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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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msawesomegeek · 6 minutes ago
If anyone is kind of new to sports or at least to having injuries, I have some good advice for you!
So when you get injuries even if it’s small, rest your god damn injury. Rest, get it lifted and more than two weeks, even if it doesnt hurt. I tired multiple times to train on a bad ancle and it did not work. So yeah, rest damn it.
Rest right tho. That means do whatever you can with what you have to re-train the injured limb. And do the exorcising you can so you dont have too work as hard when you come back.
Pressure the doctors. I did not know about this. But it is common knowledge that doctors will dismiss sports injuries and just tell you to take some pain killers and rest. And yeah, try that first, but it this continues for more than two weeks, pressure your doctor to refer you to scanning or a physio or anything! Because youre gonna have to wait anyway in the private healthcare sector. So pressure them!
Once youre cleared to go back to training, listen to your body.
And also, this is really important, prepare yourself mentally!! I cannot stress this enough. While dealing with an injury it is completely normal to start to feel isolated, and like everyone else is getting better while youre standing still. It can be so so frustrating! But it is perfectly normal! And you should talk to your friends or family about how you feel. When you get back do the same thing! If youre newer to the team, it’s normal to get back and still feel isolated and left out and like youre starting from zero with everything. And it is so frustrating, feeling like every one else has moved in front of you and you struggle with basics again. Again, totally normal! And especially when you start up again, it is fun to go to watch your teammates play. But it can be so heartwrenching to see your teammates do what you want, and if they hang out after it’s really easy to feel left out. But this is important, if youre feeling sad at practice. Especially if it’s just team hanging out and such, if you feel yourself getting sad or uncomfortable, get out, remove yourself from the situation. Do not feel an obligation to stay! It is okay to feel this way! You have to ease back into it. It is better to leave and protect your emotions than politely stay and feel worse for it! Take care of your body physically but getting back mentally really tales a toll as well!
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winepresswrath · 6 minutes ago
I think I might be a tsundere for MXTX romances because I keep saying I don't care for them and read her books for everything but the romance, but I'm also weirdly attached to all her canon pairings???
You may be! I have a weird relationship to all of them that basically goes:
Scum Villain: her earliest and IMO least polished work, features both my least favourite and favourite of her canon ships, would not recommend to anyone without a small list of warnings, my absolute favourite of her novels.
Heaven's Official Blessing: I genuinely think this is her best novel, and it features my favourite of her main couples by a significant margin. Takes up comparatively little space in my brain compared to the other two.
MDZS: neither her best work nor my favourite of her couples. I'm completely obsessed.
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chelofvenus · 7 minutes ago
wish i could explain the love i have for the strawhats properly
#delete later even tho this will probably never see the light of day#it starts with robin! i love robin! robin who was lonely and persecuted and scorned! who did what she had to survive#who relied on no one and was relied on by no one! and she has nothing to live for up until she gets tangled up with this rubber boy and#suddenly she has a family! because there are these kids! literal kids who are running around with big dreams and smiles and so much love it#flows out of their tiny ship and surrounds them!! and it’s wonderful and robin almost can’t take it and without realising it she belongs#with them! with a dream and a smile and love and a family! who would wage war against the world for her! who do!! who rely on her and trust#her and of whom she can do the same!#and it’s like the for all the strawhats!! they have each other and their silly adventures and quirks and needs and limits#they complete each other#they look after each other in ways both tangible and not!!#it’s the idea that sanji puts his all into their meals! that he does the laundry and updates the chore rota! that that usopp and robin and#brooke find means of entertainment in stories and games and music and hobbies#that nami manages their finances! she calls it a loan and charges interest but there’s always money for snacks and clothes and new books and#games!! that there’s always an island on course#it’s franky and zoro holding everything together because franky keeps their home together physically#franky makes sure the ship holds! that they have a physical home! and then he spreads his good humour and his good cheer and every piece of#attention loving detail to make its persist and keep the crew happy#and zoro with the understanding of luffy and all his nakama#so tightly wrapped into his core keeps the crew together less physically! that constant napping training mediating pillar! the one who keeps#them safe while they sleep and is happy and safe and trusting during the day so that he can nap as they venture onwards! who bickers and#grumbles and moans but always gives into them#and then there’s luffy#brillaint brillaint luffy with his rubber limbs and his great big grin and his infinite love for adventure and food and his friends! his fam#family!!! family!!! luffy takes them each into his arms and wraps himself around them and propelles them all forwards!! insists that they#belong and they can want and they can dream and they can love and that it’s safe here to be happy! to be free#who stands between them and danger and pulls them straight into it!!#luffy and his beloved strawhat! the beloved strawhat pirates#a family :D
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whump-me-all-night-long · 10 minutes ago
does begging work on the jeweler (like, is that his end goal/sign that someone has broken) or does it depend? and what does it take to get diamond to beg the jeweler in their current state? did they used to beg when they were younger when it came to especially painful/scary jewel-related things? how did jeweler react to that fear/pleading? with faux-creepy-sympathy or disappointed anger? would he hurt them worse? sorry for so many questions, i just adore this story!!! - newbornwhumperfly
Please never apologize for asking too many questions! There's no such thing as too many questions! I adore these questions so much!
So the Jeweler likes begging, but it's not necessarily a sign that a Jewel has broken. For example, Saph has begged multiple times over the years, simply from the pain being too much, and yet he's never fully broken. The Jeweler looks more for complete and total obedience.
Diamond will basically beg on command now, and they even know the Jeweler and his body language well enough to do it without having to be told. They'll also beg for whatever the Jeweler tells them too, including having him hurt them.
They did beg a lot and shamelessly at the beginning. Sometimes they'd beg for the Jeweler to not make them do something or be hurt and the Jeweler would typically reply with sympathy and encouragement, like "I know this hurts/is uncomfortable, but you're doing so well and I'm so proud of you. Just a little longer." On the rare occasion they'd keep pushing, he'd respond with disappointment, which typically scared them more than flat out anger.
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noalikestodraw · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I’m uploading for the first time in 50 million years! Also I’ve fallen down the Percy Jackson rabbithole for the first time since middle school and so naturally here I am. Will anyone even see this? I don’t know. Either way I’m here and I hope you enjoy :)
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athenadykes · 19 minutes ago
its gonna be on pc/steam too <3
OH THAT'S RIGHT I'm a fool. I'm just not used to capcom caring That Much i guess i assumed the worst sjahaiahsj
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time-and-space · 25 minutes ago
I still find it so funny that they said hey Misha in this episode you'll be playing yourself but get this you're really annoying we all hate you and then you get stabbed to death
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yutadori · 27 minutes ago
no . just had a thought of . angel not being able to touch / hold aki until hes dead because then he doesnt have to worry about akis lifespan decreasing anymore....
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