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problematic024 · 3 months ago
Part of me died in order to survive. I may grow again, but I will never be the same.
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harriyanna · 2 months ago
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celebrating 100k.
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howifeltabouthim · a month ago
You can't lord over me. You can't scare me into true love. I don't care if you're gorgeous or rich or powerful . . . I deserve someone who makes me happy.
Soman Chainani, from The Last Ever After
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mymanifestationblog · 10 months ago
🦋 When someone isn't treating you right, no matter how much you love them, you've got to love yourself more and walk away. 🦋
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zippyzstuff · 10 months ago
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yellannsshitshow · 10 months ago
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ecoearthmama · 27 days ago
Having the intense irritability, there are times I find myself not being able to focus, I see a mess that was not there a moment ago. Easily put on edge feeling angry. Crying all of the time over the most smallest thing’s. Feeling as if there is no time for myself. I yell at times & don’t even realize I am doing it. When I think about it, allowing myself time to rest allows things to stack up. I am realizing that it is normal to leave a mess be yes it may feel better once its clean yet it only lasts 5 mins. There’s the sleep disruptions either by my own doing, a crying baby, a snoring dad. The chest pain, crazy amounts of hair loss, teeth grinding, jaw pains, menstrual changes, lost sex drive, dizziness. I often have flashbacks of how I was treated as a kid which I have found to be the hardest to face yet I do it anyways. I don’t want to see the look I had as a kid in my childs eyes. The pain I felt as a child no longer serves me yet leaves the biggest imprint. Remember what it felt like to be yelled at or hit. I had to learn myself what it’s like to not be defined by the past. To learn what is right from wrong, to see who I want to be like vs who I do not. To pick myself up when I got knocked down. I had to learn who was protecting me vs who was harming me. I forget at times how far I’ve truly come. How I never gave up & continue to keep going. I write this today with tears of joy. I am finally at a place in my life where I am content, I am happy, I am smiling, I am grateful for all those who have helped me along the way whether we still are aligned or not. The point is we we’re, for a reason. Life is all about the perspective YOU choose to SEE. I choose to see the best in not only myself but everyone around me, at times that bite’s me in the butt yet I have learned that boundaries are a thing.
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All these ailment’s are true to me yet do not define who I am. I know that these ailments will not last forever. There is more to me than just being a mom a friend a lover a nurturer a teacher.
All these ailments are happening due to the lack of time I chose to not put into myself. I would push it off & forget. You aren’t alone💫
I am allowed to have fun
I am allowed to use all 5 sense’s
I am allowed to place boundaries
I am allowed to feel & live through my emotions
I am allowed to be my most authentic self
I am safe
I am allowed to say no
I am allowed to do stuff I love to do
I am allowed to rest when the baby rests
I am allowed to eat the fruit’s or whatever it be
I am allowed to take my time healing
I am allowed to be me
I am not ashamed
I am worthy & deserving
I am OCD
I am Confident
I am allowed to self indulge
I am healthy
I am strong
I am willing to put in the work
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eldarvendeglee · 5 months ago
honey, you are not enough. 
You are more than enough. You are excellent. You are excellent for this world. You can manage to do anything you want. 
You can manage to be successful to your expectations, you can do anything you want perfectly. Yes, sometimes it takes time and effort, but it’s what makes it better. 
You are perfect for the things that you want to be perfect for. You deserve everything you want and need because you are willing to put your power and energy in that. 
You are and can become more than enough for your standards; you can do anything you love and would love to do in this life because only you can do it the way that you want it to be, to become, to change into. 
You are a beautiful person and the things you love are beautiful as well because you love them and they are loved by you. 
You are worthy of the love you want to find and the success you want to achieve, because you want it for you in your life. And if you lose it, you can get it again in any other way you can think of. 
We are capable of anything. We succeed in what we are willing to do. We are amazing individuals and we can be perfect for our own selves. You can do it. I promise. Just like I promised it to myself.
I hope you have a good day, and maybe a walk in nature. 😉
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scorpiostarsoul · 2 months ago
I Deserve - SoundCloud
Listen to I Deserve by Earth to Nady on #SoundCloud
My new song is now available💕
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peterbrian1 · 20 days ago
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letteriwillneversend · 3 months ago
i deserve a love that doesn’t have to hide. where i can hold his hand in public and he can kiss me goodbye. where i can smile at him with his friends and not pretend like i don’t know the way his lips taste or the way his body feels next to mine. a love that sees the light of morning. i deserve a love that doesn’t have to hide…
…don’t i?
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elegentpearldragon · a year ago
I sometimes wonder, about the things I want to achieve and have.
The romantic love I so badly crave, the unity in friendship I've tried hard to have, the life I want to have. All these are things I want, desire, crave and can have but somehow don't. And why don't I have them? Maybe it's probably just me.
What makes me special enough to have these, to be happy. Am I even deserving of such things. For so long I've grappled with this. I don't deserve these, not because I believe I'm a good, kind hearted person but just because that's not the hand I was dealt. The universe has already written in the stars that I deserve to suffer, to crave for happiness and come close enough to grasp it but not fully have it.
To be an extra watching from the sidelines as the main characters get everything they deserve, not because they're any better then me (which they most probably are) but because the stars are already written that they receive happiness.
I don't know. I'm drunk and these are the thoughts on my mind. After spending an evening with two lovely couples and another person that I don't particularly like (who btw has also brought me so much pain) I saw that what these couples have, I will never have. I have to fight and fight hard just to receive the little affection I can from the person I most dearly love, whom I know doesn't feel the same way about me.
And while we're onto this guy. I couldn't enjoy the evening because all I could about was him and if he's okay, wanting to be with him, missing him so badly. So I sneaked away from the group and called him to ask how he's doing because he'd told me he wasn't feeling well only to realize he's doing much better and not only that he's partying. Probably didn't even spare not one split second thinking about me. And that hurt, it cut deep and only added to these feelings I was already feeling.
The answer is no. I'm not deserving, of love, friendship, honesty, anything actually. All I have is me. And I already hate myself as it is
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soapishere · 4 months ago
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why don't i have a thousand million billion followers yet guys what the fuck
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artisticmars · 10 months ago
and i have to keep reminding myself that i've did everything that i could for us (sometimes even more than i should) and that i need to know the time to let it go. is not easy to forget the love you used to feel so present and strong inside your soul, but is a process needed in order to carry on and be free.
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mymanifestationblog · a year ago
🦋 Visualize your dreams and desires. Make them real. 🦋
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fridayiminlovemp3 · a year ago
hate when the "having fun reminiscing on the past with your friend" turns to "oh so i've actual haven't been properly happy since gr.6"
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yellannsshitshow · 8 months ago
Being reminded you suck in the morning is my favorite. Atleast I'm still cute.
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fuyunokiku · 11 months ago
Here we go, my self love reminder for the day : "Never feel you are worthless."
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It is not easy to think about how others may feel when you're down. So I think it's worth a try to make some time for ourselves everyday to be by ourselves, calming ourselves down and look back on how our actions and words may bring positive impacts for others.
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pinkskies777 · 8 months ago
Dear, Universe
I’m ready
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perfectlyimperfect8 · 4 months ago
My biggest issue is I keep looking, I keep thinking, I keep feeling.
When will it stop;
I deserve to be happy.
I deserve to stand my ground.
Ground, ground, ground
I deserve to take space.
S P A C E - S P A C E - S P A C E
To forget
Never forget:
Move past;
I want to heal not hurt forever.
I DESERVE the me I give so freely to others.
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