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#i cant do shit
sapphicconservative · 3 months ago
Very weird how outspoken you are about bullying yet regularly interact with a non-black person using the n word with a hard r
I honestly don't even know who you're talking about because no one I know fits that bill last I check. And, if someone does, then yes I disapprove. Slurs aren't okay.
Also, anon. I have over 2,000 followers. I cannot keep track of them and my notes are a hot mess as of late.
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everythingisawayoflife · 10 months ago
sooooo, my first post about sickfic tropes just kinda sat collecting dust until recently when it blew up like crazy so, i guess i’m gonna make another one? i might repeat some stuff but here are more tropes that make me gush :) oh and tw for emeto just to let you know.
i saw a post about this earlier but when A has a chest cold and B tenderly rubs their chest to sooth the aches or rubs Vaporub on them like thats very sweet
something about the line “I don’t feel good” or “I don’t feel (very) well” is so adorable (bonus pts if A cuddles up to B while saying so)
when B dotes over a slightly annoyed A but B only does so because they’re worried
when a fever slowly overtakes A and makes them sicker as the hours go on (like they wake up fine but around noon they feel like absolute shit)
When A starts crying over a tiny little thing that frustrates them and when B goes over to comfort them, they realize oh shit they’re really sick
A being carried bridal style to a bed or couch or something when they pass out or if they’re too sick to walk
A being too exhausted to do anything
A apologizing for being sick and B quickly reassuring them it isn’t their fault
When B initally assumes a stand-offish A is just tired but when B sees them asleep on a couch and gets closer to A, B realizes that A is actually very sick
A waking up B in the middle of the night by coughing super hard and not being able to contain it (bonus pts if B rubs their back while they suffer the worst of their coughing fit)
B waking up to realizing A isn’t in bed with them and finding them crouched over the toilet, extremely nauseous
picture this: B is standing besides A’s bed while taking their temperature and A just leans their fevered forehead into B’s stomach while B runs their fingers thru A’s sweaty hair
when A is so congested, they talk funny
when it HURTS TO BREATHE (is that violent)
Let’s say A is crazy delirious and B has been tending to then all day and out of nowhere, A mistakes B for someone else like a mother or father figure and it just tugs on B’s heartstrings seeing A in such a vulnerable position
When A has to steady themselves on something so they don’t fall over
AFFECTIONATE NICKNAMES (baby, honey, my love, my darling, dear, sweetheart, etc)
examples: “oh honey, you don’t look so good” “you’ve got the flu, baby” “Stay in bed, sweetheart, I’ll be right back” “It’s okay, dear. It was just a fever dream” “You look pale, darling, are you sure you’re okay?”
y’all better be taking notes on these
B talking in hushed tones so they don’t make A’s headache or migraine any worse
shivering (bonus pts if the sick person feels freezing but to someone else, they’re on fire)
when A is super pale with the exception of this feverish blush across their face
when A is the type to be like “psh no I never get sick” and while that has been true, their streak is broken and they refuse to admit it
or, alternatively, A never gets sick but when they do, it’s very bad
“Will you stay?” “Of course I will.”
When A says “I’m so tired” in a very dry tone before passing out
A has a sore throat and when B looks to check it, their throat is all red and swollen (i’m a squeamish person but I like very good descriptions of someone who is sick)
When B says to a crying and feverish A, “Hey, it’s okay, you’re gonna be okay. Don’t cry, you’re only gonna make yourself sicker.”
B absolutely refusing to leave A’s side while they suffer, even though they’re barely getting any sleep
“You need to lie down.”
“Shh, stay down, your fever is too high.”
If you’ve heard the song “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, it’s actually a somewhat whumpy song (covering this in the next few bulletpoints)
It’s based on something that happened with Clapton and his wife before going to a party thrown by George Harrison, I believe
The lyrics detail a man telling his wife she looks “wonderful tonight”. First when she’s getting ready, next when she asks him if he’s okay and he says he feels wonderful, and thirdly, he tells her while he is bedridden that she was wonderful tonight
The wife asks him if he feels alright and he responds with that he feels wonderful but later goes home due to an “aching head”—now he could just be drunk but I like to picture it as that he is sick and denies it throughout the night but they go home early because his wife realized how sick he was and drives him home because he’s too ill to do it himself and she later puts him straight to bed
that’s just my interpretation and it’s probably an incorrect one but I like to think that this is the case when I listen to the song
A claiming they are just tired the night before and then waking up the next day feeling and looking horribly
A being covered in a ridiculous amount of layers because they’re so fucking cold
or alternatively, they kick off everything that’s on them because they’re boiling
A deliriously telling B “you take such good care of me” with a dopey smile on their face
B helping A sit upright since they can’t do it themselves
Another picture this: A and B go to this party (separately, they aren’t together yet) and A finds themself feeling worse as the night goes on and eventually decides to take a nap on the thrower of the party’s couch because they’re “just a little tired, that’s all”. B wakes up in a completely different place only to find out A drove them to their place and tended to them through the night
i feel like no one talks about ear infections enough? i had one when i was little and even though i don’t remember much about it, i remember crying because it hurt a lot and i never wanna go through that much pain again
when B initially makes fun of A for being congested and having a funny voice and then becomes more caring and serious when A takes a turn for the worse
“I’b not sick *loud snort*”
when B makes A tea with honey to soothe their sore throat (or chicken noodle soup)
cold washcloths for a hot forehead
“You’re running a temperature”
“You’re burning up”
When B still wants to cuddle and touch A despite A protesting that B will catch whatever A has
When A’s sleeping and B throws a blanket over their shoulders
B forcing A to sit or lie down by pressing on their shoulders
When B’s hands move up from A’s neck to cheeks to forehead when checking for a temperature
i said this before but kissing A’s forehead to check for a fever
A being like “B, I think I’m gonna—” before taking off the find the nearest container to vomit into
or alternatively, not being able to make it in time and throwing up on the floor and feeling really guilty for it
A curling into themselves when they have an upset stomach or just really bad aches and cramps (bonus pts if they’re near tears or are already in tears)
B using homemade remedies to try and make A feel better and not being able to make it like “mom/grandma used to”
A walking around the house, hunched over and dragging a long blanket around the house
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ramixha · a year ago
Tumblr media
I uhhh... try to make a comic format.
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twinnedpeaks · 2 months ago
ive been spaced out for a week straight. yay depression
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dumpingpinggu · 4 months ago
I was tempted to write a fic (even though writing is me weakeness), so I agreed with myself to draw something that I want to be in my fic or else I will not write....
How do you color using watercolor or acrylic?
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ohlookitsthearkhamknight · 6 months ago
Rose: *looking up annoyedly from her phone* “Why are you looking at me like that?
Slade: *chuckles nervously * “Like what?”
Rose: “Like the “oh i need help but im too much of an idiot to say it outright so im just going to stare in a really weird way and hopefully my amazing daughter will understand”
Slade: “I-“
Rose: “He wants an old historic relic and more books. That stupid restaurant you guys like is open on Saturday. He wants coconut shrimp. Now goodbye and dont call me im trying to get a girlfriend. Very important business you see.”
Slade: “uh thanks i guess? Good luck?”
Rose: “nah i dont need it but you do your a fucking mess”
Slade: “ouch”
That Saturday night
Billy: “Rose planned this didnt she?”
Slade: “No.”
Slade: “But she did tell me what to do.”
Billy: *laughing* “Your hopeless arnt you old friend?”
Slade: “maybe but at least i have you. That accounts for something doesnt it?”
Billy: “Yes it does I suppose.”
Slade: “Happy Birthday Billy. I hope you like all of this even if im not exactly the best at planning stuff”
Billy: “Thank you for everything slade. But i have a question.”
Billy: *smirking* “Do i get a birthday present?”
Slade: *sighs* “ah shit i forgot it at the hotel.”
Slade: *smirks* “Im pretty sure its in the bed somewhere”
Billy: *chuckles* “You dirty little man”
Slade: “Little? Thats not what you say in-“
Billy: “SHUT UP”
Slade: *giggling*
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trashzy · 8 months ago
ive been an “Adult” for almost 6 years yet not a single part of my life is like an adult
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megglepie · 11 months ago
i am in pain :))))
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citricanonyme · 5 months ago
My resume has four things on it. I am overqualified as FUCK.
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rigormortisune · 11 months ago
I'm so useless.
I wanna die.
I wanna cut.
I need to breathe.
I'm a burden.
I don't contribute.
I'm voiceless.
I'm invisible.
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the-trans-otter33 · 7 months ago
Currently working on a side project when I dont want to work on my main project but the problem is that I havent been working on either of them
I promise the side project will come out first but just not...soon.
Stay tuned?? Maybe?
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brokeartskid · 7 months ago
My parents in their teens and 20s: *drinking, smoking, doing weed, skipping class, failing grades, falling in love, travelling, having a shit ton of friends, not doing single damn thing their parents told them to, getting piercings, having parties etc*
Me in my 20s: *has average grades, depression, anxiety, other mental issues, has never been to a party, has 0 friends, has never even felt proper friendship (let alone love), has a funny tumblr tho*
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l0stbaby · a year ago
starved all day to eat right now. can’t wait to feel like a fat piece of shit in the morning wooooo
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milkyqstudios · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I have art block. How le boring.
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xxfuckingdarkangel666xx · 11 months ago
suicidal thoughts .. i'm at a limit ... live already ... i think i'm more afraid of being alive than death.
I'm scared ... Fear of losing the ones I love ... Fear of getting worse ... Fear of being hurt ... I don't even know how much longer I can take ...
Everything seems to get worse and not the reality itself but I myself ... Nothing seems to make this change. Things dont get better... Just painful Live its not something that gives joy... Life is just painful. And im not strong enought to get a job, or to be more hurted i cant do it. my mental health its already interfering with my cognitive mind and hability im feeling losing the memory and the attencion. Dissossiate the present Future scares me Maybe If i die soon I will not see things getting worse i cant i cant i cant bear more... Pain its starting to make me go insane If im death.. I will dont need to pass through such painful stuff.
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xxmarzimoonxx · a year ago
That feeling when you’re really involved in a fandom and have so many au ideas for fanarts, edits, and fics.... but you realize you can’t draw, don’t know how to make edits, and are a terrible fanfic writer xD
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galaxy-sugar · 10 months ago
8:00 PM 2/1/2021
It's fun telling yourself men aren't evil people and you are worthy of love in the same sentence.
Then you realise you've only received proof that men only know how to leave or die or wait for you to be their backbone because they don't fucking have one
and that every male figure in your life does just that or has nothing to offer but pity.
Then it's just that you and everything you do has no meaning.
I wish I had the strength to touch drugs and alcohol, even just to cut or overdose again.
I just want to be numb.
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