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#i didnt even KNOW funeral directing was just a thing you could take at regular schools. i literallt past it and then ten seconds later
thespineoftherighteous · 26 days ago
foxes as people I saw on campus this week:
Nicky: a dude who tripped over one of the food delivery robots, stood up and (still stumbling) apologized to it
Allison: a girl with a long, sleek, blonde ponytail who had a killer rbf but then turned around, saw someone she knew (Renee), broke out into a wide smile and gave them a huge bear hug
Aaron: this kid I saw this morning who was in plaid pajama pants, eating toast and zooming around on a skateboard *downhill* looking totally done and unbothered by everything (I've been thinking about this legend ever since)
Renee: this girl who was part of the religious society and was standing outside the campus chapel next to a sign that said 'free lattes' and seemed super sweet and talking to people that were going in but then at one point during a conversation turned to her friend, who had been standing with her the whole time, and just (good-naturedly) slapped him upside the head cause of something he said
Matt: this dude who was laying on the grass under the shade outside the library and holding his phone straight up in front of him and nearly dropped it on his face
Neil: this kid I saw while walking to the parking lot who just slipped out the back door (the classroom was on the ground floor and some profs leave the door open for like, air ventilation?, so they're directly accessible from outside) in the middle of class with all his shit-computer, books, notebooks, etc-in his arms, backpack hanging off his elbow, and made like ten second eye contact with me before walking away. when I walked past the classroom he came out of, the projector said on the board-i shit you not-introduction to funeral directing i
Andrew: this dude who nearly ran me over while I was crossing the street (don't text and drive kids. also don't text and walk)
Dan: this couple who were walking together and stopped outside the door to part ways and as I was coming out of said door the dude said something that made her roll her eyes and say "asshole" but reach up for a goodbye kiss and had him grinning as they headed off in different directions
Kevin: this kid who crossed the hall so begrudgingly, stopped outside a classroom and stood there for like thirty seconds trying to buck up the strength to open the door and then said "" while backing away and leaving (felt)
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kimhargreeves · a year ago
Criminal Part 2-Berlin
Summary:Reader has gotten out of jail and its time to meet with her loved one again.
Tumblr media
Due to me killing a person and robbed many places I was sentenced to 15 years but was released five years earlier for my good conduct. They debated wether to send me to a regular jail or a mental hospital cause of my obsession with following Andrés anywhere, It wasn't long after I heard he was captured, before that it seemed like he forgot about me cause he married two times again and quickly dumped his ex wives when they got pregnant. I wonder, would he have done the same if one of them were me?
Right when I got out I met The Professor. He became fascinated with my skills and being independent on the job I used to have. So here I was in a mansion in the middle of nowhere with eight unknown people. But I was quick to see that one of them was Andrés.
While we were here we had to use city names, Andrés went by Berlin and I decided on Paris. We got outside to get to know our surroundings and I went behind the house and enjoyed the breeze. I crossed my arms over my chest and was met with Berlin who stood in front of me.
"Que bueno verte de nuevo Paris?" he said. His dark eyes staring at me up a down, "I missed you you know." he said licking his lips and I laughed and glared at him.
"Have you? Is that why you left me back there or got married again? Tell me Andrés...Did you really leave those fucking woman pregnant and left them right after? Was it fun just to screw with them?" he glared down at me and corner me against the wall, his hands on either side of me. I winced when suddenly he grabbed a fistful of my hair.
I groaned and laughed right after, "You think that hurts? After all you've done to me? I did make it clear that I would do anything for you. Hurt me all you want but I won't leave if that's what you want.."
Andrés leaned down and kissed me, both his hands cupping my face as we deeply kissed and felt him unbutton my shorts and take off my shirt. He pulled away and saw him smiling as he held up the chainI was wearing around my neck, "Glad to know you still kept the ring."
"I did say I would never throw it away despite you leaving me. I love you Andrés."I whispered to him and also unbuttoned his pants as he hoisted me up against the brick wall.
"Okay people! Stay down and whatever you do don't get up, or I will shoot." I declared giggling as I took my mask off and walked around the hostages. Seeing them tremble and have no power made me feel happy. Tokyo kept her star on me not happy with my behavior.
Berlin smirked and stood beside me, "Believe me, she will shoot you if you don't listen. So obey our rules and we won't have any problems." Berlin said beside me and glared back at Tokyo and Rio.
"Call and call The Professor, make him sure that so far everything's going as planned." I nodded and left to call our boss and informed him in everything. "Good. Make sure none of them gets hold of their cellphones or we're fucked."
I ended the call and came to where the hostages were a held a black plastic bag. "I want everyone who has a phone to give them to me right now, That way it'll be a lot easier for us to get this finished, I know you all have one so give it to me...NOW!' I shouted making some wince and shaking my placed them in the bag as I walked up to them.
Smiling to myself .i left to the office and took out the phone turning them off one by one and shrieked when I felt Berlin's arms around my waist. "Andrés!"
"You keep surprising me every time love." he whispered close to my neck and gripped my hair tight to the side. I blushed and glanced back at his dark eyes, "I do my best pudding." He pulled me back to him and felt him pulling my zipper down.
"We have a few minutes to ourselves before they start wondering where we left.. so why don't we have some fun?" Berlin whispered as I nodded my head and felt him roughly pushing me down onto the table.
After having some alone time with Berlin, I slowly got up from my spot and slowly dressed myself back up. I silently groaned and cursed at Berlin of being so rough on me. I caught a glance at him smirking at my direction as he fixed his jumpsuit up, so I stepped closer and playfully slapped his arm. "I know you're getting some satisfaction out of this, but you gotta go easy on me the next time."
Berlin fully turns to look at me and rests his both hands on either side of my face "Next time?" he asks with his infamous smirk.
"Of course. Now that I have you back I want to spend every second with you again. It's a good thing you're brother had us do this together." I whisper looking up at his, those dark eyes filled with lust again when he leaned down and fully kissed my lips and rested his forehead against mine whispering promises.
"As much as I'd like to have you again..we have to leave or Tokyo will be freaking out again and throwing a fit." I remember him and so we kissed each other on last time before going back to our team.
I walked into a room to see everyone discussing and the room fell silent when I entered and everyone faced me. "Where were you? I've been searching for you around the place." Nairobi asked slightly panicking maybe fearing that something might've happened to me. I refuse to meet their eyes so I looked aways as I replied.
"I was in the bathroom just cleaning myself up." I lied and a second later the door opened and Berlin came in.
"Why are you all silent? This isn't a funeral just yet." he joked sitting in his usual spot behind the telephone.
"I was just worried where she was since you also couldn't answer me calling your name." Nairobi snapped at Berlin who looked away already bored by this conversation. "I happened to be watching some of for our hostages mostly Arturito since he seems to be such a pain on our asses. Isn't that right?" Berlin asked when I met his eyes and he quickly winked at me.
I nodded my head and looked over to Nairobi "He's right. Arthur needs to be watched very closely." Nairobi didn't say anything but Tokyo on the other hand was glaring at me. I looked away too scared on what she might be thinking. Did she see or hear us?
"Anyway i'll go and hand the hostages their dinner." I quickly added beginning to walk away with the bag filled with chips and sandwich. "I'll also be helping her." Berlin said following me.
"No, i'll help." a voice behind us stopped us from going out. My blood ran cold when I saw a stern expression on Tokyo's face when she walked towards us. Berlin laughed and refused to give her the bag with supplies.
"I'll take it from here, you do what you do best." Tokyo bitterly said forcing the bag out of his hands. I looked back concerned at Berlin, he gave me a stern look and walked away. I stayed silent and began to five the hostages their food, standing a few steps away from Tokyo. "Don't think I can't see what you've been doing, with Berlin."
I could feel the smirk on her face, "You think you can scare me? Well you're wrong." Tokyo and I glare at each other.
"You think so?" she asks ready for a fight.
"I'm just a few years older than your boy toy. You think I'm stupid for my age? Well i've lived worse things than your boyfriend. He knows nothing on how to plan much less rob a fucking bank." I whisper back. Tokyo three the bag she held onto the floor and stood right in front of me.
"If you say one more thing about him I'll-"
"Kill me?" I laugh and throw my head back, "I planned to do the same." Moscú stepped between us and told Tokyo to leave, so she did and I ended up my job. "That bitch is onto us, she knows what we are." I said barging into the office Berlin spends most of his time in. Berlin didn't seem surprised and just laughed it off.
"My dear (Y/N). There's nothing to worry about, Tokyo knows what will come if she tells anyone." I started ranting and walking around the room. "Like I just said..there's nothing to worry about." I wiped my tears and went to where he was sitting and knelt down. I hugged him tight and rested my head on his lap.
He gently stroked my hair. "These aren't times to start weeping, (Y/N). There's much to do. Now get up." Berlin stood up and grabbed my arms pulling me up with him. "Come on, be the strong girl you are and if Tokyo does or says anything, well you know what to do." He reminded me and leaned down to place a quick kiss on my lips. I felt much better and left the room so he and The Professor could speak.
Days went by and nothing much changed. We continued threatening the hostages when they were so stupid in thinking they could harm us or get out. Monica was shot by orders from Berlin. Few days later I eagerly ran over to meet Berlin when I entered the office without knocking and saw him..with a of the hostages.
From then on I avoided him and cried to myself. "Still giving me the silent treatment? You weren't exactly this quiet last night." he teases so I glare at him.
"I'm the leader here and all of you will do as I say. Until The Professor gives me further instructions, i'm in charge." he replied with a smirk. "Same goes to you." with that being said I pushed him away angrily. "What are you saying? If you think you can control me like the rest, then you are wrong..i'm sick of your bullshit so tell me. You damn well saw me enter when you were fucking that girl. This bullshit started when the inspector arrived. Sure, we were having our discussion so why didn you just tell me!" I shouted at him which he didnt even flinch.
"Tell me!!" I shout again and Berlin rolls his eyes. "Andrés de there something I need to you love me?" I ask heartbroken and he stares at me with those cold familiar eyes i've grown used to.
"I don't..." I angrily took my gun our and pointed it at his head.
"You've broken my heart once again..why am I not surprised?" I mostly ask myself disappointed on how hard I fell for him. I scoff and begin to laugh still pointing my gun at him "I guess Tokyo was right all along..I am a fucking stupid girl who fell for you, and to think Rio was the young one to fall in i'll be in charge."
I smiled and pulled the trigger. Nothing. My eyes widened when I pulled it again, Berlin in an instant grabbed the gun from me, and with his other hand began choking me as he pinned me onto the wall. I clawed at his hands and tears began to form in my eyes, not because he was choking me and I couldnt breathe..but because he lied to me.
"Don't you dare hold a fucking gun to my fucking head again." Berlin warned me and clicked the gun one more time this time firing it close to my head. He let me go as I fell to the ground. I looked back to see him smiling down at me and saying something but I couldnt hear a thing. I sobbed and hugged my stomach tight.
More days went by and I began to hold s grudge against The Professor since he wouldn't answer his phone for screwing with the inspector and letting Berlin take over. I would pass by and see him and Adriana together. I confronted her in the bathroom once deciding to just kill her, but that was no use in me now. I lost him. Now all thats left on my mind is to take the money, live somewhere far away from him so I can raise my unborn child.
Few days back I was feeling very sick so I took a pregnancy test Monica had with her and it came positive. That's why I was so happy and running to see Berlin but he was with her. So in the mean time I came back to my own ways and began screaming at him when he released Tokyo. Everyone hated him now and back then before they knew of his sickness, and I doubt that girl will stay with him.
"(Y/N) you okay?" I heard Nairobi asked when I flushed the toilet and moved away from it and fell the the floor. "Does it look like i'm okay?" I joke and smile weakly at her. "Nairobi..did you feel when you became a mother?"
Nairobi's eyes widen when she realizes i'm asking her for a reason. She rubs her face and joins me down to the floor and rests her gun to the side, "It's the most beautiful thing you'll ever experience. It was hard at first but I made it through..unfortunately I'll no longer be ale to see him." I sniff and grab her hand.
"Don't listen to what Tokyo told you, she doesnt know how it feels to lose a know everything they've said about Berlin was wrong. He's never been trafficking girls nor has he raped underage ones..not that I know of of course." I say wiping my tears. "We met when I was way younger than Rio, he protected me and gave me that love no one did..many men would've taken advantage of me but he waited till I was of consent to spend our first night intimate with each other..I'll never forget that day." I smile at the memory.
"He's still an asshole to me but at least he treated you well. So? Are you going to keep it?" Nairobi asks eyeing my stomach. I'm two months old. I slowly touch it and shake my head. Nairobi gives me a glare and I know a lecture is coming from her.
I continue listening to her and the many pros and cons that come from raising a baby. "I don't want Berlin to know...he already has kids and damn is he s great father to them." I sarcastically say and chuckle.
"Who says you need a man to be mother?" Nairobi helps me off the ground so we're straight back up. "I can assure you..this baby growing in you will bring you happiness like no other. Trust in what i'm telling you." I stare at the ground and listen to her walk away.
We all stood in line and sadly looked at Moscow's body. Denver began to give a prayer and we all listened. He gave his life in order for Tokyo to return and we were all lamenting his death. Oslo and Moscow. We'll finish this.
Nairobi ordered el señor Torres to keep imprinting more euros so Berlin stepped when we were inside the room. "I said the shut down the machine. We have all we need." he ordered staring down at Nairobi trying to intimidate her and me.
"I'm fucking done you, you know that? Let her do what she must" I said back and met with his dark cold eyes.
"Must I remind you that I am in charge?!" he shouted but I didn't move. "I'm not afraid of you, Andrés. Scream at me all you want, harm me, I could care less on what you do to me."
"Is that it?"
Berlin now focused his full attention so Nairobi stepped between us. "She's pregnant!" We both turned to her. My eyes full of rage and his surprised by the sudden news. Berlin looked at her then focused on me, for once he didnt know what to say. He took a step back and his eyes went down to my stomach. "...How long have you known?"
"This week...when the paramedics came in they estimated that i'm two months old." I answered and glared up at him. "Once this is over I'm done with're dead to me." I nearly choked on my words and sniffed before I quickly ran out of the room. I waited an hour, two, three, then was time. The tunnel was all done and half of us stayed in while the others placed the money in the truck waiting for us outside.
I spotted what could have been my brother in law talking to Berlin when both their eyes locked on mine. I crossed my arms when Sergio came and stood in front of me, he wrapped his arms around me so I awkwardly hugged him back, "It's good to see you back, Sergio. But i'm still angry at you."
The Professor nodded his head and took my hand, "I apologize for all the mess I caused..I don't think this is the moment but..Congratulations." I smiled and tried to not meet Andrés's eyes cause he was staring at us.
"Well let's get this all wrapped up and leave." Sergio left to his hideout with Denver and Rio packing the truck up. Before we knew it the police made it in and Tokyo came firing at them and we all began to run to the exit. I ran and was about to climb up the stairs when I stopped. "Where's Berlin?!" I shouted and Nairobi grabbed my arm tight.
"He told me to leave him back. I saw him talking to Adriana before he knocked her out and tied her down."
"I have to save him!"
Nairobi called out using my real name as I ran for my life to save Berlin. I saw him hiding behind a few things protecting him while he got the machine gun ready. "Berlin!" His head shot up to look at me, his eyes lit up but he looked angry a second later.
"(Y/N)! What the ruck are you doing here? Que te dije de seguirme?!" He asked annoyed already firing at the men all armed.
"You need all the help you can get!" I argued back and grabbed my gun. I shot an officer on his leg and shoulder. They next began to throw grenades so Berlin grabbed me and protectively held me down when they exploded. "Why did you even return?! I told Sergio to keep an eye on you." he said getting angry at his little brother doing a terrible job.
"I told you why I did."
Andrés smirks, "I thought you hated me." "I still do! Nairobi told me I don't need a man to raise a baby! But damn it, I need you alive!" I say firing my gun and dodging every now a then with him. "Despite everything I've done you think I want to raise a kid with you?!"
I laugh and looked over at him, "You can't hide it from me." his eyes softened when I said that and they three more grenades. The machine gun was out of ammunition so I looked at what he was looking at. Last two weapons. I stopped his hand from reaching it, with tears in my eyes I stared at him.
"Don't." His eyes looked at me filled with sadness. "I'm begging you..don't do this. I love you, Andrés." He grabbed the back of my neck and deeply kissed me. He pulled away quick, "I'm sorry." he whispered and saw a tear falling down his face.
"Noo." I reached out to grab onto his red jumpsuit but it was too late. With the small energy I had left I raced for dear life and made it into the truck. Sitting in the middle as Sergio sat by my side and Helsinki started to drive. I grabbed a tablet and looked at the camera focused on where the police were, there I saw him. My Andrés dead...
Helsinki started to cheer and Sergio forced a smile knowing his plan was a success. I was planning on heading on my own, but I'll go with Sergio to Palawan, Philippines. To raise my child there with Sergio as the baby's uncle. I emotionlessly stared at the camera and turned the tablet off. Reliving the moments I had with him. I should've spent more time with him..I'm so sorry Andrés.
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