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agentofbarnes · 4 months ago
Which scenario would be sweeter?
Bucky comforting y/n in the midst of a hard super-soldier labor with his child. You whimpering "James" instead of what you normally call him, (Bucky).
Steve helping y/n through a similarly rough labor with his kiddo. Y/n collapsing down onto Steve's chest (he is behind y/n for support). Exhausted y/n pleads "Stevie? I can't do this anymore." -Steve's kid is also supersoldier, of course.
Tumblr media
Ohhhh my god I can’t choose, I’m just gonna have to expand on both cause I can’t stop thinking about it
Bucky Barnes
It’s a rough birth, but you had a feeling it would be, I mean, you had prepared for this. But holy shit, it hurts so much.
He insisted that you give birth in Wakanda because the best care is there and they are more than equipped to deal with super soldiers.
He’s got his flesh hand wrapping around yours and his metal hand pressed against your face to cool you down. You are screaming in pain, collapsing in the bed.
It had been literal hours and you were nowhere closer to birthing his baby. You can’t help but cry in pain and defeat.
“James,”You whimpered, gasping for air and turning your head towards him.”I-“
His heart palpates at the sound of his actual name, not Bucky, not Sarge, or even Jamie. James.
James goes into real serious mode, knowing you needed the guidance and the soothing words from him. Seeing you in so much pain makes his heart ache.
He shushed you, cooing at you gently and telling you were going to be okay.
“We’re almost there, baby doll, she’s coming, but you gotta push for me, okay? I got you, just a little longer.”
Bucky leaned his forehead against yours, kissing you gently before encouraging you to push.
It’s a whole two more hours of praises and soothing whispered before baby barnes comes into the world.
“She’s perfect, baby doll,”Bucky whispered holding the tiny babe before resting her in your arms.”You did so good, I’m so proud of you. Look at her, she’s everything. You both are.”
You look up at him firefly, tears in your eyes as you agree,”Yes, she is, and so are you.”
Steve Rogers
Oh my god, Steve Rogers would be sickeningly sweet. You had known the chance of his child growing in you being a super soldier.
He holds you so close, letting you squeeze his hands so tightly as you push as hard as you can.
It’s been hours, you have been in labor for almost 20 hours and you think you might die from the pain. Steve is taking such good care of you.
“Stevie?”You cried, body exhausted and sweaty,”I can’t do this anymore.”
His heart broke at the sound of how hurt your voice is. You are in so much pain and he knows you can do it.
“It’s okay, hey, we can do this together, pretty girl, listen to me,”Steve whispered in your ear soothingly.”We can do this all day.”
You’re gasping for breath, leaning back against him and nodding slowly. He kissed your sweaty face, whispering how proud he is and how perfect you are.
He’s right, you were the Rogers’ and you never gave up.
Finally, the world is graced with your baby boy and absolutely collapse into Steve in complete exhaustion.
You hold your baby for the first time and you cry so hard, happy to be done and to have in your arms.
Steve holds you close, the baby sleeping soundly beside you guys while he laid in the hospital bed. He watched over both of you, happier than he’s literally ever been.
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bokuroskitten · 3 months ago
imagine one of the boys catching you flirt with someone at a party, so they take you to the bathroom and dry hum you until you cum. then they force you to talk around with a wet spot on your pants until *he* says you two can leave.
Okay yea— yea we can imagine this babe.
Tumblr media
Boys who see you flirting and let it last. They watch, amused smirk plastered on his face and arms crossed. When you finally make your way back over to him he’s still grinning, one possessive hand falling onto your lower back enough to make you float towards the bathroom. You ride his thigh as he sits on the edge on the sink, bouncing it and uncaring of how loud and desperate you become. Your panties are heavy, soaked, and yet he keeps that stupid grin of his. “Why don’t you go trying to flirting now huh baby? Go on, show them your soaked panties.”
↳ KUROO, Terushima, Nishinoya, SUGAWARA, Aran, Osamu, MATSUKAWA, Tendou, Semi, Konoha, Suna.
As soon as they see you flirting they’ll approached, brows furrowed in annoyance. He will literally grab you by the throat, uncaring of the people watching or the fact that you two are on the middle of the dance floor. Then he’ll literally drag you towards the bathroom. He’ll finger you until your babbling out apologizes, thighs trembling and coated in a layer of your slick when the two of you go back to the party. “Fucking slut. You wanted attention yea? Well now your gettin it, keep cryin for me.”
↳ OIKAWA, Bokuto, Hanamaki, ATSUMU, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, KENMA, Futakuchi, DAISHO, Yaku.
Oh they don’t do a thing. No no. Why make you walk around with messy panties when he already knows your soaked off the idea of him watching you flirt, misbehave. It’s when the two of you get home, and you’re clinging to his arm, batting your lashes real pretty that he finally lets you have it. Each of your holes get used that night, edged to the point that your mind is blank, only mewls of his name able leave your used mouth. And he’ll leave you a mess, smear his ample amounts of cum along your twitching body with a lazy sigh. “Ya know, I bet you’d get more lucky with those assholes you flirted with tonight if they saw you like this. Covered in cum like the good whore you are.”
↳ DAICHI, Kyoutani, Kita, Sakusa, IWAIZUMI, Ushijima, Meian, ENNOSHITA, tsukishima, AONE.
Tumblr media
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verynonyideas · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The surprise is when you get down there and realize she’s actually 8 feet tall.
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deadwriter16 · 2 months ago
“bakugou appears by deku’s side” what. where was he before. where did he come from where did he go where did you come from bakugou??
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pvnqxirky · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
🎶 Two bros chillin’ on a balcony, 5 feet apart ‘cuz they’re not gay 🎶
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oi-levi · 5 months ago
When did Levi start catching feelings for Reader in the Silver Soul universe? You've mentioned something about him trying to part his hair perfectly because of what reader would think (adorable <3)
oh. my gosh. so i spent a long time thinking about this and then watched a s2 episode, so this is what i devised for you anon:
i like to think levi begins to realize his feelings for you are more than platonic towards the end of season two. levi is injured, therefore you steps up and kind of fill his role temporarily
everything is happening rather fast—erwin and the military police are leaving immediately to find hange’s squad on the wall, and you are no exception. you are packing quickly, refueling and refilling your blades, while levi leans against the wall wondering why he’s thinking so hard about something to say
normally, you and him don’t say “goodbye” to another. however, he suddenly feels a strong inclination to do so. you’re adjusting the straps on your gear, yanking them tight, and it’s almost like there’s this nagging in his heart that tells him to go to you
at first, he doesn’t know what it means. he says his goodbyes, well aware of the situation at hand. he is almost disappointed when you bid him a simple farewell rather than cracking a joke like usual (you tend to immerse yourself when things get too serious because you need to concentrate)
there’s a voice in his saying “don’t go” as he watches you leave
he tries to muffle the voice. in the following period of your absence, he doesn’t realize that you are the sole person to live in his thoughts. it’s not like he’s necessarily worried. he’s just... simply thinking about you. about something you said to him the other day. about the laugh you made when he said something dry
now, it’s when you come back that he really conflicted
when he hears that erwin/the scouts/the military police have returned (or what little is left of them), and that the commander is missing a fucking arm, he is quick to arrive in the infirmary despite his injury. of course he’s concerned about erwin, but he can’t help but see your face in his mind as he thinks please be alive please be alive
he feels an overwhelming relief at the sight of you, standing upright in the infirmary. your entire body is sheathed in blood, skin, hair, and clothes all caked in the dried substance. you’re beside erwin, clasping onto his hand as they prep him off for surgery. people are groaning in pain, nurses are tending to the wounded, but levi is shoving his way towards you two, his gaze centered and unmoving
“oi, be nice!” you hiss to one of the soldiers who knocks into you. of course, you’re aggravated. levi knows by now it’s been around two days since you’ve last slept, and that you always get grumpy when you’re tired
erwin is being carted away, leaving you stranded, swaying slightly. levi is gripping your bicep tightly, steadying you while simultaneously making his presence known. you turn, meeting his eyes, and he isn’t sure why his heart is in his throat or why he is at a loss for words in this moment
“levi!” you sound happy to see him. you smile at him. his mouth is dry, but he eventually finds his voice again
“are you injured?” he is trying to decipher if the blood covering your skin partially belongs to you, or if it all belongs to your dead comrades, or erwin and his missing arm
“huh? i-i don’t think i am.” he can tell you are a bit dazed. your eyes are glazed over. he carefully guides you out of the hot and sticky infirmary and into the cooler hallway, which is an instant relief. he escorts you to the bathroom, closing the door behind him
you seem to understand, because you are flipping on the sink and scrubbing your hands and arms clean to the best of your ability. levi stands beside you, passing you towels
what is this he feels as he’s watching you scrub the blood of your skin? he isn’t sad, necessarily. certainly not disappointed, nor disgusted. he doesn’t pity you, either. but his heart is beating fast and he’s closely watching your face as you splash it with water. fuck, his mouth is so dry
“can you hear me?” he asks you. “hm?” “i asked if you can hear me.” “oh, yeah, i can.” “you’re exhausted. you need to sleep.”
he doesn’t know why he’s barking orders at you all of a sudden. he tells you to sleep, then he says you need water and food, but you also need to be checked over for any injuries, and—
he has never once been so outwardly concerned before. he doesn’t know what’s driving it, either. all he knows is that he needs to know you are okay
your hands are trembling violently as you try your best to scrub the dirt from the beds of your nails. the shaking isn’t from fear or sorrow. it’s mostly just the adrenaline still pumping vehemently through your veins
“‘m just really fucking tired.” “i know you are. you can rest soon. shower first.” “please let me sleep first.” “you’ll feel better if you wake up clean.”
the only reason levi brings you to his room is because: 1) it’s closer, and 2) he knows he has good water pressure. he leaves you alone in his bathroom, pointing towards the shampoo, conditioner, and setting out a towel. you’re sitting on the edge of the bath tub, hunched over with your eyes closed, still bloody (however, he can finally see the lengths of your lashes again)
he gives your hair a yank. “oi.” levi thinks he has never spoken so gently in his entire life. and he doesn’t know why he has to fight himself to continue smoothing your hair back. he doesn’t know why he feels such an urge to touch you. to touch your eyes and your skin and your lips. why is he thinking about your lips? why is he aching inside?
he sighs in defeat, crouching down in front of you to begin unbuckling your gear. you grunt a “thank you”, holding onto his shoulder as he tugs the straps from your legs. your body shudders at the release. levi is going to scold you for having your gear too tight when you wake later, but now all that matters is taking care of you. make sure she’s okay. make sure she showers. make sure she drinks water before she falls asleep
he pulls off your chest piece, leaving your wad of mangled straps in the corner of the bathroom while he turns on the shower for you. he even feels the water, then yanks you up by your shirt
“i know you are tired. you don’t even have to wash your hair. just get the blood off. that’s an order.” “need clothes.” “you will have what you need. get in.”
levi cracks the door behind him, listening for the sound of the shower curtain sliding before he picks up a cup of water and a couple pieces of bread from the kitchen; he knows it isn’t much, but he also knows that you’re starving and dehydrated, and there is no telling in how long you may sleep for once your head finally hits the pillow
when he returns, he’s setting a shirt and a pair of pants on the edge of the sink, then he glances towards the shower curtain. “you better be awake in there. i don’t want to have to scrub you down.”
you poke your head out from around the curtain, hair damp and clinging to your freshly clean face. a lazy smile is curled up on your lips, eyes drooping shut. levi isn’t sure why his cheeks feel so warm, or why his heart beats a little faster at the sight, but it does. he wonders if he’s felt this before
“‘m awake,” you sigh. your voice is so sweet, so docile. he knows you’ve been worked to the bone and back
he waits outside of the bathroom for the shower to turn off, until eventually you’re dragging yourself into his bedroom, clad in his clothes. the sleeves of his shirt practically swallow your arms. cute.
“sleep now?” you ask. levi nods, pulling his hands out of his pocket. you don’t wait for any vocal confirmation before you’re diving into his bed
he thinks you fall asleep after thirty seconds, your breaths evening out entirely, and carefully, he guides your legs beneath his comforter, tucking it beneath your chin. you snuggle into the sheets and pillows, engulfed by his scent. while it isn’t prominent, its noticeable
“th’nks, levi.” the bread and water on his bedside table are long forgotten
as you sleep, levi watches for only a moment, knowing that the twinge in his heart means something that he isn’t entirely ready to face. so he pushes it down, and he throws away your bloody clothes, and any thoughts of you are suppressed into the very back of his mind
he just wants you to be safe. and healthy. he wants you to have enough rest, enough food. he wants you to be okay
for a long time he tries to deny that those wishes have any romantic implication behind them
after that is when he begins noticing the tiny things he always does for you (he didn’t notice these things before)—whether it be making you an extra cup of tea, or staying up alongside you until you finish your paperwork, or when he would spend a little longer picking out his casual clothes if he were to see you that day
i would say that levi actually confirms his romantic feelings for you after kenny’s death
that entire time frame from going to the cottage to being on the run to finally rescuing eren and historia and defeating the reiss titan, levi is stressed the fuck out
he knows you can handle yourself. you prove yourself as a capable solider and a reliable partner time and time again. so every time he feels inclined to bench you, or protect you, he has to shake away those thoughts immediately because he knows how detrimental they can be to his (and your) performance
i like to think that he becomes more bashful around you during the early season four time skip. because now he has formed a genuine “crush”, and this is also when hange begins to pick up on a few things, however any time they mention anything related to you/romantic feelings, levi is scampering off and not entertaining the conversation
levi intends to keep the relationship professional. it’s only after your injury does he realize how much his feelings for you inhibit him (or maybe they make him stronger)
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ghostyjosty · 2 months ago
love slipped beyond your reaches | jjm
Tumblr media
a/n: omg! emmie writes a fic? GASP! and it’s about her new hyperfixation character? GASP! anyways. it’s me again. i now write for obx bc i am unhinged and need to cope. this is heavily inspired by champagne problems by taylor swift. buckle up kids. mels a bad influence on me
warnings: angst. more angst. a pinch of fluff. mentions of broken glass, alcohol, light swearing. i wrote this in an hour and it’s not proofread
word count: 1.2k
JJ Maybank didn’t believe in love.
Not anymore, at least. The soft, harsh winds followed by the clank of metal was all he heard aside from his thoughts. The train was taking him back to town, where he’d walk 10 blocks to the dock, and sail alone back to their house.
His house.
That’s what it was now, probably.
He sat on this train merely 3 hours ago, his hands and heart warm and joyous, the comfort of his lover by his side. Now, he sat cold and broken, the rainstorm in his ocean eyes subsided with the only evidence in streaks on his cheeks. He let his eyes drift towards his coat pocket, where the wretched thing that caused his heartbreak sat idle.
How could he have been so stupid? He always blamed himself. Even when it wasn’t his fault. This time, it was hers.
(Y/N) was the love of his life. Since they were young, it was certain they’d had each other’s hearts. JJ did not know what love was, affection was not something he was shown. But he felt it in John B’s friendship. And Kie’s. And Pope’s. But in (Y/N)? That was a different love. It was the kind of love that just hits you out of nowhere. The one where you just realize, “Wow. That’s my person, and no one else compares.” And no one compares to her.
Did compare.
They did it all, even when no one thought they would. JJ worked double shifts at the Wreck and the Hotel, and delivered groceries. (Y/N) worked her ass off at the animal shelter and selling jewelry, all while being a full time student at the community college. For her 20th birthday, JJ surprised her with a tiny house by the shore. Just like they always dreamed of. It was paradise. (Y/N) graduated the past May, and was set to start her new job the first of the year. Everything was perfect, until it wasn’t.
The crunch of the leaves were the only sound he heard as he approached the front door. As he reached for his keys, his wallet dropped out of his pocket and landed on the porch. As if the universe was mocking him, (Y/N)’s picture stared back at him. God, how he loved that picture. He had taken it of her on his camera last summer on the HMS Pogue. That was the moment he knew he really wanted forever with her. If only he could have seen the look on her face and the tears in her eyes as he would ask her.
Swallowing his tears yet again, he put the key in the lock and opened the door. He was met with the sound of a confetti cannon, and a bustle of cheers and congratulations, which fell silent white suddenly. Stood in front of him in his living room were the concerned faces of his friends. His family. Fuck. He said to himself, remembering that he told them his plans for the night. And somehow forgetting Sarah and her always finding an excuse to celebrate.
“JJ? Where’s (Y/N)?” Kie asked, a tone of concern in her voice.
“Man, are you alright? You look like uh, like you’ve been crying.” John B exclaimed.
JJ looked down to the floor, closing his eyes. He let out a puff of air and hoped he wouldn’t break down in tears.
“She's um, she’s not here. She left. I asked, she said no. Simple as that.” he said, chuckling sharply at the last part.
A crash sounded as Sarah dropped the bottle of champagne. Dom Perignon, JJ had saved up to buy it. For them to celebrate when they got home. Now, it sat splashed on the floor. The broken glass a mimicry of his heart. That had been broken by (Y/N), the moment she denied him eternity. For years, she held his heart of glass. Carried it on a velvet pillow, protecting it always. But that night, she picked it up, looking him in the eyes, and dropped it to the ground. JJ only wondered what she saw in the reflections of the shards. Where did he go wrong?
They stood out on the balcony, overlooking the empty courtyard. No music was playing, but they swayed together in each other’s arms. JJ pulled away, hands shaking but never leaving hers.
“What’s wrong, sharky?” (Y/N) said, picking up on her boyfriend’s nerves.
“Nothings wrong baby, just wanted to look at you. Listen, I need to ask you something.” he said, voice just above a whisper. (Y/N) felt her heart sink. She didn’t hear a word he was saying, her entire body becoming flushed with dread as she saw him drop to one knee. Her hands were the ones shaking now, as she heard him ask those 4 words that changed everything. Through her blurred eyes, filled with tears, she saw him holding the ring, His mother’s ring. The only piece he'd had left of her. (Y/N) should have seen this coming when she saw it disappear from the chain around his neck yesterday. “JJ, don’t do this.” she whispered.
“What? What do you mean? You don’t want to marry me? Baby, it’s been- what? We- you love-“ JJ was speechless.
“I can’t. I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I need to go.” She dropped his hand and left. Headed as far as she could go, and she didn’t know where.
JJ, still on one knee, was left on the landing, watching the love of his life run as fast as she could away. The only thing he felt was the November chill stinging his face as he began to weep.
A month had passed since he had asked that dreaded question. A month since he lost his heart. Word had spread about what happened, since everyone knew everyone’s business. The whole town thought JJ and (Y/N) were endgame. But those few skeptics wallowed in their predictions being true. His house felt lonely, his bed cold without her. The Pogues had been around more often, putting parts of life on pause to help their friend heal. Kie had left (Y/N) one too many heated voicemails, only to be met with a dead connection. Sarah and John B had forced JJ to decorate for Christmas, but he couldn’t bring himself to enjoy it. That was her favorite holiday.
He sat in the corner of some Kooks house, at a Christmas Eve party he didn’t even want to be at. The glass of champagne sat diluting in his hands, as he listened to the condolences from another person who somehow knew of his sorrows.
“It doesn’t matter, you know Kid? Girls’ a bitch. I’m sure she’d have made a lovely bride, it’s a shame she’s fucked in the head. You’ll find another gal, they’re all over this island. Keep your head up.” The Kook said, slapping his shoulder before walking away.
Maybe he was right. Maybe JJ would find someone new. Someone who would patch up what (Y/N) shred. Someone who’d dance to no music with him, and give him the answer he craved when he got down on one knee.
But he didn’t want that.
He only wanted her.
For now, he’d cry himself to sleep with memories, and lose himself in all his champagne problems.
tagging some friends who might enjoy this: @bb-nhlqueen7 @haydsfleury @stardusttkachuk @ya-pucking-nerd @w1segirl @2manytabsopen @barznasty2point0 @heybarzy message me to be tagged in future obx fics
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foreverwayward · 4 months ago
Comment made by woman in my online class forum: I think that we shouldn't have to learn Spanish to accommodate the people entering our country. If they want to come here, they need to learn English.
Comment made by me: I fixed this for you--
"We should not have to learn English to accommodate the people entering our country." - The Native Americans
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genderfluidem · 10 months ago
No i didn’t stay up all night on christmas eve reading the entirety of a 61k word fanfic and the fact that you would suggest that i did so is very insulting.
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