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#i do Not like this but i wanted to get back to giffing
yagurlrosie · 2 days ago
Druig x reader where the Eternals meet her when the Deviant attacks the Amazon compound and she's super badass?
And they can't believe he landed someone like her?
Xxx thank you
thank you, anon! xx (gif is by @comradekarin)
word count: 587
Tumblr media
Things were looking hopeless. Sprite was doing her best to distract the Deviant while Kingo charged up an energy blast big enough to take it out for good. Druig had let go of his control on the villagers, and they ran for the forest, their screams carrying through the trees. Only you stayed behind.
You grabbed a shotgun one of the villagers had dropped and ran into the fray. You aimed and fired at the Deviant just as it lunged at Sprite. The blast barely left a scratch, but it was enough to get its attention on you.
Sprite, Kingo, and Sersi looked just as confused as the Deviant did to see you standing behind it. It whirled around and charged at you. Just before it reached you, you jumped, pushing off of a beam to roll over it. The Deviant crashed into the house behind you, leveling it to the ground.
You stood up just as the Deviant emerged from the rubble. You backed up as it stalked towards you, firing round after round to keep it at bay. You cocked your gun, but it made a hollow click instead. You tossed the empty gun aside and looked over at Kingo. “I bought you as much time as I could!”
He nodded, still a little confused. Just before the Deviant could pounce, he slid under it and shot the blast at its head, blowing it clean off. Blood rained down on him, a little splattering on you as well. You heaved a sigh of relief as its headless body toppled over and slumped to the ground.
When the other Deviants had been taken care of, Druig rushed over to you, grabbing you by the shoulders. “Are you okay?” His eyes scanned over you, searching for injuries. “What were you think? You could’ve gotten yourself seriously hurt!”
“But I didn’t,” you pointed out. “And I wasn’t just going to leave you here.”
“Who’s this, Druig?” You both turned to see Sprite standing there, her arms crossed over her chest. “I thought you let go of everyone.”
“I did,” he said. “I wasn’t controlling her.”
“No way.” Kingo wormed his way into the conversation. “Is she your girlfriend?”
Druig lowered his gaze to his shoes and scratched the back of his neck. “That term’s a little trivial, don’t you think?”
“Why didn’t you introduce us to her before?” Sprite asked. Her eyes went wide. “Are you embarrassed, Druig?”
His head snapped up to look at her. “I am not embarrassed!”
“It’s okay if you are,” Kingo added. “I would be too if my girlfriend was cooler than me.”
Druig turned his death glare on him. “Would you stop that?” You tried to stifle your laughter, but Druig noticed anyway. He looked at you as if you’d betrayed him. “Not you too.”
“I’m sorry, dear, but this could’ve been prevented if I’d met them before I had to save your ass.” You smirked.
Kingo and Sprite snickered to each other, parroting the pet name you’d called him. Druig shot them a look, nipping it in the bud. “This is exactly what I was afraid of,” he murmured.
“Aw, trouble in paradise?” Sprite cooed.
“We wouldn’t want to be the cause of your lover’s quarrel,” Kingo jested.
You laughed openly at their antics this time, and Druig pointed at you. “We’ll talk about this later.” He gave you a knowing look before storming off and leaving you to the mercy of Sprite and Kingo as they hounded you with questions.
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spencebunny · a day ago
warm bodies.
pairing: spencer reid x fem! reader
universe: Criminal Minds
words: 2101
prompt: spencer and reader are very cold and warm eachother up :)
trigger warnings: praise kink, unprotected sex, spencer has a very large dick
note: let me know if you like it!!!
requests: open <333
this is being entered in @imagining-in-the-margins winter contest and i stole the GIF from that post!
Tumblr media
yet another case was ended and the jet had landed. spencer handed me my coat and scarf and i bundled up. it was late and in the negatives outside. the whole team was absolutely freezing and morgan was attempting to cuddle with emily. spencer, my best friend, always walked me to my car.
"spence, you don’t have to walk me to the car tonight you’ll get pneumonia"
i should have known the minute i said "pneumonia" that i was done for but alas, he walked with me and explained why he would be fine with reassuring statistics. i hugged him and said i’d be over tomorrow for brunch and more binge watching of old, french films. eagerly, i got in the car, put my keys in, and turned the ignition. the engine made a light tutting noise. nothing more. spencer turned around and looked at me.
"oh no no no" i slammed on the wheel. he jogged toward me and i rolled down the window.
"hey. it’s late and cold. why don’t you just come back with me. you’re coming over tomorrow all day anyways and ill drive us both to work on wednesday. we can have rossi fix it then."
i would have objected but i was chilled to the bone. i got out and joined him on the way to the bus stop. sitting next to him the bench, i noticed he sat closer to me and my heart fluttered. i was in love with him and people told me it was obvious that he liked me, but i just couldn’t see it. he only saw me as a friend and there was no way i was smart or pretty enough to be seen as more. i assumed he was so close because he was so cold. out of all the times spencer and i had been physically close, it was usually because we were cold or there was not enough space to provide more room. typically, i sat on one end of the couch and him on the other. we would occasionally hold hands when the movies got scary and i would sometimes lay on him if we sat in his big, cozy chair. i stopped trying to do this because every time that happened, he would leave pretty soon after. go to the bathroom and pretend to pee or go clean dishes he just pulled out of the dishwasher.
"do you want my coat, (y/n)? women have biologically thinner skin than men and i don’t want you getting hypothermia. i won’t have anyone to watch Contempt with."
i was, then, glad it was cold because if my cheeks weren’t already windburned, he would have noticed my blush. right then, the bus seemed to be trotting it’s way down to us.
"no spence look! it’s here! just in time!"
i got in the bus with him and spencer paid for me. i gave him and irritated look and he flashed me a dorkish smile back. he was so beautiful. his long hair with flecks of snow in it and a winter bitten nose. i couldn’t help but look at him and he looked back. in these moments, i could almost believe he loved me too.
"We have arrived at stop 4."
i hurriedly looked away from him and got my bag and got off. it was a short and unbearably cold walk to his apartment. he opened his satchel and reached for his keys. his eyes shot wider and he waved his hand around in the pocket.
"i cant seem to find the keys. i’m so sorry. it’s so cold out here."
so there the two of you were. two FBI agents sitting on the doormat of an apartment searching through the contents of a satchel for a key. my hands were so cold they began to stiffen up and shake.
"spencer there!"
you finally found them and pointed inside the pocket where they were.
he quickly unlocked the door and you almost sprinted in. it felt like being thawed out.
"take off your coat. i know it feels silly but the less clothes you have on, the quicker you will warm."
i stripped off all of my outerwear and was left in some leggings that i had been wearing under my pants and a long sleeve shirt. i got on his couch and once again, he sat next to me.
"it would also help if you allowed me to. to. hold you. if that’s okay with you."
i thought i might explode. he situated me in his lap so that i was laying my back along his stomach and my head rested at his neck.
he wrapped his arms around me and i drew my knees up close to me and pulled the blanket around us.
"it’s working"
i smiled up at him and he giggled. he got the remote and put on a short episode of some docuseries about physics. i did not understand anything about what was happening so i just enjoyed my stay on his body. as he watched, his hands started making their way to my thighs. he rubbed all the way down them.
"your arrector pili. goosebumps. are you still cold?"
"yeah a little"
i lied through my teeth. i was perfectly warm but i had goosebumps because of his touch. i craved more. i wanted so badly to turn around and just tell him. i was this worked up and i needed him to reject me so i could move on. i would tell him and then text penelope to come pick me up. i leaned my body up and went to turn around. he whined a little and then he realized i was now sitting in his lap facing him. his gaze was locked on mine.
"spencer. i’m not cold."
"oh, that’s good."
he was obviously not getting it.
"i had goosebumps because i like when you touch me. i like you."
my voice went broken in the last 3 words.
he looked up at me with confused eyes. i was also confused as to why he was not responding. he must be in such a state of horror. his hands traced up my thigh and torso to reach my jawline. it felt like being kissed by angels along the path of my body. he grabbed my jaw and pulled me down close to him.
"is this okay?"
our faces were inches apart and i could feel his breath hot on my face. i nodded gently. he then pressed my lips onto his.
"i’ve thought of this since i’ve known you."
he kissed me again.
"i’ve loved you for so long."
i kissed him back this time. our lips melted together. his tongue grazed against my lips and it all went straight to my core. i grinded my hips down onto him, desperate for friction. at the touch, he let out a moan into my mouth which caused me to further my grinding. his hands found their way to my hips as i started playing with the hem of his shirt. i pulled away from him and he had wild eyes.
"i want to. i want to with you. i want. you."
he got out while peppering my neck with kisses. i pulled his and my shirt off over our heads and he rubbed my boobs through the plush of the bra. he kissed all over my chest and gently unclasped my bra. he let it slide down while he kissed one nipple and rubbed the other. my back arched when i felt his tongue. he was so good with his mouth. he looked up at me and his face was desperate.
"i want to taste you. please."
i blushed and nodded. it felt like i was dreaming. he sat my body gently on the couch and pulled down my leggings and spread my legs with his hand. he toyed with the waistband of my panties and placed his other finger over my wet spot. i trembled at his touch.
"you don’t require much foreplay."
he smirked and pulled down the waistband of my underwear and took them off. he put them behind him on the couch and admired my body laid out beneath him. i got nervous and attempted to close my legs and he stopped me.
"please let me look at you. you’re so beautiful i want to remember this forever."
"ummm i call bullshit. you have an eidetic memory."
"cant i just admire?"
i looked at him with one eyebrow cocked up. he just laughed and went to kissing my thighs. he filled the surface area of my legs with kisses and approached my center. he gently kissed it and i was about to come unglued waiting for him.
"so beautiful"
he started gently licking lines up and down my folds. i grabbed his hair and let out all my whines. they were motivating to him and he went deeper. it felt like he was devouring me and he had his hands on either side of my hips holding me to keep me from bucking up and down. i got close to screaming and then, he stuck one of his long, thin fingers inside of me. he rapidly pulled it out and then placed it back in all while circling my clit with his tongue.
"spence. oh my god i’m so close."
this forced out a moan from him and he mumbled against my pussy
"cum for me."
the vibrations it sent me forced me all the way over the edge. i was pulling his hair and pushing his face into me. he finger fucked me all the way through my high.
i looked down at him and his chin and mouth were glistening. he lips looks swollen and eyes dilated. if i could have his memory for just one thing, it would be his beautiful face in this moment. he started kissing me again and i could taste myself on him.
"we can stop here, (y/n)-"
"no. i want you."
he slid down his trousers and i saw it. i gulped. it was big. he got on top of me. both my legs were wrapped around him and i was bare in my white, ankle socks. i think he could read the nervousness on my face.
"i’ll go in an inch at a time and you tell me when to keep going. it’s said that it hurts less when inserted slowly and also when-"
"okay okay. yes."
i smiled at him and kissed up at him. he positioned himself at my entrance. he pushed in and i tensed. his face was filled with determination and he pushed in another inch after i nodded at him. after 5 inches, his face began to fill with pleasure but he was still patient.
"you’re so tight, baby. three more inches and you’ll be all filled up."
i had never had anyone this large and it felt like he filled my entire cervix. he reached the end and i started moving myself underneath him.
"oh fuck"
he grumbled out and he started lightly thrusting in and out of me. i immediately started moaning at the pleasure and he lost all patience. he fucked me so hard and deep and both our moans got louder.
"you’re tightening around me, baby. come for me. come on it."
it only took four more thrusts for me to be completely lost in him. in my orgasm i moaned out,
"oh spencer fill me. please fill me."
he grunted another cuss word and his thrusts got sloppy. i felt his cum swirling around deep inside of me and he rested on top of me. he looked me in the eyes, seriously.
"do you love me the way i do to you?"
"i don’t understand"
"(y/n), before this, when you touched me i would get so worked up i had to leave the room so as to not admit everything to you on the spot and today when you were laying on me i put on something that i already knew all the information for so that i could just enjoy the way you felt being near me and maybe pretend you were mine."
"spencer. i have loved you since you first let me sleep on you on the jet with your cardigan on."
he thought about and flashed me a big, goofy smile when he reflected on that memory.
"so, move in?"
"woah. hold your horses."
you laughed together, in love and as one.
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subbypeterparker · 2 days ago
Give It To Him
Tumblr media
sub!peter x fem!dom!reader
Summary: reader hears Peter bragging about “constantly dicking her down”, and shows him who really gets dicked down every night
Warnings: mommy kink, titty sucking (what else would i write about?), choking, dry humping
Word count: 1.9k
A/N: Oy, first time reusing a gif. but I imagined this is him when he’s hearing them talk about the things they think he does.
When Peter suggested going to a party. You weren’t thrilled. A room full of sweaty college students, drunk off their asses, and eager to fuck anything? Not your idea of fun.
Now you’re standing a few feet behind him while he and his friends talk about sex. More particularly, what you and Peter do.
Or rather, what they think you two do.
“Yo, seriously?”
“Yeah I mean, when a woman like that come along, all you really gotta do is just give it to her real good, you know?”
Laughter erupts from the group of guys.
“So what do you guys…do?”
You can see Peters adam’s apple bob in his throat as he looks to the side.
“I usually just get her on all fours. Takes a few seconds until she’s begging, but as soon she does I just pound into her pussy all night long.”
His voices wavers slightly, a clear sign he’s uncomfortable with the conversation, but the guys around him don’t even seem to notice.
“Does she call you…ya know?”
He sips his beer, and smiles. “Fuck yeah.”
“Man, where did you find a woman like that?”
He smirks at them, chuckling. “I don’t know what to tell you, dude.”
“Must be nice dicking down a woman like that everyday.”
“Trust me, you have no idea.”
At this point, you’ve about had it. You walk in behind him, and rub his shoulders, leaning down to kiss his cheek.
He jumps, startled, but relaxes once he sees it’s you. The look of relief quickly disappears when he sees the look in your eyes.
You’re so fucked.
Peter can feel his pants begin to slightly strain against his slowly growing erection.
“Come on baby, I’m tired. Why don’t you take me home?”
He chokes on his saliva, and looks around at his friends before standing up. You walk around the couch and whisper just loud enough into his ear.
“Let’s go, daddy.”
Peter gulps, and his friends around him all exchange looks of damn! as Peter gets dragged away by you.
He sends them a pitiful goodbye look as you continue to drag him out the front door. You’d decided not to drink that night, and were sober to drive you and Peter home.
You get in the car and refuse to look at Peter, keeping your attention firmly on staring the car and driving off.
A few minutes into driving, Peters fidgeting. His hands are twisting his fingers a bit, and he’s biting his lip out of nervousness, looking anywhere but you, back at you, anywhere but you, and the cycle repeats.
“So…heh, those were funny jokes back there, huh?” He turns his head towards you, eager to make you look at him for a second.
You simply give him a little hum of agreement, and continue looking at the road.
The car fills with silence until you pull up to your apartment. You turn the engine off, and continue to look straight ahead.
“I want you to go inside, strip, and wait for me in the room. No touching yourself.” You turn to look at him, and he can see the fire in your eyes. “Got it?”
Never have you seen someone unbuckle a seatbelt so quickly.
“Yes mo-yes!” he trips getting out of the car, and gives you a little giggle when he sees you smile at his clumsiness.
You wait a minute or two before deciding to walk through the door, but instead of meeting your hopefully naked boy, you decide to clean up a bit.
Putting dishes away while your boyfriend waits in horny anticipation can only be fun for a minute, and eventually you get too worked up to keep doing it.
Walking down the hallway, you toss your shoes off, and open the bedroom door. And holy fuck is it a sight for sore eyes.
Peter is leaning against the headboard, hands in fists by his sides, resisting the urge to touch himself.
Speaking of which…
His cock is flushed red, almost purple at the tip, and endless fountain of pre-cum that nearly has you on your knees.
Looking at him, you can feel your arousal build up in your panties. Not wanting to give him any satisfaction, you take off your jewelry and turn to face him.
“Look at yourself Peter. So desperate,” you take a few steps towards him, “If only your friends could see you now.”
You hover over him on the bed, hand ghosting over his cock. He whines pathetically, sending a rush between your legs.
You get off the bed as Peter whines again. Keeping eye contact with him, you bend over to pull off your tights and dress, leaving you in only your bra and panties.
Peter swears he could cum just from how you look. The lace set hugs your body perfectly. Your tits are nearly spilling out of the bra, and he has to fight the urge to jump up and touch you.
“Mommy please, I’m sorry. I was just joking with them.” his eyes are already swimming with tears.
Taking pity on him, you return to where he’s currently splayed out on the bed, and sit yourself on his cock.
He can feel your arousal through your panties, wetting his cock. His hands itch to reach out and touch you, but you pull his hands farther away from you.
“If you touch me, I’m locking your cock up for a month. And I don’t think my good boy would like that, would he?”
“No mommy, I wouldn’t.” He looks up at you, puppy eyes boring into you.
Gazing down at him, you begin grinding against his cock. Peter moans beneath you, desperate for more.
You arousal stains his cock, wetting it as you move faster against it. The ridges on it allow you to get even more friction, hitting your clit with every movement.
You moan quietly and push yourself higher up, allowing Peter’s tip to brush against your clothes cunt with each movement.
Your moans get louder and louder as you get closer, and Peter moans out beneath you. His hands grab your wrist, and you don’t have the heart to punish him.
His hands guid your hand to his throat, and he places your fingers around his neck, silently begging you to apply pressure.
Your fingers squeeze tighter the closer you get to finishing, and Peter can barely keep himself from cumming.
“Is this what your friends know you do? So they know you’re a fucking whore, who’s so desperate he’s letting his girlfriend use him to get herself off?”
He lets out a strangled moan, and jolts his hips.
The movement causes his cock to roughly hit your clit, and you cum instantly all over his cock.
Even though he knows not to touch you, Peter can’t help himself from stroking circles into your thighs, helping you come down from your high.
Once you’ve come back to reality, your hand is still on Peters neck, and the feelings of anger from before return.
Peter’s still hard, and your cum on his cock isn’t helping. He feels your fingers squeeze around his neck again, and moans out. Loud.
“Please mommy, please let me cum. I’ll do anything, just please let me cum!” he yells out.
“I thought I was the one who begged every day. I thought I begged daddy every day to fuck me.” You’d began leaving hickeys down his neck and chest, bitting down lightly on his nipples.
He whines out again, “I’m sorry mommy! I’m sorry! Please forgive me, please let me cum! I’ll be your good boy, I promise!”
“I’m not letting you get off that easy, baby boy,”
no pun intended
“You know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna let mommy get herself off on your cock. If you touch mommy, you don’t get to cum for a month. Deal?”
“Fuck yes, mommy I won’t touch you. Please cum on my cock, please!”
Smiling down at him, you press a gentle kiss to his nose. He shifts happily beneath you.
You grab his still-hard cock, positing it to your entrance. His head bumps against your clit, and you quickly slam yourself down on him. Your walls surround his dick, swallowing him whole.
He lets out a lewd moan, and has to grip your headboard to stop himself from touching you.
“Good boy, not touching mommy.” He whines at your praise, gripping the headboard tighter.
You set off at a fast pace, legs burning as you attempt to reach your climax as fast as possible.
Peters mouth opens, silent moans coming out. You lean forward to kiss his parted lips, sticking your tongue into his mouth, finding his.
Your tongues fight for dominance, you winning as usual, and you suck on his tongue, making his hips jolt.
You stop kissing him to admire him. His eyes are rolling into the back of his head, and his tongue is nearly rolling out of his mouth as you continue to ride him.
“Mommy, you feel so fucking good! Please go faster, please!”
“Look who’s begging now.”
“I know! I’m a fucking slut for you! I’m sorry I lied to them! I just wanted to see their faces when I say that!”
The tip of his cock hits your cervix, sending you flying forward, bracing yourself on the headboard.
You hands reach to find his, and he intertwines his fingers with yours, reaching his neck up to quickly connect your lips, before ducking his head down.
You begin to wonder why he didn’t kiss you longer, but you moan out once you feel his warm mouth wrap itself around your nipple, sending jolts down to your cunt.
He expertly draws circles around the nub, and sucks before sweetly biting down on it.
Every moan you let out gets him closer and closer, and he doubles down his efforts to get you to cum.
“You can touch me baby, make me cum!”
One of his hands drift down to where your bodies meet, and he rubs your clit.
You cum with your nipple still in his mouth, and your body shakes above him.
“You can-you can cum now baby,” you tell him, kissing his forehead, still riding him.
In two seconds, his cum is filling you up, paining your walls as he finally releases.
Both panting, you look down at him, and see him looking up at you, tit still in his mouth.
He looks fucking adorable.
“Hi baby.”
He pops your tit out from his mouth “Hi,” he giggles.
You pull yourself off him and pull him out of you and go get a towel to clean yourself up.
He winces when the damp towel hits his sensitive dick, and whines for you to come cuddle.
“You did so well baby” you pull the blankets over you, and kiss his forehead.
He snuggles into your chest, and you can feel him smile against your skin.
“You’re not really mad at me about the jokes are you?”
“No. I’m slightly upset you felt the need to lie about your sex life, but it’s fine.”
“I’m sorry. I’m not ashamed of anything we do, I promise.”
“I know you’re not. I love you.”
He leans up to kiss you. “I love you too.”
He settles down and it’s quiet for a few minutes, until he speaks up again.
“So…round 2?”
originally meant to be about pegging, but it’s difficult for me to write, and i’m gonna need to practice before i post about it
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btssmutgalore · a day ago
i. harness
Tumblr media
♡ the one where you ask your boyfriend to wear a harness.
⤑ word count: 2.9k ⤑ genre: idol!au, established relationship, pure smut ⤑ pairing: lee know x reader ⤑ warnings: explicit sexual content, unprotected intercourse, dirty talk, mentions of bondage ⤑ a/n: yall. so i saw a very lq pic of minho in a harness and my sweet friend @joyfulhopelox helped me look for a video or a gif. in the process, i got an idea for this drabble and wrote it, and maria made the gifs below the cut ♡ this drabble will be a part of a series of drabbles about this couple because i'm lee know trash at this point ⤑ rating: 18+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend grins as he watches you struggle to keep up your pace, your chest moving up and down with every shallow breath you take, a drop of sweat gliding down your neck and running right between your breasts as you ride his dick like you haven’t had it in you for months when it’s just been a day or two. Minho’s smirk lets you know he’s making fun of you and you know it, but you’re too weak to say something witty back and make him get all fake angry at you.
Usually, when you wanted Minho to take over and regain control, you’d just tease him or insinuate you could do it better than him, which always made him want to prove himself to you. He’d go absolutely feral, get you on your back or knees—whichever position he happened to prefer that day—and go wild, giving you his all, even after practice or performance or whatever else he did that day. Minho seemed to forget all about being tired when it was time to fuck. And, of course, he’d give it to you much better than you could ever do it yourself, and you both knew it.
Tonight, however, you don’t want Minho to take you from behind, even though having him rail you while you’re on all fours in front of the big bedroom mirror sounds appealing. You know watching him while he’s fucking you turns you on even more, which in turn makes him fuck you even harder. There’s just something really attractive about the way he stares at the point where your bodies meet, grabbing onto your cheeks as much as he can while fucking you hard and fast, eyebrows furrowed as he’s completely focused on one thing alone—fucking you until you come around his cock.
But, you don’t want it tonight, not that way at least—you want to face him, so you can look at what he’s wearing and enjoy the feel of leather against his warm skin.
Earlier, Minho sent you a video of him jacking off in the bathroom. Getting one out before the performance tonight, sorry it’s not on your face was what his cocky text said, but the confidence wasn’t the most appealing thing about the message. No, it was the fact that he was dressed in the outfit he was supposed to perform in, which included none other than the hottest harness you’d ever seen. The sight of the harness over a tight black t-shirt instantly made you text him back. Wear that harness tonight and I’ll ride you into tomorrow.
Minho isn’t the most touchy-feely boyfriend out there, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Oh, no. You know you can have whatever you want from him—as long as you ask. Nothing’s ever too much trouble, so neither was sneaking out the harness on his way home to you.
In a matter of minutes after arriving, Minho was naked, the only thing on his body the leather harness, which made you want to have him right then and there, but you went to the bedroom and pushed him down on your pillows, ready to give him the night of his life, which you are currently doing.
“Just like that, baby,” you hear him coo, and the raspiness in your boyfriend’s voice is like music to your ears—it lets you know your hips are getting the better of him.
You sometimes wonder how Minho does it: practices for the performance, puts on a show, and comes back home to fuck you, giving it his best every time. Granted, the sex doesn’t always go on for hours—and you’re the last person to blame him—but it’s always powerful and hard and makes your toes curl, which is a testament to just how great he is at it.
You, on the other hand, have a stamina problem. You want to fuck Minho until tomorrow, like promised, but your thighs are giving out already, even though your pussy is dripping wet and you can’t get enough of him. You get further proof of that when you reach behind your ass to grab his balls and give them a squeeze, instantly feeling how wet they are with your juices, but Minho doesn’t give a fuck about that. He loves it.
“Yeah, that’s all you,” he says as you move your hand forward and grab onto that fucking harness again, holding onto it tight so you can pull your weight using your hands instead of your weak thighs.
“You got me all wet, baby… We’ll have to change the sheets,” he stops with the cockiness as soon as you use your hands and the harness to slide forward so much that his cock almost slips out of you and then you release the grip and slide back down, feeling him inside of you fully, not an inch left out.
“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” you tease him, stopping for a second just to clench around him and feel all of him, but it’s a mistake. “Fuck, you’re hard.”
Feeling his cock makes you realize he’s just as hard as he was when you first started, and the thought is driving you wild. You are making Minho that hard by riding him, and you can’t get enough of the feeling, mostly because he’s been on your mind ever since he sent that video.
Minho’s always on your mind, though, and you know he knows it. Still, it’s very rare that you can’t think of anything else other than banging the fuck out of him, yet that’s exactly what you’ve been doing all day.
Just watching that video was enough. It started kind of innocent, with Minho asking you if you liked what the makeup team did to his face, even though the answer was always yes, and you realized something’s off because his voice was shaky and cheeks flushed. Then, your pretty-faced boyfriend moved the phone down just enough to catch his crotch in the shot too. That way, Minho showed you his fingers gripping on his erect dick, fist moving fast as he hissed and told you he couldn’t wait to come home to you and have you do this for him.
You played the video on repeat for hours but didn’t touch yourself. No, you wanted tonight to be special, and it seems like the plan is working, judging by the way Minho’s looking up at you as you ride him.
“Nothing’s a bad thing with you,” Minho quips before licking his lips, his gaze flying down to your naked chest and then your crotch as he watches your pussy sucking up his cock so well. “You’re perfect at everything, but especially being a great girlfriend.”
“I think you mean being a great fuck,” you say in return just to get a rise out of him and when your sweet boyfriend opens his mouth to say something definitely along the lines of ‘a great everything’, you push yourself back down, taking all of him in.
Minho hisses at the temperature change—when you glide up, you leave his dick wet and cold, which makes him shiver, but then you slam back down on it and he feels warm and surrounded by your velvety walls and all he wants to do is paint them with cum.
“I want to stuff you full of cum, fuck,” he grunts at you, his hands finding your ass again, landing on the supple flesh with a loud smack. Minho’s face is scrunching in pain as he tries to stop himself from blowing his load prematurely,
Well, not exactly prematurely, but way earlier than you’d want him to. But, he can’t do that tonight, not right away. Usually, you don’t expect Minho to last long after performances or a full day of practice, so he gets you off, fucks you for a while more, and then cums inside of you before falling asleep like a baby next to you. However, he knows he shouldn’t do it tonight.
“That sounds so hot when you say it,” you grip onto that harness tighter and use it as support while you move your hips forward and backward, enjoying the sight of Minho’s naked and wet body strapped in it. “I can’t wait to feel you do just that…”
You’re not into bondage of any kind, at least that’s what you think, but this stupid thing around his chest is making you rethink it. Would you get even more turned on if his hands were bound in leather and tied to the bed? Legs too? The thought turns you on even more, so you ride him faster while imagining he was completely tied up in leather with you riding him until your legs gave out. “Just a little bit longer and then you come wherever you want, Minho… Wherever.”
You wanted the harness and you clearly want to use it as much as you can, he realizes. Minho risked it today when he shoved the thing in his backpack on his way out. The team wouldn’t notice right away, and he’d return it tomorrow, at least that’s what he told himself. He was thinking he could keep it for a night or two—they wouldn’t miss it right away, right? Hell, if the thing got you this horny, Minho might as well steal it. Fuck JYP anyway.
“You look so hot in it,” you keep talking, even though you can tell Minho’s out of it. He’s staring at you with wide eyes, teeth sunk into his bottom lip, forehead scrunched as he focuses on not coming, probably. But, he’s so fucking hot and you want him to know. Your boyfriend loves compliments during sex, so you want to shower him with praise for getting you exactly what you wanted. “The only guy who can make me act like this.”
“Like a needy slut?” Minho asks with a smirk, reminding himself not to think about his company while his beautiful girlfriend is riding his dick like she’s been thinking about it all day. It’s all about what you want tonight and you wanted him to wear this stupid thing and, even though his skin is sweating underneath the material and he just wants to take it off, watching you get so turned on by something he’s wearing turns him on in return. “I fucking love it.”
“Me too,” you grunt, feeling a sting in your thighs as you keep moving forward and backward frantically, sitting on his dick fully each time, feeling it rub against your walls on its way in and out, slowly getting you closer to your high. It would go a lot faster if he was the one who did the fucking, and you both know it.
Minho knows you can’t ride him for longer than five minutes, tops. He doesn’t have a problem with it—he prefers to be in control anyway. He loves setting the tempo, shoving himself into you as deep or shallow as he wants to, loves hitting that spot, loves hovering over you and watching you look up at him with widened eyes as he makes you come. That’s what he loves, knowing he’s the one who got you to feel that way. But, if you get to have this much fun doing it yourself, who was he to take it from you?
So, he leans back even further into your pillows, crosses his hands behind his head, and spreads his thighs even more, offering more support under your ass, so you can push yourself off with more ease. You do exactly that while holding onto the leather that’s cradling his chest, your hips moving rhythmically and Minho fucking adores the way you’re looking at him. Your face is sweaty, hair sticking to your face and neck, lips parted so you can moan or grunt swear words at him, eyes half-closed in what he presumes is ecstasy you’re giving yourself using his cock. “You’re so fucking pretty when you ride me like that, you know? You move so well and you take me even better… All wet and sloppy and tight, using me to get off…”
You grunt and kick your head back, exposing your neck, and Minho thinks about plunging forward and attacking it with his tongue, wrapping his hands around you and fucking you from below just to see the fucked out look on your face, the one when your eyes roll back and you scream as you let go around him. But, he stops himself in time. You want to ride him, and he needs to let you.
“Ah, baby, keep going,” you beg of him, eager to hear him talk dirty, and you sound so deliciously exhausted that Minho has to fight back the urge to come once again.
If Minho has one thing, it’s that dirty mouth of his. At first, you thought he was just a tease, but when you first started having sex, you learned that how he acted around his friends was just the beginning. He is much more of a tease in the bedroom, especially with someone who can reciprocate, like you. That mouth of his gets you to come every time, speeds things up, makes you forget about everything else other than two things: his dick inside of you and his mouth—the things he’s saying make your orgasm so much better.
And Minho knows it. You love it when he talks dirty and you could listen to it all day. It’s not exactly a secret either. Even when you tell him you’re not in the mood and want to cuddle, Minho knows he can change your mind by whispering all the nasty things he wants to do to you, like eat you out for hours on end, fuck you so hard he gets you to squirt all over his bed again, pin you down and use you to get off, come all over you or, even better, inside your warm pussy, let you suck all of it out.
So, Minho goes on, telling you how great you are at riding his dick, and he watches your eyes close even more, your fingers pulling on the leather harness so hard it’s starting to dig into the skin of his back and shoulders as you use it to pull yourself forward and then back to feel more of his dick. “You’re so fucking needy tonight… I send you a video and this is how you get, all dripping wet, horny for me… I bet you wanted to fuck so bad all day. I mean, I can see it, you’re so wet it’s all over me. Keep going, baby, are you close?”
You nod, unable to think straight, let alone respond. The only sounds you can make are moans and grunts. The things Minho is saying are messing with you and they are sending you over the edge a lot faster than you expected, but you don’t want to stop, even though you wanted to ride him for hours because of what he made you feel today. You’re just too weak of a woman for that.
You want to come and you want to do it around his dick, which is exactly what happens while Minho’s talking to you. “I love it when you act like such a needy slut for me. You’re ready to do anything now just to come, right? You’re riding me like it’s the first time you’re feeling me in you. Feels good, huh? Hard and big enough for you, hm? Know how to ride it just right… Can’t wait to blow my road right inside that tight pussy of yours…”
You come over his cock, screaming his name, gripping onto the leather while kicking your head back and moving your hips in circles, unable to stop. The orgasm is intense, your toes curl, everything clenches and releases fast, and it makes your boyfriend come too, as he finally knows he has permission to. When you realize he’s coming inside of you raw, it makes your walls clench and release even harder, until you stop moving and just throw yourself down on his chest.
Minho takes this as a sign to wrap his arms around you and drape his hands across your back slowly, getting you to calm down and start breathing normally. If he could go again, he would, just to see you enjoy it this much, but Minho can tell you’re exhausted and that you’ll complain about the stinging in your legs any second now.
But, you surprise him. “Ah, this thing is so uncomfortable,” you grunt and you move away from his chest, clearly unhappy with the buckles of the harness digging into the soft skin of your chest. “Does it hurt you?”
“Only when someone pulls like a madwoman, but I’m not complaining,” he breathes out in a shaky voice. “Do you think I’ll complain about anything when you literally sucked the cum right out of me with your pussy?”
“Jesus, Minho”, you mumble with a quick shake of the head and move away, throwing your leg to the other side while holding on to your crotch so his seed doesn’t drip down all over him and the sheets.
“Didn’t hear you say you have a problem with it a second ago,” Minho chuckles at your flushed cheeks, but decides to give it a rest. You’re only a needy slut who loves dirty talk when his dick is in you or about to be, and he respects that. “Anyway, shower?”
“Yes, please,” you nod and disappear into the adjacent bathroom while Minho struggles with the harness, which he carefully places on the table. He’s not returning this thing even if his life depends on it, not if it makes you act like that.
Tumblr media
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rogersevans · 22 hours ago
The Moment
Summary: The moment Frank Adler realised he was hopelessly, irretrievably in love with you.
Notes: 18+ Minors DNI
authors note: i got this idea after seeing @twerkforambrose’s gifted gif set, especially the last one. so, thank you for the inspiration. i wrote this at 4:30am this morning, so i hope you guys enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Frank Adler was a difficult person to read, always had been. He grew up in the shadow of his sister, her unique intelligence and witty personality commanding the attention of every room she entered. 
He learnt that keeping quiet gave him the easy, laid back life he so wanted. 
Not to be bothered by his mother’s pestering or belittling. 
The news of his sister ending her life came in the early hours of the morning, he was awoken by the shrill ring of his mobile. His mother’s wails blaring through as he held the phone at a distance. 
On one hand he was angry at his sister, now that she was gone their mother had no one to focus her passive aggressive pursuits on except him. Until Mary turned 7. Frank knew the moment he met her in delivery room 7 years ago that she would take after her mom in every way. Evelyn knew this. Their one eyed cat, Fred, knew this. And he was determined to make sure that she didn’t get her claws hooked into his niece. Not like she did with his sister.
You had appeared in his world like a glitch. All of a sudden you weren’t there and then in a blink of an eye, there you stood. Despite all his attempts to send you running you stayed. By his side and squeezing his hand the way when you knew he was stressed or annoyed, keeping him calm and never relenting. 
The first time he thought of loving you was fleeting. 
Scared that it was too soon.
Scared you were too good for him. 
But he couldn’t ignore the way his heart swelled as you protected and defended them, without even a second thought. The world slowly regaining its colour after being in the dark for so long, you at the centre of that.
Evelyn had shown up, an ever-growing and demanding presence in all your lives. She didn’t like you, that much was clear. Thought Frank could do better. Didn’t like that you encouraged Mary to be herself, to attend a normal school, surround herself with kids her own age. You helped Mary find her voice, something Evelyn hated when the kid discovered the confidence to tell her grandmother ‘no’.
You had made a point to stay out of the family drama, not to insert yourself. Whenever she turned up on Frank’s doorstep you would scoop Mary up in your arms, Fred normally following closely behind, and take her out into the backyard. It had become such a norm that when Evelyn turned up today Mary was by your side before she stepped her Jimmy Choo heel across the threshold. And you had planned to take Mary away, you had every intention to do the right thing. 
But the bleach blonde older woman was making that hard, her insensitive comments setting your teeth on edge, practically grinding them in irritation. Frank had clocked the way you lingered, the way Mary was pulling at your hand. But it was like you were stuck, unable to move because you knew if you did you would take one giant step to give her the smack she’s been asking for since stepping foot inside.
“Sweetheart,” he tried gently, his hand falling to the small of your back, his thumb rubbing small circles against it. 
“You know what,” you started, easing out of both Mary and Frank’s grip. “I’m sick and tired of hearing you drone on about how Frank needs to the ‘right thing for Mary’, how what he’s doing for her isn’t enough-”
“It isn’t.” She simply argued back but her face never changed, not even a flick of emotion as she gave you a glance over, her stare disapproving.  
“Putting her in an environment that she isn’t used to is? Taking her away from the only family she’s known is? Using her intelligence to get what you want?” With every question you took a step closer to the blonde, your tone never wavering. “Frank, take Mary out of the room because what I’m about to say she shouldn’t hear.” Your eyes never leaving her.
You could hear the shuffle of Frank grabbing Mary and the soft click of the door opening and shutting, knowing he’d taken her into the back garden. 
“I’m dying to hear what you have to say.” She sarcastically baited you, and you fell for it.
“You’re so concerned with pushing your beliefs onto your granddaughter, the same you did with your daughter and look where that got you. Your daughter hated you so much that the only way she knew to escape you was by ending her life.” You knew your words were harsh, uncalled for, but you needed this woman to understand that as long as you were around Mary was protected.
Frank had left Mary on the swing, Fred in her lap as she stroked him, lifting him to snuggle her face against his fur, something she did when she felt anxious. Now stood in the kitchen, one eye on the window that displayed Mary in the yard and the other on the door that lead to the living room. But he didn’t need to be in the room to hear you, the walls were thin and you spoke with such conviction that he wouldn’t be surprised if Mary could hear you.
“I may not be married to your son, but they’re my family. I adore them both. Hell will freeze over before I let you get your claws into that little girl,” you watched as she scoffed, her perfectly manicured fingers falling to her hips. 
“Please, you’re just someone my son is using to keep his dick warm at night. A mere after thought. You have no say.” Her words were like poison, spoke with such certainty.
“Maybe.” You shrugged, unfazed by her insults. “Try it.” You threatened, leaving Evelyn confused. “Continue your pursuit of putting her in college, continue your pursuit of taking her away from Frank... I dare you.” The last three words sent a shiver down Evelyn’s spine. The darkening of your eyes made it clear you weren’t past psychical violence. “I’d go to the ends of the earth to protect them both, especially from you. And if I didn’t believe that Mary needs all the family she can get around her, you’d be out of this house and on your ass quicker than you can blink.” 
Frank stood there shocked, blinking at nothing as he processed your threat to his mother. No one had ever stuck up for him like that, not since his sister. Your relationship was only five months old but in that moment he could see a future with you. The bigger house, the white pickett fence, maybe another cat or even a dog, he could practically feel the gold band that would sit on his ring finger one day burning his skin. 
He loved you. 
But he pushed the feeling down to the pit of his stomach, he couldn’t tell you that, it was too early and he didn’t want to scare you away. You meant too much to him. Plus, Mary would kill him if he messed this up, he’d never hear the end of it. 
Tumblr media
The second moment he felt that all too familiar feeling explode in his chest was a month later. It was in the dead of night, the room dark with the exception of the street lights peaking through the blinds. 
His room was filled with your soft and quiet moans as you slowly rode him. 
Watching you throw your head back, your hair cascading down your back and tickling his thighs, as you rotated your hips in the way that drove him to the point of no return. Your eyes locking onto his when you lifted your head back up, like they were searching his soul, memorising every single part of it. 
Giving his chest a gentle push until his back hit the soft mattress, you slowly following, chests pressed together as you grabbed both of his wrists, holding them above his head. 
“Frank,” you whined quietly when his hips thrusted, pushing himself further into you at a slow pace.
A deep growl rumbled in his chest, you could feel it, sending vibrations through your own. You were close, he could feel you clenching around him, tight and warm. 
“Fuck, sweetheart.” He moaned out, your eyes never leaving each other, wriggling one hand out of your - not so tight - grip and cupping your cheek, holding your face close to his. Noses nudging against each other. 
The realisation that this time felt different, every nerve ending in his body tingling with every touch, hit him hard. It’s normally quicker, louder and harder. He was giving you everything, his entire being. He’d never felt so vulnerable and yet so connected to someone. The warmth bloomed in his chest, his heart now increasing with speed for an entirely different reason. 
You weren’t fucking, you were making love. “I...” 
He’d almost said it, almost told you he loved you in the throes of passion. But he didn’t want you to think he was only saying it because he was currently balls deep inside you. He didn't want you to question it. Not when so much was a stake. 
Your breath hitched in your throat at his almost confession, you thought he was going to say it, tell you he loved you. You wanted him to, desperately. You loved Frank. You had for a while and you only felt yourself falling further into that pit. It consumed you. Frank had such a hold on your heart that you couldn’t break even if you wanted to. 
You had tried to tell him, hinting to it like tonight because you were too scared he’d reject you or tell you it’s too soon. You thought making love to him would give you any inclining that he felt the same. And it did.
When you saw his eyes light up when you came undone around him. Releasing the hand you were still holding and using both to hold his face. Foreheads pressed together, noses nudging and breaths fanning over each others faces as his hips chased his own high, releasing his seed into you with one more push. 
Tumblr media
The third time came over him hard, never leaving after that, finding a place to settle in his heart, slowly taking over.
Mary wasn’t happy, she’d had a bad week at school. She wasn’t having the best of luck at making friends, knowing they made fun of her when teachers weren’t looking. Not to mention that she was adjusting to a routine she wasn’t used to. Change wasn’t something she welcomed lightly.
You and Frank remembered how she responded when you started to become more present in her life. Locking herself in one of Frank’s customers boats... For seven hours. It took you coaxing her out with the promise that you would follow a schedule, it wasn’t that Mary didn’t like you, she adored you. But change made her nervous and when she was nervous she would act out, not knowing how to handle to overwhelming feeling. 
This was one of those times. 
You had noticed the burden building on her over the course of the week, you had tried to ease it by planning out the week after school with her, letting her pick the meals you would cook for dinner. Mac and cheese most nights, much to Frank’s dismay. 
Frank was kneeling in front of his niece, her arms flying around as he held her arms gently. It only took one mention of Frank suggesting something different for dinner, not being able to bring himself to eat more mac and cheese, and the floodgates opened. 
“I hate you!” She screamed. “I hate you for making me go to school! I hate school!!” The sound of her small palm connecting to his cheek made you both freeze. Mary continued her assault to his chest, her tiny fists pounding it as tears streamed down her cheeks.
You watched as Frank started to loose his temper, his patience slowly waining thin, the grip on her arms starting to tighten. It was only when he felt your hand rest on his shoulder that he relaxed. Giving it a quick squeeze, signalling for him to stand and he did, letting you drop to your knees in front of Mary.
“Pumpkin,” you started, your voice soft like velvet as you expertly dodged her fists, that was still flailing around. “Excuse me.” Your voice now stern. “You’re going to hurt someone pumpkin,” your voice soft again once she stopped, letting her hands fall to her sides. Frank’s heart imploding at the nickname you’d given her months previous. “I know you’re angry, I know. I was bullied in school when I was your age, it sucks.” She just nodded her head in agreement. “But, what you don’t do is hurt the people who are trying to help you. You slapped Uncle Frank, what makes you any different from the bullies?” You asked, your voice still soft but now firm as you spoke, her eyes widened at your question.
“I-I didn’t-” her bottom lip started to tremble, eyes starting to well up as she looked up to Frank. “I didn’t mean to hit you,” she now looked at you panicked. “I didn’t mean to hit him! I’m sorry!”
“Listen,” your hands now holding her face, your thumbs wiping away her tears. “You’re not in trouble, you were angry and needed to get it out. That’s fine, but next time may I suggest screaming into a pillow? It works wonders, I promise you.” When she saw you smile at her she let out a small giggle through her tears, nodding her head again. “Now, I know you decided mac and cheese for dinner, but I don’t think Fred is going to survive another night of the cheesy goodness- don’t think I don’t see you feeding him when you think we’re not looking missy.” Using your thumb to boop her nose, making her giggle more. 
Fred sitting on a chair at the table wasn’t something you were both overly happy about, but it got you through the phase of Mary not eating. Him sat beside her encouraged her to eat, wanting dinner to go without a hitch.
“He likes it, it’s his favourite!” She pointed out, her smile growing wider.
“I do make a good mac and cheese, it’s a secret recipe that I’ll have to show you one day.” you watched her eyes light up at your promise. “But why don’t we settle on something different tonight? We’ll let you pick, from the book and everything.”
“Really?!” She squealed when you nodded. “Ok!” 
Within seconds she was running towards the kitchen before stopping dead, you and Frank watched as she turned on her heels and marched over to Frank, tugging his shirt for him to kneel down, which he did. 
“I’m sorry uncle Frank,” she whispered before throwing her arms tightly around his neck. “I didn’t mean to hit you, I’m really sorry.” Leaning back to kiss the cheek she slapped.
“It’s ok squish.” He felt his heart swell at her apology, it was rare that Mary apologised for her behaviour, as kids do. But here she was, in his arms and holding tightly, like she was scared he’d leave if she let go. Apologising. 
You did that. And he couldn’t stop himself from looking over her shoulder at you, still in your crouched position and a broad smile now stretched across your face. 
No one had ever been able to defuse Mary like that before, you’d always let him handle her outbursts, never wanting to overstep your mark. But the way you asked him permission silently before doing so made him happy to back off and let you handle it. He would’ve normally lost his temper with her, both of them shouting at each other until she stomped off to her room. Leaving dinner an awkward occasion. 
When Mary had disappeared to the kitchen to get the recipe book you both stood and Frank took your hand, bringing it to his lips as he brushed light kisses over your knuckles. “That was amazing, you’re amazing.” 
“It was nothin’,” your shrugged as your stomach fluttered at his praise, making the warm feeling bloom in your chest at the feeling of his soft lips against your knuckles. 
He could feel the words forcing themselves up his throat, like word vomit. It’s like he wasn’t in control of the notion as he stared into your eyes. Then you had to rest your hand against his cheek, didn’t you? He leaned into your touch, it burning his skin in a fantastic way, setting his whole body alight. Your touch made him weak, made him nervous and the battle within him was lost. 
“I love you sweetheart,” he heard your breath hitch, watched as your eyes searched his for any hint of uncertainty, but there was none, not when it came to you. “I’ve loved you for a long time, longer than I realised. I love the way you smile,” his heart fluttered as you smiled, right on cue. “I love the way you stick up for Mary, like she’s your own. How you stood up to my mother-”
“You heard?” You gasped when he nodded.
“Hell yeah I heard, it was sexy as hell, took everything in me not to take you up those stairs and fuck you.” He bit his lip as he brought you against his chest. “I love how your cheeks blush whenever I pay you a compliment, no matter how big or small.” He said, poking the apple of your cheeks with his index finger. “I love the way you laugh, or how you say my name when I’m buried-”
“Frank!” You scolded lightly, looking over your shoulder to make sure Mary wasn’t within earshot, giggling when you felt his lips trail wet kisses along your jaw and down your neck. 
“I love you, you’re it for me.” He repeated.
Now looking deep into his blue, ocean like, eyes, you reached up onto the tips of your toes, your arms snaking around his neck and your lips ghosting over his as you spoke. “I love you to, Frank. You’re it for me to, you and Mary. My entire world. It consumes me, a tie I never want severed. You have my heart Frank Adler.” Was all you could get out before Frank’s lips smashed against yours, the force knocking you slightly but the hold he had on your hips held you there. 
“Finally!” Mary spoke up, breaking the moment between you both. “Me and Fred had a bet that you would chicken out,” her eyes narrowing in on Frank. “And we’d have to do it for you... I owe Fred a fish.” She grumbled, making you laugh out loud and Frank shake his head as you both watched her walk past you and over to the table where she sat with the recipe book. 
“That reminds me,” now turning to face you both, still in each others arms, a look of concern flashing across her face. “Where can we get a fish?”
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barnes-n-nobles · 2 days ago
My Lord (smut)
Tumblr media
Request:  Got anymore of that degrading and worshiping goodness for Druig?please SMUTTT
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Warnings: Smut, Lord!Druig, does sexual advances on reader, worshiping Druig, degrading ,
18+ !!!! If you “keep reading” you are acknowledging that you are 18+ and that you have read the warnings.
Please Do not translate, no permission to repost any of my writing on any other platform, and do not copy this and claim it as your own.
When you stepped foot into the village it was mesmerizing. The tall trees, the gloomy weather, the laughter of the villagers, it was so very peaceful. You had heard of this mystical place but never dared to venture until you were invited in by a friend. She spoke highly of all the people there, as if it was a different world. No crime happened there making it feel safe and secure always. The leader was said to be kind and authoritive , making the village the perfect place for good people to come together and create a dystopian society. You were not allowed in unless you were invited, so when your friend joined she advocated for you. She explained how useful you were in nature and how good you were when it came down to your heart. Always the people pleaser. You knew how to see both sides of the story and how to overcome conflict, something the leader wanted for the village. It didn’t long for you to get adjusted to the new life you now lead. There was no phones here and everything was done by the old fashioned way. Your old home was not too far so you kind of already lived like the villagers but when your family died, you had to move in to the city with the friend that led you to your new life. She was also sought after due her impeccable hunting skills.
The leader was known as Lord Druig, he was said to be a God and everyone followed him as such. No one dared to defy him but whoever was stupid enough to do so, they were quickly put in line by him. He was a telepath with the gift of mind control. You had not gotten the pleasure to meet him but you were not eager to do so. You were afraid that he might not like you, making you fear that he would force you out of the village as he had done to others, thus the effort to avoid him. For the most part you remained out of the way not drawing any attention to yourself, just doing your part by contributing. But that was soon to be over when he finally laid eyes on you. It was time for the monthly check ins meaning that everyone had to gather up to hear the lords words for the work that was being done. Everything was going perfectly fine and there wasn’t much that he had to correct. In all honesty you had forgotten most of his teachings today because you had not seen him this close. He was so built and lean, his eyes were vibrant and his smile was heart warming. His clothes fit him perfectly, making him look like the God he was. You tilted your head as you licked your lips wondering if he had sexual needs like humans did. If he laid at night touching himself or if he had someone that took care of his needs. When he turned back he made eye contact with you, ripping you from your lewd thoughts. He smirked as he walked towards you, “I see that you’re distracted, my precious flower. Do you want to tell the rest of us what could be more important than todays teachings?” He asked bringing you up from your seat, nudging you in front of him. “I’m so sorry everyone. I was just…thinking about what I’ll be eating later” you lied making them break into laughter.
Druig rolled his eyes in annoyance, “meet me in my home after the meeting” he whispered, eyes lingering on your body as he turned away to continue. Feeling upset with yourself you tried extra hard to concentrate on the actual teachings rather than your earlier thoughts. Could he have read your mind? Impossible because if he did he would have kicked me out of the village on the spot. Oh gosh maybe that’s why he wants me to meet him at his place so he can do it personally. You didn’t want to leave though, you loved it here. When everyone was dismissed you walked to his home, your feet felt like bricks dragging along the floor as if not wanting to move you from point A to point B. When you knocked the door creaked open and you let yourself in. “Lord Druig…it’s y/ needed to talk to me?” your soft voice was carried through the space and you heard Druig in your head, “In my bedroom sweetheart..” you walked straight to there as if you had been there dozen times before. As your frame appeared he turned around and motioned for you to come to him with his middle and index finger. When you were right in front of him he smiled softly, running his index along the side of your face. “Why do you think you’re in here y/n?” He questioned. “Ummm…because I disrupted todays teachings?” You answered confidently. Druig deeply sighed and shook his head taking one step closer to you. Both of you were now a mere two inches away, making you drop your eyes to his chest. “Not quite, see I have a strange power that gives me the ability to read peoples minds. I can get the exact picture that one imagines. The exact feelings one is experiencing with that image. Today your mind was being quite…inappropriate. Can you tell me why ?” Your heart was about to jump out of your chest, this couldn’t be possible. Why couldn’t you be discreet. Druig made you look at him and his eyes turned golden, “I’m talking to you, get out of your head and answer me” he telepathically communicated making your eyes widen.
“I don’t know what came over me, my lord. I was mistaken to think about you in that way. I promise it will never happen again” you assured. Druig was someone who took pride in his disciplinary measures, he expected nothing but the results he was looking for. But you..he wanted you to fail. He wanted to set you up for failure and see you struggle. You were a perfect woman for him to ruin and control, everything about you lured him in. He just had to get a taste. “Promise huh? Well let me make myself very clear my beautiful y/n” he purred pushing your hair behind your shoulder, away from your neck. He bent down placing 2 soft kisses on the nape of your neck making your eyes roll back, letting out a soft mewl. He lifted his head up, smiling at your now lust filled eyes, “Never think about your lord in a crude way again..”he stated grabbing your neck and pulling you close to his face, his hand squeezing it. Your hands flew to his hand automatically, “If you do.. I promise you that I’ll drag you out of this fucking forest myself” he growled on your lips before letting you go, walking past you and out of his home. Shocked you brought up your hand to where his was and your tears started to roll down your cheeks in embarrassment. Your filthy mind had now brought you into his bad side, making you feel upset and disgusted with yourself. When you left his home you saw him standing with the archery group teaching them how to perfect their form. He then glanced over to you and smirked before giving you wink.
You snapped your head the other way suppressing the feeling of excitement that was about to come up. He was so attractive how in the fuck were you supposed to stop. It’s almost impossible to not want him. That night you laid in bed thinking about how you were going to dislike him. You figured if your brain found negative things about him you would eventually hate him. Your mind was busy thinking hard of what you didn’t like about him but eventually your mind thought about his bangin body, beautiful eyes, dashing smile, the most addicting tone of voice, AAH you just kept thinking about how fucking sexy he was making it Helish for you to even try to think of something bad about him. The only thing you had was his threat of kicking you out of the village, which made your heart hurt. Holding on to that sadness would help, you thought to yourself, so you just cried yourself to sleep hoping it would help in the morning.
As your day went on you were out by the river doing laundry, your hands used the tools to really get in there and you concentrated hard in order to forget what had happened the day before. You still felt so ashamed and hurt by his words. “What a dick” you said to yourself as if trying to convince yourself that you meant it. “I know for a fact that you’re not taking about me” Druigs voice boomed behind you making you jump and stand up quickly.
Druig was leaning against a tree with his arms crossed. Today he was wearing a sleeveless shirt, exposing his strong bulky arms. The shirt was also a low ridding one, giving you visual access to his chest. “My Lord…I-I…forgive me for my vulgar words. I was talking about another fellow villager that upset me today. Please forgive me” you explained. Druig scoffed making himself over to you, “Now you’re lying to me? Oh dear dear y/n..what am I going to do with a naughty little thing like you” he mocked bringing you into him by your waist, keeping you still. He watched as your face turned into a surprised expression, your face turning a warm color as you blushed. “You just can’t help yourself darling, your thoughts are way too loud. I know you want me to touch you y/n. I can sense how wet your pussy gets for me when you see me..” he said pulling your head back by your hair making you moan, “when you fantasize about me” he purred as he kissed your lips once again. “Tell me what you want” he commanded. “I want you Lord Druig” you desperately breathed. “You want me to what?” He questioned as his right hand snaked its way to your needy pussy, giving it a few rubs over your clothes making your legs shake. Your body pressed more into his, your breasts pushing onto his chest making his dick twitch in anticipation , “I want you to take me my lord…I want you to do vile things to me…mmmplease” you begged.
Druig kissed you fervently moaning into your mouth, his hands holding your head in place as his tongue explored yours. “My y/n..” he panted looking at your beautiful needy eyes. He caressed your face and smiled, “Pack your bags. You’re leaving tonight” he said emotionless as he ripped away from you and started to walk away. Your jaw dropped to the ground as your eyes stayed exactly where they were when Druig was in front of you. You were shocked, embarrassed, and extremely frustrated. A scoff soon left your mouth as you started to replay what just had taken place. Now the anger was kicking in, your hatred started to bubble up and soon you were enraged. He led you on two times. TWO TIMES. You left all the laundry by the river and you stormed back to your home. You were not going to leave the village tonight, you were going to leave right fucking now. When you were done packing, you quickly took some essentials from the village then you were off. You didn’t say a single word to anyone, not wanting Druig to know where you were going or how far you had gotten. As a couple hours passed you got into a small town where you were able to exchange some items for currency. You found a cabin that seemed to be vacant so you decided to sleep in there for the night and tomorrow you’d catch a ride to the city. The cabin was surprisingly homey and it had a bed and a fireplace to keep you warm at night. You made sure to lock all the doors and windows before laying down and getting some rest.
Back at the village Druig was obsessed by your feelings towards him, he had to quickly rub one off when he got to his home as the sexual frustration was too much to bear. He fantasized on how much he wanted to take you by the river, how good your pussy would feel around him if he had fucked you against that tree, your soft moans next to his ear begging for him to fuck you harder. All these lewd images filled his mind making him cum in his hand. He shuttered at the feeling , wishing it was your pussy who would coax the rest of his seed out. He loved to see you sexually frustrated, he loved to see inside your mind, how you imagined him. He knew that by instructing you not to think about him it would make you want him more. As he got himself ready for the exciting night he had planned for the both of you, he made his way to your home letting himself in. “Y/n? Are you in here my sweet girl” he asked opening your room only to find everything was gone including yourself. Fuck.No. He thought to himself. His nostrils flared as his anger broke out. He quickly went outside and called everyone to him, his eyes glowing a powerful gold. Everyone flocked to him and he then ordered, “Find y/n, search far and wide, doesn’t matter who gets in your way. Find her, and when you do call out to me immediately. Now go!” He barked as everyone started sprinting away.
You were suddenly awakened by chaotic noises. There was banging and screaming coming from outside of the cabin. Being the nosy person you are you decided to go and investigate, but as soon as you stepped outside the door you recognized everyone, they all were from the village and they were being controlled by Druig. You quickly turned around to go back inside but you hit a body. You stepped back only to see your friend with an expressionless face. “My Lord Druig, I have found her” she said throwing you back inside and closing the door. She shoved a stick in the handle and it prevented the door from opening. You kicked and smacked on the door for her to let you out but you couldn’t get her to budge. After a couple hours you heard footsteps approaching the door. Some words were exchanged but you couldn’t make them out, however a voice was all too familiar. “Make sure everyone in this neighborhood leaves, no one can see me here” Druig commanded as the villagers started to evacuate the people and they left to secure a perimeter where no one could be around the two of you for miles.
When the double doors opened, your heart felt fear knowing he would not be pleased by your actions. He walked slowly to you, you could see his anger plastered all over his beautiful face. “Well well if it isn’t my bunny who ran away” he smirked as he walked towards you with his hands behind his back. “I can explain” you stammered holding your hands up. “Really? Do tell” he said watching your scared self sitting on the bed shaking in fear. “My lord I was upset, I needed time to think about my dreadful thoughts. Please accept my apology, for I have disobeyed orders from the beginning and have also stepped foot outside of the village without your permission” you implored. “Dreadful?” He asked. “The only thing that’s dreadful here is your inability to listen to me. But I will make you listen and you will be oh so good at it. I want you on your knees begging for forgiveness y/n and I want to feel you mean it” he ordered. If you weren’t in this scary ass situation you’d be feeling hot and bothered by the way he was talking to you. You HAVE been making lord Druig feel very disappointed as of late, honestly it was the worst feeling in the world. You just wanted for him to be happy with you, for once. Your knees hit the floor, and your hands wrapped themselves on his calves, “I am so very deeply sorry my Lord Druig. Please accept my apology” you beg lifting your head up, only to be met with his beautiful blue eyes.
“Look at my dumb little bunny, so desperate to please her Lord. That pretty mouth of yours will have to work a little harder for me to forgive you, beautiful” he said petting your head as if you were a dog. Seeing you on your knees begging for forgiveness stirred something in him again. His blood rushed right into his dick , forming a bulge that you were now aware of. You then got the idea of kissing him through his clothes, “I can show you how much I mean it, please give me a chance” you coaxed him while giving him kisses and looking straight into his eyes. He couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed you by your hair pulling you up and threw you onto the bed. The tore your clothes off before connecting his lips to yours. With each kiss he grew more and more hungry needing nothing more than to feel you around him. “Godammnit with you y/n you make me so horny. You’re irresistible I can’t get you out of my head. You’re like a venom that burns while it spreads through my body. You hinder my ability to think clearly. I’m going to use you until I CANT go anymore, and you’re going to let me. You’re going to be my personal fuck toy, understand?” He growled while holding your neck down, choking you in the process. His words were branded into your mind, your thoughts were plagued with him making it feel so good to finally have him here. “Yes my lord I understand” you smiled.
“Bunny, I can’t wait, I need to feel you now” he said pushing your legs wide apart and sinking himself inside of you inch by inch making you wail out in pleasure. Druig bit his lip , grunting at your tightness. He wrapped his arms around you and positioned himself at an angle, making it easy to fuck into you at a rapid pace. “S-slow’s too much” you hissed trying to not loose yourself , “You DONT deserve to have it nice and slow, I’m going to fuck you how I want love, after all… you’ve been a v-very bad girl for Daddy” he moaned snapping his hips into you like an animal. His arms kept you in place in order to stop you from moving, his dick kept brushing against your gspot making you shiver. “You feel so good oh my god..p-please don’t stop, keep fucking me” you implored while looking into his now dark blue eyes. “Mmm yess baby beg some more” he said, while he changed positions. He now had you on your side with one leg up by his shoulder as he started to fuck into you deep, fast, not wasting a second. “This is what I wanted Daddy, for you to stuff me full of your cock. I promise to be so good for you, but please don’t stop. You’re fucking me so heavenly im begging you to keep going” you moaned. Druig smiled at your current state, so satisfied with the way you were taking him, “Dont worry my slut, I’m going to fuck you until you’re nothing but a ragdoll full of my cum. Leave you brainless, the only thing you’ll be able to register is me balls deep inside you. Is that not what you crave? Stuffed to the brim with my cock princess?” He mocked making you nod your head idiotically.
“Fuck darling I’m going to cum inside you. I’m going to breed you y/n..claim you as my own like I should have done since the day I laid eyes on you” he grunted those vile things to you making you reach your own climax. “Y-yes Daddy” you shrieked convulsing into the sheets as your orgasm washed over you. Druig shook as his warm seed filled your throbbing cunt. “Mmm y/ delicious y/n” he moaned while ridding your highs. As the two of you calmed down he pulled out and laid next to you, giving you a peck on the lips. “Promise me you’ll never run away from me again” he said breaking the silence. You turned to him smiling, “I promise, my lord, as long as you don’t deny me some yummy sex” you teased. Druig laughed in response, “Careful angel, you’re not in the position to make demands. Specially to a God”
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Picnic Date
Pairing : James Potter x Fem!Reader
Summary : Picnic date with the greatest James Potter
Warnings : Fluff , mention of boobs. James being clingy
A/N : GIF not mine
Fae's Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The couple was cuddling in James's king size bed , her head on his bare chest , his hand rubbing her back when she suddenly broke the silence.
"Yes darling?"
She look up at him with a smile on her lips. "Can we have a picnic date tomorrow?". James look up at the ceiling of his bedroom , acting like he is considerating her idea. But , he already have his answer. Of course he gonna say yes. How could he say no to her?
"Please Jamesie"
"Alright then. Anything to make my darling happy"
Now here they are , running down the hill full of wild flowers , basket full of sandwiches , beverages and other foods in her hand. Laugh and giggle filling the air.
James look behind him. The way her white sundress flowing behind her when she's running toward him almost made James didn't believe that she is his. She is truly an angel in his eyes.
Standing in front of her smiling boyfriend she ask "What?"
"Nothing , you're just really beautiful" he said while putting the strands of hair behind her ear. Taking her hand in his , he gently tug her down the hill.
Stopping under the big oak tree , James spread out the picnic mat on the grass. He help Y/N getting the foods and beverages out of the basket.
"Is that a beer? Really James?" She ask , eyebrow raising with hands on her hips. She look like his mum when she find out that her son was smoking with Sirius in his bedroom.
"What? It's not like i'm underage" he chuckled while taking a sip from the can.
Shaking her head , she take a big bite from the sandwich in her hand.
"Look like someone is starving"
"shut up. I didn't eat breakfast today" she defense herself. "Yeah sure , the blueberry pancake that you ate this morning definitely not a breakfast". She look at him with the eyes that say 'shut up and let me eat' while chewing her food making James let out a big laugh.
"alright , alright sorry love". She give him a victorious smile and continue eating. James shake his head before taking another sip of the beer in his hand.
After an hour of them eating , laughing and feeding each other , James decided to take a nap while Y/N read her book that James just bought for her before they went home.
James open one of his eye and look at his girlfriend , nose burried deep in her book , her back against the tree trunk. He laid his head on the girl's lap , trying to get her attention.
But Y/N was still busy with her book (even tho she feel his head on her lap). Not giving up , he raised his hand and fumble with the butterlfy pendant. Trailing his hand down , he gently squeeze her left boob.
"James!" She gasp and look at James who have a pleased smile on his face. "I want your attention" was all he said. Y/N put the book aside (not before marking the page with bookmark). "You have my attention now"
"Good". He grab her hand and put it on his hair. Knowing what he mean , she run her hand through his untidy black hair. James close his eyes with a sigh.
While her left hand is busy , she decide to pick the flowers near them and put it on James's hair. When he doesn't feel her hand stroking his hair James look up at her only to be met with her giggling face.
"You're pretty now"
"What do you- ohh you put flowers on my hair". James laugh at her cuteness. Getting up from his laying position he put one hand on the mat while the other stroke her cheeks lovingly.
"My darling angel". James gently kiss her lips like she is the most fragile thing. She cup his face and return the kiss. Pulling away he rest his forehead on her.
"I love you"
"I love you too Jamesie"
Tumblr media
Reblog , likes and comments would be much appreciated
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Imagine a Little who is touch starved and she always wants someone to cuddle her no matter what hse is doing. If Daddy steve is busy, she would go to Daddy Bucky. And if both are not available, she would throw a huge tantrum and at the end all three of them have a huge cuddle session 🥺🥺🥺
That would be so me 🥺
(daddy!stucky x little!reader)
Warnings: DDLG themes, touch starved, fluff
Only want to cuddle
(GIF not mine)
Tumblr media
Cuddling with your daddies was your favorite thing to do and maybe you were a bit clingy, yes, but Bucky and Steve love that about you.
You always had one to cuddle, either it was Bucky or Steve. If one of them were busy and couldn't cuddle you, you would wander to the other and get your cuddles there.
Today seems to be different though...
Both, Steve and Bucky, were working in the office. Going over their mission reports and the therapist papers from Bucky. Both were tired and just wanted a break.
You on the other hand were extremely touch starved and really wanted some cuddles now. So, you made your way to the office and got inside.
You saw both of your daddies sitting by their desks head resting on their hands and going through different papers.
You walked over to Steve first and poked his shoulder.
"Cuddle pwease?" you asked and he sighed, shaking his head.
"Not now, angel. I'm busy" he said and you pout, walking over to Bucky and did the same.
"Cuddle pwease?"
"I'm sorry, Doll. Me and dada can't right now, maybe later" he sighed and you frowned tears forming in your eyes.
"bu' I wan' cuddles!" you said and tried to sit down in his lap, but he stopped you making you whine and stump your feet.
"And I said 'not right now'" he said and you threw your stuffie at the ground and joined him by plopping down on your butt and started crying.
"das not fair! You worked all day an' I got no cuddles from you! I jus' wan to cuddle wif you..." you mumbled the rest and laid down on your side, curling yourself into a ball and sobbed into your stuffie.
Steve and Bucky looked at each other, clearly pained to see you like this. They both know you're a more physical person and are really attached to them.
They nod at each other and stood up. You didn't heard them putting their stuff away and walking to you.
You felt arms wrapping around you and pulling you in a sitting position. You rubbed your eyes and saw it was Steve holding you in his arms.
"Dada" you smiled and felt Bucky pressing his chest to your back, wrapping his arms around you and Steve.
You had your head rested on Steve's chest, while he placed his chin on top of your head. Bucky had his face in your neck, kissing your soft skin and mumbled a apologize.
"We're sorry, Doll. We love you so much, you know that right?" you only nod and enjoyed being in your daddies arms again.
"Wove you too, daddies"
Tumblr media
@marvelsguantletkeeper @my-river-lilly @canned-rootbeer @fanfictioniseverything @devilslilbabysblog @madgep @buckymydarlingangel
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A different livestream
Chris Evans x reader
Tumblr media
Credits to gif maker!
Summary: Something from work got you extremely upset but luckily Chris got your back
Warnings: Graphic mention of funeral, mention of death, phobia of death, panic attack, vomiting, fear of losing someone and fluff. SOFTCHRIS
A/N: So this happened to me today. i had to edit a livestream where i saw the dead person going into the oven to be cremated and it had a lot of impact on me so i needed to write this fic, to calm myself
Words: 2.5  
A different livestream
 You were currently working from home again since your country decided to go in lockdown once again. You were a multimedia designer but currently you were editing livestreams. You looked outside and saw that it was snowing and then your gaze went to the Christmas tree and to Chris, who was reading his new script. You smiled and stared at him. “I can feel you staring sweetheart.” He smirked and you grew flustered.
You looked back at your computer and started working again. There was a funeral on the list to be edited and you went to work. Normally you could block streams like this in your head, it took you a while to do so but now you didn’t feel so many emotions anymore. You were almost at the end when you skipped forward. Your eyes grew wide and you could feel your stomach turn at the sight in front of you. You saw that they filmed that the man in the casket went in the oven. Your breath hitched and Chris noticed as your eyes filled with tears.
You could feel yourself grow into a panic attack. You had a massive fear of death and even got help for it but it wasn’t gone, not really and the therapist already told you that she couldn’t help you more on this. besides it wasn’t a good sight to see.
“Baby?” you didn’t respond and Chris frowned. You couldn’t click away and was focused on the screen in front of you that played the scene. It felt like you were in shock. “Baby, hey, are you okay?” Chris asked as you stared at the screen with big eyes. he stood up and the video ended as he walked up to you. Before he could reach you, you felt yourself grow sick and you ran towards the toilet. Chris grew extremely worried and looked at the screen but it was black.
He walked up to you as you let everything out. He shushed you and held your hair back as he rubbed your back. Dodger came to see what was happening. You started crying and Chris could feel your whole body shake underneath his touch. Once you were done, he grabbed you and pulled you towards him in a hug as he rocked you softly back and forth. You crawled into his lap and held onto him as you cried. He kept shushing you. “Come to the Livingroom baby, that’s more comfortable than on the floor here.” You nodded and he helped you get up and walked you to the Livingroom, towards the couch.
You saw your laptop and the images that you saw were plastered on your mind. You couldn’t shake it off. Chris kept looking at you and he softly grabbed your arm as he sat down so you could sit on his lap again. You placed your legs around him and hid in his neck. “I saw him go in the oven….” You said with a shaky, weak voice. He held you out of his neck to look at you. He looked shocked at what you said. “wait what?” he asked you. “The funeral…. The man, they filmed him as he went into the oven… I saw it. they used security images.” He looked extremely shocked and worried at you.
Chris knew about your phobia and other stuff and like I said, it wasn’t something that you wanted to see. “Oh baby girl, I’m so sorry…” he told you and held you tighter, rocking you again. You felt so scared to lose Chris at this point and you knew your phobia was acting up. You were still shaking pretty bad and your heartrate had picked up as your breathing was very uneven.
“Baby, I need you to focus on my breathing right now okay?” he asked you softly. You did as he told you and you focused on him and him only. The images crossed your mind and you were still crying but your breathing was okay right now. “There you go baby girl, you’re doing so good for me.” you crawled more up to Chris as he told you that. It was so nice to hear right now and you really did needed someone who could be soft with you right now because you were way too strict for yourself. Even thinking that you made a fuss about it and that it wasn’t so bad and you should just man up. But that would be a lie. It was rough to see and not to forget about your phobia. It was nice to have Chris there to be soft to you when you couldn’t yourself.
He softly rubbed your back and kissed your neck every now and often. “I think you should call in sick right now and then we’ll have a nice day. It wasn’t nothing what you saw and I you need to process that right now.” you nodded. He gave you the phone to call your boss. You still sat in Chris’s lap and he held you tightly against him as you called your boss. Luckily he was a nice one and thought it was fine. He told you to get better soon and that you should take 2 days off which made you already feel like crying again. You said goodbye and as soon as you hung up the phone you cried in Chris’s neck again.
“Why don’t we go outside, some fresh air would do you good right now. You should take your camera with you. You know how much I love your work right baby?” you nodded and he softly grabbed your face in between his palms and gave you a big kiss. “I’m so proud of you and I love you so much.” You gave him a weak smile “I love you too Chris” he helped you stand up and helped you with your coat. You grabbed your camera, beanie and mittens and walked hand in hand outside with Chris. Dodger was already jumping in the snow.
You walked a while with Chris but had moments where you couldn’t keep your tears in. Chris never made you feel bad about it. In fact he encouraged you to let your emotions out. He would just hold you and told you sweet nothings in your ear. You took some cool photo’s and it did help you a little. Chris walked up to you with a smile and placed his cold hands on your cheeks. He nuzzled your nose and you both felt that your noses were pretty cold. He smiled and gave you a chaste kiss. you grabbed his coat with your mittens and brought him closer, making him smile in the kiss. “Let’s get you inside and warmed up baby.” You nodded and you walked home.
Chris helped you to take your coat off and the first thing what you did was shut the program on your computer and closed it, putting it in your bag as Chris looked at you with a proud smile. “Let’s make some hot coco baby.” You smiled and walked with Chris in the kitchen. He quickly picked you up to set you on the counter and stood between your legs and looked up at you with a loving smile. He came closer and gave you lazy kisses and tickled your waist softly, making you burst out in giggles. He smiled and made the hot chocolate.
After that you both moved to the couch. “I’m scared to lose you. And I mean death lose you.” he looked at you in surprise. He put his warm drink down and turned to you as he placed his hand on your knee. Your eyes started to tear again. “Baby, that’s going to be a long time away…. I mean I’m still planning on marrying you one day and travel with you, maybe like a road trip, get you pregnant.” He told the last part quickly making you giggle between your tears. “Baby, we’ll grow old together. I promise.” You looked sadly at him knowing he couldn’t possibly make that promise since you don’t know what will happen tomorrow but him telling you about all the plans for the both of you did help.
He pulled you on his lap. “I mean we have so many beautiful things  to come and if you want to we can start with practicing, making you pregnant.” He told you teasingly. You giggled softly and kissed him but he knew you weren’t in the mood but making you giggle right now was a win for him. “Why don’t we get into the bathtub after the chocolate milk, I’ll give you a massage after and we’ll watch a Christmas movie huh?” you smiled at him and nodded.
“I know I already said it but I’m so proud of you baby girl. I can’t possibly love you more and yet you show me otherwise every day.” You smiled at what he told you and you kissed him passionately, tasting the chocolate milk from his tongue as he hugged you closer to his body.
You both finished your drink and walked upstairs. “Stay here sweetheart.” He told you and you felt flat on your back on the bed as Chris walked in the bathroom to draw the bath. You closed your eyes for a second feeling extremely tired from all the heavy emotions. You felt the bed dip on both sides and you opened your eyes, seeing Chris above you. You instantly smiled at him as he dipped down to give you a kiss. “You still up for that bath sweetheart?” you nodded and he got off of you, helping you up.
He carefully undressed you and placed kisses over your entire body, starting with your shoulder. As his beard tickled over your skin.  He got in first in the tub and helped you get in so you would be between his legs and against his chest. he softly went with his hands over your entire body as he tried to relax you. He calmly told you a story and you closed your eyes, letting your head rest against him. He softly massaged your shoulders as he kept talking. And once again every now and then kissing your shoulder.
After a while you got out and you felt so incredible tired and relaxed. Chris softly dried you off as he kept looking at you with a smile, seeing how calm you became. “Let me give you a massage sweetheart.” You nodded and you laid on the bed. Chris sat carefully on your back and ass as he carefully started massaging you. He got the knots out of your shoulders and neck. “Baby girl, you need to relax more. I know this isn’t just because of today. You work too hard.”, “I know” you murmured. “Not that I mind this but it’s not good for you. Let me take care of you when I see that you can’t at that point.” You nodded. “Thank you. I love you.” he smiled and kissed your shoulder. “You know I love you too baby,” he told you as he got off of you.
He put his sweatpants on you,  a shirt and his hoodie. He pulled you into a hug and you put your hands on his bare back. You realized that you needed this skin to skin contact right now and melted into him before he got dressed himself. You both walked downstairs and you looked outside as it was already dark out. “Do you want to order take out, sweetheart?” he asked you. “Yeah that sounds nice.” You told him softly. He smiled and pulled you on the couch with him so he could cuddle you. You both looked at the take out restaurants on his phone and you pointed towards your favorite food, looking at him as he smiled at you. He ordered the food and a lot of desserts, making you giggle. “Everything for my baby girl.” He told you, giving you a kiss on top of your head.
You both choose a Christmas movie and decided on the Grinch as it always made you laugh. It didn’t took long for the food to come and you both ate as you watched the movie. After that you ate some desserts feeling way too full right now. You curled up against Chris and he placed a blanket over the two of you.
After a while he noticed that you weren’t laying comfortably. He knew you wanted to be close and needed to be close to him and he was more than okay with that. He pulled you sideways on his lap and held you closer, placing kisses on your forehead. After three Christmas movies he noticed that you were almost sleeping. “Let’s go to bed baby girl.” You nodded as you yawned, making him chuckle.
You got freshened up as he turned off all of the lights and walked upstairs to get freshened up as well before laying down next to you. But it was in that moment that all the things in your head went spinning again. “I can hear you think sweetheart.” You turned to the side and he held you close to his body. You placed your hand underneath his shirt, needed to feel the skin to skin contact. Obviously he understood. He softly grabbed your shirt and pulled it over your head after that it was the turn of your pajama bottom. He took his own shirt and sweatpants off before scooping you closer. As close as he possibly could. “This better love?” you nodded and he smiled in response. You went with your finger over his skin and drew invisible things. He smiled as you did so. As a response he went with his finger and traced the lines of your face. His eyes adjusted to the darkness even though the curtains were a little open so you could see the snow fall. He saw that you concentrated on the patterns that you drew on his chest and arm, making your way up to his face. you both traced the lines over each other’s faces. You giggled a little, making him smile. He took your hand in his and placed a kiss on it. “You’re so beautiful sweetheart.” You smiled. “So are you” he smiled “Yeah but you’re way more beautiful.” He told you, making you giggle. “I love you.” he said seriously. “I love you too Chris.”
He placed you half on top of him and you both made out lazily before he cuddled you to sleep. He watched you as you peacefully felt into a much needed sleep. You both had a vacation together but hadn’t planned anything but maybe he should take you somewhere. Just to be out of town for a little bit so you could rewind. He smiled as he thought about it and after that his mind wondered to the future and plans together, making him smile. He couldn’t wait to marry you.
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ilyasorokinn · 2 days ago
𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐚 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 ― joel farabee
NOTE: this fic is part of "the four bees" series, so if you want to see more of that series, please check out this masterlist if you’re interested. also, this fic is dedicated to the one and only @fiveminutesforfarabee. love you bestie! <3
ANOTHER NOTE: and yes, this is totally based on joel's fight last with charlie mcavoy. here's the clip if anyone's interested.
PAIR: joel farbaee x reader
SUMMARY: caroline and lincoln go to one of their dad's games, where he gets into a fight.
WARNINGS: fighting, mentions of alcohol
WORD COUNT: 1019 words
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
Lincoln and Caroline's hands were glued to the glass, as well as their eyes, as they watched each guy pass by, trying to find their dad, "Where's daddy?" Lincoln asked.
"He's coming." You told him, holding a hand to his back to make sure he wouldn't fall.
"Link, daddy!" Caroline giggled, pointing to the glass. Lincoln's head spun around so fast you were worried he got whiplash.
Joel tapped on the glass, grabbing both kids' attention, "Daddy!" Lincoln giggled, slapping his little hands on the glass. He waved to both of them, tossing the puck he had been messing around with over the glass.
Caroline caught the puck and clutched it close to her chest with a smile. Lincoln looked upset that he didn't get a puck, but luckily Oskar was skating by, and happily tossed Lincoln a puck.
"What do you say?" You whispered into his ear.
"Thank you." Lincoln smiled. Oskar smiled back as he skated past and continued on with what he had been doing. Joel blew you all kisses, flashed a smile before he was skating off.
"Come on, you wanna get a snack?" You asked, linking hands with both kids.
"Yeah!" They both cheered.
"All right, let's go get a snack." You nodded.
The game was tied, 2-2. Tensions were high. You watched as the puck went from one side of the ice to the other. A few guys went into the boards fighting for the puck.
Joel ended up tripping and falling to the ground. Eventually, the puck was shot in the other direction, away from the corner. Joel and McAvoy fought for the puck, but McAvoy shoved him to the ground.
Joel tried to brush it off and get back up, but McAvoy would not let him and shoved his stick under Joel, tripping him so he couldn't get up. Joel snapped and dropped his gloves.
They started punching going at each other. Your body tensed as you quickly shoved covered Lincoln's eyes, "What is it? What's going on?" Lincoln tried to push your hand away.
You didn't answer as you watched with wide eyes and bated breath as Joel landed on the ground, Charlie McAvoy on top of him. The second they hit the ground was when the refs jumped in.
"Daddy got into a fight." Caroline giggled, having watched the whole thing.
"Why don't we go get a snack, huh?" One of the girls stepped in.
"Yeah, come on, Care." Caroline nodded and linked hands with Oskar's girlfriend. You handed Lincoln off to someone else, you honestly couldn't tell, and they went off to find a snack.
"Holy crap." Your eyes stayed on the ice as you tried to gather your thoughts, "That actually happened right? I didn't just imagine that?" You asked.
"Nope, that actually happened." Karly patted you on the back, "How do you feel?"
"It's not like I've never seen him fight before..."
"I get it." She nodded, "You'd think I'd be used to it, but far from it." She chuckled, rocking Rhett.
"I need a beer." You muttered.
"All right, let's get the lady a beer."
By the end of the game, Lincoln was all tuckered out with all the sugar he had and all the energy he had wasted playing with all the other kids. Caroline on the other hand was still awake and on a sugar high.
"You okay? You look about ready to crash?" Ryanne chuckled as she approached you. Both Gavin and Caroline were running around, which you were glad about. It meant they were burning energy so they would go to sleep easier.
"I think that took a lot more energy out of me than I thought it would." You admitted with a smile.
"Understandable." She nodded. You fell into an easy conversation before all the guys started funneling out of the locker room. You excused yourself from Ryanne when you saw Joel walkout.
"Go, we'll talk soon." She flashed you a smile, one you returned before she was off to find her son. You grabbed Caroline's hand and walked towards Joel, who was sporting a small bruise.
"Hey, Mr. Boxer, sir, can I get your autograph?" You joked.
He chuckled, shaking his head, "You gonna do that every time I get into a fight?"
"Yoy bet your ass I am." You laughed.
"Language!" Caroline cut in.
"Your right, Carebear. Momma's gotta be more careful." Joel teased.
You rolled your eyes, hiking Lincoln further onto your hip, "Daddy, you got into a fight."
"I did." Joel nodded, picking Caroline up. She ran her finger over the bruise on Joel's temple. He winced, "Careful."
"Sorry." She dropped her hand, "Does it hurt?"
"Not at all." He shook his head, "Were you good for mommy?"
"Huh-uh." Caroline rapidly nodded her head.
"Little Miss and Mister got a lot of sugar today too." You told him.
"Really? What did you two have?" Joel asked.
"We had popcorn and a soda and a box of candy. We even got a few nachos." She told him excitedly.
"Really? Ugh, I'm so jealous." Joel fake pouted.
"That's okay, we can have nachos for breakfast tomorrow," Caroline stated.
"We'll see." Joel laughed.
Joel was on bedtime duty, so after both kids were tucked in, he trudged into your bedroom where you were you were trying to find a show to watch. He dropped onto the bed, face first.
You smiled, running a hand through his hair, "Do you need an ice pack or something?" You asked.
He shook his head, "Got it checked out at the arena. Said it was okay." He told you.
"Okay, well, if you ever need anything, just ask." You pressed a kiss to his head.
"Can we just cuddle?" He asked, looking up at you with a pout.
You smiled and nodded, moving the comforter out of the way so he could climb under. He went under the blanket and wrapped his arms around you, laying his head on your stomach.
"Love you, Bee." You whispered, pressing another kiss to his head.
"Love you, too." He mumbled, already on his way to sleep.
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another-fantasy-world · 19 hours ago
The Missing Link Pt. 2
Tumblr media
gif isn’t mine
Title: The Missing Link
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff x Reader x Wanda Maximoff, Avengers x Reader
Summary: in which the deadly spider and the girl with red wisps find their missing piece in an ancient technophile.
Or in which the lethal couple learns the full extent of the soulmate bond through their missing link.
Chapter Summary: The Council pesters their youngest's mates and effectively annoying her as the Avengers come up with a decision.
Warnings: Blood. Violence. Mentions of War, Manipulation and Insecurities. 16+, Mentions of Seggs and Implied seggsual activities, a whole lot of cuss words. Mind games and Manipulation
Additional Tags: Reader being an idiot. Hidden leaders manipulating the world in the shadows. Poor Characterization. 
Reader Pronouns: She/Her
Word Count: 5,709 words
You always woke up with a scowl on your face, your nose picking up the scent of oil, metal and coffee while you rubbed your eyes to get rid of any drowsiness and morning ickies before taking a shower, changing clothes and take your breakfast while doing work.
Yet today you woke up with stiff limbs, and a comfortable weight draped across you. You shot your eyes open only to be bombarded with a mess of red hair from both sides of you. The scent of spiced peaches paired with strawberries and fresh baked bread almost lulled you back to sleep. You blinked, not quite yourself yet, you lean up to move only to be gifted with annoyed groans and a slap to the chest by a certain Russian spy.
“Okay, okay I'm not getting up then.” You rasped out, bringing your hands up to stroke their hair.
“Not yet.” Wanda mumbled, hand moving across your chest to find Nat's hand and intertwining them together.
“Why is it so bright in here” Natasha groaned
“The windows and lights mimic the natural light and scenery outside despite being so deep underground, it's currently 1:26 pm so it really is bright out.”
The three on you stayed tangled in bed for a few more minutes, your arm bent at impossible angles and your wrist elongated just to play with their hair freely.
“You seem like Rapunzel but with wrists instead of hair.” Wanda chuckled after yawning, getting up when Nat shook her to get her to get up.
“Well, I can make every part of my body the way I want them to. I just need to consume metals for me to do so. I can make myself taller, or make my fingers longer and so on.” You say while putting a shirt over your head, your lovers somewhat feel annoyed at how innocent you sounded
“Is there anything on our agenda today?” Natasha asks
“No. Well, aside from my paperwork. You guys can borrow the training room if your team wants to go and train.”
Wanda smiles brightly as she walks between the two of you, both of you were talking about stuff that was work related and she couldn't help but giggle at the thought of having 2 workaholic soulmates. She remembers the first night they arrived, after settling in their own separate rooms, Natasha and Wanda walked with you to your own side in this underground mansion of yours. Natasha remarked that this mansion of yours seemed more like a maze to which you just laughed gleefully saying that it's supposed to be a maze and continued on with the small game of getting to know each other.
You had slept on your desk that night because you didn't want them to be uncomfortable. (despite them saying that they want you on the bed and just settled with your excuse of “Oh okay, I'll sleep beside Wanda later, I'll just finish my report.” You didn't. You slept on your desk and they had to witness a traumatizing scene when you cracked your neck to get it back in its place) When you woke up, you went to your kitchen but LILA intercepted saying that she should use the kitchen on the Avengers' side because they will be freaked out when they wake up. You grumbled but walked to the other side anyways, cooking meals for the Avengers before elaborating things the best that you can. You then toured them around the base, advising them to ask help from LILA to get around or else they will get lost.
Now, five days later, they have become accustomed to the technology that was surrounding them (Excluding Steve who grumbled about having more things to learn and not being able to catch up), from the floor cleaners to the wall and ceiling polishers up to the highly sophisticated humanoid robot assistants that made the whole place seem like it's filled with people.
“WANDA” Wanda blinked in surprise, looking back and forth between you and Natasha
“Sorry. What?”
“Are you okay?
“I asked you what you wanted for brunch.” You added after Natasha, worried looks plastered on both of your faces
“I'm okay, and is it okay if we do a European dish? I'm getting tired of American and Mexicano.”
“Beef Stroganoff it is then. I've been meaning to cook that dish since it rhymes with both of your surnames.”
And so the three of you prepared and cooked in perfect sync, a soft tune playing in the background, soft hugs and kisses shared every chance you get. Laughter and giggles accompanying the sizzles and sounds of the knife that Natasha wields, the sound of Wanda's spatula scraping the bottom of the pan and your soft humming while you prepare the other ingredients.
“Talia~” You cooed, bothering Natasha since she's done with her task and is now leisurely sipping coffee
“What?” She chuckled, the nickname you gave her made butterflies thrash wildly in her stomach and was slowly fluttering to her heart.
“Can you taste this custard cream for the Sfogliatella?” You say while lifting the spoon up to the smirking woman's lips
She took the spoon into her mouth without moving her hands, looking up to your stunned, blinking eyes, amusement shining in her own. She then took the spoon and made a show of licking it all off. Enjoying the way you were practically shutting down and malfunctioning.
“Nattie, what did you do?” Wanda peeked out from behind you, staring at Natasha with a playful scolding glance.
“Nothing! I just ate what she gave me.” Natasha shrugged, licking her lips. “It's sweet. It's perfect, love.” You just nodded and turned around as if on auto-pilot
Wanda giggled and pulled Natasha for a kiss, the taste of the custard cream and Natasha's lemon chapstick mixing. Only Natasha would choose lemon flavoring for a fucking chapstick. They pulled away when they hear the sound of metal clashing together.
They looked at you and the half absorbed baking pan that's sticking out of your abdomen.
“It's not my fault!” You panicked and rambled on about seeing them kiss and getting distracted which only got cut off when they both pecked your lips before resuming to the task at hand
“Sfogliatella! Techie give me one!” Ilaria whined as she slammed the door open, making you groan
“Ugh I knew it.” You grumbled, pushing the plate to the 6 menace that invaded your private quarters
“The tingly feeling warned you?” Vik asks, draping herself across your couch.
“It's more of the annoying feeling of underlying irritation.”
“Rude. You have gotten so rude.” Daria pouted like a child making your soulmates wonder if these people were really the same creatures that scared the shit out of them just a few days ago.
“Let's get down to business.” Alexandria sternly says, stiffly sitting on one of your reclining seats with Lucille beside her, sitting on its arm
“Y/N can you get the Avengers from the other side? You “room” is big enough to be a comfortable conference room.” Wyanne says calmly
“Why don't we just walk to the actual conference room then?” You snarked
“Don' wanna.” Ilaria mumbled
“I don't wanna walk that far.” Daria sighed
“Your circular mansion is literally bigger than my house.” You rolled your eyes, hands wandering to your lovers just to calm yourself. Bickering with your sisters often turn into a violent playfighting and you were ready to whisk your lovers away in case that happens
“This is more of a dungeon than a house dorogusha moya.” Vik smirks, her russian accent strong and it makes Natasha perk up
“You make me sound like a pervert.” You grumbled
“Come on, I'll join you.” Wanda says, moving to stand up, only to be stopped with Daria who was grinning and gripping her arm, not enough to hurt her or you would absolutely blast her through and into the sand outside your walls.
“Absolutely not. SHE is gonna go out there and fetch your friends and WE are going to talk.”
“Daria.” You gritted out
“I agree.”
“Me too.”
And other sounds of affirmation sounded out from your sisters' mouth, making you realize what they truly came into your room for.
“Absolutely unbelievable. You all are jerks. Assholes. A bunch of arrogant bitche-” Wyanne had enough of your crude insults and sent you off with a sigh. A soft glimmer of gold flashed before you completely vanished, making Wanda quirk her eyebrow
“You can totally do that too if you want.”
“You can also use your wisps to make a wall and bump Y/N into it when she's being stubborn. We can teach you.” Daria grinned wider, obviously thinking of teaching Wanda stuff just to annoy you
“Pardon them. They're just excited that our youngest finally found her other halves.” Lucille smiled warmly at both of them
“So how is it?” Ilaira grinned, now sitting infront of Natasha
“How is what?” Natasha quirked her eyebrow
“Ugh! How is Y/N in bed! Duh?”
“Did she use the toys she collected throughout the years?” Daria starts
“Did she make her fingers longer?” Ilaria followed
“Did she make her fingers vibrate?” Wyanne wiggled her brows
“Did she make her tongue vibrate?” Vik smirked
“Oh enough you lot. Their faces are as red as their hair.” Lucille smacked all of them on the head
“They haven't done it yet.” Alex's voice cuts through the air
“Bet you 10 gold they haven't even kissed yet.” Her voice turns playful as she smirks
“I'm in.” They all say simultaneously before turning to look at the red-faced pair
“I bet that they at least kissed once.” Ilaria's eyes twinkled
“I bet that Y/N can't take her hands off them” Daria smirks
“Y/N's not a horndog like you Daria. I bet Y/N's shy and haven't initiated the kiss” Wyanne swats her lover
“Oh come on! They've gotta kiss once! Right Alex darlin'?” Lucille turns to her wife who just shrugged
“Agreed, Or else my lessons would've been in vain.” Vik scoffs
They, however, didn't get to know who the winner is due to the rest of the Avengers arriving.
“Please tell me you haven't traumatized my soulmates.”
“I wouldn't call them traumatized per say.”
“Holy shit! This is your room? This is a fucking mansion!” Sam exclaims
“She's rather much isn't she?” Daria laughs
“She's anti-social. Whenever we need to stay here, she forces us to stay on the other side and locks herself in here.” Ilaria rolls her eyes
“Oh shut up. It's called privacy you nosy cunts.” You scoffed, pulling Natasha and Wanda to a couch to claim it, once seated however, you didn't let go of their hands and instead kept playing with them
“Please don't just stand there. You lot look like misplaced décor. Golden Boy, come sit.” Vik snarks while smirking, patting the space beside her, making the Avengers clamber to find a seat despite having a lot, too much seats, inside your living room.
You snickered when you saw Steve look like the cherry Vik had just been eating a while ago. He sat rigid and stiff beside Viktoriya who languidly draped herself over Captain America himself
“Let's get on with this, I'm sure everyone is antsy, especially since there are a handful of you who don't have their soulmates by your side. Have you made your decision yet?” Alexandria inquired, a steely gaze towards Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, both she considered to be the leaders of the band of misfits they couldn't help but adore.
“We wanted to know the implications upon doing so.” Steve said, coughing to get Vik to stop playing with his hair
“Vik, lay off your soulmate for a while would you? He looks like he's about to turn into mush.” Daria giggled from Wyanne's side
“Well, for one we would need you guys to disappear for a few weeks. It'd be fun to see those uppity dumb-asses in your so called government. I swear to the Gods, we look away for a minute and they go straight down to shit.” You say, rolling your eyes
“That's true. We need to make them realize that imprisoning the very people who risk their lives to save this universe is something that should never cross their minds, nor is putting them on a leash.” Lucille says, a faraway look in her eyes as she tries to come up with a plan that wouldn't play with other people too much.
“HYDRA might run rampant with the Avengers missing from public eye for more than they already have.”
“Then we let them.” Alexandria smirks
“Absolutely not.” You scoffed
“What of the efforts they have pitched in thus far? We both know that HYDRA's heads regenerate and multiply faster the longer they remain unsupervised!” You were filled with white hot anger, perhaps because you felt like they were disregarding the Avenger's efforts or maybe you just felt like Alex was scrutinizing your soulmates and their friends either way, you couldn't organize your thoughts right now and you couldn't bring yourself to care anymore
“Look at Y/N being so protective.” Vik chuckled
“We'd coordinate with Fury. I'll have him feed information they have about HYDRA to your own network, if your system didn't already have the information, and you can prioritize the organizing their missions. Your council duties can be distributed among us, since you have the second biggest workload among us.” Alex threw you a side eye
“She's a workaholic, let her be.” Lucille smiled
“So we'd still be going on missions?” Natasha asks
“Yes, the only difference is that you'd be working even harder due to the fact that you have to actively hide from public eye. That means that Stark can't use his flashy inventions, Sam can't fly, Thor can't summon a lightning for no reason and so on. For the next few months every mission you guys do would have to be as stealthy as possible.” Alexandria breathed in
“Should you approve, Tony and Bruce would stay here, along with Natasha and Wanda for obvious reasons. Tony would help Y/N with deactivating cameras, intercepting connection and continuously skim through every piece of technology there is to look for anything that can tip the public about the Avengers whereabouts, while also helping your team navigate HYDRA buildings and such. Steve and Sam would stay at Viktoriya's, Clint and Vision would stay at Wyanne and Daria's.” Alex explained
You just sighed out, you really didn't know why you were so worked up and annoyed at your sisters. You really did have a good relationship with them, you just tend to ghost them a lot and would often bury yourself in your work so as to forget the coldness of your home and the stiffness in your limbs.
Yet ever since you met the couple, you had not finished nor touched a single thing related to your work at all. The coldness was filled with warm coffee and soft hugs, the stiffness you felt only came back whenever you find yourself longing for more and you would often chastise yourself for moving too fast. Your days were filled with mini-dates as you cooked for them, and the rest of the avengers but they are hardly important as of this moment. You have binge watched 2 long sitcoms with Wanda promising there were tons more, You have, albeit reluctantly, thrown knifes at Natasha just for the fun of it. You have trained with the both of them, although it can hardly be called training with the amount of straddling and flirting involved. You have shown them your abilities as Wanda showed you hers with Natasha playfully groaning of being the only to not have something that was usually impossible. (Both of you assured her that having the ability to bewitch a witch and the ability to make a technophile feel old school is pretty impossible on its own.)
You were drawn out of your daydream by Nat and Wanda squeezing your hands and the sounds of your sisters' teasing as you found out that they had actually finished the meeting while you were daydreaming. The Avengers had agreed and you joined them in organizing their schedule, from their training up to which days are their day off.
Your “underground dungeon” as Viktoriya say, has always been at the center with your sisters' own home surrounding it, their houses symbolize the four corners of the world with Viktoriya's Castle in the far north, Alexandria and Lucille's Mansion in the south, Ilaria and her wife who settled in the west in their cozy and surprisingly modern home and village, and finally Wyanne and Daria in the east with their circular mansion that really resembled a school for they have their own coven. (You questioned them about their choice of infrastructure, with it being circular and all, and they just responded that it was aesthetically pleasing and unique. Daria snarked that it was better than your disorienting maze of a dungeon and you couldn't snap back at her because she was technically right.) Each house has a room that is hidden from the naked eye, only your sisters and you could see the passageway that connects all 5 of you that was made through magic and technology, a deadly pair as you all discovered.
Once everything was done, everyone scattered and your sisters took their charges and went off to their own territory, promising that they would be back the day after tomorrow after they have settled down. You led Bruce to the medical facility that they have been to before and taught him how to use all of the technology in there along with top notch medical supplies and medicine, plus the potions that Wyanne and Daria concocted. After you finished explaining to him everything, you have him a hand-made book and told him that everything he needs to know and everything you had taught him are all there. You also told him that LILA was always available for every questions he might ask or anything that he may need. He thanked you and you smiled at him, assuring him that should he need to go green, there was an indestructible room down the hall that was usually used whenever you made new weapons that were of nuclear or catastrophic class and he looked horrified at how you just told him that as if it's a regular everyday thing.
The next thing you did was properly tour Tony around, since you know he's been snooping around, thinking of himself as sneaky, you enjoyed his little quips and sarcastic remarks as you tour him around. You also quite liked the twinkle in his eyes when you gave him one of your spare lab (which he shared with Bruce later on) and gave him free reign over it, under the condition that he wouldn't make another Ultron and that he wouldn't destroy it. Any testing needed for suits or weapons would be done in the testing chambers. You also asked him to make a list of everything he needs, materials wise, so you can go and get him his stuff. You pointed to a door just beside his lab and told him that's the door to your own lab and he'll often find you there if not in your room, you encouraged him to share his ideas as you taught him how to use your self made network that was completely separate from the rest of the world. You also told him that during his day offs, he could go to his soulmate, Pepper, and inform her of what is happening should he decide to, only if Wyanne goes with him to protect him with her freaky magic spells.
At the end of the day, you had called the four Avengers with you to the control room where you told them that this is where they would spend majority of their time in. You taught them how communication worked and gave them their communication bands. You taught them how they can browse and search up any information related to their missions and winked at them when you told them that they can view confidential information easily, except of course, those that The Council has hidden themselves.
Once everything they need to know was done, you let Natasha and Wanda drag you back to your room and you let them guide you to rest. They can obviously feel how tired you are, this was the longest time you had socialized and talked with somebody, other than your sisters, that didn't require violence.
They then told you what happened with your sisters when you were gone from the room while cuddling and sleepy and you absolutely just shut down in embarrassment. You woke up apologizing to them, still embarrassed, they smiled and laughed happily, making your embarrassment feel worth it.
A couple weeks have passed and there wasn't a single week that hasn't been enjoyable for your slowly growing family
The first week was filled with training sessions and meetings about plans that now included Fury and Agent Hill. The plans were finalized by the end of the week as you watched the world slowly collapse into chaos with the Avengers missing. Come Friday, you found one minor HYDRA base and got ready to proceed with your first mission with the Avengers or Avengers 2.0 as you called them. The moment the Avengers took off in your own fighter jet (that you had to teach Natasha and Clint how to pilot so they can teach the other Avengers if they want to. They both felt like their souls was ripped from them the moment you sped through the skies in full speed and looped around Earth 2 times before finally slowing down as you laughed at their faces. Magic and Technology are truly a dangerous pair) you had also leaked the final copy of the Sokovian Accords and laughed gleefully at the chaos you started. Especially when Thaddeus Ross released a rather sloppy speech about it. Majority of the public blamed the Accords for the disappearance of the heroes that soon evolved into rumours and theories that The Avengers refused the Accords and so the Government imprisoned the heroes themselves. And so it sparked a global debate that quickly spiraled out of hand.
The second week was filled with more missions as the Avengers got used to their new way of fighting, under disguises and more stealth was applied while they were still learning how to use your “clones”. The team quickly adapted and mixed their new and old moves, which was quite fascinating to watch, especially since you're excited to when they actually use your clones and be safe from actual harm. At the end of the week, HYDRA was severely confused and tried retaliating by trying to lure the Avengers out, which ended in a disaster because what they had actually managed to do was expose themselves, which sparked more debate about what the heroes were actually dealing with and soon majority of the world sympathized with the Avengers and silently pleaded for their return. All the while local reinforcements as well as global military forces were at their wits end due to the increase of crime. Alexandria chastised them for being too dependent to the Avengers before holding a meeting with Fury to ask them what their opinions were on partnering SHIELD with the said force in terms of training, which can also serve as a venue for scouting agents for SHIELD. Everyone agreed and they made quick work to make it happen. The United Nations, which was now shattered and barely holding on, quickly approved of the proposed project and soon the new division was created.
The third and fourth week was filled with quiet and peaceful times. As peaceful as it can be between missions and the arrival of 2 new members. A certain metal armed man and a God. They were quickly debriefed and caught up to speed before Bucky was settled to be with his soulmates, Steve and Viktoriya. While Thor had Asgard to return to, so he settled in your place whenever he comes down. You can only shake your head, the amount of interaction you'd experienced these past few days should've made you a cranky machine, but you somehow find yourself enjoying being with them. Enjoying how Wanda laughs at Ilaria and Daria with Tony and Sam joining in, enjoying how Natasha and Vik talked in Russian and them bonding over similar upbringings before you get dragged to join Alex, Lucille and Bruce talks about medicine and just general stuff that nerds talk about. (You got that phrase from Natasha when she dragged you away from your office because Bruce needed your help) You found yourself going with Thor to local stores, with him marveling over how no one could recognize him and you laughing at how he blabbers about his love for pop-tarts and his prank wars with his brother, Loki. You liked the snake incident the most. You then promised him that you'd show your snake collection to him when you have the chance to which he grins happily at and nodded wildly. You also enjoyed laughing at Vik whenever she forgets that Steve and Bucky were older than most but definitely much younger than her. You had to help her whenever “Steeb” and “Bruck” (you smacked her for her poor choice of nicknames) had questions about technological advancements. You also surprisingly enjoyed accompanying Natasha and Clint to his wife's place on one of his weekly day offs and you played with children for the first time. You got extremely sad when it was time to go and made trinkets for the kids. 
The fifth, sixth and seventh week was when everything started changing, Fury said that it was the ideal time to slowly return the Avengers as the authorities were slowly crumbling with all the intergalactic and extraordinary threats. (which were all just a tiny bit exaggerated by Alexandria and Lucille) And so they made it seem like the Avengers were hiding from the public, which first started when a sighting of the Black Widow and Scarlet Witch in Paris quickly went viral due to the fact that it seemed like they were being chased. (You three were merely out on a date. You expected a scolding from Alex but she merely smirked and teased you because of your choice of venue for a first date) Conspiracy Theories started up again and by now it seemed like the whole world begged for their return, or at least tolerated them enough to acknowledge that they were needed and are indeed heroes. It was then followed by an “accidental” sighting of the Avengers fighting a band of robots with the HYDRA insignia imprinted on them, which was also the first run of the Avengers actually using your clones and you were delighted to report that they had done very well to Alexandria. After that, the Avengers were frequently sighted around as the Media tried to chase them around.
But of course the peace had went on for too long, and Samuel took it upon himself to ruin the peace you all have carefully crafted. On the Eighth week, in one particular mission, Samuel appeared unexpectedly, startling you and your team, as well as your sisters. He brutally massacred the Avenger's clones and sent a threat directly to you knowing you were watching.  And until now you still shiver at the thought of Natasha and Wanda actually being there instead of their clones, it made you feel utterly helpless, pathetic and filled with flames of anger. They all had to take a week of rest and time away from anything related to work whatsoever as they comforted themselves and each other, some with the help of their soulmates.
“Watch your back, your majesty. I'm coming for your crown of deceit and lies and I'll climb to the very top using a pile of corpses, which I'm sure would include you, your soulmate, your sisters, their friends, their soulmates, everyone! I'll kill each and every single one of you, and build this world exactly how it should be. Hail HYDRA!”
“Y/N?” Wanda approaches your rigid form, your hand clutching the ball of pure iron as it slowly absorbs into your body
“Wanda.” Your eyes soften and immediately tackle your girlfriend in a hug.
They're going on their first ever mission after being announced to be back and without using your clones, which made you as worried as a snake that's laid their first egg. You don't want to let them go nor do you want to release them from your hold
“Oh draga.” Natasha walks in to see the scene and rushes to join in, the spy already in her newly made suit.
“I don't want to stay here.”
“We know. But you are much needed here. I need your voice guiding us detka”
“Won't it be better if I was there with you? Or using the clones instead of it being actually you?” You choked out, separation anxiety hitting you like a truck with a drunken driver.
“Do you trust us?”
“Of course! What kind of question is that Natalia!” You ripped yourself from their hold and glared at both of them
“Then trust us to be back in your arms once again.” Wanda says with conviction
“I don't want you back in my arms broken and bleeding. Or worse! I wouldn't be able to handle that”
“Would you have preferred us not returning then?”
“Absolutely not! What is wrong with you?!”
“Then please, believe us when we say that we will come back for you. Alive, maybe bleeding, broken and bruised but alive nonetheless.”
“Also, don't think that we don't know about you sneaking around and coming back with some part of your body missing and needing repair. Yet we stayed quiet and cuddled you to sleep. Why can't you do the same?” Wanda and Natasha glared at you, which made you blink in surprise. You were being secretive- LILA.
“Because I know I can handle it!” You snapped
“No. It's because you treat us like we're fragile and sensitive then go and hide your feelings away in a chest and bury it in the sand.”
“But-” Natasha has had enough of  your blabbering and just pulled you by your collar and smashed her lips on yours.
Your eyes widened, your system slowing down and buffering for just a few seconds before rebooting and finally kissing Natasha back. This wasn't your first kiss, not by a long run. But this felt much more... intimate. Natasha's lemon chapstick that you have come to love, mixed with her spiced peaches made your body shiver with delight as you pulled her closer, flushed against your body yet it was not enough, it was never enough. She kisses with gentle ferocity, biting and pulling your lips. She was always such a tease, in the most delightful way.
Natasha pulls away and you just stared at her eyes that seemed like deep emeralds shining under the light of an eclipse, paired with the smug smirk on her face. You were sure you died and went to heaven. You also made sure to capture this specific scene in your mind and imprint it in your memory, so you can always rewind it whenever you want.
Wanda huffed and used her magic to pull you to her, Scarlet wisps tear you away from the former assassin's hold and into the witch's arms. Unlike Natasha, she didn't smash her lips to yours, instead she coiled her arms around your neck, played with the baby hairs on the back of your neck before pulling you to her, gently placing her lips onto yours. If Natasha was the ice cold drink you desperately crave in hot summer afternoons, Wanda was the warm drink you clutch with your chilled palms in a cold winter night. She kisses with gentle compassion, your body fills with warmth as she pulls you closer.
She pulls away slightly to kiss your nose and you sigh, relaxing into her her. Her bright green eyes resembles that of a lush green forest after the rain, her wiggling eyebrows and soft smile lull you to safety.
“Just... Please take care of each other. You'll be bringing a part of my world with you as you go. So please, stay safe.”
“I'll keep Natasha from being reckless”
“I'll keep Wanda from overusing her magic.”
You laughed as they bickered again, you can never guarantee their safety. You don't want to chain them down, but you can't help but be worried. The best you can do right now is wait for them to come home, prepare their comfort food and shows and hope that this isn't the mission that breaks them, for you know how it feels to be broken with no one there to fix you, you had to pick the pieces up for yourself.
You slap yourself internally, they have you now, and you have them. It'll be more than enough.
“I adore you both.” You mutter, smiling at both of them as you watch them freeze
“Say that again please?”
“Did I hear that right?”
They both say in sync as you grinned
“I love and adore you.” You say as you pecked Wanda's lips
“And you.” You say as you pecked Natasha's lips
“...Oh we're definitely coming back now. Wait for us okay?”
“Absolutely, I'll come back to try the vibrating tongue next.”
They smirked, walking out of your lab to join the rest of the Avengers
You were going to kill Viktoriya.
Tumblr media
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spookysmujer · 2 days ago
Big Ole Freak, O. Diaz
Summary: There is a first time for everything, right? A first time experience with you and Oscar takes an interesting turn. 
warnings: swearing, nasty s h e t/smut (18+) 🔥, backdoorbusiness 👀, safe word use!
word count: 2K
a/n: all little comedic relief with some r e l e a s e 🥵 thank you for all the endless love. Please consider: following the blog, heart/comment/reblog the content and turning on the notifs for when I post new works! Another combined request fulfilled. I go back to work tonight, so expect delays in works :(
anonymously requested!
Tumblr media
(gif belongs to @merakiaes ✨)
Tumblr media
You’re not normally one to follow trends, or try out whatever one has done once or twice. You like to stand out and be different. Different is good! But one little girls night out and you being the topic of conversation on how you’ve not dabbled in backdoor business with your man has led you to your current perDICKament. 
Sore and sleeping on your stomach. 
It didn’t start off this way though. It started this afternoon, after work and determination to quiet your girls by having the night of your life with Oscar, some candles and lube.
“Okay, candles… check. Playlist… check. Outfit… check. Nerves… racked. Fuck.” You pause in front of your vanity mirror after looking around your shared room. Your palms are suddenly sweaty. 
There is nothing between you and Oscar that you couldn’t discuss. You both have always been very open and very honest with one another. That’s something that you’ve wanted in a relationship. So when you brought up the topic of anal sex with him after that night out, it certainly piqued his interest. “Only when you’re ready, mami.”
You are ready tonight. Physically and mentally. Some advice from some friends to ensure a thorough prep. And then there’s that  little pink pill you consumed a few hours ago that has your thighs squeezing in anticipation. You decided that a little encouragement from the Pink Pussycat pill wouldn’t be any harm. The exact opposite in fact.
Oscar had some business to handle, as he does most days, but is always home in time for dinner. After you’re sure that the room is set to the right mood, you close the door and head to the dining area to set up for dinner. 
The man can eat, but tonight you needed him to not be worn out from food consumption. He nearly finished his small portioned plate of baked ziti when he noticed that you were only drinking water. “¿Porque no estás comiendo?"
You hesitate to speak up on it, but honesty has always been a strong suit for you two, “I don’t want to eat right now. Maybe later. I want to try something tonight. In bed.”
His fork pauses mid-bite. He takes the bite and sets the fork on the table, leaning back in the chair and wiping his mouth with a napkin. Oscar quirks his eyebrow, grinning at you. If what you are talking about is what he thinks you are talking about then tonight just became more interesting. He leans his arms against the table and gives you his full attention. “I’m listening.”
“That conversation that we had last week? Well… I think I’m ready.” You come out with it, back straight and wearing confidence over your face. He licks his bottom lip and nods, relaxing back into his seat again, it’s what he was thinking. 
“You think? You gotta be sure, mami. It’s not like trying a new recipe. You have to have your body AND mind ready. One can’t be without the other.” He explains and you blink hard. Is he some kind of sex guru all of a sudden?
You hold your hand up to stop him from going any further, “I am. I am ready. I even… took an enhancer to really get into the mood. Just, I want you to fuck me, in the ass. Can you do that?”
Oscar chokes on his drink and let’s it drip down his chin, eyes wide. You smirk and stand, grabbing the hem of your oversized t-shirt and pulling over your head to reveal the lace lingerie underneath. 
His eyes rake over your body, The lace so intricate and very subtle over the right parts of your body. He licks his lips and feels some strain in his pants. Oscar pushes his chair back to make space between the table and himself. His eyes tell you to move in front of him. 
After a quick mental command to yourself, you move to stand in between in his legs. You step over his legs and plant yourself to straddle him, letting your hands move up his chest and letting your arms rest on his shoulders. He takes his hands to rest on your hips, caressing the lower side of your back. 
Your hips grind into his, the sensation spreading throughout your body like wildfire. You two suddenly lock eyes, “Shall we?” Your voice an echo.
Oscar has you pressed into the bed like a second sheet. His body is heavy on top of yours. There was no need for foreplay because of the pill and Oscar knows this but he is always a tease. His lips are pressed against the skin of your neck and leave both wet and visible marks. 
It’s all so much. His mouth, his hands moving over your thighs, his body pressed into yours. Could you cum without even being touched? 
He finally stops his assault with his mouth and moves to hover his face over yours. His eyes scream lust, desire, need. You bite your lip, squirming under him. Oscar sits up on his knees and pulls his tank off, unbuckling his belt. You watch him as you spread your legs and feel your wetness through your panties. 
You bring your fingers to your mouth and suckle on them, watching Oscar enjoy the show. He doesn’t even finish undressing himself before he yanks your panties off. He pushes your legs flush together and pushes your knees close to your chest. 
The candles cast enough of a glow for him to see how wet you are. How much the pill really did aid you in the feel good department. You whimper when he leans down and licks a swipe through your slit. An audible groan from you is heard as he continues to do so. Your clit is throbbing at every lick. 
Oscar’s mouth works you to a near orgasm. Your body squirms when he stops and let’s your legs fall apart. He gets off the bed and discards any remaining clothes. His hand fisting himself, the arousal from you on his facial hair is glistening. 
Tonight is all about your pleasure and comfort. You wanted to get your back blown out, all holes exercised tonight. Oscar wanted to make sure you were completely ready for this. The ache you felt below the belt is only getting worse the longer he walks on eggshells around you. 
“Baby, please. I want it.” You whimper, moving your fingers through your folds and dipping them into your entrance. Oscar nods and crawls back onto the bed, he hits your leg with his hand to signal for you to change positions. 
You move to lay on your stomach, your ass moving in the air as he moves to position himself behind you. He reaches for the bottle of water-based lube. The anticipation is exhilarating. You are excited to see what all the hype is about. 
He leans down to kiss the side of your neck as he moves his hardened member on the skin of your ass. Oscar doesn't say anything else as he pushes his tip against your tight hole. The resistance is heavy at first, the pain prominent too.
You inhale sharply, stiffening and clutching onto the pillow you have under your chin. “Shhh, relax, mamas. Just relax for me.” His husky voice sounds and you nod, relaxing a bit. “I’ll go slow for you.”
Oscar does as he says, moving ever so slightly. He opens the cap of the lube, squirting more on his shaft to aid the restricted movement. When he is nearly entirely encased by you, he moves a hand under you and begins to circle your sensitive bud. 
The feeling spreads quickly and your body falls prey to his movement. 
Your body starts to fall in rhythm. You begin to move more as your body adjusts to the sensation. It’s still painful, to stretch around him is a big adjustment but with the assault on your clit, it’s become more manageable. 
He made sure to shower your body with good sensations. Your body slowly relaxes into his. He didn’t plan to start any serious motions until gets the OK from you both verbally and physically. With his prior experience, it’s not like average sex. And considering how long you two have been together, he knows how to make your body snap. 
A vibrating sensation is felt on your skin and you gasp but relax when you turn your head to see the pink wand. You bite your lip and your heart skips a beat. Oscar didn’t mind sex toys but he liked for you to know that these were useless so long as you had him. But a moment like this called for it. 
“Lay on your back.” He speaks out. You groan when he pulls out of you but hurriedly you move on your backside to get extra comfortable.
Oscar spreads your legs and gives you the wand to control. You move it to rest right above your clit, your bottom lips held between your teeth as he positions himself again. When he looks at you with nothing but lust in his eyes is when you move the vibrating wand directly on your bud. 
Your back arches and even more so once you feel Oscar push himself into your tight hole. You gasp but the feeling becomes less uncomfortable and more pleasurably. Oscar sees that you are beginning to enjoy it as he feels you sink deeper into the bed. 
This time Oscar moves, in and out. Deep and still, moving again once more. He squirts more lube and tosses the bottle on the bed. The look on his face is ingrained into your memory as you’ve never seen him more pleased than in this moment.
“Ahhh, so tight for me.” Oscar groans, moving his hips at an accelerated pace now. 
You’re at a loss for words and breathe now that he is moving. The wand pressed onto your clit at a high speed, Oscar’s grunts and groans, the pill’s side effects seeping from your vacant hole is a recipe for an intense orgasm. And you are teetering at the edge of it. 
Oscar’s not too far behind either. He can see on your face that you are nearing a release. He gives it to you deeper and a little bit harder. You lift your head and begin to mewl out, “Oh fuck, I’m going cum. I’m going to fuckin’ cum, baby. Oh my G O D.” You cry out.
Your hands lose its grip on the wand. Oscar wanted this moment to last and to be one you surely would remember. He takes the wand from your limp hand and holds against your clit, he can see your entrance convulsing in pleasure. 
“Oh fuck, t-too much, babe. Oh fuuuuck!” You’re screaming and suddenly liquid gushes out of you, onto Oscar and dripping down on the bed. You’re squirting from the over stimulation, you are squirting for the first time and it’s so much, you couldn’t take it. “Please, p-please, orange! ORANGE!” 
The designated safe word spews from you as Oscar pulls out and drops the wand, fisting himself and shooting his seed onto your abused clit. He’s humming in pleasure as you come down from your high. 
Both of your chests are heaving and bodies slick with sweat. He moves to lay beside you, grabbing your hand and pressing a kiss to the backside of it. You smile at his affection as you groan with the prominent uncomfortable feeling on your bottom.
“Now, tell your girls, checkmate.”
translations below:
¿Porque no estás comiendo? is why aren’t you eating?
taglist: @clemmingstylins0n @fairygardenss @princesstiffxoxo @firebenderwolf @mbaku-babygirl   @roury66  @lillict @tinylumpiaa  @prettymya3 @starrynite7114 @aneitii @b3mybunnybaby @kkim120 @ladylj @vayagrxce @irenne-stans​ @littleesilvia @boujee-bitches @blessedboo @lidumiw @morenokatt​ @diamond-3​ @doyunhokpop​ @conejamala10​ @cococruzgirl​ @dracosafety​ @lovesanimals​  @pissrots​ @yourwonkywriter​ @tatiananicolediaz​ @thewineandthewomen​ @multi-fandoms-stuff​ @multiyfandomgirl40​ @devilslilbabysblog​ @beauty-in-the-brkdwn​ @hinagiku0​ @joan2914​ @simpforrio​ @mijagif​ @gemini0410​ @kaitieskidmore1​ (please let me know if you want to be added or removed!)
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Tumblr media
Summary: You’ve been insecure as long as you can remember, mainly due to the trauma you endured as a child and a lot of the comments your parents and siblings threw at you. You found a family in the Avengers who loved and adored you for you, along with your skills of course. You’ve been dating The God of Mischief for a few months now, he doesn’t know about your past problems but he soon finds out after he makes a snarky comment during one of his moods.
Warnings: Insecurities, mention of an eating disorder and self harm, angst.
A/N: I don’t know why I wrote this. I wanted to hurt my own feelings. Loki is my comfort character okay? 🥺 Please don’t read this if you have any triggers! I love you all and you’re all perfect, okay? ♥ Also, not my gif above.
Word Count: 1118
Y/N = Your name.
It was another one of Tony Stark’s parties tonight and you really wanted to go. You hadn’t seen Thor or Loki in over a week since they had to go back to Asgard to deal with their father, which you understood. But it didn’t make you miss your boyfriend or your best friend any less.
For the occasion, you bought an elegant emerald green silk dress just for Loki, knowing how much he loved the color green, especially when it was on you. You weren’t really one for dresses due to underlying insecurities you had fought off for the most part. You never used to be able to go out without a sweatshirt or sweatpants but now you wore t-shirts, blouses sometimes, jeans, and shorts. Rarely you would wear a dress and tonight was one of those rare nights.
Pulling your hair into a princess braid, you smiled softly in the mirror. You had come so far and it had been months now since you had any sort of slips. You were proud of yourself. As you were admiring how far you’ve come, you heard Thor’s loud thundering voice from downstairs and smiled brightly. Pulling your long emerald green dress up a little, you made your way to the elevator in a rush. You pressed the button at least six times before it opened. Going inside the elevator, you impatiently waited for it to take you downstairs. As the metal doors pulled opened, you smiled as you saw all the Avengers and Shield agents gathered for the party.
Natasha was the first to see you and make her way to you, beaming already. “Oh my.. Y/N! You look stunning!” Natasha smiled sweetly.
“I second that!” Wanda said with a big smile and a soft giggle leaving her lips as she walked up with Vision.
“Beautiful as always, Miss Y/N.” Vision said politely beside Wanda.
You thanked them all sweetly before asking where you could find your boyfriend. Wanda instantly sighed at the question before pointing to one of the corners of the room.
“He’s over there sulking. You know how he feels about Stark’s parties.” Wanda said, rolling her eyes.
“He’ll get over it when he sees Y/N.” Natasha said with a half smirk on her lips before nudging you towards Loki.
You giggled softly and made your way over to your boyfriend, making sure to grab a drink for him on the way. Of course you asked Thor to spike it with Asgardian liquor so it would actually do something for Loki.
“Hello, darling.” You say sweetly as you walked up to your tall boyfriend. “I brought you your favorite.” You said with a hopeful tone, putting the drink out towards him.
An aggravated sigh comes from the God as he tore his eyes away from the party to the drink, not even glancing at you. He reluctantly took the drink before downing it. Whether it burned his throat or not, you didn’t know. He would never show it if it did. His ego was too big to show little things like that. A slight frown ghosts your lips before you speak again, trying to be careful with your wording.
“I take it didn’t go well in Asgard?” Your voice was quiet, almost as if you were retreating from a captor. Loki had never been mean or violent towards you. But you knew if he was in a mood not to push it. He would never mean to snap but he did have a temper, you understood that.
“No, Y/N! It obviously didn’t go well!” His voice was slightly raised but the music coming from the overhead speakers were loud enough to drown out his voice to everyone who wasn’t standing next to him. You flinched ever so slightly and nodded.
“I’m sorry, darling... Is there anything I can do?” You asked, your hand going to your necklace to play with it, something you did to help calm yourself down. It hung low, going well with your dress that hugged your curves and showed your cleavage a little.
Loki finally looked at you and when he did... You swore it was a look of disgust that washed over him and you felt that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach start to come back. The feeling you hadn’t felt in months.
“What are you wearing?” His voice was cold and sharp. If it could, it would cut through you like ice daggers.
“W-What?” Your voice was soft and quiet, your eyes going down to look at your dress that you swore earlier looked amazing on you but now looked horrible. “What’s wrong with it?” Now you needed to know. Did it show off everything wrong with you?
“Are you trying to get all the attention? Really, Y/N? That dress doesn’t even suit you. It’s not your style. And that stupid necklace...” He growled. Jealousy, stress, internal conflict, and anger were all evident in the God of Mischief but you were too upset to notice it.
You continued to stare down at yourself for a moment before you looked back up, catching your reflection in the window. Earlier you looked pretty, small, perfect... Now you didn’t know what you were looking at but you didn’t like it. All of those horrible feelings, the self harm, the overeating, the hateful thoughts... All of it came rushing back. You could feel the tears starting to come and you shook your head.
“I-I’m sorry, Loki... I didn’t mean to upset you. I just wanted to impress you with your favorite color. Your pendant...” You whispered out the last part, yanking on the necklace hard enough so it came off but didn’t break. “Here.” You said quietly, voice quivering as you handed him the necklace before turning and walking away.
In his hand lay a gold chain that held a gold snake with emerald green eyes. Underneath the snake in cursive, small writing was Loki. He hadn’t realized what the necklace was, he was just looking for things to be mean about. Regret and sadness overwhelmed the god as he looked up to see you no longer in front of him or anywhere to be seen. Taking one last look at the necklace, he realized you had always kept a piece of him with you. You came up to him tonight trying to lighten his mood, being sweet, loving, and caring as always and he took that and squashed it. He needed to make this up to you, to show you how much you mean to him. You’re the love of his life, the only love of his life! But how will he make it up?
A/N: Okay, this is probably not THAT good but like I said above, I just wanted to hurt my own feelings. 😩 Let me know if ya’ll want a second part. I love Loki so much. Him and Bucky are my serious comfort characters ♥
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newtonsheffield · 7 hours ago
Dearest Molly
I exchange for this gif of a corgi may I requested the tiniest expansion on Gregory and Lucy in Gold Rush AU? I would like to know how Gregory struggled to find a place in competitive swim without the shadow of his big brother looming over him and simultaneously fall instantly in love with the tiny gymnast with the really pretty neck😂
Tumblr media
For a gif of a corgi?
I would have done it for free!
"Why is Gregory Bridgerton staring at you?"
Hermione's voice was curious in her ear as they stood in line for the team picture squashed in tightly. Lucy's brow furrowed in confusion, sneaking a glance behind her.
Sure enough Gregory Bridgerton's eyes had widened as they'd caught hers, glancing away again quickly.
She turned back around as the photographer called for attention.
"He's not, I don't even know him."
"They say he's just as good as his brother was, maybe better." Hermione hummed, her smile bright.
Lucy rolled his eyes, "His brother is his coach. And if he was staring at anyone it was you."
"And smiling on"
"Hi um, sorry, can you hold up a second?!" A deep male voice was calling out as Lucy made her way to the exit, a little delayed by the crowd, nudging arms with Hermione, teasing, laughing.
Lucy ignored it, surely the voice was talking to someone else.
"Hi, sorry!" The voice was right behind her now, Hermione's elbow in her ribs causing her to turn sharply.
"Jesus, Hermione what-? Oh!"
Gregory Bridgerton was staring down at her, his slightly long hair falling in his eyes, his cheeks dimpling curiously, his chest nearly twice the width of her shoulders, her eyes just coming level with his shoulder. He smiled, shifting nervously.
"Hi, Um- I'm Gregory."
Lucy stared back at him, waiting for Hermione to respond, they'd done this countless times, Men clawing their way over broken glass to talk to Hermione, there was really no point even trying.
Hermione cleared her throat, "We know who you are." Everyone did, he'd just broken his own brother's world record. "I'm Hermione Watson."
Gregory smiled politely and then his eyes slid to Lucy's his smiling broadening a little, leaning in just a little.
"Sorry, I didn't catch your name."
Lucy's stomach swooped his eyes fixed on hers, Could it be he'd actually wanted talk to -"Lucy, Lucy Abernathy."
He grinned, such a handsome, disarming thing his dimples deepening, his eyes shining delightedly. "And you're a gymnast."
Her eyes widened, "How did you-?"
He pointed to her blazer, "It's um- it's on your jacket."
Heat flooded her cheeks, her lower lip caught between her teeth, "Right, Um, sorry, did you need something Gregory?"
His eyes widened, his hand flicking through his hair, nervous she'd think if she didn't know better. "I actually wondered if you'd like to get a drink with me?"
Lucy turned expectantly to Hermione waiting for her to answer, Hermione staring back at her, brow furrowed.
"Sorry, do you guys have plans?"
Still Hermione said nothing, silence stretching out between them. Lucy trying not to let disappointment swim ridiculously in her stomach. She'd been so stupid, for just a moment to think maybe he'd meant her.
Lucy shook her head, turning back towards him. "No, She doesn't. Hermione would love to go."
Gregory's face fell, like a disappointed child, his shoulders slumping a little. "Oh. Um. Ahhh I was actually, um- Lucy, I was trying to ask you out."
Hermione squeaked excitedly beside her, and Lucy froze, her heart pounding in her chest, her mind racing.
Gregory looked back at her for a long moment before he smiled only a very little disappointedly, "Right, that's totally cool. I'll see you at the games hey? Have a great night!"
He turned with an awkward wave, stumbling just a little as he started to make his way through the crowd and there was just something about him that made her want to reach out to him.
He spun back around nearly toppling over completely.
"I don't have any plans, if you wanna-" She gestured to the door
Gregory's face breaking out into brilliant grin, "Yeah, yeah, definitely."
And a month later she sees Gregory, her boyfriend, hollering in the stands, and she can't help but smile.
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Good evening mistress
(Just kidding xd)
I was wondering if you could do a yandere jerome (season 2 jerome) were he kidnapped the reader and make them fall in love with him. But he still kill everyone who is near you, you know the basic yandere type and maybe a little smut :3? (Only if you feel comfortable with it)
Tumblr media
Okay but one last thing..
Hear me out😩 season 2 jerome in this suit he was wearing... were he killed his father like DAMN HAHA
Tumblr media
Okay that's all ♡ have a nice evening and stay healthy
But good evening * I bow elegantly * 😂
Yep, that Jerome outfit is just Wow 🤤.
I love the fact that when you request me something you also put me some Jerome gifs 😂💕
I did my best, I also did some research but it's my first time writing something with Yandere Jerome so I hope it's not that bad.
Tumblr media
pairing: Yandere! Jerome Valeska X Reader
warnings: Yandere, angst, violence, smut, madness
words: 1624
summary: In the request
note: Sorry for the mistakes and English. I hope it didn't turn out that bad.
She was finally with him, his darling, his obsession.
He had met her accidentally one evening at the circus and had been following her ever since. He didn't know what attracted him to her, but he knew that they were destined to be together and that he was madly in love with her.
By now he knew everything about her, he knew her routine, who she hung out with, what she liked and disliked, where she lived and what her home was like.
After leaving Arkham, he decided definitively that she should be his and there he was, watching her sleep peacefully in HIS bed, in HIS room.
It took him some time to make her feel comfortable with him after he had kidnapped her and taken her to Theo's house.
He remembered even now, as he stroked her bare back and moved the strap of the babydoll dress he had given her, smiling at her contented murmur, that when he touched her in the early days she would try to pull away or shudder at his touch. He didn't care much but it made him happy that she was getting better.
She accepted his gifts without hesitation, thanking him and using them. She let him touch her and seemed to like it when he was near her, something she hadn't done before.
He lay back wrapping his arms around her hips as he sniffed her hair remembering all the mornings where he had done it and she refused him scared, he took a deep breath closing his eyes, losing himself in Y/n's perfume starting to smile when he felt her body relax and rest against his.
It also made him happy that he could see her still there, not up trying to run away like the first few weeks but lying peacefully on the bed waiting for him or so he wanted to think, wearing that little short dress looking so innocent and happy, as if he hadn't kidnapped her and killed everyone around her.
Speaking of killing the ginger had just returned from not one but two murders, he had only gone out at first to kill his father but then on the way they met the boy he knew was going after his Darling so he killed him returning in time to the Penthouse for Y/n to wake up.
He stroked her hair moving them away from her face to admire her beautiful still sleeping face, he moved his hand touching her lower lip with his thumb imagining kissing her.
Jerome hadn't done it yet unfortunately, there had been affection of all kinds but he was waiting for her to feel it for their first kiss and his first kiss in general but things were getting difficult with time and patience was running out.
Y/n slowly opened her eyes meeting the ginger's face smiling slightly when she heard his voice "Good morning beautiful" she made a sound of contentment when his lips met her skin lazily moving her arms around his neck.
She was fine with him and after the infighting had ended a week ago she was sure that she had fallen in love with him and that she didn't care if he kidnapped her or killed the people close to her or stalked her, he was kind to her and treated her like a queen, he had done it for her sake right? They were destined.
Jerome continued to look at her, brushing his nose against hers, positioning himself between her legs as always for the morning cuddles, purring when he felt her hands in his hair and the blanket being adjusted as her face was buried in the neckline of the babydoll dress.
Minutes passed where they stayed like that and Jerome started to think Y/n didn't want him when she started to move slightly "what are you doing doll?" she stopped looking down at him "do you have a weapon on you?" he frowned for a moment realising what it was bursting into a fit of laughter "No, I'm just very happy to see you" his laughter increased as he saw the blush rise on her cheeks.
When he recovered he smirked moving his hands along her bare legs feeling how her delicate skin responded to his touch becoming goosebumps, he moved his face closer to hers purring as his hands passed under the skirt of her dress speaking in a rougher voice that made Y/n shiver "it's not my fault, it's the dress and how attractive you look in this little short dress," he lowered his gaze looking at her lips meeting her eyes again as he saw her move closer to him, he moved closer as well waiting impatiently for her next move already feeling butterflies in his stomach, closing his eyes letting out a moan as their lips met.
Y/n gently caressed his cheeks pulling away from the chaste and sweet kiss they had exchanged breathing heavily when she felt the ginger's hands go ever upwards and reach for her underwear, she moved closer again connecting their lips lying back slowly letting him remove her underwear and allowing Jerome's tongue to enter her mouth intensifying their kiss and the atmosphere that was getting warmer and warmer.
She pulled away when she felt his fingers touching her clit letting out another heavy breath staring at the ceiling as she waited for Jerome to do something, he continued to look at her kissing her neck leaving marks everywhere he could, reaching her ear whispering "Are you sure you want this, kitten?" she nodded quickly gasping when she felt a new sensation she'd never felt before grabbing the ginger's shoulder as he began pumping his fingers inside her pussy, feeling his smile against her hot flushed cheek, shuddering when he began speaking into her ear again "So good, tell me you love me my darling, tell me why I did all the things I did," the girl arched her back slightly starting to move her hips against his hand to find some sort of relief, letting a small moan come out instead of an answer "TELL ME", he growled slightly into her neck starting to make quick circles on her clit, moving his face to look at her face, she tried to find the strength to respond opening her mouth speaking breathlessly "for my sake" he smiled darkly nodding "Exactly".
Jerome began to giggle with hunger in his eyes as he continued to watch her reach her first orgasm, he quickly moved in for another heated kiss taking off his tie and the black shirt he still had on kissing her neck again, lowering himself to her neckline while lowering her dress revealing her breasts not covered by a bra.
If Y/n would have thought this had happened a while ago she would have laughed about it in disbelief not even believing it would be a possibility.
A while ago she just wanted to get away, never see that crazy ginger again and try to get back with a normal life but at that moment she was more and more sure that she could never do it, not without him, he was right, all his talk and actions that before seemed insane, possessive and violent now made sense.
Those people were trying to separate them, they couldn't be separated, they were destined, they had to be together, they deserved the fate they had suffered, these were the ideas Jerome had managed to put into her head by fucking her brains and literally fucking her.
He sped up his thrusts grunting with each one as he continued to watch her with an insane grin on his face and his pupils dilated, feeling her heaving chest pressed against his with each attempt at a breath taken between moans.
Y/n arched her back as she began to feel a sensation in her stomach hugging Jerome to her while he continued to grunt with each thrust speeding them up even more laughing breathlessly "do you like it kitten? Oh yes you do, I can feel that you’re close" he chuckled darkly, biting her shoulder as she came feeling her walls tighten around his cock and the scream of pleasure that came from her beautiful and previously innocent lips.
He moved his face, continuing to thrust feeling that he was close too "So good doll face, you're doing so well for daddy, so close" he managed to leave one last mark at breast level before hiding his face in her neck "Do you want me to come inside? You would look so beautiful full with MY babies, MINE, MINE, MINE," he giggled breathlessly "You're MINE, kitten, tell me you're mine, tell me you love me," she tried to catch her breath, slightly pulling at his hair "I'm yours," he nodded reaching his orgasm grunting in an animalistic way coming inside her "Yes, yes, repeat it, tell me again who you belong to," "I'm yours!"
Jerome recovered starting to laugh darkly again looking her straight in the eye "Oh yes you are Y/n and now that I have marked you, you are mine forever", he laughed more at the sight of the girl's gaze moving to lie back on top of her to return to the morning cuddles, smiling at her gasp when he accidentally brushed her clit which was still sensitive, hearing the small moan still remaining with his cock buried in her pussy as he purred at the caresses murmuring "You mustn't waste a drop, kitten, you'll be so beautiful when you have my babies in your belly," he yawned sleepily falling asleep as he murmured the word "MINE" in her ear.
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actualbird · a day ago
Sub!Vyn is such a delicious concept like this lil clam man who always NEEDS to be in control is giving up control. Yeah power bottom is a thing but just think about ACTUALLY GIVING YOU THE REINS VYN. -foams at mouth-
Also watching you spazz about Luke is such a joy. Thank you for your pure wonder and love for these characters. You’re feeding us so well.
- a new anon 🔶
hello, new anon!! google tells me this emoji is a "A Large Orange Diamond Emoji. Also it resembles amber a little bit." and LargeOrangeDiamond is a mouthful, so i'll call you Amber!anon for tagging/addressing u purposes, if thats okie?
okay, on to the ask because
n/s//f///w text ahead
once upon a time, i could not see vyn as anything but a top or dominant in bed. now, i want that psychiatrist fucking obliterated
wc: 737
like okay. irt to little clam man who always needs to be in control, ive written several analyses about this (here and here) so i wont delve into that anymore
what i will delve into is what he needs to give that control to somebody else.
vyn wants control because hes scared of getting hurt (emotionally). to give up control, he needs to trust that his partner/s will not hurt him (emotionally, im saying this bc sexy pain is still on the table for this dude, i thinksies).
him giving up control to another is Huge for him but also brings him so MUCH frigging relief. because the weight of having to make all those choices is on somebody else, for a bit. and the joy of knowing that not everybody is cruel is something that can relax him so so much.
moving on, i wish to discuss what i think vyn richter's kinks would be
anything involving a riding crop. LIKE COME ON, THE RIDING CROP IS THERE IN CANON, WE MUST UTILIZE IT. the riding crop is used to control a horse's movement, speed, and attention and i think he'd be very into that. like, when hes getting a bit too desperate (thrusting up into the other, seeking relief and pleasure), or when hes drifting off and too lost in desire and has to be brought back into whats happening around him ("pay attention, dr. richter.")
service top. i hc all the nxx boys as this, theyre all just WHIPPED AS HELL for whoever it is theyre in love with, and vyn is the same! u want oral for like half an hour? u want him to cockwarm u until hes whining for more? u want HIS cock in u and u just settle into the fullness and hes trying so hard not to move because you told him to? yeah, hes game!!!
somnophilia (aka sex when one party is asleep). i think this is great because vyn in canon just sleeps SO MUCCHHH. HE IS NOT WAKING UP EARLY AND THATS RIPE FOR SEXY TIMES. deffo the partner/s will have to give him a heads up first bc he'll want to make it up to them when he is awake, but when hes thoroughly used in his sleep, when he feels pleasure in his dreamlike state, when he can vaguely tell that hes moaning softly and writhing against the sheets, it's like. very great for him. especially when he wakes up and he feels spent, he feels his cock wet, feels come leaking from his hole. yum.
bondage and/or gags. do i have to explain this? sometimes he doesnt want to make the decisions or have to talk, he just wants to be a mode of pleasure for his partner/s. very much into a ring gag for him so that his noises are still heard and also his mouth is open and drooling and available for anybody's fingers or other parts.
collar with leash. much the same with the riding crop, it focuses his attention and controls his movements. i like the image of vyn riding somebody and that somebody tugs on the leash to pull him close or to get him to stop fucking himself on them. scrumptious, do u agree?
some misc things that i couldnt fit into the categories above
i recently saw this image comparing all the boys in their special suits. and uhhhh
Tumblr media
VYN??? DR. VYN RICHTER??? UR WAIST?????? HELLO????? god this dude has a tiny waist, what the fuck. this dude was made to grab and destroy.
i remember seeing another thing, a gif of vyn bday2 ssr outfit where hes in a soft sweater and in the visit function u can raise that sweater (finally, equality) and HE IS STILL. TINY WAIST. hes so lithe. im sorry but i cant find this gif tho...
vyn, probably: i can come several times in a row, whereas artem can only come once
theres a bunch of sub and/or bottom vyn fics i wanna rec, but i'll save that for another post so that this one doesnt get too long lol
anyway, thank u amber for this ask!! im glad u enjoy me going nuts about luke hehe :D
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ijustwant2write · a day ago
Talking To The Moon-Thor Odinson x Reader
Tumblr media
(GIF credit to @mcufam​)
Summary: (Y/N) finds herself aimlessly talking to the skies, hoping her love is listening to her.
Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
Warnings: sadness, harassment, fluff 
I know you're somewhere out there Somewhere far away I want you back, I want you back My neighbors think I'm crazy But they don't understand You're all I had, you're all I had
Another night of her window being open, another night of her waiting. Her lamp dimly lit the room, it was cozy, and there was enough light for him to spot her home. Not that he needed guidance, he knew where she was. As neighbours turned off their own lights ready for sleep, they all noticed that hers had stayed on again. Some shook their heads, others sighed in sympathy, a few never noticed anymore, it was a usual sight to see. She had pulled up a chair to the window, her legs crossed on it as she wrapped herself up in a blanket; another night of staring up into the stars.
"Morning (Y/N), another late night?" a neighbour greeted as (Y/N) emerged from her house the next morning.
She clearly didn't hide her yawn very well. Or maybe she hadn't applied enough concealer under her eyes.
"Oh, yes. You know me, I'm such a night owl." she had expected that to be the end of the conversation.
"(Y/N), you need to make sure you get enough sleep."
"I am."
"It's been a long time since-"
"I really need to leave, I've got work."
(Y/N) quickly entered her car, carelessly throwing her handbag onto the passenger seat before driving off. How dare her neighbour comment on such a personal thing?! (Y/N) knew that this situation wasn't exactly private, her relationship was far from ordinary. But that didn't give people the right to tell her how she should be living her life.
At night, when the stars light up my room I sit by myself Talking to the moon Trying to get to you In hopes you're on the other side talking to me too Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon? Oh-oh
"You would not believe the day I've had my love." (Y/N) spoke out of the window, her eyes on the stars faintly shining in the sky."Firstly I was bombarded by my neighbour, then I just about made it into work because I got stopped by super fans of yours. They had their phones out, sticking them in my face as they shouted questions about you. I almost had to fight them off. And then work was boring. Alyssa, you know that co-worker that's actually decent, was the only one who asked if I was OK! No one seems to want to talk to me anymore. They don't ask me as many questions about us as they used to which is nice, but it's just been so lonely lately. I really miss you. I need you to come back soon."
She softly sighed, as if waiting for a reply.
"I hope you can hear me, and I hope you're listening properly if you can. I know you're extremely busy, you have many royal duties to attend to but...I just wish you could visit me, even for just the night. We wouldn't have to go anywhere or do anything, I would be most happy in your arms."
Although (Y/N) sat at her window every night now, there had been times where she felt like an idiot. Thor had told her of Heimdall, who could see all, and that Thor would be able to keep an eye on her whilst he was gone; that's how she came up with this whole idea, perhaps Heimdall would pass on her messages, or Thor would be with him, receiving every word as she spoke it. She wasn't really sure how it all worked. But some nights seemed pointless, especially when she had a bad week. Other people could rely on their partners, family or friends to rant to or to be cheered up by, (Y/N) had none of that. Would Thor ever come back? It seemed he only returned when the world was in danger. Was she really a second thought? Were all those words he said a lie?
"One day, I will take you to Asgard with me, once everything is settled and all the nine realms are at peace again." Thor whispered as he held his woman in his arms.
Both lay naked, snuggling under the sheets, their bodies couldn't get any closer if they tried.
"I would love that. Thor..." (Y/N)'s words trailed off, quickly dismissing the idea that she was about to announce.
"What is it?"
"Nothing, I forgot what I was going to say."
"No, speak what's on your mind."
"Well, I just wondered, would I live on Asgard? With you?"
"You sound hesitant my love, why is that?"
"I didn't want to be rude."
"Why would that be rude of you to ask? You are the one I love, where ever I go, I would want you beside me."
"So I could stay?"
"Of course! You will love Asgard."
"If everything you tell me is true then it's the most beautiful place I have ever heard of."
"And it will be even more beautiful once you step foot in it."
I'm feeling like I'm famous, the talk of the town They say I've gone mad Yeah, I've gone mad But they don't know what I know 'Cause when the sun goes down, someone's talking back Yeah, they're talking back, oh At night, when the stars light up my room I sit by myself
"You wanted to see me Miss Philips?" (Y/N) cautiously said as she entered her boss' office.
The older lady raised her head, a small smile on her face as she gestured for (Y/N) to enter."Yes, take a seat."
She was never called into Miss Phillip's office before, apart from when she was first hired. Miss Phillip's liked to be out with the employees, if she wanted to speak to you in private, you were in trouble and everyone knew it.
"I'm afraid this isn't good (Y/N). It seems that a few days ago you were stopped and filmed by fans of your...Um, Thor. Unfortunately people are very good at digging around the Internet nowadays, and everyone seems to know who you are if they somehow didn't before. You know we've been lenient about your situation, but we've had other employees being harassed. As you can understand, this isn't fair and is endangering them."
"Oh, I didn't even know. No one told me."
"They wouldn't. Their complaints went straight to us."
"I feel awful."
"I know we put in security measures for you at first, but it's costing too much for it to not be working. And it seems there is a cheaper option."
"To get rid of me." (Y/N) was past feeling guilty, a build up of anger replacing it.
"Please don't put it like that. We're letting you go."
"That's the same thing."
"(Y/N), we don't want to let you go on bad terms."
"I'm sorry Miss Phillips but this isn't my fault! I'm sorry that those fans are causing trouble, but I've been here for three years now, it's not fair to fire me over something like this."
"Our company has never had to deal with something like this, we've never had an employee date an Avenger, there is actually a lot of finer problems we didn't realise we could be handling. Such as the Secretary of State contacting us."
"So today is my last day?"
She slowly nodded."I'm afraid so. I apologise (Y/N), I didn't want to have to do this because you're one of our best workers. But it's all too complicated to keep you here."
"Fine, I understand. Thank you Miss Phillips."
It was humiliating having to pack up her things at her desk, shoving them into an old cardboard box Miss Phillips had managed to find; it only just held together with the tape wrapped around it a dozen times. Looking back on it, she wished she had made an effort to say goodbye to her colleagues, but she was too stubborn to do so, thinking that everyone now hated her (which she knew they didn't, or at least not all of them did).
(Y/N) took deep breaths as she exited the office, willing herself not to cry before she left the building. She was now struggling to get her keys as she balanced the box on her hip, startled when two people exclaimed in excitement. Her eyes darted up at two familiar people running towards her, phones already out and pointed in her direction.
"(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Can we ask a few questions about Thor?!" the girl screamed.
The boy gasped."We've got so much to ask you!"
These weren't the same people as before, they were two men. (Y/N) rolled her eyes, but caught sight of pins they wore on their jackets stating 'Thor's #1 Fan'.
"Leave me alone, please."
They didn't budge."I can't believe we've run into you. What's it like being with a demi god?"
"I'm not answering any of your stupid questions."
"Woah, we're not being the rude ones here!"
"You literally are! You're blocking me from getting to my car, and none of you have left me alone since that picture of me and Thor got out."
"You should be grateful that we're not hateful fans, we support your relationship when we could be much worse!"
"Grateful?! I-" (Y/N) was interrupted by singing from the phones,"-are you live streaming this?"
The pair glanced at each other, slightly lowering their phones.
"What's wrong with you people?!" she yelled, having reached the end of her patience."Just let me go home!"
They quickly parted for her, though never ended their streaming, even as she drove off. The boy turned the camera on his face.
"Well, perhaps our OTP isn't so canon anymore."
Talking to the moon Trying to get to you In hopes you're on the other side talking to me too Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon?
(Y/N) cringed as she watched the video back, seeing how much she was crying, how red her face was and how scary she looked. The comments were either filled with sympathy for her and hatred that she kept all of Thor's secrets to herself. Finally turning it off (after watching it for the fifth time), she got the bottle of wine out of the fridge, pouring out a large glass. She was grateful she still had a bottle, and her takeout was already on its way. As soon as it arrived, she was having words with her beloved.
Once she was settled into her usual spot for the evening, she sat in silence whilst eating, hoping that if Thor was watching, he would get the note that he was getting the silent treatment for now. Until she finished her food that is.
After a sip of her wine, she spoke."Well, I hope I don't have to explain my day today. Hopefully Heimdall has told you or at least he will. Because I'm sick of this Thor. I'm sick of being stuck here on Earth without you. I'm sick of you only coming to visit me when the world is in danger too. I know you can't help it, you have to attend to your royal duties but surely there is one time you could see me, if not for a brief moment. I'm so lonely. I have no one. No one understands what I'm going through. This is nothing like a long distance relationship. I can't get on a plane or drive to see you, I have to travel by space! Which is impossible without you!"
She realised she had been shouting out of her window as her speech grew. Her neighbours would truly hate her.
"I love you Thor. I would give up everything for you. But I'm starting to doubt that you would do the same. I spend so many nights sat here waiting. And I know you don't ask me to, but this is the only way I feel that you'll remember me. Sometimes I have nightmares that I wasn't everything you said I was, that maybe I was just a fling on Earth. But then I feel terrible for thinking of such a thing, because that's not you at all. I'm so conflicted Thor, I don't know what to do anymore."
(Y/N) paused, as if she was going to get a reply. This was pointless. Why was she doing this? There were so many nights she debated even opening the window, because most of the time it made her feel worse. Her heart kept pushing her on, convincing her something would happen each time she looked up at the night sky; however her head was now taunting her, almost tutting at the sight of her. She was desperate for someone who wasn't returning.
"I don't know what to do Thor." she barely whispered out as she wept."You turned my world upside down, for good and bad, and I don't know how to handle it all. It used to be so easy with you at my side, now I feel like someone has taken a huge chunk of myself away from me, and I'm only a half."
The silence was mocking her at this point. It sounded confusing, but the silence was just too loud for her. She needed it broken by someone talking, by him talking. (Y/N) wanted to hear his rich, deep voice, she wanted to stare into his dazzling eyes, stroke back his long hair. Love was an emotion so strong it really took over your whole body, whether you were happy or heartbroken.
She scoffed."You're not even listening to me. You've never been listening. I've wasted my time here when I could have been with friends, friends who I've now lost. I'm that crazy woman who is obsessed with the God of Thunder, no one takes me seriously anymore. I'm sorry Thor, but I have to do this."
(Y/N) took one confident step towards the window, placing her hands on the edge, ready to pull it down. But she was frozen, her body betraying her. She was quick to speak but her actions held no meaning behind them. Could she really do this? Did this mean ending what her and Thor had? Or was she finally shutting out that par of her life before moving on?
Taking a deep breath, she tightened her grip, knuckles white as she slowly shut the window, hesitating at the bottom before finally closing it. It was done. A part of her wanted to open it again, scared that this was the night he would visit. She convinced herself that it was just a fantasy, he was never coming back.
Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah Do you ever hear me calling? (Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah) oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh 'Cause every night, I'm talking to the moon Still trying to get to you In hopes you're on the other side talking to me too Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon?Oh-oh
(Y/N) instinctively pulled the covers higher up, tucking herself further into her bed. For a few seconds she was content, she could stay like this forever. She suddenly sat up, eyes wide as she threw the covers off her legs.
"Shit, I'm going to be late!" she exclaimed to herself, voice still croaky from sleep.
(Y/N) was about to stand when she remembered what had happened the day before.
'Right, I don't have a job anymore.'
Groaning, she flopped back down onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. She had hoped it was just a dream, but she knew it was real, her feelings were still very much hurt. As well as her head. She glanced to her bedside table, seeing the wine glass and empty wine bottle; well that explained that. Her curtains blowing inwards into the room caught her eye. She got up again, seeing that her window was open. But hadn't she closed it last night? She was sure she had, there was a huge speech and everything. Unless she had got up in the middle of the night? Perhaps the wine was to blame. She got up to close it again, still taking her time as her heart started beating again. Only she couldn't lock it, it was broken.
Her heart dropped into her stomach. Had someone broken in? Could it be those streamers playing a prank on her? It seemed a bit far fetched but you always heard about those crazy fans who took their adoration a bit too far. She had nothing to defend herself with if there was someone here. But she also didn't want to call the cops in case she was being paranoid. Had she just got up and opened it?
She dialed 911 into her phone, but didn't dial, her finger hovering over the green button. Slowly opening her bedroom door, she anticipated someone being there, her heart thumping in her ears. Her steps were agonisingly slow as she walked out of her room, halting at the top of the stairs; these were going to make some noise for sure. As she bravely went to take her first step, a deep voice called out to her, making her jolt and scream.
On instinct she had curled up into a ball, hand over her mouth as the other gripped onto the banister. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she calmed herself down, only to gasp when she saw who had entered her home. Thor stood at the bottom of the stairs, in Earth clothing, eyes sad and desperate as he looked over her. He had scared her, he had hurt her, no, crushed her. She was as beautiful as the last time he saw her, but he could see that she had been badly effected by his absence. His heart had broken over all of her stories whilst he was gone.
"What are you doing here?" (Y/N) whispered. She thought she had cried all of her tears the night before, somehow there was still water left in her.
He walked up the stairs, kneeling in front her when she didn't move."You shut the window."
Her eyes were wide as she took in his face. One hand shakily reached out, placing it on his cheek. When she made contact, she shakily let out a sigh of relief, glad that she wasn't dreaming this. Thor turned his face to kiss the palm of her hand before taking it in his own and kissing the back of it.
"Please, may we sit somewhere where we can talk?" he asked, standing up when she nodded.
He helped (Y/N) to her feet, not missing how tight her grip was on him. They returned to her bedroom, sitting on the bed. Thor looked at the window, seeing that a breeze was still defining in. He picked up a cardigan that had been left on the floor, wrapping it around her shoulders.
"Oh, I may have broken in last night, hence why your window is broken. Sorry."Thor winced, hoping it would not add to her sadness.
"Why didn't you knock on the front door?" (Y/N) sniffled.
"I didn't want to scare you, I arrived at an inconvenient time."
"How did I not hear you?"
"Strong emotions can cause exhaustion. And my darling, you were in a deep sleep."
"Why did you come?"
"You seem sad that I am here."
"I'm not, I'm just...conflicted. I think I'm in shock."
"You are angry that I have left you for so long."
"Yeah, that's a good way of putting it."
"But you are also happy that I am here?"
"Yes. And that's what is frustrating."
"I could apologise over a thousand times, and I know it would not make it up to you. But I am sorry (Y/N). I never meant to leave you for that long. I tried and tried again to find time to see you, but it was impossible. I would never be away for so long if I could have returned. But the realms were in more disarray that I anticipated, with no one to take charge, so it fell on me. Please believe me when I say I tried so many times to sneak away, or try to shift the responsibility onto someone else for at least a day. I just couldn't my love."
(Y/N) wasn't sure how to respond, furious that he hadn't visited for so long, though also knowing that he was a literal Prince and had to do his duty.
"I listened every night."
Her head perked up at that.
"Heimdall would inform me of anything I missed. I felt sorry for the man, he was my personal messenger. My heart swelled when I realised that you were doing this every night for me, remembering all I had told you about Heimdall. I ensured that I at least listened (Y/N)."
"So you heard all of last night too?"
He nodded."Yes, and you had every right to shout at me. That was what made me come here. I had had enough of putting my person aside for other priorities. I gave them no choice but to deal with whatever duties I hadn't fulfilled."
"Thor, I don't want you to be in trouble."
"I am Thor, son of Odin, God of Thunder, the only person who could lecture me is my father; and I've endured a lot of them, I'm used to not listening to him. If I didn't come, I feared you would keep the window shut forever. You wouldn't speak to me again, and I would have lost you."
"I still can't believe you're here." she leaned into him, as always struggling to get her arms around his broad frame.
He easily wrapped his arms around her, holding her as close to him as possible. He buried his face in her neck, breathing in her smell that he had missed.
"You're real right? You are here aren't you?" there was panic in her voice.
Thor gently smiled, his voice soft."Yes, yes, I'm here. I'm here my darling, I'm real. I'm here with you and I'm not leaving you again."
"But your duties-"
He pulled away, their foreheads touching."I will return to them. But you will be with me."
"What? I'm coming to Asgard?"
"Yes!" he deeply kissed her, suddenly excited."You will live with me on Asgard. You've lost your job so that's all sorted and..."
His words trailed off when he saw her raise an eyebrow at him.
"Sorry, I know that was a hard day for you, and that was my fault again. But it's so much easier for you to live on Asgard with me!"
"Am I allowed to?"
"Of course, you will be my princess, and one day, my queen."
(Y/N)'s mouth dropped open in shock."I'm, I'm going to be queen one day?"
"Why yes, I am next in line to the throne. Do not worry about this my love, you will be a fine ruler. We have plenty of time before that happens."
"Oh my god." (Y/N) breathed out."Is this really happening?"
"It is. I should have done this a long time ago. And I know you will still be upset with me for a while, but I promise I will regain your trust, and shower you with affection everyday to make up for lost time. You're my world (Y/N), I love you."
"I love you, Thor!" she threw herself on him, making him fall back.
Their kiss was passionate, hands clutching in each others bodies before they started to roam. Making up for lost time started now. (Y/N)'s mind was blown. She was trying to process all this information as she reconnected with her love, and it was just too much (but in a good way!). He had listened, he had heard her, and although he had taken his time to return to her, she was ecstatic thinking about the rest of their lives together at long last.
I know you're somewhere out there Somewhere far away
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fandomlit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif cred belongs to @chewbacca​
requested by anon “hey for your writing prompts could i req 55 and 86 for sokka?”
im ending my writing prompts,, feel free to rq before they’re gone
imagine sokka going easy on you while sparring and getting fed up
sokka hit the ground for the third time that afternoon. he growled to himself as dirt flew into his face. he propped his head up from the ground, only to be met with a sword pointed dangerously close to his nose. he went cross-eyed with a squeak.
“you’re holding back,” you accused, drawing your sword back after a moment. you sheathed it before holding a hand out to sokka again. he rejected it, pushing himself up from the ground and brushing the dirt off of his clothes with grimace.
“i am not,” he grumbled with annoyance, picking his sword back up and wiping it with the flat of his hand.
“yes, you are,” you persisted, shaking your head at him. he didn’t say anything. “is it because im a girl?”
“no!” he exclaimed immediately, and you knew that you had struck the right chord. “it’s just because you’re.. y/n.”
you considered your options before speaking, “okay. then imagine im from the fire nation.” sokka just shook his head as you twisted your sword in your grip and spoke boredly, “look at me, im from the fire nation. im a rare soldier who cannot bend and im looking for a worthy opponent.”
“stop it, y/n, it’s not working,” sokka just grumbled.
“im strong and powerful and i don’t see anyone else who could possibly beat me,” you spoke louder, though you felt stupid with your mimicking. “especially not water tribe scum.” you watched sokka’s grip tighten on his sword and pressed even further, “maybe one could overcome me, but only if he wasn’t so afraid of girls-!” you gasped when sokka suddenly swung at you, blocking just in time to protect a slice at your face. while you were thrown off, sokka laid a blow to your stomach that was sure to leave a bruise as it knocked you to the ground.
“oh my god,” sokka immediately panicked. “i-i’m sorry, y/n! you- didn’t-!”
he was almost horrified at the delighted look in your eyes. “yes! there! that’s the kind of energy i need from you!” you hopped up easily, taking your fighting stance. “now fight me like a man!”
“what?!” sokka exclaimed, still shocked with himself at his outburst.
“the night’s still young!” you exclaimed. “hit me again! stop being afraid to hurt me and fight me like you respect me!”
“i-i do respect you!” he stuttered out as you began to circle him. he followed the motion hesitantly. you swung at him and he blocked it, feeling your sword’s power ring through his arms.
“then show me, damnit!” 
sokka pushed your sword away and sighed, his expression more worried than anything else. but you seemed determined--desperate, even--to get a good fight out of him. he didn’t quite have the courage to tell you that the thought of hurting you made him want to vomit, so he did as any man would do in his situation:
he pushed down his feelings and swung.
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marvelfanfics1 · a day ago
Could I request again?
Kinda dark I guess🤔
Reader is in a really bad mood and doesn't want to go in little space so Daddy Loki kinda forces them to be changed in diaper and onesie and everything else and she slips a bit and when he prepares and puts the bottle in her mouth she fully slips and can finally relax with daddy?
Also, I love you<3 don't EVER forget that, bye💚
Of course you can request again, you can request all the time and I love you too! 💚
It didn't turn out that dark, I just made it like the reader was stressed because of college and refuses to slip 💚
(daddy!Loki x little!reader)
Warnings: DDLG themes, reader is stressed, Loki kinda forces reader to slip, fluff
Just relax
(GIF not mine)
Tumblr media
You have been learning the whole day for your coming exams and were getting frustrated when you didn't understand what you were reading.
Loki was worried because you were in the office the whole day, only eating when he brought you something and refused to leave the room or take a break.
And when he heard your frustrated scream he decided that was enough and got to the office real quick.
He walked inside and saw you sitting on the ground, books and tons of notes scattered around you and you gnawing on your pencil.
"Little one, how about you take a little break?" he asked and squatted down in front of you.
"I can't. I have to understand this first" you said flipping on the next page from your book.
"No. What you need is a break, now" he said and wanted to take the book from you, but you had a dead grip on it.
"Loki, please. Let me finish this" you whined and snatched the book back.
"I tried to be nice, but it's enough now!" he said sternly and got all the paper together, including the books and pencils, putting them ordered to the side.
"No! I don't want a break!"
"I don't care. You're exhausted and need someone to take care of you and that is my job" he said and took the book away from you.
You pout and crossed your arms, not moving an inch.
"All right, then it's going to be that way" he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, your hits on his back did nothing and you go numb.
He got to the bedroom with you and you saw that he already prepared everything, so an escape was not going to happen.
He laid you down and you had your arms still crossed, so he couldn't take your shirt off. Loki smiled a bit at your stubbornness and snapped his fingers.
You gasped and saw that he magiced your clothes away.
"You can't win. You gonna let me dress you and be my good girl?" he tilted his head and smiled when your ears perked up at him calling you 'good girl'.
You let your arms fall to your sides, slipping a bit while he changed you in a diaper and green onesie.
Still pouting, Loki lifted you on his hip and carried you to the kitchen, starting to prepare a bottle.
He could easily conjure one, but he knows that you like to watch him doing it and that it would make you slip even more. He add some chocolate powder to the milk and saw how your eyes lit up.
When the bottle was ready and warm, he got settled with you on the couch with you on his lap.
You had you lips shut tight, but one glare from Loki made you open up just a bit, letting him slip the bottle in your mouth.
"Good girl" he smiled down at you and you smiled back a little, reaching your hand up to his hair. "There's my, little one. I missed you"
He nuzzled your nose with his and then he put on a movie for you to watch while drinking, finally relaxing after a such stressful days.
@marvelsguantletkeeper @my-river-lilly @canned-rootbeer @fanfictioniseverything @devilslilbabysblog @madgep @buckymydarlingangel
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movntlqve · 2 hours ago
I still remember the first fall of snow
Tumblr media
christmas masterlist (gif is from pinterest)
Today morning was probably the best one of the year (Strongly followed by your birthday morning…). You woke up because the sun was tickling your nose and Mason had forgotten to close the blades yesterday. In that moment you cursed him for that. But that anger was quickly blown away when you slurped to the window, wanting to close the blades but then saw what has happened. Suddenly you were awake as ever.
“MASON!!” you yelled, opening the window. You heard the sheets move behind you and a very tired looking Mason lifted his head. “What? Close the window, it’s freaking cold”, he groaned, pulling the sheets over his half naked body.
“IT HAS SNOWN!” you called, running over to your boyfriend and pulling the sheets off him. “FUCK!” he swore when the cold air hit his skin. “Gimme that back”, he brummed, a demanding hand stretched out but instead of giving the blanket, you grabbed his hand and pulled him out of bed.
“Nooo”, he whined. “Get dresses, now!”, you ordered, disappearing in the bathroom yourself. When you came back you found the window closed and your boyfriend cuddled up in the blanket on the bed. “Mason, it’s snowing! I want to go outside.”
“Go, I’m not stopping you”, he muttered, his voice muffled as his face was pressed into the pillow. You rolled your eyes and stood still for a few seconds until a thought crossed your mind. An evil smirk grew on your lips, as you tapped over to the window, opening it shortly and grabbing a handful snow from the window still.
You walked over to Mason whose eyes were closed and moved the blanket down a bit. Then you started to spread light kissed all over his exposed back, making him hum. You let a bit of snow trickle down on his hair and then put the rest quickly on his bare back. “WHAT THE-!!”, Mason yelled when the cold hit his back and literally jumped out of bed. “That was evil!”
“Come out and you might get your revenge”, you laughed and ran out of the room when he started to chase after you. You quickly put on your boots and a jacket before stepping outside. The cold air hit you and making you smile.
You stepped on the snow, enjoying the sound which the snow made. But before you could do anything different, a snowball hit you, right in the crook of your jacket. The icy snow falling down your skin. “Mason!”, you yelled, looking for him.
He stood next to a tree, laughing hard and forming snowballs. He must have come out the back door or else you would have noticed him as you were still standing on the porch. “You said I’d get my revenge”, he called and threw the next ball, hitting you jacket.
You opened your mouth but didn’t say anything and just bundled a bit of snow and threw it in his direction, missing by far. Mason looked after the ball and then back to you. “And that was…?”, he asked, mocking and one eyebrow lifted.
You bundled more snow and started to run towards him. Mason noticed your intention and ran, grabbing onto the branch, making all the snow fall down on you. “Are you crazy?!”, you yelled, looking like a snowman. Mason couldn’t stop his laughers and was almost laying on the floor. You threw another ball, this time it even hit his stomach. “I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry”, he tried to apologize but was interrupted by his laughers.
“You- look like-“, he tried to form a sentence but failed. You decided you’ve had enough and you threw yourself against him with your whole weight, causing him to fall over. Normally he would be strong enough to steady you but the fits of laughter had distracted him. Mason fell into the snow, you on top of him. He immediately grabbed your arms, making sure you’re safe and would not hurt yourself.
“Hey, that was mean”, he said, frowning. “Do I have to remind you, that you threw the whole snow on the tree on me, not even a minute ago?”, you asked, slapping his red cheek slightly with your fingers. They started to freeze because other than Mason you did not put on gloves. Mason smirked up at you. He was wearing a black beanie, his cheeks and nose red from the cold. He looked adorably cute.
Mason leaned himself closer to you so your lips could touch. His lips felt warm on your cold ones. You moved your one hand around his head, gathering a bit of snow before shoving it down his back. Mason immediately pushed you off when the icy snow ran down his back.
You landed back in the snow and felt the snow soaking your pants but you didn’t care, you were laughing at the way Mason screamed like a little girl.
“Fuck, that’s cold!”, he exclaimed, jumping off the ground. “You are a naughty girl, I don’t think Santa is going to like this one”, Mason said, coming near you. You grinned up at him, leaning closer when he wrapped his arms around your waist. “You think that was naughty?”, you smiled, challenging and biting your lip. Slowly you brushed his beanie off so you could run your icy fingers through his warm fluffy hair. You leaned up, closer to his ear.
“Let me show you how naughty I can be”, you whispered, softly biting his earlobe. Then you pushed yourself off him and quickly made your way inside.
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