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#i cant use this site
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a sign (2021?) - found by husband
"ATTENTION: before sharting please fart on me thank you for your cooperation!!"
submitted by @alternaterag
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prince-of-names · 12 months ago
just realized that despite knowing what the “chat” filter is when searching for things i’ve neglected to use that post option til now, instead doing that format but using the regular text option, and i
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literaturegf · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
something sacred. 8/19/21.
taglist + image id under the cut <3
taglist: @lovelament @herodiaz @loveyouforl000years @falseprophetgf @uncannyparrish @stardstgf @xuanyuu @prophetbf @bakaree @becomingicarus @maharanis @arthuriankings @dazeythescout @kugisakigf @boysaints @only2love @viilettis @rorygilmoregf
[id: black text on a white background. a poem that reads:
something sacred
when i was a kid i always envied the boys who were so easily friends with each other, as if it took almost no effort at all. i wondered what it was to drape an arm across your friends shoulders or knock your ankles together with dirt smeared knees and know that nothing in the world could change what you have, because you're laughing and the sun is warming your skin. there is something so sacred about being friends with someone and never feeling the need to change.
there is something sacred about a boy who is best friends with another boy.
i see a group of boys skateboarding as i take my dog by the park and avert my eyes, as if I'm witnessing something private in the way they fall in a heap after failing a trick. i come home and imagine myself carving a place among them with my long hair and jeans, carving a place in one of them and stealing their place in their body and making it mine. maybe then i will sleep at night maybe then the world will right itself maybe then i won't feel the need to duck past every mirror i see.
there is something sacred about a boy who is best friends with another boy and i worship that every week.
end id.]
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alexclaain · 9 days ago
I don't think you understand how much I can't comprehend that there are still people actively working on this website and getting their paycheck over it, it just feels like an abandoned cave in the world wide web, that people have forgotten to plug off, and we're all just waiting for doomsday that will consist of the former owners getting reminded of our existence by an exploded electricity bill caused by the abandonded servers
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collisiondiscourse · 9 months ago
what if mangakas put in fucking. authors notes like we did in 2012 wattpad. like just. ur reading the latest manga chapter of bnha and in the middle of the final battle its just
"A/N: i literally screamed writing this line! >w<
me, da author: eep! im so scared for deku in this chapter!!
you guys: u literally wrote this -_-
me: XD shushhhh!!! i know heh
me: aaaaaah kacchan dont hurt me!!! *runs away*"
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citree · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a little drawing of a Changeling Bard I made for one of the dnd campaign’s I’m in!! They love color and creativity so being in their natural state is kinda embarrassing for them. Despite being only 5′5 and an actual child, they’re the tallest member of their 6 person group (everyone else is a dwarf, goblin, halfling or frog lol) 
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arysamisu · 3 months ago
actually I hate tw*tter, I didnt know so many people could be so rude and uninspiring >:/
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delicourse · 5 months ago
do you have any tips for someone just starting to post their art? what platform do you prefer?
this is hard to answer since i started out a while ago when these platforms worked a bit different! it also depends on what you want as an online artist. community? commission opportunities? different sites will have different things to offer there. since i’ve been on tumblr for the longest time, and only started with twitter once tumblr goofed up, those are the only sites i can compare for now.
so a quick summary; tumblr being dead is kinda true. i have well over 17k followers but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on post engagement. but! if you do manage to get some traction here i find it to be the best site to just chill on. people are very open and unfiltered with art comments through tags, and asks are also common if you seem open to them! tumblr used to be THE site for fanartists imho, both for fun social hangout and for earning money. while things dont “trend” anymore, i do think people still sometimes go through tags of fandoms they care about. no clue how one would manage as an original content artist though.
twitter is where i get new audiences and actually grow. majority of my commission inquiries are from there too. overall its a great place where using trending tags work well! tags relevant to who u are(there are specific tags for promoting minority artists for example!) tend to actually get a lot of likes/retweets/follows from other artists! i rarely ever partake (i should but i always feel so embarrassed lol), but based on the few times i have gotten in with the hip trends, they DO work. also the comments and social interaction feel WAY more public - GREAT if you like feeling like a PR agent! - but kinda stressful if you’re socially anxious(cringe) like me. also other artists tend to be way more likely to interact with you too, so building connections is easier! (even i’ve had artists in my DMs on twitter, an impressive feat considering that im extremely unsociable online. it makes me blush!!!)
the general advice most people give is to get artist friends/connections and support them and be supported in return and grow together. seems great and also healthy probably, the whole “social community” thing! but i never talk to people ever so i just posted real hard and it worked, it just takes some time. also be prepared; nobody blows up in a month. be patient and have fun, post art for the hell of it. be consistent! i grow most when i post daily or weekly! also; post art on many sites. really. there isnt anything to lose honestly. i limit myself to two only because if i see another notification im gonna lose it❤️
anyway good luck!!
#notmyart#long post#sorry for being long i shortened it as much as possible#hope the whole ‘building connections’ thing doesnt sound ghoulish lmao. making a good friend literally counts as building connections!!#ALSO: twitter is absolutely the new hub for discourse and drama#it never affected me because im built different and got thru 2015 tumblr without a hitch#despite literally having ‘course’ in my url making me look like a discourse blog apparently and actually posting v*ltr*n art LMAO#its all about what circles you engage in and what following you cultivate#another difference is follower engagement. tumblr followers rarely unfollow#they just stop interacting with ur posts. so u will eventually end up with a huge chunk of inactive followers#but twt followers? one pic that isnt an exact copy of the last artwork u posted and 10 followers are gone immediately. expect and accept it#dont take unfollows personally ever. people curate their online experiences to fit their own specific taste and thats okay!#also no clue why but i noticed ppl on twitter are mad thirstier. extremely so. it can be good or bad depending on what u want tbh!#instagram is also an art post site u can use. i just despise it since its a repost haven and people seem kinda rude#portfolio sites tend to be for those who are actually trying to make it in a real industry so i cant relate bc im not a gamer#deviantart exists too but its probably an incredibly niche site by now. i remember posting there when i was 14. it was mlp fanart 💕#i got like 800 followers and felt so so so cool
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megabuild · 8 days ago
I totally support everyone going out and ticketing ao3 and complaining about the tag changes because they do suck massively but I dunno if the site that allows incredibly fucked up erotica of real life children to be posted is going to care about the differences between character fic and rpf
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apple-a-la-mode · 6 months ago
personally i like to think that gabriel hates v1 so fucking much but to v1 he’s just some guy
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orionsbelts · 16 days ago
I don't really understand the like elitism around "Tumblr culture" rn and people acting like it's a bad thing that popular practices are changing. I've been on this site for like 10 years and and it's completely different now than it used to be because there's a lot of different people and those of us who have been here that long are way older than we were when we first joined. cultures change. when people complain about that all I see is old man yells at cloud
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stanknotstark · a month ago
Do you post any of your work on ao3? And if not do you think you ever would?
I do not 😭 I wanted to make an Ao3 account but idk how the invite thing works? Do you just sign up and they send you one or do you have to get an invite from someone who has an account? idk how it works otherwise i would totally post there...
Tumblr media
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syekick-powers · 5 months ago
im sleep deprived as hell right now but it isn’t painful yet i’m mostly just fuzzyheaded and kinda delirious but
i saw a hot trans man on my twitter timeline and god im just overcome by how fucking hot n sexy my fellow transmascs are. like god. we really out here saving masculinity and looking absolutely bangin hot while doing it. i love us. the amount of critically sexy trans men/transmasc people i have seen makes me so fucking happy. goddamn we are just the hottest motherfuckers on the planet.
#sye's babbles#at this point i basically consider myself fully t4t mlm#im a nonbinary trans man who wants to find and date other trans men/transmasc people#i have no time or space for cis nonsense but i want the hot sexy trans men in my life#i want to find joy in sharing my masculinity and experiences with someone who truly understands#fucking cis men grow up having their masculinity handed to them on a silver fucking platter#but us? we had to fucking work for it. we had to fucking sweat and labor for it.#we had to earn our fucking masculinity and live in a world where people still want to deny it to us#and im sick of this constant demonization of men in queer spaces as an nb trans guy#it only serves to alienate me from women even more when radfems spread their rhetoric about men being inherently evil#and that trans men are gender traitors or whatever#im a dude!! im a guy!! if you identify as a lesbian im not fucking dating you because im not a fucking woman!!!#'female-exclusive bisexual' chaser? you're a fucking chaser who cant reconcile your feelings for men with your bullshit rhetoric????#I JUST WANT MORE HOT TRANS MEN IN MY LIFE SO WE CAN BE GAY AND TRANS TOGETHER#id say 'trans ppl really need their own dating site' but then i realize that something like that would probably be overrun with chasers#and i just want to fucking wring someone's neck#im not your fucking uwu soft boy bottom that you can fetishize#and im not your fucking butch lesbian gf either#im a nb dude who likes dudes. and thats the facts.#and i just want to start a forest enclave with a bunch of other trans men in the rocky mountains and fuckin hunt deer and fish and shit#build log cabins and get fucking ripped and kiss each others muscles#hgggh you'll have to forgive me i got literally no sleep last night and the sleep deprivation is making me a little bit kooky
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ordinarilynatural · 5 months ago
i think its funny how there can be no single post about jack in relation to sam or about their relationship, their narrative parallels or how sam has influenced jack without some dean/cas stan adding on how they ALL influence jack and how they are ALL important to him
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