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#i care a lot
ironmanstan · 3 minutes ago
Im3 has like Tony and Pepper having their funny little argument divorce vibes fight moments but I just think it would be funnier and better if Pepper was married to Happy for the first 2 movies like in the comics.
Then in im3 the relationship drama happens with HIM and not Tony bc tbh it would maybe fit better. You got Happy commenting on how he feels like he's drifting from Tony, and Pepper being annoyed at how he's running his new company position.
Pepper being with Happy could've also given her somewhat of an arc where she stops just doing what she's supposed to and steps in the directions of the things she wants. Her choosing to break up with happy in pursuit of the person she really wants would've given her so much more initiative and fit with her saving Tony in the end too. Tony handing the company over to her in im2 could've also added to this, her going from being an assistant to what she's more well suited for than Tony is, the CEO of Stark Industries.
Tony's own arc is... Like a weird continuation of the one from the last movie. Pushing himself away from Pepper and Rhodey while he's struggling is redundant of his arc in im2 (which was never resolved) and would fit better if his anxiety was a bigger part of the main main plot in im3 and affected him more. Him falling back into old habits and seeking out the comfort of bad coping mechanisms like ptsd often makes you do. The obsessiveness he has about making the suits could've been a bigger alarm to Pepper and Rhodey of how bad he was really doing, the two of them reaching out and supporting him being the ignition he needs before the mansion burns and he gets stranded so he can work himself to cope with what he's going through.
Tony acts like he doesn't need people not because he doesn't want them but because he sees himself as not deserving the love and care they offer, like he'll just end up dragging them down with him. Im2 should've taught him or at least pushed him in the direction of thinking that what he wants isn't always out of reach, and he's allowed to want and to reach for the people he loves when he needs them.
#im all alone#im doomed to be like this im doomed to be unhappy. thats just life. i have to go through it alone to not is to be selfish and annoying#i woke up a couple hours ago bear with me if this is incoherent#i only thought of this#bc tony and pepper having their funny little drama is like just. stressful and not spicy like how it is when tony and steve do#tony and pepper fighting is both of them clashing until one just gives in and changes their mind on a dime so the problem resolves#both of them having a sense of independance and also the knowledge they can want things and can seek them out#and that the people around them can also do that#i think would benefit their characters a lot#idk pepper has a lot of Moments but not a lot of Character outside of just becoming more personally attached to tony#rhodey stays pretty static but hes the tertiary character in this scenerio and we also see him get a suit and test his friendship w tony#emotionally hes a stable mf and doesnt rly need an arc his arc w tony SHOULDVE been him demonstrating that tony can trust him#and tony learning to let himself be more vulnerable and cared for by his friends#over and over and over constantly tony goes through life thinking im all alone. nobody should be close to me or have to do what i have to or#and this is NEVER CHALLENGED AND I FUCKING HATE THAT#i kin tony !! i know what it is to think like that bc thats exactly how i think !! AND IF I LET THAT STAGNATE IN MY BRAIN#AND NEVER CHALLENGED IT#ID BE THE MOST DYSFUNCTIONAL ANTI SOCIAL MF !!#tony isnt allowed to grow truly in the movies hes shown like 'oh hes not a thot anymore oh he has connections to ppl now'#'tonys better bc he knows people !! and has success!!' tony know rhodey in mit and has had pepper as an assistant for forever#hes... hes at the same level a whole lot outside of caring for peter and finslly recognizing he cant let peter fall into his behaviors#BUT THATS ALL THROWN AWAY IN ENDGAME BC WOOO LETS JUST LET TONY DIE AND TAKE ALL THE RESPONSIBILITY ON HIMSELF#AS ALWAYS#gh#pain#if my tags post out of order or fuck up somehow literally rip dont tell me about it ill die of embarrassment#iron man#tony stark#marvel#the gamer speaks uwu
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lxncelot · 30 minutes ago
i’m going over ej’s qualifications again and... 4.3 gpa? student body treasurer? co-captain of the water polo team? lead in the school musical when he was a sophomore? 4 years of voice lessons? comes from a rich family?
#olive rambles#applied to sEVENTEEN DIFFERENT SCHOOLS AND ONLY GOT INTO ONE?????#sounds suspicious to me#literally the most unrealistic character is ej because (1) how is this man able to do all of this aND av club?#and (2) it literally doesn't matter that his essay is shallow he's getting into at least 7 of those schools.#i mean a better storyline would have been that ej only applied to duke because he was sO SURE he would get in#and now he's missed a lOT of priority deadlines and he's panicking bc he can't decide what school would even care for him since duke doesn't#and mr. mazarra is like hey - you check a lot of boxes. you can go where you'd like - just make sure you show them your voice this time#'one (1) state school want's him' gO HOME. i can think of a handful of state schools that would kill to have him#'your essay was shallow' would be fine if he wasn't iNsAnElY qUaLiFiEd—#character can be created - grown if you will - someone with that level of dedication? that's what's special; friends.#esPECIALLY since he has legacy parents? like ??? or even if we're not talking about duke his family is known to make contributions to the#school ej is at???? literally a shoe in istg.#anyway this is not me trying to figure out how ej is fitting in av club into his schedule........#i mean have you ever done a musical? that's every school night until 4 and then when it gets closer to opening night you can stay until 6#wHEN does he do school work? wHEN does he do water polo? water polo is a sPRING SPORT—#(also... i'm a little pissed that av club isn't the stage tech/crew because literally wHO ARE OUR TECHIES??????
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your-sweet-poisonn · 2 hours ago
Don't kill yourself, please.
If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.
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variousqueerthings · 3 hours ago
sort of a musing on Amanda LaRusso
Amanda was never good at “caring” the way people expected a good little girl to care. She got bored with other peoples problems quickly. 
She was biting too. Never good at pretending. Always got to the point. Realized early on that you were a winner or a loser, and that she hadn’t been born on the winning side. It wasn’t until she started to get older and figured out how to tailor herself to others’ expectations - a bit of wit, a tight dress, a smile to mitigate the sting of her words - that she began to change all that.
It was wrong, anyway. All those people who thought she was cold or whatever. Women were meant to be emotional and empathetic and she wasn’t those things, but she did care. She cared about not fitting in, she cared about making something for herself, she cared about smoothing down her rough edges until they were invisible, unless she wanted to cut you. Sometimes she even cared for whatever boyfriend or girlfriend she kept around for longer than a month, extended her little bubble around them until they burst it and she had to excise them. 
And she cared about Daniel. She hadn’t even wanted to care about Daniel, but he got under your skin in some incalculable way (she’d learn years later just how many peoples skins he’d gotten under, so she could be forgiven for falling into his endearingly unintentional trap). 
She’d started out competitive, thinking about all the ways to win, but she was always practical. They worked better together. Best sales team in the valley. Getting married made sense. He was on the way up and so was she. They’d pull each other up. They were attracted to each other (he was a giver from the beginning - a rare gem amongst men). And she cared about him. That made him practically unique until the kids came along.
Mr Miyagi was an odd, but welcome addition. That was another thing about Daniel. Apart from the family he didn’t bring any baggage with him (she thought back then). Amanda could deal with the fact that his mom and her didn’t like each other too much. Daniel was all hers. Miyagi was unobtrusively present in everything that Daniel did. He grounded Daniel into something less flighty than Amanda suspected he would be if left to his own devices. 
Amanda did the rest. 
Smoothed out some of his rough edges the way she’d smoothed out her own. Best sales team in the valley, best dealership in the valley, a perfect couple. A kid was an expectation too, to cement that picture; one that she felt fine about, because Daniel wasn’t the kinda guy who’d push her into some mothering, “caring” role once the baby was born.
Not that she didn’t care. 
From the moment she saw Sam, she thought: This one might be yours, but I’ll make sure she doesn’t get hurt like me. She’ll learn to smooth out her edges much quicker, be the kind of girl who doesn’t get left out. The kind of girl who doesn’t make the mistake of trying to be too much herself. She’ll be fine. 
I won’t let anyone hurt her.
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aboardthehavocmarauder · 4 hours ago
🔺The Bad Batch Spoilers🔺
Ok. One last thing about Echo’s reaction about Fives before I just continue to cry for the rest of the night.
I think writers forget a lot of their own stories and I don’t think the Bad Batch writers care that much to have Echo react about Fives dying over this inhibitor chip information.
Like. I know that a lot of canon is forgotten about or ignored when it comes to tv shows and movies. Especially when it comes to fans referencing books and comics when the tv and movie adaptation doesn’t have that at all. It’s very common and like I’m a bit too blind to notice it in the Star Wars franchise because a lot is going on so I feel like they wouldn’t care for such a small detail.
But come on. Fives and Echo were really close. A part of the domino squad. Were the last two. Then Echo “died” and then Fives died and Echo came back. Making him the last domino to keep standing. So I’m sorry, I just thought we would’ve gotten a reaction out of Echo that was on a similar level during the scene of Fives witnessing Echo exploding.
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incorrect-natshig · 7 hours ago
You know what would be great? An AU where Natsuo is the one that never gets recognized; Tomura doesn't know who this young medic is, only that he knows what he is doing and won't rat them out to the police. Nobody in the League recognizes him either, until Natsuo looks at Dabi right in the eye and asks 'Touya?'
omg this has SO much potential💖
#i ended up accidentally deleting this and had to retype everything^^"#but anon thIS AU IS TOP-TIER💖✨#so they probably met before the league#tomura gets injured fighting some other villains once and he can't get ahold of anyone and then natsuo shows up#and offers to treat him since he's a medic and all#tomura's a lot hesitant at first but he *is* hurt pretty badly so he agrees as long as natsu keeps it a secret#so tomura ends up under his care and eventually becomes slightly instested in the young medic👀#especially since he does his job well and is pretty fun to have around#tomura visits him a few more times and they're now 'close acquaintances'^^#especially since shigs knows absolutely nothing about him and it's probably better that way#sometimes shigs calls him and tells him about his plans#and natsu adds his own input sometimes#end result shigs doesn't attack ua but ends up causing a lot of problems for the hpsc#shigs is a bit curious about natsu's past but decides it's not his place to pry#eventually the league comes in and shigs introduces him as their part time medic#he comes by the bar nearly every week so they've all seen him at some point#natsu always says he and shigs go 'way back' so it becomes an inside joke of sorts💗#no natsu totally doesn't have a crush#dabi's seen him a few times but he doesn't really recognize him#natsuo has a feeling he's seen dabi before but can't quite place it#until one day they get into a fight and dabi's quite badly hurt and they're all scrambling to get him to natsuo#and natsuo finally gets to look him properly in the eye#(he'd recognize those eyes anywhere)#and before he can stop himself he asks 'Touya?'#dabi's pretty shook till recognition settles in#natsuo gives him a 'i'll deal with you later look' and doesn't say anything else till he's done#and then he re-introduces himself to the league as 'Todoroki Natsuo (a.k.a dabi's brother)'#shigs never saw that coming but soon endeavor's number one on his target list#have i... went off more than usual ;-;#thanks for the ask!!
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qitwrites · 7 hours ago
|| 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 
Momo is 13 when she gets her first period.
Her parents had talked to her about it of course, told her it was completely natural and normal and healthy, and to come to them when it happens.
What nobody was prepared for was the pain.
She’s in the family garden creating some Lego blocks for herself when a bout of cramps, sharp and intense, roils through her abdomen and up her left leg. It’s so sudden she can barely call for help, and by the time the guards reach her, she’s on the ground sobbing, clutching her stomach and shakily taking in gasps of air.
They tell her it’s a combination of her diet and her genes. The high-fat diet has consequences, no matter how much she uses her quirk to balance it out and her father’s side of the family has a history of debilitating period pains. It’s just really bad luck, or so they tell her.
Of course, this doesn’t deter Momo from her plans of becoming a pro-hero. It’s all she wants. So, it’s what she chases and works for and earns.
The period pains get worse.
Class 1A doesn’t notice for the longest time. Momo is good at hiding it, at hiding how often she uses the loo for the first two days, how much pain she’s biting back in class, how badly she’s performing in training. She practices her smile in the mirror, sits through hours of class and training and socializing with a smile plastered on her face, and screams into her pillow at night. She spends those nights on her bathroom floor, alternating between throwing up and enjoying the cool feeling of the tiles underneath her.
Nobody realizes until Momo doesn’t show up for class one day.
Of course, everyone is immediately concerned- Momo isn’t one to skip. She takes the best notes, has perfect attendance, submits her assignments on time, the works. First period passes like that, and Aizawa even brings it up but nobody knows where she is. She hasn’t messaged a soul or called anyone about anything.
They’re on break after second period when Todoroki finds her on the staircase landing between the first and second floor.
Momo is on the ground, laying on her side. Her hand is in her mouth, blood dripping down her skin as she clenches it tightly between her teeth. Her other hand is wrapped around her abdomen, squeezing tightly. Tears stream down her face continuously, like an endless river. She’s muffling her screams, and it’s almost like she can’t even see Todoroki, her gaze piercing straight through him.
Todoroki is immediately alarmed, getting to his knees in front of her. He looks over her and can’t see any physical injuries, any signs of trauma.
‘Yaoyorozu,’ he says urgently, ‘what’s going on?’
Momo blinks at him, some of the tears dispelling. She finally sees him, recognizes him, and gasps. She pulls her hand away and the tears spill again.
‘I can’t-‘ she starts and sucks in a sharp breath ‘-I can’t breathe. I can’t- there’s too much pain fuck.’ Todoroki raises his brows- Momo never curses. Never. Not even when she stubbed her toe against the dining table and broke it.
‘We have to get you to recovery girl,’ Todoroki says, moving to help her up.
‘Wait,’ she groans. ‘I need- dammit, Todoroki let me borrow your left hand for a moment please.’
Todoroki complies without question, and watches as she takes it and places it on her abdomen above her uniform.
‘As hot as you can go,’ she says, ‘without burning my uniform. Please.’
Todoroki has no idea what’s going on, but he does as she asks. The effect is almost immediate- her breathing evens out, her eyes focus again, her body stops jerking in pain. It’s almost like she’s been sedated.
After nearly 2 minutes of sitting in silence, she gently takes Todoroki’s hand and places it on his own knee. She sits up gingerly and wipes away her tears, smearing some of the blood on her cheeks instead. Todoroki watches her carefully, ready to step in if she asks for help.
‘What happened?’
Momo looks at him with sad eyes. ‘It’s just my period cramps Todoroki. I’m ok, I’ll be alright.’
Todoroki quirks a brow. ‘You’re not ok Yaoyorozu, even I can tell just by looking at you.’
Momo is about to voice another protest when the door to the stairwell bursts open. Bakugou and Kirishima walk through with vending machine drinks in their hands and stop when they spot the pair on the floor.
‘Yaomomo?’ Kirishima shouts, running towards them. Bakugou trails just behind, eyebrows furrowed.
Momo plasters a smile on her face, trying to hide her bloodied hand.
‘What happened?’ Kirishima yells, crouching down with a concerned look in his eyes.
‘She said it’s period cramps,’ Todoroki interrupts. In all honesty, he never grew up around his mother or his sister, so he has limited knowledge of periods in general. But with that limited knowledge also came the lack of a stigma towards periods in general. He doesn’t think anything of talking about it.
Kirishima’s concerned look melts into one of sad understanding.
‘Oh man,’ he says, ‘that sucks Yaomomo. They’re that bad, huh?’
Momo keeps her smile in place. ‘Really, I’m fine, it’s nothing I cannot handle, I’m ok-‘
A hand, absurdly gentle, pulls her bloodied one away from where she’s hiding it. Momo startles when she sees Bakugou holding her hand, giving her a tight look. He drops it gently and sighs. With a grunt, Bakugou sits down next to her, back leaning into the wall. Kirishima sits cross legged in front of her while Todoroki sits on her other side.
‘My old hag,’ Bakugou grumbles, ‘has period pains. More like period torture, I guess. She threw up every month on the first day. She’d have dark circles from the lack of sleep, and she’d slap hot water bags to her stomach 24/7. She even burned the skin there a few times. Painkillers didn’t do shit, there were no surgical options, not even birth control made much of a dent. She’d just grit her teeth and bare it every month.’
Momo listens silently, her hands slowly unclenching.
‘My moms,’ Kirishima pitches in, ‘are pretty chill with it. Well, Mama’s get really bad sometimes, but mom is usually ok. I’ve seen them bring each other ice-cream or squeeze each other’s shoulders. They sync up a lot too! Mama would always tell me to be nicer to mom, and mom would always tell me to give mama a kiss. They’re both so manly when they battle their periods every month.’ He offers Momo a gentle smile.
Todoroki hums. ‘I admit, I don’t know much beyond the biological part of it. But from what I can see, Yaoyorozu, this isn’t very normal, is it? This level of pain?’
Momo sighs, brushing away the fresh tears welling up in her eyes.
‘I, between my quirk and my genes, I have received the shorter end of the stick. Of course, I have looked into treatments. There’s nothing I can fix with surgery, and painkillers are usually ineffective. I have tried birth control measures, but they interfere with my quirk.’
Momo looks up at the ceiling. ‘I don’t think we talk about this enough, about heroes that menstruate. I can’t stop being a hero on the days I have my period, but sometimes, I’m in so much pain I can’t see straight. I-‘ she sucks in a stuttering breath ‘-I don’t know what to do sometimes. I want to stand on equal footing with my peers.’
Bakugou scoffs. ‘You shitting me? You’re top of the class, your quirk can make fucking canons, you tutored our fuckwit classmates into not failing miserably, and you did it all through this shit? What part of that is not equal with your peers?’
Kirishima nods in agreement. ‘I mean, Mina has some cramps too, so I usually bring her hot water bags when she asks. I read somewhere that spinach is great for period health, so I make us both protein shakes with spinach and banana! She says it helps.’
‘The iron in spinach must be beneficial,’ Momo muses, her face breaking into the first genuine smile of the day. ‘I usually up my iron intake as well. It does help.’
‘You’re right though,’ Todoroki adds, eyebrows furrowed, ‘we don’t talk enough about heroes that menstruate. Plus, the fact that you can’t seem to find a way to manage your pain without it affecting your life is proof that they haven’t put much thought into it, isn’t it?’
Bakugou grunts in agreement. ‘My hag volunteers at women’s shelters and tries to raise funds for pain meds and hygiene supplies and shit. It’s ridiculous. All of that shit should be free. No one asks to have a period every month.’
‘We can change that though,’ Kirishima pipes in, always the voice of positivity. ‘Look at the four of us, talking about it! Yaomomo, I’m sorry.’
Momo blinks, ‘What for Kirishima?’
‘For not noticing! You must’ve been in so much pain all this time, huh? I’m sorry for not noticing and doing more.’
Momo feels something cold press against her arm. She looks down to see Bakugou pushing his unopened drink into her elbow.
‘Take it, staying hydrated helps with the cramps.’ He stands up and brushes his pants. ‘Think you can stand?’
Momo takes a sip of the drink, relishing the cold fizzy burn as it slides down her throat. She takes a deep breath and stands, stumbling a little before catching herself. Todoroki steadies her around the elbow.
‘Can we take you to recovery girl?’
Momo smiles warmly. ‘I’ve been already. We’ve been working together on some remedies. It’ll take time, but I hope we can come up with something.’ Momo hums. ‘I should put more work into this. I can’t be the only hero that faces such bad period pains.’
‘That’s so manly Yaomomo!’ Kirishima beams. ‘I’m kinda dumb so I don’t think I can help with the research but let me know if there’s anything else I can do.’
Momo giggles into the back of her hand and they start moving towards class together. As they reach the top of the stairs another bout of cramps settles into her gut, and she clenches the railing with a white knuckled grip.
The boys stand around, guarding her, supporting her, giving her small smiles and reassuring nods. Todoroki offers her his hand again, and she quickly makes a heating pad and hands it to him, so she can continue to use it during class. Bakugou urges her to drink more water, and Kirishima keeps telling her how manly she is.
When they get to class, everyone crowds around her and she laughs softly, promising to explain everything later. The rest of the day passes by with little incident, and throughout it all, Todoroki takes the heating pad from her, heats it up and hands it back, hour after hour.
They talk about it in the dorms after class, and recounting her episode opens the floodgates for all the girls.
‘I get really bad migraines,’ Uraraka sighs, rubbing at her temples as if in anticipation. ‘It makes the nausea from my quirk even more unbearable.’
Jirou nods. ‘I get you. I have leg cramps, makes it impossible to use my legs during heartbeat surround. The speakers are too painful to use, and I’m never as stable as I’d like to be.’ She gives Kirishima a pointed look. ‘I’ll join you at the gym next time, teach me some leg moves. I want to get stronger.’ Kirishima gives her a huge thumbs up and a blinding grin.
‘My back gives out sometimes,’ Mina says. ‘I have this pain that burns in my lower back on a few occasions, it’s the worst.’
‘I don’t have a lot of physical symptoms,’ Hagakure pipes in, ‘but I do have PMS and depressive episodes. I’ve been trying to figure out a good med balance to fix it.’ All the girls nod at that, squeezing her arms and shoulders in silent support.
The teachers are brought into the loop too, and Aizawa gently berates Momo for not coming to him sooner.
‘We’re here to help,’ he says, eyes the gentlest she’s ever seen. ‘Learn to rely on your teachers more, will you? Such troublemakers , the lot of you.’
Momo makes hot packs for the girls after that, and the teachers don’t blink when one of them passes it to Todoroki in the middle of class as the boy just heats it the appropriate amount before passing it back without so much as a hiccup in his work.
Bakugou sends Momo articles and tips from his mom about pain management and dealing with cramps. He says it’s because he wants her to be in top condition when he beats her for #1, otherwise it won’t, in his eloquent words, mean jack shit. Momo tries some stuff out, happily surprised when her symptoms are even the slightest bit reduced. Kirishima offers to make them all spinach shakes, and they take him up on that every so often, complimenting his limited cooking abilities.
And on the days Momo is back on the bathroom floor heaving into the toilet, Jirou holds her hair back. Mina cuddles her on the couch when her hands are clenched as she bites back tears, and Ojiro sits by her feet, a reassuring presence to depend on if she ever needs something.
They’ve still got a long way to go as a society, but it’s a start. And a damn good one at that.
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h-isforhome · 8 hours ago
WAIT i think ‘am’ is actually ‘anne’ and i just never wrote the ‘e’ completely (sorry anne) and since it’s right next to ‘talking abt her hair’ i think i wrote ‘talking abt / anne’ and next to it ‘her hair’
#/ to mean i wrote anne under ‘talking abt’ and not on the same line yk#ANYWAY i can finally lb ok: (1) THE SPELLING BEE SCENEEEEE PLS THAT WAS SO CUTE ...#gilbert is an absolute gem AND the whole mnemonics thing ... baby boyyyy :•) ALSO the ‘i shouldve added an ‘e’’ i made a tp abt this on my#inactive tv sideblog i’ll rb after i’m done here; (2) the period thing was e5??? could’ve sworn that was s2..anyway god marilla is growing;#(3) WHEN ANNE IS IN TEARS AFTER HER PERIOD AND THE CAMERA FOCUSES ON MARILLA’S HESITANCE IN COMFORTING HER BUT SHE DOES IT ANYWAY ‼️#SHE REACHES OUT & COMFORTS ANNE GOD SHES GROWING!!!; (4) gilbert’s backstory :( my baby boy :( he does so much :( honorary eldest daughter;#(5) OK the WAY GILBERT LEAVES HIS DAD BREAKFAST AND BARELYYY LOOKS AT HIM MEANING THE AUDIENCE DOESNT EITHER ?#BC GILBERT IS TOO . sad to rlly think abt his father’s declining health too much so he doesn’t focus on him God my boyyyy... and also again#the way the camera doesn’t show the audience his father :( only until after when his dad calls him back and the camera goes to an empty#wheelchair and then slowly pans to his dad...GENIUS directing i love it so much; (6) ALL THE SNOW SCENES ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ‼️;#(7) MATTHEW ! SEEING ! ANNE ! IN ! TEARS ! CRYING ! ABT ! PUFF ! SLEEVES ! AND ! RUNNING ! OUT ! 2 ! BUY ! HER ! THE ! DRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!#BC HES HER FATHER FIGURE AND HE LOVES HER ‼️‼️‼️ GOD . and the way he was so awkward abt the dress but talking abt anne came easy to him ..#also him accidentally buying so many boots 😭 i get it my dude matthew v introverted of u 2 do so; (8) BUT ALSO HIM TALKING ABT ANNE W LOVE‼#& the way he says ‘anne has red hair & doesn’t care for it but i think it’s fine’ GOD he loves her sm & so does marilla brooo; (9) omg the#parallel of matthew w jeanie & marilla seeing rachel kiss her husband .. the way marilla looks at them bro i’m gonna need a min 2 unpack;#(10) THIS ONE OH GOD OK when matthew brings up matthew AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER MARILLA KISSES ANNE AND TUCKS HER IN?? RIGHT AFTER MATTHEW#MENTIONED THE DEATH OF A PERSON CLOSE TO MARILLA AND HOW SHIT THINGS WERE AFTER HE DIED . SO MARILLA KISSES ANNE BC SHE LOVES HER AND#THINGS WLD GO 2 SHIT IF ANNE DIED ! fuck .! marilla is her mother and she loves her oh my GOD; (11) anne & diana :( a lot to unpack as in .#my 17y/o sister dropping signs that she’s gay & nonbinary which again is different than the 13y/o sister whos dropping signs she’s gay like#i’m losing my mind bc for so long it was me & them making fun of me and uhdhuh what.! anyway. the 17y/o said ‘Lesbians?’ @ anne/diana#& Fair that seems . kinda gay but idk maybe i have shit 2 unpack w my own female friends yk . anyway it told me embarrassingly long to say#anne could b bi bc gilbert yk why the fuck am i like . repressing myself down when they r . clearly ok w it . like my 13y/o sister called#the dress lady (not jeanie) and i thought so too but i couldn’t even allow myself to say ‘she’s pretty’ lmao simply choked up b4 i could#anne with an e#tv shows#idk bro maybe i kept it to myself so long or i don’t want them to see me that way IDK ! anyway i’m almost out of tags this is no.26 cont:#(11) anne going 2 see gilbert!! saying ‘life is unfair’ abt being unable 2c diana outside gilbert’s house! b4 she sees his dad! genius.!;#(12) snow in gilbert’s hair!; (13) MATTHEW SMILING ANNE DRESS EVRY1 HAPPY! ANNE HUG MATTHEW!;#(14) THE BUTTON MATTHEW GAVE JEANIE BEING FROM HIS SUNDAY BEST HELLO...; (15) the way they all looked like family on the carriage 😭❣️‼️#omg i fit it in 30 tags alhumdulilah
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python-string · 9 hours ago
genders and names are like clothes and I want to switch them around and wear them interchangeably but people want me to be a cartoon character in one shirt so bad it makes them look stupid
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translancelot · 10 hours ago
i always find it interesting that agravain is never invited to the king pellinore murder event nor really takes part in the blood feud that gawaine and gaheris seem so psyched on even though he’d probably take seniority over gaheris...however to be fair agravain almost. literally never kills people actually he tries to kill gaheris sometimes but he fails at that and also they’re siblings so like...he probably wouldn’t have anyways, modred helped with the murder of dinadan who was dying in the first place, in that weird story where gawaine like...kills palamedes because he’s racist or something agravain is actively discouraging him from doing so...and the part of the story where he gets in the blood feud is actively against gaheris for killing their mother u_u...agravain really said i legitimately do NOT care about my dad dying
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venndaai · 10 hours ago
It’s funny how my attachment to characters in video games is on a whole different level to my attachment to characters in other media, because of that element of me personally seeking them out and befriending them and dragging them around with me, even in games where I didn’t really care about my player avatar. Anyway do yall have like, that one video game character you care about to absolutely insane levels, even years later, because you got invested in “winning” your relationship with them? I do and most of you probably know it’s Kreia
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arrogantlittlethuggirl · 10 hours ago
I love the Dean critical Cas stans because like they truly hate him, like the Sam ones kinda hate him because of the way he treats Sam but they usually love/hate him and also because its miserable to find Cas content not being Destiel that probably annoys or even triggers them due to the simp and abuser love trope while with Sam i think the dynamic between him and Dean is so important to the fabric of the show that people are on some level for the content, i love the dedication but also i don't care that much about Castiel or for the trope to be having negative feels for his treatment.
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windows98-fr · 10 hours ago
its been a hell of a year for me since ‘quitting’ fr (really just my annual ‘im gonna come back to this eventually’) it seems my interest always renews after some time but im genuinely scared that this is like...This Is It. I just feel too busy and wanting to do to much to worry about pixel dragons but on the other hand i love and adore and MISS the community so SO much and how much fun and excitement this stinky little game got me. im gonna give it a shot. the anniversary is bringing this all to mind-  happy anni yall! this is just my rambles lol
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superfluous-banality · 11 hours ago
:D ok I wanna ask about number 7 (since you said you haven't written in a while it could be something you wrote or read) and number 12
For 7 - I actually keep a pretty tidy list of phrases and sentences that really touch me (it's uh, very extensive), but I'm gonna go with a quote from an aftg fic that really crack me up (its from N for Nebulous by minyard (carxies) on ao3):
"Neil had tried to help but had ended up causing more trouble. Aaron had tried to cause trouble and had ended up helping."
For 12 - The headcanon I would keep, even if it ends up contradicting canon, is that Andrew does smile (a lot) later on in his life. I'm also a huge sucker for the idea that you can tell when Andrew blushes because his ears turn red. And that even though he's built as hell, he has a soft tummy.
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strawbeyeri · 11 hours ago
#my family really makes me feel like my life is not even worth living at all like (-: damn it’s really not worth it ljke none of the pain#I endure is even worth it bc at the end of the day I rly amount to nothing to them and at the end of the day I can’t live like I want to#and make them happy with me and have a relationship with them and I just want to be happy and I just so rly love my family like#I don’t have a lot of friends I don’t HAVE anyone else all my life that’s all I’ve had but that really doesn’t mean shit honestly lmaoo#like …. I just feel like shit I feel like why am I even still trying why am I here lmao why am I here ??? why am I here lmaoo#like I feel stupid for trying to stay alive and trying to heal and get better ljke I feel like it’s so apparent that I’m#I’m#never going to live the life I want and have the happiness I want or the love I love I want#and at the end of the day arent I going to die alone anyways ? like I rly feel like why am I hanging on . why am I doing this.#all I can think about is how much it feels like no one really cares if I’m here or not… like I’m just here. I’m truly just here#abd when I’m not here anymore will they even care lmao#I’m just in so much pain all rhe time and I feel like no one even cares one way or the other lmao#I’m so tired of lying to my family to make them happy I just can’t stand it#I feel like I have to be so sorry all the time just for being myself#like I can’t say sorry enough like I’m sorry for being born… thags just how I feel all the time#I’m tired of being like… like feeling like a child all the time… I can’t stand it anymore I just have to do something#I just don’t want to be here anymore#like I feel like I don’t have any other choice like what do I even do lmao there’s absolutely no getting better#I feel like there’s just no happy ending for me#and I’m just here constantly burdening everyone like aren’t I just in the way lmao#if I was gone tomorrow who would even care lmao who would even miss me
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gayhoehours · 11 hours ago
#vibes#not to be embarrassing on main but i watched the s4 finale of dexter HAKSHSKDHSKHSKS#this show is. its got some problems with racist writing of some of its characters esp. in the early seasons...#...and it can be generally pretty tone deaf and its copaganda that starts lowkey and becomes. just propaganda#so like i know but i didnt claim to have good taste and im not consuming only Perfect Media so#but NOW THAT THATS DONE#they KILLED his WIFE!!!!!#he had. thru all the seasons hes like ooh im a monster ooh im nothing but horrible for everyone around me#and yeah ok the whole plot if the show is that hes a serial killer and he kills bad guys whatever whatever#hes got issues but like. thats smth for some other time BUT LIKE#theyre. good!!!!!!!#hes like 'no feelings i dont have emotions' but thru the show he starts actually caring about her and her children and his family#and theyve got a lot of rlly sweet scenes where he just like. is allowed to breathe I DONT KNOW IM#and now im watching the next episode and hes just shut down#and everyone is like wow why is dexter acting like he doesnt even care and im---- GIRL???#theyre all like wow whats his deal. whys dexter so weird all the time and he has lines like 'if i were a person' and all that etc etc#and im just like. ok. hes clearly nuerodiverse and yeah this was aired in like 2004 but still. he#AND SPECIFIC TO THIS even if he wasnt. sorry if not everyones reaction to a death is like. sobbing uncontrollably#people react to things differently and EVEN IF. shock is a thing GIVE the man a day#SO MUCH of the show is dexter trying to be 'normal' so he doesnt attract attention that would lead to him getting found out abt killing ppl#but theres times where its like. heres a scene where dexter sees someone say something in a situation where it goes over well#heres a scene where dexter is in a similar situation and says the same thing. but due to xyz it doesnt work and is 'weird' or 'wrong'#and its framed in a way where its like. we are supposed to be like hahaha wow look at him failing at being a normal person#but im. its just like. ok. except ive also done that. used a thing that id heard that i thought would work but it didnt. and then its weir#like hes just. trying to catch whats considered socially acceptable in what situations and apply that to his life and sometimes it doesnt!!#work!!!! give the man a break its hard. lol#hahskshsksj this became smth else naturally but now im sad cause his wife was a good character and they were good together and he was like#healing idk. and now shits gonna get fucked and yes a show needs plot but i WILL be sad about it :( pain#misery even
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