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#i did this today
mystical-marauder · 7 months ago
The marauders: *playing dungeons and dragons*
The marauders: *complete a quest*
Villagers: we're so thankful how could we ever repay you?
Remus: can I have chocolate cake?
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oliviamillss · a month ago
moon in 4h culture is not knowing how to comfort someone so you just exist next to them in attempt to cheer them up
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jehans-flower-pot · 6 months ago
Protip: If you have to fill up the wordcount in an essay, just start writing about the sewer system in Paris
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cookies-nookies · 23 days ago
Lmao did pepper mask in gacha online!
Fun fact: someone knew what my character was and started chanting take it off
Tumblr media
😁Here she is tehe!
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Peter, pouring a glass of milk for himself: *sighs*
Tony: Uhhh kid...i think you need to take a nap or something
Peter: Ok but I literally just woke up
Tony: Yeah but you’re about to put the entire jug of milk into the microwave
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your-mediocre-artist · 3 months ago
Your drawing isn't complete until you fvk it up and yell at the sky.
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amks · 3 months ago
I tired digital art for the first time and made myself a calender page. It came out well. I'm proud of myself. 😊😁
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formulaur · a year ago
*pushes to-do list aside to open Netflix and watch Drive to Survive again*
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achillmango · 2 months ago
Does anyone ever just check out mid convo with friends? It doesn't have to be a convo about something hard, it could literally just be banter. Somewhere during the convo your brain is like "I don't have the energy or interest to keep this going" and just slowly stop engaging.
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etchy-a-sketchy · a year ago
Ok ok so me and @spooky-cave-noises were talking while they were playing portal and Ghost noted how Wheatley sounds like Mumbo.
Have never played portal
I knew immediately what I had to do
Tumblr media
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khyrrn · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I know it’s crap but it’s all I got 😅
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dijoelcuervo · 9 months ago
coffee induced rage™
*infomercial voice over* do you suffer from anxiety but crave a hot cup of coffee? Or perhaps some sweet creamy frappuccino? Are you afraid this will alter your nerves?
we present
battle your coffee induced anxiety with some COFFE INDUCED RAGE™
drink that bean liquid and then yell at the cup
have stuff to do? just do it while screaming
tell your own body to behave, cause you already have enough to deal with and should be allowed to enjoy your favourite drink without worrying
effects may vary according of how much coffe you drink, consult your doctor before use
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askclaudiaanything · a year ago
Soren: Hey Claudia! Do you know where the coffee is?
Claudia: *clutching the last bag of coffee* no
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angstalottle · 2 years ago
Pidge: what’s the dummest thing you’ve ever done?
Lance: well I tied my swim shorts to a pool umbrella so I wouldn’t float away. When my rubber ring broke and I started sinking with the umbrella weight getting closer and closer to the edge I threw my headphones to safety rather then getting out of my shorts to avoid drowning.
Pidge: wow were you like ten?
Lance: I was not. This was last week
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faeasfuck · a year ago
Pulling your mask down to hear someone talk through their mask is the new turning down your car radio so you can see where you're going.
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suklaakuppikakku · a year ago
The most important thing finnish people ask when getting new medication:
"Can I take alcohol with this?"
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the-maddest-woman · a year ago
read your communist texts at starbucks because what is life if not a continuous opportunity to be the embodiment of irony
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