your address.
You look at the window as the car drives through the streets on New York and you spot some artistic graffiti on the side of a building. As your admiring it Tony speaks suddenly, pulling your attention back to inside the car.
“what you said earlier, about it being an honour to work for Tony Stark? Did you mean that?”
“of course”
“you weren’t just saying that to impress me?”
“not at all. It really is an honour. You’re a brilliant man Tony and you’ve done some brilliant things”
“well Iron Man has”
“No, Tony has. Tony Stark created Iron Man. Tony Stark decided to stop manufacturing weapons so that they couldn’t be used to kill thousand of innocent people. Tony Stark uses his money to help rebuild the city every time its damaged in an attack. Yeah Iron Man is pretty cool, but Tony Stark is amazing.”
You smile at Tony and he reaches over to hold your hand.
“Thank you Y/N” he says and you realise the two of you are staring at each other. Suddenly Tony takes his hand away and clears his throat, turning to look out the window. You catch Happy looking at you in the mirror but he looks away when you make eye contact. You go back to looking out your window.
- - - - -
You spend the rest of the journey in silence, but its not an awkward silence. You actually feel quite content as the car pulls up outside your apartment building.
“Thank you so much for driving me home” you say to Happy as you get out of the car “and thank you Tony for a lovely evening”
Tony smiles.
“see you tomorrow Y/N”
Part Two
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pastanest · a year ago
this was requested by @bellathechild
spoilers: set in seasons 9
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Family Of An Inmate
It’s crazy, really. How being the wife of Negan made you the queen of something, for a while. How the two of you lived in some kind of fairytale, where it was safe to have a baby together, because there was nobody who could possibly take your home and that safety away from you.
By no means did you agree with everything Negan did. His methods were gruesome and at times, cruel, but his reasoning was sound. It made sense to you, and when it came down to doing what it took to keep your family and your home safe, you hated to admit that you turned a blind eye to what he felt he had to do. You didnt have to live with or see the consequences, he never hurt anyone that you cared about, and you did care about people.
The saviours knew you as many things: Negan’s Queen, Strictly-Off-Limits-Unless-You-Wanted-An-Iron-To-The-Face; but you were also a motherly figure to almost everyone, you cared for people, you made them smile. Negan loved that about you. His “other wives”, were actually just to keep you company, they were friends for whenever he was away.
“It simply aint right for a sweet lady like you to be surrounded by assholes all the time!” He would say.
And they were your friends, you cared for them too, you made them laugh and feel safe. He called them his wives because he had a “rep to protect”, and you didnt mind that, it was quite funny honestly.
You didnt go out with Negan often, you didnt feel the need to, it wasnt your area; you were very much a home bird who kept things going while he was gone. People knew better than to mess with you, Negan would destroy anyone who so much as talked back to you if he found out about it whenever he came back.
The only time you did go out with Negan was on the worst day of your life. When you saw your husband’s throat slit by Rick, and while you screamed and got held back by people in Rick’s group, Rick called for the medic to save Negan. You couldnt believe it, but you also couldnt not be grateful for Rick not killing your husband.
After that, everything changed. Rick’s group took you and your daughter, questioned you, and they were surprised to find you werent an awful person. Rick offered you the chance to stay in Alexandria, you’d obviously be under strict supervision because they couldnt trust you, but he was a good man who understood that although you were Negan’s wife, you were not a partner in his crimes.
For the first time, you saw the repercussions of Negan. The grief, the loss, the pain. You didnt even know who Negan had killed from this group, but you could tell there were people missing. It broke your heart, it really did. But again, you understood why it had happened. Just because he‘s your husband doesnt mean that you agree with every decision he’s ever made. He did what he felt he had to do, and you loved him, but his crimes were horrific, that was undeniable.
It didnt take long for the group to accept you, which was somewhat strange in the circumstances. But you were kind, you offered to help with whatever you could, and your daughter won the hearts of everyone. They had no reason to dislike you, it wasnt you that had hurt them. Still, the loss of your own community weighed you down, and the fear of one of Rick’s group crossing you and trying to hurt you or your daughter was something you had to live with. Rick allowed you and your daughter to visit Negan, and he didnt request supervision for that. Rick knew you werent going to break him out, he knew you were eventually going to feel safe in Alexandria and you would know that Negan was being kept safe too.
And so, everyday, you and your daughter travel down from the house you were generously given, to visit your husband, her father.
“There’s my two favourite girls!” Negan cheers, and you can see the sadness in his eyes at not being allowed out of his cell to spend all day with you both.
You smile at him, unlocking the cell door with the key that the person guarding gives you that day whenever you walk in. The two of you step inside the cell, your daughter running to jump in her father’s lap.
“DADDY!” She squeals excitedly, and he laughs, bouncing her on his knee.
“Hey there princess! And how are you today?” Negan asks, and you cant help smiling seeing them together. It always warms your heart.
“Good! Today, we helped pick tomatoes and we jumped in the puddles! I picked some flowers too, I brought you some! Look!” She digs in the tiny pockets of her dress with the highest degree of excitement, pulling out clumps of crushed daisies and placing them in Negan’s open palm, which dwarfs hers dramatically.
“Well would you look at those! Beautiful flowers from my beautiful little girl! I’ll keep these close.” Negan says, kissing her temple as he places the flowers in his shirt pocket, over his heart. He looks up at you. “C’mere dollface, I’ve developed a frightful sickness that only a kiss from you can cure.” He smirks, knowing you cant resist him.
You roll your eyes at your cheesy husband, sitting down beside him on his cell bed and leaning in to kiss him. Not too passionately because your daughter is present, but passionately enough. He is your husband, and you are deprived of him for most of the day.
“Will the nice man Rick ever let you out of here, Daddy?” Your daughter asks Negan innocently, playing with the hem of her dress distractedly.
Negan laughs softly at that. “I dont know, sweetheart, but for now Im just grateful that he’s keeping both of you safe and close by.” He leans close to her ear. “But dont tell him I said that, he thinks Im the big bad wolf that’s gonna gobble everyone up!” Negan tickles her, pretending to munch on the sleeves of her dress at her shoulders to tickle her more, and emphasise the idea of being the big bad wolf.
“Nooo! That’s not you, Daddy! You’re a nice man too!” She corrects him, and you nod in agreement.
Negan looks between the two of you, grinning. “Well, thank you both very much.” His eyes linger on you. “And thank you, sweetness, for stickin’ by me through all this, I know it cant be easy.” He leans close to your ear to whisper. “Your strength is very sexy, by the way.” He places a teasing kiss to your neck and you sigh, but pretend to roll your eyes so your daughter thinks her daddy’s just being silly.
“As is yours, mister.” You tell him, patting his knee and resting your head on his shoulder.
Negan turns to kiss your forehead. “This is gonna sound cheesy as all hell, but I really miss cuddlin’ you, my mighty fine lady.”
You giggle at that, snuggling into his shoulder a little more before sitting back up fully. “Let’s cuddle right now then. C’mon, lay down!”
Negan laughs, but you raise your eyebrows at him to let him know you’re serious, and his face lights up. You stand up and lift your daughter from his lap, Negan lying on the edge of the bed. You lie in front of him on your side, your back to the wall, facing Negan, with your little girl lying between you.
“This isnt a very comfy bed!” Your daughter complains, and your heart aches, because she’s absolutely right.
Negan smiles. “It’s real comfy when I close my eyes and imagine Im back with you two.”
Your heart aches more, and you lean forward to kiss him again, the three of you sharing a single-person-sized bed. It doesnt take long for your daughter to fall asleep, cuddled up to Negan’s chest. And then it’s just you and Negan, staring into each other’s eyes with lazy smiles on your faces. His hand moves from your waist to your face, gently tucking some stray hairs behind your ear before his fingertips settle for tracing the line of your jaw down to your chin, tipping it up ever so gently to kiss you again. You dont say anything, you dont need to. Comfortable silence is something that you havent had with him in a long time.
Rick comes to check on Negan later that night, after finding out that you hadnt been seen heading home. He finds the three of you cuddled up together on Negan’s bed, all of you fast asleep. He pulls out his own key to Negan’s cell, locking the three of you in as quietly as he can. And then, he leaves. He tells Rosita to forget about her shift watching Negan and head home for the night, then Rick heads home himself. Because despite everything, Rick empathises. Just because a man has done unspeakable things, doesnt mean his family should be tortured for his crimes too. And he knows that as long as Negan’s family are kept safe, Negan will stay in check, because just like Rick, Negan has done horrible things to protect his family. They’re pretty similar after all.
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Morning Conversations
Summery- You and Curtis enjoy an early morning wake up. Smut. 
Word Count- 971
(Last few days been heavy ones. Deserved a short good one just because)
Tumblr media
Its a feeling, one that just doesn't simply go away when you insist it should, and it all started innocent enough that morning. Before You were even dressed. Teasing you before many were stirring, even below you could hear Edgars muffled snores in your half sleep state, warm due to you and Curtis sharing the same bedroll and other heavy clothing piled on top, you got the luxury of being able to stretch out, laying on your stomach, arms folded as a cushion for your head.
Of course when a heavily calloused hand slid along your back, you might have purred and arched into the touch. Your experiences always brought satisfaction, now it was almost a euphoric high to feel on your bare skin. "Good morning babygirl" a soft whisper falls to the curve of your shoulder. Full lips tracing wet kisses to your neck, turning your head now to face Curtis, giving a soft smile.
"Good morning as Well Handsome." All blue eyes and darker features at times, your hand slides along his shorter hair, tickling your palm. "About time You let me cut is again." He shifted up and bit and pressed you to your back, his nose tracing your neck, inhaling deeply against the column.
"Maybe later, you were saying you wanted it longer." He stated between nipping kisses replacing the trail he just took, drawing a soft whimper from you, hands sliding along your arms and he brought them up to hang around his neck.
"Oh you were actually listening?" You teased as his hand slid up your side and palm cupped around your breast to plump it slightly, kissing the curve, his beard scratching just enough to draw out another purr and roll of your body underneath him.
"Of course I was, just because I was then in the middle of loving you doesn't mean I cant do two things at once." He rumbled in his chest, the vibrations humming against your stomach. Still placing heavy wet kisses along your chest. Your fingers brushed at the nape of his neck, when he hit a particular tender spot, you would grasp lightly at the back of his head and he would assault that spot till you would start rubbing yourself against him. Today it was the underside of your breasts, the closer he got to teasing the nipples, the more you couldn't help but rub your body heatedly against him in desire.
"Can you blame me, sometimes I would like something to hold to.... Moments like right now." There, he finally did it, the first rough lap over his tongue and then a full mouth suck, made you dig your nails into his shoulders, trying to drag his heavy weight down on top of you. A sharper nip followed by a softer kiss had you settle back down.
"Sweetheart, I love you and all. But im trying to love on you and your still discussing my hair." Blue amused, but lustfilled eyes stared down at you. "Can you shut it and just wrap those pretty thighs around me now?" His hand grasped the back side of your thigh and lifted, you wriggled down to fit against his erection and loped the other thigh losely over his hip, grinning up at him. "Better bossy?"
Reaching between you and grasping his cock, he dragged the head between your folds. "Much better babygirl." He chuckled against your lips and drew you into a deep kiss while he sunk himself into you, inhaling your sharp sighs as you stretched around him. The slight sting settled into an aroused burn, and the the drag of his cock, hard and filling, it was always such a pleasurable feeling him all over you.
Words were now lost as he grinded against you, your legs tightened to keep yourself pressed against him close, your bodys just rocking together in tandem. His weight sunk atop of you, the flat plane of his chest burning along yours, those suckling kisses keeping you whimpering, moaning his name, your tribute to how only he could bring you to this point.
It wasnt long before he could feel you tensing, reaching an hand between the two of you, he rolled fingertips over your clit, that bundle of nerves making you hide your face against his shoulder and your hips jerk to meet him faster. Oh You were gonna spiral, that coil, fire hot quivering. "I'm all set for you babygirl" he assured you and you took the flying leap over the edge. Waves of euphoria just rolled over you and clung to him as much as your could, anchoring yourself to him while muffling your cry against his neck.
His own hips became erratic and he eased you back to the bedding before forcusing on meeting his own ending, it didn't take long, your channel still tight, drawing him to cum, he pulled from you just in time, grunting as he finished.
Lazily You reached to pull him back to you, he rested his head on your breasts and laid along the lower half of your body, arms resting on either side of your body, buryong his fingers into your hair and massaging lightly. The two of you simply basking in the result of early morning love making. Your hands rubbed along his upper back and shoulders. Quiet with pleasure.
But You couldn't help yourself as your hand rubs over his scalp. "I mean, ive never got to see you with longer hair but that one time is all I'm saying.
He emitted a sharp groan and laugh in the softness of your breasts as he pressed his face there, muffling the sound. "Woman, your lucky I love you." He lifted his head and arched up to catch your lips, stealing anymore of your words but drawing out a laugh instead.
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