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#i did this entire thing in one day!!!! suck it procrastination
themadlostgirl · 2 days ago
Looking up to You
*Getting requests done so I can procrastinate on my school work!*
Prompt: Tall, glasses wearing Reader is insecure and Peter makes them feel better
I thought that Neverland was supposed to make things better. I thought that being on an island with no rules full of people who didn’t fit in or were unwanted in their old homes. But I was just as much an outcast here than I was at home. How was that even possible? How could you still be the odd one out in a realm full of oddballs?
The biggest one was that I was a girl. Being a girl on an island full of all boys was already bound to make me stand out. The other thing was that I had to wear glasses. It really wasn’t that big a deal but I have yet to see any of the boys wearing any. It also made things complicated at training since they were prone to slipping while trying to fight and I had to worry about not breaking them. If my glasses broke then I was really screwed cause I was borderline blind without them.
The real clincher in it all was just how tall I was. I towered over most of the boys, including our leader.
Back home all the girls were petite and cute and could snuggle up next to their fellas and put their head on their chests. Tall boy. Small girl. All of the boys I knew in my village seemed to resent that I was taller than them. Like it was some great offense. Needless to say, it sucked.
On Neverland I thought things would be better. I came to this island and met the leader of the Lost Boys and the boy who kept everyone in line. Peter Pan. For the time when I first met him on the sandy beaches where I had been dropped I thought that I had made it to paradise.
Peter didn’t look at me like I was some giant come to stomp the village people into dust. He looked at me like a normal person. He even complimented my glasses which was something no one had done before. Said they made me look distinguished, especially compared to the savage boys that roamed the island.
As nice as his words had been the moment was quickly ruined when I met the Lost Boys and they piled on me ten times worse than the people did back home. I try to keep my chin up but most days its hard to want to even leave my tent. When I wasn’t training I was crouched somewhere trying to make myself as small as possible.
Currently I sat at the edge of the camp watching the boys jump around a large bonfire. It looked like fun. I took off my glasses to wipe some smudge away when one of the boys came over and snatched them right out of my hands.
“Hey! Give those back!” I shot to my feet but the world was so damn blurred I could hardly make out who was who.
“What? These?” one of the boys held up my glasses. “How bad is your vision anyway, sasquatch? Holy shit! I put them on for two seconds and I already have a headache. You’re as blind as a bat.”
“Really? Let me see!” the boys tossed my glasses around taking turns looking through them and howling with laughter the entire time. I stumbled after them in a haze trying to stop them before they broke them.
“Give them back!” I shouted at them, near hysterical, “You’re gonna break them!”
“Aw, she’s scared we’re gonna break her glasses.” the boys cackled. “You mean like this?” I heard the definite snap of my glasses being split in two.
They tossed them to the ground and stamped on the broken pieces with their feet until nothing remained but a busted frame and a pile of broken glass. I knelt down trying to grasp the broken pieces, my hands getting cut up on the sharp edges of glass.
“What’s going on over here?” the sound of Peter’s voice sent the boys scattering. “First smart thing you’ve done tonight.” Peter shouted after them. “Don’t think you’re safe just cause you ran away like cowards. There’s no place on this island where you’ll be able to hide!”
Peter knelt down next to me. “Stop messing with that,” he swatted my hands away from the broken pieces of my glasses, “Honestly, what do you think you can do with this? You can barely even see right now, can you?”
I placed my hands back in my lap. Peter sighed and scooped up the pieces. I was able to make out a greenish glow coming from his hands. “There, that should do it.” he tilted my chin up and tucked my glasses back on my face. His fingertips gently traced down the side of my face before pulling away. “Good as new.”
“Thanks,” I whispered, “You didn’t have to do that.”
“Sure I did. Can’t have you running into trees cause you can’t see right.” He stood up and held out a hand for me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. I automatically hunched over and tried to retreat back to the sanctity of the shadows.
“What are you doing?” Peter asked, catching my arm before I could make a swift exit.
“I was just going to sit down.”
“All I ever see you do is sit during our celebrations.” Peter looked back at the bonfire. “I know things can be pretty tough around here but these nights are meant to be fun. Why don’t you go have some?”
“Over there? Where everyone can see me?”
“Yes, pet,” Peter nodded, “That’s where all the fun is being had after all.”
“No,” I shook my head, “I don’t want everyone staring at me.”
“What’s the big deal? Who cares what they think?”
“I’m the big deal.” I stood up straight so Peter had to look up at me, “I am literally the big deal. Look at me! Everyone already thinks I’m freak cause I’m so tall. I don’t need to be doing something stupid like drawing more attention to myself.”
“You don’t want to have fun cause you’re tall? Felix is tall too and he knows how to have let loose a little.”
“Well Felix is a guy. Guys are meant to be tall. When a girl is tall it’s weird.” I clutched my arms to my chest. I winced slightly and remembered that my hands were still cut up. Damn it. I tried dabbing at the blood with the end of my cloak.
“Let me see that,” Peter grabbed my hands and inspected the cuts. “Is that what you think?” he asked as he placed his palms against mine. A green glow passed between our pressed palms and a small tingling sensation radiated from my fingertips.
“It’s what I know.” I told him, trying to ignore the rapid beating of my heart.
“The boys that don’t like it if a girl is taller than them are just upset because they can’t look down on her.” Peter looked up at me, “You need to find the ones that are more than happy to look up to you.”
“Kinda like you?” the words slipped past my lips before I could think better of it.
“Yes, pet,” Peter wove our fingers together, “Kinda like me,”
I could swear my heart was going to burst out my chest. He smiled at my wide eyes and pulled me closer to the bonfire. “Come on, let’s dance.”
“Do you not want to dance with me?”
“No, of course I do!”
“Then fuck what anyone else thinks. If someone says some shit to you then I’ll break their kneecaps. Got it?”
My cheeks warmed and a smile grew on my face. For the first time I held my head up a bit higher. “Got it.”
Peter pulled me into the ring dancing around the bonfire. At first I was nervous and all too aware of the eyes on us but then Peter pulled me close as we jumped and spun around the fire and everything else melted away. He was staring up at me with that mischievous grin and those sharp green eyes. I had never felt more seen but when it was him I didn’t care. I never wanted him to take his eyes off me.
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aleksblue · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
type: fluff + the one where suna is allergic to daisies
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“Seriously?” Suna asks with raised brows.
“Is that so hard to believe?” she scoffs and slams her locker shut. The entire day had been ridiculous; White Day. Why on earth does it have to be a competition to prove that they’re the better person? Of course, the entire student population would be curious – more like they would be snickering in amusement that she, the student body president of Inarizaki hadn’t received a single gift for this ridiculous holiday – and even more annoying than usual.
The fact of the matter was, that she did give out chocolate to the volleyball club in the name of appreciation and friendship, not so she can get something in return. They need the chocolate anyway, for dealing with Suna’s procrastination and social media addiction.
She doesn’t expect anything in return, but does it bother her that no one didn’t even bother to try and give her something?
Only a little.
“Like ever?”
“Does my father count?” she raises a brow.
He pauses, “No.”
“Then no, Rin. I have not received flowers from anyone that is not my father,” she replied dramatically, flatly and grabs her bag from the floor.
“That’s so—”
“—pathetic?” she answers for him in that same monotone that gives the twins when they’re up to their childish antics.
Suna frowns, “I was going to say sad, it’s not pathetic.”
She gives him a look.
“Do you honestly think I would lie to make you feel better?” he asks dryly and follows her out the stairs to the front of the school.
“I would like to say yes, but this is you, Rin,” she explains after a moment, blinking quickly so her eyes can adjust to the setting sun that sits on top of the horizon, “I don’t expect anything from anyone.”
Suna snorts, “Now, you just sound bitter.”
“Oh, shut up,”
The next morning, Suna gets up earlier than usual.
Right before school, he walks over to the town’s center and stares at the tiny shop right across the hardware store. He presses his lips together and stares at the green writing intensely. In hindsight, it was stupid, but against his conscience, it was the right thing to do. He sucks the air in between his teeth, a whistle high and soft against the spaces as he drops his head back into his neck.
“Fine,” Suna says to no one in particular and sighs.
He shoves his hands into his pockets and walks into the flower shop.
What flowers does he even buy her?
Suna wrinkles his nose at a pot of pink. Too much pink. All different shades, with highlights of yellow, and thorny stems. He shakes his head, he needs something simple, clean and maybe a little bright. Not bright enough to burn his retinas of course, but bright enough to remind her of Spring and him.
He doesn’t want to overcomplicate the message either, he thinks, glancing at the variety of roses bundled on the left side of the store.
“Is there somethin’ I can help you with?” the florist smiles at him brightly, her accent is as rough as his classmates or neighbors, but it still carries a texture, the voice rolling around the room and bouncing off petals.
“I need to get some flowers,” Suna explains and then pauses, “For a friend, for White Day.”
He cringes internally; he sounds like such a loser.
Even Osamu would’ve been snickering if he heard how wobbly his voice had gotten at the end of his request.
Why can’t he just speak plainly?
She gives a sharp look and motions him over to the specials, “What kind of friend?”
He blinks grey-green eyes, “A girl?”
“Well, what does she like?”
Suna scratches the back of his neck uncomfortably; this is why he hates buying gifts. He never knows what to get people, especially for her, because her taste is so eccentric and so out of the ordinary that it’s nearly impossible to shop for her.
The florist judges him – he knows she is – and then asks, “What’s she like, then?”
Suna doesn’t hesitate this time, “She’s smart, hard-working and she’s always there for me. She’s pretty? I mean, she’s always been pretty, and she always looks out for the team. She never expects anything in return for her own kindness,” he tightens his hand on the strap of his bag, “She’s my best friend.”
The florist smiles at that and hums, “Do ya’ care about her?”
“Of course,”
“I mean do ya care about her?” she raises her eyebrows in the direction of the heart hanging from above his head, a sign for White Day.
“I,” Suna pauses and then frowns, “I think so.”
“Kid,” she scratches the back of her head, “Ya makin’ it really hard for me.”
He deadpans, “I see.”
“So how about this one?” she hands him a bouquet, “They mean, purity, innocence,” and tilts her head before finishing, “New beginnings.”
Suna glances at the bundle, brushes a finger along the edge of a silken petal, and says, “I’ll take it.”
A bundle of white and little dots of yellow suddenly wash over her vision. She blinks rapidly, hoping the abrupt change in scenery changes or at least melts into something a little more feasible. She blinks a few more times.
“Here,” Suna’s voice comes from the shock of white.
Then he pulls back the offending article, her vision refocuses as she sees—her breath hitches.
She accepts them gingerly; her mind is clouded with shock and a desperate type of happiness that feels a lot like appreciation. She touches a petal and replies softly, “You didn’t have to get me this.”
“I don’t have to do anything,” Suna huffs, a hint of red brushing the top of his cheekbones and then he asks after a moment, “Do you like them?”
A smile breaks out onto her face, like the sun after it rains and she pulls him into a hug, “I love them, Rin.”
Suna smiles too.
A sneeze echoes throughout the gym, followed by a sniffle and a brush of cloth.
“Go home, Suna,” Kita commands calmly, “You’re a hindrance to practice if ya keep getting sick.”
“But Kita-san,” Atsumu sings from the corner of the room, “Don’t ya wanna know why he’s all sniffly and red-eyed.”
Aran looks at him warily, “Is it drugs?”
Osamu snorts from the corner of the room.
“Yer close, Aran-kun,” Atsumu giggles and throws an arm around Suna who glares, “Our dear Rin-chan bought flowers for ya know who!”
“I thought we were gonna take her out to dinner as thanks for the chocolate?” Omimi asks quietly.
Kita nods.
“But,” Atsumu ignores the commotion, “Rin-chan didn’t know he was allergic to tha’ ugly weeds—”
Suna jabs an elbow into Atsumu’s gut and this time Osamu’s the one taking the picture.
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papijean · 5 months ago
behind the lens [5]
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chapter summary: Paradis’ hot summers were both a blessing and a curse, just as your experience in the library was
warnings: smut, public sex, fingering, 
word count: 5.3k 
a/n: Thoughts on who it is?? Feel free to spam my inbox lollll. hope you all enjoy xx
Tumblr media
Paradis' summers were unbearably hot. By mid-July, it was impossible to stay out in the sun for more than an hour without getting threatened with heatstroke. Even now in March, the heat was scorching. It was enough for you to skip the jeans and go straight for a sundress and sandals. The change of attire was nice from the hoodies you cowered in all winter.
Another midterm was rounding the corner and you were yet to buckle down and study for it. The dreaded Sunday before needed to be dedicated to going over all the material after your week-long procrastination. It was easy enough to forget about the books, much less when you were focused on finding out who Paradis_Finest was and pass your statistics class.
Thankfully, Armin and Mikasa had the same idea about heading to the library to spend their day studying. Even if it wasn't the most fun activity, at least you could spend time with some of your closest friends.
Your backpack weighed heavy on your shoulders as you approached the school's library. Mikasa and Armin were there since early that morning and you were yet to arrive only after lunch. How they managed to be so dedicated to their studies, you had no idea.
They booked a room for the whole day, no distractions meant they could actually get through everything they needed to. It also made it a hell of a lot easier to find them too. Armin had his nose deep in his textbook while Mikasa was lazily scrolling through her laptop like she was rereading her notes for the tenth time.
Both of them perked up at the sight of you - looks like they were getting pretty bored too. However, it was more likely they were excited about the frosty cold drinks you held. Armin stripped off his jacket and only remained in his t-shirt, Mikasa was much the same as well.
"(Y/N)!" Armin exclaimed as you walked into the secluded room. The library was relatively empty as you wandered through trying to find them. "Finally decided to join us?"
"I know, sorry I'm late," you apologized, "but I figured these would make up for it." You handed them their drinks, taking a sip of your own as well. The cold liquid felt heavenly against your hot skin from the weather outside. At least the building was air-conditioned. "Been busy?"
"Not really," Mikasa admitted. "You look nice."
You and Ymir decided to keep Levi's proposition to yourselves. As much as you loved your friends, they didn't need to know about your additional motivation to find your sex tape creator. Mikasa, the smart one she was, quickly found out the truth anyway. She was your roommate, and she could always see right through you.
"Thanks. I figured since it's hot out I may as well start pulling out the sundresses again, right?" You smiled. Your books were pulled out of your backpack and spread out in front of you. The day was already going by so fast you had no time left to waste chatting with your friends with just some small talk.
In all honesty, it was kind of hard to look Armin in the eyes still. After your night with Eren and everything you heard, you only got flustered when thinking about how he probably heard everything. He never said anything about it, nor did he seem bothered by your hookup with his roommate. There was still the looming feeling he detested you for it though.
Sleeping with Eren was the biggest shift your friend group ever saw. Eren's touchy hands were always something part of your history with them, but now that everyone knew you had sex it just felt off. Was it really worth losing your friend to solve this thing? Would you lose your friends over it?
Jean appeared to be the most frustrated with this whole situation. He never saw eye to eye with Eren before but now it was even worse. Every conversation was snappy and hot-headed. He was the entire reason you believed your choice that night was going to split your friends up. Jean was acting crazy and you had no idea why.
"What midterm do you have?" Armin asked. By the way you were staring at your book, it was clear you weren't even reading the pages and more so deep in your own thoughts. Armin was right to think this. Even just an hour into studying and you were bored out of your mind.
"Bio. The prof sucks but her tests aren't too bad I guess," you shrugged. Armin closed his textbook, looking up at you with those bright blue eyes of his.
"I'm pretty much done for the day do you want some help?" He offered. As much as you didn't want to ask for help from him, Armin was a genius and would be such a great aid to you that denying him would only be foolish. "I mean I haven't taken your class but I did take a few bio classes first year."
"That would great, Armin, thank you. Mikasa is that okay? I don't want to distract you." Mikasa shook her head. Once she was in the zone of studying, nothing could distract her - not even Connie and Sasha's arguing. You envied her concentration, it was an attribute she was always known for.
Armin slid your notes over to himself. He glanced down the pages to get an idea about what you were learning about before deciding how he should help you. He turned his chair to face you straight on, gesturing for you to adjust your seat as well.  Before speaking, he cleared his throat and took a sip of the drink you bought him.
"Ready?" You nodded.
Armin listed off questions and definitions for you to answer. He was patient when you couldn't get an answer and kindly offered assistance when you were so close to getting it right. His ability to adapt to a class he never took was incredible, along with asking just the right questions to make you wonder how well you actually knew the material.
He held the cutest little laugh when you were overly proud of getting an answer right. The more questions you went through, the more confident you got. You would have never gotten this far along without his help.
For the first time in a long time, you were genuinely focused on your studies. You were worried about the next party or your constant obsession with Pradis_Finest. Armin held your entire attention and he was determined to put it to good use. Even Mikasa seemed impressed by your intense studying.
Armin's questions gradually began repeating themselves. He went over the ones you barely got the first time and saw improvement the second time around. Within hours, he whipped you into shape for this midterm.
Your feet eventually propped themselves up on his chair, and his on yours. The new slumped position had you both slacking off on the questions and more so just chatting. Mikasa gave up on her own studying and joined you guys. It was nice getting to spend time with them without Eren there.
You didn't feel the pressure of his gaze nor the wandering hands against your skin - not that you minded either of them. However, the change of pace was nice, it was rare to see the duo without Eren. Even if they were all completely different.
Your laughter at Mikasa's joke was suddenly cut off by the door to your study room being pulled open. Jean stood at the entrance with his backpack over his shoulder. You didn't realize he was planning on studying with the three of you - not that it mattered much. However, Jean was the worst person to study with next to Connie. Both of them were incredibly distracting.
"Hey, guys!"
"Jean," you smiled up at him. If you thought you were going to get any more studying done earlier you certainly weren't now. Even if his intention was to study with you, he easily got himself distracted. Nonetheless, with Armin's help, you felt great about your midterm. "What are you doing here?"
"Geez, is it really that hard to believe I'm here to study?" Jean joked. He took the spare chair beside you and scooted it close. His chin rested on your shoulder, his arm lazily thrown over the other as he read over the notebook in your hand. You could feel the heat radiating off of him from his time outside. "Bio? Sounds boring."
"It's actually pretty interesting," Armin piped in. He seemed to be enjoying helping you study - not only did he get to learn some stuff himself but it was satisfying to watch your knowledge grow along the way. "What do you have to work on?"
"A paper," Jean sighed, leaning back in his chair. A chill went down you with the loss of heat. Jean was rarely this touchy with you - but you had noticed this entire week he was like this. Hand on your shoulder, sneaking by with his fingers pressing into the small of your back, even a random hug from behind.
"I still need a final source for it and the only place I can find it in this maze of a library," Jean explained. Of course, there was no other reason he would want to be here on a Sunday afternoon. "Then I just happened to run into you guys. Looks like you're ready to tap out for the day."
"We've been here since nine," Mikasa nodded. She looked exhausted, too. "I think I'm going to go to the gym before going home though. Still have a little bit to do here."
"Yeah I'm ready for a nap," your yawn was perfectly timed. Armin pulled his legs off your chair as you stood up to stretch. Jean happened to realize you were wearing a dress since walking into the room, his eyes lit up in the most subtle way. You couldn't deny it was nice having a pair of eyes stuck on you.
"Nap sounds great," Armin admitted. His shoulders were sore from sitting in those chairs for so long. Some tea sounded great too but the hot weather was deterring everyone from such a scorching beverage.
"Want to join me?" You winked at him. Armin's face flushed completely red at your joke. He feverishly shook his head at the idea. You and the others couldn't contain your laughter towards him, only make him more flustered. He stuttered over his words, trying to think of something to save himself but it was only making it worse. "It's okay Armin, I'm only teasing."
"I-I know," his cheeks were still lit up. He hid his face in his hands, hiding his fluster from his friends. Out of everyone, he was the easiest to get worked up like this. You chuckled again. "Stop!" He whined.
"Alright, alright. I guess I can't bug you too much you did just help me all afternoon," you stopped. It was so easy to tease him, Armin got flustered at every little thing. His cheeks would flush pink and he got the sweetest little stutter. "What about you Jean-Boy? Need any help finding your last source?"
"That would be great, actually," Jean grinned. You felt as if there was something else hiding behind his smile. Whatever it was, it made your stomach lurch - and not in a bad way either. Jean always had a kind smile for you, but this was different. He held a look in his eyes that made you wonder what the hell was going on in his head. "I hate finding books in this damn place it's impossible."
"Tch. Last year I spent an hour looking for one. Damn people working here were no help," you agreed with him. It was much easier finding books online than it was in person, yet sometimes you held no other choice. Jean looked just as displeased as you did with the thought of spending an hour for just one source. "Are you guys staying here? We can take our stuff otherwise."
"No it's fine, we can wait until you come back," Armin assured.
You followed Jean out of the room and into the general direction of where his book likely was. As you walked, he listed off the details of what he needed so it was easier for you to find. It sounded like one of the blandest books in the entire section. The two of you scoured the shelves, looking for this stupid book of his.
The library was cleared out even more than when you first arrived. The few people that remained were all hunched over their textbooks and deep in thought or huddled up in one of the rooms you and your friends were in. The silence was eerie and only the ventilation sounded throughout.
All the words on the spines started to blend together the longer you searched. It had to have been nearing twenty minutes since you started looking for it. A loud sigh left your lungs, followed by Jean chuckling at your frustration. You felt your cheeks warm as he looked over at you.
Finally, like the holy grail of books, you found the damned thing. Unfortunately, it happened to be up on the top shelf where your eyes could see and your arms could not. The tips of your fingers could just barely touch the spine of the book, but not enough to get a grip on it and pull it down.
Jean heard your struggle before he saw it. You stood up on your toes, arms stretching as far as they could go. The hem of your dress followed your reach, lifting high enough for the already short material to ride up and just barely show off the curve of your ass. It was enough for Jean to be hooked.
Why does Jaeger get to be the only one with a taste?
Jean stalked over to you. His tall height easily reaching the book he was looking for the whole time. However, as he grabbed it, the hand closest to you rested on the small of your back. The heat of it burned through the material of your dress, just as Eren's touch did to you. The small action made you freeze.
Even worse, as he brought the book down, his hand slid down as well. His palm grazed your ass, fingertips just barely touching your bare thighs. It was quiet enough for him to hear the breath in your throat hitch and you swore he could hear your heart rate too. One touch from him and you were ready to shut down any form of rational thought.
Your eyes darted down to his hands. Long, nimble fingers, veins protruding from his skin in the most elegant way. Jean's hands... you swore those hands were familiar. They reminded you all too much of the ones you watched so expertly get women off in the middle of lecture halls. They reminded you of the ones that belonged to Paradis_Finest.
But Jean? He never showed the signs of arrogance you expected from the one behind the camera. Eren protruded the kind of confidence needed to pull something like this off, just as most of the football boys did like Connie's theory. Jean always held himself high and mighty, but never enough to go around making these sex tapes.
The other day Jean knew exactly what video you were watching from a single screenshot in just a glance. It barely took him a second to recognize what you were watching. No one would pick it up that fast unless they watched it several times over - or they were the ones to make it. Jean didn't seem like the kind of person who would watch porn in public - which he would have had to with the timing of the release.
Was he Paradis_Finest?
Or more so, if he was - did he plan this all along for you to be his next tape? The last tape was in Levi's office, what was to say the next video would be in a place where there were clearly people around? Was he getting riskier, or did this just happen to be a coincidence?
The sweet, delicious prize Professor Ackerman offered up to you made it even easier to want to find out the truth. If it was Jean, this was your only chance, and you couldn't waste it even if it meant you were going to be the next upload people watched on repeat.
Jean hovered at your side, no longer dragging those delicate fingers along your backside but refusing to move away. It seemed he was waiting for you to move or say something, anything to give him a hint of what was going on inside your mind.
"Jean," your voice was barely above a whisper. His tall frame face you straight on, trapping you between himself and the bookcase. The cold metal pressed against your spine, but it wasn't the reason for the chill running down your body. "I-I."
Why the hell were you so nervous? How was this any different than being with Eren? He was just as close a friend. Maybe it was because Jean never held a particular interest in you as Eren did. So why was he now? Because you slept with Eren? Or was it some other reason? You only hoped the reason was that he was the man you were searching for.
"You look so pretty in that sundress," Jean planted his hand on your waist. His thumb glided over the soft material of the dress, just barely catching the underside of your breast in his action. You forced air into your lungs as your nerves continued. "All dolled up just for studying? Hmm?"
"It's hot out," you finally managed to get a proper sentence out. All you could focus on was how his hands burned through your dress. They edged higher and higher until the palm of his hands was nearly right on your chest. Your own hands shook at your sides. In a bold move, you hooked your index fingers into the belt loops on his jeans and pulled him closer towards you. "Is this what you want, Jean?"
He was taken aback by the sudden confidence in your voice. The shaky look in your eyes changed to one of determination in a split second. A playful grin toyed at his lips.
"We're in the middle of the library," Jean reminded. His hands no longer rested on your upper half, instead, he played with the hem of your dress. It didn't take him long to slip them under, palming your thighs while he waited for you to say something. As empty as it was in the building, you still feared watchful eyes - especially those of your friends waiting for you in the study room.
The second he touched your bare skin you didn't care about the people anymore. His touch was like lightning zapping at every nerve in your body. Jean wasn't like Eren, he didn't ooze cockiness but he was just as confident in his capabilities. You were curious to see how his traits would transfer to something like this.
"Gonna have to be quiet then."
"That's too bad," Jean went higher on your legs. He never took his eyes off of you, waiting to see when your strong facade cracked again. He pried your legs apart, just enough for a cool draft to shoot right to your core. Jean's finger grazed over the increasingly wet material. Barely a touch and you had to force back a whimper. "Eren always talks about how pretty your moans are, I really wanted to hear them for myself."
Tch. So he did talk about your night with the rest of the guys. It shouldn't have come as a surprise he always liked to show off. Maybe that was why Armin still couldn't look you quite in the eye - he knew everything Eren hyped up about your night was true. He never every moan, plea, and beg that came past your lips all because he was the unfortunate roommate.
"He's such a bragger," Jean continued. His scorching fingers nipped away at the hem of your underwear. It's nothing compared to the heat you're emitting, the absolute wetness threatening to drip out of you. You can't deny the idea of doing this where people could hear or see only excited you more. "Always talks about how he could pull you, think it's time to prove I can do better than him. Is that what you want? Hmm?"
He waits for you to give him an answer before going any further. It's polite of him, knowing even if you're showing all the signs of wanting this - your mind might say otherwise. The abruptness of it, the location, the timing, all of it was whirling around and screaming at you to say no. But the chance that your connection with his beautiful long fingers and the split-second recognition of that video left you needing to say yes. Your body and mind wanted this.
"Please," you whispered. Jean's whole demeanor changed. No longer the playful tease, but a lust-filled predator with eyes only on you. He wasted no time with you, continuing his journey past your underwear to get to the real prize. Jean hummed with content as his fingers slid between your slick folds.
Without hesitation, he slipped a digit in. You were so welcoming for him, so eager to take whatever of him you could into your warmth. He wanted to take you right then and there with how well you were taking just his fingers. Denying you wanted exactly that too would have been foolish.
"Come on pretty girl, I wanna hear those famous moans of yours," Jean encouraged. We worked at a slow, leisurely pace. His motions were hindered by the restriction of your underwear and it was clear he was growing more and more frustrated with it. Even then, even with barely get a chance with you, you were so close to giving him the noises he wanted.
Your teeth dug into your lip, head tilted back and resting on the metal shelf behind you. Jean took the opportunity to attach his lips to your exposed neck. His lips were soft but his actions were anything but. Sharp nips and bites were left on the tender skin of your neck. Each time he dug his teeth into you, he could feel you tighten around his fingers.
Jean was marking you up like you were his property. You knew damn well why too, he wanted to make sure Eren knew exactly what he did to you. He wanted him to know he wasn't the only one who could make you beg for more. By the rate he was going, he was going to be right there too.
"Jean," you whined. Your fingers were tangled in his thick hair, tugging at the roots as you tried to control yourself. Have to stay quiet. "S-so good."
His lips pressed to yours with a sudden change of pace. Your core missing his touch instantly, enough to finally get one of those desperate whines he wanted to hear. His face lit up with a sinister smile. He latched onto your panties, pulling them down your legs and shoving the flimsy material into his pocket.
He earned himself complete access to you. The flowy dress wouldn't stop his determined hands, not that you wanted him to quit at this point. Again now you were here to find out if he was Paradis_Finest and you found yourself too consumed in pleasure to even care about it anymore. Twice you fell for this trick.
"Come on, Jean, please," you whined. He danced around where you wanted him. This was what he craved, to see you plead for him, and then to watch you cum. This was all he was here for, to get the satisfaction of watching you get off on his fingers and prove he was just as good as his friend.
"Not even afraid to beg in the middle of a library huh?" His voice was low. The thrill of potentially getting caught only got you hornier for him. Having someone hear you, have your lewd sounds engraved in their mind for the rest of the day, god that was all you wanted. You wanted to be what others thought about at night.
"Just - ah, god! Please, just wanna feel good."
"Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll make you feel better than anyone could."
Your dress barely covered your lower half. If anyone were to walk by, they would definitely see your sopping cunt. Was this how he felt every time? The excitement? It made it easier to understand why he did what he did.
Jean propped your leg up on the second shelf of the bookcase you leaned on. The elevation made it easier for him to glide his finger back through your folds.  He was good at this - so damn good you had trouble holding back your moans. If he wanted to hear you, the opportunity he took was a wasted one. Then again, maybe he thought this was the only one he could get - or if he proved himself he would get another chance.
"Ah! Fuck," you gripped his shirt as if it was the only thing keeping you up. The squelching noises Jean was pulling out of you were filthy. The sounds were nearly as satisfying as your voice to him, this was how wet he could get you without his cock. There was no better satisfaction. It took everything for you to be silent.
"Nah-ah, not allowed to go hiding on me now," Jean chastised as you bit your lip to hold back sounds. He curled his fingers within you, hitting a spot he was yet to find until now and making you mewl with utter pleasure.  To make matters even more difficult, the base of his palm ground into your clit, igniting a second wave of pleasure over you. A shameless moan emitted, one that was certainly loud enough for people to hear. "That's it, sweetheart."
When you threatened to let out another, Jean pressed his lips to yours. As much as he wanted to hear every one of your sounds, too many and you'd get caught. It wasn't a risk he was willing to take - not when he still hasn't gotten to see how pretty you look when you cum. Not to mention he was trying to hold back a moan himself - the way you clenched around his fingers, the feeling went straight to his cock.
"Jean! fuck, please, please I'm so close," you cried out into the crook of his neck. Everything about you he was completely entranced by, your warmth, your walls, the quiet whimpers you tried to hold back, all of it. He could understand why Eren was bragging, you were incredible and he barely even got a taste.
"Are you sweet girl?" Jean sped up his motions. He adored the struggle you were going through to keep silent in the library. You were yet to catch the attention of watchful eyes, though, in all honesty, he wouldn't even mind having someone watch as he got you off. Watchful eyes were something he not only hoped for but encouraged. "Feel so good on my fingers, wonder how nice this pussy would feel around my cock."
Your nails dug into his biceps, leaving little crescents in his skin that came close to breaking the skin. Sweat beaded along your forehead both from the heat and the pleasure Jean was so effortlessly giving you. Every thrust of his fingers edged you closer to your release, every curl bringing out a breathless whine just for him.
He did the same combination as previously, the tips of his fingers curling up to hit your most vulnerable spot and the heel of his palm digging so preciously into your sweet bundle of nerves. The action alone was enough to bring you right to the edge, and his words of praise and encouragement were enough to push you right off.
"That's it doll, fuck you're so perfect. Wanna feel you cum, wanna make you feel good," Jean whispered to you. You fell into his shoulder as he brought you to your peak. Waves of pure pleasure filled your body. You wanted to give him the loud, shameless moans he deserved, but couldn't bring yourself to let it out in public like this.
Instead, your teeth sank into his shoulder, pathetically muffling your loud moan. The vibrations rumbled through his body as he continued to ride out your high. This was what he wanted, to see you fall apart just for him - and fuck were you incredible while doing it. He was encased in you, understanding now why Eren was so eager to brag.
A line of drool went from your lips to the place you were biting his shoulder as you pulled away. Your face was flushed, eyes still lidded with linger amounts of your high running through you. The pad of Jean's thumb delicately worked against your clit, fingers still deep inside you but unmoving. Even the small jolt of pleasure had you whimpering again.
"You're really not as innocent as you look, (Y/N)," Jean smirked down at you. He pulled his hand away from your sensitive cunt, admiring how your juices ran down the back of his hand. Your eyes stayed on his as he brought them up to his lips and pushed his digits past them. "So sweet."
"There you guys are!" You swore your heart nearly jumped out of your chest at the sound of Armin's voice. He looked between you and Jean with curious eyes, though said nothing about why you were so close or why both of you were entirely flushed. Had he come even two minutes earlier he would have seen exactly what you were going. "Uh, you were taking a long time, Mikasa and I are headed out."
"Thanks, Armin," Jean became perfectly composed in seconds. He acted as if nothing just happened and this whole time you really were searching for his source. That kind of composure only came with practice - something Paradis_Finest would have lots of. "Took us forever to find this stupid book."
Armin glanced down to your neck that was likely littered with marks. Even if Jean made himself believable, the evidence was there. Nonetheless, he didn't question what you were up to - he'd already heard enough from Eren, the last thing he wanted was to hear more from Jean. The two would be in an all-out war for who did the best.
With a single nod, he left the two of you alone, a light pink color on his cheeks as he did so. There wasn't enough time for anything else, Armin already solved your lie and likely was on his way to tell Mikasa before they left the library. Jean's pleasure was one-sided, though it didn't seem like he minded at all.
If Jean was Paradis_Finest, you'd know in less than a week's time with a new video being uploaded. All you had to do, was wait. Or, if you were lucky enough, Jean would come crawling back for a second chance before any video was uploaded.
"Do I get my underwear back?"
"Not a chance."
taglist:  @stolemyheart12​ @nerdy-weeb-7120 @riverxr @subtleappreciation @jennie-rubyjane @bribridee23 @hoeyadoingbitch @marie-is-in-the-dark @a-giaks98 @grandetan @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag @automaticpersonaauthorsuitcase @captainstarnoir @itzninahoe @mjaudrey @healpeony @mistasgirl @zombiiedroid-blog @internethome @katsuhera @eremiie @murmikaa @moomii-hime @ackermans-brat @melonva @katsuyav @idkwhybutthisisokay @goldthread-galdyherud @usernamehere91 @awilddreamerwrites @empressackerman @angie-chan @satorisflatass @ro2424 @angelalje​
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rayofsunas · 7 months ago
s/o is half-human, half-cat.
Tumblr media
A/n: back to requests for a bit and as of rn requests are closed! they'll be open again when I finish all of them, I currently have 20 to do. ALSO, sorry for this being really late to the anon who requested this, I've been procrastinating + busy. I also hope you don't mind that I did Childe's s/o male and added Scaramouche and Xiao (Fem and Gn respectively). I added a bit of everything so everyone can hopefully read it/feel included (if this doesn't make sense cause I'm dumb, check the pairings lol). I've never written anything like this so I'm so sorry if this makes zero sense ;-; anyways, have a great day everyone! <333
Summary: s/o is half-human, half-cat.
Parings: Childe/Male! Reader, Scaramouche/Fem! Reader, Xiao/Gn! Reader
Warnings: fluff, swearing, nsfw (18+, implied, mating/heat)
Word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mannnn, Childe has never seen a boy as attractive as you
omg, Childe thinks you're the cutest
like your soft kitty ears are just so cute
and he loves to tease you so he's going to pinch and pull at them a lot
if you're frustrating him and he isn't challenging you to fight (lmao he would) he's going to tug on your ears, because he knows it bothers you, especially if he's doing it roughly
your tail though is a different story
he's so fascinated with all of your cat-like features, but one thing he loves is your tail
it's not too fluffy, but it's fluffy enough that it's still adorable
you have a long tail too, and you wrap it around his
and like a male cat, you're going to mark EVERYTHING
you're still human, yes, but you still have cat-like features and habits
so sometimes, he finds that you'll come up to him and mark him
male cats pee to mark their territory, but you don't do that since you are still human (that's gross ngl), you'll just constantly rub against him, especially up near his neck
your scent is much stronger than a female cats, so it's much more pungent
and guess what? Childe doesn't mind it, he likes the smell. plus, it keeps other hybrids away (not that there's a lot, but you know)
he would mark you too, in his own way
he's not half cat, so he doesn't really leave a scent on you unless it's some type of fragrance he uses
all in all though,
and he has a lot of questions for you too, like how did this happen? are/were your parent's cats too?
tbh, you're going to get a lot of stares, lets be real
and people think you're a freak but he's always there to keep you safe if needed
"Leave my boyfriend alone, asshole, unless you'll face my wrath!" says it teasingly and it comes off sweetly innocent, his usual teasing tone, but he means it deep down
Tumblr media
he thinks you're very weird at first, like wth
why do you have cat ears and is that a tail at your rear end he sees?!?!
he's never seen a girl like you EVER and he's seen so many strange, questionable things
he's never met Diona before, so he just thinks you're odd, but hybrids like yourself these days are more common than he thinks
he also doesn't understand how this was even possible?!?!
like how tf does one even become half-cat, half-human?
nonetheless, he still finds you attractive, like wOw you're hot af
you're still a cat tho, so like I said before you have cat-like traits and such
for example marking your territory and mating
you like to mark him (he says he doesn't like it, but he's a fucking liar and we know this)
when you mark your territory, you lick his face/neck and he genuinely hates this ngl
it's the one thing he can't stand
even during intimate moments
he's like "don't lick me you brat."
but it's only natural, you need to do it
when it comes to mating that's an entirely different story
you're still human, so if you were to fall pregnant, you wouldn't carry a huge litter of kittens like if you were reproducing with a male cat hybrid
so, you would probably only have one baby at a time (the most being two; twins) but the second one is unlikely
you kind of miss the whole multiple children and big litter thing :(
Scaramouche's glad though, because he doesn't like children one bit
he's glad and doesn't hide it, big-mouthed bitch-
also, you go into heat during random seasons which kinda SUCKS for him
like, you wanna pounce him a lot when that happens whew chill
his favorite feature of yours is your ears, never admits it, he's a secret lover but he knows that you like them scratched
If you leave me alone while I do my work, I'll consider scratching your ears, hmm? How does that sound?
you're pestering him, he'll use the "I'll scratch/won't scratch your ears" card, and you will act accordingly
and you know what?
you're his weirdo, but if anyone else calls you that, he's taking it as an insult and disposing killing them immediately
no one gets to call you weird, except him
he's a bully but I love him
Tumblr media
pretty boy is confused on how you became to be a cat-human mix, but he doesn't mind as much as you'd think
if you're afraid he'd be indifferent towards you, trust me he's not
sure he thinks you're peculiar, but you're unique as well, more unique than any other human he's come across
and it doesn't change his love for you
plus, he thinks you're so cute :)
your ears are an added bonus that contributes to the cuteness
so fluffy, and soft and AAJDDBEHI
he blushes every time he lays his eyes on you, 'cause you're just that cute
he's going to refer to you as his "cute little neko" omg so cuteeee
he doesn't understand your biological nature, but he'll definitely try too
like if you mate, or are in heat, etc. he's trying his best to grasp those concepts
he's already touch starved so good luck (he's trying for the one-hundredth time!)
but if you explain everything to him, he'll get the idea(s) quickly
and he's not going to judge you at all. I feel like this goes against his characteristics because let's be real, he's a small judgy bb boy adepti and I feel like he already has assumptions about people/motives so yeah ANYWAYS
if you love your tail played with he'll often play with your tail lol, there's not much to say or deny about this
he will do it if asked, he'll do it without being asked, he just likes playing with your tail
he's not going to openly admit how cute he thinks you are or be so open about it that everyone knows how he feels about you, but you know and that's fine. that's all that matters to you
he will not tolerate people making fun of you, not at all
"what does their appearance have to do with you, small fry?"
like don't try to make fun of his s/o, he's not having none of it
he'll protect you to the ends of time ALWAYS
Tumblr media
3.15.21, rayofsunas
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disgruntledspacedad · 4 months ago
Jay, I love you from the bottom of my heart, you know that. You sent me a message a few days back about the boys helping out stressed! Leonie when she's burnt out from uni and I was wondering if you'd like, write something with this: "Javier Peña wants you to know that it sucks right now, but the payoff is gonna be so fucking worth it. Grit those teeth and remember why." I'm gonna need some Javi-specific tough love to get through this year, thank you.
Tumblr media
What We Said Then
pairing: Javier Peña x F!Grad Student Reader
summary: Javi gives you some tough love.
words: 1.4k
warnings: Implied sexual content. Probable age gap.
a/n: unbeta’d. My very first Javi x reader that's not set in the Better Love 'verse, if you can believe it. Leonie, I love you dearly.
He comes home to find you sprawled over your desk, groaning into a stack of opened textbooks. When you raise your head to greet him, your hair’s a mess, the spiral of your notebook is echoed damningly on your left cheek, so he knows you’ve been procrastinating for a while.
“Tell me,” he demands, those huge hands ghosting over your neck and shoulders, their touch just subtle enough to be tantalizing instead of comforting.
More frustration wells in you, and you bite back a groan. “It’s just so much,” you sigh, deflating a bit as long fingers squeeze you just right. “Mid-term tomorrow, lab on Tuesday. My classmates have unanimously elected me as group leader on the final presentation, and you know how that goes. I still need 112 hours of practical, and I defend my dissertation in three fucking months.” You drop your head into your hands, suddenly exhausted. “Months, Javi, and I still don’t know what to say.”
Scratch what to say, you’re scared shitless.
Javi hums, acknowledging you without words. One hand snakes up to your neck, long fingers caressing your jaw.
Ugh. And that’s another thing. Javi’s been so good about it, selflessly kind and endlessly understanding, but there’s no denying that he has needs. Needs that your balls-to-the-wall school schedule has placed on the back burner for far too long.
It’s clear what he wants, even if he’ll never say it. Distantly, you know that you want it, too.
If only you weren’t so damned tired.
You scrub your eyes until you see spots, suddenly resisting the urge to sob. “What the fuck was I thinking, babe?” you mumble through your palms. “All I’m doing is ruining our lives and racking up debt.”
Javi huffs deeply through his nose, his hands withdrawing so quickly from your body that it nearly gives you whiplash. He whirls around to plant his ass at the edge of your desk and pins you with a dark, take no shit stare, his arms folded firmly across his chest.
Well, fuck.
“Did you think it was going to be easy?” he asks in a deadly quiet voice, using that solemn tone that instantly catches your full attention.
“Sorry?” you bleat.
Javi rolls his lips, ticks his jaw, and you get the idea that you’re really trying his patience today.
You open your mouth to defend yourself, but he cuts you off before you can speak. “We talked about this, querida.” He lifts a brow. “I distinctly remember you sitting me down on that sofa,” Javi points in the direction of the living room, his little lip twitch hinting at remembered fondness, “and grilling me about how awful this entire experience was going to be.” His expression softens, and those dark eyes focusing on you with an intensity that steals the air from your lungs. “I told you I was in.” He reaches to gather your hand in his, the contrast of sizes still jarring, even now. “I supported you then, and I still do.”
Your heart flips. “Javi.” You trail off, finding yourself all out of excuses.
He’s not wrong, damn him.
Javi smiles at you, a quick, somber thing, nearly buried beneath his mustache. “Don’t you back out on me now, babe.” He grasps your fingers tight. “Not after everything we’ve been through.”
“I’m not backing out -” you start, then clench your jaw shut.
A single brow lifts in challenge. “No?”
“No,” you huff, pulling your hand back so that you can tuck it beneath your arms, a safe haven from Javi’s endless rationality that drives your teeth on edge. “I’m just saying it’s hard, that’s all.”
Javi hums. “Anything worth doing is hard,” he counters, and damn him, why does he always insist on making so much sense?
He seems to recognize his fumble, though, grimaces toward his feet, shuffles them awkwardly.
You sit in silence for a beat, each of you aching.
“Why are we doing this?” he asks in a whisper.
You snap your head up, stomach swooping at the though of him questioning you.
Javi holds your gaze. His eyes are warm, pleading. “Remind me, mi amor.” He nods toward the sofa again, wordlessly pulling the memory to the forefront of both of your minds. “Tell me what you told me then.”
You take a tremulous breath. Javi’s hand darts out, catches your chin before you can drop it, forces you to look him in the eye.
“Because it’ll be better in the long run,” you answer woodenly, the rehearsed response falling without thought from your lips.
Javi nods. Rough fingertips dance gently at your jaw, urging you to continue.
“Because I love the work.” You blink, remembering a long dampened fire that had erupted in your soul at the thought of your chosen career; recalling a time, not so long ago, when you’d longed to be exactly where you are now. “Because the money is better and the hours are flexible.” You meet those dark, waiting eyes in earnest for the first time.
Shame coils in you. You feel as if you’re spread open, naked and exposed. There’s nothing about you that Javier Peña doesn’t see, and by some miracle, he wants you anyway.
“Because we would have more time together,” you rasp through a suddenly dry mouth. Memories overtake you, memories of conversations had over this same desk, two dreamers speculating about a hypothetical, better future, one pinning the other (which doesn’t matter and where is irrelevant), both breathless, both enamored.
It feels like a lifetime ago.
“And do you still want that?” Javi’s eyes are like flint. Dark, intense, burning.
“I do.” Your answer is hushed. It’s impossible to look away.
“I’m glad we’re on the same page.” Like the flick of a switch, Javi straightens, pulling his hands away to rest beneath his thighs. His gaze sharpens, and like magic, your breath quickens.
He smirks at you, smug, overbearing, delicious. Imminently fuckable, a long-dormant portion of your brain insists. “I’m not going to sit here and let a woman as intelligent and driven as you throw herself a pity party.”
“But I throw the best pity parties,” you protest weakly. Sometimes its difficult to know whether to be insulted or turned on by Javier Peña.
Like now.
“Here’s what’s going to happen.” The declaration comes so suddenly that you hardly have time to catalog your thoughts. Javi’s tone is steeled with resolve. “You’re going to make a list.”
“I have a list,” you counter, shuffling through your disarrayed papers in an effort to produce it.
Javi dismisses it with a shake of his head. “You’re going to make a new one.” He’s looming over you with both fists pressed to your desk, his jaw set, a determined glint in his eye.
You realize suddenly that you’re staring up at Agent Peña, the infamous operative who’d fearlessly gunned down killers for a living, the man who’d taken down Pablo Escobar himself.
A spike of latent desire coils in your belly. God, that’s hot.
“Your list will be organized by priority.” He bumps your shoulder, and your skin flames at the contact. “What has to happen first, what has to happen next, and so on.”
You nod, words escaping you.
“After that, you’re going to put the books down.” Javi’s voice is a dark rumble. “You’re going to have a bath.” He shifts, those fingers skimming across your back again, this time, with electric intent.
You bite back a shudder.
“And then,” Javi’s words tickle the shell of your ear, “You’re going to climb into bed.”
Goosebumps prickle down your spine, and you glance up at him, suddenly breathless with need.
Javi’s face gives away nothing.
“And after that?” you prompt. Anticipation is boiling in you, your fingers already reaching for a pen.
“And after that,” Javi catches you with a wink so quick you’re half certain you’d missed it. "What happens is up to you, querida.”
And with a last meaningful squeeze of your shoulder, Javi is gone. The bathroom door snicks shut behind him, and then, the tantalizing rush of water running through too-old pipes.
You bite your lip and get to work.
Tags:  @jedi-mando @hotspacepilots @mostly-megan @starlight-starwrites @thirstworldproblemss @knittingqueen13 @yespolkadotkitty @lv7867 @pascalisthepunkest @sarahjkl82-blog @corrupt-fvcker @artsymaddie @leonieb @justanotherblonde23 @princess-and-pedro @ennuiandthebourgeosie  @mandoandgrogu @penajavier @hells-bells-x @javihoney @mamacitapascal @the-ginger-hedge-witch @asta-lily @darnitdraco @dihra-vesa @ennuiandthebourgeoisie, @djarinsbeskar
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mintmatcha · 10 months ago
I want giggly cuddly sex with tadashi 🥺 where there’s no power dynamic just us two having a good time and wanting to make the other feel good :((
Tumblr media
I combined these two little ditties into a fic!!! I hope you don’t mind!!!
CW: established relationship, praise, sex, fluff/smut. 
yamaguchi x reader 
(reader has a vagina- no pronouns or gendered language used)
first time
Tumblr media
It's one of the pitfalls of a new relationship; everything the other person does is endearing. 
"I'm just saying, it's weird that the fourth movie is so good!" Yamaguchi digs his hand into the bowl on your lap, picking through the entire bowl to scrape at the popcorn kernels. He tosses the bits into his mouth and chews thoughtfully, cracking through each kernel loudly, before pausing to suck the excess salt off of his fingers. 
God, if anyone else did that, you'd probably be disgusted, or at the very least annoyed, but there's something about Yamaguchi that makes it unbearably endearing. Maybe it's the little shoulder dance he does every time he takes a bite. Maybe it's the way your heart skips a beat when his tongue swipes over his knuckle, catching a bit butter. "Name another series that has a good fourth movie. You can't. Scream 4 is one of a kind." 
He does it again, crunching through the kernels happily, tongue peeking out once again to wipe across his fingertips.
God, you wished he would lick you like that. 
"Tadashi, you're gonna break a tooth." you chide, even as you sink further into his lap. There was plenty of space on the couch, but you had somehow migrated to his lap sometime during the previous movie. The arm around your shoulder tightens, pulling you into a kiss on the cheek. It's greasy with butter residue, but somehow it still makes your heart flutter. 
Fuck. Only 3 months into the relationship and you were wrapped around his finger, watching movies that you didn’t have any interest in. Any little annoyance was forgotten as soon as he flashed you that freckled smile. Every little nuance you discovered made you fall deeper into .... like.
Not love. Like. You weren't ready to admit to the 'love' word quite yet, but it was getting closer. You had been 'in like' with Yamaguchi since shortly after he moved into the cubicle next to yours.  Maybe it had been the way he always remembered to grab you an extra sugar packet for your coffee, or the way he laughed at whatever podcast he was listening to that day, or the way he silently procrastinated at the end of the day so you could walk to bus together: whatever it was that won you over didn’t matter, what did matter was that Yamaguchi made you feel happier than anyone else.  It felt natural to be with him, to be held by him, to be ‘liked’ by him.
...Your only complaint was the pacing. One of the best and worst things about the two of you was that you were both polite, constantly dancing around unsaid boundaries, trying overly hard to respect each other, avoiding any situation that could possibly make the other one uncomfortable. Which meant your physical relationship was nothing more than the occasional kiss.
Honestly, you were beginning to think he didn't want to. His hands never wandered, his texts never turned dirty, and you certainly never initiated anything. It felt like there was never an opportunity to start anything; even now, sitting on his lap while wearing a sweatshirt he had left at your apartment weeks ago, it felt wrong to interrupt a wholesome moment.
Not that you didn't want to. God. You wanted to.
"You know,  I don't think anyone's ever worn my hoodie before." he comments, eyes never leaving the television. He’s enthralled with this stupid movie, even though he had seen it 'dozens of times.'
"Really? I’ve been wearing it as a shirt. " you grab at the fabric, "Do you want me to take it off? "
"Yeah, sure." he responds blankly, attention still glued to the movie. Then, he seemingly realizes what he said, face immediately erupting into a furious blush. He's quick to separate for you, almost spilling the entire bowl on the ground. You mirror him, unsure if you should laugh at his panic or cringe. "No! Do not take your shirt off! I do not want that!" 
"Tadashi. Calm down." You laugh, even as disappointment settles in the back of your throat. Does... does he really not want to see you undressed? Is this why you guys having had sex yet? Did he just see you as a friend? For his comfort and not your own, you inch farther away, back against the opposite arm as him. "It's fine, I get it."
"No, I-" he takes a moment to settle himself, "You look phenomenal with my hoodie on, I just, I don't want you to take your shirt off unless you want to, because it’s totally something I want. I think about it-" he pauses mid sentence, ears burning so red that his freckles seem to disappear, " I mean, if- I'm not like that- if you're not ready- that's not why I invited you over. I'm not expecting anything." 
He gives a nervous chuckle, widening the distance between the two of you more. You let his words sit, only the sound of the movie in the air. 
"So." you begin slowly. "You think about me without a shirt on?"
“I mean, of course.” He is acutely aware of the edge of the couch, his body teetering at the brink, but he bares it. "Can I tell you something? You can't laugh at me. Or think I'm a pervert." 
"I can't promise that. Are you, like.... sniffing my underwear or something?" you joke, a grin sneaking across your face.
He snorts and shakes his head almost violently. 
"Okay, no! Now the real thing doesn't sound as pervy." he adjusts only slightly, his shoulders unbunching themselves. Most of the tension in the air has melted away. That's what was so great about Yamaguchi; even when things turned awkward, they quickly returned to normal. "Do you remember that time Yakki split that water all over you?"
You roll your eyes at the memory. "Of course."
"And you had that little white blouse on?" he swallows, "My productivity at work dropped about 50% that day. It was so bad that the boss scolded me." 
"Yeah, because you were too busy worrying about me catching a cold!" you say, "You even gave me your jacket!" 
"No, I gave you my jacket because your shirt was see-through.” he admits, “My productivity dropped because all I could think about was how I wanted to take you and that little see-through shirt into the storage closet."  
Oh God. This is it. This is the opportunity. 
You lean forward with a tilt of your head, the gapping neck of the shirt falling forward past your collarbone. His eyes are glued to the neckline, tracing over the hint of skin, silently begging for more. You tuck your knees up under you and begin to crawl, only half convinced that this is sexy.  The closer you get, the more he can see down your shirt. His breath hitches slightly at the sight, but he doesn't dare to look away.
"Oh? What were you thinking about doing to me in that storage closet?" Yamaguchi lets his legs fall apart and, hesitantly, you place a hand between his knees, fingertips grazing the grey cotton of his sweatpants. The band of his bright red underwear peeks out from under his shirt and, without thinking, you trace over it with a pad of your finger. At the touch, he leans forward, lips tickling the shell of your ear as he speaks. Your heart is thrumming in your eardrum, so hard you can barely hear what he's saying. 
"First, I would have ripped that wet little shirt off, button by button." he chuckles, reaching to tuck a tendril of hair behind your ear. Your pussy clenches at the low rumble of his voice, so hard you feel like your stomach is cramping. "Then, I-"
A scream cuts through the room. The both of you jump forward into each other, knocking your skull against his jaw. Almost in unison, you both reel back: you clutching your ear, him clutching his lip.  The bowl spills across your laps, scattering popcorn all over the couch and floor as you both frantically search for the source of the noise. The dramatic music of the movie drums through you as some damsel in distress is running across the screen, screaming for help.
One beat. Two beats. 
Then, you laugh. It's one from the belly, that makes your gut ache from effort. You're trying to reach for Yamaguchi, make sure he's okay, but your eyes are watering, and your whole body shaking.  He's giggling too, still covering his lip. 
"The movie scared me!" you explain through tears. He nods in agreement, gesturing to the mess across his lap, including a huge butter stain across his crotch. It's not a funny moment, not when both of you are aching, but an intangible something has you both snorting and sobbing through giggles. The moment is way too long, way past the point of any humor, but Yamaguchi's snickering feeds into yours. 
Finally,  Yamaguchi manages to collect himself, scrunching his lips into a straight line. The corners of his mouth twitch upwards and you dissolve into giggles once again.
"I want to fuck you so bad right now." he breathes. His directness surprises you. "But not on top of the popcorn." 
You pull a deep breath, trying to center yourself. "We could move?"
"My roommate is going to kill me when he comes home to this mess." he says, but he stands anyway. You follow and his hand finds the small of your back, pulling you into him softly. He presses a kiss against your lips, warm and gentle, and then pulls back with a grimace. 
"I think you bruised me.” he touches his lower lip gingerly, as if testing it. 
“I’m sorry, we don’t-” he silences you with another kiss and now you can feel the swollen corner of his mouth, gritted slightly with salt. He clutches on to your top as he steps backwards, dragging you along with him so the kiss doesn’t break. Each step is rocky and unsure (you barely miss colliding into the wall) but you stay embraced, your hands clutching into his dark locks, partially to keep your balance as blindly follow. His hands trace up under your shirt, thumbs digging into the soft of your hips, pulling you flush against him, forcing you deeper and deeper into him until-
“Oh, shit.” he breaks away suddenly, pushing you back slightly. “I- my room- I need you to stay here.” 
“What are you talking about?”
“My room’s a mess, I really didn’t expect that you would- that we-” he shakes his head. “Gimme 30 seconds- please. I don’t want you to see me like this.”
You don’t object as he scuttles away, clicking the door firmly closed behind him. You can hear the muffled sounds of drawers slamming and objects being tossed about as you wait. It feels like you have been standing there, starting at the generic art hanging in the hall, for ages. It’s much longer than 30 seconds, but not quite the eternity it feels like.
The door creaks open and your favorite freckled face peeks out.  “Hi.” 
“Hi.” you repeat. Somehow, every amount of tension had returned in the scant amount of time you had been apart. Both of you knew what you wanted to do, but, the knowledge seemed heavy. It was an explored territory, sleeping with someone new. No matter what your past relationships were, each new experience with a new person (especially a new person you CARE about) brought its own pitfalls and challenges. It seems so serious, so scary, until you tear your eyes away from the floor and actually look your boyfriend in the eyes.
"Did you just brush your teeth?" you reach out and brush a little bit of white foam from the corner of his mouth with your thumb. He leans into your palm with a smile.
"I didn't want to taste like popcorn." he says and you can't help but laugh as he leads you into the room. It’s his brand of organized chaos; there’s clothes peeking out from the closet, miscellaneous knick knacks on the nightstand (including a still foamy toothbrush) and half hung posters across the walls. . You break away to sit on the bed, tracing over the pattern of the bedspread. 
“I like this.” you comment, “Very nice.” 
He nods, frozen in the doorway. Slowly, he reaches up to the lightswitch and flicks the light off. The darkness feels heavy with anticipation and worry as he pads around to the other side of the bed. He feels it too, you decide, as you watch his adam’s apple bob in the low light, this insane mixture of pressure and excitement.
For Yamaguchi, it’s the thoughts that usually plague his mind at night that grate away his confidence. The dreams of your skin between his fingers, your taste on his lips, are so close to reality, but he can't bring himself to make the first move. Even in the low light, he can see the curve of your waist, slowly contracting with every exhale. His own breathing matches your pace and, for some odd reason, that realization makes his chest burn with longing.
"I'm not expecting anything. If you don't want to." he reiterates as he lies down. How pathetic, he thinks. He really wasn't expecting anything, but, god, was he thinking about it. He'd been thinking about it since the first time he had seen you from across the If he could just reach out, just grab your collar and pull you to him, he could finally-
"Tadashi." his skin jumps at the sound of your voice and the sound of you shuffling, laying across the mattress. It's enough to knock him out of his thoughts and back into reality. He swallows back the tightness in his throat as he inches closer to you, his knees brushing against yours. He feels the gravity of the mattress shift as you shuffle closer and closer, until you're within inches of him.  You're almost face to face now, close enough that he can feel the way your breathing picks up as his hand finds your shoulder. You hum at the contact; he's warm. Even through the thick cotton, his skin is unusually hot against you. 
"You're like a little space heater." you whisper. Yamaguchi blinks, thinking, before his lips peel into a smile.
"Is that a good thing?" He doesn't wait for an answer.  He squeezes gently and you let him pull you forward, nose pressed against nose, hip against hip. His own shoulders shake with a silent laugh and you can't help but join him. It's something about the novelty of the situation, the joy in doing something new, breaking an unspoken boundary, that makes you laugh. You both dissolve into giggles, shifting closer and closer until you're laughing in each other's arms, fully pressed against each other. Even through your sweatpants you can feel the suggestion of his cock pressed against you, heavy against his thigh.
" ’Dashi." you whisper into the thin space between you. 
"I- Yeah?" he lets out a shaking breath. You take his hand and guide it to your chest, his fingers immediately cupping the flesh, massaging the flesh with a surprisingly steady touch. The way he sucks in air, fast, surprised, and hungry, sends heat pooling to your core.
"There's no popcorn here." you joke, "If you wanna fuck me." 
It's enough to break through his anxiety and he's against you again, this time with no laughter to keep your lips apart. His mouth finds yours, hungrily catching your lower lip between his teeth, tugging it ever so slowly. The sharpness makes you gasp and he uses the opportunity to kiss you deeper, tongue against yours. He tastes like his brand of toothpaste- soft and sweet mint. It's unexpectedly hungry, unexpectedly rough. 
The kiss doesn't break as he rolls over on to you, pressing your back into the down of his bed. His heart is already racing, battering against his ribs, as he continues tugging and teasing your breast, but he can't find it in himself to slow down. His free hand pushes up the hem of your shirt (his hoodie) to expose your chest. The kiss ends as he pulls away, forcing the short in-between your teeth, holding it up to give him free reign of your body. His head dips to join his hand, breath hot against your nipple. The cloth muffles your moan, but not enough to hide it from your lover.
He pauses, mouth open and tongue lulled out of his mouth, gazing up at you through his eyelashes. "Is this okay?" he's not touching you, but you can feel the low vibrations of his whisper against your skin.
"Yes, please." you whine through the sweatshirt, wrapping your hands into his hair. "Please, Please."
His tongue traces over your nipple delicately before he pulls back,  just far enough to watch it pebble under his touch.  He returns to work, clamping down and sucking, leaving the dull pain of a blossoming bruise behind. Your hips rut up into nothing, looking for any sort of friction.
He continues like this, leaving scattered marks across your skin as he worships you. Yamaguchi seems so content, just learning the scape of your body, but the building tension in your core is wearing thin.
Trailing touches down his body, you slipped your hands under the band of his sweatpants, gripping him through his boxers. Yamaguchi breaks, resting his forehead against your collar bone with a swallowed groan, as your fingers trace around the crown of his cock. Unwilling, he bucks into your light touch, dragging his length through your grasp. You tighten your fingers as he continues fucking himself against your palm, his own hands drifting to grasp your hips, pushing down your shorts just a fingers-length. Finger pads traced against the newly exposed skin, dipping lower and lower until tracing over the lace of your underwear.
"Wow." he breathes, lifting his head up to press a kiss against your chin. "Lift your hips for me, beautiful." 
You comply, letting him peel off your shorts and underwear in one pull. The cool night air made you shiver, but his warm hands soon returned to explore the newly exposed skin. 
"Oh, you're so..." his hand dips in between your legs, dragging a digit through your folds. The sound of your slick against his fingers makes his cock pulse in your grasp. He leaves his thought unfinished as he starts circling your clit with a steady touch. The pressure sends you keening, hips rolling into his touch eagerly, but he remains steady, patient.
He's building you up embarrassingly fast, leaving you sweaty and panting under his touch. Just as your legs start shaking, your body right on the brink, he withdraws. His tongue darts out to wipe away your fluids from his hand and he groans at the taste, eyes fluttering. 
"I'm sorry, beautiful. You can't  cum until I'm inside you." he whispers, sitting up to peel off his shirt. Clusters of freckles dapple his shoulders and it's all you can watch as he scrambles away to the nightstand drawer.  He returns a moment later, eager tearing through the tin foil packet with his teeth.
"Tadashi! Be careful!" you scold as you throw the blankets aside.
"It's not ripped!" he says, grabbing the bunched up shorts from the crook of your knee and tugging it completely off, dragging you a couple inches down the mattress with them. He tosses them aside as he pulls off his own; even though you just had your hand around it, the sight of his cock makes you anxious. It's thick, much thicker than you anticipated, and around leaking, a bead of precum catching at little light in the room.
As he begins rolling the condom on, you peel off your top and Yamaguchi's mouth falls open, eyes darting around the entirety of your body.
"Holy. You-" he sighs happily. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen." He surges forward, pressing you down into the mattress once again. His mouth is against yours, swallowing your whines. His hands are at the small of you back again. but now it's about but pure. He's forcefully angling your hips back and forth against his cock, dragging your clit against his spongy head and spreading your wetness against the plastic film. 
"I can't believe I get to fuck you." he says in between kisses. Yamaguchi continues to fuck your folds, his calm pace finally losing it's rhythm. "I can't believe I get to play with this perfect pussy. Can't wait to see you cum around my cock." With a trembling hand, he reaches down and presses his tip against your entrance, hesitating before sinking just the head inside you. The pop of his cockhead entering your cunt makes both of you gasp in unison- and another wave of giggles over takes the both of you.  As he dips down onto his elbows, eyes screwed shut, he doesn't make a move for a long moment, the only sound in the room is his steady breathing.
"I'm sorry, I'm just-." he presses a kiss against your neck, another laugh bubbling up, "You just- ah, you're so pretty. I can't believe this is real." 
Your hand catches his jaw, pulling his face up into yours. Your thumb traces over his cheek, tracing over the subtle dimpling of his pock marks. The freckles scattered across his cheeks, the crinkle at the corners of his eyes as he smiles- he's the beautiful one here. At your touch, he pushes further into you, steadily feeding your tight whole inch by inch, watching the way your mouth gapes and twists at the pressure. Once he's fully seated in you, he pauses, watching your chest move with each breath. 
"Dashi," you whine, hooking your ankles together around his waist, "You're so thick." 
"I know, you're doing such a good job." he presses a kiss against your forehead as he begins rolling his hips against you. Each thrust is rough, your hips angled up for him to sink his full length into you. "Keep being good for me, baby." 
With an unexpected strength, he tugs you closer, lifting your hips off the bed. Each stroke is steady, pumping his entire length in and out of you at a tantalizingly slow pace. His name falls out of your mouth like a prayer, begging for more, but he doesn’t oblige. It stays sinfully slow, building you up in a controlled burn. Each kiss, highlighted by the mingling of your hot breaths, is further raking the coals. 
“Is my pretty baby gonna cum for me? Look how great you’re taking me.” he groans.  He’s praising you blindly now, neither of you sure of exactly what he’s saying, all of his attention focused on grinding into you.
Your back arches further, and you’re seeing stars as he fucks you just right. You can barely keep your vision focused on him, those grey eyes clouded with concentration Your orgasm knocks the breath out of your lungs and you come undone with a strangled laugh, fisting the sheets desperately. The way you clench down around him makes his hips finally stutter, a hiss escaping his gritted teeth. Your chest is filled with a flurry of emotions as you sling your arms around his shoulders, unable to wipe away the goofy grin in your face. 
A few more snaps of his hips has him melting into you as he cums. He tucks his head under your jaw with a hum, dropping you on to the mattress. His hands find their way back to your chest, giving you a final squeeze.
"Fuck." he whispers into the soft of your neck as he withdraws. He's quick to peel off the condom and tie to off, discarding it off the side of the bed. Yamaguchi rolls onto his back, holding his arms open expectantly. "You're so hot when you laugh, you know that?" 
Curling into his arms, finding some sort of gross comfort in his sweaty warmth, you can't help but suppress another giggle.
"Hey, be careful. Keep laughing and we'll have to do that again." he grips your jaw, tilting your face towards him to capture you in a kiss. "Don't test me; I'll fuck you so hard you'll need a standing desk on Monday."
"Oh yeah?" you tease, your hand tracing down his chest, connecting his freckles. "Prove it."
"Oh, I will, come here-"
The distant sound of a door slamming catches your attention. "Yamaguchi, what the fuck?" a familiar voice echoes through the apartment. 
Yamaguchi shoots up, frantically searching for his pants in the sheets. "Fuck, I forgot about the popcorn!"
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elysianseraph · 6 months ago
skirt chaser - sakusa kiyoomi 
wc: 2.3k
cw: smut, unprotected sex, mild public sex, creampies, oral (f. receiving), omi liking skirts
a/n: im knocking out to sleep as soon as this is posted but i gotta get it out of my system first. 
plot: sakusa kiyoomi is a simple man with simple tastes and habits, getting underneat your skirt just seems to take up the most of his time.
Sakusa isn’t hard to satiate.
There’s always that hunger in him that makes him different from the rest. A desire to feed it, ease the swollen feeling from his belly, and feel satisfaction separates him out from the rest. Sakusa doesn’t play to win, doesn’t even play to improve - but to satisfy that burning feeling in his chest to feel good.
Maybe it’s hedonistic, maybe it’s an oversimplified explanation of his most intrinsic and internal desires. Maybe there’s more too it than Sakusa actually understands. All of these things are wholly possible, and Sakusa has considered them before but at the end of the day, it comes back to that one thing. Sakusa is chasing whatever feeling satiates his hunger.
Hunger that isn’t a sore belly ache but concave in the pit of his ribs, that makes him sweat and shiver in hot flashes - the kind of hunger that Sakusa has to satisfy to live and breathe. Hunger you can’t procrastinate from, that  was his main driving force. Despite that, it wasn’t hard to fulfill these desires - to keep the hunger at bay so to speak. 
Play volleyball, train, be better and improve - those were normally the ways he did. He had other hobbies, mostly music and cooking, but when it comes to his urges - volleyball hit the perfect spot. Like an unreachable itch getting scratched thoroughly - playing the game had been such a perfect way to ease his feelings and high-strung nerves. The urge, whatever it was in the end, was something that could be fulfilled by volleyball. It had been that way as long as he can remember, he had no reason to assume it’d change soon. 
That’s the fine-line between hunger as a desire and hunger as an urge. Urges never go away, but desires change often. As life moves, our desires move with us with the tide. It’s natural. 
Sakusa had always been simple, easy to satisfy. As long as he can play, as long as he can rest on weekend, as long as he can go visit his parents on holidays. The spiker never had big dreams other than to live his life in that peaceful, simple way. 
Sakusa Kiyoomi has a deep-seated loathing for uneasiness. And as much as he likes you, he could do without the constant uneasiness your presence had brought him. 
Constant. Without fail, Sakusa feels his nerves frying hotly under his skin when he sees you. The way your smile curves as you greet him at the train station, the way your chest feels pressed against him as you hold his arm to walk around, the gentle way your pitchy voice says. 
“Omi! Look!,” 
Omi. Sakusa never has any idea what to do with this feeling of uneasiness. He doesn’t understand it himself. Despite how nervous you make him, Sakusa can’t bring himself to part from you. It’s probably the most contradictory thing he’s ever done in his life - he has no way to justify it. Seeing you was both something he wanted to do constantly, and never do again. 
Seeing you is an urge, really - less than it is a desire. It’s almost a necessity now, the way you’ve become such a permanent fixture in the stoic mans life. The day doesn’t feel complete unless you’ve sent him a silly voice memo blowing kisses into the mic and to be honest - Sakusa isn’t sure what to make of that fact. He just knows he misses you more than he doesn’t. He follows his gut, like always, and sees you whenever he can. 
When he sees you.. desire hits him in heavy waves. It strikes like a mallet on hot iron, makes Sakusa Kiyoomi straighten his spine and stiffen. Desire is thick, sticky against the pads of hands. It’s nightmarish almost - the way it clings to all parts of him without his outright consent. 
Desire is the only way to describe it though really. Desire that ravages his entire body till his ears are red and he’s pressed nail crescents in the palm of his hand and he has to legitimately take a breather from you looking at you. Sakusa Kiyoomi is a simple, straight-forward man - he knows. 
But the fact he’s acting like this  over a skirt is enough to drive him up the wall. It’s a damage to his pride, just how worked up he gets seeing you in that little a-line that you wear. Sometimes it’s a pencil skirt for work days, not even the sexy kind but the ones that hit the knee. Sometimes it’s skirts that flow until they hit the floor like a flower in bloom. 
But these short tennis ones, the ones you wear with the knee socks and airforces - the only kind that looks good with his jersery on your back. Sakusa is inclined to say those ones are his favorite. He knows he stares you down whenever you where them, but his eyes just don’t seem to listen to him when he’s like this. He’ll apologize later, for eye-fucking you when he came to you at the stands during breaks. 
Later doesn’t come in an apology, when it comes. Later comes in desire - the burning, molten kind that prickles his skin and hitches his breathing when he sees you. After you’ve cheered for him excitedly in a game, prancing around in that skirt that hits your mid-thighs. Sakusa can’t break his eyes away from your legs even if he tried. The way your feet pad around in sneakers, the knee-socks, the fucking skirt that leaves Sakusa so blinded by desire he has no idea what to do. 
You notice, of course you do - and Sakusa tells himself he’ll tell you sorry later.
“O-omi? Why’re were in he  —,” your words are cut short by a kiss that burns. Sakusa is being unusually forceful, but he can’t find the verbiage to express to you just how badly  he needs you. And kissing his always good with Sakusa, but this kiss has you moaning into his mouth. His tongue is warm as it poked and prods against yours. It’s his hands that have you feeling it in your core, whatever he’s trying to express to you. Underneath your jersey for a mere moment until they’ve traveled to your ass underneath your skirt. 
It’s only them when you whimper. Sakusa practically pulling you towards him with a growl low in his throat. He can feel the fabric of your skirt against his forearms as he massages your ass, kisses you with all he’s got. You’re his biggest vice but Sakusa Kiyoomi has always been a slave to his desires. You’re nothing short of all the sins he can’t help but succumb too. 
“Your  — your skirt,” he chokes. Your eyes flutter open wide when he pulls away, a string of saliva left in remnant and Sakusa doesn’t even seem fazed. He’s red from the bottom of his neck to the tips of his ears. He’s watching you so intently, the way you squirm underneath his hands. Sakusa watches you squirm with intensity, a crushing lust egging him to do more. 
Before Sakusa can think about it too hard, he’s dropping to his knees. Kneeling in front of you in a fucking broom closet, he doesn’t hesitate. Before you can protest, his hands hold your hips to the wall - prop them right against his face. Squirmy, so squirmy. 
“Omi, we’re in a closet,”  — you start, voice trembling as Sakusa takes a deep breath against your cunt, warm breath fanning against your clit.  — “It’s dirty, Omi,” 
“Is it okay?,” 
You cup a hand over your mouth as Sakusa forces your hips back. He noses at your clit from underneath damp panties. This is all he could think about, all fucking day. All during his game. Always. He feels so hungry, so unsatisfied - and this is the only way he can think to curb his desires. 
“’s fine but  - oh,” 
Sakusa pulls them aside with his fucking teeth, drenched fabric pushed to the side. His mouth is burning with eagerness in his every movement. He doesn’t waste time, sucking and licking your clit with unmatched enthusiasm. He phases between things, sucking it between soft slips before massaging it with his tongue. There’s a force, a level of pressure in each movement that have your thighs shaking. He can feel when your close with the way you throb in his mouth - the high pitched moan you make when he hits the right nerve. He can feel your fit push off the ground, toes curling as they do. 
And Sakusa starts to feel better, but it’s not enough. Not enough when you thread your fingers in black hairs and tug hard, silently scream as you ride his face through your first forceful orgasm of the night. Sakusa is stil going, skin warm from being underneath the hot fabric. 
“Omi, what the hell?,” you gasp. Without a word he stands up, and he’s kissing you again. It’s a little less forceful than before, but just as urgent. The kiss is a consolation for flipping you around - facing the wall as his large hands come underneath your skirt again. You gasp as he reaches in your panties around the back, teases your slit - flooded with first orgasm with a sharp grunt in your ear. 
“Fuck, you’re so tight still,” without explanation. You gasp as his fingers prod against your hole. It’s so fucking embarassing, the way it flutters against nothing as he slowly eases his first finger. You press your cheek against the drywall of the supply closet - whimpering. 
“Omi, Omi - what’s with you?,” 
He doesn’t know how to reply, drops his head against your shoulder and kisses it as he stretches you you impatiently. He needs it. Needs to see his thick cock disappear underneath this pretty, tempting little skirt you’ve worn for him. Needs to feel you clenched around him as the fabric falls and covers up everything except for the way he’s buried so slickly into your cunt. 
“You look pretty,” comes his terse reply. You’re still too tight, even with 2 fingers of prep and stretching - Sakusa knows the fit will be snug at best, but the desire to fuck you stupid is swallowing him whole. Rationality disappearing, he pulls out and pulls his shorts just past his thigh. You can feel the heavy weight of his cock rest on the back of your skirt. He ruts against the fabric as his fingers hook into your mouth. 
He fucks the valley that your skirt leaves as it falls over your ass with a vigor. You garble something about stains but Sakusa can’t find a sincere apology in him. The way your pressing against him back, the way your thighs are tense and still so sinful - and the mess of your pussy is hidden just barely underneath the short, white fabric sends him short-circuiting. 
When he flips your skirt up, you gasp at the cold air. His palms rests on the wall as he lines the tip up with your cunt, core aching with desire as Sakusa eases inside of you in one swift, precise motion. He always curves up, always hits your g-spot with precision. You cry out but the words don’t form in your throat. Sakusa shushes you, turning your head to the side as his mouth presses against yours. 
And in Sakusa’s simple-minded fashion, he fucks you as hard as he can. He swallows the moans from your mouth as he jack-hammers you hard enough the shelves shake in the little supply closet. He’s hungry. Fucks you like he has too, like he needs too. 
The line between desire, and urge blur as Sakusa fucks your tight little cunt. It feels like a need, like air or water, to see the way his dick disappears inside of you underneath your pretty at-home cheerleaders outfit, just for him. All 7 inches that breach you till your cervix pulsates from contact. 
You and your pretty smile, gone so stupid from screaming silently about Sakusa fucking you. Sakusa feels like he needs it as often as possible, like an urge deep within his bones.
“Fuck, fuck - so pretty,” is all the wording Sakusa can manage. Your thighs tremble under your skirt as Sakusa’s hands come around your waist, fingers rubbing against your clit as he fucks you. 
“Omi, ngh shit - I’m gonna, I’m gonna,” 
Without warning, you’re creaming all over Sakusas cock a second time. Your eyes rolled back into your head, Sakusa continues to use your hole till he’s just satiated. He whispers apologies as he fucks you into overstimulation, till he finishes as deep as he can inside. 
When all is said and done, you collapse against the wall. Sakusa pulls your panties up to keep everything in, before supporting you with the strength of his arms. Your makeup is smudged, expression ragged. Sakusa pauses to kiss you sweetly.  
“Omi,” you pant, completely and utterly exhausted “What the fuck?,” 
Sakusa turns to you, ready to meet your eyes, fluttering as Sakusa pulls you into his arms. Kiyoomi is so simple, so easy - calms down for a little while. 
“You look.. good in a skirt,” Sakusa suggests, hiding underneath the fabric The pit of his desire has been alleviated but Sakusa knows it’s not enough quite yet. You can feel his appetite in his each touch, and squirming as he pulls you to his body.
Sakusa has never been hard to satiate, but there’s something about just how easy you give it to him that has his head spinning that makes him feel like somethings changed.
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jeanhelos · 8 months ago
pairing: levi ackerman x (fem) reader
genres: modern au (college) , fluff , crack 
word count: 1.8k 
summary: your daily life with him living in a three room rental apartment together, with some mini throwback memories. mostly , just you roasting levi’s fashion sense , which is truly terrible
Tumblr media
Levi is your daily morning alarm clock as he will wake you up for school, that you no longer rely on your phone alarm — since he memorizes your schedule.
Always wakes up and the first thing he does is to check up and admire your sleeping feature instead of checking his phone like a normal person. Levi will always silently laugh at your sleeping form since he claims that you look like a chimpanzee to him. 
Sometimes whenever you drool, he will help to wipe it away from your bottom lips to the side of your chin. After that, he will just place his calloused hand on the side of your cheeks and just lean in to give you a peck on your forehead. 
This results in you slightly curl up your nose, still being left unawaken. — one time, he voice recorded your snoring and threatened to send it to Hange, if you didn't give him the usual kisses. 
Every day, he wakes up at seven in the morning to prepare you a cup of chamomile tea and a slice of bread. Additionally, will whip you up a bento lunch meal packing it into a Tupperware, so you can have it during your lunchtime.
Since, Levi is a huge advocate in reduce, reuse, recycle (3Rs). He is a huge fan of Tupperware, that you call him the ambassador of it. 
Although he isn’t a spendthrift person, sometimes he does goes overboard with it. Water bottle, storage container, cookware — you name it, he probably has it. But, overall he knows his limit. 
Levi will always wait for you at your campus, so you two can go home together if not study at a nearby library or café to catch up on your assignments and review tomorrow’s materials. 
Most of the time, you tend to study outside instead of at home. Since you can’t study next to Levi as in the end both of you get distracted and have a cuddle or a makeout session. Most of the damn time, is him distracting you. — giving you subtle physical touch, so you just resort to studying outside.
Levi will frequently drag you to his usual gym. He just wants to see you suffer, but mostly just him wanting you to accompany him. Seeing you right beside him just gives him further motivation. Thanks to your fervent encouragement that you give him whenever he gyms along with you.
Levi teaches you, Muay Thai, as he wants you to learn some self-defence so you can protect yourself when you are alone. Since Levi is unable to be with you 24/7. Hence, on Christmas day, he brought a pair of Everlast training gloves for you.
Levi and you will have occasional sparring sessions together. In which he teaches you several different footwork and guards. Sometimes, he will be cheeky about it and ask you to repeat your stance over and over again. — he secretly just wanted to see your form which is perfect already.
He admires and secretly takes in your appearance as your shirt is tightly clung onto your figure from your perspiration, as sweat trickle down your forehead when sparring with him. After finishing your routine, he will ruffle your hair as a sign of “good job, sweet heart.”
He is the biggest fan of Haruki Murakami and owns an entire collection of Murakami books. In his basic black bookshelf, it only holds his major’s book resources, Tupperware catalogues, and a shelf reserved for Murakami books — his favourite book is “Colourless” since that was the first book you have given to him. The book which started this relationship between the two of you.
Levi has the worst fashion sense, which you couldn’t stand. In your eyes that is his only flaw. Sometimes you call him a fashion disaster, that most of the time you help him out and revamp his wardrobe. — i mean, who the fuck wears a maroon crew neck shirt with blue jeans?
Whenever you are unsure of what to wear for school. He will come forward and help you out with it, just him choosing an outfit for you. No matter how ugly it is you still wear it, but most of the time he seems to be able to nail your outfit. — no one knows why he can’t nail his own outfit.
Levi is your go-to hairdresser. One time, you were extremely gutted that the hairdresser fucked up your hair. Hence, Levi offered to cut your hair once you have grown it out which you were eager to be cut by him. — furthermore, Levi hates to see your money being wasted. 
The first time Levi cut your hair, he surpassed your standard in which you cried out of joy and gave him a bear hug and a solid minute of him drowning in your kisses.
Whenever you want to dye and cut your hair the first person you will run to is Levi. But hold up, he will charge you in terms of physical touch. 
Levi charges that shit like his currency, in which you always give him whatever he wants, one night before and after your haircut appointment, as a form of payment. — yeah, you have to book an appointment with him. It’s his rule and you have to abide by it.
Whenever you text Levi that you are five minutes away from home, he will prepare your home clothing before you reach home. Once you arrived, Levi will be standing at the doorway to help you take your bag and laptop. — basically, waiting there for the usual peck on his cheek.
Most Friday’s night, you two will be home alone watching psychological, action, or horror movies together. Some days, Levi will pick a movie for both of you before you reach home from school. 
Levi will always kiss at your knuckles and palmar side of your hands. This followed by him placing it on his temple and then using his thumb to rub your hand. 
Whenever you are out from home, Levi will secretly steal some pimple patch to clear his overnight pimples. Since he saw that the patches were able to heal your acne and pimples. He wanted to give it a try, which worked.
One time you questioned Levi if he had used your patches, he didn’t admit it. So you shrugged off that thought. — next day Levi went to restock your supplies, so as to not raise any suspicion
Levi will always wait for you outside your workplace, five minutes before your shift ends. He always stands at a corner of the entrance, which always attracts some attention from passers by, thinking he is suspicious. 
With him standing there, tote bag hanging on his shoulder. Inside his tote bag is filled with your favourite snacks, since he knows you are always famished after work.
At the same time, you will always wait for him outside the project room as he is a part-time school tutor. You usually study outside the project room within his line of sight. Levi will always steal a few glances at you from the glass window. 
During the exam season, Levi will constantly remind you to eat and drink adequately. If you don’t listen to him, then sometimes he will pull your ear or stand beside you till you finally heed his words.
Levi is your food “vacuum”, when you can't finish something he will just help you eat your food, even if he is a picky eater — he sucked it up for the sake of you
He will take some time to help you with your school revision and will test you on the topics that might be tested in your exams. Sometimes he will make a revision time table for you so you don’t get off track and procrastinate.
Whenever you are heading out to purchase new outfits to add to your wardrobe. You seldom went with Levi, since he isn’t good at giving opinions although he is good at choosing your outfit. 
Basically, he just stares at your face admiring it as your eyes beamed with joy and your voice slightly chirping when asking for his opinion. 
“Levi, how does it look? Do you think I suit this outfit and colour?”, inquired by you. “Huh, what are you blabbering about. Obviously, you look good in it.”, him retorting back to you. “Are you sure? My clothes are down here, not up at my face...”
After that comment, he quickly avert his gaze to your outfit and then gives out his usual compliments which are not helpful at all.  — one time, you trust his judgement, which leads to your downfall. You were wearing the outfit that you purchased thanks to his comment. 
Once, you met up with Hange and Moblit. Hange literally, burst out laughing and asked, “OH MY GOD. What’s with the outfit downgrade, did you break up with Levi that you have lost all hope and given up on your fashion sense?!” Your jaw dropped and quickly responded back with a “No.” and then your gaze shifted to Moblit, asking for his opinion. 
Moblit silently placed his hands at the back of his head and awkwardly laughed, saying “Erm. I think it could have looked better, but it’s okay you still look decent in it. Is it because you are having a bad day?” 
At that very moment, your heart shattered, and let’s just say when you get back home you didn’t talk to Levi. Once you reached home, you washed yourself up and went straight to bed, ignoring him.  — poor Levi, he was so confused. But later, realized the situation, thanks to Erwin snitching on Hange. 
Hange told Erwin about this incident and told him not to tell Levi about it. Since Hange wanted to know how Levi reacted when you ignored him.
The next morning, Levi made your favourite bento set meal with extra ingredients as a form of apology. You emitted out a deadly aura that said “How could you betray me?”. But then you quickly gave him a tight hug, planting a soft kiss on his lip, saying you were sorry for being angry with him. 
You placed your forehead against him, giving out your signature smile that is reserved for him only. “On the side note, you are no longer going to be my main shopping buddy.” This resulted in his usual “Tch” response followed by using his index finger, softly flicking onto your forehead. 
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vinnieworld · 5 months ago
5 tips to boost 5 days of Productivity
We all love to procrastinate and most of us (including myself) have made sport out of this, but is this how we really should be approaching things?
The answer is NO.... apparently
So join me in my self evaluation of bringing you 5 tips how I avoided procrastination by being a bit lazy.
Being productive for a whole week when you have too much on your plate but you spend your entire weekend scrolling through social media... well me too :)
Though Mondays suck, its a brand NEW week so we can't let Mondays win and ruin out entire week right?
Tip 1 - Preparation before the week start
- Make a to do list - For the next day or the week
A short list of your most prioritised tasks e.g. starting that essay you been avoiding, even if it just picking the ttile
Make sure to not put too much pressure on these tasks
Keep it simple
DO NOT put too many things, be realistic only add things you know you can achieve
Little ramble on how this helped me :)
We all have those sleepless nights, especially when you have a 9am lecture/class the next day. Somehow you end up going to sleep at 4am still make it to your lecture on time, though the rush might be exciting this is not the way to start the week because your mind will get used to this so much and this becomes your normal routine.
Not going to lie, I am super guilty of this but I found out this not only drains my energy, it strips me away from my motivation and make me lazy all the time.
So one bazzare night I thought to myself what would I potentially want to do this coming week, so I got my phone started typing my "potential" to do list for the week, okay the list was quite long and seemed quite overwhelming, and I knew I wouldn't do all of this so though I made the list I didn't put too much pressure on this. When I checked back in the middle of the week I did most of the things on the do to list unconsiously. This was so surprising I never get things done.... what changed ?
Most of the time we put too much pressure ourself, that's why we procrastinate and they avoid the things we need to do. The minute the pressure is gone you get the urge to do your things even if you are unaware of it.
Tip 2 - Follow today's work TODAY
- Follow the lecture and make notes while you're attending the lecture
Take brief notes on what's on the slides
If the lecturer give extra info add those especially
DO NOT panic if you don't write everything on the slide, remember these are brief notes to for later revision
Speed is not important, what's important is that you have something written on the paper
when the lecture/class is finished fill in the gaps you left during it, do this right after while you still have the energy.
one page = one lecture (unless the lecture is 90 slides then its bit tricky)
Little ramble on how this helped me :)
I personally find it very hard to keep on top of things, especially with how different lecturers have different methods and speed with delivering their content. I tried many methods, recording the lectures, printing the slides, handwriting everything but it only made me bored of the things I was learning.
I can't stare at pages and pages of writing when I'm trying to revise, so best way for me to do this is if I have one page or two for the entire lecture. This helped me a lot of condense my notes, motivated me to keep writing and I felt accomplished by the end of every lecture.
Tip 3 - Keep one book for all your modules
- Invest in a chunky subject divider notebook
This is where you write the notes form the previous tip
One book to take to all your lectures, don't have to carry five or more
Write all the assignment and exams for that subject in the dividers (Kinda like a self-reminder)
Keep a general section where you write extra information that relates to the subjects (e.g. extra seminars, extra activity sessions, groups project notes, your own research for subjects, assignment preparation etc. )
Little ramble on how this helped me :)
Most of my detailed notes are digitalised, this is way easier then writing hours and hours of detailed notes by hand. But all the modules, lectures, practicals are separated so it's too much of hassle to find what I want when I want to have a quick glance at something.
Dividing the book by subject and seeing different content I am going to need regularly being on one place really is therapeutic for me, give me less stress so I don't have to spend time looking through pages of notes to find just one sentence.
Having one book for all my modules, helped me so much to keep on motivated to write notes and keep on top of it and when I revisit it, it's so pleasing to the eye.
Tip 4 - Write flashcards on the day
- Put little bit of extra into a flashcard
Once you finished a lecture, read back and pick the most key bits and write a maximum three sentences
Keep it very very brief
Think of pictograms for some words. e.g. little blog with stokes for a virus or a spark for electricity
Some info you can't fit on your page put it on the flashcard, like a diagram or a table
Little ramble on how this helped me :)
I am a sucker for flashcards, seeing them makes me so happy to revise. But making them when an exam is near is frustrating so if you make them before by the time you get your exam season you already have flashcards to revise from. How convenient!
Tip 5 - Write a sentence or research a bit everyday for your assignments
- Every time you feel like you done nothing today take a look assignment and write sentence - Take this step by step everyday and add information along the way
Pick a title first for whatever your assignment is
Do basic research on the title you chose
Do a basic plan
Improve on the basic research
Add information to the plan
and ect....
Little ramble on how this helped me :)
Doing assignments is tricky, very boring, they can be very long and stressful so we avoid even starting it until the day before it's due. Okay, we all work well under pressure but we don't really produce our best work under a day so investing little time everyday or every other helped me to produce more quality work than normal and it was less pressuring and stressful when I started the binge writing on two three days before the deadline, because all the research, preparation is done all I had to do was write and improve my work along the way.
I actually cannot recommend this enough because it saved me from a lot of breakdowns over my assignments. Just by adding something to it every now and then I basically finished my first draft by the time I actually want to start to write properly.
Bonus tip - Take the weekend off! - > If you're like me and get bored very easily with doing the work then follow these tips for the days you have school or uni, finish everything by Friday and take the whole weekend of .... TRUST ME you will be much more prepared for Monday.
Thank you so much ya'll for reading this, I do ramble a lot but it's a part of me that I embrace so I hope this was helpful for you and make sure to tell me your thoughts and feelings.
Till next time Lovelies x
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raenwrites · a year ago
after hours // s.r
Tumblr media
Summary: After a long day on the job and an even longer night of paperwork, Spencer can’t keep his hands off of Y/N any longer
Pairing: Spencer Reid & Y/N
Requested: yes, (hc: spencer having you come into his office and he just has come over n sit in his lap for a minute, he tells you how hot you are and then just bends you over his desk and pounds into you while praising you. when yall finish you are like "im not complaining at all but what was that for." and he is just like " i got horny n i love you." 🥺😭🥵)  
Warning: language, smut, unprotected sex, s5 Spencer (yeah, that’s a warning)
Word Count: 2,676
A/N: I had already started writing this before it was brought to my attention by a friend that this was a duplicate request that was sent to multiple writers and I just wanted to ask that in the future we could refrain from sending duplicate requests my way because I don’t want to unintentionally discredit another author’s work. Thanks guys! 💛
You were exhausted as you hunched over your desk, chin resting on your hand as you finished writing down every last detail you could remember about the last case.
It was late.
Your eyes were tired and dry from lack of sleep and your head hurt from the bright fluorescent lights that reflected off of your desk above you.
If there was one thing you hated about your job, it was the tedious paperwork.
You could spend hours in the field doing physically and mentally exhausting work, hours back at a police station sorting through evidence and trying to piece together pieces of a puzzle that lead you to an unsub, but for the life of you, you could not sit still and focus on the growing amount of paperwork that had started to accumulate at your desk.
Everyone had to write up their reports after they finished a case, detailing how and what they had done to put the now identified unsub behind bars.
In all of the years that you’d been doing this, you noticed that your answers had been downright repetitive. It was simple really, usually a murder happened that lead you to a small town where an unsub would leave clues for you to try and catch them. Simple.
It was a never ending game of cat and mouse, essentially.
The plot of each case wasn’t really what mattered. It all boiled down to the details.
Why did you choose to enter from the third door on the left instead of the second? Why did you trail behind Prentiss instead of leading her?  Why did you question one neighbor, but not the other?
Someone, somewhere, probably Strauss, wanted those answers.
So, you and the rest of your team spent hours on paperwork. Some days, you dreaded the very task so much that you found yourself begging for JJ to call you into the conference room, telling you that there was a new case the BAU was taking, as messed up as it was.
For a brief moment, you closed your eyes, letting out a deep breath as you rested your hand against your cheek.
You just needed a small break to recharge and give yourself the energy you needed to finish your files.
“You’re still here?” You didn’t even know he was still there and when you opened your eyes, spinning around in your chair to face him, you gave him his answer.
“Paperwork-“ You sighed, sitting up in your chair and extending your arms above your head with a soft yawn.
Rossi chuckled.
You reminded him of himself when he was your age. You were eager to finish your work so that when the next case called you away, resulting in another file on your desk, you could give it your full, undivided attention.
He admired you for your dedication and lack of procrastination. He’d seen far too many young agents wait until the deadline to turn their case files in, hoping to crank it all out in one night, but that’s when things got sloppy. They forgot specific details of the case and ultimately, it skewed the other data the rest of the team would present.
He shook his head disapprovingly as he looked at the mountain of paperwork on Derek Morgan’s desk and let out a small sigh, placing his hand on your shoulder.
“Don’t stay too late, kiddo.” He let out with a soft squeeze, his own way of saying that he cared for you without actually saying it.  “Wouldn’t want your brain to be fried for whatever fun comes our way tomorrow.”
You let out a small chuckle, your temple throbbing thinking about whatever unknown adventure you’d embark on when the sun came up.
“I won’t.” You promised him.
His eyes shifted towards the conference room where Spencer was looking down at a file in front of him, his lip pulled between his teeth as he was deep in thought.
“Make sure the Doctor gets home at a reasonable hour too, yeah?” He asked in a quieter tone, knowing that if someone didn’t hold him accountable, Spencer would never leave.
“Of course.”
With that, he turned on his heel, finally ready to depart after another long, grueling day at the BAU.
“Good night, Y/N.” He said with a small wave.
“Night, Rossi.” You returned the gesture and watched as he walked out the glass door and to the elevator.
Once he was out of sight you swiveled back around to your desk, the unfinished file you’d been working on still needing to be completed.
You were almost done.
It probably would’ve taken you 10 more minutes of pure focus to finish the file and be entirely caught up with your paperwork.
With every intention of finishing the file once and for all, you picked up your pen and began writing. However, you didn’t get more than a few words down before your eyes wandered towards the open door of the conference room as you stole another glance at the man deep in thought.
Bringing your pen to your lips you let out a small sigh as you watched him work, completely oblivious to the fact that you were watching him.
He was dialed into whatever he was working on and you could tell by the way he’d tucked his long, overgrown hair behind his ears to keep it out of his way.
You smiled at the thought of offering him a spare hair tie from your purse, similar to the ones he constantly stole from you at home, the thought further distracting you from the work in front of you as you let your mind wander.
You and Spencer had been dating for over two years and no one suspected a thing. Not because they were playing coy, they genuinely had no idea that the two of you were together.
You had found the perfect balance between your work lives and your personal lives. One that made you incredibly good at covering your tracks.
The two of you had always been good friends, which was why when the two of you started dating, nothing changed between your work dynamic.
You didn’t go out of your way to bring him coffee in the mornings before briefings and you certainly didn’t go out of your way to sit with him or partner up on cases.
Sometimes it happened, and when it did, it was fantastic because you got to spend the day with your best friend, but it also kind of sucked because while the two of you were on the clock, you were two completely different people.
You’d talked about it with him more than once and the two of you agreed it was always best to keep your relationship between the two of you.
You would’ve loved to share your happiness with your friends and family, but you also cherished the intimacy that came with the privacy of your relationship. You knew deep down that you’d have to tell them someday, but always figured it would be best to cross that bridge when you got there.
When the two of you were at work, you were there to get a job done. People counted on you, both of you, which was why you couldn’t let them down by letting your personal life interfere your ability to do your job.
Just like it had been for the past 15 minutes.
Closing the file, you placed it on top of the pile with all the others you had finished and turned your desk lamp off before gathering your things and making your way to the conference room.
You knocked on the door frame softly, careful not to disturb him as you leaned against the wall.
“You almost done?”
“Hmm?” He looked up at you and noticed your blazer and purse in hand. You looked tired, but still as gorgeous as ever. “Oh, Yeah...” He confirmed, a frustrated sigh leaving his lips as he ran his fingers through his overgrown hair. “Just finishing up.”
You offered him a warm smile, which he happily returned as you made your way behind him, setting your belongings on the table and wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you let out a soft sigh. It was like as soon as you touched him all of the stress that’d been building up in your body left and you could finally breathe again.
“Y/N-“ He warned, stiffening under your touch, the smile on his face almost immediately falling as he quickly looked around the office in fear.
“Penelope left with Emily about an hour ago and Rossi just left.” You assure him, resting your chin on top of his shoulder. “We’re the only ones here.” You whisper in his ear and the corners of his mouth turn up into a small smile again. Relaxing, he placed his hand on top of yours as he let out a small sigh.
He’d missed you all day.
Sure, he’d spent the entire day with you, but the two of you were working. He had to try his hardest to refrain from reaching for your hand under the table as you were debriefed earlier that morning and he had to try even harder not to stare at your lips as you drank your morning coffee.
You weren’t even trying to tease him or rile him up, but somehow, you still managed to.
Not to mention the particular pencil skirt you’d chosen to wear to work that morning, a dark brown one to contrast your cream colored blouse, hugged your figure perfectly.
You’d bent down at some point to pick up a file you’d accidentally knocked off the table and he swore he would’ve taken you right there if every single one of your coworkers weren’t in the room.
He pushed his chair back a bit to allow you room to sit on his lap and gently patted his thigh, offering it to you.
You happily took a seat in his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a much needed hug.
You just needed to be close to him.
It was completely innocent. Until you felt the growing bulge in his lap beneath you.
“God, you’re so beautiful, baby.” He groaned softly as you shifted in his lap.
“Looked so fucking pretty in this skirt today.” He complimented you lowly, his long fingers toying with the hem of your skirt as you twirled a piece of his hair around your finger.
“Thank you, Dr. Reid.” You smiled, pressing a small kiss to his cheek as his grip on your waist tightened.
“Thought about taking you right here, across this table, all day.” He admitted with a needy kiss to your neck, his hand gently parting your legs, allowing him to push your panties aside. You groaned softly as one of his long fingers found your clit and started teasing you, slowly. “You would’ve liked that, wouldn’t you’ve?” His smirk grew as he watched your eyes flutter shut while he teased your wet folds by dragging a finger against your swollen cunt.
“Yes-“ It’s all you can fathom and it comes out like a whine as you spread your legs further, hoping he’d give you what you really wanted.
“Yes, what?” His actions halted immediately.
“Yes, Sir.” You whine as he easily slipped a finger inside of you and started fingering you slowly.
“Naughty girl-“ He chuckled, picking up his pace as you continued to squirm against his lap. “Would you’ve let me finger you in front of all of our friends?” He added another finger and felt your walls clench around him at his question. “Hm? How about our bosses?” He continued to tease you as you started grinding your hips against his hand trying to take him further. “Do you want them to know how fucking filthy you are?”
Your head lolled back against his shoulder as you gasped. It took a second for you to realize that he had asked you a question and it wasn’t until his fingers brushed against your sweet spot that your mouth fell open with a gasp.
He had you wrapped around his finger, quite literally, and the both of you knew it.
“Yes-“ You exclaimed breathlessly before your eyes went wide with realization as to what you’d actually agreed to. “Wait, no!” You were quick to correct yourself, fearful that his actions would stop once again and he’d leave you there, a moaning, withering mess, desperate for release.  “Only you.”
“That’s right, Princess-“ He praised softly. “Only me.” He was rarely ever possessive, but the way he reminded you that you were his with a low groan made you impossibly wetter. “Only I get to see you like this.”
“Spencer, please-“ You begged as he withdrew his fingers from your slit and brought them to his mouth.
“Bend over-“ He demanded lowly with a hand on your lower back. As you rose to your feet he gently pressed you against the table, moving the papers he’d been working on out of the way before he flipped your skirt up and pulled your panties down to your ankles.
You heard the metal of his belt buckle unclasp and before you could even catch your breath, you felt him bury himself inside of you.
“So fucking tight-“ He groaned as he bottomed out with a single thrust, his grip on your hips tightening as you pressed you further against the table. “You were made for me, baby.”
Your fingernails clawed at the glossy table top with each one of his thrusts as you tried your hardest to steady yourself.
Had it not been for his hands on your hips holding you in place, you most likely would’ve collapsed.
“Ugh, fuck, I’m-“ Your legs started to shake as you whined. His hips snapped forward, impossibly quicker than before as he set a brutal pace.
“I know-” He admitted. Each thrust was becoming sloppier and harder as he moved his hips with purpose.
“Don’t stop, Spencer, please don’t stop-“ Your voice was broken as he held you flush against him. He had you seeing stars as he lazily started rubbing circles against your clit.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck-“ You gasped as you clenched around him, your toes curling as you found your release.
He wasn’t far behind as he held you close and bucked against you feverishly, soft grunts falling from his lips and into your ear as he spilled himself deep inside of you shortly after.
The two of you stayed like that for a second before he pulled out, leaving you clenching around nothingness as he tucked his cock back into his pants.
“I’m not at all-“ You let out between breaths as you quickly pulled your panties back up, praying that none of his cum leaked out and stained the carpet you’d be forced to see every day for the rest of your life. “But what was that for?”
“That skirt really did it for me today.” He chuckled softly, his cheeks flushed as he tucked his hair behind his ears and you couldn’t tell if it was because he’d just fucked you at work or because he’d just given you one of the best orgasms of your life.
It was probably both, honestly.
“And I love you.” He told you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to him. “Very-“ He pressed a small kiss to your forehead. “Very-“ Another soft peck was left on the top of your nose before finally he captured your lips in a tender kiss. “Much.” He smiled against your lips causing you to do the same.
“I love you too.” You beamed as you adjusted your skirt. “I guess I have to start wearing this skirt more often, huh?” You teased lightly, but saw the way his jaw clenched at your remark.
Maybe you did like teasing him, on purpose, after all. Especially if it meant he’d bend you over the conference table after hours.
Tagging a few angels I adore: @thollandss​ @veraiconcos​ @gublerscoffee​ @gublerwhore​ @thematthewgraygube​ @dreamybebe​ @eideticmemory​ @darnittumbleweed​ @gayprentiss​ @agntprentiss​ @imagining-in-the-margins​ @delicatereids​ @saprentiss​ @naturallytom​
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bhoekuto · 8 months ago
𝓡𝓮𝓺𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓽 : Can we get some more Suna angst? The last one was so good
𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 : Suna x Reader
𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 : Angst - Mentions of Cheating - Mentions of Abortion
𝓐𝓾𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓻𝓼 𝓝𝓸𝓽𝓮 : Glad you liked the first suna angst!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hands in your pockets, gazing up at the jet black sky only to find the moon keeping it company... Tonight you once again find yourself listening to the music escaping from your headphones. 
Leaving your home at this time of night has become quite the habit these days. How could it not? Procrastination hasn’t been the kindest of friend to you as of late. Papers are building up, grades slipping, and projects have been left in the corner to rot… Then again, it’s not like it’s your fault, right? Nah. Not at all… It’s his fault… He’s always coming and going as he pleases… 
You know he's busy, know he has a great life to live now that he's gone pro… But still...
“Idiot.” Is all you say as you pass by a dreary alley.
Pausing for a brief moment you side glance at the filthy looking passage… It reminded you of him… “tch” Clicking your tongue you grew more and more frustrated as you stared down this damn alley. It reminded you of the night after your first party with him, how he dragged you to an empty alley and made you scream his name over and over again… 
Why do you let these things bug you? Why do you care anyway? It’s not like you love him or anything, he’s just some guy you've known since… forever. Just some guy who loves his phone and is good in bed. So, why are you letting someone like this fuck over your life? You’re so much better than this and you know it, but then again…
Continuing forward you look back up at the sky, “Fucking idio-” 
Great. Just as you were about to spit off how much of an idiot he was again you were suddenly yanked by your arm and dragged into the shadows of the alley.
Struggle? Panic? Try to kick them and run? 
Jesus what was the point of doing all that, your stress was going to be the death of you soon anyway so might as well let this person take your life, at least that’ll look less pathetic.
Your entire form was pinned against the rough brick wall, arms behind your back with a foreign hand acting as your cuffs… You can feel their warm breath on your neck which causes an ever so slight chill to creep through your entire being. Goosebumps begin to form underneath your leather jacket and it feels like a lifetime before a low voice hisses in your ear. “Scream and i’ll cut your flesh so quickly you’ll bleed out before anyone finds you.” That damn voice, it belongs to him… fucking idiot… Out of the corner of your eye you can see a blade, the moon's beautiful glow making it gleam… 
… “Do it then. I dare you, Suna. Or would you prefer me to call you by your name before you end my life?”
Eyes wide open, Suna stares at the back of you before relinquishing the blade. The air feels heavy, and his breathing has come to a halt. 
“Well? What are you waiting for? Next year? Just end it already, Suna. I'm tired of playing these games.”
Was he hearing you right? Are you seriously using formalities now? Wait, did you really want him to end your life?
Gripping onto your shoulder, Suna twirls you around in one swift motion. Glaring at you with his hand still placed on your shoulder he speaks to you with great confusion, “The hell is wrong with you miss attitude? Did someone attempt to fuck you and not do a good jo-”
Not even thinking or with a solid care in the world your hand had swung and made contact with his cheek. 
“God! You are such an idiot! I can’t stand you! No! I detest you! You’re nothing but absolute trash! You talk about- ugh! You bitch about Atsumu and how he is what’s wrong with this world but honestly it’s guys like you! Guys like you are what’s wrong with this world! At least he’s trying to do better and trying to make up for all the shit he's done in the past! You just like to make everything ten times worse! Does it make you feel good? Do you get a rise out of it?” Tears were beginning to well up in your eyes. You had held it in for far too long… It felt as if you were made of glass, your strength had finally shattered. Everything had reached its limits. You were definitely not in love with the man standing before you… Not anymore at least. How foolish of you to let all this bullshit get in your way. 
It was time to leave him behind. For good this time.
“Hey! Where the hell do you think you’re going? No one said we were done here.” Suna jerked you back by the collar of your jacket, pulling you into him, he captured you with his arms. “The hell is your problem, (y/n)? You never act like this. So tell me, what’s on your mind?”
Hanging your head, your hair covering the enraged expression on your face, you bit your lip with anticipation of holding back what you wished to say… But when you drew blood from self harming your very own lip, it all flooded out like a never ending river of emotions. Your head had sprung up, and Suna could see your eyes had agony written all over them. 
“Wh-What’s my problem?” Releasing a crazed laugh with your eyes sealed shut and head tilted back it ended abruptly so you could focus on those grayish yellow like eyes of his. “The time I caught you with some lowlife girl sucking you off in OUR bathroom is my problem! The time you suckered punched Atsumu because you thought him and I were sleeping around is my problem! Jesus Christ Suna, have you forgotten about the abortion you forced me to get in high school!? ” Your eyes never faltered as you spoke. “Don’t act like you care! Don’t put on a facade and try to act like you used to! Don’t do anything! Just crawl in a ditch and do me a favor and die!” Striking his hand off the back of your collar you begin to brush past him, and just before you made your exit you turned your head to the side to glance at him… “You’re pathetic, Suna Rintaro.”
It felt as if his heart was actually breaking and his stomach had this sinking feeling. It almost felt as if he was being dragged down to hell but his body was staying above ground… This feeling… Is this how he's been making you feel? Was this moment even happening right now? He had no clue what was going on… okay that was a lie. Suna knew exactly what was going on and he can easily admit it is indeed his own fault. He didn't ever want you to get rid of his and yours child, he was just scared. You both were so young and had so many plans… The girl… the fucking whore he brought home from Osamu’s grand opening… She- He- She meant nothing… He really thought you left with Atsumu, only to find out the next day Atsumu dragged you off to the side to tell you about how Suna -him- wanted to marry you… 
He’s done so many awful things to you. 
Seeking out your arm, Suna tries to grab hold of it to stop you from leaving but his reach falls short… You’re already too far ahead and for him it was as if someone put his body under a spell, he couldn’t move an inch to chase after what was once his...
~ 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓚𝓲𝔀𝓲 𝔁𝓸𝔁𝓸
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prettytoxicrevolver · 9 months ago
Five Times Colson Baker Almost Kissed You and the One Time He Did
Requested? For someone else maybe (i’m sorry LMAO)
Warnings? None? 
Summary: You and Colson have been best friends for years now and had feelings for each other for what seems like the same amount of time. However, you always seem to be missing out on one another. 
Word Count: 2,902 (it’s so long but I promise it’s worth it)
“One hour,” Colson says, trying to convince you. 
“Please? We can get food after,” he begs and you consider it for a moment. 
Colson cheers loudly at this, picking you up and spinning you around before throwing you back onto his king-sized bed. He heads to his closet, sorting through his clothes to find something to wear and you roll your eyes at your best friend. 
Colson had been begging you practically all week to go to a party that Pete Davidson was surprisingly throwing. You had always wanted to meet his best friend but had never gotten the time to do so. That was the main reason you said yes to going to the party and the other was Colson was Colson and you couldn’t say no to those big blue eyes.
“One hour,” you tell him when you arrive at the house. 
“One hour,” he repeats pressing a kiss to your cheek before heading into the party. 
You head in slowly, making your way to the drink table first and pouring yourself something before figuring out what to do next. Just as you’re about to walk around in hopes of finding someone you know, you hear someone call your name. 
“(y/n)?” you turn to see Pete standing a few feet away with a smile plastered on his face. 
“Hey! I’m Pete,” he says offering his hand to shake. “I didn’t mean to sound weird knowing who you are, Colson talks about you a lot.” 
“Good to know,” you joke, and Pete smiles. 
The two of you end up talking for a while, getting to know each other, and trading secrets about Colson. You don’t realize how fast time is going until a drunk Colson finds you. 
“Darling!” he calls, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and leaning his head against yours. “You met Pete?” 
“Yes, love. And you’re wasted?” you ask. 
You turn your head to the side to look at your best friend when it occurs to you how close Colson is. An inch rests between two of you, and your eyes flicker between his and his lips. Your eyes land on each other and for a moment something passes between the two of you. 
"Y'all gonna kiss or what?" Pete says from in front of the two of you. 
You and Col both laugh, and your head rests on his chest. The two of you cast another glance at each other before you maneuver so your arm is around Colson's waist and his slips around your shoulders. 
"Let's go, big guy." 
"Fuck!" Colson curses loudly while messing with the pearl-like necklace. 
You stand from your spot on the couch and head over to your frustrated best friend. As you walk up to him, his hands drop and you stand in front of him. You offer a small smile and reach up to click together the confusing necklace. 
“I’m nervous,” he admits as you work on the jewelry. “Why the fuck am I nervous?” 
“Because it’s a VMA and you’ve been working your ass off and you deserve one.” 
“But I don’t care if we win or lose,” he insists and you nod. 
“I know. But you still care a little bit.” 
After fastening the necklace, you fix it so the bullhorn is at the center of his neck. Once finished, your hands fall to his chest and you look up at him. 
“You’re gonna win.” 
Because of restrictions, you sit to the side of the room as Colson heads in front of the cameras to talk to the interviewer. You sit back and admire your best friend’s success, proud to have been able to watch how far he’s come and how amazing he’s done in his career, vma or not. 
“What I wanna let you know, you won the vma. I have somebody bringing it in for you right now.”  
Just as Colson begins to freak out on camera, you immediately start to jump up and down for your best friend. You want to run up and hug him and tell him you knew it but you refrain wanting to hear what he says in his acceptance speech. 
He runs through the og’s, Casie, his family, Travis, and Mod, and just as he’s about to stop, his eyes land on you. 
“My beautiful best friend. Just before this, she was reassuring me that I was gonna win and I trust her with everything. Thank you for always believing in me.” 
A happy tear falls as Colson continues to cheer and you watch until the interview is over and the crew cuts the camera. As soon as they’re finished, Colson beelines straight for you. 
His arms wrap around your waist and yours slip around his shoulders and you can feel the excitement and love radiate between the two of you. He picks you up and spins you around unable to contain the happiness and you’re both practically screaming in the tiny backstage area. 
“I won!!” he yells. 
“You won!!” you echo and you’re both laughing out of pure bliss. 
He sets you down and you take a step back, your hands moving from his shoulders to his face and you cup his cheeks and see a beaming smile greet you. 
“I’m so proud of you Col,” you say and he laughs lightly still not believing this all. 
You stay there like that for a moment, gazing into each other eyes and your heart beats fast as his striking blue eyes study yours. Your thumb absentmindedly strokes the side of his cheek and he leans into your touch. You’re certain he’s leaning in and you’re getting closer when someone interrupts you. 
“Colson? Is it okay if we get some pictures?” 
“Okay, we’re gonna sit here and get all of our work done even if it kills us,” you say turning to your best friend and laughing. 
“Or, we could go to this party in the hills?” Kells asks, offering you puppy dog eyes. 
“Absolutely not. You have to finish that song and I need to write this paper. We can get it done together.” 
The older boy gazes at you from across the room and you meet it with ease. After a moment or so, he breaks and you giggle lightly knowing you won. 
You and Colson both had been putting off your respective work for days now. You were both born procrastinators, having bad habits for waiting till the last minute to get things done. When you met each other, it got a little bit easier to finish things though when you had to do it together. 
However, sometimes you got things done much later in the night than the two of you would have liked. Currently, it was almost 2:30 and neither one of you had made much progress. 
“Okay, I’m done,” Kells says coming over to your spot on the couch and laying down. 
His head falls into your lap and you instinctively let your hands fall to his hair. Your hands card through the soft blonde locks that fall into a messy mohawk formation on his head. You watch as Kells eyes fall shut as your nails scratch the sides of his buzzed hair before running through the locks once more, 
“Hey,” Colson says and you look down at him. You smile lightly at the older boy and he sits up at the action. He props up on his elbow, one hand reaching up to twirl his fingers through your hair and you hum at the action. Your eyes trace over his features, committing each perfect detail to memory. 
You suddenly realize you’re both moving closer and closer to each other until you’re centimeters away from each other. Your heart is nonexistent and your eyes shut in anticipation at the closeness. 
Suddenly the loud sound of your alarm goes off and the two of you split. Colson falls back into your lap, his head hanging lowly and sighing quietly. You scramble to turn the alarm off, completely forgetting that you turned it on in case you took a nap during your work. 
“So close,” you hear Colson whisper before he stands and goes back to his work and you find yourself smiling. 
“I suck,” you tell him. 
“You don’t suck,” Colson reassures you. 
“Please? It’s one song, the last song! Please?” he begs taking your hands in his and tugging at them lightly. 
“Let’s go!” Col cheers letting go of your hands to pump his fists together. 
Colson had come to you when he was almost finished with the album and had only a few songs left to mix and go over to make sure they were perfect. After going over the album and the deluxe over and over, Colson finally realized what he was missing. 
“It’s just this part at the end, me and Dom already did it but I think adding a high harmony will be perfect,” Colson explains, leading you into the small recording booth. 
He wanted to add you onto body bag, one of your favorite tracks off of Col’s new album that he recorded with none other than YungBlud. The two finished the song, but Colson insists the ending woahs need a harmony. So, he came to you which you still didn’t understand in the slightest. 
“Are you sure you want me to sing? I’m gonna ruin the whole song.” 
“Definite. I’ll sing with you if that makes you feel better,” he reassures and you nod. 
The two of you get set up, Col explaining the process along the way and you try to follow along to the best of your abilities. After putting on your headphones and you both step up to the mic, your nerves start to kick in. 
“I promise it’s not bad. And we can always redo it.” 
You nod at your best friend and he smiles before giving Travis the thumbs up to start the audio. The backing of the song begins and out of habit, you begin to dance to the song. 
Just before the part you’re supposed to sing hits, Colson taps you and you look over at him and he nods as you’re supposed to come in. The two of you sing together, you hitting a higher harmony and Colson smiles wide at you the entire time. 
“It’s perfect guys,” Travis says when you’re finished. 
“We finished!” Colson yells. 
“You did it!” You yell back. 
It hits you both at the same time, the fact that Colson had finished something so close to him and your best friend had achieved something so great. 
You jump into Colson’s arms, your legs wrapping around his waist and your arms wrapping tightly around his shoulders. He catches you as if he’s done this a million times, his arm circling your waist and he pushes his face into your neck. 
You pull away, about to tell Col how proud you are of him when you’re struck by the proximity of the two of you. You both smile widely at each other, radiating complete and utter joy. You move closer, wanting to finally close the gap, wanting to enhance this moment when you’re interrupted. 
“Uh, guys?” 
“Colson,” you whine from across the room. 
“Yes?” he asks looking up at you. 
You give him a look, the look you’ve perfected between the two of you that is always understood whether you say something before, after, or nothing at all. It always means I want food. 
“We just ate!” he exclaims and you burst out laughing. 
“We ate preppy award show food! I want Mcdonald’s,” you say in between laughter. 
“I mean,” he says, shooting you the same look and now you’re both cackling together. 
You grab your phone and Col grabs his keys and the two of you head out together. Some days, going to McDonald’s and just hanging out was the best for you and Colson. You got to relax, spend some genuine time with each other and do whatever you wanted. 
As you drive, you and Colson sing along to your throwback playlist and talk about the award show you just attended together. You two were getting tired of award season, and the speeches and the tiny food. However, you always promised that if you had each other you’d bear every award show. 
“Usual?” Col asks when you pull up the speaker. 
“Yes please,” you answer. 
Colson orders your food and as you pull up to the first window you try to hand him your credit card. 
“Venmo me,” he says. 
“I..” you begin and he tilts his head to the side in confusion. 
“Have no money in my bank account currently.” 
The two of you burst out laughing, the worker giving you confused looks as Colson hands him his card anyway and you try to protest but nothing comes out between the giggles. 
After Colson pays and you pick up the food, you tell him to pull over somewhere so you can eat. He ends up finding a secluded parking lot for the two of you to chill. 
As you eat, you two talk about random things, from stories from the week to past dumb things you two have done. You end up laughing and enjoying your time well past when you finish your food. 
“Remember when you fell at that award show?” kells asks and you begin to laugh.
“It was one time!” 
“You face planted!” he reminds you and you’re both laughing all over again. 
“You didn’t even try and catch me,” you whine. 
“I’ll always catch you I promise,” he says and you look over at your best friend. 
Kells wears a serious expression replacing the bright but rare smile on his lips just seconds previous. Your eyes search his, uncertain of the meaning behind the words. His hand takes yours, his thumb rubbing over the soft skin and his eyes stare into the distance as he does the action. 
“Col,” you whisper, trying to get the older boys attention. 
His eyes snap to yours and his hand moves from yours to your cheek. His thumb traces your features, trailing from your jaw to your lips and you’re breathless at his touch. Just as you inch closer and closer, your lips ghost over each other’s, and your breath hitches. 
You think you’re about to meet, a long-awaited connection when a horn blares out of nowhere, scaring the two of you apart. You both settle back into your seats, a soft chuckle emitting from your best friend as he shakes his head. You bite your lip, a hand coming up to feel the skin where his fingers gracefully touched and you can’t believe your moment was ruined once more. 
And One 
“Hey I’m coming over in 5,” you say greeting Colson from the view of your car. 
“Uh why?” he asks peering into the phone to figure out why you’re headed over to his place so late at night. 
“Cause there’s a meteor shower and I wanna watch it from a good view,” you explain and Colson laughs at you. 
After a quick drive, you’re walking inside of Colson’s house with blankets, pillows, and tons of snacks. When Col sees you, he hops up from the couch and helps you with the stuff. 
“You seriously drove all the way over here for a meteor shower?” 
“It’s a better view over here!” you defend and Colson laughs. 
Together you bring the stuff upstairs and manage to bring it out onto the rooftop. You set up, laying blankets over the rooftop, setting up pillows, and laying out snacks. 
“When is the shower supposed to start?” Col asks as he climbs back onto the roof next to you. 
“I think like 10 minutes?” 
Colson nods in response, settling in next to you. He lays down, his hand slipping underneath his head to prop himself up slightly. You lay down next to him, relaxed in each other’s presence as you wait for the meteor shower to begin. 
As you sit and stare at the stars, your mind wanders to the boy next to you. As cheesy as it was, you’d always be grateful to have Colson Baker in your life. No matter what happened, knowing him and gaining life experience together will be something you always cherished. 
You feel Colson moving next to you, and his hand slowly trails down until it meets yours, interlocking your fingers with ease. Your heart pounds slowly in your chest and you’re surprised Colson can’t hear it. 
“Hey,” he says and you turn to look at him. 
His hand comes to meet your cheek and you search his eyes. You sink into the feeling of his hands on you and nothing feels better in the world. As he moves closer, your breath hitches and you’re mesmerized by his stunning blue eyes. 
Then his lips are on yours, and the long awaited connection has sparks lighting from end to end. He moves slightly so he’s facing you, one hand holding your waist as the other caresses your cheek and you’re relaxed into his touch. 
As he pulls away, he places another chaste kiss to your lips and you’re left smiling wide. As you stare into Col’s eyes, you can’t help but giggle as the ultimate feeling of happiness overwhelms you. 
“Fucking finally,” he says and the two of you are really laughing now. 
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astxroiid · 10 months ago
What It’s Like
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Fandom: YouTube
Pairing: Ethan Nestor x Reader
Word Count: 1,623
Warnings: a short moment of angst, crying,
Summary: Y/N invites Ethan, her roommate, to come play Mario Kart and eat takeout with her after his Twitch stream.
Author’s Note: This is just a quick little thing I thought about the last night! Am I procrastinating to keep from writing those series? Yes. Yes I am. [thank you @soft-haas16 for proof reading and giving me feedback! Ur the best <3]
Tags: @bigdickdaddysatan , @staxryskxes , @soft-haas16 , @cas-loves-pizza
Masterlist // Read Before Requesting
Tumblr media
Ethan sat in his gaming chair in front of his monitors spinning side to side as he read the chat that was gliding up one of his screens.
“Spidie-cents, thank you for the bits!” He calls, eyes still following the words coming in.
He’d had an average day, nothing too outstanding and interesting about it. So why not spice things up with a surprise stream?
“When am I playing Among Us again? I don’t know. Hopefully sometime soon. I’ve been trying to get a lobby going with Seán, Corpse, Chris, and the rest of the usual bunch.”
He takes a sip of his water and checks his phone real quick. Nothing. He sighs and sets it back on the table, looking up at the chat.
“Are me and Y/N dating?” 
Ethan becomes visibly uncomfortable at the question. “Uh, no. We just live together. Not dating.”
Chat goes wild, teasing him and asking a thousand more questions.
Ethan struggles with reading while the chat is going so fast. Only making out different ship names and heart emotes.
“Guys. Guys. Calm down. I can’t read chat.”
There’s a soft knock on his recording room door. “Yeah?” Ethan calls out. You step in, looking slightly shy and nervous. The stream can’t see you, which your thankful for. But they can see the way Ethan is looking at you. Smiling with loving eyes and excitement running through him.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Oh, am I interrupting?” You ask, concerned.
“Oh. No, your fine. What do you need?” He reassures
“Well, I was gonna see if - when your stream ends - you would want to come play some Mario Kart with me? And maybe order some takeout?” You’re fidgeting with your hands, trying to maintain eye contact.
Ethan smiles warmly and nods enthusiastically. “Yes! Totally. I’m ending my stream in about an hour,” he checks his phone for the time, “is that okay?”
You grin. “It’s perfect. Thank you. I can’t wait.”
Ethan expresses the same feelings before you both say goodbye and you leave the room, giddily preparing to order food.
✩ ✩ ✩
Ethan comes downstairs after his stream, excited for a game night with you.
You’re sitting on the couch, scrolling through your phone. You’re wearing a pair of dark grey sweatpants that you might or might not have stolen from Ethan, a black spaghetti strap shirt, and a silver chain necklace Ethan had gotten you for your birthday last year.
He smiles at the memory of you opening the box he’d been holding behind his back, gasping and giggling and completely at a loss for words.
You struggled for a few minutes trying to find a way and thank him for such a beautiful piece of jewelry.
You look up from your phone and smile wide. “Hey,” you greet, “whatcha smiling about?”
Ethan looks into your eyes. “Nothing, just thinking about your birthday present I got you.”
You absentmindedly reach for the chain resting on your chest and play with it, smiling.
“Thank you, again.”
He shakes his head, grinning, and saunters over to the couch. Ethan flops down beside you, placing his arm behind your shoulders on the back of the couch.
He slides down slightly, spreading his knees and rubbing a thumb on your shoulder bone opposite him.
Chills cover your body at every little gesture Ethan does. Especially the way his arm is around you and his thigh is pressed flat against yours. Your cheeks heat up and you pretend to focus on your phone.
“U-uh the food should be here soon. In ten minutes maybe,” you look over at Ethan.
He looks back at you, a goofy smile on his face. “Nice,” he squeezes your body against his with his arm and rests the side of his head on top of yours.
You start to get ready for a round of Mario Kart, choosing your characters and load outs and then moving on to which cup you should play.
“What cup do you wanna play?” You look over to Ethan.
“Well, I believe there’s only one good answer - the greatest cup out of the entire game.”
“The Star Cup.”
“The Bell Cup.”
You both blurt at the same time.
“What?” You ask incredulously.
“Star Cup?!” Ethan looks at you, shocked.
“What do you mean ‘Star Cup’? It’s the best one! It’s got Dolphin Shoals - which is hands down the best map in the game, Mount Wario, and Sunshine Airport. That’s the big three all in one cup!” You flop your hand to your thighs for dramatic effect.
“No. No. No. No. See, I hate to break it to you - but that’s where you’re wrong.”
You raise a questioning eyebrow and cross your arms over your chest.
“The best map on the game is Wild Woods, but the rest of the maps on the Crossing Cup suck. So that leaves Ribbon Road, Super Bell Subway, and Big Blue which are a trifecta of greatness.”
You shake your head. Before you can retort - there’s a knock on the door. The food has arrived. You thank the delivery person and grab the food, taking it to the living room and sorting out your’s and Ethan’s food.
“At least we can agree that Bowser’s Castle is the absolute worst,” you say, setting Ethan’s box in front of him. He nods his head, agreeing.
“Yes. Definitely.”
You both decide on Ethan’s Bell Cup first, eating your food and goofing the whole time.
✩ ✩ ✩
Halfway through the night Ethan realizes that he’s losing. In a desperate attempt to redeem himself; he snakes an arm around you and begins to tickle your side.
You jolt upward, almost throwing your controller while trying to fight him off.
“E-Ethan!” You cackle. “St-op!”
While you’re distracted, Ethan manages to send a blue shell your way and slowly crawl his way up to first.
You press the pause button and catch your breath. You both set your controllers on the coffee table and look at each other.
You’re panting and smiling at the goofy man next to you. “That... was so... unfair,” you accuse breathlessly.
“You never told me to play fair,” Ethan states like the five year old he is, smiling like a dork.
You roll your eyes and get up to throw your box of food away. Before you can get to it, there’s a hand gently in yours, pulling you towards him.
You crash into Ethan’s lap, giggling. “Lemme put my food in the trash,” you look up at him.
“In a minute,” Ethan looks down at you, pulling you closer to his chest - hugging you. You bury your face into his shirt, inhaling his scent. Your body relaxes into him and you smile to yourself.
This is all you could ever want in life. You and Ethan, holding each other, at peace. Then reality sets in. And you realize that you couldn’t be truly happy like this. Just friends.
All this is - is one friend holding another friend. And that’s all it’ll ever be. No ‘I love You’s. No kisses. No holding each other in bed every night. Just friends being friends.
You feel tears welling in your eyes and you try and hold them back but before you can Ethan pulls back to look at your face, smiling.
His face falls at the sight of yours, being replaced by fear and concern.
“Hey. Hey, what’s wrong? Did I do something?” He grabs your face, looking into your eyes.
A tear slips down your cheek and you shake you head but Ethan knows better. “No. Talk to me. What’s wrong?” He asks again.
You take a deep breath and move his hands from your face. “I—” you start but decide against it. Having no idea how to tell him. And do you really want to ruin your friendship?
Ethan’s eyes plead with you and there’s no way you can refuse him.
“It’s just,” you take a deep breath. “I don’t think I can do this,” you admit gently.
“Do what?” Ethan asks, concerned.
“Be just friends with you. It hurts too much to keep going,” another tear slips out. “I see you every day and I’m filled with this overwhelming sense of loss. And the pain in my chest everytime you look at me is so overbearing and I can’t keep putting myself through this every single day,” you look away from him, closing your eyes tight.
“Especially when I know you don’t feel the same. That’s the worst part about it, Eef. Knowing you’ll never feel the same,” you collapse into his chest, crying.
Ethan places a hand on your back, moving the other to the base of your skull and kisses the top you your head.
“Hey,” he says, softly. “Look at me.”
You look into his eyes, your own red and puffy.
“Who said I’d never feel the same?”
“What?” Your face contorts in confusion.
“Y/N, I’ve felt that exact way about you for so long. You have no idea...”
Your heart melts and you smile. “Really?” You wipe a tear from your cheek.
Ethan uses his thumb to wipe away your other tears and smiles. “Yes. Really.”
He slowly starts to lean in and you grin. “I think I do have an idea of what it was like.”
Your lips connect and move together in a sweet dance of love and tender longing.
You pull away and giggle, pressing your forehead against his.
You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him to the side, laying with him on the couch. You kiss him for longer this time with more intent.
“Can I go throw away my food now?” You almost whisper.
“As long as you take mine with you.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Ty guys for reading! And for 300 followers!! Ahh words can’t express how thankful I am for you guys <3333!
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suhdays · 11 months ago
the perfect date | knj
Tumblr media
❝between two demanding jobs there was little time to be with one another without any outside pressure. after months of never being able to go on a date, namjoon plans a weekend away to the beach. one thing he soon learned is that you always should check the weather beforehand. always.❞
• co-author: @randomkoalablog helped to write the smut scene and i appreciate niah for making this fic come together so nicely!
• pairing: bookstore owner namjoon x female journalist reader
• genre: fluff, smut, bookstore au, journalist au, established relationship
• rating: 18+
• warning(s): unprotected sex and some profanity. 
• word count: 5.3k
• note: this is a commissioned fic for @joontopia that is a part of the rising from the ashes donations dedicated to helping those who have been impacted by the west coast fires! thank you so so much for donating and allowing me to write your fic! i hope you enjoy this and it turned out to be what you hoped for!
• beta readers: @raejeon read the first initial chunk of this fic after it was written so thank you for taking the time to give me feedback !! @vminity21​ is an angel for going through the whole fic and making sure it all flowed together, i love you.
Tumblr media
Paperwork. There was nothing but paperwork littering your desk to the point you couldn’t actually see the surface beneath it. Normally you were determined to finish the tasks of the day in the morning, except you slept barely four hours which proved to be a disaster all on its own. Instead, you spent two hours sulking and reading through new articles in an attempt to find inspiration. You never found any. Next, you sat in a meeting with editors and your fellow journalists that went on and on about topics you don’t remember. Those weren't your true colors. You were a well put together person with great talent, but some days you were nothing but a shadow of yourself. 
Eventually, others began to notice. It’s not like anyone else felt this way, it’s just that most learned to mask it well. You, on the other hand, did not. It wasn’t until Hoseok popped into your office that you finally peeled away from your fantasy. 
“Sleepless night, huh?” Hoseok snuck in through the cracked door, revealing a cup of coffee in his hand with your name scribbled on the side. 
“You have no idea,” you sighed as a smile formed on your lips. “Thank you for the coffee.” 
The hot beverage felt comforting between your palms. Bringing it up to your mouth brought a new wave of warmth that you adored. Yes, sometimes work sucked but most of the time it was tolerable.
“Wasn’t me,” Hoseok plopped into the empty chair you stored in the corner. “Say thank you to your boyfriend.” 
Namjoon. Just the thought of him often sent tingles all along your skin. Even from a distance everyone knew that there was love and commitment there. You would agree that between two full time jobs things sometimes became strained, and yet, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Well...maybe less hours at work is ideal, however, life is not that way. 
“He made you pick it up didn’t he?” You ask, fully aware that he tended to rely on Hoseok for all his delivery needs. 
“You bet he did,” Hoseok rolled his eyes. “But he said that he would allow me to make a unique display for his bookstore...he will rue the day.” 
“Send me your rough draft and I can tell you if you need any edits,” you sent him a mischievous wink all the while turning back to face your desk. “Now go back to work, we have proposals due in a few hours.” 
“Don’t remind me,” Hoseok lifted himself up with a grunt. “I haven’t even started.” 
Normally, you would gasp and shame the boy for procrastinating this late, but you were in the same boat. A boat that happened to be slightly sinking. Regardless of this, you admitted to working well under pressure (for the most part). This simply meant another late day in the office where you captured the setting sun between the blinds of your window. Shadows from the buildings spread beyond the busy streets where honks became more profound. You oddly felt satisfied with the roaring life that eased into the evening. Some days were more hectic than others, although it happened to be a perfect kind of hectic. 
It happened to be by hour seven that you felt the burn in your eyes from staring so intently at the research before you. The goal was to put together a new article concerning recent data, however, you found this kind of journalism entirely too tedious. You didn’t study for years to sit behind a desk most of the day. You wanted more. 
Eventually you settled into reality that how you imagined it to be at a young age would remain a fantasy. Maybe you could have been disappointed. You thought that the lack of fulfillment would tear you apart piece by piece, instead, you grew to become content because of Namjoon. He reminded you that excitement and joy can come from anything and anyone. He was worth the long shifts because coming home to him took off the weight of the world. 
In that moment, with a mess all over your desk and an empty document, you stared at the empty cup of coffee. You decided that it wasn’t always worth it to be swallowed whole by your assignments. Overdoing it with being “the best journalist” took a toll and surely, there were better things to do in life. Which is why you took the opportunity to leave early, making an effort to go catch Namjoon before he left the store. 
“Y/N,” Hoseok called after you. “Please, I beg of you, take me with you.” 
“Maybe next time,” you tilted your head back in laughter as you escaped his almost grasp. 
You may have finished your proposal on time but that didn’t often allow leeway to actually leave early. The only excuse is that you had done far too many hours prior to this day, so you accepted your blissful fate and disappeared. Hoseok, on the other hand, still had plenty to complete before the end of the day. So, with a smile on your face, you emerged from the stuffy building to the blistering cold autumn air. 
The distance to Namjoon’s bookstore wasn’t ridiculous but it wasn’t necessarily a blessing either. Sometimes you found favor in trudging through the heavily cluttered sidewalks to go visit. Only sometimes. Today, you opted for a taxi that brought you to the quaint destination in about five minutes. 
You noticed that Namjoon had already begun his closing duties as the open sign was now turned off. Luckily for you, a secret key hung happily alongside your other ones. 
By no means did he expect anyone, let alone you, to step through the door. As soon as he heard the familiar ding of a customer, he lifted his head in confusion from the back room. 
“Hey, I’m sorry to say we are closed.” He announced his usual speech while founding the corner to find a familiar face. At the sight of you his face lit up. “We are definitely closed.” 
“What a shame,” you teased as you both walked towards each other. “I was hoping to steal something...well, someone.” 
You feathered your lips along his jawline until you reached his mouth, there you lingered until he wrapped his arms around your waist. In one swift maneuver he tilted your figure within his embrace enough to where you gripped onto his collar, ending in a fit of giggles as it almost felt like falling to the cold floor. This is the particular moment you wanted to freeze frame this position. You wanted to remember every second of bliss because then you can hold onto these fractions of warmth for years to come. Perhaps a piece of you was worried it wouldn’t always be like this, and yet, Namjoon continues to ignite that bloom. There may be divisions between you concerning differences and temporary anger, but you could reside in the truth that he is the one worth struggling with. 
“No need to steal what has always been yours,” Namjoon returned you to an upright position, making sure to guide one of your hands to his chest where he grasped gently.
“The hell are you so smooth for,” you groan, burying your face into his sweater. 
You felt his body vibrate from laughter from this close proximity. Hearing him like this never failed to make you glow with similar emotions. Damn, is it obvious that you are head-over-heels in love? 
“I learned from the best,” he poked the top of your nose. “Now, before I set aside all my responsibilities, I better clean up my office real quick.” 
You remained latched onto his fingers as he led the way back to his secluded space that has also turned into extra storage. Books of different lengths were piled high in the corner, some in totes, some in the sealed plastic coverings. In many ways your own work space mirrored his own from scattered items to an overload of papers that weren’t supposed to print in vast quantities. You were one in the same. 
“I actually had a surprise,” Namjoon began after a few minutes in silence. “I hope you like it...I have been meaning to make it happen for awhile now.” 
He spoke shyly out of fear that you wouldn’t agree to it, but in reality, you weren’t as difficult as most assume. You never desired luxurious gifts or grand gestures. Small acts of love is what made your entire being blossom into flowers. Which is exactly how you reacted when seeing that he had booked a trip to the beach for the weekend. Despite only living about an hour away from the coast, you hardly had the opportunity to go and be in the environment you adored most. 
Little did anyone actually know, that is where you happened to meet Namjon for the first time. Entirely out of chance, the dog that you happened to be watching for a friend got away from you, proving that your leashes were far too weak. The next few hours resulted in pure panic as you ran all along the shore in the midst of the crowd as well throughout the small shops. Somehow, your not so little fur friend managed to find Namjoon as he was eating lunch in a secluded outdoor cafe. 
Needless to say, you counted yourself lucky that this stressful mishap unfolded as it did. You were quite literally led to your soulmate (how corny, but you thrived on it). 
“Babe,” you squealed in excitement. “We haven’t gone on a trip, or a date for that matter, in so long.” 
“Exactly,” he latched onto your waist and brought you down onto his lap where he was sitting beside his desk. “I just want to be with you, no distractions.”
“There will be no dogs this time,” you nuzzled your nose into the crook of his neck. “Just you and me.”
Tumblr media
The weekend couldn’t come fast enough. Each day dragged on as if it was purposely made to delay your excitement for being away from reality. You worked tirelessly while repeatedly looking at the clock. All of it felt similar to school when you would divide the time into ten minute intervals where it somehow convinced you that it would pass by faster. It never happened. 
When friday evening made an appearance, you didn’t hesitate to abandon all other responsibilities so that you could meet Namjoon to make the drive. As per usual, whenever you left work early, Hoseok would wheel himself on his chair out of his cubicle to block your path, hands on his hips to investigate (and maybe to instill some guilt in you for leaving him, once again). 
“Explain yourself,” he demanded. 
“Namjoon,” you answered to which he rolled his eyes. 
“Is finding love the way to find a good excuse to leave early?” He leaned back in defeat, seeing as he felt married to his desk. The desk. Not the job. 
“Love isn’t an excuse,” you corrected him gently. “It simply gives you a purpose unlike what temporary bliss does.” 
“Well damn,” he placed his hand over his chest in shock. “Miss Y/N out here to steal my heart, too.” 
“Don’t worry, Hobi.” You walk past him in the small amount of space that he allowed. “Next week I will be your cover to sneak out whenever you wish.” 
Before he could pull another stunt to make you stay, you quickly entered the elevator that separated you from the heavy load that is increasing email lists. With no thoughts about upcoming due dates, you looked forward to what these next few days would hold. Surely there would be plenty of walks along the water with sand between your toes and wind brushing your skin, but what mattered most was properly being present with Namjoon. Instead of worrying about pointless things you could give all of your attention to him. 
“Hey you,” Namjoon greeted you in the lobby. “Ready to have a quality trip?”
“More than ever.” 
You genuinely looked forward to every single detail. From small displays of affection to sitting in comfortable silence with one another. All of it sparked a different kind of peace that you couldn’t quite put into words. Instead, you savored them in the moment before it vanished. 
The car ride was filled with a variety of playlists that reminded you of childhood and your rather intense punk days. Together, you jammed out with Namjoon at the top of your lungs. Once those tracks would come to an end you were left with the softened melodies that awakened all sorts of emotions. In that stillness, Namjoon would rest his hand on your thigh, tracing small circles along your exposed skin. You felt warmth spread at a single touch, enough to distract you just enough. He noticed. 
You couldn’t reach the beach fast enough. 
Eventually, the condo that was rented happened to be in your sight. Only a five minute walk from the ocean, you were in awe of all the effort Namjoon put into making this a special vacation. This also fueled your need to be with him. Completely. Without anything to disturb you or remind you of being an adult with pending requirements. 
And though being away from all the usual adult things meant freedom, the moment you entered the condo sleep was the main thing on our mind. Namjoon mentioned a dinner reservation, but with one look at you he called to push it back without a word.
You on the other hand dragged your feet to the bedroom, your weekend bag dragging behind you. Once there you barely lasted a second before you were star fished and face down on the mattress becoming one with it. 
“I asked them if they had something available in an hour and they did. So a thirty minute nap at most,” Namjoon said as he entered the room.
All you could do was grunt in response, your eyes fluttering closed as you began to drift off. However, that didn’t last too long. Minutes into your nap you felt a hand under your shirt on your lower back. You tried to move away from the cold limb but it persisted.
“Stop it,” you mumbled.
The hand didn’t stop though and soon enough another came into play. It became annoying, you only wanted to sleep and Namjoon wasn’t letting you do that. You woke up quite a bit from it and were prepared to be more firm with your words, but then his fingers pressed into the middle of your back and a soft moan escaped.
You thought you were relaxed before, but the feel of his hands working out some of the kinks was another level. Over several weeks you’d complained about feelings of stiffness and with no time for a massage or a chiropractor you’d had to endure. But Namjoon’s fingers were magical and always hit the right spots, even if it didn’t fix the problem fully.
After you got used to what he was doing, drifting off is easy. Who knows how much time passed before your eyes fluttered open again, but when they did they were focused on the ceiling. It was confusing, but you figured you’d rolled over in your sleep, until you felt pressure applied to your thigh.
A tilt of the head showed Namjoon still working on your body and your heart swelled at the sight. He wanted you to feel less stressed than you usually were. But that wasn’t the only shift in you. 
Namjoon’s hands worked carefully to relieve you of tension and watching his longer fingers did something to you. It didn’t help that his hands were so close to your center. 
Of course, you shook off the thought because some part of your remembered dinner plans but it was such a weak voice in your head. More than anything you thought of how little time you’d spent with him over and how despite how they fell asleep next to each other every night, not including the times you fell asleep at work or pulled an all-nighter. 
At the end of the day you were a bit deprived and all it took was sweet behavior and fingers a bit close to your heat. A tad disappointing, but you couldn’t find it in you to care because you knew what you wanted. Who you wanted.
The thing is, while you’d spent all that time thinking about it and trying to be chill Namjoon had picked up on your arousal. His hands had moved higher and one even dared to brush against your jean covered core. It sent a shiver down your spine and forced a whimper from your lips. 
That sound was all it took to get Namjoon to take it farther, he used the knuckle of the same hand and pressed up between your legs. Enough pressure was applied to garner more noises of approval from you and when he began to move it along the expanse of your crotch your hips bucked.
“Always so receptive,” he mumbled.
From there he continued his teasing. And though you felt good, it wasn’t enough. The need for more built up as the seconds ticked by and despite your squirming nothing changed.
“Namjoon,” you whined.
There was no reply at first, just more teasing and right before you opened your mouth to say something else his hand moved to unbutton your shorts. 
Everything went so fast from there. To your joy he made quick work of getting you unzipped and once you lifted your hips he pulled down both the shorts and your panties. The cool air of the room caused you to shiver as it touched your previously covered skin, but that didn’t last for long. 
Namjoon’s tongue licked up your slit the moment he threw your clothes on the ground. Both of his hands pushed your thighs apart and he just dove in fully. Every lick sent a wave of pleasure over you and though it sated some of your neediness it didn’t get all of it. So, you pushed your hips closer only for him to pull away much to your displeasure. You didn’t voice that though because he fixed you with a look that said to behave yourself. And while not full on dominant Namjoon did prefer to be in charge and would refuse to give you what you wanted if he perceived you as difficult in any way.
There was no way you’d risk your pleasure after such a long time without feeling it all.
So, you kept still and he got back between your legs. His tongue traveled even lower that time, the tip of it gently prodigy your hole and make you imagine what it would be like to have something to fill you. The thought would drive you mad, but you settled for his mouth which worked wonders.
Minutes ticked by as you enjoyed his licking, sucking, and prodding. At some point he even started to use a hand to rub your clit, pushing you closer to the climax you craved. But it felt so far away.
“Fingers please,” you whispered.
“I need your fingers inside of me,” you said.
No response was what you got and then his mouth was off of your clit. There was no time to process the loss because his middle finger slipped inside of you in the same second. 
A gasp escaped you and your eyes locked onto his hand, the visual aiding in making you even wetter; which made it easier for him to add a second finger before you got used to the first.
Namjoon didn’t utter a word, just glanced up at you and remained still. It took a couple seconds, but when you realized he was looking for permission you nodded your head a little too aggressively.
That got him to laugh as he muttered the word cute and then began his thrusting. His fingers moved at average pace, allowing you to adjust to the feeling while also bringing on the pleasure. Your brain focused on the rhythm of that as you tried to reach your high; even making the effort to move your hips a little to meet his fingers. Enough that you were happy and he didn’t stop.
“Faster please.” 
A scoff was the initial response. “Not even asking me. If I didn’t want you to finally relax and spoil you, you’d be getting nothing.”
You were grateful for that fact, especially once his fingers picked up the pace and his lips reattached to your clit, suckling upon it aggressively.
It made your body feel like electricity coursed through it with the way your body felt so alive. Moans slipped from your lips and the knot in your stomach tightened. You were beyond close and Namjoon must have been able to tell with the way that his fingers sped up and he practically nibbled on your clit. 
With each second you felt closer and before you knew it the knot uncoiled and you felt your body jolt against his mouth. All at once a large wave of pleasure overcame you and your body shook a little as it did. You also released your loudest moan of the night, Namjoon’s name leaving your lips.
When you came down from the high and felt somewhat normal again you noticed Namjoon had shed his own clothing, though he was rid of everything and not just his bottoms like you. Once he noticed that you were present with him he fixed that quickly, pulling your shirt over your head and almost ripping your bra to get it undone. Upon finishing he crawled onto the bed and hovered over you.
“You up for another, yet?” he asked.
Though still a little tired from the first one you nodded and Namjoon leaned down to press a kiss to your lips. You returned it, but far too soon his lips left yours to trail down your body. Your neck, collarbone, and chest were all received kisses until he reached your left nipple and his lips latched onto it. He suckled on it, much like he’d done with your clit and it was enough to reignite the energy you’d had pre-climax.
His tongue was skilled in pleasing you, but much to her pleasure and displeasure, he stopped paying attention to your nipples after he gave the right one similar treatment. Namjoon continued his kissing down your body, until he reached your clit. Glancing up into your eyes he pressed a soft kiss onto it before sitting up and gripping his dick.
You salivated at the sight of it, part of you wanting it inside your mouth first but all of that flew out of the window the moment he pressed the tip against your pussy. He rubbed it across it gently, collecting your wetness and then using his hand to spread it across his dick as a lube. 
Not long after he pushed in the tip, his expression serious and his eyebrow quirked in a way it did when he’d grown impatient. An emotion that became more clear with the way he’d pushed himself inside of her - almost to the hilt - in the next second.
Both of you released out whimpers of pleasure at the feeling and you found yourself gripping at the sheets on either side of you. The adjustment didn’t take long and soon enough, with a nod from you, Namjoon began to move. His thrusts were slow and he made sure you felt every inch, which wasn’t out of the norm for how sex went for you but after a minute or so it became clear that neither of you wanted that.
You opened your legs wider in hopes of getting him better access and he began to pick up the pace, skipping right into brisk movement that had your head pressing hard against the pillow beneath your head. The grip on the sheets tightened and you felt yourself begin to build again.
On one thrust in particular Namjoon hit just the right spot, forcing a soft scream to tumble from your lips as your back arched up. Which was enough for him to go for it again and again. He abused that spot knowing the reaction it would get out of you. It, along with the extra sensitivity from your last orgasm, pushed you towards the edge faster and made you feel like you spiraled.
“Fuck,” you whispered.
“Faster? Is that what you said?” Namjoon asked, though without looking at him you knew he was teasing you. 
That didn’t stop you from tilting your head so you could meet his gaze before uttering a please so soft you were only sure he heard it when he picked up the pace. 
In an instant Namjoon had your legs pushed up a bit and used your thighs as leverage as he pounded into you. It was intense, but felt so good that it put you closer to your climax. The home stretch was near and with the help of your hand rubbing your clit you felt your body tense and then relax.
Your voice was hoarse as you screamed out for him, your body jolting a few times before it settled against the sheets. All you felt was the tingling from the aftershocks of your orgasm and Namjoon’s thrusting. It took a moment before you tuned back into the world and then is when you noticed the overstimulation you felt. Of course, you said nothing because he deserved to reach his own peak and despite the discomfort it felt good, made riding out the last bit of your orgasm feel even better.
Namjoon continued his killer pace as he fought to reach his own pleasure and it took a moment before his sharp movements became less coordinated and before you knew it his hips stuttered. A loud noise escaped him, a mix of a groan and a scream, and then you felt the ropes of his cum fill you up. It was so warm that you didn’t even mind too much when he pulled out a few seconds later.
Once out of you he rolled to the side and laid on his back, his rapid breathing similar to how you’d sounded minutes before. It was so labored you worried and turned to look at him, but the smile he gave when he noticed your eyes on him reassured you that he was fine.
You both laid like that for a while in silence as your bodies reacclimated and when it was finally broken it was by you. 
“I think we missed dinner.”
All he did was laugh. 
Tumblr media
The fact that you missed your initial plans the night before didn’t bother you in the slightest. All you truly craved was intimate moments shared with the man you love. Some other...activities occurred that disrupted the original vision of the weekend, although you knew better than anyone that things did not always work out. You could confidently say that being with him is the main goal. And that is exactly how the rest of the evening panned out. With his fingertips trailing your bare waist, he listened attentively to your stories of work and anything that came up in between. Molded entirely into his frame, the skin to skin contact made you feel safe. 
Eventually the two of you dozed off and woke up in the early morning just as the sun began to rise. Pink and orange hues danced across the sky until small golden freckles appeared along the floor, moving towards your bed. You peeled your eyes open to the lovely sight (that, and Namjoon’s resting figure beside you). Everything became still. There were no pending requests that you had to fulfill before the end of a shift. There were no persistent complaints from your friend, Hoseok, about how long hours drained his soul. Finally, you could breathe. 
“I love you,” you murmured softly while feathering a kiss to the tip of his nose. 
“Hmmm,” he hummed in response. Slowly he began to wake up (with some struggle, of course). Fully intending to sleep in on this day, he couldn’t help but groan in disappointment for his unlucky fate. The negative feelings did not last long for the second he saw you and your glistening eyes, he did not mind it one bit. 
“Hi,” you greeted. 
“Howdy,” he attempted a wink that even early morning hours couldn’t make work. 
“Dork,” you laugh at his cute antics that only appear to multiply your feelings for him. “What should we do today?”
After some thought, which took him longer than expected due to hardly functioning properly whenever you just wake up, he came up with the best idea.
“Breakfast picnic on the beach?” He asks with hope that you would reciprocate his excitement. This would give him the opportunity to pursue his interest in the ever fascinating creature, the crab. Somehow, he became some sort of whisperer that could summon all of them whenever he stepped foot on the sand. Despite this, he genuinely wanted to be with you in the stillness of life. 
“I would love that,” you assure him this is what you want with a smile (making sure to seal it with a kiss.
This started off the morning in the best way. Together you both prepared for the long walk while setting aside the little bit of food you managed to bring as a substitute for breakfast. Some fruit and crackers deemed themselves suitable until you were able to go into town for exploration of the shops.
Once everything was ready for the small journey, you tripled checked if rain was on the agenda despite it being purely sunny outside. Namjoon repeatedly laughed at your need to check your phone for proof, assuring you that everything will work out just fine. 
“How about we leave our phones?” He suggested as a way to set aside any other distractions, knowing that at some point both of you would break and check work emails. The point was to be separated from any other obligations. This weekend is for relaxation only. 
“I’m okay with that,” you agreed without any hesitation. 
Both of you left your devices in the bedroom before making your exit out the back porch where the beach was seconds away. The ocean blew gentle against your skin in a warm greeting that reminded you of all your best memories, most of which involved Namjoon. He, too, mirrored your reaction of pure bliss. Everything about this made it clear that taking time away from the demands of life is most important. 
“Let’s go,” he offered his hand for you to take, waiting patiently until he felt your fingers intertwine with his own. 
Making your way along the shoreline didn’t take long. At first there was a battle of walking with stability through the dry sand, prompting you and Namjoon to break out in laughter at your clumsy state. In more ways than one you were almost the same as him. That brought you comfort. 
From there you finally reached where the waves would crash and pushed toward land. Water met your bare feet gradually at rather cool temperatures. Such a feeling simply made you feel like a child all over again when you would try to run away from the ocean, only to come right back. 
The natural sounds combined with the seagulls flying above compiled together fondly of what you wish you could witness every single day. 
“I’m happy we could come back here,” you beam with joy. “I’m happy to have you.” 
“This is most definitely the perfect date,” he confirms by nodding, and just like usual, he leaned toward you to plant a kiss to your temple. 
Yeah, everything about him was perfect. 
Tumblr media
note. thank you for reading through this !! i hope you enjoyed this fic !! i have been in my namjoon feels lately...he is a whole dream. anyway...y’all are fabulous !!
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blingywitch · 5 months ago
One Surprise with Multiple Smiles
So, I may or may not be procrastinating writing Good Feelings chapter 4 and wrote this instead... so here’s some O’darwin for you, it’s short and sweet :)
For @lup1nbl4ck. Love you and I hope you love this <3
Characters belong to the lovely, @lumosinlove
CW: long distance relationships
It’s common knowledge that long distance relationships suck. Now matter who you are or how far apart you are being away from a lover is one of the worst things someone can experience.
They missed each other, Natalie, Kasey and Alex. They missed having the other person there—or people in Alex’s case. The long nights together, the cuddles, the kisses, the movie nights where they really didn’t get to watch the movie because Kasey would ask to many questions, they missed everything. Sure, they would call and FaceTime whenever they could, though long nights through a phone were never the same. And with Natalie, Kasey and Alex not being your average long distance couple— two of them being professional hockey players— free time was rare, let alone time to plan a whole trip to surprise your boyfriend. But hey, they had done it. They’d managed to find enough time in their busy schedules and here they were; Kasey and Natalie, getting off a plane in sunny Tampa, Florida.
Well, more like getting in a car. They’d got off the plane a while ago.
“And you’re sure he’ll be home?” Kasey was giddy with the excitement of soon being able to hold his boyfriend in his arms again after weeks apart. He would never admit it out loud but he was nervous too; Alex didn’t know they were here— and yes that’s the entire point of a surprise but what if he had plans or something? Kasey knew deep down even if he did he’d cancel anything for the two of them, but still, nerves do funny things to you— He didn’t have to admit it though, Nat could tell just by how he had asked that question five times in the last hour.
She put a comforting had on his thigh, “Yes Kase, he’ll be home. And no, he doesn’t have plans.” Natalie answered his next question before it was even out of his mouth, Kasey always wondered how she was able to do that.
“You were talking to Harzy?”
Natalie nodded, “I was taking to Finn. He made sure that Alex had nothing to do today. Everything is going to go to plan.” She leaned forward in her seat to tell the driver where they needed to go then leaned back into her boyfriend, resting her head on his shoulder and linking their fingers together. She sighed softly as the whole side of her body enveloped in the warmth that was that was Kasey. She couldn’t wait to have that same but ever so different warmth on her other side.
“Okay.” Natalie breathed out. In front of the two of them was the door to Alex’s apartment. He was right there, the only thing separating them a couple of walls. “Ready?” She asked Kasey, who stood behind her.
Kasey nodded and Natalie knocked on the door.
They heard a couple muffled sounds. A “be right there!” and then a thump that was followed by a curse— knowing Alex he’d probably stubbed his toe on the way to the door.
The door started opening. “Yeah, someone just knocked on the door just give me a sec—“ Alex words got caught in his throat.
There he was, standing before them, wide eyed and still as beautiful as ever. His worn lightning’s sweatshirt, the one he only wore on off days, rolled up to his elbows. His hair, that was getting out of hand and in desperate need of a cut, falling into his eyes. His phone was pressed to his ear, “Finn... can I call you back?” Without waiting for a response Alex hung up the phone and slowly put it in his sweatpants pocket.
After opening and closing his mouth a couple times, trying to think of what to say, Natalie couldn’t wait any longer. She dropped her bags and all but knocked her boyfriend down. Jumping into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and draping her arms on his shoulders, immediately capturing his lips in a kiss. Though it wasn’t really a kiss since both were smiling way to much for that. “Surprise.” Natalie whispered against a chuckling Alex’s lips.
“What are you doing here?!” Alex managed to get out in his speechless state.
“Why we came to cheer you on in that game you have on Monday of course.” Kasey had entered the apartment, he’d picked up Natalie’s bags and placed both hers and his on the floor before closing the door and walking over to them. “Hi baby.” Kasey said to Alex and kissed him.
“Wait,” Alex mumbled, Kasey pulled away slightly. “Your staying until Monday?!”
“We’re staying until Wednesday.” Kasey smirked.
Alex looked between his lovers like he was going to cry. “Gods I missed you both.”
“We missed you too, Alex. So much.” Natalie smiled softly but it disappeared as fast as it had appeared, “Now, are we going to keep standing in this hallway or can we cuddle on the couch?” She teased.
Kasey scoffed, “You can’t say much, you’re not even standing!” He gestured to how she was still wrapped around Alex. Natalie narrowed her eyes at him.
“Alright, alright that’s enough,” Alex laughed. “We can go cuddle.” He put Natalie down and went for the couch before stopping in his tracks. He turned back around to face the other two and said, “It all makes sense now.”
“What makes sense?” Kasey asked, confused.
“Finn has talked to me more today than he has in the past two weeks, he was trying to distract me and make sure I didn’t go anywhere so that you two,” he pointed between Natalie and Kasey. “Could surprise me.”
The two in question shared a look. “Maybe?” Natalie said. “We had to keep you here somehow!”
Alex shook his head and laughed. “Well your little plan worked.” They had reached to couch now. Alex lay down first and opened his arms for Kasey to join him, he did, immediately burrowing his face in Alex’s neck and sighing contently, ready not to move for the next couple hours. Natalie was next, flipping down on top of both boys and wedging herself perfectly between the wall of the couch and kasey’s body.
If Alex’s face was starting to hurt from smiling he didn’t care, he’d smile forever if these to were the ones causing it. “And I’m glad it did.”
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starryeyes-darkestnights · 7 months ago
Show Must Go On
Part 6 of We Dance Together Now
An O’Knutzy au where Leo and Logan are still playing for the Lions, but Finn is a musician/grad student they met by chance on a roadie in Montreal.
Read Part 5 here: 
Part 5 - Gold Rush
I also stuck this up on AO3, my username there is the same :)
As always, these beautiful characters and their world belong to the incredible @lumosinlove ! Her work is amazing, and I’m so happy to get to play with some of the people and places she’s created <3
The songs I referenced in here are Show Must Go On- Queen (briefly), I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston, and Ocean Eyes- Billie Eilish. 
I hope you like it!!!
@sunflowerfox87 thanks for requesting to be tagged in updates! :)
Logan stood nervously in front of the door to Finn and Leo’s apartment, wishing for the hundredth time that day that he hadn’t given in to Leo’s badgering to come by before Finn’s show tonight.
He was not looking forward to dealing with the consequences of his spiral last night. But he also didn’t want things to stay messed up between them, the way they had been that morning.
What he did want, was to pretend the whole thing had never happened. So, he’d spent his day searching for reasons to delay coming over, prolonging the amount of time he could spend not dealing with it.
But eventually he had run out of excuses, so now he was here. He could hear laughter coming from inside. That seemed like a good sign. He reached up and knocked before he could talk himself out of it, listening to the familiar sound of footsteps crossing the entryway.
Then Leo was there, smiling and holding open the door, still in the sweats he wore home from practise.
“Hey Tremz, come on in.”
Logan never been good at faking smiles, so he just nodded down at Leo’s legs, “Nice pants. You should have told me it was dress-down day at the Burrow.”
Leo just gave him a sarcastic look. “Ha ha. Very funny. I’m on my way to get changed now. Finn’s in the kitchen. Eat something if you’re hungry. I’ll be right back.”
He seemed like his usual self. That made Logan feel a bit better. Maybe he’d overreacted. Maybe everything was fine.
Leo left for his room, and Logan headed over to where Finn was finishing up the dishes in the kitchen.
“Hey, Fish.” He took a seat at the island, hoping he sounded normal too.
Finn turned at the greeting, his face lighting up when he caught sight of Logan.
“Lo! Hey. You’re here. How were the kids?”
Part of Logan’s procrastination that afternoon had involved volunteering to spend several hours playing a pickup game with the Dumais kids and their friends at the outdoor rink near their house- something he liked, but certainly wouldn’t have brushed off Leo and Finn for any other day.
“They’re good. Katie’s getting pretty cocky on the ice. I think she’s gonna end up as a captain one day.”
“Ah. Good for her.”
An awkward silence fell. Finn fidgeted with a dish towel, smiling nervously at him. Finn was never nervous.
Ok, so things were definitely not fine. Logan felt guilty as he remembered the laughter he had heard through the door. He didn’t want to be the cause of another ruined evening.
Leo reappeared at the other end of the kitchen island. “Do you want a drink, Tremz?”
“I’m sorry.” Logan blurted out.
Leo and Finn both looked surprised at his apology.
“Sorry… for what, exactly?” asked Leo, looking confused.
Logan was already regretting saying anything. But he was committed now. “Uh… for this morning. And last night, I guess. I was in a weird ass mood, and I didn’t mean to be weird to you guys too. I’m good now, though, so Finn, you can stop being all nervous around me. I don’t want to fuck up the evening. This is stupid.”
Finn jumped in to reassure him. “What? No, Logan, no, we were all weird this morning, don’t worry about that. That’s not what…”
He stopped suddenly, and shot a glance at Leo, looking even more nervous than he had a few moments before. Leo nodded back, subtly, but Logan caught it.
Now he was confused. What the hell was that?
He watched as Finn took the few steps around the island to stand next to Leo, who was looking at Logan with careful eyes.
“Tremz, we wanted to talk to you about something, if that’s ok?”
It was an innocuous question, but something in Leo’s voice put Logan on hyper alert. He jerked his attention to Finn, who was looking nervously up at Leo. He felt a chill go straight through his chest and settle in the pit of his stomach.
He forced his eyes down to where their fingers were touching on the countertop.
He stood up quickly, his chair screeching loudly as it slid back on the tiles. He couldn’t look away from their hands.
Leo followed his gaze down and yanked his arm back toward himself. “Lo…”
“Non.” He interrupted, “Non. Désolé. It’s good. That’s good, I- I am happy for you guys.” He swung his eyes wildly around the room, looking for an escape. He needed to leave, to get out, but Leo and Finn were standing between him and the front door.
He backed up a few steps, nearly tripping on the chair he didn’t remember knocking over as he remembered the balcony door. He grabbed for it, yanking it open and rushing out, sliding it closed behind himself.
He slid down the wall next to the door. Out of sight. Déjà vu. Just like that morning.
He was dizzy.
Breathe, Logan. He sucked in the fresh air. Once. Twice. Three times.
He tried to let the evening breeze calm him. He was making this into a scene again. He needed to pull it together before it became a thing.
He tried to reason with himself. You saw this coming. You know how well they fit together. You’ve suspected it since Ilvermorny.
He had even thought he would be ok with it.
He hadn’t known it would feel like this, though.
Just get it together. Make it through the night. That’s all you have to do. You can do it.
He gave himself to the count of 5 to compose himself, and then stood and slid the door back open. He stayed where he was, though, and waited for them to join him. He could do this, but he couldn’t do it inside, where he couldn’t breathe.
When Leo and Finn came, neither of them stood between him and the door, and Logan was grateful.
“Lo…” Leo’s voice was hesitant. “You didn’t let us finish.”
“Oui, je sais, I’m sorry, I was just surprised.” He plastered a smile on his face. “But, uh, congratulations?”
Finn shook his head. “That’s not really what we wanted to talk to you about. Or, I mean, it is, but that’s not all of it.”
It seemed to Logan like that first bombshell was more than enough information for the day, but he didn’t want to make this worse, so he went along with it anyway. “Ok. What else?”
Leo took back over, speaking slowly, like he was considering each word before he said it. “So… this afternoon, Finn and I talked, and we realized that maybe this—” He gestured between the three of them. “Us. Isn’t what we thought it was.”
Logan wasn’t following. Finn noticed and tried to explain.
“I told Leo, or, well, I guess I didn’t tell him, I kind of just sang at him, but it mostly got the point across, and—”
“Finn.” Leo cut him off, gently.  
Finn flushed. “Right. Sorry. The point,” his voice softened, “is that I made him aware that the feelings I had for him were more than just friendship. Which you figured out. But we also talked about the fact that… well, we know you feel the same way about him too.”
Finn’s voice was gentle, cautious but his words cut through Logan anyway. He felt the panic start to rise again. Fuck.
“What are you talking about?” Logan knew his words were sharper than they needed to be, but he couldn’t bring himself to temper them.
“Logan, it’s ok. I promise. That’s how I feel about you too.” Leo rushed, all of his previous caution gone. “And it’s how I feel about Finn, and I also know that’s how you feel about Finn. I’ve seen the way you two look at each other, and I’ve been looking at you both the same way. You just didn’t notice. None of us noticed.”
Logan was frozen in place, his eyes zigzagging wildly between the two men standing across from him.
They knew. They knew.
“What the fuck?”
He couldn’t deny it. He didn’t know if he wanted to deny it.
“Leo. Finn. What the fuck??”
Finn took a step forward, wide brown eyes completely unguarded as they locked onto Logan’s. His vulnerability sent Logan’s heart spinning. “We wanted to talk to you. We wanted to see if you wanted this too. If there was a way, if there was any way, that we could make this work. All of us. Do you think there could be?”
All of us. Logan hadn’t known that was a thing that could happen. But now that the idea was in front of him, it felt right. Like it had been right all along. His heart soared. Of course he wanted it too. With every fibre of his being, he wanted it. They liked him. They wanted him.
He could never have them.
Reality came crashing down around him.
He forced himself to answer Finn’s question.
“It doesn’t matter what I want, Finn. I can’t—” He looked at Leo. He would understand. “Leo. It can’t work out like this.”
“It can, Logan. As long as we are all on the same page, it can.”
Leo didn’t understand. Suddenly Logan felt very alone. His temper flared.
“You know it’s not that easy, Leo.” He snapped. “It doesn’t work like that! It can’t work like that. We are in the NHL, Nut! The NHL. We’ve worked our whole lives for this, and you’ve seen how people are. Look at what happened to Cap!”
Leo hadn’t been there at All-Stars after everything that happened to Sirius and Loops. He didn’t see how bad it got, how many phone calls Sirius had to take from Coach, how scared he was that entire weekend. Logan had taken his phone and deleted every social media app he had, but he had still been bombarded with hate from hockey fans and, worse, from people within the league itself.
Leo’s voice was firmer now. “Exactly, Logan. Look at Sirius. At his example. He is our captain. He is our gay captain, who is still very much playing in the NHL. And not just playing. He’s leading the league.”
“That is the POINT, Nut! He is the captain. He is arguably the best player in the league right now. And there were still that many people trying to kick him out! This is my second season. You’re a rookie. Do you really think people are going to go to bat for us like they did for him? For the two newest, youngest players on the team? We are expendable!”
He had thought about this. About the impossibility of it all. From the moment he had recognized his feelings for Leo, he had known it would never work.
He waited for Leo to get it now, to agree. But instead, Leo just moved to lean against the wall next to him, keeping a few feet between them. His voice was gentle when he replied.
“Yes, Logan. I do think they would go to bat for us. I know Sirius would. Coach would. Alice would. I’m not saying we should do anything publicly, but behind the scenes, you know that they would work to help protect us in the case that anything ever came out in the future.”
He shifted, turning so that he could look Logan in the eye for what he said next. “It was never going to be easy for people like us, Tremz. I’m terrified too. I never meant to be in this position either, but we are, and… what happened with Sirius…” He shook his head, his gaze dropping. It was still hard for him to think about too, Logan realized. “…what happened with Sirius showed us that the people who matter, the people we need to have our backs, will. We are allowed to live, Logan.”
Logan had never wanted something to be true so badly. He ran over Leo’s words in his mind. We are allowed to live.
“I don’t want to lie, Leo. I don’t want to hide. That’s not who I am.”
“We don’t have to. We can tell the people who matter, Lo. It’s nobody else’s business. It’s only about what makes us comfortable. What makes us happy. Neither of us are ever going to push you into anything you don’t want, or that you aren’t ready for. I just don’t ever want you to think that you can’t have what will make you happy. You deserve to be happy. Whether it’s with us or not.”
Logan listened to the kindness in Leo’s voice, and felt the fight drain out of him. He was so tired of constantly battling against himself. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. That fire that always burned inside him had fizzled out, leaving him with nothing but the feelings he had been trying to push away for months. Feelings for the two people who were standing right in front of him, right now, telling him that they wanted him too. That he could have them, too. That he could have this, and his career, and it could work.
He wanted to believe it.
He looked up at Leo, beside him. At Finn, standing quietly across from him. He tried to imagine walking away from them right now. It made him feel sick.
Finn spoke into the silence. “Logan, I can’t pretend to understand what your job is like. And I won’t try. But I do need you to know that I am here, and I’m not going anywhere, no matter what you decide to do. I’ll always be here, in whatever capacity you need.”
Logan’s throat tightened at Finn’s words and suddenly he knew that he was done. It was over. He was going to trust them. Relief flooded through him as he accepted it.
He didn’t want to talk anymore, but he knew they needed to hear him say it. So he pulled together as much composure as he could and tried his best.
“I didn’t want to want you. I tried so hard not to want you. I told myself so many times that I could do it, that I could keep my feelings under control.” His voice was shaky. He looked at Leo. At Finn. “But you took over everything. Everything.”
He breathed out the next words as he felt himself moving closer to Finn. “I don’t want to fight it anymore. I can’t- I just want—” He hoped they could understand what he was trying to say.
It seemed that they did, because suddenly they were both right in front of him, and one of his hands was behind Finn’s neck, and the other was desperately reaching out for Leo and finally- finally- he stopped fighting against himself.
He pulled Finn to him, and then Finn’s lips were on his lips, and Leo’s were on his jaw, and all of his senses were lit up like a lightning storm. In that moment, his entire world was just that apartment, that balcony, those boys. He let himself get lost in the feeling of it all, pulling away from Finn to connect with Leo, pulling away from Leo to let them connect with each other. Everything was so bright.
It felt like forever, and not long enough, when they finally took a moment to catch their breath. Logan let his eyes roam over their tangled forms from where he was still wrapped around Leo, and let out a quiet, wonder-filled laugh. Leo turned to him and tilted his head in question, his chest still heaving where Finn was resting against it. Logan just leaned in and kissed him again, gently this time. He leaned their foreheads together and touched his fingertips to Leo’s lips. “Quand je t'embrasse… je vois des couleurs.”
Leo’s shining blue eyes softened at that, and Logan felt his grip tighten around his waist before Finn, never a fan of being left out, started to complain. “Hey! Don’t speak French. That looked cute. I want to hear the cute things! What did he say?”
Logan laughed, and Leo grinned at him mischievously before turning back to Finn. “Logan’s vision goes all technicolour when he kisses us.”
Logan’s jaw dropped mid-laugh. “Nutty! That is not what I said! It was much nicer when I said it. You make it sound like a bad Austin Powers scene.” He pouted.
Finn laughed back and ran a thumb along Logan’s lower lip, erasing the pout. “Well, if you would speak English in the first place, you wouldn’t have to rely on a faulty translator.”
It was Leo’s turn to protest. “Hey! I’m not faulty!” He paused, fighting back a smirk. “I’m freestyling.”
“Oh, fuck off!” Logan laughed and gave him a shove. Leo was just reaching out to retaliate when Finn’s phone interrupted, suddenly blasting Show Must Go On at an absolutely obnoxious volume.
All three of them startled, Leo and Logan freezing with Logan’s hand still twisted in the shoulder of Leo’s shirt. Finn frantically spun around, looking for the source of the music.
He finally spotted his phone on an end table and scooped it up, silencing it with a relieved sigh before looking over to where Logan was staring at him incredulously.
“… what?” He looked a little suspicious as he tucked his phone back into his pocket.
“What do you mean, ‘what’? Was that an alarm?? Why don’t you have beeps like a normal person?? Merde, Harz, you scared the shit out of us.”
“It’s Finn, Lo. He used a song to start this party, of course he’s going to use one to end it.” Leo’s voice was playful. Finn wrinkled his nose at them.
“Beeps are boring.” He crossed his arms defensively. “Music is more fun. And it’s my reminder that I have a show tonight. Hence—” He swept his arms dramatically out over the balcony railing and bowed to an imaginary crowd, “—'Show Must Go On’.” He spun back to smile brightly at the two of them. “It’s perfect. You’re just a hater.”
Leo laughed, but Logan was still stuck on what Leo had said.
“Hold on, Nut, back up. You said he used a song to start this party? Finn said he sang things at you. Can I know the story?” He wanted to know how they had gotten up the nerve to set this in motion.
“Oh,” Leo turned to Finn, who nodded even though he suddenly looked uncharacteristically self-conscious, “I kind of walked in on Finn playing a song about us this afternoon. When I got back from practise.”
“A song about us? Like, he wrote it? About us?” That was not what he expected. He wasn’t sure how to feel about it- after all, he hadn’t exactly been his best self around Finn recently.
“Ya, that was pretty much my reaction while I listened, too. That’s what finally made us talk about all of this. It’s a beautiful song. Prettier than either of us, that’s for sure.” He teased
“Hey, speak for yourself, I am very pretty.” Logan retorted reflexively, but he was distracted.
He had been watching Finn as Leo talked, and he noticed him doing the thing he always did when they brought up his music, twisting his hands together and looking anywhere but at them- looking, in fact, like he would rather be doing anything else than talking about his music. He’d never asked him about it before, but he’d always wondered.
“Hmm?” Finn looked up, a smile returning like it had never left.
“Why do you do that? Look away when we talk about your music?”
“Oh. Umm…” Finn looked surprised, his eyes going wide before darting back down again. He opened his mouth as if to continue, but closed it again without speaking.
Logan felt Leo’s hand tighten around his shoulder, but he ignored the gentle warning and barrelled on.
“You’re good, Finn. Like, really good. As in, you could do this as a career, good. So why are you so shy when we say that?”
Finn didn’t look back up, and when he replied, his voice was small, and quiet. Not at all like Finn.
“I can’t, actually.” He scuffed his shoe against a mark on the balcony floor.
Logan tilted his head, puzzled. “Can’t what?” He prodded gently.
Finn took a breath and looked back up a Logan, his jaw set. “I can’t do music professionally. I tried. That’s why I moved to Gryffindor. I spent the first few years here only going to school part-time, and spending as much time as I could just writing, and practising, and playing any venue that would have me. I have knocked on every single record label door in this city. Multiple times. They don’t want me. And it took me a long time to understand that. So, I gave that dream up. Now I just play for fun. For me.”
Logan was stunned. “Finn, I’m sorry, I—”
Finn cut him off, his expression softening. “No, Lo, you don’t have anything to be sorry for. I should have told you guys that before. It’s not like it’s a big secret. I just… it’s hard. It’s hard to hear people say nice things about my music when I know it’s not good enough. You know? So I don’t always like talking about it. And it’s also… I mean, you’re both professional athletes. I’m so proud of you guys all the time, because you know what it’s like to work hard for what you want and to actually achieve it. And I didn’t want you to think less of me because I couldn’t do that.”
“Finn…” Leo started to reach out, but pulled his hand back. “I am so sorry if we’ve ever done anything to give you the impression that we would ever judge you. I promise, nothing you’ve ever said to us, today or any other day, could ever make me think less of you.”
Finn chuckled a bit, still looking at the ground. “I know. Logically, I know that. But sometimes it takes my heart a while to catch up to my brain.” He studied them for a moment before continuing. “I am really glad that you like my songs though. That makes me happy.”
“Like them?” Leo scoffed. “Finn, I threw away every rule I’d given myself and kissed you after you sang to me. I more than like your music.”
Finn actually laughed then, finally, and stepped toward them. Logan watched him reach out for their hands and slide their fingers together. He rubbed his thumb along the edge of Finn’s calloused fingers, imaging the guitar strings underneath them.
“That means a lot. Really. It took me a while to be able to write again after I finally realized it wasn’t going to happen.” He chewed his lip as he considered his words. “I was in a pretty dark place. It was Molly, actually, at the Burrow, who convinced me to let the music pull me out of it. And she was right, of course. Once I stopped trying to think of every lyric as a job application, I was able to actually enjoy it again, to remember why I loved it in the first place. It’s how I sort out my thoughts when everything is too messy in my head.”
Something shook loose in Logan’s memory then. “Wait… that song. The one you played the first night we came to see you here. There was a line… ‘I remember nights when art didn’t feel like work’. You said it was about moving to Gryffindor but… is this what it was actually about? Is that what you felt like?”
Finn looked surprised. “You remember that?”
“Yes. I also remember telling you that I liked that song and wanted to download it, so you should have known I would remember it.” he teased.
Finn grinned at him. “I thought you were just being nice. And yes, that is what that song was about. But, if it’s ok, I don’t really want to talk about it anymore right now.” His expression grew mischievous as he pulled himself closer to Logan, and to Leo. “I have two beautiful, perfect men standing on my balcony that I would very much like to—”
His phone blared from his pocket again.
“No!” Finn yanked it out of his pocket, silenced it, and threw it grumpily onto the chair cushion. “Rude. How did that go by so fast?”
Leo laughed, reaching his hands above his head for a lazy stretch before pulling Finn’s head in for a hug. “So, is that our siren call? Do we have to head out now?”
Finn sighed, deeply and dramatically. “Yes. The time has come, my friends. It’s to the plank we go.”
“Oh, shut up,” Logan grinned, ruffling Finn’s hair. “You love the Burrow.”
“I would love it more if it wasn’t interrupting this.”
“We have all night to do more of this.” Leo reminded him. “Lo and I have the day off tomorrow, and you don’t have class on the weekends.”
“That’s true.” Finn perked up. “You always were the smart one, Marigold. Ok, let’s go!”
Finn ducked out of Leo’s reach as the younger boy tried to retaliate against the nickname Finn only ever used to annoy him. The two of them were laughing now, but Logan felt his anxiety start to rise up at the thought of leaving the apartment, of going into a public space.
He reached out an arm to catch Finn on his way through the door. “Wait. Just… one second.”
Finn and Leo both stopped, looking at him curiously. He suddenly felt self-conscious.
“Um, before we go, can we just… can we agree that this is just between us? Just for now?”
Leo moved to stand directly in front of him, right next to Finn. He waited until Logan met his eyes, and then held them, steady.
“Logan. Of course. We told you we have no intention of doing anything you aren’t ready for and we meant it. And you’re not alone. I don’t think either of us is ready for this to be between anyone but us right now either.”
Finn nodded his agreement. “For everyone else, we are just three best friends, going to a coffee shop to watch a show and drink some liquid sugar. It’s us, Logan. You’re safe with us. I promise.” He grinned and shoved Logans hat down over his eyes. “Now seriously. Let’s go before I kiss one of you again and miss my start time.”
It was the longest show of Finn’s life. He tried his best to be in the moment, but all he could think of was how badly he wanted to be back at the apartment, with the two men he absolutely could not look at the entire time he played.
He had glanced over when he had finished his set-up, taking a moment before starting to just remind himself that they were real, that all of this was real.
Leo had been laughing at something Logan said, and Logan was watching him from across the table with a look that tugged at Finn’s heartstrings. He would never get over it- these two athletes with their strong postures and broad shoulders, their open smiles, and beautiful eyes. One so kind, and steady, and sure, the other so wild and passionate. And they wanted him. It was insane. Leo had noticed Finn watching and sent him a smile that made his heart skip, and Finn knew if he wanted to get through the set, he couldn’t look over again. It was a weird moment for him, as he remembered how awful it had been the first time he’d thought that exact thing, in this same place, at the first show they had ever come to see him play. This time he had a much happier reason to avoid looking their way.
Finn worked his way through the setlist he had rehearsed, trying his best to be present and give the audience his best. It was an easy enough set, all cover songs he had played a hundred times before. He decided at the last minute to throw in a new cover of one of his favourite Eagles songs, taking a quick glance to see that Leo caught the joke. He did, and Finn watched him lean over to explain it to Logan before he had to look away.
For once, the boys were ready to go immediately after he finished cleaning up. He stuck around long enough to give Molly a hug, feeling particularly sentimental toward her after that afternoon, and then they were all piled into his car and blasting Leo’s 90s pop playlist with the windows down.
Finn felt lighter than he had in a very long time. The weight of his secrets was finally off his shoulders, and the knowledge that when they got home he could kiss the boys currently screaming along to Christina Aguilera in the passenger seats of his car eclipsed all his other worries.
They managed to keep it together for the entire walk up from the parking lot, but as soon as the door shut behind them, Logan had Finn pinned up against it. Leo linked back up to the Bluetooth system and Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody blared through the apartment. Finn laughed into Logan’s mouth when he heard it, pushing him forward into the living room and shoving the coffee table out of the way as Leo danced up behind them.
Leo grabbed Logan’s hands and drew him in for his own kiss, dipping him low and spinning around to twirl him away and pull Finn in. The air was electric as they moved: spinning and touching and kissing and jumping. Too full of dizzy energy to stay in one spot for more than the amount of time it took to pull in close and explode apart. They were sweating and panting and laughing in the dim lighting, reveling in each other’s touch as they danced together in a way they’d never been able to before.
At one point, Finn had tried to step back from the chaos, to let Leo and Logan have a moment while he tried to take it all in. But Leo had reeled him back in close instead, pulling Logan in to sandwich him from the other side.
“We dance together now.” he had said, voice low and confident in their ears.
His words had lit Finn up, set his mind reeling with everything that had happened in the past 12 hours, with the feeling of having both boys there in his arms. He didn’t think he would ever be calm again.
But as the night wore on the energy gradually shifted, and by the time Ocean Eyes came up on the playlist, Finn was finally slowing down. Logan was next, dropping his head to Finn’s shoulder, and then Leo wrapped his long arms around both of them, swaying together as the lyrics washed over them. They were quiet together then, just breathing in each other’s presence. Finn buried his face in Logan’s dark curls, and felt Logan reaching for Leo’s hand. Leo had his chin resting on Finn’s head, and Finn had never felt more right than he did in that moment. He sang along quietly to the lyrics, relishing the way Logan sank further into him as he did.
As the final notes played out, Leo pulled away long enough to switch off his phone. They collapsed together on the couch then, somehow even more wound together than they had been before. Finn wasn’t sure he ever wanted to be farther apart from them than this, ever again.
The three of them sat in silence for a few moments, hands roaming and fingers tangling together as they settled down. Leo couldn’t stop pressing kisses to Finn’s temple.
It was Logan who eventually broke their silence, sighing contentedly from where he was burrowed low in between them.
“I like this apartment.” His voice was soft as his fingertips traced shapes on Leo’s leg.
Leo caught Finn’s eye before the two of them looked over at him.
“You do?” Finn asked.
“Ya.” He paused for moment, looking thoughtful. “It reminds me of the woods, back home.”
That made Finn smile. “Lo, we don’t have so much as a potted plant in here.”
“That’s not what I meant.” Logan looked a little embarrassed then. “I meant like, mentally. I don’t know. It’s kind of stupid, actually. Never mind.”
Leo pulled Logan a little tighter. “Hey, no. Keep going. We want to know.”
“We do.” Finn agreed, running a finger down the length of Logan’s nose before leaning down to kiss the tip of it. “Please tell us?”
Logan rolled his eyes, but he was smiling again now. He shoved himself up to actually sit properly on the couch between them.  “I just… at home, when I’m hiking or camping, it’s just quiet.”
Finn turned to fully face Logan, his arms wrapped around his legs and chin resting on his knees. Leo leaned against his end of the couch as they listened to Logan talk.
Logan continued. “It’s just you, you know? There are no other voices around to get in your head, nothing to worry about or stress over, and it’s… free, I guess. I’m free in the woods” He paused for a moment, looking like he was trying to decide whether to say more. Leo ran a reassuring hand down his arm and wove their fingers together.
Logan smiled down to where they connected, took a breath, and continued, “It’s the only place where I didn’t have to pretend. Where I could let myself feel all of the things I needed to feel. Admit things to myself that I never could have when there were other people around. Other reminders of the real world, you know?” He looked up at Leo. “It’s the place where I finally accepted that what I felt for you was much, much different than what I was supposed to feel for a teammate. It’s a safe place.”
Leo was looking at Logan. This impossibly beautiful boy. Logan was looking back at him, evergreen eyes open and unguarded. It made Leo’s stomach flip. He reached out for Logan then, and pulled him close.
Finn spoke up, quietly, from where he still sat. “And that’s what you feel when you’re here?”
Logan nodded. “Ya. That’s how I feel when I’m here.”
Leo watched Finn melt, sliding down the couch to hug Logan from the other side. “That makes me so happy. I want this to always be that place for you.” He whispered, twining his fingers with Leo’s where they rested on Logan’s chest.
“You’re that place for us, Lo.” Leo pressed their hands firmly against Logan’s heartbeat. “You make us feel safe too.”
After a moment, Logan cleared his throat and spoke again.
“Those woods are also the first place I accidentally drunk-peed on a skunk.”
That pulled a surprised, and probably highly unattractive, snort out of Leo.
Finn pulled back to look at Logan incredulously, “I’m sorry, the FIRST time?!?”
Logan just grinned in response.
“Please tell me that’s a real story.”
“It is.”
“Tell it to us, right now!” Finn demanded gleefully.
Logan laughed again as he leaned back into the couch cushions to start his story. Leo took a second to just take it all in. Logan, care-free and laughing. Finn, eyes glowing with delighted anticipation.
He sent out a silent thank you to whatever part of the universe had worked its magic in the last 24 hours, and settled in to listen, arms wrapped around both of the boys.
His boys.
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bunnieishigh · 10 months ago
can i get a bratty bottom monoma fic please? one where he’s being cocky as hell and we put him in his place? thank yoooou <3
eek, ty for requesting and yes, i shall try my best!!
neito monoma being a brat<3
so uhm im adding pegging because yummy and he deserves to be pegged.
warnings: nsfw. degrading and uhm pegging, i think that's it. oh and bad writing i can't write smut lol
960 words!
reader uses a strap but again trying to keep this as gn as possible, enjoy!
Tumblr media
you leaned back in your chair, taking a sip of water after finishing the first page of your essay. this was so pointless, you spent your entire day at your desk only to finish the first page of your 5-page essay that was due in 3 days. you cursed at your past self for procrastinating the first week.
you were about to start typing again until you felt arms drape down your shoulders and force pushing against your chair. "babe, its almost 1 am, you should come to bed." your boyfriend greeted you with kisses to your neck, his hands trailing down your chest, teasingly. "neito, stop. i have to get this done." you warned, grabbing his wrists and pulling them off you. "come on, baby, you've been working all day, let me take care of you." he insisted, kissing your jawline softly. you grabbed his face with one hand and turned around in your chair to face him. "stop being a brat, and let me work." you glared at him, squeezing his face in your hands roughly.
you let him go and continued typing your essay. "what are you gonna do about it, huh? acting like you can actually dom me? drop the act, babe." he teased again, his whispers in your ear making you even more irritated. you slammed your laptop shut and turned around, shooting daggers at your stubborn boyfriend. "fine, since you want to get on my last fucking nerve, get on the bed with your face down, ass up." neito was taken aback by your words, his eyes widening a bit before his signature smirk appear on his face. "oh, trying to act all tough? fine, i'll play along." you watched as he slipped off his clothes, and sat on all fours for you. he sat there as you shuffled through things behind him, looking for something specific.
"so what are ya gonna do to me, hm?" his tone annoying you by the second. "shut up and wait." you snapped at him to which he replied with a huff. you made your way back to him, with a strap on in your hands. you trailed your right hand up his back, grabbing his neck and pushing his face into the pillows. "little rough there, babe, don't you think?" you ignored his comments and put two of your fingers on his lips. "suck." you demanded, but being who he is, he kept his mouth closed. frustrated already, you force his mouth open and shove your fingers in his mouth, pushing on his tongue which elicited a groan from him. "make any noises and i will stop, understand, brat?" your voice laced in irritation. he nodded frantically as you pulled your fingers from his mouth and pushed one into his hole. you watched as his left hand gripped the sheets at the feeling of being penetrated.
you curled your finger against his walls, grazing that certain spongy spot inside of him, his grip on the sheets surrounding you two tightening. you added another finger, stretching him out and making it even harder to conceal any noises. you were being so unfair. "are you ready for my cock, babe?" you whispered softly, shoving your fingers even deeper. he whimpered in response, forgetting the fact that he wasn't supposed to make any noises, but you let it slide. "then beg for it, whore."
you slid a third finger in as neito tried to form words. "just fuck me already, god-" he whined, pushing his hips against your fingers desperately. you let your hand trail up the back of his head, pulling his hair and making him softly gasp. "you can do better than that, brat." you spat, roughly letting his head go. "f-fine whatever, please just fuck me, please i need it." he whimpered into the sheets. he was so cute when he was vulnerable.
"anything for my needy cockslut." you teased, making his cock twitch at your words. you pulled on the strap and lubed it up, prodding at his hole. you slowly pushed into him, making him whine out and subconsciously push his hips against the dildo. "remember, you can't cum until i say so. sluts don't get to come when they want." you spat, pushing all the way into him, eliciting a small moan from his lips.
you slowly pull out halfway before slamming back into him, making him moan your name in an attempt to get you to go faster, which you do. with each hard thrust into him, he lets out a high pitch whimper, desperately trying to meet your rough thrusts with his hips. your hand finds his throbbing cock, slowly stroking him as you pound into his ass. the way his dick twitched in your hand lets you know he's already close.
"mm close already?" you tease, speeding your hips up. you know you hit a certain spot when you saw his back arch even more and a good whine escaped his mouth. "mmgh, please- babe, let me cum, please. i'm so c-close" his cries muffled by the pillow his face is buried in. "go ahead and cum for me, slut. do it." you whispered into his ear, hitting that spot over and over while squeezing his cock. " 'm gonna cum, please don't stop." he groaned, drooling on the sheets.
you smirked at his words, thrusting into him a few more times before he came all over your hand and the sheets, hips stuttering and still trying to meet yours. you slowly pulled out, making him whine at the lost of contact. "you know, maybe i should be defiant more often if it gets me fucked like that." he laughed, chest heaving up and down rapidly. "ugh, shut up."
AGH IM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG I WAS VERY BUSY TODAY DNSISJDB also i did not proofread this so there might be typos and im sorry it's so long- i cant write full on smut fics that well JSJSISJ
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where-dreamers-go · 8 months ago
James Conrad x Fem!Reader (Soulmate AU) Part One
(A/N: I wanted to experiment with another soulmate alternative universe. Predominantly in James’ point of view. This has been (slowly) in the works for a long while. Again, I went back to this now in 2021 when this was typed from a notebook in 2019. I kind of forgot about this one…my bad. So this is for @girl-next-door-writes Bingo Challenge~! Yeah, I know I have a few other insert readers that I’m working on, but this one was basically finished and I can’t believe I forgot about it. Part One, Erica? Yeah, I know...we get there when we get there. Bingo Card: Soulmates Warnings: Brief and vague mentions of people not surviving on Skull Island. Word Count: 3,246 words )
A world with ancient creatures long forgotten and slowly being remembered was an intricate puzzle. There were believers, those who were neutral, and those who spit negativity at the notion of something against their beliefs.
A society and world where soulmates could found one another on their own was exciting for the hopeful. Bioluminescent glow of the skin acted as a compass with one’s soulmate in place of North. A part of the body closest to the direction of one’s soulmate would glow. It could be the tip of a nose, an extended elbow, or any small pinpoint glow unless one’s soulmate was closer. The more near to one’s soulmate, the larger the glowing area. 
✧ ✧ ✧
James’ skin never glowed more than the size of a small coin. He had traveled more than the average citizen. He had been a captain, Special Operations, but was a civilian once more as a hirable tracker. Yet agreeing to go aboard his last job changed everything. What he knew about the world and her creatures was altered. Skull Island was only a part of it all.
On top of being forced into Monarch’s containment and learning that there were other monsters out there around the world—his skin was glowing in large patches. It was distracting for himself and those with him. The others were getting quite interested and offering to help. As it had been glowing more noticeably since he and Mason were briefed on the ancient super species.
“I can handle it. Let’s stay on topic, shall we?” James asked, as he walked out of the concrete holding room.
“Are you sure? Because—,” the boy, Houston, swallowed his words at the quick glance from James. “Right.”
It was no secret that the two scientists, Houston Brooks and San Lin, found James’ glowing skin to be a big deal. Seeing someone’s skin glow about the size of their hand was nothing to ignore. Yet that was what James intended to do. There were larger situations to consider, especially as the two scientists took Mason and James to another area—finally—once they were on board.
“More of your skin is glowing,” said Mason, her voice hushed.
“I know.” James stated, but not as flatly as he intended to end the conversation.
“I wonder who it is,” Houston stated.
“Someone in Monarch definitely,” San added.
“Again, may we stay on topic?” James looked pointedly at each of his companions.
He did not have a clear idea where they were being lead in the government building, but he did know it would lead to more information on the matters Monarch was involved in.
✧ ✧ ✧
Work had been left ignored, procrastinated for hours. Your eyes studying your own skin as its bioluminescence when you had walked through the compound and as you sat in your small office.
You were brought into Monarch almost a year ago with promises of knowledge and helping others. Your curiosity had sucked you in. It was a home, workplace, and life like no other. There were many surreal moments, definitely, considering ancient creatures not being just legends. Something a zoologist like yourself dove into researching.
You were happy. You had a purpose of helping others. The more you learned and researched, the more you felt actually fulfilled. Also, the more paperwork and notes you had pinned to the wall and filed onto your desk.
Seeing your skin’s soulmate glow broaden in size seemed more otherworldly than writing down a wingspan for Mothra.
Sighing, you rotated your forearm as the glow spread to your bicep.
This week just keeps getting more intense, you thought. First an expedition on Skull Island, now—
Knock knock
You quickly rolled down the sleeves of your shirt.
“Hey, (Y/N).” Houston walked in through the open doorway, “got a minute?”
“Sure.” You answered, standing from your seat.
Three more people walked into your office, one of which you recognized as San.
“May I help you?” You asked as you made an effort not to make any direct eye contact with the newcomers for at least a moment longer.
“Ah…” His eyes were on the man he had brought with him.
He coughed before speaking and turning his attention elsewhere, “This is Mason Weaver—.”
“Hi.” Mason waved, a woman with dirty blonde hair.
“Hi,” you smiled and waved in return. The glow appearing out of your hand. You quickly tucked your hands behind your back. A glow then brightening your face.
“—And…this is James Conrad.”
“Hi.” The tall man swallowed dryly, his face and neck glowing warmly. Extremely obviously.
Oh, dear, you thought.
Clearly, out of everything that happened in the past week, he was not prepared for meeting his soulmate. Neither were you.
“Hi.” Your voice lacked the strength you were hoping to pull out of yourself for one second away from your work. Although it did not seem to hurt any of the introductions.
Quiet quickly took over your small office. Multiple pairs of eyes looked between you and the Mister Conrad. With your desk behind you, you were a cornered little mammal.
“So, what’s your job here?” Mason asked, breaking through the other’s silent stares.
“I’m a zoologist and here at Monarch I try to figure out how these species live—survive in their environments. Hoping to learn about their evolution and habits. Basically the animal kingdom.” You answered, your shoulders slacking some.
“She also has an interest in mythology, which is a great help to us,” Houston piped up.
“If I was more into cryptology it would make this a little more fun. If not give me a small head start when I first came here.”
“Speaking of head start…How much time do you think we have?” Mason asked.
“Time… Uh. Considering we survived this long as a species, how technology is progressing, and how your expedition unearthed some of the creatures….I would say that we still have time before the world—our society as a whole—knows them as facts. That much can be said.”
“That’s good news.”
“But that doesn’t mean all humans or even our technology will be prepared for their arrival or even living amongst them.”
“I’m not sure I want to live next door to one of them,” Houston pointed out.
“The creatures already live here. They were here first.” San added.
“We are the ones who must adapt.” James said, arms crossed over his chest.
Your breath came in quickly as your eyes reminded you of the man’s own bioluminescence. It covered all of his arms’ skin that was visible from his short-sleeve shirt. Mesmerizing you in thoughts that seemed too supernatural and much too distracting for the topic at hand.
“Are we not gonna talk about you two’s skins glowing?” Houston asked, jolting you out of your thoughts.
You straightened up hastily.
“Learning all we can about ancient creatures that could possibly destroy the human race and other creatures of the world comes first.” You said, though perhaps more to yourself. It wasn’t entirely a ‘no’.
“Agreed.” James stated, arms still crossed and glowing.
You had only taken a glimpse at him from the corner of your eye.
“Alright,” Houston drew out the word. “The world is top priority.”
“As it should,” San added. “And we should show Mason and James the other wing. Show them their rooms and where they can eat.”
“It was nice meeting you,” Mason said as she turned towards the door.
“Likewise,” you smiled.
“A pleasure,” James said shortly before leaving just before Mason.
Houston and San gave their short goodbyes as they left you to your work.
You plopped down onto your chair. Heart thumping loudly in your chest, you shuttered as you let out a breath of air.
“He’s here.”
✧ ✧ ✧
Mason and James were shown more of the facility on the way to the living area. A whole opposite wing inside of the secret facility where those in Monarch could stay. It was impressive. Their separate rooms would be the final stop on the tour.
James wondered if there would be no leaving that place. After time, would he want to?
I’m going to have to help people. I’m alright with that. If they need help—the world, I’ll do what I can. He thought as he counted off the doors they passed.
Houston and San lead the way.
“I can’t believe you didn’t stay and talk with her,” Mason declared from beside James. “Actually I can. Nevermind.”
“There’s no time.” James said.
“That’s a poor excuse for someone who just heard that we do have time. Years even.”
“But would it be worth it?” He countered.
“That’s up to you and her. You could also learn a lot more about this place.”
“I think I’ve heard enough about this place for one day.”
He knew that Mason was trying to bait him, but also to genuinely help. It wasn’t an everyday thing to hear about someone finding their soulmate; let alone see it happen.
It had to happen this way, didn’t it?
When night fell and James was finally alone, he was reminded of everything he had pushed to the back of his mind. Well fed and cleaned up, he laid in bed. He could not help but to stare at the glowing of his skin on his left side. It meant that you did not leave the facility either. Could you though? He reached out his left arm and watched as his entire hand glowed. Bright whites and warm yellow tones. Even when he was in the UK his skin never glowed more than the size of his thumb. His soulmate was there. Alive and healthy.
He sighed.
Normally he would not even think about his soulmate or even remember about a glowing patch of his skin because it was always out of sight or not enough to notice. Too many changes and discoveries. Then he met you. However brief of a meeting, James had felt something spark in his mind and his veins. Somewhere in him, he felt a connection. An interest that rooted itself inside of him where he could not see.
Closing his eyes, James settled with his thoughts.
She’s safe. That’s what’s important.
✧ ✧ ✧
James awakened from his half-sleep state from a knocking on the room’s only door. Rolling out of bed, he walked to see who needed to see him. It was not until his entire front was glowing brighter than yesterday did he know for certain who was behind the door. He flicked on the room light. Sleep faded from his mind completely.
He took a breath in.
Upon opening the door, he did not mind greeting who he saw.
“Good morning.”
“Good morning,” you smiled all tense with your face all aglow.
A small smile curled his lips.
Guess it didn’t take her long to figure out which room I was in.
“I’m sorry if it’s too early.” You said, voice hushed.
“It’s fine. Truly.”
“I was just…wondering if you were okay.”
He could of laughed at the statement, but he chose against it.
“Considering I was lucky to return alive from an island full of monsters, was taken against my will to be brought here, was shown a presentation of other monsters on the planet, and still haven’t left this place—I would have to say that simply ‘okay’ doesn’t quite fit.”
Silence filled the hall.
James felt a twinge of guilt seeing the mixture of hurt on your face unfiltered. Your fingers intertwined tightly. He waited to hear what you would say.
You finally found words you wanted to share, “Monarch tends to be a bit dramatic and secretive, but I think that’s because it’s difficult for Monarch as a whole to find people they can trust.”
“They seem to trust you a great deal.”
“I’ve just gathered information. I’m a zoologist and I also want to make sense of what our world really is—but that doesn’t mean I’ll figure out everything we should even know about one of these creatures. I do my best. I don’t go out recruiting or anything. I haven’t even been out in the field in months.”
He saw more than he had yesterday how the subjects at hand were making you distressed. Seen from how your eyes looked panicked and you hid your hands in the sleeves of your sweater.
“I’m sorry for what you went through on the island. No one should have gotten hurt or…,” your voice trailed off.
“Each of us knew the risks—to a degree.”
“But you weren’t told the truth. It wasn’t fair.”
James leaned against the doorway. New thoughts coming forward in his mind.
“Were you available to go to Skull Island?”
“I—,” you cocked your head at him before your eyes glanced elsewhere. “Bill Randa told me to look over my research. Basically like writing a second draft to a paper. He told me that I was missing something. But…we didn’t have any new information coming in at the time.”
“Any chance he was wary of whether or not you would have told those he hired why we were really there?”
That would have been helpful. But Houston and San did not say anything either.
“I…I don’t know. I’ve never told a secret before. Not that any of this is really a secret. It’s more like myths and stories that people wouldn’t likely believe at first glance.”
He watched as you rubbed your arms still deep in thought.
James straightened up.
“Would you care to come in? I think we’ve stood out here long enough.” He smiled.
You smiled kindly in return.
“Would it be alright if we talked about something other than monsters?” You inquired.
“Sure. Did you have anything in mind?” He dearly hoped you were not going to ask about the War or that part of his past that interested most others.
No doubt she had heard something from Houston or San. Or she asked.
To his surprise and only partial relief, you held up a single glowing finger.
Right. That.
James’ chest rose and fell before he nodded in agreement. The man moved back inside the room given to him and held the door open as you gingerly entered.
As you passed him the side of your face glowed a bright white that his eyes seemed to follow without a second thought.
Seconds ticked by and you were both still standing around and not sure what to do as you both glowed, keeping a distance.
You rose your eyebrows, amused with the silence.
One of us has to say something, he thought.
What was there to say? It was not the most ideal of circumstances around.
“I…I must apologize for being so blunt when we met.” James said. “Everything has just been adding up and piling on more information. I didn’t want to put any of that emotion towards you. None of this was expected.”
“It’s alright. I mean, I always figured I’d miss my chance at meeting my—uh, you know…”
James nodded.
“Because of my work and usually being inside or one place. Not really moving around. Plus I figured I’d somehow walk right passed or something and not notice because I’m focused on other things.”
“Your work is important to you. That’s good.”
“Yeah,” you smiled a bit as you rested your hands on your hips. “Nothing like good work ethic in something your interested in. Though right now it’s quite the topics.”
Narrowing his eyes for a moment, James figured you were talking about more than just monsters. About him, perhaps?
We keep dancing around the soulmate subject. What do we even want? What do I want?
“It’d been nice to focus on other things.” You said.
The corner of your lips quirked up as you looked at him.
“Things about what other people do or are interested in.” You clarified. You had read his expression well enough.
“I’m not sure what information I could offer.” James stated softly. “I was still a tracker for hire when Monarch offered me the job.” He had not entirely wanted to bring that up to you, however there was not much else. How personal did he want to be? This was the most time he had spent in your presence since meeting you the day before. To him, you did not seem the radical type like those he encountered while on Skull Island. Time would tell when he would open up more to you. Even the whole soulmate subject was a heavy topic.
You seemed determined enough to push through the conversation.
“Could…,” you pressed your lips together in a tight line. Eyes no longer meeting his. “This is probably extremely personal, but—if you wanted to…would you had been able to find me on your own?”
“The glowing would had made it exceedingly easier. Yes.”
You nodded, taking in his words.
“Would you?” He asked.
Eyes returning to his, your shoulders perked higher. You shook your head.
“Even working for Monarch, I couldn’t.” You said quietly. “I think it worked out though.” You shrugged, trying to defend your happiness of meeting James.
She really is happy to have met me. Finding me though…That’s what I figured, he thought. She can’t travel the world with her expertise without support. She couldn’t have been able to find me in Vietnam. Seeing her office, she probably would had been helpful on the trip. He froze at his thoughts. No. That would had been terrible.
“I know that we agreed not to speak about any more monsters, however,” he inhaled visibly, “I am glad that you were not on that expedition.”
“Why?” Your question was out of curiosity not pride.
“Your presence would had made it more complicated. None of it would have been of your own doing. Rather, uh, the stakes would have been higher. Greater.”
Just the start of his mind thinking about if you there bothered him. The creatures, the people, unknown environment they found themselves in, and the secrets that were held.
“Oh…that sort of makes sense.”
“Sorry,” he took a step closer to you. “It’s just there were guns being pointed to anyone who disagreed with the Lieutenant Colonel. And if you were there I’m sure he would have used you as leverage or had threatened you or worse. Our glowing skins would have made us easy targets.”
“Not to forget the wildlife as I heard briefly.”
“That too. I’m so glad you weren’t there and I say that with much respect to you.”
“Thank you,” you said quietly.
That didn’t sound forward, did it?
“At least this is a much more safer environment to get to know one another.” James said.
At the closer proximity he could see that even the tip of your nose was glowing. He had never seen someone’s entire face illuminated before. To know it was from his presence, gave him an emotion he could not immediately place.
“How long do you plan on staying?”
The question struck him deep. James had not even left Vietnam when the war was over and even in Monarch he was not sure where he would stay. Was there a place for him in Monarch? He was a tracker and they were discovering monsters who lived below the Earth’s surface. He could find work there, but could he find a life there?
“As long as I am needed.”
(If you love my writings and want to support me, I have a Ko-Fi where you can buy me a coffee. I would be eternally grateful.
Best wishes and happy reading.)
DreamerDragon Tags: @cubedtriangle
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**Let me know if you would like to be tagged in insert readers, either through replies, ask, or message.**
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chuckbass-love · a year ago
Just A Taste | Chris Evans
A/N: Keep It Between Us part 7 will be up at some point today. Just not yet. Also working on a sequel thing to the Andy Barber series ‘You Deserve Better’ as it was highly requested so i’m finally getting around to that for you all. Just bare with me. I procrastinate a lot. It’s a flaw!
Disclaimer: My work is not to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Request: Long haired and bearded Chris giving you oral sex on a plane.
Me and @mychemicalimagines were talking and she came up with this amazing idea/request and i loved it instantly. So here it is.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Warnings: Smut, lil bit of fluff if you squint and yeah, just enjoy this lil thing. 
Word Count: 1,638
Inspired by the gif below. GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to whoever made it! I normally use gifs straight off of tumblr but this one didn’t come up on the search thing. So if this is yours or anyone you know, let me know and i will credit them!
Anyways, on with the filth.
Tumblr media
Finally. You’re on your way home. Back to Boston.
You’ve been with Chris for months whilst he was filming for Red Sea Diving Resort. You couldn’t stand to be away from him again so you tagged along this time. And for the most part it’s been brilliant.
Seeing him work so hard and do what he does best is amazing. You feel so proud watching him succeed.
But one thing was most definitely missing from your trip. And that was the lack of sex.
Being in trailers for pretty much the entire time, you could never really do more than kiss. If you even dared to go further, you wouldn’t have been able to control your moans and quite frankly, neither would he.
You did give a hand job once and he kissed your neck and your chest, leaving marks all over you but that didn’t last long. You got interrupted by the noise of his co stars heading to their trailers which meant you had to stop otherwise they would hear everything.
But you’re on your flight home now. You did have a private jet planned but it got cancelled so a regular flight it is.
You both sit down, putting your belt on and preparing for the usual safety regulations. Chris starts typing away on his phone before turning it to you. It’s a picture of Dodger.
His sister Carly has been watching him for the two of you whilst you’ve been away and you were grateful that she could. However, now all you want is your excited pup to cuddle and fuss. You’ve missed him and Chris has too.
“I miss him so much” you pout, resting your head on his shoulder.
“Me too” he starts “but you know what else i miss?” you lift your head from him. furrowing your brows and motioning for him to continue. 
“I’ve missed that sweet pussy of yours” your breath hitches, your clit throbs.
“I’ve missed kissing my way down, taking that clit in my mouth and sucking on it, watching you lose all self-control. I love feeling you let go and releasing all over my tongue and into my mouth”
“Chris. Stop” you feel your cheeks heat up at the embarrassment and also fear of someone else hearing his seductive talk.
“Keep going? Alright” he smirks 
“Do you remember how it feels honey? To cum all over my face when you ride it. When you can’t take anymore, your back arches but i don’t stop. I just keep going until you tap out, until your entire body shakes.
You want him so badly. In fact, you don’t just want him. You need him. But now is not the time nor the place for that matter. Foreplay and sex can wait until you get home. 
His large hand rests on your thigh, squeezing slightly as you watch the air hostess. She goes over all of the rules. You push his hand away as you try to concentrate but he’s having none of it. His hand remains.
“Someone’s tense” he mutters into your ear, his breath fans your neck. Making you want to take him here and now.
“Chris” you warn, flashing him a stern look. He doesn’t care though. His hand rises up your leg, You push it back down.
The plane is ready to take of now.
As it rises into the air, getting higher. You feel yourself getting more tense. You always get tense when the plane takes off and when it lands. It’s something that’s naturally nerve-wracking for you and Chris always helps.
The seat belt sign goes off, you undo it, standing and heading to the toilet.
Chris knows exactly what he’s doing. He can’t help it though.
He’s been horny for months now. Filming never gave you two a moment alone unless it was just before bed. Plus the whole sleeping in trailers situation didn’t help things.
Now all he wants is to please his girl and have some fun.
You just don’t seem to want it. But, if Chris knows you as well as he thinks he does. Then you do want it. It’s probably the setting that’s putting you off.
He’ll ease that in no time. He’ll make you forget all about that fear.
He watches you walk back to go to the bathroom and he waits a minute before following.
You finish up washing your hands and drying them before unlocking the door but before you can open it.
Someone else does. Chris.
“What are you doing?” you whisper.
“I came to go to the toilet” he chuckles at your clearly flustered state.
“Go then, i’ll just go back to our se-”
He cuts you off as he kisses you, it’s a hungry kiss. His eyes are filled with need. He then lowers himself to his knees. He sits you down on the closed toilet.
“We can’t do this here” you mutter.
“Who says we can’t? I know how you get on flights, just want to help baby. Plus, i’ve missed this pussy sweetness and i don’t intend on waiting for it” he lifts your legs, spreading them with his hands as he slides your panties off.
You hate that he’s doing this now but you’re low key glad that you chose a skirt today.
He reaches up, locking the door before lowering his face to your sex. He’s just inches away.
“Just a taste. That’s all i want” 
You wriggle and writhe, whisper like moans leave your mouth as you pray for him to just get on with it. As much as you hate the setting, none of that matters now. He’s worked you up.
“Be quiet baby, don’t want this whole plane hearing how good my tongue makes you feel now do we?” you shake your head, watching him with hooded eyes as he takes the first lick. From your tight hole to your aching nub. His beard scratching at your thighs, it’s both irritating and a turn on.
A satisfactory hum leaves his mouth, vibrating onto you as he continues his assault on your pussy. Not letting up for even a second.
“God you taste incredible. Sweet as always” he starts sucking and slurping, even pulling away to spit all over it.
“Fuck” you groan
He uses his thumb to rub firm circles as he tongue fucks your hole. 
“Like this baby? Does it feel good?”
You nod. Stopping yourself from moaning.
Right now, you don’t care about anyone or anything else but him. His tongue is exceptional. He’s certainly very skilled. Not just with his mouth but with sex too.
Your mind takes you to all the memories of your sexcapades with Chris. All the fun that you’ve had together over the years.
It’s nothing compared to this though.
Oral on a plane.
Sure, you’ve had private jet flights and done stuff but never on a regular, crowded plane. With people on the other side of the door, probably hearing all the grunting and soft moans that slip.
“Please” you whine
“Please what baby?”
“Make me cum”
You bite at your bottom lip and he goes to work. He’s not going to stop until your cum is oozing its way out of you and into his eager mouth.
“Just like that Chris, don’t stop” you instruct, reaching down to tug at his long hair. He grew it out for the film.
He shakes his head as his tongue runs over your puffy folds, causing his beard to scratch once again.
You feel yourself getting closer and closer as his attack gets more intense.
“Oh shit, i’m gonna cum” you breathing picks up, along with your heart rate. Your back starts to arch and your grip on his hair gets tighter causing him to wince a little but he doesn’t stop.
He reaches his hand up to cover your mouth, muffling your moans as you come close.
“Cum for me sweetness, give it to me” he urges, keeping his eyes on yours. Watching as you come undone. Releasing into his mouth, all over his tongue.
Your orgasm sends you spinning. You sit there, out of breath, eyes still locked on his as he sucks up every last drop of your arousal. You try to push him off as your pussy is extremely sensitive but he doesn’t quit until everything is in his mouth.
“Someone was very hungry” you mock, trying to come down from the high and compose yourself.
“I’m always hungry when it comes to you” he winks.
He moves closer, taking your lips in a passionate and bruising kiss, one that’s sure to leave you wanting more from him. 
“If i could, i’d fuck you right now but i think we’ve been in here way too long for it to not look suspicious now” you giggle.
“I guess we better get back to our seats” he stands up, dusting his knees off and waiting for you to sort yourself out before he exits.
You leave it a minute, not wanting to look weird. Then you exit too.
As you find your seat, you spot Chris ordering some food from the hostess. She leaves and you sit down, resting your head on his shoulder once again.
You can’t wait to get home, knowing full well what’s in store for when you do.
“I ordered some drinks and also some snacks” he smiles down at you.
“Sounds great”
He presses a kiss to your head, muttering sweet nothings as he takes the items from the woman, paying for them and placing them on the small tables in front of you.
“Don’t think that was the end sweetness”
“I’m not done with you yet. When we get home, you’re mine for a couple days”
You smile and giggle, feeling the pool develop between your legs.
“Yes sir”
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