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vulpiximisa · 9 hours ago
They better not edit my time today because they kept me over 20 minutes on line
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teamfiasco · 18 hours ago
the only good thing about this class is watching dragon’s den bc no one knows how to do a pitch lmao
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lunaastoir · a day ago
i just finished my 8 hour accounting project and i’m literally ⚰️ it’s an elective but there’s so much work and FOR WHAT??? goddamn it jen why must you torture us like this,,,
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jadegiantess · 2 days ago
You have to turn on the sound to hear [thing that can't be described easily]: Fair enough, not great but you probably just aren't thinking about it or how annoying that is to read or see all the time.
You have to turn on sound to hear [thing that can be described easily but is not to 'surprise' the listener and won't say what it is]: It's just a goofy noise or voice 99% of the time. At least I can guess but still not my favorite.
There is no way transcript can capture/describe [thing] you have to hear it for yourself: I hate you personally and am going to fuck your mom.
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stoneforests · 3 days ago
Since my TMNT DR is the most I’m ever focusing on (you totally can’t tell by my constant posts /s /j), I was just wondering about, what Master Splinter would tell me right now.
I searched up the name meaning of Renn. When I first thought of this DR, I felt the need to spell it that way. It turns out the name Renn is of Japanese origin (coincidence???) and means "water lily; lotus". It apparently is also still connected to the meaning of my middle name, Renée, which means "rebirth". These are both powerful meanings to me, my favorite most connected flower has been, for the past year+, lilies/lotuses/water lilies.
I searched up the spiritual meaning of lotuses/water lilies, and one of the quotes really struck me; "Even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower."
Now whenever I think of this quote I can almost imagine Master Splinter saying it to me, or my DRself. To my DRself, this could relate to my Neglected Past™. While to my CRself, it's exactly what I need to hear — and it reminds me so much of shifting;
Shifting may feel sometimes like you’re just 'not succeeding' time after time after time. Like trudging through muddy waters, trying to find somewhere better, somewhere to grow and bloom (shift) successfully. But it doesn’t matter the conditions. Eventually, you’ll always end up blooming — shifting — no matter the illusions of odds that may make it seem like otherwise. Because the power to bloom is in you. There are no true odds against you. You control and choose your reality.
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mean-gemini · 4 days ago
Ok, hear me out ... I think the Billie eilish thing might be more complicated than some radfems are making it out to be. First of all I wanna make it very clear that I do think it’s awful that she felt the need to jump on the hypersexuality bandwagon, I’m not by any means saying that I think it was an empowering choice or any libfem bs like that, but I do wonder if maybe her really intentionally wearing big, baggy clothes all the time before this wasn’t really a free choice either. I don’t know much about her and honestly didn’t care much until this, so I’m just going based on what I’ve been reading about her today, but it seems very clear that the main reason she dressed the way she did before was to avoid the male gaze, which is obviously understandable but is also not what I would consider a free choice. If the only reason you’re wearing something is because you don’t want men to sexualize you, is that any more of a free choice than wearing something for male approval? I’m just thinking about it as it relates to my own experience with revealing clothes vs. “modest” clothes or whatever you wanna call them. I live somewhere where we have really long, really hot summers, and honestly the most comfortable clothes to wear during those months are revealing clothes. I would love to wear short shorts and tank tops and sundresses that barely cover anything. That’s genuinely what is most comfortable and practical for that weather. But I usually don’t because I feel uncomfortable with the male attention that wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes brings. In a world without men I would almost certainly wear rly revealing clothes a lot of the time just bc they’re more comfortable in many situations. So part of me kind of wonders if she has maybe experienced similar feelings... like maybe the baggy clothes were not what she liked and felt most comfortable in. Maybe she is just sick of putting so much energy into avoiding the male gaze and wants to be able to wear whatever feels most comfortable. I think what’s problematic is that she felt the need to go all the way to the other extreme and hypersexualize herself instead. I feel like that’s the biggest problem here; your 2 options as a woman, especially a woman in the public eye, are to either embrace the male gaze and hypersexualise yourself/allow yourself to be hypersexualised, or make a very deliberate point to hide from the male gaze at all times even if it means restricting yourself and not wearing/doing things that you like and that may be more physically comfortable. You can’t just exist in the middle. The only way to avoid being sexualized by men is to hide yourself (and even that doesn’t entirely stop them) and I feel like that is the biggest problem with all of this. It’s a lose lose. Women can’t just be themselves with men around. You’re either on display or you’re hidden. Again this isn’t a defense of this photo shoot or the way people are praising it and talking about it as if it’s empowering. I entirely disagree with that. But I do think we also need to talk about how she probably was genuinely fed up with feeling like she always had to cover herself just to avoid male attention. I can see how a young woman might be tired of feeling the need to hide her body and, having probably not been exposed to any feminism aside from liberal feminism, might think that embracing objectification and sexualization is an empowering alternative to that. It probably does feel empowering at first to be comfortable showing some skin after hiding your body for so long. I know at the end of the day this shoot/changing her whole look probably wasn’t rly her choice at all it was probably all her managers etc but if it was her choice, I feel like I can kind of understand the mindset behind it and I think it may be more complicated than just the usual hypersexualization of female celebrities.
#sorry if this is incoherent I was abt to go to bed and then had this thought#idk I feel like I still didn’t really get the idea across in the right way#also again I do not know much about her at all so I could be wildly misunderstanding this whole situation#I just feel like a lot of this discussion is missing a piece#and that piece is just that maybe her baggy clothes thing also didn’t feel like a free choice#I’ve been there myself tho so maybe I’m projecting who knows#I also think sometimes radfems act like revealing clothes are Always bad and always a sign that ur like submitting to the patriarchy and I’m#kinda like some of y’all have never lived in hot climates and it shows#but also she obviously wasn’t just wearing normal revealing clothes in that shoot she was like wearing lingerie it was obviously#intentionally sexualized and objectifying#anyway idk feel free to let me know ur thoughts#it just makes me think abt hijab/burqa debates u kno women will be like ‘it keeps men from sexualization me’ and I’m like hm don’t u think#it’s fucked up that like we live in a world where those are the lengths u feel u have to go to in order to not be sexualized. is that really#a choice?#saying that covering up is empowering seems just as shallow and oversimplified as saying that wearing revealing clothes is empowering#I think the only thing that’s truly empowering is wearing whatever tf is most comfortable and practices for where u are and what ur doing#which is sometimes big baggy clothes and sometimes next to nothing#and usually something in between
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also 9, 18, 29, and whichever other one you have the most potent Idea(TM) for, for leverage/dishonored au~??
GOD I love that AU so much yeah let’s do that.  Starring Empress Parker, Lord Protector Eliot Spencer, and Natural Philosopher/Inventor Hardison. I lost this in my drafts, sorry about that.
9. What is the most embarrassing thing they have done in front of each other?
Hardison has blown himself up in front of his Empress and her bodyguard so many times that he should be over getting embarrassed by it, but he isn’t.
Parker knows she didn’t actually die--admittedly, the recovery time from jumping over the rail, sorely wounded, and landing badly in the water below the overlook was long enough that she doesn’t hold it against everyone for thinking otherwise, to say nothing of the rest of it--but she hates knowing she lost that fight.  It was an attack she couldn’t have hoped to see coming, literally out of nowhere, and if even Eliot couldn’t stand against it, she didn’t have a hope in hell, but.  She hates knowing that she lost that fight, and she hates knowing that she lost it in front of Eliot, and she hates what happened afterward, and she hates what it did to her people, and she hates what it did to Eliot, condemned to torture in Coldridge for a regicide that didn’t happen, what it did to Hardison, left lying to save his own life in the new court so that he could try to prove Eliot’s innocence, and it’s not embarrassment, it’s so much worse than that, but--  It’s close.
Eliot is both extremely embarrassed and not remotely embarrassed about falling more or less to pieces, when he finds Parker alive.  On the one hand, he’s her guardian, he’s not supposed to look weak in front of her, it’s literally his job.  On the other hand, she’s been dead over a year, Eliot and Hardison have been mourning her like a severed limb for over a year, and now she’s here, scowling and rubbing her wrists where he cracked the cuffs off her after handling Moreau in a very permanent fashion, and--
He’s entitled to a little bit of a breakdown, he thinks.
18. When they fight, how do they make up?
So...Coldridge changed a lot.
It wasn’t actually Coldridge, it was everything, but if you asked any of them, it was Coldridge.
Eliot and Parker have had some fucking arguments in their day, mostly early on, when Parker was a recently corralled and unwilling imperial heiress and Eliot was a Lord Protector that she picked because she thought he would be easy to convince into slacking off.  Unfortunately for her, Eliot has never slacked off a day in his life, and the first time he caught her sneaking out via rooftop, he shouted at her like no one had dared shout since she was crowned.  She yelled right back at him, but--
Ultimately, the thing is, he was only angry with her when she put herself in danger.  She learned to think a little more carefully about what was likely to get her killed in a way that Eliot couldn’t protect her from, and Eliot learned to let her run a little wild, for her own sanity, as long as she took him with her and didn’t do anything actively stupid.
Eliot and Hardison bickered constantly, of course, and if either of them crossed a line, they’d go out of their way to make it up to each other--Eliot would leave one of Hardison’s favorite meals on the table so he’d remember to eat while he worked, or Hardison would build Eliot some new inadvisable gadget and invite Parker to come watch them test it for an hour or three.  On the rare occasions that Parker and Hardison really fought, Parker would hide for a few hours and then Hardison would corner her and they’d have an emotional conversation about it and then they’d be fine.
And then...well.  Then Parker was murdered, and Eliot was blamed for it, and Hardison was forced to lie for a year to stay alive in Moreau’s new court, and--
A lot’s changed.
Parker just wants things to go back to normal, as if she’d never been presumed dead for a year--she can’t bear the way they treat her like glass.  Hardison is being eaten alive with guilt for what he said to the court, the lies he told to survive--he can’t let himself be angry with Parker or Eliot, under any circumstances, when he feels so much more to blame for everything.  And Eliot--Eliot can’t speak.  Can’t sleep much.  Doesn’t like to be touched without a warning, doesn’t like to be alone, doesn’t like having his coat taken away from him, never goes anywhere without three knives.  He hates teaching them sign language, but he hates not being able to talk to them more.  Parker suggests bringing in a tutor, someone who knows the Serkonan sign language Eliot learned as a teenaged sellsword, and he scowls deeper and deeper until finally he just.  Walks out of the conversation.
Parker is in possession of what could be called interrogation records, if you wanted to make the understatement of the century, so she knows that Eliot’s voice is gone for good.  So does Eliot, if he’s forced to admit it.  Too much damage from that time he almost cut his own throat, from his tongue being cut out, from screaming until he tore all the tissue to tatters.  He just--hates it.  He hates it.
He takes a few hours to pull himself up onto the roof he used to yell at Parker for crawling on, and just sit there and mouth curses in every language he knows.  Then he takes some deep breaths, and climbs back down, and goes back and finds the Empress again.  
29) Why do they fall a little bit more in love?
After they fix things--as much as they can fix, dragging every one of Moreau's lies into the light and scorching the fucking earth on his entire network--Parker sits up late at night, in the darkness of her quarters lit by the dull glow of the city below her windows. This isn't particularly new. None of them sleep all that well anymore. God knows she woke up from a nightmare. But tonight is...quiet. She's the only one awake.
Hardison is still asleep on the lounge, a sketch for a new kind of crossbow open under his hand and his head tipped toward the bed. Eliot is asleep on the bed, his back to the wall--Parker made them move her bed into the corner, after she came back, after probably decades of the imperial bedchambers being unchanged. He's curved toward her like a parenthesis, and he slept through her waking, something he hasn't done since she returned. The dim blue light of the city softens all the scars of the last year and a half, until Hardison's hands are clear of burns and Eliot's throat is unmarked. Parker can see them both breathing, slow, almost perfectly synchronized.
It's only because she's watching so closely that she sees Hardison stir and grimace, flexing his pencil hand and cracking all the knuckles. She holds a finger to her lips, and he nods, and she gestures him toward them.
That does wake Eliot up, the motion of the mattress sinking down as Hardison settles on her other side, and her guardian jolts up automatically. He makes a gesture toward the pair of them, not sign but an obvious pantomime of switch with me.
"You gotta sleep, man," Hardison says quietly, gently, and Eliot's face goes forbidding, and Hardison reaches out across Parker, moving with a syrupy half-asleep slowness that's probably at least half genuine, but also gives Eliot plenty of time to knock him away. Eliot doesn't, and Hardison pinches Eliot's sleeve and tugs on it like a kid, the way he used to when Eliot was ignoring him.
Parker blinks at Hardison's arm, stretching over her, and grabs Hardison by the wrist. He lets her manhandle him without a fight. She sets his hand on top of Eliot's, and then wriggles down until she's lying down between them, their joined hands on her belly, rising and falling with each breath.
"There," she tells Eliot. "This way, if we move, you'll wake up."
Eliot's hand is clenched around Hardison's fingers so tightly that it makes his knuckles white, and Hardison squeezes back, and Parker wonders if maybe it's not worth it, if maybe they should just let Eliot go back to watch and stop trying to honeypot him into a full night of sleep. But then--then Eliot lets out a breath and visibly forces his fingers to relax, and rubs a thumb over the burn scar on the back of Hardison's hand.
He nods, and Parker nods back.
She doesn't know how much Eliot managed to sleep, by the time they wake up in the morning, but his drawn, grey pallor is a little less in the sunlight.
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hawkland · 6 days ago
Someone please kick my ass and tell me to finish this quickie second treat for Id Pro Quo before the collection opens tomorrow night?
It’s like 80% done and I just need convincing that something totally gratuitously iddy and ridiculous is ok, I mean, considering THAT’S THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE EXCHANGE.
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lovelynixxle · 6 days ago
one of my hc was that after deimos' death hank and sanford got used to fight alongside each other and some of sanford's moves in combat look like a half assed copy of hank's
Sanford becomes the portable Hank who can fit through doorways how dangerous- Hank just has to take care of everyone now and that is that support dad my lord. Must be a hard full-time job lmao-
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ohmyjasonsudeikis · 7 days ago
i’ve no idea but my guess is that ben barnes is the bone part of shadow and bone
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takemepedropascal · 8 days ago
Why does weird shit happen to me?
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