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#i cant win
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a sign (2021?) - found by husband
"ATTENTION: before sharting please fart on me thank you for your cooperation!!"
submitted by @alternaterag
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vtforpedro · a month ago
I haven't had nerve pain in my head/face in two or three weeks and it came back strong around midnight. slept for 4.5 hours and woke up in pain still. it's so fucking bad I don't know what to do other than sit here and cry lmao no amount of tylenol can make it better. I'll try an ice pack on my neck since it's thought to mildly numb nerves/help migraines but it never seems to do anything for this nerve pain. I'm really tired of going through this
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tubbowithagun · 5 months ago
someone just said my tommy looks like a drowned rat 😭 wtf
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theneonflower · 9 months ago
My brain imagining legendary pokémon:
Tumblr media
Me actually drawing them:
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laughingatmypainlol · 5 months ago
Getting my point across to a people i love in the only affective way i know how to express my feelings: ;
**comes across like i am gaslighting**
Tip-toeing around my point because i don't want to hurt the people i love: ;
**them not getting the memo because of how softly i am beating around the bush scared of sounding manipulative, and thus them getting the wrong idea because i just can't explain my feelings properly**
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boimgfrog · a month ago
hoped to scare the tea post followers away by posting met gala spam unfortunately this backfired and i now have met gala followers too
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soniccurry · a month ago
sometimes i remember its possible to make money off of art and i go oh yeah woo yeah but then i remember i cant use paypal and also most of my followers are unemployed 14 year old kids and also drawing for other people is the most stressful thing to me 
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workingfortheknifegirl · 5 months ago
you’re being too nice. go back to being mean pls and thanks
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turntechgodbeheaded · 11 days ago
Yall, im bipolar. cant kin dave anymore, only sollux
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stinkyhat · 6 months ago
my neighbor plays music and uses their dishwasher at 12 in the morning. i say and do nothing.
i use my dishwasher at 12 in the afternoon, what i believe is a reasonable time to use it, and they start banging on my wall.
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vestwpockets · 7 months ago
me: i hate marvel 😒
someone who doesn’t like marvel: i hate marvel 🙄
me: yoU wanNa fiGht?!? how dare you insult my fandom 😠
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rainyyday · 3 days ago
calling someone back ➡️ anxiety
not calling someone back ➡️ anxiety
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thelmanhole · 4 days ago
idkhowbuttheyfoundme's show being the same night and time as billie eilish's show is my villain origin story
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im-the-king-of-the-ocean · 5 months ago
When you finally get to sit down to do artwork but it’s thunderstorming outside and you’re just sitting here with your electronics wondering if it’ll knock out the electricity
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orchardknit · 5 months ago
i’m trying to figure out how to get a nice flat nålbound piece in oslo stitch and it’s funny how the problems are like... exactly the same that you have with crochet when working flat.
lose stitches at the sides so it gets narrower...
if you manage to fix that then one side gets a weird scalloped edge...
looks very different from the same stitch worked in the round...
anyway that said, i think i’ve figured out how to keep a flat straight edge that looks nice, but i’m just doing another couple rows to be sure
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tea-bats · 5 months ago
i have my english homework open on my laptop
why cant i just do it
its not even that hard
i would enjoy the ability to do school
but its just not worth it to me
but if i dont do it ill just have people yelling at me
i fucking hate school i cant believe after i graduate people want me to do more school why would i want to go to college if i already hate school
and get a job what the fuck is that about
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strawberrybabydog · 20 days ago
every time i see another trans person’s tits im just like. god yes.... please... i love this so much. you make me love my tits too
then in like an hour im staring in the mirror ready 2 puke at my tits again
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bipolarpng · 22 days ago
me: *doesnt drink caffine, lays down for a nap*
me: *does drink caffine, lays down for a nap*
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