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Savannaclaw Getting Jealous
-He didn’t give a fuck about “over jealousy”, you were his and he was yours. It was a known thing around, yet here this sleezy asshole is over you. 
-Yet he knew that he couldn’t over act over this, there was no definitive proof that this guy was flirting with you. Yet as soon as you tried to move, he would follow you around, and that was the absolute last straw. 
-Leona walked over, many people clearing the way for the royal. The lion beastman gently clasped his hand in yours, planting a kiss on it, his bright green eyes staring deeply into yours. 
-He brought you into him, before letting you go “Herbivore, please go wait over there with drinks, my family wants to get to know you even more.” 
-The man behind him was in outrage, not yet seeing Leona’s face and recognizing it was him. “Hey, they were my fucking prize! Who do you think you are-?!”
-As soon as Leona turned around, it was absolute silence from the man and other people around them. Leona decided to handle the situation classy, hence why he was acting a bit out of character. He didn’t want his family to detest him even more from acting like a rambunctious fool.
- “Prize. What a word to use for a living breathing person, isn’t that right?” Leona giggled at the absurdity of it and the look on the man’s face made him love being royalty. 
- “Who do I think I am? It seems like you don’t memorize the faces of important people, but maybe you should get a closer look just so you can.”
- “I am Leona Kingscholar, royal son of the Kingscholar family. And you are on my fucking property, disturbing what’s mine,” Leona growled, he let go of the man since he could feel his restraint slipping and he didn’t want alot of eyes on him. 
-The man scrambled to his feet and promptly left the party in a great haste. Leona turned his gaze onto you, only to find you right behind with both of your drinks with a smirk on your face.
-While you did find his actions attractive, you did find it a little funny how angry he got. And you teased him about it for a small portion of the night ;)
-Would get just a tad bit jealous but nothing serious, Jack would just bite his tongue and glare it...until it was unbearable. I mean, he was all over you and the look in his eyes, staring down like you were a piece of meat to devour. 
-He was absolutely disgusted with them, but he didn’t want to act like a jealous boyfriend over you. So he just watched this guy’s pathetic attempts and you looked slightly amused...was what the guy saying that funny?
-So he decided to let you two be, after all he didn't want to act on his feelings of jealousy.
-Until you tried to walk away, flashing Jack a smile signaling you coming over. And that asshole decided to grab your hand.
- "Sweetheart, I was talking to you. Don't be so rude I just want to talk to you!"
-And that was the final straw.
-Jack surged through the crowd, disappearing for a split moment before appearing behind the man. He gripped the boy's hand, ripping it off of you.
- "Get your hands off of them. They're my partner."
-He stuttered out some bullshit excuse before running out of the party, never to be seen the entire night.
-Jack felt a tad bit embarrassed the whole night for acting like that and you teased him slightly.
- You leaned over and tell him in his ear, "Don't worry about those people, I'm all yours."
-Not jealous very easily because while people may try to get with you, he knows he'll always be yours. However on the occasion that he gets jealous he gets a little heated.
-The guy kept trying so hard to woo you at this party and you were...laughing? Was what the guy saying that funny for you to leave him at the kitchen counter?
-But you after 10 minutes were coming back to Ruggie, waving at him before walking over. Not at all realizing that that he had been trying to flirt.
-Until he decided to grab your shoulder holding a piece of paper in his hand handing it to you, "Make sure you call me later, babe."
- "I'm in a relationship, I cannot be taking offers like that, Jayden," you said, offended that he would offer you something like that in such a scummy manner. His intentions were completely obvious and the fact that he would offer you that after you were gushing about Ruggie was offensive.
- "Babe don't worry it could be our little secret, besides you need a real man to take care of you."
-That was the straw that broke the camel's back, Ruggie used his special ability as he was walking away to make him trip and fall. The display was so dramatic, with him falling over, knocking over the colorful bowls of punch.
- Ruggie was too busy laughing at his clever plan to realize that you were right next to him. Opening his eyes to see you decorated with a smirk.
- "I know that it was you, Ruggie."
- "What! You're crazy Y/N, you know know that I put that stuff behind me," saying proudly before you looked at him with a knowing gaze.
- "Fine, maybe I was a little jealous. But it was coming to him, his shoes were completely untied!"
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Yes Ma’am
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: I feel like Rooster would definitely say yes ma’am all the time in a sweet way! Also italics are flashbacks
Pairing: Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw x Reader
Summary: Rooster makes you flustered and he knows it ;)
Warnings: None!! A lot of fluff and implied smut
You don’t know why it makes you so hot and bothered, but it does. And of course he noticed. The one and only Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw. Damn him. It had happened randomly one day, and your reaction was engraved in his brain.
You were cleaning up at the bar and couldn’t reach some cleaning supplies. The whole group stayed behind and helped you clean up despite you telling them it was fine.
“Hey Bradshaw, can you come help me reach this?” You asked, struggling to reach.
“Yes ma’am” He replied simply and grabbed the supplies down.
You immediately went red. Something about those two words made you suddenly forget how to breath. Especially those two words directed at you, coming from that man.
Rooster noticed how you reacted. He didn’t mean it in a flirty way but he took note of how flustered it made you. 
Since that day, Rooster has made sure to say that to you as often as he could. You reacted the same every time. He loved it. He would even try to get you to ask something so he could respond with it.
“Hey y/n, do you like my new shirt?” He had asked you one day
“It looks just like your other Hawaiian shirts. That’s new?” You asked confused
“Yes ma’am, it is” He smirked at you
“Oh- uh- well its’s very- uh nice yeah..” You stuttered and started walking away fast.
He laughed and watched as you practically ran away.
A few days later everyone was having drinks together and you were sat next to Rooster. 
“Is that the new beer we just got in?” You asked him, wondering because you wanted to try it too.
“Yes ma’am”, he let out a small laugh and looked you right in the eyes, “Wanna try it?”
“Oh uh it’s ok, I don’t wanna take any of your drink” You said as heat spread through your body. You were sure you looked just like a tomato. 
“Don’t worry darlin’, here, try it” He held the cup up to you and you took a sip. He watched you the entire time.
“That’s really good!” You stated
“Yes ma’am, very good” Rooster was wanting to see how flustered he could get you.
You couldn’t take it. Your body felt like it was on fire. This man was killing you.
“Alright I think I’m gonna head out guys” You said quickly and left. Before you got to your car you felt Rooster grabbing your hand. You turned around to look at him and he kept walking forward til your back hit the car. He put his arms on either side of you, trapping you.
You were looking up at him through your eyelashes, unsure of what was happening.
“Bradley?” You said
“Yes ma’am?” He replied
“Can you kiss me?” You asked as you ran your hands up his chest and around his neck
“Yes ma’am” He groaned and started to kiss you. You two made out for a while just like that. His hands roamed your body and yours stayed put on his neck. Eventually he pulled away
“So, “Yes ma’am” does it for ya?” He joked with you.
“Ughhh I don’t even know, when you say it it’s my weakness for some reason” You looked down embarrassed. That comment went straight to his ego.
“Oh so it’s only when I say it?” He laughed “I’ll say it all day long if it means I get to kiss you”
Your heart fluttered and you smiled at him.
“So, can I have another kiss?” He asked you
“Yes, sir” You replied cheekily. 
He groaned and put his head on your shoulder.
“I get it now because if you say that again, I’ll have to take you back to my place” He said in a low strained voice. You leaned into him.
“Yes sir” You whispered in his ear. Oh yeah, you were in for a long night.
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County (Un)Fair
pairing: eddie munson x reader
summary: your best friend chrissy invites you and eddie on a double date with her and jason at the county fair. what could go wrong?
an: this is part 2 to this, but it can be read as a stand alone if you want. also, UM, thank y'all so much for all the love on part one
wc: 3.7k
eddie stranger things masterlist
Tumblr media
“I thought we agreed double dating was a bad idea?” you questioned Chrissy. She had just come bounding up to you to invite you and Eddie to join her and Jason at the county fair.
“Well, yeah, but we graduated so it shouldn’t matter now, right? Jason isn't the captain of the team anymore and Eddie doesn't run Hellfire anymore.” Chrissy, sweet, innocent Chrissy, had no idea just how much they hated each other on a fundamental level. “Oh, come on. Please?” she begged, dragging out the word. “How do we know it’s a bad idea if we don’t even try?”
“I’ll talk to Eddie,” you acquiesced.
Chrissy cheered whilst clapping excitedly. “Yay! I’m going to talk Jason into it, don’t worry about him, you just have to make sure Eddie’s there.” 
You smiled nervously at her enthusiasm. “Can’t wait..” 
Tumblr media
Turns out, Eddie was more than happy to go to the fair with you. He wasn’t thrilled that Chrissy would also be there, preferring if it was just the two of you, but you figured Chrissy would be the least of his concerns when he saw Jason. You were currently sitting in the passenger seat of Eddie’s rust bucket of a van. It was nearly four, the time you and Chrissy had decided to meet. A little late in the day to have plans, but the fair was always more fun at night. She’d called you the night before to tell you that Jason didn’t know Eddie was coming, and you’d had to break the news that Eddie didn’t know Jason would be there either.
Your reminiscing came to an end when Eddie parked the van in the lot by the fair. He rushed over to your side to open the door before you even had the chance to think about it.
“Oh, why thank you, kind sir,” you said in a faux posh accent.
“But of course, my fair lady.” He even offered you his hand as if you were getting out of a carriage, which you graciously accepted. Never one to pass the opportunity to fluster you, he pressed a kiss to the back of your hand. Rather than let it go, he laced his fingers with yours and led you to the entrance. He saw neither Chrissy nor Jason at first, too busy telling you about which rides he wanted to try first, but once he did he stopped dead in his tracks. “Yn, sweetheart, light of my life, why is Jason Carver here?” He had a forced grin on his face as he looked at you expectantly, waiting for any answer that didn’t mean he was part of the plans.
You laughed nervously, “Well, you see, Chrissy had this idea for a double date-”
“Double date?!” It was his turn to laugh. “You’ve gotta be kidding. No. No. There’s no way I’m spending the day with him around.” He made to turn around to go back to his van, but you grabbed his arm and latched on, preventing him from going any further. He turned back to see you giving him the best puppy eyes you could muster.
“Please, Eddie. You’re not just spending the day with Jason, but with me, too. Can’t you stay for at least a little while?”
He groaned, knowing he’d lost as soon as he saw those pleading eyes. He always had been a sucker for them. “That’s not fair, angel, and you know it.” Oh, you definitely knew it, and that’s why you did it.
“So, are you gonna stay?” you asked, the hopeful tone in your voice not lost on Eddie. You really wanted him there.
He caved, “Yeah, I’ll stay. But just so I can win you the best stuffed prize I can find.”
Your smile reappeared, radiant as ever, and as long as Eddie could keep it there he was happy, even if it meant spending the day with a guy who held equal hatred for him.
Turning your gaze over to Chrissy and Jason, it seems like she was also having to wrangle her boyfriend into staying. You weren’t able to hear what Chrissy said to him, but once you were within earshot of them you saw Jason kick a stray rock as he muttered about how unfair whatever she said was. He sounded an awful lot like someone else you knew.
You gave Chrissy a hug as you greeted her, and a wave to Jason. He wasn’t your favorite person, but he’d always been fairly decent to you, though that might have a lot to do with being Chrissy’s best friend, since the only time he spoke to you was when he was with her. He politely waved back to you, but shot a glare at Eddie. “Munson.”
They stared each other down for a few seconds more before Chrissy broke the tense silence. “Come on guys, which rides should we go on first?” You smiled and hooked your arm with Eddie’s. “Which one did you say you wanted to go to, baby?” You saw Jason fake gag out of the corner of your eye. You were as courteous as you could be to a jackass jerk like him, but you wouldn't stand for him making fun of Eddie even out of school. “Look, we’re not asking you to be best buds now. You can at least be civil.”
He opened his mouth to retort, but Chrissy beat him to it. “Yn’s right. Can’t you two get over high school and just have fun with us?”
You chimed in. “We are your girlfriends afterall.” They glanced at each other before looking back at you and Chrissy, equally disgusted expressions on their faces. “We’re being ganged up on right now.”
Chrissy smiled sarcastically. “Great! Solidarity! Now, let’s get in line before all of Hawkins gets here.” She looped your arm with hers, leaving the boys to follow after you both.
Tumblr media
Of course Eddie had picked the ride that would spin you into oblivion. You weren’t sure you would ever get your balance back. Eddie thought it was so funny to watch you stumble, but at the very least he always caught you when it seemed like you’d actually fall. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were drunk,” he barely managed to wheeze out between the laughter. You glared at him, and without breaking eye contact, called to Chrissy, “Hey Chris, we should go on the drop tower next.” Eddie’s eyes widened. “Yn, no. You wouldn’t.”
In finally regaining your balance, it seems you had also regained your pettiness. Not that you had ever lost it, but it usually wasn’t directed at Eddie. Chrissy was immediately asking Jason if he would go on it, too. The triumphant smirk you flashed him would have the devil himself running for the hills. “Y/n, sweetheart, honey, baby, darling, PLEASE don’t make me come on this ride.” He tugged on your arm for emphasis and gave you puppy dog eyes that rivaled your own. You were just as weak for his as he was for yours. “You don’t have to come, Eddie.” He brightened up, hopeful. “But Chrissy, Jason, and I are going.” 
“Scary old Eddie Munson is scared of a carnival ride? Isn’t that interesting.” Jason smirked at the boy and put his hand on his shoulder in faux-sympathy. Despite earlier warnings, Jason was still getting on Eddie’s case. You tugged Eddie’s shirt to get his attention, speaking softly, “You know, you really don’t have to come if you don’t want to, don’t let Jason get to you.” Eddie nodded at you before jerking his shoulder from the blonde’s grip, addressing him, “Whatever dude, you should be the one scared, your perfectly gelled hair might fall out of place when the ride drops.” 
You flicked him inconspicuously and gave him a warning look.
Grumbling, he allowed you to lead him to the next line. The closer you all got to the ride, the more daunting it became to Eddie. He couldn’t back out now, though. By the time it was your turn to get on the ride, Eddie was about as tense as an over-tightened guitar string. His face was one of instant regret as soon as he was secured in his seat. He had a death grip on the handle the entire way up, pretty brown eyes wide and nervous.
“What’s wrong, Munson? You’re not scared of heights are you?” teased Jason. Eddie didn’t rise to the provocation. Honestly, if he opened his mouth now he might scream before the ride even dropped. And then it did. And wow did Eddie scream. It was your turn to laugh at his expense, the same way he had laughed at you after the ride he chose.
Upon the completion of the ride, Eddie was jumping out of his seat as soon as the restraints were gone. He waited for you to join him before he began. “I’m never doing that ever again.”
“C’mon, you had to have enjoyed it at least a little, right?” He shot you a look that clearly said No, I did not.
“Wow, that was some scream Munson,” antagonized Jason, ever the asshole.
“Jason!” admonished Chrissy. “You once screamed because you saw a mouse in the attic. Everyone’s scared of something. Leave him alone.” Jason’s face reddened, and he ducked his head down in favor of staring at his shoes. Eddie had to stifle a laugh. It was nice to see Jason on the receiving end for once.
Trying to keep the mood light as possible, you changed the subject. “How about we try some of the games?” You turned to Eddie, “You did promise me you would win me a prize, after all.”
His face brightened, remembering what he said earlier. “I didn’t promise you just any prize. I said I was going to get the best one, and I intend to make good on that promise.”
“I’ll hold you to it. But after food, first. I’m starving.” Come to think of it, no one had eaten anything since getting there.
“How about Yn and I get the drinks and you guys get the food?” suggested Chrissy. They agreed, and as soon as you were both out of earshot Jason confronted Eddie. “Did you come here just to piss me off?”
Eddie was taken aback by the aggressive tone in Jason’s voice. “Dude, I didn’t even know you would be here. Yn said Chrissy invited us. She didn’t tell me about you.”
Jason swore. “Chrissy did the same. Just said she invited Yn. They definitely planned this.”
“You’re just now figuring that out?”
“You’ve got some nerve insinuating that I’m dumb when you failed senior year twice.”
Eddie’s rebuttal died on his tongue when you and Chrissy came back with the drinks. “Where’s the food?” you questioned.
“Eddie here was just telling me about his band, and we got sidetracked. Isn’t that right, Eddie?”
“Yeah, my bad. We’ll go now. You two go ahead and find a place to sit while we get the food.” You gave him a suspicious look. Something was off, but you couldn’t prove anything. So instead you shrugged and said, “Whatever you say, Eds.”
As you went to find a table or an open spot in the grass, Eddie sought out the corndog vendor. “Don’t think me covering for you makes us friends, Freak. I just don't want Chrissy to be mad at me,” came Jason’s voice from beside him.
“Us? Friends? Wouldn’t dream of it.”
Standing in line next to Jason Carver, the guy who bullied him throughout high school, was absolute torture. Seemingly unable to go five minutes without insulting Eddie, Jason started speaking again, “I’ll bet you can’t even win a prize for your girl like you promised. I can probably win more than you, so don’t worry. I can get her something after winning a prize for Chrissy.” Jason looked smug, as if belittling Eddie brought him all the joy in the world.
Eddie wasn't one for physical violence, but he was still competitive. And he’ll be damned if he lets Jason Carver do for you what Eddie promised he would. “How much are you betting?”
Jason thought about it for a moment. “Loser has to throw a party with all of their highschool friend group and tell them all about how the other is their new ride or die.”
Eddie scoffed but nodded, “I’ll accept those terms. Can’t wait ’til the whole basketball team hears about how we smoke pot together and play DND.”
“Kiss my ass, freak. I can't wait to see the look on your face when I level your ass at some carnival games. You know, since I actually play real sports and not over glorified role play.”
They spent the rest of the wait in silence, each contemplating which games they had an advantage in. After paying for the corndogs, they made their way over to you and Chrissy, who had decided to sit under a large oak. Eddie handed you your corndog and took a seat next to you. “I think I’m gonna try the ring toss first,” he said.
“That’s funny because I was thinking the same thing. One on one, what d’ya say, Munson?”
Tumblr media
Apparently, they both sucked at ring toss. Neither of them could get a single bottle. You’d think Jason would have better aim, being a former basketball captain and all. They tried all sorts of games and still they couldn’t get a single grand prize. Both you and Chrissy had tried to tell them that all this effort really wasn’t necessary, but neither of you knew about the bet the boys had.
At this rate, it would be dark before either of them won anything. “Hey, why don’t you both take a break. We can get some snoballs and then ride the ferris wheel. Sound good?” suggested Chrissy. Jason sighed, “Yeah, I guess so.”
The snowball line had thankfully dwindled since earlier in the day when it was hotter. Eddie paid for both yours and his. The group had split up for a little bit to enjoy alone time with their significant other, but you would be meeting back up at the ferris wheel.
“Sorry I couldn’t keep my promise,” he spoke up, a pout on his lips.
“Eddie, baby, it’s fine. You don’t need to win me a dumb prize to prove anything. To me or Jason. Ok?” You did your best to reassure him. “Besides, those games are rigged anyway. They’re intentionally designed to be unfair. Watch this.” You dragged him over to the dart toss, paying the attendant who handed you five darts.
You held one up to Eddie, “Feel the end of it. It’s not sharp, is it? And look at the balloons. Since they’re not inflated all the way, they’re way harder to pop.” You lined up the dart with your target, throwing it harder than you would a normal dart. Pop! Eddie gave you a slow clap, “Ok, hotshot. Can you do it 4 more times?”
You scoffed, “Of course I can.” Pop! Two down, three to go. Pop! Pop!
“Don’t mess up on the last one,” teased Eddie, trying but not really to psych you out. You lined up the dart again, one eye closed. Pop! Eddie gave you a slow clap, “Good job, princess. Didn’t know you could throw darts like that.”
The attendant, on the other hand, looked less than impressed. In fact, he looked ready to drop dead. Poor guy had probably been there all day. “What prize would you like?” he asked, voice monotonous.
You looked up at Eddie, “Well, pick one out.”
He hummed in contemplation before pointing at a pig stuffie. The attendant signed before grabbing a step stool to retrieve the plush, which he handed to Eddie.
“Why the pig?” you asked.
He shrugged, “Matches the ring you gave me. You bought me a pig head ring, and now you’ve won me a pig stuffie to go with it.” He smiled down at you fondly, remembering how nervous you’d been to gift him something he wears everyday now.
You continued walking around the fair with Eddie at your side, hugging the pig to his chest as he finished off his snoball. “Guess we better head over to the ferris wheel, huh?”
“Yeah, probably.”
Tumblr media
Chrissy and Jason weren’t there when you arrived, but showed up 10 minutes later. Chrissy bounded up to you to tell you all about Jason was trying to convince her to ditch you and Eddie. You glanced at Jason, who had a scowl on his face and his arms crossed. That explains his attitude.
You yawned. It was already dark but you didn’t want to miss the fireworks. Eddie leaned down next to your ear, “Are you ready to go?” he asked. “If you’re too tired I can drive you home.”
You shook your head. “Not yet. I still wanna ride the ferris wheel with you and see the fireworks. But after that, yeah.”
He nodded at you in acknowledgement as the ride attendant ushered you forward. Jason and Chrissy were in the cart in front of you and Eddie. The fair lights were gorgeous from the top, and you told Eddie as much. “Not as gorgeous as you, though,” he said, leaning over to press a kiss to your temple. You giggled and snuggled further into his side, the first of the fireworks going off. You gasped excitedly, “Look, Eddie!” But all he could look at was your amazed face, illuminated in the lights of the fair and fireworks. How could he possibly take his eyes off of you for even one second. You noticed his admiring gaze from your peripheral, laughing as you brought your hand up to grip his face and manually turn it to look at the fireworks. “You can stare at me all you want later, but the fireworks are only here for a little bit.” He did as you said, giving you a small squeeze with the arm wrapped around your shoulder.
Sadly, the ride couldn’t last forever, nor could the fireworks. Chrissy and Jason decided that that was enough for the day as well, walking with you to the exit. On the way, you passed the accursed ring toss. Jason stopped, “Hey, Munson, we never had a winner.”
You and Chrissy shared a look. A winner? For what? She was just as confused as you were. “Y’know what, you’re right.” Remembering that you were already tired, he quickly snapped his eyes to yours. “Is that alright with you, sweetheart? I did say I would take you home after the fireworks.”
“No, no, it’s fine. Go for it. Kick Jason’s ass, okay?”
He grinned, “As you wish, my fair lady.” His words were accompanied by a flamboyant bow.
The boys were given one more set of rings, Jason going first. It was miss after miss. You looked at Chrissy, “Looks like you’re going home without a prize.”
“That’s okay. Jason’s enough of a prize for me. Besides, he said he’d take me to the diner after this anyway.”  You didn’t like Jason, but his feelings for Chrissy were genuine, and you had to give credit where credit was due. He did everything he could for her. As he should though, or you would break his kneecaps. After losing for the nth time, he walked back over to Chrissy. You decided to let them have their moment and returned your attention to your own boyfriend, who gave you the stuffed pig to hold so he could toss the rings. He made the first toss. Miss. All he needed was one to win a small prize, but he needed three to win a grand prize, which is exactly what he was aiming for.
He threw the next ring. “Yes!” he cheered, clapping his hands together. The attendant asked if he’d like to claim a small prize or keep going for a big one. Eddie, of course, wouldn’t settle for less. He’d promised you the best, and he was going to deliver. The third toss also landed, but the fourth was a miss. He had one chance left and all he needed was one more ring.
Eddie took a deep breath, calming his nerves. He was way too high strung over a silly game that he knew was rigged. He tossed the ring. It landed! Eddie jumped, pumping his arms in the air. “Hell yes!”
When prompted by the booth attendant to pick a prize, he turned to you, grinning from ear to ear. You looked at the selection of oversized toys before deciding on the floppy-eared bunny. The attendant pulled it down for you. You handed Eddie his pig back before receiving the plush. Eddie could have melted at the sight of you right then and there. A metaphorical lightbulb went off over Eddie’s head. “Hey, Jason. I won.” He grinned smugly, to which Jason flipped him off. Chrissy slapped his hand down before walking over to you to hug you bye, Jason standing next to her muttering about “unfair” it was that the “freak” could win at ring toss and he couldn’t. You rolled your eyes. He was such a baby.
You and Eddie followed them to the exit, separating in the parking lot to go to your respective vehicles. You’d never been happier for Eddie to have a van, rust bucket or not. Not only was there plenty room in the back for *activities* but more relevantly it also easily held the large plush toys.
“So, to your house?”
“I was thinking yours, actually. Your uncle’s working, right?”
“Yeah, why? Not that I don’t want you to come over, but…” he trailed off, the meaning of your words becoming increasingly obvious. “Oh. My house it is, then,” he said, a boyish grin once again spreading across his face as he put the van in gear and sped out of the lot. This was better than any prize he could possibly win at some rigged, unfair game at the county fair.
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pikzel · a month ago
Dating Steve Harrington Hc’s
Tumblr media
steve harrington x gn. reader
summary: what it would be like dating our hair king :)
word count: 1.4k
warnings: fluff, talk about absent parents
this man will be the most gentle with you that anyone ever has
he just needs to
for himself, really
and he loves the kids more than anything
he got their approval of you LMAO
he just wants someone in his life who fits with the group
and you do :)
when this boy loves,
he loves HARD
we’ve seen this with Nancy
he would be the first to say ‘I love you’
and it would be without thinking about it
of course
when you guys started dating, he stopped by your house with a bag of his clothes for you to just keep there
he doesn’t like people wearing his clothes
so this shocked you tbh
he loves the sight of you walking around in his oversized shirts
he thinks its adorable
and his heart swells
he likes having his head scratched
like a dog
his hair is so soft and perfect and you just can’t help but sit with him for hours playing with his hair
he doesn’t mind if it’s at the end of the day
if not?
you will DEFINITELY hear:
“Babe! My hair took so long to look this perfect, please don’t mess it up-”
he’s such a baby LMAO
Dusitin jokes about you two
all. the. time.
he doesn’t cross any lines, though
because he knows Steve will shut it down real quick
that’s another thing
this man is by your side
even if you are wrong in an argument
he is LOYAL
if he isn’t with you during an argument than you are COMPLETELY wrong because-
this boy.
his love language is gift giving
he brings you flowers every time he sees you
he once couldn’t stop at a store so he stole some from someone’s yard and got yelled at
but it was for you so he didn’t care
you had to pick leaves out of his hair after that
but it’s fine
you are one of his top prioritites
so when you wanted to help with the whole upside down shit
he was hella hesitant
you are his baby
he can’t have you hurt
if he found out something had happened to you
he would blame himself for eternity
even though it wouldn’t have been his fault
but he also has Dustin and the rest of the kids to worry about
obviously you are okay on your own
and eventually you prove that to him
he just worries
he will drive you places
anytime you need a ride, he is there
it’s sweet, really
except when you have children in the back making jokes and ‘ew’ing when you and Steve kiss
that’s okay though
you love them
and you know that’s their weird way of saying they approve
they all love you both together
you make each other better
and they can see it
they hang out with you and Steve often
you and him don’t think much about it
you both still get time with just the two of you
so you don’t mind them joining
they add to the fun
you and him are mom and dad
you just kinda adopt them with him
alright, here is the inevitable
this man flirts
not even on purpose-
it’s just something he does without thinking
and idk about you
but I would get jealous
yeah yeah I know I’m one of those you probably are too
like I said
he doesn’t do it on purpose
and when he realizes
he feels so bad
because he made you feel bad
and he will for sure give you things to make up for it
like jewelry
and more hoodies
he also reassures you that he didn’t mean it
and that you were the only person on planet Earth that he would ever want
and that he loves you
you tell him that you get it
but he doesn’t believe you
until you pull his face towards yours and tell him that you truly understand
he feels a bit better
but not much
it will take a bit before he feels better
until it happens again
play fighting and playful banter that
may or may not
turn into something more
if you are catching what I'm throwing ;)
he will drop anything to help you
and ofc
he WILL save you by using his bat
you think it's hot
and he gets concerned
"You find it hot? Are you okay?"
but he rolls with it anyway
now anytime he uses it
he thinks about how you think he's hot
which is an ego boost for him
and he is able to fight harder LMAO
pet names he WOULD use: "babe" "sweety" "sweetheart" "love" "baby" "HONEY"
his voice is so pretty
and hearing those words come out of his mouth
and them being aimed at YOU??
knees are weak
or on the floor, you know, that works too
he CRAVES your touch
he needs it to LIVE
he's dramatic
but it's flattering so it's okay
you will be lying on your bed, doing your own thing
and he will just jump on top of you
his head resting on your chest
and when you don't put your hand in his hair?
this man gets upset and sad.
he would move your hand over to his hair
and when you don't start playing with it?
"Did I do something?"
the look on his face makes you break the act
and he smiles in content as you play with his hair
it's cute
not annoying
sometimes annoying
but at the end of the day
you love him for it
because you know he really loves you
and needs you
he. let's. you. drive. his. car.
he doesn't let many people do that
Max for sure can't
but he doesn't hesitate with handing you the keys
unless you can't drive...
then maybe not
no he still would with some major convincing
you both have socks on hardwood floor races
and when you fall he is immediately by your side
and then you pull him down next to you
he feels betrayed and dramatically pretends to die
a kiss was the only thing that was gonna bring him back LMAO
imma write this- just wait
he always has a hand on you
your thigh
your arm
you hold hands often
link pinkies
imma cry because imagine linking pinkies with him
you lucky motherfu-
he just loves physical contact so much
and it's adorable
you guys sometimes blast music while driving down the road
and you both are so off key
it would be disturbing
but it's not
because you both sound bad together ❤
anytime you come into the place he is working at
he flirts with you
hard core
even though you've been dating for a bit
that's the thing
you will be together, married with kids and this man will still flirt with you
he will never stop
and that's completely fine with you
on the topics of marriage and kids
Steve's parents have been pretty absent throughout the entire show
it's safe to say they aren't a big part of his life
and he is terrified of carrying that on
like a little family tradition
he wants kids
of course
he just is worried he's gonna be a bad dad :/
and you reassure him that he would never do that
and the fact that he cares shows a lot
eventually he gets a bit more comfortable with the idea of having kids
but not in Hawkins
he can barely take care of the kids you already have
the near adult kids
he refuses to raise any of his children in a place like that
so you guys will obviously have to move away until you have any babies
which is perfectly okay
but baby boy is gonna struggle saying goodbye to everyone
because in a way, they are his family
he's there for them like he wishes his parents were for him
he is big on reassurance and praise
he never stops whispering sweet nothings to you, even if it's him that needs it
you both just reassure each other
awww :)
you both are just full of love
ugh okay this is so sweet I'm gonna cry
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jobean12-blog · 2 months ago
Better Than Ever
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,131
Summary: You and Bucky run into your ex. 
Author’s Note: This recently happened to a friend of mine and it sparked this idea! Thank you all so much for reading! Much love always! ❤️❤️❤️ Divider by my sweet @firefly-graphics thank you love! 🥰
Warnings: soft fluff, fun, teasing, Bucky being slightly dramatic and possessive but in a cute way, little spice :) 
Gif NOT MINE: Credit goes to @unearthlydust thank you sweets 🥰
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bucky’s head is half in the bag of cookies as he walks back over to you and when he looks up his surprise is evident.
“Who’s this doll face?” he asks, his body language immediately changing.
He crosses his arms over his chest, lifting his chin and spreading his legs wide.
“Oh, well um…” you start, but the stranger interrupts.
Bucky narrows his eyes.
“Hey, I’m Ben, an old friend,” the man says.
Bucky looks him over, clearly unimpressed.
“Ben,” Bucky grumbles. “Your ex.”
You wrap your hands around Bucky’s arm and give it a squeeze.
“Yep,” you say with a pop of the p. “So funny running into him here right?”
Bucky doesn’t say anything but Ben smiles, bringing his attention back to you.
“So how have you been? You look amazing by the way,” Ben states.
You can feel Bucky’s muscles go taut and the metal plates in his arm shift and whir as he let’s out a low rumble.
Ben’s smile falters.
“Yeaaaa….” You say quickly, pressing yourself into Bucky’s side. “GOOD! Really good actually. Happy,” you finish confidently.
“That’s great to hear,” Ben says, looking back to Bucky as he shifts nervously on his feet.
“So how do you two know each other?” Ben squeaks out.
“I’m her boyfriend,” Bucky nearly growls.
“Oh right. Of course,” Ben swallows. “How uh, how long have you two been together?” he asks.
“Almost two years,” you say with a genuine smile.
“That’s great! Yea,” Ben answers, his head bobbing up and down as he nods far too enthusiastically. “So, what did you get. I hear this bakery is the best so I had to come try it out even though it’s a little far from when I live.”  
“Macarons,” Bucky says. “They’re her favorite.”
Bucky leans down and places a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth, whispering, “I got you a little something extra too. Another favorite.”
“I love you,” you exclaim happily, taking the bag from him.
Ben clears his throat. “Are those the cookies you were always going on about and wanted me to get you…something about feet?” Ben muses.
“Yea,” you answer, your tone expressionless.
“The feet around the edges mean they’re baked properly,” Bucky adds, winking at you.
He looks back to Ben, taking a step into his space. “You know Ben. There are a lot of other bakeries in Brooklyn. I’m sure your neighborhood has one that’s just as good.”
Ben scratches the back of his head, still nodding. “Right. Oh, for sure. Actually, I think I’m gonna see about that right now.”
Ben hesitantly looks your way, muttering, “good to see you,” before practically running out of the bakery. “And uh, nice to meet you Bucky.”
Bucky grunts and takes your hand, pulling you in front of him and resting his hand at the small of your back.
“See you Ben,” you say, waving and trying to hold back your laughter.
“Oh my god Buck!” you exclaim. “For a minute there I thought you were going to punch him.”
You turn and bury your face in his chest with a laugh. “He was so scared!”
“So did I,” Bucky grumbles, sliding his arm around your waist and pulling you closer. “One punch would have been nice. A good left.”
“Bucky,” you admonish but your smile is wide. “You might kill him.”
“Yea I could easily take him,” Bucky scoffs, puffing his chest out.
“You could easily take anybody,” you remind him with a giggle.
“Damn right doll. He better hope we don’t run into him again.”
“Why is that?” you ask, slipping your hand into the bag and pulling out a macaron as you make your way out of the bakery.
“Because I’ll definitely let him have it. You’re mine.”
“All yours Bucky and I’m pretty sure he knows it so you don’t have to worry.”
“What was that bullshit about the cookies? He never bought you cookies?” Bucky asks as his lips turn down.
“Nah. I would hint at it a lot but he never really did things like bringing home a surprise or flowers or anything,” you say with a shrug. “He’s not you.”
Bucky smiles before kissing you softly.
“I bet he didn’t do anything as good as me,” he murmurs, waggling his eyebrows.
“Are you fishing for compliments?” you tease.
“Just the truth,” he says boldly.
You grab his jacket and pull him closer, whispering low enough so only he can hear, but making sure to enunciate your words just right so he knows you mean them.
“No one does it better than you.”
The next morning you wake with a stretch, the smell of Bucky clinging to your skin and you inhale with a happy sigh. You feel for him but the sheets are cold. Grabbing his Henley, you shuffle into the kitchen just as he’s opening the door to your apartment.
“Perfect timing,” he says sweetly, one hand behind his back and a small box in the other.
You rush over to him. “What’s this? And what do you have back there?”
He kisses you, walking you backward toward the kitchen table. Your back gently bumps the wood and he grabs your waist, box still in hand, and lifts you to sit atop it.
“Close your eyes doll,” he says.
You close them, smiling brightly and wiggling back and forth with anticipation.
He lifts the flowers just under your nose and you breathe in, humming at the lovely fragrance.
“Open ‘em doll face.”
The colorful blooms fill your vision and you take in the most beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. All your favorites.
“Bucky,” you whisper, looking at him over the flowers.
“And” he says, holding up the box. “Some goodies for after breakfast.”
“Can I see?” you ask.
He easily rips the tie off the box and opens it for you. Your gasp is followed by a loud shriek of excitement.
“Of course,” he murmurs, quieting you with a kiss.
“And a fruit tart,” you whisper against his lips.
“Mm hmm,” he hums, placing he box down and taking the flowers from your hands.
His lips brush your neck, feather light as he makes his way across your jaw and to your mouth.
“I need to put those in water,” you breathe out.
“Definitely,” he agrees as his hands slip under his Henley.
His fingertips ghost up your thigh and when he reaches the bare skin of your hip he nudges your legs open with his thigh.
“What about my cookies?” you ask, grabbing onto his shoulders.
His fingers slide along your inner thigh, his touch teasing when he grazes his finger between your legs.
“After,” he simpers. “Think ya need another reminder that no one does it better than me.”
Tumblr media
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Coulda Fooled Me, Man [s.h.]
Tumblr media
Fandom: Stranger Things Pairing: Steve x reader Word count: 5.2k Warnings: season four spoilers, fluff, fear of water/drowning, mention of blood, slight love triangle with eddie bc i can’t help myself, gaslighting you all into thinking the Wheeler’s have a front porch, deviation from canon towards the end
“More water,” you groan, a close relative of a whine, more to yourself than to your friends. Looking skyward, as if your salvation swirled in the twinkling cosmos, you ask, “why does it always have to be water?”
“Aww, don’t worry. I’ll hold your hand if you get scared.” Eddie teases, hands squeezing your shoulders softly from behind. You ignore the jab and instead focus on the comforting touch, though fleeting.
You continue. “If I see one more boat after tonight, I’ll be gagged.” 
Eddie leans into Robin beside him with faux secrecy. With a square mouthed cringe, he whispers loudly, “Wait ‘til I tell her about the cruise tickets I bought for the gang.”
You direct a glare at him, veins heating up. While you’re mostly sure that he’s joking, there’s no sooner time than the present to start practicing trust issues.
“Watch yourself, Munson.” Dustin chides with a cheerful grin, the sight alone aiding in further soothing your nerves. “There’s a fire in those eyes that’ll flame that perfect hair to a crisp.”
“Hey, look at me.” Steve enters your line of sight, draped perfectly before you so as to block out the rest of the world. Your body starts to cool under his brown eyed gaze, a new heat taking place at your face. He knows more than anyone here your struggles with swimming, and water in general. “You don’t have to do this. You know that right?”
“And let you go by yourself? No way.”
“Well, I won’t be going by myself.”
“You know what I mean, Harrington.” Your eyes almost pierce his in a glare. Since the inception of your childhood born friendship, there had never been a time you and Steve let the other go about something scary alone. Like in kindergarten, when your grandfather died. Steve came to the funeral service, his hand etched to yours the entire time, like it belonged there. Or in the sixth grade, when Steve needed to get braces. You returned the favor and held his hand throughout the entire procedure, even if it proved to be a nuisance to the dental assistants assigned to him. “‘To the moon and Mars,’ remember?”
A shy, reminiscent grin tugged at his lips. His eyes escape yours so he can look down and shake his head with a huffed laugh. They find yours again easily, voice soft. “I remember.”
“Then let’s do this.”
Steve and Eddie work on preparing the boat, each of you taking turns boarding. Robin goes first, bracing each of her hands on Steve’s and Eddie’s heads as a makeshift railing. Nancy follows, and you decide you’ll go next, despite the leaf-like trembles embedded in your clammy hands.
Lifting a hand out to grasp yours, Steve squeezes your fingers tenderly as he helps you aboard. The hand braced at your back, probably Eddie, adds stability to your body as the boat ebbs under the added weight.
You can only breathe again once you’re seated, perched on a bench across from Robin and Nancy. 
“I thought you said there was only room for four!” Dustin exasperates as Steve and Eddie join you and the girls. 
Steve throws a fake apologetic glance to the boy as he tucks himself in beside you. Eddie’s on your other side, all three of you packed onto one bench. The comfort rate is low, but you have to admit you feel safer tucked between them. Less possibility for your body to be jostled by the waves, that way.
As Robin and Nancy begin to row you away from shore, Steve is quick to check in. Leaning closer to you, he scans your features—and definitely detects the existential fear splattered on your face like spaghetti sauce after a cafeteria food fight—before saying “Okay. How are we doing?”
If he hadn’t already seen the blatant terror in your brow, perhaps you could’ve gotten away with lying.
“Oh, totally terrified.” You say with faux cheer, throwing a delusional wish to the stars that your forced smile will somehow trick your mind into feeling more calm. “But it’s fine. I’ll be okay.”
Like a switch, those final words enhance your hyperfixation on the waves carrying you to the middle of the lake. How they ebb and flow, tilting the boat in a slow waltz at midnight. Except your partner keeps stepping on your toes. The heel of your shoe is two twirls away from perfectly snapping in two. A loose thread of your lovely laced gloves hooking onto their wristwatch’s spine.
Until the sun comes. Its warmth cradles your cheeks, spreading through the rest of your body in a tropical gradient. You’re seated at a gimmicky vacation themed cafe, a coconut punctured with a straw perched on the white wicker table before you. The sundress adorning your body hugs you perfectly, as if designed with you in mind. You’re safe. Content. Perfect, even.
Back to reality, you look down and realize Steve’s hand has nestled with yours. Fingers tightly tangled. As your eyes catch his, he throws you a small smile, eyes squinted with reassurance. You force a smile back.
“Um, guys?” Eddie mumbles distractedly. You quickly avert your gaze from Steve, embarrassed, thinking he was speaking to the two of you. That changes when you actually look at him, though, his eyes locked onto the compass cradled in his palm. Being right next to him, he shows the device to you first. “Is this supposed to be happening?”
With a perplexed lilt to your brow, you use your free hand to take the compass in your grasp. Your other hand retains its tight grasp on your True North, while you watch the compass needle haphazardly scramble in search of theirs.
You lean in, closer to the center of the boat with the compass tilted skyward for your friends to see. They crowd in, all of your heads nearly pressed together as you take in the phenomena.
Dustin’s voice crackles from the walkie. “Guys, what’s going on?” A pause. “Come on, talk to me. What’s going on?”
Robin responds, hands tucked around the device. “Uh, Dustin, your compass has gone from wonky to wonky with a capital ‘ahh!’”
If possible, the sky grows darker than before. Steve slips his hand from yours, and you watch, stunned, as he starts to untie his shoelaces. “Whoa, hold on. What are you doing?”
“Somebody’s gotta go down and check this out.” His arm jostles against yours as he struggles to move with the limited occupancy. This hardly phases you, however, limply ebbing against his shimmies to remove his shoes and socks. You’re discreetly shaking your head before you realize it. “Unless one of you four can top being a Hawkins High swim co-captain, and a certified lifeguard for three years, then it’s gotta be me.” No, it can’t be. “No complaints, all right?”
“Weird time to be bragging about your aquatic achievements,” Eddie relents from your other side. “But I won’t stand in your way. Roll a natural twenty, man.”
Steve is visibly confused by the reference. “Thanks, man.”
You’re frozen, staring out at the darkened waves. Thinking of what lurks below, what Steve could run into down there, sends your pulse into overdrive. Luck would truly be on your side if you don’t need to call a rescue squad by the time this night ends. If it ever does, anyway.
Steve enters your line of sight again. You want to say it’s because he knows you so well and can detect even the slightest quirk to your brow, but you’re sure the anxiety is just emanating from your being in droves at this point. Max can probably see it all the way from the shore. And that’s without binoculars. “Hey,” his voice is so soft around the edges it makes your tear ducts burn. “I’ll be fine. I’ll come back to you. I always do.”
All you can do is nod with a forced smile, not trusting your vocal chords to fray and unravel at the smallest tug of pressure.
With one last squeeze to your shoulder, Steve is standing and shedding his shirt. He tosses the yellow crew neck to you. You’re staring at him again, but for a different reason. This given appearance wasn’t foreign to you, but it also wasn’t as familiar as you’d want it to be. 
Your nose begins to burn.
“Gross,” Robin chimes in, flicking the newly lit cigarette from Eddie’s fingers. He watches, disappointed, as it dives into the water. 
“Is now really the best time for that?” Nancy admonishes.
Eddie flails, and you catch his wrist right before it can make contact with your face. “Have you been alive today? I would argue that now is the perfect time for that!”
Steve looks down at the water, the trepidation written so plainly on his face you could mistake him for a post-it note. Before you can stop yourself, you’re latching onto his wrist. He cranes his head to watch you over his shoulder. “Be careful, yeah?”
Twisting his arm in your grasp so he can squeeze your wrist, he says, “of course.” He looks at the gang. “Stay out of trouble while I’m gone?”
“No promises!” Robin gushes, sugary sweet, flicking another lit cigarette from Eddie’s clutches. He smacks his leg and curses under his breath.
Steve sends you one more meaningful look before he’s swallowed by the waves. The anxiety increases by tenfold without him pressed against your side. You wring your hands together to trap their tremble.
Quiet befalls the group, your only background noise being the oceanic soundtrack which trickles around you in micro pecks. The longer you wait, the more convinced you become that Steve isn’t coming back. That you’ll never get to see him again. Laugh with him again. Hold him again.
Maybe you should’ve told him how you felt when you still had the chance. You tug his sweatshirt closer to you.
“Hey,” Eddie lowers his head, nearly tilting it sideways, to meet your gaze. His fingers tap your temple gently. “How’s it going in there?”
A faint exhale escapes your nose, the lamest excuse of a chuckle you’ve ever heard. You appreciate the concern. “Hanging in there. I just hope he’s okay.”
His lips tilt to the side in a reserved smile, but you also notice a freckle of forlorn acceptance in his eye. Voice dropping into a whisper saved for you, he says, “You really care about that guy, huh?”
Your heart skips, peeking at the girls across from you to make sure they’re still engaged in whatever conversation they might be having. They look drawn into their own world enough that they didn’t hear Eddie, but you wouldn’t be surprised if at least Robin didn’t have one ear directed towards you. Drifting back to Eddie, you say quietly with a chuckle, “of course I do. He’s my best friend.”
“Coulda fooled me, man.”
Lips parting to respond, a dull shriek escapes instead, as Steve breaks through the water’s surface with a gasp. The rest of the gang is startled, too, Eddie clutching to your shoulders in a panic. You think his scream was the loudest, if your ringing ears have anything to say about it.
“I found it,” Steve announces, taking two final breastrokes to reach your side of the boat.
“You found it?” Nancy echoes excitedly.
“I found it.” He repeats, hypoxicated disbelief on his tongue. Hands clutching to the boat’s rim to give his arms a rest, he says again, “yeah, I found it.”
Relief breaks out into hives across your skin in the form of goosebumps, coming down from the overheated peak of your anxiety. The sigh nearly deflates your body, lips tugging up into an agile grin. Your fingers grasp onto his, the look on your face contagious enough for Steve to mirror it.
“Dustin, you are a goddamn Einstein.” Robin says over the walkie with a happy fatigue. “We found the gate.”
“It’s pretty wild,” Steve says while you all wait for a response from the teens at shore. He braces his arms atop the boat. “It’s more of a snack-size gate than the mama gate, but, still, it’s pretty damn big.”
That’s when your heart stops. Or that’s how it feels anyway.
Steve suddenly propels downward, as if tugged by the ankle. His white-knuckled grip on the boat keeps him afloat, but the force of whatever grabbed him had caused the boat to violently bob. Everyone clamors to stay afloat. Sweat immediately gathers at your hairline, and you feel as if all the bones in your hand could shatter from the deathly chokehold you retain on the bench below. A barely there whimper nestles into the back of your throat.
Then he’s gone. Steve. Forced back into the water against his own volition. Hands flayed in a panic, they’re the last things you see before he’s fully taken under. 
The last word to fall from his lips is your name.
“I have to go in.” The words are spoken shyly, despite their willingness to come out, a reluctant admittance to your new fate. Your plea is hardly heard over the screams of your friends, still reeling from Steve’s being reeled under the current. Fingers grasping Steve’s sweatshirt to tug it over your body—your biceps had been getting cold anyway, exposed to the chilly nip of night’s teeth—you speak louder this time around. “I’m going after him.”
“Are you insane?!” Nancy screeches. “No, I’ll go.”
“Well, gate’s at the bottom, isn’t it?” The words dribbled from your lips quickly, eyes flickering between your friends and the dark abyss beneath. “Isn’t this the one time that not knowing how to swim should come in handy?”
“The lady makes a fair point,” Eddie agrees, only to endure an arm smack from Robin.
“Not if she actually drowns!” She all but shrieks.
“I won’t!” You argue, trying to mask the clear anxiety zapping your veins. “I’ll just toss myself into the water, sink for a little bit, then boom. No harm done.”
“Just stay with the boat.” Nancy pleads. “Please.”
“Yeah? Well, the idea of something happening to Steve freaks me out infinitely more than some water. End of story. I’m going in.” You were running out of time. God only knows what’s happening to Steve on the other side. 
Everyone is silent for a beat. 
Until Robin holds out a hand, a begrudging, almost knowing, smile painting her lips. “Fine, you stubborn idiot. But you’re not allowed to let go of me. Got it?”
Next thing you know, you’re in the water. It burns your eyes to keep them open in the dark, lurky murks, but it would help to know exactly where you’re drowning yourself to. Robin keeps one hand tightly latched to yours, as if melded by superglue or a dress zipper that refuses to budge. She pushes the other through the vast depths, kicking her legs so you’ll get to the bottom faster. You try to mimic her movements, unsure if they’re actually helping or not. It may sprinkle speed into the passage, but the distraction of doing something with your body might be playing tricks on you.
That’s when you see it: the gate.
Like an oasis surrounded by a sea of sand. A blue accent wall meant to bring life to the otherwise dull color palette of a hospital. Steve, spotted within an instant of searching a voluminous crowd.
Red glow seeping through the black branch-like coils awaits you, roaring faintly with the eerie moans and creaks of the upside-down. You’re scared, but intrigued. It draws you in.
Emerging from the water, you catch sight of Steve. You can finally breathe again.
Until you hear his screams.
He’s overtaken by these bat-like creatures which swarm his being. They’re above him, beside him, on top of him. Some bite and tear into his flesh.
Not for long.
Swinging at one with a nearby branch you’d found, you spit out a “go back to Hell!” as it unlatches from Steve and soars to the ground with a thunk.
“I think we’re already there!” Eddie hollers, taking down another one.
You all take turns batting at the bats until they’ve all succumbed to your willpower and determination to save Steve. Exhaustion melts into your bloodstream, but you power through. For him.
Magnetized with unnerve, you’re by his side the second the last bat hits the ground.
“You’re here.”
Unable to take your eyes off his sustained injuries, the blood seeping from his wounds—he should be okay, just needs to be bandaged up. Maybe Nancy wouldn’t be too bummed to donate her scarf to a greater cause—you’re only able to grant a customary glance at his face before you’re looking down again. He receives the muttered response, “where else would I be?”
“You came after me,” he points out, like he’d just connected the largest, most obvious pair of dots that you’d have to be a dufus to miss. 
Color yourself a dufus, you guess. “I know.”
A hand grasps your wrist, softly. His hand. “You can’t swim.”
Eyeing the contact before slowly scrolling up to his eyes, you respond. “I know.”
His brow creases upward briefly, the slightest flicker of emotion. All freedom of movement within you is suddenly lost, unable to tear yourself away from his gaze. From his hold, his fingers still wrapped around your wrist. The touch is firm, grounding, as if his eyes aren’t enough confirmation that you sit before him. His thumb crosses your skin so feather-light it almost tickles. Flamed heat warps your cheeks and neck, like you’re leaning in to blow out your birthday candles and overestimate the distance.
You assume time to move differently in the upside-down, but a local clock could tell you years had passed—and you’d hardly bat an eye.
You’re in the woods now, surrounded by the brush of big trees, and under the sound dampener of Skull Rock. Demobats had overpopulated the place the gate had dropped you at, so you had to get out of there. A collective sigh of relief is felt and heard through the gang.
As you separate from the tighter protective coil you’d been wrapped in with one another, you notice Steve moreso stumbles from the group. He braces against Skull Rock’s jaw. 
“Stevie?” you try, making it to him faster than you ran to escape the demobats. “You good?”
“I’m fine.” He mumbles, an obvious lie. Slumping further into the rock, he repeats, “I’m fine.”
“Okay,” you say with a gentle finality. Gentle as a sunflower, you grab his forearm with one hand, using the other to brace against his bare torso. Tugging him down in hopes he’ll see the point, you mumble, “sit down, you liar. You’re losing blood.”
His chuckle is faint, but still floats into your ears with a warm whisper. You both lower to the ground, his hands clutching to your arms as a wave of pain seems to rush through him. 
Scooting closer, you brush a hand over his cheek. “It’s okay. I’ve got you.” Turning to Nancy with what you hope is a charming smile, you say, “hey, Nance. Looking radiant. Got any important plans for that scarf?”
With a reluctant grimace, she hands it over.
“I’ll buy you a new one the second we get back home. Promise.” You assure, taking the garment from her hands.
“You better,” she jabs, its edges softened by the humorous quirk of her lips.
Steve’s already staring at you when you turn back to him. You quickly avert your gaze, pulling him away from the rock so you have enough room to wrap his torso. “Okay, let’s get you patched up, huh?”
As you’re wrapping Nancy’s scarf around him, he gets to his knees to match you, arms raising from his sides.
You make the mistake of looking up.
With his hands braced behind his head, his arms form two mirrored triangles; a glimmering diamond in this otherwise desolate sea of barren ash and decay. His biceps are flexing due to the pose. Chin tilted towards the sky, his Adam’s apple is more pronounced and his neck, elongated. Eyes closed, lashes feathering his cheekbones. His pretty lips are parted, presumably in pain, but you can’t deny he looks good. You can’t control your cognitive functioning, especially around him.
He looks like a Greek god.
You quickly finish tying and knotting the scarf around his wounds, hoping that the snickers you hear to the right aren’t directed at your obvious ogling. 
Though they definitely are.
Especially when your eyes catch Robin’s and she wiggles her eyebrows at you.
“Okay, good as new.” You tell Steve quietly.
He slumps back against the rock at the news. Dropping his otherworldly supermodel  pose, he squints his eyes open. Clearing your throat, you back away slightly. You can’t get too far, however, his hand finding your wrist again. You wonder if his fingers will leave a permanent mark on your skin with the home they’ve found there. A brand, or a tattoo. His voice is still weak, but definitely stronger than it was mere moments ago. “Thanks.”
“Always,” you return, lips curving at the sight of his scrunched nose. He’s so adorable.
Eddie pops the bubble, shrugging off his jean vest and handing it to Steve. “For your modesty.”
Steve nods in thanks and starts to throw it on, when your voice stops him. “Oh, wait. Here.” Gesturing to his sweatshirt on your body. “You can have this back.”
His hands reach out to hold yours in place, effectively stopping their movement. “After you stunk it up? No way.”
You’re gobsmacked for a second, trying to register his playful jab. Then you scoff, shoving his shoulder gently since he’s still likely in pain. “If I stink in this thing it’s only because you put the stench there in the first place, Harrington.”
“You’re probably right,” he relents, and you laugh for the first time since boarding that godforsaken boat. As you help him put on the vest, his smile is blinding. 
Like sticking a bottle of sunshine into a darkened closet.
After establishing the next step of your escape plan, which was to walk to Nancy’s house and arm yourself with the guns she kept tucked away in her room, you began your trek through the woods.
You strode along the beaten path through the wilted trees with Robin and Nancy, hopping and stepping over Vecna vines as you went. Small bouts of laughter and strategy bounded past your lips the whole way. The reassurance of this new plan had seemed to brighten the group’s soul, bolstering your confidence to the point that you didn’t need to spend your time chomping your nails down to the root anymore. 
Steve and Eddie stay farther back behind you three, engaged in their own conversation.
About you.
“So, Y/N’s a real Betty, isn’t she?” Was how Eddie had chosen to approach the topic.
Steve immediately gets defensive. He tries to conceal it, waiting a beat longer to mimic casualty, but Eddie sees it on his face the second he finishes asking the question. “If you’re trying to ask for my blessing or something, the answer is no way in Hell.”
“Okay,” he draws out awkwardly. “Pushing aside my hurt feelings for a second, I mean no harm. Just having a conversation, is all.”
“Bullshit,” he jabs gently, eyes momentarily flickering to you to make sure you’re alright. He watches your head tilt back, laughing at something Robin said, and his lips tug. “Look, you don’t have to beat around the bush, man. I know you’re into her.”
“Duh, I have eyes,” he scoffs. “But I know true love when I see it, so I’m making the most selfless sacrifice here to help you use your own peepers.”
“True love?” Steve echoes incredulous. “What are you on about, Munson?”
“Look, the second you went under, and I mean the very second, that girl dove in headfirst after you, Harrington.” He watches Steve’s eyes immediately flicker to you. “She was the one leading the charge to come and rescue you, and she can’t even swim, man! We all tried to make her stay with the boat, that we would go in her place. You know what she said to that?”
Steve is breathing harder now, eyes flitting between your joyous figure and Eddie faster than a movie projector fluttering through frames. He can only shake his head in response to Eddie’s query.
They’re both halted in the path, Steve waiting with baited breath at what Eddie has to say. If Steve was expected to focus on his motor skills and you at the same time, he’d stumble and break his ankle if he so much as thought about that damned gorgeous smile of yours.
“She said,” Eddie pauses dramatically, before frowning. “Well, actually, I can’t remember.” Steve deflates, throwing his arms up exasperatedly. Eddie continues, “but, basically, she said that losing you would’ve been scarier than setting foot in any body of water. Any. Body. Of. Water.”
Steve’s eyes soften so much they begin to feel fuzzy. Chest cavity warm, as if someone put a candle in him like he was a jack-o-lantern. He can only see you, a physical diagnosis of the retina where his heart would only continue to beat from watching you.
“Now,” Eddie continues, more gently. The sight of Steve Harrington in love was endearing, to say the least. “I don’t know what happened between you. Why you’re not together anymore. But, I’d get her back.”
“‘Get her back?’” Steve echoes again, looking at Eddie again. Though not for long. “We never dated.”
“Coulda fooled me, man.”
Relax finds your muscles later that night, at the Wheeler residence. The real one, not the abandoned grayscale remake. Outside, the cool air is a welcome inhaler to your lungs, the inexplicable smell of Spring like a refreshing glass of pink lemonade. Ice knocking around its container like a wooden wind chime.
“There you are!” A voice gushes. Peeking over your shoulder from your being braced against the porch railing, you see Steve. Flowers begin to sprout in the front yard. They wind and intertwine with one another, vine-like in their trail up your legs to ascertain your heart. He grows closer, and the vines tug. “I was worried about you.”
With a soft grin, you roll your eyes. “You don’t need to worry about me. I’m fine.”
“Oh. Y/N.” He pretends to only acknowledge your presence now. With a point to your body, he justifies, “I was actually just talking to my shirt.”
You guffaw and shove him. Though he sways from the force, the grin on his lips couldn’t be any more gleeful. “Always some kind of trick up your sleeve, eh, Harrington?”
Tossing an arm around your shoulder, he looks into the dark night alongside you. “That depends. Does it annoy you?”
You consider the question. “Occasionally.”
“Then yes.”
Full chuckles resonate on the porch, both yours and Steve’s shoulders shaking in tandem: palm trees in motion. Appreciating his warmth, you lean into his hold. His fingers tighten around your shoulder a fraction, tugging you closer. Though his bandages are fresh and his face has been rid of the dirt that once caked his skin, leaving only disinfected cuts in their wake, he doesn’t smell too great. You’re also certain you don’t exactly smell like a rose garden, despite receiving similar dirt removing rituals as Steve. It’s hard to care, though, his hold on you feeling so destined.
You feel the weight of his head press onto yours, and he asks, softly, “seriously, though. You’re okay?”
“I am.” It’s the first time tonight you’ve been able to say that and actually mean it. “Or, I will be, at least. Nothing a good nap can’t fix, at this point.”
He hums in agreement. “Ain’t that the truth.” With a soft sigh, he begins “tonight was,” only to trail off, shaking his head lightly against yours.
“Mental?” You try with a lifted brow.
His head tilts further into yours for a beat, as if considering the response. “Yeah, that’ll do. More like, that times, like, a million, but yeah. That’ll do.”
“I’m just glad we all made it out there alive.”
He hums again, further tightening his hold on you. As if you’d slip away, a receipt in the wind, if his grasp was too light. Before the topic can get too serious, and, because this is what Steve does, he cracks a joke. “Now if only I could take a damn shower. You especially.”
Expecting the punchline, you just smirk. “Oh, that’s real nice of you, considering I spent most of today fearing for your life.”
He removes his arm from your shoulders, bracing his elbows on the railing to mirror you. His arm is pressed so tight against yours you’d think they made one ligament. Shimmying that shoulder into yours, he says, “that’s cute. You care about me, Y/L/N?”
“I’m not too sure, anymore. You’re kinda mean.”
“If I’m mean it’s only because you put the mean there in the first place.” He tries to echo your jab from earlier in the day. You sputter at his failed attempt, and he scrunches his face up in disappointment at himself, which only makes you laugh harder.
“You’re such a character, Stevie.”
He hums, before offering nonchalantly, “I’ll be any character you want me to be, so long as you get to play my love interest.”
You’re stunned into silence. All you can do is blink up at him.
“I love you. Really.” he says more seriously. “Like, I’m in love with you.” he chuckles to himself. “I think I’ve always been in love with you. I’m just an idiot, and, well, it took another idiot to help me figure it out.”
That’s when you realize. “Eddie.”
Steve nods. “He’s really got the hots for you.”
A knowing smile stretches across your face. “Maybe so, but I’m kind of in love with my best friend, so.”
His face relaxes in relief for a beat, before it scrunches up. “Kind of?” 
“What?” you offer innocently, turning to fully face him. Mirroring your actions, a smile sparkles in his eyes, shaking his head to himself minutely. Perhaps it’s just his addictingly overwhelming presence playing tricks on you, but it feels like he’s inching closer. “I mean, I haven’t even kissed the guy. How can I know if he—”
A welcome interruption, Steve’s lips on yours. His hands, gently cradling your face like you’re the damn most precious thing in his world. The words die on your tongue as his licks into your mouth, a soft hum of content coming out instead.
Warm and bright, you feel like you can see the sun rise behind your eyelids. Orbs of orange marry yellows of the most magical hue, footsteps tracing the horizon in their dance to the top. Though they burn their fingertips on the sun’s surface, nothing compares to the way they burn for one another. With one another.
“To the moon and Mars, yeah?” The words tickle your lips, soft and sweet. A secret sealed behind his padlock heart. 
You never knew you always held the key until this moment. Trapped between your fingertips like a magician with her dog-eared quarters.
“To the moon and Mars, Harrington.”
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diaryofateenageblogger · 18 days ago
eddie munson x popular!hyperfem!reader where he works at Scoops Ahoy with Robin and Steve. he hates it there, mainly because of the ‘god-awful outfits’ (his words), but he needs extra money on the side and the movie theater wasn’t hiring, so here he is.. (he refuses to wear the hats though--but his hair is loosely tied back so he gets away with it (which steve is jealous of because for some reason he still has to wear them (probs because eddie sold the manager weed for free as long as he didn’t need to wear those dumb hats)).
so, he’s just scooping icecream to little brats, his ringed fingers tired from mainly erica demanding to try more flavors for the past hour before she decides to leave without buying anything. 
but, when he sees you come in, he forgets anything. ‘m thinking of that one scene with rachel mcadams in the move ‘the hot chick’ (iykyk) (you’ll understand maybe later hehe)..
your hips sway as eddie swallows thickly, his grip on the icecream scooper making an indent on his palm..god, why did he have to work there?! he’s wearing possibly the most dorky thing known to man-kind, and here you come, your posse and all; short skirts, heels, and lipgloss galore. eddie’s been obsessed with you since middle school, and you know that (you take advantage of it alot (and you admit that he is cute (even with that uniform on))
the girls behind you giggle as they see him, steve hiding in the backroom with robin because they are quite literally terrified (and embarrassed to be seen by such a popular group) of you.
though, your eyes set sweetly on eddie as you smile warmly.
“h-hi,” he stammers, his voice cracks a little and he just curses himself in his head for sounding like a fuckin dork. 
you giggle, “hi,” you twirl your hair, “i didn’t know you worked here..”
eddie chuckles nervously, “e-yeah, gotta earn money somehow..”
you smile, knowing what he does on the side, but choose not to comment on it anyway.
“right, well, can i get a strawberry milkshake, please? small. annn’...that’s all!” you bite your bottom lip, bouncing a little on your heeled feet.
eddie clears his throat, “y-yeah, sure.” and you smile, turning back around to talk to your friends.
he turns to face the blender, beginning to make your drink, muttering a small, “fuck,” his eyes clenched shut as he cringes at his lack of game. you chatter away with your friends, most of them fawning over you (because...who wouldn’t?). but you just thank them kindly, or respond with a nice compliment to them back.
that’s what eddie liked about you. you were kinda mean..fiesty-- but never have you made fun of someone that didn’t deserve it. you were nice. nice to his friends in Hellfire, but most importantly, you were nice to him.
once your milkshake is done, he rings the bell on the counter with jest, his arm extended out in front of him. you turn around, and he swears he feels like he’s gonna pass out by the smell of your shampoo that makes him weak. how do you smell so fucking good?
you giggle, biting your bottom lip as you drag your tongue across the whipped cream, humming exaggeratedly at the test. 
yeah, he’s definitely gonna pass out. he smiles, a breathy laugh falling from his lips as his eyes watch your glossy lips move. 
“so,” you say slowly, “uhm, how much do i owe you?”
your eyes wide, a small flirtatious smile settling on your lips--and immediately, eddie can’t think properly.
“d-don’t worry about it,” he stutters out, and you tilt your head like a small puppy. “’s on the house.” 
you smile wide and gasp softly. “really?” your voice is high, and--so so nice.
eddie nods quickly, his eyes flipping from your lips to your eyes. 
“thanks!” you say, and your friends laugh girlishly, squealing. 
you give him a little wriggle of your fingers as he watches you walk away, his hand waving back slightly. 
he’s sick with love until he hears Robin clear her throat behind the break room’s counter. 
“shit.” eddie mumbles, turning around to face the smiling girl.
“yeah, ‘shit’, is right; your game sucks, dude.”
“also, you gonna be the one to cover for her order? because, neither of us are gonna be doing that for you, buddy.” steve speaks behind robin, hands on his hips as a shit-eating grin creeps up on his face.
“don’t worry ‘bout it,” eddie grits out, annoyed. “i’ll pay for it,, i got it.”
“good, because i’m not covering for you, man..”
“ah, don’t worry steve, eddie’s gonna be covering two things: y/n’s drink order and the front of his pants..”
eddie quickly looks down, his eyebrows furrowed as he realizes that he has a fucking semi..
jesus, fu--
“sooo.. do you needa take a small bathroom break to fix your..situation?” she smile smugly, gesturing her hand to eddie’s crotch-area. steve’s laugh is boisterous from behind her at the white board.
“fuck, fuck, fuck! i hate you guys, this is all your fault--fuck!” eddie’s hands immediately cover himself, as he pushes the door open to the break room, flipping both robin and steve off when they laugh, as he tries to find the nearest bathroom to fix his...issue.
“God, i love working here..” robin sighs, wiping tears from her eyes. steve nods in agreement, and the pair burst out laughing again.
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authenticmiya · 6 months ago
We Can’t Do This, Can We? - Fezco x Reader
Summary - Part 2 to Stress and Secrets! Your truth has been revealed, making you seem like such a hypocrite. Fezco thinks about how much he had hurt you and feels like a real idiot.
Words - 1.5k
Warnings - angst then fluff
A/N - Oh my fuck, so many of you requested a part two and when you ask, I aim to deliver! A lot of you also wanted to be tagged, and I’m so sorry I didn’t, there was just hundreds of you! Thankyou for the support!
Part 1 here Part 3 here
Tumblr media
Spinning around, Fez nearly fell on his ass when he heard those words come from his brothers mouth. Your mouth was suddenly dry. Fez grabbed the tests.
“Ion even know how to read these things, how the fuck did you?” Fez muttered.
“The box was in the bathroom trash can.” You wanted to smack yourself. The one thing you’d forgot to do, was hide the evidence.
“You’re being awfully quiet over there.” Both of their eyes were on you and quite honestly, it felt very intimidating.
“I um, I…” You stuttered on your words, the thought of trying to explain this one was a lot harder than you thought.
“You had a lot of words to say back there, so why don’t you start using them?” Fezco’s mood was really hard to tell. Was he still pissed off at you?
“Easy.” Ash warned his brother.
“You’re surprised that I didn’t tell you but look at how mean your mouth is tonight.” You spat.
“Ma look, ion know what to make of this situation right now, but please, tell me what’s going on.” Fez sighed.
“I was throwing up and I knew I wasn’t sick because it just felt different. I don’t know how to explain it. Something just didn’t sit right with me. On the off chance I went to the store and just picked some tests up-“ You were choking up.
“I tried to tell you I was sick but I couldn’t get a word in without you biting my ass back.” You said and neither of them really knew what to say.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I guess it makes me a hypocrite right? For asking you to communicate when I didn’t.” Fez put the tests down on the kitchen side.
“Ma, we can fight and argue like an old marry couple for as long as we want. Ain’t nothing gonna change about how much I care about you.” Your emotions were running wild already so it wasn’t a surprise when the waterworks were starting up again.
“Ayo baby, come on now, none of that.” He wrapped his arms around you. Ash made his way over to the couch and stayed in earshot of the conversation (not wanting to interrupt fully). Fez gently lifted you and sat you down on the counter, being mindful of his injured hand. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders as he was in-between your legs with his hands on your waist.
“Are you angry at me? For real?” You asked timidly, not knowing exactly where the two of you stood.
“Y/N, that shit back there with Lexi Howard, ain’t none of that you gotta worry about. I’m sorry okay? You are the only girl I care about and that shit I pulled, it wasn’t good. As for the house living situation, I’m a fucking asshole for that. My girl don’t deserve that.” Fez admitted.
“Ion deserve a girl like you, you know that? Fuck you’ve been there for me and Ash since the good ole days.” Fez cuddled you once again.
“I love you too much to let you go over stupid shit you know that?” He questioned.
“I love you too.” Fezco’s eyes landed back on the pregnancy tests that were just a few centimetres away from where you were sat. He hasn’t said anything so you pulled away from the hug to see what he was looking at. Your heart dropped again.
“I know I’ve been an asshole, but that is one thing we should’ve gone through together.” Fez was absolutely shitting himself at the thought of being a dad? Not the fact he was young, but the thought of having to be a father figure to a little baby was definitely something he hadn’t thought about.
“We can’t have a baby can we? Not with the line of work we’re both in Fez. What if we argue all of the time? I can’t have that shit for our kid.” You admitted. Fez was at defeat and there was very few times he had ever felt that way.
“Y/N what are you tryna say?” Fez questioned.
“You really think we can raise a kid? Fez we got raided a few weeks ago. That’s only one of the little things we’ve been through without a baby being in the picture.” He couldn’t really believe these words were coming out of your mouth but all he knew, was that he had to be there for you.
“Do you rememeber that time we came home and Ash was a baby just lying in the middle of the hallway?” Fez questioned.
“I remember it clear as day.”
“You remember how we’d stay up till early hours of the morning tryna get him to sleep? How we took care of him all through his childhood? How we’re still doing it now?” Fez continued to ask.
“Ma listen, all I’m tryna say, is that we’re not incapable of being parents.” Fez was searching your face, trying to read the expression you were holding.
“It’s not that I don’t want a baby with you. Fuck Fez, I’ve wanted all of my firsts with you. It’s just, I’m nervous as fuck.” You frowned and his hands once again snaked around your waist.
“So am I baby, so am I. Ima respect your decision, regardless of what you’re thinking in that cute ass brain of yours.” You smiled lightly.
“You really think we can do it?” You questioned him further.
“I think it’s gonna be hard, but if we’ve got each-other, we’ve got nothing to lose.” He laced his fingers with yours.
“I love you, you know that?” You asked him.
“Of course I do, I love you too. We just gotta get over our rough patches right?” You nodded in agreement.
“Fuck man, we’re having a baby.” When Fez had said that out loud, he couldn’t quite believe it. Growing up without a father, made him think about how much of a good father he should be. He helped you hop down from the counter and pulled you in for a kiss.
“Yo Ash, get over here man.” Fez called for his brother, who was evidently tired considering he was headed to go to sleep hours ago.
“What are you thinking about?” Fez asked Ash.
“Well obviously you dumb fucks couldn’t keep it together and be safe.” He said sternly.
“Now there’s a baby on the way.” He continued, his eyes switching from looking at his older brother and back to you.
“Ima be a fucking uncle.” Ash hugged you. He rarely ever hugged anyone. In fact, he never hugged anyone. He wasn’t the kind of teenager to do that.
“You gon be a fucking uncle.” Fez patted his back as he pulled away from the hug.
“Listen Ash, you gotta baby proof the shit outta this place.” Fez told his younger brother, who had already been thinking about what he was gonna do to protect his niece/nephew.
“Lemme handle everything, you look after my sister.” Ash waved you both goodnight and headed towards his room.
“We gotta book appointments now you know that?” You asked Fez and he nodded, a timid smile appearing on his face.
“Me n my baby, be having a baby. This shit can’t be for real.” He was still in shock and quite frankly, so were you. He held your hand and guided you to your shared bedroom.
“First thing tomorrow we’ve gotta call up the hospital. Sometimes pregnancy tests can have false positives.” You told him while he grabbed some of his clothes for you to wear.
“Ain’t no way you got three positives and they all false.” Fez shook his head.
“Besides, yo coconuts have gotten a bit bigger.” He smirked. You looked down and surely enough, they had slightly grown.
“How the fuck did you notice that before me?” You questioned, changing out of your New Years outfit and into some sweats and a jumper.
“I’m practically inside of you every-“ He began and you threw a pillow at him.
“Could’ve mentioned it asshole.” You laughed. Laying down beside you, Fez threw his around around your waist.
“I gotta lot of thinkin’ to do now Ma, a lot of shit is gonna have to change for our baby.” Fez told you. Of course things had to change.
“I ain’t changing who I am and neither will Ash. You know that nothing can stop what we’ve grown up to do okay?” Fez asked you and you nodded.
“Tell me what you’re thinking.” Fez traced circles on your hip. You took a deep breath.
“I was never gonna ask you to change your ways Fez, it’s a big part of you. It’s how we make our money. Protecting this baby is gonna be one fucking hell of a ride.” You admitted to him and he sighed.
“I ain’t gon lie, things are gonna be hard. This lil baby is gonna have the best set of people around him, ima look after all of you, I promise.” He kissed your tummy despite their not being a bump.
“I la you ma, and my lil mini me. Now come over here so we can finally have our New Years kiss.”
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aurumbelis · a month ago
Silly Little Question.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Fem! Reader.
Warning: reader is bold bold, nudity, showering together, sexual tension through the roof, caressing each other in a sexual and non-sexual way at the same time??? (It is a thing, read about it), implied female reader, also a lot of water went down the drain, so water bill is as high as the tension lmao.
Word count: 1.7k
A/n: yes, this came to me whilst entering my own shower. And a part 2 is coming, no worries.
The six of us were staying at Steve’s house, just to stay together in case that anything happened to the kids, even though we were six scared teenagers we still needed to protect them against the inevitable evil forces that were haunting Hawkins.
From the first day, Steve developed this protective habit of checking every room every hour, just to see that everything was all right.
At the hour that he decided to do it again, I was about to shower, so the open door revealed me, only in my underwear.
-Didn’t picture you as a colorful underwear person, Y/n. – he said peeking through the half-open door, and not even an ounce of apology in his eyes for opening the door in such a bad moment.
-Didn’t picture you as the perverted type either, Steve.
His eyes kept roaming my body up and down, a half smirk on his face, and he just motioned himself back as to leave me alone.
-Steve. – I said, not really thinking much about what I was about to ask him.
But then as he turned back and looked at me with those smiling eyes, I regretted my thoughts immediately.
-No, nothing, it was not important.
-Are you sure? -his tone was definitely suggestive, but it was always like that with us, back and forth meaningless flirting just to light up our moods whenever we were around each other.
- Yes. – I don’t think I sounded too convincing to him as he kept on looking at me, sort of inviting me to say whatever I had in mind.
-Do you want to shower with me? -all of my boldness came out in a second, and I was left with none of it as I just started visibly being even more nervous, trying to look elsewhere that was not his surprised eyes.
-What? – it was obvious that he had heard my stupid question, and he was about to retreat and close the bathroom door on me.
-See? It was nothing, just a silly little question. -I said shrugging it off.
- A silly little question to which I say yes.
He was serious about this, he really was, and now the surprised one was me.
-Only if you want to, because I do. If you’re comfortable with it, so am I.
-I mean, yes, I asked so I must have a reason apparently.
He quickly took his t-shirt off with no effort, showing his toned torso and he then took his pants off, letting me take him all in.
-Nice? – he asked, curving his brows upwards.
- Shut up. – “Of course, it is nice” that is what I wanted to say, and maybe my ogling eyes paired with my shaky legs were the proof that he needed, to know my genuine answer. - Now we are more or less on the same level, to be levelled I would have to be wearing a pretty bra like you.
I couldn’t help but laugh, I could notice he was trying to make this as comfortable as possible for the both of us. Even if it was something we wanted, it was still awkward, the anticipation of seeing each other naked for the first time, with his blue briefs not leaving much for the imagination.
I turned around to the shower and I took my bra off, that boldness and adrenaline running through my spine again.
-Why didn’t you do that looking at me? Aren’t we gonna see each other whenever we are inside?
-I have my own process, Harrington.
-Fine, fine.
I then took my panties off, leaving me completely naked, and by the sound of it, Steve had taken his briefs off too.
I opened the shower curtain and entered the shower without looking back at him, and once I turned the water on, he entered the not very spacious shower as well.
He looked at me up and down, with incredibly open eyes, blinking slowly as if he could not believe what he was seeing: my naked body in front of him, while the warm water hit my back.
-You are impossibly beautiful. -he said not- hesitantly.
I looked at him now, his beautifully sculpted torso, with his nicely trimmed chest hair, which went down to his happy trail, that eventually led to what I figured it was that gave him his reputation. He was extremely hot, all of him. He bent down and took one of the sponges that was on the floor, putting some gel on it.
-Can I? -he said gesturing to the sponge with his eyes.
I nodded and turned my back to him, so that I wouldn’t be as nervous for when he slid the sponge through the other side of my body.
He came closer to me, placing the sponge softly on the base of my neck, and his free hand on my shoulder, to help steady me.
His movements were light, as if he did not want to scrub to hard and hurt me. He moved to my back, lower back, and I guess he felt the same boldness I did before, and he passed the sponge softly by my ass, whilst he moved his other hand to my waist. I jumped a little at his action, but I relaxed again almost instantly as his touch was so relaxing. He moved back up to my arms, and he took me by my shoulder to turn me back around.
-Should I continue? -he said as he gulped a bit harder than he probably intended to.
I nodded again, in fear that if I tried to actually produce a word, anything else but it would come out.
He continued with his task of lathering soap on my neck, going down to the arms again, I saw his moves were hesitant, as if he did not want to disrespect me, so I took his hand with the sponge in it and I moved it to my chest.
He carefully moved his hand around, taking my waist again with the other one, and putting me closer to him as he applied the soap nicely and evenly, whilst not being able to stop looking at my boobs.
He moved it down to my stomach, around my waist, and down again to where I was starting to feel even warmer than the water. He passed the sponge by my Venus mount, as I put my hands up to his chest and looked at him. His hand went to my thighs, and he lowered down so my legs would be covered in soap too.
He came back up, us being impossibly close, and he gave me the sponge.
-Your turn- he said almost inaudibly.
I took the sponge, and he turned around, letting me take in his gorgeous, muscled back. I did the same as him, staring at the base of his neck, moving down his back, as my free hand also travelled down, caressing is toned body, as he visibly relaxed.
I also went over his ass, a nice one for that matter. The back of his thighs, his calves, going back up, and tapping his arm twice to let him know he had to turn back to me.
Again, I could see him in all of his glory, not that his back was not a perfect sight, but this time my eyes went mole by mole, all over him, carefully taking all of his lines and curves. Going with both my hands to his neck, lathering the soap all over his chest, arms, whilst he looked at me breathing slowly and heavily.
My arms kept on going down, brushing slightly over his Adonis’ belt and down just as he did, not going over the limits. His toned thighs and lowering down without looking up as I would be face to face with what I was purposefully avoiding.
Coming back up I looked at him again, he was watching my eyes tenderly, it was as if he was in a haze, in which only the warmth of the shower and our roaming hands existed.
-Can you wash my hair? – his eyes intensely waited for a response, as if I for some reason, were going to say no.
I simply nodded to him, slightly curving my lips up at his request.
I put some shampoo on my hands while he wet his hair throwing his head back for the water to get his whole head. He then looked back at me, and I really could not believe my eyes as it is completely impossible that this man looked as pretty with his hair wet and with his hair dry and styled.
He turned his back to me, and I put my hands over his hair lightly, slowly starting to massage his head with my fingertips, the lathering motion creating some foam, that I used to cover his whole head, making sure that it was all clean.
When I went back to the back of his ears to continue with a small massage, he let out a long and relieved breath, that made the warm sensation on my lower body increase.
My hands stopped the motions on his head, signaling that he could wash off the shampoo, so he turned to me again, throwing his head back again, closed eyes while his hands worked on rinsing his hair thoroughly, as the water was dripping down on him.
I found myself enjoying the sight of him, has he watched me look at him. I slowly approached him, putting both of my arms around his neck, the warm water flowing down our bodies, his hands grabbing my waist, and respectfully he put me closer to him, his movements careful, as if with what had happened before whilst we were washing each other did not happen.
I put my head to his chest, closing my eyes and just enjoying the silence and the heavily charged with tension air.
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bubbledumbbinch · a year ago
Yanderes! Leona, Jack and Malleus in heat with their reader friend
HAHAHAHA EVIL LAUGHTER. Finally…. I’m getting around to this request….. i guess i might make this less “headcanon-y” and more ficlets? Scenarios? Idk? First time trying this out so here we go!
This piece of writing is purely for 18+ audiences only. Minors do NOT interact.
Pairings: Leona Kingscholar x Fem! Reader, Jack Howl x Fem! Reader, Malleus Draconia x Fem! Reader
Warnings: SMUT, yandere, dubcon/noncon elements, coercion, unhealthy relationships, breeding kink(?), talk of pregnancy, dark content
Leona Kingscholar
The botanical gardens was a usual hangout spot for you and your lazy friend Leona. However, when you arrived at his favorite napping spot under a specific tree, you felt something was off when he wasn’t there. You definitely knew he wouldn’t go to class unless there was some kind of exam. Was it something serious? ‘Where are you?’ You texted Leona and sent the message. After waiting a bit, your phone buzzed and Leona had replied. ‘Screw off. Leave me alone for a while.’ the text read on your screen had you feeling worried about the beastman. He was your friend - and you knew something had to be up.
The speed-walk from the gardens to Savanaclaw was a bit anxious, your body was starting to sweat as you worried about Leona. You didn’t even think to text his dorm mates like Ruggie or Jack to ask what was wrong. Once you finally made it through the mirror to his dorm, you rushed to eventually make it to Leona’s door and knocked. You were met with a loud snarl and a gruff voice. “Who the hell is it?! Go away.”
“Leona-san, I’m coming in!!” You quickly barged in, chest heaving up and down from the worry you felt. The door slammed behind you before you could even recognize what was going on in front of you. 
“Leona-san! Are you okay?! I- Oh…!” Your field of vision was immediately met with Leona sprawled on his bed with his shirt off and his blanket covering up to his waist. His hand was lazily pumping up and down his length from underneath the blanket and it was so painfully obvious. Leona was panting heavily and eyes were half lidded.
“You… what the fuck are you doing here, herbivore? I told you not to come!” Leona spat from across the room, making you recoil in fear from your spot. You gulped and blushed, turning away.
“I- I’m sorry,” stammering, the words just really seemed to have a hard time finding a way out of your mouth. “I just, I thought it was something I could help you with, so I’m gonna go now!! Sorry for interrupting!!”
You quickly tried to turn around and walk back out, but didn’t realize Leona was coming closer to you only seconds prior. Your wrist was grabbed harshly and you were being yanked until your back thudded onto something hard - Leona’s chest. It was so toned and warm, you were almost tempted to lean back into it.
“Hn, I change my mind. Maybe this is something you could help me out with, herbivore...” His low and sultry voice almost purred the words into your ears sending heat to your clothed cunt. As if on cue, Leona’s calloused fingers made their way to rub at the crotch of your pants, making you squeak involuntarily. 
“Leo-naa..!” you shrieked out his name, half of it turning into a moan. He growled at the noise of his name coming out of your mouth.
“Heh, it looks like you’re forcing me to do something a bit unforgivable.” The dark tone in his voice made you gulp hard. “Herbivore… I was really trying to hold back, find the perfect time to make you my mate, I even had preparations to take you away to stay with me. It was the perfect plan.” The weight of his words caused you to tense. Almost sensing your unease, Leona decided to dip his warm fingers into your pants and underwear to rub at your needy clit. You gasp and cover your mouth instantly, afraid of the noises Leona would pull out of you. Leona growled as his other hand slapped your arm away from your face.
“Don’t cover up your noises herbivore, if you know what’s good for you.” Leona  angrily muttered against your ear, sending waves of panic through your system. The wet squelching sounds were only growing louder as well as your moans. “Leona-saahn~ haaah,” you threw your head back into him as he plunged two fingers into your pussy. 
“Hm? Don’t tell me you love being talked to like that? Does it turn you on, slut?” Leona’s smooth voice invaded your senses and only spurred you on further. “Y-yes, Leona-san!!” you were now a moaning and squirming mess. Leona guided you to the foot of his bed and pulled his fingers out of you, pushing you onto the mattress.
“This is gonna be fun, herbivore. I really, really should have done this sooner...” Leona whispered, almost to himself. Your face was sweating and you stared up at Leona helplessly, feeling his large erection grazing your thighs as he caged your body with his own, like a predator rearing to devour his prey.
Jack Howl
Vargas’s outdoor gym sessions were always difficult - even more so since you couldn’t use magic. Wanting to utilize your skills to its capacity in his class, Vargas forced you to do more physical training than the other students. Those trainings always left you and your clothes hot and sticky with sweat. Being the only female student in the school, you were also the last person to use the locker rooms, with one of your first year friends near the door to protect you and your privacy. Today was Jack’s turn and everything was going smoothly, to your knowledge. As you were idly thinking about the ways you would prepare dinner tonight, you didn’t realize how much trouble you were really in.
The door to the locker room slowly creaked open as you peeled off the layers of your gym uniform. Heavy footsteps echoed and forced you to pause all of your activities. “J-Jack..?” you whimpered, worried about who was going to catch you half naked. As the steps came closer to your location you couldn’t help but start to shake in fear.
Jack’s white hair and ears peeked around the corner of the lockers making you jump and hide your body in your arms. “O-oh!! Thank goodness, it’s just you!” You sighed in relief. Jack could only grunt in a noise that sounded like approval. Jack didn’t look too good, his cheeks were red and he looked like he was panting - like he had just finished running a race. 
“Uhm, Jack, are you okay?” you shuffled uncomfortably in your spot as Jack’s gaze was still fixated on your body, your arms still covering yourself. 
“Listen, I uh, I have to change, Jack…” you trailed off and looked away, hoping he would get the idea. He didn’t.
Instead, Jack slowly sauntered towards your smaller form. You didn’t even realize you were walking backwards until your head and clothed backside touched the cool lockers behind you, the sound of locks and metal catching you off guard. Taking your moment of surprise as an opportunity, the beastman rutted his hips towards your sweaty body, the friction causing him to groan right in your ear. The noise sent heat down to your core, shame and fear filling your head as you gasped.
“You smell so good right now, Y/N…” Jack said lowly, his breath was so hot in your face it felt like a sauna. He dipped down to your neck and licked a long wet stripe up your skin.
“Aah! What are you doing, Jack?! Th- this isn’t like you!” You shrieked, hoping your voice would get to him somehow.
You yelped as Jack lifted you briefly, only to set you down on his lap to straddle him as he sat on the locker room bench. He grunted as your clothed cunt momentarily made direct contact with his erection that was still in the confines of his pants. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your mouth, yet your beastman friend believed to sound like honey. Gold eyes bore into yours as he panted and lifted his hips back up to meet yours. “Nngh~!” You buried your face into his neck.
“I’m, haah, sorry, Y/N. I can’t, I can’t help it right now. I like you so much it hurts. I need to touch you, nnh- to make you feel good.” His confession was sudden as he guided your hips to grind on him, lewd moans and whines being forced out of your body with every movement. You couldn’t help but blush and grip onto him tighter, chasing your own inevitable release. 
“Mmh- Jack, please.” You whined into Jack’s ear. Your panties were soaked and he could feel the juices soaking into his uniform. “I’m gonna fill you up with my pups.” Jack growled into your ear as he was losing sight of his own self control.
Malleus Draconia
It was odd to receive a text from Lilia to come to Diasomnia’s dorm. Once he said it was an issue involving Malleus, you told him you’d be on the way immediately. Curiously enough, Lilia never answered your text about what was wrong with Malleus, he only mentioned that he requested you specifically. Reaching the dorm, you noticed the skies were particularly cloudy and grey, and green lightning bolts were littering the skies. You ran inside quickly to be greeted by none other than Lilia himself.
“Ah, Y/N, finally you’re here!” The bicolor haired student welcomed you warmly. His tone was much different than his serious one he used over text.
“I’m here, where is Malleus? What’s wrong with him?” You asked, looking around the dorm. It was seemingly more empty than usual.
“Oh don’t worry! Come, I’ll lead you to his room…” Lilia walked with you to Malleus’s dorm room, when he stopped in front of the door. Suddenly, a darkness had taken over his facial expressions. “I’m... sorry for what I’m about to do, Y/N.”
“What do you mean, Lilia?” You stood as stiff as a board in your spot, dumbfounded.
“Be safe.” Lilia’s words went over your head. Suddenly, the door was opened as he shoved you into Malleus’s room, promptly locking it once you were inside. You banged on the door with both fists. 
“Hey!! Lilia!? Let me out!!” Panicked, you felt the atmosphere in the room was… heavy. Looking behind you to Malleus’s bed, a large black mass had taken form on it.
“Child of man…” You could hear Malleus’s voice from every corner of the room, especially focused from the direction of that black mass. Suddenly, wings uncurled and revealed Malleus, or a creature that heavily resembled him. Along his face were black scales that focused on the edges of his face. A tail was swishing behind him aggressively. Malleus’s arms were now scaly and long nails replaced his short black polished ones. And with those black claws, he used an index finger to beckon you towards him. “Come closer.” He breathed.
You felt your body move on its own, as if you weren’t even controlling it. “Malleus, what’s wrong?” You whispered, not even sure if the words had come out of your mouth. Once in front of him, you stood awkwardly and fiddled with the sleeves of your uniform. “Is there something you need from me?” You breathlessly spoke, avoiding his piercing gaze.
“I requested you for a, specific, reason…” he cooed and pulled you into a tight and awkward hug you didn’t reciprocate. Then you felt it. Something hard and large was poking at your stomach, causing you to gasp suddenly in realization. “It seems like you’ve caught on. Well, my sweet Y/N, you don’t want to keep your prince waiting, do you?”
“What..?” You asked dumbly.
“You heard me, I said strip. Now.”
“I, I heard you, I just-,” you stepped back, and began to take off your clothes slowly. You stopped at your simple bra and underwear, hoping that was enough to appease him. It didn’t - but it was something he could rip off later.
Grabbing your shoulders and bringing you in close, Malleus’s teeth latched onto your neck, biting hard enough to draw blood. You moaned unexpectedly and held onto his neck, unknowingly pulling him in closer. “Ah, M-Malleus, no..!” Your voice shook.
Instantly, Malleus threw you down onto the bed and straddled your lower half, pinning your wrists above your head. His wings extended above you as his green eyes pierced into yours. The fierceness alone took the words out of your mouth as you stared up in fear.
“Don’t even think about fighting me back. You will surely regret that choice and I don’t want to hurt you, unless you deserve it. So be a good girl for me, while I breed you over… and over… and over again.” You watched in horror as his tongue, now long and forked, laved over his bottom lip in hunger and excitement.
“Well now child of man, doesn’t that sound exciting? Let’s get started right away.” 
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upallnite2getbucky · 3 months ago
A Second Chance
Summary: While having the worst day, you find something unexpected that turns your day around.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1.5k (it got away from me okay?)
A/N: This is a last minute submission to @dadplease 's 5k Stuffie Writing Contest!
I went through a myriad of emotions while writing this if you can't tell 😂 This is my first time writing anything and definitely my first time posting I don't know what I'm doing help Enjoy! 💕
╔═════════*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═════════╗ 
Licking your lips for the umpteenth time today, you look over the grocery list on your phone. It seems to be getting longer the more you stare at it.  
You just want to go home.  
The day started out awful but you’re getting more and more miserable as the day goes on. You woke up to a lovely email from your boss, listing all the projects you need to complete despite it being your day off. The friend you were supposed to go out for lunch with cancelled. Again. What is this, four times in a row now? And to top it all off, you’re cramping. 
Even Bucky couldn’t lift your spirits. Though he tried. Your sweet boyfriend had called your boss, despite your protests, and had essentially told him to fuck off, you would take a look at those projects next time you’re in the office if you have time. Your boss, knowing exactly who he was talking to had responded, as any sensible person would, with an apology and a promise to cut back on your workload.  
Bucky took you to your favorite diner for lunch to make up for your cancelled lunch date. And you appreciate that, really you do. It’s just that the food made you feel bloated. You somehow feel worse than you did before.
Then Bucky, that perfect hunk of a man, told you he was going to take you home to run you a warm bath and give you a massage. You almost gave in. Bucky always knew what to do to make you feel better. But you needed to go to the store because your grocery list was growing longer by the day and you didn’t know the next time you’d have time to go. He told you he would go while you were in the bath. But you insisted and Bucky didn’t want to upset you. So here you were.  
You lick your lips again. Ouch. Why are your lips so dry? Add it to the list of things you have to complain about. You reach into your purse for your chapstick. 
Stuck in your head, you don’t hear Bucky approaching from the next aisle holding two boxes of cereal. “Honey, I can’t decide--”  
Startled, you jump, dropping your chapstick causing it to roll under the shelf. Crouching down with a sigh, you reach for the tube, pause, and burst into tears. 
“No no doll, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get it I promise.” Crouching down beside you, his metal arm resting gently on your back, he swipes up the tube with his right hand. “Here I’ve got it don’t worry.”  
You hate that Bucky thinks it’s his fault. Gasping for breath, you can’t get the words out to explain it's not. Shaking your head, you reach out for him. “N-no. No, Buc-Bucky.”  
Frowning, he wraps his arms around you and brings you to his chest, not caring that you’re both practically sitting on the floor in the baking aisle.
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he whispers into your temple. “Is it something I did?” 
You look up at him and see that he’s genuinely concerned he’s done something to make you upset. If he wasn’t so worried about you, he’d be mad at himself. You need to clear this up.  
Focusing on your breathing, you take slow, deep breaths until you’re able to talk clearly. When you're able to breathe easier, you look up to see Bucky looking at you attentively. “Sorry.” He opens his mouth to argue and shuts it again as you continue. “Bucky, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not the chapstick. It’s--this.” 
You reach under the shelf again and pull out the source of your emotional outburst. 
A little bunny stuffed animal, torn up and damaged, missing its left arm entirely. 
A look of surprise crosses his face. “It’s okay honey, I don’t think any kid’s coming back for that.” 
Another sob wracks your body. Bucky pulls you into his chest again, murmuring soft reassurances in your ear, hoping to calm you down. He hates seeing you like this. Now, he’s really wishing he had fought harder to take you straight home after lunch. 
“J-just makes me so s-sad.”  
Poor little guy. Wounded, neglected, abandoned. Why are you getting so worked up over this? Maybe it's just your hormones getting the best of you. 
Bucky holds you tighter, kissing your forehead once. Twice. Three times. “I know. But I think we’d better leave it here; it’s got no life left in it.” 
That sobered you up. No, you were determined to give this little bunny a second chance. You pulled away from Bucky, standing up. He followed, watching you sniff a few times and hastily wipe the tears from your cheeks. Before he could say anything else, you spun on your heels and quickly walked towards the store exit with the stuffed animal, leaving Bucky standing there very confused beside the abandoned cart, your chapstick still in his hand. 
╔════════*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*════════╗ 
Back at home, you sequester yourself in your shared bedroom. Sitting cross legged on the bed, you determinedly work away, surrounded by crafting and sewing supplies. Bucky watches you hesitantly at the doorway, desperately wanting to go in and hug you and make sure you’re okay. You had done an emotional one-eighty after all. But you seemed focused and content for the moment. Not wanting to ruin that, he decides to start on dinner.  
An hour later, dinner is in the oven, the kitchen has been cleaned, and he even put in a load of laundry. You door was still shut. He sat on the couch, debating on whether to disturb you or not. Just as he leans forward to stand up and come check on you, he hears the bedroom door open. 
He sits anxiously, not sure what emotional state you’re in. You emerge into the living room with one arm behind your back, a spark in your eyes, and a triumphant smile on your face. Seeing you, the bubble of anxiety in Bucky’s chest fades and he relaxes. He reaches out for you, a soft smile on his face. 
As always, unable to resist the warmth of his embrace, you climb onto his lap on the couch, still hiding something behind your back. 
He cups your face, brushing his thumb across your cheek gently where your tears had tracked not two hours ago. “Whatcha been working on?” he asks softly. 
“Just giving this little guy a second chance.” You pull out the bunny from behind you and show him to Bucky. You’d sewn up all his little tears and rips with neat stitches and packed his now chubby body full of fresh stuffing. But that’s not what catches Bucky’s attention. It's the crocheted black and gold left arm carefully sewn onto his body. 
Bucky slowly takes the small toy into his large hands. “Just like me,” he murmurs to himself. 
“Well yeah, I tried to make his arm look like yours; it doesn’t look great but--” 
“No,” Bucky interrupts. He looks at you so intensely and there’s something in his eyes that makes you feel both vulnerable and safe at the same time. “I meant, you’ve given him new life just like you did for me. I-I was broken and wounded and I didn’t even want to be alive anymore – didn’t think I deserved it. But you found me. You noticed me and healed me and gave me a reason to live.” His hands trace down your arms until they reach your hands and he holds them to his chest. Over his heart that beats for you. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you doll, but every time you give me an ounce of your attention, your affection, I feel like I’m worth something – like somehow I’m deserving of your love. And it blows my mind every day. That’s what you do sweetheart. It’s all you.” 
You see tears well up in his eyes and you softly lean in to kiss his eyelids. Then his nose. Then his cheeks. Then oh so lightly, his lips. You smile. 
Bucky quickly recaptures your mouth in a heated kiss. You kiss him back with your whole body and soul, pouring every drop of love and tenderness into it. So does he, telling you thank you, I love you, I live for you.
When you finally break away, he leans his forehead against yours. “Thank you,” he breathes. At your confused expression he goes on. “For noticing this little guy like you noticed me and for not giving up on him.” 
Laying your head on his broad shoulder, you kiss his neck, nuzzling his skin and breathing in deeply. You both sit in content silence for a moment, the bunny between you, before the oven beeps loudly, startling you both.  
“Dinner’s ready,” Bucky laughs.  
“I noticed.” He pulls you in for another kiss. 
Bucky’s hands find your thighs, rubbing rhythmic circles into them. “What do you want to do after dinner?”  
You pretend to think for a second and then give him a coy smile. “I seem to recall being promised a warm bath and massages...” 
“Anything for you.” 
Tumblr media
Banner by the lovely @maysdigitalarts 💕
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natashxromanovf · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aaron Hotchner x nanny!fem!reader
WARNINGS: age gap 
REQUESTED: /, kinda friends to lovers, fluff
SUMMARY: After spending a day with Jack and Aaron, you're too tired to make it home. 
A/N: thank you so much for the idea @velvetcloxds! i loved it so much, I just had to write it. there’s an OC in there, named laura (based on @oliverwoodmarrymepls), just a heads up :) also Hayley didn’t die in this! gif credits to @shyhotch
Tumblr media
Getting to work as a nanny was one of the best things that happened to you - you love kids so this job was just what you wanted to do, at least while you were still in school. Yet you never imagined you would fall for a parent of said children - but, apparently, life had other plans for you. 
There was something different about Aaron Hotchner, it’s like something is pulling you to him - he’s so sweet and caring for his son, even though there’s not a lot of time the two of them can spend together. It makes you wonder how he would care for you if you were ever his. But you don’t dare imagine that, not when you know it’ll never happen, not when he’s so much older and totally out of your league. You push the thoughts deep down, only occasionally letting them slip to the surface.  
“Hi!” you wave at Jack as he comes running to you, jumping straight into your arms. You lift him up and hug him tight, happy to see the boy. 
“Y/N!” he shouts, excitement practically radiating off him. 
“Aw, how’s my lovely Jack doing?” you ask, putting him down and kneeling to his eye level.
“I’m good,” he replies, a big grin on his face. Mirroring his expression you stand back up, instead taking his hand in yours and walking to the other kids. You let go once his friends come to get him, waving you goodbye even though he’ll see you in a couple of minutes. 
“Hey, Y/N,” a low voice says behind you, making you turn around.
“Hello, Mr Hotchner,” you greet as his eyes meet yours, the eye contact erupting butterflies in your stomach. He’s smiling, a sight you don’t get to see too often, but a very appreciated one. His brows always seem to be knit together in worry otherwise, something you’ve noticed after many hours spent around him. But the change in the atmosphere can be noticed from miles away when he’s around his son; he’s always trying to smile even though you can see right through it sometimes. You can see how he’s faking it after a tough case, and it’s in times like those that your heart clenches, wishing that you could hug the man, make him feel better. 
“What are you doing here?” he then questions, a confused expression appearing on your face. He said it softly like he genuinely doesn’t know why you’re here. 
“What do you mean, I’m here to pick up Jack so you can go back to work,” you reply, confusion clearly evident in your tone. 
“Didn’t you get my message? Something came up so we have a free day,” he explains, checking his phone to show you the text. 
“Oh, I’m sorry, my phone ran out of battery and I didn’t have the time to charge it cause I came straight here,” you comment, staring at the text on the man’s phone. He nods knowingly, everything suddenly making sense. “Well, I can go then, since you don’t need me-”
“Daddy, can Y/N please stay?” Jack interrupts, running back to the two of you with his things. You make eye contact with Hotch, the unspoken question in his eyes. 
“Well, I don’t have anything planned so if your Dad agrees then sure,” you tell the boy who looks at his father with the cutest puppy eyes he can manage. 
“Is it really not a bother?” Aaron asks again, making you shake your head immediately. 
“Not at all. You and Jack are never a bother,” you murmur, a hint of a smile on your lips.
“Okay then,” he declares, a big grin on his face. “Y/N can come too,” 
“I’m sorry to interrupt but Jack forgot his shirt!” a woman calls out, all of you turning to her. 
“Oh, thank you so much, Lauren,” you thank the girl who you got to meet through various visits to the play centre. “We would have definitely forgotten,” you add, taking the shirt out of her hands. 
“Of course, it’s no problem! Have an amazing rest of the day,” she says, turning around but not before she could wink at you, a wink meant only for you to see. You feel slight heat creep up your neck because you know damn well what that wink was for. 
“Ready now?” Hotch kneels down to Jack’s eye level, earning a nod from the boy. “Great, then we can go,” he says, looking up at you and you mirror the boy’s previous action.  
After leaving the play centre, you all went to get ice cream - Jack’s idea, obviously. It was a sunny afternoon, a lovely one at that and you’re glad for the cold sorbet in your hands, shielding you from the creeping heat of the atmosphere. There’s a smile on your face, one that seems to be permanent when you’re around Jack because he always makes you happy by simply being happy himself. Of course, the man sitting beside the boy has nothing to do with it; or so you try to tell yourself. 
It’s been like this all afternoon, running around the town, going from playgrounds to shops and grocery shopping, simple things Jack wanted and some of what Aaron had to do. Truth be told, you quite like a life like this, the happiness seems to be never-ending. In reality, that’s not correct and you know it but maybe for a day, only for a day, you can let yourself imagine. 
In the evening, when it started to get dark outside, you finally made it to the Hotchner house. Jack was exhausted and honestly, so were you. Getting rid of your shoes you were immediately pulled by Jack to his room, making you choose which pyjamas he should wear tonight. You were never in your life asked a question like that and you were honestly surprised he even cared about that but without asking a question you picked the cute dinosaur ones. He smiled at you and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. You slowly made it to the kitchen where Aaron was putting the groceries away, silently coming to help him. 
“Oh, no Y/N, you’ve done enough today already,” he softly states, taking the things you were holding. 
“No, really, Mr Hotchner, it’s no problem,” you reply, picking up another item. 
“Y/N, I can see how tired you are. Your eyes are practically closed,” he jokes, earning a chuckle from you. “And please, call me Aaron,” he adds, and you answer him with a nod. 
“Yeah, I can’t argue with that,” you agree, taking a seat at the counter. You lean against your elbow, closing your eyes for a moment. You almost fell asleep before you were thrown awake by the loud voice of none other than Jack Hotchner. 
“I’m ready for bed,” he grins, coming to stand beside you. “Will you tuck me to bed?” he asks, already taking your hand to drag you with him.
“Jack, Y/N is very tired, maybe I can-”
“It’s alright Mr- Aaron,” you say, standing up. 
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure,” you reassure, walking behind Jack. 
A couple of minutes later you exit his room, turning the light off after you. You head back to the kitchen, only to find Aaron sitting on the sofa. You join him, keeping a polite distance and sitting on the opposite side. 
“Jack seems a lot happier when you’re around,” the man suddenly says, turning his head to you.
“Oh, but you never see the way his eyes light up whenever you step into a room,” you start, transferring your attention to him. “It’s not just me, Aaron, it’s mostly you,” you state - he smiles at that. 
“You know I try to be with him as much as I can, but-”
“Your job takes a lot of time. And you shouldn’t feel bad about that; you’re saving lives for God’s sake. I think Jack can forgive you a couple of missed play dates,” you explain, a kind expression on your face. 
“And I know that, I really do, but I still can’t shake the feeling that I’m not here as much as I should be. Especially after his mother and I divorced, it’s been hell for him. We’re managing quite well, but I can still see it’s taking a toll on him,” he confesses, breaking eye contact and looking down at his hands. You don’t know what to say to that, you’ve never had to deal with anything like this so any advice you may be able to give would be merely a guess - you can still try to make him feel better tho. 
“I don’t really know what to say to that Aaron,” you murmur. “But I can tell you that if I’ve ever seen a happy child, it’s Jack. And he doesn’t care if you’re there all the time, he knows that when you’re not you’re doing something very important - if anything, it makes him treasure the moments spent with you even more,” you comment, meaning every word. He finally looks up again, seeing nothing but honesty in your eyes. He lets out a sigh of relief, letting you know you calmed his nerves down even a little bit.
“Thank you for saying that, Y/N. And for meaning it. It means a lot,” he mutters, a hint of a smile on his face.
“Always,” is your reply, mirroring his expression. After looking away you sink into the sofa, leaning your head against a pillow. You finally realise how tired you actually are, your eyes feeling heavier than ever before. It feels like if you close them even for a second you would fall asleep and you really wouldn’t want to fall asleep on Aaron’s sofa. 
“You know, if you want, you could stay here tonight,” Aaron suggests, making you wake up a little. “We have a free guest room and you’re more than welcome to use it as much as you want. Because honestly, I don’t see you making it back to your apartment tonight,” he jokes, but he’s right. There’s no way you can find the energy to walk all back to your place right now. 
“It really wouldn’t be a bother?” you question, a slight trace of doubt still present in your voice.
“Of course not. No one uses the room and the bed is already ready, so all you would have to do is drag yourself to it,” he chuckles, a tired laugh escaping your mouth. 
“Thank you,” you thank, standing up. “Oh, and one more thing. Would you mind if I borrow a shirt? I feel like this would be very uncomfortable to sleep in,” you gesture to your outfit and he immediately nods. 
“Of course, not even a slightest problem,” he says, walking to his bedroom and coming back with an oversized t-shirt. “Is this okay?” he asks, handing you the shirt. 
“Perfect,” you answer, accepting the piece of clothing. “Thanks again,” you mutter, awkwardly waving him goodbye.
“Good night, Y/N,” he calls after you, a polite gesture you would never get used to.
“Good night, Aaron,” you say back, entering the guest bedroom. Maybe if you were a little less tired you would actually realise what’s happening. You’re going to sleep in his house, in his clothes. Or maybe if you could sense anything that's happening around you, you would see Aaron’s face when he handed you the shirt - a slight smile flashing merely for a second. But alas, you couldn’t be bothered to even think right now. All you can do is change out of the uncomfortable clothes and collapse onto the bed. Without missing a beat your eyes are closed and moments later you’re already on your way to dreamland.
Tumblr media
criminal minds taglist: @velvetcloxds @mollysolo @hallecarey1 @mirclealignr @cupids-crystals
aaron hotchner: /
i hope you enjoyed this! don't forget to like, comment and/or reblog, it really helps wroters with motovation <33
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luvbub · a year ago
:0 your sleeping on the couch thing was so nice!! If it’s not too much, could you do something similar with Atsumu, Oikawa, and Bokuto?
sleeping on the couch after an argument - part two
feat. Atsumu, Oikawa, Bokuto
note: hurt/comfort
part one . three . four . five
Tumblr media
arguments with Atsumu are the worst sometimes because he just expects you to see things from his point of view??
and when you pointed this out to him, he was not happy to hear that
so instead of acknowledging it, he changed the subject
"Let’s just go to bed, I have an early practice tomorrow” he says, making his way to your bedroom first
and of course you’re livid because he just chose to hold off on the argument
like heck you’d sleep in the same room as him
you lay down on the couch, curling up and draping the throw blanket over you
a few moments after closing your eyes, you sense a looming presence
fluttering your eyes open, you see Atsumu hovering above you, still looking annoyed
“What the heck do ya think yer doing?” he asks, and scoops you from the couch and towards your room
“Put me down ‘Tsumu!” you’re doing your best to thrash around in his arms, but his grip on you is too strong
“Yer acting really petty- sleeping on the couch is a tad dramatic don’t ya think?” he says, setting you down on your side of the bed before heading to his side
“I’m not! I’m seriously upset with you and I don’t want to sleep in the same bed as you Atsumu!”
you watch the panic set into Atsumu’s eyes when he realized that yes, you were 100% serious
instantly wraps his arms around you and pulls you into his chest
“please don’t say that Y/n. you didn’t mean that did you? I’m really sorry I know I’m a selfish idiot”
to him, hearing those words from you stung him. the fact that you were so fed up with your boyfriend that you couldn’t stand to even sleep near him made him worried that you were slowly starting to stop loving him
the tone in his voice is enough to calm you down
“no I don’t mean it.. I’m sorry too, I’m just tired and wasn’t thinking.” you reply, stroking his hair. and he starts to calm down too
you feel Atsumu nod his head
“okay, well let’s get proper rest and talk about this in the morning rationally” he says, kissing your forehead
“I thought you had an early practice”
“that can wait, you’re more important” he mumbles, hugging you closer to him and slowly drifting to sleep
arguments with Oikawa can get stressful
because it’s clear he knows what the issue is- but sometimes his pride just gets in the way of admitting his wrongs
during your latest argument, he accidentally snaps at you for being too much and how he already knows what you told him
he calms down for a bit, but doesn’t realize how his words stung you
“let’s just go to bed” he sighs and makes way towards your bedroom
you’re honestly really hurt, and it feels just wrong to go to bed during this entire debacle, so instead you lay down on the couch to sleep
the argument itself was extremely tiring for you, so you’re able to fall asleep in no time at all
but Oikawa’s still awake in bed, just scrolling through his phone waiting for you to come in
after sometime of mindlessly going through social media, it finally hits him that he’s been waiting for a considerable amount of time
his first thought is that you were still riled up and just didn’t want to go to sleep right at this moment, so he heads out to the living room to get you to go to bed
"Y/n-chan, c’mon time to go to sleep. You can’t just stay up that’s not good ..” he stops talking the moment he sees you fast asleep on the couch
and now he’s freaking out. it’s not that you didn’t want to sleep- it’s that you didn’t want to sleep with him
which says a lot about how you currently feel about him and your argument
he panics and rushes over to the couch to wake you up
“I- wha? What do you want Tooru?” you groan, keeping your eyes shut
“I’m sorry!” he says, throwing his arms around you
“...what?” you’re starting to wake up more, but you definitely heard him apologize
“I said I’m sorry. I don’t want to argue anymore if it means you refusing to sleep in the same bed as me” you’re now fully awake and look at your boyfriend, and you can see the alarm in his expression
he’s just too scared to lose you, and he’s afraid that if he lets you sleep on the couch just this once, then things will go downhill from there
but that’s a discussion for another day
you look at your boyfriend and you can tell how sincere he’s being with his apology, so you lift your arms up
and he carries you back to bed 
“..we still have to talk about it in the morning you know” you mumble
“mhmm” he hums before pulling you closer to him
he doesn’t care about that all too much because he knows you two will be alright in the morning
arguments with Bokuto were uncommon, but when they did occur it was a big deal
and tonight was no exception
the two of you weren’t listening to one another and it felt like you both were talking to a brick wall- it was terribly annoying to deal with and you knew it was going nowhere
"C'mon Kou, let's head to bed- we can talk more in the morning" you sigh, and without a word, the two of you start preparing for bed
while you're brushing your teeth, you start thinking about how you really don't feel as if it's right to be in bed with your boyfriend
the argument was kind of your fault, wasn't it? you started to feel extremely guilty for your actions- and thus you made the decision to sleep on the couch
perhaps sleeping separately would help the both of you clear your minds more
when you finish up your nightly routine, you peek your head into the bedroom, you saw Bokuto fast asleep
you made your way to the closet to grab a spare blanket and head towards the couch
you were extremely exhausted so it didn’t take long for you to fall asleep too
but Bokuto woke up probably an hour after he had fallen asleep, and of course he noticed that you weren’t next to him
his first thought was that you went to get water, so he decided to stroll into the kitchen to grab some for himself
but when he entered the living room and saw you sleeping on the couch, he was extremely confused, like have you been sleeping there the entire time?
he walks up to the couch and frowns, feeling especially guilty that you had chosen to slept on the couch
brushes some of your hair out of your face and cups half of your face
he sees you smile a bit in your sleep upon feeling his touch and there’s a wave of relief in him
like heck he was going to let you sleep alone now
when you wake up hours later, you notice that you’re no longer sleeping on the couch- but instead on Bokuto, who is now the one on the couch
your head is rested on his chest, and while the movement of his chest rising and falling brings great comfort- you’re honestly confused as to how this happened
apparently Bokuto tried to squeeze into laying down on the couch with you, and while the both of you technically did fit, it wasn’t the most ideal way to sleep
so he just kind scooted you on top of him, and you slept peacefully on him, hugging him like a giant teddy bear in the process
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milkyfab · 3 months ago
n i g h t m a r e s
characters: sanemi, giyuu, obanai, shinobu, muichiro x gn!reader
warnings: crying
summary: how they react to you having a nightmare.
an: muichiro’s part can be read as romantic or platonic, there’s no indication as to what the relationship between you two is anywhere. also, i’ve seen giyuu’s name written with two u’s and one, but i prefer the version with two. idk if that’s the actual correct one though. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ sanemi is, let’s be real here, the only one that actually freaks the fuck out
✿ the moment he hears you gasp for air, his hand is reaching out for his katana
✿ he’s been through some shit
✿ he acts tough and brash all the time, but he is so terrified of something happening to you that even the smallest things make him freak out
✿ it honestly takes him a second to understand that you’re not under attack and that you haven’t been injured
✿ but once his brain has caught up, he turns his head to look at you
✿ just to find you curled up in a ball and sobbing your heart out
✿ don’t tell anyone, but sanemi is always a little softer if it’s nighttime
✿ he’ll try to get you to turn to look at him, but if you refuse then he’ll settle for spooning you instead
✿ but he’d much rather be able to see your face
✿ he’ll whisper questions about what’s wrong, what happened and why you’re crying in your ear
✿ he’s someone that will kinda push you to talk
✿ he won’t outright force you, but he’ll ask five times about what happened in your dream and if you’re okay even if you say you don’t wanna talk about it
✿ but honestly, he doesn’t mean any harm, he just wants needs to make sure you’re actually okay
✿ if you do tell him though, he most likely won’t know what to say to make you feel better,,,,
✿ hypocrite
✿ he will instead hold you tight the entire night !!
✿ mm, the downside is though: his grip is so strong that you’re definitely not going anywhere unless you wake him up again
Tumblr media
✿ giyuu wakes up from your gasping and coughing, since he is a very light sleeper
✿ trauma will do that to you
✿ but honestly, he knows what it’s like to wake up like you did—drenched in sweat and gasping for air
✿ so he doesn’t really freak out
✿ he probably knows what’s happening immediately
✿ he turns over to look at you and you’re sobbing and then coughing
✿ he puts his hand on your face for the time being, and strokes your cheek until you’ve caught your breath
✿ giyuu is not exactly the best with comforting words but he’s trying
✿ he’ll ask if you want to talk about it
✿ if you say yes, he’ll listen intently, his eyes never leaving your face
✿ once you’re finished telling him about the dream, he’ll try to go about it in a… logical way??
✿ he’ll try to calm you down by saying stuff like “it was just a dream”, “it’s over now” and “i’m here”
✿ because when he used to wake up from a nightmare, those are the words he used to tell himself to calm down
✿ he’ll grab your hand and hold it tightly, making sure that you know he’s real and that the nightmare’s over
✿ if you don’t want to talk about, he totally gets it
✿ won’t push for answers either
✿ he’ll let you lay your head on his chest and is content with just running his hand through your hair and staying quiet until you both fall asleep
Tumblr media
✿ obanai probably doesn’t wake up on his own, so kaburamaru has to wake him up
✿ at first he’s honestly kind of annoyed? he looks around because he thinks something has happened and doesn’t see anything
✿ so he’s like ?? wtf man why’d you wake me up?
✿ he only realizes when kaburamaru hisses at him and that’s when he turns to look at you
✿ this man has no idea what to do
✿ the first thing he asks is if you’re hurt or if something happened to you
✿ but when you tell him that it was just a nightmare, he calms down a lot
✿ it’s not that he isn’t worried anymore or that he doesn’t care—it’s just that a nightmare definitely isn’t as bad as someone dying or something
✿ to be honest, he’ll probably let kaburamaru handle this situation mostly??
✿ okay,,, listen
✿ obanai knows that you’ve always wanted to have his snake wrapped around your neck and shit
✿ you’ve been basically begging for it ever since you two met and it only got worse when you got into a relationship
✿ because there’s no way you can be scared of snakes and in a relationship with him
✿ kaburamaru is always with you guys, so either you get used to it or the relationship won’t work
✿ he basically hands you his snake
✿ “here. i think he wants to be with you, [name].”
✿ it sounds funny enough, but having him wrapped around your neck actually does help
✿ it’s like a weighed blanket
✿ he’ll ask you if you wanna talk about it and he’ll listen to you, but honestly, i don’t think he could offer many words of comfort
✿ he’ll allow you to cling to him though, so that’s a plus, i guess
Tumblr media
✿ shinobu probably has some kind of sixth sense and is awake even before you are
✿ she knows what’s going on immediately and let me tell you, this woman came prepared
✿ she softly wakes you up by tracing your face with her fingers and calling your name
✿ once you’re awake, she’ll let you cry into her shirt if you need to
✿ she’ll let you vent and cry and scream. whatever you need, she’s there for you
✿ after you’ve calmed down a little, she’ll ask if you want some tea, a warm bath or literally anything
✿ she is willing to stay up the whole night with you, but if you’d like her to, she can also brew you some calming tea that’ll help you fall asleep again
✿ once she’s sure that you have everything you need, she’ll let you rest your head on her chest and run her fingers through your hair
✿ and only then will she ask what your dream was about
✿ she makes those cute “mhm” noises to show you that she’s listening if you want to talk about it
✿ let’s be real, her advice on an emotional basis is a solid 4.5/10 but,,,,
✿ she is the best at calming you down and making you feel safe and loved
Tumblr media
✿ muichiro is another one that doesn’t wake up
✿ like seriously, he’s going to sleep through the entire thing if you don’t wake him up
✿ and even if you do wake him up, it takes a good 5 minutes for his brain to load and for him to realize what’s happening
✿ kinda just looks at you, waiting for you to tell him what’s going on
✿ once he knows that you had a nightmare, he will ask if you want to tell him about it
✿ he’ll hug you too and he will listen
✿ but he will probably space out at some point and you’ll have to call out to him to get him back to reality
✿ he doesn’t mean to and it’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just hard for him to not space out if the story’s too long
✿ he’ll ask you to tell him again, but once you’re done, he’ll ask a million questions like “uh… [name], what happened after that again?”
✿ so maybe it’s better if you just let him hug you
✿ he’s trying his best, okay? <333
✿ mm, he also can’t really give you many words of comfort but he’ll pat your head and shush you softly if you start crying
✿ overall, he. is. trying. his. best.
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cielinde · 5 months ago
sugar youth
Tumblr media
tengen x f!reader smut (pic by @/kmt_uz on twt)
Tumblr media
anon asked: Request! Modern AU Uzui x fem reader, where you go to a club with Tengen and youre having a teasing competition to see who breaks first and pulls the other out of the club (might not make it home I'll leave that to you)
Tumblr media
word count: 6.7k tags/warnings: slight semi-public touching, dry humping, fingering, creampie, rough sex, overstimulation (minors dni, more under cut!)
Tumblr media
“i’m going to staple your balls.”
“by all means, go ahead.”
what a wonderful way to start the night.
after all, what else could you possibly be doing on a friday night, when you’ve just gotten all the week’s shit done and to be forgotten for the foreseeable future?
ideally, it wouldn’t consist of verbally battling mr. pretty boy right here.
but what else should you do when you’re sitting at a club next to him? definitely not let him steal the victory over you, of course.
“i really will,” you playfully kick his feet, rolling your eyes when he laughs in return.
“you just want to see my balls that badly,” he teases.
“no,” you scoff. “i bet your balls look like dried-up oysters anyways,” you take another sip out of your drink.
“so you’ve thought about what they look like, then?” he takes your drink to take a sip out of it, and you click your tongue, sliding his drink over to you in revenge.
“why would i? i don’t have any reason to,” you down half of what’s in his glass, slightly regretting the act when your throat burns from the liquid. you should stop drinking before something happens.
“that’s fair,” tengen hums, “i don’t have any reason to try and imagine you naked, either.” he slides a hand on your thigh. “because i know i’ll see it all before tomorrow morning,” he chuckles lightly, squeezing your soft flesh.
you decide you’re not backing down. lifting your thigh to place over his, you tilt your head just slightly and smile innocently at him. “what makes you so confident, tengen?”
“i don’t even need confidence, i know it already,” he slides his hand higher, grip slightly loosening in an implied ask for permission.
you nudge his leg with your foot, rolling your eyes. “you’re so desperate.”
“do i really give off that impression?” he laughs.
“you seem like you would take a whole cactus up the ass if you could have a good fuck after that,” you nudge him again playfully.
“that’s kinda hot,” he hums.
“what?” you nudge him again. “the cactus?”
“with how prickly you are, i think you could be considered a cactus yourself,” tengen snickers, and you upgrade the attack from a nudge to a kick. “woah, down, girl!” he chuckles, patting your thigh. “you’re a hot cactus, don’t worry.”
“that’s so romantic,” you drawl sarcastically.
“i HAVE been told that i’m a natural with words,” his grip loosens on your thigh, and your eyes flicker to him. he’s not moving it, so you can only suspect he’ll grip it again.
“then woo your way into my heart, dear shakespeare,” the occasional nudge is turned into a soft poke this time.
his maroon eyes travel down, and a teasing lilt tugs at his lips. “those are cute shoes,” he turns his gaze to you once again.
you raise a brow. “thanks?”
“can you step on me or something?”
you blink in surprise, before you lift your thigh off of his and sit properly once again, reaching for your drink as you hear him chuckle.
“not even going to kick me this time?” he hums.
“that wouldn’t be punishment for you,” you sip. “you’d like it, and i can’t afford feeding into whatever kinks you have.”
he wraps an arm around you to pull you closer to him, and you hold the glass tighter in your hands; he’s not giving enough space for you to move.
“so you know my kinks, then?” he muses. “so you really WERE thinking about me.”
“i didn’t have to think about you to know,” you distract yourself with another sip. “just knowing you’re desperate is enough for me to accurately assume it.”
“i’m desperate?” he takes your glass away from you, to which you shoot him a light glare at.
“the very definition of it,” you reach over for your glass, only for him to place it further away from you, on the very edge of his side of the table.
“you want your drink back?” he chuckles.
“yes,” you pause. “on second thought, nevermind. you’ve already touched it, so i don’t want it anymore,” you slip out of his arm and return to your normal position beside him.
“so you forgot that i took a sip out of it?” he slides the glass back to you. “after all, that means we’ve had an indirect kiss, doesn’t it?”
“no,” you poke his shoulder. “i made sure not to drink where you had been drinking from, and i know you didn’t drink the exact place i did, either.”
“but did you see me lick the glass’ circumference?”
you stare at him in mortification as he bursts into laughter, to which you just shake your head and experimentally run your finger along the tip of your glass, still slightly wet from what could only be one thing.
“you’re so fucking desperate,” you frown as you wipe your finger on his pants.
“and you aren’t?”
you shoot him a look. “why would i be?”
“well, princess, you’ve been doing such a good job at focusing all the attention on me, that it’s almost like you’re not telling me something, hm?” he cards his hand through your hair, fingers lightly tangling themselves in the smoothness of it.
“you’re not wrong,” you shrug. “there’s a lot i’m not telling you.”
“like what?” his hand moves to the back of your neck, his warm touch sending slight shivers down your spine, which you suppress to the best of your capabilities. you can only hope he doesn’t heighten his teasing.
“like…something i want,” you turn to face him now, and you inhale sharply as his touch trails a blaze of fire down your back before resting it on your waist, just above your ass.
“you think i should give it to you?” he shifts closer towards you, and you feign disinterest, only shrugging lazily in return.
“i don’t know, should you, tengen?”
“i bet you’d sound cute screaming that name. should i make that happen, too?” his other hand lightly tilts your chin towards him.
“i’d sound cute?” you tilt your head teasingly. “so i don’t sound cute right now?”
“correction,” he thumbs your lower lip. “it’s impossible for you to get even cuter.”
“not even if i make you cum inside me?” you teasingly nibble on his thumb.
“i think it’ll be the other way around,” a low chuckle escapes his throat.
“and why is that?” you straighten your back just slightly as he leans closer, and you can smell the faint mixture of your alcohol-tainted scents, his lips so close to yours.
“because you’re needy, too,” he lowers his voice into a soft murmur, an enticing drawl of sorts. you feel the urge to tease him more, but with him leaning closer to you, you feel yourself welcome it. the hand on your chin tilts your face closer to him, and you close your eyes as soon as you feel the faintest brush against your lips.
but instead, you feel him press a soft kiss to your cheek instead, and you quickly open your eyes with a small gasp, only to set your sight on his triumphant smirk in return.
“so you really are needy, huh?” he traces his thumb along your bottom lip again, and you’d be lying if you claimed not to be tempted to bite down on his finger and break it right there.
“don’t lie to yourself,” you lightly flick his hand away. “i bet you really are desperate for a kiss, but your poor little ego won’t let you make the first move.”
“don’t you think you’re self-projecting?” he grins.
“in what universe would i ever make the first move?” you shake your head.
“see!” he laughs. “you know, i’m aware that i’m flashy and all, so go on. tell me what you want, and we can do it right now,” he runs another hand through your hair.
“you’ll do anything?” you tilt your head.
“name it, angel,” a proud smile tugs at his lips, and you can’t believe he’s taken the bait.
“there IS one thing i want,” you hum. “and it’s for you to fuck me.”
“look who’s the needy one now,” he slides a hand between your thighs, fingers barely ghosting over your underwear. “why don’t we go back to my apartment for the night of your life?”
“it’ll be the night of YOUR life,” you quip. “you really can’t get enough of me, can you, tengen?”
“i think you’re the one who can’t get enough of me,” he muses, sliding his hand dangerously closer to your aching cunt. in response, you still yourself and try your hardest not to grind onto his welcoming hand.
“don’t you think you’re equally as needy if you’re just inviting me to your place?” you mimic his action by placing your hand on his thigh, glancing quickly at his lap to see a budding erection forming behind the fabric of his pants.
“needy, sure, but you’re still needier,” he chuckles. “just throwing yourself on me? damn, i mean, i thought i’d need to woo you even more, but i’m not complaining,” he presses himself closer to you, and with his fingers just barely touching your cunt, you once again have no more room to shy away from his touch. “why don’t we go now, hm?” he whispers lowly against your ear, and only, if only you weren’t so adamant on making him lose to your teasing instead, you’re sure you would have said yes.
but are you seriously going to lose to him?
“nice try, tengen, but if you pull me out of the club right now, that would mean you’ve lost,” you inch your hand closer to his crotch, drawing an amused hum from him.
“so that’s your definition of losing? it’s whoever pulls the other out of the club?”
“exactly,” you giggle softly. “so are you sure you want to lose right now?”
“so it’s a competition now, huh?” he hands you your drink.
“there’s no fun without a little banter,” you hand him the glass back. “you should drink a little more, tengen.”
“i’ve had my fill,” he pushes the glass back to you. “and i think you’re just dying to get another drink, hm? let me ask for another, just for you,” he teases, and you click your tongue, setting the drink on the table once again.
“so that was really your strategy? just try to get me drunk enough to drag you back to your apartment?” you frown playfully. “how dull.”
“the faster we get somewhere else, the more time we’ll have,” his fingers finally reach to cup you between your legs. your breath hitches lightly when you feel his hot touch against your dampening underwear, fingers aiming directly at your clit to flick and apply an agonisingly teasing pressure onto your bud.
“well, if you want m-more time, why don’t you give up right now?” you slip your hand to palm him, only to have him grab your hand with a knowing smirk.
“we can do it with more time next time,” he rubs your clothed cunt again, and the unmistakable grin on his face when you let out a strangled moan is almost infuriating.
“you seem so confident that we’ll do it again,” you grab his wrist in return, stopping his ministrations.
“well, i already said it once, but i know you can’t get enough of me, can you?” tengen tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear.
“confident, are you?” you tease.
“as always.”
“i bet even marie antoinette was humbler than you.”
“fun fact: she’s my disciple.”
“in what timeline?” you finally decide to empty your glass, sighing as you set it down onto the table. perhaps downing one and a half glasses of alcohol wasn’t a good idea.
“in the timeline where you eventually get too needy that you’ll be begging to leave this place,” he winks.
“oh, so not in this one, then,” you hum. “you know, you don’t have to keep saving your pride. if you want to take me home right now, we can definitely go. on account of you losing, of course.”
“are you just saying that as a pretext to hide your stubbornness?”
“i’m not stubborn.”
“that’s something a stubborn person would say, angel.”
“but you like that,” you rise from your seat, groaning slightly from the unhealthy amount of time you’ve been seated.
“of course i do,” he shrugs. “and you’re not standing up right now to admit defeat, aren’t you?”
“of course not. i’m going to sit on you.”
he raises an amused brow, and leans back further against the plush sofa, his erection still apparent. or rather, your target.
“look, love, i know you’re trying something,” he rests his hands on each side of your waist, helping to bring you closer to him as you steady yourself on his shoulders. “but are you sure this won’t backfire on you?” he grins.
“nothing backfires on me,” you seat yourself on his lap, still maintaining a distance between his lap. you’ll turn up the heat when it’s time.
“does this not count as backfiring?” his grip on your waist tightens as he pulls you closer to him, and your stabilising hold on him falters for a split second when he grinds his cock against your teased pussy, tengen obviously relishing in how you instinctively reciprocate the touch, rolling your hips languidly and earning a low groan from him.
“see,” you breathlessly chuckle. “nothing backfires on me. though, i can’t really say it backfired on you either, seeing as you…” you grind yourself on his cock once more, inhaling sharply to conceal any moans. “you like it.”
“that was cute, angel,” he holds you tighter, thumbs digging into your soft flesh as he holds you in place. “but you can’t deny that you like it too, can you?”
you quickly bite down on your lower lip as soon as you realise his plan, and when he slams his hips against yours in a harsh manner, you feel your thighs twitch, the sensation of the callous surface of the button and zipper of his pants a stark contrast to the soft cloth of your underwear, already well-soaked from your arousal.
“c’mon, don’t hide those cute sounds,” he grips your jaw. “on second thought, why don’t you use that pretty little voice to beg instead?”
“there’s nothing to gain from begging you for anything,” you experimentally try to move away from where the two of you are still connected by the hip, only to remain frozen in place despite him only using one hand to keep you in place.
“i think there is,” he grinds himself against you again, and you can faintly feel him harden. you’re sure he isn’t even fully hard yet, and taking his pants into account, just how BIG is he?
“you want it too, don’t you?” he dips his hand past the waistband of your underwear, and you clasp a hand over your mouth when he uses a finger to flick at the sensitive bud of your clit.
“t-tengen,” you grit your teeth, feeling sweat gather on your brow.
“what is it, hm?” he rubs at your clit several more times, and you groan softly, trying to wrestle your way out of his hold in a futile attempt to close your thighs together.
“this isn’t fair,” you huff.
“what isn’t?” he dips a finger into your needy hole, and you bury your flushed face in his shoulder, thankful nobody else in the vicinity could possibly see what’s happening. “c’mon, i know you can’t possibly be fucked-out to the point of being so dumb,” his harsh flicks turn into slowed strokes on your nub, and it only worsens the heating blossom in your belly. “use your words, pretty girl.”
“i’ll use them, alright,” you peel yourself away from his shoulder to face him, his maroon half-lidded gaze boring into yours with a haze of lust behind them. “tengen, take us to your place,” you say. “now.”
a hopeful twinkle shines in his eyes. “am i dreaming, or is that really you giving in?”
“you’re dreaming,” you lean closer to his ear and whisper, “if you let me touch you too, i’ll let you cum inside me regardless of who wins.”
it was a lie. either way, you’d have let him fill you up, but a little playful threat won’t hurt.
tengen hums for a moment, as if thinking through his options with thorough evaluation. you don’t mind him taking his sweet time, but not when his fingers are still pumping in and out of your cunt!
“y’know, doll, i guess you’re in luck today; i’m in a really nice mood right now,” he slips his hand out of your soiled panties to bring his now-wet fingers to his lips, eagerly lapping at the taste of your essence as though it were sweeter than wine. it brings a darker blush to your complexion, but you know it’s only the very beginning of it all.
“but, how about something a little more exciting instead?” a playful smirk rests on his face, and you don’t need a double take to know that it most likely won’t end with the odds in your favour.
“if you cum from me fingering you in under 3 minutes, then you win.”
you stare at him with wide eyes, expression baffled as you can barely grasp at a string of coherent words.
“h-here?” you whisper with uncertainty.
“no, of course not here,” he chuckles. “in the car ride back to my place, of course.”
“why does this depend on me?” you cross your arms. “why not you?”
“because, darling,” he sing-songs, “you can’t possibly suck my dick while on the roads, now can you?”
“oh, i certainly can,” you declare.
“i know you can, but do you think i could possibly make it all the way home without crashing from having your pretty little mouth suck me off?”
“i’m flattered you think highly of my skills.”
“no, i’m sure you suck at it, but you’re just so damn hot that i don’t care if you even gave me the world’s worst blowjob– fuck, ow!”
“how charming,” you roll your eyes, pinching him just once more for good measure.
“ow, fuck, fuck!”
“save your curses for later,” you pat his shoulder. “fine, let’s go. i know we were going to end up crashing at your place anyways.”
a soft chuckle escapes his throat. “that eager, huh? so cute,” he reaches a hand to cup your cheek, but you hold it in place.
“but really? three minutes?” you scoff. “you’re either overconfident or you’ve forgotten the concept of time.”
“neither,” he smiles. “three minutes is how long the average song lasts. not too long, not too short. and besides,” he intertwines his fingers with yours, grinding onto your hip again, “i bet i can even get you to cum in just two minutes.”
“two minutes and i’ll let you cum inside,” you smile.
“that’s not fair, sugar,” he pouts.
you shrug. “you weren’t fair before, either. how’s it any different if i do it now?” you lace your fingers around him to pull him closer.
“only i’m allowed to be unfair,” he laughs softly.
“better get used to this, then,” you plant a soft kiss to his cheek, just as he did to you before. “now let’s go, you’ve got a point to prove.”
“a point that i’ll prove to be correct,” he hums.
“hmm…doubt it. but i’ll be nice and play along for now.”
“i’ll finger your doubts away.”
“tengen…” you let out a shuddering breath the moment his deft fingers caress your dripping cunt, your thighs adamantly pressed together in stubbornness as he continues to tease your clothed folds.
“it’s almost midnight,” he glances at his phone, the dim light of the device showing you the current time. 11:56pm.
“so?” you huff. “if you’re going to start at exactly three minutes before midnight, then take your hands out of my panties right now.”
“but why would i do that?” he presses harder against your cunt, and you clench your jaw, trying to keep your moans at bay as well as stabilise your breathing, too.
“god, you’re so unfair,” you click your tongue.
“you could always just take my hand out yourself,” he sneaks a glance at you, and you don’t miss the smugness of his expression, the way he knows you won’t do it.
“it’s just a few more seconds before 11:57,” you say, “and since i’m nice, i’ll let you have a quick head start.”
“how kind,” he muses to himself, and as though through pure coincidence, or chance, the clock strikes 11:57.
and at exactly 11:57, your moans ring unabashed in the small space of his car.
“tengen!” your hands quickly grip the car’s seat, thighs trembling when he pushes your underwear aside, his fingertips skillfully making quick work of your wet clit, swirling the swollen little bud around as he uses your own slick to dampen it.
“you’re so damn wet, love,” he croons softly, “at this rate, you’re starting to make me think i can get you off in just two minutes.”
“l-lower your ego,” your words titter when he pumps two long fingers inside you, each slow-paced stroke only adding more fuel to the fire inside you that threatens to snap at any moment.
“hm? what’s that?” he curls his fingers inside you, tips stimulating your fluttering walls as your body stiffens, your mind becoming more and more of a gooey mess from all the built-up tension that started hours ago.
“lower my ego when you’re on the verge of cumming like a pretty little slut? all while under three minutes?” he chuckles sardonically, and from the corner of your eye, you can faintly see his lust-filled gaze train upon your trembling form, your hips slightly lifted off of the seat to meet with his hand in needy unison.
“the three minutes will be up…soon…” you turn away from him, choosing to close your eyes instead and save yourself from embarrassment. the roads aren’t very crowded, and it only serves him some time to sneak more glances at you.
“soon?” he leans closer to you, resting his elbow beside the gear lever. “can you really hold on for two more minutes?”
“shut up,” you bite your lip, opening your eyes to squint at the time.
it really is 11:58pm.
“it’s so cute how you’re trying so hard to hold back,” the car stops in front of a red light, and tengen leans over, trailing soft kisses on your neck while you squirm and mewl softly.
“but you know…” he nibbles gently on your neck, “i bet you’d look just as cute when you give in,” he nestles his fingers deeper into you, pumping shallowly into your hot walls as you pant unevenly, eyes still closed in an attempt to redirect your concentration to hold yourself back from reaching a full climax.
“i’m not giving in,” you move your hand to grip his arm instead, both for better support and hope that it would deter his actions.
“you sure?” his thumb presses onto your clit squarely, before he slowly flicks it in a repeated manner, movements mimicking that of his fingers slowly bringing you to a heated frenzy.
“you’re close, angel,” you feel him whisper in your ear, but you can barely register his words, the blooming tension in your stomach so, so close to snapping. you want to hold back, to force your muddled mind to think of anything that will dissuade you, but his fingers pick up speed, and you clasp a hand over your mouth when he hits that very special spot inside you, rubbing the sensitive point with no mercy as your thighs clamp tightly around his hand, your body flushed and burning with an intense need.
“tengen…” you whisper hazily as you lightly dig your nails into his arm, a small pain he welcomes as his tempo remains unfaltering, always constant and almost dizzying.
“one more minute,” he chuckles lowly against your heated skin.
one more minute, but as soon as you feel his lips crash onto yours, your world spins. his tongue slips into your warm depths, tangling with your surprised one as you drink in his scent, his taste. he tastes like an all-too familiar alcohol, and it suits him.
intoxicating, that’s what he is.
his other hand gently cradles the back of your head to give him better access, and his mouth ravages yours in a searingly heated kiss. it’s hard, it’s passionate, and it’s needy.
he tastes so good, and feels so good, too.
it’s almost too good.
no, it’s not just ‘almost’ too good.
his pace quickens into one that’s faster than ever before, coaxing you to your peak as you try your best to stifle your moans, but every lash and beckon of his tongue against yours and his fingers in your cunt finally becomes too much, and you hold tightly onto him, his lips drinking away at your erratic moans as your back muscles go rigid against the seat, an intense orgasm rippling through your body as your walls flutter around his fingers and greedily suck him in, leaving you shivering in the aftershocks of it all as he pulls away from the kiss.
“told you i could do it in under three minutes,” he retracts his fingers from you, the hint of lust in his eyes darkening when he runs his tongue along his fingers, now even wetter with your sweetness.
“you were just lucky,” you pout at the car’s clock, which sits at the centre and displays exactly 12:00am.
“i’d like to think it was all thanks to my skills,” the traffic light turns green, and he resumes driving.
“your skill of being lucky.”
“not really that, but i guess you could consider yourself lucky this time,” the car swerves to a stop right in front of a building, which you can only guess is his apartment.
“is that the lobby?” you point to the gleaming centre of the building.
“yep,” he replies. “the elevator’s just down by the left side, and i live on the ninth floor.”
“what direction is your room from the elevator?”
“turn left, and it’s the first one on sight. room 901,” he turns to you, a teasing smirk on his face. “i know you’re horny, but are you asking so you can break in next time?”
“no,” you open the passenger door the second he unlocks the car. “race you to the top. if i get there first, then…”
you shrug playfully, “you’ll see.”
“y-you’re so–”
“unfair?” he hums lowly against your chest, hardness pressed hotly against the inside of your thigh. “i knew that, angel,” his hands push your knees apart for him even further, and you open your mouth to retort with a witty remark, only to be stopped in your tracks when he grinds himself against your now-bare cunt, the rough contact with your delicate parts only serving as a debauched addition to your arousal.
“take that off,” you mumble, motioning to his pants with your foot.
“why don’t you take it off yourself?” he lilts.
you click your tongue, “fine, then.” you sit up just slightly, supporting your weight on your elbows as you reach out to unbutton the front of his pants, feeling the tips of your ears darken from the sight of his bulge, clear and constricted behind his boxers. you pull down the last article of clothing to finally reveal his cock, tip stained with precum and length fully hardened, its girth thick and sure to fill you up.
“it’s okay to stare,” he teases, and you glare lightly at him.
“you teased me for being wet, but look how hard you are for me,” you hum.
“didn’t think i’d ever see the day where you’d turn my own words against me,” he grips your waist gingerly, just as he did back at the club. “so this time, why don’t i give you a little head start?”
you kneel above him, your bare cunt just barely rubbing against the head of his cock in the compromising position. “head start in what?” you ask.
“in control.”
“i want to see you fuck yourself on my cock,” he lowers you down just slightly, and your thighs twitch when his tip brushes against your folds.
“i think the one i’ll be fucking is YOU, not myself,” you roll your hips against his twitching cock, holding tighter onto him as one of your hands direct his thickness to your gaping cunt, sucking in a breath when you press his tip against your opening.
“only for a little while,” he lays himself onto the bed, and you suck in a sharp breath as you sink yourself down on his throbbing cock, feeling every inch and shape of his veins enter your pulsating walls, easily slipping in due to how wet he has made you.
you moan softly, thighs trembling as you tell yourself to keep going, to take every single inch of his cock inside you until there’s none left for him to fuck into you.
but he’s so big, and the unbearable tightness of your cunt makes it even more difficult for you to take him in full.
“need help, sugar?”
but no, you won’t back down.
you decide to slam yourself down on his cock, a sharp cry escaping your throat as your hands tremble on his chest where you steady yourself, but the feeling is undoubtedly more than you could ask for.
“never needed your help,” you quip shakily, before you slowly roll your hips against his, relishing as tengen lets out a loud groan, cock faintly twitching inside you as he does so.
“not for now, at least,” he teasingly jabs, and you grind yourself on him again, feeling your tightness further clamp down around him as his cock massages your quivering pussy.
“s-shut up, tengen,” you pant lightly, starting to slowly adjust to a steady rhythm, every drag of his cock along your hot, wet canal showering you in feelings of bliss; powerful enough to bring back a returning feeling from not too long ago.
“then shut me up, lover girl.”
“if you say so…lover boy,” you ride him faster this time, snapping your hips on his as the bed titters lightly, each desperate rock of your hips against his making him hiss and grab at your thighs, holding them in place with force as he begins grinding himself to meet your pace.
“s-stop!” you whine softly when his hands find your breasts, squeezing and grasping at your chest while you try your best to focus on the reignited building tension in your belly, your lower lips swallowing his cock whole as you continue to fuck yourself on him like a desperate little whore.
“stop what?” he only chuckles, using his thumbs to press into each of your nipples and rub circles against the sensitive little mounds.
“it’s not your turn yet,” you huff.
“really?” he moves a hand to pinch at your clit, forcing away all your thoughts and instead drawing a loud moan out of you.
“you’re so impatient,” you whimper as you fight to keep your position, though it proves futile when he easily overpowers you, pushing you onto the bed as you tumble sideways with a yelp, an obscene moan spilling from you when he tentatively pulls out before slamming into you, now fully in control.
“impatient, yes, but remember…” he starts thrusting into you, immediately starting off with a bestial pace. “this is all your fault, angel.”
“m-my fault?” you sputter, “it’s obviously yours!”
“no mistake on my part here,” he places his hands on either side of your head in order to spear himself as deep as he can into you, wholly intent on dishing out a more merciless and brutal pace to your battered cunt, and your fingers entangle themselves into his sheets as you flail and scream with every hit of his cock against your cervix.
“it’s your fault for being so damn pretty,” tengen can’t stop smiling at your little mewls and attempts to quell your cries. here you are, someone who’s teased him relentlessly, now crying his name out as you can barely take every inch of his thick cock in your tightness, your face and chest flushed as he diligently pumps himself in and out of your welcoming pussy, which he’s sure to mould to his shape.
“not going to talk back this time?” he dips down to kiss and lick at the flawless skin of your neck.
“it’s still y-your fault,” you retort through the little gasps and mewls he’s forced out of you. your hips try to meet him in a shared pace, but with the rough pounding that he’s set, you can barely move, especially with his weight overpowering yours.
“okay, okay,” he smiles against your neck, and you whimper when he delivers a particularly hard suck to your soft skin, soon to be full of blossoming love bites.
“since i’ll take the blame this time and admit that it’s my fault, how about i make it up to you by cumming twice inside you?” his animalistic pace comes to a slow; still at a relentless pace, but this time, it’s far more aimed, and through your disarranged string of thoughts, you know what he’s trying to do.
“t-twice?” you gasp.
“don’t tell me that’s too much for you,” he scoffs. “you can take it, can’t you?”
“o-of course i can,” you titter, “can YOU take it?”
“oh angel, i could fuck you for an eternity.”
the bed creaks underneath you from the result of tengen no longer holding back, and the headboard slams over and over in a repeated manner, echoing his thrusts as the sounds all conjoin with that of his skin slapping on yours, shameless moans and curses adding to all the noise the two of you are making.
and all the proof of what’s most likely the best night of your life is only sweetly topped off with him driving into you harshly, hips never faltering as he delivers thrust after thrust into your weeping cunt, the very force of being impaled on his cock over and over again only driving you closer and closer to the second climax of the night.
“you want to cum?” his pace slows to an agonising rhythm, and with the loss of his usually ruthless pounding, you whine in reply, trying your best to lift your ass off the bed in order to grind on him. just a little more of his thrusts, and you’re sure to cum.
“c’mon, love,” he grabs your jaw, forcing you to look him square in the eye. you know he’s slowed his pace on purpose, wanting to leave you in a needy mess, but from his gritted teeth, you can tell he wants nothing more than to resume fucking you.
“do you want to cum?”
words fail you for a moment, and with his hand holding your jaw, you can’t exactly nod, either. “y-yes,” you whimper softly. “i want to cum…and i want you to cum in me.”
“fuck,” he curses under his breath, and his hips slam into yours once again, cock surging into your tight cunt with a renewed vigour, ramming into your cervix over and over again as you scream in pleasure, before he captures your lips in an open-mouthed kiss and abruptly holding himself in place, finally reaching his first climax as the feeling of his seed shoots into your womb, still pumping his seed into you as the fullness of his sticky spend only push you off the edge.
you cry out, squeezing your eyes shut as your back arches against him and your cunt coils tightly around him, your legs locking him in place as your walls quiver and flutter around him, pulling him deeper and deeper, almost as if he’d disappear. it feels too good once again, especially the very feeling of his seed painting your insides in waves of white, your slurred moans quickly melting into shallow gasps as your orgasm slowly subsides, and you’re left in the wake of an overstimulated state.
“aww, is it really too much?” his thrusts grow more insistent, and you’re momentarily taken aback by his stamina. how the hell can he still keep going?
“look at you,” he lands a firm slap to your thigh. “squirming and whining like a cute little whore. but i bet even whores don’t get worn out this quickly. is my cock just too much for you?”
“i’m not tired!” for a moment you can’t even remember, or think of anything. you can��t even recall the reason you’re letting him cum TWICE inside you. what did you do again? oh god, why did you say yes? you’re half-tempted to deny him of his next climax, but you can barely even speak in such a state, especially with his cock grinding and prodding roughly against your used cervix, leaving you screaming and writhing in ecstasy under him.
“you’re not tired?” he lands a thrust that’s sharper than usual, “so you wouldn’t mind if we went until morning, hm?”
“f-fuck you,” you gasp out.
“that’s what you’re already doing, love,” you feel the pads of his fingers tease your clit, and you let out a weak cry, all at once also feeling the head of his cock repeatedly try to push through the small opening of your cervix.
“are you close again?” you can faintly hear him ask you, and you find yourself almost tipping over the edge once more, your pussy all stretched out just for him and taking every inch and ridge of him so, so well.
“i’m close…” you wrap your arms around him to pull him closer to you, foreheads touching as you tearfully stare up into the beautiful maroon of his pupils.
“that makes the two of us,” you feel his teeth graze your earlobe, hot breath fanning your skin as you shiver in delight, your eyes in a daze as you’re pushed to another incoming climax, his cock mashing deeper into you, splews of his cum unloading into your womb for the second time for the night, the first load of cum now intermixed with the second to create an even messier pool of white deep in your pussy.
you cry out at the feeling of his scalding, hot spend filling you to the brink once again, your mind frenzied as tengen kisses you again, holding you tightly as he slowly rides you out of your rippling orgasm. with his body pressed against yours, you can feel his rapid heart beat against yours.
“holy fuck,” he mutters thickly, voice slightly sore against your ear. “this really is the best night of my life.”
“told you so,” you mumble tiredly, your body suddenly encapsulated in a feeling of fatigue.
he lets out a soft chuckle, almost inaudible as he pulls away to free his cock from your spent tightness, and you groan quietly as you feel a string of your mixed juices spill out of your gaping hole.
“why haven’t we done this earlier?” tengen lays beside you, and you crack your eyes open, slowly turning to face him.
“because you’re a pain in the ass,” you tease.
“and now i’m a pain in the womb.”
“well, you’re right. you’re nothing but a big baby.”
“ah, so that’s the reason why we haven’t done this earlier.”
you look at him questioningly. “hm?”
“it’s your refusal to make the first move,” he smirks softly. “you just use some magical-ass tactic to trick others into doing the first move, right?”
you stare at him blankly. “do i look like a wizard to you?”
“not really,” he runs a hand through your hair. “but you’ve really placed me under your spell.”
“so charming,” you close your eyes once again, instead opting to snuggle closer to him. he’s warm, and the gradual steadying of both your heartbeats bring a calming feeling over you.
“want to stay the night?” you hear the smile just from his voice.
“i wouldn’t even leave if you told me to,” you giggle. “i’m tired and it’s all your fault.”
“ah, my bad, princess,” he wraps an arm around you. “might want to rethink that again, though.”
“you might just wake up with my dick inside you.”
“...i think i’d like to move in instead.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ modern au
♡ ft. eren, armin, jean, connie, reiner, porco, bert, zeke
♡ warning: explicit content (minors dni), fem!reader, dirty talk, degradation
Tumblr media
When Eren walks into your room after class, he expects to see you doing one of three things: homework, watching tiktok videos, or scrolling through tumblr. So naturally, it takes a second for him to realize that you’re not doing any of those things. He first notices that your thighs are wide open, a hand stuffed beneath the waistband of your leggings to rest on your sex. You don’t notice he’s there, so Eren watches for a moment, furrowing his brows and sliding his backpack off a shoulder. His brain tries to make sense of what the hell you’re doing — and then he finally sees your fingers moving underneath the fabric. To be honest, Eren is speechless at first; he just stands by your bedroom door, stuck on watching the scene unfold in front of him. But then he’s gritting his teeth, because fuck, you’re such a tease. He’s annoyed at you for not texting him, annoyed that you decided to do something so naughty and not even give him a heads up. So Eren is looking pissed when he storms over, scaring the shit out of you because you didn’t even know he was there. Eren doesn’t say a word when you blush and try to explain yourself — he cuts off your nervous stammering by slamming his mouth against yours, running his pierced tongue along your lip. He just has to replace your hand with his, just has to show you that your fingers aren’t good enough. You can beg all you want for his cock; Eren won’t give you shit. He’s gonna make you cum on his fingers alone. God, he’s such an asshole, making remarks about how your slutty pussy couldn’t even wait for him to make it home. Eren goes absolutely feral, kissing down your neck while rolling your clit. He hooks his fingers into your sloppy walls, growling when he finds that you’ve already gotten yourself so wet without him. The bastard brings you right to the edge of orgasm but stops right when you’re about to cum. He smirks down at you before slinking off the bed, his tone sarcastic and a little mean. “Oh, my bad. I got carried away. You obviously wanted to go solo, so I’ll let you finish on your own.” Eren watches you try to pick up the slack, but don’t worry; he’s losing his mind just as much as you are. He ends up fucking your brains out in the end.
When Armin walks in on you, he’s a goner. No joke. He stands at the doorway, his eyes wide and a textbook nearly dropping from his slack arms. When you get startled and try to cover yourself up, Armin’s hands automatically fly out to stop you. Because let’s be honest, while his brain is short-circuiting, his dick is definitely calling the shots. Part of him feels bad for ruining your fun, but he wants to see you continue, asks you to. When you slowly work yourself back open for him and pleasure yourself as best as you can, Armin feels drunk. His lust and horniness levels are OFF THE CHARTS after just a few minutes. The image of you fucking your precious cunt gets him so heated that any initial shyness disappears; the next time you look up, the blonde is stripping down, unbuckling his belt with a flush on his face. God, he wants it to be his fingers that play with your folds. He wants to be the one to manhandle your clit. So Armin gives in when you moan his name, climbing on the bed and capturing your lips in a hungry kiss. You whine when he leans down and whispers into your ear; he can’t help but tell you how good you’re being, how pretty you are when you’re wide open — especially when you toy with yourself like this. Armin can’t stop himself from inspecting the damage, trying to see how swollen you’ve made your pussy and groaning when he notices your hole clenching around nothing. He slips a finger in and then another, grinding the heel into your clit to finish you off. You squirt all over his hand in seconds and Armin refuses to take his gaze off your blushing face the entire time, interested in the way you squirm underneath him. You may have already cum, but don’t get it twisted. The pure arousal in Armin’s eyes lets you know that you’re far from done.
After getting home from campus, Jean can hear whimpers coming from his room. It’s been a tiring day, so maybe it’s just his imagination … but with every step through the hallway, the whining gets louder and louder. He finally recognizes it as your voice. What the hell are you doing? When Jean opens the door to find you spread out on the bed — humping his pillow and crying out his name with desperation — all the blood in his head rushes straight to his dick. “What the fuck?” He wheezes in one rushed breath. Just … shit. It takes a second for Jean to catch his breath, especially when you look over at him with need and bleary eyes. The fact that you’re embarrassed from getting caught but too turned on to stop has Jean seeing fucking colors. He drops his bag and moves beside you, the mattress squeaking with how fast he settles himself down. He wants to watch first, just for a little bit. So you let him, continuing to ride his pillow like it’s his dick and trying to give him the show he wants. There’s a dark look in Jean’s eyes and a clench in his stubbled jaw as he takes it all in; your shaking legs, the flush over your body, the way you squeeze your eyes shut when the fabric hits your clit just right. But he’s gotta be the one to make you cum. He just has to. So when he sees that you’re growing close, Jean clicks his tongue and grabs the pillow, slipping it out from under you. The loss of contact has you a blubbering mess, but you can’t say anything because Jean is suddenly rubbing furious circles against your clit. “You couldn’t wait for me, huh?” He scoffs, his free hand lightly holding your throat to pull you in for a deep kiss. “Let me walk in on you touching yourself. You out of your mind?” It’s not long before Jean jams his fingers right into your drippy cunt, curling them to hit that hot spot over and over. He makes you cum at least twice before fucking you dumb.
Connie has no chill. ZERO. So the second he enters the room to see you spread out on your bed like a bitch in heat — and after his brain registers what he’s seeing — this man is dropping all his shit like he owns the place. You have no time to even express your surprise, because Connie is tossing off his shoes and shrugging out of his hoodie. A dirty smirk is glued to his face. “Sheesh. Don’t mind me, babe, keep the show going!” Connie doesn’t interfere too much at first; he starts by encouraging you to keep going, no matter how embarrassed you get. He decides to hold your legs open so you can rut up against your hand more freely, getting it perfectly sticky and gross. You can tell that Connie wants nothing more to fuck you — he always does — but he still doesn’t move. He rests both palms on your knees and forces your legs even wider, licking his lips. “C’mon baby, lemme see how you make yourself cum. Gotta know how you touch yourself when I’m not here.” Connie knows that your fingers aren’t long like his, that they don’t fill you up enough … and yet he watches with a silly grin. What a douchebag. Connie can be a whole tease when he wants, and in this moment? He’s going to take his sweet time with you. Honestly, he just wants to see you beg for him. So of course you have to ask for what you want. And once you do, Connie jumps in without hesitating a single second. He teases your nipples, runs his teeth along your shoulder, says dirty shit in your ear: anything and everything to have you gasping and moaning. Connie may be an asshole, but even he has his limits. Eventually his fingers impatiently slam into your cunt and your clit gets sucked. Just give him the reigns and this man will have you cumming faster than ever. 
When Reiner walks in to see you resting against the headboard of the bed and sliding a couple fingers between your weeping folds, he’s putty. The man is frozen to the spot at first, stuck between crossing the room or watching you get yourself off. But the millisecond you glance over at him — closing your legs in shame and starting to apologize — Reiner has no problem in walking over. The mattress dips under his weight and sends you leaning into him; his hands instantly find your waist, moving up and down your sides. God, you’ve made yourself so worked up. Reiner can tell how aroused you are with how you’re dripping onto the sheets, your perfect little pussy throbbing and shiny with slick. “Why didn’t you call me?” Reiner mutters, pulling you close. He’s looking down at you like you’re a prize now, eyes glittering with carnal desire as he chews on his lower lip. You try to keep going, but the second your hand slips between your legs again, Reiner catches you by the wrist. A whine slips from your throat and you’re ready to protest … until you feel the thick tips of his fingers teasing your wet hole. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and Reiner shushes your moans, his brows furrowing as he tries to keep himself under control. He makes entering you a part of the foreplay, slightly putting in a finger to the knuckle before pulling back out. You’re a sobbing mess by the end of it. When you try to reach your clit to get yourself off again, Reiner’s already there. He rubs you out with a groan, watching you spasm and buck your hips when you cum. Such a good girl for him. Still, Reiner isn’t done yet. He sits back for a bit and tells you touch yourself again. It doesn’t matter that you’re overstimulated when you tap on that hot tiny clit; he wants to see you masturbate, fucking loves to see you pleasure yourself. Something about it is so intimate to him. Reiner can’t help but wrap a fist around his hard cock and jack himself off, matching the desperate pace of your fingers. It’s going to be a long night.
The moment Porco sees you touching yourself on his bed — four fingers in your pussy to try and replicate his girth — he’s on fire. “Fuck, you’re …” He trails off, a painful boner already gathering in his pants. The fact that you don’t even stop when you glance over at him has Porco’s jaw dropping open. Have you no shame? You just blink up at him with teary eyes, so so hot and sinful, fingers still making good work on your cunt. The second you whimper a ‘please,’ Porco is already halfway across the room. He covers up his arousal with a scoff, runs a hand through his neat undercut before pinning you down. He’s gonna break you. “I knew you were a slut, but fuck. You couldn’t wait a little longer? You just had to touch this little clit, yeah?” Porco teases, shoving his hand under your own to dig a thumb into that aching bud. It makes you throw your head back and moan, causing Porco to smirk. “Fucking whore.” He takes no time in splitting you open on his thick fingers, shoving them as deep as they can go and getting your soft pink slit all lubed up. Just when you’re about to orgasm from the way your gooey walls are being rammed, Porco pulls away, tossing your hand back over your pussy. “Go ahead and make yourself cum first. Then I’ll think about giving you my cock.” When you beg for him to touch you instead, tell him that it just doesn’t feel as good, Porco barks out a harsh laugh. He ghosts his lips along yours before pulling away completely. “What? You gotta finish what you started.”
Life has always thrown curveballs at Zeke, so he’s learned to expect the unexpected. But honestly, nothing could have prepared him for walking in on you getting off. Not that he’s complaining, of course. It’s an enticing scene for him to watch; your sweater is pulled up to your stomach, lower half completely naked, and broken whines fall from your lips as you finger-fuck your soft tender pussy. Zeke raises a brow but says nothing, leaning against the doorway for a few extra moments to see if you’ll notice him. Your senses are so dulled by your lust that you don’t even see him — which makes Zeke fucking smile. What a slut you are, so horny out of your mind that you’re not even aware of your surroundings. Cute. You only realize Zeke’s there when he stalks across the room toward you with a nonchalant expression. Heat instantly bubbles up to your cheeks. You’re fucking humiliated, and Zeke loves it. Adores seeing the shame screwing up your flushed little face. “Did I interrupt?” He chuckles, coming around the side of the bed and sitting next to you. “Don’t mind me. You already started, might as well finish.” Before long, you’ve started up again, albeit a little reluctantly; it’s the cool gaze Zeke gives you that has you going slower now. You cry and whine and moan, yet Zeke stays glued to his seat, watching you intently. The smell of cigarette smoke rubs onto your sheets and you try to inhale it all while stroking your clit. It’s only when you’re too ashamed and too helpless to finish that Zeke moves, smacking your hand away to get a good look at your sex. He can see your pulse inside your cunt, folds swollen from so much bloodflow. “You’re pathetic,” Zeke sighs. You think he’s gonna leave, go right out the door, but your boyfriend takes mercy on you. His fingers dive right into you without warning, twisting and hooking right into that hot spot. He thrusts them inside so deep, a hand moving around your throat to pin you against his chest. “Why don’t you make a mess for me? Show me what a dirty fucking whore does with her time.”
When Bertholdt enters the room to see you finger-fucking yourself, he’s not really sure how he feels; yeah, you’re hot with how you look over at him with needy eyes, fingers not stopping their motions on your clit. And sure, he’s hard as a rock. But he also feels like he’s intruding on something private. So poor little Bertholdt just hovers near the door, unsure of whether or not he should go. Once you notice he’s there, you’re humiliated — until you realize that he’s way more embarrassed than you. He might just leave if you don’t do something. So you prop yourself up better to give him a clear look at your flayed pussy, spreading your thighs open as wide as they can go. You ask him to come in, trying to catch a breath when you speak. “You can join me if you want, Bertholdt.” It takes the man a moment to tell that you’re being serious; he’s beyond flustered right now and can’t think straight. But once Bertholdt realizes that you’re not joking, he sets down his things and swallows the lump in his throat. God, he wants to see those perfect hands of yours touch yourself again. It just feels so private to watch and wrong to be a part of — and Bertholdt likes it. When he reaches for you, he can physically see the juices on your fingers, knows that you’re sopping wet and ready to be slipped into. Bertholdt groans, taking your hand and slipping your shiny digits into his mouth. There’s no stopping this. He doesn’t even take off of his clothes before climbing on top of you and messing with your pussy, because he needs to know how tight your walls are clenching right now. Needs to know what your fingers were just feeling when they were shoved up inside that cunt.
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taleasnewastime · 26 days ago
Dating advice | Part thirteen
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s been months – ok, it’s been years – since you last went on a date. And you’re sick of it. Sick of seeing couples kissing and holding hands in the street. Sick of your friends settling down. Sick of everyone buying houses and having families. You’re going to do something about it. You’re going to snap up a man, you’re going to tie someone down, you’re going to finally commit, you’re going to – you’re going to need a bit of advice.
Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: fluff; angst; smut
Word count: 4.4k
Warnings: Low self-esteem, angst, awkwardness, overthinking; FLUFF!
Authors Note: Can’t believe we’re at part 13 already! Hope you’re still enjoying.
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Tumblr media
“Yoongi’s already spoken to me, so you don’t have to worry.”
“Spoken to you about what?”
“About not bringing you and him up and what you may, or may not, have done,” Priya pauses then adds, “or be doing.”
You flush, try not to be awkward. This is something that happens when you date, yet it’s something you wish you could avoid. Telling people, telling friends that then ask questions; especially ones you don’t know the answer to yourself. It’s curiosity, it’s human nature and it’s because they care and want to hear about it. But you still feel scarred from the teasing at school, of the gossip going around at university, of the feeling of people talking about you behind your back and the not knowing what people think, or so plainly knowing what they think but disagreeing. And in this particular situation, it’s the awkwardness of them discussing something with you that you’re not even sure what it is yourself. Everyone has an opinion on everything and though it’s your life, you’re used to people wading in with those opinions, whether they’re wanted or not.
“Right,” you say, your voice surprisingly level despite the fact that your stomach feels like a bubbling volcano. “And isn’t that exactly what you’re doing?”
“Nah,” Priya replies, completely at ease with the conversation. “If I were to bring it up, I would have made a joke about how you two took long enough to do something, or maybe I’d ask how lame the dates Yoongi takes you on are?”
“Not lame,” you mutter defensive and a broad, shit eating, grin spreads its way across Priya’s face.
“Great. Well, I’d love to hear all about it,” her smile dips before she adds, with a slightly disgusted look, “well, definitely not the sex. I do not need to hear about how big Yoongi’s dick is, or how good or bad he is with it.”
You look horrified while Priya mimes being sick. Why the hell would you tell her about your sex life, especially with her boss. You’re about to tell her as much but she just keeps talking.
“Or to be honest, I also don’t need you both being all loved up around me. Like it’s sweet and all, but I really hate when people go on about how amazing their boyfriend is for doing the laundry or parallel parking or something equally shit. It’s literally something they should always be doing and just because they don’t always do it doesn’t mean they should be praised as some Adonis because they’ve done it once.”
“Right,” you’re not really sure how to respond to that, have to take a second for your brain to comprehend. “Well, we’ve only been on one date and Yoongi isn’t my boyfriend.”
“Yet,” Priya corrects before dropping down onto her elbows to get closer to you. “Listen, I’ve already had this chat with Yoongi but I feel I need to do it with you too. Don’t hurt him. He may seem all tough and emotionless but he’s actually pretty soft and if you break his heart then just know you’ve made an enemy of me.”
Well fuck. You were not expecting that. Especially when you’re not even sure what you and Yoongi are. Was the threat at the end really necessary? Because it was actually pretty terrifying. You’re not sure to be terrified or flattered by the fact she’d told Yoongi much the same about you. Priya, however, just leans back and smiles as if she hasn’t just threatened you.
“You two are cute together though,” she says.
“Thanks,” the word comes out sounding more like a question.
“So date number two. Or is it three what with the other night? You know, when you went upstairs and then never reappeared. Again, I don’t want to know what happened, just being able to guess is bad enough and I also don’t –”
“I’ve told you before; stop harassing the customers.”
Your eyes snap to the left having not realised Yoongi had appeared. Your face must be full of horror from the amount Priya is rambling on at you. His face is flat when he looks at Priya, but when she rolls her eyes, he flicks his eyes to you and shoots you a small smile and wink. A wink. And then just as quickly he’s back to his unbothered, flat look. It affects you way more than it should. Your eyes still wide, your heart flip flopping.
“It’s called girl talk,” Priya replies.
“Y/N looks traumatised,” you try to school your features as both pairs of eyes look at you. Yoongi smiles, his eyes soften. “You ready to go?”
You give a small smile and nod in return. Eyes now firmly on him you realise how dressed up he is. He’s not wearing his normal t-shirt and jeans, instead he’s in a blue shirt, the top buttons undone with the hem tucked into black trousers and sleeves rolled up to his elbows. It’s not like you haven’t also dressed up, it’s just seeing him like this, knowing he’s dressed up like that for you, does something really funny to your tummy.
“Have a nice time,” Priya’s voice cuts across your thoughts.
“Don’t mess anything up while I’m gone,” Yoongi says in a stern voice.
Priya just rolls her eyes again. “You’re only upstairs.”
“Yeah, and I don’t want you coming up just because you can,” she pulls a face at those words, opens her mouth to say something you’re sure will be in reference to your sex life again, but Yoongi’s already turned away from her back to you. “Come on.”
You slip around the bar, follow Yoongi on the now familiar trail to his flat. Your heart pounding as you go.
Your second date, or possibly your first, or as Priya pointed out maybe your third. Since that night you’ve realised it’s hard dating Yoongi. You’re both adults with adult lives. He owns the pub, has to work most days managing it and his hours are the complete opposite to yours. You work 9-5, he works evenings and weekends.
You’d discussed a second date, or a first proper date, after Yoongi had woken up properly the morning after. He suggested weeknights you couldn’t do and you said you were free weekends he wasn’t. He’d kissed you and mumbled reassurances about how you’d work it out when he could see you thinking how maybe this was doomed before it started. Told you that you’d managed to meet enough before now, so you’d be able to manage from now.
This was the compromise. He wanted to take you out to another fancy restaurant, or for a walk along the canals, or for some cocktails. But there was never any time, and what with Priya never having really managed the bar on her own, Yoongi didn’t need to tell you that he wasn’t comfortable leaving the place to run itself for a night. Not yet anyway. So food in his flat it was. That way he was close enough to help if anything major happened, while also having time away just the two of you. It doesn’t make the date any less nerve wracking for you though. You’re excited, just also nervous.
He’s stood waiting with the door open at the top of the stairs when you get to the bottom. They look longer than you remember with him looking down on you. You force a small smile at his genuine one as you start towards him.
How are you supposed to greet him? You’ve already said hi over the bar just not face to face with nothing between you and no watchful eyes. Do you say it again? Is he going to expect a kiss? Or is that assuming you’re closer than you are? Shaking hands is way too formal, maybe a hug is better? But even then, what do you say? This is your first date with the man, or maybe it’s your second, and yet you’re waltzing up into his flat like this is normal. That’s not something you do on a first maybe second date, is it? You’ve had sex with this man so that changes everything, doesn’t it? Should it make it easier? It feels like it should. It feels like you should happily press your lips against his and not care. Yet having sex with him and skipping so many steps you’d normally have had only makes it feel that much harder for you to be ‘normal’ around him. You’re jumping way too quickly into this thing that you’re not even sure what it is.
You don’t have time to continue your trail of spiralling thoughts as you’re one step away from the man and have to make a decision on what you’re actually going to do or say.
“Something smells good,” you say as you take the final step.
Yoongi’s smile blooms, his hand stays on the door as he pulls it open wide enough to give you room to get past him. No kiss, no hug, no dreaded comment. Nothing to worry about. Your heart still drops.
“I hope you’re hungry, because there’s a lot of it.”
You slip your shoes off as you hear the door close behind you.
“Is it bad that I assumed you’d have ordered take out?”
He’s made his way over to the small kitchen, leaving you to make yourself at home. Instead, you stay in your spot by the door, eyes wondering the room as if unsure what to do. His head turning to you makes you move, awkwardly going to the sofa and perching on the edge.
“I’ll let you be the judge, but I’m actually a pretty good cook. I can at least cook a good five meals without much trouble.”
You let out a small laugh, relax a little and the sight is enough for Yoongi to smile and turn back to the stove.
“I hope toast isn’t counted in those five dishes,” you comment.
“I don’t know, it’s not easy to get it the perfect amount of brown,” you can imagine the gummy smile on his lips even with his back to you.
“You’re not giving me much hope for this meal,” you mutter with a small laugh.
Silence sweeps over the room. The bubbling of liquid, Yoongi opening and closing some draws, the gentle scrape of the spoon on the pan, the only noises. It’s not tense, it’s just that even though you feel more relaxed you still feel on edge.
Your eyes search the room for something to do. Not much has changed in the short time since you were last here. There are still pictures in the same spots on the wall, still those little figurines, a few different notes on the chalk board in his kitchen.
It’s the same as that night. Even the closed door which you know leads to his bedroom.
The sight has you starting to wonder if he’s expecting something tonight. You’re on the sofa where everything started, sat next door to the room where you slept with and then next to him. When he mentioned coming here tonight it was just an invite for dinner, but what if it’s really an invite for more? What if he’s expecting you to stay? What if he wants sex with you again? It’s not that you don’t want to have sex with him, more that you don’t want this to just be about sex. You want more from him than just sex. But how do you tell him that? What if that’s all he wants? You want him, but you want all of him too.
You’re overthinking this, you know. But you just care so much about this that you don’t want to do anything wrong to mess it up.
“I haven’t offered you a drink.”
Yoongi’s fully turned to look at you. His eyes searching yours over the breakfast bar that separates you. You’re pretty sure he can read every one of your thoughts, the trouble is you always struggle to read him.
“I’ll have a glass of wine if you have any.”
He nods, before shuffling around the room to collect the necessary items. Your eyes follow him.
“It’s the good thing about living above a pub,” he explains as his arm strains when removing the cork. “There’s always a constant flow of alcohol.”
“Spoken like a true alcoholic.”
His laugh is soft as he comes towards you, two glasses balanced in one hand and wine in the other. He places them on the coffee table before pouring the drinks and settling in the space next to you. Your eyes are still following him, notice how he doesn’t shy away from you, easily takes up all the space by you, close enough for a sliver of space between you, but not far enough that you can’t feel the heat coming off him. There’s a beat of silence as you look into each other’s eyes. A small smile curling on Yoongi’s lips.
“Hi,” he whispers.
You swallow, watch Yoongi’s eyes dart to the movement before going back to your eyes.
“Hi,” you reply just as quietly.
The air has shifted, the tension in the room becoming thicker with him this close to you. Despite its density, you find it comfortable.
“I missed you.”
Your heart stops, skin heats to seemingly a hundred degrees, throat closes. You struggle to keep eye contact, feel shy all of a sudden.
“We’ve been speaking every day,” you add, stupidly. Why are you like this? Why couldn’t you have just said you missed him back? Because although you’ve been messaging every minute between waking up and going to bed, you have missed him. Missed the sound of his voice, missed his small smiles, missed the way his eyes light up when you make a sarcastic comment. You’ve missed everything you can’t see over words on a screen.
“Still missed you,” he says easily, seemingly not put off by the mental meltdown you’re clearly having. “Sorry it’s taken so long to arrange this.”
“It’s ok,” you say, it’s not even been a week since you slept together, but it’s nice to know he’s felt like it’s been too long too, it helps you calm down a little. “Thanks for cooking.”
“I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous for you to taste it.”
“Yeah,” he smiles. “Why’s that surprising?”
“I just can’t imagine you nervous. You always seem too calm to be nervous.”
He huffs a laugh, eyes lighting up as he looks at you. He looks a little unsure for a second before you feel his hand take yours. There’s a second where you still in shock and where he seems to be wondering if what he’s done is ok. When you relax and don’t pull away he must take it as a sign. Pulling your hand into his lap he takes it between his two hands. Engulfs yours, protecting it between his palms, lightly plays with your fingers and runs patterns along your skin. It calms you and you find yourself twisting further into him, leg bending at the knee to rest on the sofa so your whole body can twist to face him.
“I’m nervous now,” he says gently. “I was nervous before this. I was nervous you might have turned this date down, nervous that coming to my flat wouldn’t have been a good enough date.”
“I think your overestimating how picky I am,” you say in his pause and gain another small laugh from the man.
“I was nervous when I was picking out what to wear. I was nervous walking downstairs to meet you. And I’m still nervous now. I’m always nervous around you, but not in a bad way, in a really good way.”
Your heart feels a little funny. His hand has laced its fingers through yours and he gives you a little squeeze.
“You look beautiful by the way. I was going to say it earlier, but you looked a little out of your depth.”
“Thanks,” you mutter.
“And sorry about Priya. She doesn’t have a filter sometimes and doesn’t realise she can be a bit much.”
“She’s ok.”
He pauses, seems to take you in for a second. “Ok. Shall we go eat?”
You nod. His hand squeezes yours again. He looks reluctant to let it go so stands still holding it, pulling you up with him.
Your breath catches in your throat as you come to stand chest to chest. You can almost feel his breath on you you’re that close. His eyes dart around your face, you don’t miss the way they go to your lips but he doesn’t lean in, just squeezes your hand one last time.
“You really do look beautiful.”
You don’t make the point that from this angle he can only see your face, no other part of you. Just take the compliment, store it away and let his hand drop yours as he goes back to the kitchen.
You take a large gulp of your wine before you follow him.
“Want me to do anything?”
“Can you stir this?”
He moves to the side to let you take the spoon he’s using. It doesn’t feel like you’re doing much to help as Yoongi cuts up some last bits. But at least you don’t feel like a spare part on the side.
“Hope you don’t mind eating on the sofa.”
“That’s alright.”
“We could eat at the breakfast bar, but it’s not the comfiest.”
“The sofa is fine, really.”
“Ok,” he seems to take a breath and it makes you smile. Maybe he wasn’t lying when he told you he’s nervous. It’s cute.
He takes some bits to the coffee table as you continue to stir: a bowl of salad, some bread, salt and pepper, cutlery.
“Ok, you go sit. I’ll serve up and bring it over.”
You hang around for a second before deciding to let him do this. You don’t need to question every little thing.
He brings the bowl over when it’s ready and you place a pillow on your lap to protect your legs from the heat. You dive into the food. It’s delicious and you tell Yoongi as much. His gummy smile comes out, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink in pride. You realise you like that you can have that effect on him.
“So, if you can cook this and toast, what are your other three dishes?” You say around a mouthful of food.
His lips are turned upwards in amusement. “I make this really nice beef dish.”
“You’ve got a real range in just five dishes.”
He chuckles, swallows his mouthful before answering, “What about you? Do you cook?”
“More of a baker.”
“I’m a terrible baker,” he says, eyes sparkling before he adds. “We’d make quite the team in the kitchen.”
You flush, eyes focus on picking up your next mouthful of food. You wish you didn’t become so bashful at even the smallest of comments about the two of you. But then weren’t you just thinking how you enjoyed the look on Yoongi. You’re like a couple of timid children around each other.
A comfortable silence falls over the two of you as you just enjoy Yoongi’s cooking. You have a feeling he’s being modest about only knowing how to cook five dishes. His food is good, really good.
“You ever think about doing food at your pub?”
The question seems to come out of the blue if Yoongi’s shocked expression is anything to off.
“I just mean, this is really good, and I bet people would love to eat it if you catered downstairs.”
His cheeks go your favourite shade of pink though his face remains flat.
“I actually have looked into it,” he says. “It cost way too much then I was willing to spend at the time. And I’m not a chef. I couldn’t cook and manage the pub, and I didn’t want to hire someone new.”
You nod, makes sense. “Maybe one day,” you say with a small smile.
“Yeah, definitely not off the cards.”
Finishing up your food you place your empty plate on the coffee table in favour of your wine. It’s as your sitting back that the thought occurs.
“What are your thoughts on cats and dogs?”
He sits up straighter suddenly becoming very serious. You bite back a fond smile.
“I like both. I’ve actually always considered getting a cat.”
You can picture it, it feels like the thing the flats missing, a pet. Yoongi here in this flat, a cat curling its way around his legs begging for food while Yoongi brews his coffee. Yoongi sat reading on the sofa with a cat lay on his lap, his long fingers gently stroking its head. Yoongi pretending he hates it sleeping on his bed for the fleas and hair that it leaves behind, but when it comes to it he’s the one that’s picking the cat up and carrying it to his bed at night. For a brief moment you even get a glimpse of yourself here with the two of them.
“I could imagine you with a cat.”
“Whenever I’ve properly thought about it, I always got put off by the fact that I don’t think I could give it enough of my time.”
Your heart squeezes a little. “Pub cats are a thing. Surely you could let it downstairs with you too.”
“Not sure how some of the customers would feel about that.”
You shrug. “Maybe it’s a way to weed out the people you don’t want as customers then.”
His teeth appear when he lets out a small chuckle. You take a small sip of your wine.
“I mean, when you think about it, don’t you think it’s weird that we have pets at all? Like dogs just walking down the street on a lead, cats wondering the streets and curling up in homes, even hamsters held in little cages. It’s kind of odd when you think hard about it.”
Yoongi’s smile widens, his head cocks to the side and then he’s laughing. His lips pulled back so his top teeth poke out a little, his eyes curving into crescents, his head rolling back on his neck slightly.
“What?” You say defensively though your own mouth is a wide smile as you watch him.
It takes him a second to reply, but when he’s calmed down enough he’s looking at you with the same wide smile, his eyes soft. “You’re so strange.”
You’re so thrown by the comment or more the way he says it so affectionately, like it’s a compliment. You shrug as you choose to have another sip of your wine.
Yoongi chuckles a bit more at your reaction before standing and gathering your empty plates.
“Think you can manage some chocolate cake?”
You look up at him. You honestly didn’t think you could like him any more than you did before he said those words. It seems he knows all the ways to your heart. Eyes eager you nod.
He goes, comes back with a small chocolate cake and two spoons. More wine is poured as you both take bites out of the cake. It’s rich and chocolatey. It’s made an amazing night that much more perfect.
You find you can’t stop yourself from smiling as you keep chatting. You almost feel tipsy by the end of the night, giggling at every little thing Yoongi says, even though you’ve not even finished the bottle of wine between the two of you.
It’s just him. He makes you forget your insecurities about all of this, makes you fall that little bit deeper with every joke and every gummy smile.
“You sure you don’t want me to call you a taxi?”
He’s stood leaning on the door, staring at you stood at the top of his stairs. It was a shock when you looked at the time half an hour ago, time had slipped away, yet it still took so long for you to actually get up and go.
“It’s fine, seriously.”
“I can at least walk you to the door?”
“This is your door,” you smile, knowing he means the pub door.
He raises an eyebrow. “Ok, well slip out the back, yeah? I don’t want you getting cornered by Priya again.”
You bite your bottom lip to stop your smile from growing too big. It’d take over your entire being if you let it.
“Thanks for having me,” you say softly, already having thanked him, but still not wanting to leave yet.
“Thanks for coming,” he counteracts.
“Thanks for cooking.”
“Thanks for helping.”
“I literally stirred for a second.”
“I think that’s what really pushed it into being an excellent dish.”
You chuckle, he’s being ridiculous. You love it.
“I should get going.”
He nods. “You should.”
“I had a really nice night.”
“Me too.”
“And next time let’s do it at mine?”
His smile grows like he can’t control it and nods.
You both linger. He doesn’t kiss you, doesn’t ask to kiss you either, though you can tell he wants to. His eyes flicking to your lips, the tension in the air. You could easily do it instead, but you’re also kind of glad that you’re not kissing. Here, in his house, if you were to start kissing, you’re not sure how far that would lead. And though you’ve had an amazing date, and though a large part of you wants to stay, wants to sleep with him again, you also want to take this slower than it’s currently going, want this to be more than just sex. So you accept the space he’s giving you.
You still linger on his doorstep, not quite ready to leave though neither of you are talking and neither of you have anything left to say.
“I’ll see you soon then,” you add.
“I look forward to it.”
“Me too.”
Yoongi smiles when you don’t move and you mentally slap yourself.
“Ok, I’m actually going now.”
He chuckles as you turn. “Bye, Y/N.”
You look over your shoulder as you head down the stairs, he’s still watching you. It reminds you of that first date where he watched you right until you disappeared around the corner. You smile to yourself the whole way home.
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